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It should’ve been boring, watching the roiling green fog break against the windows, but it had captivated Li since they had entered it hours ago. Even with the impending danger of the planetary mission, the mesmerizing patterns on the window combined with the low rumble of breaking atmosphere was almost soothing. His squadmates were on their screens or restlessly trying to sit still; the atmosphere in the room was too tense for the normal chattering.

*Not sure what all the fuss is about,* Li thought as he watched the fog through drooping eyes, *nothing’s been able to challenge us yet, why do you all think this’ll be anything different?* He let the hum of the ground pod’s engine lull him in time with the slow rocking of the craft, watching the green fog billow and puff.


“Looks like that’s it, we’re through. About ready to touchdown. Aimee, sound off to the air team.” The Captain’s voice broke the silence and woke Li with a start. *Finally…let’s get this started, get some action going already!* Despite the tone of his thoughts, Li’s stomach jumped.

“Ground team to satflyer, come in satflyer,” Li smiled at Aimee’s voice as he blinked the sleep from his eyes. *So professional, so on top of things,* he thought approvingly. With Aimee on the comms there wasn’t much for the rest of them to do. In theory they would be checking their gear one last time, but the squad had been far too nervous, they’d done final check an hour ago. Li settled back down and waited, hands folded behind his head.

“This is satflyer team,” Li didn’t miss the tension that left the Captain’s shoulders when Julia’s voice crackled back over the comms. *She’s thoroughly freaked out about this planetary,* he observed, *bad experience? Or is she still not as confident in us as she should be?* He mused as Julia continued; “We’ve just broke fog as well, ground team. We’re activating thrusters now, slowing our descent. We should be in position at one hundred meters exactly by the time you set down.”

Li’s gaze travelled around the room, taking in the attitudes of his squadmates. Jackson was calm and collected as usual; Li had never seen him rattled in their entire time at the Academy. He vaguely wondered what went on beneath that large dark brow that kept him so collected at all times. Missy was twitchy, of course, her leg shaking up and down and her fingers nervously tapping a pattern onto her readysuit. Li returned his gaze to Aimee, looking her up and down. *She looks good in that getup,* he noted, watching the armored pieces shift against each other silently as she reached out to tune the communications, *in her element, confident, mature. Hot.*

“Copy that satflyer, we’ll set down in less than a minute,” Aimee noticed Li watching her, and stuck out her tongue at him. Li grinned in response. *Alright, in her element, confident and hot. Three out of four ain’t bad.*


The landing was entirely automated, and smooth enough that the jostle didn’t even knock the squaddies off their feet. Li was almost disappointed. Captain Appet stood and joined Aimee, helping her at the large control panel. It was really made up of several control panels arranged in a ring that took up much of the ground pod’s single room. The rest of the squaddies stood, stretching, glancing out of the small and sturdy window.

“Alright Rooks,” the Captain said, a rare smile gracing her face, “I didn’t mention it before, but there *is* a little treat to planetary runs.” She flicked the comm switch open again, “satflyer, can you give me readings on the fog? Confirm we are in safe atmosphere?”

“Yes ma’am Captain…” Without any technological interference Marcus’ voice was crystal clear over the comms, “there’s a lot of information here…give us one second to…yes, we can confirm, you are in breathable space.”

“Excellent,” Captain Appet smiled, and input routines from her station. With a hum, the panels that made up the four walls of the pod slowly lifted, sliding up and locking to form a huge overhang, leaving the room open and exposed to the surface of the planet.

It was almost too much for Li to take in all at once, and in his peripheral vision he vaguely registered his squadmates similarly stunned, dropping their various equipment and gaping; even unflapable Jackson’s mouth had fallen open.

“It’s so…green,” Li stammered, “so green and so *bright*.”

“All of their light is generated naturally by the star,” the Captain was looking around her, hands on hips, the faint smile still on her face.

“Do you smell that? It smells like perfume!” Missy was breathing deeply; Li hadn’t noticed until she mentioned it.

“The flora that grows on the surface gives off those scents naturally,” Captain Appet explained.

“I don’t like it,” Li decided, “it’s weird…there are too many colors all over the place. And do you feel that air? Feels like I’ve got my face stuck up against a vent.”

“Wind. Naturally occurring differences in pressure drag the air in currents all along the planet’s surface.”

“Get a grip, Li,” Aimee snapped. It was clear she was enjoying the colors, the smell, the air that slipped quietly by, “I think it’s beautiful.”

“Hard to look at,” Li grumbled, “I’d much rather work with the walls down and locked into place.”

“That’s too bad,” Captain Appet had suddenly returned to her normal businesslike demeanor, “the walls don’t cut the drone’s range by much, but every bit helps.”

Her clipped tone pushed the squad into action again. Missy and Jackson pulled four heavy drones from their protective cases, adjusting antenna and feeding in volatile power cells. Li flicked a few switches, and in the center of the ring of controls a holographic display slowly hummed to life. When he was satisfied with the clarity, he moved back and forth between the drones and the ring, linking the drones and hooking them up to stream holographic data to their pod. Li glanced over to see Aimee slightly pale, fingers drumming lightly and nervously on the controls. *Cold feet already? Come on Aimes, you’re better than that.*

“It’s just like the drones back home,” Li reassured her aloud.

“‘cept now I don’t have your tongue distracting me,” Aimee shot back with a smile, quietly enough that only he could hear. Li grinned and activated the setup. *Don’t know why everyone’s all quivery. This is fun.* The drones buzzed, crackled, and lifted from the ground. Missy and Jackson backed away hastily as small arcs of electricity slid across their sleek back surfaces.

“They look evil,” Missy muttered, “like little dangerous flying creatures.”

“Good,” Li said decisively, letting his fingers slide across his controllers without thinking about it, “they give us Drakes, about time we give them something to be afraid of.”

One of the drones moved in perfect response to Li’s commands, making a slow circuit around the room. A holographic representation of the room and the squaddies within appeared in the center of the pod, accurate to scale, filled in with the data from Li’s drone. The other drones sprang to life as his squadmates joined him at the wide control panel, booting up their own drones.

“They’ve got our preferences keyed in already,” Li grunted appreciatively. His drone moved tentatively out of the overhanging lifted walls, into the sunlight that lit the clearing where their pod had landed. Missy and Jackson were splitting their attention between the drones, the holographic display, and their controls. *Beginner’s mistake. You’ve gotta learn to key the controls without looking, and tune everything else out. Huh…* Li mused, *Aimee and I must’ve learned more than I thought during our little private training sessions.* The drones belonging to the two of them had already moved into the trees and out of sight of the pod. Handling a single drone was laughably easy to Li when he was used to controlling five of them while ‘distracted’ by Aimee.

“Keep together you four,” Captain Appet cautioned, “Li and Aimee slow it down, Jackson, Missy, a little faster please. Air team,” she spoke into the comm console she was sitting at, “start talking. We should be getting a pretty steady stream of info, anything you think could help.”

“Roger that captain,” Tess spoke clearly, obviously the spokesperson for the air team. Her voice was overly official, but Li liked that. *Good for everything to sound official, on an important mission like this.*

“Marcus has pinpointed the target, definitely artificial buildings about a hundred kilometers west of where you touched down…” Li only half listened to the conversation between the captain and the air team. His drone was behind Aimee’s, and as long as she was listening he could just follow her. The time passed, uneventful and somehow incredibly relaxing. The surface of the planet was so warm, and despite himself Li was starting to enjoy the wafts of warmed currents that brushed past his face, even though they felt odd. He was so comfortable with the drones that barely had to focus on controlling them, instead letting himself get caught up in the scenery that they were streaming back to the table.

*The trees are the unnerving thing,* he decided. Alive but not conscious, similar to flowers but huge, thick, gnarled. The unevenness of the ground was utterly unfamiliar, the few bumps and inclines were the only things that occasionally made him have to focus on his drone. The sharp sudden movements of birds and small mammals was distracting and startling. Jackson almost opened fire on the first one he saw, but the Captain barked a warning and they let the creature pass unharmed. An hour passed by and Li barely noticed.

“You’re about three kilometers out ground team,” Tess’s voice sounded excited, “we’ve got signs of activity in the buildings but we can’t pin down exactly what they’re doing, so go in prepared to start fighting. Alex says give ‘em hell.”

“Tess,” the Captain barked, slammed her fist onto the communication button so hard that Li jumped, “Alex is NOT supposed to be on the scanners! I said two people on weapons, TWO!” She actually shouted the last word into the comm. Li had never heard the Captain so much as raise her voice before. *Just how rattled is she right now?*

“We have Alex and Preston on the weapons Captain, she just yelled that comment from the gun station,” Tess sounded a little more uncertain, but she kept up her professional demeanor, “Marcus is covering heat sensors, Julia is handling topography, I’m monitoring the area surrounding your pod and providing communications. Alex and Preston haven’t stopped watching the skies since you’ve left Captain.”

“I…I’m sorry,” Captain Appet stammered, “um…carry on.”

The squaddies exchanged glances over their controls. Li was sure the same question was passing through all of their minds, but he put a voice to it.

“Everything okay Captain?” He tried to keep his voice casual, avoiding her gaze by staring intently at the holographic display.

“Yes. I’m sorry,” Captain Appet was speaking more like a squadmate than a captain, and somehow that rattled Li even more than her yelling had, “we’ve been really lucky so far, no attacks, no nothing. We’ve been on the ground for what, an hour? Hour and a half? Planetary runs rarely get that lucky. It makes me nervous.”

“Maybe we’re just that good…they don’t want to fuck with Captain Appet’s A squad,” Li tried to cheer her up with humor, and was rewarded with a half-smile from the Captain.

“Such a fucking stupid name,” she muttered, still smiling.

“If it makes you feel any better captain,” Tess’ voice broke in through the comms, “I’ve got all sensors up and tuned, and I’m not seeing any life around your pod. Well, I see birds, but nothing that might be threatening.”

“Birds?” Li was surprised, “You’re sweeping at that fine of a resolution?”

“You may be handy on the drones, hotshot, but Julia and I have scanning down to an art form,” Tess’ voice was even and confident. After a short pause, the comms clicked on again, “Marcus would like it to be known that he too has scanning down to an art form.”

Li chuckled, his foot tapping impatiently on the metal floor of the pod. *About five minutes before contact. Five minutes away from my first Terran firefight. Kickass.*

“This is excellent,” Aimee’s nerves had apparently settled, she too seemed excited at her controls, “at this rate we’re going to have the smoothest planetary run the academy has ever seen.” Captain Appet sucked in a breath through her teeth at the same time that Tess groaned on the comms,

“Aaaw squadpet, why’d you have to go and say that?” Li grinned at the use of Aimee’s hated unofficial call-sign. “You realize that now you’ve jinxed us, we’re going to have the worst luck, or some outlandish and horrible fre-”

Tess’ voice cut out. The lights along the paneling cut out. The holographic display flickered and faded, throwing off just enough display to show the drones lowering to the forest floor before the holograph died. Li blinked, unsure of what to do as the light from the controls beneath his hands faded.

“W-what…” He stammered, pressing and tapping on the blank screen. The Captain was already moving, yanking out the emergency comms from beneath one of the control panels.

“What’s going on? The fuel cells should’ve been good for another twenty four hours shouldn’t they?” Li moved forward to help with the generator, but Missy and Aimee were already at the Captain’s side, connecting leads and adjusting cables.

“Should’ve. Clearly aren’t,” the Captain snapped tersley, “it’s got to be some sort of attack. We lose power, it cuts our communications and our drone control. That’s too much of an advantage for me to assume it’s a coincidence.” Li drew his pistol and peered up the hills that surrounded them, his squadmates doing the same. Behind them the emergency comm hummed to life, instantly filled with static. The Captain was speaking almost at the same time,

“Air team come in, are you all right? Air team come in.”

“This is the air team, we read you,” Tess’ voice was hard to hear through the miserable connection, but it was clear enough that they could make out her words, “are you okay? We read a massive power spike and now nothing…”

“Power failure of some kind,” Captain Appet visibly relaxed, opening one of the blank control panels and pulling out the fuel cells within, “my guess would be forced power failure.”

“Understood ground team. Are we pulling out? We’ve got you on sensors but we’re not seeing any Terran activity nearby.”

“No, I’ve got some chargers for the fuel cells, it’s just going to take us a bit to get them up and running,” the Captain gestured and Li jumped to follow her command, sliding his pistol back in its holster before rooting through the bags that had been set in the corner.

“That’s…not standard gear for a ground team, is it captain?” Li couldn’t tell if Tess’ tone was cautious or just curious, but he listened closely to the captain’s answer as he pulled the bulky chargers from the bag.

“Not standard gear at all,” the captain admitted, “but I take every precaution I can think of. In this case it’s come in handy.”

“Captain did you expect something like this to happen? Has this happened before on a planetary?”

“I…” Captain Appet seemed to be struggling for words, and Li studiously avoided her gaze as Missy helped him plug the four heavy fuel cells into the chargers, “…something doesn’t feel right about this planetary run. This hasn’t happened before that I know of, but…I can’t explain it, but I’m paranoid about this planetary, and now I’m glad I was. We’ll be up and running in about an hour, so I suppose all of us on the ground will just sit tight until then. Sorry air team.”

“Preston says ‘these things happen’,” Tess relayed, “er…not in those exact words. We’ll continue monitoring up here.”

“This extended timeline is going to mean you’ll almost certainly have to deal with flyers air team. Make sure Alex and Preston keep a sharp eye on the skies.”

“Roger that ground team. Air team out.”

“Stay within shouting distance, but other than that,” the Captain waved vaguely, “you all can explore the surroundings if you like. Normally the ground team is too busy to enjoy the sights and sounds, so take advantage of it. Souvenirs are fine, but make sure to run anything artificial-looking by me first. I’ll give a shout when we’re charged up again.”

Aimee grabbed Li by the arm and pulled him out of the pod, into the open air of the planet. It was…spacious. Too open. There was no ceiling, no tight hallways, just a sky that stretched on forever and trees and grass on every side.

“It’s like being in space,” Li realized aloud, “like being in space if everything were too colorful and too bright.”

“I know, isn’t it amazing?” Aimee smiled, “smell that, smell the air, doesn’t it smell so…fresh, somehow?”

“Not really. Where are we going anyways?” They had reached the top of a small ridge, and Li looked down into the valley at the pod, then at down at the empty and silent forest on the other. The trees were thicker there, and somehow menacing.

“I’m going to *force* you to like being on the surface,” Aimee grinned. She pulled him a little ways down the ridge, just far enough that the pod was no longer in sight. Li followed begrudgingly. As much as he disliked the trees around him, he liked what Aimee’s grin meant.

“You’ve got your work cut out for you,” Li grinned back as Aimee paused a little ways away from him, pulling her shirt over her head with her back to him, “the planet sucks, and all I see here is more sucky planet.”

“Oh?” Aimee tossed her hair as she looked at him over her bare shoulder, “maybe you just don’t appreciate beauty when you see it.”

“Maybe,” Li sat down in the spongy green moss casually, but his mind raced. She was playing a game with him, same as always. Aimee wasn’t coy, no, she wasn’t showing her front because she wanted to win. *So the game is, she wins if she can get me to say it’s beautiful before she fucks me* Li rested his arms on his knees as he thought *…I win if I can get into her pants before I say it’s beautiful…game on….*

“Maybe I’m just spoiled ’cause I get to see you naked all the time,” he finally said, “maybe that’s skewed my appreciation for beauty.”

“Oh please,” Aimee turned, but she kept her arms crossed over her chest, rolling her eyes in exasperation as she walked over to join him, “are you even trying?”

“Okay so that was a little cheesy,” Li agreed. *I’m no good at this one…new tactic…* “I guess it’s just more of the same to me. Here or back at the pod, it’s all just green, green, more green. And blue.”

He glanced up, facing the unnervingly space-like sky. A vast stretch of unbroken blue, marred only by the air team’s satflyer. The airborn command station hung in the air as if it had been hung on the sky, although four huge hover jets quite clearly supported it. Its base was wreathed in clouds from the steam vapor the jets’ caused, and the sight was much more natural looking to Li than anything here on the surface.

“What’s the planet got that beats the orbital?” He asked.

“Look at it you clod!” Aimee swept one hand out to indicate the trees, grass, forest and flowers around them, but Li was more interested in the skin she had exposed by the motion. Privately the planet was definitely growing on him. It was warm and bright, and in its own wide-open way, it was beautiful. On the other hand, pretending to hate it had rewarded him with the sight of more of Aimee’s smooth brown skin. Her other arm was only covering her nipples, leaving the tops and bottoms of her breasts exposed. Aimee saw him looking and grinned, placing her hands on her hips and letting her boobs bounce free. “Can you at least appreciate that it’s something new, when you’ve spend your whole life in plasticine and metal hallways.”

Note: This is a work of FICTION! Although the areas this story takes place in are real; all of the landscapes depicted, the people described, and everything else this story uses to make it enjoyable reading for you are NOT REAL. As you read this story, try to remember:


47. A Straight Family Affair

Anton said, “Bernice you are up; would you like to tell us about your initiation into the world of sex?

“My story is a little stranger than most and I hope you will not be judgmental about it. It opened my eyes to the wonderful and varied world of intimacy, with a wide range of people.”

Felix replied, “We are not here to judge, we are just here talking among friends.”

“My high school graduation and 18th birthday present was a trip Paris, France. It was like my parents second honeymoon. My parents rented a two-bedroom apartment overlooking a beautiful park in the center of the city. My brother, Ted, and I shared one room, and my parents had the other. At night, we could hear them making love, and they were not quiet about it.

Night and day, Ted and I went everywhere together; we were on our own exploring everything we could find. We saw the Sorbonne, and several others parts of the University of Paris. We walked along the Left Bank. We saw the Eiffel Tower, and all the other touristy things Paris has to offer. Ted and I became closer and closer. We started kissing and snuggling like lovers, because everyone we saw was doing it; and we felt out of place not doing it. We took a boat ride at night, on the River Seine, and it was magical. Making out with Ted was fun at first, and then it became more intense. It came to the point where we could not keep our hands off one another. Even our parents noticed the change in our behavior, and remarked that being in Paris had changed us.

One evening, our parents were going to the theater, and we had plans to go to an art show. My dad was in his tuxedo, my mom was in her ball gown. We saw them off in their taxi, and I began to walk towards the gallery. Ted grabbed my hand and said, “You are coming with me.” I did not object, because we had been having so much fun together. When we got into the elevator, he pinned me up against the wall and kissed me. He said, “I cannot take any more of this; I am going to make love to you.”

I said, “You can’t do that, I have never had sex before.”

Very calmly he said, “Yes, I know. I also know that you are taking the pill, because I checked your luggage. I hate using condoms, but I would have used them to protect you. Now come with me, you are about to lose your virginity, all of it.”

I had no idea what he meant by ‘all of it’, but I found out soon enough. He took me to our bedroom, and said, “If you tell me no, I will stop, because I will not rape you.”

“I stood there mute.” He yelled at me to say something. Finally, I said, “Okay.”

He smiled at me and told me I would not be sorry. He would take me gently, and I would never regret it. He told me to undress him, which I did. I saw my first live male penis, and he was big, very big. He told me not to worry; it would fit in me, without any problem.”

He undressed me tenderly, kissing me every time a piece of flesh was exposed. By the time he had me naked, I was steaming. He said to me, “Lesson number one for most girls happens in the back seat of the car, and it is a blowjob. You get to do it kneeling down in front of me. You also will swallow my semen as it comes out of my penis. You may as well learn it all from the very beginning.” He really did not give me a choice, because he threw a pillow on the floor and had me kneel in front of him. He told me what I was doing right and wrong from the very beginning. He did not make me take more of his penis into my mouth than I could handle. Eventually he said that he was going to cum. He grabbed my hair and told me not to back away. He told me to keep pumping my head, until he was finished, and to swallow as quickly as I could. He must have had a quart of semen stored up in his balls, because when he started to cum he did not stop. I swallowed and swallowed, until tears flowed out of my eyes. However, I did not miss a drop. When he stopped cuming he pulled me into his arms and kissed me long and hard. His tongue was in my mouth fighting with my tongue, until he heated me up again. He praised me over and over again for the wonderful job I had done. He told me how many girls had failed doing what I had just accomplished. He told me how proud he was of me, and how much he loved me. He was going to put me into bed and make me the happiest girl on the face of the planet.

I don’t know how many times I came while ministered to my body, but by the time he finished licking my pussy, his hair looked like he had just come out of the shower. My voice was hoarse from yelling his name and screaming at the top of my lungs that I was cuming. I did not think I had any strength left in my body.

He crawled up between my thighs and grabbed my knees, pinning them by the side of my head. I looked at him with fear in my eyes but he kissed me and said, “Just trust me; know that I love you, and I will try not to hurt you.”

I was wide open when he put the head of his penis inside, but I felt his entrance into me. He saw the fear in my eyes, and he started kissing me to make me forget what was going to happen. He started moving his hips in short strokes, but his kisses made all the difference in the world. My hands were wrapped around his head and I held him close to me, until it happened. With one powerful stroke, he broke my maidenhead and was as deep inside me as I could take. I did not scream or cry, because my wonderful brother did such a terrific job of preparing me for this event. He lowered my legs, until my knees pointed at the ceiling and he pulled my hips until they were on his lap, and then he began fucking me. I had given him a blowjob and swallowed his semen. He had made love to my body and caused me to come more times than I could count. He had taken my virginity and caused me no pain. Now he was fucking me as if he was someone I just met. I thought this is what he meant when he said, “I am taking your virginity, all of it.” I was wrong. There was one thing left on his list and I didn’t even think about it at the time. I was close to another orgasm when he pushed my legs up again. This time he held them together with one hand, and twisted my body to the right. It did not matter to me, because I was so close to heaven again, I could see the pearly gates. As the doors to that holy place opened, and I saw the bright lights, he withdrew from my pussy, and pushed his dick completely into my ass. I was already screaming in ecstasy, so I guess the extra screaming did not matter. He was 10 1/2 inches into my ass, pumping away furiously, as he had been in my pussy, and there was nothing in this world I could do about it. A thumb was playing with my clit, while the other hand was holding my legs, and massaging my breast. I could not understand why my body was reacting feverishly to this terrible invasion of my bowels. I was tingling all over. I could not stop my ovaries from clenching, and trying to bring me to another orgasm. This wasn’t right, this is not what sex is supposed to be about; why did it feel so good? I looked at Ted, and he was smiling at me.

“You like it, don’t you?”

I replied, “Yes, but why is my body reacting to something so gross?”

“It’s not gross; it is part of making love. There is more to learn, and eventually, I will teach you all of it.”

“Oh God, I am cumming again”. I did; I had my first anal orgasm, and shortly afterward, Ted blasted his load into my colon. As he promised, I no longer had a virgin spot on my body.

All of a sudden, from the door behind us, there was applause. There stood my mother and father, still dressed in their finest clothing. There was no sense trying to cover-up now, because they had seen us in the worst possible position. I could not understand why they were applauding, because I wanted to die from embarrassment.

My father said to my mother, “I told you Paris had changed them.”

“You were right dear. Now they are exactly like us, and the pictures should be gorgeous.”

I yelled, “Pictures, you took pictures of Ted and me making love?”

My mother approached the bed, sat beside me, and pulled me close to her. They are for our special family album. No one except us will ever get to see them. Your father and I have some explaining to do, and then we would like you and Theodore to join us in our bed. We have waited a long time for this day. We hoped it would happen, but we never pushed you in this direction. You see, your father and I are actually brother and sister. I took my mother’s maiden name so we could marry. We were genetically tested to make sure both you and Ted would not carry any chromosomes that would make you malformed. Fortunately, our parents genes were so mixed up, we knew of you would be fine. Both of you, if you want to continue with your relationship, will have to do the same thing. If this is just a one-time tryst then there are no worries about children.”

“Mom, can we talk about this over coffee, this is a lot to digest.”

“As long as you and your brother stay naked, I will make coffee. We also brought home some dessert, because we had a feeling the two of you would be in bed together.”

“Are you and dad going to be naked also?”

“I had not planned on it, but it does seem fair, so we will be naked alongside you.”

“What happened to your play? The tickets must have been expensive, and you didn’t go.”

“There was no play. We just had to give you a little time, and a little confidence that we would not be home for several hours. This is what we came up with, and it worked.”

I hugged my mother, and asked her, “When did parents get so sneaky?”

“Parents have always been sneaky. Children have always been a little bit slow to realize it.”

“Not fair mom, but I love you anyhow. I will make the coffee, while you get undressed.”

My brother said, “You have seen her in a bikini often enough; can’t you just imagine the rest of it.”

His father smiled. “I will ask you the same question, when your mouth hits the floor.”

Moments later, our parents came out of the bedroom stark naked. I now knew where Ted inherited his large cock from. It was my mother that blew Ted and me away. We knew she had a diamond belly ring, because we saw it every time she wore a bikini or a short shirt. However, we did not know she had her nipples pierced and had small, dangling diamonds hanging from them.

Ted’s eyes were riveted on her breasts, until she raised her foot, put it on a chair, and spread the lips of her vagina. He nearly fell over when he saw my mother’s clit ring with a small diamond hanging from it.

My dad said, “Ted you can close your mouth now.”

My brother could not speak. His eyes were riveted on my mother’s clit, until my mother said, “Lick it.”

Those words got through to my brother’s brain. He kneeled down in front of her and attached his mouth to her pussy. My mother grabbed his head and kept him there, feasting in the delight of her son’s tongue. When she could no longer stand, she grabbed his hair and took him to her bedroom.

I wanted to follow to see what was going to happen, but my father stopped me. He said, “Young women, you are coming with me.” He had so much love in his eyes for me; I did not hesitate to go with him. When he saw the blood on my bed, he smiled. “I am so proud of you. You save yourself for your brother, the same way your mother saved herself for me. It is a wonderful way to begin a relationship.”

He climbed on top of my body and worshiped it for over an hour. When he was finished with me, I was in love, not only with my father, but with my mother also. She came to me after Ted fell asleep in her bed. When my dad saw her enter the room, he moved over to Ted’s bed, and allowed my mother to initiate me into the wonders of a woman’s touch. In one night I went from being a virgin, to a young woman, who not only wanted to make love, but needed to make love. It did not matter if it was a man or a woman. It just had to be someone that I liked, and I thought would be compatible with me in bed.

Patricia asked, “What happened between you and your brother?”

“Genetically, we could not have children, and sooner or later, I wanted to have some. We still see each other, once in a while. It hurts when we do, because we love each other so much.”

“There are a lot of children out there who want to be adopted, and live with loving parents.”

“We know that, but they will not allow a brother and sister to adopt a child.”

“If that is all that is stopping the both of you from being together, I can help you with that.”

“We have asked lawyers to do it, and they told us there is no way around that law.”

“Speak to your brother, and if that is the only thing that is stopping the two of you from being together, and being happy, call me and I will get it done for you.”

Bernice was all over Patricia, thanking her for trying to help her and her brother. She went outside to call him.

Felix looked at Patricia and asked, “What are you up to now?”

“Why does everyone think I am up to something, when all I am doing is trying to help?”

“Word has gotten around about you Patricia. You are not to be trusted when you offer someone help, and you have access to a computer. If you are caught, you are to be arrested and your computer taken away from you.”

“You have been talking to that big mouth Alan, haven’t you? I will get even with him, if Sergeant ever stops hitting him.”

“Alan made the mistake of marrying his cousin. Sergeant guards her like a pack of elephants protects their young.”

“Perfect! I will send Sergeant an email once every week, using Susan’s email address, and tell him Alan is hitting her. My revenge will be sweet.”

“Patricia you are evil.”

“I am not, I just believe in getting even with people who say nasty things about me. Do you want to dance?”

Anton, Mark, and Felix said, “Yes.”

Patricia smiled. “You all can’t get on my good side at one time. We will go by alphabetical order, backwards.”

Mark stood up, took her hand, and led her on to the dance floor. It was a wild Salsa number and they had a wonderful time doing it.

Felix tapped Mark on the shoulder when it was over and cut in. The band let loose with a fast Western musical number that had everyone panting at the end of it.

Anton stepped in, raring to go, when the band started playing a slow love song. Initially, he was disappointed, until he felt Patricia’s breasts pressed into his chest and the rest of her body melt into his. He began to feel physical changes happen to his body, and he tried to back away from her, but she did not allow it to happen. Wherever he was, she was. By the end of the dance, he said, “Thank you,” and ran to the bathroom.

Patricia walked back to the table somewhat confused. Felix and Mark were laughing and she asked them why. Mark asked her if she had any idea what had happened. She said “No, we just danced.”

“Patricia, you have no idea what your body can do to a man. You may do it innocently, but the way you move could raise a man from the dead. To get close to a man, you have to press against him with your chest. The way you stand, and move your hips against a man’s center drives him wild with passion. Your smoky eyes make you look like you are ready for bed and your lips just beg to be kissed. That is what you do to any man, and that’s why Anton ran to the bathroom.”

“Thank goodness Stephano and I never danced.”

“You didn’t have to dance to get reaction out of Stephano. You stood there, face to face with him, and kissed him. Your body had the same reaction on him, as it would have, if you were dancing.”

“Oh my God, I tormented him, and I didn’t even know it.”

Bernice returned to the table, with a big smile on her face. “Patricia, whatever you can do for my brother Ted and I, we would be greatly appreciate it. He was flying on the other end of the phone. I have not heard him that happy since before our tests came back from the lab.”

“Bernice, give me your phone number, I will call you tomorrow and get the information I need from you. It should not take me too long to take care of the paperwork you will use to marry your brother legally.”

After Bernice left the club, Felix said, “I could use a hot tub, could you get me one of those?”

Patricia smiled at him and said, “Absolutely, when and where would you like it delivered?”

“I want fancy one with all the bells and whistles, and it has to be big enough for the four of us. Deliver it to my house a week from Friday, if it is convenient.”

“It will be no problem Felix. Just have a check ready for $11,000, and give it to the men, after he installs it.”

“Patricia, you do know I have a gun with me.”

“Yes Felix, I know that, but who would you dance with to the next song? You would look funny in Mark’s arms.”

“I think I will call Alan and tell him we lost you.”

“Alan would not mind at all. It is my father you would have to watch out for.”

“We are going to take you home. It will be safer for all of us.”

“Callalily promised to get me drunk first.”

“Callalily is getting laid. We are your babysitters. You are going home: sober.”

“It is not fair. I can’t even go out for a good time and get drunk. You old men don’t know how to show a young girl a good time.”

Felix pulled a knife out of his pocket and approached the only strap that held the top of her dress up. Patricia screamed, “No, I will go quietly.”

They took Patricia back to Callaway’s apartment. The lights were on, and Patricia realized she did not have the key. She did not want to interrupt what they knew was going on inside. She couldn’t get into Susan’s house, because her keys were on the Callaway’s kitchen table. Anton said, “Step aside; I will take care of this. He reached into his vest pocket, pulled out a little case, and opened the front door in less than 15 seconds. Patricia walked into the kitchen and got her belongings, while the men stood in the hallway listening to the carnal sounds emanating from the bedroom.

Patricia said, “I can drive back to Susan’s house alone. I am sober, thanks to you three. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate all the information you gave me tonight. I will let you know if it works.”

“Don’t think about anything, Patricia, just let it happen naturally.”

She kissed the three men goodbye, climbed into the Dodge and headed home to Susan’s house.

Felix asked his two friends, “Should we go around to the bedroom windows, pound on them, and scream his name, like we are drunk?”

Mark and Anton laughed. Mark said, “When he goes to work tomorrow, he is not going to be happy with us.”

“I would be willing to take a chance. There are only so many golf balls he can hit at one time.”

They walked around the back of the building, letting the chips fall where they may.

48. Changes in Strategies

She closed the door to Susan’s home, locked it, and walked upstairs to her room. She looked at her computer and saw that she had messages waiting for her. She sat down, opened her log, and saw that they were all from Michael Free. The first and last messages were the same, so she knew what the ones in the middle were.

“Patricia, call me immediately, regardless of time of day. Where are you? Michael”

She picked up her phone and called him. It was 6:30 AM on the East Coast, so he might be up already. “Good morning Michael, Don’t you yell at me, I have a buzz on, and if you do, I will hang up.”

“Good morning Patricia. You went out last night, without your phone?”

“When you go out with the intention of getting drunk, you take as little with you as is humanly possible Michael.”

“What went wrong Patricia; what happened to you?”

“Stephano left me.”

“I’m sorry about that, I truly am, but I have more important things to take care of right now. I need you here immediately. All your people have been contacted. It will take a maximum of two days to get them here. I want you here by noon today.”

“Michael, I am not that fast. I would have to get from here to Phoenix, and hopefully catch a connection through Chicago or Dallas to Washington.”

“Patricia I told you I would arrange your transportation. Be at the Sedona Airport at 6 AM, and pack only one suitcase. The plane you’ll be taking to Washington is relatively small, and should be at the airport within the hour.”

At 5:50 AM, Patricia was sitting at the terminal waiting for her aircraft to arrive. There was a big buzz going on outside the terminal, but it did not bother her, because she was wondering what was going on that was so important in Washington. Suddenly, an Air Force officer walked into the room carrying a flight suit. She looked at her and smiled. Ms. Parent, you are in for the ride of your life.”

Patricia headed for the exit door yelling, “Like hell I am, I am going to kill that son of a bitch.”

Elmore Scott and two other police officers were standing at the door blocking her way.

“I am sorry Patty, but orders are orders. Go with her, or we will have to strip you out here.”

Patty turned and looked at the Major and said, “I have a request. If this plane goes down, you kill the director of the FBI, because I am staying with it.”

Major Aurora Markham laughed. “You have never lived, until you’ve felt a rocket fired up your ass.”

“I have never had anything up my ass, thank you, and a rocket is not my first choice.”

“Come with me Patty, this is going to take a little while. I will brief you while I get you dressed.”

“Michael said the airplane was going to be small. How small is this airplane?”

“The airplane is big, the cockpit is small. You will fit in there easily.”

“I am sitting in the cockpit? There is no passenger compartment?”

After 30 minutes of complaining and foot dragging, while being dressed in her long johns, G-suit and flight suit, civilian Patricia Parent was escorted by three police officers and Major Aurora Markham to the F-15 Strike Eagle swearing at the Director of the FBI. She was hoisted up, and into the rear of the aircraft and strapped in tightly. The Major put her helmet and oxygen mask on. She said, “Patricia, if I say eject three times you pull on this yellow ring hard and everything else will happen automatically.”

“Aurora, I am staying with the airplane. You kill the director for me.”

The major laughed. “It would be a terrible waste of a wonderful aircraft.”

Major Aurora Markham strapped herself in to the front seat; hit the engine start switches and the twin engines of the aircraft roared to life. She lowered the canopy, increased the speed of the engines to military power, released the brakes, and the jet streaked down the runway. At 3100 feet she lifted the nose off the runway and went vertical.

Patty yelled, “O my Lord!” Her body was pressed into the back of the seat. Her G-suit inflated to keep the blood from pooling in the lower part of her body and she listened to Aurora calmly talking to air traffic control giving her altitude, course, and current speed. When they leveled out at 30,000 feet, Aurora made a call to her tanker, which was 250 miles ahead of them. She said, “We will be there in ten minutes.”

Patty thought she was joking. She was not. In less than ten minutes she could see the huge DC-10 on the horizon. Aurora was talking to the boom operator who was vectoring her in. At less than 200 feet Aurora opened her fuel intake boom and flew it straight into the waiting basket. The boom operator said contact, and fuel flowed from the big bird to the sleek fighter. It seemed so easy, but it must’ve taken years of practice, just like it took her to do things on her computer so easily. Three minutes later Aurora said, “Tanks are full, thank you very much, preparing for breakaway. The boom operator repeated, “Breakaway, breakaway, breakaway.”

On the third command, the booms retracted the basket, and Amanda backed off and turned to the left to clear out of the slipstream of the DC-10. She called air-traffic control for clearance to 51,000 feet which was granted and when we got there she called again and told them we were commencing our speed run. The transmission was not acknowledged.

Aurora transferred her communications link-up to the military command net. She was vectored around populated areas for the next 1100 miles, while they were traveling at Mach 2+. In the back seat, Patricia slept. She had no idea what was going on, until she was jostled in her seat. She raised her head and saw they had landed. She thought they were going to get more fuel, and it was a good thing, because she had to pee.

Aurora said, “You’re awake, sleepyhead. It’s lonely up there with nobody to talk to.”

“Are we going to be here long, Aurora. I’d like to get out and use the bathroom, before we leave again.”

“Leave for where Patricia? We are in Washington. Actually we are in Maryland; a helicopter will take you the rest of the way.”

“Fuck him, why can I take a car like a normal person.”

“Apparently Patricia, you are not a normal person. You are someone special, and you are being treated that way.”

“You have no idea how badly I want to be normal again. What time is it?”

“In Arizona it is 9:40 AM. In Washington it is 11:40 AM. He wanted you here by noon, and you made it.”

“I am still going to kill him.”

“Why, you slept the entire way just like you would have on a commercial jet. Next time, I will fly you here upside down, just to show you what this airplane can do.”

“I am sure you love your airplane and the marvelous things it can do. However, if you need anything marvelous done on a computer, you call me and I will show you how I can get a computer to stand up and dance.”

“How can you look like you do, and be a nerd, Patricia? I’d like to get to know you better. I am stationed here. Give me a call sometime and we will go out for a drink.”

“Thank you Aurora; I would like that.”

It was a 14-minute helicopter ride from Andrews Air Force Base to the helipad where Michael was waiting for her. Still bedecked in her flight suit she said to him, “Michael, I hate you.”

“I told you I wanted you here by noon; how else was I supposed to do it?”

“What is so important that you flew me here in a military jet?”

“Several things Patty; there was break-in at the Attorney General’s office, the building in Sloan, Nevada blew up, just like you thought it would, and I think someone is piggybacking our computer lines at the FBI. Too much information is getting out to the bad guys, and we don’t know how it is happening. That’s why I wanted you and your friends here so quickly. I am sending my people for training on a new computer system that will be coming in. While they are out of the building, I want you, and your group to take apart our current computer system; find out what is going on, and if possible, find out who is sending the information and who is getting it. You have six days to do it Patty; I can’t give you any more time than that.”

“Michael, what are we going to do with the other five days?”

“Dammit Patricia, you have no idea how much I hate you, because I don’t know if you’re joking or not.”

“When do I meet your daughters?”

“You will meet them, when I let them out of jail.” ****************************************************************************

With 20 days left until the deadline, the old guard of the Valentino family had decided that Anthony Arcado would be their new leader. The younger faction had not yet made its decision.

A ‘Meet and Greet’ was arranged, with Don Jim Barbara, the head of the Staten Island Family. The location was secret, and Anthony Arcado was picked up by one of Barbara’s men to escort him there. The meeting was held in an upscale Italian restaurant on a hill overlooking the Verrazano Narrows Bridge. While the meeting was going on, the entire building, and part of the hill that it was perched upon blew up. Everyone inside was incinerated in the blast. Federal, State City, and company investigators said the cause was a ruptured 6-inch natural gas line that ran under the site.

Joe Lombardo and Mike Caifano did not believe it for one second. Two Mafia Don’s and a man that could have been the next Don of the Manhattan Family had perished in 10 days. These were not accidents; they were hits, and the Bosses wanted to know by whom and why. They were not shy about trying to find out who it was. The word hit the street like an advertisement for a Fortune 500 company: $1 million for information leading to the leaders of the plots to assassinate Dominic Oliveto, James Barbara, and Anthony Arcado. Telephones rang from local police precincts to Michael Free’s desk within minutes of this announcement hitting the streets. No agency thought of these deaths as murders, but if this type of money was being offered, someone knew something they did not know. A war was brewing and the law enforcement agencies had to be prepared.

Joe Lombardo called 21-year-old Niccolo Oliveto, who had taken over for his father Dominic. “Niccolo, you are not ready for this. Listen to your counselors very closely. Your father was a very smart man and they got to him. How they got to Barbara no one knows, but it was a highly professional job. Send your wife and children out of town, check into a hotel, and prepare for war. That is what Mike and I are doing. We will keep in touch by cell phone.”

Niccolo replied, “Joe, we know who did this. We would have to be stupid not to know. It is the young faction from the Valentino family. They are the only ones that stand to gain from this disruption. If they force us into a war, the police come down on us and it’s bad for business. My dad used to say, “Do anything except what’s bad for business.” With the reward out for their heads, they will run for cover, leaving their families alone. Let’s take their families for a nice vacation. Take them to the mountains, down to Washington or Virginia. All we have to do is keep them from speaking to their husbands for three or four days. After that they will come crawling to us, begging for mercy.”

Lombardo said, “We still would have to find out who the ringleaders are, and how deep this conspiracy runs.”

“I will bet you a dollar we will have that information by tomorrow morning.”

“Very funny Niccolo; I’ll talk to you in the morning.

The US Attorney for Lower New York, Fred Fielding called the director of the FBI and asked, “Michael, if a war breaks out, I think I will root for the Italians. There will be less blood on the streets in the long run.”

“That’s not even funny Fred, but if they knock off Lombardo and Caifano, there goes your big trial.”

“Yeah, wouldn’t that be a shame. Just think, Michael, there is no death penalty in New York State.”

“You also have to remember you got rid of the snitch in your office.”

“Montrose; I still can’t believe it was him. He was my right hand for so many years. He had the highest conviction rate of all my attorneys, and those he lost, were against the best attorneys in the state.”

“What else is on your mind Fred?”

“I think this take over move started from outside New York. There has been a lot of talk coming out of Rikers Island about Columbian’s making a big move in the city. Heaven knows they have the money to do it, I just don’t know if they have the muscle. The unions will be a hard nut to crack for them, and getting contracts will be a bitch with this new legislation that came out of Albany and Washington. If they try it, there will be blood on the streets, an awful lot of blood.”

“I don’t like the sound of that Fred. I’m going to check with the AG and then I may try something back channel, to head this off. Keep listening to what’s coming out of Rikers for me, and let me know if anything new comes up.”

“Will do Michael, keep your chin up, maybe the last two will surrender and plead guilty.”

Stephano and Bruno Valentino were walking along a trail at Fort Polk Army base, when Stephano said, “Dad, I’m going to move some money down to Argentina. I have made my decision. I would rather live alone and happy, then live with someone I am going to be fighting with every other minute.”

Bruno replied, “If that is what your heart is telling you to do, by all means make your arrangements and do it. When do you plan on leaving?”

“I was not going to leave until after mom goes back to New York. She is supposed to arrive the day after tomorrow and be here for a week. So I will make my reservations for two weeks from today to fly down to Buenos Aires.”

“Live in the northern part of the country my son. It has some of the most beautiful scenery on earth.”

“Thanks dad, I knew you would understand.”

“I didn’t say I understood your decision. I just told you to live in the northern part of the country. Be prepared to defend your decision when your mother gets here.”

“Maybe I should leave now.”

“If you do Stephano, she will track you down and break both your legs for not saying goodbye.”

Sharon asked the nurse how Fred was doing. She said that it appears that he is phasing in and out of coma. He opens his eyes, he gazes around, but I don’t think he really sees anything yet. He seems very confused so he closes his eyes and goes back to sleep or just rests. Why don’t you talk to him and see what happens.

Sharon walked over to the bed and could not decide how to approach him. It had been six long days since he’d been shot, and although he had been responsive with his hand pressure movements, that’s all he had done. She wanted him back, the girls wanted him back, his boss wanted him back, badly. Maybe tender loving care was not the way to go. She would try another tack with him, now. She leaned over the bed towards his ear and yelled, “God dammit Fred, I’m tired of this shit. Wake up already. This lying down on the job is getting boring. You have not rested this much since you were 15 years old, and the Attorney General is tired of telling all these old stories. Wake up Fred, open your eyes, and talk to me.”

Fred opened his eyes slowly and tried to focus on the voice that was yelling in his ear. He turned his head towards the voice and said, “Water.”

Sharon would have given him champagne if she had it nearby, but she poured him a cup of water and put it to his mouth with a straw. Sharon called the nurse and told her that he had asked for water.

The nurse came over and checked his vitals but more importantly she checked his pupils for his reaction to light, which was good. She went through a series of tests with Fred to see if he can tell how many fingers she was holding up at a time and he did well. She said, “Mister Hastings is there anything I can do for you.”

“Yes, get rid of my fiancée she yelled at me, and she didn’t even kiss me.”

Sharon smiled bright enough to light up the entire intensive care unit. She could have jumped into bed with him and smothered him with kisses but she knew that she would have hurt him more than helped him. She took out her cell phone and called her Uncle Clark. When he answered she said, “I have someone who would like to say hello to you.” She put the phone to Fred’s ear and told him it was his boss.

He spoke into the phone and said, “Hi dad, I want hazardous duty pay. I will be back at work Monday. What day is today?”

Clark Atwater was crying at the other end of the phone. He could not control his emotions. He said, “Sonny, if you try to get out of that bed, I will not let you marry my niece.”

Sharon took the phone from him and said, “Uncle Clark that was a little too much for him, he dozed off. However, you can see that he knows us and that part of his memory is sound. I could not be happier.”

“Call Julia, and have her bring the girls to the hospital. They will be so happy; they will be over the moon.”

“I will call them right now, and then I will ask the nurse if she contacted his doctors. I want to know what they think about this.”

The hospital called Fred’s parents, in New York, to advise them of his change of status. They were thrilled and said they would be down on Saturday to see him. This would give Fred two extra days to gain strength.

That evening the girls and Julia Atwater showed up at me hospital and Fred recognized all of them. The girls were ecstatic and only wanted to kiss and hold him. They were not allowed to do anything but touch is leg or arm. They were unhappy he was only able to stay awake for 15 minutes but their dad was awake enough to recognize, say hello, and tell them he loved each of them. They would sleep soundly from that night on.

Saturday afternoon the Attorney General’s limousine picked up the Hastings at the Amtrak station and brought them directly to the hospital. They were escorted to the intensive care area, where they met Sharon for the first time. Sharon walked them into the room and woke Fred up from a nap. She said, “Fred look who is here to see you.”

Fred’s eyes fluttered open and Sharon kissed him. She repeated, “Look who is here to see you.”

Fred turned his head and saw two people standing next to her. Blandly he said, “Hello.”

Sharon recognized his confusion and said, “Fred do you know who these people are?”

“No.” His mother was crushed and his father had to hold her steady.

“Fred, this is your mother, think hard try to remember her.”

Fred looked at the woman and said, “I’m sorry, I just can’t place your faces. Do I have any siblings?”

His mother replied, “Yes Fred, you have a younger sister. She is married and lives in Ohio with her husband and two children.”

“Is she happy?”

“Yes Fred, she is very happy.”

“I would like to remember her, and get to meet her one day. Sharon, I am tired, can I go back to sleep now.”

“Yes Fred, go back to sleep. You have had a long and tiring day.”

Sharon escorted to Hastings out of the room and told them how sorry she was that Fred didn’t recognize them. She said it was very early in his recovery, and the doctors were amazed that he had progressed this far so quickly. Initially they thought it could take six months to one year for him to recuperate. They should not give up hope that he will remember them in a short time.

Fred lay in bed, hating what he had just done. He recognized his parents, but he was trying to lay a framework to get out his contract with his other parents. If they thought he did not recognize his own parents, he would be of no use to them any longer. If the Attorney General kept him on, they would think it would be out of a sense of pity, because Fred had saved his life, not because Fred was still doing the great work he had been doing before. They would never be able to trust his judgment in that office again. He might be set free at the age of 33 instead of age 50. He did not know what would happen to his father’s contract with them, but that could be renegotiated later.

When the Hastings returned home Sunday afternoon, they received a phone call from Joe Lombardo.

“How is your son doing Hastings? I want to know everything that went on down there.”

“He is very weak Mister Lombardo, but worse than that he did not recognize my wife or my- self. He even asked us if he had any siblings and said he would like to meet them one day. He has no memory of us at all. His young lady friend said the doctors believe he is on his way to recovery but it could take another six months or more for him to recuperate. We spoke with the Attorney General, who was very kind to us. He does not know if Fred will return to his office, because of his head injury. He is looking for new assistant now.”

“If you get any updates on your son’s condition, I expect to hear them immediately.”

“Yes Mister Lombardo, as soon as I hear them I will call you.”

Joe Lombardo threw the telephone against the wall, where it shattered into 100 pieces. The people in the room were smart enough not to say a word. He shouted, “If Montrose wasn’t dead, I would kill him so slowly. He would beg me to let him die. The most important source of information we had, and he shoots him in the head. What a fucking idiot.”

“I am telling you there were no plastics in this building. There was cardboard, some metal, about a ton of newspaper, but there was no plastic. The bomb was made up of diesel fuel fertilizer and a couple of other inert ingredients. It set off by an inexpensive timer. Whoever set this up knew they were being watched. They were hoping to catch us inside, when it went off.”

“Thank God for the dogs, we would’ve been roasted along with everything else. Now we have to find out where they really hid their files. Send this as a Priority 1 Flash to the director.

Michael and Patricia were still together when the message arrived. He said, “They tricked us, they thought we were onto them and they tricked us. They should only know we blew it, your friends picked up on it, and they watched us make a fool out of ourselves anyhow.”

Patty asked, “What happened, Michael?”

“The building in Sloan contained no plastic. No plastic means no computer disks, and no hard drives. There was only one ton of paper, but it was all newsprint, and not computer paper. It was all a setup to get our people inside the building and blow it up. They wanted to kill some of my people, and that is against my rules. No one kills my people and gets away with it.”

“There’s a silver lining to that cloud, Michael. We know where their information is, unless they were able to move it in the last 25 days without a big fleet of trucks leaving the same facility, and not being noticed. If you can get a warrant to search that warehouse, that’s where all their computerized information has to be.”

“You know what else Patricia, it is in New Jersey, and we don’t have to deal with the same federal judge. I love you. I have to call Clark, and ask him to get me a warrant.”

At 4 AM the next morning, over 200 agents of the FBI, DEA, US Marshal Service, New Jersey State Police, and local law enforcement officers raided the Dunwoody Supply & Transfer Warehouse. It was a massive 14-story warehouse and every inch had to be hand inspected, and sniffed by the powerful noses of police dogs. The men and women who worked there were questioned outside the building, about any hidden rooms or basements.

They asked the supervisor, “What goes on in this building?”

He responded, “No wun, nos, nuttin, abot nuttin.”

That is the way it would have been, if a police officer had not tripped over his dog. As he lied on the ground with the dog licking his face he saw a red beam of light that he decided to investigate. He had to move a large palette so he called for help and three more police officers came. They moved pallet and red light became visible 2 inches above the floor. They still did not know where it started or where its termination point was, so they called for their chief to find out how he wanted to handle this. One agent realized the light was emanating from the floor and said find where it ends you may find a corner; they did. Then they found two more. The light made a perfect 30-foot square. The floor was made out of steel to bear the weight of trucks running over day after day. This area did not look like it had any seams. The lead agent for the supervisor in and said, “What is under this floor?”


He said, “Before I put a load of C4 on the corners of this area, tell me what is under this floor?”


“Sam, arrest him, reading his rights, and chain him to that pillar. Warren bring me 2 pounds of C4 and four blasting caps, I want to see if the computer disks and hardware are under this floor. Leave him here when we detonate explosives.”

The supervisor said, “Computer not unda dat flur. Its unda dat flur,” pointing to his right.

The agent asked the supervisor, “What is under this floor?”

The supervisor replied, “Cars.”

“How do I get the floors to come up?”

“Computer duz it.”

“Where is the computer?”

“Behind da red bottl.”

They moved the fire bottle and opened the passage door. A wireless computer was there, with a schematic of the first floor. It showed them how to open each subterranean bay; there were 12 of them, but they did not say what was in any of them. They went back to the supervisor and asked him what number he had pointed to and he replied it was number 11. He was told never to open number seven.

When they asked him why, he said he was told by his boss never to open that bay.

They opened Bay 11 and it held the Holy Grail. Everything they wanted from computer disks to hard drives, paper printouts to hand written notes. It would take years to go through all of this, but the prosecution of the mob figureheads; politicians and business leaders, who were working hand in glove with them, was going to be a slam-dunk. People were finally going to go to jail for a very long time.

Phone calls were made to Director Free and the Attorney General to advise them of success of this mission. They also told them about the other items that were going to be found in this building and about the mysterious subterranean bay they would not touch, until all other useful evidence had been removed from the building.

Phone calls were also sent out to Joe Lombardo, Mike Caifano, and Niccolo Oliveto telling them that the federal agencies had discovered all of their hidden information.

Mike Caifano said, “Why don’t we meet and set up a joint strategy to deal with this problem.”

Oliveto agreed and even though Joe Lombardo was not enthusiastic about them being together he agreed also.

He said, “Let’s do it tomorrow, between 11 AM and 4 PM. Keep your people with you, and we will call each other in rotation, until we all agree to meet at a particular place. If one of us says no; we wait until all of us say yes to a particular spot. Agreed?”

The other two men agreed.

Patricia and 35 of her merry computer friends were attacking the FBI’s host computer looking for anyone who had made inroads into piggybacking material off the mainframe. They had already been successful. She called Michael on his cell phone.

“Do I want to hear this, or do I want to shoot myself?”

“Don’t you dare shoot yourself; I want to do that.”

“What do you have for me, Patricia?”

“Do you have any enemies in the government?”

“I don’t think so. Why do you ask?

“The NSA, DIA, Treasury Department, the IRS, and the DEA are all piggybacking your computer illegally. Would you like me to send them a message?”

“You have no idea how I would like to say yes to you Patricia, but that would be illegal.”

“Maybe you didn’t hear me Michael, what they are doing to your computer is illegal. They did not get approval to tap into it. They are using specific operators to get information into your computer and out of it.”

“That is the information I needed to know. Those are the people whose names I need on my desk when I get into work later today.”

“I have already sent them emails to be at your office at 2 o’clock this afternoon. If you were not going to fire them, I was. They are sloppy, stupid, and inefficient computer technicians. They should be sent back to computer school to start all over again. That is why these agencies probably co-opted them. All but one of them would fail first year Computer Dynamics.”

“I would love to hire all your people Patty, but until Congress gets off its ass and starts paying you what you are worth, we will continue to have to hire third and fourth rate people. Look at what I have to pay you per day to get you to come to work for us.”

“I know Michael, but I also do a lot of things pro bono for you. Bruno Valentino is in custody, you have all the mobs computers in your warehouse. Who knows what else you will find in that building in New Jersey. I wonder if Jimmy Hoffa is in Bay Seven.”

“Jimmy Hoffa was probably served as hamburger on US 1, in North Carolina 50 years ago.”

“I am happy you said 50 years ago, he was served before my time. I am angry at those five agencies for hacking into your computer. I am going to shut them down for five minutes. I’ll talk to you later Michael. Good bye.”

“Patricia, don’t you do it, don’t you shut down the NSA. They can get very, Patricia, Patricia…. That woman is going to give me another ulcer.”

Later that afternoon Patricia called Michael again. “Yes Patricia what did you find out now?”

“The NSA was listening to traffic between Medellin Colombia and New York City. I listened to it for a little while. They are planning assassinations there Michael. The mayor, the chief of police, and the Commissioner. They are going to make it look like the Italian Mafia is having a war. They want to take over the crime syndicates in New York. From what I could ascertain from the conversation, they have already hit two mob bosses already and they are going to start the street violence very shortly. Why haven’t they told you this Michael? Why are they keeping this a secret from you?”

“I don’t know Patricia, but I am going to the Attorney General; and from him to the President to get the authority I need to stop this right now.”

“I am going to do something also Michael. I think I can help, if they will listen to me.”

“If who will listen to you Patricia?

“The three remaining Don’s; they have no reason to trust me, but at least I can warn them.”

“You are not to leave Washington, Patricia. Do you understand me; you are not to leave the city.”

“Are you telling me what to do again Michael?”

“This time Patricia, yes I am telling you what to do. If I have to have put you in jail, you will not leave this city.”

“Goodbye Michael, good luck with the President.”

“I hate you Patricia.”

“I know Michael, I hate you too.”

“May I speak to Joseph Lombardo please; this is Patricia Parent calling.”

“I don’t know who you are, but this is a poor time for a joke.”

“Tell Mister Lombardo that I was in your Miami facility helping track down William Zabo. They had to rush me to a hospital in Miami, because I was very ill. If he wants more specifics tell him about the ice bath they watched me take on televisions from another room.”

“Hello Ms. Parent, are you calling to gloat.”

“No Mister Lombardo I am calling with a warning, and I am hoping to help you. I am working with Michael Free, the director of the FBI. Earlier today we listened to an intercepted conversation from Columbia to New York. We know these people have already killed two Don’s, and they have more killings in mind. They do have an ulterior motive, and you are not going to like it. You may have heard some of the rumors about it already. The Colombians are planning a big move. They want to take over New York, and they want the Mafia out. They want total control of your criminal empire. As far as my boss and I are concerned, both your factions could fight it out until you are all dead and buried. However, we have heard discussions between the Colombians that it is not the way they want to play it. They want it to look like an all-out Mafia war. They want to assassinate the Mayor of New York, and Police Commissioner, and the chief of police They want the front page of the newspapers to be filled with blood. If it takes every FBI agent, police officer, and law enforcement agency and the tri-state area, New York City will remain safe. Do you understand me Mister Lombardo?”

“Yes I do, but how can I possibly help stop this?”

“You are going to think I’m crazy; no you are going to think I’m insane for even suggesting this. The easiest way to stop this from happening is for you, Mike Caifano, and Niccolo Oliveto to turn yourselves in. There will be a big firestorm over it. The press will be all over it. The three of you will profess your innocence and say you were turning yourselves in as proof of your innocence. Just like the last trial you will be found innocent again. What the people won’t know is that you are not be arrested, or put in jail. You will be put into protective custody, until we can ferret out the people who are supposed to cause the riots. Once they are out of the way, you will be released on your own recognizance, because of a clerical error.”

“You are out of your fucking mind.”

“I said you he would think I was insane. How about this, I am going to try something insane also. What is the price on my head?”

“$5 million, alive.

“Good! Tomorrow afternoon at 1 o’clock I am going to start living a normal life again. How far I get starts with you. I will be at a little Italian restaurant at 234 Street and Kingsbridge Avenue, in the Bronx. It is called Imperiali’s. My mother used to work there many years ago, and the owners name was Michael Imperiali. I do not know if he or his family still own or operate the restaurant, but I know it is still there. I will reserve a table for the four of us. You can kill me, and save $5 million, or you can come with me to the US Attorney’s Office, turn yourselves in and probably save your lives. The choice is yours.”

Lombardo repeated himself, “You are out of your fucking mind.”

“I am trying to stop a war, Mister Lombardo. I may also be saving your life, and the lives of countless others. I think it is worth the risk. You may be arrested later for your other crimes, but it will not be now, and you will live to defend yourselves against those charges.”

Michael Free was relieved when he arrived at home that evening and sat down to dinner with his family. Patricia was there also.

“Thank you for listening to me Patricia. I know I am hard on you at times, but it is for the best. You have to stay away from New York, until this thing blows over.”

“What did the Attorney General have to say about it?”

“He couldn’t say much, because the NSA refused to comment on the conversation you overheard. They said it was classified, and you did not have a clearance to hear it.”

Melody and Harmony Free laughed at Patricia. Michael looked at them and said, “That was not very nice girls.”

Melody said, “Patricia did a very nice things for you, dad, and that’s what we were laughing about.”

Patricia put her hand in front of her mouth to cover her laughing.

Michael said, “Oh no, not you too?”

“No Michael, not me, I know what I was going to say. They picked up on it. They are very good girls, and they love you a lot.”

“Okay, what is going on here?”

Melody said, “Patricia thought about the evil thing she is doing to do to the head of the NSA tomorrow and was going to say it out loud. Then she said to herself that she shouldn’t say it, because you will say you’re getting another ulcer. That’s when we laughed.”

Harmony asked her father if he wanted to know what Patricia was going to do tomorrow.

Michael said, “No, it would ruin the surprise.”

After dinner Dolores and Patricia walked into her home office, and talked about her problems concerning sex. They discussed the solution the three men had talked about with her, and more important to Doctor Free, what her feelings about those discussions created inside her.

Patricia explained that at first she was very angry at herself for being so stupid about creating a problem where no problem existed. As she continued to think about it she felt a kind of lightness come over her. She was able to relax when she thought about sex and when she thought about Stephano.

Dolores asked, “What do you picture your next six months being like Patricia?”

“I don’t know if I’m going to be alive in six months, Doctor. I am going to do something that may help save many people; but it is going to be putting my life in danger. If it works it will be worth it. If it doesn’t, tell Michael it was not his fault. It had to be tried.”

“From what Michael has told me about you, it appears that you always have to put yourself out in front. You had yourself injected with a lethal amount of a radioactive isotope and barely survived. You get great rewards, for other people, but at great price to yourself. Why must you continue living your life that way?”

“I want to be normal again. My mother and I were always normal people. I never knew we had a lot of money, until after she was killed. I never had to take a risk in my life until after she was killed. After she was killed, I was no longer normal; I was super special Patty. I know my mother did not plan this for me, but once the Valentino family found us, and killed her, my life was written in stone. I had to follow her roadmap exactly, and her roadmap brought me to your husband’s desk. My mom knew what I; no, what we developed in a computer program. Once I demonstrated it on the FBI’s computers, I had to be protected; not only from the bad guys, but from other federal agencies also. In the wrong hands it can destroy a country. In the right hands it can save countries. I could hand it to you right now and you would not know what to do with it, because I am the only one who knows the queues. They are not written down anywhere. Without me, the programs are useless. It is why Michael and I get along so well. He knows he cannot threaten me, and he knows that I know he cannot threaten me. He has one set of the Flash Drives. I have the only set of the queues. Tomorrow morning, the head of the NSA is going to look like an idiot, because of what he did to Michael and the Attorney General today. The Washington Post is going to be running a list of their 100 dirtiest tricks on their front page, with his picture next to it. It was found by a group of graduate students, doing repair work on the FBI’s computers. They found an illegal line coming in from the NSA, to the FBI’s computers mainframe. While tracing it back to the source, this is what they found.”

If the NSA, or any other agency continues to screw with Michael, my friends will take care of him for as long as he holds that position.”

“Patty, you make it sound ominous. It is like you have already given up any thoughts of making it through this next problem you’re facing.”

“Doctor, it is a 5 million to one shot, and I am on the short end. I know I don’t have to remind you of this, but I am; this discussion is between a patient and her doctor and not the doctor’s husband.”

Dolores said, “You have my word Patricia, I will not say a word to my husband.”

(Two 16-year-old girls scurried out of their walk-in closet and jumped back into their beds. The thoughts going back and forth between them ranged between, ‘mom will kill us if we tell dad’, to ‘Patty may die if we don’t tell dad.’ “What do we do?”)

Callaway walked into work the following day with a smile on her face and a spring in her step. Her fellow nurses started in on her immediately.

“Callie, turn off the smile your blinding us. We know you got laid.”

“You old married ladies are just jealous. You didn’t get any and I got a lot; girls, did I get a lot.”

“Did you get another marriage proposal?”

“No, but flowers will be coming this morning; and a proposal should come by our next date.”

“You are full of shit Callaway, no one proposes that fast.”

“I have $10 that says you’re wrong.”

“I will cover that. One of her friends said.”

After looking around the nurses’ station, they all said, “We all will cover that.”

Callaway said, “Oh good, another $90 into my million-dollar checking account.”

“You have to rub that in, didn’t you Callaway.”

“When you have it, flaunt it Celia.”

The Charge Nurse walked by and said, “Ladies, your patients are waiting, break time is over.”

Callaway walked in the room 426, and found Susan wide-awake. “What is going on bright eyes? You are normally sound asleep when I walk in here.”

“I talked with Alan yesterday, and I believe I made a big mistake. Do you think you could smuggle a gun in the hospital for me to use on him?”

“Susan, I am tired of him being here. I can’t wait to get rid of him. If you’re going to kill him, I will bring you a gun. If you are only going to maim him, the answer is no. What did you do that was so terrible?”

“I told him he could name the baby.”

“Are you out of your fucking mind? That child will grow up with a complex like your idiot cousin.”

“Why do you think I am awake? I haven’t slept a wink all night. I can’t go back on my word, because he has suffered so much for me. I think I will kill him if he gives our son a name I cannot live with.”

“I can’t help you there Susan. The birth certificate comes out of medical records, and they do not play games with official documents. I could put Alan back into his coma.”

“No, it would just delay the inevitable. I might as well get this over with and see what he has come up with.”

After her rounds were over, Callaway went into the ICU to speak to Alan. His bed was clean, and he was nowhere in sight. She went to the nurses’ desk to ask about him only to find out he had been transferred to the telemetry area, which is where she worked. She smiled and returned to find out where he was. His name was not on their whiteboard. She checked the computer, and that was no listing for an Alan Robbins anywhere on it. She called medical records and asked for a patient by the name of Alan Robbins. She was informed that no such patient existed.

She said, “He was in ICU yesterday.”

“I’m sorry nurse, there is no such patient by that name.”

“What the fuck is going on in this hospital? He was treated for gunshot wounds several months ago.”

“I am sorry, nurse. This hospital has no records of an Alan Robbins.”

Callaway smiled, “Do we have a Mister Jamieson in the hospital?”

“Yes, he is in the room 424.”

“I am going to kill the bastard, and save Susan the trouble.”

She walked down to room 424 and it was empty. The bed was ruffled but he was not there. “He knows I am looking for him. I don’t know how, but he knows.” She walked across the hall to check Susan’s room and it was empty. She said, “Oh Shit, they’ve gone to name the baby.”

She asked Celia to cover for her, and told her she was going down to Neonatal if she needed her. When she arrived it was too late. Alan was signing the birth certificate. Susan had her head down, looking at her newly named son.

Alan saw her standing by the window and drew something on the whiteboard behind him. Then he wrote his son’s name below it.

When he moved so she could see it she screamed. Alan had drawn a picture of Callaway bent over and his newborn son smiling as he fucked her. She calmed down when she saw the baby’s name: Callum Gregory Robbins. It was a fine, strong name, befitting the two parents that gave him life.

Alan erased the whiteboard, and walked out of the premmie area to say hello to his antagonist. “What do you think Callalily? Did you like my drawing?”

“I think the name is perfect. Susan was worried that you were going to give him a really weird name, because you are really weird man.”

“I would never name my son Sergeant. I would name him General, or President, but never Sergeant.”

“Thank God there is only one of you in this world Alan, if they were two, the earth would shift off its axis.”

Pointing to his son he asked, “Callaway, what would happen to the earth if there were one and a half of me on it?”

“I hope he has Susan’s common sense. Otherwise, I am going to a desert island, with my money.”

“Are you taking Pedro with you?”

“After the flowers come today, and the proposal comes next week, I’ll let you know.”

“Pretty sure of yourself aren’t you?”

“I will bet you $1 million on it.”

“Callaway, take a word of advice from a person who has been through the mill twice; go slow. He may be the best thing in the world in bed, but you also have the rest of the day, and the rest of your life to live with him. I fell into that trap twice, and I paid for it dearly. You have two other men you have known for a very long time. Both of them want to marry you. They may not be as big or as good in bed as Pedro, but they have loved you and have known you longer. Felix told me that Pedro is a player. He may be faithful to you for a month or a year. He may be faithful to you forever. There is no way to know. That’s why I want you to go slow, and be sure you are making the right decision.”

“Alan, you are talking to me like an adult. We are not arguing or fighting with one another. You have given me sound, sage advice. What is wrong with you?”

“I have to be nice to my son’s Godmother, don’t I?”

Callaway went pale, and was shocked into silence, just as Susan exited the Neonatal unit. “I see you’ve told her Alan.”

“Yes dear and it looks like she’s taking it well. You must’ve played your part very well Susan, because I think she needs a wheelchair.”

Callaway regained the power of speech and said to Susan, “You played me? I thought you were the nice one Susan. I felt sorry for you being married to this idiot. From now on, I am going to mix up your hormone pills. He is going to grow breasts, and you are going to grow hair on your chest.”

49. Meetings

When Michael Free dressed for work from morning he felt very good. He had fired all of the informants in his computer division and was pressing criminal charges against them. He had asked the Attorney General to file complaints against the agencies that tapped into his computer illegally. Normally this was to remain confidential within the branches of government. The graduate students, who were working on the computer, were not members of the government. While they were out at night eating at the right restaurants, and drinking at the right clubs, word got out to the newspapers, and the broadcast news organizations, by morning. He read the Washington Post story of the NSA’s 100 dirtiest tricks, which on the front page. It helped to fuel the frenzy of the reporters descending upon the FBI building, wanting a comment. The standard answer was, “We cannot comment on an ongoing investigation.” All the other agencies, which were under investigation, came up with the same answer. The president called a meeting in his office before he talked to the press. He was livid with the heads of these agencies. When he went before the press, the President said, “Agencies should cooperate with one another. If they want access to another agencies computer system, all they have to do was file the appropriate paperwork and get the appropriate responses. Stealing information from other agencies computers is a crime. Those responsible will be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law. A special prosecutor will be named to investigate these abuses of power, and those found guilty of a crime would be sent to prison. There will be no Presidential pardons, regardless who it is, or how high, in a particular agency, it goes.”

When Michael’s daughters joined him for breakfast, they were unusually subdued. They were normally talkative. Melody would ask him questions about what he was going to be doing that day, and Harmony would dissect his answer. This morning they would not look at him.

“What is the matter girls? Did you have a fight?”

“No dad we did not have to fight.”

“Would you like to tell me what the problem is?”

“If we do, mom will kill us.”

“What does mom have to do with this?”

“We heard what mom and Patty talked about last night. She swore mom to secrecy, and that means us too.”

“Fuck!” He sprung out of his chair and raced up to Patricia’s room. He knocked on the door to wake her up, but she did not answer. He knocked again, and tried the handle on the door. It was open. He walked in and she was gone. There was a note on the desk addressed to him.

“Michael, I am sorry that I am starting your day out like this, but there was no other way for me to try to stop the war that may happen in New York City. Please don’t try to find me. There are 8 million people in that city, and I am only one. I am going to try to stop it, where it all started. If all goes well, I will be at Fred Fielding’s office by 5 PM this evening. If I am not there, here is the name of a bank and bank account numbers in Virginia. This is a present from me to your two wonderful daughters. Lighten up on the girls Michael. Cut off shorts are not the worst thing in the world. However, I do agree with you on the tops. I hate you too Michael. Patricia.”

He flipped up his cell phone and called his office. He said, “Put New York City on full alert; FBI, local police, everyone. Get the jet ready. Have my staff to meet me at the airport in 40 minutes. Get me the New York Police Commissioner on my line now.”

As he grabbed his jacket and ran down the stairs he met his wife at the front door. “Can you tell me where she was going?”

“I am sorry Michael, I cannot tell you anything. She is in danger, a great deal of danger, and she does not care if she lives or dies.”

“Thank you babe.”

She walked into the kitchen and saw her daughters sitting there pushing their food around their plates. She said, “Tell me that you did not tell your father anything.”

“We wanted to mom, but we knew you would kill us if we did. We heard you promise Patty not to say anything, and we knew that meant us also. What are we supposed to do if she dies, because we did not tell daddy?”

“Girls, there are lines that can never be crossed. One of those lines is Patient/Doctor confidentiality. When a doctor listens to a patient, whatever is said between them remains between them, even if the police threaten to jail their doctor. The law is quite clear on that point. I am very proud of both of you for not saying anything to your father. It was Patty’s wish to do what she wanted to do. Let’s hope what she has planned works and we get to see her again.”

After briefing the Police Commissioner, Michael reread Patty’s letter over and over, looking for a clue that would tell him where she was going. He kept coming back to one phrase, “I am going to try to stop it where it all started.” Why would she go to New York City, if it started in either, Glens Falls, New York, or at her college in Amherst, Massachusetts. It did not make any sense to him. As the aircraft touchdown in New York City, he was still going over this in his mind. It was a 12:50 PM when he said, “Get me William Zabo on the line.”

“Good morning Michael, how are you this fine day.”

“It is not a fine day. Patricia is in trouble, and I need your help. She has set up a meeting somewhere in New York and I know she is going to try to meet with the three remaining heads of the Mafia families. She left me a note this morning and I want you to listen carefully to this one line. “I am going to stop it where it all started. Where did all this start William?”

“Michael I need to hear the rest of the letter. You have given me nothing to go on.”

“Okay, here it is. ‘ Michael, I am sorry that I am starting your day out like this, but there was no other way for me to try to stop the war that may happen in New York City. Please don’t try to find me. There are 8 million people in that city, and I am only one. I am going to try to stop it, where it all started.’ Is that enough for you William?”

“Why would she go to New York City, Michael, she was only a baby in New York. Why not upstate New York. She would have no memories of living in the city. Only Laura and I would have memories of the city… Oh hell, Michael, that’s it! She is going to the beginning. The restaurant where I met Laura; that was the beginning. That is what she is talking about. Laura and I met there, and that is where I fell in love with Patricia’s mother. Don’t let her die there Michael. Do whatever you have to do, but don’t let my daughter die there.”

“Where is it located William, what is the name of the restaurant and the address?”

“The restaurant is called, “Imperiali’s; 3450 Kingsbridge Avenue, in The Bronx. It is by Manhattan College. Michael, if they hear you coming, they will kill her before you get there.”

“Thank you William, we are on our way.”

He jumped into the waiting FBI helicopter and gave the pilot the address. The pilot told him that there was a large park just south of that location where he could land and they could run to the restaurant from there. It would be less than an eighth of a mile from point to point.

Michael told pilot to do it, and not to waste any time getting there.”

The addressed was forwarded to all the agents in the area and to the local police. They were told to do a silent approach and cordon off everything within three-block radius of the restaurant. Only plainclothes officers were allowed within 100 yards of the restaurant.

Patricia made the reservations at Imperali’s restaurant under the name of Patricia Laura Zabo, just in case the original family still owned the restaurant, and remembered her mother and father. She arrived at 12:00 PM. When a man her father’s age saw her white hair, he ran over to her and hugged her like lost family.

He said, “You have to be Patricia. You are Laura and William’s daughter. I would know you in a crowd at Yankee Stadium. You have your mother’s face and your father’s hair. I owe this restaurant to your mother, did she ever tell you what she did for me? Did she tell you about the money she gave me to expand this restaurant? Did your father tell you about our relationship? Do you know how long your father and I have been friends? Where is your father I have not seen him in over 20 years? He has not even sent me a letter. How is your darling mother. I bet she has not changed one bit in all these years. She was the sweetest person I have ever known.”

A young woman tapped him on the shoulder and said, “Dad, if you don’t let her go she is going to suffocate. If you don’t stop to breathe, you are going to talk yourself to death. You have not let her into our restaurant. You have not offered her a glass of water. What happened to your manners.”

Michael Imperiali smiled. “I am sorry Patricia. I was so excited to see you and see how much you resembled your parents I got carried away. Please forgive me.”

“I would have to assume that you are Michael Imperiali. The man that kept my mother on as a waitress, all through her college years, even though your business did not require it. She talked about you so often that I feel like I know you. However, this restaurant is the little hole in the wall she told me about.”

“Let’s sit down and I will tell you how your mother came here for a job as a college student, and made this restaurant possible for me and my family.”

Patricia let Michael Imperiali tell all his good stories; before she had to tell him about what happened to her mother. He cried, and was livid at the same time. She told him what she had done to the man who had perpetrated the crime, and he was very happy that he was being brought to justice. Then she told him what was going to happen very shortly. He was stupefied.

He said, “The three of them are going to be in my restaurant. Do you know what happened to the last two?”

“Yes, I do. However, only two people know where we are meeting, and one of them is sitting in front of you. If you want to send your staff home, do it now, and I will do the cooking. My mother gave me a special recipe she made for my father many years ago. I don’t know if she gave it to you or not. If she did, I believe you will remember the final ingredient was linguine.”

“She told you that story? You and your mother must have been very close.”

“Mom and I were closer than atoms.”

“Patricia, I am going to send everyone out of the building except myself and my daughter. If anything happens, it will only happen to family, and not to those people who work for me.”

“No, send your daughter out of the building also. She has a long life ahead of her, and Imperiali’s will continue with her, if anything happens to us.”

“As you wish, Patricia.” Michael went into the rear of the building and told everyone to leave. When his daughter questioned him he said, “Take everyone down to the park, and don’t come back here until I call you. Is that clear?”

“Yes papa.” Everyone on staff exited through the back door and locked it. They proceeded to Van Cortland park not knowing what was going on at the restaurant. When they got there and saw the police perimeter, they knew something terrible was going on.

Michael’s daughter turned and started running back towards the restaurant, but she was stopped by a police officer.

She yelled, “I have got to get back to my father. He is in the restaurant alone.”

The officer said, “He is not alone. He is with a young woman and she is expecting three men shortly. We are here to make sure nothing happens. Please stay calm, and stay with your people.”

An unassuming Chevrolet Impala parked in the restaurant parking lot, and three men dressed in casual clothes got out and walked in.

They walked over towards Patricia and sat down at her table. Michael went to the front door locked it, and put the closed sign on the door.

He walked over to the table and handed the men a wine list. After they had chosen their wines, he handed them the menus and left.

Michael Caifano asked, “Are you wired?”

“No, I am not, and nothing we will discuss here will have anything to do with your businesses.”

Niccolo Oliveto said to her, “How good is your source?”

“The NSA has been monitoring the drug cartels conversations for about two and half years. This information came out recently. This was confirmed by people incarcerated at Rikers island. If it is getting down to the rank-and-file, it is beyond the planning stage, and ready for the action stage. Every public safety agency was put on alert today. All police and federal agency leaves have been canceled. Everyone is on 12-hour shifts until this is over.”

“How can it be over when you don’t know who the other guys are?”

“Who said we don’t know who the other guys are?”

“So you know, but you are not telling us.”

“Why do we tell you, and have you start killing them. It promulgates a war going in the other direction. We want to take care of them, keep you guys alive, and put you in jail for your previous crimes later. For us, it is a win-win situation. For you, you get to live for a few more years, before we put you in jail for the rest of your lives.”

Niccolo said, “I haven’t done anything yet. I just took over the family, everything up until now was done by my father. Why should I go to jail for the rest of my life?”

Patricia laughed. “You like the title of Don, but you don’t want to take the punishment that comes along with it. You make the best deal you can with the US Attorney when the time comes, and see if he has a sense of humor. Mister Lombardo, you have not said a word today. Is there a problem?”

“No, I told Niccolo and Mike that they would make the decision, and whatever they decided I would go along with. I used all my influence with them to come here today. I thought it was only fair to them to give them the option.”

Michael Imperiali brought three bottles of wine to the table. He open each in front of the men. He put three small glasses in front of Patricia and poured a small amount of each wine into each glass. She drank each of them has he poured the wine into the glasses of each of the men.

He asked if they were ready to order and they did.

Two hours later, Michael Free had bit his fingernails up to his elbows. “What the fuck are they doing in there?”

“We can’t tell boss, the parabolic listening devices are of no use. The music from inside his drowning out all the conversation and whatever other noise is going on inside. The windows are tinted so heavily we can’t see through them. We do know two things, there has been no shooting, or explosions.”

Michael replied, “Is that supposed to make me happy? Screw this, I’m hungry. I want something to eat, even if it’s named Patricia.”

“Boss, shame on you, you are married. I’ll eat her, I’m single.”

“In that case, you go into door first.”

The five of them were sitting around the table drinking demitasse and having dessert, when there was a knock on the front door.

The three men jumped and reached for their guns.

Patricia said, “If you are smart, give your guns to Michael and sit with me. If I am right, that will be my boss, Michael Free. I am amazed he was able to wait this long. Please do as I ask and everything I promised you will come to pass.”

“Michael, if you would please put the guns into a pot of water and cover them with pasta. I will unlock the front door.”

Patricia unlocked the front door and said, “Hello boss, what took you so long?”

“I am going to put you in jail for the rest of your natural life for what you did to me today Patricia.”

“Before you start threatening me, just you, and one other man is allowed in here. I have made a bargain with these men, and if you do not live up to your end of this bargain, I can guarantee you that the American Banking system will never be the same.”

“Are you threatening me Patricia?”

“You bet your ass I am.”

“Have I told you lately that I hate you?”

“I believe we do that every day Michael. Come in.”

“Patricia, this is agent Weatherly. He has offered to eat you.”

“Agent Weatherly, wouldn’t you prefer a Veal Parmesan dinner with linguine on the side?”

“That sounds delicious Miss Parent, I accept your offer.”

“What would you like to eat Michael?”

“Your head on a silver platter.”

“Did you read the Washington Post this morning?”

“Yes I did, and I must admit I had a lot of fun reading it.”

“Wait until tomorrow and see what we have for the administrator of the IRS.”

“Are you sure Washington Post doesn’t have you on retainer?”

“What a wonderful thought. However, when we do the DEA, we will give it to the New York Times if that’ll make you feel better. Do you want to know who the special prosecutor is going to be?”

“The President has announced that yet.”

Patricia just looked at him.

“Patricia, I do not want to know how you know that information. I do not even want a hint at how you know that information. You never mentioned it to me. Do we understand each other?”

“I hate you Michael.”

“What am I going to do with you Patricia?” He reached out and hugged her for the very first time.

“Let’s go see what you offered these guys and if I can deliver it.”

As they reached the table Patricia said, “I won’t bother introducing you, because you all have a long history together. You are not going to be Mirandized; because that is the error which is going to get you out of trouble.”

Michael Free said, “What!”

“Michael be quiet and listen. I have promised these three gentlemen the following and nothing more. They are turning themselves in to prove they are innocent of the charges pending against them. You are going to put them into protective custody, not into one of your hovels, but into a place befitting their positions. After you take care of the Colombian problem, these men will be released on their own recognizance, because of the error you just made. You did not Mirandize them because they were not being questioned at the time. They were just surrendering to you so it was not necessary. When they started being questioned, everyone thought they were already Mirandized, and their lawyers will jump on it. I told them that in the future they would be tried for their crimes and with the information you found the warehouse they will be convicted and sent to jail, more than likely for the rest of their lives. Niccolo already wants to make a deal, because he just took over the family his father ran.”

Michael Free said, “That’s all you did? What the hell have you been doing for the last two hours?”

Joe Lombardo said, “I take it you have never eaten at this restaurant. I have never had such a delicious meal in all my life. This man cooks better than my mother, and if my mother ever heard me say that she would kill me. Then we had wine and told stories and had dessert and a little Italian coffee. It takes time to eat and enjoy a good Italian meal. It is not a meal to be rushed. It is a meal to be savored like a good woman.”

Michael picked up his cell phone and called his assistant. He gave a code word and told everyone to stand down. Everyone could go home except his personal aides, who could come in and have dinner.

Michael Imperiali called his daughter and told her to have everyone come back to the restaurant, because they were about to have a rush. His daughter was ecstatic.

The three Dons were taken to the US Attorney’s Office and everything that Patricia promised them was done, in triplicate. They were asked one question before the deal was sealed. Fred Fielding said, “We know Montrose was your mole in this office. Did you have a mole in the Attorney General’s office?”

Joe Lombardo and Mike Caifano looked at one another and laughed. Caifano said, “You thought we had a mole in the Attorney General’s office? I know we are good, but I didn’t realize you thought we were that good. Who sold you the bill of goods?”

“Stephano Valentino overheard a comment at your victory party after the first trial was over. He said you were paying someone a ton of money, and he was close enough to the AG’s ass to wipe it.”

“He must have heard something out of context. We were paying Montrose a bunch of money to keep us informed of what was going on here in reference to our businesses. What would we need to know what was going on in Washington?”

“I can’t answer that, but we will discuss that again at a later date.”

When their attorneys arrived at the US attorney’s office, they were stupefied that their clients had accepted an offer without their approval, or getting it in writing beforehand.

Fred Fielding called the Attorney General and when he picked up the phone he said, “Clark, there was never a mole in your office. I just got that information from Lombardo and Caifano. The only inside information they were getting was from Montrose out of my office. We can put this to bed now.”

“You people did great work of their today, Fred. There will be no room on the evening news for anything else.”

“Clark, this is not what it seems. We did not arrest them today. They are in protective custody because of the conversation Patricia Parent overheard on the illegal NSA tap. We are going after the Colombians tomorrow morning. They will have their guard down, thinking that their competition is out of the way. Tomorrow will be another big news day. Do me a favor and do not contact your Colombian counterpart until tomorrow morning. It’s not that I don’t trust him, it’s just…”

“I know Fred, you just don’t trust him, and neither do I. I am never sure which way his allegiance falls on any issue. Keeping track of his bank accounts makes very interesting reading. We’re not sure if he is putting our money in there, or the cartels. It’s a hell of a business we are in, when we know the people we are dealing with are being bribed by both sides.”

“As soon as Director Free is in the air, I will have him call you on a secure line, and give you the entire breakdown. Goodbye Sir.”

“Goodbye Fred, and again, good work, and good luck tomorrow morning.”

As they were leaving the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Patricia handed Michael the information Bernice had given her. She said, “Michael, I have one last favor to ask of you. This young woman needs to change her name so she can adopt a child. I could do it for her but that would be illegal. I know you don’t want me to do anything illegal again. Do this for her as if she was in the witness protection system. Change everything for her and you will make her life wonderful. You can check her out. She is a wonderful young woman. She is not a criminal, she is not a deviant. She comes from a wonderful family. Help her for me Michael, because I want to disappear, and become what I was before my mother died. I want to become normal, everyday, ordinary Patty. I may become a nun, or just go into the cloisters; but I want to live a normal life. Don’t tell any of my friends where I am going, I just want to disappear. Will you do that for me?”

“What about your father and Jemma?”

“I will send them an email. I will tell him that I am going to do to him what he did to my mother. He will understand. One more thing Michael, tell Melody and Harmony I know they were listening to me last night, while I talked with your wife. I am proud of them for not telling you what they overheard. Tell them they have to be a little quieter when they are leaning against walls.”

“You will be wasting all you wonderful talents; there has to be another way Patty. You worked so hard to get where you are. Why don’t you go to MIT like you wanted to do before all this started? Go into teaching or research. I could get you into contact with people who would give you research grants anywhere you wanted to go. Think about it before you make any more decisions. Rest, let yourself calm down. The worst of this mess is over for you. The remainder is up to people like me and the legal system to take care of. Give me a way to contact you, or contact me every few weeks just to let me know that you are okay. Promise me that, or I will hate you forever.”

“You drive a very hard bargain Mister Director, but I promise I will be in touch with you at least once a month. Split my fee up equally between my friends when they are done, please.”

“I am going to try to convince some of them to stay. They do marvelous work Patty, and they are just out of school.”

Wave the flag hard Michael, but remember it does not pay off those student loans.”

“Splitting up your fee between them will certainly help do that for them Patricia. Goodbye, and don’t do anything rash, please.”

“Goodbye Michael, and say goodbye to Melody, Harmony and Dolores.”

“Mister Director, the cars that were supposed to pick up Mrs. Valentino have been redirected to another area for tonight’s briefing. Would it be all right to stop by her home and take her to LaGuardia with us?”

“Okay, do it.” (Michael Free thought for a minute and smiled. That’s not nice of you Michael. Patty is going to ring your neck. She said not to tell any of her friends. Well, Stephano Valentino is not a friend, and you’re not really telling him; you are only going to mention it to his mother. I wonder what his reaction will be, when he finds out Patricia is becoming a nun.) He was going to call his office and realized that all his computer people were in training and he could not ask one of Patty’s people to do what he had in mind. Then he remembered the story Patty told him about her friend Steve but could not remember his last name but he did remember the last name of his fiancée, Mobley; Marie Mobley. He gave the name to his aid and said, “Get me this person on the phone now. She went to the same school as Patricia Parent. She is marrying her friend Steve, which means she is in the New York City area. I need to talk to her immediately.” Within minutes his aid handed him the phone with Marie on the other end.

“Miss Mobley, this is Michael Free, Director of the FBI. This is not a joke if you want I can have you call my office at the FBI headquarters and have them patch you in to my phone here in New York. I need a favor and I need you to do it quickly. Will you help me?”

“Tell me something about Patricia that no one else should know Mister Free.”

“You were in her class at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Your future husband, Steve, has had the hots for her for years. He called her a few days ago to tell her about a deal he is making with a software company for a program he developed. Not to be indelicate but Steve told Patricia that you and he are not having sex, because he does not think it is appropriate to have premarital sex, with the girl he is going to marry. He said to Patricia that he banged everything in college that wore a skirt and said yes, until it came to you. Is that enough?”

“Yes, Mister Free, you have explained my future husband very succinctly. When I see him I am going to smack him across the mouth. I have wanted to get laid so badly this last three months and he has been holding off because of his newfound scruples. I am going to kick him in the nuts.”

“Miss Mobley, please do that on your own time, I need your help now.”

“How can I help you Director?”

“Patricia is going to absolutely hate me for this, but I need you to keep tabs on her secretly. If she thinks anyone is trying to find her she will go so deep that only God will know where she is. She said that you are smarter than Steve, and I hope she is right. You will have to be to keep Patty in sight. Only you and I are to know where she is. No one else is to know. Nothing is to be written down or saved were Steve or someone else can find it. It is that important to me. It is that important to keep Patty safe and secure. Can you do that for me?”

“Do you know how good Patty is? Do you know how much ahead of our class she was at every step of the way Mister Free? Most of the time she was ahead of our professors, and now you want me to trace her. I am honored that you asked me and I will do the best I can, but one day I will get an email from her telling me to stop it or she is going to burn down my computer, and I will stop.”

“That is all I can ask you to do Marie. Track her as long as you can and keep it between you and me. Here is my direct phone number, 24 hours a day.”

The convoy stopped in front of the brownstone building, and two of his aides got out of the front vehicle to escort Mrs. Valentino into their car. Michael signaled them to bring her into his car instead.

“Good afternoon Victoria, how are you today?”

“You are all over the news Director, congratulations. It is not often that three of the mafia heavy hitters turned themselves in at one time.”

“They say they are innocent, as always, and they will prove it when they get to trial. We will see what happens after they are questioned. Patricia Parent set up the meeting that brought this all about. She is one heck of a woman. She is beautiful and talented beyond belief. I tried for hours this afternoon to talk her out of her decision, but she is adamant. She has decided to become a nun. She wants out of all this turmoil. She wants to return to a simpler life. She wants to return to the life she had before your husband had her mother killed. I asked her to give me away to contact her and she would not do it. She promised she would contact me every once and again to let me know she was all right. The way she sounded, I don’t think she will do that. My wife said to me this morning, when she and Patricia spoke, Patty did not care if she lived or died. What a waste of a beautiful life.”

“My husband has no idea what he did to that child. He ruined her life. He ruined my son’s life, and he ruined my life. He seems very good at ruining lives. Would you explain to me why I still love him?”

“You love him because all of this has just come about. You accepted the way he wanted you to live your life. As far as Stephano is concerned, someone should take a 2×4, and smack him between his ears. Patricia had one love in her life and it was him. He screwed up when he let her get away, and from what I understand of their last conversation, his wish will now come true. He wanted no man ever to touch her, and when she becomes a nun, no man ever will. As far as Patricia is concerned, Bruno wanted her dead, just as badly as he wanted her mother dead. The only problem was he missed. Now he is in protective custody, and will be in jail for the rest of his life, because he missed her. Now your son wishes Patricia dead, and when she enters the convent, she might as well be dead.

Thanks to her efforts a criminal empire has suffered a major blow to its commerce. Don’t get me wrong, then empire is far from dead, you cut off one head three others pop-up. We know that, and they know that. This information we found will put a crimp in their cash flow for a year, maybe two, but they will be back. Their supply lines are still there. Their people are still in place. We may put three of four hundred people in jail because of the information we have. They have thousands to take their place, and thousands more wanting to get in. This fight will go on forever.”

“I don’t mean this to sound funny Michael, but at least the police have job security.”

“Every one of them would give up their guns to hand out speeding tickets.”

“You are probably right Michael, and it would be safer too.”

50. Separation Anxiety

“Dear dad, this email was supposed to be very short and to the point, but I find I have much more to say than I thought. You and Jemma no longer have to hide. You can travel anywhere you wish to go at any time, in public. Your testimony is no longer crucial to the conviction of the heads of the five families, and they know it. I had lunch yesterday with Joseph Lombardo, Michael Caifano, and Niccolo Oliveto. As you will read in the morning paper they are all in custody and you should talk to Michael Free to get more information about that situation.

You should really get in touch with your friend Michael Imperiali. He recognized me the instant I walked in the front door of his restaurant. He still remembers mom’s favorite dish. He was devastated when I told him about her death. He would really like to hear from you, it would be better if you and Jemma would stop by and surprise him. He has a daughter a few years older than me, and she is the light of his life. His food is beyond delicious. Joe Lombardo said Michael cooks better than his mother.

As for me, I have had enough. I don’t know how you handled it for all those years of hiding from these men. I have no idea how my mother handled the stress of being alone all those years. I am going to do what you did so well. I am going to disappear. I need things to be normal again. I need to be me; regular, ordinary Patty. No one in school treated me special, even though I was the smartest in the class. They treated me as Patty. I have to find a place in this world where I can be treated like that again. Tell Jemma I love her. Goodbye.

Patricia had the money from her bank in Virginia transferred to a little bank in St. Johnsbury, Vermont. She visited it once on her way to Canada. She would parcel out the money from there, and decide where she would begin her new life afterwards. She put on her backpack, picked up her suitcase, and hailed a cab. She told the driver to take her to the Amtrak station.

As her train pulled out of the station, she remembered that her mother took her on a train for the first time, when she started out on her new life. Now, nearly 23 years later, she was doing the same thing. “The more things change, the more they remain the same.”

Fred was having a nice visit with Sharon and his girls, when the ‘ghouls’ came. As loud as he could, he said, “Get them away from me. Every time they touch me I hurt more than I did before they came.”

The physical therapists laughed at Fred’s attempted outburst. “Come on Mister Hastings, it’s time to play soccer.”

“How about I sock you instead.”

Lisa, his lead therapist said, “Mister Hastings I am going to put my head 6 inches from your hand. If you can sock me in the head, your therapy for today is over. Agreed?”

“Lisa this is going to hurt you, more than it’s going to hurt me.”

“How much do you want to bet Mister Hastings?”

“Sharon, isn’t that the way you lost her first husband?”

“Yes Fred that is the way I lost my first husband, but I will let you take this bet because I know you’re going to lose it, and your therapy will continue.”

“You are going to allow me to hit a woman?”

“As long as it is not me or my children, you go right ahead.”

Lisa put her head 6 inches from his hand and waited. Fred struggled with all his might to lift his hand off the bed. He made it 1 inch, and then 2 inches.

Sharon said, “Lisa is going to have a bad back by the time your hand reaches her face, Fred.”

Fred continued the struggle and he made it 3 inches and then 4 inches before his hand collapsed down to the bed. His face was full of perspiration and he was crying because he had not made the 6 inches.

Lisa looked him in the eye and said, “Fred, for a man that should be dead you are doing wonderfully. Do not get down on yourself. You have 16 other people’s blood in you. They are still talking about you in the OR. Pictures of the operation are being sent around the country. You have made a star out of Doctor Wilcox. You may not be doing the moonwalk yet, but in six months you will be. Let us do our jobs, and we will all dance at your wedding.”

Fred looked at Sharon who had tears in her eyes. “Baby, I am not going to die. I’m going to marry you, whether you like it or not. How are our mongrels doing in school?”

“They are taking all their courses online now, because they want to be here at the hospital with you during visiting hours.”

“Is there any cheating going on, because they know their rules against cheating.”

Cindy said, “We can cheat all we want. There is no one at home to enforce the rules, until you get better. At the rate you are going, we will be seniors in college before any enforcement occurs.”

“Sharon did you tell the girls that you are keeping score, and that when I do get home all the enforcement will be cumulative?”

Cindy asked, “Why is he talking about clouds?”

Danni smacked her sister. “Cindy he said cumulative not cumulus.”

“Oh, okay what does that mean?”

“It means every time we screw up it adds up. When dad gets better our behinds get worse.”

“So what you are telling me is even though he is lying down on the job now, he gets to catch up later.”

“Very good Cindy, you getting A for asshole, on that one. Oh crap, go ahead mom, I’m ready.”

Sharon and the girls kissed Fred goodbye leaving him to the hands of the physical therapy team. It was better this way, because for the next hour it would sound like they were trying to kill him rather than make him better.

At 5:30 PM Clark Atwater walked in to the intensive care unit with a beautiful blonde twenty-something woman walking behind him.

Fred said, “Hi dad, cheating on mom again?”

“Sonny, when you were well you never had a sense of humor. Now that you are near death you have developed one?”

“I can see this was your plan all along. You had me shot to get me out of the way and bring in a beautiful new assistant to cover-up your fair. This is your new assistant, right?”

“I can’t slip anything by you can I? Fred I would like to introduce you to your replacement. This is Sondra Lock.”

“Hello Ms. Lock, did he tell you that you are entitled to an assistant.”

“Dammit Fred, she is your assistant.”

“Sir, at the rate I am going it will be at least six months to a year before I can sit behind a desk and help you the way I did before. Miss Lock is going to need all the help she can get to keep up with the workload that you have to handle. Do not let her fail because you want to save a salary. Get her an assistant and get her one now.”

“Would you mind telling me which one of us is the boss?”

“You are Sir. However, there is another question that has to be asked. Who runs the office? The answer to that question was me. I worked 80 hours a week to keep up with you and I knew what I was doing. Miss Lock is walking in off the street cold. She does not know the system, and worse than that she does not know you. Give her a chance and she will serve you well. Drown her and the office drowns with her. Now go away so we can talk.”

“Are you dismissing me?”

“If you can sit down, and be quiet you can stay, otherwise you can leave. According to the law you can’t fire me, because I have had a job-related injury. I have seven years to recuperate, before you can remove me from my position and permanently put me on Workmen’s Compensation, Sir.”

“God I hate lawyers.”

“Sondra, please sit, while I have the strength, let’s talk about your new prison.”

51. Starting Over

Bernice Morris was in her apartment, on a Wednesday evening, when there was a knock at her door. When she asked who it was, she was told it was the FBI, and they needed to speak to her on a matter of some urgency. She asked to see some identification, prior to opening the door, and the men produced their shields and their photo IDs. She let them in and asked them what this visit was all about.

The lead agent, Alfred Brogan asked, “Do you know a Ms. Patricia Parent?”

“Yes, I do.”

Agent Brogan said, “She has a present for you from the United States Government.” For the next hour he told Bernice about her new identity. Her first name remained the same but her last name was now Culpepper. She had a new Social Security number, birth certificate, driver’s license, passport, high school, and college diplomas. Agent Brogan told her everything that she saw in front of her would be verified by each of the institutions involved. The things she had to do now was to leave her apartment, quit her job, close her bank accounts, sell her car, and leave the area with no forwarding address, before she could start using her new identity. “You can take nothing with you that can be traced to your old identity.”

Bernice wanted to cry she was so happy. She asked, “Can I call Patricia and thank her?”

“No that is against the rules. She knows that you will be very happy in your new life, and wants you to enjoy your new baby.”

The floodgates opened. Bernice started crying and could not stop. Neither agent were ‘touchy feely’ type guys, but they had to do something to calm Bernice down, so they went over and hugged her, until she stopped crying.

“If you can get a message to her, tell her she has made my life complete. I will able to leave Cottonwood by Sunday.”

“We will pick you up at 1 PM Sunday afternoon. Enjoy your week Miss Culpepper.”


Bruno Valentino smiled when he saw his wife getting out of the car in front of his bungalow. It had been two months since he made the request for her to come to see him, and she was finally here.

When Victoria saw him her reaction was not exactly the same. As he walked towards her to kiss her hello, she walked by him and said, “I want to talk to you inside, now.”

He looked at the FBI agent who was bringing her bags and asked, “What happened?”

“Don’t ask me, she was fine on the plane.”

When they were alone he asked her, “What is going on Victoria?”

“You have ruined that child’s life forever. I can never forgive you for that. You killed her mother, and now she does not care if she lives or dies. If she decides to live, she will become a nun, and lock herself away from the rest of the world. If she decides to die, she will do it by her own hand. How can you possibly live with yourself knowing you have that kind of power over people’s lives?”

“Where are her friends? Why can’t they stop her from taking such drastic actions.”

“No one knows where she went. She convinced three of your friends to give themselves up to stop a war from starting in New York City. After that Director Free said she gave up. Patricia had no more fight left in her. She wouldn’t even give him a phone number for him to contact her to make sure she was okay. She told him the two options she decided on and left him after saying goodbye. There was nothing else he could do.”

Stephano opened the door to his father’s bungalow and said, “Hi mom, I was just told you were here.” He went to kiss her, and was smacked, in the face, for his trouble.”


“Okay mom, what did I do wrong? I walked into the room, I said hello, and I went to kiss you. Then I got smacked; where did I go wrong?”

“You let that girl go. The best thing that you could ever have gotten out of life slipped through your fingers, and she got away. Between you and your father, why didn’t you just get a gun and kill her?”

“Dad, do you want to answer that one?”

“No son, I was getting it before you walked into the room.”

“Mom, do you want to tell me what’s going on, or should I leave?”

“You may as well leave, she is probably dead already. The FBI no longer knows where she is. Between your father and his friends trying to kill her, she has lost all her desire to live. If she does live she will go into a convent and lock herself away from the rest of her life. She never wants to be with people again. She finds it too painful.”

“It serves her right mom, because she made life painful for a lot of other people, including me. This is what she deserved and I am happy that she is doing it.”

Victoria looked at her husband and said, “Congratulations Bruno, your son has grown up to be just like you, and your father. He thinks he is the only one that counts. His are the only feelings that can be hurt. I wonder what he would have done if someone would have blown me up instead.

“Would he have injected himself with a lethal dose of radioactive material to put the killer in jail?”

“Would he has put himself into a position where each of the five Mafia families put a price on his head because he destroyed their computers?”

“Would he have gone through the trouble of kidnapping a Mafia family member’s son and then not hurt him because it was not the right thing to do?”

“Would he have gone through the trouble of trying to make that person see himself as a better man, rather than the lowlife he was becoming?”

“I wonder Bruno if Stephano wouldn’t have done that if it was me that was blown up, and there was no body to bury?”

“I would take that girl as my daughter, over you as my son any day of the week, because of the way she handled herself this past year. She showed more courage, stamina, faith, hope, humility and charity, than any woman I have ever known. William Zabo did not spare your life Stephano, Patricia Parent did. You should kiss the ground she walks on, because of it.”

Stephano said, “This has been a fun reunion folks. I think I will go back to my bungalow now, and hide under my bed.”

Victoria said, “I hope lightning hits it.”

“Me too mom; it would lighten things up a little.”

Bruno looked at the Victoria and said, “I still have a few friends in New York. Do you want me to see if they can locate her?”

“Bruno, if the FBI, with all their assets, and all their people can’t find her, no one is going to find her, because she does not want to be found. Remember how good she is with a computer. She can have people running around in circles for years, and she could be living next to the director of the FBI, and he would not know it.”

“Have a look there yet?”

“Bruno, don’t make me smack you. I’ve already smacked my son, and you are the only man left in this room.”

“Have you had dinner yet?”

“No, but I need some time to wind down, before I can eat. My stomach is tied up in knots because of Patricia. That poor girl deserves better than what she is getting.”

In his bungalow Stephano was lying on his bed speaking aloud, “I am not going to let that bitch get to me. She is getting what she deserves. 50-50 hell, it felt like 99-1 and I was doing all the giving. The list I made out was bullshit. So what if my side was full and her side only had she loved me on it. That should have been good enough for her. I could make her happy if she would just stop being so bossy. So what if I like dealing with people more than she was. I am better at it. I went to better schools. I am less caustic. I am smarter in the ways of business. She couldn’t sell a pencil and paper convention. She can’t even make coffee right. Screw her. I can get along without her. I do not need her in my life. She will only cause me aggravation. I will wind up having an ulcer before I am 25. Why am I even thinking about her. Patty get out of my head. God dammit, leave me alone.”

In the base communication center one of the listening post personnel said to the other, “I guess he doesn’t know the bungalows are wired for sound.”

“I guess not, but that is the worst losing argument I have ever heard. Should we send the car over now, or wait until he calls?”

“Let’s send it over now. We can tell him we heard his shouting all the way over here.”

After 10 more minutes of arguing with himself, Stephano has had enough. He walked outside to go to his parent’s bungalow and nearly fell over the waiting car. He asked the female driver, “What are you doing here?”

“I am waiting to take you to the airport, sir.”

“Who said I was going to the airport?”

“Sir, you were making your losing argument so loud, half to base knows you are going to the airport.”

“My argument was that lame?”

“Sir, with all due respect, you should put the wedding ring on now, and get it over with.”

“You have no idea how tough she is to deal with?”

“And you are the prize in the bottom of the box of Cracker Jacks, Sir?”

Stephano laughed. “No, I guess I am not. I will be right back. I have to say goodbye to my parents.”

He knocked on his parent’s door and walked in. Before his mother could yell at him, he said, “I am going to find her before she hurts herself. I will make sure she gets some help.”

“Is that what all that screaming was about, getting her some help?”

“I did not say how I was going to help her, she never listens to me anyhow.”

“Stephano, the last time you spoke to her you told her to die in no uncertain terms. Why would she want to listen to you now?”

“Who the hell knows mom, sometimes I am as irrational as she is. Heaven knows what our children are going to be like.”

“Children, aren’t you putting the cart before the horse, son?”

“She can’t get me out of her head, and I can’t get her out of mine. We should either get married, or draw pistols at 2 paces and end it all. Something has to happen between us, because this misery has got to stop.”

“Good luck finding her, the last place I know she was, was in New York City. However, the director told me they parted company there early yesterday evening. She could be anywhere by now.”

“I will call her friend Steve. If anyone can find her, he can.”

“Steve, this is Stephano, and I don’t care what you’ve heard about me, it is all true. I need a favor, and even though you don’t want to do it for me, I need you to find Patty, before she hurts herself.”

“Asshole, you are the reason she is in this predicament. If I could get my hands around your neck right now I would strangle you.”

“You will have your chance, I am on a jet flying towards New York. Unless you can tell me where she is, I will have the pilot change course and go there. You can wring my neck later.”

“Stay on the line, let me try something.”

Steve had backdoor communications capability with Patty’s computer. She had forgotten to close that door after the emergency situation at the hospital in New York was over and she had transferred him $1 million as a present.

When she saw her computer blinking and had a message, she was very upset with herself. Patty opened the window and there was a message from Steve. “Friends are trying to find you to make sure you are all right. I want to make sure you are all right, also. Please contact me immediately. Marie hit me because of you. She wanted to get laid and found out that I was holding out on her, until after we were married. That was not nice Patty that was not nice at all. Steve

Dear Steve, I have just loaded in my computer ‘The Garden of Eden.’ I am fine as of this moment. If you ever try to contact me again, I will not warn you, I will just send my pet project to you and turn it into dust. I wish to be left alone. I wish to remain your friend, but I also wish to remain anonymous, until such a time that I wish to resurface. Please respect my wishes. You have 30 seconds to delete this email, before I push enter, and you will watch your computer die in front of you. Goodbye my friend; be nice to Marie, she will make a lovely bride, and a wonderful wife.” 30, 29-

Steve read the reply, hit save and shut down his computer.

Patty watched as the disconnect occurred. She immediately disengaged the backdoor from her computer and checked for any she may have forgotten about in the past. There were two more for her former professors, and she deleted them. The security features on her computer were at maximum, her antitheft programs were activated and everything else was in order. She forgot one thing. Her father put a GPS locator beacon in her computer, when he cleaned it out of all the spurious software Bruno’s men had put in it at the Miami Satellite Facility. It was on when her computer was on, and it was off when her computer was not in use. It also had certain liabilities. Since it was so small, it had to be near an open space to be able to be detected by the three closest satellites in order to triangulate its position. If it was blocked by concrete walls, it was useless.

Steve picked up the phone and told Stephano what had happened. “She does not want to be found, and she does not want anyone to find her, no one ever will. Her computer may say she is in Pittsburgh, and she could be in Bangladesh. I would give up Stephano, and crawl back into your hole. If any of her friends find you, they will probably beat you to death because of what you did to her.”

Patricia was at the Comfort Suites Hotel for nearly two weeks, awaiting the delivery of her new toy and she was getting a little antsy. She was taking driving lessons on an older version and she was getting pretty good at it. She wanted the new one just the same. She was paying a small fortune for it, but it would give her the liberty to move around the country as she wanted. She never would be tied down to anyone place again. She would always be on the move.

She heard the familiar beep, went downstairs, and went for her next lesson. She jumped into the driver’s seat with her instructor sitting in the seat behind her. With him was the woman from the Motor Vehicle Department to see if she could pass a driving test, with this monster. She backed it out of the parking lot perfectly, and smoothly moved it out into traffic on the one lane road. She followed the instructions given to her over the next hour, and finally was told to drive back to the hotel. She parked the motorhome between two tightly spaced cars, and did it very well. The woman told her she had passed the exam, and to accompany her to her to the Department of Motor Vehicles building to get her new license issued. When she returned back to the hotel, much to her delight her new Integra motorhome was parked in the space where her training vehicle had been. She rushed in to the office area and found the salesperson waiting for her arrival. She signed the papers and went over the Motorhome with him, inch-by-inch; detail by detail, and at the end of the tour she handed the salesperson a check for $347,000.

Chapter 19

Note: This is a work of FICTION! Although the areas this story takes place in are real; all of the landscapes depicted, the people described, and everything else this story uses to make it enjoyable reading for you are NOT REAL. As you read this story, try to remember:

This Is a Novel”Cynthia, please join us, your husband has a decision to make. I believe he will need your help to make the proper choice.”

Cynthia asked, “Steve is this going to be a simple answer, or a really simple answer?”

“I don’t know yet, babe. He hasn’t asked me the question.”

“Steve, you have two choices of schools that have great Maritime law credentials. You can go to Tulane University Law School, which is north of New Orleans; or Swansea University Law School.”

“You didn’t say where Swansea University was Dycke.”

“Oh, did I forget that; it’s 200 miles west of London, England.”

Steve doubled over in pain from the punch in the stomach Cynthia gave him. While he was in this position, she kissed his head and said, “You are going to give the correct answer, aren’t you?”

Payne could not stop laughing, because her big, tall, strong brother had met his match in a 5 foot tall, 100-pound package. When he was able to breathe, and stand up straight again, Steve looked at his wife and said, “You didn’t have to do that. England was going to be my choice. I know you want to travel, and this would give us the perfect opportunity to do it. Couldn’t you be nice to me every once in a while?”

“If I was nice you might not recognize me.”

Steve moved behind his sister, and replied, “Truer words were never spoken.”

Cynthia went after him, like bees after a bear stealing their honey. Steve kept his sister, between them, and when Cynthia ran out of steam, she said, “Wait until we get home mister. I am going to break both your arms.”

“Babe, if you said my legs, I would worry; but my arms are so high, you can’t reach them.”

Cynthia screamed. “Get into your birthday present, before I kill you. It may be the last time you get to drive it.”

Dycke said, “Cynthia, I need him, and if you kill him, there will be no England, for you or Jordan.”

“Damn you Dycke, I don’t care if you need him, but I want to see England; so you win, he gets to live.”

Payne took her friend by the shoulders, and thanked her. “Cynthia, I am glad you’re not going to jail for murder. Dycke and I have decided three children are enough. If you were not here, I would have to raise Jordan, also. Dycke is going to have a vasectomy to make sure we stop having children.”

Cynthia turned, and looked evilly at Dycke. She looked up at Payne, and said, “I will do it for free.”

Payne patted Cynthia on her head. “Why would you take your vengeance out on me; that’s mine!”

“Stop patting me on my head, Payne, before I cut you off at your knees. Steve, get in the car, we are going home.”

“Yes, my love.”


“I am going to miss them Dycke.”

“It will only be for two or three years, and then he will become invaluable to the company. Your father will be amazed.”

“Would you have believed it, when we were in high school?”

“Yes I did. I knew he had it in him, but someone had to kick him in his ass to get it out of him. Desiree and Cynthia did a marvelous job during his time in college. Let’s go home I am hungry for dinner, and my wife.”

“You are always hungry for your wife.”

“I hope you don’t expect that to change. I knew it the first day we met.”

“Me too.”

85. Patricia and Stephano’s Wedding

Brad and Donna pushed the Building and Zoning board to approve the plans for Patricia’s new home. Even though they could not find any faults with the plans, they balked at approving it so quickly. Donna brought in their big guns to move these plans through. Aaron Goodman, the chief fire investigator, the chief of police, and the head of the fire department, descended on the zoning board. They demanded to know what their problems were with these plans. Suddenly, there were none, and the plans were approved, while these men looked on.

As soon as they were signed, Brad and Donna went into high gear. They hired construction, and steel workers; plumbers, painters, and carpenters from the surrounding area, and the four neighboring states. They did all this to make sure that everything was in readiness for Patricia and Stephano’s wedding, and the start of construction on her home the next day.

Concrete companies were alerted to have to enough mix available for an 8000 square foot, 2500-psi pad on Monday, October 18, at 9 A.M. Brad told the manager not to be late, if he wanted to bid on the contracts for the walls, hanger floors, and helipads.

The manager of the company assured him his trucks would be there early.

The construction companies set up their temporary field offices on the east side of the city, out of sight from where the wedding would take place. Their men were housed in trailers, specifically for this purpose. The first item on their list was to remove the fences. Then they had to destroy and remove the original pad the old house stood on, and everything that was underneath it.

Trucks containing thousands of yards of two by fours, and three-quarter inch plywood arrived on Tuesday, along with 350 carpenters and apprentices. They began the task of building a floor that would hold nearly 800 people. Lasers made every line on the ground straight. The two by fours were pounded 3 feet into the ground, and left exactly 2 feet above it; not a millimeter above or below.

Stephano had ordered them to build a floor approximately one half acre in dimensions. However, he ordered much more wood than was needed. The carpenters did not stop to ask any questions. They continued until the wood ran out. When it was measured afterwards, it was a little more than an acre in size.

The painters did not wait for carpenters to finish their job. As soon as one section was completed, they put the water repellent on the wood, went to the next section, and repeated the process. As they caught up to the carpenters, they returned to the first section, put the first coat of paint on it, and moved on. To the trained eye, it was a ballet. To the untrained eye, it was pandemonium. The painters finished putting the second coat of paint, on the wood, two hours after the carpenters finished.

Now came the hard part; building the intricately designed ‘Cupola’ Brad had designed for the couple to get married in. He had surprised him with it, when he went to tell them the Zoning Board had approved the plans for the house.

Patricia was so thrilled with it, she kissed him.

As usual, Stephano became furious with her. When she turned and saw the fire in his eyes, she shook her head and said, “Steph, give it a rest.”

He was going to reply to her remark, when he remembered his own advice. “Don’t piss her off.” So he kept quiet, and let his temper cool down.


Thursday, October 14

Patty flew into the city for the final fitting of her gown. It was everything she had hoped for, and more. Carolina had taken her original drawing, brought it to life. It was fit for the cover of any magazine. While she had it on, Carolina and her staff took still pictures from every angle, as well as motion pictures. When they were done, they removed her dress, packed it carefully in a huge box, put it in the limousine, and brought her back to the heliport.

Carolina said, “I will be there at noon Saturday. Do not attempt to get into the dress without me there. I do not want anything to go wrong with it.”

Patty replied, “I don’t know how to thank you. This dress means the world to me. My father will be very proud to see me in it. I think my mother would be very proud to see me in it, also.”

“Patricia, your mother is always in your heart. She will never leave you. You are a part of her, just like she is a part of you; that will never change.”

“Intellectually, I know that, but in my heart I miss her every moment of every day.”

“Patricia, it is the same way with me. My mother is my soul, and I speak to her, with my heart daily. It is the way it is supposed to be, between a mother and her daughter.”

“I am sorry, Carolina, I did not know.”

“There was no way for you to know. I do not carry that wound on my sleeve. Live your life Patricia; it is what your mother would want.”

“I will try, I will really try. Thank you for talking to me.”


Stephano and Brad tried on their new tuxedos, got their hair cut; nails clipped and polished, and for the first time in his life, Brad got a facial, and a massage. His only problem was the girl that gave them to him. She was gorgeous, and he had an erection that would not go down. Every time she looked at that area of his body, she laughed. Brad did not think it was a laughing matter. He had been working so hard for the past six months, he had not had time to be with any woman, and this beautiful woman was laughing at his predicament.

One hour and 45 minutes later it was over, but Brad was still erect. He followed Stephano to the cashier and waited patiently, while he paid for their procedures. The young woman, who had attended to him walked past him, slipped a card into his pocket. He waited until they were in the car to see what was on it. “Brad, you probably don’t remember me, but I remember you. Thursdays were our nights together, even though I knew you were with Julie in the afternoon. I would like to take that thing of yours for another test drive. If you are interested, call me at 518- 998-9998. Bonnie”

Brad started doing mental gymnastics. “Bonnie, which one was Bonnie? Shit, I don’t remember a Bonnie. I have to find my high school yearbook and see if I can remember her face. She knows I screwed around with everyone, but shit, this is embarrassing.”

Stephano saw the consternation in Brad’s face. He asked him what was going on. Don’t try to tell me nothing or I will turn Patty loose on you.

Brad said, “The woman who worked on me today remembered me from high school. Her name is Bonnie, and I screwed her, plus every other girl in school I could. She kept laughing at my erection, because it would not go down. She gave me her number, and told me she wants to take it for another test drive. I feel like an idiot, because I don’t recognize her. What the hell am I supposed to do?”

“Brad, you are fucking idiot. What have Patricia and I been telling you all these months. If you want to meet someone you have to be honest. If you start a relationship with a lie, she is going to wind up fucking you, instead of you fucking her.”

“Can’t I just go to the school library and check my yearbook to see who she is, so I can jog my memory and tell her I remember all about her.”

“Is that the truth, or is it a lie?”

“Can I take the Fifth Amendment on that?”

“Do you want ‘Timeless’ to visit your car?”

“No, I guess not.”

“Take out your cell phone, tell her you would love to take her out to lunch or dinner, her choice, but honestly, you don’t remember her face.”

“Do you realize how hard it is going to be for me to tell the truth?”

“Do you remember the last time you told the truth willingly to a girl?”

“Willingly, I don’t think I ever have. This will be a first.”

“There is a wedding Saturday, and you don’t have a date.”

“Stephano, you are out of your mind. I can’t do that, my mother will be there. She would see me with a girl, and ask her about grandchildren.”

“It is a chance you’ll have to take, but there is always tomorrow to break the ice.”

“How many times have I said that Patty, and you are nuts?”

“Make the phone call, and join us at the funny farm.”

Brad made the call, and Bonnie said ‘yes’ to lunch. Lunch lasted three hours. As they were leaving the restaurant Bonnie asked him, “Why are you grinding your teeth?”

“I want to ask you something; I know your answer, and it is very logical, from your point of view. However, if you answer the opposite way, my mother will embarrass you in a way you cannot imagine. So I am caught between a rock and hard place.”

“Do you want to part company here, and leave that question hanging in the air, unasked, or do you want to man up and ask me?”

“Okay, just remember, you asked for this. Two friends of mine are getting married tomorrow afternoon at 2 o’clock. I would like you to come with me, as my date.”

“Is that it; is that the whole thing?”

“No, that is only the first half. Depending on your answer, I will either tell you the second half, or I can leave that alone.”

“So if I say no. I will not know the second half of the question. If I say yes you will tell me; is that it?”

“Yes, that is it, in a nutshell.”

“Brad, I would love to accompany you to the wedding.”

“Bonnie, my mother is going to have a field day with you.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Every time my mother sees me with a young woman, she grabs her by the arm, tells her what a wonderful catch I am, and asks her how many grandchildren she can expect.”

“On a first date?”

“My mother would not care if we were talking to each other in the aisle of the food store, or if you were a hooker I hired for the day.”

“Your mother must be awesome.”

“If you think my mother is awesome, wait until you meet my grandmother.”

“Wow, I think I need something stronger than a Diet Dr. Pepper. I make a mean margarita, are you interested?”

“I don’t want to take advantage of you on our first day together.”

“Boy have you changed. The first time we met you had my panties off in less than 10 minutes.”

“A friend of mine told me if I wanted to start a relationship, I had better control myself.”

“Oh, is that what we are doing, starting a relationship?”

“I am not seeing anyone, and I don’t believe you are seeing anyone. Would you like to give it a try? I have never tried it with anyone else.”

“A few hours ago, you didn’t even remember who I was.”

“Six months ago, I was a lying sack of shit. My life’s ambition was to become a gigolo. My friends had more faith in me, than I did. As part of my service to them, I have to learn to tell the truth, and that’s all I have done today. It’s the first time I have ever done it, while I was talking with a woman.”

“What do you mean, part of your service to them?”

“I made a bet with a genius, and naturally, I lost. I was to be her indentured servant for the next year of my life. It is not as bad as it sounds. She had me draw up the blueprints for her new home. I had just graduated, with a Master’s Degree in Architecture, so it wasn’t a bad thing. I also have to look after her 35-acre property. When my mother found out about this bet, she took away my Corvette, tied me to my chair in the office, and never let me out. I haven’t been on a date for six months, until today that is. I have six more months to go on my contract. The man I was with yesterday is going to be her husband, and I am going to be his best man. The three of us have become very good friends.”

“How should I dress for tomorrow?”

“Wear a nice simple dress. I will be in a tuxedo, but that does not matter. About 200 firefighters, police officers and their families are going to be there. They are going to be dressed as casually as you are. There are also going to be a lot of people that are politically connected and very wealthy. It is a very eclectic group. Don’t let it frighten you, because there is a huge dance floor, and there is going to be a ton of food. The children have a separate play area, the dignitaries are coming in by helicopter, and everyone should have a blast.”

“Are you going to pick me up, or do you want me to drive there by myself?”

“What type of cad do you take me for? Of course I’m going to pick you up.”

“Wouldn’t it be a good idea, if you knew where I lived?”

“If I didn’t know where you lived, all I would have to do is ask Patricia to find out. In less than five minutes, I would know more about you than your mother.”

“I take it she’s the one you lost the bet to?”

“Yes, she is. Every time the government needs her, it cost them $1.4 million a day. She has three cookbooks memorized down to the last gram. I told her she was lying about the money, and it was not possible to memorize the cookbooks. I actually spoke to the director of the FBI, and he asked me how badly did I piss her off. When I told him, he called me an idiot, and verified the amount of money they paid her.

She bet me $100,000 against my Corvette that she could name every item in any recipe in each of those books. Making a long story short, I lost. I couldn’t give her the Corvette, that’s how I became her indentured servant.”

“I wonder if she can organize my recipe cards.”

“I wouldn’t know; she doesn’t use them.”


Stephano was kicked out of their house at 6 PM. He didn’t understand the rationale behind it, but when Patricia said leave, you left in a hurry. He was sound asleep at 5:30 AM, the next morning, when the phone by his bed rang.

Sleepily, he said “Hello.”

He drew the phone away from his ear, as Patricia’s tirade began.

“Can’t you do anything I ask you for right? You son of a bitch, I am going to murder you. I am not marrying you today. Call everyone and cancel. I am leaving you. I am going to start my bus, and drive away. You will never find me again. Goodbye.”

Stephano said, “Before you leave me, would you at least tell me what I did to deserve this?”

“Look outside you asshole.”

He did, and he could not see one foot outside the window. A dense fog had settled into the deep green valley. He closed his eyes and said, “Oh God, don’t do this to me; not today.”

He returned to the phone, and cheerfully said, “What are you worried about, it’s a morning fog it will burn off by 10 o’clock, and you will have a bright sunny day, just like you wanted. Haven’t you ever heard the saying, “Wet grass in the morning means no rain during the day?”

“You are lying through your teeth. The weatherman said it was going to turn into thunderstorms this afternoon.”

“Patricia, how many times has the weatherman been right this year?”

“Give me a minute and I’ll tell you.” She went to her computer, did her magic, and came up with her numbers. “The weatherman has been correct. 62.325% of the time this year.”

“That means I can be right 37.675% of the time. In baseball, that’s one hell of a batting average. In football, or tennis, 62.675% is a mediocre average.”

“Yes, but in baseball, it makes you a god. I’ll give you until 11 o’clock, and if the fog hasn’t lifted, I am gone.”

“What will you do if your mother comes looking for you at noon?”

“You are not fighting fair Stephano.”

“I will do anything I have to do to keep you here, so I can marry you, and give you the spanking of your life. Right now that is what you need. You are acting like a spoiled brat. You can’t have your way, so you are throwing a temper tantrum. Relax baby, go back to sleep and relax.”

“You are not here, how am I supposed to relax.”

“I wanted to stay, but you kicked me out, remember?”

“The bride and groom are not supposed to see each other, the night before the wedding.”

“We have been living together for more than 7 months. Not seeing each other is an old wives tale, when the bride’s parents wanted to keep her a virgin, until her wedding night.”

“Mister Valentino, may I remind you that I am a virgin.”

“Miss Patricia Laura Garrett-Parent Zabo; might I remind you that is not your parents that have kept you a virgin.”

“Stephano, come home, please; I need you.”

“I will be there in 30 minutes baby.”

When he walked in the door, she nearly knocked him down.

“I guess you’re happy to see me.”

“No. I just wanted you closer in case the fog doesn’t lift. If it’s not clear by 11 A.M., I’m getting my gun and shooting you.”

“Can I get some sleep first? Some idiot woke me up at an ungodly hour, and I believe it was you. If you’re not careful, you won’t be able to sit, during your own wedding.”

“I’m going to bed, are you going to join me?”

“Are you going to be naked?”

“Are you going to be good?”

“No, I’m going to be great.”

“I hate you, Stephano.”

“I can’t tell you how much I hate you, Patricia; but I can’t stay away from you. Get in bed before I take you on the floor.”

“Are you trying to piss me off?”

“You can bet your pretty ass on it.”

“You stay away from my ass. I think you’re turning into a pervert.”

“I didn’t have to turn into a pervert, I was born that way.”


Saturday 7 AM

The lasers were useless in the fog. The workers reverted to using the old-fashioned method of stretching a string taut to keep the line of chairs straight. Rank after rank, file after file, 800 hundred chairs were set in place, as straight as an arrow. After each rank was completed, it was covered with sheets plastic, to keep them dry. With 300 men working, it should have taken 30 minutes using the lasers. Using the string method, it took more than two hours.

The next thing to do was to put the ‘Cupola’ in place. It was a very delicate job. The base was made of sturdy Maplewood, and the floor was made of three-quarter inch exterior plywood. These were no problem.

However, Brad had designed the enclosure of a filigree of thin strips of wood, local wild grasses, and wildflowers, until it got to the 11-feet tall top. There he put a replica of the ‘Cupola’, with the bride and groom standing inside it.

The ‘Cupola’ weighed less than 200 pounds, which was bad, because most of its weight was contained in its base. If the top were hit by a strong gust of wind, it would disintegrate. The other problem was it had to be carried from the barn to the front of the stage, nearly 500 feet. Every supervisor was there to help guide the men chosen for this job. Other men carried poles, with canvas sheeting 12 feet high that enclosed the Cupola on every side. The eight men carrying it on a plywood sheet were exactly the same height and arm length to keep it level. It was a slow torturous walk. When these men lowered it onto its proper position, they were soaked with sweat, and happy as shit this part of their job was over.


The three huge white tents were erected next, using four large cranes on both ends to lift them, and their poles high above the platform, to set them into their pre-dug holes. 4-inch steel cables were used to hold these monsters in place, because there were no center posts. These tents were so massive; they nearly covered the entire 1 acre, wooden structure.

Saturday 9 A.M.

The natural gas turbine generators arrived. Electrical lines were connected, circuit breakers tested, and when everything was ready, they were brought up to 50% power. Shortly afterwards, the smells of food cooking was wafting through the air. Mama Leone’s trucks were on one side, and Ruth Chris Steakhouse trucks were on the other. The combination of aromas had everyone’s mouth-watering. This afternoon no one would go hungry.

Saturday 9:30 A.M.

The horn sounded, and all the construction workers stopped what they were doing, and looked to see what their managers wanted them to do. They did not know Stephano had arranged with every eatery in the city to bring hot breakfast foods, and drinks to the site, while the workers took a well-deserved break. Their cold lunch pail meals went untouched, as they gorged themselves on everything from pancakes, and waffles, to sausage and gravy on buttered biscuits. When they finished eating, they cleaned the area so well; you could not tell anyone had been there.

Saturday 10:15 A.M.

The fog began to disintegrate, but the children’s rides were late. Everyone was standing around wondering what happened to them. Calls the display manager went unanswered. Calls to the police department asking if there were any accidents in the area involving the group proved fruitless. No one knew where they were or why they were late. Guests were supposed to start arriving at 12:15 PM, and all the construction equipment and men were supposed to be gone by 11:30 A.M. Time was of the essence, and time was running short.

Saturday 11:35 A.M.

The rides finally arrived. Every man and woman available, attacked each piece of equipment to put it in its place, stake it down properly, check the safety equipment, hook it up to the electrical circuits, retest them, and turn the rides on, and test everything again. Everything did not go smoothly, but because of the amount of workers available, it was done by 12:35 P.M., just as the first local guests were walking up the main driveway.

The construction vehicles left first; followed by the buses carrying the apprentices and other maintenance workers that were no longer needed. By the time the paring down was completed, it was 1 P.M., and 150 men, and women remained on-site. They had two jobs. Make sure anything that went wrong was fixed quickly, and make sure the buffet area around the sides of the tents remained clean and garbage free. The staff from, Mama Leone’s and Ruth Chris Steakhouse would do the serving of the meals and make sure that the food and beverages never ran out.

Saturday 11:50 A.M.

Carolina Herrera arrived at Patricia’s temporary home, rang the bell, and no one answered. She rang it again, and again, until, Stephano answered the door the door in his underwear. She screamed, “What are you doing here?”

“I was sleeping with my bride.”

“Don’t you know it is bad luck to be with your bride on the night before your wedding?”

“Carolina, we don’t get along 99% of the time, how much worse can it be?”

He was hit by a flying shoe, and since there was only one other person in the house, he said, “You are acting like a spoiled brat again. Go back into the bedroom, and prepare your ass for a beating. I came home last night, at your request, so you could sleep. The fog has lifted; it is a bright and sunny day, just as I promised you. My missions are accomplished. What you are going to get, is what you deserve. Carolina make yourself comfortable, she will be ready for you and about 10 minutes. Don’t worry about the screaming, she will be a live for the wedding.”

“Stephano, you stay away from me. This is my day, and I will not be treated poorly by you.”

Patricia heard her mother’s voice in her head. “Get your ass in the bedroom, and take what you deserve. You will learn to respect your husband, not abjectly, but as a partner, or as you put it, 50/50.”

Patty said, “Mother, not now, I don’t want him to hit me today.”

“If you don’t want to be hit, you should not have hit him with that shoe. What goes around, comes around, Patricia. Sometimes an object lesson is required to put you in your place.”

“Can he hit me twice as much tomorrow, instead of today?”

“No; tomorrow, he is going to fuck you, until you can’t walk. He is going to make up for all the years you stayed a virgin. You have all the talents you need. You are going to be as innovative in bed as you are in life. You can cook like a three-star Michelin chef, and you will give him two children he will adore. You must learn to go with your heart and not only with your head. You are going to meet people today that you must form relationships with. Together, you will begin to change the world.”

“Who are they mother; how will I know them?”

“Patricia, you are running out of time. Go with your husband, and get dressed for your wedding. I will be with you, I will be in your heart, and then I must go to help others. Goodbye baby girl, this is the last day I am allowed to be with you.”

“No mother that can’t be true, I still need you.”

Laura did not answer, and would never answer her daughter again. Patricia started to cry.

Carolina asked Stephano, “Who was she talking to?”

“I don’t know if you’ll believe me, but it’s true. She was talking with her mother.”

Carolina smiled, “Stephano, for a very long time, I was privileged to talk to my mother also. We must start to put her together for the wedding. You must start also.”

“I have a duty to perform first. It will not take long.”

“You Italian men are crazy, and you are crazier, when you are in love.”

Stephano said, “Patricia come with me. It is time to start your punishment.”

“Yes dear.”

He took her into the bedroom, closed the door, and said, “Yes dear; that’s all?”

“Yes, my mother yelled at me. She reminded me of what I told you when we were in Sedona. Our marriage is supposed to be based on a 50-50 relationship. You said to Carolina that we did not get along 99% of the time. You were right, which put me in the wrong. My mother said I deserved what you are going to give me, and I had to start acting like a partner in this marriage. I have been acting like a tyrant, and from this moment on, I am no longer going to do that.”

Stephano sat down at the edge of the bed.

Patty lay across his knees, spread her legs to maintain her balance, and waited for the first blow. When he hit her, it was light, but directly onto her pussy. She sucked in her breath, and felt a tingling in her stomach. He spread her tender folds, and hit her again in the same area. Her juices started to flow.

Stephano rubbed his fingers around the lips of her labia, moistening them with the liquid she was producing. He smacked her quickly, and her clit popped out from under its hood. He hit the bundle of nerves twice.

Patty screamed, and exploded into an intense orgasm.

“Stephano, you’re supposed to be spanking me, not getting me off.”

“Woman; am I or am I not hitting you?”

“It’s not a question of hitting me; it’s where you are hitting me, you bastard.”

“This is your punishment, and I have the right to punish you any way I see fit. Today this is the way I am punishing you, and you have no say in the matter.”

“I told you that you were pervert.”

“Did I disagree with you?”

“No, but I think you are taking it too far.”

“Patricia, what happened to 50-50?”

“I only said that a few moments ago. It is going to take me a little while to adjust to it. I will learn, just as you did. You may continue with my punishment.”

Patricia was not ready for what happened next, because he smacked her hard on her rump. She screamed as if she was struck by a cattle prod.

“You bastard that is cheating.”

Without answering, he smacked the other cheek, and she screamed again. Her clit was at attention, her pussy was overflowing, and she could not understand why. As she was waiting for the next blow, Stephano hit her on her distended clit, and she exploded again.

As she returned to her senses, she said, “I must learn never to trust you. You are incorrigible, and a sex fiend. I am not going to tell you what my mother said about you.”

“It must have been very exciting for you to even bring up the subject. However, Carolina said, we are running out of time, and I have two more smacks to give you. So I will not delay your punishment any longer.”

He slipped his fingers between the folds of her labia and played with the little soldier within. Patricia gritted her teeth as she started to climb the wall towards another orgasm. At least she was ready for this one, because her entire body was tingling. He teased her, and teased her some more, and then he stopped just before she was about to cum. “I think you’ve had enough punishment for today. Go take your shower and I will tell Carolina that you are ready to get dressed.”

Patricia yelled, “No, you can’t leave me this way. I was right there, ready to cum., Please finish me, or I will go crazy.”

“Why don’t you finish yourself, like you did in the woods?”

“Steph, don’t make me break my word to you. Finish me please, or I am going to have a bitch of the day, and a bitch of a marriage. After you take my virginity, I will never let you touch me again. It is not an idle threat, it is a promise from my heart and soul.”

“Our religion says you have a wifely duty to perform.”

“I will go to confession every week, and tell the priest I didn’t perform it. It is not a mortal sin, and I can still go to heaven when I die.”

“You will die a lot sooner than you think.”

“You can use my gun.”

“I think I’m going to help you cum.”

“I believe that is a very wise decision.” He returned to the folds of her vagina, and played until she started producing fluids again. He felt her stiffen when he fingered the opening to the interior of her body. She did not say no as he went deeper into her body, until he touched that piece of flesh called virginity. At that point, his finger stopped, and he began moving it in and out.

Patricia’s eyes crossed as she felt his flesh touching the interior of her flesh. A man was inside her; not any man, but her man. The man she was going to marry. Without willing it, her hips started to move, and his finger bumped into her virginity again. She froze because it hurt, and Steph realized it. He removed his long index finger, and replaced it with his shorter, but thicker thumb. He began tapping his left hand on her clitoris, and within seconds she exploded into such a massive orgasm, she fell into a peaceful sleep. He picked her up, put her on the bed, and covered her. He went into the bathroom to shower, and shave. She was still sleeping when he came out. He dressed in his tuxedo, combed his hair, and went to wake her up.

Patricia looked at him with dreamy eyes and asked, “Why are you dressed?”

“I don’t know about you, Patty, but I am getting married in 1 hour and 15 minutes.”

She nodded her head and put her head back down on the pillow. Then his words sunk into her head. “1 hour and 15 minutes; are you out of your mind? I can’t be ready by then.”

“800 people expect you to be ready by then. I suggest you get your ass in gear.”

Patty jumped out of bed, ran into the bathroom, and took the quickest shower of her life.

While she was in there, Stephano said to Carolina, “There is going to be a crazy person in the bedroom. If you can help her, I would appreciate it. I have to find her father, and get him over here. I am happy it is you that is dressing her, and not me.”

“Stephano, I have done this hundreds of times, with hundreds of crazy brides. This will be no different than one of those. She will be ready on time.”

Saturday 12:05 PM

Brad knocked on the door to Bonnie’s apartment, and when she opened the door all he could say was ‘Wow.’

Bonnie smiled and said, “Why thank you sir that was exactly the reaction I was hoping for.”

“What else did you expect me to say? You look absolutely stunning. Your hair, makeup, and that dress, it is gorgeous. I hope you didn’t buy it just for today.”

“What, this little old thing. I’ve had it in my closet for years. I’ve just never had an occasion to use it.”

“I feel sorry for you, Bonnie. When my mother sees you with me, she is going to latch on to you like a deadbolt to a door. You do not stand a prayer of getting away from her.”

“How about I tell her I am a Scientologist or a Jehovah’s Witness?”

“My mother wouldn’t care if you openly worshiped the devil. Are you sure you want to come with me today, you may not survive it.”

“I am all dressed up; where else would I go like this?”

“Miniature golfing?”

“Brad, let’s go. You are wearing a nice tuxedo, and you are the best man, in more ways than one.”

“Bonnie, I just hope this does not ruin our fledgling relationship.”

“I can always go into hiding after today.”

“My friends said something like that once, and I told them that my grandmother could find a needle in a haystack. You are bigger than the needle. She would find you with no problem.”

“Brad, your family sounds very entertaining.”

“My family has been called a lot of things, but never entertaining.”


Brad met Stephano, William, and Jemma buy the motorhome. He introduced her to everyone and said she was a friend from high school.

William said, “She does not look like a high school student,” which quickly earned him an elbow in his ribs, from Jemma.

“Dad, they met again when we had a massage on Thursday. Brad did not remember who she was, so I had him call her, and take her out on Friday. Apparently, it went very well, because she is here with him today.”

Bonnie asked Stephano, “Are you the friend that told him to tell the truth, all the time?”

“He told you about that?”

“He didn’t even make a move on me because of you. It was a totally different story, when we were in high school. I think he had a list of 40 girls, who were regulars, and another 15 or 20, who would fill-in if someone couldn’t make it.”

“I only had 8 girls that would fill in.”

Even Brad laughed after he said that.

Stephano asked Bonnie, “Are you Brad’s date, or are you a fill-in?”

“Brad asked me yesterday if we could start a relationship.”

Stephano looked sternly at Brad, and asked, “Do you remember everything Patricia and I told you about how your life could end up. Look at Bonnie, and think about it. You know damn well it could happen to you if you start screwing around on her. Don’t fuck this up. Don’t hurt her. If this has to end, end it properly. If this is going to move forward, treat her properly. Remember, Patty has a way of finding out everything. She also has a gun, which she knows how to use. She has not killed anyone yet. I hope you are not the first one.”

“I remember every word you two said to me. I thought about it long and hard, before I asked her. You have been a great influence on me. You argue, fight, and are at each other’s throat every time I am here. However, you cannot live without one another. You have the most insane relationship I have ever observed. Then you tell me, you sleep naked in the same bed, but she is still a virgin. If you can live through all that temptation, and make it to today, I can rise above my base instincts, and be true to one woman for the rest of my life. I only hope she can live through today, after she meets my mother.”

“Brad I forgot to tell you. Your mother and grandmother are here.”

“Oh no; Bonnie don’t come near me today. You will never be the same.”

“I will have to meet them sooner or later. It might as well be at the beginning of our relationship, rather than at the point where we are about to make a decision on getting engaged. If they scare me away at that point, we will both be devastated.”

“I suppose you are right, and I know I can out run my grandmother.”

“What about your mother?”

“My mother will be chasing you, and she tackles like a linebacker.”

“I should have worn flats, instead of heels.”

Everyone started laughing again.

Saturday 12:30 PM

Albany airport’s apron was filled with private jets. Helicopters of every description were waiting in line to take the Attorney General and his family, the Director of the FBI, Michael Free, and his family to the wedding. Well-heeled donors, politicians, and the heads of large corporations, who wanted to be invited, were charged a fee of $5 million per person to attend. This was the largest fundraising event ever held under the guise of the wedding.

Since the Attorney General had not officially entered the presidential race these donations did not fall under any of the Federal Election Commission’s rules covering these events.

Two helicopters took off from Albany airport, for Glens Falls, at 12:30 PM, carrying eight passengers each. Every five minutes afterwards two of the 12 plush helicopters pressed into service, took off. They carried between 6 and 12 passengers each. As soon as a helicopter landed, in one of the two designated landing zones, they unloaded their passengers, and took off for the return trip to Albany. When they cleared the area, the next pair of helicopters were preparing to land. It took a total of 42 sorties to bring 447 high-powered guests to the ‘wedding.’ One of the helicopters carried two very special guests. Bruno and Victoria Valentino, escorted by two federal marshals were flown up from Fort Polk, Louisiana for their son’s wedding. Stephano had paid all the costs involved with this transfer, and it was approved by Michael Free, personally. It would be a very short stay, but it would at least give them a chance to see their son get married, and spend the afternoon and evening with him, and his bride.


Saturday 12:55 PM

Patty ran out of the bathroom drying her naked body and cursing, “I am going to kill that stupid bastard for letting me sleep so long. He is not getting laid tonight.”

Carolina and the two women with her started laughing. Patty was shocked out of her mood to find the three women in the room with her. Her wedding dress was laid out on the bed, along with all of her undergarments. A straight back, dining room, chair was in the room, with two small fans blowing in its direction. Carolina said authoritatively, “Patricia sit.”

Patty looked at her and started to say, “But…”


Repentantly, Patty sat down.

The women began working on her from the bottom up. The silk, thigh high stockings went on first, followed by panties that barely covered her sex. A white silk camisole, with a built in bra was put on and completed the interior package.

Carolina asked, “Where is your hairdresser?”

“I don’t know. Call Stephano, and ask him.”

When he was asked that question, he nearly died. “Carolina, I never thought about a hairdresser for her. She is going to kill me.”

“I will take care of her hair. It may not be the best ever done, but she will have her veil on all day, and no one will ever see it.”

“Thank you Carolina, I owe you one.”


“Patty, I am going to do your hair. The hairdresser never showed up. No one will see what is under the veil, so you have nothing to worry about.”

“You have to start lying better than my husband and my doctor. Stephano forgot about my hairdresser. Am I correct?”

“Yes, but look at everything else he did for you today. Don’t ruin it for him, or I will ruin your gown. This is not only your day, it is his day also.”

“I hate it when other people are right, and I am wrong. My mom told me the same thing this morning.”

“I know, Stephano told me all about your conversation with your mother. My mother used to come to me also. Let me start on your hair, and then we will do your makeup.”


Saturday 1:30 PM

The orchestra began playing, and the multitude of people that were mulling around the exterior of the tents started taking their seats. William and Jemma were taken by golf cart to Patricia’s house to be with her. It was early and she was not expected to be ready. They were correct.

Brad had done his absolute best to hide Bonnie from his mother and grandmother. He was unsuccessful. His mother saw him standing next to Stephano and a beautiful young woman they were talking to. She got curious, and so did his grandmother.

Donna said, “Mom, I will be right back. I am going to talk to Brad.” She went up the center aisle towards Stephano. Brad spied her coming, grabbed Bonnie by the arm, and said, “Quick, come with me, my mother has seen us.” They turned to move away from her, and within a few steps, he heard, “Hello Bradley darling, you look very handsome today.”

He looked, and saw his grandmother standing there. “Hello grandmother, I was just helping this young lady to her seat.”

From behind him, a question was asked, “You seemed to have a special interest in this young lady. Would you like to introduce us?”

Brad looked into Bonnie’s eyes and said, “I tried to warn you about them. I am so sorry for what is about to happen to you now.”

His mother said, “Brad have you been holding out on me. Have you been hiding this young lady from our family?”

“Mother, what possible reason would I have tough hide any young woman from our family. Bonnie and I just met on Thursday. We went to lunch on Friday, and since I did not have a date for today’s wedding, I asked her if she would like to join me.”

“Bonnie, Bonnie Nuzo; Janet and Charles Nuzo’s little girl? The Bonnie you went to high school with?”

“Yes, mother, this is Bonnie Nuzo.”

“Bonnie, your mother and I sit on the town’s beautification committee. It’s nice to meet you.”

“Hello Mrs. Goodman; it’s nice to meet you too.”

Brad said, “Bonnie this is my grandmother, Sylvia Goodman.”

Bonnie said hello, and Brad’s grandmother replied, “Hello Bonnie dear; Brad said he was taking you to your seat. Why don’t you sit with us so we can talk? Do you love children? Don’t you think children are important to a marriage? I think they stabilize a marriage. How long did you say you’ve known Bradley; since high school.”

“Grandmother, we haven’t seen each other since high school. Leave her alone.”

“I was only speaking in hypotheticals, Bradley. I am reading a book, and I wanted to know the opinion of a young woman. So what do you think about children, Bonnie.”

“Mom, stop her.”

“Brad, your grandmother asked me the same questions a few days ago. I’m interested in seeing what Bonnie says about children. You stay with Stephano, while your grandmother and I take Bonnie with us. It will give us a chance to get to know one another.”

“Bonnie would you like me to get you out of here.”

His grandmother replied, “Why would Bonnie want to leave? The service has not begun and she has not had any of the fabulous food yet.”

“Grandmother, mother, I warned her about you two yesterday, and this morning on the way here. That’s why she might want to go. We haven’t seen each other in seven years. We met two days ago, and you are ready, hounding her about children. Leave her alone.”

“Bradley, you are just being hypersensitive about a hypothetical question. Go with Stephano, and leave Bonnie to us.”

Without another word, the two women had Bonnie why her arms and were leading her to their seats. Brad could not understand why she was laughing.

Stephano looked at him and laughed also. “Bonnie is some kind of woman. You warned her about this, and she still came with you?”

“Yes I did. I could not believe it when she said she would join me today. I think this is the last time I will ever see her. She will be moving to Colorado tomorrow, so she can get lost in the mountains. I don’t think my grandmother will be able to find her there.”

“I thought you said your grandmother could find a needle in a haystack.”

“Yes, but the Rocky Mountains are bigger than any haystack you’ve ever seen.”

“Does your grandmother have any mountain goat in her?”

“Shit, I didn’t think about that.”

“We will try to rescue Bonnie, as soon as the ceremony is over.”

“I hope it’s not too late to save her, Stephano.”


Saturday 1:45 PM

The bridesmaids and groomsmen assembled at the rear of the pavilion’s entrance. Stephano and Brad sat behind a screen on the right side of the Cupola, with the priest who would perform the ceremony.

William was seated in a chair outside the home where his daughter was getting dressed. Jemma was inside helping with the last minute details. The black stretch limousine waited for the bridal party to exit the home for the short drive to the pavilion area.

All the notables were there, seated in order of wealth and importance. Clark and Julia Atwater were seated in the front row. Seated next to them were Celeste Mesner Castronova, and her husband Philip; Dycke and Payne Schneider; Harold Chase and Callalily Callaway, Warren and Astrid Buffett, Bill and Melinda Gates, Tom Hanks and his wife, George Clooney, and many, many more wealthy, politically connected and famous people. There was business being discussed, under these tents, but the most important item on everyone’s mind, was next November, and the presidential election. When will Clark Atwater jump in the pool with the rest of the sharks. They hoped it would be today.

There were so many important people in attendance that the Director of the FBI, Fred Hastings, and their families were seated in sixth row. The six girls, although outwardly quiet, were constantly giggling. Dolores and Sharon did not bother to try and stop them. Harmony and Melody hoped to see Patty, after the ceremony, but her father told them she might not have time, because there was a lot of business going to be done today.

Saturday 1:55 P.M.

Carolina Herrera exited the front door first, lifting the front hem of the white gown, 4 inches above the ground to keep it from getting dirt on it.

William stood, and picked up the left side of the gown to the same height. Jemma exited the home and did the same on the right side. The two women that came with Carolina took care of the back.

They shuffled forward to the limousine, and packed Patty and the gown in. It was tricky, but they got in also. They took the back road to the pavilion, and it took less than two minutes to get there. The bridesmaids and groomsmen helped Patty out of the limousine, and were stunned by the simple beauty of the dress. Carolina pushed everyone away so she could fix the veil properly. Once the gown was perfect, the bridesmaids and groomsmen lined up, and a signal was given, by cellphone, to the orchestra began to play the ‘Cannon in ‘C’ Major’.

Saturday 2 P.M.

Carolina acted as the director of this operation and said, “Begin.” The first pairing of ‘Maid’ and ‘Man’ passed through the curtain, and down the center aisle. 10 feet later, the second pairing went, then the third, fourth, fifth and sixth.

The music stopped; as well as each pair did, until the Wedding March started. The priest exited the right side, and took up the central position in the ‘Cupola.’ Stephano, followed by Brad came out and stopped at their appointed spots. The curtains in the rear of the pavilion opened. William and Patricia started the long slow walk down the aisle.

Cameras flashed from every angle. The professional photographer was in front of them moving backwards, as they approached him. Two videos were being taken from different vantage points. Nothing was being left to chance.

Under her veil, Patricia was a glow. “Mom, are you here, can you feel how happy I am. Daddy is here, Stephano is waiting for me, and I wish you could talk to me. I wish I could hold you in my arms today. I miss you so much. I never thought I could be this happy and this sad at the same time. I love you mom.”

As they were approaching the front of the pavilion, she felt her heart glow. She remembered her mother saying she would be in her heart today, and there she was, making her presence known. Her facial expression changed into a bright, happy smile, as she stopped, turned to her father as he lifted her veil, and kissed her.

“Dad, Mom is inside me. She is in my heart, I can feel her.”

“Where else would she be on your day, Patricia. She loved both of us, but she gave her life to save yours. She will be with you forever, never forget that Patricia.”

“I won’t dad. I love you.”

William presented her hand to Stephano, with the same dire warning he had given him before.

“If you hurt her, I am going to put you into a wood chipper, feet first, and watch it slowly chew you up. I love you like a son, but she is my daughter, flesh of my flesh, and I will protect her all the days of my life.”

“William, I accept your edict. I promise you, your daughter will never come to harm from me. I will spank her to keep her in line, but I will never mistreat her, as God is my witness, and as you are her father.”

Patricia asked, “Are you two finished? Is it all right if I get married, or should I take a seat, with my guests?”

“William, she does have a mouth on her, doesn’t she?”

“Get married, we will talk about that mouth, later.”

It is amazing what can happen to you in 27 minutes. You go from a single person, responsible for no one but yourself, to a married person with all the responsibilities for the life of another human being. Patricia was ecstatic, but her attitude towards Stephano changed. She belonged to him completely, and forever. There was no turning back. She would never marry again in her lifetime. She wondered if he felt the same way. From the way he smiled, looked her in the eye, and kissed her, after they took their vows, she was sure he did.

Stephano looked at his bride, and saw a softening in her face. The tension that was there for the past six weeks was gone. She glowed from within and he knew she was in love with him, forever. He knew he loved her with his whole being. He would give his life for her willingly. She was his treasure, and he would treat her that way. At the end of the ceremony, when he lifted her veil and kissed her, there was electricity that passed between them. Some would call it static, but he knew it was a life force that was joining them together. Whether it was her mother, signaling them to be happy together, he did not know. He knew Patricia was forever his. He whispered into her ear, “You belong to me, and I belong to you. Tonight, I am going to take you completely.”

She replied softly, “My mother told me I was going to be very innovative in bed.”

Stephano did not reply. He looked at her, grinned evilly, and kissed her.

Brad tapped Stephano on his shoulder, and said, “I am going to try and rescue Bonnie from my family. Wish me luck; I am going to need it.”

The two men shook hands. He kissed Patty, congratulated her on corralling the big lug she married, and told her there was no more excuses for her to remain a virgin.

“You forget one thing, Brad. If he pisses me off, he is sleeping in another hotel room.”

Brad shook his head. “Are you too sure you’re not from other planets?”

“Remember, Brad, women are from Venus, and men are from Mars.”

“Between the two of you, you are going to drive me out of this universe. Enjoy your honeymoon; I will take good care of the property.”

Brad left them, and went in search of his mother, grandmother, and especially Bonnie, to see if she had not left the wedding screaming.


After the initial congratulatory handshakes, with everyone that was anyone, Jim set up a table where Patricia could meet with donors, who knew about her expertise in computers. Through their contacts around the world, they had also gleaned information about the two computers she destroyed, without anyone physically being in the room with them. They wanted to be in on the ground floor of that technology.

Bill and Melinda were the first people to speak with her. She told them her program was not like ‘Stuxnet’, which only infected a computer’s logic software.

Patricia explained that the technology was so secret only the president and three other people knew of its existence, and only she knew the codes that made it work. She said, “The president had not made a decision, yet, on whether to allow her to patent the technology. It was so revolutionary; it could destabilize the entire world.”

When she said those words to many of the people she spoke to that afternoon, most of them stopped breathing.

When she was introduced to Harold Chase. She said, “You are a fucking idiot.”

Callalily said, “You dress like a slut.”

Patty turned, looked, and screamed, “Callie, I wasn’t sure if you were coming?”

“According to you, I am marrying a fucking idiot. Take it back before a scratch your eyes out.”

“You don’t know what he did, do you?”

“What did my soon-to-be husband do?”

“He had the most advanced software program ever designed, and he sold it to Microsoft for a misery $5.2 billion. If he kept it, and kept his business around, Microsoft would be selling for $8 a share, Apple for $25 a share, and Chase would be selling at $5000 a share. He’s an asshole.”

“Patricia, you are lucky, this is your wedding day, or I would be wiping you up with the floor. I love that man, and I will not allow you to talk to him that way. He had no one but himself to work that business. He was the only designer, and he did not have a manager he could trust to run the business end of it. That was the reason he had to sell out to Microsoft. If you were more than 10 years old at the time, you could have helped him. He is here to talk to you about something he is working on now. Keep your mouth shut for a few minutes, and listen to him.”

“Shit, I am sorry, Harold, I don’t usually stick both feet in my mouth, before I know all the facts. I apologize for what I said. Callie is the asshole. She promised to get me drunk one evening, and she failed miserably. Not only did she fail, but she left me with three unattached men, while she left to fornicate with one.”

Callie screamed, “You bitch, I am going to get you for that one.”

Patricia laughed. “I’ll call Alan and see what he has in mind for you, freezer hands.”

“I am going to rip that dress off of your body.”

“I don’t think Stephano would mind that right now.”

Harold asked if it was okay for him to talk to Patricia, now.

Both women yelled, “NO!”

He said, “I’m going to get Dycke, maybe he can smack some sense into one of you.”

A few moments later, Harold and Dycke returned with a large bag of ice under each arm. Callie’s eyes opened wide and she said, “Harold, you wouldn’t dare.”

Harold reached into his pocket and pulled out a strawberry. “Does this remind you of anything, my sweet?”

“Harold, stay away from me.”

“Callie; Dycke, and I have business to discuss with Patricia. Go away, or you will be buried in ice, with a strawberry buried in a very familiar place.”

Patricia asked, “Where did you put it, Harold?”

“Don’t you dare tell her, Harold. You will never get laid again.”

“You have two choices, Callie. You can leave peacefully, and give me a few minutes alone, with your friend, or you can lie down on the table and spread your legs. You know what I will do after that, don’t you.”

Patty looked at Callie and said, “You let him do that to you, you naughty girl.”

Callie responded, “I was tied up at the time.”

“Tied up? I have not tried it. What did it feel like?”

Before she could answer, Harold said, “She had more orgasms in those 3 hours, then she had since she broke her cherry.”

Callie replied, “That’s not true. It was close, but not true.”

“Are you leaving, or lying down, Callie? I am sure we would gather a crowd, if you were to lie down.”

“I will get even with you, Harold, if it is the last thing I ever do.”

“Think about our children, before you do that Callie. You could be pregnant, and my children would no longer have a father.”

“You idiot, you were not supposed to mention that.”

Patricia said, “Where is my cellphone when I need it. I am sure Susan would love to know about this. By the time you got home, there will be billboards all along 89A , proclaiming Callie is pregnant.”

“I am not pregnant. We are just trying to become pregnant.”

“Leave us alone for a few minutes Callie, let me see what these two men want.”

Dycke said, “Congratulations Mrs. Valentino, how does it feel to be newly married.”

“Mister Schneider, it was a torturous road for Stephano and me to get to today, but I believe we have both grown very close together. If we had done this any sooner, I believe our marriage would have been a train wreck. I am very happy, with my current situation, and I think he is also.”

“Please call me Dycke. It is less formal, and if you accept what Harold and I have to propose to you today, we will become both long-term business partners, and lifelong friends.”

“Thank you, Dycke, please call me Patty. What do you have in mind?”

“Patty, all I will be doing is funding the operation, and taking care of the business side of it. Stephano is more than welcome to take part in it, because of his expertise in the business area. Mostly, it will be up to you, and Harold to perform the magic. I know all about your program; don’t ask me how I know, but I do. How you came up with something that explosive is unbelievable; and that you are able to reverse the process is even more revolutionary.”

“I never told anyone about that, except the president.”

“Yes Patty, I know. I will never mention it to anyone else, except of course, Harold. That is what put the bug up his ass to get back to work. He did not believe it could be done, and from what I have found out, neither did the experts at the FBI, or the NSA, until you pulled the plug on them. I thought it was very cute of you to shut them down.”

“Dycke, just so I can be sure you are not guessing at all of this, how much do I get paid per day?”

“A little less than I do, Patty. You get $1.4 million a day, which is a very tidy sum. However, you only get it, when you work for the FBI, I get paid every day.”

“Harold, tell me about your program.”

“Patty, there are three major sources of carbon dioxide emissions: Coal, Cars, and Cows. I am working on a program that I believe with your help, can reduce the carbon dioxide emissions from coal to down to less than 1.1% of what it is now. The coal seems to be easiest to figure out if my initial program run is correct. The cars is what I am stuck on. That is where I need your genius. If we can hit our stride on both of these problems at the same time, and have the president introduce both bills to Congress simultaneously, both the coal industry, and the automotive industry special interest groups will cancel each other out. They can’t say that we are picking on one instead of the other. The problem is sulfur and hydrocarbons. My program has shown a way of letting the sulfur react with the hydrocarbons, changing them into inert compounds. There is a lot of work to do, and a lot of testing to do after that to make sure the compound is harmless to the planet and the people on it. However, if everything I think comes to pass, we will be closer to zero emissions faster and cheaper than anyone ever imagined. Nobel prizes will be thrown at us. Every science prize will be on our shelves. There will not be enough banks to hold our money. When we have enough for our lives, the lives of our children, grandchildren, and generations to come, we will release all our patents and give the technology out for free. What do you think?”

“I think we are going to need a Cray 5 computer, and a secure place to house it. Also, I will not leave Glens Falls. It is the only place I have found happiness. I love everything you have said, and I would love to help you with your quest, but I am staying here for the rest of my life.”

Dycke replied, “You do not have to leave. You can work from home. I have secure satellite, microwave, fiber-optic, long line, and every other kind of secure communications available. Nothing my companies transmit are over clear communications lines. It is expensive, but it drives my competitors crazy. If you have to travel, it will be on private jet, never commercial. If I am going to pay you $1.5 million a day, your time is very valuable to me.”

“Dycke, I only charge that amount of money to the FBI when I have to use my programs. I am very wealthy in my own right, and you don’t have to pay me so exorbitantly.”

“When Harold and I discussed a timeframe for this particular program, he said. It would be 2 to 3 years, including the testing. If you figure in another two years to get coal and automobile industry changes through Congress, that brings it to five years. When the program hits the general market, in the first six months, I anticipate sales in excess of $300 billion, between those two industries. Our total outlay during that time should not exceed $15 billion. My companies can absorb that outlay, without going to the bank for a loan. We will become the largest corporation in the world, within 10 years. If you can figure out what to do with the flatulent cows, it won’t take us that long.”

“How will we set up the corporation between us?”

“Since I will be funding the operation, you two will be indebted to me for two thirds of the general outlay. I will get 50% of the income until that is paid off. After that, we each get one third of the profits, less the costs of business management fees.”

“Who makes the decision on the management fees?”

“Stephano will be involved in that area. Any time you wish to see the books, you are welcome to do so. Our corporate offices are in Charleston, South Carolina. Harold lives in Cottonwood, Arizona, and has an apartment in the building I live in. It is very convenient when he comes to town for a few days, or a few weeks. From our balconies, we have beautiful views of the Ashley River, the Intercoastal Waterway, the City of Charleston’s historic area, and the Atlantic ocean.”

“You make it sound idyllic, Dycke.”

“I have lived in that building, since a few weeks after Payne, and I got married. I have never regretted one day of it.”

“Will Stephano have to go down there to conduct business?”

“I’m afraid the answer to that is yes. If he is going to become an integral part of the management of our new venture, he has to meet the people he is dealing with; he has to learn their talents and weaknesses, and set up whatever protocols he needs, as far as the distribution of information, and money is concerned. An aircraft will be at his disposal, with 24-hours’ notice. Tell him not to be frightened when he sees my wife in the flight deck. She is one of the best pilots in our fleet.”

“Dycke, Harold, sign me up, because I am in. My mother told me I was going to meet people today, and I would help them change the world.”

“I thought your mother had passed away.”

“Yes she did; but I talk to her every day with my heart.”

“I will have my lawyers draw up contracts for the three of us. Have your lawyers read them carefully. Make sure everything I said is in them, and you are protected. Harold and I have known each other for many years. We sealed our deal with a handshake. However, with the addition of a third party, we need an official document. My father-in-law will draw it up, and I will have it to you in a few weeks. I want both of you in South Carolina to sign it. We will have a press conference to tell the world what you are working on, and the timeframe for it. It will catch every other software company off guard, because no one will be working on it. It will catch both industries off guard, and they will scream bloody murder. I want this over with before the programs are completed. Your reputations will smooth the way for this to work. Let’s kick some big countries, and company’s asses. While we are at it, let’s save the planet at the same time.”

Celeste tapped Dycke on his shoulder and said, “Dycke, if you think I am going to let you monopolize these two geniuses, and what you have in the pipeline, I will make sure you cannot buy lead for your pencils. I helped put the president where he is now, and I am going to help put Clark in that seat next. We can do this my way, we can do this your way, or we can do with the easy way. Which shall it be?”

“Celeste, one day I am going to be richer than you are, and then I am going to be able to threaten you.”

“Dear boy, why do you think I am not letting you monopolize the programs, Harold, and Patricia are going to design. Changing sulfur, and hydrocarbons into inert matter is a stroke of genius. You do know how many labs and computer experts I have working for me. If I put them onto this one task, I may be able to get ahead of you and patent it. However, I do not want to steal Harold’s computers, which he does not hide very well between Callie’s clothing. I want to play fair, only if you will play fair with me. I will fund half of the operation, you fund the other half, and we split your 50% in half, until it is paid off by these two. Do you agree?”

“Do I really have a choice, Celeste?”

“Of course you do, dear boy, but with one phone call, Harold’s computers disappear.”

“Celeste, you are some piece of work. I will have my father-in-law draw up the contracts. We will have a press conference in Charleston in a month, to let the world know what we’re working on, and the timeframe for it.”

“I knew you would be reasonable. Also, this keeps it outside your family business interests. You can sell your portion to me any time you want. It’s going to be interesting to find out what kind of hardware we will have to build to put these programs to use. It would be a boom to the American economy to have it built in the United States.”

Dycke said to everyone at the table, “If the election is close, we could always have Clark announce, late in the election process, that he made an agreement with us to have all the equipment, for the changes in the coal and automobile industries, manufactured in the United States. It will give him the entire Northeast, plus Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky. A Republican cannot win the election, without those states.”

Celeste laughed. “Dycke, you just called me ‘a piece of work.’ What should I call you for that piece of thievery?”

“Saving the country from another Boston ‘TEA PARTY!’”

“I have to drink tea, I’m pregnant again.”

“Does Philip ever stop getting you pregnant? Do you have a pact or something, ‘One year on, One year off?”

“I have a dear friend, who said we were going to have five children. She told Philip, we would have four girls all with blonde hair, and green eyes. She has been correct so far. This one is supposed to be boy. I will not take a sonogram, because Philip will bribe the doctor to find out the sex of this baby, with everything he owns. It is driving him crazy. He can’t go near my friend, Antonia, because she puts the screws to him better than a medieval torture device. When he sees her coming, he runs away. She is all of 5 feet tall and 103 pounds. If you ever have the pleasure of meeting her, don’t ever call her short. She has not out 200-pound FBI agents, and my husband without any trouble. It got so bad, the Archbishop of Milan had to put restrictions on her behavior.”

“God had to be called in to calm her down?”

“Her husband is 6’2″ tall 220 pounds, and built like an Abrams tank. He bench- presses cars for fun. Before they got married, she used to beat the shit out of him regularly. She is now my financial advisor.”

“I can see that, no company would dare disappoint her instructions on earnings and dividends.”

“She also has a cutting sense of humor, you have to watch out for. You will never see it coming until it is too late.”

“What you’re saying is, ‘If I don’t visit Italy, I’m safe.”

“Oh no, Dycke; when we make our announcement in South Carolina, I’m bringing her with me. We will all go out to dinner together afterwards. Payne will love her.”

“I think I’m going to be sick.”

“Good, I’m going to enjoy that evening even more. After all, I will be five months pregnant by then, someone has to throw up at the table.”

“Celeste, first you rain on my parade, then you want some little person to stomp over my head.”

“I am going to tell Antonia you called her ‘a little person.’ That should get her riled up for our visit to Charleston.”

“How far and fast can she run?”

“She holds the record for the Malan marathon. You can look it up online, if you like.”

“Have I told you lately that I hate you Celeste?”

“You know you don’t hate me. You just want to be as rich as I am, so you can get even with me.”

“If you keep putting in on my business ventures, how am I supposed to get as rich as you are?”

“You’re not, that’s why I keep butting in. You are smarter than Warren and three times younger. You and I are going to be friends for a very long time. If this system works as well as we think it will, we may see blue skies all over the world again, and our bankbooks will exceed some major countries.”

“There are only so many yachts we can waterski behind.”

“Yes, but look what we can do for all those impoverished countries that need our help. We can start here at home, and once we get the one and of six Americans that are living in poverty out of it, by changing the rules the Congress has forced them to live under, we can help the rest of the world, one country at a time.”

Patty said, “My mother told me, before my wedding that this was the day to start changing the world, let’s get to work.”


Clark Atwater never touched a check all during the event. Jim Green took care of that. Clark held intimate discussions with his well-heeled donors, espousing his views on the role of government in the private lives of its citizens, its role as the world’s police force, problems with the nation’s infrastructure, the federal deficit, social security, and many other problems facing the nation. He told them what was fixable, what was not, and why.

These people were not used to such frank discussions. They were used to politicians, who danced around the edges of problems, and promised to fix everything within the first 100 days of their administration. They paid their $5 million to hear this kind of discussion, and they were very pleased with it.

At the end of the day, Jim Green calculated the amount of money that was collected, and smiled. Every other Democrat would fall out of the race once Clark announced his intention to run. With this one event, he had garnered a war chest of $525 million. The closest Democratic competitor, the senator from Massachusetts had not yet reached the $200 million mark. He would fold like a house of cards. The Republicans were mired in a four-man battle, and not one of them had exceeded $100 million in their war chests.

Jim had to remind himself that this was the small event. The big event would take place in December, when Clark’s niece got married. When corporations got wind of the amount of money raised today, they would open their checkbooks and start writing seven-figure checks with Clark’s name on them. Since the Supreme Court said that corporations were people, they were no longer restricted to the amount of money they could give any one candidate. Corporations normally spent their money on the other party. With Clark’s huge advantage, Jim knew, in his heart, this would change like the wind.


Brad found the three of them seated together, eating, and laughing. He did not know whether to be relieved or worried. As he approached them, his grandmother said, “Bradley, have you eaten anything. The food is delicious, and Bonnie is delectable.”

Under his breath, he said, “Oh shit, what have they done to her.”

“Bonnie, would you like to dance?”

“I would love to.” She put her plate on to her seat, took Brad’s hand, and followed him to the dance floor.

He asked her, “How terrible has it been?”

“They are hysterical. They don’t hold anything back, when it comes to you. They told me everything you did, during high school, college, and graduate school. Your mother told me about the gigolo thing. She told me what a wonderful job you did on Patricia’s house, and you being an indentured servant. Your grandmother told me about taking your Corvette away. I know the size of your waist. The length of your inseam, your shirt size, and the color ties you like. I even know the type of chocolates you gave them for Valentine’s Day. By the way, they don’t like milk chocolate, they prefer dark chocolate.”

Brad said, “Really, I never knew that, they never told me.”

“Do you remember when I asked you about my address?”


“Your grandmother and mother do not need a computer, when it comes to you. They remember everything about you from the second you came out of your mother’s womb, to the moment you took my hand, and asked me to dance. It is like they have a direct connection to your brain; you have never been able to pull the wool over their eyes, ever.”

“I thought I was the cleverest kid in school, and my mother knew everything I did.”

“They even know I was Thursday night.”

“Oh no, that is embarrassing.”

“If I am not embarrassed, why are you?”

“I wanted us to start out with a clean slate. I didn’t want them to taint you with our past. I’m sorry about that Bonnie. First, they invade my privacy, and then they take you on a trip down memory lane, which could affect what you think of me.”

“Brad, I was there in high school. I remember what you did, because I was one of your conquests. I did not need anyone to remind me. They did not distort my view of you. I know who and what you were, and you reinforced that yesterday. You also told me that you were trying to change. What more can any woman ask for. You didn’t lie to me yesterday, and you are not lying to me now. I don’t know how you feel about it, but I find it refreshing.”

“Bonnie, did I tell you how beautiful you look today?”

“I believe you did, but you can say it over and over again, if you’d like.”

“Bonnie, you look extraordinarily beautiful today.”

Stephano and Patricia danced over to Brad and Bonnie. Stephano said, “I see you saved her from your mother.”

“No, not really, they told her every one of my dirty little secrets, before I got there. I am trying to save our relationship now.”

Patty said, “Brad, did you say relationship? Did I miss something in the last few days?”

“Patricia, this is Bonnie. We went to high school together, and reconnected on Thursday when I went with Stephano for a massage. We hit it off, and since neither of us are seeing each other, I told her what a bastard I was, until I met you two escapees from other planets. I told her if you two could learn to live together, I would like to find out if we could start a relationship together. Much to my surprise she said yes, probably because she has a double-barreled shotgun in her home.”

Patricia laughed. “Bonnie, you are a girl after my own heart.”

“It’s not a double-barreled shotgun, Patty. It’s a pump action shotgun. It carries five rounds in the stock, and one in the chamber. He will be a good boy.”

“I have watched him change over the last six months. With five or six more years of training, I think he will be marriage material.”

“Would you guys give me a break. You’re beginning to sound like my mother.”

“No Brad, your mother is planning an April wedding for us.”

“Please tell me it’s not true. Please tell me you’re joking. Bonnie please look at me and tell me you’re joking.”

“I will quote what your mother said to me. ‘ My mother and I were both April brides. Wouldn’t it be wonderful for you and Bradley to get married in the same month as we were.’”

“I am going to kill them both. That is the only way we are going to have a chance at a normal relationship.”

Patty laughed at him. “Brad, just the thought of you and normal in the same sentence doesn’t seem right. Let’s go to the barn, and see what ‘Timeless’ thinks about this.”

“You keep that god damn horse away from me and my car.”

“Brad, I love horses; why don’t you introduce me to her.”

“Yes Brad, why don’t you do that. We can’t go with you, but it should be a very enlightening experience for Bonnie.”


The first thing Brad did, as they entered the barn, was grabbed a bucket and fill it with oats. Bonnie did not say a thing, as she followed him to ‘Timeless’ stall. She was lying down, resting, until she saw her two guests peering down at her. She got up, shook herself off, and went to see who was visiting her. She recognized Brad, but not the pretty woman with him. She bowed her head over the rail; stuck her muzzle near the woman’s head, and sniffed her. The woman made a very good impression on her, when she scratched her behind her left ear.

Brad attached a lead to Timeless halter, opened the gate, and let her out. He put the bucket of oats on the J ring, and allowed her to eat to her heart’s content. Of course, with any horse, what goes in one end, comes out the other.

“Oh shit.”

Bonnie laughed. “That’s exactly what it is, Brad.”

“Really, that’s one of my jobs. While I’m here, tuxedo or no, I have to clean up after them. I will be right back, I have to get the shit shovel.”

Brad did his duty, cleaned himself off, and returned to Bonnie. She asked him if it was true that ‘Timeless’ did it to his car.

“This horse will do anything, Patricia tells her to do. They have a mental bond between them that is something to behold.”

“Brad, did you design this barn? It looks like it’s a bomb shelter for horses.”

“It’s a long story, but I will shorten it. The previous barn was a wooden structure that went up in flames. Patty risked her own life to get her horses out. That’s how I met her; in the hospital, the next day. She wanted a barn that was fireproof, so nothing like that would ever happen to her horses again. I told her I would be back in a week with preliminary plans. She said she wanted it by dinner. I told her no one could do it that quickly. She asked me if I had Computer Assisted Design on my computer. I said yes. She took the computer from me, and designed this within a few hours. All I did was the electrical, plumbing, and other things that brought it to code. I should have learned at that point, never to bet with her, because she was brilliant. However, I was arrogant, and I was going to get between her thighs, before she knew what hit her.”

“She began to teach you how to become a man, instead of being a hormone driven boy.”

“I told you, six months ago, I was a piece of shit. Six months ago, I met Patty, and she started changing my life. Stephano arrived a few days later, and my education went into high gear. I consider myself good-looking. Stephano has it all. He is tall, always looks tanned, a face that was etched by the gods, and hair that any woman would die for. He was like me in college and graduate school. Anything in a skirt was fair play, then he met Patty, and his life changed. She has that effect on men.”

“If she could bottle it, she could be a millionaire.”

“Patty is worth over $500 million. She doesn’t need any more money.”

“Holy Shit! She doesn’t act like she’s that wealthy. She seems like a normal person.”

“After everything she has gone through over this past year, that’s all she ever wanted to be: NORMAL.”

‘Timeless’ finished eating, and Brad put her back in her stall. She nuzzled the woman again, and received a scratch behind her left ear for her trouble. As they were walking down the length of the barn, Bonnie asked Brad, “Is that a hayloft?”

“Yes, we store all the extra hay, and grain there.”

“I’ve never made love in a hayloft.”

“Bonnie, I am trying to be good and to make this a long lasting relationship. I like you very much. I would have taken you on the massage table, and let Stephano watch while I did it. I don’t want you to rush into something, because of what we did before.”

“Brad, I was a virgin when you took me, I am not one now. I know what the score is, and I want to make love with you. If it works out between us, it works out. If it doesn’t, that’s fine too. Let’s go up into the hayloft, and fool around.”

“I didn’t know you were a virgin, the first time.”

“You didn’t give me time to tell you. I didn’t have a hymen, because I did ballet, and gymnastics as a child. With all the splits in the dance routines, and on the balance beam, it broke by itself.”

“Did you enjoy your first time?”

“I kept coming back for more, didn’t I.”

“Would you like to take the elevator, or the stairs?”

“There’s an elevator in here?”

“No self-respecting barn would be without one.”

Brad had Bonnie step out of the way as he lowered the 4′ x 4′ plank of two by fours used to lower the bags of grain from the loft. He attached the chains to the four eyebolts in the corners and called Bonnie back to him.

He said, “Take off your heels, please, and give them to me. Stand as close to the center chain as you can, and hold on. I will tell you when the elevator is going up. Oh, how much do you weigh?”

“Bradley, you were never supposed to ask a woman that.”

“It was just a safety precaution. I didn’t want the elevator to go up too fast. I would guess, 140 pounds.”

Bonnie screamed, “I am not 140 pounds. I am 122 pounds.”

Brad shook his head, and smiled. “It gets them every time.”

“You are a real bastard, Brad.”

“I have been trying to tell you that since yesterday. I don’t want you to get hurt.”

“For some reason, Brad, I don’t think you are going to hurt me.”

“Okay, I have to go work the controls on the elevator. I will see you shortly.”

Brad climbed the ladder to the loft put three bales of hay onto the counterweight of the elevator, and moved it over the edge. He yelled, “Hang on tight, elevator going up.” He released the drag on the pulley, and gravity worked its magic, as 150 pounds pulled up 122 pounds very easily. When Bonnie’s lift was in the proper position. He put the drag brake on hold, took her by the hand, and helped her into the loft.

“How did you like your elevator ride?”

“Who invented this one?”

“Patricia. She was by herself, when she got here, and had no way to put this stuff up in the old barn. This was the method she devised, and it works. She made me install it in this barn.”

“She is amazing, isn’t she.

“She learned to drive a forklift by reading the manual.”

“Now you’re lying to me, Brad.”

“If I am, I will leave this barn, and not make love to you.”

“You know, I’m going to ask her about that, don’t you.”

“Ask her about learning to drive the manual transmission truck, without ever taking a lesson. You will laugh until you cry.”

“Brad, let’s make love before I pee myself.”

“I have seen that happen before, believe it or not.”

“I am sure you have seen more than that. I do not want to get hay all over my dress. Help me take it off, and hang it over one of the rafters. You had better do the same thing with your tuxedo.”

“There are two small apartments downstairs where we can clean up afterwards. They have showers and everything necessary to make us look presentable.”

Brad helped her off with her dress, and stopped. “Bonnie, you could not look any more beautiful than you are.”

She stood there before him, and blushed. She went to cover her breasts, because suddenly she felt shy. His eyes were burning through her, and she wished she had worn a dress that needed a bra underneath it. It would have given her time to adjust to his gaze. He forgot about putting her dress over the rafters. He threw it onto a bale of hay. He approached her, took her in his arms, and kissed her for the first time, as a man.

She came. She shuddered, she tingled, her body was alight with fire, and she could not understand what happened to her. She had sex with multiple partners over the many years since she had left high school, and this had never happened to her before. He had not touched her, and her panties were soaked. Holy crap, what is going on with me. Yesterday he didn’t remember me. Today he hasn’t touched me, yet, I explode, plus it’s better than most of the orgasms I’ve had while having sex. “Watch out April, here I cum!” She did, as soon as he suckled on her breast.

“Brad, let me help you get undressed, I need you inside me.” Bonnie spun him around, pulled off his jacket, and threw it by her dress. She pulled the suspenders off his shoulders, reached around, unbuttoned his slacks, and lowered his zipper. She pulled down his pants and shorts, spun him around, pushed him to the ground, and straddled his hips. She pulled her panties to the side, ripping them in the process. She grabbed his dick, placed the head at her opening, and plunged it deep into her vagina.

She said, “‘Welcome Home Baby,’ I’ve missed you.”

Brad was in a state of shock, because of the ferocity of her attack on him. Normally, he was the aggressor, but Bonnie seemed lost in her reverie. ‘Welcome Home Baby’; had he made that much of an impression on her, when they were young. Her note said she wanted to take it out for another test drive, and she certainly was doing that now. He was not going to let this be a one- woman show. He was going to help her go around the Sun, and come back floating to earth peacefully. He slipped his right hand, between their bodies and found the little man sticking out between her lips. He pinched it hard, she screamed in pain, and in pleasure, and flooded the lower part of his body. She did not lose a beat. She continued pounding him, up and down, with every ounce of strength she had in her. He raised his head, took a nipple into his mouth, and sucked on it, until it was fully distended. He went to the other breast, where he performed the same magic. His left hand, took one nipple, his mouth the other, and his right hand held onto her clit. He continued to tease all three until she was ready to explode into orgasm. When she came, he compressed all three into the size of an atom. Bonnie never knew what hit her. She came continuously, until she had no strength left in her body. She collapsed, and fell into a deep sleep on top of him. She thought she had died, and gone to heaven, because all she saw was a bright light, and she was being drawn nearer, and nearer to it.

She did not know how long she slept, but someone kept asking her to wake up. He was kissing her ear, and her cheek. However, he was insistent she had to wake up. Her eyes fluttered open, and she realized she was on top of Brad.

“How long have I been sleeping?”

“I don’t know, I didn’t want to move and disturb you. I liked holding you, and you snore beautifully.”

“I do not snore, and if I do, it is ungentlemanly of you to mention it.”

“I have warned you that I am not a gentleman yet. I am working on it, but I am not there.”

“Don’t let this go to your head, Brad; but in the last six years, you have become terrific in bed. I have never come so much in my life. I came when you kissed me, and I don’t know why. You had the same effect on me in the 10th grade. I couldn’t get enough of you then, I am afraid I will not be able to get enough of you now. If we break up, this is going to end terribly for me.”

“Bonnie, we are at the beginning of a relationship. Let’s learn about one another. We both know that we love sex, but we can’t build a relationship around it. I don’t even know what you like to do. What is your favorite color, what type movies you like, where do you like to go on vacations, what are your hobbies, and 1000 other things we need to know about one another to make a lifelong commitment. These are important things to know if we don’t want to get divorced in two years. Do you want children? What kind of father would I be with my track record, if we had a girl? Hello, I’m doing all the talking here, and you’re not saying a word.”

“Brad, when did you grow up?”

“I keep telling you, babe, I started growing up six months ago, with help from two very good friends.”

“You must remind me to thank them. I think your mother’s wish may come true.”

“Which one, she makes so many wishes, I can’t keep track of them?”

“I’m talking about the April wedding one. Brad, you do not have to say a thing, but I think I love you. I think you’re going to grow up to be a very good husband, and a wonderful father. I loved you in high school, and I know that doesn’t count. When I saw you on my table for a massage, it all came rushing back to me. Then I saw that erection of yours, and I could not stop giggling. It was the same way you walked around school. All the girls loved it, and it was mine on Thursday nights.”

“Bonnie, please give us a chance to get to know one another.”

“Brad, you can have all the time in the world, or until April, as your mother said. However, she never said what year.”

“I think you are as devious, as my mother and grandmother.”

“I am a woman, we are born with that gene.”

“I think we should get dressed and rejoin the wedding. I guarantee you, my mother has missed us by now.”


“Oh God, are we in trouble.”

“I see what you mean Bonnie. We couldn’t get all these specs of hay off us, unless we had a vacuum. I have an idea, I can tell them that ‘Timeless’ bumped into me. I knocked into you, and we both fell down in the hay. Do you think that will work?”

“No, but it sounds good.”

They went to the dance floor, trying to be as inconspicuous as possible, but within minutes they were surrounded by his mother and grandmother.

“Come with us you two, you have some explaining to do.”

Bonnie said, “Brad, take me home, I have a headache.”

“I am sorry mom, I can’t go with you. Bonnie has a headache and I’m taking her home.”

“Bonnie could have no head as far as I am concerned, you two are coming with us.”

“Bonnie, you are about to meet my real mother.”

“Where were you two for the last hour and a half?”

“My boss sent me to the barn to check on the horses. ‘ Timeless’ nearly killed both of us. She knocked into me, and I hit Bonnie. We both fell on the floor and into the hay by her stall. I forgot to bring the bucket of oats for her, and she got angry with me. Bonnie was able to calm her down by scratching her behind her ear.”

Donna looked at her mother, and said, “That was a pretty ingenious story, mom. It doesn’t explain what they were doing in a hayloft, but the story was pretty good.”

“Bradley was never bad at inventing stories. That’s why he got a 1600 on his English SAT.”

“Isn’t there anything sacred from you two?”

“Don’t blame us. Stephano and Patricia said to wait 45 minutes, and something exciting should be happening between you two in the barn.”

Brad asked, “How do they always know. It’s like they know me better than I know myself.”

“We don’t know you better than you know yourself Brad. It’s we believe in you, more than you do.”

He turned and saw Patty and Stephano standing behind him.

“What are you two going to do when I fail?”

“We are going to watch you get up, and try again. That’s all any of us can do. I have failed Stephano, and he has failed me. However, here we are, can either of us ask any more of each other? Once I asked him for a relationship based on a 50-50. When I did my research on him it was 99 to 1 in his favor, so I left him. Afterwards, he came back and tried to change, just like you are trying to change now. That’s when I became the tyrant, the odds went to 99 to 1 in my favor, and he left me. We both have faults, and we will fight, but we will never go to bed angry with one another. You have made us a room to argue in. We will not leave it until we are argued out, and we are 50-50 again.

As far as you and Bonnie are concerned, do what you want to do, not what your mother wants you to do. She wants you to get married in April, get married in November. Don’t let her lead your life. Live together, but only if you want to. Learn about each other, but don’t get married until you are absolutely sure of your commitment to one another. Children are the ones that get screwed up in a divorce. Be sure of one another before you make that step. If you do, we want to be invited.”

“You two are absolutely the nuttiest pair I have ever met. One day you make no sense at all. The next day you get the soundest advice anyone could ever ask for. What planets did you say you were from?”

Stephano laughed. “It doesn’t matter where we were from Brad; we are both Earthlings now.”

“Your kids are going to change the world.”

“That is the nicest thing you have ever said to us, Brad.”

The master of ceremonies came over to the newlyweds and said, “It’s time to cut your 12 cakes.”

Patricia said, “I have a better idea. Bonnie come with me.

Patty made an announcement from the middle of the dance floor telling everyone it was now time for the cakes to be cut. Instead of her trying to cut all 12 of them, she had picked 12 trustee volunteers and their mates to do it for her. Her six maids of honor and their groomsmen would be on the right and the following people would join me here: Victoria Valentino, Jemma Zabo, Bonnie Nuzo, Marie Mobley, Doctor Elizabeth Nall, and Colonel Aurora Markham.

Patty introduced Victoria as her mother-in-law. Then stood next to Jemma, and said, “This beautiful giant is my mommy,” which brought a roar from the audience. Then she explained that she was her stepmother, and that her breasts were really her own, because she had just given birth to her brother, William, Junior, her father’s pride and joy. She introduced Bonnie, as a new friend, Marie Mobley as a classmate, who was marrying one of her best friends Steve Lyons, of LyonsLiquidLogic.com. She asked if anyone in the audience had a headache, and multiple groups of people raised their hands. She said I would like to introduce to my doctor, Doctor Elizabeth Nall, and if you think you have a headache, you should have seen what I did to this one, after I came out of my coma. I think she still has nightmares about me being in her hospital. Doctor Nall nodded her head in affirmation. Finally, I would like to introduce you to Colonel Aurora Markham, the only F-15 fighter pilot that can give you a boring ride, from Sedona, Arizona, to Dover, Delaware at supersonic speeds. It was so boring I fell asleep. She got so angry with me , when I told her that, she said, “When I take you back, we are going upside down.” I told her that it was okay with me, at least, I would have to ground to look at.”

The people in the audience loved it. However, Aurora said to Patty, “I am going to ‘Operation Red Flag’ at Nellis Air Force Base, outside Las Vegas. Would you like to sit in the back seat and see what my airplane can do?”

“I’m sorry Aurora, the president won’t let me do anything like that anymore. I have been told I am a National Treasure, and I am not allowed to do anything fun anymore. Oh, I just put you at the top of list for your first star. Don’t be surprised when you get a letter to come in for your interview.”

“Patty, I’ve only been a Colonel for one year, someone is going to look in the records to see what is going on.”

“Yes, I know, and they are going to find cases of sexual discrimination, harassment, passed over for promotion, and all that other good stuff. The Congressman who are going to hear your case and vote on your promotion are going to receive packets of their own to help them approve your promotion. Congratulations in advance, General.”

“Patty, you are out of your fucking mind.”

“Aurora, do you deserve to be there? Have you worked your ass off for 23 years just to be stuck with your ass in a pilot seat. They have fucked you over time and time again. We need people with character in that five-sided building. Take your PhD and use it.”

“Thank you Patty, I will use it to make the service better.”

“I know you will, now go cut my cake. Who did you bring with you?”

“A friend.”

“Good for you; tell her I said hello.”

“You are too smart for your own good.”

“I want you to be happy Aurora. If you need me, you know where I am.”

When Patty asked if everyone ready to cut the cakes, the 12 assignees raised their knives and yelled ‘Yes.’ Patty said, “One, Two, Three, and Cut.” The base layer of the four layer cakes received a 5-inch incision on two sides, and one piece of cake was removed. 12 pieces of cake are placed on dishes plus one more for Patricia. Stephano stood by her side has Patty said, “Ladies, feed your escorts.”

Stephano looked leery, but Patricia took a fork and cut a small piece of cake, and fed it to him. He nodded and said, “Very good.” She had her fork at the ready and asked, “Would you like another piece, Steph?”

“Yes dear, I would.” Patty cut another small piece, and asked Stephano opened his mouth, Patty moved the fork towards his mouth, and as Stephano squinted to accept the cake, she pushed the plate into his face, spreading it all over. Then, she ran, laughing, for life.

The audience laughed at him as he tried to clear his eyes and face of the mess that was left on it. No one offered him a napkin or water to help clear off what was there. When Stephano could see again, he picked up the microphone and announced that he and his bride were leaving on their honeymoon. He wished them all to stay and enjoy the rest of the evening, but his wife had earned a spanking the likes of which he had wished to give her for the longest time. Now, she belonged to him, and he was going to give her, as well as she had given to him. “Good night, ladies and gentlemen, I hope you enjoyed this day as much as we have. I know I am going to enjoy the night that is coming, in more ways than one.”

He went over to his parents, and hugged both of them. “Dad, I am sorry this is such a short visit. Hopefully Michael will allow me to come to Louisiana and see you in the near future. You were right about so many things, when it came to Patty. Why did our family have to wind up being involved on the wrong side of the law. You are so smart you could have done anything, been anyone you wanted to be.”

“Stephano, my son, if things had not turned out the way they did, you would have followed me. I had to follow my father, I had no choice. He had to follow his father, he had no choice. I can’t tell you how it started in Naples. I can’t tell you how it moved to northern Italy. All I know is that it did, and when my grandfather told my father to jump, he jumped and I followed suit. Patricia was the best thing that happened to me, and to you.”

14:00 hours

Devina parked the car in the shoddy parking deck in downtown Detroit and exited. From the outside no one would have ever guess it housed a level 1 military funded research facility underneath. Walking towards the elevator she pressed the up button then down button in fast sequence and entered the elevator. Once inside she waited as the elevator went down, past all the available floors listed. The doors opened and she entered into a well-lit hallway with an astringent smell of a research laboratory. Walking down the windowless hall she came upon a door and entered into a meeting room with others inside.

“Agent Strauss, you’re right on time” the man standing said. His short military buzz cut gave him a hard demeanor and his steel grey eyes glared into her.

“Lieutenant Douglass,” Devina said towards the man, her greeting brief.

The rest of the room looked up at her entrance, a man and a woman in white lab coats denoting their research status, and one man, Agent Kent in all black.

“Devina, you look beautiful as ever” Kent said, his blue eyes gazing at her lustfully as he stood and pulled a chair for her.

Devina walked towards him and sat down. She smiled at her on and off again lover, their relationship purely physical given their secret agent status. His long blond hair curled at the nape of his neck and his handsome face and toned body a mask for the true spy that he was.

She looked away from him towards the man standing and said, “I got the files.”

She placed her tampon/usb drive on the table and pushed it forward. One of the research scientists, the woman, grabbed it and plugged it into her computer.

“This is great, it’s all here,” she said excitedly.

“What exactly is it?” Ltd. Douglass said his voice impatient.

“It’s the rRNA sequences of the bacteriophage H87YN. He is doing exactly what we thought he was; genomic analysis,” she replied never looking up from her screen.

“Isn’t that the one the World health organization (WHO) banned from all experimentation?” Devina asked.

“Yes the very same given that it was synthesized in a laboratory against all regulations,” the woman replied.

“Okay fine, he’s doing illegal research, but you still have yet to explain why this is so internationally significant,” Ltd. Douglass said, his voice booming with impatience.

“What it means,” the other male scientist began his voice cutting through the silence. “Is that he is trying to develop a vaccine for it.”

“But the WHO has isolated the bacteriophage in a secret facility so that it will never spread among the human population,” Devina cut in, confusion in her voice.

“Precisely. Which means that if he is conducting research, then someone knows that is will go into population soon, and they are paying him to create a vaccine,” the male scientist said.

“But how can that person know that it will happen, unless they are orchestrating the release of the bacteriophage?” Kent said, answering his own question.

The room was quiet as they sat there thinking of the consequences of such an event.

“Devina, we need you to infiltrate Sanofi Pharmaceuticals and collect as much information as possible. We will secure you a job interview through one of our inside men in their administration department, but that is all we can do without raising suspicion,” Lt. Douglass said.

“Exactly what am I supposed to be looking for,” She asked.

“Any low grid laboratories that only he has access to, all information on his day to day habits, current projects that he is working on both publicly and privately, you know the drill. We will need a report every two weeks, and we will contact you about the drop off destination,”

Lt. Douglass looked her in the eye, “We need you to get as close as possible to him, given his attraction to you at the gala last night it shouldn’t be too hard for you to get into his personal life,”

Catching his meaning Agent Kent pounded his fist on the table.

“You want her to sleep with him! This is insane! She is not some whore you get to throw at people, she is a federal agent for god’s sake!” He began to stand as he yelled at Lt. Douglass.

Devina placed her hand on his arm, pulling him down to his chair and spoke, “Lt. I understand my mission, when do you want me to head out?” Agent Kent looked at her incredulously.

“You’re interview is in two days in Paris, France and your plane leaves tomorrow morning, make sure you’re at the airport by 09:00 hours,” Lt. Douglass then left the room but not before staring down agent Kent, who stared right back.

“C’mon let’s go somewhere and grab some food,” Devina said to Kent as she too walked out the door to the garage where her car was.

They rode to the restaurant in silence, when Kent suddenly said, “Take me to my hotel, and come with me we can get food there,”

Devina turned the car around and drove towards the hotel.

Once there they walked towards the elevator and rode up in silence. Exiting the elevator, Kent swiftly walked to his room, almost leaving Devina behind, then opened his door. She followed, and was soon pulled inside his room viscously, and grabbed by the back of the head.

“Why are you doing this? Why did you agree to this assignment?” He asked, pain evident in his eyes. Devina tried not to wince as his grip tightened in her hair.

“You know why, the same reason why you accept every assignment thrown your way. Don’t you throw your sanctimonious bullshit at me when you know you have done far worse than this,” she huffed.

“So what you’re just going to sleep with him? Will you fuck him like you fuck me? Hmm? Cause you’re real good at that,” he said savagely while leaning in to her face.

She slapped him and he laughed, rubbing his face and replied, “Sometimes when were done fucking I feel like it was all an act, like the emotions you felt during sex were only in that moment, and then you roll over and get dressed and leave like it never happened”

Devina winced as she knew she could not deny his description of her. She sighed and said, “We have no lives anymore, we gave that up once we became spies. If I try to leave or refuse an assignment, they will hunt me down and kill me because I know too much,”

Devina, breathing heavily, whispered, “I know how you feel about me, and if I were the person I used to be I would love you too. Yet we are not those people anymore, Kent, we are weapons for our country, we are the ones who get our hands dirty so others can keep theirs clean,”

“Yes and because my hands are dirty I can never truly have everything of you can I. Because you’re hands are so dirty there’s nothing left of you that I can have,”

Devina cut him off with a kiss, her tongue pushing inside his mouth. He kissed her back, her hands roaming his body as she stood on her tip toes to receive every last drop of him. They fumbled around, their lips never separating as they tried to find the bed. Devina’s legs hit the bed and she fell backwards, Kent following atop her. Clothes were ripped apart in the search for hot secret places. He ripped her bra off, leaving marks on her skin as the clasps clutched at her. Her breasts spilled forth and he suckled at the chocolate tips. Her head fell back against the pillows as his hands found her center and roughly shoved two fingers in, her channel slick with need. She moaned in his mouth and begged, while pulling his dick out.

Sitting up, he gazed at down, her body wanton and uninhibited with her curly hair loose upon the pillow and her skirt pushed above her waist and shirt ripped open. She stroked his cock and he pushed her hands away and parted her legs. He lowered his mouth to her and began to devour her, his lips and tongue kissing her lower lips as he did her upper lips minutes before. She arched into him, her orgasm hitting her hard and fast, for she had been wet for him ever since he raised his voice in the meeting hours earlier.

His tongue flicked back and forth over her clit and she keened for him to stop even as she moved her pussy harder into his mouth. Abruptly he sat up and plunged his cock into her, her eyes popping open at the sudden change. He fucked her fast, pounding into to her as though to brand her with his essence. She clutched at his chiseled chest and clung for dear life as the bed shook from their forceful love making. He grabbed her legs and hooked them in his arms and spread them as far as they would go. The sight of his white cock plunging into her cocoa colored pussy was too much and her came, her walls clenching around him as though in congratulations.

He fell forward, his arms of either side of her and slowly pull out of her warm entrance. Her eyes fluttered open and she smiled a soft smile. They lay there for a time until they both fell asleep.

Kent opened his eyes four hours later and moved his arm to grab her and found that side of the bed empty. He sat up and turned on the light and she was gone.


The next day 13:00

Devina sat upon the plane, going over her briefs for the Sanofi Pharmaceuticals company. The plane was set to land in Paris in three more hours, and she had one day until her interview where she had to gain the position as Junior research Assistant. Her completion of this mission relied upon her gaining this position. She sipped her wine and looked out the window and her thoughts strayed to the previous day.

She felt horrible about leaving Kent like that, but she had too. After they made love she lay there her fingers curling around the light hair that dusted the top of his chest. They had been working as agents for two years now, and were best friends. Yet unlike best friends, they told each other very little of their lives, because spies never have true friends and must askew all ties, lest they become liabilities. They interacted simply; they fucked, they talked, and occasionally had assignments together. He knew that and she knew that, yet he wanted more and she was afraid to give more.

She jumped at the light touch of a hand on her shoulder and had to hide the movement of her hand towards her gun as an innocent gesture.

“Hello Ma’am, this is for you,” a flight attendant said as she handed her an envelope.

“Devina took and looked at the flight attendant as she walked away, noticing that she hadn’t seen her on the plane earlier. She opened the envelope and looked at the contents: $8,000 US dollars, the time and pace of the interview, the name of the driver that would be waiting for her outside the airport, and her apartment lodgings. She tucked it away in her purse and closed her eyes until the plane landed.


19:00 hours

After settling into her fully furnished apartment Devina felt restless and left to go downstairs to the main office.

Approaching the front desk she asked,

“Où est le plus proche restaurant?”

“Madam we speak English, and the nearest restaurant is down the street to your right, called Marseilles,”

“Merci,” she said and walked out towards the restaurant.

Entering Marseilles, she sat down at a booth and ordered wine and a salad. While waiting for her food she looked out the window, and enjoyed the simplicity of the area, from the cobbles stone roads to the laundry hanging from lines above the street. Out of the corner of her eye she noticed some one approaching her table, and moved her hand towards the knife in the holster under her skirt, while not turning her head. The man sat down and she jumped and pretended to be startled by his presence. She smiled and he spoke.

“Hello, my name is Jacomb I have not seen you here before,” he said in heavily accented English.

He took her hand that was resting upon the table and kissed it. She looked into his face and was unnerved by his handsome visage. His curly auburn hair contrasted sharply with the blue grey of his eyes. She smiled again, and replied.

“That is because I am not from here. I am visiting here for work,”

“Umm, where it is that you work?”

“I am applying to a few places actually,”

“So you are not yet established?”

“No but I do believe I will get the job I am searching for tomorrow,” she replied vaguely.

“Well I must insist that I show you around sometime, please,” he said is eyes pleaded.

Just as she was about to respond the waiter came with her food and she took a sip of her wine while she studied him from underneath her eyelashes. Excusing herself to the restroom she stood and turned the corner from his sight, and looked around the corner. He picked up her wineglass and took a sip, and as he set it down she noticed a white pill sliding into the drink from his mouth.

Her blood boiled with anger so she came back and smiled, dazzling him with her beauty.

“I would love for you to show me around, I have not even begun to experience Paris yet,” She said her voice bubbly.

He looked at, and smiled as she raised the wine glass to her mouth and pretended to take a sip. She set it down and mentally thought I her head what drug it was. Guessing by the white powder residue it left she guess it was a form of roofies, and mentally calculated how long it would be before it took effect.

She finished the rest of her salad and noted that he never ordered. Pretending to be flirtatious she talked with him for a time, then began to purposely slur her words and move her body mechanically. He immediately stood up and grabbed her, and threw money on the table. She walked with him, her head on his shoulder shielding her face as he loudly said, “My wife has had too much to drink,” and led her out the door.

He walked swiftly almost dragging her to the corner where he called a cab. Once inside she slumped over and he light a cigarette. With her eyes closed, Devina took note of the turns of the car and when the car stopped she barely peeked her eyes open to see the address and street name. He carried her inside up a flight of stairs and opened his door. Setting her on the bed he went into the bathroom and drew a bath.

Waiting 10 minutes, she stood and unsheathed her heavily serrated knife from her thigh. Looking through the crack in the door she seen him in the tub with his eyes closed and entered and shut the door quietly. Walking behind him she studied him, and noted his well-toned, yet slightly out of shape body.

‘This is no spy,’ she thought to herself, and crouched down and placed the knife against his throat. He jerked and his eyes flew across the room until they settled on her.

“What are you doing, wait, aagghh!” he struggled then stopped as she pressed the knife deeper against his throat, a stream of blood sliding down his neck.

“You are going to tell me why you tried to drug me,” Devina said calmly.

“I was only trying to be with you, that’s all I promise,” he whispered sweat breaking out upon his brow.

Devina stared at him, and was suddenly disgusted by him. “How many other foreign women have you done this too,” she asked.

“None, I swear, I promise,”

She pressed the knife deeper, blood beginning to leak out faster.

“Liar. Why don’t I believe you,”

“Ok ok one other one. I’m sorry you were just so beautiful, and I wanted you, aaggh!” she yelled as she sliced his face, narrowly missing his eye.

Standing up she opened the door and walked out of the room, not looking back as he cursed and screamed in the bathtub. Walking swiftly down the stairs to exited the complex, and began walking home the way she remembered. Twenty minutes later she made it to her room and laid down on the bed in exhaustion.

Setting her alarm for early in the morning she laid her head on the pillow and went to sleep.


“Hello Dr. Strauss, how was your plane ride across the pond?” the interviewer asked her pleasantly.

“It was fine, I had no problems travelling,” Devina replied, smiling.

“Well let’s get started. You have a very impressive Curriculum Vitae here. It says that you completed our Ph.D in Biomedical engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology. Can you please explain for me what your major area of expertise was?”

“Well, I….,” she stopped as the door opened and two people entered, Dr. Van Leeuwan and Jacomb. Her face registered no shock as she recognized him from the previoous night, yet his face turned malicious as he eyed her in shock and anger. The scar on his face was red and angry, and the interviewer looked at him in surprise.

“Dr. Von Frachlein, what happened, are you alright?”

He looked at her as he answered, “I am just fine, I was attacked last night by a mad woman on my way home,”

Devina stared at him back even as the interviewer introduced her to them.

“Dr. Van Leeuwan and Von Frachlein, I would like to introduce Dr. Devina Strauss, she is our latest applicant for the Junior Research assistant,”

She stood and shook both their hands, her voice ironic, “It’s nice to meet you both gentlemen,”

“Let me see her folder please,” Dr. Van Leeuwan said.

The interviewer handed it to him, and he glance through it.

“Very impressive. I believe you have the qualifications we are looking for. You’re hired,”

Dr. Frachlein sputtered I outrage, “You don’t even know her and what she can do!”

“Actually Dr. Strauss and I have already had the pleasure of meeting and find her to be extremely intelligent,”

“This is an outrage, we still have 20 other applicants for the position, who I believe will be far better suited…,”

“Do you question my judgment, Frachlein?” Dr. Van Leeuwan said quietly.

Realizing his mistake, Frachlein replied, “No no never, I was just saying that the interviews have just begun,”

“Well it’s settle then. Welcome to the team Dr. Strauss,” he said his eyes never leaving hers as he smiled faintly.

“Thank you, I am glad to be a part of your team,” she replied, ignoring Frachlein’s menacing look.

“May I speak with you a moment please,” Van Leeuwan asked as everyone left the room.

“Sure,” she replied turning back around. The door closed and he lowered his voice.

“What are you doing here? You show up to my gala and act so mysterious, then just leave, and three days later your applying to work under me,”

“I went to the gala because I was interested in the talk, not you. Remember you approached me,”

Heat entered his eyes as he remembered their encounter. “I open my lab every morning at 8 am. You may have the rest of the week off, but be here Monday on time,”

“Of course, I will see you then,” she turned to leave and he grabbed her arm. She looked back at him and he said, “There is something I’m missing here, isn’t there,”

She simply looked at him then said, “I will see you Monday,”

Removing her harm gently from his grasp she exited the door.

Hello everyone I know this chapter has taken a while to come along I have been really busy with school and have taken longer to write this chapter since everyone wants longer chapters. More importantly, for those of you who have been keeping up with this story I changed one person’s name in this story, Amar, to Ali, which is now updated in the previous chapters. If you are new, then just enjoy. I will update the other chapters with this name so hopefully everything is a smooth transition. I appreciate everyone that has followed this story and it is FAR from finished!


Ali woke up to the sounds of the ocean and he rolled over on his back. Clearing his eyes away of sleep debris, he looked around the room and saw no one. Standing up he made his way to the door way, then stopped as he heard hushed voices.

“Senoritas, we should at least tell him we are leaving. It is wrong to just pack up and leave him here by himself. What if he comes looking for us?” Luis asked, his voice uncertain.

“Trust me, he will be fine. His ego will keep him company. We need to be proactive and stop running everything we do by him,” Jasmine replied her voice dripping with disdain.

Ali’s blood began to boil and he stormed out the hut over to the others. Bianca and Luis looked up and looked away while they continued packing up their things. Jasmine refused to meet his eye and continued talking as if he wasn’t there.

“Bianca, make sure you grab the extra cotton we make yesterday and have all the berries in our bag,” Jasmine said as she walked past Ali, barely brushing against him.

Ali’s hand snaked out and grabbed her arm, pulling her around to see him.

“So you’re just going to leave, just like that?” he asked, his voice hoarse.

Luis and Bianca stopped packing and watched them, as if waiting for an argument to begin.

“You don’t get to make all the rules, sergent, and I told you yesterday we’re going inside this island,”

Ali stared at her, his eyes slowly going down her body, caressing her in his mind as she blushed.

“I’m coming as well. And don’t act like you don’t see me in the morning when you wanted to fuck me last night,” he whispered as he pulled her close to him.

Jasmine gasped aloud and he let her go, walking inside the hut to pack his things. Ali came out the hut 5 minutes later and walked with the group into the island.

“Just asking, but how are we going to do this, and when are we coming back?” Ali began looking at Jasmine’s face under his eyelids. Jasmine refused to meet his eye and kept silent to his question.

Bianca answered, “Its morning right now. We’re going to fill up with water at our watering hole then walk through the jungle in a straight line to the east. If we don’t find water by the time the sun is halfway in the sky we agreed to come back.”

Jasmine looked up and threw Ali an unreadable glace for a moment then she looked away. They began walking into the jungle, Jasmine and Bianca walking in back, with Ali and Luis in front. There was an uneasy awkward silence as they set out.

4 hours later

Ali sat on the ground slowly chewing on his berries as he surveyed his surroundings. They sat in a circle underneath the shade of trees, birds calling to one another in the midday sun. Ali quickly glanced up at Bianca and Jasmine, who were in deep conversation. Bianca whispered in Jasmine’s ear and Jasmine made a face of disgust and embarrassment by what Bianca had told her. She glanced in Luis’s direction as she stood and he smiled at her. Rolling her eyes she stomped away towards the shallow body of water they had just found.

Feeling compelled to follow her he stood, and walked by her as she splashed water on her sweaty face. Out of the corner of her eye she seen him and jumped.

“You scared me. Why do you always follow me?” she asked her voice guarded.

“I do not always follow you,” Ali responded with irritation in his voice.

“Yes you do. You did just now when I wanted a moment alone, and you did last night,” she mumbled just loud enough for him to hear her.

Unwilling to answer that he changed the subject, “What did Bianca say to make you so mad?”

Her brown skin flushed slightly and she curtly replied, “It’s nothing, she’s just being stupid as usual.”

“Are you sure that’s all, it seemed like it was more than that,” he said recalling the look she shared with Luis that made his gut churn.

Jasmine hesitated before replying, “She….she seen us watching her and Luis last night. Luis doesn’t know we were there but she knows Luis wants me so she said I could’ve…. joined them.”

Ali stared at her hard as he pictured her in the orgy. His breathing tightened with the images from last night.

“She wants Luis to herself, yet she thinks that if she brings me to him he’ll really want her. That’s why I fucking hate females sometimes. I’m trying to survive on this island and all she’s worried about is who Luis gets hard for,” Jasmine vented, almost forgetting Ali’s presence.

Ali cleared his throat and said, “Do you want Luis?”

Jasmine’s head snapped up, her face incredulous. “Why do you care so much? All you want to do is undermine my intelligence then occasionally feel me up when you’re horny,”

“That’s not true,” he replied his voice quiet.

“Oh really, then what do you want, huh? For once just say that you want me as much as I want you. I’m done with the games and the pretending bullshit. Is it that hard to say you lust for a black girl, is that it?” jasmine asked.

“No that’s not the issue…,”

“Then what?” she cut him off, frustration in her voice.

“I can’t want you alright! Jesus every time I fucking turn around I see you in your skimpy little jungle outfit and your wild hair and I just want to fuck you all day but I can’t,” he said his voice cracking with emotion.

Jasmine, sensing something, asked him gently, “Why can’t you? There’s nothing wrong with wanting someone, that’s part of being human?”

Ali didn’t answer for a while, just stared off into the forest. Without turning to her he said, “I love my wife. I’ve loved her since the day we met and I haven’t stopped even though she’s been dead for over a year,” Jasmine gasped aloud.

“Do you know that the night I found out she had died I tried to bargain with God? I told him that we didn’t need our child, that he could just bring her back to me and keep our child if I could just have her. I would pray that when I would wake up she would be here and it never happened, but he could keep the child instead. What kind of person attempts to sacrifice an unborn infant, hmm?!” he turned to her his eyes red and shiny with unshed tears. His tortured gaze stared at her until she looked away.

“The funniest thing is that the drunk driver who killed her and our unborn baby is about to go on parole soon. He plead not guilty by reason of insanity and said he drank because he has PTSD from being in Afghanistan,” Ali laughed cruelly.

“I served this country since I was 19 and the thanks I get is a fucked up war vet who runs over my family because he thinks they were about to kill him with a bomb! Yes Jasmine, I want to make love to you, but tell me what happens next! I won’t ever feel anything for you because I’m bitter and fucked up on the inside and have been since I put my pregnant wife in the ground, And don’t you fucking pity me because I’m going to leave this godforsaken island soon and go home to my house by my wife’s grave,”

Jasmine wiped the tears that were streaming down her face and reached to touch his arm. Ali flinched away.

“Don’t touch me, please,” he pleaded, his voice cracking on the last word.

She grabbed him anyway and pulled him towards her shoulder where he laid his head in silent misery. Jasmine’s heart broke, almost wishing he would cry aloud as his silence spoke volumes of his torture.

“Ali I’m so sorry, I didn’t know,” Jasmine began her voice choked up.

“It’s not your fault you wanted your wife back and God is not punishing you. You loved your wife and had not yet bonded with your child. But your wife would not want you to live such a half existence. I’m not asking for your affection, I haven’t even asked for you physically. But do not think you can live your life like this shutting out all human contact because you can’t,” she finished passionately.

Ali looked up and gazed into her beautiful eyes, almost about to say something. He shook his head and stood.

“Come on its time for us to keep moving so we can eventually head back,” he said not meeting her eyes as he walked away. Ali continued walking until Jasmine eventually caught up and they walked in silence. Ali felt oddly comforted now that their feelings were out in the open and that someone understood his burden. Yet he knew that nothing could work between him and Jasmine, because despite how closed off from reality they were on this island, once they left they would go their separate ways. He would go back to his miserable existence of hating his life and she would continue on with her medical careers and live that life he could never seem to catch. In his mind, he pictured Jasmine with someone who wasn’t so fucked up emotionally and who not only wanted her physically, but could handle her passionate soul, for he knew he had nothing to offer her.


By late afternoon they reached a clearing of a large body of water with a large cove behind it. A waterfall 20ft high threw water from its height, where it splashed violently down upon the rocks. Jasmine stared I wonder at the beauty of the scene transfixed by the almost life like water and the blue green depths of the cove. She dropped her sack and jumped in, cooled off by the chilled water. The others soon joined her and she swam closer to the waterfall, until she realized there was an opening behind it.

“Hey guys, there’s a cave over here! Come look,” she called as she swam closer.

They swam towards her and she stepped upon the rocks out of the water and slowly walked towards the waterfall. Cautious of the forceful torrents falling from above, she walked behind the curtain of water into the dimly lit cave. Unable to see she walked back out towards the group.

“It’s dark in there, yet it’s dry and slightly warm,” she said as she swam back to the shore.

“We can make a torch and go inside,” Luis said, hopping behind her.

He walked towards the edge of the trees and grabbed a handful of thick sticks and dry grass stalks. He tied the dried stalks together then wove them around the ends of the bundle of sticks. He and Jasmine swam back to Ali and Bianca carrying the torch high above the water to not get it wet. Jasmine and Ali climbed upon the rocks and walked into the cave, with Bianca and Luis following. They stood in darkness while Luis fumbled with his satchel to grab his flint rock. Lighting the fire, Luis waved it in the air and illuminated the cave.

The group was immediately blinded by bright light as the fire shone upon glassy surfaces all around them. Once their eyes adjusted they noticed the crystals covering the walls and ceilings in all arrays of colors. Their sharp edges and jagged side contrasted harshly with the beauty of their colors. From the glossamer shine of butterfly wings to the iridescence of the aura borealis the crystals covered almost every surface of the cave.

Bianca walked forward a reached her hand out before Ali yelled out, “Stop! Don’t touch them!”

“Why not?” her voice petulant in annoyance.

“We don’t know how fragile these are they might break, and they look like they’ve never been touched by human hands before,” he responded walking towards her and looking at them closely.

“How about we take some back with..,” Bianca was cut off from the sounder of thunder rumbling outside. They walked back towards the edge of the cave and looked at the sky as small raindrops plattered the ground.

“Shit we have to get our stuff,” Jasmine said and she rushed out of the cave.

Everyone except Bianca left the cave to grab their things, with Jasmine grabbing Bianca’s. They also grabbed dry firewood before it became soaked. They ran back inside the cave just as the rain began to beat down upon them.

“Here’s your stuff, princess,” Jasmine said as she shoved Bianca’s things toward her.

“What’s up your butt, everyone didn’t need to get wet if you two went out. Plus who was going to hold the torch if I didn’t?” Bianca said smug with her logic.

“Whatever Bianca, were stuck in this cave and you’re worried about getting wet as if you didn’t just swim over here,” Jasmine huffed.

Bianca rolled her eyes when Jasmine snatched the torch from her hands and walked farther into the cave with it. As she walked she marveled at the vast array of sizes of crystals, some as large as her jutting from the walls. Turning a corner she came upon an in ground pool, as wide as a hot tub with steam billowing from the surface. Setting the torch in between a crevice she stuck her foot inside the pool and moaned aloud as the heat chilled her cold body.

Acting on impulse she slid inside thinking she would touch the bottom, yet slipping under the surface as her feet failed to connect with the ground. Raising her head above water she spit out water and coughed, then slipped under the water again. Opening her eyes she noticed the pool had an underwater tunnel that went beneath her then curved. She tried to swim towards it yet the water became hotter and she swam back to the surface for air.

Leaving the pool she walked back towards the others, then plopped on the ground and began to wring out her wet hair. Still mad at Bianca she kept silent about the hot pool she found and noticed Ali wrapping a cloth around Luis’s calf.

“What happened,” she asked as she still wrung her hair out.

“I cut myself on the rock. I was climbing too fast,” he replied his face scrunched up in pain.

“Let me see it,” Jasmine said walking towards them.

“Here comes Miss Doctor again,” Bianca spat under her breath.

Jasmine resisted the urge to kick her in the head and turned back to luis. She unwrapped the cloth and had to keep her face neutral as she surveyed the deep gaping wound that was weeping blood profusely. She shared a look with Ali then stood.

“What’s wrong with my leg?” Luis asked, panic in his voice.

“Nothing we just need to close it fast,” Ali said before Jasmine could speak.

“Bianca, look in my tool kit and grab my sharpened stick and twine please, and Jasmine could you start a fire,”

“Ugh, I was about to take a nap, his leg is fine just wrap it,” Bianca moaned.

“Do it, NOW,” Ali said his voice brokering no refusal.

Bianca looked at him, then smiled thinly and said, “Of course.”

Once the fire was started, Ali took the stick and stuck the point into the fire until it was white hot.

“Ok Luis, this will hurt I’m sorry but you must be still,” Ali said laying a calming hand on his shoulder.

Luis looked around panicky, then gestured for Jasmine.

“Senorita please hold my arm so I won’t move,” he begged fear making him pale.

Jasmine rushed to him and grabbed his arm, and laced her fingers with his. Ali look at their hands briefly, then set about sewing him up.

“Aaaargh!!” Luis screamed, his face sweaty with trying not to shake as Ali pushed the hot tip of his pick through the skin to make a hole. He continued to do this several times while Luis screamed in agony. After all the holes were made on each side of the wound, Ali took the twine and began to thread it through them, yanking on them to pull it closed. Jasmine stroked his hair and held his hand, even as he crushed hers in his grip.

Once they were done Ali wrapped his leg with the cloth and stood. Jasmine walked over to him, a concerned look on her face.

“We can’t leave now, at least for a few days, no one is strong enough to carry him all the way back to the beach, and it’s raining,” she said, her forehead wrinkling in worry.

“I know, we just need to eat what we have, then when it stops raining you and I can go look for food tomorrow. Trust me, Bianca will be of no help in this,” he said bitterly.

Ok well it’s getting late and we need to sleep by the fire,” Jasmine said and laid down to fall asleep.

“I’ll keep watch over him just go to sleep,” Ali said to Bianca and Jasmine.


The next morning, the sun filtered into the cave through the water and Jasmine opened her eyes to see Ali hovering over Luis. She rose and walked over there, to see Luis muttering in his sleep and sweating profusely.

“He has a fever, just keep him by the fire and watch his leg for infection. I’m going to search for more food, I’ll be back,” Jasmine called out and left the cave.

After one hour of gathering as much fruits and bird eggs as she could she walked back to the cave, optimistic of their situation. She climbed upon the rocks and stopped as she heard Bianca’s voice.

“C’mon Ali what’s so bad about it. It’s just for a little fun. Jasmine won’t be back for another half hour or so we can just mess around real quick,”

“Bianca, get off me, stop playing your little games,”

“I know you don’t want that black piece of tail, I mean she’s pretty and all, but she’s black!”

“Bianca, I said..,” Ali looked up to see Jasmine standing in the cave opening.

She calmly walked by the fire to set the food down as Bianca jumped up and readjusted her clothing which was barely there to begin with. Bianca, thinking Jasmine hadn’t heard much, grabbed a piece of fruit as if nothing had happened.

WHAM! Jasmine fist connected with Bianca’s face and Jasmine grabbed her hair with her other hand and yanked hard. Bianca screamed, which cause Luis to wake up and start muttering incoherently. Ali jumped up and grabbed Jasmine, and Bianca snuck in a quick slap while Jasmine couldn’t move. Ali let Jasmine go out of surprise and she sprang after Bianca who ran towards the entrance. Before Jasmine could catch her she jumped down into the water and swam to shore. Once she reached shore she looked back to see if Jasmine was chasing her and when she wasn’t she yelled, “You stupid fucking cunt! You gave me a fucking black eye!”

Ali came out and yelled for Bianca, “Stop, Bianca, you don’t know where you’re going.”

Bianca kept walking and Jasmine turned her back and walked back into the cave and began cooking the eggs on the heated rocks.

“So you don’t care that she left,” Ali asked, shocked by her calmness.

“If that stupid bitch wants to walk in the jungle by herself with barely any clothes on or shoes, then let her, I don’t give a fuck,” Jasmine said, her voice hard.

Ali sat down next to her and they began to eat.

Once they were finished, Jasmine jumped up and grabbed some bark from her bag.

“I found this willow bark, which when it is boiled Luis can drink as a tea and it will help with swelling and inflammation,” she said, then began to make it.

Once finished she helped Luis sip it then relaxed by the fire.

They stayed like that for a few hours, occasionally taking turns feeding Luis as he laid in a feverish daze. Suddenly Jasmine remembered something.

“Hey come here I wanted to show you something. Luis is sleep so he can stay her for a while,” she said and began walking towards the back of the cave. As they turned the bend they came upon the hot pool and Ali groaned at the sight of it.

“Oh my god, I haven’t had a hot bath in years,” he said grinning. Jasmine giggled then turned to leave so he could bathe.

“No wait, stay. I mean you can go first and I’ll look away while you get in,”

Jasmine turned around, surprised, yet didn’t say anything and began to undress with his back turned. Ali cock stirred as he heard her clothes hit the ground, then her sultry moan as she slid into the water.

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Chapter 3: Private Instruction

Landon was delighted to see Emily sitting in the back of his lecture. She smiled encouragingly, not just looking forward to listening to his voice swooshing around in her head; she was also interested in the content of his lecture. She’d worn a pretty navy dress that he really liked on her. At first glance, it was demure- not that low cut, not really short. But the fabric clung in really nice places. The bodice accentuated her lovely breasts. He could tell she was definitely wearing a bra, and even from that distance, it seemed that the bra might be lace. That could have been wishful thinking… Landon smiled at himself and put his head back in the game. If he didn’t stop thinking about Emily’s breasts, he was likely to make an ass of himself in front of the whole conference.

He couldn’t believe that she had agreed to come to the conference. Her reaction when he’d asked had completely caught him off guard. He’d been sure that he’d chased her away forever. When she’d called the next day to ask for details about the conference, he’d been so relieved, he didn’t ask any questions. They still hadn’t had that conversation. But they would.

The talk went well. Landon made his points succinctly with the humor and poignancy that he was known for. He enjoyed the applause, thinking of joining Emily rather than taking his seat at the panel, then noticed that she had left the auditorium. Just as well, he might have questions and comments for the other presenters. The last 2 hours of that day’s part of the conference took a little longer than conferences usually did for him. The thought of Emily’s bra might have contributed to his impatience.

Emily had a little impatience of her own. After walking around the hotel a bit and choosing a light novel from the hotel gift shop, Emily had let herself into Landon’s hotel room. She took off the pretty dress to expose the light blue lace panty and bra set. Then she curled herself into the comfy hotel chair and began to read the book. The book was good, but no book could completely keep her focus as she waited for Landon.

Her mind wandered. What was Landon going to think about her being in his hotel room? Had he even seen in her the lecture hall? She thought so. But she couldn’t be sure. Could she really be here waiting for him, so bold? He seemed to like to call the shots. Maybe he’d be angry rather than turned on. Emily shook her head. If she kept thinking like this, she’d end up running back to the airport. She closed her eyes and thought about the time in his car. Oh God. She caressed the soft skin mounded above the lace bra remembering the feel of his fingers and mouth on her. She relived the time in his office when she’d so wanted him to take her against the wall and pound her. Her finger slid into her wet pussy. Emily pulled her mind and her finger away from this line of thought. She wanted to wait for the main attraction. She opened the book again.

Emily heard the key card in the door and threw the book down. She was so nervous she almost bolted. She took a deep breath, trying desperately to calm her nerves so that she’d appear more like a sexy woman in control of her own destiny than a teenager under the bleachers for the first time.

Landon walked into the room, threw his briefcase down, removed his tie, before he noticed her there in the chair. He blurted, “Holy shit” as his jaw dropped and his pants immediately filled with hard cock.

He smiled- his eyes speaking volumes about how much he enjoyed the vision of Emily in blue lace in his hotel room chair. Emily’s eyes and smile mirrored his as he walked across the room to join her.

Landon gently whispered, “You are so beautiful, Emily.” Then he captured her lips in a long kiss.

While kissing her, his fingers dipped below the lace of her bra. Emily moaned softly. Landon reached her nipple, instantly puckered and ultra sensitive. Landon released the taut nipple from the bra cup and his mouth left hers. Emily looked into his eyes completely dazed. Landon did what he had to do. He placed his lips around that nipple. Emily’s back curved to place her breast closer and her head lolled back. The feeling of Landon’s lips around that sensitive peak was almost more pleasure than she could take. Landon devoured the tasty morsel, licking and biting until he was sure that Emily could take no more.

Then he placed his finger beneath the lace of her panties and gently touched the short fur on her lower lips.

Emily screamed, “Oh my god! Please, Landon!”

Landon smiled, “You must be patient. We have all the time in the world.”

Emily smiled, promising to wait forever. Waiting was easy as he released her other breast from the confines of the lace. His tongue licked that nipple until it was as hard and sensitive as the other one. He cupped the flesh and continued teasing her cunt lips. Her soft sighs and the moisture in that hot place were all the reward he needed.

Emily caressed his strong shoulders and arms, enjoying the feel of his skin through his shirt, yet wishing the shirt was gone. She touched the back of his neck, his stubbly cheek, rubbed her fingers through his soft hair. Her lips opened slightly, desperate for more kisses. Landon somehow sensed this and lifted his face to hers. His magical kisses sent shivers through her. Every time his lips touched hers she became more certain that those kisses were as necessary to her survival as air.

Landon, not releasing his hold on her lips, gently pulled her to her feet and guided her to the inviting king-sized bed. He unhooked her bra and let it fall to the floor. He roughly pushed her panties from her hips and she helped him take them all the way down.

In a husky voice, Landon said, “Lay down.”

Emily obeyed willingly. Landon lay down next to her, still fully clothed.

Landon just stared at her body, taking in all the curves. He licked his lips as he studied the mounds of her delicious breasts. His eyes took in the gentle rise of her belly and the dip below that led to that hot, fragrant place that occupied his dreams. Emily blushed, embarrassed by her imperfections and his staring, but stayed very still. She somehow knew that he liked what he saw very much indeed. His eyes finally came back to meet her gaze- his eyes filled with a hot want that made her pussy drip and her heart race.

Landon simply said, “I like looking at you naked.”

Emily blushed a bit more and answered, “I’m glad. Now. Your turn.”

Landon laughed and kissed away her impatience. The kiss deepened. His hands followed the path that his eyes had devoured, caressing the peaks of her breasts, then her belly, then the delicate mound. Emily moaned loudly and unconsciously lifted her pussy to get closer to what she wanted him to do. Landon stroked her lower lips gently and then felt the wetness that turned him on so much.

Landon continued stroking the outside and occasionally dipping into the moisture of her juicy slit, matching the motions exactly with his lips and tongue as he kissed her. Emily tried to unbutton his dark shirt, but he wouldn’t let her. Emily gazed into his eyes, confused at first, but somehow she understood his need to touch her without the distractions she wanted to give him.

Landon kissed her neck, then her shoulder blade, her chest, her nipple, licked her belly button. Emily squirmed as she realized what he had in mind. Landon looked at her wondering at the squirming. Emily nodded. Landon smiled that their thoughts were so connected and then licked her clit. Emily screamed. His hot tongue felt so good touching her ultrasensitive nubbin. Landon lapped at the musky juice, savoring her taste.

Landon’s face pressed into her hot cunt, the evidence of her arousal dripping down his chin. Her soft moans the sound track to his delight in eating her. Landon stroked her tunnel with his tongue. Emily’s eyes rolled back in her head. He licked her again, trying to suck up all her wetness.

Emily barely able to think, whispered, “You are the best.”

He sucked her clit into his mouth, licking it with his tongue. Emily gasped. He slid one finger, then two fingers, into her hot, wet tunnel. Emily bucked with the pleasure. Her breath came in shallow gasps. She could feel her explosion building. Soon. She had to come soon.

“Landon, please! ” She begged.

He stroked her tunnel faster, rubbing his knuckles gently against her honeyed walls. He licked her faster, his talented tongue dancing around her clit. Emily couldn’t hold on to her sanity a second longer. Whispering his name, she let go.

Landon savored the feel of her orgasm surrounding his fingers as he pumped her until her screams abated. He gazed at her, completely intoxicated by her disheveled beauty, and said, “Emily, that was so hot.”

Her eyes dark and dazed focused on him as best she could, and she whispered, “Fuck me now.”

Landon shook his head and gently whispered, “No.”

To be continued…

Shelly Haskell was a 19-year-old college coed and a very bad girl. She’d cheated on tests at school for years & years, got her friends in trouble whenever possible and, with the boys, she had been quite the little vixen cock tease.

One day, Shelly was taking her Spring chemistry final when, low and behold, she was finally caught in the act of cheating. Mr. Hermann, her professor, caught her with answers to the test written all down her firm inner thigh.

Shelly always liked to show off her legs. She was such a pretty girl. Shelly was 5’2″ tall, weighed around 120 pounds, and had blonde hair with blue eyes, a very small, tight little heart-shaped ass and very firm D-cup titties.

Glenn Hermann was a typical-looking, 50-year-old college professor. He was slightly above average in height with a medium build, and what little grey hair he had left on top of his head was rapidly balding.

When Mr. Hermann noticed something was awry in class during the chemistry final, he immediately spoke up to Shelly.

“And just what are you doing Miss Haskell?” Mr. Hermann said sternly.

“Ohhhh…Mr. Hermann…ummm…I was just fixing my dress…it tends to ride up on me,” Shelly replied, obviously lying.

Shelly batted her blue eyes at Mr. Hermann, hoping that she would get her way. She always tended to get her way with men, both young & old.

“I don’t think that’s all you’re up to young lady,” Mr. Hermann said as he gazed at the chemical equations written up and down Shelly’s smooth, young thigh, “Put your test on my desk and report to my office immediately!”

Mr. Hermann was infuriated.

“But…but, I was just…” Shelly tried to interject.

“But nothing!” Mr. Hermann immediately shot back, causing every head in the room to turn towards the two of them.

Mr. Hermann took hold of Shelly’s arm and led her up from her desk to the front of the classroom.

“Take over,” Mr. Hermann said to Brian Sherwood, the Teaching Assistant for Chemistry 203, who was sitting at the front of the room.

Brian smiled widely at Shelly. She had gotten him to do all of her homework for the semester in exchange for some promised “special favors” of hers at a later date.

However, that later date never came to pass and Shelly had never delivered on her promises to take care of Brian’s needs, nor did she ever intend to. She merely had led him on, and he had been her fool.

Brian was no ladies man by any measure the term. He was a stereotypical nerd, slight in build, below average in height with brown hair and eyeglasses over his brown eyes.

“Looks like you’ll finally get what’s coming to you Shelly,” Brian said with an evil grin on his face as she and Mr. Hermann whisked by him.

“I’ll be back momentarily class,” Mr. Hermann said as he led Shelly out the classroom.

“Why are you doing this to me?” Shelly whined, tears starting to run down her face as Mr. Hermann gripped her arm more forcefully in the hallway.

“If there’s one thing that gets my goat young lady, it’s cheating,” Mr. Hermann said as the two of them entered his office, which was just down at the end of the hallway from the classroom.

Mr. Hermann threw Shelly down in a chair and closed the door behind the two of them.

Shelly sat looking at the floor, her mind slowly beginning to realize that she had been caught, but good!

Mr. Hermann stood in front of her, towering over the tiny girl.

Her thick, blonde mane of hair framed her sad face. Her ample chest heaved and fell in her short, flowery dress as she began to cry in earnest. Shelly brought her small hands up to cover her tearing, blue eyes.

“That’s not going to help you at all Miss Haskell. I caught you dead to rights. I’ll see that you fail my class and have to repeat it.”

“I’m sorry…I’m sorry,” Shelly sobbed. “I didn’t mean to do it!”

“You didn’t mean to?!” Mr. Hermann cried out, “And just who wrote this then?!” Mr. Hermann said as he quickly lifted up the hem of Shelly’s short dress, exposing the writing on her thighs and much more than that.

Shelly rarely wore any underwear, and this day was no exception.

“Mr. Hermann!” Shelly said as she jumped up, pulling her skirt back down. “What are doing?!”

“Exposing you for the cheat that you are Miss Haskell, and for the slut that you are as well! Not wearing any panties…it’s scandalous!”

Mr. Hermann’s face was flushed, and Shelly took note of that immediately. Her tiny, naughty mind started to come up with a plan to get out of her cheating.

“Did you like what you saw Glenn?” Shelly said, using her professor’s first name and flashing him a broad smile while moving in closer to him.

“You will address me as Mr. Hermann, Miss Haskell, and no, I do not like this aggravated situation that you have caused at all.”

“Do you mean this aggravated situation Mr. Hermann?” Shelly purred as she moved her small hands up and down the front of Mr. Hermann’s crotch.

Mr. Hermann had lied. He was indeed very excited by what he saw underneath Shelly Haskell’s short dress.

“Ummm…stop that…right now…I’ll have you disciplined for this…” Mr. Hermann attempted to interject.

“Oooohhhh, Mr. Hermann, I love to be disciplined. I can be such a bad, bad girl sometimes,” Shelly said as she gave Mr. Hermann’s privates a harder squeeze.

“Oh, what are you doing to me?” Mr. Hermann inquired in a higher, shrill voice.

“Wouldn’t you like to rub all those naughty, little notes off my thighs Mr. Hermann? Using your hands on my tight, young body…making me quiver with fear. Even spanking me, because I’ve been such a bad little girl?”

Shelly was indeed a bad girl. She was more than willing to trade a moment of passion with a balding, older man in exchange for that same man forgetting that she had attempted to cheat on her chemistry final.

“You can do whatever you want to me. I’m yours Mr. Hermann,” Shelly said to him as she slowly dropped to her knees in front of him.

Mr. Hermann was stunned. He looked at her up and down. Her smile was drawing him in. He was doomed by the young coed’s charms.

Shelly looked up at her professor with her blue eyes while she started to rub the tops of his thighs up and down slowly with both her tiny hands.

“What would you like for me to do to you first Glenn?” Shelly said while pouting her lips.

Mr. Hermann pondered quickly. What was she doing? What if they were caught? What if, God forbid, his wife found out?? He would be deader than a doornail, left without a job or a family.

But still, he was a man; a man that had fantasized about having his way with many of the young coeds in his classes, especially Shelly Haskell.

She was such a pretty girl who almost always wore the cutest little outfits in class, and now, she was potentially his for the taking. Her tiny mouth, her swelling breasts, her tight rump, and what lay between her legs…all for him now. He couldn’t resist.

“Touch me,” he said, pulling her head to his crotch and rubbing her pretty face all over the front of his trousers, “Here.”

Shelly moaned and eagerly moved her pretty face all over the growing, telltale bulge in Mr. Hermann’s pants.

“I think something in there wants to come out and play,” Shelly said with a giggle.

She reached up for his zipper, but he was already there, tugging it down quickly and unbuttoning his brown pants. Shelly giggled again at his rush to release his “surprise” for her.

His pants dropped to the floor, and he stood before her in a old pair of grey boxers, his male member hard and pressing out against the front of his underwear. Shelly moved her head in and proceeded to lay a series of wet kisses up and down the sizeable length of his engorged prick through his boxers.

“Oh my Mr. Hermann, such a prominent bulge for such a distinguished professor,” Shelly joked.

As she could tell by the growing look of lust in Mr. Hermann’s eyes, Shelly was driving Mr. Hermann crazy.

“Would you like to see what I have for bad young girls that cheat in my class Shelly?” he inquired as he gripped the waistband of his underwear.

“Yes, yes…please Glenn…” Shelly groaned, licking her lips back and forth with her wet little tongue.

Mr. Hermann quickly whipped his boxers off, exposing his very large, hard penis to her. Glenn Hermann was hiding a 9.5″ long, over 2″ wide cock in his boxers for young Shelly Haskell!

Shelly gasped and covered her mouth briefly with one of her hands as she gazed wildly at Mr. Hermann’s enormous prick. His full, hairy nuts hung low beneath the base of his big cock, and the veins of his dick pulsed with the rapid beat of his heart. Shelly gripped his rapidly stiffening dick by the base and squeezed it hard with her right hand, causing Mr. Hermann to groan loudly. She then stuck out her tongue and slowly tasted the length of his thick shaft, starting at the bottom and moving up to the rim of his circumcised cock. Then she slowly descended back down it again with her warm mouth and tongue. She lathered his dick slowly, getting it all wet with her saliva, as Mr. Hermann watched, wild-eyed.

“Mmmmm…your big cock tastes so good Glenn,” Shelly moaned.

“Your tongue feels heavenly Shelly,” Mr. Hermann responded quickly.

Shelly swirled her tongue around and around the head of his wide cockhead, teasing him even more. Then, suddenly, she stopped, looking up at him.

“Do you want my mouth around your fat dick, Mr. Hermann?” Shelly teased.

Mr. Hermann clenched his teeth and hissed, “No, I want your tight throat around my fat dick!”

He took hold of her blonde tresses from behind and guided her towards the tip of his throbbing penis while she moaned in agreement. Her mouth opened wide and took him in, sliding his stiff shaft into her wet, teenaged mouth.

Mr. Hermann moaned again and again as Shelly descended her wet lips down his big dick. Her lips made a perfect “O” as they took more and more of him inside her. She took him deeper, slowly, the head of his dick poking towards the opening of her hungry throat. The whole while, Shelly kept eye contact with Mr. Hermann’s brown eyes.

Shelly started to move her wet mouth up and down his hard member, slowly pumping him. Her mouth squeezed and relaxed over him, as his breath became heavier. On every stroke, she took him deeper into her warm mouth and a little more down her slick, willing throat, working him over good. Finally, her throat relaxed enough so that she could slide his big dick completely in and out of her mouth and throat with just a slight bit of gagging when she neared the base of Mr. Hermann’s wide cock.

Shelly pumped him faster then with her mouth & throat, and Mr. Hermann’s hands gripped her hair as he watched her give him the best blow job that he had ever had.

Just as Shelly started to really work up frenzy on him though, the two heard the distinct sound of a key entering and turning the lock on Mr. Hermann’s office. Before the two could react, Brian, the TA, strolled into the office.

“The class finished early with the test, so I thought I would drop…what the hell?!” Brian said as he stopped short.

He couldn’t believe what he saw. There was Mr. Hermann and Shelly, the two of them locked together, and it did not appear that Mr. Hermann was giving Shelly the admonishment that Brian had expected. She was sucking him off instead!

“Ummmm…I can explain everything…” Mr. Hermann started to stumble, but Shelly cut him off.

“Mmmmm…hi Brian,” Shelly said mischievously as she slowly stroked Mr. Hermann’s slick, sizeable erection with her tiny right hand, “Would you like to join us?”

Shelly’s dirty mind worked quickly to get them out of the situation that they were in.

Brian dropped the chemistry finals to the floor of Mr. Hermann’s office in astonishment.

“I never did thank you properly for all the work you helped me with this past semester,” Shelly continued.

Shelly stood up and then eased herself back down onto the couch in Mr. Hermann’s office, spreading her legs and hiking her skirt up. Since she wore no panties, the two of them saw immediately how wet she had become while pleasing Mr. Hermann with her young mouth. Her pussy lips were swollen, and the small patch of brownish hair down there was soaked.

Brian immediately closed the door to Mr. Hermann’s office before anyone else in the hallway could see what was transpiring in there.

“How about you take care of this Glenn with that big dick of yours,” she said, running her left hand through her pussy lips, “and you use my mouth Brian?”

Mr. Hermann and Brian stood there before her, mouths agape, amazed at how brazen Shelly was acting. She wanted both of them to have their way with her at the same time!

Brian felt a twinge in his trousers, his cock starting to grow hard in his pants. He swallowed hard and tried to compose himself to answer her.

“Ummm…yea, I’m into it if you are Mr. Hermann.”

Brian certainly didn’t need much in the way of convincing. He had always wanted Shelly, and she had teased and denied him for long enough. Now she would get what she had REALLY deserved.

Mr. Hermann, his big cock bulging even harder than before, simply nodded and moved in closer to Shelly. He kicked his shoes & boxers off and knelt down between her outstretched legs to taste her pussy, sticking his tongue out and running it up and down her folds while Shelly moaned.

Brian quickly fumbled with his jeans, trying to get them off as fast as he could before Shelly changed her mind.

Mr. Hermann pressed his tongue in deeper, tasting her musky wetness in his mouth.

“Come here Brian…come to my lips,” Shelly moaned.

Brian, now naked from the waist down, quickly moved over to the couch. He knelt down next to her, waving his hardening, average-sized cock before her face.

Shelly stuck out her tongue and grabbed his cock with her hand, tasting it slowly with her wet mouth and tongue. Up and down she went on the TA’s dick, matching Mr. Hermann’s rhythm on her pussy.

“God, you’re so hot Shelly,” Brian stammered as she licked him slowly from the base of his dick up to the tip.

Brian’s cock was now almost fully hard, not nearly as big as Mr. Hermann’s, but big enough to fill a good deal of Shelly’s wet mouth.

“Fuck me Glenn, now!” Shelly cried. “Fuck me while I suck this cock off in my mouth!!”

Mr. Hermann and Brian both groaned in unison.

Shelly took Brian’s dick into her mouth, easily stuffing all of it quickly inside while Brian held onto the blonde’s head.

Mr. Hermann knelt up higher on his knees before her and rubbed his oversized pecker over her nether lips, up and down. Then he slowly pressed the big head of his penis into her tight teen cunt, popping it inside.

Shelly and Mr. Hermann both moaned at the feeling of his slow penetration.

Mr. Hermann slowly and deliberately eased his big dick deeper and deeper inside Shelly’s tight, wet pussy, while she squirmed and sucked down harder on Brian.

Shelly’s lips wrapped around the base of Brian’s dick, while her tongue swirled around the length of him.

Brian’s cock throbbed, feeling even bigger, inside her hot mouth. Brian had waited a long time for this, and it was worth every minute.

Mr. Hermann went into Shelly with his fat member all the way to the back of her tight little pussy.

“My God Shelly, you’re so tight!” Mr. Hermann cried as he felt her grip him tighter than he had ever been gripped before.

“And her mouth is so good!” Brian exclaimed.

“I know,” Mr. Hermann smiled as he started to stir Shelly’s tight pussy around and around with his big, wide cock, still buried as deep as he could get inside of her. Shelly’s tight pussy could only take about two-thirds of Mr. Hermann’s big cock.

“Ohhh yea!!” Shelly said as she released Brian’s dick and yelped at Mr. Hermann’s deep probing.

Mr. Hermann started to stroke her tight cunt in and out, watching her wetness covering his big dick.

Shelly continued to suck up and down Brian’s dick.

The two men started to move in unison, when Mr. Hermann started to pull out of her pussy…Brian would start to pump into Shelly’s mouth. Shelly was getting fucked at both ends, but good!

Shelly just laid there and let the waves and waves of pleasure that she was feeling wash over her.

Faster and faster, the two men pumped the tiny coed from both ends. In and out, they groaned and moaned and fucked her on the couch in Mr. Hermann’s office.

The saliva from Shelly’s wet mouth covered Brian’s dick and balls, and Mr. Hermann glided what he could of his big cock easily in and out of her slick little pussy now. Harder and harder, they pumped their hips into Shelly. Mr. Hermann pummeled her tiny cunt, while Brian filled her hot mouth up again and again. The sound of Mr. Hermann’s big balls slapping against Shelly’s tiny ass made a rhythmic sound in the office for over 15 minutes.

“Oh God, I feel it,” Brian breathed heavily, “She’s doing it to me!”

“Cum in her mouth Brian. Do it!” Mr. Hermann urged.

Shelly sucked Brian’s entire dick into her mouth one last time, sucking down hard as Brian blasted the back of her mouth with hot cum.

“Oh fuck!” Brian bellowed.

Mr. Hermann worked Shelly over even faster, going almost balls deep and as fast as his hips could manage.

Brian collapsed on the couch beside the two of them and watched what unfolded next.

Shelly started to moan and groan louder and louder now that her mouth was free to express how she felt getting fucked by Mr. Hermann’s huge cock. She gripped Mr. Hermann’s waist and pulled him into her again and again, pressing the blue eyes on her pretty face shut.

“Make me come. Make me come on that big dick of yours Glenn. Oh God!” Shelly begged.

Shelly opened her mouth wide and started to call out, feeling her release come over her in a HUGE wave.

“Motherfucker!” Shelly called out.

Mr. Hermann buried himself deep inside Shelly and felt the coed clamp down on him. He groaned as she came all over his wide cock, quickly squeezing and contracting her pussy muscles around him. He felt a hitch in his big balls as his cum surged down his dick.

Mr. Hermann called out too in a quick yelp as his cum spilled into the back of her hot, little pussy. Mr. Hermann collapsed onto Shelly’s body, grinding over her abused pussy while still deep inside her.

Shelly smiled widely and winked at Brian.

“I always knew that chemistry would turn out to be very useful in life,” she joked. “Looks like I might need some more ‘special tutoring’ in it though, over the summer.”

The three of them laughed heartily as thoughts of the long, hot summer ahead of them danced through their minds.

Note: This is a work of FICTION! Although the areas this story takes place in are real; all of the landscapes depicted, the people described, and everything else this story uses to make it enjoyable reading for you are NOT REAL. As you read this story, try to remember, this is a NOVEL!


18. Winners and Losers and Winners

“He is losing too much blood; we have got to get him to the hospital.”

“Bull shit, William; your primary job is to get Stephano, the girls and yourself out of here, and back to Washington. The police can take me to the hospital.”

Susan cried, “I am not leaving you.”

“You are carrying my child. You will do what I tell you to do, or I will have them put you in handcuffs and drag you onto that airplane. I will be fine, as soon as they get me to the hospital. I will have enough police around me that the Valentinos’ will not get close. I need to be able to relax and know that you are safe. William, get a move on it, we do not want to make a run for the airplane at daybreak.”

William asked the officer if there was any chance of getting another patrol car to help them on the way to the airport

The officer checked in with his captain and found that all units were involved in other duties. It would take at least an hour before he could get one to them.

Allen said an hour would be too long. The sun would be up just enough to let everyone see who was driving and where they were going. They had to make their move now, or it was going to be too late.

William agreed, and told the girls to get ready to go. He looked at Stephano and said, “I know you told Patricia that you would testify against your father, and I believe you. However, if you cause a problem while we are on the way to the airport, I will kill you.”

“William, I will cause you no problem. After I learned what my father did to those college students, I cannot defend any of his actions. It turns my stomach just to think about it.”

“Get ready to go, once we are in the aircraft, I will take your handcuffs off and allow you to walk around.”

They took Alan out first, and put him in the back of the police car. Patricia and Jemma bracketed Stephano in the back seat of the Range Rover. William and a very reluctant Susan got into the front. The police car led the way down the winding mountain road of the development, until they reached the intersection of Highway 179, and alternate 89A. The police car turned on its lights and siren and they sped off Southwest in the direction of the airport, and the hospital.

William hit the speed dial on his cell phone, and a woman answered. He said, “We are on our way, six minutes out.”

She replied, “Roger.”

The huge C-130 Hercules started up its engines, one at a time and the ground crew removed the chocks from under its wheels. The loadmaster prepared to receive the car and had the cargo netting ready to stop it before it went too far into the aircraft. His men were not in their normal tie down positions on the aircraft. They were strapped in 6 feet above the floor, just in case the car came into the aircraft, under less than optimum condition. The airplane itself could withstand a bump here and there, but a man would get crushed by a car coming in at 140 miles an hour.

As the police cruiser was speeding down 89A, Allen’s hands started to itch, and his itch was never wrong. He leaned up on his elbow and said to the officers, “There is trouble coming, be careful.”

The words were not out of his mouth, when an automatic weapon opened fire, from an SUV they were passing. The officer in the right front seat was killed instantly, and if Alan had not been lying down, he would have been killed also.

The officer driving the car turned into the SUV knocking it off the pavement and into the scrub grass on its right.

William saw what happened and increased his speed passing both cars, as Susan screamed at him to stop, so she could help Alan.

William saw another SUV make a U-turn behind him. He knew it was going to come after them. He increased his speed and twisted in and out of traffic, and turned sharply on to Airport Road. He lowered his window to hear the roar of the aircrafts’ engines. He had to know which end of the runway the C-130 was waiting for them, when he got on to the airport property.

The back window of the Range Rover shattered; and the girls screamed.

He yelled, “Get your heads down, and stay down.”

He hit the speed dial on his cell phone again. “We are taking automatic weapons fire from a dark color SUV 6 in our o’clock position. We are one minute out.”

She replied, “Roger, the aircraft’s rolling.”

William could hear the change in the pitch of the aircraft propellers and the power being applied to them. He turned onto the access road and saw the big Hercules on Runway 21 slowly picking up speed. He turned onto the taxiway with the blue SUV about 1000 feet behind him.

He turned onto the runway and put his foot to the floor, asking the Range Rover for everything it had.

The gaping hole in the back of the C-130 kept it from gaining the speed needed to take off, but it was going fast enough to make it hard to gain on it. The Rover was doing 120 mph and the aircraft was doing about 80 mph. The runway was only 5100 feet long, and that did not leave a lot of room for this big bird to get off the ground, or enough speed to do it.

William was gaining ground on the Hercules but was getting ready to write a letter to Range Rover, because the Jaguar engine that was in this beast was getting nowhere near the 140 miles an hour that was listed as the top speed it was supposed to reach.

He was comforted in the knowledge that he was outrunning the SUV on the straightaway. However the bullets, being fired at them, were still coming fast and furious.

He was closing in on the strobe lights that were emitted from the back of the Hercules ramp. He saw men with flashlights waving him on; begging him to hurry before they ran out of runway. Finally his front wheels hit the ramp. Then, the final bump and his rear wheels hit the ramp. Then, the fun began. He was doing 120 miles an hour, inside a moving airplane. He jammed on his brakes, pulled the handle on his emergency brake, and skidded into the crash net. Everyone inside the vehicle breathed a sigh of relief.

The C-130′s Loadmaster was now sure he had seen everything.

The rear ramp was still coming up when they felt the aircraft float downward off the end of the runway, into the chasm at its end, instead of lifting off. Everyone held their breath hoping that the pilot could recover from the lack of airspeed on takeoff into the thin mountain air. They could hear the engines clawing for airspeed, when finally they grabbed just enough to pull the giant bird up and gain altitude, a little at a time. The Loadmaster yelled for his men to tie the car down, before it started rolling out the back of the aircraft. The men loosed themselves from the sides of the aircraft, and worked like army ants; crawling all over the car with chains and cables to keep it where it belonged. When it was fastened in place, everyone breathed a sigh of relief. Finally, the passengers were allowed out of the car to get a breath of air.

William asked to speak to the communications officer.

He was sent forward to the flight deck to meet her. They shook hands and he asked, “Where did they get all these extra people.”

The communications officer said, “They were not extra’s. When they got out of court in Prescott, the men the judge required to stay in town stayed. Those that did not have to stay, quietly rented other vehicles, and slipped out of town after dark. The sheriff did not find out about this until very early morning. He was so angry with his men; he put his fist through a door, and broke his hand.

He called the Sergeant, in Cottonwood and told him the news. These thugs had already gone by Cottonwood, and were in Sedona. It put the total burden on the police force there, and they were not prepared for it. Sgt. Sherwood is on his way with men to help out. Three Sedona police officers are dead, and two are not answering calls.

William asked, “Is there any word about Alan Robbins?”

“As soon as they got him to the hospital, they rushed him into surgery. He still has one officer guarding him, and the hospital is on lock down. That was the last update I had, and that is as of five minutes ago.”

“His wife is on board this aircraft. She is going to be a basket case, if we do not keep her informed about him. Do your best to keep us updated, please.”

“I will do my best Mr. Zabo.”

William walked into the back of the aircraft and went straight to Susan. “Susan, they took Alan straight into surgery, as soon as they got to the hospital. The communications officer will keep us updated on his progress.”

“Is that all they said William? They didn’t say if he was just hurt, or if he was critical or anything like that?”

“Susan, he was talking all the way to hospital. He was talking in the hospital. I would definitely say he was not critical. He might have been badly hurt, because they would not have taken him to surgery otherwise. Do not make it more than it is. He wanted to make sure that you would relax, and not hurt the chances of the baby being fine. You were more important to him than anything else. He needed to be sure you were safe. You are safe and we will make sure that he knows it. Your cousin is on his way to guard him. Everything will be fine. Try to relax.”

Stephano was released from his handcuffs and allowed to walk around the aircraft freely. He heard this conversation and walked over to Susan. He sat down beside her and said, “Mrs. Robbins, I cannot tell you how sorry I am in all of this is happening. I know that it is all about me, and my father’s desire to get me back. Alan always treated me well, and under the circumstances, much better than I deserved. I sincerely hope that he is returned to you in good health.”

“Alan never mentioned you by name. He never told me anything about you; or what was going on. He kept me totally in the dark, to keep me safe. What type of man is your father that he has no regard for innocent people’s lives, as long as he gets what he wants?”

“That was the question Patricia asked me, and when I could not come up with an answer good enough to satisfy me, I decided to testify against him. No one has the right to do what he has done, and get away with it. For most of my life I turned a blind eye to it; and lived a good life because of it. I can no longer do that. It is against everything that I am, and everything I believe in. If the government can keep me alive long enough I will tell the entire world about my father and his friends that run the mobs in New York City.”

“What do you mean if the government can keep you alive long enough?”

“The mob has people in very highly places in the government. They know almost as much as the President of the United States knows. It is nearly impossible to keep anything from them. If they know where I am staying, they will try to kill me, before I am able to take the stand and testify.”

“Is that really possible Stephano? Do they know that much about the inner workings of our government?”

“Susan, do you really believe an organization that makes over $5 billion a year, in one city, could survive without inside information about what is going on inside the halls of Congress. They may not own the senators anymore, but congressmen do know where their bread is buttered every time there is an election.”

“If a mayor wants to clean up his city, it is not the police that do it; an arrangement is made. The girls are moved off the street, and into houses. Police are informed where to look for drug dens. Drug busts are made against independents, which are in competition with the organization. Murder rates go down, because the police are informed before the gangs get involved in their wars. Robberies go done. Bank and armored car robberies go down. Everyone is made to look good, and everyone makes money. The bottom line is money, Susan. What a good business does is make money; LOTS OF MONEY!”

“Stephano, what you described, is a very scary movie scenario. It’s like The Godfather, Goodfellas, and the Godfather 3 all put into one. Everything is about control. They control the judges, the politicians, and the police. The public has no say in anything.”

“It is not all that bad Susan. The underworld controls a small part of a very large economy.”

“How can you say that when you have just said you may not live to testify?”

“It is easy, because I am threatening that part of the small economy they live off. They do not like trouble. They like to be hidden in the shadows. The light blinds them. The truth sends them to jail.”

“Did you like his lecture Susan,” Patricia said. “Every word he said is true. He was not raised to be a part of the underworld. He was raised to be a good decent human being, by a mother and a family who adored him. Unfortunately, he is the only son of a man who heads one of New York’s families. He did not know it, but from the day he was born he was destined to lead his family. I do not know if it is because of what his father did to my friends at school, or not, but his good part came out in time to save his soul.”

Stephano turned around, smiled, and asked, “But not in time for you to reconsider marrying me.”

“I cannot do that Stephano. I told you before, I like you very much, but because of your father, and what he did to my mother, and to my friends, I could never become a part of your family.”

“I am unhappy about your decision Patricia; however, I understand it.”

“You can take this as a consolation prize Stephano. You are the first man I ever kissed, and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.”

“You do know how to make a man feel wonderful Patricia. However, another part of him reacts at the same time, and that is not so wonderful.”

Her father said, “Patricia, would you leave the poor man alone. He has not been with a woman in almost 3 months. He would love to take your virginity right now.”

Every man onboard the aircraft turned to look at her.

Patricia screamed, “Daaaaaaaaaaaaaad!”

William grinned as he turned and walked back towards the flight deck. A shoe when flying by his head, and missed him, by a whisker, or less. He turned to remind his daughter of her boast in the aircraft on the way to Sedona, when he was struck in the middle of his chest by the second shoe.

“Did your mother teach you that, also, Patricia.”

“No father, I learned it playing horseshoes.”

“You are lying to me again Patricia. That is your mother’s throwing motion. I would recognize it anywhere.”

“If you knew I learned it from mom, why did you ask me?”

“When your mother threw something at me, I would go to her, put her over my knee, and spank her. That is exactly what is going to happen to you young lady; right now.”

“You wouldn’t dare lay a hand on me.”

“You are out of control Patricia, and someone has to put you back on the right track.”

William closed the distance between the two of them, and Patricia did not move.

Everyone in the aircraft moved to take a better vantage point of the upcoming struggle.

Jenna said, “William, you had better not enjoy yourself.”

He did not take his eyes off Patricia but he said, “Jemma, this is for disciplinary reasons only.”

William reached Patricia and grabbed her by both arms. He said, “Daughter, you lied to me, and then you hit me. You are going to be punished.”

With venom dripping from the corners of her mouth, Patricia said, “Go ahead dad; try to catch up on your parental duties. You left mom and me over 20 years ago. We never heard a word from you, not one word. Now you expect me to treat you like a father, instead of a stranger. Mom cried for years over you. I cannot tell you how much I hated you for abandoning her. Every time she cried, I cursed you, yet she defended you. She would tell me how much you gave us, and I would tell her how much you took away from her. You robbed her of her life, and because of you she is dead. Go ahead hit me. I hate you for what you did to my mother.”

William staggered back. He never expected to hear anything like this from his daughter. Laura knew why they had to be apart. She must have explained this to Patricia 100 times or more.

Jemma grabbed him, and took him to a seat so he could collect his thoughts. They could not afford a fight like this. They could not be torn apart from the inside, and expect to work as a team to take apart the Valentino family. It just would not work.

Stephano stood by Patricia. He wanted to hold her, but was unsure what her reaction would be. He said, “Patricia, let me take you to the back of the aircraft so you can sit down.”

She leaned her head against his chest, which allowed him to wrap his arm around her shoulder, and walk her to the seats he indicated. She looked up at him and said, “I am sorry I had to get you involved in this thing. You did not deserve it. Two or three more weeks; that is all I needed and everything would have been over. No one had to get hurt. The information would have been transferred, and no one would have been the wiser. One accidental meeting blew all of that part. I am sorry Stephano, I am really sorry.”

“Sorry enough to marry me?”

“Men, will they ever understand women?”

Stephano replied, “No, but we want to spend our lives trying.”

“Stephano, you are going to be a big success in life. It is not going to be because of your ties with the mob. It is going to be because of who you are and how smart you are. People are going to flock to you, and your wife is going to be center stage. It cannot be me because of what your father has done to the people I love.”

“Can we go to bed so I can change your mind?”

“What happens if we go to bed, and I don’t change my mind?”

“I have been told I am very persuasive in bed.”

“As my father informed everyone on this aircraft, I have never been in a bed with a man. How would I know if you were being persuasive, or not Stephano?”

“Trust me on this one, Patricia, you would know; you would definitely know.”

“It is that good?”

“It is even better than that.”

“I guess I will find out on my wedding night.”

“I want it to be me.”

“No more, Stephano; please no more, it will never be you.”

Six Cottonwood police cars were speeding Northwest on Alternate 89A towards Sedona, when Sgt. Sergeant Sherwood received the news that Alan Robbins was in Verde Valley Medical Center being operated on for a bullet wound to his back. Susan was safely in the air, on her way to an unknown known destination, being guarded by the FBI.

“Sheriff Walberg, this is Sergeant Sherwood, we are on your doorstep, where do you want us?”

“How many did you bring Sheriff?”

“I have six cars, with four men each.”

“Thank you Sheriff; drop one car off at the hospital, two men off at the airport. I have four confirmed dead police officers and one still missing and presumed dead. Shoot before you talk to these people. We will let the lawyers figure it out later. I don’t think they know your friend is in the hospital. I believe they are between you and me. Set up a roadblock at Sunset Drive on 89A. If they are coming your way, they will try to go around you using those vacant lots, on both sides. Use your shotguns and blow their tires out as they try to go by. I do not know what they are shooting, but they are killing people. Stay behind something solid Sheriff, I do not want to lose anyone else today.”

“Okay Tark, I am splitting my people up now. Three cars are going are going directly to Sunset to set up the roadblock. One car will drop two men off at the airport, and double back to join them. Two cars are going to stop at the hospital. My car will only be there for a moment to check on Alan. Then I will be back out in the field.”

“Thanks Sheriff, do you have your body armor on?”

“We never leave home without it.”

“Good! We have called the Radio and TV stations asking everyone to stay off the roads and in their homes, until this is over. I hope they listen.”

“Okay Tark, let’s take these bastards down, before they hurt anyone else.”

Sergeant’s and one other car turned left on Foothills Drive, and into the parking lot of the Verde Valley Medical Center. Sergeant parked his car by the front entrance.

Corporal Elmore parked his car by the emergency room. They took their shotguns and extra rounds of ammunition with them. When they entered the room, they asked everyone who is not in a life-threatening situation to leave, until this emergency situation had been settled. Listen to your radios and televisions stations for more information. They told them to go home lock your doors and stay inside.

Several people heeded their warning, but many stayed because of their needs. The Corporal moved them out of the emergency room waiting area and into the hallways where they could be more easily protected. They locked down the emergency room entrance doors. They blocked them with chairs and signs that said closed.

One officer was left to watch that entrance, and the three others went into the area where ambulances brought in their patients. One entryway was blocked with gurneys and other medical equipment. The other had to be left open for true emergencies. This was the door that was going to cause them the most problems, and that was where the three officers were going to station themselves.

Sergeant walked in to the front information desk and asked about Alan Robbins. The aide said she had no information on anyone by that name.

Sergeant exploded in rage. He said that Alan had been brought in here for a gunshot wound to his back. He was being operated on, when he had been notified last.

The aide looked at her computer and said, “Sergeant, are you sure you don’t mean Mister Jamieson? He was brought here by the police about an hour ago. The officer that brought him in said he had been babbling, incoherently. He had no picture ID, but he had a picture of his wife and child, insurance and Social Security card.”

Sergeant tried not to smile, but it was very hard. “Can I see him?”

“He is in recovery. Is this official business?”

“This is extremely official business.”

“Recovery is on the third floor, just follow the signs.”

“Miss, did anyone else come in with that police car?”

“I am not supposed to give that information out Sir. However, the same police officer that brought in Mister Jamieson brought in another officer who died en route. We do not have a positive identification on him yet.”

“May I see him; I may be able to help with that identification.”

“Let me make a call to the morgue, and see if anyone is available Sheriff.”

“Sheriff, the morgue is down one floor and to your right. Doctor Marcus will be there waiting for you.”

“Thank you very much ma’am.”

Sergeant went to the morgue and met with Doctor Marcus. He identified the body as Alan Robbins, and signed the appropriate documents. As long as the men who were looking for Alan did not have a picture of him, or knew what he looked like, their job would be over, and they would try to leave the area. They would be stopped at all costs.

What Sergeant did not realize was that this information was fed directly into the computer, and updated immediately into the hospital’s system, and into the statewide database. When the communications officer called for an update on Alan’s condition, she received bad news. She called William to the flight deck and said, “Mister Zabo, I have just received word that Alan Robbins has died of his bullet wound. His body was identified by Sergeant Sherwood of the Cottonwood police department. I am very sorry.”

William left the flight deck slightly dazed, wondering how he was going to tell Susan of her loss. It wound up that he didn’t have to do it.

Susan looked at him as he was walking towards her, and she screamed, “No! He promised he would come back to me. He is not dead. Please tell me he is not dead.”

“I am so sorry, Susan. We just got information in seconds ago that he died of his gunshot wound. Your cousin identified his body. I do not know what went wrong. I wish I had words of wisdom to say at a time like this. There is nothing I can say that will erase the pain you feel in your heart at this moment. I am so very sorry for your loss.”

Jemma and Patricia gathered around Susan trying to comfort her.

Stephano was stone-faced. He was angrier at his father than he had ever been before. His father had no regard for human life. When his father found out that he was going to testify against him, he would kill him just as fast as he killed anyone else who threatened his reign. His father had to be stopped. He decided to help Patricia stop him. He sat beside her as she was comforting Susan. He whispered in her ear, “I left some things out of my deposition to Alan I should not have. The computer backup sites are in Haifa, Israel and in Guangzhou, China. They both use older model IBM computers, then the one we have in Queens. It made it easier for everything to interface. I am sorry I did not tell you this sooner.”

Stephano was shocked when Patricia kissed him and said, “Thank you.”

“What else do I have to tell you to get you to do that again?”

“Where do they get their one time pads from?”

“That is easy; The Sunday Times Crossword Puzzle. It is always a 4-word sentence, plus the day of the week in numbers. Now where is my kiss?”

“I did not agree to that proposition; you proffered it voluntarily.”

“Patricia, I thought you never lied, or stole anything: ‘not even a stick of gum.’ You have just stolen an answer to a question you needed answered. Now you are reneging on that promise.”

“Stephano, you are going to be the death of me.”

“The only way I would kill you Patricia, is with love and kindness. Kiss me again, and find out for yourself.”

Patricia went for a quick kiss, but Stephano wrapped his arms around her neck and back. He held her close, touched her lips with his tongue and would not let her back off, until he was ready.

She was glad she was sitting, because her head was spinning and the area between her thighs was very moist. She had to keep her distance from this man. She was too attracted to him for her own good. It could never work out between them. It was just too complicated.”

Stephano said, “You can squeeze your thighs together as tight as you want Patricia. You want me as much as I want you. I am going to ask you an open-ended question. You are free to answer it any time your heart desires: Patricia Garrett–Parent will you marry me?”


He put his fingers across her lips, and did not allow her to finish her sentence. He said, “Do not answer me now, because you are under too much pressure. When all the stress and strain of this situation is behind you, remember my question. Email me, text me, call me, or see me, and give me your answer. Please, do not answer me now.”

She looked at his devilish smile, and said, “Do you play poker?”

“Yes, but I always lose.”

“I guess you are the type of man that always tries to pull to an inside straight.”

“Isn’t that what you are supposed to do, when the cards are all different colors, all different numbers, and it is your only hope of survival?”

“No, there is one other option.”

“What would that be, Patricia?”

“Throw your hand in, and fold.”

“What fun would that be? You would have to sit there, and watch everyone else play the game.”

“Stephano, you are incorrigible.”

“When it comes to you, Patricia, you are absolutely correct. You are never out my mind, or my heart. I will not stop trying to get you to marry me.”

Patricia looked at one of the Airmen, and asked if there was a parachute on board the aircraft.

He replied, “Yes ma’am, we have plenty of them. Would you like me to put one on him, and throw him out?”

“No, it is not for him, it is for me. I have to get away from him, before I make a mistake that would ruin both our lives.”

Stephano laughed. “If I got you pregnant on our wedding night, you could never leave me.”

“Have you ever heard of a single-parent home? My mother raised me by herself, and did a very creditable job.”

“I wish she was still with us Patricia, then this wall would not be between us, and we could live happily, forever.”

“Airmen, can I have that parachute please.”

“I am sorry ma’am, I am responsible for them. I would have to pay to replace that parachute.”

“How much do they cost?”

“They cost about six grand each ma’am.”

“I will send you a check for $100,000.00. You can buy ten of them and give them to the government. You can keep the rest of the money for yourself, or throw a party for the crew. Just give me one parachute, so I can jump out of this aircraft, now!”

“I still cannot do it ma’am. You do not have the training. If you get hurt, I would get court-martialed.”

Stephano smiled, “You see Patricia; even the Armed Forces of the United States cannot take you away from me.”

Patricia looked at him and steamed, because he was smiling at her. She could not think of anything else to say to him. She looked into his eyes, and they were aglow. He had won this round, and she knew it. No one had ever beat her verbally before, and she was not used to losing. She opened her mouth to say something to him, and no words came out.

Stephano saw this and he laughed out loud.

Patricia turned back to Susan to try and comfort her. However, she was not thinking about Alan’s death. She was thinking about killing Stephano, with her bare hands. No man had done this to her before, and she would not allow him to do this to her again. She tried to put up the ice shield between them, but it kept melting. She chided herself for her lack of self-control, when it came to him. I will not marry that man. I cannot marry that man. I will not become part of that family. They killed my mother, and I will never forgive them for it.

Then she saw her father looking at her, dazed and confused. Her shield came up, immediately. Here was the man then put her mother in danger and did nothing about it for twenty years. Regardless of his protestations, he could have done something to protect her. If he knew he was in danger in the United States, why didn’t he take them out of the United States? He gave them a very good life, until it was taken away from them in the most hideous manner. Now, she would go to her friends, and lead them in their computer search and destroy mission. He could go his way and destroy them with whatever evidence he wanted to put on the table. She looked at Gemma and already missed her companionship. Maybe one day, when this was all over, she could see her without her father at her side.

Sergeant took the elevator to the third floor, and went to the recovery area. He asked the nurse about the condition of Mister Jamieson.

The nurse asked, “Are you here on official business?”

“When it comes to Mister Jamieson; I am always on official business.”

He was shown to Mister Jamieson’s bed. He looked like he was peacefully sleeping. Sergeant drew the curtain around his area, and said loud enough for everyone in the area to hear, “You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law…”

Sergeant put mouth to Alan’s ear and said, “You can’t fool me you son of a bitch. Open your eyes you polygamist.”

Alan opened his eyes. “It was the best I could think of on such short notice. That SUV opened fire on us with no warning at all. How the hell did they know I was in the car? I am glad they did not go after the car with the girls in it, but how the hell did they know where I was?”

“They probably had police scanners, and were listening in to all their conversations. They knew which car to look for. You are now officially dead. I just identified your body downstairs in the morgue, Mister Jamieson. I still think we need to do a little change to your appearance. If they get in to the hospital, they will find out that someone was operated on, and come to look in the recovery room for anyone who has a bullet wound. We have to get you out of here and into a different room. I have an idea, and you will go along with it. This is a perfect time for me to start to get even with you for my dress.”

“Oh shit.”

“Nurse, come here please.”

“Yes officer, what can I do for you?”

“If you have been listening to the radio or TV, this is the man they are looking for. We have to alter his appearance and get him out of this room for his safety. Shave his head completely, and get him into an area of the hospital they will not think to search thoroughly. “

“Right away Sergeant, I will get the razors now.”

Allen said, “You son of a bitch, you are going to enjoy this.”

“You can bet your ass on that Alan. The first thing I am going to do is email it to Susan. I will tell her you are alive and not listen to the reports of your untimely demise.”

The nurse was very efficient. It took less than thirty seconds to remove all of Alan’s hair. Then she took a razor, and brought it down to scalp level.

Sergeant started taking pictures as soon as the nurse started. Stroke after stroke, Alan made faces that would make Susan smile.

When the nurse was finished, and Sergeant had emailed the pictures to Susan’s cell phone, Alan asked if he could send her one also.

Alan’s email was a little funnier than Sergeants. “Darling, although reports of my death are extremely premature, I would like you to remember a little shaving project of your own. I would also like you to remember our discussion of bagels, with and without cream cheese. I cannot wait to get back to you and sample both. I love you more than you will ever know. Please take care of yourself, and our little one.”

The staff transferred Alan to the area of the hospital for patients with terminal diseases. They made his chart reflect he was in Stage 4 of Acute Myeloid Leukemia.

Sergeant felt better leaving Alan where he was, and gave him his second weapon, just in case. He walked out the front door of the hospital, and he came under automatic weapons fire. His three men dove for cover behind the police car, and Sergeant hid behind one of the concrete barriers that prevented cars from crashing into the hospital windows.

The bullets were tearing the squad car to shreds. Sergeant yelled to his men to get behind the concrete barriers. He shouted that they had to be using armor piercing shells, because nothing else could do that to a vehicle. He got onto his radio and told Tark Walberg what they were up against, and where they were. He called his men at the roadblock and told them the same thing.

He said, “We are outmanned, and outgunned. Do not be heroes; I want you to go home to your wives and sweethearts tonight.”

A jet aircraft landed at the Sedona Airport, and raced to the terminal. Thirty FBI agents in full combat gear raced out of the aircraft. They commandeered every truck and car that was available. The Special Agent in charge called Sheriff Walberg on the police frequency.

“Sheriff Walberg, this is Special Agent Gibson of the FBI. I have thirty agents with me; we are on Airport Road on our way to Alternate 89A. Where do you want us to go?”

“Agent Gibson, set up a roadblock at Airport road and State Road 89A. Leave half your men there. There is a firefight going on at the hospital at Foothills Drive and 89A. These perps are using armor piercing shells, use extreme caution. Police are at the scene and more are on the way.”

“All right Sheriff Walberg we are on our way.”

Walberg called the roadblock at Sunset Drive and told them to proceed to the hospital and try to help Sergeant.

The men from Cottonwood were on their way in a matter of seconds.

Sergeant called Elmore to see what was happening by the emergency room.

Elmore said, “There is nothing going on here boss. The docs are nearly out of patients to treat. They are not complaining, and they are not looking for any bullet wound patients, so do not volunteer.”

“Elmore, if I was going to volunteer anyone with a bullet wound, it would be you.”

“Thank you, boss; I knew you cared about me.”

“Elmore, send Wriggs here. Tell him to stay behind one of the pillars inside the lobby. If they get by the four of us, they may get sloppy and he can take a couple down.”

“Will do, Sheriff; does that mean I get a raise?”

“No, and they will burn my chair, too.”

“Roger that.”

Sergeant and his men were taking fire from three positions. However, those men were not moving in, they were stationary. He knew this was a set up. While they had him trapped here, other men were entering the hospital from different positions, and he could do nothing about it. He called Elmore, told him the problem, and asked him to find out about other entry points into the hospital. What he found out appalled him. He had left two staff entry points unprotected. These men were probably already in the hospital, looking for Alan, and he was pinned down outside the hospital.

Six heavily armed men entered the hospital from the north side. Each of them took a female hostage as they walked in towards the center. Wriggs saw them coming, but there was nothing he could do but hide.

Rodriguez had a woman sit down at the information desk and put in the name of Alan Robbins and William Zabo.

Alan Robbins name came up in the file as being in the morgue, dead of multiple gunshot wounds.

There was no entry in the hospital by the name of William Zabo.

The leader picked up the woman by her hair and told her to lead them down to the morgue.

She said, “I don’t know where it is; I have never been there.”

He shot her in the head. She died on that spot.

He turned to the other five women, who were screaming and crying, and said, “Does anyone else not know where the morgue is?”

One woman replied, “It is one floor down, and we can follow the signs. Elizabeth was new to this hospital. She did not know where the morgue was.”

“She will now, won’t she?”

They took the stairs down and when they entered the hallway, everyone there scattered to the four winds. They followed the signs to the morgue and walked in to find Doctor Marcus performing an autopsy.

He asked, “What do you want?”

“Where is Alan Robbins body?”

“Why, are you going to kill him again?”

“Watch your mouth Doc, or you will join him.”

“He is in draw six. I have not done the autopsy on him, yet. He is a mess.”

The doctor opened the drawer and pulled the tray containing the body out, so the men could view it.

One of the men said, “Boss, I only shot him once in the back. I don’t know where all the other gunshot wounds came from.”

Doctor Marcus replied, “He had one gunshot wound from a large caliber bullet that hit him in the kidney and brushed his spleen. He would have survived those injuries. The officer that drove him here said they were hit by automatic weapons fire on their way to the hospital. He was hit by eight more rounds; that is what killed him. “

Another member of the group said, “That would have been us boss, we got that car good, before they forced us off the road.”

Rodriguez looked at toe tag and confirmed at it said that Alan Robbins. He looked at the other documentation and saw that everything else about the body checked out. The only thing he did not like was the fact that the body was identified by Sergeant Sherwood. He read the dossier on Alan and Susan on his way to Phoenix and although Sherwood was a Sergeant in the Cottonwood police department, he was also the wife’s cousin. He could be trying to pull a fast one on them. He told his men, “Search the entire hospital, for another bullet wound patient. Anyone gives you a problem, kill them.”

The hospital was not large and it was only seventy percent full at the time. What made it even more convenient for these murderers, was only thirty percent of these patients were male, and they were sequestered away from the female patients. The only exception was in the area for terminally ill patients.

They broke up into groups, searched wing by wing, and came up with nothing. There were broken arms and legs; surgically repaired knees, hips, and a variety of other medical procedures, which are done in hospitals every day. They did not come up with one bullet wound. The final wing they searched was the one for the terminally ill. An overweight, fifty-plus year old nurse stood in the middle of the hallway with her hands on her hips blocking their way. They told her to move.

She said to them, “These people have a very short time to live. I will not have them jostled around like bags of wheat so you can look for something that is not there. You can stick your heads in the room, you can look at their charts, but I do not want you to lay a hand on my patients. You may go to hell for what you do to other people; but if you hurt these people, I am sure God will have a special place for you in there.” She moved aside and walked with them, as they walked down the corridor.”

As they stuck their heads into each room, the nurse took the chart out of its holder and read to them what was wrong with each patient. They saw the multitude of bags hanging from the posts, with fluids dripping down the lines and into each person’s arm. When they asked what the fluids were, she answered in medical terms and then in plain English. He is getting chemotherapy, anti-nausea drugs, and painkillers; and so on.

They went to each room, and they were briefed on the condition of each male. When they got to Alan’s room, saw his baldhead, and he was only getting two bags of fluids, they asked the nurse why?

She pointed for them to move outside the room and said, “Mister Jamieson has ‘Stage 4 Acute Myeloid Leukemia. He is not expected to live throughout the week. We are just trying to keep him as comfortable as we can. He sleeps most of the time; either that, or he is an intense pain.”

“Why don’t you just put him out of his misery?”

“We are not God, and only God can make that decision.”

“I am going to go in there and help to poor bastard out of his misery.”

“I told you before; you will not touch my patients.”

“I am not going to touch him. I am going to kill him. “

He turned to his two partners and said, “Keep her here so she does not get in my way.”

Alan was listening to the conversation; and was ready for it. He had removed the IVs from his arm and was standing by the corner waiting for the man to enter his room. When he did, Alan put sergeants gun to his ear and said, “One sound, and your brains are going to be against the wall.” Alan turned him, and brought his gun down viciously on his spine where it connected to his head. The man collapsed to the floor. He took the man’s guns, and inched his way towards the door. He looked to see if he could take down the other two bastards that were in the hallway. He had clear shots and both of them went down.

The nurse did not scream. She turned and saw Alan leaning against the wall. She said menacingly, “If you opened your stitches, I am going to kill you.”

Alan coughed, “If you cannot get rid of two bodies, and clean up this blood on the floor in a hurry, we may all be dead. I have another one in my room unconscious, he needs to be tied up and gagged before he wakes up.”

The nurse got onto her intercom and asked, “Karen, are you available, Mister Wilson vomited, and I am helping with Mister Transom.”

No one other than hospital staff would know that this was a code for a hospital emergency.

Two very young nurses and an orderly came running around the corner as fast as their legs could take them. When they saw the two men lying on the floor in a puddle of blood, and their hearts skipped a beat. They knew what was going on in the hospital, but they had seen nothing like this.

“Ginny, what happened, what do you want us to do?”

“Put these two into Mister Jamieson’s shower and cover them with towels and blankets. Make sure they are not visible from the outside.

“George use disinfectant and sheets. Clean up the blood and put the sheets in the medical waste. If find them in their, it is easily explained.”

Alan asked, “What do we do with my unconscious friend?”

Nurse Ginny said, “He is going to be unconscious for a very long time.”

She went to the medical supply area, and took a bottle of Protofol. She filled a syringe and replaced the cap on the needle. She returned to Alan’s room, filled a glass of water, and threw it into the face of the unconscious man.

He sputtered and spit back to consciousness, but soon realized he was looking at the business end of his own gun. He saw the nurse smiling at him, until she swung her fist as hard as she could into the side of his face.

When he regained consciousness again, Ginny said to him, “Only God makes decisions on life and death, you son of a bitch. You are an aberration. Say good night nurse.”

He felt the needle go into his neck, and he didn’t have time to say it, because the drug knocked him out instantaneously.”

Alan asked her how long he would be out.

She replied, “Six hours, probably more.”

“We better tie him up, put a gag in his mouth, and get him into another room, just in case.”

“I have the perfect place to put him.”

“Do I want to know?”

Ginny looked at him and said, “No, it is a nurse’s secret.”

Nurse Callaway came to Alan and said, “You have got to get back into bed. You are bleeding.”

Alan said, “No, I have to help end this thing. Do you know how many more there are in the hospital?”

“There are three more. They were on the second floor when I saw them last.”

“Is there anything on the second floor you can take me to without raising suspicion?”

“There is radiology, dialysis, the laboratory, and the pharmacy.”

“Okay, here is what I want you to do. Put a big bandage on my left arm with a tube sticking out of it for a dialysis infusion. I want you to wheel me down to the second floor towards dialysis lab, so I can see what is going on. If we get stopped tell them that’s where I am going. If they ask to see the paperwork, tell them you forgot it and you have to go back up and get it. Just leave me where I am and come back up here, and hide. I can take care of myself downstairs. Okay?”

“Okay, Mister Jamieson, whatever you say.”

As soon as they exited the elevator, they were stopped. “Where the hell do you think you’re going?”

“I am taking Mister Jamieson to dialysis. He is a ready four hours late, because of all that has been going on today.”

He looked at Alan and said, “What is your problem?”

“If you give me one of your kidneys, I will no longer have a problem. The chemotherapy for my cancer killed both of them. The cancer is almost gone, but it killed my kidneys and any chance that I will have children. My wife divorced me because of that; don’t you think I’m lucky?”

“It sounds like you hit the trifecta. Go get yourself taken care of. Good luck to you.” He stuck his hand out to shake Alan’s hand and Alan put a gun to his stomach. He stuck his left hand into his belt and withdrew the gun that was there. Alan said walk with us into the dialysis unit; do not make me kill you. You and your friends have already killed too many people today. I will kill you without remorse.

From behind them a voice said, “Fred, where are you going?”

“Fred, either you do the right thing, or die where you stand.”

“Manuel, I am helping them into the dialysis lab. I will be right out.”

“Okay, I am going to take a shit. The floor is all yours.”

“Okay Manny, I have it.”

As soon as the door to the dialysis lab closed Alan told Fred to get down on his knees. He asked nurse Callaway to frisk him thoroughly for weapons.

Nurse Callaway said, “I have never done this before.”

“Nurse, have you ever had a boy try to feel you up?”

Nurse Callaway smiled at Alan and said, “Many have tried and several have succeeded.”

“In that case nurse Callaway, you are an expert in the art of being frisked. Now apply that lesson in reverse and find whatever he is hiding, anywhere, and I mean anywhere.”

Alan looked at Fred and said, “Be cooperative, it is her first time.”

Even Fred laughed at that.

Nurse Callaway did very well. She found his second weapon, a knife, and a garrote. She also left him with an erection, which made her blush.

Alan told her that they had to tie him up with something extremely strong, and something to gag him with, so he could not cry out for help.

There was plenty of tubing in the lab, plus gauze and tape. Tying Fred up was not a problem, and gagging him was easier.

Next on their list was Manny, and they knew where he was.

Alan got back into the wheelchair, and nurse Callaway started rolling him towards the elevator. Manny exited the bathroom and ask them where Fred was.

Coolly, nurse Callaway said, “That bastard is with a candy stripper in the dialysis lab. She is only sixteen years old. He should be shot for what he is doing to that child.”

Manny laugh, and said, “If she is old enough to bleed, she is old enough to butcher. How about you sweetheart would you like a little?”

Callaway said, “Your prick probably isn’t big enough for me to feel anything.”

Manny’s Latin pride was incensed. He said, “Oh yeah sweetheart, take a look at this.” He unbuckled his belt dropped his pants, lowered his shorts, and grabbed his rather unimpressive member.

Alan took his gun out from under the blanket and said, “My gun is loaded, is yours?”

“You fucker, you are not going to get away with this.”

“Get down on the floor, before I shoot your nuts off.”

Manny did as he was directed and nurse Callaway searched him for all his weapons, except the little one that was on display. “Shall we take him into the dialysis lab and tie him up?”

“Yes, I think we should. On your feet and hold up your pants so you don’t trip yourself. Callaway open lab door and make sure he cannot grab you on the way in.”

Apparently Alan’s warning gave Manny an idea, because he tried to grab Callaway as he went by her. It was the last move he made. Alan put two quick shots into the side of his head. He was dead before he his hand touched her.

Nurse Callaway was shaken. She apologized for not being in the right position to avoid that confrontation.

Alan told her it was not her fault. The man was a killer and it was his decision to try and take her captive. He gave her a gun and told her to stay in the room with Fred. There should be only one more man to take care of and he was going to look for him.

Nurse Callaway reminded him that he stuck out like a sore thumb because he was in his hospital gown.

Alan said, “It is a little bit too late to worry about fashion now. You can get me my clothes after I am cleared to go home.”

Alan walked slowly out of the dialysis lab and went to the intersection so he could see all four corridors of the second floor. He did not see anyone.

He yelled, “My name is Alan Robbins, are you looking for me you piece of garbage.”

A head popped out of one of the rooms. A man, with a woman walking in front of him started walking down the corridor towards him.

“What is the matter? You cannot do this yourself. You need to hide behind a skirt to kill me. I have taken down five of your men; you will be number six.”

“What have you done to my men?”

“Let me see: there are two in my shower with holes in their head. There is one in the dialysis lab with two holes in his head. Another one in the dialysis lab unconscious, and there is one that is unconscious and hidden. They will not tell me where they put him, but I would imagine he is not very comfortable. So that is five, and you are next. Miss, do not worry, I will not hit you. When I shoot him it will go straight through his eye and come out the back of his head.”

Rodriguez said, “You think very highly of yourself don’t you Robbins. You believe your own press clippings. Have you gotten yourself out of the bottom of…? Rodriguez did not have a chance to finish his sentence. In one motion, Alan lifted his weapon and fired one shot. It went exactly where Alan said it would.

The young woman screamed and ran towards Alan. She tackled him like a linebacker, and he collapsed to the ground, because he had no strength left in his body.

Wriggs came running up from the first floor, because he heard Alan yell. He said, “Alan you are one dumb son of a bitch. Sergeant is going to kill you when I tell him about this.”

“Wriggs do me a favor; get this young woman off me please. I am dying.” He had no idea how close his prediction was.

On the outside of the hospital, the firing had slowed down. Every time Sergeant or one of his men tried to move, the firing would start up all over again.

The tide of battle turned, however, when three Cottonwood police cars moved down Foothills Drive, and saw where the hoodlums were shooting at the hospital. From there they turned off the road to circle behind them. No sooner had they established their position and begun firing, then the FBI agents started to arrive.

The thugs jumped into their SUVs and tried to escape to the southwest the only area the authorities had failed to cover. While they were shooting out of the back of their SUVs’, their windshields shattered, the front of their cars came apart, their radiators exploded, and their cars ground to a halt. They crawled out of their cars and stayed on the ground with their hands flat and widespread. The agents from the FBI and the police from Cottonwood circled them. Several officers pounced on their backs, handcuffed them; and read them their rights. Sergeant went over to congratulate Special Agent Gibson on his forethought of putting men on the southwest corner of the hospital’s property, and cutting off their escape route.

Gibson said, “It wasn’t my men down there, we followed your men on to the northwest corner.”

Sheriff said, “If it wasn’t my men, and it wasn’t your men, whose men were they?”

A tiny squeaky voice yelled, “It was my men.”

Sergeant said incredulously, “Amanda?”

Suddenly, a big pair of hands lifted a tiny woman over his head and perched her on his shoulders. “Hi Sergeant, is everything okay?”

“What are you doing here young lady?”

“You told Joe and our friends that they were deputized for two weeks and it only turned out to be a few days. So I asked them if they wanted to come up here and see if you needed any help. When we arrived, we saw these people firing at you, so Joe had the folks set up a firing line just in case they came our way. When they did, Joe, Larry, and Mike took target practice at their cars. Joe wanted to see if he could still pick one of them up, while it was moving, but I would not let him.”

Gibson looked at Sergeant, because he still could not see Joe through the tall grass. He said, “She is kidding, isn’t she?”

“Wait one minute, and you won’t think so.”

As the six men walked through the brush, and up the incline, Agent Gibson watched Amanda get taller and taller, and then even taller. When Joe’s head finally came into sight he said, “Oh my God! I sure am glad he was on our side.”

Sergeant said, “Joe, put Amanda down so I can introduce her to Agent Gibson.”

“Agent Gibson, this is my right hand; Amanda Horvath. This is her husband, Joe; formally known as ‘The Flying Dutchman.’

Amanda shook hands with the agent. She turned to her husband and said, “Joe, be nice or else.”

Joe replied, “Yes dear.”

The agent smiled at Joe. “So it happens in your family too?”

“Yes. I chased her for one year, until she caught me. Since I said ‘I do,’ she has run roughshod over my life.”

Amanda said, “Joseph that will be quite enough.”

“Oh shit, she called me Joseph, I am in deep trouble.”

All the law enforcement people gathered around Joe, and laughed.

Amanda looked at the men from Cottonwood and said, “Just remember who puts the information in for your paychecks. We will see who laughs last.”

Gibson looked at Sergeant and said, “Thank God for computers.”

Sergeant replied, “We have computers, but she is the one that feeds it the information into them.”

Gibson looked at Amanda and said, “Five feet of pure dynamite, and the fuse is already lit.”

Sergeant said, “We are a male dominated city. However, it is run by three women: my assistant Amanda, the assistant city clerk, Donna, and our Judge, Lonnie. Every elected official could fall down dead and no one would ever notice. The city would run perfectly, until one of those three women died.”

Gibson said, “It should happen to Congress; but you did not hear that from me.”

“Amen brother, I hear you loud and clear.”

“Gibson, this is Matthews at the State Road 89A roadblock. We have just had contact with four SUVs heading southwest, toward your location. They saw us and stopped. They turned around and headed northwest. Request instructions?”

“Follow them, and coordinate with Sheriff Walberg. We will be following behind you. Leave two cars at the roadblock, just in case someone tries to sneak back.”

“Roger Sir, we are moving out.”

Agent Gibson said, “Dinner is on us when this is over Sergeant. It was a pleasure to meet you.”

“Let’s not do it this way, next time.”

“I agree. We will do it at a huge barbecue.” Gibson yelled, “Saddle up people, we are going north.”

Sergeant realized he had forgotten something. “Oh shit, Alan. Joe, Mike, Larry, you are with me,” he yelled as he charged towards the front door to the hospital.”

“Elmore are you still there?”

“I am getting sleepy boss. Nothing is happening back here.”

“Turn around you idiot. They are in the hospital looking for Alan. Find them; I am on my way in from the front.”

Elmore and his three men charged down the one hallway that was available from the emergency room looking for the intruders. Two men went up the first stairwell to the second floor. Elmore and the other officer searched door by door every room on the first floor, and then went down to the basement. When they reached that level, the employees told them the men had already been there and left to go to the upper floors.

They charged up the stairway to the second floor and met Sergeant and his group there. Rodriguez was lying on his back with blood flowing all over the floor.

Nurse Callaway heard the commotion, and called the officers into the dialysis lab saying she had two more in there.

Sergeant found one man dead and one man tied up. He asked, “Where is Alan?”

She replied, “Who?”

“Alan Robbins, the man who did this?”

“Oh, you mean Mister Jamieson.”

“Yes, where is Mister Jamieson?”

“He is in the operating room. When he shot the man in the hallway, the young woman that was being held hostage was so happy to be free, she ran to Mister Jamieson, and tackled him to the floor. He collapsed. One of your men, a Mister Wriggs, had to take her off of him. Mister Jamieson was bleeding from his wounds and they had to rush him to the OR.”

“Where is the OR?”

“I will take you there.”

Callaway led the way to the OR. They could see the doctor working on Alan through the small window. She told him there was a better view from the gallery. They walked up there and sat down in the plush chairs to watch the operation.

Sergeant thought it was just going to be a quick patch up job, but after an hour he knew something much more complicated was going on. Then he heard the alarm go off and the doctor called, “cardiac arrest.”

Sergeant stood up and held onto the windows as the doctor began pumping on Alan’s chest, and the crash cart was brought to the side of the operating table. Doctor called out a number and the nurse said the machine was charging. They put a cream on Alan’s chest, placed the paddles on the area, and hit the button. Alan’s body reacted like it had been hit by a truck, but the line on the machine on the wall did not change. They did this three more times and still the line remained the flat.

The Doctor said, “Let’s crack his chest.”

Sergeant was out of the viewing room in a flash. He was about to go in to the operating room, when a nurse stopped him. “Where the heck do you think you’re going?”

“He is not going to die. I will not let him die.”

“If you want to go in there you have to change into greens.”

“Nurse, help me or so help me God will go in as I am.”

A moment later Sergeant was dressed all in green and walking through the door, with the nurse pulling him along.

Alan’s chest was wide open, and Sergeant could see his heart was not beating. The doctors’ hand was on it and squeezing the life-giving fluid through his body manually. Another physician asked, “What is he doing in here.”

Sergeant replied, “Shut the fuck up, and do your job.”

He leaned down by Alan’s ear and said, “So you think your job down here is done. You are going to let that bastard you were going to testify against get away, again. You are going to let them find the people you were guarding, and let them get killed. What about Susan and the baby; are you going to abandon them? What is she supposed to do now? How is she supposed to survive without you? She is very fragile. She would have no idea how to raise a child without a man to help her. She has had a shit life, because of the men who have abandoned her. Now you are going to abandon her too. Way to go, Alan, just another bastard leaving a wonderful woman to drown, just when she needs you the most. Go ahead die. It is the easy way out. It is the same way out you took with your second wife. You looked for oblivion at the bottom of a bottle, and found it. Now you are looking into it by dying. You chicken shit bastard; always taking the easy way out.”

Sergeant stood up, walked slowly away from the operating table, and stopped. He turned around, looked at Alan and yelled at the top of his lungs, “You will not die, not today you bastard; not until I get even with you.” He took out his service revolver and put a bullet in the wall right next to the heart monitor. He said, “Beep you son of a bitch, Beep like you are supposed to for a good man.”!”

Apparently, out of fear of sergeant’s next gunshot being aimed better, the heart monitor beeped. Then it beep again, and again and continuously after that. Sergeant looked at the surgeon, who had been squeezing Alan’s heart.

The surgeon was watching the heart beat on its own.

His nurse said, “Congratulations Doctor, you saved another one.”

The doctor replied, “Don’t thank me. Put down on his chart: Resuscitated by bullet.”

Sergeant waited for the doctor to come out of the OR to explain what had happened to Alan, and why he was back in surgery after he appeared to be fine up in his room.

The doctor came out and asked him to look at the scans with him. He explained when Alan came in all the x-rays showed one bullet entered his body and the damage done was minor and were easily handled. When he came down the second time they thought they were just going to have to close him up again, but they wanted to be sure so they took more x-rays. They found another bullet further inside his body, hidden by his diaphragm. It had nicked the lower chamber of his heart. At that time the heart was not bleeding, so no one noticed it. When the young woman tackled him, she hit him so hard, the bullet went through the heart muscle, and he started to bleed profusely. We ran into trouble immediately, because he has A Negative blood, which is extremely rare. We started to recycle his blood as quickly as we could, and put a call out to area hospitals for more. With everything that was going on, in and around this hospital, nothing could get here. So we were doing the best we could to save your friend. I closed up everything I could from the back. When we turned him over, he coded. He did not respond to any external treatment. When I opened his chest, and felt his heart it was not leaking any blood. I feared that he had lost so much blood during the operation that we were going to lose him. Every line we had going into him was wide open, and I was pumping his heart manually trying to keep blood flowing into his brain, to prevent permanent damage. I do not know what you said to him, nor do I care. However, when you shot the wall, I think you put a period at the end of your sentence, and he heard you. I am just happy you did not kill one of our machines.”

“Thanks Doc, you saved a very brave man in there. You may never hear about what he does, or how he goes about doing it, but people like you, and I are better off, because of people like him.”

“I guess he is one of the people works for an agency with letters?”

“Who are you talking about Doc?”

“The patient I operated on.”

“What patient is that Doc?”

“The man in… Oh, okay. I think I will have lunch.”

“You will remind your staff that it is going to lunch?”

“You can count on it.”

The police officers from the Sedona Police Department went to every sporting goods store, and borrowed every Colt Semi-Automatic AR 15 rifle they had in inventory and thousands of rounds of ammunition for them. The owners did not ask the police to sign a receipt for any of them, nor did they charge them for the ammunition. They had been listening to the radio and television broadcasts and knew that their city was under siege. When Sheriff Walberg heard that the men and the SUVs were headed back towards Sedona, he advised the citizens to put their cars in the middle of their streets to form a barricade to keep these men from using their communities to hide in. This tactic worked wonderfully. It also helped to keep the police force advised as to where these bastards were, in relationship to the next roadblock. When the citizens on Rolling Hills Road informed the Sheriff that the cars had just passed them, and were heading east on 89A, Sheriff Walberg knew that they had entered the killing zone. He formed the final barricade at the entrance to the First Circle entering the city. He had thirty-five men guarding that point. He placed the fifteen men from the FBI on the north side of the road, to shoot at the driver’s side of the car, and they would walk up the ravine towards the post office, after the cars passed them.

Ten Sheriff’s deputies were placed on the south side of the road, and were to use their shotguns to shred their tires. After disabling the cars, they would use the AR 15′s, and cut down any one of the men who were trying to escape towards the bank.

Sheriff Walberg and his ten men were at the circle. They would lay down a barrage of bullets straight down 89A that would not allow these men to get out of their cars and fire back. If the men did not surrender, they would die, entombed in their vehicles.

As the driver of the lead car entered the straightaway heading towards the first circle, he saw the blockade. He said, “Fuck them, I am going through.” He pushed the accelerator to the floor, and was able to see the men standing behind the cars. He already killed two police officers today, so several more did not bother him. The speedometer reached 110, when he saw puffs of smoke coming from the left side of the road. His windshield exploded. The driver side window exploded. His head exploded. The car hurtled headlong for a short distance. It hit the center median, and hurtled into the air. It landed on its roof, on the west bound side of the road, skidded down the embankment and stopped just short of the post office parking lot. The second, third and fourth cars experienced similar carnage, but also were mangled because of their tires being blown out on the passenger side. The second cars right front tire blew just as the driver died. He pulled the wheel to the right. The SUV went to the right, down the embankment did a somersault in the air, landed on its roof, killing all inside. The driver in the fourth car hit his brakes hard, and dove for the safety of the seats. The problem is, when you are doing 100 mph; you still have to look where you are going. Car number three had two tires blow out. The driver hit the brakes, spun the car 270 degrees, and came to a safe stop on the roadway. Amazingly, the driver survived the fusillade of bullets, but the passenger in the left rear seat was dead, along with a passenger in the right front seat. He put his hands in the air, and sat up just in time to see car number four impact his car, and him. Car number four caused a spark that ignited the fuel that leaked onto the roadway from car three’s fuel tank. It ignited both cars into a conflagration that could be seen and heard for miles. The battle, if it could be called that, was over in less than one minute.

Three men walked out of the courthouse at 11:10 a.m., and got into their car. They driver backed up and was getting ready to enter the flow of traffic, when a young officer ran towards them waving a piece of paper.

They did not want to cause any problems, so they rolled down their window, and waited for him to reach the car. He said, “I am sorry sir. I hope I am not disturbing you, but you forgot your receipt.”

The driver looked at the piece of paper and it was a receipt for the $15,000 dollars they had paid for their fines. The driver said thank you very much. It has been very nice visiting your fair city, and we will be back.

The young officer pulled his gun and said, “I am sorry sir you are under arrest.”

The driver asked, “Why?”

“You are driving with a suspended license.”

The driver said, “Oh crap, I forgot officer let me pull back in to the space.” He was about to make a run for it, when he felt a gun placed behind his ear.

“Put the car in park, and do not move a muscle.”

Martin shifted the lever into park; and both hands on the steering wheel. Before anyone else in the car could move, the car doors were opened and the men pulled out unceremoniously.

Felix said, “We have warrants for your arrest on multiple counts of attempted murder and kidnapping. Just so you know most of your men are dead. The rest are under arrest in Sedona. You will be joining them there, as co-conspirators in a capital murder case involving five police officers. This state does have the death penalty. You will never leave it. We love visitors like you; the kind that stay forever.”

19. Declarations and Desire

The inside of the C-130 was quiet, almost like a mortuary for most of the trip. Patricia and Jemma never left Susan’s side, unless William approached her. If he did, Patricia stepped away from her. He could find no way to break the impasse between Patricia and himself, although he desperately wanted to. There is no way to convince a child, who has lost the person who had raised her since birth that you did what you thought was right, when she believes there was an easier and a better way for you to handle the situation. “Does she think that during those years I didn’t think of it also? When my wife passed away, does she think I didn’t want to bring Laura to me? What stopped me? Why didn’t I? What were the reasons that I didn’t bring her to me in Italy? The answers are in my head, why can’t I find them. I must have notes; where did I put them. Where was I, and what did I do after my wife died. I must find out so I can tell Patricia what was happening in my life.”

As soon as the C-130 Hercules landed at Whiteman Air Force Base, Missouri, Susan’s cell phone rang. She had two messages from Sergeant. When she read them, she started laughing. Everyone turned towards her as she stood up and yelled, “He’s alive. I told you he was not dead. I told you he would not leave me. Look at the pictures they sent me. Look at them.”

Jemma and Patricia read the notes simultaneously, and then they looked at the pictures of Alan making faces as he was having his head shaved.

Jemma asked, “Why is he having his hair cut off?

Susan replied, “It’s a long story, but I would bet my cousin had something to do with it.”

Patricia looked at Stephano with a glint in her eye. She asked Susan, “Do you think your cousin could do me a favor?”

Susan looked at Patricia and then at Stephano, and back at Patricia. She said, “I don’t see why not, I think he would look cute that way.”

Stephano looked at the pictures, smiled at Patricia, and said, “Say yes and I will be bald at the altar.”

Patricia growled, “Is there anything I can say or do, to get you to go away from me?”

“Yes, there is one thing.”

“Please tell me what it is. Whatever it is I will do it. I will give you every penny I have. I will move to another continent. I will never wear shoes again. Just tell me what it is, and I will do it.”

“Marry me!”

Patricia screamed so loud that everything in the inside of the aircraft rattled.

Patricia went to the back of the Range Rover, took out her computer and her little case, and walked down the ramp and onto the tarmac. Everyone else grabbed their things, thanked the crew of the C-130, and deplaned. They congregated alongside it, and waited for the Air Force bus that would take them to their overnight quarters.

The Range Rover would be taken to the service bays to be looked over for any damage caused by its strange arrival into the cargo bay of the C-130. If the technicians at this base could repair a B-2 bomber, they felt they could repair a car.

Patricia sat down on the pavement, opened her computer, and sent a quick message to Steve. “Hello Steve this is the naked woman of your dreams. I have changed locations due to the imminent threat of danger. I am told that danger has passed, and I am breathing a lot easier than I was before. There is a possibility that I will see a PhD. about my PhD. I want to do it in an area that is very close to my heart at this moment. I am trying to set up an appointment using the prime numbers of our last years’ class schedule as the date followed by the day and hour. The meeting place will be your favorite and mine,’ ‘Lovers Lanes.” Patty

“Patty, why are you being so cryptic; are we being monitored? Steve”

“Steve, a friend said something recently that has me wondering, and to answer your question, I am not sure. If I am not sure, I have to be careful, and so do you. The fox may be in the henhouse, or I might have a screw loose, because of all the pressure I am under. I will know soon enough. Use the clues and I will meet you there.” Patty

“I used $372 of your money. Steve

“It is your money. You have to pay taxes on it.”

“Not if I don’t reported as income. I could say it’s a gift. Steve”

“I would check with a tax attorney. If you prorate the $1,000,000 over five years I think your taxes will be less than the one-year gift tax would be. Patty”

“Is there anything you do not know? Steve”

“Yes, and you know what that is. Patty”

“There you go again. You could not leave it alone. I was doing just fine and then you had to hit me with that. Now I am going to be hard all day. Thank you. Steve”

“Steve, don’t be angry with me, but I think I’ve met the man that I am going to marry. It is very complicated. It is extremely complicated. I do not know if I can do it. He wants me, and honestly, I want him. There are things between us that can never be solved and I am very concerned that my heart will be broken. He is a wonderful young man and I trying to keep him at arms distance. He is so good at getting past my defenses, and getting into my heart. I do not know why I am telling you this because I am hurting you. I guess it is because I have no one else to talk to, and you are my friend. Patty”

“Patty, I want to be more than your friend. I want to be more than the person then got you out of the hospital. I do not know how long you have known this person, but it could not be that long. Knowing your history, do not jump before you give yourself a chance to experience other people in more normal situations. As I told you before, every man in our class wanted to date you, and many of them would have put a ring on your finger before we left graduate school. Do not commit to any one person before you give yourself a chance to look at the outside world. Someone better, for instance, me, could be out there looking for you. Steve”

“He has asked me to marry him, and I have not answered. I will not answer him until I am ready to make a decision that will affect me for the rest of my life. That includes giving someone else the opportunity to show me what the outside world is like. Patty”

“Okay, that works for me. I will work out the math and I will see you at our meeting place. Please be happy, I do not want to see you sad.” Steve.

“Sir, Alan Robbins is confirmed dead at the Verde Valley Medical Center, of multiple gunshot wounds. That is the only good news. Of the 32 men you sent to Arizona only seven remain alive and they are all in captivity. All the others are confirmed dead. It is all over the news. Nine police officers are dead. There is going to be hell to pay for this operation. The other families are going to come down on you hard for this.”

Bruno Valentino replied, “It did not happen here. Get some fancy West Coast lawyers to them quickly, and make sure these men keep their mouth shut, while they are in jail.”

“Sir, Arizona is a death penalty state.”

“Shit. Okay make sure the people in jail know that we have them covered. If they have families make sure the families are getting the best of everything. If they are allowed conjugal visits make sure they get the best. I want the lawyers to be at their beck and call. I do not want these men to be alive to go to trial. Do you understand me? I do not want it to point towards us.”

“Yes Don Bruno, I understand. I will take care of it.”

“Don Bruno, you have the phone call, it is Stephano.”

“Stephano, my son, where are you, are you okay?”

“No dad, I am not okay, and as to where I am, I have no idea. I am upside down, looking into a large hole, which I am being lowered into. Mister Zabo said you reneged on a deal, which was supposed to save my life. He gave me this cell phone to talk to you for as long as the battery holds out, or until I am so deep into this cave that there is no longer a connection. Say goodbye to mom for me, I am sorry it ended this way. I can understand you not wanting to go to jail. I guess that’s it. All my education wasted. The family dies with you. Goodbye dad.”

“Do not hang up on me, please Stephano, do not hang up on me.”

“You will be pleased to know he did not hang up on you, Bruno. He just threw the phone down into the pit, where he is going. I told him all about our deal. I asked him what he thought his chances were of walking into his home in two months. Do you know what he said; do you know how much faith he had in you? He said the chances he would walk into your home in two months were 100 percent. Can you imagine that Bruno. Your son had that much faith in you. Do you know what I told him when he said that to me, I told him he was a fool? I told him he did not know his father at all. As soon as you and I made that deal, we pulled up stakes and moved 700 miles from where we made our last transmission. We knew you would trace our last position.

You sent thirty-two men to Arizona, and Stephano and I are in Montana. You are absolutely brilliant Bruno, and you get smarter every year you get older. I am going to stay here and watch your son die. Then I will come to New York and kill you. It is not the way I wanted it to be. It is not the way I hoped it would be. It is the way you forced it to be. Another innocent human being has to die, because Bruno Valentino has no honor. His twenty-three-year-old son has to die because his father has no honor. Goodbye Bruno, the next time you hear from me will be from the business end of the gun.”

“Don’t hang up William.”

“Why Bruno what are you going to promise me now: Your left lung? I don’t want it. We had an agreement, and you voided it. There is nothing else to talk about.”

“I will turn myself in to the Assistant Attorney General next week.”

“Bruno, Stephano is hanging upside down, by a cable, 400 feet into a mine shaft. The temperature in there is probably fifty degrees. In two days he will die of hypothermia. If I do not hear on the news and see it on the television you have turned yourself in, and agreed to all my terms, I will let him die.”

“How do I know you will keep your word?”

“After what you pulled Bruno, you do not know if I will keep my word. If you send one man to find me I will cut the cable and he will fall 1200 feet to his death. Do you understand me?”

“Yes, I understand. I will call my attorney as soon as we get off the phone. In the morning, I will be at the U.S. Attorney’s Office, I will be there.”

“Bruno, do not fuck with me. This is it. Stephano’s life hangs in the balance. If I were you, Bruno, I would go into the US Attorney’s office, without your attorney. You will be assured of getting their alive. You can call him from there, if you feel you can trust him not to tell the other families what you are doing.”

“How am I supposed to pull this off? You told me not to walk in the front door or go in through the garage.”

“Do you still take your walks in the morning?”


“Walk up to the corner of your block. A stretch limousine will pull up alongside you. A few men will get out and invite you to get inside. They will say at some of your friends wish to speak to you about an incident that happened out West. They will not allow the man who is with you to get in. You will tell him everything will be okay, and you will be back later. Follow their instructions Bruno, and everything will be fine. Your son will be alive, as long as I hear that you are in custody, and have agreed to my terms. That is tomorrow Bruno; not one day later.”

“I will be there William, as God is my witness, I will be there.”

“You do not believe in God, Bruno. Goodbye.

Everyone settled down in their quarters for a well-deserved rest, except Patricia. She asked the Air Force clerk on duty, where the closest airport was, where she could get a flight to Glens Falls, New York.

He told her the closest airport was Kansas City, which was about 90 miles away.

She checked her cash situation and asked him if he knew anyone who wanted to make $300 to take her to the airport, now.

He said, “My wife will be here in twenty minutes.” He took out his cell phone, called his wife, and told her what was happening. She was making preparations, before he finished talking.”

Patricia was standing by the door when someone touched her on her waist. She jumped.

Stephano asked, “Are you going somewhere without me?”

“Yes, I have to use the information you gave me and move it to the appropriate authorities before your people change their tactics. This situation is going to come to a head soon, and I want to make sure that my part of it is done.”

“Your part of it is not going to be done, until you marry me, have a bunch of children, and have a wonderful life. I cannot make you forget what happened between our families, but we can live somewhere else, and make a life on our own.”

“You make it sound so easy Stephano, but as you have seen, I am angry with my father, for abandoning my mother. I am not a fit person to get married to right now. I am angry, not only at your family, but the only family I have left. Until I can reconcile myself, with these feelings, I cannot burden myself on anyone else.”

“Patricia, darling, I am very tall, and I have very broad shoulders. You will not be a burden to me, ever. I will help you overcome these feelings. When this is over, I will fill your heart with joy. You will finally know what love is. You will know what true happiness is. I know you were happy when you lived in Glens Falls. I can work anywhere. So can you. We can live on a ranch. We can do and go anywhere you would like. Just say ‘Yes!’”

“What was the question again?”

“Do not you do that to me. You know damn well what the question was. At least you did not say to me, ‘I am not your darling.”‘

“I must have forgotten to say that.”

“You have a photographic memory. You never forget anything.”

“My mind was busy on other things?”

“The only answer I will accept is you were thinking of saying yes. Now, where are we going?”

“I am going to the airport.”

“You are not going to the airport without me.”

“Yes, I am, and you are not going to stop me.”

“What do you think would happen if I yelled, “Patricia is leaving.”

“You would not do that to me.”

“I would do it in a heartbeat. You are not safe out there alone. You could run into one of my father’s henchmen, and be dead in a second.”

A car drove up to the front of the building and beeped its horn.

Stephano said, “If you reach for that door, and I am not going with you, I will scream!”

“You bastard, I am never going to get away from you.”

“That is one more reason for us to get married.”

The Airman opened the door and said, “You two argue more than my wife, and I; and we are already married. I will give you my email address. Will you let me know what happens after you get married?”

Patricia said, “I am not going to…oh, what is the use. I just wind up repeating myself.”

Stephano said, “You see, I almost have you convinced. Now, am I going with you or do I yell?”

“I am beginning to hate you, more every minute.”

“Remember what your father said, “Hate and love are separated by a wet…”

“If you finish that sentence, you will never get close to it.”

Stephano smiled at her. “You see more progress every minute.”

The Airman asked, “Are you going to the airport or not?”

Stephano said, “Remember Patricia, answer in the plural or it is back to bed; hopefully with me.”

She pushed Stephano towards the door and said “Airport, now. You can dream of me in bed, but it is not going to happen.”

“Do you want to kiss me and sealed the deal?”

“Get in the car, dammit, and keep your hands and mouth to yourself.”

“Yes, my love, anything your heart desires.”

Patricia wanted to scream, but there was a baby, asleep in the back seat. She kept her mouth and her temper under control, so she smacked him on the back of his head.

Stephano turned around and quietly said, “Physical contact, I love it.”

Patricia looked at him, with steam coming out of her ears and daggers in her eyes, and all Stephano did was pucker up and blow a kiss at her.

He was infuriating, but her panties were wet, and she had an itch that desperately needed to be scratched. She scolded herself for her lack of self-control, but that damn itch would not go away. She had nearly ninety miles to go before she could go to a bathroom, and scratch it. This woman was driving 60 mph on a 70 mph road.

To add insult to injury, during the trip, the baby woke up, and started to cry. His mother, Angela, said he must be hungry.

Patricia said, “Where is his bottle, I will feed him.”

Angela said, “He does not take a bottle; I breast-feed him. I am going to have to pull over for a few minutes and take care of him.”

Patricia wanted to kill. Forty miles to the airport, and an itch that was getting worse, rather than better.

Angela pulled the car off the road and onto the shoulder. She asked Patty to give her the baby; and asked both of them to give her a little privacy, so she could breast-feed her son.

While they were standing by the back of the car, Patricia said, “I have to pee. If you come anywhere near me, I will charge you with assault and lewd behavior.”

“You will be the one with your pants down.”

“You will be the one dead, on the floor. Leave me alone Stephano. I want my privacy, also.”

She walked about twenty feet into a dim part of the woods, until she thought she was safe. She lowered her pants and leaned back against a tree. She put her hand into her panties and found that spot, which would not leave her alone. She touched it, and it flared. She rubbed it, and her hand was soaked with her fluids. She lost her train of thought, as her hand moved faster and harder into her furrow. She pinched her clit and she moaned out loud. It had never been this intense. She moved her hand faster, until it became a blur. She rubbed the sides of her cunt as she squeezed her clit. Every time she passed it by, she moaned. Her nether lips were soaked with her fluids. She did not realize she was how loud she was moaning while she pleasured herself. The itch continued heightening, until she was oblivious to the volume of her pleasure. Shit, “she said,” He cannot be having this effect on me. It cannot be him.” She rubbed her clit, feverously, leaving every other part of her pussy alone. She never entered her sheath. She did not want to rupture her hymen; that was a gift to her husband. Her left hand went to her breasts, and squeezed her each nipple in its turn. Her belly tightened and either the pain or the pleasure moved lower, until it rested just above her pubic prominence. “Oh, no,” she thought, “Oh no,” she called out, “dammit; not for him, please God, do not let this be for him.” O, O, O, Fuck this; NOOOO!!! “You bastard, I love you.” She came like a river, onto her hand, into her panties, onto her thighs, and calves. “O God, Thank You; Thank You. Thank You.” She was soaked; but the itch was gone, and she was finally sated. She was full of endorphins. She was on a high, and was ecstatic. She felt wonderful; relaxed against the tree, trying to get her breath back and her mind under control. She could not go back to the car in this condition. Her panties were so wet they would soak her pants. The aroma would bring attention to her, and she did not want him to start ribbing her about it. She took off her slacks, removed her panties, and cleaned her vagina, legs and hands as well, as she could. She put her slacks on, and looked for a place where her panties would not be seen, or smelled. She hid them inside a thick bush, and started walking back to the road.

Unfortunately, she got herself turned around, and walked deeper into the woods. When she realized she should have been to the road by then, she became frightened, and yelled out for help.

Stephano heard her yell and called out to her. He said, “Stay where you are, I will come to you.” It only took him a few minutes to get to her, and he saw that she was shaken, by this experience.

He said, “The next time you have to go pee, I am coming with you.”

She replied, “Dream all you want Stephano, it is not going to happen. If the damn trees were not so tall, and I could see the sky, I would not have gotten turned around.”

He laughed at her. “That is why they call it a forest.”

He pointed her towards the highway and walked behind her. He said, “What happened to your panties?”

Patricia turned to him and said, “What are you talking about?”

“When we walked to the car; you had a visible panty line. Now you do not. What happened to your panties?”

“That is none of your business.”

“Did you have a mechanical failure?”

“Stephano, stop it right now or you will never make it to the car.”

“Was it good for you?”

“What are you talking about, Stephano?”

“Did you cum?”

“Stephano, I peed.”

“I know that aroma. You masturbated and you came. Do not lie to me, Patricia.”

“Steve and I had computer sex today, and I was horny. I took care of myself. Are you happy now?”

“I thought you never told a lie Patricia. I thought you never stole a piece of gum or told a lie. I have caught you doing both, in one day.”

“You confuse me Stephano. I am off balance when I am near you. I do not know how to deal with you. I love you, and I hate your family. We can never be together, because of that dichotomy. It just will not work for us. Please let me be, or I will go crazy otherwise.”

“So you love me?”

“Yes, I love you.”

“Will you marry me?”

“You told me I did not have to answer that question, until I was ready.”

“Loving me is not enough for you?”

“No, it is not enough. There are many things I have to deal with that love cannot overcome.”

“Come here and kiss me, because we are in love with each other.”

“I will not kiss you because of that inconvenience.”

“Patricia, you do not want me to come over there, and kiss you. Come over here and kiss me of your own free will. Do not argue with me over this; ‘how did you put it’; ‘Inconvenience.’”

He was looking into her eyes with such intensity; Patricia felt her feet moving, before her brain realized it. She closed the short distance between them rapidly, and stood before him like a statue.

Stephano looked down at her and demanded, “Kiss me.”

She reached her arms up around his neck, as he lowered his body enough to meet her smaller frame. She remembered what she had done moments ago in the forest, and placed her lips on his. She kissed him with all the strength, passion, and intensity, she felt as she came, leaning against the tree.

Their kiss would have lasted much longer, but Angela called out, “I am finished, we can leave now.”

Stephano disconnected his lips from Patricia’s, and said, “Talk about ‘Coitus Interruptus’, that is as close as I have ever cum to it.”

Patricia laughed, “At least your pants are still clean.”

“Very funny, my dear, that kiss will only last you, until I get you into the airplane.”

“I am buying tickets; I will select the seats.”

Then she said, “Dammit, you cannot get on the airplane. You do not have ID to get on an airplane, or get through security.”

“Yes, I do. It is sewn into the inside lining of my pants waistband, along with $1000 cash. It is my emergency travel money.”

“Very good, Stephano, in that case, you can buy your own ticket. My cash fund is getting low, and I do not want to use a charge card. They are too easily traced.”

“Anything you want me to do, my love, I will do. However, I will get the seat beside you.”

“In that case, Stephano, I am flying first-class, because you will not be able to afford it.”

“What about your cash fund getting too low?”

“When we get to our destination, I have a friend that will lend me some money.”

“Bitch, you will do anything to stay away from me.”

“I told you Stephano, you confuse me. I need some distance between us, so I can think. If you are all over me, the last thing I want to do is think.”

“So you have it as bad as I do, Patricia?”

She dropped her head, and sighed. “Yes, Stephano, I love you that much. I wish it was not going to be this hard, but it is. I may wind up like my mother did; loving you forever, from afar. I watched her waist away into an empty shell. Never being with the man she wanted so desperately, because life got in the way.”

Stephano turned around, and looked through the front window of the car, with tears in his eyes. He never looked back at Patricia. He had no answer for her. He had no comforting words. His father had caused her terrible pain and he had no way to return her mother to her. Now she had lost her father, because of an incident so minor, it should have been brushed off like a joke. One moment they were a bonded family, the next moment they were shattered glass. How does an outsider fix that? He had no idea. With all his education, his psychology classes, his sociology classes his education classes, none of them were helpful in this real world situation.

Angela noticed the chill in the car and asked, “Are you two okay?”

They answered simultaneously, “No.”

“Is there anything I can do to help?”

Stephano replied, “Send us to a new planet where we can start to repopulate it by ourselves, and with no family problems.”

Angela laughed. “Why do you think Jake and I are an Air Force family? We live on lousy pay, in the lousy housing, in out-of-the-way places; just to stay away from our families. They tried to keep us from seeing each other. They tried to keep us from dating. They went ballistic when we became engaged. When we gave them the date of our wedding, they said they would not be there.

Our wedding was fabulous. It was our friends and us. Thirty people and there was not one argument all night. It was an inexpensive affair, which Jake and I paid for from our savings. As soon as Jake made Sergeant, we decided to have a baby. When that happened, we sent notices to our friends and not our parents. When they heard about Junior’s birth, they sent us letters wanting to see their grandchild. We returned a very nice letter telling them to fuck off. They wanted no part of us, now we want no part of them. Payback is a real bitch, and that, they are finding out is a very hard bone to swallow. We get letters every month asking us to change our mind. We do not bother to answer them. It is a waste of our money, because we would have to spend it on envelopes, paper, and stamps. We email our friends all the time, and tell them not to give out our dress to either of our parents. So far they have honored our request. Our parents went so far as to write to our base commander, demanding that he intervene on their behalf. I was called in to the adjutant’s office to find out what was going on, I told him the story. He laughed, and told me to stick to my guns. He said and I quote, “When each of them send you $1,000,000.00, send them a note saying ‘Thank You.’” He sent them a letter telling them it was not Air Force policy to intervene in a family affair.”

Stephano turned and said, “I understand, Costa Rica is a nice place to live.”

“So is Coronado, California. I do not want to leave the United States. If they want to get to us, they can get to us in McMurdo Sound.”

Angela said, “Why don’t you stay here. Whoever is looking for you could not get onto that base, if they were invisible. There are so many layers of security guarding the B-2s, that if you break wind, a sensor knows it.”

“Thank you for that thought, Angela, but I am not looking to join the Air Force, and neither is she.”

“We have more spooks on that base, then you can shake a stick at. We have computer people from MIT, Stanford, and Caltech here. We have private jets flying in out here, with business people from all over the country and the world, trying to get bids on the upgrades to the B-2. You have no idea what goes on, on that base.”

“How do you get a job at that base, if you are interested?”

“You submit an application at the employment office, or as we call it, ‘the little red monster,’ because everything begins and ends there. If your application meets standards for the job you are applying for, then you go for your security clearance, which is a bitch, and normally takes about two months. They will know the size of your balls, and the circumference of your nipples, by the time they are finished with you. Then there are the psychological tests, your previous employers, and everyone your life has touched, since you were in your mother’s womb. After that comes the hard part, your interview. If you show too much respect, you are not hired. If you show too little respect, you are not hired. If you are too sassy, you are not hired. If you are not sassy enough, you are not hired. If you are too smart, you are not hired. If you are too stupid, you are not hired. You have to be just a little dumber than your boss to get hired. Once you are hired you can make your boss look like an idiot, which is expected, or you will be fired.”

“How do you know all this Angela?”

“I was not hired for three jobs on the base, before I was told these tricks.”

“What do you do now?”

“I am the secretary for one of the ‘spook’ outfits on the base.”

“There is more than one on the base?”

“Every one of them is on the base, except the CIA, because they cannot work in the U.S., ‘supposedly.’”

“Here is the airport; where would you like me to drop you off?”

“Which is the largest carrier, out of here?”

“United is the largest, and it has the most frequent takeoffs and landings here.”

Disclaimer: All characters are over eighteen years of age.

Editing credit: Blind_Justice

Copyright © 2013 redskyes

Author’s note: Fair warning, this is not a quick read. There’s plenty of sex, but this is a pretty big story. I have split it up into seven submissions, otherwise it could take quite a long while for this to be approved. This came about as a short-story experiment and exploded from there. I wanted to write about the blissful ignorance I have encountered when meeting certain married couples over the years, and the collapses of those relationships that came about when they pretended nothing was wrong. The challenge was to make it entertaining, so here’s to hoping I succeeded.

Ignorance is bliss, as they say. But sometimes, ignorance is just ignorance. It is one thing to not realize there is a problem with one’s marriage. It is another thing entirely to ignore it. Rebecca thought she had it all, but when her husband’s cocky, gorgeous and take-charge best friend moves in with them, she finds herself careening down a slippery slope with no way to stop her descent. Is it lust driving her into another man’s arms, or loneliness? Raised sheltered and pure, and now faced with temptation, Rebecca discovers that she knows far less about the woman she is than she ever imagined, and she may not really know her husband at all. Is her marriage worth saving or has she been unhappy for too long? Rebecca must take charge of her life, or someone else will. If they haven’t already.

Chapter 1

It was an accident

It all started by accident. I never intended for it to go as far as it did, but I’m not sorry either. I have never been so happy and sexually fulfilled in all my life. And I never would have guessed that I’d have my husband’s best friend to thank for it.

Ryan, my husband, had met Jake in grade school. They grew up together, whereas I met Ryan in college. From the moment I met Jake, I knew he was trouble. I loved Ryan, and I still do, but Jake was everything that Ryan wasn’t. He was tall, blond-haired and blue-eyed, extremely fit, and beautifully handsome. The instant I saw him, I wanted him. I didn’t want his personality. Where my husband was sweetly charming and always polite, Jake was rude, crude, and a domineering jackass.

No, I wanted his body.

I should stop here and explain that I’m very reserved, or old fashioned, if you prefer. I was raised in a very strict Catholic family. I wasn’t Catholic myself, but one of the things I did take away from my upbringing was the notion that my virginity was a precious gift. I couldn’t, and wouldn’t, just give it to anyone. I’d been determined to remain a virgin right up to my wedding night, and I succeeded. But the temptations were always there. I wasn’t blind to sex or the needs of my body. Attractive boys stirred up feelings inside me, as expected, but I never acted on them. I came very close to giving myself to Ryan before we married, but I managed to hold out.

But Jake…wow, Jake was dangerous. See, Ryan was a temptation, being attractive and all, and Jake was too, but add in his cocky attitude and powerful presence, and I was ashamed to admit that I was far more physically attracted to him than I was to Ryan. I’m sure if Ryan had been more aggressive — he’s a very reserved man, like me — it would have been just as difficult for me. Still, like I said, Jake was dangerous.

I had subtly tried to prevent him from becoming a staple in our lives. I shouldn’t have wanted him the way I had, with such a powerful, primal craving, but I did. But Ryan wouldn’t be deterred. Jake adored my husband. Ryan had been the proverbial band geek and math nerd all his life, and I’m sure he loved that a wildly popular jock had befriended him.

I don’t know why Jake liked Ryan. Maybe it was football. Jake loved it, and Ryan had an eidetic memory. He could give you the stats on every team in the NFL, and he was fascinated with the rules and the probabilities of every play, game and season. During football season, Jake would come over to our place to watch the games with Ryan, and they would stay up late into the night drinking beer and talking about this player and that coach and those piss-poor calls by the refs, and what have you. Me, I’d just go to bed early. In fact, any time Jake was around, I made myself scarce. Ryan must have thought I really hated his friend, but we never talked about it.

The truth was that I had never craved a man like I craved Jake, not even my husband. He was tall, strong, gorgeous, and a prime alpha male. He was crude when it came to women, but he never directed his attitude towards me. If he’d just been an ass, I’m sure that would have killed any desire I had for him. But no, Jake was always polite with me, even sweet, I guess. We never had deep conversations or anything, but he would ask me about my day, how I was doing, and things like that.

I’m not sure that Jake really cared to hear anything I had to say. Oh, sure, he’d listen, but what he really wanted was to watch my mouth as I talked. Jake was always watching me, checking out my butt in tight jeans, or my legs when I wore a skirt, my feet when I was painting my toenails, or my breasts when I wore a tight shirt or a low-cut blouse. Whenever I’d catch him, he’d quickly avert his gaze, but he wouldn’t blush. He’d smirk though.

There was another truth there too. I liked Jake checking me out. Actually, I liked it when men checked me out in general. I liked feeling beautiful. Ryan constantly told me I was, but hearing it and seeing the evidence of it are two completely different things. Like I said, Ryan was reserved. He’s not the type of guy that checks out girls, if you know what I mean. Not even his wife. Anyway, I’m far from tall, standing about five-foot-six, but I keep myself in good shape and I’m rather proud of my body. I’m used to men checking me out, and while I tended to blush when I noticed their appreciation, I still liked it.

But Jake’s attentions were my favorite, and that’s what made him dangerous. Those first few months of knowing him, I found myself wearing more revealing clothing when he was around, fitted jeans or skirts instead of long dresses, and tight shirts and sweaters rather than frilly blouses. Almost every time Jake came over to visit, I made a point to throw on a skimpy bikini for a dip in our hot tub and/or pool, weather permitting. The truth was that I liked showing off for him. I got a reaction from him that I couldn’t get from Ryan. Sure, Ryan would smile and tell me I looked great, but Jake would practically salivate at times, and that was the kind of attention that I secretly craved.

There was one particular occasion that stood out in my memory. I’d worn the skimpiest bikini I owned, a little black thing that contrasted nicely with my pale skin. There was barely enough material to cover my most private parts. The rest of it was barely-there straps. Jake and Ryan were already in the hot tub when I came out and got in with them, bringing two bottles of beer for them and a glass of wine for myself. When Ryan went inside to pee, Jake had looked over at me.

“You look good, Rebecca,” he’d told me, voice low and sexy, but his expression was far from lecherous, more cautiously appreciative.

It was the most overt compliment he’d ever given me. I’d thanked him, and that was that, but I’d been certain his voice had been laced with pure desire, and my insides had clenched with heat. After Jake left, I practically begged my husband to have sex with me. It was always like that after Jake would leave. My body would be in a high state of arousal — I’m talking high orbit here — and I would relieve myself with Ryan. He never suspected anything, or if he did, he never indicated so.

Jake made his living selling high-end homes, the kinds that run low seven-figures. When the housing market went to hell, his income dwindled to nothing practically overnight, and with his spending habits, I guess, he didn’t have any money saved for a rainy day. My husband came to Jake’s rescue, offering him the use of our guest room, and Jake had accepted. He’d been living with us for a month.

The real trouble began when I stumbled upon something I shouldn’t have. Jake was always seeing some new girl, and that night was no exception. I wasn’t comfortable with him bringing women into our home, largely because the ecstatic sounds of his carnal activities were quite loud — God, the sounds those women made, I never made noise like that! Ryan wasn’t bothered by it. If anything, he was proud of his friend, happy for him, and rather amused by it all.

But that night was different. Ryan was working really late, as was the norm in for the last couple of years. I’d spent the last hour soaking in a hot bath with my iPod playing Owl City. I was still wearing my headphones — largely because Jake had come home with a girl, and I didn’t want to hear what they were doing — when I donned a big fluffy robe and decided I could use a cup of hot cocoa. Tapping my fingertips against my thigh to the beat of ‘Deer in the Headlights’, I passed the door to Jake’s room and couldn’t help but notice that it wasn’t quite closed. The hallway was dark, and there was very dim, flickering light coming out of Jake’s room. Candles?

Against my better judgment, I peeked through the inch-wide crack, and what I saw took my breath away. The foot of Jake’s bed faced the door, and there was a naked woman beneath him, her legs splayed wide outside of his thick arms. He was pumping his hips up and down and driving the biggest, thickest, longest penis I had ever seen in my life into the woman beneath him. They were facing away from me, so they had no idea I was watching them. Maybe that’s why I didn’t move.

There was no sound. The loud music in my ears masked everything. I stood there for I don’t know how long, mesmerized by the sight of Jake’s huge penis plunging in and out of his girl, of his incredibly tight butt and hugely muscled body powering his thrusts. Her clean-shaven vagina was lifted straight up, stretched wide around the gargantuan pole of flesh pushing into her. He would draw out of her until the wide tip of his penis distended the mouth of her vagina, his thick shaft glistening wetly, thoroughly soaked in her fluids, veins bulging obscenely along his length, then he would thrust back in. With every plunge, her anus clenched tight, winking right at me.

In my shock and lust induced haze, I was somehow able to notice that Jake wasn’t using his entire length. Either he didn’t want to, or that poor girl couldn’t take all of him. I think the real reason I watched them was because of the position. I didn’t have a lot of sexual experience, despite being married. In fact, the only positions I was familiar with were missionary and me on top (sorry, I just can’t call it cowgirl without blushing). Granted, what I was seeing that night wasn’t much different from missionary, but the way the girl’s legs were pinned in front of Jakes arms, and the way her pelvis was tilted up, good heavens, he was really thrusting into her, like straight to the bottom. I could only imagine what that felt like.

As I watched, Jake fucked his girl harder, faster. His balls lifted towards his body, tight against him. The thick tube running along the underside of his shaft throbbed, swelled, pulsed. He pushed into her and held himself there. Her thighs quivered, Jake’s entire body flexed, muscles cording powerfully. I saw the exposed shaft of his penis swell and jerk inside his girl, her vagina stretched impossibly tight around him, and moments later, white cream broke free of the seal where she was stuffed full of his penis. It welled up around his shaft, and every time his penis jerked inside her, more semen was forced out of her until it began to leak down the crack of her behind and over her anus.

It was the most lurid, carnal and offensive thing I had ever seen, and so fucking hot. I couldn’t stop watching.

After a long while, Jake raised his hips and slowly, so very slowly, drew his magnificently long cock out of his girl. His broad tip, as big as an apple (okay, probably not, but still huge), popped out of her with a wet sucking slurp, leaving her white-washed insides gaping open, and an instant later, his thick seed gushed out of her. There was so much of it that it poured down the crack of her butt and soaked the sheets. I could see her tight abdomen flexing, her legs quaking, and her smallish breasts wobbling as her body trembled in the aftershocks of her apparently quite powerful climax.

I saw Jake’s back and shoulders shaking, like he was laughing, but I couldn’t see his face. His huge length hung precariously over the girl’s lower body, dripping semen onto her stomach. He grabbed his penis and slapped it against her mound a few times — something I’d never seen before, and found oddly fascinating. Then he angled it down and powered his giant member right back inside her and wiped his sticky hand off on her thigh. My eyes went wide as Jake resumed fucking her, as though he had never come, as though he would never stop. At some point, he shifted his upper body and released the woman’s legs, which instantly wrapped around his waist so that she could dig her heels into his butt, urging him to fuck her ever harder, ever faster, and Jake was only too happy to oblige.

To my utter shock, Jake came inside her again, but he never stopped. He fucked her right through his climax, and hers, white cream coating his shaft and splattering everywhere as he pummeled her. Jake stopped to roll them over and bring his girl atop him.

Oh my God. Surely he wasn’t going to fuck her again. Was he?

I caught a glimpse of his handsome face, split with a wide grin, his blue eyes sparkling as he cupped her ass and thrust his hips, pushing his incredibly wide length up into her body. She held herself up above him on her arms, her small breasts wobbling in his face as he fucked her. Then suddenly, his blue eyes flicked to the door.

I gasped and jerked out of sight. My heart was pounding so hard that it hurt.

Had he seen me? Did he know I was watching? Did he wonder how long I’d been there?

Oh God, I was mortified! I beat a hasty retreat, heading for the kitchen, wanting to run but afraid to do so because someone might see the panic in my stride and suspect what had happened. Which was silly and completely irrational, because nobody else was home. Ryan was at work. It was just me, Jake, and that girl that he was giving a real pounding.

I paused my iPod and stood at the stove, waiting for the kettle to whistle, and I couldn’t stop seeing Jake’s thick penis powering in and out of his girl. All the noise his girls made, it seemed perfectly justified. I hadn’t heard them just now, not with my iPod blaring in my ears, but I hadn’t needed to. The way that girl’s body quivered and shook beneath Jake, with as wet as his penis had been from her fluids, oh I knew well enough the sounds she had been making.

The sudden voice startled me so badly that I jumped in front of the stove.

“Can’t sleep?”

I glanced at Jake and felt my thighs squish together. Oh my God. I was soaked! And there was an ache low in my body, an itch, a burn, a tightening that was almost unbearable. I had never been more aroused in my life.

Jake was getting himself a tall glass of water, and he was wearing only a towel. There was a huge lump under it too, against one thigh. His powerfully muscled body glistened with sweat. His chest and arm flexed as he raised his glass and drained it completely, watching me the whole time.

Yeah, I bet he was thirsty. He should be, after the plowing he’d given his girlfriend.

He lowered the glass and sighed, then smiled. “Cat got your tongue?”

“N-no, I-I’m fine,” I stammered.

Jake’s smile widened. I couldn’t take him staring at me, not when he was half-naked — and probably well and truly naked under that towel — and looked so good, glistening with sweat, chest heaving and cheeks a little ruddy from exertion. I tore my gaze away from him and plucked a mug out of the cabinet. The kettle whistled loudly.

“Just get out of the bath?” he asked while I fixed my cocoa.

I nodded, but refused to look at him. I couldn’t, not when I was suddenly reminded of what I was wearing, a bath robe and nothing else. I was naked under that thing. And he knew it. I knew he did. And God, I was so wet down there, so hot that I swear I could smell it. Oh, please, I hoped he couldn’t smell it!

“I think I heard you pass my room a few minutes ago,” he said.

I froze, the spoon making a loud clang against the side of my mug.

“Forgot to close the door,” he added, and it sounded like he was closer.

“Did you?” I said innocently.

“Sorry if you saw anything.”

Definitely coming closer.

“No, I didn’t see anything,” I said, a little too quickly.

He chuckled. “No?”

I shook my head.

I felt him then, standing right behind me as I was adding marshmallows to my mug. He shifted closer, close enough that I felt his wide chest brush against the back of my robe. He leaned over my shoulder, his mouth close to my ear.

“Cocoa?” he said softly.

I nodded.

“Yum.” His voice, low and deep, shook me to my very toes, and when he spoke again, his lips brushed against my ear. “I’d love a taste.”

My breath caught. “Get your own,” I breathed, and hurried out of the kitchen, away from him.

And that was how it all started.

Chapter 2

As I lay in bed, trying to go to sleep, my body thrummed with desire. I had never seen a penis like that before. No, penis wasn’t the right word. As much as I found the correct word distasteful, there was no denying it. Jake had the most frighteningly large cock I’d ever seen.

I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I liked to think that I had a healthy sex life with my husband, and Ryan wasn’t small where it counted, but God, what would something like that feel like? I couldn’t imagine. Not to brag, but I was pretty tight down there. Ryan was above average in all aspects, but I was able to handle him because he was just one of those guys that never got quite fully erect. If we went too long without sex, say about a month, he would have to take extra time with me, I’d get so tight. Would someone like Jake even fit? God, the stretching, the filling, and with his length, the depths he could reach…

I shivered violently and my insides clenched, hard.

Good Lord, why was I even thinking about this?

It took me a long time to get to sleep, and when I woke up at five in the morning, I was still wound tight. Ryan was sound asleep beside me, and the instant I saw his morning wood tenting his shorts, I pushed my hand inside them and held him. He’d been surprised, pleasantly so, and it was really good sex, even if just a quickie — I came just before he did — but it didn’t scratch the itch quite well enough. After he left for work, I was still worked up. The itch persisted all day, the need to be stretched and filled. Again, I was pretty small down there, so Ryan filled me just fine. Or, at least I thought he did. I really wouldn’t know, without a basis for comparison. He was the only man I’d ever been with.

I don’t know if Jake’s girl left in the middle of the night or really early that morning, but I didn’t see her. In fact, I never saw her again.

Jake brought home a new girl two nights later. I was on the couch with Ryan, watching a movie, when they careened through the front door, her arms and legs wrapped around his big body as he carried her inside, and her mouth feasting on his while his hands clenched her ass. She was much shorter than the previous girl, and auburn haired, as opposed to blonde. In fact, she looked to be about the same size as me.

Christ, how was Jake going to fit himself in her?

Just before they disappeared down the hallway, Jake caught me looking and gave me a wink. I blushed and looked away. Ryan must have seen it, because he chuckled and wrapped his arm around me, but I don’t think he realized the wink was for me, and not him. At least, I think it had been for me.

Moments later, I could hear them going at it from clear across the house. I couldn’t make out what was being said, but the enthusiasm of the noise, yeah, that was loud and clear.

“God, can’t they make love a little quieter?” I grumbled, grabbing the remote and raising the volume.

Ryan snickered. “There’s making love and then there’s…fucking, and I’m pretty sure they aren’t making love.”

I gave him a disapproving look, but he only laughed and rubbed my thigh. He was right though. There really was a difference between fucking and making love. The morning before last, I’d fucked my husband, while he had made love to me. There was definitely a difference there. As I thought about all the times we weren’t slow and gentle, I had always been the instigator. I fucked my husband on occasion, but he never fucked me. He only ever made love to me, and I had to talk him into it most of the time.

Over the years, I’d tried to get him to be more direct with me, but Ryan was just timid when it came to sex, as though he was terrified of rejection. I had to be careful how hard I pushed too. More than once, I’d vocalized that I wanted him to fuck me. Ryan had been shocked by it, and I mean shocked right out of the mood. If Ryan was anything, it was vanilla.

As we watched the movie, his hand remained where it was, fingers against my inner thigh. I really did love it when my husband touched me, even though he was only ever gentle. The constant noise from Jake’s room might have been having an effect too.

“Let’s do it,” I said quietly.

He frowned. “Do what?”

I smiled and leaned close to whisper in his ear, drawing out the one-word reply, “Fuck.”

Ryan took a sharp breath, then to my amazement, he grabbed my hand and jerked me up off the couch. Guess I wasn’t the only one affected by the sounds coming from Jake’s room. I fought to suppress a giggle as we ran to our room, I was so excited.

The moment our bedroom door closed, Ryan was on me in an instant, kissing me and groping at my breasts through my shirt before tearing both our clothes off. While Ryan didn’t take his sweet time, neither did he, I don’t know…just take me, I guess. I just wasn’t getting the pounding I wanted.

Don’t get me wrong. It was good sex. Short, but good. Just not any better than when I was taking the lead, which also happened to be when it was the best for me, and not just because I could control the pace and angle of penetration — God, I loved being on top and leaning away back to make his tip rub deep inside me!

The position wasn’t the problem. Missionary was Ryan’s thing. There was nothing inherently wrong with missionary. I mean, I’d seen Jake fucking his girl in the same position, more or less, and she had obviously enjoyed herself.

So what was different with Jake and his girl than with me and Ryan? Was it the subtle differences in the position? Surely it wasn’t just the size, was it?

With Ryan’s penis sliding in and out of me, I spread my legs wider. He grunted when he slipped in just a little deeper. It felt better, and there was promise for more. Ah, her legs! Jake’s girl had had her legs outside of his arms.

Grabbing Ryan’s wrist, I pulled. Still thrusting, he looked down at me.

“What is it, baby?”

“Lift your hand,” I told him.

His brow furrowed but he did it. I swung my leg out and up to put it in front of his arm. Ryan gave me a funny look and grabbed my ankle to put it back behind him.

“What are you doing, Becca?” he chuckled and resumed rutting into me. “Just hold still.”

I couldn’t believe it. He’d laughed at me. I was just trying to spice things up, trying a slight variation of the same old position, and he’d laughed!

My arousal vanished under a cold wave of mortification, then that was blown away by a blast of bitter anger. I wasn’t one to fake an orgasm though, and I definitely wasn’t the kind of girl to go without one either, so I focused all of my senses where Ryan was moving back and forth inside me and managed to grasp hold of a climax and ride it out, moments before he twitched in me.

As we lay there in post coital bliss — well, Ryan did — I tapped my fingers over the slight ache low in my body, the persistent throb deep inside me that had refused to abate since my little peepshow. Even minutes after having my husband inside me, it was still there.

Obviously, Jake’s size was a difference, but that couldn’t be all there was to it. Right? No, definitely not, I decided. I had two toys, both given to me by Ryan, a slender blue vibrator and a dildo that looked like it was made out of pink jelly. The dildo was the same size as Ryan. I know because we had bought it together, and made sure it wasn’t too big. The first dildo that my husband got me was too large. It wasn’t much larger than him, but I’d tried using it once and it was uncomfortable.

So, no, not just size.

What then? Was it the way Jake had been fucking the girl that was different? He’d certainly been into it, thrusting hard, fast, with no shortage of vigor. But he hadn’t just fucked her. He had taken her, owned her. God, the way he just powered his cock into that girl…

A small sultry sigh escaped me.

“Good stuff, huh?” Ryan snickered.

“Huh?” I blinked my eyes open, then realized he thought the sound I made was because of us. “Oh, yes, honey. Really good stuff.”

He kissed my shoulder, then rolled away and fell asleep. Eventually, I did too, but my slumber didn’t last long.

I woke up in the middle of the night. It was two in the morning. I sat up in bed, wondering what had woken me. Then I heard it, coming from down the hall. It was muffled, but it was there, moaning, grunting, and the faint slap of flesh on flesh. That ache was still inside me, and I swear it was pulsing to the beat of noise coming from outside my room.

I moved without thinking, drawn to the sound, getting out of bed and feeling the somewhat cool air of the air conditioner drifting across my naked body. I grabbed my robe along the way, slipping it on. I only had one arm in the robe when I made it to the hall, the rest of me exposed. It wasn’t even tied when I neared Jake’s door, a line of dim light slashing across the floor. My robe gaped open, and while it was the softest terry-cloth robe I had ever owned, it all but chafed against my tight nipples, and my breasts felt oddly swollen, heavy. My thighs were slick too, and the instant I peeked through the gap of Jake’s door, my insides throbbed.

Jake was kneeling on the bed and facing the door, leaning over the back of the small woman he’d brought home, every inch of them naked. Her ass was high in the air and her head and shoulders were lying on the bed. He had one hand on her hip, while the other was holding tight to the footboard of his bed. And he was fucking her, slowly pulling his hips back and then lunging forward. Every thrust slapped his groin against her upraised behind, knocking a gasp out of her.

Without the iPod, I could hear her. She grunted and moaned into the mattress, but I could hear her clearly enough.

“Oh fuck…oh God…so fucking big…harder…fuck me harder.”

Jake slapped both hands onto her behind, sending ripples up her ass cheeks. There was a moment, while I stood there watching my husband’s best friend fuck yet another new girl, when I felt proud that my ass was nicer than hers. Mine was small and tight. Jake could fuck me from behind like an animal and spank me and my ass wouldn’t ripple in the slightest.

Oh, to feel a cock like that inside me, stretching and filling…

My insides tightened, and I felt something wet fill my palm. That’s when I realized that I had two fingers wriggling inside me while my thumb rubbed against my clit. God, I was masturbating! I was watching my husband’s best friend have sex and I was masturbating!

Jake sped his thrusts, and he looked up. Our eyes locked. His hips flew back and forth. The girl shook beneath him. He stared straight into my eyes while he fucked his girl, and the corner of his mouth lifted in a knowing grin. My fingers plunged in and out of me faster and faster. I couldn’t stop. I tried. I tried so hard.

Jake’s grin vanished, and his eyes burned with heat and determination, watching my hand, my fingers thrusting in and out of my molten heat, thumb rubbing my clit, my other hand pawing my breast and pinching my nipple. His hands wrapped around his girl’s narrow waist and clenched hard, her skin turning white where his fingers dug in. He fucked her harder, faster, his groin loudly slapping against her ass. It took me a few beats to realize what that meant. She was doing it. She was taking him, every long hard inch of him. He was fucking her with every centimeter of his monstrous cock and she was taking it, and loving it.

The girl groaned, grunted, moaned. “You’re coming. Oh God, I can feel it, you’re coming!”

With his hot gaze fixed on mine, Jake thrust one last time, hard, and a climax like no other ripped through my body. I bit my lower lip so hard that I tasted blood. His face reddened and he clenched his jaw. The girl jerked her head up and groaned out loud with her climax, and there was an instant where I thought she might see me, but without looking at her, Jake moved his hand from her back to her neck, and he shoved her head back down. He fucked her with shallow but hard thrusts and I imagined he was pumping his seed into her. It was such a shame that I couldn’t see it this time.

Jake grinned again, and as though sensing my thoughts, he leaned back and pulled his cock out of her with a lewd wet, sucking pop. It snapped up to smack against his body, He was still awesomely hard and thickly coated with his girl’s cum, and he was so much bigger than I’d originally thought. His tip really was as big as an apple, his shaft as thick as my wrist, and he was so long that he nearly reached his own navel. Grabbing the base of his shaft, Jake slapped the slimy hard length of his thick pole against his girl’s ass and thrust it up her crack.

An instant later, his cock throbbed and spit a finger-thick rope of cum up high into the air, at least two feet, probably more. It came back down like a twisting snake, splashing against the girl’s back in a coiled line of thick goo. His cock fired again and again, three times, four, then five, each blast slightly weaker than the last, but they were so powerful. I hadn’t even known a man could produce that much semen.

There was a long moment where Jake’s climax seemed to be over, but then he wrapped his big hand around his thick shaft, angled his cock, and the big slit at his tip widened, belching a monstrous line of semen over the girl, past the foot of the bed, right at the door. It splashed against my belly and bare mound, soaking my skin and the hand between my legs, hot and thick.

I’d never…how could he possibly…that hard…holy fuck!

In the end, the girl’s back was glistening with semen, and each line of it was more than my husband produced with an entire climax, and then I remembered what the girl said. She’d felt Jake coming inside her, so what I saw on her back wasn’t all of it. Christ, how much semen did his huge balls produce? How much had he released inside her?

I glanced up, away from the shiny mess of the girl’s back, and Jake was looking at me through his lashes, as though I was the one bent over in front of him with his cum cooling on my back. He grinned, I gasped, and I ran back to my room.

Chapter 3

I avoided Jake as best I could over the next two weeks. Of course, since he lived with us, that wasn’t entirely possible. He’d catch me looking at him now and then, and while he didn’t smirk or wink or do anything overt, he knew what I knew, that I’d watched him have sex, twice. That I’d seen him come, twice. That he’d come so hard and shot it so far that his semen had splashed all over me, and once was enough when it came to that.

Except it wasn’t.

That night, I’d gone straight to the bathroom off our master suite and locked myself in. When I’d caught my breath, I’d inspected the damage, looking down at my tummy. There was a patch of thick goo down there, longer than wide, starting an inch or so above my bare mound and near the very top of my cleft — Ryan liked me smooth down there, and I did too, for my bikinis, so I waxed regularly. Even now, Jake’s thick cum was trickling down, oozing down my body, over my mons, sliding inexorably down and seeking the swollen lips of my sex. I raised my hand. Thick cum was webbed between my fingers, so very much of it. There was more right there than Ryan produced with an entire climax, and that was just one shot from Jake, not even all of the shot, because the rest of it was sliding down my body and over my aching pussy, and God only knew how much of that single shot had ended up on the floor, the bed, and Jake’s girl.

I watched it in the mirror, Jake’s cum oozing down my skin under its own weight, drawn down by gravity, and it was like it was alive, warm and seeking, searching for my pussy. Jake’s cum wanted my pussy, to be inside it, because that’s what it was doing, coating my labia. I leaned back against the wall and thrust my pelvis forward, so that I could better see his cum coating my crotch. My cum-coated fingers parted my puffy lips down there, so that I could see how incredibly wet I was inside, flushed red, burning sweetly from the recent fingering I’d given myself, and with latent need, the need to be filled, to be stretched, to be so thoroughly fucked by a true cunt-wrecker like Jake’s…

I caught myself just before I thrust my cum-covered fingers inside me.

Oh my God! What was I doing? What was I thinking? Never mind the fact that Jake wasn’t my husband, that I shouldn’t be thinking about him in that way. No, that wasn’t so bad. What was bad was that I’d very nearly fingered myself again, while his hot potent cum coated my fingers, with millions or billions of his sperm swimming around in that thick goo, their only purpose to seek out an egg and implant their DNA, to create a life.

And I wasn’t on birth control!

So I diddled my clit and finger-fucked myself with my clean hand, mauling my breasts with the other, smearing Jake’s cum over both of them, leaving them slick, pumping my fingers in and out of me, tormenting my clit with my thumb. My insides clenched so tightly but my fingers weren’t enough, but the stimulation of my clit was. So I came, long and hard, shuddering from head to toe, trembling while my hot vagina squeezed my fingers, and there was a salty-sweet taste in my mouth, my other fingers, and my tongue was licking them clean, licking up Jake’s cum, and I was swallowing, eating Jake’s cum, and I came again, falling, sliding down the wall.

When I came to, I was sitting on the floor. My chest was heaving and my legs were stretched out and spread lewdly, thighs and hand soaked with my climax, my other hand clean of Jake’s semen, because it was all in my stomach now. The taste was lingering there, on my tongue, salty-sweet, and I loved it. Tasting cum wasn’t new for me, and I never minded the taste, and Jake didn’t taste much different than my husband, but knowing it wasn’t my husband’s cum lingering on my tongue, coating my throat and churning in my stomach made it better, somehow, more sinfully delicious.

I sat there on the floor, catching my breath, and eventually stood and cleaned up. I made it to bed, dropping my robe on the floor and crawling under the covers. I curled up into a tight little ball, feeling myself trembling, not because of what I’d seen, nor because of what I’d done after — namely eating Jake’s spend — but because I wanted more.

Anyway, like I said, I tried to avoid Jake over the next two weeks. My sex drive was running overtime too, never abating. I was an unemployed housewife — Ryan worked hard to make the money he did, so that I could stay home, and it was his idea and I didn’t argue — so that meant that I had a lot of downtime. Taking care of the house, doing my crafts, volunteer community work, eBaying our old stuff — the closest thing I had to a job — none of it was enough to keep me occupied. If more than a minute went by where I wasn’t busy, my thoughts drifted to Jake fucking his girls, to the feel of his cum on my skin, in my mouth, on my tongue.

I tried to use my husband to keep my needs under control, when he was up for it, sometimes propositioning him twice in one day. More often than not, relief came to me later, after Ryan was finished and I was locked away in our bathroom with my toys. Every time we had sex, it was less and less satisfying, and I think it was because my desire to try a new position was intensifying.

One night, I’d been waiting for my husband to come home, and when he came into our room, he found me sitting on the end of our bed wearing a robe. I’d greeted him with a sweet ‘hi, baby’ and opened the robe and shown him I was naked, then crawled onto the bed on my hands and knees, shaking my bare ass at him, showing him my soaking wet sex — I’d been forced to listen to Jake hammering away at yet another tight vagina — Jake had shouted out as such — almost all night. Ryan had stripped in record time and pounced. He’d kneeled behind me and laid his body over mine. He’d stroked my body and kissed my shoulders and back, and even my ass cheeks, nibbling and kissing and licking my tight butt. He didn’t fuck me like that though. He’d turned me over on my back to do that, which was mildly disappointing at the time, severely so later.

So, yeah, I avoided Jake as best I could over the next two weeks, but it didn’t go well. I couldn’t totally escape him. I definitely couldn’t escape the noise of his nightly interludes either. Every night, I lay awake in bed, listening to the muffled sounds of Jake fucking another girl, and despite myself, I couldn’t help but see it in my mind’s eye, his hugely thick cock plowing in and out of some tight young woman. Every time I’d see him the next morning, there would be an instant where I saw him naked, a memory overlaying the waking world, and I would blush fiercely. I think Jake knew what was going on in my head, because he’d grin knowingly.

One night, I found myself standing in the hallway, just outside of Jake’s room. I’d been woken up by the usual cacophony of sex, but it had been louder that night. The moment I’d stepped out of my room, I’d realized why. Jake’s door was open by a few inches, wide enough that I probably could have turned sideways and slipped through without bumping the door. I didn’t see them right away though. They weren’t on the bed. Pulling my robe tighter around myself, I leaned past the door jamb and saw them.

They were standing up, in profile to the door. Her hands were high up on the wall, her incredibly tight little ass thrust out behind her, legs spread wide. Jake was behind her, fucking his huge cock up into her body. She was a tall brunette, though still not as tall as Jake, with very short pageboy hair that fell to her earlobes. She was amazingly lean, almost skinny, with really small breasts, but then I noticed her thighs, powerfully muscled. She must have been a dancer, probably ballet. Despite her height, she looked so small compared to Jake. His arms were as thick as her thighs.

I watched them for a while, Jake thrusting his hips, powering that big dick of his up between her legs, and every time he pushed in, she would lift up onto the tips of her toes just a little, like he was too big for her, too long. I couldn’t blame the girl. A cock like that would probably try to come out of my throat, given how short I was.

It really was a beautiful sight, and of course it affected me. I was breathing harder, faster, my skin was tingling and I felt hot, my legs a little shaky. Jake was gorgeous, of course, with his blonde hair and blue eyes, and she was quite pretty, actually. Both of them were very fit, musculature sharply defined. For the first time, I was more enthralled by his girl than him. There was just something so sensual about her. Her upper body was writhing against the wall, head turning this way and that, and she was quieter now, making small mewling sounds now and then. I was guessing Jake had been fucking her much harder earlier, when I’d first woken up, but now he seemed to be taking it slow.

As I watched him fuck her against the wall, her legs began to tremble, then her tight ass, her back, her arms. She was going to climax, any second, and I knew she would because Jake’s thick cock was still pushing in and out of her, his wide veiny shaft coated with her nectar. I gaped in awe at the sight of his glorious cock moving and out of her, so incredibly large, like it shouldn’t have fit inside that girl at all, but it was. Jake was making it fit, his perfect ass tightly flexed, leg muscles bulging.

Suddenly, she fell silent. Well, not quite silent, just really muffled. I looked up and saw two things. Jake had clamped his hand over her mouth and turned her face away from the door, and he was looking right at me. His other hand slid up her back from her hip, over her shoulder, and he wrapped it around her throat. He leaned back, pulling on her face and throat, bowing her spine, and she had no choice but to settle back down onto the balls of her feet. The next time he thrust into her, it must have been deeper, because she screamed under his hand and her entire body shook like a leaf in a hurricane.

Jake fucked his girl right through a climax, his gaze fixed on mine, while my eyes flicked back and forth between them. I saw the corner of his mouth lift, then his gaze flicked down my body and he grinned in approval. That’s when I realized that I was doing it again. My robe was partially open, and my hand was thrust between my legs, pushing two fingers deep into my drenched quim. I flushed with horrific embarrassment, but I couldn’t stop fucking myself.

Jake smiled then, secretively, like the girl wasn’t really there at all, even though he was fucking her into another climax even then, like this was our moment, not theirs. I smiled back, the first time I had truly acknowledged the illicitness of watching my husband’s friend fuck another girl. She was merely a toy for our amusement, a hot cunt that he could fuck just so that I could watch him do it. My fingers were still working inside me, my walls clenching, squeezing, and rippling.

But before I could come, Jake pulled completely out of the girl, the wide tip finally coming free of her with a loud wet pop. His cock was unbelievably hard and so fucking long, throbbing and twitching with every beat of his heart. Maybe I’d seen it enough times by then, but I suspected Jake had yet to climax. The girl was moaning in complaint under Jake’s hand. Releasing her throat, he grabbed her hip, then turned her away from the door and around to the bed.

He kept her standing, tapping her ankles with his foot to spread her legs, and he pressed her face and shoulders into the mattress. They were standing in profile to the door again, but then Jake kneeled behind the girl, shuffling between her legs on his knees. Grabbing her small ass in his huge hands, Jake spread the cheeks of her butt with his thumbs, then he buried his face between them and licked her from her cunt to her asshole. Her body jerked, her head shot up, and she cried out loud, a desperate sound of such raw pleasure that it almost sounded pained.

Jake clenched her ass in his hands and licked and sucked until she was trembling again, her legs shaking so powerfully she looked ready to collapse any moment. At first, I thought she’d never come, but then I heard her breathing so fast, almost hyperventilating, and I realized she was coming, one long, torturous, glorious climax. And Jake was relentless, his mouth and tongue and guttural groans and grunts forcing her to come and come and come, his big cock jutting up powerfully, obscenely, unimaginably huge from between his legs, still shiny with her cunt juice, and shinier still because his broad tip was dribbling clear juice down his shaft every time it throbbed and jerked.

Suddenly, the girl’s legs gave out. Jake leaned back and caught her, gently settled her down to the floor on her knees, her upper body flat against the mattress, head turned away from the door. Jake gave me a sly grin, and his eyes glittered, as though saying ‘watch this’. He stood up behind her, almost over her ass, then he bent his knees and grabbed his unyielding cock, lining himself up to fuck her from behind. He thrust into her, sudden and sharp, almost to the hilt, then he planted one clenched fist onto the mattress and splayed his other hand onto the side of her head, forcing it down against the bed.

Then he resumed fucking her, cramming his huge cock deep into her body. It was raw and savage and so fucking primal, the way he took her from behind, kind of above, burying his big dick between her legs. Soon I could hear the rhythmic slapping of his huge scrotum against her mound, and it must have been hitting her clit, because while she seemed thoroughly fucked out of it and could barely move, let alone manage a twitch of her arm or hand now and then, I could see that she was breathing faster and harder.

That pressure inside me was growing again, building. Jake was fucking his pretty girl and my cunt was leaking juice all over my hand and wrist. I was so very wet that I could actually hear the sloshing of my fingers pumping in and out of me, and Jake watched me the whole time, his girl murmuring, whimpering, pleading, but whether for more or to stop, I didn’t know. I only knew that if I were her, I would beg him to never stop, to fuck me for as long as he wanted, as long as he could, until he killed me, if he had to.

Jake thrust into her hard and deep, held himself there, and his girl threw her head back with a loud cry, and just as quickly, she flopped back onto the bed, her body completely limp. Without warning, something inside me detonated. I came so hard that I fell to my knees, thighs clenched tightly around my hand, fingers buried deep in my clutching, climaxing core. Jake’s grin was gone. He watched me come, his lips slightly parted, eyes full of desire, and he pulled his shockingly hard cock out and stood up. It was like his girl wasn’t even there, wasn’t a factor at all. He eyed me hungrily, like he didn’t give the slightest shit about his girl, like he wanted to toss her aside and throw me onto his bed to take her place.

I wanted him to, and knew that if he came to get me, I wouldn’t fight him. I would let him fuck me, right then and there, just yards away from my sleeping husband, and right next to the young woman that he’d just fucked unconscious. I would let him take me, fuck me, own me, and mark me with his seed, inside or out, whatever he wanted.

He barely moved, just a subtle shift of his upper body and one leg, but I knew he was coming. His cock was unbelievably long and hard and soaking wet with his girl’s fluids, but none of his own, because he still hadn’t come. He was coming to get me and he was going to fuck me, and if I let him touch me, get his hands on me, it would happen, whether I wanted it or not.

And I wanted it so bad that I had no choice. I jumped up and ran on shaky legs, away from his door, through my room and into our bathroom. I shut the door behind me and locked it, then sat down on the commode — briefly cursing my husband under my breath for leaving the damn toilet lid up and making me close it — and tried to calm myself, catch my breath.

I was a voyeur.

Oh my God, I was a voyeur!

Okay, this was getting intense.

Chapter 4

One entirely unforeseen side-effect of my voyeuristic tendencies? The stark realization that I was unhappy, unsatisfied, and lonely. Jake brought another girl home the next night. I refused to get up and watch them, even though I was dying to. My hearing seemed acutely sensitive, and soon enough, I’d locked myself in the bathroom with the fan on, figuring the white noise would mask the sound of my vibrator. I brought myself to a nice shuddering climax and was proud that I managed to stay away from Jake’s room.

That didn’t work the night after, nor the one after that, nor the rest of the next two weeks. I watched Jake fuck for nine days in total, and every time I did, I felt just a little less lonely, like this was our special time, his with his girls and me watching him. Sure, it was wrong, doing what I was doing, but it wasn’t like I was getting any quality time with my husband. Either Ryan was being even more unresponsive than usual, or I was just more aware of it. I was guessing it was the latter.

So while I was inexorably falling into a pit of depravity, I only fingered myself in the hallway twice, so that was something. I also discovered that he was averaging only one new girl a week by that point. The rest of the nights, he would cycle through the girls I’d already seen, seemingly at random. Although, he had so many girls to choose from that he probably picked them based on his mood on any given night.

Every night I watched, Jake watched me. I never really gave him a show or anything. I just did my business while watching him shove that huge cock of his up into some lovely young woman’s body, one after another, night after night. Curiously, the last three nights in a row, Jake brought home girls that were about my height. The first was built just like me, the second much too slender, and the third with enormous breasts for a woman of her size. His preferred women were taller, I thought. I couldn’t help but wonder if he was satisfying a fantasy of fucking me, or if he was showing me that it could be done.

But that last night, Jake took things a step further. He’d powered his huge load up into the girl with big boobs, then drawn his cock out of her with a wet pop and backed away, leaving her sprawled on the floor of his room with a huge gush of white spilling out from between her legs. He turned and walked right over to the door, huge dick leading the way, wagging back and forth, impossibly hard and coated with a white frothy mix of their fluids. Instinctively, I’d backed away from his door, but I didn’t go any further. Jake opened the door wide and put his hands on the frame, then leaned out and quietly asked, “Want to come in, Becca?”

I shook my head, despite wanting to do just that, very much.

Jake merely smiled at me, then he quietly closed the door.

I distanced myself from Jake even further after that, spending as much time with my girlfriends as possible. I even talked them into a week-long trip to a cabin my husband owned up in the Colorado Mountains. I didn’t tell any of them about Jake. I just used the time to decompress and let him filter out of my system.

It worked. By the time I got back, I felt like a burden had been lifted from my shoulders. A week after that, I felt incomplete. I couldn’t hear Jake’s nightly escapades anymore, not unless I was right outside his room. He kept his door closed now, but I could hear him fucking someone in there almost every night. I guess he’d gotten the message, that what we had been doing was wrong, that I couldn’t do it anymore.

Life in our house seemed to get back to normal, until one Saturday afternoon, while my husband was off playing golf with his VP and a bunch of clients, Jake walked in on me while I was sitting on the commode and reading a magazine.

“Jake!” I squealed.

He shut the door behind him and leaned against it. He had a towel wrapped around his waist, his hair was wet, and his skin was still flushed and damp from a hot shower. God, he looked amazing. I could have done our laundry on his washboard abs.

“We need to talk.”

“Right now?” I balked.

See, the problem was that I was naked. I had a hot bath prepped and waiting for me, but I’d needed to pee first. I’d taken off my robe by the sink, and it was well out of reach. So there I sat, on the commode, covering my lap with the magazine and crossing my arms over my breasts. That succeeded in hiding my nipples, but not much else. Like that one girl Jake brought home, my breasts were somewhat large for my small frame.

“Right now,” he nodded.

I sighed. “God, can’t this wait? You shouldn’t be in here!”

He frowned. “Why not? It’s just a bathroom.”

“I’m naked, Jake!”

“Oh.” His eyebrows went up, as though he’d just figured out the problem. He shrugged. “Fine. Here.”

He pulled his towel off and dropped it to the floor, and my mouth fell open. His cock was limp, but so long and thick, the broad tip hanging down against his thickly-muscled lower thigh.


“What now?” He frowned, putting his hands on his hips. “You’ve seen me naked before. I thought this would make you more comfortable.”

“Well, it doesn’t!” I protested. “Now get out!”

He pursed his lips in thought. “Hmm. Maybe this is too impersonal.” With that, he walked right over to stand in front of me. My field of view was filled with incredible cock. “Is this better? Should help you get over the initial shock, at least.”

For a moment, I just gaped at the impressive dong right in front of me. Like I said, it was flaccid, but it wasn’t going to stay that way for long, because I could see it swelling before my eyes.

“You can touch it, if you want,” Jake said quietly, as though to avoid breaking the spell that had overtaken me. It worked too, because I kept staring at his cock, and I didn’t shake my head either. Jake wrapped a hand around the base of his shaft and lifted his penis. It was half-hard, the heavy tip bending his shaft down in a gentle curve. “I won’t mind,” he added.

My right hand began to pull away from my chest, to reach out for him, but I stopped it. “N-no. I…I shouldn’t.”

Jake chuckled and shook his cock at me, making the tip wobble up and down. “Come on. I can tell you want to.”

His cock was getting harder, the broad helmet at the end rising, shaft straightening, all of it getting thicker and longer. I had only ever touched one penis in my life, and that was my husband’s. I could get my hand around Ryan, and as for length, I liked to say he measured about two hands, because when I put both hands around Ryan’s penis, my top hand was mostly full. He was kind of long, really, but like I said before, rather bendy.

But Jake…what would it feel like? God, I think I’d need three hands to fully encompass it, maybe three and a half, and there was no way my fingers could fully close around him. He was far too thick. Just imagining it was making me wet.

But I shook my head.

Jake stroked his hand up his long shaft, right up to the very tip, then back down. He did it again, and a few more times after that, making himself that much harder. “Have you ever touched another man, Becca?”

I shook my head again, watching Jake beat his meat.

“Ryan’s been with other women,” he said, still stroking. I would have looked up at him, but just then, a pearl of thick precum welled up from inside his helmet. It pushed out, bigger and bigger, until it was heavy enough to glide down over his crown and cling to the ridge at the bottom. “Do you think that’s fair?”

Another bead welled up, sliding out to join the first.

I blinked, gaping at his massive cock. “W-what?”

“Do you think it’s fair,” he repeated, stroking his impossibly big dick right in front of my face, close enough that I could smell his body, soapy and spicy and musky. “That Ryan has touched other women, but you haven’t touched other men.”

Truth be told, no, it wasn’t fair. I’d had no experience at all when I met Ryan. Everything I knew, which was very little, I’d learned from or with him. It bothered me that he had more experience than I did, that he’d slept with other women, but I hadn’t had the opportunity to be with other men. When we got married, I knew that I never would, and it was kind of saddening to acknowledge that.

“I won’t tell him,” Jake said quietly, stroking his hand down his wide shaft and holding it there. “You can touch me any way you want, and I won’t say a word to him.”

God, he was so big, and he was getting closer or he was just getting that much longer, because his broad tip seemed larger, and I swear I could feel the heat of it against my face. I wanted to touch him so bad, but I couldn’t allow it. I tightened my arms across my breasts, keeping them there, forcing them not to move.

“I understand,” he said softly, almost a whisper, and I looked up to see him nodding. “It’s okay,” he smiled warmly. “I get it. You can’t allow yourself to touch me. I understand what you’re going through.”

His cock was getting closer, closer, until my view was almost completely obstructed by it.

“It’s been difficult for me too, not touching you,” he sighed, his big cock throbbing before my eyes, so much closer now that I felt the heat of it on my lips, and the musky male scent of him drifted into my nose. I couldn’t help but breathe him in. “But I can, Becca.”

I blinked up at him.

He smiled. “I can touch you. I’m okay with that.”

Jake took a step closer, his cock hovering just in front of my chin, almost touching.

“I’ll do it for you,” he breathed, still holding his cock at the base. “I’ll do all the touching, and you won’t have to feel guilty.”

It made sense, in a way. I mean, I was sitting on the commode completely naked. It wasn’t like I could get up and leave the bathroom without flashing him. Flashing Jake would be so inappropriate, and I didn’t want to be inappropriate. So I was kind of trapped there. I couldn’t leave. If Jake touched me, I could say it wasn’t my doing, wasn’t my fault, that I’d had nowhere to go, that I’d had no choice.

I felt myself nodding.

Jake smiled crookedly and the very tip of his cock grazed my chin. God, it was so warm! He reached out his hand. His fingers dug into my hair, pushing it back so that he could grab a fistful of it at the back of my head. His big powerful cock was right there, against my chin, leaking precum on my skin. I opened my mouth, felt the tip of his dick brush against my lower lip, and it was slick as a snail.

“That’s it, Becca,” he breathed, holding the base of his shaft and rubbing his cock head around my lips, wetting them with his arousal. “You don’t have a choice, right?”

I sat perfectly still, letting Jake rub his cock along my mouth. He was leaking, on my lips, and his taste was salty-sweet, and powerful.

“I have you trapped here,” he told me, rubbing his cock round and round my lips, leaving them so very wet with his precum. “I’m making you do this, so it’s not your fault.” He centered his cock with my mouth and moved his hips forward. The very tip of his crown slid between my lips, so big and warm. “You’re not to blame, not at all.”

His hand tightened in my hair, holding my head still, and he pushed his cock slowly but firmly against my lips. I had a choice, to open my mouth or hurt my lips on my teeth, so I lowered my jaw. The huge head of his big dick pushed through my lips, making me open my mouth wide, and wider still, until my jaw began to strain.

“I’m forcing my cock in your mouth, Becca, and it’s not your fault,” he said, and he did, and it wasn’t.

Jake pushed and his cock head slipped past my lips, over my tongue, and he groaned, his eyes fluttering shut. God, he was so huge!

“That’s it, Becca,” he breathed. He pushed more and more fat dick past my lips, his huge crown gliding over my tongue, deep and deeper until the very tip grazed the opening of my throat, almost making me gag.