Nancy sat at her computer looking at 7dirty pictures on the screen. She was severely conflicted with all soonerts of thoughts and feelings running through her. She knew that she pleased him, but now here she was viewing pictures of people having sex. And they weren’t just of a man and woman. There were pictures of threesomes, two women together, and even orgies.

She knew that she should leave this website and get on with working on her research and brief writing, but the pictures grabbed her attention. As she looked at them she imagined being in the pictures. Her mind wandered and her nipples grew hard. She could feel herself getting wet.

Her hand ran up her thigh, feeling the soft material of her sweatpants. She considered getting her vibrator. She slid her hand below her waistband and felt her hardening clit. She was thinking about how nice it would be to feel her husband suck her tits. Suddenly she was jolted out of her daydream by the sound of the doorbell. Her nipples were still hard by the time she got to the door.

Nancy rushed to answer the door. As soon as she opened the door she was aware of how cold it was that morning. It had the standard effect on her breasts. When she opened it she saw two men standing there.

“Hello, Ma’am. We’re here to deliver your furniture,” the older man said.

She forgot about the furniture being delivered today and dressed as if no one would see her. To be more comfortable when she worked, she decided against a bra that morning. The thin t-shirt she chose was doing very little to hide her erect nipples from view.

There were two scruffy men standing there were looking her up and down. She felt a strange mixture of self consciousness and excitement as their eyes ran up and down her body. Nancy invited the delivery men in.

“Where do you want it, lady?” The younger man asked crudely.

The older man shot him a look of disapproval. She showed them where she wanted her new furniture. She had to admit to herself that she found them both quite attractive and the physical nature of their job clearly helped to keep them fit.

He was about forty, very fit, about six feet tall with large, black hands. He had the low, sexy voice and sounded like Morgan Freeman. His hands easily held a clipboard . Nancy couldn’t help but notice that his hands were as long as the foot-long clipboard.

“You know what that means,” she thought, “big hands, big gloves!” She quickly squashed the crude thought.

Her attention turned to the younger man. Young, about twenty, he looked like an Italian Stallion. He wore a t-shirt that was much too tight for him. He had muscles all over him and was heavily tattooed. He was shorter than the older man and much too cocky.

“Ma’am,” the older man said, “we need you to sign the paperwork before we depart.” She went for her purse to find a pen.

As she watched them carrying her furniture into the house she was thinking about the pictures she had been looking at only a few minutes earlier, and starting to imagine herself in some of the poses with these two guys. She suddenly realized that in the rush to answer the door she had forgotten to turn off the computer. Hoping they wouldn’t notice she went through to the dining room to see the computer still on in the corner and both men looking at the pictures on the screen.

She felt her mouth turn dry and her palms begin to sweat. Just then the older of the two guys turned round and saw her standing there. He just smiled. She smiled back, but without any real enthusiasm. What was she going to do? As she was pondering her next move the older man gestured for her to come over and join them. That would have been crazy and was out of the question. But, she couldn’t stop herself. She mechanically walked over to them until she could see the pictures they were looking at.

As she tried to avert her gaze from the screen she saw that the younger man was openly squeezing his cock through his jeans. The older man was a being a bit more subtle with his hand in his pocket, but it was still obvious that he too was playing with himself as he looked at her husband’s photo collection. She was a little surprised to notice that they were looking at the collection of photos showing two men together with one woman. It wasn’t that there were three people in the pictures that surprised her as much as the fact that in a significant number of them the women were between both men.

Nancy just stared at the screen, with no idea what to say. There was a buzzing in her head that she couldn’t escape and by now she was in full slow motion. As she stood there, mute, the two men exchanged a glance and without a word removed their t-shirts. Now she felt completely out of control. Nancy knew she should ask them to stop there and then, thank them for delivering her furniture and ask them to leave. At the same time she couldn’t help admiring their lean muscled torsos, and wondering what was under their tight jeans.

She sensed that she wouldn’t have to wait long to find out as they started to remove their shorts as well. Nancy couldn’t believe how much this was turning her on. Half an hour earlier she would have thought the idea of two strange men having any sort of sexual contact with her was abhorrent. The tingling and increasing wetness between her legs told a different story, however, as did the increase in the heaviness of her breathing.

Soon the men turned their attention toward Nancy. As the younger one stood in front of her and started to kiss her, the older man stood behind her, and started to pull down her pants. As he did so he ran his hands down her thigh, easing her panties down until she was able to step out of them.

While he was helping her to undress, her hands worked at his friend’s dick. She began to squeeze and rub his hard cock. He was longer than her hand and thicker than her wrist. She gently stroked his balls and could feel that he was well groomed. His balls were hairless.

It all seemed very unreal. Here she was kissing and stroking a total stranger while a large man with a giant dick kissed the back of her neck and played with her breasts through the thin material of her shirt. She started to think the young man was getting close to coming as his cock stiffened and his breathing increased in intensity. However, before he got to that point, he pulled her hand away and squatted down in front of her, his tongue busying itself in teasing her clit and forcing its way in between her pussy lips to taste her wetness.

Without anything to hold onto, she reached behind herself to free the older guy’s cock from his jeans and start to stroke up and down his length. He, too, was long and thick. She couldn’t believe what she had in her hands. She could feel his hairy balls. They were incredibly large and his heavy breathing told her he enjoyed having them stroked.

As she massaged him, he eased her shirt up exposing her breasts, and squeezing her hard nipples. She felt completely reckless now, and put up no resistance as the man behind her pushed against the top of her back to bend her over. Nancy complied and moved on top of the other man as he laid back and she eased on top of him. She reached down and guided the young Italian inside of her wet pussy.

She sat upright showing her beautiful breasts to the young man while rhythmically grinding on him. The older man was massaging her breasts and kissing her neck. She could feel herself starting to lose control. The young man looked between her legs and saw she was getting incredibly frothy. She could feel the waves of the first orgasm. The grinding and thrusting increased with her moans until it reached her climax. As her orgasm subsided Nancy looked down at her strange lover but looked through him. He reached up and massaged her tingling breasts.

Nancy stopped and leaned forward laying on the young man. As she lay there she barely realized the the other man was no longer behind her. She slowly recovered and began to move back and forth on the young man’s still-hard dick.

She was still lost in the incredible sensation of her orgasm when she felt something from behind – something that was drizzled on her ass. She had never participated in anal sex but had always wondered. Her girlfriends often mentioned how wonderful it is and she became excited at the thought of having a man penetrate her virgin ass.

As she eased back and forth she could feel the man behind her massaging her rosebud with the head of his dick. He continued doing this for some time and it felt so good that she lost herself again and began to relax. Nancy’s tight anus began to loosen. She felt the man gently slide one hand up her back and wrap it around her shoulder. She could feel a pressure on her that began to intensify. She stopped moving, held perfectly still and let out a soft cry.

Just as the tension became too great she felt a penetration in her ass and the older man very gently slid in smoothly. He carefully eased his cock in until she could feel his tight, six-pack stomach pushing against her ass cheeks. She let out a yelp. He stayed still. She could feel his large, pulsating dick deep inside her. She could feel it pressing against the younger man’s dick. Only a thin layer of flesh separated the two hard cocks. All three remained still. Suddenly Nancy became aware of intense, wonderful throbbing. Both men were so hard that she could feel their heart beating through their cocks. She let out a low, uncontrolled moan.

The man in her ass asked, “How does it feel, baby?”

She swallowed hard and groaned, “Oh my god! It’s INCREDIBLE.”

The man behind her slowly slid out a few inches and then slid back in. He continued doing this for a few moments and she began moving back and forth slowly on the man below her.

Soon she was moving in rhythm with both of them. Her engorged clit was rubbing against the younger man’s exquisite belly and it wasn’t long before the physical sensations of having two cocks in her at once brought her to a shuddering and intense climax.

She felt the two cocks begin to shudder. Although they had both been quiet up to this point, they could no longer control themselves. The older man on top grabbed both shoulders while the younger man below her grabbed her quivering ass. By now there was nothing gentle about them. They were furiously pumping and the sensation was overwhelming. Both men lost control and she felt two giant loads of cum being pumped deep inside her. The young man’s load was so great and he pumped into her with such force that his load shot out the sides of her pussy and all over his legs. She could feel the old man’s warm load shoot deep into her ass like a giant geyser. They both continued to pump until completely spent.

The three of them fell over and she was still wedged between their sweaty bodies. Every inch of her tingled. Soon they both fell out. Nancy eased her way down the young man’s body and licked the juices off his legs. She noticed that he began to get hard again and she accommodated him by sucking his hardening dick. After lightly kissing the top of his head, she plunged her mouth down his stiff member. Making her mouth behave like her pussy, Nancy massaged the young man’s balls while she sucked wildly. It wasn’t long before he started to buck and grunt and then filled her mouth with another load of his sticky cum.

When they recovered the men helped her to her feet. Now that it was over there was a bit of an awkward silence, during which all three of them got dressed.

As the delivery men left, Nancy was already wondering whether it had really happened or not. She couldn’t believe what she had done. He mind was racing. She was wondering if she could suggest to her husband that they find another man to join them for a threesome. She figured she’d suggest it after letting him empty his balls all over her breasts.

Just then the doorbell rang. It was the older man holding out a clipboard.

“You forgot to sign the paperwork,” he said with a sly grin.

She sheepishly signed, thanked him and closed the door.

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