double cross

Barry woke up with a splitting headache.. He tried to move and found that he has been stripped and tied to a chair.

“Up at last” said a mocking voice.

He turned and saw he was in major trouble. The beautiful red hear Casey Darnell was his captor.

Darnell was a business rival in the kink trade and no friend of his.

“You are probably wondering how you came to be here,” she gloated.

“I must admit I am, ” he responded coolly.

“I can answer that, ” a third female voice answered as a whip hit his back.

Donna his second in command came to view. “Why?” He asked simply.

“Because I want to be number 1 and Casey and I came to an arrangement.”

“10 % cut and she gives you to me.” Casey said.

Barry did not reply.

“No defiance?” Casey asked.

“Would it change the situation?” Barry responded.

“It would not” Casey noted as the two dominatrix began whipping him.

Like most Doms, Barry subbed just so he would know what slaves and subs would feel like. His body was marked and his body was covered with sweat.

“Now,” the triumphant Casey said suck my tits.” As the raven haired Donna continued whipping.

“Helpless to resist, ” he gagged serving his mistress.

“That good’ Casey breathed.” I am going to enjoy fucking you later. But for now I’ll let you get used to your new status.” She placed a large ball gag in his mouth.

Casey and Donna went to a small table, where a delicate blond has set up to glasses of wine. Then knelt as their feet.

“This is a new acquisition, Cecile” Casey said.

“Beautiful,” Donna commented.

Yes,” Casey squeezed her breast. “Very talented in bed and an excellent switch.”

“A toast to our new collaboration, “Donna said

Both women drank.

“Good vintage, ” Donna responded.

“Only the best,” Casey responded. Then frowned. “Damm we have been drugged.”

“That right, former Mistress” Cecile said wickedly as the woman fell unconscious.


Cecile strode over to the bound Barry and removed the gag, “I have a proposal.”

Barry coughed and smiled, “You are in the strong negotiating position.”

She kissed him “Yes I am. I wanted to take over Casey’s operation. But I don’t have the contacts, business knowledge and money. Teach me and be my backer.”

He considered, “You certainty played this well and I do owe you. Agreed on one condition.”

‘”You are in no position to make demands.”

True” Barry admitted. “Than a request.”


Casey and Donna become my slaves.”

“Donna yes, Casey we share and one other thing.”


Since I am the power in this room. You go through a session as my sex toy.”

“Yes Mistress Cecile.”

Cecile released him” On your knees.”

Yes Mistress”

“Eat my pussy,” the tiny dominatrix ordered swatting him with a whip. “That’s it.”

Barry was getting turned on,” Not only by the sexiness of Cecile but her aura.”

“I’m cumming! Ah!”

He waited for her next command.

“Not crawl to the bed worm.” As he began Cecile sat on top of him.

“Give your Mistress a ride my stallion.”

“Dam you are good at this.”

“Mistress, ” Cecile corrected slapping him. “In what way.?”

“You are dominant but also sensual.”

“That is become I am a real woman” she answered. “Unlike those two bitches. On your back. “

Barry obeyed as she tied him his spread eagle. “You don’t cum until I say so”

Cecile began sucking his cock making it rock hard. “Now!” she impaled her self. “Fuck me.

“Yes Mistress” as he began to rock.

Cecile was also getting turned on and orgasimed.

“One last thing slave as she rose from the bed. She blindfold him. Than came back and stuck something in his mouth

‘Suck!” she demanded.

Barry was forced to obey but was terrified. Being penetrated by a strap on was something he feared.

“You’re nothing but a fuck slut, ” Cecile sneered.

He began tearing up. Then it stopped.

Cecile released him, “I just wanted to know if you had your limits.” She kissed him passionately. ‘Now we can be partners.”

Barry looked at her, “Lets have sex after we tie our slaves up.

To be continued

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