Edvard Roosman was starting to think this was not one of his brightest ideas.

As a mountain climber who had scaled some of the most challenging slopes in the world, including Everest, he knew his stuff, but this was a challenge unlike any he had ever tried before.

Edvard was climbing the west face of the Nordkjolen, less than 100 miles from the Arctic Circle.

The Nordkjolen was not a small peak by Scandinavian standards and the west face dropped almost vertically straight into the north sea. Even at the height of summer a man could freeze to death on this mountain, which was never without a liberal coating of snow and ice, and was constantly battered by the icy winds of the Arctic.

After stopping for a small meal break at about noon Edvard continued his climb. Having made his way south along a ledge to its highest point he stopped to drive a spike into a crack in the rock in preparation for the next vertical climb. Edvard clipped a carabiner, holding his climbing rope, to the spike and carefully tested the spike to make sure it would hold. He then easing himself up off the ledge and starting to search for more hand and foot holds further up the face. He had covered about 20 feet when suddenly his handhold gave way and he plummeted straight down. As he passed the ledge where he had driven his spike in, he hit his head on the edge of the ledge, and that was when his lights went out.

Edvard slowly regained consciousness and became aware that he was not on the open face of the mountain any longer. He was in a dark enclosed space which was relatively warm and out of the wind. He also noticed an aroma, not a strong smell but rather just a faint hint of an animal odor.

Edvard heard a voice, inside his own head. “Please don’t be afraid” the female voice said, “It is not my intention to harm you” “My name is Mira, and I and my mate Dravos are the last dragons left on earth”.

Dragons? thought Edvard, did she just say “dragons”. That bump on the head I received must have been really bad. “OK” said Edvard out loud “why would I be hearing the voice of a dragon inside my head”. “I am a dragon” the voice said “Therefore I cannot speak as you do, but I can project my thoughts into your head so that we can communicate”. Edvard said “it is dark in here and I cannot see you”. The dragons voice replied ” I will light a fire, but please do not be frightened by what you see”.

With that Mira breathed out a small belch of fire which landed on the cave floor and illuminated the inside of the cave. Edvard almost died of fright. Sitting before him in the cave was a dragon, just like all the ones he had seen in the story books he read as a child. Close to twenty feet tall and covered with green scales, the dragon had highlights of red scaled around her nostrils and down the sides of her snout as well as a trail of red scales down the spine of her tail and down the centre of her chest.

Mira continued telling Edvard about dragons “There were once hundreds of dragons, but during your medieval times they were all slain by the dragon slayers, until eventually Dravos and I were the last ones left. We left the world of men so that we could survive. We made our way north. Flying through the Scottish highlands and the mountains of Norway and Sweden until we eventually found this isolated mountainside with it’s precipitous slopes and inhospitable climate. Here we excavated this cave high on the mountainside where we expected men would never reach and this is where we planned to live out our remaining years”.

Edvard said ” I always thought dragons were a myth, fairy tales to entertain children with”.

Mira told Edvard that dragons were real and had been in the world since long before man. Dragons evolved during the crossover time, when both the dinosaurs and the mammals walked the earth.

After Mira had finished telling Edvard about the history of dragons Edvard asked her how he came to be in her cave. Mira replied ” Dravos was out looking for food and as he flew over the edge of the west face he heard you scream below him, and, thinking you would make a tasty snack he brought you back here”.

At the mention of being eaten Edvards blood ran cold and a terrified look entered his eyes. “Relax Edvard”, said Mira ” Dravos does not have a high opinion of men after what they did during medieval times, and he would probably be quite happy to eat you, but I have reminded him that throughout our history we have never harmed a human and once considered you to be our closest friends”. “Thank you Mira, I owe you my life” said Edvard. ” If there is anything I can do to repay you, all you need do is ask”.

At the suggestion that Edvard would be willing to repay her kindness Mira had a thought, and said to Edvard ” there may be a way you can repay us, but I will need to discuss it with Dravos first, and if he agrees I will tell you about it”. Mira thought for a moment then continued. “Edvard, what I have in mind will not be pleasant for you, it will be both painful and dangerous”. “Mira I would be dead if not for you and Dravos. Whatever it is I will endure it gladly for you”. “Thank you Edvard” said Mira, “I will be right back”. Mira left the cave to discuss her proposal with Dravos.

After several minutes Mira returned to the cave and told Edvard that Dravos had agreed to her proposal. Edvard asked her “What is it you want me to do”. Mira said, ” As I have already told you, Dravos and I are the last dragons left on earth. With our passing there will be no more dragons unless Dravos and I reproduce once more before we die”. Edvard looked into Mira’s eyes and said, “If we can prevent the end of dragons we must, but how can I help with that”.

Mira hesitated for a moment, then said, “I would like you to be the incubator for my last clutch of eggs”. Edvard looked stunned, “wha.., I..I..How”. Mira continued,”You see Edvard, we are cold blooded just like the dinosaurs and we use the warmth of mammals to incubate our eggs. We have reproduced this way for millions of years, and when humans evolved you became our preferred incubators because unlike other mammals we could communicate with you and we understood each others needs”.

Edvard thought to himself, “this is incredible, I can’t believe what I’m about to do”. Mira said, “Edvard, I will make this as pleasant for you as I can”. Edvard replied, ‘Thank you Mira, What do we do now”.

Mira belched up a couple of small fireballs onto the floor of the cave to provide more light and warmth, then slowly moved toward Edvard. With her razor sharp teeth she nipped at the clothes he wore, slicing along the full length of his clothes so they fell free of his body and lay at his feet in a shredded pile. “Lie down Edvard”

Edvard lay on the floor of the cave and waited to see what Mira would do next. “Lift and spread your legs so that I can see your buttocks” said Mira. Edvard did as he was asked. Mira gently lowered her head and then softly breathed on Edvards butt cheeks, and his cock and balls. The warm breath caused him to feel horny and his cock started to slowly harden at the feeling that Mira was causing.

“You like that do you Edvard” asked Mira, “Ohh yes”. “well then how about this” said Mira as she slowly licked Edvards entire length from the ring of his anus to the head of his cock in one go with a tongue which was at least a foot long and dripping with saliva. Edvards cock went instantly rock hard. The feeling of having his cock, balls and anus slurped with a warm dripping wet tongue was the most incredible feeling he had ever experienced in his life.

Mira continued to breathe on and lick Edvards cock, and balls until he thought he couldn’t take it any more, then suddenly she stopped. Edvard opened his eyes to see Mira slowly looming over him so that her lower belly was above him.

Edvard looked down and saw, at the base of her belly the scales were starting to part and an egg tube was starting to extend out from her belly. The tube was rounded at the tip with a rather large opening, like the eye of a mans cock but much larger and the tube was almost as thick as a man’s wrist and about a foot long.

Mira started to lower herself over Edvards body, lining her egg tube up with his anus. Edvard started to panic, her egg tube was huge, she was going to tear him apart. Mira sensed his panic and said “It’s OK Edvard, I will be gentle and my egg tube is designed to provide a lot of lubrication, but you must relax so that I do not hurt you”. Edvard relaxed and allowed Mira to line up her egg tube with his anus and as he did he saw that she was leaking copious quantities of lube, like pre-cum from the end of her tube.

Gently Mira started to push her egg tube into Edvards body. She could feel the tightness of him squeezing her egg tube, and wondered at the way it made her feel. He was warm inside and the warmth and tightness on her egg tube caused Mira to have an orgasm like she had not had for many years.

Edvard felt the egg tube start to stretch his anus like nothing he had ever felt before. After all, he was an anal virgin, nothing had ever entered him before, and now here he was being fucked by a female dragon with an egg tube the size of a man’s forearm.

As Mira gently, almost lovingly, pushed more and more of herself into him, Edvard started to relax and enjoy the feeling of fullness inside him and the gentle friction as Mira gently eased her tube back and forth inside him. The gentle ridges surrounding the full length of Mira’s egg tube stimulated Edvards prostate as she eased in and out of him until he could stand it no longer and Edvard had the most earth shattering orgasm of his life. Edvards cock started to pump, and jet after jet of his semen shot into the air and splattered against Mira’s scales on her belly a full two feet above his cock

When Mira was fully embedded inside Edvard she stopped moving, and just held herself inside his beautiful warm body. The feeling of her inside him had caused Edvard to orgasm and that caused his bowels to expand and contract around her egg tube, starting a reaction in her body that was as old as time. Mira started to release her eggs. One by one Mira’s eggs started to descend down her egg tube and into Edvards body.

Edvard lay motionless on the floor of the cave. Having just had the most incredible orgasm of his life he now noticed that Mira had also stopped moving and was perfectly still above him. Then he felt a movement in his anus. Mira’s egg tube was moving in waves inside him moving from its base to its end as Mira’s eggs descended.

The feeling of Mira’s tube rolling over his prostate gland in waves caused Edvards cock to harden again and in only seconds he was rock hard and ready to cum again. Wave after wave flowed into his body, building his orgasm until he could hold it back no longer and for the second time in as many minutes Edvard had an intense orgasm which caused him to spray his semen into the air covering both Mira’s belly and his own in thick white cords of seed.

Over the next few minutes, thanks to the constant expansion and contraction of Edvards bowels stimulating her egg tube, Mira deposited her clutch of eggs inside Edvards body. When she was done she slowly withdrew her egg tube from Edvards body before moving back so that she could lick his seed off his belly and lick his cock clean.

“I will leave you now Edvard, Thank you for doing this for us”. Edvard replied “It was my pleasure Mira, I’m actually a little confused by your earlier statement that this would be an unpleasant experience for me, it was anything but unpleasant”. Mira replied, “I know Edvard, but now Dravos must fertilize my eggs. And then you must incubate them for twenty eight days”.

In less than a minute Dravos entered the cave and Edvard was awe struck by what he saw. Like Mira, Dravos was covered in green scales with red highlights on his face chest and tail, but that is where the similarities ended.

Dravos was close to forty feet long as opposed to Mira’s twenty. He was also almost twice as wide as Mira, making him almost ten feet wide, with a wingspan of close to sixty feet wide. Edvard marveled at the sheer size of him, and determined that as soon as he could he would make his way to the mouth of the cave to see this magnificent dragon soar through the skies with his mate.

Suddenly a deep booming voice sounded inside his head, “Mira and I thank you for doing this for us”, said Dravos, “Unfortunately for you I cannot do anything to make this pleasant. All I can do is make it as quick as I can”. “I understand, Dravos” said Edvard.

As Dravos moved toward Edvard his cock started to protrude from within its sheath between the scales at Dravos’ lower belly. It was huge. At least one and a half feet long and as thick as a lumberjacks forearm. Edvard was truly scared by the sight of what he was about to endure. He was really glad that Mira had stretched him so thoroughly before this.

As he looked at Dravos’ cock, he saw that it had already started to drip pre-cum which was trickling down from the head and starting to coat the length of the shaft. While this was a welcome sight it did not give Edvard any illusions about the amount of pain he was about to go through.

Mira had been gentle and caring in the way she penetrated Edvard, Dravos did not have the same gentle nature as his mate. As the male of the species he was bound to show his strength and power, after all, it is a male dragons strength and power that attracts a mate to him.

Dravos eased himself forward to align his cock with Edvard’s opening and when he felt the tip of his huge cock nudging the entrance to Edvards body he surged forward, sinking his entire huge cock deep into the warm tender insides of the man, not stopping till he felt the first of his mates eggs deep inside Edvards bowels.

As the massive cock surged deep into his body Edvard screamed with a mixture of agony and terror. The force of Dravos’ thrust had split Edvards anus in several places and he had never felt such terrible pain. Edvard was shocked by the brutal way Dravos had plunged himself deep into his body with none of the affection and care that Mira had shown.

Dravos knew that in order for him to ejaculate his seed onto his mates eggs he had to move rapidly to stimulate his cock, and he wasted no time in doing so. He felt some sympathy for the man under him who had willingly given himself to the dragons to ensure the survival of their species, but that did not change what he had to do to complete fertilisation of his mates eggs.

When Dravos stopped his initial thrust forward Edvard thought he might stop there to let him recover from the ordeal but that is not what happened. As soon as Dravos reached the depths of his bowels he withdrew and then thrust in again just as far as before. Edvard again screamed out in agony and also in shock as he saw Dravos’ shaft liberally coated with his blood as Dravos withdrew his cock from deep inside him. Again and again Dravos withdrew and then pounded his massive cock deep into Edvards warm and tender body. After a while the excruciating agony was replaced by a deep ache which went on and on as Dravos continued to pound his massive cock into his body.

Dravos could feel the friction building on the shaft of his cock and he knew he was close to coming. He continued to thrust his cock deep into the warm body of Edvard. He was glad the man had finally stopped screaming with each thrust and was now just whimpering each time he thrust his cock all the way to where his mates eggs were nestled inside the man’s bowels.

Edvard was starting to believe that this was never going to end. Then all of a sudden Dravos stopped and his cock started to quiver more and more quickly. Suddenly Edvard felt a gush of warm semen enter his bowels and wash all over the eggs nestled deep inside him. The first gush was followed by several more, until Edvard could feel all the eggs and semen sloshing around deep inside his bowels.

As Dravos slowly withdrew his massive cock from deep inside Edvard he started to ooze a post-cum fluid. This fluid was a glue like substance secreted by male dragons, which caused the body orifice to be sealed so that the eggs and semen would be protected during incubation. During the next 28 days the glue would dissolve.

“Edvard, I am sorry, that cannot have been easy for you” Dravos’ deep booming voice said inside Edvard’s head. “I will go now and let you rest, you have been through quite an ordeal today”. Edvard looked down at himself. He looked like he had swallowed a basketball. Mira entered the cave and her voice said inside Edvards head, “For the next twenty eight days everything you eat will be stored inside you to provide nutrients for our eggs, and I will be here to look after you and make sure you want for nothing”. Edvard could have sworn he saw her wink.

The End.

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