The room was barely lit. The flicker of candle light danced across the pale walls. I sat, legs crossed, patiently waiting to see how long it would take this piece of fuck meat to wake up. Patience is a virtue I don’t possess, but who can argue with a paying customer? Lightly I tapped my well manicured dark red fingernails against the top of the dresser. My eyes danced over his sleek form as the minutes passed, contemplating just what to do with him. Fifteen minutes passed before he began to stir. A wicked grin crossed my lips as I scooted closer to the edge of my chair. I watched as he groggily stretched, well, at least attempted to stretch. I was under strict instructions to do whatever I pleased with his useless ass, so, that’s what I did. Prior to his awakening I had chained his wrists to each corner of the bed, along with his ankles. I had also placed a strip of duct tape over his blasphemous lips. I hated cry babies, and I already knew he was going to be one of them despite his enthusiasm. I slowly rose to my feet and walked to his bedside.

The click of my stilettos the only real noise in the room. I could see his eyes flicker around franticly, as if he had forgotten what he had gotten himself into. The candle light gave his dull wedding ring a slight sparkle which made me just want to hurt him more. His eyes found mine, I allowed him the briefest of moments to take in my presence. The black leather corset hugged every curve and pushed my tits up high, making my cleavage unavoidable. The tops of my stockings wrapped securely around my thick thighs clinging to my flesh for dear life. My essence was covered with a thin layer of black lace. My dark locks pulled up high atop my head, allowing the strands to swing freely but maintain discipline all at the same time. I could see the excitement in his eyes, wishing he could have his way with me, thinking that at the end of all of this I would end up submitting to him. How pathetic. I let my fingers caress his jaw line, smiling warmly down at him, wanting him to feel safe and secure with me. I noticed his body start to relax more, no longer tugging at his restraints. I gently patted his cheek

“Good boy.” I smiled once more then laid a firm, harsh slap across his face. I grabbed him by the hair and yanked his head to the side, bringing my lips right next to his ear.

“You’re my bitch now. Get use to it.” I bit the side of his neck, not in an attempt to be sexy or seductive, but merely to cause him a shock of pain. I released his hair and stood back upright. I opened the drawer next to the bed and shuffled through it idly. I pulled out a liquid eye liner tube, a roll of duct tape, and a studded small paddle. I decided to start off small, make him realize how useless he really was.

“You’re not special. You are not important. You are by no means desirable as a man. You are NOT a man. You are a worthless piece of meat that doesn’t even deserve to be fucked. You’re wife should be ashamed of herself for even opening her whore legs for you.” as the verbal attack progressed I could see his tiny cock twitch. I shook my finger in his face then began to open the eye liner. I use this because it’s a pain in the ass to scrub off, not permanent, but a pain none the less.

“I didn’t tell you to let my cock get hard. You better adjust yourself before I do it for you. And I promise you wont like how I solve our little, and I mean little, problem.” He defiantly raised his hips, as if to say, “you know you want me bitch.”. I sighed and shook my head setting the eye liner next to him and reached for my paddle. I pressed the flat side against his ball and then smacked them hard. He jerked to try and close his legs, but he was secured firmly to the bed. His scream was also muffled by the duct tape on his mouth. I laughed at his ridiculous display and gave him one more swift swat to the balls for good measure.

“When I say to keep it under control, I mean it pig.” I could see the anger in his eyes but I didn’t care. It wasn’t my place to care, he could go home to his wife and explain to her why he couldn’t fuck her. I took hold of the eye liner once again and proceeded to start my project of humiliation. First, I started with his mouth, I carefully spelled out the words “Cock Sucker” over the tape on his mouth. Then I began to graffiti the rest of his body with words like “pig, cock slut, whore, faggot, useless bitch, cum dump.” I smiled softly to myself as I finished each word. I covered him from head to toe with obscenities. I stood up and admired my work, then took out the camera. Once he saw this small object he began to thrash, pulling hard on the cuffs. In my other hand I still held onto the paddle. This time I spanked his inner thighs and over his stomach.

“The more you fight this, the worse it will be whore. So lay there and behave your fucking self.”

I knew he was cursing me, I just couldn’t hear nor understand him or even bring myself to care. After all, this is what he paid for, to be a submissive to a real woman. I snapped pictures from all angles. Zooming in on his tiny so called cock and the word “useless” that I had written along his tiny shaft.

“You know what. I really hate a man that doesn’t know how to at least trim his balls. So disgusting. Well, let me do your wife a favor and help you out a little bit huh? What do you think?” I gave a pause as if waiting for his response.

“Oh yes, that’s right…you can’t talk.” I mockingly laughed at him and pulled on the duct tape, getting a long piece before cutting it. I placed the piece of tape over his pubic region, then another, followed by another, until every piece of pubic hair was covered. I wandered off to the closet, letting him lay there and think about how much it is going to hurt once I decide to pull off each piece of tape. I grabbed hold of a 10 inch black dildo and brought it back to the bed. I slapped him across the face with it repeatedly and held it up in front of him.

“This is what a real man looks like. Remember that. You are not a man and you never will be.” As soon as I finished my sentence I tore the duct tape off of his mouth and instantly shoved the black dildo down his throat. I wanted to hear him gag, watch him squirm and spit up around something that he would never compare to. I began to fuck his throat. Slamming the dildo in and out of his mouth, distracting him as I reached down and yanked the first piece of tape off of his pubes. As he tried to cry out I fed him nearly all over the dildo. The tears trickled over his face unable to stop himself from being a pussy. As I used his mouth I continued to pull off the rest of the tape hoping to get as much hair off his balls as possible. His balls were dark pink and looked rather raw. I pulled the dildo from his mouth and wiped it off on his chest.

“Taste good bitch?” he nodded in response, too scared to defy me further. I exchanged the dildo for my handy paddle. I lightly tapped his sore genitals.

“Tell me what you are.” I waited only a second and without a response I spanked his balls. This time I could hear him yelp and whimper like a pathetic little fuck.

“Tell me what are you cunt!” this time his response was prompt.

“I’m a worthless fuck pig Ma’am.” He winced anticipating another spank to his balls but this time I slapped him across the face.

“That’s what I thought.” I loosed the restraints on one of his legs just enough so he could raise it a little bit, then locked it back in place. I moved the dildo between his legs, letting the tip of it graze his bare ass. He bucked up, scared of it, knowing what I had planned. I wiggled out of my panties and wrapped them around his tiny white cock, pulling them tight around his shaft as I climbed on the bed and straddled his face. His moans betrayed him as I forced him to stare up at my bare pussy.

“You’ll never be able to fuck my pussy. You’re not good enough. This pussy was made for a real man, a black man. You’re only hear to worship and please my pussy however I say. Do you understand?”

“Yes Ma’am. Anything for you.” I knew how bad he wanted to lick my pussy, so I dropped down just out of his reach and leaned forward to grab the dildo and press it against his ass. I spit onto the toy before I shoved half of it straight up his ass. He tried his hardest not to scream but I could feel his warm breath against my pretty pink pussy. I twisted the toy as I started to push it up his ass further, wanting to cause him as much discomfort as possible. I wasted no time fucking him, it was his turn to be taught a lesson, maybe next time he decided to cheat on his wife he’d remember this moment and think twice. I shoved the entire dildo up his ass and quickly sat on his face, smothering him with my ass and pussy. I began to grind on his worthless mouth, smearing my juices all over his face as I made him my new fuck toy. I pounded away at his ass, I watched as his tiny little cock started to grow. I lifted myself off his face and told him to open his mouth.

“You don’t deserve to taste my cum nor do you deserve to cum yourself. So keep your mouth open, be a good boy and don’t complain.” I heard him say “ahh” underneath me. I left the black dildo buried in his ass as I squatted on his face. Within moments my piss filled his mouth, splashing over his face. He did as he was told and didn’t complain and he swallowed as much as he could. Once I was finished I got off him and wiped my pussy clean with his button up shirt.

“Look at you now. Not so tough now huh? Stupid cock slut. You haven’t even asked me to take that dick out of your ass. Disgusting.” I decided since he was acting like such a good whore I would document this occasion and take a few more pictures. I sent all of them to my email address so even if he tried to get slick and delete them I already had them somewhere else. After I was done I pulled the dirty dildo out of his ass and smeared it all over his face. I casually unfastened his ankles, then wrists and tossed him his clothes.

“You have 5 minutes to get the fuck out of my house. If you’re up to it in a few days, you may email me and beg me to use you again. And don’t forget to tell your wife I said “hi.” and with that, I sent him back home to the little woman to contemplate what he had just done.

Mistress Meg and her Pet will hopefully be ongoing characters; hence there is a lot of exposition in the beginning setting things up. This story features a dominant woman, a submissive man and some bisexual acts. If you prefer your male subs straight, this may not be the story for you.

Mistress Meg

It’s been 7 days, 4 hours and 52 minutes since I have cum, and believe me I am counting. I suppose I should explain something, I am a kept man. Don’t get me wrong, I work full time and have my own money, but Mistress Meg invests it for me and I don’t get a cent, not yet anyway. See I did something rash just under 8 days ago and now I am paying for it. As part of exploring my submissive side, I arranged for a meeting with Mistress Meg. Thinking I would be humiliated, fucked then allowed to cum, I was ill prepared for what happened. Somewhere in the midst of burning humiliation and desire, I had signed a contract to be Miss Meg’s in house pet for a whole year. I live with her, obey her and in return she keeps me in luxurious surroundings. She takes all the money I earn and gives me a living allowance, which I must ask for her permission before spending any. The rest she invests for me. If I don’t last the year, I forfeit my money she has saved away for me. See out my contract and I get all of it plus the extra her investments have earned me. So now Mistress Meg has the keys to my lifestyle, my money, my heart and my cock.

My cock is caged. A hot pink plastic cage now covers my cock and balls and only Mistress Meg has the key. She put it in me in a post cum haze just after I signed on the line. So now my cock constantly curves down and the brass lock gleams back at me every time I take a piss, reminding me that I am owned.

I walk to the car from work, wondering what Mistress Meg has planned for me tonight. I always have to head straight home from work, cook Mistress’s dinner (I was an excellent chef long before my indentured life, now I work in wholesale catering sales to restaurants and cafes) and prepare myself for the evening. This involves an enema, a shower, shaving around my asshole and dressing in a black lacey g-string and apron. Once ready, I wait beside the front door on my knees for Mistress Meg to get home.

I wince as I walk, still getting use to the pacifier butt plug (guess why it’s called that) I have to wear now for Mistress Meg. That was a new condition for today, and somewhat hard to sit down with. I got to my car and noticed an envelope on the front seat. I got inside and opened it. A small brass key fell out. My eyes widened as I read the note:

Pet, I expect you to prepare yourself in the usual fashion when you get home, however I require you to shave your cock and balls. You will need this key to complete your task. However, you will lock yourself away again when you have showered and return the key to me on my arrival home. Prepare dinner for three tonight, I am bringing home a friend. Mistress.

My cock lurched a little as I re-read the note. All the way home I was wondering about the mystery guest. I had lived with Mistress Meg just over a week now and she had never mentioned anyone else to me.

I prepared myself as per Mistress’s instructions taking extra care to be clean shaven. I locked myself back up, got dressed and put the finishing touches on dinner. I finished setting the table, with 3 settings, and went and knelt beside the door. I heard her walk up and put the key in the door. I looked to the floor and held my hand out with the shiny brass key in it.

Mistress Meg walked through the door. “Good pet. I trust everything is in order.” She took the key from my hand as I nodded, “Yes Mistress Meg. I have prepared myself as per your instructions. Dinner is ready to be served whenever you desire to eat.” I stayed kneeling looking at the floor as a pair of shiny men’s shoes came into my view. I blushed. Mistress’s friend was a man. I wondered if he knew about me already or if Mistress was surprising him.

“So this is your new Pet? Hope he lasts longer than the last one.” I blushed. I guess that answered my questions. Mistress Meg clicked her fingers. This was her signal that it was ok for me to look up and look at her. She stated “Pet, while my guest is here you will call him Sir. Any instruction he gives to you is to be obeyed as if it was mine. Are we clear?” I nodded and replied “Yes Mistress Meg.”

She smiled and turned to her guest “He will. He is a quick learner and has the heart of a true submissive”. I wasn’t sure exactly what the last bit meant but I blushed again anyway. Mistress Meg clicked her fingers twice; this was my signal to stand. I stood and looked at my feet again, unsure with the presence of her guest. “Pet, my guest wishes to freshen up, show him to the guest bathroom.”

I nodded and replied, “Yes Mistress. Please follow me Sir.”

I walked through the house to the guests’ bathroom, conscious that the small metal chain from the metal pacifier butt plug as swinging out from underneath my g-string for him to see. I opened the door for him and gestured “The guests bathroom Sir.” He smirked and nodded at me. As he walked past me, he reached down and gave the chain a little tug. My cock twitched inside its cage. He washed his hands and walked over to me. I blushed as he took the front of my apron and used it to dry his hands. He lifted it up to reveal my hot pink cock cage. He whistled and laughed. “She has you good doesn’t she boy.” I swallowed and bowed my head.

I wasn’t sure how to answer him so I said “I adore Mistress Meg and will obey her every command.”

He stepped back and said “kneel.” My eyes widened a little as I knelt. He unzipped his pants and pulled free his cock. My eyes widened more. I had never seen another man’s cock in the flesh. He took a hold of it and ran it over my lips. He looked at me, “lick it.” I stuck my tongue out and licked the head of his cock. It tasted salty and strange. He grabbed the back of my head and forced his cock between my lips. I nearly gagged as he fucked my face with force. He grimaced and said “Open your throat and make me cum boy.” I sucked hard, trying to swallow him. His thrusts picked up speed as he yelled out “You boy has the makings of an excellent cock sucker.”

Mistress Meg came into my vision as he gave one final thrust and came into my mouth. She pointed at me “Don’t swallow.” I nodded as best I could. “Pull out”, Mistress Meg said as he thrust again. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and spurted ropes of white cum on my face. “Show me Pet”, Mistress said. I opened my mouth and showed her his cum on my tongue. “Excellent. You may now swallow.” I swallowed his cum, feeling it ooze down my throat. “What do you say?” Mistress Meg nodded in his direction. “Thank you Sir for using my unworthy mouth.”

He laughed. “You sure you have only had him a week?” He offered me his cock to clean and I sucked his left over cum off until his cock was clean. He put his cock away and left the bathroom. Mistress clicked her fingers twice and I stood. “Time to serve dinner”, she stated. I hesitated. “Yes Pet? A problem?” I knew I was on dangerous ground.

“Please Mistress, may I clean my face before dinner?” She smiled and shook her head. “It pleases me to see you this way Pet. It reminds me of how obedient you are.” I bowed my head and blushed. “Thank you Mistress. I will leave Sir’s cum on my face until I have your permission to clean it off.” Mistress walked back to the Dining area leaving me to follow.

I went into the kitchen and finished the dinner preparations. I served Mistress Meg first, then Sir and took my place at the table, waiting for permission to start. Mistress nodded at me, a signal that I could eat. Dinner passed without incident. Mistress and Sir were discussing matters that did not pertain to me so I did not really listen. Mistress does not like it when I listen in.

When dinner was finished, Mistress Meg nodded at me, a signal that it was time for me to clean up. I took Mistress’s plate away then went to get Sir’s. He stopped me and looked at Mistress. “What’s this?” he asked giving the small metal chain peeking out from under my g-string a tug. Mistress smiled and told him it was my pacifier. “Show him Pet”, she ordered, patting the table next to her arm. I turned around and placed my foot on the table next to her and bent over slightly, my ass pointing towards Sir. I moved my g-string to one side and exposed my hole stuffed with its sterling silver butt plug. Sir whistled and gave the chain a sharp tug. The butt plug came loose and hit the table behind me. I burned with humiliation, knowing my dilated hole was right in his line of sight.

“He must be getting used to it”, Mistress commented as Sir picked up the plug by its chain. “Must be”, he said as he rammed it back into my hole. I bit my lip, knowing any noise would be punished. Sir must have sensed my torment and took great delight in pulling it out and ramming it back in over and over until Mistress told him to stop. “We have a long night ahead of us; don’t wear him out so early.”She nodded and I fixed my g-string and continued cleaning up from dinner.

When I had finished cleaning, I took off my apron, hung it up and went and kneeled beside Mistress Meg’s arm chair in the lounge and waited. I was unsure of what was going to happen as this was the first time I had seem Mistress with company. I knew that I would be tested; in fact it had already begun. Whatever was going to happen, I knew I had to make Mistress Meg proud. My cock was rock hard and I longed to cum. I had to admit servicing Sir had been unexpectedly arousing.

Mistress Meg came into the lounge and smiled at me. “You have done well so far Pet.” I glowed from her praise. She walked over and handed me one of her favourite toys, a dildo for me to strap on my face. I quickly strapped it on and lay on the floor. Mistress Meg was soon squatting over my face. Looking towards my feet she lowered her wet fragrant pussy onto the dildo. I lay perfectly still as she slowly rode up and down, her juices running over my chin. Mistress Meg pulled my legs back slowly and played with the plug in my ass as her weight moved up and down on the dildo. I felt the plug being slowly pulled out and stifled a groan.

Cold liquid was squirted onto my hole as sometime larger pushed its way into my ass. My cock stiffened as I realized it was Sir pushing his cock into my ass. Mistress began riding my face dildo harder as I moaned excitedly. “His ass is virgin to cocks. Open him up”, she yelled at Sir. He pulled back slightly and plunged into my ass. My cock surged in its confines as he rammed into my hole over and over. Mistress stiffened and moaned as she came all over my face. My head swam as my own hole was reamed by Sir’s cock. Mistress slide off my face and lifted my head, undoing the face strap on as she watched my ass being violated over and over. She left the room as Sir pounded me. “Like that boy”, he growled at me, twisting my nipple. “Yes Sir, I panted.” I could feel my cock leaking, my balls churning.

“Beg for it”, Sir commanded.

“Please Sir, please fill my ass with you cum. Use my ass to relieve your cock.” I begged him, humiliated and excited at the same time. He tensed and twisted my nipples hard. My cock jumped violently as he unloaded what felt like buckets of cum into my abused asshole. Mistress came back into the room carrying a glass. Sir removed himself from my ass. “Kneel”, Mistress Meg ordered. As I did, she pushed my knees apart slightly and held the glass against my ass, catching all of Sir’s cum as it oozed out. Sir pushed his cock into my mouth and I cleaned it of his cum.

Mistress Meg took the glass away and pulled out a key. “Would you like to cum Pet?” I looked at her adoringly. “Please Mistress Meg, may this pet so unworthy of you cum?” Mistress Meg gave me the glass. “You know the only place your cum can go don’t you Pet?”

I nodded, “In my mouth”. Mistress Meg undid my cock cage. My cock surges up my belly and stiffened as hard as lead. Mistress Meg flicked the end of my cock. “Make a cum cocktail for yourself”.

Mistress Meg picked up my metal pacifier dildo and slowly pushed it back into my ass. I nearly flinched as it was ice cold. She had obviously stuck into a glass of ice water. “Cum for me my Pet.” With out me even touching my cock, it surged. I held the glass up as my cum shot out, mixing with Sir’s cum already in there. Mistress fucked my ass with the still cold dildo until I my balls were empty. She handed me a wet towel and I wipe my cock clean. Mistress locked my cock back into its cage and slapped my ass hard. “Drink.”

I drained the glass of all of Sir’s and my cum, licking my lips to ensure I got it all. She handed me the wet towel again, and I was finally able to wipe Sir’s pre-dinner cum off my face. Mistress patted the mat beside her chair, and I knelt waiting further instructions.

Mistress Meg looked at Sir and smiled. “So, are you ready for dessert?”

Hope you enjoyed installment one. Any feedback to help shape part 2 would be greatly appreciated.

The room was simply furnished. A beautiful mahogany, four poster bed covered in red silk sheets took up most of the space as it had been placed in the middle of the room, allowing a person to walk around the bed. A small table stood in one corner topped with a lamp that had been covered by a red scarf, creating both a sense of warmth and mystery. Several candles burned along a ledge. The room smelled of her perfume and her sex, but the smell of their skin pressed together was also noticeable.

He lay on his back in the middle of the bed, completely naked and vulnerable before her. Small beads of sweat dotted his skin, left over from the excitement and energy of bring his mistress to her first orgasm of the evening. She stood beside the bed, looking down on him. She wore lacy, black, thigh high stockings held up by a simple, black garter belt. Her breasts threatened to escape from the ornate black corset that encased them. Her panties, long forgotten, lay on the floor.

She joined him on the bed, kissing him deeply, slowly taking her time to tease his lips and tongue with her own. She moved up, turned around, and shifted a leg over him so that his head, propped up by a pillow, was nestled between her knees, her swollen, pink lips just inches from his wanting mouth, his hands by her ankles. Looking down, she inspected him. She turned to one side and then the other, moving each of his hands so that he was grasping the headboard. “You will keep your hands here,” she said in a firm voice. Lowering herself so that he could feel her breath on his belly, she commanded him, “Lick me.”

He did not need to be told twice. His tongue eagerly went to work exploring her sensitive folds of skin. His tongue drew slow circles and her heavy breathing turned into gasps and moans. He grasped her hips, seeking to pull her closer.

In an instant, she moved off of him and was standing beside the bed. She shook her head slightly and said, “I told you to keep your hands on the headboard. What am I supposed to do with you when you can’t follow such simple instructions?” His eyes pleaded with her, but he knew defending himself would be useless. He had disobeyed her and would have to accept whatever punishment she was deciding on.

Her eyes narrowed and one corner of her mouth almost smiled — at least, he hoped it was a smile. From the drawer in the table, she removed two black silk scarves and quickly tied each of his hands to a corner post. “There! Maybe now you can behave yourself.”

She rejoined him on the bed, but instead of straddling him again, her hands moved to his manhood. It jumped at her touch, filling with blood, and within moments he was hard and throbbing in her hands. She began to stroke him, knowing all of his most sensitive spots. He moaned and lay back. “Look at me,” she demanded. He looked deep into her eyes while her hands continued to work on him. His wrists pulled against their bindings and his hips moved though he willed them not to do so. “May I cum, Mistress?” he managed to ask between breaths, “Please.”

“No,” was her calm reply.

He sighed and laid back, momentarily closing his eyes, until the edge of her fingernails began to gently bite into his skin, reminding him of a previous punishment. He reopened his eyes and looked back at her. He tried to focus on his breathing and regain some control. Her hands continued their pleasurable massage and he couldn’t help but allow another “please,” to escape his lips. Her answer was still no.

His hips moved, muscles tensing, heart pounding, and just when he thought he could hold back no longer, her hands let go of him. The sound that came from his could only be compared to animal that just been hit by its master. He swallowed hard, not allowing himself to beg her for release. It would do no good anyway.

After a moment, she moved above his face once again. “I trust you will follow my instructions from now on.” He nodded.

With one hand on the headboard and one hand spreading herself open for him, she lowered her pussy back down to his mouth. Soon, her breath was quick and her muscles tense. He flattened his tongue and swirled it against her clit in time to the movement of her hips. A groan escaped her and he knew his mistress was on the edge. He pushed his tongue firmly against her and slowed his rhythm slightly. He felt her thighs shake as his mouth was flooded with her juices. “Oh, Ryan!” she moaned, breaking the unspoken rule that they not say each other’s names. He smiled inside, knowing that he had caused his mistress to lose some of her control.

She pulled the ends of the scarves, freeing his hands, and moved to lie next to him. He held her in his arms, kissing her so they could both share her deliciousness. His hands stroked the soft skin of her back as she cuddled into him.

When her heart had nearly returned to its normal steady beat, she looked up at him. Her eyes twinkled and she gave him a devilish grin. “You deserve a reward.”

She draped one of the silk scarves over his cock and began to rub him once again…

( and more in the Acacia series, see chapters 1, 2, and 3 for the route to this point, but not essential) Thanks to readers for the useful comments and voting your scores, I see there are others with these interests out there.


Saturday morning, he woke with the light filtering into the bedroom, to see the two women still asleep under a down comforter. He rolled over, and was pulled back by the light chain from his waist still secured to the silk cord around the ottoman. His hands were free, and he realized he could unhook the chain and get up. At the same time, he saw the symbolic point of the restraint, and knew that Acacia would be displeased if he stepped out of his new role, and he knew deep in his mind he did not want her to be annoyed with him. He shifted to find more comfort, resolving to wait, and feeling the beginning of morning arousal, and the need to relieve himself, too.

He lay on his side, not wanting to touch himself, listening to the house creaking as the heat came up and the sun came through the sheer white curtains. The room, her bedroom, was more like a suite, with small sofa and chair and the ottoman he was tethered to, along with the plantation style bed and dressers. He turned when they began to stir, and Acacia slipped on her robe and came to his side.

“Good morning Five. I am glad you knew to stay, like a good pet. We have a full day for you, because there is a lot for you to learn in order to be useful to me. Start by presenting yourself properly here; Kneel.” She slid the small quilt off him, and he shivered a little since he was still naked except for the body harness and collar. She stepped back to watch as he got to his knees, and arranged himself, with knees wide apart, back straight, head up, and arms on his thighs with palms upturned. He held the position.

Acacia reached out to correct his position with a few touches, having him put his knees wider and his body raised, correcting the angle of his chin. Diana came around the bed, in a short nightgown without a robe, so that he noticed the globes of her breasts cupped in the thin fabric, and her tan legs. He flushed as he felt his cock harden at the thought, and his need for the bathroom increase.

Acacia picked up his chain leash from the mahogany side table, next to a blue and white Chinese vase with fresh yellow flowers and handed it to Diana. “Just take him to the kitchen hall bath, Diana, then you can feed him. Five, let’s be clear: when you are here, your body is mine to control, just like your mind. You are not allowed to touch that cock, specifically, so when you need the bathroom Diana or another sub will take care of that, and you will have to ask to be relieved.”

Diana sighed lightly and took him on the leash, down the wide staircase to the kitchen entry hall and the small bathroom where he had showered. When he paused, she used the end of the chain leash to slap his ass sharply. “Ask first, slut.”

His voice was raspy from sleep. “I need to pee, miss. May I use the bathroom?” His face was red with further embarrassment.

She raised the toilet seat and led him over. “Hands behind you, no touching it, bend over; if you make a mess you are cleaning it up too.”

He had to awkwardly bend forward to aim his semi hard cock at the bowl, and found it was hard at first under her eyes, until he could not resist and the hard stream spattered the surface of the bowl. After he finished, she helped him slip into a black thong over his harness and led him back to the kitchen and poured dry cereal and then milk into a dog dish and watched as he slurped it on hands and knees. Leaving him to it she busied herself in the kitchen preparing a breakfast for her and Acacia, served on the country table.

He watched without speaking as they ate and chatted about the day, ignoring him in the corner. Chairs scraped as they finished, and Acacia turned to him.

“Five, clean up this kitchen, perfectly, and make us some coffee. Put everything on the tray and bring it into the living room, just stay dressed as you are in the harness, it looks right on you.”

It took him an hour, to do the dishes and clean the kitchen all over, conscious the whole time of being almost naked in the slave harness, something out of place in this upscale country kitchen. He found the coffee maker, the silver tray, and the pot and cups and arranged everything on the tray. When he carried it into the living room, he found Acacia on the chintz sofa, reading a fashion magazine, and Diana sitting on a smaller chair. Both had dressed, in casual Saturday clothes, pants and sweaters, so there was no costume dominatrix scene going on- except for him in his harness, standing with a silver tray in his hands.

Acacia looked up with a slight smile. “Five, you need some basic training to be of any real use. Serve the coffee to us, here on the low table by the sofa. Do it nicely.”

He focused on crossing the room, walking carefully, and bent to place the tray on the table and step back. Whepppp! The sting of the riding crop Acacia now held caught him on the back of his thigh.

“No, no, that was clumsy and ugly. Pick it up and go back. Take it all back to the door, and do it again, but this time walk with grace, and instead of bending from the waist bend your knees and sink down gracefully, show us how much you ache to be of service to superior women, to make us pleased with you. Do it now.”

With his leg stinging, he gather the tray and turned around, this time trying to walk slowly and gracefully, imagining a beauty contestant crossing a stage. At the table, he faced her, lowered his eyes, and bent his knees until he was kneeling at the table, sliding the tray onto it.

Whepppppp wheppp! “Better, but still not full of grace, and not holding your body straight enough, try again, the coffee is getting cold.”

It took two more tries before she accepted his effort, and allowed him to remain kneeling and then kiss the leather tab of the crop while the two women took their coffee and ignored him for a few minutes.

Acacia turned a page and looked up. “Down, Five. Do it now.” She watched him critically, reaching for the crop on the table.

He took a quick breath and straightened his knees, then bent low to place his head to the carpet and his arms out in front, lifting his ass high as he did so. He could see only the Oriental rug and her flat shoes as she walked around him.

“Not bad, Five. Keep those knees wide, and your ass higher; I want to see your body between those legs.” She touched him lightly with the crop, moving his legs wider and tapping under his thong to have him lift his hips higher. “Ok, remember this position this way. Now take the coffee things away and go wait in the kitchen.” She walked out of the room, heading for the front door, as Diana flashed him a superior look and followed her.

He waited in the kitchen for what seemed like hours; he noticed now that the home had no clocks and even the appliance clocks all flashed 12:00, and had not been set. He was surprised by a knock on the back door, and was unsure if he should answer it or not, perhaps they had gone out? He realized at the same moment he had no other clothing, no handy coat or apron to slip into. The knocking continued, and he decided there was nothing else to do. When he opened the door, he was surprised to see a young man, and behind him a truck from the Kenwood liquor store. The man was holding a box of bottles, and a clipboard. When he opened the door, the delivery guy’s eyes went over him, taking in the almost naked older man, in some sort of slave harness, wearing only a thong, the number 5 marked on one side of his almost exposed ass. He flushed hotly.

“Whoa, man. Don’t even tell me; just sign here for this delivery.” He held out a crumpled invoice and a pen, and smirked as Five scribbled something and took the heavy box.

His face and chest were red as he closed the door and placed the box on the counter- some wine, some liquor, some mixers, apparently for a small party. It made him think about how far he had gone already, from a sophisticated person who a week ago would have been considering vintage Napa wines in the shop, to a costumed and collared slave waiting naked for direction.

I’m walking up to you, claret high heels clicking, I’m dressed in a fitted white shirt and a tight charcoal pencil skirt, steps echoing as you’re leant up against the counter. I nonchalantly, put my hand into your pocket.

Everyone looks on, a little shocked at the liberties I’m taking with you, wondering who I am. I look like I’m rummaging in your pocket for something..

My cool fingers weave their way into the hole in the pocket until they reach the tip of your rigid cock. They feel icy and you suppress a shiver from the touch, your body stands rigid like your cock.

Can you feel my nails close in around the tip and dig into the delicate skin? And then the flat of one finger, warming up to the heat of your cock, making small circles with the beads of precum sitting at the keyhole.

you keep thinking of the fact that I would use you as my toy… standing rigid as I approach. Intimidated and frightened – wondering what I will make you do

I’m teasing and tormenting you in plain sight of everyone and your face is flushed, expression strained as you struggle to contain your moans.

I lean closer, you can feel me inhaling your scent mixed with the cologne and whisper breathlessly “baby want to play? let’s go somewhere a little more private – where’s the nearest place?”

“in the stairwell of the loft …”you breathe thickly, “Let’s go” I instruct, smiling slyly

I turn and begin to walk with you following close behind, only the sound of my heels can be heard and our breathing.

Everyone else continues with what they were doing before my interruption but cast sideway glances of curiosity at our departing backs.

We make it to the stairwell in the loft by the window and you turn to ask me a question.

Before you get a chance to speak you feel my mouth on yours, kissing you deeply, tongue probing and tangling with yours.

I grab both of your hands in mine and slam them back, one to each side of your face onto the window with a resounding thump.

The shock keeps your hands up as though you were surrendering to me as my hands tear at your shirt to breathe in your scent tracing the line from your chin down to your breastbone, switching between hard bites and kisses.

“Did you try to forget me like I asked you to?” I whisper, “I tried…” you answer

“So I saw, you were undressing those models with your eyes – saw anything you liked?” I question…your reply begins but is never voiced as you feel my hand travel round your waist and then a sharp pain as I roughly insert a plug into you.

The pain shocks you and you thrust your hips towards me – “such a bad slut” I whisper huskily. I watch you bite your lip as you suppress a moan.

I push your hips back onto the window so that your fully impaled, you throw your head back in response. My excitement rises even further and I pull your cock out of your pants. “Want to taste..”is all I can say, language overwritten by lust for you.

I grip the shaft tightly and pump long and hard, making the precum spill over. I catch this with my fingers and coat my tongue, “mmmhh” I moan quietly and thrust my tongue into your mouth to feed the cum to you.

“Want” I murmur, elegant speech reduced to carnal lust,

I move to lean against the window and pull you into me, hooking my thigh at your hip.

We echo each others moans and I grip your hair to tug your face towards mine kissing you once again, my moans vibrating into your mouth.

I can feel you pulse inside me as you throb with need for release….you instinctively lift up my thigh on your hip, supporting it on your arm as you thrust into me.

I pull your body towards mine and your face is resting at the nape of my neck so that you’re as close to me as possible. My panting is rapidly increasing and yours joins me in pace.

As you stand off to the side – looking up to direct the photographer, models and stylist, my cock is swelling. you can feel the precum stick to my thigh.

you keep locking eyes with one particular model. she knows slutty thoughts are running through your mind.

Plugged while you fill me. Lifting my leg to get deeper inside. So hungry for my sweet passion.

My hand slips round your waist, under your shirt onto your back, digging in and scoring deep horizontal trails across your back. The pain throws you forward, driving you deeper into me, you are rewarded with my sharp cry of bliss.

My hand falls to the small of your back and then between your cheeks forcing you into me through the plug…you can feel my raging need and respond by fucking me harder and deeper.

I stare into your eyes watching them close as the euphoric sensations wrack your frame. “Do you want to cum baby?” I whisper hotly, you can only nod.

“I wonder if anyone will catch us?” I pant. A thrill of excitement from the fear of someone walking in on us floods your loins, nearly pushing you over into cumming…your strain is evident as you almost sob with urgency for release.

…Burying your cries in my neck and hair to concentrate on not look up to kiss me and catch sight of a faint hazy shape below through the semi-transparent window. The shape of a female form not moving, as if rooted to the spot and you know in an instant that we’ve been seen.

Someone from the studio must have popped out for air and saw our shadows against the window, you know in an instant that we’ve been seen..

…Too much, unable to control your cock any longer, you’re tipped over the edge.

Cum flows from you hard and fast and you muffle your groans in my mouth. .my body reacts to you.

Revelling in the thought that I have forced you to lose control against your will and I cum against you, pushing my hips to meet your spurting thrusts….suppressed cries moaning your name over and over…

We ebb back down from the climax and pant heavily to catch our breaths…a noise startles us and we swiftly dress.

Walking back in, I appear calm and indifferent whilst you wonder who it was that saw us…

…..The photographer’s assistant.. A meek young blond girl seeking approval…

She saw us.

She is shocked yet excited as we walk back in… She wonders what control you have over me. Could You control both of us? you think.

mmm..Dominating a meek and delicate young blonde, we stayed back till the set was clear and everyone had finished their day and had gone home.

The meek blonde who’s now gagged with a scarf and I’m pleasuring her with a strap-on…as you’re sat exposed, in a chair, with your hands tied together to the back of the chair.

you’re sitting naked watching me torment the shy excited blonde with a strap on.

Will you use it on me next as I hear her muffled cries of pleasure? you’re thinking.

I would do more… She is on all fours in front of me and I am knelt behind her, I switch between filling her deeply with pleasure and with torment. She is close to you and I instruct her to pull on the leather cord that is leashing your throbbing rigid cock. She tugs with reluctance and hesitant inexpertise, you respond with hard moans from the pain and the thrill of me dominating you through her.

I reach over to play with the twitching tip till my fingers are sticky with precum and instruct her to lick my fingers clean, Twisting her head so that she is free of the scarf gagging her she licks and then sucks my fingers “do you like the taste of that?” I ask her, she dips her head down to hide her shyness but nods too…

I have you slide underneath her in a 69 position – my tool fills her then I ram it into your mouth.

I slide back in her and your tongue fights to lick my ass and pussy.

I instruct her to bite your cock whist I take the leash like reins and pull your balls towards me. your hips thrust deeper into her mouth.

Two sluts at my disposal and under my complete control.

I reach down, fingers exploring the blondes wetness making her drip onto you, little hot splashes fall onto you. The pleasure makes her body convulse and she bites down harder on you….your responding groans are so loud, I love hearing you cry out…

I bunch her hair in my free hand and arch her head back towards me, planting small kisses on her glistening cheek whilst casting my eyes downwards into yours. The movement rams her further onto the rigid toy “does that feel good?” I ask her.

She nods rapidly answering in whimpers and choked cries of rapture, no more is she meek – lost to her lust, wanting to be filled by me, just like you do.

“please.. please use me” she breathes in between gasps. “mmm..good slut” I respond.

I probe her mouth and tongue with my fingers, wet from her pussy and push her head towards you, “your turn to have a taste baby”. your mouth meets hers and you slip your tongue into her warm soft mouth, tongue still coated with her juices.

Abruptly, I withdraw from her and pull you up by your leashed cock, you’re on your knees in front of me and I’m staring into your eyes, you recognise the wicked glint.

“Can you guess what I want to do next?” I ask…

I don’t wait for an answer, I never do .. always just planting what I’m thinking into your mind, making you guess. Leading you by the leash, I pull you towards the blonde so that you’re behind her and then guide your cock into her slowly feeding it into her inch by inch, tightening the pull on the leash with every inch that sinks into her….

you’re bombarded with a multitude of sensations, she feels so hot and swollen, an after-effect of me punishing her with the strap-on, it feels like your cock is being swallowed into hot, liquid velvet – making your cock throb and pulse in response.

you can feel the hot and tight friction from the leather leash, burning more and more as I pull slowly and firmly – ever tauter, my moist lips are grazing side of your face like butterfly kisses.

you can sense me breathing in your aroused scent and my stare absorbing the sight of you, loving what I see.

your throat feels thick with passion, the glowing feeling like a hot wire connecting your throat to your groin, you’re not sure how much more you can endure….

I watch with intensity as your shaft penetrates her pulsing soft wetness. I hear your joint shallow breaths as you slowly and intently join. I hear our moans of pure pleasure. “Faster”, i demand, and spank your abused ass with my hand. “Faster and harder”.

your rhythm picks up. I hear my groin slapping against her ass. From behind you I reach around, holding my cock as it slams into her swollen pussy. I whisper in your ear “Don’t you dare cum yet” and yank on the collar attached to your balls. you yelp.

The not so shy slut screams out for more. she is on the brink. Two…. more….. hard….. thrusts.

she explodes in orgasm, flooding (my) cock and hand in delicious juices. her legs are trembling. Her screams of passion echo through the room. Wetness fills her eyes. She is completely satisfied and used.I pull you out of her and suck the wetness from absolutely purple cock. I order her to lie down and straddle her face.

Pulling the leash, On your knees, I position me behind me. Through my wet lips, I pull the cord. i feel a burn between myr soaked and swollen lips. The cock inches towards me… and the tip enters. I shudder.

“Lick me, slut” I growl. Eager to please, she does so. Tonguing my clit, I continue to pull the leash. I am being filled by one slut, and being licked by the other.

“Fuck me like you did her”, I command.

The cock fills ne hard and you are slowly thrusting deep into me. “Faster, Master?” you pant.

I can’t breathe. The pleasure I feel in my soft, wet and swollen pussy is almost too much for me to bear… I groan involuntarily, then match it with a shake of my head as though to shake off the mounting waves. No, too soon…

I push myself upright so that my back is against you, my face turned towards you – resting my cheek is against your flushed and perspiring chest thats heaving with effort. Listening to the rapid tremolo thats your heartbeat, admiring your eyes screwed tightly shut, the frown of concentration, as you’re made to further endure the marathon of pleasuring me earlier in the day and now servicing the slut and me again…

“Is this too much for you, are you at your limit?” I ask, “, my Lady” you utter… I reach up and sink my fingers into your hair and pull hard to bring your lips to mine – kissing you deeply and painfully.”you’re irresistible like this, you know that? you make me want to hurt you more and more, do you want me to hurt you some more baby? can you take any more pain for me?” I whisper into your mouth, flicking the tip of my tongue teasingly against the tip of yours.Fear and excitement traces like lightning across your eyes, you swallow hard and nod once..

“my precious slut, this is all for you…” I say to you, “get up” I command the recovering blonde, still shaky from her explosive release she moves herself from beneath me and pushes herself up unsteadily.

Still kissing you tenderly, I undo the strap-on from around my waist and toss it over to her, “put this on” I tell her. She stares at the toy in wide-eyed excitement fatigue falling from her face. I can see you staring at her from the corner of your eyes but you dare not stop the kiss…. I snap my fingers loudly to get her attention, she looks up from her daze, picks up the toy and dons it. She fingers the latex to get a feel for the rigid shape and the veins that course along the shaft.

“come here” I direct the blonde and she moves slowly towards us hugging her shoulders, with a nervous awkwardness air assuming her demeanor.”kneel behind him” is my next instruction to her and she gets to her knees…. “now fuck him”, I utter softly but firmly…. she flushes at my directness, looking back and forth at me and down at your ass, as she tentatively parts the cheeks and nudges the head of the latex toy against your opening. The hesitancy and prolonged wait sends tingles of fear and excitement up your spine spreading a thrill rippling from the base of your spine and outward, making your knees and thighs weak.

The anticipation gnaws at you, you can feel the cool, smooth and rigid tip positioned to enter you, hovering and shaking slightly. You’re waiting for the acute piercing burn and stinging stretch from the penetration…


It has begun – light relief from extended anticipation washes your torso and a clenched thrill blooms in your groin, expanding to your upper thighs and lower abdomen. your cock throbs in response and your ass spasms to receive to latex hardness.

“Take it slow…” I breathe, “as slowly as what he did to you” I instruct the blonde. And she does, your focus is concentrated on the agonising entry into you and your impatience to be fully impaled momentarily overtakes you. Your body impulsively pushes back and succeeds for an inch till your stopped short, you open your eyes and realise I’m still holding onto the leash. I look up at you, eyes overflowing with hunger “no, love you’re to endure this whilst being fully inside me all the while” I whisper, voice husky from lust and with that, pull the leash through my wet lips burning myself from the friction. you’re thrust forward from my action and fill me hard, I cry out with satisfaction from being filled and from your throbbing pulses.

And you cry out from your cock being swallowed into my hot wetness, the friction burning from the leash around your balls and the slight withdrawal of the toy from your ass.

The atmosphere feels electrifying and charged, empowering our blonde slut, wearing the temporary mantle of the Domme.

She misbehaves and forces half of the latex into you in one thrust.

You respond with a silent scream trailing off with a sharp cry, your torso arching forward driving yourself into me.

“Shhh, doesn’t this feel good baby? Isn’t this what you wanted to endure for me?” I soothe, your expression making me bite my lower lip.

Encouraged by my words, the blonde eager for approval, fully thrusts into you – filling you.

You had yet to recover from the first thrust and not prepared for the second, you respond with a series of rapid pants mixed with desperate sobs of exquisite pain.

“I can’t…can’t…” You moan shaking your head.

Sensing the urgency in your voice, your desperate need for release, I tug on your leash to restrain you. I’m drunk on your fever, feeling your passion spread to me and my hips grind rhythmically in circles against your cock feeling the head of your cock butt against the deepest part of me inside.

… Too much… the pain from the leash, from being filled by the latex toy, me grinding against you, the hot wet feeling of my juices running down your shaft onto your thighs…. Before the pain fades you are cumming, cumming through the pain – filling me till I overflow.

The tidal wave that is your climax is flooding into me, sending contractions to my groin and I’m cumming, my fingers reach down to my clit, rubbing hard in circles – blending your wild cries with mine.

your body is rigid as you let your cum flow from you in a torrent and I match you in stance, head lain back against your chest, the nails of my free hand is digging into your thigh that is nearest to me as I ride out the last of the waves.

Spent, you slump against me. I look over your shoulder as your head rests on the nape of my neck, slowing in breath, “time to head sweetie” I tell the restive blonde, kneeling to one side having withdrawn from you.

“And you…” I whisper, pressing a light kiss to your forehead and fingering a lock of hair from your forehead “..need to clean up”

She always was an unusual girl. She refused to cry for her first day of life, which had the doctors (as well as her mother and I) quite worried, but she was fine, just determined to be different.

Her mother, Anna, always thought there was something odd about her, and often refused to hold her. I pencilled it in to post-natal depression, but she refused to get over it, and her interactions with our little Madeline were always a little strained. I guess I tried to make up for this lack of parental support by heaping more attention and love on our little girl, which put a bit of a strain on our relationship.

Madeline didn’t speak until she was three. We had her tested for hearing impairments, learning difficulties and a variety of other possible causes. We needn’t have worried, as she suddenly, without warning, one day said, “Daddy, how come Uncle Joey only visits when you are not here?”

Unsurprisingly, this opened up a huge can of worms. Anna cried and started throwing blame every which way. I tried to get her to talk it through, but she said she didn’t love me anymore, and couldn’t stand her daughter, who always looks at her strangely and acts so strangely.

So, I got sole custody of Madeline, and we watched Anna pack her things, get into ‘Uncle Joey’s’ car and drive off, not once looking at us. I stood there at a loss, wondering how this could have happened, and a small hand snuck into my own. I looked down at my daughter, a smile lit up her bright green eyes, and she said, “Don’t be sad, daddy. I will still be here to look after you.” She was completely unfazed with her mother leaving.

As she grew up, she continued to do odd things. She had an invisible friend, who apparently liked to stack things, which lead to odd piles of books, often 6 feet high (I never worked out how she managed this). I would wake, and she would be standing by the bed, staring at me, her face inches from my own. She would say that she was ‘protecting my sleep’, whatever that meant. Her drawings would be unbelievably detailed, even from a young age, and would be things like evil princesses kidnapping poor monsters, or strange amalgamations of different animals, which she each gave names and a detailed backstory to.

As she got older she was always a bit of a loner. This wasn’t because she had trouble making friends, she just never seemed to want to, or even see the point of them. One day she did make a friend, and they became really close for a time, only for Madeline to call the friendship off, as it had only been an ‘experiment’.

She grew older still, and still remained odd. She always seemed not quite there, as if she lived in her own little world. She wore oversized baggy clothes that hid her body, even in summer, and wore her pretty blonde hair way back in a ponytail. She wore large glasses all the time, even though she only really needed them for reading.

Even though I could see she was odd, I still loved her. She would tell me everything about her days, and we would work on the car together, or watch movies, and she became a friend as much as a daughter. She also enjoyed sitting in the corner during my fortnightly poker games with my friends, just listening to us joke around. Looking back, I think that was where the big problem may have begun.

Big Al was a big of a braggart, and liked to make fun of us all, in a good natured way. He also had just taken a large hand off of me, throwing down a full house over my three two’s.

“Damn, Harry,” he said, “What is with you today? Did you forget to charge your poker brain before the game? I am taking everything form you!”

“Give it a rest, Al,” I replied, feeling grumpy about the loss. “Not in the mood.”

“Everything okay, Harry?” asked Little Al. Little Al was very short, barely reaching 5 feet tall. He is quiet and sensitive, and a real friend to have around.

“He’s alright, just having a bad run of it, right, mate?” added Chuck, our fourth player, and one of my closest friends.

“I’ll say, a bad run in everything, including the ladies!” laughed Big Al. “That’s what you need, Harry, a nice, warm pussy to take away all your stress!”

“You could do with getting out, and finding someone,” put in Chuck. “You might be a bit happier with a new lass, despite how much I hate agreeing with Al.”

“Not a new lass! Pussy! PUSSY! It will kill all of that stress, and you will find your life a happier, calmer place, and it will even chase off heart disease. Hell, that is why a guy my size still hasn’t kicked the bucket!”

We all laughed, until I caught sight of Madeline off to the side, still silent, with one of those thoughtful expressions on her face.

“Cool it guys, don’t forget we have an audience.”

“Oops, sorry Mads, forgot you were there. I guess you are the closest thing to a girl your dad’s ever gonna get, huh?”


Our lives continued, and Madeline continued to go her odd way. She started going to a local college, going for a degree in advanced science, but stayed living with me. Her eighteenth birthday came and we celebrated with a nice bottle of red wine, talking for aged. Afterwards I felt exhausted, so staggered back to bed and collapsed on to it, asleep before my head hit the pillow.

When I woke, I saw Madeline standing next to my bed staring at me she was wearing her over-large white robe, but her hair was still dry in her ponytail, so she hadn’t just gotten out of the shower. I struggled back to awakedness, suddenly struck by how pretty she had become. Her skin was flawless, her face finely shaped, and her eyes those amazing pools of green. With a start I saw she was wearing make-up, which I had never seen her bother with before.

“Wha…” I began, as I tried to sit up, but found my arms had limited movement. Still a little groggy, I looked up to see that I had been handcuffed to the bed with a pair of fluffy handcuffs. I struggled a bit, and found that my ankles had been attached to the bedposts with a couple of my ties. I began to panic a little.

“What’s going on? Let me up right now!”

“Shhh, daddy, I am here to help you,” she replied, putting a finger to my lips (nail polish too!).

“What do you mean? Let me up!”

“I’ve been thinking, and Big Al was right. You really need to have some sexual stimulation. You haven’t been out with a single woman since mom left! No wonder you have been so grumpy and stressed lately. But I know just the thing that will help you!”

I suddenly had visions of her hiring a prostitute, or talking some girl into coming over and giving me a mercy fuck. What was she thinking? “Hon, I don’t know what you have planned, but…” The words died in my throat as she calmly slipped the robe off her shoulders, staring me directly in the eyes the whole time. Underneath she was wearing some very nice lingerie, all pink satin trimmed with dark lace. Her bra cupped an amazing pair of breasts, lifting them into a great, deep cleavage I never knew was hidden under those baggy clothes. My eyes, acting on their own with no input for my brain, travelled down over her slender frame, which was beautifully toned. When she had been going out late in secret, I numbly thought, she must have been going to the gym. She was wearing a matching pair of pink and black panties, and dark pantyhose held up with lacy suspenders.

“Madeline, what do you think you…”

“I know you like it, daddy. I have been going through your porn folder, and I know what you like.” She saw my shocked and rather panicky expression, so she stepped in and placed her hand on my cheek, looking me deep in the eyes. “Daddy, I know that you need a woman to fix those urges, so you can be happy. But all women come with some sort of attachment, so this is the best option. I love you daddy, and I think this is important for you, so just lie back and relax.” This made some sense in her twisted logical way. Other women I would feel indebted to, if I were to sleep with them, but still, this is wrong.

“Madeline, let me up. We can’t do this. I am your father, and we can’t do anything like… this. Please, honey.”

She responded by reaching out and pulling off the sheet covering me. At some stage during the night she had got me totally naked, and I was embarrassed to see I had a partial erection. For my daughter!

“Please, no Madeline!”

“You need this, daddy. I know you will eventually realise this.”

She reached out and took hold of my cock in her small hand. Her fingers felt cool and dry as she gently ran them up and down my length. Her fingers were far from expert, but still, I hadn’t had anyone touch me there for a hell of a long time but me, and a traitorous part of my mind registered how wonderful it felt.

“Does it feel nice, daddy? I have been preparing for ages for this. I have watched all the videos you have watched, so I can be the best I can for you.”

“Madeline, please, you can’t do this, I don’t…” And all my hopes that this may only be a quick hand-job died, when my sweet young girl leant down and licked the length of my cock, which reared up in response. I pressed my head back hard into the pillow and strained against my restraints, no longer able to think of something to say that could stop something so wrong, despite it feeling so wonderful at the same time.

She kept working the shaft as she licked around the head. I looked down to see her tiny pink tongue darting out of her mouth over my sensitive skin as she had a look of concentration on her face. She then moved up slightly, and sucked the head of my cock over her tongue, and deep inside her inviting mouth. It felt as incredible as it did wrong. I had forgotten how much better this had felt than my own hand.

“Oh, Christ,” I exclaimed, as she began to bob her head up and down on my cock with much more enthusiasm than skill. I feel my heart pounding in my chest, hear the blood rushing through my ears, crying out as she plunged her mouth down suddenly, taking my entire length down her throat. I couldn’t last very long, the feeling of her mouth plunging down over and over on my cock became too much, and I cried out, “Madeline, please, I am going to cum!” This was meant as a warning so I didn’t cum into my daughter’s mouth, but she just started speeding up, beginning to use her hand to pump it hard as she sucked it hard like a vacuum.

The feeling felt like a freight train coming from a million miles away, and the orgasm felt like the train had hit me, it was so intense. I strained at my restraints, letting out a cry half of ecstasy, half of anguish, as I spurted wave after wave of cum down her throat. Madeline held her mouth clamped over my cock, pumping slowly with her hand, drinking in my cum, swallowing every drop. Finally I collapsed back onto the now sweaty sheets, and my daughter finally released me from her warm, wet mouth.

She wiped her mouth with a handkerchief which she had thoughtfully kept handy, smearing her lipstick some more. She had a triumphant, pleased look on her face, any trace of conflicted guilt nowhere to be seen.

“I have been practicing on some vegetables to get that deep. Although I did underestimate you size a little!” She suddenly moved in close, one hand on my chest, sitting on the side of her bed with an eager look on her face. “Did it work, daddy? Are you feeling any more calm or relaxed?”

While my daughter had no guilt over what had just happened, I did not have that luxury. “No, honey, at the moment I feeling very stressed. What we did was so wrong…”

“Oh,” she said, standing up. “Well, I guess it’s on to plan B then.”

With that she started sliding her underpants down her legs, only to have to undo her suspenders to get them off. While she was doing that, my panic started to rise again afresh.

“Madeline! No! You… We… This is not right! Release me at once!”

She leaned over and gave me a chaste peck on the cheek. “Don’t worry, daddy. I have already broken my hymen with a dildo a couple of months back. And I have been on the pill for quite a while now. I told you, I have been planning this a while now.”

Madeline climbed onto the bed and straddled me. My limp cock twitched as her pussy came into contact with it. With a shock I saw that she had shaved herself bald, probably due to the influence of my porn. She began to work herself back and forth along my length, my cock sliding along her pussy lips. It felt amazing, and it wasn’t long before I was rock hard again. Madeline suddenly frowned.

“Nuts, I have forgotten the lube.” She glanced towards the door, biting her hip, obviously debating as to whether or not to go get it, then looked back at me. “Ah well, I guess we will have to make do.” With that she raised herself onto one knee, lifting my cock up and straight, pointing straight at her sex.

I was able to let out a single, “No…,” before she pressed the head of my cock between her pussy lips. She was a little moist, but not exceptionally wet, as she slowly worked her pussy lips back and forth over my cock, only letting the head in. This continued for a couple of minutes, and began to drive me crazy, it was making my cock head super-sensitive to be toyed with in this way. It was obviously having an effect on her, too. Her breathing became shallower, and small red spots appeared on her cheeks. Every now and then she let out a little. “Oh!” as the head tickled her clitoris.

She put her other knee down and began to work my cock deeper and deeper, taking more of me in each time she thrust downwards. She let out little moans as she reached the bottom of her thrust, and her fingers curled on my hairy chest. Her pussy walls seemed to suck me in deeper, demanding me to try to thrust upwards as she came down. Suddenly she dropped, and my entire length was buried in her warm, inviting, forbidden pussy.

It felt wonderful.

It felt terrifying.

She smiled at me, saying, “Wow, daddy, your cock is filling me up. It feels soooooo much smoother than my dildo!” I think I would have cum there and then, daughter or not, if it weren’t for the fact I had cum so recently before.

Without giving me time to reply she began to ride me. Our sexes made a squelching sound as she pumped her hips up and down over my cock, pulling almost all the way off of me, before dropping back down to engulf me once more. She rode me with enthusiasm, a look of extreme concentration on her face, also a look of sexual pleasure and hunger, looking so out of place on my daughter’s face, with her usual ponytail and glasses, which she had not thought to take off.

I didn’t want to enjoy it, I really didn’t. my brain kept warning me that this was my daughter whom I was fucking, but another part of my brain overwhelmed that thought with how amazing this felt after so much time. My eyes travelled along her body, appreciating its sexiness as I was unable to before. She still wore her bra, and I began to wish my hands were free so I could feel them against my palms.

As if reading my thoughts, Madeline lifted one of her hands digging into my chest and started squeezing her left breast. We both groaned at that, and she began to grind herself harder on top of me. I lost myself to the feeling.

I could not honestly say how long she and I continued thrusting against each other, on one hand it felt like forever, on the other only a couple of minutes. But no matter how long had passed, I could feel my second orgasm rising. I resisted it, unsure if I was doing so to try and avoid cumming in my daughter, or whether to prolong this glorious feeling. I managed to keep it back for some time, a minute or two, when suddenly Madeline’s nail dug painfully into my chest, her other hand squeezing her breast as it popped from her bra, exposing her tiny nipple. Her back arched, and a little chocked squeal escaped her, and she had her first orgasm of her life. It must have been a good one, as he who body was rigid, and shook for what seemed like an age, her pussy squeezing my cock in the throes of her passion.

I couldn’t hold on through the feeling of this, and the sight of my daughter writhing in ecstasy on top of me, and I yelled a deep primal scream as I emptied a second massive load into my daughter for the day. I saw stars before my eyes, the orgasm was so intense. I took ages to breathe again, and Madeline collapsed onto my chest, mashing her breasts against me. She was obviously having the same issues, as her breaths came in short gasps, and her entire body was trembling.

Eventually she lifted herself up, and looked me in the face, through the strands of hair that had escaped their bonds. A gentle expression of curiosity lit up her face.

“I was meant to be making you feel good. That was very unexpected.” I was a slab of meat below her, trying to sort out my thoughts. “Daddy, are you relaxed now? Are you happy?”

Learning my lesson from last time (I was not sure if I wanted to know what ‘Plan C’ was), I said, “Yes, honey, I am very happy and relaxed, that felt great.” I was surprised at how much conviction there was in my voice. I had actually meant it, I suddenly felt better than I had in years.

She gave me another peck on the cheek, not as a lover, just as a daughter to her father, which felt surreal as I was still buried deep inside of her.

We gasped as she lifted herself off of me, separating us with a wet sound. She busied herself cleaning us up with more handkerchiefs as I watched her, still locked to the bed. I looked admiringly over her body until she put her robe back on (was that disappointment I felt?) and began to work on my bonds, starting with my ankles. She covered me with a sheet, undid my cuffs and lay next to me, cuddling in as she used to.

I rubbed my wrists, not knowing what to say. “You are a very naughty girl, Madeline.”

“I know, daddy, but I knew you would never let me do what was needed.” She stood up, retrieved her discarded panties and went to walk out. She stopped at the door, looked back at me with a bright, strangely innocent smile.

“Daddy, you really should get yourself a girlfriend, I can’t do this too often, you know! But if you do feel stressed, don’t hesitate to ask for some help, alright?” With that she bounced happily from the room, pleased at a job well done.

Ask her for more of this? I couldn’t do that, she is my daughter, this time was bad enough.

Could I?

Sitting on his throne, the Great King of All The Arabs sighed. Yet another dreary day on a throne which he seldom felt like occupying. The King wasn’t young. At sixty one years old, he still carried himself like an emissary of the fearsome Arabian warrior and prophet whose devoted followers his ancestors once were. Tall and somewhat chubby, with dark bronze skin, long curly Black hair and dark brown eyes. He ascended to the throne of the Arabian Republic when he was thirty years old, after his elder brother got mysteriously assassinated. Today, he was the ruler of the most conservative Arab nation in the world. A place where women couldn’t drive or leave the house without a male chaperone. And he hated being the ruler of this extremely religious and conservative nation.

Many people throughout human history often overestimated the power of Kings. The truth is that the King wanted to modernize his country. If he could, he would gladly grand the women of his nation all the rights which feminism and democracy awarded women in other countries. Sadly, he couldn’t do it because, in the Arabian Republic, the King was just a puppet. The Clerics, leaders of the Great Religion, were the true powers behind the throne. Whoever controls the Houses of Worship controls the Arab world. Lording over a conservative nation with a population of almost twenty million, the King felt powerless. As he sat in the throne room and listened to cleric after cleric, official after official drone on and on about this or that, the old man began to daydream.

The King thought about his last visit to the United States of America. Oh, what a wonderful place it was. Too bad so many of the citizens of his country hated America and everything it stood for. The King was fond of America, and of Western society in general. It was in America that he discovered his fondness for wine, and high-class prostitutes. The King smiled. According to the Sacred Book, the true believers were supposed to abstain from sex with women who weren’t their wives and also resist the malicious influences of alcohol. In the United States most populous city, the King gave into temptation. And from that moment on, the King was never the same. He began traveling to Western countries every chance he got. He went to Great Britain, supposedly to establish more cordial diplomatic relations with the Queen of England and the Prime Minister of this largely Christian nation. However, truth be told, the King went there for the wine, the drugs and the sex. He really liked Western women, especially the tall, blonde-haired and blue-eyed bossy blondes he saw on American and European television programs. The King was addicted to blondes, the bossier the better. Living in the Arabian Republic, he’d gotten his fill of dark-haired, bronze-skinned and deeply submissive women. He wanted to experience something no male living in the Arabian Republic could ever experience, true female domination. In a country where men were overlords and women were virtual slaves, men often yearned for female domination. That’s why so many Arab men in Western countries went for bossy Western women.

In most Arab men’s eyes, Arab women were dull and boring because they were mindless drones, utterly submissive. It’s in men’s nature to want a challenge. To the Arab male, the Western woman with her beauty, fearlessness and power, represents the ultimate challenge. Western women don’t just bow down to men because some man comes along with a supposedly holy book and tells them it’s the will of a divine being that they kneel before every man just because he’s got a penis and women have vaginas. Arab women living in places like America, Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand were starting to date Western women now that ninety percent of all Arab males in Western societies dated Western women. What a world we live in! The King was bored of Arab women just like ninety nine percent of Arab men were. To satisfy his craving for adventure and female domination, he went to New York City an average of five times a year. With all the oil money pouring into the Arabian Republic’s coffers, the King could afford to do whatever he wanted.

That’s why the King was currently having some wicked fun with a certain six-foot-tall, blonde-haired and blue-eyed Caucasian lady in the very best master bedroom of the most expensive suite inside the Hilton Hotel in New York City. Mistress Aryan glared harshly at the naked man kneeling before her. So this was the King of the most conservative nation in the Arab world? The place where women couldn’t drive or even leave the house without wearing a frigging tent or asking for male permission? Ha! Mistress Aryan had tamed a lot of men and a few women with overly inflated egos in her years as a professional dominatrix. And when she looked at the Great King of All The Arabs, she saw just another pathetic male slave to break down. Regardless of his religion, his title, his political power or his wealth, he was only a man and women were superior to lousy men in every fucking way. Mistress Aryan smiled to herself as the King whimpered while she whipped his face, his back and his chest with her long and thick vinyl whip. The old buzzard was whimpering just like the bitch he was.

Mistress Aryan really let him have it, whipping him really hard. The Great King of the Arabs howled like one of the damned. When she zapped him with a cattle prod, he squealed like a little bitch. Mistress Aryan laughed. Why was it that men in power always lacked guts in the bedroom? Her best sexual experiences as a woman and as a professional dominator were with waiters, construction workers and security guys. Men who didn’t make a lot of money but relied on their wits and personal strength to get by in their jobs. Working-class guys were the only real men left in the world. All other men were lousy wimps. Just like the Great King here. Mistress Aryan was ready to finish him off, but she really wanted to stick it to him. Figuratively as well as literally.

Mistress Aryan took something from her bag of tricks. The Book of the Arabs. The Great King’s eyes widened when he saw it. Grinning maliciously, Mistress Aryan smiled at her submissive and rubbed the book against her smooth pink pussy. As the King’s eyes widened like saucers, Mistress Aryan smeared her girly juices all over the book. All over the words beautifully scrawled in Arabic or Farsi or whatever. The King whimpered pitifully, and Mistress Aryan laughed. Taking the book, she rubbed its contents all over the old Arab man’s face. Without further ado, she grabbed her strap-on dildo and shoved the Great King of All The Arabs on all fours. She pried the old man’s ass cheeks wide open and smeared lubricant all over his anus. Then she pushed her shiny dildo into his asshole. The Great King of All The Arabs groaned as he lost his anal virginity to the sexy bossy blonde Mistress. Smacking his ass, Mistress Aryan ordered him to make some noise while she fucked him in the butt. When he didn’t comply fast enough, she thrust the dildo deeper into his asshole. That got his attention and he squealed accordingly for his Mistress just like a good slut should.

While sodomizing the Great King of All The Arabs with her strap-on dildo, Mistress Aryan rubbed his face against the girly cum-soaked pages of the book he revered the most. And all he could do was bitch and moan for he was completely in thrall to his Mistress power. She finally pulled her dildo out of his ass after sodomizing him for a good ninety minutes, and the most powerful man in the Middle East slumped on the floor. He had tears in his eyes and was moaning and panting like a little bitch. Before she left the hotel room, Mistress Aryan pocketed the ten thousand dollars she was paid for this session of BDSM. She thanked the Great King of All The Arabs for being such a good submissive. As a parting shot, she took the Star of David she often wore as a necklace from her bag and put it on. The King’s eyes went wide as she kissed the symbol of everything she believed in. Mistress Aryan smiled. Works every time. Arabs were always surprised to discover there were blonde-haired and blue-eyed Jewish women out there. With a smile on her beautiful face and a song in her heart, she left.

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