He knock right below the plastic numbers of the of room at the Hartsrun Inn. She opened the door.


“Hey” and he walked right in.

…what seemed like second later he found himself naked and tied up good; knees pointed upwards, arms ran behind his back, crossed, and tied to his ankles, knots near his ankles, wrists, knees, and thighs…she even lashed the rope over his stomach and tied a few knots there for good measures.

He stuck his tongue out as far as he could. Her ass stood there, inches from his face. He felt like he was just about to reach and taste it when she finished typing in the number and took another step forward without even noticing. Her ass now seemed like miles away. He was breathing pretty heavy with a bit of an adrenaline.

She just stood there with her back to him and her phone to her ear in nothing but a slim black thong.

“Hey,” she finally said “Yeah, he’s tied up….Yeah…oh cool, wow…..well when are you going to get here?…..Yeah, I totally missed that episode where they have to make theirs dress match the design of the store…” She trailed off into a mumble as she walked into the bathroom for her purse and just stood there in front of the mirror as she talked.

With the door partly in the way, he got some brief glimpses of her chest. She laughed at something that was said over the phone and he got harder. She finally turned around.

“Okay, well, see you then.” She walked about out looking at her phone as she shut it off. “She won’t be here for another half hour or so.” She had pulled out a cigarette and a lighter from her purse but he didn’t notice. She lit it and dropped her phone down into her duffle bag by the bed.

“What do you have in mind till then?” He was still breathing heavy. Her crotch was now inches from his face as she just stood there.

“You just hold tight,” she said and walked around the room.

“Oh, Come On!” He shouted. “What the fuck!”

“What, is baby horny?” She laughed.

“Yeah!’ He couldn’t help but laugh too and pull and wiggle in his bonds a bit to she her his helplessness. “You’re so fucking hot.”

“Hmmm, maybe this will help.” She pulled a rubber ball gag and playful dropped it down in front of him.

He laughed and shook his head. “I…I don’t know, babe.”

“I promise, no blindfold, so you can see all you want.” She now knelt down descending her breasts toward him.

“…nah, bebe…” he laughed a little and stumbled over his words as she guided then shoved the ball in his mouth. He felt his tongue get pushed back and he tasted the odd rubber. She the pushed his head down into the bed to strap it tight. He let out a grunt as she finished.

She then stood up a moment and looked at him, while she took a final drag. A knock at the door almost startled her, but she just turned and open the door.

A tall women in a dress suit and a laptop walked right in. “Hello, Tom.” She went right to the desk, sat, and opened up her computer to turn it on.

He slammed his head down and rubbed his head into the sheets in frustration and let out a grunt. “Damn!” he thought.

“What are the numbers, Tom?”

He had a second to think as the other woman undid the gag. He couldn’t think of a damn thing and only instinctively flexed into the rope.

“5201467″ he gasped as the ball popped out of his month.

As the one typed away, the other swung her arm up to gentle slap and squeeze his balls.

“AH! I’m not lying!”

“I know,” she looked at him with a smile and handled his dick for a bit before letting him go.

The woman closed the laptop and stood to take off her jacket to review a black bra. “Now did you kill Spike?”

“I did” he dropped his head and let it rest on the bed. His gaze fell on his shirt, pants, and gun laying on the dresser. “So Stupid!” he thought.

“Naughty-Naughty” his original play said as she slowly walked around him. Her colleague dropped her skirt and started taking off her accessories.

“What’s this?” The woman standing over him slide her finger down his back along large back logograms against his dark skin down to his left buttock.

“Warrior” he said in Japanese and had time to see his revival nod then felt a sharp sting across his ass. He couldn’t help but yelp out. He didn’t even see the woman standing behind him pick up the whip. “Jesus!” quickly followed the yelp.

His abuser rubbed his thigh and ass where she lashed. “I must admit Tom, never knew you were that big…and you should see him hard.”

“Really, funny, so what do we do now?” The other woman pulled out a pair of pants from the bag and slipped them on to replace the skirt. She now stood there with no top, just her bra.

“I don’t know….just leave him?” She looked down at him, still rubbing.

“What?” He lifted his head in both their directs.

“What about Jeff?” One of the girls finally said.

“What about him” The other replied.

“We suppose to meet him in the front lobby.”

“I thought Jessica was going to meet him.”

‘Wait, Wait. You’re not just going to leave me here!” he shouted.

“Eh,” she now let out a loud frunt and quickly picked up the ball gag. “Okay, it’s 10:45 now. He said he’d meet us a quarter to midnight.” She need a little more effort this time but got it in quickly without really even thinking about it much.

He muffled into the gag and twitched but barely budge.

“Okay, we have to go to another job.” She playfully slapped his ass and pulled herself off the bed.

He mumbled after her with his tongue jammed back.

“Wait here. You’ll be fine.” She pulled out pants while the other already had a different jacket on.

“Wait,” she said as the other finished getting dressed and started fiddling with her hair. “He may know about friday?”

They both paused then both walked over to his rigid body. One quickly undid the gag with the other grabbed his hair to pull his head back. “Ah!” He belt.

“What’s going to happen on Friday?”

“Untie me and I’ll tell you, I promise!”

One let out a grunt of frustrate, bent down into her bag and pulled out a knife. “How about I let you lick my ass and don’t shave your balls.” She pressed the blade up under his sack.

“Ah-Ah-Ah…”He was breathing heavily. “Actually…that doesn’t sound too bad.” He tried to pushed out a laugh.

His balls and sack were pulled up tight against his body being hard enough for her to slide the up toward the shaft to make a gentle scratching sound. She looked down at his cock. Between the cock-ring and his girth, his balls now looked tiny.

“I guess he thinks we’re playing with him.”

“We are,” the blond pulled his head back into her tight stomach and lightly scratched his scalp and face with her nails. “This is what you wanted, isn’t it baby.”

He didn’t respond.”

“Should we call Jessica?” …they both paused.


He was definitely a weight lifter or at least built like one. Almost like a big football player…he has to be for his line of work. Big shoulder, bulging check and gradually slimed down to his abs but still very think all the way down his legs. The bed creaked and rocked back and forth as the frantically pulled at the rope around his hands, ankles, and the four wooden posts of the bed. They weren’t the best knots, seems loose enough to escape, but he should be good. She was kinda in a hurry when she did it. Duct tape stretched around his eyes as his head twitched about. He muffled continuously into even more tape around his mouth.

She just finished zipping up her second boot and made her way to her bag as she fiddled to attach her watch to her wrist.

“Well, it was really nice meeting you Jeff.” She started stuffing his clothes and other belongs into the bag. “I’m just waiting for girls.”

She then pulled out a gun with the silencer already attached. Her phone rang.

“Hey….” She picked up her phone and paced along the bed as he continued to struggle and moan aggressively at her. “Yeah, that’s him. I’m don’t think he wants to talk.” She stood and stared at his small semi-hard dick flop back and forth from one leg to the other. -Boy, looks even smaller against those bulging legs, she thought before return her focus to her friends.

“Okay, let me see…” She pulled the phone away from her face. “What’s the deal with Friday?” He just mumbled as much as he could in the gag. She put the phone back to her face …”he doesn’t know…okay, do you want to come down here or should I meet you up there? …No I’m all ready…okay. See’ya?”

She hung up, slowly walked over to him. After a brief moment, she grabbed his sack and go real close to his ear. His dick pocked a little behind her wrist. “This is for being an asshole, you fucking pervert!” And she punched him where it counts forcing him to let out a scream into the tape. With that she gathered her belongings and shot him in the head before turning off the lights and making exit.


“Anything?” Jessica closed the door behind her and join her friends who stood around Tom. “Hey, Tom.” She briefly acknowledged him then returned to the girls.

“Tried the whip a few time, I think he likes it.”

Did you try taking the ball gag out?”

“Funny.” Jessica recovered some rubber gloves from her bag on the way to the room and started pulling them on. “Alright, Tom, what’s going to happen.” She walked around him. “Or do you want to taste your own cum.”

The other two knelt on the bed to hold him as she started to spread his cheeks revealing a small line of hair. “Nice tattoo.” She said as she slipped one of her fingers inside. He shook and muffled into the rubber around his lips, tried to clench and fight it but she pushed harder making it all the way in. “Take his gag off.”

They followed her order and he let out a loud moan.

“Tell us,” she wiggled her finger inside.


“Help him out,” Jessica gently asked as she start to pull her finger slightly in and out. He moaned louder which let to a scream when the second girl slapped his dick into a cup and started to grope it roughly. She haven’t touched him till then -Not bad, she thought, bigger than typical Asians.

“Ah-Ah-AH-Okay-Okay, Okay!” He started to ramble on in Japanese with sudden bursts of moaning as they continued fingering and fondling.

“Good boy,” the blond said running her fingers through his hair.

To be continued.

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