Kaliopi’s eyes were full of fire as she stared at Erin, hands on her hips to create an intimidating stance, and Erin had to admit that the other woman’s passion, charisma, her sheer presence was frighteningly strong. But Erin herself was no meek kitten by any account, and despite slight uncertainty in the back of her mind, Erin looked levelly into the older woman’s eyes, not flinching away. After a moment of this silent battle, Kaliopi was the first to speak.

“I will not let you take her from me,” she said, her voice determined and authoritative, not desperate in the least.

Erin had to admire the strength, the self-confidence behind those words and that tone. Erin herself, on the other hand, did sound quite desperate as she replied, “I’m so sorry, Opi. I really didn’t mean for this to happen. None of us did.”

“It’s not right!” exclaimed Kaliopi, and Erin startled at the sudden gestures the older woman was making. Speaking with her hands, as the fiery people here in the South so often did.

“It’s simply not right! My whole life changed when I met her… I had never even imagined I could feel this way, and for another woman? It was crazy, it is crazy and wonderful and it’s the best thing that I have ever, ever had. You can’t just march in and take it away from me!”

Kaliopi had moved closer, but Erin held her position. She stared firmly into those brown eyes and said, “But I already did.”

What happened next shocked both women equally, neither had anticipated that this meeting could lead to this: in one swift move, Kaliopi raised her hand and slapped Erin on the face so forcefully that the younger woman stumbled backwards and fell. As Erin sat there, tasting blood in her mouth, Kaliopi just looked at her as if frozen solid. Erin’s hand rose to her lips, she touched the bleeding lip and looked at the blood on her fingertips. Shock faded and turned to anger, and she got back on her feet, clasping Kaliopi’s black suit jacket like she was going to give the woman a movies-style shake. But instead of that, she stopped for a second to look at those eyes again — big brown eyes, so full of sorrow and passion, fierce passion. Kaliopi leaned forward and kissed Erin on the lips, with all that fire and passion, and Erin returned the kiss with just as much. She wasn’t sure how all that hate and resent had turned to lust, and she did not care. The lust was so powerful and acute, and it needed to be taken care of, right now.

Kaliopi’s kisses were hard, merciless and even bruising, and Erin was panting loudly as the older woman hastily took off her shirt and then her bra, and then Kaliopi’s hands were on Erin’s breasts, not any more tender than the forceful kisses. Erin’s head fell backwards as Kaliopi went on kissing and sucking at her neck, leaving marks on her way. Then, suddenly, Kaliopi pulled Erin near the bed, sat down and forced Erin to bend down on her knees between the singer’s legs. Quickly Erin unzipped the trousers and pulled them off, along with the other woman’s panties. Kaliopi put her hand behind Erin’s head and pulled her down, taking a firm grip on the auburn hair as Erin started licking. It was not as relentless as their kissing earlier, but certainly not sweet and tender either; she altered her pace and the strength of her touch from slight teasing to hard fucking, and soon Kaliopi was panting loudly and cursing in Macedonian under her breath. It didn’t take long before Kaliopi’s legs locked tightly on both sides of Erin’s head, keeping her in place as the diva came with a loud scream that could undoubtedly be heard on the other side of Skopje.

Kaliopi held Erin in place as her body jerked slightly with the aftershocks. After a few minutes had passed, the black-haired singer finally let Erin lift her head, but still kept the grip on the younger woman’s hair. Kaliopi looked down on Erin with a wicked grin. No words were spoken as Kaliopi stood up, pulling Erin with her. She finally let go of the other woman’s hair, and pushed Erin roughly on the bed, reached under Erin’s skirt and removed the panties that were soaking wet by now. Then she came over Erin, covering the younger woman’s body with hers, and without any further teasing pushed two fingers inside. Erin gasped, and her hips buckled to meet the other woman’s thrusts. After a few of those Kaliopi added a third finger, making Erin grasp at the sheet and turn her head against it as well, panting and moaning under the hard thrusts. She knew she wouldn’t last long, but tried to prolong the pleasure as long as possible. It burned down to mere seconds, though, as Kaliopi started to bite down her neck. With loud moans and uttering some incoherent nonsense, Erin came hard, squeezing her hands into fists and her legs around Kaliopi’s waist.

When it was over, they both lay down on the bed for a long time. Kaliopi had rolled on her side, and was now idly stroking Erin’s hair. Erin felt spent, confused, and somehow empty. How did this happen? What did all this mean? What would it mean for all three of them in the future, or would it mean anything at all? Her lip had stopped bleeding, but was still sore and swollen. Erin touched it and flinched at the pain. What would she tell her girlfriend about the cuts and bruises on her skin?

Erin’s questions went unanswered, as Kaliopi sighed deeply, got up from the bed, quickly gathered her clothes and walked away without a word.

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