dorm room

Notes:Amy saw the painful look of desperate, hopeless love cross Alyson’s face, before covering it up with her beauty-pageant smile. Poor thing. Still crazy for Dana Lee. She really needs to move on. And she will move on… to me… if I have anything to say about it.

Dana Lee was still clapping. “Oh damn, girl, that was awesome. Pure awesome awesomeness! I can’t believe that was you doing all that amazing stuff! I had no idea you… it was… so… wow! All I can say is wow!”

Alyson blushed so deeply that it looked as if someone was injecting red dye into her freckly cheeks from the inside. “I just… I guess… I have been practicing a lot lately.”

Amy said, “Shit, girl, that was so fucking buck! Miss Ostiago is gonna shit herself when she sees what you can do now! She’ll probably put you at the front of the marching band! Makes me almost wish I was on the Colorguard with you guys.”

They chatted away for a while, but Amy’s eyes kept drifting toward the bed. She watched her mother pull Rashawne’s sweats off, then she sat next to him on the bed, leaned over and started stroking his cock with her hand. Soon, drops of pre-cum began to ooze out of the tip of his big, veiny shaft, so she leaned forward and licked them off, then wrapped her lips around the tip of his cock and sucked out the rest. Her glasses slipped down her nose, and she pushed them back up. Amy knew she was leaving them on entirely because Rashawne loved the way she looked in glasses. It made her look even more like a mom, which turned him on. It was probably necessary too, because without them she looked more like Amy’s older sister.

Amy caught Rashawne’s eyes. He grinned, then put his hand on the back of her mother’s head, running his big, strong fingers through her curly blonde hair and pushed her down nice and slow.

Amy bit her lip and moaned at the sight of her mother’s pretty mouth engulfing her boyfriend’s huge cock. Almost without conscious thought, Amy opened her legs and pulled the crotch of her shorts and panties aside, and started to play with her dripping wet pussy. She turned toward the bed, so Rashawne could see.

Then Gina noticed and turned so she could suck his cock and look at her daughter’s pussy at the same time. That’s my tasty little girl. God. I am so sick. I can’t believe we’ve been doing this shit all week! But what are we gonna do without Rashawne to make it possible? Fuck… she has such a pretty pussy.

Amy pulled her glistening lips open, giving her mother and boyfriend a nice long look down her pink, juicy tunnel.

“Amy’s daydreaming again,” said Alyson.

Hearing her name, Amy turned back to the screen. “Sorry, what were you saying?”

Alyson laughed, “Dana Lee was just asking how the drive was?”

“Oh, it was great. Rashawne had a fucking hard time convincing his family not to drive him. But they’ll probably come up and visit him the week after next before classes start. I wish I had another week with him, but he had to come early for football practice.”

Alyson nodded. “Still, it must have been nice to have a whole week on the road all alone with your man. But, I didn’t think it took a week to get to Nashville.”

“Well if we drove straight through, it would only take nine or ten hours, but we took our time. Stayed in motels. You know… a proper vacation.”

Dana Lee laughed, “Fucking and sucking through the South, you mean. That sounds so fucking great.”

Alyson groaned, hating how quickly any conversation with Dana Lee turned to sex, so she tried to change the subject by saying, “Your mom must miss you though.”

Amy had to pretend to cough to stop from laughing. If the girls only knew, they’d die! She looked sideways at her Mom. Gina was on her knees now, between Rashawne’s legs, slurping his big hairless balls into her mouth as she stroked his cock, making him writhe with pleasure. Amy cleared her throat and said, “Nah. She doesn’t miss me much. The Atherton case got a continuance till November, so she took the week off… to pursue some personal interests of her own. Hobbies I guess you’d call them…” Gina giggled and nodded, her mouth full of swollen, cum-filled testicles, enjoying her current hobby of choice.

Amy had to force herself to look back at the screen, fairly swooning with lust and an urgent desire to end this damned call. But she didn’t want to be rude. “So, how are things at Bible Camp? I see you and Christian are getting pretty chummy.” In fact, Christian had been holding Alyson’s hand the whole time as he watched the talent show in the distance. But at the sound of his name the curly-blonde boy looked at the camera and smiled shyly.

Dana Lee said, “You’re treating our girl right, I hope.”

Christian nodded, too tongue tied to say anything. Alyson turned to him, saying, “What can I say? I love the big dope.” Then she pulled him in for a juicy kiss right there in front of the camera. It was a wet one, with lots of tongue. A few nearby campers went ‘Wooooo’ at the sight.

Dana Lee giggled, excited for her friend, but it was obvious to Amy that Christian and Alyson were only faking that kiss. After all, both of them were as gay as it was possible to be, though she was probably the only person in the world who knew their secret. But they were both determined to hide their homosexuality from their homophobic families, and their fellow Bible-campers. Judging from the catcalls they were receiving, everybody was buying it. They kept smooching clumsily until a man’s voice said, “Stop it you two! Do we need to separate you again?”

Alyson shyly smiled past the camera, peering up coquettishly from beneath her straight bangs. “No sir, Pastor Scott.”

Amy was surprised to see the lustful look that crossed Christian’s face as he looked off-screen at the unseen Pastor Scott. Hmm…. I guess Christian’s got a little infatuation of his own to deal with!

But Dana Lee didn’t see any of that. All she saw was that her best friend in the world had finally met the man of her dreams. It was deliriously romantic, in spite of the fact that their kiss was utterly devoid of spark. It was obvious they weren’t fucking yet. They kissed like a pair of clumsy virgins, probably intent on waiting until their wedding night, like good Christians should. Fuck, if that guy was my boyfriend, I’d have stripped the skin off his cock a month ago. He’s super hot. But that’s Alyson for you. Still dedicated to that virginity pact we made when we were in elementary school. Fuck. Maybe she was right to stick with it. I could use a bit of virginity right about now.

Dana Lee looked at the pregnancy test strip, which lay on the table next to the computer. Yep, still a plus sign. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. What the fuck am I gonna do? Tears began to well up in her eyes again. She’d been crying for hours, ever since taking that stupid piss test, petrified by the idea of being a teen mother. Or worse: of having an abortion. It was unthinkable, but she knew her mom would almost certainly insist on it. But it was equally unthinkable marrying any of the potential fathers.

The most likely candidate was probably the last guy on earth she’d ever want to raise a kid with. Tanner Wyckes. He was an irresponsible jerk, with mush for brains and a filthy mind. Oh, sure, he was fun to fuck, but with him around chances of having an intelligent conversation were somewhere between nil and zero. But the other candidates weren’t much more promising. Jimmy Snyder was a nice enough guy, with an amazing cock, but he had no ambition at all, beyond being a pizza guy for the rest of his life. Then there was Tanner’s cousin Doug, who was a total sweetheart with a killer bod, but he was borderline retarded. She liked the idea that he was going to Marine boot camp soon, but he’d probably wash out. And then what? Back to hoisting tires at his uncle’s garage no doubt. Then there was Rashawne, Amy’s boyfriend, who’d fucked her senseless on Gina’s boat three weeks ago. She had the impression that Rashawne, as cocky as he was, would probably insist on marrying her if he knew he was the father. That’s just the way he was raised. But that would kill Amy, and probably fuck up Rashawne’s education. He’d probably drop out of school and start working full time at the grocery store to support his new wife and kid. And if that weren’t bad enough, she didn’t much like him. He was way too cocky and emotionally distant for her tastes. Her favorite candidate was Mr. Spenser, the middle-aged man who lived across the street, who she’d been having a torrid affair with for almost a month now. He’d make a great dad, and an ideal husband, despite his age, but he was already married and crazy in love with his wife, so that wasn’t gonna happen. And Amy’s brother and dad? Forget about it. Sure, Amy would think it was hilarious to be Dana Lee’s sister in law or step mother, so that wasn’t a problem, but Dana Lee didn’t fancy herself the wife of a long-haul trucker, which both of them were. And then there were those three or four guys she’d fucked that night she got drunk at her cousin Penny’s party in Daytona. She had no idea who they were. Nope. I’m screwed, no matter who the father is. Screwed.

When Alyson noticed Dana Lee’s tear-streaked face, her heart just about twisted in a knot. “Oh, Dana Lee! What… what’s wrong?”

Dana Lee forced a laugh, and brushed away the tears with quaking hands. “I just miss you guys. I guess… I guess I thought we’d spend this last week before school, hanging out together. The A, B, C girls… getting stoned, talking about boys, watching movies… but that’s just not how it worked out. I don’t know. I just miss… us.”

Tears immediately began to pour out of Alyson’s eyes, “I shouldn’t have stayed here the third week! I’m so stupid! Shit! I mean shoot!”

“No, don’t… I’m just being silly.”

Amy said, “Well, summer’s not over yet. I’m driving back tomorrow. That means we can spend all Sunday together. When are you coming back, Alyson?”

“The same. Mom’s picking me up tomorrow around noon. So I’m free on Sunday.”

Dana Lee sniffed. “Don’t you have church?”

Alyson laughed. “I’ve been in church for three solid weeks! I think I can miss one stupid service! Besides, my Mom’s organizing some top-secret protest thing that’s gonna happen on Sunday. I’ll worm my way out of it… tell her I caught a bug at camp. Oh, wait, doesn’t your family go to Sea World every year around this time?”

Dana Lee laughed, “Yeah, I can’t wait to see the manatees! But that’s on Saturday. I’m totally free on Sunday!”

Amy clapped her hands. “Then it’s settled! We’ll get together Sunday morning and spend the day together. We’ll catch each other up on all the fun we’ve been having the last few weeks.” But of course, even as she said it, she knew it would be mostly lies. Fucking secrets.

Dana Lee smiled so broadly, it looked like her cheeks might crack open. Tears were pouring down her face, and Alyson was crying too, giggling like a little schoolgirl. Amy started to feel her throat clenching. Shit. I hate crying. She’d do just about anything to avoid it, and even though she had plenty to be sad about, the last thing she wanted right now was get all weepy about it. This wonderful week with Mom and Rashawne would be over soon enough. She didn’t want to waste a single precious second of it on tears, so she said, “Okay, A, B, C girls, I gotta go.”

Dana Lee said, “Wait. Where? Not at my place. David’s not going back to college until Monday, so he’ll still be lurking around. Barf. I’m getting sick to death of his stupid face.”

Alyson said, “How about my house? Mother’s leaving first thing Sunday morning and will be gone all day!”

Amy was relieved. I’m sure Mom would want the girls to visit us at our house, but after what happened the last time… on the boat… maybe that wouldn’t be such a good idea. “Okay, Alyson’s house it is. I’ll bring bagels. Bye bye, you little stoner chicks! See you Sunday!”

“Peace out!” said Alyson, making a peace sign.

“Toodles!” said Dana Lee, blowing a kiss.

Amy clicked the disconnect button and turned toward the bed, her eyes flaring like a jungle cat.

“I can’t believe you two started without me!”

Rashawne smiled as Gina continued to suck his cock and patted the bed next to him. “Come join us.”

Amy had already pulled off her shorts and panties and was now lifting her tank top over her head. As soon as she’d tossed it to the floor, she planted her feet on either side of the corner of the mattress and chuckled as she said, “Let me watch you fuck her first.”

Rashawne flashed his pearls and said, “But of course.”

As he pulled Gina up for a brief kiss and then not too gently tossed her facedown onto the mattress, Amy slipped the middle and the ring finger of her right hand into her pussy while she slowly stroked her clit with her right thumb. She gasped as she finger fucked herself and watched Rashawne roll Gina onto her side and cautiously ease his nine inches of ebony flesh into her mom’s pink pussy.

As he sank his cock fully into her dripping cunt, Rashawne marveled at how wonderful Gina’s 42 year old ass was. It wasn’t nearly as muscular as Amy’s athletic ass, but it was round and firm and he took great joy in gripping it as he worked his cock in and out of her pussy. Stretching her slit and stimulating every fiber from her labia to her cervix.

As Rashawne began to pump harder and faster, Amy increased the speed of her fingers thrusting in and out of her own pussy until her moans became low screams. The sound of Amy’s moans were all Rashawne needed and he was immediately grunting and making several hard, slow, deep thrusts so that he could pump every drop of his seed far into the inner walls of Gina’s vagina.

With his final thrust, he rolled from her and fell beside her allowing her to roll onto her back and lay one leg over him as she opened both legs so Amy could watch her boyfriend’s sperm leaking out of her mother’s pussy.

Amy didn’t watch for long before she was belly crawling onto the bed and kissing her way up Gina’s thigh until her skilled tongue was lapping away at Mom’s love box. She slowly licked the outer lips of Gina’s pussy catching drop after drop of Rashawne’s white goo that was slowly oozing out onto her tongue. She let it roll back into her mouth and swallowed the delicious goo as if it were gourmet cuisine. Then she would quickly roll her tongue back out to meet Gina’s pussy lips and catch more goo.

As the sperm began to slow its flow, Amy opened Gina’s pussy lips with her fingers and dipped her tongue as far into Gina’s pink channel as she could make it go so she could lick even more of Rashawne’s seed down into her throat.

When she was no longer getting any of Rashawne’s cum out with her tongue, she slid her middle and index finger as far as they would reach into Gina’s pussy and literally scooped the last remnants of Rashawne’s orgasm into her mouth. As she was licking her fingers clean, Gina was desperately moaning, “Don’t stop, baby.”

At her mother’s desire, she slipped her fingers back into Gina’s pussy and slowly stroked them in and out as she clamped her lips around her mother’s clit and softly sucked it while she simultaneously stroked the clit with the tip of her tongue, driving Gina to the brink and eventually sending her mother cougar into convulsions.

As Gina began to come down from her orgasm, Amy started gently kissing her on the lips. Then their tongues began to dance, and mother and daughter started making out, as Rashawne sat next to them on the bed, gently stroking their heads.

Rashawne pulled back the hair next to their ears to look at the little matching star tattoos he’d given them. He smiled with the memory of it. Things had been awfully tense the week after their first threesome together. Mother and daughter were both determined not to let it happen again. He didn’t push, but just waited for an opening he could exploit. The following weekend, he talked them into taking him on a little cruise up the St. Johns river to Lake George and back. Somewhere along the way they docked at a little riverside park for lunch. Rashawne spotted a little tattoo parlor, and steered the girls to it, announcing that he was going to buy Amy a tat. She was always talking about it, but she was too chicken to go under the needle. Just as he predicted, she refused the offer, so he told Gina that if she got one first, that might put Amy at ease. It fucking worked like a dream. Soon both of them were getting the little matching stars tattooed behind their ears, a pattern he’d picked out himself. They were both surprised how little it hurt. And when he insisted on paying, they thanked him, thinking it was just an ordinary gift. But he knew right then and there that he had them. They belonged to him now. Later that afternoon, as they floated in the middle of Lake George, he told them to strip. They obeyed him without question. Then he told them to kiss each other. They did. Then he told them to get on their knees and suck his cock. After that, he didn’t have to say much. The floodgate of incest had opened wide, and there was no way any of them could shut it again.

Amy laughed when she saw Rashawne’s cock was again resembling an ebony tower, standing erect and tall, but she looked for her purse until she found it and pulled out one of the plastic bags of white powder she’d bought from Katie Jimenez before leaving on the trip.

She poured a small amount of the white powder onto the hand held mirror that lay flat on the desk next to Rashawne’s PowerBook and divided it into four lines. Two each for her and Gina. Rashawne didn’t care if she did coke when she was with him, but he’d never touch it himself. Amy actually liked that. It disappointed her that she could never get Alyson to do lines with her, but she was glad that Rashawne never touched it.

After she’d used a rolled up dollar bill to snort two of the lines, Amy passed the cocaine to Gina so she could snort the other two lines. As soon as Gina had passed the mirror back to her, Amy sat it aside and climbed back onto the bed. She gave Gina a long, deep, slow, wet kiss first before she gripped Rashawne’s ebony steel and lowered herself onto it. As soon as she was fully impaled with Rashawne’s cock, she sighed and said, “My turn, bitch.”

CHAPTER 2 — JACKSONVILLE For the first time since peeing on the stick just after breakfast, Dana Lee genuinely smiled. Alyson would have been blushing and looking away the whole time and Amy would have been drooling. She’s such a dyke, but I still love her.

She shivered as she thought about how weirded out she’d been the night she shared Amy’s boyfriend with her and her mom. What the fuck is up with those two? I can’t believe they actually licked Rashawne’s cum off each other right there in front of me. I’ve never seen anything so filthy… or so fucking hot. But that was just too freaky weird, even for me. I hope for Amy’s sake that it was just a one time deal, and not some ongoing incest thing. Ick! It gives me the heebie jeebies. No, I’m sure she woulda told me if she was fucking around with her mom.. Damn, it sure was nice riding Rashawne’s cock though. No wonder Amy’s so hooked. Boy can fuck.

She reached up to the table where her laptop sat and fumbled for her purse. She pulled out a plastic tampon holder, then opened the lid and pulled out the tampon, inside of which she’d hidden the stub of a joint. She’d stolen a few from David a few days earlier, to tide her over while Amy was out of town, but this was the last of it. If I ever needed to get high, it’s now. She lit it up and sucked in a lungful of stinging smoke. David had been trying all summer to track down an amazing weed he’d read about called Purple Urkle, but this was as close as he’d come. An inferior strain called Purple Haze. He said it was way too harsh, but Dana Lee wasn’t picky. Weed was weed, as far as she was concerned.

As she held the smoke in her lungs, she couldn’t help but think about the solid plus sign that had formed on her piss tests. There were three of them in the box, and each one was the same. She exhaled with a sigh, sending a plume of smoke into the cloudless Florida sky.

Fuck! How’d I get pregnant? She giggled. Well, Dana Lee. It’s like this. You let this boy fuck you, and you didn’t make him wear a condom or pull out before he came. In fact, you let boy after boy after boy fuck you. Not only did you make none of them wear condoms, you fucking encouraged them against it. Because you, you dumb fucking cunt, like it raw. You love that feel of skin inside your skin. Sliding free. Slick with your juices and his. You fucking love it.

Dana Lee pinched the glowing stub with her long pink fingenails and took another deep drag, desperate to forget her worries. Fuck me. What the fuck am I going to do? What… the fuck… am I going to do?

“Good lord, Dana Lee. Put some fucking clothes on.”

She sat up with a start, coughing like crazy. She grabbed for her top as she twisted around to see her brother David with his friend Todd Clay and a black guy named Terrance. She didn’t remember his last name. How goddamned long have they been standing there?

David had been friends with Todd since kindergarten, but he’d only met Terrance after the three moved into the same dorm at the University of Florida. It was far from the first time she’d been spied upon by David and Todd. As Alyson loved to point out, her brother was a true pervert. But, this was the first time Terrance had been blessed with a view of her cute little boobs in the buff.

“Y’all turn the fuck around,” she said as she clutched her bikini top to her chest. “Fucking pervs.”

“Don’t call us pervs,” David said. She’s so fucking sexy. If she wasn’t my sister, I would have fucked her a long time ago. Who am I kidding? The only reason I haven’t fucked her is she’d never go for it. “You’re the one laying out naked.”

“Will you please turn the fuck around so I can put my top on?”

Neither David nor Todd gave any indication that they would turn until Terrance said, “Yo, player. This ain’t cool. Let’s turn around.” Damn, look at the bulge David’s got going. Fuck, dawg. Your sister is hot, but that’s your sister. Fucking white people. Still, he wants to fuck her, there’s nothing to stop me from throwing a bone into that sweet little blonde pussy.

The three turned and looked toward the house as Dana Lee quickly tied her metallic blue bikini top back in place over her perky tits. The only one I haven’t known my whole life is the only decent one of the three. Fucking pricks.

Dana Lee sucked in the last hit from the joint, cautiously so as not to burn her lips, as she eyed the three boys. At six-four and 190 pounds, her big brother David was the tallest of the trio. He was lean and blonde just like her, and his sky blue eyes were identical to hers. But thanks to the SPF 90 sunblock he was always slathering himself with, he was several shades lighter than her.

His best friend Todd was four inches shorter than David (the same height as her), and had shoulder-length black hair. Even though he was shorter than David, he had to be at least 80 pounds heavier. Yeah, he was an absolute fatty, but that didn’t stop him from surfing. In fact, he could surf circles around David, because he’d virtually grown up on the waves, and he had excellent balance. He had a cute face, but as far as she knew, he’d never had a girlfriend thanks to his flab. And it didn’t help matters that he always had a flaky sunburn somewhere on his body. Right now his shoulders and belly were the color of a freshly boiled crab.

She didn’t know much about their roommate Terrance. They’d invited him to visit Jacksonville for the end of summer. He was staying at a cousin’s house, so Dana Lee had only met him once or twice. He was two inches shorter than Todd and just as lean as David. Though he was a black guy, he was more of a mocha color than he was pure black. Dana Lee suspected he probably had at least one white grandparent, judging from the slightly sandy tint in his kinky hair. The most important thing about him, though, he was a fucking hunk.

As Dana Lee exhaled the smoke, she dropped the roach into the empty Budweiser bottle that sat on the table with her laptop. Then she stood from the lounger, put her sunglasses aside, leaned back into a handstand and walked on her hands to the edge of the pool.

Terrance had quietly turned his head back to try to catch another peak at Dana Lee’s adorable boobs. His eyes widened in awe as he saw her bend over backward, and hand walk to the edge of the pool. She continued tohold the handstand perfectly before hand walking down the steps into the water, and out into shallow end of the pool, feet straight up in the air. Holy fuck! Bitch has got mad skills! Yeah, David’s little sister or no, I’m fucking her today!

Hearing splashing sounds, the other boys turned around and saw the amazing sight of Dana Lee’s perfect ass and long, slender legs, sticking straight up out of the water, as she made her way to the deeper part of the pool. All three had similar thoughts that no girl at the University of Florida had an ass that equaled the one on this high school girl.

When she couldn’t hold her breath any longer, she came up from the water to see them staring at her, as she knew they would be. She shook her head and sent her wet blonde hair flying like the blade of a helicopter. Then she smiled and said, “Why’d y’all bail on the beach?”

“No surf. It was totally fucking dead,” Todd said.

No longer angry at them, she said, “Well. You’ve already got your board shorts on. Might as well join me in the water. There’s beer in the cooler. Grab me one, Doofy.”

Knowing they weren’t likely to get a better invitation anywhere else, they stripped out of their tee shirts and kicked off their flip flops and each grabbed a cold Budweiser on the way into the pool.

“Hello, ass-wipes,” Dana Lee said, annoyed. “No one brought me a beer.”

“Get your own fucking beer,” David teased. “Besides, you’re not old enough to drink, sis. It’s bad enough you’re sitting back here topless, getting high. I don’t want mom and dad yelling at me for corrupting you.” Can’t wait to see that ass when she gets out of the pool.

“Faggot,” Dana Lee muttered under her breath as she swam to the edge of the pool. Six eyes were glued to her ass as they admired the wet blue bikini bottoms clinging to her skin. Fuckers are all looking at my ass. She bent from the waist to give them a clear show as she reached into the cooler and extracted her own bottle of Budweiser. She twisted the top off and took a long drink on the cold beer knowing they were now becoming absorbed in her camel toe. Eat your fucking hearts out, bitches.

She idly ran her hand over her tight abs, partly to make sure her cocoa butter hadn’t been washed away, but mostly to give them something to drool over. But touching her belly suddenly reminded her of the fetus growing inside her. I guess I won’t be a skinny hottie much longer. Four months from now I’ll be a big, fat cow. These boys won’t even look twice at me.

Feeling a bit deflated, she sat down on the edge of the pool facing them, letting her feet dangle in the water.

Todd cleared his throat and said, “Uh, Dana Lee. Got any more of whatever that is you were smoking?”

She shook her head and said, “Nope. That was my last one, and it was only a roach. I barely feel a buzz. I know you’ve got some weed, Doofy. Let’s get baked.”

David shook his head and said, “I’m out.”

She looked at him skeptically and said, “You had bags of the shit just a couple of weeks ago. How could you be out already?”

“I’d probably have plenty except these three little stoner chicks I know keep sneaking into my room and pilfering from my stash.”

She smiled but still had her doubts. “We didn’t smoke that much.”

“Ah ha,” David shouted. “The three of you have been smoking my shit!”

Oops. Busted. “Okay. We smoked some of your shit. I’d pay you for it, but I blew all my savings fixing the Cobra.”

“Oh, come on. You owe me, sis.”

She sighed. “Okay, Doofy, what do you want? “

“You could fix me up with Alyson.”

“Never going to happen. What else?”

“What about Amy?”

“That’s possible,” Dana Lee said. “She’ll fuck anything. Maybe even you.”

“Call her,” David said excitedly.

“Down, boy,” she said. “Keep that boner in your shorts. She’s in Nashville till Saturday night.”

“Fuck,” he said. Then he turned to Todd and Terrance. “You should see this girl. She’s only five feet tall, but she’s got these perfect little tits about the size of baseballs, and she’s got the best ass in Jacksonville.”

“I don’t know about that, player,” Terrance said. “I think we’ve got the best ass in Jacksonville right here.”

Dana Lee grinned, “Awww. Flattery will get you every fucking where.”

“Everywhere?” Damn. This bitch wants to get fucked right here. She doesn’t even care if David’s around.

“Well,” Dana Lee said. “Let’s get high first and then we’ll see.”

“I told you, sis,” David said. “We got no weed.”

“You got connections. Get some.”

David turned to Terrance and said, “Dude. Call your cousin.”

Terrance eyed his friend dubiously, “Come on, player. You don’t want that thug over here.”

David waved him off, “Come on, dude. He’s your cousin. I’m sure he’s okay. And maybe he has some of that Purple Urkle I’ve been looking for. That online article said it’s rated 10 out of 10 for purity and power. I gotta have some of that shit.”

Terrance shook his head but climbed out of the pool to get his cell phone. David and Todd chit chatted about the coming semester while Dana Lee sipped quietly on her beer. After Terrance finished the call, he came and sat next to her and they both dangled their feet in the water. “He coming?” She asked as she casually brushed his foot with hers.

“Yeah,” Terrance said feeling his cock stir with her touch.

David asked, “Is he bringing Purple Urkle?”

Terrence shrugged. “He says he’ll swing around the hood and see what he can turn up. It might be an hour or two before he gets here though.”

“Fuck,” pouted Dana Lee, “I want to get high right now.”

David laughed and said, “Go raid Mom’s medicine cabinet.”

She looked dumbly at her brother. “Huh?”

“Don’t even,” he said. “All three of you steal dope from your moms every weekend.”

She stuck out her tongue and said, “You know we’d never get away that. Not every weekend anyway.”

“Come on, sis. Just go get us four of Mom’s oxy tabs,” he said. “She’ll never miss them.”

Dana Lee sighed and sat down her beer as she stood and turned toward the house. “Alright,” she said. “But if she does, I ain’t taking the fall alone.”

She walked to the house and knowing six eyes were glued to her ass, she gave it a little extra roll. She giggled, and as she ran up the stairs, her heart pounding a mile a minute, thinking about the sexy look she’d seen on Terrance’s handsome face. Oh, he’s a player, that one. A fucking player.

For the first time all day, she didn’t think about the baby in her belly. All she could think about was what Terrance’s cock might feel like sliding down the back of her throat.

CHAPTER 3 — FLORIDA SPRINGS BIBLE CAMPMrs. Wilton started to pray loudly, which she knew would shut everyone up right quick. “Lord, we want to thank you for the blessing of talent, which you have bestowed upon our winners here today. And we pray for your guidance, as we learn to put our talents to use in your service. A talent misspent in service of sin is a talent wasted. And please, Heavenly Father, grant all of us, and particularly the young women in your presence here today, the wisdom to recognize the difference between grace and indecency.”

Alyson didn’t hear anything more. She stood up and stormed into the woods, Christian hot on her heels with her computer and purse. She ran, sobbing, until she got to the little log chapel next to the brook. As soon as she was inside, she turned and hugged Christian tight, tears pouring out of her eyes. She blubbered, “Oh, god, I don’t know why I care. It’s stupid. Crying over a stupid camp trophy.”

Christian kept hugging her as he gently laid her computer and purse on one of the wooden pews. “No. You should be pissed. You totally won that thing, and everybody knows it except that dumb dyke bitch. Oops, sorry. Nothing against dykes…”

She laughed through her tears, “No, she probably is a dyke. Hiding in plain sight, just like me. But what did she mean by that indecency remark?”

Christian paused a moment, then said, “Maybe… uh… well your nipples were poking out a bit.”

Alyson gasped and pulled back. “They were?”

“I barely noticed at first, but by the end… they were epic. They still are.”

Alyson clapped her hands over her tits and moaned, feeling how hard they were through her thin bra and tee shirt. “Oh that’s just great! Fuck! I shoulda worn my sports bra.”

“I don’t think the kids minded. It’s not the first time they’ve seen your… I mean… so what? Everyone was watching you twirl, not watching your…” Christian heard the chapel door open behind him. Alyson dropped her hands from her tits, embarrassed to be caught holding them. Maybe she should have kept holding them though, because her nipples were poking out more dramatically than ever.

Then Christian heard a man say, “Ah, I thought you’d be in here.”

Christian turned and saw the most handsome man in Florida walk into the chapel. Pastor Scott. Sigh. He was six foot two, and built like a lumberjack, with hairy, muscular arms, a barrel chest, and shapely, tree trunk legs. He was in his late thirties, but his face was tanned dark and ruggedly creased from the many years he’d spent in the sun. He still had a strong head of dark black, wavy hair, with only a little bit of gray in it, but his moustache was a beautiful salt-and-pepper mix, and he kept it immaculately trimmed. Pastor Scott’s best feature, though, was his eyes. They were a deep, reddish brown, and when you looked into them, it was like you were looking into the earth itself. All the girls in camp were totally gaga over him.

Alyson stammered, “I… I’m sorry… sorry Pastor Scott…about the… uh…” She crossed her hands over her chest.

“Oh don’t worry about it, Alyson. Your performance was amazing. Unfortunately for you, the Wiltons are incredible prudes. It was ridiculous to punish you for something like that, something that happens naturally. Just stupid. Heavenly Father gave us these bodies. We can’t help that we have nipples. We can’t help that we have… uh…” He looked away, blushing a bit.

“Wait… there’s something else?”

Pastor Scott, cleared his throat, and said, “Well… uh… maybe you should have worn a looser pair of shorts today. Those are a little… uh… tight.”

Christian looked at Alyson’s crotch. “Oh crud. Camel toe.”

Alyson blushed beet red and put her hand over her crotch. “Oh no! Oh no!! How bad was it?”

Pastor Scott shrugged, “Well… uh… I was in the back row, and I could see… uh… your… you know… anatomy… pretty well. The judges were in the front row so they had a much better view…”

Alyson pulled the crotch of her tight shorts down and hissed at Christian, “I thought you had my back!”

“Sorry, Alyson! I didn’t notice!”

She sat on a pew, and buried her face in her hands and started to cry. Or so it seemed at first. But then Christian and Pastor Scott realized she was laughing. Then Christian joined, in, and soon all three of them were chuckling hysterically.

After their laughing fit began to pass, Pastor Scott said, “I’m gonna talk to the deacon, and explain…”

She waved him off, “No please don’t make a stink. It’s fine. I already got what I wanted. Applause. So what if half of it was based on my… you know.”

Christian sat next to her and hugged her. “They loved you! And it wasn’t your pokies or your pussy. You were incredible. Astounding. You really should have won!”

Alyson blushed. “No, it’s just a stupid trophy. Please, Pastor Scott. Don’t say anything. I don’t want them to take anybody’s trophy away. That would be terrible.”

Pastor Scott nodded, “You really are amazing, Alyson. You just earned the greatest trophy of all. The love of the Lord.” The sound of distant singing could be heard, “Oh, I guess they’re on to the sing-along now. They’ll be starting the bonfire soon. We should join them.”

Alyson shook her head, “No. I really can’t face everyone right now.”

“Okay… but… uh… we need both you kids out there.”

Christian said, “Why?”

“Well, it was supposed to be a surprise. But, I was going to announce that you guys have been chosen to join the staff next summer!”

Christian gasped happily, “Really?” He jumped up and gave Pastor Scott a big hug. The moment his arms were wrapped around that amazing man, tingles began to spark throughout his entire body. Pastor Scott hugged him back, but he had to back off a bit sooner than he would have liked, to prevent Pastor Scott from noticing his sudden erection. He sat down again and clapped happily. “That’s so awesome! Oh yes! I definitely accept!!”

Then Christian turned to Alyson and saw the passive expression on her face. Applying had really been his idea. It made it possible for his father to let him stay the extra two weeks with Alyson, which was required for all the applicants so they could be trained. Unlike Alyson, his parents were poor, so paying for the extra two weeks was really a hardship for them, but they’d done it to help him get the job, which they thought might open doors to a future in ministry.

Pastor Scott said, “Alyson, considering what happened today, I won’t be surprised if you turn the job down. I just want you to know that you’d both be working for me, not the Wiltons. I handle training for all the new recruits. So… well… just consider it. No rush, but I need an answer by morning, so we can offer the job to one of the other applicants, if you turn it down.”

Alyson nodded quietly, “Thanks. I’ll think about it. But… why me?”

“Why not you? You’re smart and talented. And I saw you helping out those tumblers. Nobody asked you to do that. You’re just a natural teacher. Both of you, actually. It’s amazing what you were able to accomplish this summer, all the while wrestling with your own demons.”

Alyson said, “Uh… demons?”

Pastor Scott laughed. “Oh, you might have everyone else fooled, but I know what you two are up to. Hugging, kissing, walking everywhere hand in hand… You’re trying to change your nature, but I know you’re both gay.”

Christian felt light headed. Oh no. He knows! He knows! I’m so dead! When dad finds out, he’ll tan my hide! Oh shit, shit, shit…

Alyson started to panic, “What are you talking about? We’re not… gay!”

Pastor Scott waved his hands calmingly, “Oh, don’t worry about it. I’ll never tell a soul. Never in a million years. You see, I know what it’s like to struggle with that particular demon.”

Alyson said, “What do you mean?”

“Well… Uh…” Pastor Scott’s face became intensely thoughtful, and he started pacing about the chapel, rubbing his chiseled chin with one of his huge hands. “Darn… I probably shouldn’t have said that. Darn. Well… cat’s out of the bag I guess… Okay kids. I’ll tell you my secret. But you need to promise to keep it private, just like I’m keeping yours.”

Christian nodded and Alyson said, “We’re pretty good at keeping secrets.”

Pastor Scott laughed. “Yeah. I guess you are. Okay. Well… when I was younger… before I was saved, I was sorta… homosexual. Bisexual actually. At first I was promiscuous with women, but then… I… discovered that my desires were not entirely normal.”

Christian could barely speak. He squeaked, “Really? You’re… you’re gay?”

“Oh, not now, of course. Heavenly Father’s plan for me appears to be celibacy. But yes, I enjoyed many carnal encounters in my youth… with both men and women. Usually separately, but sometimes together… sometimes in large groups…” He had a faraway look in his eye as his voice trailed off into a wistful silence.

Alyson and Christian looked at Pastor Scott in amazement. Neither of them would have guessed in a million years. There was nothing remotely gay about him. He was a totally manly man. An expert outdoorsman, he excelled at making fires, chopping down trees and paddling a canoe, and he dominated at all the sporting events around camp, when he wasn’t coaching them. There was simply nothing gay about him. Nothing at all.

Pastor Scott saw the incredulity on their faces. “Surprised? Well, I’ve been working hard for the last few years to suppress my… uh… sinful nature. Not just around boys, but girls too. You see, before I found the Lord, I was a bit of a sex addict. Out of control. Hopping willy-nilly from bed to bed. It was a hollow, desperate existence. Fun, certainly… but empty. I wasn’t raised in the church, so I had no idea that lust was a sin and homosexuality was an abomination unto the Lord. I didn’t even believe in God back then. I thought it was nothing but fairy tales and superstition.”

Christian asked, “Did you… did you always know you… liked boys?”

Pastor Scott shook his head. “No. I was crazy for girls. And I guess I had a way with them, because I lost my virginity early. By the time I was your age, I already had a ton of girlfriends, but I was always looking for more. At school, on the street, in stores… everywhere. I did okay, particularly with the older ladies. Moms and such. But then one night, drunk off my ass, I blundered into a gay bar and before I knew it, I was having a gay orgy right there in the bathroom…” Pastor Scott caught himself. He blushed, saying, “Uh… I guess I shouldn’t be telling you this stuff. I just wanted you to know that I understand how difficult it is to change your nature, even with the aid of Heavenly Father.”

Christian and Alyson stared at him, both of them bursting with questions, but Pastor Scott was clearly embarrassed at having said more than he’d intended to say. Alyson broke the silence. “Pastor Scott, uh… I didn’t have any lunch. I was planning to swing by the barbecue pit after the talent show and see if there were any leftovers. I’m starving… but I just don’t want to go out there now.”

Pastor Scott smiled, “Hey, why don’t I fetch you some food? How ’bout you Christian? You hungry too?”

Christian didn’t hear the question, he was staring at the slight bulge in Pastor Scott’s crotch. Alyson elbowed him in the ribs, and he looked up. “Sorry. What?”

Pastor Scott asked again, “Are you hungry, Christian?”

The first thought that passed through Christian’s mind was, God yes. I’d love to gobble your big fat cock. Oh no… what am I thinking? He’s a pastor. Satan truly has a grip on my soul. “Uh… sure. I helped Alyson practice through lunch. So yeah, I guess I am hungry.” Christian started to move toward the door.

“No, you stay here, Christian. I’ll do it. If the kids saw you out there, they might follow you back here.” He turned to Alyson, “You sure you want to stay in hiding?”

“Absolutely. And I’m not going to the bonfire either. No way. In fact… do you think it’s possible for me to sleep in here tonight? I can’t face the girls in my cabin. Cathy Bruner is such a bitch. She’ll make fun of me, and the others will defend me. It’ll just end up a big fat fight. This isn’t how I wanted my summer to end.”

Pastor Scott kneeled in front of her and took his hand in hers. “I understand. Tell you what… I’ll go tell Deacon Wilton that I’m taking you two on an overnight camp-out, to convince you to take the counselor jobs. I’ve done it before.”

Alyson smiled, “That’s sweet. But I’d rather not go camping. Bugs. Ecch.”

“No, you can stay here. Both of you. Nobody will be using the chapel tonight or tomorrow. Morning service is going to be at the amphitheater.”

Alyson squeezed his hand. “Cool. We’ll all have a sleepover! That’ll be so fun!”

“Uh… not me. Just you two. I’ll go camping alone.”

Alyson pouted, “Why not just stay with us? There’s plenty of room. We can read from the bible and sing songs. It’ll be just like camping out, but without the bugs! Plus if someone catches me and Christian here without a chaperone, they’ll think we’ve been… you know… fornicating before marriage… and tell our parents. That would be awful.”

Pastor Scott thought about it for a few seconds. Something about it just seemed a little weird… sleeping in the same room with a couple of teenagers. Three years ago he would have seen something like that as an invitation to seduction, but it wasn’t as if Alyson was on the make. She was a lesbian after all. So even though he thought Christian was awful cute, he was sure Alyson’s presence would prevent any sort of temptation. “Yeah. I guess you’re right. It does sound fun. Anyway, you must be starving. I’ll be back with food in a jiff.”

After Pastor Scott left, Christian looked at Alyson incredulously. “What are you up to? Cathy Bruner’s not a bitch! She’s your number one fan!”

Alyson smiled and put her hand on his cheek. “Christian… we’ve both been raised to believe homosexuality is a sin. But I don’t believe that anymore. Or if it is a sin, it’s not a very bad one. Certainly not deserving of wholesale hatred, and shame. It’s who I am. It’s who you are. And don’t get all preachy on me. I know you agree.”

Christian sighed and looked at the floor, “I guess so.”

Alyson cupped his handsome face in her hands, and brought his eyes back up to hers. “I love you, Christian. I want to help you out.”

“Help me out? How?”

Alyson giggled. “You need to get laid. And now I know just the man for the job.”

Christian gasped with realization. “Oh… no.”

Alyson kissed him lightly on the lips, then said, “Oh, yes.”

CHAPTER 4 – VANDERBILTBefore they noticed Keith was in the room, the woman with the glasses said, “That’s some good shit Katie sold us, Rashawne. You should try it at least once.”

Rashawne cleared his throat and said, “We’ve got company.”

Amy and Gina both turned from Rashawne to see a slender, handsome boy with curly dark hair standing just inside the doorway from the hall. “Is this your roommate?” Amy said as she stepped to Keith and gave him a big hug, pressing her pointy nipples into his chest.

Keith felt his erection grow in his jeans as she rubbed her naked pussy into his bulge. He had no choice but to return the hug. As soon as she released him, the older girl was hugging him in her place and saying, “You’re a cute one. I’m Gina and this is Amy.”

“I, uh, I, uh, I’m Keith,” he finally managed to stutter as Gina licked his ear and Amy unbuttoned his shirt. What the hell is happening? I’ve heard so many stories about dorm life, but this can’t be real.

Gina was kissing him on the lips now, slipping her tongue into his mouth, as Amy dropped to her knees and began to unbuckle his belt. He got his first good look at either of their eyes as he looked through Gina’s glasses and saw they were pure black with just the tiniest, barely visible blue ring around the outer perimeter. He glanced down at Amy who now had his rapidly hardening cock out of his underwear and was sucking the head while she stroked the shaft. And just like that, he was getting the first blowjob of his life. She was looking up at him while she sucked and her eyes were an exact replica of Gina’s. Keith remembered the drug awareness class he’d taken for one of his badges leading up to becoming an Eagle Scout. Oh shit! They’re fucking wired. I don’t know if it’s cocaine or meth, but they’re fucking tweaking.

He looked over at Rashawne who stood there smiling and slowly stroking his black snake as he watched. Oh my god. His cock is incredible. It’s got to be at least three inches longer than mine. Maybe four. He gasped as Amy slowly slid her lips down the length of his shaft and pulled his jeans down to his ankles. Gina had now dropped to her knees and was behind him rimming his asshole with the tip of her tongue. As soon as her tongue dipped past the anal opening into his ass, he moaned and began to shoot his load into Amy’s mouth. He regretted not warning her, but not seeming to mind, she merely kept sucking and swallowing as stream after stream of cum shot out of his cock until finally she’d sucked it all from him and swallowed every drop.

He felt light headed and weak in the knees but managed to stay on his feet. It wasn’t until Amy let his softening cock fall out of her mouth that he realized Gina was sitting behind him working a finger in and out of his asshole. Oh, my god, what is she doing to me? He gasped again as his cock began to grow and she said, “Feels good. Doesn’t it, sugar?”

All he could do was nod as Rashawne approached, held out his fist as he had when they first met, and said, “Welcome to the room. Which one do you want to fuck?”

Still struggling to keep his knees from buckling, Keith touched his fist to Rashawne’s again, and said, “Can’t I fuck them both?”

Everyone laughed as Amy took Keith’s hand. She pulled him toward the bed, but Keith tripped because his jeans were wrapped around his ankles. Fortunately, he fell onto the bed, or he might have looked like a fool. But at least his face stayed in one piece when it hit the mattress instead of the floor. They all laughed again, this time harder. Even Keith laughed as soon as he realized they were laughing with him and not at him. This was already different from East Huntington High School. Not only had he gotten his dick sucked for the first time in his life, but people were laughing with him instead of at him.

Before he knew it, Gina had removed his shoes and was untangling his jeans so he could pull his feet through them. Just like that, he was as naked as everyone else. As Amy took his dick into her mouth again, he looked over and saw Rashawne pushing the door closed and locking it. Good idea. I can’t believe I left it open when I came inside. Of course it’s not like I knew I was going to get my dick sucked.

Then he closed his eyes and lay back while Amy continued to suck his dick. The first time, he came so quickly he didn’t even get a chance to know the feeling. The wonderful, wonderful feeling of her soft female lips sliding up and down his cock. Now though, he was getting the full effect. Oh my god. His hands found their way to her head and his fingers wrapped into her short blonde tresses and guided her up and down his shaft, until he had to stop her, afraid that he was about to cum again.

As he opened his eyes, he saw Gina bent over the end of the bed with her glorious breasts hanging down and swinging in pendulous motion. She was biting her lip and moaning as Rashawne stood behind her. Entering her, withdrawing from her, and entering her again. Her gasps of pleasure only excited Keith even more and he released his own gasp as Amy leaned her lips back to the head of his cock and softly sucked the pre-cum from it. Then she was stroking him with her tiny little hand as she kissed her way up his torso to his lips. Slowly, softly, tenderly sucking his top lip, then sucking his bottom lip, then slipping her tongue into his mouth, urging him to mesh his tongue with hers. All the while, her hand stroked up and then stroked down his cock, and then back up and back down. Back up and back down.

She slipped her tongue from his mouth and playfully dipped it into his ear before saying, “I like to be on top.”

Mesmerized by the sight of Rashawne fucking Gina doggie style. Pumping her harder and harder, faster and faster, as she moaned louder and louder, he barely heard or understood what she said. “Huh,” he muttered.

She dipped her tongue into his ear again and then rolled it around the outer lobe and said, “I said that I like to be on top. Is that cool?”

“On top of what?”

She giggled and kissed his ear softly. Her lips never left his earlobe as she said, “Are you a virgin?”

She knew the answer from his blush and continued, “It’s okay. I’ll take care of that for you, baby. Just lay back and enjoy.”

“I, uh, I, uh, I d-don’t have a condom,” he stuttered.

She touched her fingertip to his lips and said, “Shhh. It’s okay. Just tell me before you’re about to cum. Nobody but Rashawne can cum inside me. Okay? Is that cool?”

He nodded.

She kissed him softly again and said, “Later you can cum inside Gina. She’s on the pill and doesn’t care. Now you just lay there and enjoy while Amy pops your cherry.”

At that, Amy positioned herself over his erect cock and rubbed her pussy lips with his glistening head. She was already wet and didn’t need it, but she loved the feel of his pre-cum mixing with her own juices. Then she oh so slowly began to lower herself down on his spear. Keith gasped with her as his cock impaled her and let her interlace her fingers with his as they made eye contact the moment she settled onto his lap with his cock fully inside her. “Oh fuck,” he said as she rose and lowered, rose and lowered, rose and lowered herself on his cock. “That feels so fucking good.”

“Oh god yes it does,” Amy moaned as she began to rise up and down a little faster.

Keith lost eye contact with Amy and he gasped and moaned and then he released a big sigh as he exploded inside her. Amy saw his expression and immediately recognized it for what it was. Fuck. He just came inside me. Fuck. She slowed her grinding as she counted days from her period in her head. Should be okay. Oh fuck it. Too late to worry about it now.

Amy began to grind away on his cock as hard as she could because Keith was still as hard as a bar of iron. She knew he was a natural, when he gripped her ass and started assisting her by getting in time with her thrusts and pulling her fully into him with each of her downward thrusts. After a few minutes of this treatment, she threw her head back and screamed, “FUCK! FUUCK!! FUUUCK!!! OH MY GOD!!!! OH FUUUUUUCK!!!!!!!”

As she screamed her release, Keith grunted and shot another load inside her hot little pussy. When she collapsed upon him, and he began to shrink inside her, he looked over just in time to see Rashawne pull his massive black member out of Gina’s pussy and shoot several ropes across her back and even up into the curly blonde hair at the back of her head. That’s when Keith suddenly remembered he was supposed to pull out before he came inside Amy. Oh fuck. I fucked everything up.

He looked up at her to see she had leaned over and pulled a cigarette out of a pack of Newports and was lighting it with a disposable Bic lighter. Before he could tell her how sorry he was for cumming inside her, she said, “So, Keith, how do like college so far?”


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