dream sex

Three of us had hiked a half mile or so along a small, picturesque, mountain stream. As we progressed along the trail, I watched the other man’s interest in my wife grow as well as the subtle but affectionate interactions between them increase. The trail crossed the stream several times and each time the man took her hand and helped her maintain her footing, even through it wasn’t really necessary. She looked him in the eye, smiled and thanked him each time.

Up the hill in the woods away from the stream I could still hear the babbling sounds of a waterfall below. I trailed behind a bit and observed as my wife, Kate, took a fork and led us away from the main hiking trail. Her shapely butt cheeks and well-tanned legs frequently rose to eye level and above as we hiked upward. The sight of her pretty round ass, covered only in a pair of pantyless, skin-tight, spandex shorts and on display only inches in front of our male hiking-partner’s face teased my imagination and my cock into full-blown erection. While I couldn’t see for sure, I sensed our male companion was in the same state of mental and physical arousal as I was.

Deeper into the woods, Kate turned off the smaller trail she had taken earlier and started up a game trail that rose more rapidly and gradually separated us from any of the well-traveled hiking trails until she stood on the edge of flat with a park-like stand of mature hardwood trees. The area was open enough for us to see a doe and two fawns walk casually away and up over a ridge a couple hundred yards ahead. As she excitedly waved her arm pointing to the deer, her braless breast tauntingly jiggled and bounced under her unbuttoned blouse tied under her breasts. Her excitement and lack of inhibition in front of him further teased and aroused me. I couldn’t help but notice our companion staring at her bouncing breasts with the distinct impressions and color of her excited nipples clearly visible through the white fabric.

Rather than continue out through the open hardwoods where the game path led, Kate gave us a playfully inviting smile, turned left and walked along the rim of the plateau until she found what she was looking for, the path down to the entrance to a special place. She guided us down onto a mountainside terrace containing a perfectly-formed, room-like opening surrounded by giant ferns and flowering rhododendron, a spot completely secluded and private except when viewed from directly above, which was the vantage point of the many singing birds and one fussing squirrel watching the human invasion.

Even before I could catch up, Kate took the man by the hand and led him inside the beautiful, lush hide. I reached the entrance and I could see them again, but the man was somehow a different man by then. It was my brother who pulled my loving wife to him and kissed her. More difficult for me to understand was that she was kissing him back with equal enthusiasm. Watching her willingly kiss him sent a wave of warm sexual excitement through my body. My already erect cock pulsed again and again. My dick felt wonderful and threatened to climax and the sight of her blatant sexual promiscuity.

They continued to embrace and make out openly and freely as I stood at a distance and watched, smelling the sweetness of the flowering hillside. A wave of goose bumps ran over my flesh as his hands found the bare skin of her lower back left exposed when she had tied her top together just below breasts, leaving just enough of her blouse open to be suggestively erotic but not overtly revealing. As if she was his familiar lover, he boldly untied the knot in her shirt and openly massaged Kate’s lovely, pert, breasts as they kissed again in rapidly escalating passion.

The erotic vision of their lust consumed me. I dropped my hiking shorts and openly stroked my arousal. I was stimulated more by the sight of him peeling her stretchy shorts down to her ankles, and afterward, sinking his hands into the delightful naked flesh of her round, muscular ass as he kissed her belly. He licked between the lips of her shaved pussy and Kate willingly spread her legs to open herself to his probing tongue.

Only moments later he was naked on his back with my lusting wife straddling him, riding his cock, moaning, climaxing, and telling her lover and all the forest creatures nearby how “fucking wonderful” his cock felt inside her.

“What are you doing,” Kate asked me.

“Watching you fuck… oh… oh, damn… I was dreaming,” I managed to respond. I removed my hand from my throbbing, spurting, hard dick, suddenly embarrassed and a bit ashamed that I had just climaxed dreaming of her fucking my brother. I don’t have a brother.

“You were dreaming about watching me fuck another man?” she asked.

“Stroke my dick for me, honey,” I pleaded with a newfound sense of closeness to her.

Kate caringly took hold of my shaft and began slowly stroking me, milking the last of the cum from my balls and restoring much of the wonderful feeling of my orgasm. Her skilled hand and the sexual connection to my beautiful wife felt wonderful.

“Tell me what you were dreaming about,” she requested.

“We were hiking in the mountains with another man. You took him in this little garden-like area and the two of you got sexually intimate very quickly… like you had been lovers in the past…” I was sharing before she cut me off.

“Who was he?” Kate asked.

I thought for a moment and realized a strange fact. “He was different people at different times along the way,” I explained.

“What were we doing in your dream before I woke you?” she questioned.

“The two of you were kissing with your top undone and he had been rubbing your breasts. He kissed his way down your belly and stripped your shorts to your ankles and began licking your pussy. You stepped out of your shorts and spread your legs open for him to reach you better, and then suddenly you were on top of him, fucking him… and really enjoying it,” I told her.

“Is that is what made you masturbate and climax in your sleep?” she asked.

“I guess so,” I said and added, “The whole dream was about watching you being a sexual tease and turning him on, them on. The way you were acting had me ready to come anyway. By the time you were engaged in actual sex I was so excited about what you were doing I had to masturbate.”

“Who was the man I was making love to?” she asked again.

“Strange as this sounds, he was my brother,” I told her.

“You don’t have a brother,” she replied.

“Of course I don’t,” I told her, “but, he was someone familiar, someone I had met recently and in my dream he was my brother. I guess that made what you were doing with him easier to accept or something… I don’t know. It was a just a crazy erotic dream.”

“If he was someone you met recently, who?” she pressed me more.

I thought hard for a moment and it came to me. “It was that guy you were talking to at the gym yesterday when I came to join you on the elliptical machines, Curt whatever,” I told her.

“Oh, wow,” she said and chuckled. “At least you picked a hot one for me.”

“Something else was strange…” I explained, “there were several men hiking with us through the woods at different times… I mean there was only one man with us, but who he was kept changing. Each one was getting turned on to your sexy body dressed like you were in just tight shorts and a shirt tied to barely cover your breasts but otherwise open. Then, when you were getting intimate and were kissing him, it was Curt who was with you, stripping you naked, giving you oral sex and then you were willingly fucking him. The crazy thing was he was my brother” I shared.

Kate wiped a spurt of cum off my belly and used it to slowly massage my slightly softened dick. The sensual feeling of my orgasm lingered as she rolled her wrist and stroked my cock to full hardness again.

“Do you think you would like to see me do something like that with another man, or was it just a crazy dream?” she asked as she straddled my hips and guided my cum-covered cock-head to her warm slick opening.

“Oh my, I don’t know; maybe,” I replied, just to see her reaction, unsure how serious she was and equally unsure about my feelings.

“Well, either you would or you wouldn’t,” she pressed me to answer as she sunk her warm wet pussy onto my revived dick.

“Would you seriously consider doing something like that for me to watch?” I asked, turning her question back to her. I wasn’t ready to admit what a turn on it would be to watch her fuck someone in real life.

“Not unless you told me it was something you really wanted… I mean really, really wanted me to do for you,” Kate shared.

I changed the subject away from my desires and tried to excite her sexual feelings more by revealing, “I didn’t mention this before, but Curt was dressing when I came into the locker room after we finished working out yesterday. He has a very impressive body and is very well equipped, if you know what I mean.”

“Do you mean he is hung?” she asked.

“Yes, hung and then some,” I told her.

“Oh god,” Kate said. She closed her eyes and began pushing her body onto my cock and pulling on my hard shaft with her gripping pussy muscles. She fucked me with lively, passionate, belly-dancer rolls and moaned loudly with sexual pleasure.

“Are you thinking about fucking him right now?” I asked in the midst of her heated humping.

“Yes,” she admitted through her increasingly heavy breathing and loud moaning.

“How does his big cock feel to you?” I asked.

“Really good, really, really good,” she said, still with her eyes still closed. Her intensity increased and Kate’s face and body flushed with sexual heat. Arousal and fevered passion radiated from her body and face.

I was a bit surprised but very pleased with my wife’s totally unexpected reaction. I watched for several minutes as she joyously fucked me and tried to imagine what she was thinking and seeing in her mind. I could see and feel Kate was fully engaged in fantasyland with her imagined lover and that she was getting close to reaching an orgasm.

“Come on his big hard cock, I told her, breaking my verbal silence when I felt she was near her climax and struggling to find the last little twinge of passion to push her over the top.

“Oh god,” she exclaimed, “This is so wrong.”

“I know, but it is really fucking hot too, isn’t it?” I pushed her to admit.

“Yes… oh fuck… I’m going to come,” she blurted out.

“Say his name when you come on his big fat cock,” I told her.

“I’m coming on your big hard cock right now, Curt,” she announced as she humped my dick wildly and sprayed her wonderfully warm liquid up my belly.

“Fuck him good, baby,” I whispered.

“I am,” she said, and followed up with, “This is so fucking hot and naughty.”

In the aftermath of her wild orgasm, she lay on top of me for the longest with my cock inside her until her breathing calmed. Her body remained feverishly hot. I hadn’t come a second time, so I rolled her over onto her back and began slowly fucking her again.

“Shut your eyes and go back to fantasyland for me,” I suggested.

“With him again?” she asked.

“Yes,” I told her and continued to pump her pussy slowly.

“Okay,” she whispered willingly.

When her eyes were closed and her body was moving in sync with my thrusts, she requested, “Talk to me while you fuck me. Tell me what about me turns you on, Curt.”

“Everything,” I told her. “I just love everything about you from the tip of your toes upward. You are so beautiful to look at and your pussy is so hot and tight. I get aroused every time I look at you, baby, and fucking you this way is like a dream come true.”

“Oh god, I’m coming again for you, Curt,” she announced immediately. Then, Kate fucked me with a wildness and passion I hadn’t felt from her in a long while.

“Think you might want to fuck him for real?” I asked as we rested in the aftermath of her second orgasm.

“Maybe,” she whispered. “But, only if you are with me. Would you really like to watch me do something like that?”

“I might,” I told her, and asked, “Would you like to flirt with him some at the gym to see if he is interested?”

“Okay. I can do that,” she answered, leaping past the question about just her desire and expressing her willingness. She thought for another second as she fucked me and asked, “Do you think he will be interested in me?”

“If he is not in a committed relationship, I’m betting he will be all over you, love,” I assured her.

Kate began rolling her hips with increased speed and commitment into my hard cock to accompany her fantasy turn on. “Oh god, honey, I’m getting really turned on by the thought of doing this. The idea of flirting with him with your permission and seeing if he wants to play with me is getting me so freaking hot,” she told me.

“Go girl,” I encouraged her.

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