It was a rainy Tuesday evening. Mark Böhm, a young investment banker at J.P. Morgan, just got home from work. A busy Wall Street guy like Mark never makes his own dinner so he decided to order something from one of the restaurants in his neighborhood . That evening he called his favorite Chinese restaurant. He didn’t like Chinese food that much though. Absentmindedly the investment banker watched some porn while he waited for his order. He was still dressed in his well-cut dress suit by Prada, which gave him a masculine, powerful and even aggressive appearance.

He took a seat on one of the leather couches in the living room. Being the quintessential Wall Street professional Mark often wore expensive suits by Italian top brands like Canali, Armani, Prada and Zegna. After a tense, exciting work day this masculine young stud just wanted to release a bit of his sexual energy, fueled by his ever raging testosterone. The preppy banker started to massage his cock through the thin material of his pants. He was watching a flick with Asian girls and in this particular scene two slant-eyed sluts were licking each other’s tits. Just when his big cock began to get hard, the bell rang.

Mark is one of those young men who really doesn’t need an introduction when you meet him for the first time. He is a strikingly handsome guy. As a matter of fact Mark worked as a Ford model when he was in college. So when he opened the door of his brownstone apartment the Asian delivery boy noticed how incredibly good looking this client was. The white stud in front of him had dark blonde hair and blue eyes, features he had inherited from his Nordic ancestors. Mark grew up in a rustic New England town and after finishing high school he went straight to Harvard to obtain a degree in Economics with a special focus on finance. Because he graduated with a GPA of 4.0 he easily found a promising position at J.P. Morgan in the city’s financial district.

The young banker kept his dark blonde hair a bit short. He had a disciplined, almost military, conservative look, especially when he was wearing a clean-cut dress suit. His groomed handsome face was a schoolbook example of symmetry and his strong jaw line radiated masculinity. With his impressive height of 6’3″ Mark was so much taller than the little Asian who stood just about 5’5″. The competitive investment banker immediately liked that contrast. But he wasn’t expecting a sluggish Asian delivery boy, so he asked:

“Who the hell are you? No offense but I’m expecting the girl, Ling.”

The boy was surprised that this client remembered the name of his colleague.

“Oh, I’m sorry, she has a day off.”

The young banker who was clearly disappointed gave the boy a sign to follow him into the living room. Right now the delivery boy, standing with a plastic bag in his hand, was the only feminine touch in Mark’s enormous living room, which was austerely decorated with expensive big black leather couches and an impressive home cinema system. Everything in the room signified a certain strong and powerful masculinity.

“You’re fucking late, Chong”, Mark snapped.

Chong was not the true name of the Asian but the arrogant investment banker had the prejudiced habit of calling all Asian males Chong. Being a delivery boy in the better parts of NYC the boy was used to arrogant clients, but this one was definitely one of the bad guys, he thought. Chong got a bit angry, but he was also taken aback by Mark’s cocky attitude. The white stud took a sip of his whiskey while he looked down at the young delivery boy. He had longish black hair, black almond eyes and an innocent, somewhat dumb expression on his face. It was immediately clear to the handsome white executive that this little Asian lacked the natural aggressiveness of most white guys of his age. Like many other young virile studs Mark enjoys dominating weaker males but he’s also smart enough to restrict this natural inclination in public. At work a guy like Mark easily dominates every meeting or transaction with his assertive business manners but of course there are certain social rules one cannot ignore. Here in the privacy of his own apartment Mark was definitely the man in charge.

Chong looked in disbelief at his arrogant client.

“Sir, I’m just a few minutes too late. Traffic was…” The white stud cut him off:

“Not really interested in your lame excuses Chong.”

He leaned back on the couch, his long legs spread wide. Then he put his right foot on the coffee table, showing Chong an expensive wingtip by Crockett & Jones, which his personal shopper had found for him at Barneys. Mark had paid more than 700 dollar for this pair. The young investment banker snapped his fingers.

“Why don’t you come over and give me a nice foot massage. Like Ling always does. Your big sister gives excellent foot massages. Last time I even gave her tip. Meanwhile I’ll have my dinner. If you’re good I won’t file a complaint.”

Mark enjoyed the look of confusion on the boy’s innocent face. Chong didn’t like the fact that his white client just assumed that Ling was his sister. He was also wondering what had happened between this arrogant client and his older co-worker. Chong, who was just a bit younger than the white stud, desperately wanted to be taken seriously. When he was riding his old bicycle he dreamed of being a CEO of a serious company instead of delivering take-away meals to richer and more successful clients. But he hadn’t learned yet that if a man completely lacks the natural virility of a stud like Mark he would certainly remain at the bottom of the job market.

Of course it was an inappropriate demand of the tall stud and most other white boys of his age would’ve refused. But poor Chong is a shy little Asian and the tall banker looked so confident and aggressive in his expensive dress suit. He could just give that arrogant client a short foot massage, Chong thought. It would be over in a few minutes and he wouldn’t get in trouble at the restaurant. And for some reason he did like Mark’s leather shoes. They were so different in comparison to his own cheap canvas sneakers. They really completed Mark’s masculine appearance. As a good house boy Chong knelt down in front of the couch and began to unlace the dress shoes of the young white gentleman. Mark was a bit surprised that the chink was actually kneeling in front of his big feet. He liked the contrast between Chong’s small delicate fingers and the polished masculine leather of his shoes. The servitude of this little Asian confirmed all his prejudices. But he was also curious and determined to find out how far he could go with this chink. Carefully the Asian boy pulled off Mark’s dress shoes, revealing the huge size thirteen feet of the white stud.

“Massage my feet now, Chong”, the Anglo-Saxon banker commanded, while looking at the porn on the flat screen.

“Make my fucking feet feel good.”

With his long legs stretched out Mark was having dinner, but his focus was on the action on his screen. Chong was sitting on the floor with his legs criss-crossed and Mark’s big foot resting in his lap. During his college years Mark had developed a thing for Asian girls. At Harvard he had fucked plenty of them. He loved to impress those petite girls with his handsome masculine face, his tall athletic body, his cocky attitude combined with his East Cost manners, his preppy expensive clothes and of course his big white cock. Some of those girls were even officially dating some other guy on those evenings when he drove them to his apartment in his BMW Cabriolet. He especially loved snatching them away from their nerdy Asian male friends who desperately worked to get a promotion and become their boyfriends. But he had never had a serious relationship with an Asian girl.

During weekends the promising banker dated the most attractive and interesting girls from the upscale social circles of New York. He wondered if the chink at his feet had ever sex with a girl. Like other Asian guys he looked gentle. Friendly. Shy. It was weird that this guy who just came over to deliver his Chinese food was massaging his feet now. But the young investment banker certainly began to enjoy the feeling of power and superiority.

Meanwhile he Asian delivery boy was struggling with Mark’s huge foot and his hands began to get tired. Underneath the fabric of Mark’s expensive dress socks Chong could feel the hardness of the white guy’s feet. They were so different, so much bigger and harder than his own small and soft feet. For the first time he realized that his own feet were tiny, soft and girly. After a few minutes Chong suddenly stopped. He got nervous because his uncle was waiting for him at the restaurant. But in fact at that moment he was even more afraid of himself. He felt so ashamed about what he was doing. He couldn’t believe that he was actually massaging the big feet of one of his clients. The white stud was staring down at him, a look of contempt and arrogance on his face.

“What’s going on chink?,” Mark asked, pressing his big white foot in Chong’s crotch. “Keep doing what Asian men do best. You’re a first class massage therapist, ching chong. You’re actually good at this. That’s why we’ve allowed you and your fellow chinks to live here! Otherwise we would’ve already kicked you out of this country. But guess what, you’re here to do all the low paid service jobs. Fit for women and Asians, not for real men like me.”

Mark altered his otherwise so masculine voice and imitated the pidgin-language of Chong’s forefathers.

“Father Chong works in Chinese restaurant huh, making greasy Chinese food? Uncle Chang does laundry! Brother Ching makes shoes shiny and new, nephew Chen does nails and baby Chong here is going takes care of big foot. Remember this: White upper class men like me are running this economy with our superior values, got it? You’re just providing the necessary service for our needs.”

The young banker grinned, showing the Asian his beautiful white teeth. Chong was really hurt. The white stud had made fun of him in the most denigrating and offensive way.

“Can I go now, sir,” he asked in a timid voice.

“No, chink you’re not going anywhere,” Mark said in his normal voice again. He gave the little Asian a soft kick with his foot.

“Look at me when I’m speaking to you, you fucking egg roll. I told you to take care of my big feet, is that Chinese to you? What does that mean huh?”

He kicked his victim again, this time hitting his flat nose.

“I’m going now!,” Chong cried.

The white stud just frowned. Suddenly he rose to his feet and he quickly kicked his right foot in Chong’s face. Mark smiled. It was a funny sight, his big socked foot resting on Chong’s little flat face. He said:

“I used to be a karate champion, kicking butts of poor chinks like you. I should show you some of my moves.”

Chong’s protesting moans were muffled by the sole of Mark’s sock covered foot. The white stud felt a rush of adrenaline running through his tall body. Mark smirked again.

“Yeah fucking chink, I’m kicking the slant out of your little bamboo body, like I’ve fucked the slant out of your sweet niece last month. Yeah, I think we have a winner here. You know what, you remind me of all the Asian kids I’ve beaten up at the dojo. Yeah, how does that feel, my big white foot in your fucking little slant-eyed Asian face? Do you fucking know how many little Asians I’ve kicked with this foot, huh? You like my big foot on your little yellow face? Pretty smelly huh, after a long work day? I bet you can smell how many great deals I’ve made and how much money I’ve earned today. I bet you like my big white foot as much as your sister Ling likes my big white cock!”

Indeed Mark’s foot was smelly and the sole of his dress sock was slightly damp. Of course Chong didn’t like the pungent smell but he also realized that Mark’s damp sock contained the determination, aggressiveness and hard work of the quintessential cocky young Wall Street banker. After a while Mark lifted his foot from Chong’s face and gave him a few soft slaps, using his foot as a weapon to teach the chink a lesson. Mark’s foot was as hard and aggressive as its owner. The American investment banker smiled and Chong could read the contempt in his beautiful blue eyes. This handsome Caucasian was really enjoying the experience of being superior to a yellow servant. Mark began to explore his limits, nonchalantly caressing Chong’s cheeks and forehead with his big socked foot. Mark’s face became darker, more threatening.

“You’re into martial arts, fucking gook? I thought all Asian men practice some sort of martial art. You’re all like Jackie Chan, screaming like a total bitch! Hiyaai hai! But you can’t compete with the white guy, huh?”

He lifted his foot from Chong’s face and gave the boy a few hard slaps again. Finally he gave him another sharp karate kick right in his stomach and the little Asian collapsed on the floor. The aggressive investment banker placed his foot on Chong’s face again like a superior roman warrior who has conquered his weaker inferior Oriental enemy. Chong underwent these severe humiliations submissively, without any resistance, because he had realized that his aggressor was much stronger than him. But it wasn’t only his physical power, but also his masculine arrogance that gave Mark the mental power to dominate.

At that moment Chong was so humiliated that he almost couldn’t breathe anymore.

“Please Sir, can I go home now,” he pleaded in a soft submissive voice.

Mark was staring down at him with an icy look. Like a brave Medieval knight he was ready for action.

“Please, please Sir, I haven’t eaten yet. I’m hungry.”

The handsome banker raised an eyebrow, looking pensively at his Asian boy slut. He smirked.

“You’re hungry because they don’t give you enough food. Your poor Chinese parents are not able to feed ya. That greasy Chinese food isn’t digestive enough for ya, huh? Well, I’ll take care of that.”

He sat down on the chair and quickly pulled off his dress socks and slipped into a pair of expensive leather loafers by Salvatore Ferragamo. When he pulled off his jacket the little Asian saw that Mark’s pale blue dress shirt perfectly accentuated his hard athletic upper body while his expensive cufflinks and Rolex were glistening in the dimmed light.

“Here, have some of this.”

Mark took a spoon and scooped some boiled rice on the flat upper of his right loafer.

“Here you little yellow street rat, eat it.”

The white stud held his big loafer right in front of Chong’s mouth, who was still sitting in a kneeling position on the hard floor. The white banker was forcing him to eat rice from his loafer! This was so humiliating for a boy like Chong. He hesitated. He didn’t want to do this. But there was something masculine in the smell of the polished leather and the shape of the expensive loafer. He had already felt the power of Mark’s strong feet. And he couldn’t ignore the marvelous good looks of this confident and well-dressed white banker. He sat there lazily with his hands behind his head, holding his huge foot with the rice in front of Chong’s flat face.

“You’re hungry coolie! Eat it or I’ll beat the yellow shit out of you.”

Slowly the white stud brought his shoe closer to Chong’s mouth. And Chong had no other choice than to take it, to swallow the rice, the same rice his father had prepared an hour earlier.

“Clean your plate when you’re finished, boy. Yeah, clean my fucking shoe, little shoe-shine boy. Eating rice from my fucking foot, don’t you have any self-respect huh?”

Mark really got excited when he saw the little Asian swallowing the rice. He had dominated guys and girls before, but he had never gone so far as with this motherfucker. And he knew how expensive his loafers were. These shoes, for which he’d paid more than 1500 dollar, were a sign of his privileged position in society and his arrogance to show it off.

“Damn, how can a guy be so low that he voluntarily licks the shoes of another man. Oh wait, you’re not even a man, aren’t you,” Mark hissed. “Now clean the sole with your tongue.”

It was so humiliating to lick the sole of Mark’s shoes. But in a sense it felt so right. Chong realized that they were just reinforcing a natural hierarchy.

After some minutes Mark gave Chong a few slaps with his big loafer. Then he pressed the upper part of his loafer firmly under Chong’s chin, forcing the chink to look at him.

“You wanna see something special, chink? Wanna see a real cock for the first time in your life?”

While pulling the boy towards his crotch he removed his big cock from his pants. The aggressive banker waved his cock right in front of Chong’s little yellow face. Chong had already learned about the differences between white and Asian guys. Especially in the showers of the locker room at his former high school he had realized that he could never compete with the white guys when it came to size. And he had also learned that size did matter, in all aspects of life. But he hadn’t seen such a perfect cock before. And the poor chink had to admit that it was a beautiful piece of art. Mark’s hard cock was nine inches long, cut and thick. It pointed straight at Chong’s face like a hard police baton. Mark recognized the suppressed look of admiration.

“Yeah, my cock is fucking beautiful, isn’t it? I bet my white cock is much bigger than your tiny Asian shrimp. Yeah, let’s see what you’ve got there in your pants. I hope I don’t need a fucking looking glass. C’mon chink, open your pants.”

With trembling hands Chong obeyed and finally he revealed his small and soft dick that wasn’t even four inches long. A cocky, almost boyish grin appeared on Mark’s handsome face. The difference between the two men was finally established. Mark’s cock was just like its owner. It was big, hard, powerful, active, aggressive and merciless, always ready for some physical exercise and fair or unfair competition, always ready to conquer, to beat, to defeat. In a sense Mark’s big white cock was the essence of true masculinity and the superior counterpart of Chong’s feminine soft, wet and passive little egg roll. At that moment Mark felt like a superior half-god in front of that small Asian alien.

He took his cock again and held it a few inches above Chong’s little brown nose.

“Just look at this mighty tool,” he said. “I’ve fucked many women into heaven or hell with this big pole. My cock is more than twice as big as yours, so what’s this fact telling about you and your slant-eyed fellows huh? All our experts believe that this is going to be the century of your continent, but honestly I don’t buy that crap. And you know why? Because you’re never going to rule the world if your little pathetic pencil dicks are as small as my fucking thumb. You love this first class All-American cock, don’t ya? Look at it, yeah admire it, like your sister or girlfriend did when she was here! Last year I was traveling in Asia. Guess what, while in other countries men like me have to seduce to get some pussy, in slant-eyed Asia all the girls and women offer themselves to me like they haven’t enjoyed any good sex in their entire lives. Why would they do such a thing, huh? Because you fucking chink, because you won’t satisfy them with your small pussy dick. Is that true?”

To prove his point he pushed his right foot against Chong’s balls.

“Huh? Huh? Can’t feel anything in there, you see, that’s what I mean! Huh?”

Mark went on: “You want my big white cock in your fucking face, chink? Huh? Tell me, you little oriental piece of shit.”

With his left hand firmly around the base of his massive cock he began to jerk off right in front of Chong’s brown face.

“Yeah, I’m showing you my big Nazi weapon, you slant-eyed bitch. I bet you’re jealous of this huge nine incher, aren’t you? You would love to have such a big powerful big tool, huh?” He smacked the boy again.

Dear Sir,

I had a dream about us last night; per our agreement I have documented it in this letter to you.

The dream started with the two of us in our new house. We were in the kitchen I think. Sadly I don’t remember what it looked like since I had my eyes so focused on you the whole time (which is sort of disappointing, I wish I had gotten a peek at what the kitchen would look like!). You told me you had planned this ‘event’ for quite some time and hoped that I enjoyed it because it was all about my enjoyment and fulfilling my fantasies. You went on to tell me that of course you would also enjoy it but that was not the primary goal of the event. You told me to remove my clothing and I did, one piece at a time, neatly folding them and placing them on a nearby chair, feeling your eyes on me with every move. I got down to my bra and panties and stood before you. You laughed again telling me that those were clothes too and if I didn’t think they were then I was sorely mistaken. I quickly removed the last two articles of clothing and stood before you.

You had rope in your hand and informed me that it was time to put my harness on. I obeyed as your rope and fingers danced around my body putting my chest harness on. You seemed pleased with your work as you stepped back and admired me. You took me by the hand and led me to a nearby bathroom to stand in front of a mirror. You wanted me to see what the others would see. It was white rope against my pale skin, the rope was tight and firm against my skin but not so tight that I would get uncomfortable too quickly. By the touch of your hands, the twinkle in your eyes, and the word ‘event’ across your lips, I knew that I was in for something special. You handed me me my hair brush and told me to place my hair in braided pigtails instead of my typical one braid in the back; I obliged. It was at this point that you took a black ribbon type blindfold from your pocket and told me to say goodbye to my sense of sight, that I wouldn’t need it for the event, that I needed to use my other senses to enjoy all that you had planned.

You took me again by the hand and led me out of the bathroom. I remember thinking that I was surprised that there was no rope on my wrists or ankles. As we walked through the house I remember feeling various materials under my feet and trying to analyze where we were in the house, tile, wood, area rug, wood, plush carpet, wood, etc. I also remember twisting my body as I passed certain areas based on the feelings under my feet, I assume this was where my dream self knew there to be windows or doors and very aware of the cool air again my naked body. We got to a set of stairs and you placed my hand on the railing and told me to count out the 11 stairs. I counted each one out loud and stopped and waited patiently at the bottom of the stairs. You turned me to face you. You told me that during the event I am not to speak unless you specifically ask me a question, you told me that I could moan as much as I wanted and that I will definitely be moaning (at which point you laughed again and I could tell you were smiling even if I couldn’t see you), you dipped your fingers into me for the first time since me undressing and you noted that you were pleased at how wet I already was but that this was just the beginning. You told me to stay and walked away, I could hear keys jingling and I tried not to smile but I was very happy that our event, my event, was going to be taking place inside our special room.

I stood still as I waited for you to return and retrieve me. I could tell you were doing some preparations for our fun. You eventually returned me to me. This time though instead of taking me by the hand you told me to get down on my knees and you took both of my braids in one hand and led me across the cold basement floor and across a small threshold into our room. You brought me to a cushioned ottoman type piece of furniture and had me crawl up onto it. It was maybe 18″ off the floor and easily cleanable material. You told me to wait and that you wouldn’t be gone long, that the others would be arriving soon and you wanted to make sure that they all arrived. At this point I remember a lump forming in my throat and a blush across my cheeks. I don’t know if I had been this vulnerable in front of others before. I knew I trusted you though so I curled up on the piece of furniture and waited. I remember trying to guess how many people you were bringing over. I wondered whether they were men or women. I wondered if I knew them. I wondered if they would carpool so that there wouldn’t be many cars in the driveway. I knew I didn’t want the neighbors starting to ask questions.

I have no sense of how long you were gone, I remember getting up onto all fours again and circling on the piece of furniture to re position myself a few times. I was definitely getting antsy as I anticipated the fun. I remembered being glad that I wasn’t tied in one position so that I could stretch now. I heard footsteps on the stairs and turned to face the sound, trying to analyze the numbers. You opened the door (or I assume it was you who opened the door) and I heard your voice tell the guests to come in, leave your shoes at the door. You told them they could remove as little or as much of their other clothing and place it on any of the hooks on that wall (I assume you were pointing somewhere). I heard the door shut and you welcomed everyone for accepting your invitation to the event. You said you hoped that they had all followed the instructions provided in the invitation sent out the previous month. I heard laughs. I remember crouching on the furniture trying to cover as much of my body as I could, trying to keep it private for just a few minutes longer.

You were using your teacher voice and said that there are a few rules you wanted to discuss before the event started (as said in your words):

1. Do not speak. If you have any questions you may write them down on this board and I will answer them either allowed for the group to hear or I will write back an answer if it is not appropriate to be spoken. You may laugh as much as you want.

2. Do not touch her blindfold or her asshole; you may touch anything else.

3. Do not use any other toys or implements other than the toy I instructed you to bring.

4. Today only the toy is to enter into her wet pussy, and it is very wet, I already checked for you. You may use any of the lubes on that end table but I don’t think you will necessarily need them.

5. You may cum anywhere you would like but if you cum down her precious throat then please take one of the hemp strings from this basket and tie it around her ankle before the end of the event. She will surely lose count and I want her to remember each one of the gifts she was given. (There was laughing at this).

You approached me. I heard your dress shoes against the floor. I appreciated that you made everyone else remove their shoes so I could track you in the room. I don’t remember noticing what you were wearing before I had the blindfold put on, I just remember staring at your face. I regret now that I hadn’t seen how you had dressed yourself up. I have a feeling you would have wanted to look good for the event.

You then told me that you were offended when I had previously told you that men could not be crafty. That they can be very crafty, with their minds but also with their hands. You told me that you had invited these men here via an invitation (this was the first time I knew that it was all men in the room) and that you had provided each one of them with a coupon to purchase a kit to make a dildo replica of their cock. That this was the toy that each one had brought. Able to fuck me with their cock without me having to worry. As you said this part you cupped your hand under my chin and I remember smiling up at you so thankful for my considerate Dom.

The next portion is a bit hard to put into words, there was so much going on and so many feelings, physically, emotionally, mentally. I remember hands wrapping my braids around their hands and dragging their hard warm cock across my lips, I remember trying to reach out and put my mouth around it but it always being just out of reach making me stretch. I remember feeling fingers pulling my pussy lips apart and feeling the first rubber cock plunge into me, I remember gasping as I felt a cock in my mouth and pussy. Trying to help them match rhythm. It was at this point I realized you had put on some quiet classical music and I tried to pick up the beat to rock to. I was so wet and my heart rate was definitely elevated as I felt the first cock pulse a load of cum down my throat. There was laughing as he wandered away. A few minutes later I felt a hand around my right ankle as a string was tied around it. I was flipped and turned in every which direction. Trying to obey each direction. I heard your voice softly every once in awhile, you must have been answering some written questions.

One toy cock especially stands out, it was not the 1st or 2nd one, I don’t remember exactly how many there were but it had such a big head. Maybe it wasn’t that big compared to some others but compared to the shaft of the same cock it was huge and I remember how much joy he had popping it in and out with every single stroke into my wet hole. I remember pumping my hips back to meet him and I remember gushing for the first time during the event to the feeling of his cock popping in and out of me and rubbing deep inside. And I remember feeling ashamed and not wanting them to know what a whore I felt like. A horny dirty whore being fucked again and again in my mouth and in my dripping pussy. When my legs started getting weak and shaky I remember being flipped over and hearing velcro restraints as they were attached to my body. I don’t know how many times I came or how many time I had warm salty loads of cum fill my mouth but I remember that my stomach felt full and it felt like there was someone always at my ankle tying a knot into their string. I remember hearing a camera click regularly (I assume it was you based on where I heard your shoes) and how that had almost as much of an arousing effect as all of the touches.

Eventually things started to slow and my world stopped spinning. You thanked everyone for attending and I remember even though there was no longer any fingers or cocks against my body, I was still shaking and convulsing up against ghost feelings that lingered. You opened the door and everyone exited. You said that many had asked if there would be another event and you assured them that there would be many more events in the future, each one a little different than the last, and you laughed. You left the room with them, I assume to walk them all to the front door. I stayed waiting patiently for your return.

When you returned you sat down next to me and asked me if I enjoyed. I tried not to smile too big as I said yes and thank you. You gently untied my blindfold (I was thankful you had turned off the lights in the room except for a small light in the corner so that my eyes could adjust since they were blindfolded so long) and kissed my lips and told me how much you loved me and how proud you were of me. You told me I made many men smile. You gave me permission to speak freely and asked if I had any questions. I asked how many men were present and you just laughed told me that there were plenty and that I could count my strings later but to not worry, many of them had come multiple times. You led me down off of the piece of furniture and led me over to a cage in the corner near the light.

You put me in the cage and I remember how I was still dripping and could feel my wetness against the floor of the cage as I moved around in it to make myself comfortable. I could sit up in the cage seated cross legged but had to bow my head you handed me scissors and the a latchwork piece that I must have started previously. It was like the latchwork rug kits you use with yarn but instead of yarn it was all hemp string, each one with a knot sill in it. You told me to cut off each string individually and to add it to my ‘masterpiece’ (or was it “master’s piece”). As I cut off each one and incorporated it into the piece to remember the portion of the event associated with that string. I don’t know what I had done to deserve all the previous strings but I remember running my fingers through it and feeling so calm and warm and relaxed and safe, very much a ‘comfort blanket’ sort of effect. You closed the cage door and left me alone to do my craft and to reflect on the event. I remember just as you were about to leave the room and shut the door you turned to me and said Thank you to me and I replied “No, thank you, Sir” and you said that I was such a good puppet and that is the last thing I remember.

Sincerely, Your puppet

Hi, my name is Rick. I had just started working 3rd shift at the plant. We were given computer access, and were allowed to log into myspace, which made the nights go quicker.

Jennifer was interesting. She was a self described, big, beautifully dominant woman, that worked as an assist manager at a motel. Her relationship was, “complicated”, and she had “special friends” that she liked to go to Rain (a local gay club)with. She also liked to “do speed, or vitamin e, and just stay up all night”.

Jenn and I had been chatting for 3 days when she told me about how, 3 years into her marriage, she had found out that her well paid husband was not only bisexual, but a passable cross dresser as well. Since the night she had caught him willingly servicing a young man in their garage, she had been granted sexual leeway.

When we finally met at a Denny’s for coffee, the sexual tension barely allowed us to finish breakfast. Several men brazenly stared longingly at Jennifer, making me horny as hell. Her devilish foot massage of my tented cargo pants made it difficult for me to eat. We quickly headed out to explore each other completely secure behind the tinted windows of the back end of her custom van.

Jennifer and I jumped in the front bucket seats, only to turn on her back speakers and dive on to the futon mattress in the back, where we kissed and fondled each other like two lust deprived animals, and our clothes seemed to vanish. Suddenly, I could feel her slender finger begin to assault my virgin asshole. The new sensations caused my cock to betray me, becoming even harder as Jenn slowly, and deliberately fingered my tight, virgin asshole. Seeing how hard she had made me, she slyly smiled, as her wet, warm mouth engulfed my hard shaft. As she continued to finger fuck me, she stopped slurping on my cock long enough to ask me if I had ever been curious about having sex with another man.

My cock stayed hard as I revealed to her how, while 18, on a senior high school camping trip, after drinking whiskey and smoking pot for the first time, an older friend and I ended up orally pleasuring each other. Even though I didn’t care for the taste of his cum, I had enjoyed the experience of secretly pleasuring him for the whole weekend. When the weekend was over, my strict religious upbringing stopped me from continuing the affair.

With a sly grin, Jennifer asked me if I had ever been tempted to repeat my experience, or maybe go to a gay club just to see what I might be missing out on?

I said, “no, not interested.” She then said, “You know what, I have the perfect friend in mind for you. Yes, Shane will love you.”

On the spot, Jenn grabbed her phone, as she showed me a pic of a beautiful 8″, uncut cock, and the handsome younger guy it belonged to. After seeing my cock harden again, she gleefully called Shane up. She took a camera pic of me for his approval, then asked him if he wanted to hang out, finally passing the phone to me, so that Shane and I could talk.

Meanwhile, Jennifer returned to sucking my cock, as Shane’s strong voice made me even harder. I confessed to him that I’d seen his cock and I’d do almost anything he wanted me to do. Shane complimented my pic and my sexy voice, saying he wanted to fuck my full lips until he came in my mouth and I swallowed it. This sent me over the edge as I blasted my load into Jennifer’s hungry mouth.

He arrived at Jennifer’s house at noon. Jenn and I had been smoking weed and drinking Asti for almost 2 hours, while steam rooming and whirl pooling, so by the time Shane walked in, I was very relaxed. Shane was an impressive 6’1″, 190 pounds of married, bi male.

Shane stood before me smiling broadly, and said, “mmmnice lips, Rick”. He unzipped his cargo shorts, releasing his tempting, flesh snake, which was now merely inches from my face and rock hard.

Jennifer whispered in my ear, “Go on, Rick Baby, you know you want to suck Shane’s big cock, and then I want you to fuck it for me”. At the thought of Shane fucking my virgin ass, a deep moan escaped my lips. Still holding my hard cock, Jennifer whispered, “Do you want Shane to fuck you, Rick Baby?” I would love to see that tight asshole of yours fucked hard by him.” “Now suck his cock for me, lover.” She kissed my forehead, then stood and left the room for a bit.

I didn’t need any encouragement, although Shane provided plenty, as I hungrily began licking and sucking his warm, throbbing monster. Shane had plenty of sweet pre-cum that I lovingly licked up like a puppy lapping up creme. Not long after taking his cock into my mouth, He began to buck hard, driving his monster into my throat. It didn’t take long for me to be almost choking as he began cumming in thick gooey blasts down my throat.

It was when Shane pulled me up to him, that for the first time, a man romantically kissed me. I was pleasantly surprised and easily adapted to his handling me. As our throbbing, naked cocks touched and rubbed, I realized Shane was still hard. It was then I also noticed that Jennifer had returned wearing a strap on that was as long, but not as thick as Shane’s cock was.

I laid on my back on Jennifer’s thick down mattress. Shane knelt down to play with my ass, and penetrated me with 1st one, then two, well lubed fingers. I was surprised by the feeling, and the deeper he went, the more I want him to fuck me with his hardness.

Jennifer knelt next to me and leaned in, with her back to Shane, she whispered, “Oh Rick Baby, Shane really likes you, (she reaches down to cop a feel of my rock hard cock) are you going let him fuck you with his big cock?” She could feel my cock throb from the thought of being fucked by his impressive tool, which caused her to slyly smile again and stand up before me, then she told me to,”suck my fake cock like a good little cock whore, bitch”. I got on my knees and happily complied, while putting on a show for Shane in the process.

While still on my knees sucking Jennifer’s fake cock, I felt Shane moving behind my ass. It wasn’t long before I felt the head of his big cock pushing against my tight, willing virginal brown eye. I suddenly felt him grab my hips, as he painfully popped inside my ass.

Even though it was a bit painful at first, something about wanting to please young Shane relaxed me. I began to push back against him, pulling even more of him inside of me. He continued to slowly push completely in and with no contact, my own cock remained completely hard.

Jennifer pulled back, took off the strap on and watched as Shane began to slowly fuck me. Her fingers dove in between her matronly legs, as she urged me on. “That’s it Baby, take that cock.”"That feels so good, doesn’t it, Baby?” “You look so sexy being fucked by that big cock.”

Suddenly, Shane began to fuck me in a deep, slow rhythm. I could feel him getting close and I could also feel my own seed begin to boil. My throbbing cock danced beneath me. Shane began to grunt, fucking me harder like a beast, finally shooting his seed deep inside my hungry ass, as Jennifer suddenly swallowed my own spurting cock. We spent the rest of the weekend pleasuring each other in every imaginable way. My eyes now opened, with more possibilities to see.

I was blown away by it, the feeling of submission, not to mention accepting with great reward, my own bisexuality.

This story is collaborative, hence the jump in perspective. I can’t be doing with going through all of it to change it, so… it stays!

Part 1 – his

You hear my voice, close to your ear, my hot breath on your neck; “you can trust me, you understand this, yes?”

“Yes, I trust you fully,” you reply quietly, a slight stammer in your words. Yes I trust him, you think to yourself, but what am I trusting him with?

It had started earlier in the evening, when you’d met him for a drink at his local pub. It was a quiet little place, so idyllic as to be almost clichéd: flagstone flooring worn uneven by the endless passing of many different visitors, dark stained wooden beams criss-crossing the roof and glowing embers of fresh cut wood burning warm on an open fire, filling the room with the acrid smell of wood smoke. You’d sat and drunk a couple of different ciders, each one different to the last; some sweet and rich, some so bitter and sharp it seemed as if the enamel was being stripped from your teeth. It had not taken long for you to relax. The dim lighting and warm, cosy atmosphere seemed to mimic exactly how you brain was starting to feel. Your eyes had grown heavy as the alcohol had started to make its presence known to your hindbrain, and your face felt warm and flushed.

You’d talked at length about a number of seemingly innocuous subjects, discovering that you both had a lot in common through shared mutual interests. At times you’d both just sit in silence, revelling in the warm glow emanating from the fireplace. You had been comfortable in this place, and felt secure and relaxed. You had felt as if you could tell him anything, and it would not shock him, and you’d not feel embarrassed by it. He’d occasionally laugh languorously, and answer you only with a sly grin and a look from his eyes that suggested he already knew what you were going to say next, and it would not matter, for he was happy just to be with you; and likewise you were content to just sit in his company.

As the afternoon shadows had lengthened into the evening, he’d moved closer to you on the bench that you were sharing, and you’d reciprocated his approaches until you were both side by side, thighs touching. Occasionally you’d say something that you thought was foolish, and he’d tease you for it for a moment, and then put his arm around you and pull your head close to his chest, laughing all the while, to show that it was his way of being affectionate. Every time he did so you felt a surge of excitement rush through you. Through his clothes you could feel that he was quite powerful, and yet he treated you as if you were a kitten, just enough contact to hold you and show you were secure, without causing you any discomfort through excess pressure. You’d breath in his scent when you were close to him, smelling a mild musk mixed with the smell of soil that still stained his jeans. It was not at all unpleasant, just the reassuring smells of man and nature combined.

Suddenly the topic of conversation changed very abruptly. He turned his head towards you so his face was almost against the side of your neck, and his voice dropped so that the other occupants of the pub could not hear what was being said.

“Do you want to be tied up?” he asked. You’d frozen in shock, and your body had visibly stiffened. “Don’t act surprised Alison, I know that you like things that are a little irregular to most”, he continued quietly, “and stop staring or people watching you will know you’re embarrassed. You have nothing to be ashamed of with me, and how dare you let anyone in here know that you’re embarrassed. Look at them, they’re now looking at us because it’s gone quiet and your eyes are wide. They know you have secrets Alison, but only I know what they are. Should I let everyone here know what your secrets are? “

You’d been lost for words for a few seconds, feeling more uncomfortable as the people watching you waited for a reaction. Your mind was unable to focus or think of a comeback that would break his control over you. Eventually you succumbed to him, quietly uttering “Please don’t tell everyone, but yes, I’d like to be tied up.”

And again he’d just laughed loudly, wrapping his arms around you to protect you from the stares of the room’s other occupants. Suddenly it was all just a joke, and the moment of terror you’d felt seemed to pass in an instant as he’d made it clear to all watching that there was nothing of any worthwhile entertainment to be had from watching the pair of you. You were his property, his play thing, his enigma to explore.

But that was then.

His hand hits you hard across the arse without warning, snapping you back into the present. All thoughts of comfort and security are vaporised by the sudden burning sensation in your rear. You realise you’ve let out a yelp of pain, and you wonder if the sound you heard had even come from your own mouth. You remember where you are. You are naked on your knees, your legs parted slightly, your wrists securely tied to your ankles, and your ankles are tied with lengths of rope to the bed frame itself. You are blindfolded, but it does not matter; your head is buried face down in the pillows of the bed, so your vision would have been minimal even if it had not been purposely obscured.

“I asked you are you sure!” his voice booms from somewhere behind you. “Did you not hear me or were you ignoring me?” His voice sounds impatient, raised a little in volume. “Sorry, yes I am sure. I trust you fully, but I don’t know what you have planned, so I don’t know what I am trusting you with,” is your blurted reply, the words tumbling out of your mouth so fast as to all be one singular word.

Your mind is racing to think of what he has in store for you. When you’d entered the room you’d not seen anything that would act as a giveaway to his intentions for you. He’d been ever so careful undressing you, taking time to caress and kiss every part of your body as it was revealed. His hands had been gentle as they’d helped you onto the bed, and he’d tied you with such care to ensure that while your bonds were tight and secure they had not been uncomfortable. But now, after what seemed like an hour since you’d walked into the room, your wrists ached. Your thighs were starting to burn as the muscles were stretched by being held in one position for longer than they were used to. Your abdomen was hurting from keeping your muscles tight enough to stop your weight resting on your neck.

Again, a second slap across your arse makes you yelp, but this time his hand stays firmly pressed where it had hit your flesh. You feel the warmth of his palm against your reddening cheek, and you feel the pressure of his grip squeeze your soft flesh. “Do you feel that pain?” he asks his voice one again close to your ear. “Yes, I feel it. It hurt a little.” “I know it hurt, because I wanted it to hurt. You showed me it hurt because you cried out loud. This is the control I have over you. I can give you pain, but I can also take it away and replace it with something else, should I choose to. Stick your arse a little higher in the air for me”

You push your rear upwards, arching your spine as much as your restraints will allow you. Your thighs protest as you move your body weight around, but you struggle to do as has been asked because you don’t want to be hit again. You feel a heavy hand on each cheek as they are pushed apart, and you instinctively clench against the pressure applied. “Relax; you have said already that you trust me, so why do you tighten so?” You relax your muscles, and as you do so you feel something warm and soft push against your arsehole. It is the most exquisite feeling you’ve experienced in a while, and you relax your muscles even more, pushing your body backwards against his tongue until you can feel it now inside your arse. It feels incredible as it moves slowly in and out of you. You’ve never had anyone do this to you, and the thrill of finding something new and arousing that seems so taboo, causes you to moan out loud.

“This is the pleasure I can give you if you trust me fully.”

Part 2 – her

I was already starting to twig that a nice, soothing, erotic sensation like that wasn’t going to go unpunished. I was right. I felt him draw back and I braced myself. He spanked me again, the noise echoing sharply in the otherwise silent room. I bit my lip, determined not to yell. He did it again, a different spot.. probably looking for a reaction. I didn’t give him one, my mulish mind still unreasonably grumpy at my own body for betraying me. Not again, I’d decided.

The spanking continued, varying in hardness, speed.. I couldn’t predict it, and as well as the spreading burn in my sore arse, the rest of my body was aching from the tension of my position.

When he stopped, I must have relaxed noticeably, as he laughed at me.

“You’re tough, aren’t you? Brave. Well, In a minute that blindfold’s coming off. I want you to see what you’re up against.”

I was still exposed, head down in the pillows, sore arse up. I heard him leave the room, then come back and perch next to me. His fingers deftly removed the blindfold. I was trying not to glare at him. He hopped off the bed, kneeling next to it, so his face was level with mine.

“I’m going to put things inside you,” he said, meeting my eyes. “We’ll start easy, don’t worry. But I am going to make sure you can see what you are taking, first. And when I’m pleased with you, I’m going to take pictures, as a souvenir. I know you hate that, but don’t worry – no one will see them, and even if they did, they won’t know it’s you. And there’s not a damn thing you can do to stop me doing this, so don’t struggle, don’t wriggle, cos you’ll only hurt yourself.

Here’s the first thing.”

He held up an object in front of me. It was a butt plug – smooth, tapered, not huge. I was fine with that, I knew I could take it into that place; I’d taken larger. But for starters? What else would there be? He got up, moved behind me. I didn’t need to watch him – even without the blindfold, I was happier with my head in the pillows. At least they hid my grimaces when things were painful. I felt the coldness of a blob of lube on my arsehole, then his warm fingers massaging it over me. I felt the firm push of the tip of the plug, and he slid it home, smoothly and easily. As my muscles closed over it, allowing just the flared base to rest against me, he tapped the base, sending a little shock through me. Not unpleasant. I could do this.

He moved down my me again. “comfortable?” he smiled. I nodded. “You took that easily, you dirty girl. I want to see how far I can push your holes. Here’s the next item.”

He opened his fist in front of my face, and I looked puzzled to see a golf ball resting in his hand. If that’s going in my arse, he’ll never get the damned thing out! He must have seen my confusion, and just smiled at me quizzically as he got up. I was expecting to feel the sensation of the plug withdrawing. I didn’t – I felt him spread the lips of my pussy, and again I felt cold lube… and a sharp, firm push. He shoved the golf ball into me, stretching the muscles at the opening of my cunt, and I squeaked into the pillow. He gave me a moment to get accustomed to the sensation, and only then did he withdraw the plug from my other hole.

“You don’t need to see this one – it’s just a bigger version, but not much. I told you, this part is easy”. I wish I believed it! I felt my hole stretch slightly as he eased in a larger plug. It was okay, not painful, but if the next one was bigger – well, that would be as much as I had ever done before.

“Ahh, that looks good – black buttplug, pink arse, wet pussy!” He sounded almost triumphant. I heard the mechanized snick of a camera shutter – too perfect for reality, a digital camera sound effect. The bastard was true to his word, he was taking pictures! I really hate seeing myself in photos; I’m shy about my body. He was next to me again, grinning like a kid. “Look at yourself,” he commanded. I opened one eye and peeked at the screen he was showing me. I winced. It was a very close-up photo, detailed enough to see the puckers of my hole, the wetness along the deeply coloured pussy lips. The buttplug shone in the glare of the flash. It was like something from a dirty magazine.

“Next!” He was still grinning. I felt a twinge in my pussy… yes, I was embarrassed. But the physical sensations weren’t unpleasant, and I was certainly aroused. He held another golf ball out. Another? He pushed it in, more gently this time, slowly. It pushed its mate deeper into me and I groaned – my god, they felt good. They’re bigger than I remembered, and heavy. I was tight, still, but their weight meant I had to be careful not to let them slide out. He brandished another plug at me… and this time I shook my head. “I can’t take that!” I protested. “It’s too big!”

“I know you can,” he smiled, coating it with lube in front of my eyes. “Don’t worry… I will push you, but you can do it, I know it.” How would he know? My protests fell on deaf ears, and felt pressure, and then a sudden give, as my sphincter released its hold on the previous plug. He pushed the new one in, and god – I could feel it stretching my hole. It wasn’t painful, not yet. He rotated it, almost massaging me with it. He pushed a little more, and I yelped. “I really can’t take that! It hurts now!”

“Shhhh…” he soothed. “Not much more to go – you’re almost at the widest bit. You can do it.”

I gritted my teeth. It stung. And then – yeow! I screeched as he slapped my arse, hard. I felt a shove, and realised he’d slapped me as a distraction. The damned thing was forced tight into me. I felt it pushing at my insides. Then I felt another sensation – oddly pleasant this time, as the golf balls in my pussy were pushed out, thanks to the invader in my arse. There was a soft thud, then another, as they hit the bed. It felt good, actually – and despite the full, distended feeling in my arse, my pussy felt oddly vacant.

I felt him tug slightly on the plug, and winced – that was going to hurt coming out, too. He pulled though – and then I heard the snap of the camera again. He let go and I relaxed a little.

“Look at your arsehole!” I snuck a peek at the screen. Christ! What had he done? He’d pulled so that the broadest part of the plug was visible, and it was bloody huge. How on earth had I taken such a monster? It was bigger than my own plug, which had been bought for me, and was a struggle at the best of times. Still, I thought. He’s happy now.

Happy! Hah, as if. He put one more object in front of my face. My internal muscles involuntarily clenched.

It was a bottle. A pop bottle – the kind you get from a vending machine. From the cap, it was rounded out, like an orange. It was wide. Really wide. Not a hope would that go into me with that plug inside me as well, and he knew it.

I felt the delightful sensation of his weight shifting behind me, his body closer than he’d been before, and then the unmistakeable feeling of his cock sliding slowly into my recently vacated cunt. I heard him let out a long breath.

“Christ.. even after those golf balls, you’re tight – that thing in your arse must make you feel so full… I just wanted to see how it felt. Fuck… You know what I’m gonna do next? I’m going to remove that monster. Stay still.”

I did, and he pulled his cock free with a loud, wet noise. Jesus, I was almost dripping. I felt him start to pull on the plug, and breathed through it. The first part would be the worst – the widest bit. I couldn’t help it – I let out a keening cry as the huge thing stretched my hole again. Then it slid free, and my arse twitched in relief. My head dropped back onto the pillow. I realised there were tears on my face.

As I was getting my breath back, I felt his fingers gently tugging on my pussy lips. He spread me wide. I felt his breath on me, cool on my overheated skin. He ran a finger around me, then slipped a couple of fingers inside, slowly, carefully. I sighed, grateful. I was being well lubed up, and I was wet anyway – the sound of him fingering me was delicious.

“Remember what’s going up there,” I heard him say. “I know you can take it, but I need to loosen you up.”

His thumb found my clit and I let out a loud groan. He shifted his hands slightly, and I realised he was pinching my clit softly with one hand, and fingering me with three fingers of the other. He rubbed at the most sensitive spots inside me, and I felt my cunt gush a tiny bit. “One more..” he murmured. Oh, god – stretching even more. Another finger had gone in. The noises! I was breathing harder, and he was fingering me to match. Faster, harder, and so wet… what was he doing to me?! And god… I felt the sparks of a rare and huge orgasm…

…And groaned in frustration as he slowed his hand, and stopped, withdrawing it.

“Okay, here we go…”

I squealed.

“Jesus… No… It’s too much! Please….”

My ankles pulled against the ropes, trying to close my legs and stop it. I screeched through my clenched teeth. He kept going, pushing.. and suddenly something shifted inside me, something almost gave in… and the widest part of the bottle was wedged inside me. He let go of it, and it stayed firmly stuffed in there.

It was the biggest thing I had ever taken in there. I was full, stretched to the limit. It was deep, and it felt like it was touching places nothing else had ever reached. I let out a noise that was somewhere between a relieved groan and a pained gasp.

He reached underneath me and flicked my clit, hard. Oh, fuck.

“Wow, you are doing it… taking it for me, aren’t you?”

“Hmmmmnnn!” I could only make noises now, I was beyond articulating words. Off went the camera again. “You’re my slut bitch, aren’t you? Now come on, let’s finish this!”

I could feel it coming.. and I knew coming on this thing would feel like nothing else. It might hurt – I knew I tensed up tight when I came, and I was so full… He flicked my clit back and forth, pinched it… and tapped his other hand on the end of the bottle plugging my slut cunt.

It hit me, and my thighs started to shake. Sweat broke out across my chest and forehead. My voice was not my own, and I wailed… My cunt started to clench rhythmically, and my abused arsehole pulled tight as well. I screamed as my tightening pussy clamped down on the slippery bottle, forcing it from my gaping tunnel with a loud squashing sound. Jets of warm fluid spattered onto the bedsheets as his fingers thrummed over my clit. I bucked in my bonds crazily, yelling. Dear god… I had only squirted like that once before. I couldn’t believe the size of the things he’d forced into me, and he’d made me do that! Was that what I needed to come?!

My body sagged onto the bed, breath coming in ragged gasps… I could no longer think, no longer move… The last thing I knew was the camera flash, and his fingers undoing my bonds…

“I don’t know. I don’t really get why you think it would be so fun,” said Leigh Ann.

Roger sat across from his wife in the restaurant. He had mentioned the idea on an impulse after finishing a few glasses of wine. He wasn’t sure he could answer her question. “I guess I just like the idea of other guys wanting you as badly as I do. Watching them come up and hit on you in a bar would be pretty hot. It’s just a little playful flirting, no harm in that.”

Leigh Ann and Roger were having the best vacation of their lives. They had been married for ten years, and this trip was their anniversary present to each other. They had spent way too much money booking a room at a gorgeous art deco hotel in South Beach. It was really a stretch financially because Roger was having a tough year. He sold advertising for a living, and the market had really softened up since the recession had hit. Leigh Ann had even gone back to work as an administrative assistant to help make ends meet.

She had no trouble getting a job as her looks turned heads wherever she went. She was in her mid-thirties, but she had the body of a woman ten years younger. Her soft brown hair hung straight over her shoulders, and she carried herself with a confidence that was as sexy as she was. When she had been out at the pool earlier in the day, Roger noticed every man around them casting inconspicuous glances her way.

One man was less subtle. He was just a few years older than they were. He was tall, about 6’4″, and he was built like a professional athlete, with angular muscles that come only from consistent workouts and a perfect diet. He had dark hair, but the gray that was just beginning to show in his goatee hinted at his maturity. He lifted his expensive sunglasses when he walked by Leigh Ann and brazenly checked her out. He stood at the pool bar just a few meters away and ordered a mojito. While his sunglasses stayed on this time, he seemed to be staring right through Leigh Ann’s bikini. Roger seemed to think he saw his wife notice the attention and smile knowing the effect she was having on him.

That moment was the genesis for the idea. Roger noticed how turned on he became by this man’s obvious desire for his wife. Maybe it would be fun, he thought, if they walked into a bar separately, her first and then Roger ten minutes later. Without a doubt she would be surrounded by men in no time. Roger had no doubt that he would be excited to watch other men hit on his wife. He also thought that it might excite Leigh Ann to know that after ten years of marriage, she still had what it took to drive men crazy.

After a little harmless flirting Roger himself would come up and hit on her. After a little ‘stranger meets stranger’ role playing in the bar, they could go extend the fun up in their room. This would all just be a little playful fun for a loving couple.

“Will it turn you on to watch other men hit on me?” asked Leigh Ann.

“I think it will,” said Roger.

“You think?” laughed Leigh Ann.

“Ok, I know,” smiled Roger.

“And what if they want to buy me a drink? Should I let them?”

“I guess, if you think they are cute,” replied Roger with a playful smirk.

“If they are cute I might let them buy me two drinks,” laughed Leigh Ann.

“Whatever you want… two drinks, three drinks, they can even buy you breakfast.” They both laughed. However, they both also knew that if they did end up doing this, that it would never go too far. For all their humorous little patter, they were both very conservative and very committed to their vows. This would not possibly go beyond a little flirting in the bar.

“Well… my kinky little husband, if I did agree to do this, when would we do it?”

“I guess we could do it tomorrow night, I don’t know.”

“Yeah, I’m already a little tipsy,” said Leigh Ann. “Maybe tomorrow night is best.”

It occurred to Roger that maybe it was the wine that had helped Leigh Ann agree to do this in the first place. After sobering up in the morning, he worried that she might not be so open to the idea.

“Hell, let’s just do it tonight,” exclaimed Roger. “Let me pay the bill here, and we’ll head back to the hotel. The lobby bar in that hotel is as good a place as any. After a little play time in the bar, you and I will head up for a little alone time in the room.”

Leigh Ann smiled and nodded her head. She ran her slender finger around the rim of the wine glass from which she was drinking before lifting the glass to finish off what was left in the bottom. She reached across the table and grabbed Roger’s hands. “Ok,” she said. “Let’s do it.”

They discussed logistics in the cab on the way back. When they arrived at the hotel, Leigh Ann would get out of the cab and go into the bar. Roger would then have the cab driver pull up to the hotel just next door before he would get out. By the time he paid and walked over, Leigh Ann will have had about ten minutes to attract some attention. There was no doubt that she would. She wore a short, almost sheer, crepe-paper looking skirt that hugged her waist and showed off both her long legs and her heart-shaped ass. Her top was sleeveless and tight-fitting with thin straps. It showed her cleavage almost to the tops of her nipples. The outfit was very daring by her standards.

As they approached the hotel, Roger’s heart started beating rapidly. He was going to love this. “What should I do about my wedding rings?” asked Leigh Ann, breaking the silence.

“Ummm… I hadn’t thought about that. I don’t think anyone would mind you wearing them. They’ll still hit on you.”

“Just the same, I don’t want to wear them. ” She pulled them off and handed them to Roger. “You hold them.” She seemed nervous. Her breathing was a little uneasy.

“Honey, we don’t have to do this.”

She answered him by leaning towards him and kissing him passionately.

“We’re doing it,” she smiled.

The car pulled into the hotel and she stepped out. Roger remained inside as per the plan. Without even a look back, she walked into the lobby. Even the doorman gawked at her as she walked by.

Roger put the wedding rings in his front right pocket. He looked over his shoulder as the cab driver pulled out into the street on his way to the next hotel. When the cab arrived next door, Roger got out and paid the driver. The night was warm, and he was more nervous than he had expected. He double-checked that he had the rings and started walking back to his own hotel. He suddenly stopped himself, deciding to go into this adjacent hotel for a quick drink to settle his nerves before heading back.


Leigh Ann was actually excited about this little role play. It would be an opportunity let her hair down, and it couldn’t hurt to spice things up after ten years of marriage. She was conservative, but she could also surprise herself at times, and this little adventure was a case in point.

The lobby bar was very nice, and as it was early by Miami standards, it was filling up but still uncrowded. It was dimly lit with a pale blue light, and it opened into the lobby itself where there were additional tables set up for serving drinks. Booths, more dimly lit, were on both walls, and the bar itself was against the back. There was Latin music playing, but it was not so loud that one could not carry on a conversation.

She took one of two open seats at the bar. She could feel the stares of two twenty-something men, both fit and handsome. She rubbed the bottom of her thumb nervously against the empty space on the finger where her wedding rings should have been.

“Can I buy you a drink?”

“Pardon me,” she responded. She had not noticed that one of the two young men had approached her and was already offering to buy her a drink.

“Please do,” she answered. “Chardonnay.”

The young man ordered her wine and he waited for the bartender to pour it, he introduced himself. He and his friend were in town for a sales meeting, and they were staying at the same hotel. Leigh Ann found them both attractive, but she was having a hard time with the flirting. She kept waiting for Roger to arrive, and it was obvious to the two men that she was expecting someone else. They made pleasant conversation for a few minutes, but the men sensed that they were getting nowhere, and they soon wished her a good visit before finishing their drinks and heading out to get a late dinner of their own. This left Leigh Ann alone in the bar, with no obvious candidates with whom to flirt when Roger did arrive. She wondered what was taking him so long.

She turned the glass of wine up, quickly drinking half the glass. The alcohol seemed to be a decent remedy for her nervousness. She ran her finger around the perimeter of this glass like she had in the restaurant earlier. She seemed lost in her thoughts when she was interrupted by the waitress.

“Miss, the gentleman in that booth wanted me to send you this glass of champagne.”

She looked up to acknowledge the waitress. “Certainly, thank you.” She took the champagne and looked over to where the waitress had pointed. It was the same well-built man that Roger had seen ogling her at the pool earlier in the day. He wore linen slacks and a tight fitting t-shirt that made his athletic figure as obvious as it was when he wore no shirt at all. He lifted his own glass to toast her.

She stood, looked out to find that Roger had still not yet arrived, and walked over to thank this man. The man stood to greet her. The two looked like a better matched couple than did she and Roger. He was every bit as fit and attractive as her, while Roger, shorter and less striking, always left strangers wondering what they were doing together.

“Hi, I’m Max,” said the man.

“And I’m Leigh Ann. Thank you for the champagne.”

“My pleasure. I was actually surprised to see you here alone. I thought I saw you with a man earlier at the pool. “

“Well, uhhh…. just me. I thought I would just stop in for a drink.”

“Those young men you were speaking with earlier didn’t seem like much company. I hope I fare better,” said Max. “Have a seat.” He guided her by the hand to sit with her back to the entrance of the bar. Now she would not see Roger whenever he arrived. She was sure, however, that he would make his way in to find her.

Max and Leigh Ann sat and talked for some time. He poured her more champagne from the bottle that was chilling beside the booth, and she found herself increasingly charmed by her new companion. He was so attractive, so completely masculine, and there was something hypnotic about the way he spoke to her. She had almost forgotten about Roger until she saw him, out of the corner of her eye, sitting at the bar having already ordered a drink. She wondered how long he had been there. Roger smiled at her, and she tried to pretend not to notice.

“That’s the man,” said Max, “that I thought you were with. I guess I was mistaken.”

“Yes, I suppose so,” answered Leigh Ann.

“He seems to be interested in you, however, but I can’t really blame him.” Leigh Ann blushed. He reached across the table and took her hands in his.

“It’s funny,” Max said, “I could swear I saw you by the pool today, and I could swear you wore a wedding ring.”

Leigh Ann turned up her glass of champagne. “Just me,” she said.

“Would you mind if I sat over there on that side of the booth with you?” asked Max.

“Be my guest.” Max stood and came over to the other side of the booth, sitting very close to Leigh Ann, he again took her hand. He noticed the tan lines where her wedding rings had been earlier, but he said nothing. “Is it ok if I put my arm around you?” he asked.

“That would be fine,” she answered more nervous than ever.

He pushed her hair back and rested his arm along the top of her shoulders. As he did so, he leaned into her ear and whispered, letting his breath warm her neck as he did so. “You know, sometimes married men like to watch their wives come into bars and flirt with other men. Imagine if that guy at the bar was your husband and you were his wife… he’d really be turned on watching us right now.”

“Yes,” answered Leigh Ann, almost in a moan. The alcohol had certainly affected her. She was surprised by the thoughts that were running through her head. She wanted to be with this man. The playfulness was beginning to get an edge.

“Let’s just pretend that’s your husband. I bet it would really turn him on if you closed your eyes, if you let me kiss you under your neck.”

Leigh Ann’s eyes were already shut. She lifted her neck and Max put his lips right below her chin. He kissed her several times, moving lower on her neck with each kiss.

“I’m going to put my hand on your leg, just below your skirt. I don’t even think he’ll be able to see it from the way we are sitting.”

Leigh Ann felt his hand grip her leg just above her knee. Her legs were just slightly parted, but when he touched her, she found herself wanting to open them for him. Perhaps unconsciously she pushed them apart. She rested her head on his shoulder. She opened her eyes and caught Roger’s stare. He was conspicuously watching her with Max. Roger gave the appearance that he was in a trance, unable to look away. Max pushed his hand up so that it went under Leigh Ann’s skirt, but not so far that he was touching the white lace panties that she had put on earlier that evening.

“They say that the most common fantasy amongst married men is to watch their wife be taken by another man.”

“I don’t know. I don’t understand,” Leigh Ann tried to respond. Her breathing was shallow, she was having trouble focussing on anything other than her growing sense of lust.

Max pushed his hand up Leigh Ann’s thigh until he was gripping the soft flesh where her thigh met her panties. Leigh Ann pushed her legs yet wider apart, and Max rewarded her by brushing his fingers against the softness of the cloth that covered her pussy.

“Is that your husband, Leigh Ann?”

“Yes,” she responded. “You were right.”

“What’s his name?”


“Invite Roger over here.”

She lifted her head off of Max’s shoulder as if she was suddenly sobering up to the reality of what was taking place.

“There’s no harm in inviting him over here. Let’s all have a little chat.”

Leigh Ann motioned to Roger, indicating that he should take a seat across the booth.

“Hello, Roger,” said Max as he approached. “I’m Max. Have a seat.”

“First of all, is it ok that I’m sitting with your wife like this?”

“Yes, but….”

“It’s ok, I figured it out; she didn’t tell me right away. Have you guys ever done anything like this before?”

“Like what? What do you mean exactly?” asked Roger.

“Has she ever gone into a bar to meet other men… I mean, since you’ve been married?”

“No, sort of an impulse thing.”

“But it was your idea, right?”


“Roger, I get it. It’s perfectly normal, and very common actually, to want to see your wife with another man. Does it turn you on, watching her sitting next to me right now?”

“I don’t know,” stammered Roger. Leigh Ann was now sitting straight up. Max was playing with her hair with his right hand. His left hand remained under her skirt. Both Leigh Ann and Max could not be sure if Roger noticed this or not. It suddenly made Leigh Ann very uncomfortable. She was sure Roger would not be ok with going that far.

As if reading her mind, Max addressed the very issue. “You can’t see my left hand, Roger. But I want you to know that it’s under Leigh Ann’s skirt. Is that ok, Roger?”

Leigh Ann’s legs started to close on Max’s hand, but she did not push it away. Roger paused for a long time saying nothing. Finally, his eyes looking directly at Max, he said, “I don’t know. Is it ok with Leigh Ann?”

Max answered for her. “She seems to like it. Right now I’m touching the outside of her panties. I’m stroking her very gently through her panties. I can tell that they are lace. What color are they, Leigh Ann?”

Leigh Ann could barely utter the answer. “White. They’re white.”

Her legs pushed apart unconsciously once again.

The waitress suddenly appeared reminding them all with her presence that they were in a public place. She refilled the champagne glasses for Max and Leigh Ann, and acknowledged Roger when he pointed to his empty glass to indicate he needed another. Max started into Roger’s eyes as the waitress walked away.

Roger lifted the edge of her panties and slid his finger below the soft cloth. With the very tip of his middle finger, he traced the length of her labia and rubbed the very top of the opening where her clit was swelling. Her mouth formed a circle as she pushed her breasts forward, her back arching slightly.

“Roger, I’m touching her pussy now. Do you want this to stop?” asked Max.

Roger said nothing. The awkwardness of the moment was broken when the waitress returned with Roger’s drink. This time she noticed Max’s hand under Leigh Ann’s skirt, but she only smiled, saying nothing. When the waitress had walked away, Leigh Ann buried her head in the cradle of Max’s neck. She placed her open mouth against his goatee, and Max leaned down to kiss her passionately.

“Let’s all decide now where we want this to go,” announced Max. “I for one think your marriage will benefit if the three of us have an extraordinary adventure tonight. I think you are both strong enough to experiment with something new tonight. Roger, do you agree?”

“What… I don’t understand.”

“I’m touching your wife’s pussy, and she is loving it. You are watching it happen, and I think you are loving it also. Now I want to take her up to my room and slide my cock inside her body. I want you to come up and watch. You don’t have to say anything. I’ll leave you my key. In ten minutes, join Leigh Ann and I in room 924. Don’t expect to participate. You’ll watch. You’ll do what you are told, understand?”

Roger nodded. He sat in disbelief as Max and Leigh Ann stood to leave the bar. Leigh Ann’s eyes were turned towards the floor, unable to look at her husband.


Roger paid the bill, including the tab for the expensive champagne. He took the key card and made a bee line for the elevator.

What had he done? This was not supposed to happen. It was just supposed to be a little playful flirting. Now his beautiful wife of ten years was upstairs with a stranger, maybe already fucking him. And Roger himself… why had he not stopped it? What was this uncontrollable urge he had to see his wife with another man? Where did it come from?

He stepped off the elevator and walked to room 924. He stood outside the door trying to hear what might be happening inside. Hearing nothing, he put the key in the door and opened it. There were no lights on, but the curtains were slightly open letting in enough of the outside light to see very clearly what was taking place.

Max stood, his back to the night-lit window, completely naked and magnificent. Leigh Ann knelt in front of him, still fully clothed, her mouth exploring the length of Max’s huge cock. She did not notice, or at least she did not acknowledge, Roger’s presence in the room.

Max motioned for Roger to approach. “Isn’t it beautiful to watch your wife suck my cock? I want you to undress her for me. Try not to disturb her while you do it.”

Roger bent down and began by pulling off Leigh Ann’s shoes. They were heels with a thin strap that went around the back of the ankle, and he pulled down the strap carefully to remove them one at a time. He then undid the single button that secured her skirt, and he pulled it gently off of his wife. She lifted her legs one at a time to accommodate him, but continued sucking Max’s cock. She now knelt with her legs together, the white lace panties that had been a topic of such interest seemed to glow in the dimly lit room. She pushed her legs slightly apart to make it easier for Roger to remove them. Max seemed pleased.

A gust of freezing wind blasted across my face. I succumbed to worries of frostbite as I walked aimlessly along the side of the highway.

The wind of passing trucks nearly knocked me off my feet. This must have been dangerous. It’s something I should have considered.

My parents separated about a year ago. It was a tough ordeal. I won’t get too much into that. My mother moved to Ohio. We had a rocky relationship but I visited during holidays. This was one of those visits. Christmas is only days away and I’m stuck out here in the cold. I have to get back to Michigan.

That’s easier said than done with no transportation nor money. Mom and I had a big fight. She kind of kicked me out and I kind of stormed out at the same time. Being brave like that wasn’t so difficult with the sun out and the freezing temperatures kept at bay.

I didn’t know how I’d get home. The cold was impairing my brain. I couldn’t even feel my ears anymore. Another truck passed by, the wind resulting from it really did knock me down this time. I was small and skinny so it didn’t take much.

Another truck’s headlights were on me. I looked back. The massive big rig was slowing. They must have felt I was in some serious trouble. Well, I was, wasn’t I? Wait, what if I couldn’t trust the person who was stopping? I’d never met them so what if they wanted to rob me?

The truck pulled over to the shoulder. I waited on the ground in the grass as I heard the driver’s side door open. I waited another moment and then stumbled to my feet as I caught my first glimpse of the driver.

The guy was dressed in a big winter coat. I couldn’t get a look at him as he approached.

“Yeh alright over there?” The person called out.

It wasn’t a man at all. The person had a woman’s voice. It was kind of rough but seemed sympathetic to my situation as well.

“Ummm… yeah… kinda. I think I’m alright.”

“Oh yeh sure don’ look it. What ta hell yah think yer doing out here at this time? An’ in this cold.”

The woman walked closer and I got a better look at her. She was a little plump and quite large in general. Her face was round and she wasn’t ugly. The first lady trucker I’d ever seen up close. She looked to be around forty or forty-five years old.

“I’m heading back home if I can get there. I didn’t mean to make you stop…”

“Where’s home, boy? An’ what’s yer name?”

“I’m Travis… and home is back in Michigan.”

She seemed to look over her shoulder a moment, “Well now that’s too long ta walk. I don’t want yeh out here in this cold. Something bad could become of you. I can take yeh as far as teh border. How’d that sound?”

“I… I don’t want to be any trouble…”

She interjected, “No trouble.”

I thought for a minute. Things couldn’t get much worse than they were now. I didn’t know this strange woman but getting as far as the border would be nice. It would probably only be a day’s drive and then I could call a cab in Michigan and pay them once I got home. My future looked much better with this woman’s offer than without it. It was so damn cold.

“Come on now. It’s dangerous out here with these cars passing like this.”

I nodded a yes. The woman bridged the last few feet between us and shook my hand. Like the rest of her, they were very large for a woman. She had a few inches on me in height as well.

“My name’s Daisy.”

“Nice… nice to meet you, Daisy. Thank you for stopping.” I shook her hand limply.

Daisy led the way back to her truck. My eyes wandered to her backside. I watched her big butt wobble back and forth in the thick pants while we walked. I was ashamed that an erection began to form in my pants.

Daisy opened the passenger’s side door for me. The wheels on this truck were the biggest I’d ever seen. I practically had to climb just to make the first step up the side of the truck. Daisy pushed me with a firm hand up the rest of the way. She slammed the door behind me.

I got my first glance inside the vehicle. Directly behind the two seats was a bed. Off to the side was some rudimentary cooking equipment. Daisy must live here. I didn’t understand how, having lived with all the amenities of a house my entire live.

Daisy walked around the back of the truck and came around the driver’s side. She stepped up into the truck without any trouble.

“You look some kinda freezin’,” Daisy turned up the heat in the truck, “How about I get yeh a blanket?”

Daisy slipped between the two seats, her side brushing into me, and grabbed a quilt off her bed. She slung it around my shoulders, smiling for the first time. I feigned a smile back, though I wasn’t terribly excited about my situation.

Daisy plopped down in the driver’s seat. She started the truck and threw it into gear. I noticed the many dials and other pieces of equipment in the dashboard. A radio hung nearby. I watched her flip a couple switches and then give the truck some gas.

I looked out the windshield and was amazed at how high we were. Everything else was small and insignificant. My only experience close to this was being on the second level of a train. This seemed somehow cooler. My perspective, going from walking along the highway, to traveling it in this massive piece of machinery, put a smile on my face.

“You don’ mind me askin’ how yeh ended up on teh side of ta road? Yeh didn’ really answer earlier.”

I looked across at Daisy, whose eyes were still on the road before answering. “I got thrown out. I couldn’t think of any other option but walking with no money. I’m very grateful to you for stopping like you did.”

“Options? No, there never are many. Prob’bly happens more often than yeh think.”

There was a lull in the conversation. The truck cab was warm now. I was a little restless, straining against the seat belt. Daisy must have noticed it.

“Yeh sure yer alright? You look a little flush. Prob’bly some rest would do yeh good.”

“I think I’m okay.”

“At least take a drink, kiddo,” Daisy picked her thermos up from the cup dispenser and offered it to me, “Here.”

I shook my head no.

“Don’ be afraid of germs now. Go ‘head and take a drink.” She offered me the thermos again.

I tentatively took it from her hand. I unscrewed the top and gingerly took a sip. It tasted like warm mint chocolate. I took another sip and put it back down.

“I imagine we’ll be beddin’ down in an hour or two.”

“Umm… what do you do for that?”

“We’ll park at a rest stop and close up for teh night. I got teh bed back there. Nothing special, you know.”

I turned my head and looked over the bed again. It looked barely big enough to fit Daisy. I started to wonder why she would live like this.

“Do you like… doing this?”

She glanced over at me, “Driving, yeh mean?”


“Mmhmm. I won’t be on teh road too long this time. Just carryin’ some electrical supplies back there. Ta money’s good.”

“That sounds good.”

I suddenly felt like we were sharing a very intimate conversation. I was wearing the quilt she slept with. She slept just behind us and spent most of her time living in this truck I assumed. This was her living space. Despite myself, I felt myself attracted to the big woman. She had a southern charm and the girls my age never had curves like Daisy did.

“Teh only bad thing I can say about it is it does get lonely sometimes. Being out there, ‘specially on the holidays.”

Her words brought me back from my thoughts. I found my eyes drawn back to her, hers were on the road.

“I bet it would be. Do you ever have family to spend them with?”

“No, no I don’t,” She said with a hint of sadness, “That’s teh way it is.”

Before I knew what was happening, my arm had traveled across the gap between us. It rested on Daisy’s shoulder. I gently squeezed there. It must be this heightened feeling of intimacy.

“I don’t have any family to spend holidays with either as you can see.”

Daisy returned my shoulder squeeze with a pat on my knee, nodding her head while concentrating on the road. Even though it was gone within the span of a couple seconds, I could still feel her hand on my knee. The hair on the back of my neck was standing up. It might just be the mind of a teenager, but everything seemed to have an sexual element to it. We weren’t even a foot from her bed. I mean this was her bedroom!

We talked longer, learning the basics about one another. She was independently contracting for a company currently. She lived in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and was born in the country down south somewhere. I was too sheepish to ask what state the place she described was in.

She was concerned that I might be sick after my time out in the cold. Daisy seemed very interested in the fight I was having with family. We also talked about what would have happened if Daisy hadn’t been there to pick me up.

She said this wasn’t the place for a boy like me. I was lucky she had been there because I wouldn’t have made it otherwise. Daisy said there were a lot of people out there looking to exploit someone like me and it sounded like she knew what she was talking about.

“Yeh really better get to sleep, boy.” She finally moved to end the conversation.

I yawned, “Maybe you’re right. I can try.” I turned over in the seat and closed my eyes.

“Silly. Go on and sleep in teh bed. That’s what they’re for, yeh know.”

My eyes flared open, “Oh no. I couldn’t. Where will you sleep?”

“We’ll both make out alright. Now don’t you worry about me. Do it.” Daisy raised her eyebrow up at me and smiled, “Or I can pick yeh up by yer pants and put you back there myself.”

I could see this wasn’t an argument I was going to win. I didn’t want to either. The prospect of sleeping on a bed instead of the passenger seat was appealing. Besides, I think she really meant it about picking me up and putting me in bed herself.

I let out a little laugh and headed behind the seats. I pulled the mound of covers up and slid underneath them, relishing the warmth. I hadn’t realized how tired I was until I laid down. My eyelids starting drooping almost immediately.



“Thank you for helping me.”

“Goodnight now, boy… Travis.” She told me soothingly.

I fell off to sleep. My dreams were dark. Literally. I seemed to be stranded in the pitch dark of night. Suddenly I felt a great weight. It pushed me down into the ground and I couldn’t move. The weight brought with it warmth. Heavier and heavier it felt and warmer and warmer it got. I woke up with a bit of a start.

“I didn’ mean to wake yeh.” Daisy whispered.

My eyes slowly adjusted to the darkness. I took a quick account of the surrounding area, realizing pretty quickly that I was pinned against the back of the cab with Daisy partially on top of me. Her bulky breasts laid on my neck and chest. Her right leg was crossed over mine.

Any normal person waking up to this would naturally be frightened. I wasn’t. In a strange way, nothing felt more natural in the world. I was still very groggy though.

“I parked. We’re locked in for teh night. It was mighty tough. There’s a blizzard out there.”


Another extremely natural thing happened. My cock started to grow. The warmth of her body seemed to melt into mine and being in such close proximity to her tits didn’t hurt either.

“I’m glad I found yah tonight. Curled up in a ball outside. I didn’ know what to make of yah.” She chuckled. Her leg seemed to stroke up the length of mine, closer to my crotch and the erection I was sporting.

Daisy kissed my forehead, letting her lips linger there. It might have been an innocent kiss, but we just met earlier tonight, even though it felt like we knew each other better than that, and my teenage hormones never perceived any contact from a girl as innocent.

“Sleep now.” She told me, pulling my head deeper into her chest.

I listened but sometime later I woke up again. It felt like a while later. I wasn’t sure why I was awake. I was quite warm under the blankets and under Daisy. Her breath seemed steady. She must have been asleep as well.

I was inundated with our current closeness. To say I was inexperienced in sexual things would be charitable. I’d never had this opportunity with a woman before. Daisy probably didn’t even see what we were doing through a sexual lens but I sure as hell did.

My hand was shaking. I didn’t know what I was doing. I watched my hand, almost in disbelief, as it hovered over Daisy’s body and then fell to her lower back. I felt her body rise and fall in rhythm. Feeling somewhat safer in the situation after a minute, my hand slid lower.

I passed over the seam of her shirt and hit the top of her pants. Going lower, my hand ever so gently cupped her butt. A smile must have washed over my face at that point. I cupped it again, feeling the big thing through her thick pants with my fingers.

My erection was painfully hard. Daisy’s knee dug into the material of my pants and put my cock in an uncomfortable position. I tried, never taking my hand off my backside, to delicately readjust and give myself more room.

I gently pulled the side of my pants, trying to pull it out from Daisy’s knee without waking her. The strategy of tugging a few millimeters at a time was working well. I was almost free and excitedly gave it one last tug. Then it happened.

The bed creaked. In an instant, Daisy’s hand grabbed my wrist. Yes, the wrist whose hand had been resting on her ass.

“What’re yeh doin’?!” Daisy growled. Her grip on my wrist tightened.

While struggling to free myself from her grip I answered, “I… I was just sleeping. Please let me go.”

“I didn’ know I picked up a little liar. Tell the truth,” She sneered, “Or yer gonna get it.”

“I’m sorry. So–so–sorry.” My eyes started to well up.

“Thought you’d wait ’til I fell asleep and then cop a feel, huh?”

“I wasn’t thinking. I promise.”

“Do yah have any idea how old I am? Yer just a damn kid.”

“I’m nearly twenty years old.”

“An’ you think yer a man. Enough of a man to be feelin’ on me.” Daisy face started to soften, along with her grip on my wrist.

“I’ll go if you want me to go. I’m sorry I abused your trust.” I told her with sincerity.

“Oh,” Daisy seemed almost hurt and let a minute pass, “Men finish what they start. Is that who you are or not?”

“What… what are you saying?”

“You let your intentions be known. Now are yeh going to follow through?”

I gulped, “Well, yes.”

Daisy smiled. I was relieved that I wasn’t in trouble. I didn’t want to go from her warm bed to the freezing streets. And now, now it seemed like she was coming on to me. My boner, which had shrunk when she grabbed my wrist, came back in force.

Daisy licked her lips, “A good, strong man pleases his lover first. Are you up to that task? If yer really the man yah say you are.”

I nodded my head and opened my mouth to speak. Daisy beat me to it, pressing her lips against mine. We kissed. Her tongue splitting my lips apart and entering my mouth. She pushed and prodded against my tongue, hungrily smacking her lips on mine. She wrapped her arms around my back and I did the same around her broad back. Daisy pulled me closer until her chest ground into mine.

Then I felt it. The hard bulge pressing into my side. I immediately stopped kissing Daisy, my arms around her back going limp. She responded by kissing me harder, her hands mauling my back and backside.

It was a cock! Daisy was a… a he! I mean she was a woman but she had a cock! The concept wasn’t completely foreign to me. I’ve spent hundreds of hours beating off to various shemale porn and hentai porn. I never thought I’d be this close to one. And I hadn’t even known! These revelations invaded my mind while Daisy’s tongue invaded my mouth.

I weakly kissed back, rationalizing that kissing this woman wasn’t very different in the end than jerking off to shemale porn.

Daisy, presumably satisfied that I was ‘game’ tore her lips off mine and kissed my face over and over again. “Is my man ready to please? I know yah feel what I feel. My girl down there needs some attention.”

“Hmm..” I kissed Daisy’s full lips again, “What kind of attention does she require?”

“She’s very jealous ’cause she wants to be kissed too. Cuddled like we are. She’s jealous of my tongue when it slips into yer sweet mouth.”

“Well then… I can do that for her.”

I seemed to have a new confidence, my body slipping down Daisy’s. Daisy undid her pants and spread her legs. I looked at the pole tenting out of her pants and then rubbed my cheek along it.

Daisy lifted her butt up and slid her pants down her waist. I picked up the slack, pulling them down the rest of the way. Her cock was left in only a pair of cotton panties. I could see just how large it was. Much larger than mine and I didn’t seem to mind.

I attached my lips to her hardness, still through her panties. Daisy let a moan escape her lips at first touch. I could feel just how hard it was. My fingers looped into each end of her panties and peeled them down her thighs. Daisy’s cock bobbed out into the open.

Daisy smiled down proudly as her thick tube came into view. Dark blue veins ran up the length of her shaft. The whole thing was capped off by a large purple head, presently leaking a creamy liquid.

Daisy saw my eyes travel up the length and focus in on that big impressive head, “Yeh can start there. Teh cherry on top.” She chuckled.

I dragged my tongue over the tip of Daisy’s cock. Her hand ran through my hair and pressed my head lower. I panicked, opening my mouth wide to accept the big head.

“Suck on it real hard and yah might just get yer present at teh end.”

I tried adjusting to having Daisy’s cock head in my mouth. It was difficult at first, but I did adjust. Her cock seemed to have a mind of its own, twitching in my mouth and leaking precum. I flicked my tongue across the tip and swallowed the precum that had accumulated there.

The taste was tangy and kind of rich. It didn’t seem to have just one flavor. I took another lick, holding the tip tighter between my lips. Daisy seemed overjoyed at these developments. She responded by lightly jabbed her butt upward. That sent another inch of her cock into my mouth. I struggled to stop from choking, getting over my shyness and starting to suck on the inches of cock between my lips.

“Yer gettin’ the hang of it, boy. Just make me feel good. Mmm.. just so good.”

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Daisy’s big balls. They laid out on the ball, all red and tender looking. My hand crept up the bed and I gently squeezed them in between in my fingers. I pulled them, rubbing my palm on the big things. Daisy seemed to like that.

Meanwhile, my head started bobbing up and down on her shaft. I managed to fit another couple inches into my mouth. I worked my tongue the way I thought would feel good on myself, running it over the underside of her cock head and teasing the shaft with it.

The texture and warmth of Daisy’s dick felt good in my mouth. I liked it. That thought sent me a little out of control and I took too much into my mouth. I gagged, then tried to slip my mouth off Daisy’s cock. Daisy was there, though. She held my head firmly as just the tip was left in my mouth.

“It’s first-time jitters. Don’ go leavin’ now. Just when it’s feelin’ so good.”

Daisy took over more control of the situation. She directed my mouth on her cock and wiggled her hips to manage how much of her dick was getting sucked. I concentrated on making the inches that were in my mouth feel as good as possible.

“An’ get them warm hands back on my balls.”

I obeyed Daisy, teasing her balls with my fingers again. She lifted her butt up and slid those extra inches of cock meat into my mouth. I shut my mouth hard, partly to bring her the most pleasure and partly to ensure she wouldn’t stuff another inch in my mouth, which was already so full with her massive hard-on.

It was nine in the morning when Nathan’s cell phone rang. He’d been at work for three hours, and was idly wondering when she’d call.

“Hey there,” he said as he pulled the phone to his ear.

“Good morning,” Dani said. He could hear the sleep in her voice. “You must be a wreck this morning, what did you sleep? Like an hour?”

“I’ll make it. Have you gotten out of bed yet?”

“Nope, I looked out the window though, and your dad and Mel’s cars are there,” she sounded nervous at the prospect of being discovered.

“He won’t care, grab a shower, get some breakfast, and relax I’ll be home around two-thirty,” Nathan said. “Oh, and be sure to call and try to set up tomorrow night with Aimee.”

“Ok lover, I’m on it,” Dani said with a short giggle. “You better get back to work if you’re gonna bring bacon this evening.”

Nathan said a goodbye, and caught a look from his boss, Robert. Phone calls were generally frowned on if you weren’t on a break. Nate reminded himself to let it ring if it happened again, and grinned as he went back to work unbundling a large stack of lumber.

He had woken up to his alarm clock with ease. As was becoming usual, no matter how much sleep he got, he was completely refreshed when he woke. Things were still looking up in his world, and he intended to keep them that way.

Along the drive to the jobsite, he had come to the conclusion that he wouldn’t crawl into a hole with the book and disappear. He’d been living with next to nothing for so long that he’d be damned before giving up on opportunities the book presented. No, he’d rather be dead than forced to scrape a meager existence out again.

Freed from that decision, his work day had been uplifting. The simple tasks let his mind spin, formulating a plan for his future. He still had a bit of time before he could open the safe deposit box and get Pop’s information out, and he planned to advance in the book before that time came up.

At lunch, he grabbed a hoagie off of the kitchen truck that usually appeared, and jumped into the bed of his truck. In between bites, he glanced around to make sure the rest of the crew was a fair distance away. Then he flipped open his phone again, and called his house.

“Hello,” It was Dani’s voice that greeted him.

“Hey, just taking my lunch, and thought I’d see how you were getting by.”

“I’m great, Mel woke up a while ago, and we’ve been hanging out.”

“How’d it go with Aimee?”

“Well,” Dani hesitated. “I took a little creative license out on her.”

“Meaning?” Nathan sat up straight in the truck. He wasn’t sure if he was more curious at what she’d done, or excited.

“I got her voice mail, so on a lark, I sorta told her to meet us at Fitzgerald’s tomorrow at seven.”

“Okay,” Nathan said. He wasn’t sure what the big deal was. “You afraid she won’t come?”

“No, I’m just hoping I didn’t intimidate her,” Dani said. “As soon as I got her voice mail, and it beeped, I said ‘Aimee, this is Dani, you met me and my boyfriend last night, and I want you to meet us at Fitzgerald’s tomorrow seven PM sharp, don’t be late, Nathan wouldn’t like that. Don’t pull your hair up, and wear a skirt. I can’t wait to see you there.”

Nathan grinned, Dani hadn’t made arrangements with Aimee, so much as she’d made the arrangements, and told Aimee how it was going to be.

“Well, if you’ve scared her off, I’ll have to punish you for your mistake,” he said. He was trying to make the threat sound reasonable, even though he wasn’t sincere.

“I know, but I think that if she does show up, we’ll already be much closer to an understanding with her.”

Nathan’s mouth hung open a bit at Dani’s acceptance of his threat, she hadn’t balked or anything, it was almost as if she had accepted the possibility before he’d said it.

“Nate,” Dani said; her voice a whisper. “If you have a second, I wanted to talk to you about something else, I moved into the bathroom for some privacy.”

“Okay,” Nate was a little taken back.

“It’s just that, you’re doing such a great job being in control, I was hoping that I could show you how much I appreciate it.”

“What did you have in mind?” Nathan found himself leaning forward, waiting for her words.

“Well, I wanted to show you how much I respect you for taking charge of me when we’re together, so I thought,” Dani stopped for a second, and Nate could almost feel her nerves through the phone. “I thought maybe when we’re together, and alone, I could call you ‘Sir’.”

The other end of the phone became quiet like a tomb. Dani had completely shut down after the word ‘Sir’. Nate was a bit shocked by her request, and more surprised by his own excitement for it. After a moment he realized it was quiet because they were both holding their breath.

“Breathe Dani,” he said after his own breath. Then he heard a sharp intake of air from the phone. “I think I’d love to hear you call me Sir. When ever we have privacy, I think it works.”

“Thank you…Sir”

Nate was amazed at how he could feel the hairs on the back of his neck buzz with approval when she said it, addressing him with it for the first time. His cheeks flushed with warmth, and began to hurt after a few seconds of grinning like a Cheshire cat. Finally, he was able to speak a few seconds later.

“Oh, I had no idea how much that would turn me on,” Nathan said, hoping she would at least feel half of what he was. “I’d better finish my lunch though, and get back to work. I’ll see you in a few hours, and get you out of the house.”

“Can we go by my dorm to get some clothes?”

“Sure, I need to hit that side of town anyhow.”

“Thank you, Sir”

They hung up together. Again, Nathan felt his chest vibrate when she said it. If he didn’t get used to hearing it quickly, he’d look like a goof every time he heard it from her.

Nate wolfed down the rest of his sandwich; he barely had enough time to toss out his trash before the crew was getting back to business. He spent the last hour and a half of his work day in a haze of pleasure. He was having questions about his relationship with Dani, but they were all good questions.

Thinking he knew where things with her were headed pleased him, but knowing where things with her already were pleased him too. It was one of the few time in his life, where he needed to get answers about something, but all of the possible answers he imagined were good.

The truck rolled home with Nathan driving like he’d stolen it. He wanted to get back to Dani, and watch her lips the first time she called him ‘Sir’ in person. Part of him thought it a bit foolish to be so excited, but a larger part of him had no shame at all.

Gravel jumped into the air when he locked up the brakes in front of the trailer. He opened the door and entered in one sudden movement, and startled everyone inside. “Shit son, is there a fire?” his father asked.

“Crap, sorry dad,” Nathan said, noticing the pale expressions Melanie, and his father were wearing. They had been looking at some papers on the kitchen table, and had apparently been very focused up to the point where Nate had flung the door open. Dani was sitting at the couch, staring at the couch with a bright red blush on her cheeks. “I was just trying to get home quick so Dani and I could hit the bank before it closed.”

“Uh-huh,” his father said, looking at Nathan with a ‘you have got to be kidding’ expression. “That’s about two hours away. If you don’t hurry you’ll never make it.”

“Right,” Nate said, letting the word die as it was spoken. “That made a lot more sense as I was racing home, than it does now.”

“It’s ok,” Dani said, apparently having controlled her blush, she was jumping up from the couch. “Now we have time for some shopping too.”

“Now you’re talking girlfriend,” Melanie said with one hand held high in a victory salute.

George Prescott laughed, while Melanie and Dani grinned at Nate. Realizing he was still holding the door, Nate turned to hold it open for Dani as they left.

“See you later son,” George said, still laughing. “Don’t spend the rent money.”

After they were driving out of the park, Nate snorted at himself, and took Dani’s hand in his. She squeezed him, and they drove in silence. It was three blocks before he spoke.

“Do you think we can talk for a second,” Nathan asked. He was already pulling over to a strip mall.

“Of course.”

Pulling into a parking spot, Nate shifted in his seat, and took both her hands.

“You told me you wanted to know I was in charge in the bedroom. You wanted me to decide when and how we have sex. Right?”

“Absolutely” Dani said without hesitation. She was looking back at him, her blue eyes sparkling with intensity.

“So, what I was wondering,” Nathan was balling his toes up in his shoes to keep his composure as he spoke. “Is if that’s all you’re after. To me, you seem to want more. Do you want me to be in charge of more?”

Dani blinked. Her eyes softened a bit under his gaze, and she looked down away from him.

“Yes, Sir”

Nathan knew that the pounding of his heart could be heard out side of the truck. It felt like it was going to jump out of his chest when she spoke. He’d gotten the answer to the question he spent the last of his work day asking himself, and he’d seen her lips move as she spoke the one word he’d been dying to hear in person.

Silently, Nathan counted to fifteen before putting the truck back in reverse, backing out, and leaving the strip mall parking lot. He was half a block away when he took her hand again. She was still looking down.

“I think I’d love to try it,” he finally said. “I’d be proud to be in charge of you Dani.”

Dani still didn’t speak, Nathan wasn’t sure if she was stunned, or just had nothing to say. He got a shiver down his spine when she leaned over and kissed his cheek though. Instead of letting her kiss and run, he released her hand, and wrapped his arm around her as he drove. Holding her next to him, happy they were together.

He didn’t let her go even as they pulled up to the drive through teller at his bank, and deposited the check he’d gotten at Mr. Willow’s office. Then he held onto her the entire drive from the bank to her dorm, only letting go of her when they had parked.

“Get comfortable clothes for tomorrow, then something hot for our date with Aimee, and casual clothes for Sunday. Don’t forget to grab any books you need to study, and bathroom things that you might need,” he said. “I’m gonna make a phone call.”

“Do you mind if I change what I’m wearing today?” She was still in the little black shirt, and red skirt from the night before.

“Go for it, I’ll see you in a bit.”

Dani practically bounced into her dorm, and Nathan quickly opened his wallet, and examined the business card Mr. Gofelt had given him. It was a very professional card from Gofelt’s residential developer friend. Nathan had already decided to push his luck with this one. Knowing that he’d have to be careful dealing with the man in the future, because the use he was going to put this lock through was sure to stress the mans normal behavior.

Nathan took a moment to formulate his wishes into a few good sentences, and then gazed at the card, he was nervous that he didn’t know what the man looked like, when suddenly an image of a grey haired man in his sixties, overweight, and wearing a very expensive suit came to mind. He’d never seen the man before, but knew that it was the Samuel Woodman that was indicated on the card. Focusing hard on the image, Nathan thanked the book for the vision, and began to speak.

One minute after issuing his orders to the card, his cell phone rang. Mr. Woodson had a deep, scratchy voice, and wanted to remind Nathan of the meeting they had scheduled for the following day, and gave Nathan the address where they would meet. Memorizing it, Nate thanked him, and hung up. He was sitting in the truck with a smug smile on when Dani came back down from her room and walked out of the dorm.

In Nathan’s eyes, she came out of the building in a slow motion sequence from a movie. Her pink hair was floating in the light breeze, and the sun caught the ring in her lip in a perfect flash of silver. A light blue tee wrapped her torso tightly, showing off all of her curves, and revealed a glimpse of her skin below its hem before her faded and tight jeans clung low on her hips and hung over a pair of black heeled clogs that clacked softly with her footsteps. A small roller bag was drug behind her.

“You look great,” Nate said after jumping out and holding her door open.

“Thank you.”

“Want to catch an early dinner, and then get back home?”

“If that’s what you’d like to do Sir, then I’m all for it,” Dani said. She was already leaning back in her seat, completely comfortable in his world. Nathan realized that he’d made a mistake asking her a question. She’d already said the day before that she was good to stay a few days, and just an hour ago had said that she wanted him to be in control more. Together that meant they’d do what ever he wanted until she needed to get home to the dorm again.

Shutting her door, and shaking his head at himself, he tossed her bag into the bed of the truck and went around to the driver’s side. After he started the truck, she leaned back over and into his side. With his arm back around her, he drove off.

“So…can you cook?” he asked about a mile down the road. The plan had been to get some take out, but he thought now he might like to see if Dani would make dinner for him.

“I can cook a few things,” she said, still smiling with content. “Planning something fun?”

“I was just thinking that it’s been a long time since I sat down and ate home cooked food,” Nathan said as he pulled the truck into a supermarket parking lot. “I think it would be awesome if you’d cook something up for us tonight.”

“Do you have something in mind?”

“Not a clue, I was planning on giving you a bit of cash and letting you surprise me,” Nathan said honestly.

“Okay, I can take care of that then,” she held out her hand once they slid into a parking spot, and Nathan slipped her forty dollars from his wallet.

“Be right back, Sir,” Dani said as she slipped out of the cab.

She was only in the store for ten minutes; it was enough time for Nate to relax though. In hindsight he decided that next time he’d send her off from the house, and let her take the truck. That way he’d be able to kick back on the couch instead.

The book floated immediate in his mind. Somehow he was going to have to push it. Make more progress on it, and get ahead of these things his Pop had hinted at. He hoped it would begin making simpler lists for him to complete. Or maybe be more forthcoming with the knowledge he would need to survive. At the rate it was going his lists were taking weeks and months to finish, and he really needed more rapid gratification.

He was still in the middle of ruminating ideas when Dani returned to the truck. Leaning over, Nate popped the door open for her, and smiled as she climbed in with two grocery bags. Stowing the bags on the floorboard, she buckled her seatbelt. Nestling into his side, she pulled his arm back around her as he put the truck in drive and pulled through the parking lot to leave.

When they got back to the trailer it was after six. As a result, Nate’s dad, and his girlfriend Melanie had left. Dani and Nate pulled up to the empty trailer, and Nate carried the groceries and her bag inside.

Dani unloaded the groceries on the countertop, and started working. Nathan took her suitcase to his room and closed the door behind him. Once in the room, he plucked the book from its hiding place. The red thong was still wedged between the pages, marking his last spot. Holding the book in both hands, he stared at it before opening.

“Come on,” he said, his voice almost pleading with it. “We’re going to have to speed things up a bit in order to keep me safe, and you in the right hands. How about this, I’ll make sure to get the ball rolling with school on Monday, and you let me take a crack at the next list?”

Taking a deep breath, he felt a little stupid for trying to strike a deal with a book. Of course it wasn’t a normal book. With more than a fair amount of trepidation, he cracked the page, letting the thong fall into his lap. The air in his lungs came rushing out in a release when he saw the fresh words on the page.

Your deal is acceptable Nathan Prescott. However, should you fail to meet your side of the bargain; you will lose all abilities gained thus far.

Demonstration of the next three steps will be required before you may move further.

Step one: Learn the use of the rune to protect your mind. Step two: Properly perform the aura of guarding. Step three: Imbue one of your locked subjects with knowledge.

From there, the book began going into great detail. The rune was explained to have the ability to protect it’s wearer from the suggestion powers that Nathan was able to project on his locks. On the pages, it was explained that the rune was drawn anywhere on the body to have its effect. It did have to be drawn perfectly though.

This did not sit well with Nathan. He couldn’t even think in a straight line, the book had seen to it that he could handle linear thinking. Step one led to step two, and so on until his goals were met. However, artistry was not something that could be taught without at least a very modest amount of natural ability…of which Nathan possessed none.

Mulling that over for a moment, he took out a piece of paper, and examined the rune. It was a complex mix of geometric shapes. Nathan couldn’t begin to draw it. He was considering a trial, but even if he did manage to get it on his skin correct, he’d just have to do it again after a shower.

With a sigh, he switched his phone to camera mode, and moved the picture to a bright spot under his lamp. Taking careful aim, he snapped a few pictures of it with his phone. Tomorrow he’d complete step one…forever.

Slipping his thong book mark back in place, Nathan grinned and placed the book back into hiding. He was beginning to smell something appetizing, and stuck his head out of his bedroom door.

“How much longer Dani?” he asked the empty hallway.

“About thirty minutes Sir,” an upbeat response came back.

Stretching his neck, Nathan decided to stay out of her way while she worked.

“I’m taking a shower,” he said. “I’ll be out just before it’s time to eat.”

“I’ll have a drink and a plate ready for you Sir.”

Twisting his back and stretching his arms over his head, Nathan floated across the hall to his bathroom still tingling from the sound of her voice when she said ‘Sir’. It felt so bizarre to have a girl calling him Sir. At the same time, the particular girl made it all feel right.

In the shower Nathan was all business. He had eight hours of labor to wash off, and wanted to smell good for Dani when he was done. His shower was a simple fiberglass enclosure with cheap fixtures, and narrow footing, but the hot water was still as soothing and relaxing as always.

A little more than thirty minutes passed before Nathan emerged in the living room. He was barefooted, and wearing a pair of clean jeans, and a loose tee that bore the emblem of Mr. Gofelt’s company.

To her credit, Dani had his plate topped with pasta that looked mouth watering, and a large glass filled with ice tea sitting at the small kitchen table he’d picked up at a garage sale with his father.

“Its stuffed manicotti and I have a Greek salad too,” Dani said with a smile when she saw him gawking at the table.

Wondering how someone as marvelous as Dani could be so multifaceted Nathan grinned. Somehow she stayed interested in him, even asking him to make decisions for her. Nathan almost rested his confidence in dealing with Dani on the book, but the more he thought about it, the only involvement the book had with her was when he’d ‘seen’ her at the club.

After a lovely evening out on the town, we head back to your place. Once you close the door behind us, you step behind me, sweep my hair aside, and kiss my neck gently. Then you say, “You know, I had a nice time tonight, but there were a few things that could be improved.”

“Oh?” I say. “What do you mean?”

“Why don’t you go back to the bedroom and wait for me, and I’ll explain more.”

I head back to your room, puzzled as to what you want to talk about. I sit quietly on the corner of the bed waiting for you, and you enter the room and shut the door, a freshly-popped bottle of champagne and a champagne flute in hand. You pour a glass of champagne, place it on the table, and ask, “Do you want that?”

I look at you, puzzled, and say, “OK, sure, yeah, I suppose, if you don’t.”

“Well, then, take it,” you say, looking down at me from beside the bed.

“OK, thanks,” I say, hesitantly. There’s something about your expression that concerns me, but I can’t quite figure it out. I hold the glass, but don’t drink from it.

“This actually perfectly illustrates the problem,” you say, sitting next to me. You pull off your shoes and socks, and put them to the side. You slip one arm around me, gently squeezing the swell of my hip with one hand and taking the glass with the other, setting it back on the table.

“What do you…?”

“Don’t talk. Stand up and take off your dress. And the shoes.”

Eyes wide, face serious, I stand up and comply. Under my simple black dress, all I was wearing is a lacy black cincher, and now, after removing the dress and the shoes, it is all I am wearing period.

You look me up and down, point to the floor in front of you, and say, “Down,” in a flat, ominous tone.

I kneel in front of you, and fold my arms behind my back, looking down at the floor. You place your fingertips under my chin and tip my face back so that I am looking in your eyes.

“I think, in light of our relationship, you should show me more respect.”

I knit my brows together and take in a breath, and you move your fingers in a subtle motion so that they are no longer under my chin, but instead pressing lightly on my throat.

“Don’t speak. I’ll tell you when you can speak. You’ll get your chance.”

I settle again, nod once, and swallow nervously, feeling my pulse fluttering against your fingers pressed into my soft skin.

“Now, I know part of our deal is that when we are out and about, we are discreet about the fact that you are my little fucktoy,” you say, squeezing down again on my throat to emphasize the last word. “But I want to know that you always remember.”

I press my lips together, desperate to say something, but also eager to obey you. But even though I am upset and uncertain about what is happening, your tone and my position in-between your legs is also incredibly arousing, and I can feel a moist heat rising from my pussy. I can also feel my nipples rising and becoming erect as you continue to talk.

“You shouldn’t be so casual with me when I do nice things for you when we are out, and fuck you the way you like it when we are in. You should show me you know how lucky you are! So, in the future… you don’t say ‘thanks,’ you say ‘thank you,’ understand? And you don’t say ‘yeah,’ you say ‘yes.’ You need to make that a habit.”

You reach over, grab the glass off the nightstand, and take a sip of champagne.

“Now, I’ve read somewhere that it takes 21 days to make a new habit stick. I don’t want to wait that long… but I do like that number. So, to help you remember how much you owe me… you’re going to practice thanking me. And the way you are going to do that is by taking my cock all the way down your throat, as far as it will go… I’m not going to push or anything, but I want you to gag yourself with it. And then, when you gag, you can pull back, and you’ll say “Thank you” and add in any other thing you want to say about how grateful you are for my cock and my lessons in how to respect me. “

You take another sip, look down at me smiling, and say, “I’ll even count for you.”

You put the glass down again, stand so that your crotch is inches from my face, and undo your pants. You slide the pants and your underwear down, and then sit back on the bed, leaving your clothes in a pile where I am kneeling. Using your foot, you sweep them out of the way. Your fat cock is fully erect, as turned on by my subservience and obvious arousal as my pussy is by your growling voice and stern demands.

“You can start now,” you say. “Make sure to keep your hands folded behind your back. All you are going to be right now is a throat to fuck and a mouth to say what I want you to say. Ungrateful little bitches don’t get to use their hands. And keep your eyes on my face.”

I rise up and take your cock in my mouth, tasting the salt and musk of your skin. The width of it stretches my mouth wide, and I want to just suck it and lick it, but I know that’s not enough. I take a deep breath and force myself down until my throat spasms.

“That was one,” you say. “Now, thank me for it.”

“Thank you for buying me drinks tonight. Thank. You.”

You laugh at the emphasis on the words, and say, “Continue.”


“Thank you for teaching me manners.”


“Thank you for helping me be less of a bitch.”


“Thank you for having such a delicious cock.”


“Thank you for making me so hot.”

“Try again. Sluts like you always want to fuck. What does that have to do with this situation? Be specific,” you say, smirking down at me.

“Thank you for making me so hot by letting me have your cock in my throat.”

“Better,” you say, and I lean forward again…


“Thank you for letting me gag myself on your beautiful cock,” I say, breathlessly, and then lean back in to take you into my throat again.

“Seven. Remember the point of this.”

“Thank you for teaching me gratitude.”


“Thank you for stretching my throat so I can please you better.”


I open my mouth to speak, but I’m struggling to catch my breath. You look at me appraisingly, and take the glass off the nightstand and offer me a drink by holding it close to my lips. I drink the cold, bubbly fluid down eagerly, and pause to catch my breath.

“Thank you for being better to me than I deserve.”

You laugh at that, and say, “You can continue when you’re ready.”

I take a deep breath and begin again.


“Thank you for keeping my mouth full of delicious cock so I can’t say anything rude.”


“Thank you for the cum that you’ve let me have from your cock.”


“Thank you for telling me that I wasn’t doing what you wanted.”


“Thank you for letting me do this to myself. It’s harder. Better.”

At this, you motion for me to stop before I can get your cock in my mouth again, and take my nipples in-between the thumb and forefinger of each hand. They are achingly hard, and I can feel my pussy contract as you begin to twist and pinch the delicate pink nubs. They are already slick with drool from my mouth since I’ve deep-throating you and gagging myself, so they glisten and shake as you play with them. I am dangerously close to an orgasm, both from my debasement in front of you, and from the amazing sensation of your hands twisting and punishing my breasts. You notice my flush and my increased breathing, and stop, laughing.

“You’ve got a lot of making up to do before you get to cum. Don’t you dare.”

Inadvertently, I allow my lip to pout out and you laugh again, saying, “Don’t make me have to give you lessons about pouting, too. Continue.”

This time, I try to take you in further than any of the previous times, an effort that brings tears to my eyes. I come up for air sputtering and blinking.


“Thank you for not letting me get away with anything.”

“You’re welcome, my darling little toy,” you say, wiping away a stray tear with your finger. You are much closer to being a grateful little bitch now, aren’t you?”

“Yes,” I say, and smile, going down again.


“Thank you for your patience in teaching me.”


“Thank you for the times when you’ve let me suck on your beautiful balls, which are attached to your lovely cock, which I am very grateful for.”


“Thank you for all the times you’ve cum on and in me.”

I smile, and continue, a slick streak running down my body from chin to pussy.


“Thank you for not being afraid to treat me like the slut I am. I’ve craved that for the longest time.”


“Thank you for letting me practice swallowing all of your big cock, so one day I can suck your cock and lick your balls at the same time.”

You laugh at this, and say, “That will be impressive, but you’re a good little cocksucker, so it might happen. Continue.”


“Thank you for encouraging me to be the best slut I can be for you.”


“Thank you for teaching me that I can gag myself on a cock and love it.”

“You’re welcome,” you say, stroking your cock and looking down at me, smiling. I know I look like a mess with my tear-streaked make-up and spit-covered tits, but you look at me with naked lust anyway. “Now I am going to teach you to say ‘yes.’”

Ellen knew they were a cliché.

Some small part of her liked that, the way people had looked at them when ever they entered a restaurant or club.

Something shimmered between them, an aura that made people stop and watch. Made them wonder why they had yet to find the person that made them glow like that, unaware that the very fire that lit them from within was also the fire that threatened to reduce them to ashes.


It was a bad idea.

She knew it….. He probably knew it.

Drawing the lipstick roughly across her mouth she scowled into the mirror, snatched up a tissue and wiped it off, before applying it again.

She’d done this six time already, and now her lips were stained as though she’d eaten over ripe berries, let the juices fall messily from her lips.

That’s how she felt.


Pausing, her left hand gripping the tissue, her right loosely holding the lipstick, she stared at the mirror and wondered.

Would he still see her.

Would he still be him.

Fuck it.

She put on lipstick, brought her lips together then pouted at herself.

It was too late in the day to start worrying about that.


Eighteen was so young.

When she saw eighteen year olds now she was always amazed at how childlike they where, how soft their features seemed, how gangly they were.

Legs and arms grown too fast, bodies waiting to catch up.

But of course, when you’re eighteen yourself you feel aloof in your new found adultness, you’re test driving a brand new upgrade of hormones.

You’re invincible.

Ellen had first seen Gino at her friends house.

He’d come over to borrow a tape from the friends brother…. A tape!

She laughed at the memory and how it seemed sepia saturated, like a period drama.

“I’m going to have him.” She’d told the friend, who’d shrugged, unsurprised.

She’d let down her hair and shook it about, she smoothed down her top and stalked into the living room to conquer this new boy.

It was a game to her, using her looks and her manner and her lopsided, knowing smile to captivate a boy, she did it even when she had no real interest in them.

She did it because she could.

But this time was different.

This time as she sauntered over and leant against the wall, one hand on her hip, legs crossed one in front of the other, and flicked back her hair, this time …

Gino had looked up at her and they’d locked gazes.

His dark, almost black eyes peering into hers, he looked momentarily stunned.

And then he smiled.

It was like everything in her body contracted.


Ellen coloured at the thought as the cab pulled away from the curb and headed off into the city.

Gino had inky black, curled hair and a nose that made him look like a bust on a Roman coin.

How many times had she run her hands through his hair that summer? How many times had she stroked the length of his nose and felt her heart stutter when he smiled at her?

To their friends they were this luminous couple.

She with her Irish hair and pale skin, and he with his Italian ancestry stamped all over him, together, always touching, holding hands, linking arms, he’d wrap an arm around her and pull her close in an almost painful embrace.

“Mine.” He’d growl like a dog with a bone and she’d giggle and squirm in his arms.

But it wasn’t all romance.

A well known as they were as a beautiful brace, people also talked about their tempers.

Their arguments were as spectacular as they were pointless.

Stupid things, tiny things, things so insignificant that they could never remember what they’d started arguing about.

The last big one had been simmering away for hours until, bolstered by alcohol fuelled rage she’d confronted him.

“Don’t lie to me!” She screeched at him as he tried to mollify her. ” I saw you! You had your fucking arm round her!”

“Ell, nothing was going on…”

She slapped him hard.

Gino grabbed her wrist as she brought her hand around to hit him again, pulling her around the corner of the building away from their friends stares.

She knew the glances and giggles embarrassed him and she took nasty delight in his discomfort.

“She was pissed, she’d just thrown up, I had my arm around her because the silly bitch could hardly stand.” His voice had that low hiss to it, like a kettle in danger of boiling over.

She didn’t care though, alcohol had made her petulant and ready for a fight.

“You’re a fucking liar!” She spat in his face and watched with creeping dread as the colour rose in his face and she realised he’d pushed him too far.

She saw it come towards her and flinched, snapping her head to the side and squeezing her eyes shut.

The wooden wall of the shed she was leant against shuddered as Ginos fist connected with it.

Opening her eyes she saw him stood close to her, staring at his bloodies knuckles, his whole body shaking.

“Gino.” She whispered and he looked up, his eyes wide and glazed, as though he’d forgotten she was there.

He went to touch her face, then drew back as though her skin would burn his fingers.

“Gino.” Ellen took his hand in hers, the bloodied one.

She held it to her face then pressed her lips to the knuckles, tasting blood.

“Lets go.”

That night he took her virginity.

They were shy and careful together, they knew nothing really.

She watched his face as he pushed gently into her, saw his eyes widen and his lips part when he got to the point where he could push no further and rested there for a while.

Ellen breathed slow and steady while his own was irregular, hitching, like he was running, not just resting here in this narrow bed.

“Are you ok?”

She nodded.

It hadn’t really hurt, not like some had said it would.

It was… Strange…. To be filled with another person, not her fingers, not his.

He started to move, slowly at first his brow so creased with concentration that she began to smile, and to hide it she reached for his face and kissed him.

In doing so she tilted her hips and rose to meet him.

She gasped into his mouth and he moaned back, kissing her name over her lips, her cheeks, her eyes, he shook with the release and nearly fell on her, so strong were the shudders that wracked his body.

“Did I hurt you?” He whispered into her neck as she lay there, wide eyed, her hips still moving, her loins aching, waiting for more.

“No.” She said quietly. “No you didn’t.”

At the end of the summer he went to University and they broke up.

It seemed for the best.

And that should have been that…..

Only it wasn’t.

Fate enjoyed a game and how could it resist such interesting players?

Six years.

There were lovers and jobs and seasons that seemed to flicker past until they blurred and then…


She looked up from her book, frowning a little into the sun that was only slightly obscured by the person stood at the side of her table.


It was, and before she could say another a word he had her in that vice like hug of his, after a second she gripped him just as tightly.

Sitting across from her he smiled broadly and she noticed how his face had sharpened, lost the last of boyhood, his hair was still unruly but only feral rather than untamed.

She felt her stomach knot as she watched the crinkle of his eyes as he laughed, she imagined running her fingers across his face…. She forgot how they argued.

When he took her hand in his over the table and said , “I missed you…” She knew she wouldn’t be sleeping alone that night.

In her flat she was suddenly shy, awkward.

She dropped her keys on the table and went to the kitchen to get drinks. There was beer in the fridge, she grabbed two bottles and turned to find him standing close behind her.

Gino takes the bottles from her and put them on the counter before troking her cheek with his fingertips.

He studies her for a moment before smiling slightly and, sighing, he rests his forehead against hers.

“I never should have left.”

“Why did you?”

There’s that tiny threat of an accusation in her voice but he ignores it.

“Because I was a kid and I was stupid and it was easy to just run….. I never stopped thinking about you.”

There’s a glint that returns to her eye as she sees a chink in his armour.

“Prove it.” She challenges and inside thrills as that slow smile spreads across his face and his body is suddenly hot and pressed close against her.

Their first kiss in six years threatens to bring her to her knees but suddenly his hands have hooked the back of her thighs and pulled her up and off her feet, his body crushing her to the fridge behind them.

His tongue’s pushed deep in her mouth, his fingers digging into the bare flesh of her thighs under her skirt, he breaks away and growls “I waited six years for this…. Every woman I’ve fucked was you. Every name on my lips was yours…”

She knows its true.

She understands because she’s felt the same.

Every man she lay under, every time she kissed, every time she touched some guys face, she looked for him and found them lacking.

And now he was here.

Moving her across, he places her on the counter and steps back slightly to grasp the bottom of her shirt and pull it quickly over her head.

Its barely out of his fingers before his lips are crushed to hers again.

She wraps her legs around his waist and grips his hair in her hands tight, pulling her body to his and not at all surprised to see how very well they still fit.

She pulls at his top even as she feel him tugging at her underwear and he ducks his head to allow her to wrestle it off him even as she pulled one leg up high and flicked her toes so the her underwear hung like some wanton Christmas decoration off the end of her other foot.

Gino was mauling her neck, as he fumbled with her bra, Ellen attacked his belt and bit him hard on the shoulder.

His teeth left her skin as he hissed at the sensation and he pulled away holding her at arms length.

She shuddered, felt her hips moving slightly, wanting to wrap her legs around him again.

From where she sat she could see the faint marks her teeth had left on his skin, but her eyes flickered back to his, tried to read his gaze.

Suddenly he pulled her off the counter and, spinning her round, pushed her so that she was bent across it.

With one hand he held her down, with the other he yanked at the buttons of his jean, pulling them down roughly.

With her breasts and face pushed against the cold of the granite counter top she tried to push up against him, tried to turn, but he held her fast.

A quick, animal panic shot through her and she bucked hard against him, but then his lips were at her ear.

“Same old Ellen.” He whispered to her.

She felt his free hand stroking the skin inside her thighs and automatically parted them slightly.

“No one ever did clip your claws then? I’d wondered if anyone could.”

She moaned softly as fingers moved up, softly petting her lips, an infuriatingly light touch she could neither move away from or towards.

“I’m glad no one did. I thought about you every day Ellen. Every. Day.”

“You did?” Her voice came out husky, thick. She licked her lips and shuddered as his fingers gently pushed inside her.

“Every. Day.”

He took his hand from between her thighs and she moaned in dissappointmet before gasping at the realisation he was pushing into her.

She wasn’t tall enough to reach the floor, her hip bones dug painfully into the counter as her feet dangled a few inches from the ground.

Her breath came in short sharp bursts as he buried himself in her, then she felt his free hand come round, wrapped around her hips, pulling her up so that he had her in the tightest of grips and all she could do was grasp the edge of the counter as he proceeded to fuck her hard and fast until it felt like she couldn’t breath, all the air was fucked out of her, she could only hang there, mouth open, silent.

She felt a bead of sweat fall from his head and slide down her shoulder, coming to rest in the small of her back.

Then she was coming.

Out of nowhere it built up like an avalanche, gaining speed at a furious rate until she was crying out, shrilly, in astonishment… This is not how it works. Her brain said.

Now he joined her, thrusting harder still, like he was sprinting to the finish line, he pushed deep inside her and as she still shook and gasped from her own orgasm she pushed back against him to meet his.

He leant over her, presses his damp chest to her back and slowly their breathing slows and synchronises.

Gino plants a kiss on her shoulder and pulls out of her.

She’s self conscious suddenly, bent over this counter, her shoes still on, her skirt pushed up around her hips.

Ellen slides down and hastily pull her skirt down, folds her arms across her chest, feels a blush rise in her cheeks.

He also seems surprisingly awkward, turns away from her slightly and pulls his jeans back up, hands Ellen her shirt, picks up his own.

For a moment they stand in silence.

Ellen can feel dampness creeping down the inside of her thighs and she presses them together.

“I didn’t think it would be like this.”

She looks up at him and frowns. “Oh.”

Can’t keep the dissappointment out of her voice.

“No. No,I don’t mean ….. fuck….” He rakes his hands through his hair and for a moment he looks she remembered him, he looks like a boy.

“I just meant….. I imagined us….. Well….. More hearts and flowers? Not this.”

This time her cheeks bloom in anger and she snatched up one of the beers, ripped the cap off with a bottle opener.

Taking a long draft she then glared at him. “Are you saying I cheapened it? Ruined your dream moment?”

Gino takes up the other beer .

“No.” He pops the top and drinks from it. “Ellen. I built us up. I built you up, until we were this thing… This Hollywood story…. Fuck I don’t know…..” He broke off and pulled his shirt on.

“You’re not making sense.”

With an exasperated sigh he went to her, took her face in his hands and kissed her.

“When I saw you in the café I just wanted you again. I’d missed your smile and your laugh and your stupid jokes and the way you got animated about a book or a movie or a song…..”

He ran a finger across her cheek bone.

“… But when I saw you here, in this kitchen I just wanted to be inside you.”

She glanced away, bashful suddenly at his honesty.

“All I could think about was how you’d feel, how your skin would feel, your hair, your cunt…”


“…. How you’d smell, how you’d taste…”

She turned her head but he held her chin firmly and made her look at him.

“I’ve had six years learning who I am….. And six years knowing I wanted to be that person with you.”

She stared at him. Struggled to take in what he’d said.

“I don’t know who I am.” She whipered finally.

“We’ll find out together.”

“I can’t live up to what you think I am.”



“Ellen.” His voice was sharp and she stiffend in his arms. “Trust me.”

And she did….


Rain was hitting the cab windows as though it harboured a personal grudge.

Ellen was grateful for a driver who didn’t want to chat, she didn’t think she could, not when her head was so full of Gino.

The few months they’d had together.

Heaven and hell.

An intensity she’d never had before, and had never found since.

She loved him, she hated him.

Wanted him to leave, to stay, to keep away from her, to wrap her in his arms.

He’d moved in with her within a few days even though barely an hour passed when they didn’t shout at each other.

If they went out together they invariably argued, accused each other of disloyalty, of flirting with others.

Once, when she’d seen an old friend in a restaurant bar, she’d hugged him warmly and kissed his cheek while Gino stood behind her.

She knew it was making him angry, could feel it like a presure pushing against her back, and becaue she knew this, she was extra nice to her friend, extra smily, extra flirty, and as he left she turned to Gino and smiled.

A vindictive ..and what are you going to do about it? smile.

He smiled back at her and put his hand none too gently on the back of her neck, he pulled her closer to whisper one word in her hear.


He took her wrist in his hand and pulled her along behind him, pushing through the crowed, past the diners, through the door marked private.

“Gino, what are you…”

He ignored her, marched on through the kitchen, where only a boy washing pots glanced up, and out into the back street beyond.

Gino pushed her roughly against the wall.

“What were you doing?”

His voice was soft.

Ellen snatched her hand away from him and made a show of rubbing her wrist.

“Oh Gino.” She said in mock dispair. “That was just Guy! I’ve known him for years. I was only being friendly.”

His hand shot out and took up a fistfull of her hair making her squeal in surprise.

“Its fine to be a slut.” He said, pushing Ellen down firmly until she was knelt on the damp concrete in front of him. “Sometimes I think you need to remember who’s slut you are though.”

She fought him and tried to stand up but he twisted his fist up in her hair forcing her to be still.

His zip was already undone and she glared up at him until he shook her head firmly in his grasp, making tears spring to her eyes.

“Fuck you… Bastard…” But even while she cursed him she took him out of his trousers and recived him in her mouth, moved her tongue across him, bared her teeth a little to remind him that she may be a slut, but he was the one in danger of having his cock bitten.

Gino grasped her head in both his hands and proceeded to fuck hard, ignoring her flailing hands slapping against his thighs, the way she gagged as he thrust hard, hitting the back of her throat.

He came in a rush, holding her head still, pushed full down her throat.

As he let her go she half fell from his grip, ending up on her hands and knees wretching and spitting, gasping for breath.

She felt humiliated, used, angry as hell but overwhelmingly embarrassed, like a child who’d been chastised.

Ellen wretched again, her stomach clenching painfully and then he had his arms around her, gently pulling her up.

“Baby.” He kissed the tear streaks of mascara on her cheeks, held her tight to him as she tried to pull away, he half lifted her so she was perched on the high wheelie bin opposite the door they had come through.

He’s murmering to her, soft words she can’t make out, his lips moving around her face, down her neck, his hands have pushed her dress up and he leans down to pres his face between her legs, breath tickling her thighs with each hot exhalation.

Ellens breath is still coming out in shuddery hitches, her nose is running, her eyes blurry, but now, his fingers are pulling her panties to one side and his tongue is on her.

“Gino….. No….” She goes to move away from him but he has his free hand around her hips and pulls her onto his mouth, making her groan as he sucks at her.

With one hand on the rough plastic lid of the bin, pushing her up, her other takes a fistful of Ginos hair, although he needs no coaxing to stay buried between her legs, attacking her gluttonously, like a man afraid he may never be allowed to rest here again.

The boy from the kitchen is standing in the doorway.

Ellen see’s him through her glazed eyes, can see the shock on his face his hesitant posture, like he may bolt back into the kitchen at any moment.

She’s in that place before abandon, her limbs feel light as though Ginos lips and tongue are creating energy, making her weightless, unanchored, and while she’s here she holds the boys gaze.

His huge eye’s remind her of a deer caught in headlights, hypnotised by the scene before him unable to move, but even as he looked terrified she saw his hand move to the front of his trousers, saw his body respond where his mind could not.

My name is Jackson Leroy III. I’m a young Black man originally from Boston currently living in rural Virginia. I’m a student at the Fraser Institute of Technology. It’s a small, four-year private technical college with only about thirty eight hundred students. I found out about them my senior year of high school. I attended Saint Paul Academy, an all-male Catholic boarding school in Massachusetts before coming to Virginia. My former homeroom teacher, Mr. Jenkins is a Fraser Tech alumnus. He’s the one who told me about them. I checked them out. They’re a pretty interesting school. I had a lot of fun at that school. Discovered quite a few things about myself. I discovered that I had a dominant streak and I indulged and explored this side of myself, courtesy of some of the Fraser Tech dames.

I liked the campus even before I moved into the men’s dorms. Fraser Tech is a school which focuses on mechanical trades and technical education, but it also has a strong tradition of athleticism. The school’s sports teams are known as the Techies, and they compete in the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s Division Three for all sports. Fraser Tech currently offers Men’s Intercollegiate Archery, Baseball, Basketball, Cross Country, Rowing, Lacrosse, Ice Hockey, Soccer, Rugby, Football, Swimming, Badminton, Volleyball, Water Polo, Golf, Tennis and Wrestling. The school offers Women’s Intercollegiate Archery, Softball, Basketball, Cross Country, Rowing, Lacrosse, Ice Hockey, Soccer, Rugby, Field Hockey, Swimming, Badminton, Volleyball, Water Polo, Golf, Tennis and Wrestling. Aside from the kick-ass sports, I also liked the fact that the school had an equal number of men and women. Of the thirty eight hundred students, over nine hundred were of African or Latino descent. That’s not bad at all. I wasn’t the only Black male student on campus, even though the school was predominantly white.

It was at Fraser Tech that I met a kindred spirit, Madeline Stein. Who is Madeline Stein? A tall, gorgeous, large-breasted, thick-bodied, wide-hipped former German Olympic wrestler turned college professor. Madeline Stein teaches Literature at Fraser Tech and she’s also the coach of the Women’s Wrestling team. This blonde-haired, blue-eyed, porcelain-skinned German dame was something else. Strong and beautiful, and definitely easy on the eyes. I was a student in her literature class. I found myself attracted to her and pursued her doggedly. I guess the attraction was mutual, for she relented. We didn’t see each other for coffee or anything of the sort. We went back to my dorm room, and humped like sex was going out of style.

Oh, yeah. Professor Madeline Stein and I had a lot of fun together. I’ve always felt attracted to big women. I don’t know why. Whenever I see a large woman with a big butt walking around, I start getting ideas. Madeline was passionate in bed. And this was totally awesome for me. She would suck my cock and make me cum again and again. Oh, yeah. She would lick my balls like they were made out of chocolate. She even licked my ass. I would lick and finger her hairy pussy, before sticking my ten-inch uncircumcised black dick inside. Madeline loved it as I thrust my cock deep into her pussy. That first encounter was something steamy. I mean, she couldn’t get enough of my cock. I even had a go with that plump white ass of hers. I put her on all fours and spread her plump butt cheeks wide open. I fingered her pink little asshole, and worked two fingers in there. This big beautiful woman was no stranger to anal sex. I grabbed some lube and smeared it all over her anus, then greased up my own cock. I pressed my cock against her backdoor and slowly pushed it inside. Madeline grunted as I worked my dick into her asshole. That’s when she went wild. This normally poised and refine lady turned into a loud, cursing slut. She was screaming for me to ram my big black dick up her tight white ass. Man, she sounded like something out of a porno movie. I wasn’t complaining, though. I let her have it, grabbing those wide hips of hers and thrusting my cock deeper inside her asshole. Her asshole felt wonderfully warm and tight around my cock. I couldn’t get enough of it. I grabbed a handful of her long blonde hair and slammed my cock deeper inside her. She howled as I fucked her, hard and fast. Damn, this female was crazy. I continued to slam my cock into her asshole, feeling it stretch and expand to accommodate the sheer bulk and length of my cock. We romped away in sheer anal bliss for a while, then I came, sending my hot cum deep inside her. That’s when she howled, loud enough to wake the dead. She said she loved getting my hot manly cum deep down where the sun didn’t shine. I laughed. Damn, this female was crazy. I liked her, though. Better a crazy sex freak than a frigid and sexless bitch. I slowly squeezed my cock out of her asshole. I looked at her ass after removing my cock from inside her. Her formerly tight ass was now a gaping hole. I smiled, admiring my handiwork. Madeline smiled at me, thankful for what she called the butt fuck of the century. I grinned. She hadn’t seen anything yet! After this first session, Madeline and I discovered quite a few things about each other. First, she was a submissive. She hated to admit it, but it was nevertheless true. This six-foot-four, strongly built, 300-pound former Olympic wrestler was not only a submissive but into some seriously kinky sex. I was happy to oblige her, though.

We hooked up in my room, away from prying eyes. That’s when she indulged herself. I got really creative and came up with all kinds of ideas and scenarios to spice things up. She would knock on my door, dressed up as a Pizza Delivery Woman and I would play the role of the broke college student who offered sex instead of financial payment. Yeah, it was fun. She would come in, get on her knees and start stroking and sucking my long and thick black cock. She loved playing with the foreskin. I’m a natural man and I like myself that way. That’s the way all men should be. After she sucked me off, I’d finger her pussy and get her wet before putting her on all fours. Then, I’d spread those plump ass cheeks of hers and shove my cock into her asshole. Madeline loved getting rough during anal sex. I’d grab her hair and yank her head while slamming my cock into her asshole. She loved it and begged me for more. Once, I took out my leather belt and whipped her. Oh, yeah. I had her on all fours with my dick in her asshole. I lashed out with the leather belt, whipping her back, buttocks and even her face. She yelped in surprised pleasure and begged me for more. She loved getting whipped by my belt while my cock filled her asshole to the limit. She said it gave her an unimaginable thrill. I took her word for it and fucked her asshole until I came, then made her suck my cock. Madeline loved sucking my cock right after it had been up her ass. She loved tasting her own ass on my ten-inch black dick. Damn, this chick was something else.

We found other ways to spice things up. I found a candle, lit it and dripped hot wax all over Madeline’s tits, back and ass. She loved the deliciously hot pain. I loved fucking her asshole while dripping hot wax on her or whipping her with my belt. She was always screaming for more and demanding that I go harder and faster. Damn, this chick could take anything. She loved getting her ass stretched. I bought a twenty-inch black plastic mechanical dildo and brought it to her as a surprise. Her eyes lit up when she saw it. Madeline eagerly got on all fours and tossed me the lube. I installed a mirror in front of her, so that I could see her while doing the thing. I smiled, and greased up both the dildo and her asshole. She winked at me. Then, I pressed the dildo against her anus, and rammed it inside. The expression on Madeline’s face was priceless. Her eyes widened to the point of popping as most of the super dildo’s twenty inches went into her asshole. I smiled, and continued ramming it inside. She whimpered. I pushed it deeper. Madeline gritted her teeth. To intensify things, I produced two of our regular party favorites. The leather belt, and the candle. I dripped hot wax all over her, and she winced. While dripping the wax, I pressed a button on the mechanical dildo. It went on automatic, starting to buzz and vibrate while drilling itself into Madeline’s asshole. I laughed, and began whipping Madeline with the belt and dripping hot wax on her while the mechanical dildo did its thing. Her howls of sheer pain and pleasure were music to my ears. I mean, she screamed in different tones and languages, and I loved every moment of it. We went at it until she couldn’t take anymore. I slowly removed the dildo from her ass, then smiled. Madeline looked at me, a look of utter amazement on her face. I smiled. Then, I helped her up. We walked to the shower, where I bathed her.

Later, Madeline and I parted ways. After that experience, a new doorway opened up in our relationship. Where it leads is what makes our stories the stuff of legends. We crossed over into infinity. We could do anything. She could endure any kind of sexual experiment, and then some. This worked wondrously for both of us. She was a submissive who needed someone to take her in hand and tame her. I was a dominant man who needed a submissive to tame and control. I needed someone like her to release my darkest urges, lest they remain locked inside me and poison me. I’m glad we found each other. This was but the beginning of a passionate, thrilling and mutually beneficial relationship.

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