I could feel his hot breath on my neck, teasing me in-between the nips he was leaving. My hand ran through his wavy brown hair, pulling him in demanding more. One hand was tangled in my hair, stopping the harsh brick from hurting me; the other hand brushed over my thigh as he held my leg up over his hip.

He pulled back his deep brown orbs meeting my jade green. I held his glare, my knees weakened, I could almost feel the power radiating off of him. He pushed his body into mine. A moan left my lips; I could feel his hardness through his jeans. I was glad I wore a dress.

We had been together for almost 4 years and I had never thought I would end up doing anything like this, a boring dinner with his rival and his annoying girlfriend had left me feeling somewhat desperate, but a sext form Dylan saved everything.

The wall was harsh against my back, shadow had returned to nipping my neck. The warmth of his body made up for the coolness of the brick.

“Dylan,” I moaned “can we go somewhere else?”

I watched him take a deep breath, he’d once told me my voice was music to his ears, he picked me up and carried me upstairs and the next thing I knew I was on lying on the soft black silk sheets of his bed. I closed my eyes and relaxed into the soft sheets spreading my arms above my head. The pressure on me lifted, only to be followed by the sound of material dropping. The pressure soon reapplied and the heat returned but only for a moment. A soft growl and a tug on the fabric I was wearing made my sit up slightly, the blue dress I was wearing soon ended up next to his jeans on the floor. Clad in only our underwear I sank into the bed, spread out a little to let Dylan devour me.

He went back to my neck again, I knew it was his guilty pleasure, he loved the smell of my hair, and he would always bury his head in my neck. He loved it. He gently traced his hands down my body, gliding over my hips, down under my thighs, he effortless lifted me up. My hands travelled through his hair as I found myself straddling him, I moaned softly into his ear, and begin to nibble slightly. He gave a growl and pinned me again. In seconds my legs were around his shoulders. He slid into me with such force; I couldn’t help but cry out in pleasure.

Dylan was always the dominate one; I had hardly ever had him handcuffed to the headboard begging for my touch. It wasn’t going to be like that for much longer, he was going to be under my control tonight, well once he’d calmed down.

His thrusts were hard but slow, he was teasing me. I could see it in his eyes as he brushed my hair of my face as he went to kiss me. A smirk played on his face. He would hardly ever smile, but the smirk was much sexier. His lips brushed against mine and his hands ghosted over my sides before he took a firm grasp of my breasts. Dylan began to speed up slightly and his moans became audible, he brought his head away from my neck, and took my nipple into his mouth. I cried out and arched my back; his hand wrapped around my waist and held me like that. I could feel his smirk as his tongue ran small circles around my nipple. That bastard, I thought, he knew how sensitive my nipples were.

My breathing became erratic, I was close, I could feel it building at the bottom of my stomach, Dylan knew how I worked, he knew what would make me cum quickly and he was pulling out all the stops. This was going to be a long night; I didn’t mind that. I couldn’t hold off any longer and I felt my orgasm rip through me, it was bliss, I gripped shadows shoulders to steady me as I moaned loudly in pleasure. Dylan gave a low growl, his rhythm fumbled as he came quietly. I panted softly as he pulled out; he trailed kisses up my collar bone, onto my neck and slowly onto my jaw.

While he was doing this, I slipped my hand under the pillow and pulled out the handcuffs. Dylan wasn’t expecting anything; I could tell he was too wrapped up in what he was doing. I took a chance and rolled him onto his back, I took his surprise as an advantage and pinned his arms to the frame and handcuffed him to the bed. It was my turn to smirk as his a look of confusion came to his face. His brown wavy hair was brushed to side and his smirk lit up the sprinkling of freckles over his nose. He wasn’t fighting back now, that was a good sign. My hair fell over my shoulder, it was a light brown shoulder length, Dylan loved it.

He tilted his head to the side, taunting me, waiting to see if I would continue with my next move. I bent down, my hands gently sliding up his chest; I could feel his abs slightly under my palms. He gave a soft moan when my hair bushed against his shoulder and once again I began to nibble at his ear. I slowly moved down to his neck, I left a trail of kisses until I reached a place where others would be able to see. I hesitated for a second before sinking my teeth into his neck not deep, but enough to make him gasp in surprise. I was leaving my mark on him, I swirled my tongue around my mark. I started to move down, kissing and licking my way down to his nipple. I sucked on it gently, swirling my tongue once again. His back arched, I couldn’t help but smirk.

Something brushed against my stomach, he was ready for another round. I kept going south; running my fingers along is body. I reached his cock, it was bent to the left slightly, something I found attractive for some reason, the curve in it made it kind of desirable. He stared at me, waiting for my next move. I slowly grasped his cock, he whimpered slightly under my touch.

“Beg” I said quietly, Dylan gave me a strange look. “Beg” I said again this time it more confidence.

“Please, Oh gods please Robin; jack me off,” He gasped “run your hand up and down my hard shaft, fuck please.”

I squeezed his shaft gently, he moaned loudly, “Fuck! Robin, oh god please!” he inhaled sharply, I ran my tongue over his tip and a breathless cry escaped over his lips, he was quite this time “Please Robin…fuck,” I gave in, he had begged enough for me, I took his head into my mouth and sucked slightly.

His hips rose in pleasure, an inch or two more cock found its way into my mouth; I began to slowly bob my head up and down. His moans were loud; I knew he liked this, he would always suggest it. I cupped Dylan’s balls and caressed them softly in my palm, he whimpered softly.

Slowly, I took a few more inches into my mouth. Dylan pulled against his restraint; I could tell he wanted to run his hands through my hair. He did it again, and again. I looked him in the eye, he wanted free; I shook my head at him. He threw his head back and arched his hips once more. I pulled back and nibbled the tip; I could feel his ball tighten in my hand. He was close.

I took once more lick at his tip and he came hard once more, this time he let out a small cry of pleasure as his seed found its way into my mouth. I swallowed without hesitation, I loved his tangy essence. I pulled back and once again straddled him. I sat watching his chest rise and fall as he panted, I couldn’t resist but run my hand through his hair. He smirked at me and raised an eyebrow.

“I’m not done yet,” I smiled at him; he seemed to be taken back. I slowly got off of Dylan, trailing my fingers along his skin until the last second. I walked over to our wardrobe and pulled out two pieces of rope. I smiled at him and strut back over to him. “Legs, up” I commanded “Now.”

He hesitated for a moment before lifting his legs slightly, I took the rope and looped it around his ankles and tied it to the head board. His legs were parted and raised so that I could have clear access to his ass. Perfect.

I grabbed the lube and a strap-on and sat between his legs. His face was a mixed expression of “Oh shit” and “This is hot” I traced my fingers around his asshole; he whimpered under my touch, this was new to him. I coated my fingers in lube and slowly began to probe his asshole. I slid one finger in and he gasped loudly.

“Relax, Dylan” I whispered “It’ll only hurt for a while.” He squirmed as I wiggled my finger before slowly adding another, Dylan let out a pained gasp, but I didn’t stop, it would be worse if I did.. He soon relaxed and I began to widen him more. With my other hand I carefully manoeuvred myself into the strap on.

“Ready” I asked a hint of concern showing. He nodded slightly, his breathing was heavy, I sorted myself out and coated the dildo thickly in lube, I added a little more around his ass-hole. I was trying to make him feel as comfortable as I could before I officially made him my bitch.

I moved in closer and got onto my hands and knees, the tip of the strap-on brushing his anus. He gave another whimper, but turned and smirked at me, he was challenging me again. I pushed into him slowly, Dylan, moaned loudly in pain as I kept sliding in deeper, as slow as I could, soon I was almost fully in. Dylan chest was rising and falling at a slow pace. He was taking deep breaths to try and dull the pain. I ran my hand over the side of his leg and rubbed his leg gently.

“The pain will let up soon” I said softly “Just tell me when” As much as I wanted to dominate him fully, I couldn’t bring myself to hurt him, we’d been together for what seemed like forever.

“Robin” he moaned softly, he looked at me, and his eyes were slightly red. I began to thrust softly; I drew my hand back to give me some balance and I kept the pace slow and soft until he tugged softly at his bonds. A soft sigh escaped his lips and I could see him relax more. His cock was slowly beginning to re-awaken, I’d expected it to take longer than this, Dylan was enjoying this more than I thought.

I picked up my pace slowly, his soft moans edged me on, I kept it soft but faster with each thrust, his head softly rolled from one side to the other as his moans grew louder.

“Harder,” He whimpered softly, I gave him a questioning glance “Harder” he smirked I gave him what he wanted and began to thrust harder; I kept my pace even as I thrust harder, his moans grew significantly. I should have known. Dylan always did like it hard. My name soon became audible in his moans; I was fucking him like he would fuck me, hard, fast and with no mercy.

I had no idea what came over me next, but I shifted and lifted his hips slightly, his ass coming more into reach. Steadying myself, keeping balance with one hand, I raised the other and smacked it down hard onto his bare flesh. His eyes open wide and a gasp shot out from his lips. He gave me an evil look, the smirk only partly there. I smacked him just as hard in return, his back arched and his hips thrust upward, this gave me the advantage to slam into him. I didn’t waste the chance, and slammed hard into his ass, his back arched again as I kept going just as hard spanking him occasionally.

“Fuck Robin!” he moaned loudly “I-I I’m gonna!” He came hard. Harder than I’d ever seen. I smirked to myself, looks like I found his sweet spot I thought. The thick whit streams shot out over my chest, his moans were loud and powerful and his hips bucked widely as his orgasm took over his body. As he finished all I was able to hear were his heavy pants.

I unstrapped the strap on and slid of out him slowly, I winched a little as I saw the small trail of blood left behind. Throwing the strap on aside, I pulled the sheets halfway up with as I went to undo his bond. Dylan always seemed to get cold quickly after sex, I never understood why.

As I undid Dylan’s bonds I got a clear look at his face. His eyes were partly closed, and his cheeks were alight. Small beads of sweat dripped across his forehead. He looked up at me as I fumbled with his bonds releasing him finally. This time, I got a smile. I lay beside Dylan, running my hands through his hair as he rubbed his wrist. I kissed him softly and I could feel the smile on his lips. I could tell he was going to speak to me about this in the morning. Not that that would be a bad thing. I kept playing with his hair softly as he drifted into sleep. I smiled to myself. It was about time, I tired him out first.

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