This is a continuation from Jim’s almost swim, hope you enjoy!!

Jim was scared and abandoned. He had been crashing on a friends couch for a week and he finally kicked him out, just a few weeks after turning 18. Jim had nowhere to go after his family shunned him and he lost his job at the pool. Even Marcus and Bob distanced themselves from Jim, and Adam was on business.

Where would he stay? He spent a few nights in a hotel, but that drained his money rather quickly, to the point where he was almost broke. He couldn’t get a job after the local TV station did a report about what happened there, “How did this blow up to be this big?!” Jim thought.

He finally decided that he needed to leave town and start fresh. He wasn’t going to let this ruin his life. He’s a strong cute man now! Still 275lbs…clothes starting to smell a bit. He figured he would just try and see where the fates took him, and figured hitchhiking was a great idea.

He started walking down the interstate, trying to find a ride. It wasn’t easy, it was hot and Jim had not eaten well in the past couple of days. As the cars flew by they started to look like hot dogs running closer, and then ran away. After an hour or so, one of the hot dogs started to come to a stop right next to him. It wasn’t until it stop that Jim realized that the hot dog was a police car. “Shit.” Jim said.

Out walked the police officer and approached Jim, as he gulped in fear. This man was not to be fucked with. He was 6’4 and probably around 230. He was big, built and broad, with just a little extra cushion on his body.

“You lost kid?” the police officer asked.

Jim replied with a shaky voice, “No sir, I don’t think so.”

The police officer looked above his shades, “Then how come you’re walking down this road like your trying to put some miles between you and it?”

Jim gulped again, feeling very nervous, “I guess that about right.”

The Police officer gave him a stern face, looked him up and down and said, “Well better to come with me than a stranger I reckon! Hop on in!”

Jim was almost stunned. It wasn’t until the officer honked the horn that he woke up and rushed into the car.

It was a quiet ride at first. They drove a few miles down the road and the officer started some small talk about where he was going. Jim said he was looking for a fresh start, but he stayed clear of the reason why. After a while, it started to get dark.

The officer asked where he wanted to go, and Jim ask, “Is it too stereotypical so say ‘As far as you’ll take me’?”

The officer laughed and said “You’re funny, and I like you. Give me a moment; I know where you can go.” The drove for a few miles down the interstate and the officer turned into a small patch on the side where he explained he had to catch speeding car.

Jim was confused, but he was not going to question him. The officer parked his car and turned it off. He looked over at Jim and said, “My name’s Corey.” He reached out to shake Jim’s hand.

Jim shook back and started to respond, “My names-”But Corey cut him off, saying, “Jim, I know.”

Jim was very scared. He was afraid of this situation. He began to hyperventilate in the car when Corey said “Jim, it’s ok, I knew who you were when I saw you on the road. That’s probably why no one wanted to pick you up.”

Jim was not put at ease by this and slowly responded, “Then why did you pick me up if you knew?”

Corey smirked and responded, “Because I knew who you were.”

Now Jim was scared, he had no idea how to react and they sat in silence for a few minutes while Corey looked Jim up and down. T

his made Jim very uncomfortable, finally responded, “Please, just let me out, I don’t want trouble.”

Corey laughed a big below and you could see his muscles and large stomach shake like rock. “I don’t mean to scare you boy,” Corey laughed, “I just figured we could have some fun before I send you on your way.” This, again, didn’t settle Jim’s stomach. Jim had had fantasies about this before, but his situation is a bit more delicate than in his dreams.

Corey nudged him and said, “Come on, I’m just trying to help you out. I know a place where you can get to where you’re going. Nice people too!”

Jim didn’t budge. Corey smiled and said “There had to be a reason those guy kept coming back! And I’d love to see it firsthand!” Corey then put a soft hand on Jim’s upper thigh and gave a slight squeeze.

Jim was tickled and jumped up because it felt very good to be comforted. Corey, after all, was not a bad looking guy, built but still big; huge doughy hands and a strong presence about him.

Jim was scared, but couldn’t hide the physical fact he was getting turned on. He looked at Corey and said, “What were you thinking?”

Corey smiled and grabbed the back of Jim’s head and began kissing him hard. Jim had not been kissed like this before! Corey was shoving his tongue in Jim’s mouth and just going crazy! Jim was surprised at first, but began to relax and let Corey do most of the work.

Corey had a nice Goatee that tickled Jim’s face and a smooth bald head that Jim rested his hand on.

Corey was moaning and grunting a lot, which Jim rather enjoyed. Jim finally started to give his tongue a little more freedom and began to kiss back, and it felt so good! Jim and Corey’s tongue were a wet mess, rubbing over each other, getting wetter and wetter while their kissing became more passionate!

After a few minutes of smooching, Jim was in a daze and finally let his guard down, and his legs came to a rest. As soon and he spread his leg, Corey’s large, but soft hand started to caress Jim’s thigh, moving towards the meat! Jim decided to do the same thing to Corey, but was not as coy as Corey, grabbing his large sausage!

Corey gave a large grunt and said “Right to the good stuff? I see why everyone likes you!”, in between grunts and kissing. Corey felt good, his large stomach and his bulging cock felt nice and warm!

Corey finally went back into his seat, put it back and began to undo his pants. Jim was trying to help get his pants off, in his horny mist, when Corey stopped him and said “Look at me boy.” Jim was surprised but stills dazed. Jim and Corey shared a look for a few seconds, Jim’s mouth just kind of dangling open, confused.

Corey smiled and said, “Man you’re cute! Look at those blushing cheeks and messy hair! Fucking adorable!” Jim blushed more and began to undo his pants. Corey decided to put his hands behind his head and let Jim do all the work. Jim no longer felt any shame or being scared, he felt comfortable, even with this stranger, a police officer as well!

Jim finally wrangled his pants off and gazed at Corey hot cock! It was about 4 1/2 inches, not the biggest he had even seen, but it was nice and smooth just like Corey’s head. It had a nice amount of girth to it, about 1 ½ inches wide, which made it look very tasty! Corey begged Jim, “Show me what you got kid! Make me scream!”

Jim did not need to be told twice, he decided not to jump right in, but began by sucking on his balls! He cupped them in his hands and started flicking his tongue around them, then started to slowly suck his sack, making sure he was staying away from his shaft. Corey was moaning loudly, but he didn’t do anything lay there.

Jim felt very much in control, which was a switch from his earlier fantasies during this situation, but he really liked it! He played with Corey’s balls for a few minutes, and decided to jump in on the cock at a moment’s notice! He went from Corey balls as quick as he could to swallowing Corey’s whole cock down to his stomach!

Corey gave a high pitched “Oh FUCK YEA!! Ohhhhhh!” Jim was deep-throating him without no foreplay before that! He took Corey’s entire cock in his mouth and down his throat. He was super huge, so he was able to take the entire thing and apply an intense amount of suction on Corey’s cock!

Corey was screaming very high pitched, “Oh God! OH my….*GRUNT* OhHHHHHHHHH!” Corey had one had on the back of Jim’s head and the other on Jim’s back, just lying there while Jim was going super-fast up and down Corey’s shaft! Jim loved the taste, it tasted like man and it made him want to rock this officer’s world!

Jim was making sure that the tip of Corey’s cock was being massaged by the very back of Jim’s throat, while his tongue was massaging the balls. Corey was jerking more and more, and once Corey shouted, “Imgunnacumsoongunnagunnaohgoduhhh!”, Jim decided to slow down and suck as hard as he could.

He placed his hand on Corey’s balls and shoved his face into Corey’s big smooth belly, then slowly let the tip of Corey’s wide sausage feel every inch of Jim’s mouth! It only took a few times of doing this before Corey could hold it any longer! He screamed and grabbed Jim’s head with both hands and fucked for a few hard, sexy jerks until Jim felt a pool of warm, sweet cum coat his throat! Jim liked this taste, so he kept sucking as hard as he could. Corey kept going hard until he finally stopped jerking.

Jim has swallowed a huge load and Corey’s cock tasted like cum, to which Jim said “I’ll clean this all up officer,” in a very sexy tone of voice. This made Corey shiver as a few more spurts of cum drenched Jim’s lips as he licked his sexy cock clean.

Jim looked up at Corey as he was still licking his cock and said “How was that big boy?” He knew it sounded like a bad porno, but he needed this guy to help him get somewhere. And as he just sucked this guy off like his life depended on it, he thought he could probably get some help from him.

Corey was laughing and as giddy as could be, “Boy, I am telling you that was the best I have ever gotten! And I’ve been around the block! You got a talent!” Corey pulled Jim in and kissed him long and hard again.

Jim could feel Corey’s big heart thump loudly as Corey tried to catch his breath. After a long nice kiss, Corey said, “I know where you can stay and get to where you’re going. Let me take care of something first.” He went to his intercom, and said “Hey guys, I’m gonna have to call it an early night, I got a 3-10-23 at the home and I’m gonna need the night to deal with it.”

Jim heard “Roger that.” and “Ok with me.” from a couple of other police officers. “I’ll put you up in a hotel, sound good?” Corey said as he tried to pull up his pants.

Jim felt an overwhelming happy feeling come over him. He stopped Jim from pulling his pants up and smiled while he gently massaged it and sucked the latter cum off of it. Corey laughed kissed his head while he drove off, getting some post-blowjob-road-head on the way.

They arrived at the Hotel, and Corey said “Wait here, I’ll be right back. ” Corey went in and came out a few minutes later. They went up to the hotel room together. While they were walking, Jim was trying to make small talk and said, “Hey officer, what is a 3-10-23.?”

Corey smiled and said, “Well, You’re the 10, this is room 23,” and he opened the door, to reveal 3 big chubby police officers standing there shirtless and finished by saying “and these are the 3.”

To be continued as Jim’s Hotel Room…

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