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Author’s Note:

This is a real story, occurred in early 2010 in Singapore. I hope you enjoy and please leave feedback. I will begin the next chapter in the ever evolving story.


It started as I was alone in my apartment in Singapore; I had nothing planned for the night and I was looking for some action. I browsed the local Craigslist postings and was immediately pleased to find a very intriguing post. The title of her posting was “Dominant Man” and it explained she wanted to know what it was like to explore her submissive side. No other information.

I promptly replied, half expecting a bogus post. Surprisingly I received an immediate response and it included her phone number which I called and within minutes we were talking. We quickly discussed meeting up; with Singapore being so small, she was not far away and agreed to jump into a cab and head straight over. Our plan was to meet in the shopping mall next to the apartment building. We exchanged a couple of texts and she told me she had arrived.

There she was, standing in front of the Zara store, she looked Chinese, a little chubby and was wearing a t-shirt and shorts, the t-shirt had a big teddy bear on the front, and she just so looked young and innocent. I walked up to her and said, “Hello, and come with me.”

She just said, ” Hi, I am June,” and started to follow me.

As we walked I asked her how old she was… “18,” she replied as we strolled to the apartment complex, passed through the security and into the lifts, we were alone for the first time.

“So what do you expect to happen when we get into my apartment?” I asked.

She went all coy, and responded that she did not really know, and I started to get excited about the opportunity that had presented it self to me. About the innocent girl that had turned up offering her body and mind to me and really was open to anything that occurred. It had all happened so quickly – from reading the post on Craigslist, to her arriving into my apartment was less than half an hour.

As I let her into the apartment and closed the door, she stopped in the foyer and I decided that it all needed to start there and then. I walked straight up to her and grabbed her head in one hand and a tit in the other, quickly kissing her forcefully and groping her tits, which were a nice size. I roughly pulled off her t-shirt and ordered her to take off the bra. She just stared at me, a little dazed, and then complied.

I pushed her to her knees and got her to undo my shorts; off they came and the boxers went onto the floor also, leaving her on her knees looking straight at my hard cock. “Suck it,” I ordered and she leaned forward and took my cock in her mouth, starting to lick and suck I quickly grabbed the back of her head and started to brutally face fuck her. I could tell she had never experienced this before and looked really surprised when I pinched her nose closed and forced my cock into her throat.

There could’ve been nothing better than the sight of her face when she got less air into her body with her nose closed and her throat automatically opening up looking for air. And I shoved my cock further into her throat. I continued to face fuck her with little to no resistance – this girl was on her knees getting face fucked five short minutes after meeting me.

I pulled her to her feet and led her into the bedroom, where I got her to strip off everything else and pushed her onto the bed. She really looked both excited and fearfull what would happen next. Her big wide innocent eyes looked at me and you could just read in them the mixture of fear and excitement.

By this stage, I decided I wanted to move straight to fucking her and see how she handled a good power fuck, so I started by fingering her pussy and getting her ready. I found that she did not need much preparation as she was very wet. She was lying back and moaning and enjoying herself, when I pushed and pulled two fingers into her cunt.

She was spreading her legs, looking lustfully at me and I pulled my fingers out and grabbed a condom, getting ready to fuck her. I slowly rolled it on my cock while looking down at her face and body.

I looked down at her pussy, and back up at her face, where she had this nice expectant lusty look. I paused and slid my index finger back into her pussy, pulled it out and rubbed it around her small puckered ass. Her whole body froze when I touched her.

I asked, “Has anyone fucked your ass?”

She looked really worried and replied, “No, I have never been touched there.”

I couldn’t believe I had been given an anal virgin to play with.

I looked into her eyes as I said, “Anal virgin, well I will fix that right now, I am going to fuck your ass first, before I use your pussy.”

I did not think her eyes could go wider and half expected her to try and run for the door, yet she just lay there and did not move, I worked one and then two fingers into her ass, lubricating her very tight opening, and when she started to whimper a little, I smiled getting very excited.

I decided that I was going to take her anal virginity, but I also wanted to watch her face, so I kept her lying on her back, pushed her knees back to her chest and put my cock at her virginal opening.

I started to push my cock into her tight ass, a little resistance at first but slowly and surely my cock started to work into her ass. It wasn’t easy, however, and you could see her struggling with the new feeling of someone pushing into her. Finally my cock popped through and into her fully. Usually I would take it easy fucking a women’s ass, but I just got started straight away and started to fuck her deep and hard.

As I was fucking her harder and hard, I started to talk to her at the same time, telling her that she had a great tight ass and I asked her with a chuckle if she expected one hour ago to be lying in a stranger’s bed getting her ass fucked. I continued to fuck her ass hard and enjoy watching her face as she learnt what it is like to be an anal whore.

Eventually I pulled out and lay back on the bed, and she just looked at me blankly. “Ass to mouth, suck it.” I commanded

And she immediately did, sucking and licking my condom covered cock that had just been in her ass. As this went on, her mobile phone started ringing, and kept ringing and ringing. I asked her who was so persistent to call so many times.

“My boyfriend that is his ring tone,” She replied almost shyly. I laughed and asked her about the boyfriend, found out he was tame and hopeless in bed, but only the second person she ever had sex with.

I changed over to a new condom and lined up her pussy. Time for the third man ever to start fucking her pussy, I thought as I pulled her legs up over my shoulders and entered her pussy with one swift stroke and started to pound away. Her mobile continued to ring away, and I laughed at the thought of her pathetic boyfriend calling and calling her, while I was fucking her into the bed. I had her moaning and she started to cum on my cock as I pounded away. She threw her head back in orgasmic bliss as she came in waves with a good hard fuck.

I was enjoying the tight pussy and the bouncing tits and I started to feel my balls tighten and slowed down a little. I asked, “Have you always been a good girl and practiced safe sex?”

“Yes, my boyfriend always wears a condom, always!” She replied.

“Are you on the pill girl?” I asked forcefully.

She meekly answered, “No.”

I slowly pulled out of her pussy and she stared at my cock while I pulled off the condom and then I pushed my cock back into her….”I think it is time to make you pregnant, you will enjoy having my child,” I stated loudly.

Once again her eyes went really wide, and she just looked at me and said, “I don’t want to get pregnant, please…”

Ignoring her words, I just continued to pump her tight pussy and I knew she would be full of my cum very soon, which I told her. She looked very worried and was really enjoying the mind fuck I was giving her. I slammed my cock into her at high speed working up to blowing my load in her. I continued to pound away with no resistance at all, and groaned and shot a massive load into her pussy.

I continued to slowly pump in and out of her pussy as I held her knees towards her head and enjoyed the feeling of her pussy full of my cum. I held her there and asked her how it felt to be full of my cum, as she looked up and said, “Scary,” which brought another laugh from me.

I eventually pulled out of her and some cum dripped from her pussy, I scooped it up and fed it into her mouth, and she quickly licked it up. I moved my cock to her mouth and she cleaned that up also, licking and sucking my cock. I thought to myself, ‘ this girl is a quick learner.’

I got off the bed and walked back to the foyer; her phone was still ringing, but with longer periods between calls. I picked up her bag and grabbed the phone… 34 missed calls and 5 texts. I walked back to the bedroom and showed her the phone.

“He will be so pissed!” She cried, “Oh, it was him and Yenny calling also.” So I asked who Yenny was. She was her best friend from University she explained to me.

I took the phone off her and pushed her back on the bed, I slid my cock into her pussy again and pushed the green call button to ring Yenny. Sure enough this sweet sounding Asian girl answered the phone.

“Hello June, why have you ignored my calls?” Yenny asked.

I told her this was not June, but a guy she had just met, and I asked Yenny about herself a little and chatted about June and how she is such a nice girl.

I then handed the phone over to June and commanded her to tell Yenny everything that had happened, which she started to do. All I could hear was Yenny occasionally yell out, “OMG” or “I can’t believe that”.

I could see that June was both embarrassed and proud when telling Yenny what had happened. I pulled my cock out of June’s pussy and slid it back into her ass, until she whimpered again and I could hear Yenny asking what was going on.

I told June to tell her and she meekly said, “He just starting fucking my ass again,”

Yenny yelled out again and June looked very embarrassed. I told her to hang up and started really trying to fuck her ass as hard as possible and because I had already cum, I was going to be able to last much longer

Eventually, after pounding her ass with little to no mercy, I pulled out and climbed up the bed, positioning my cock over her face…”Ever had a facial?”

I should have known the answer would be no, but it was great to hear her say it, knowing that I was about to cum on her face. I worked my cock and pointed at her face and shot my second load of the right into her right eye socket, hair and mouth, enough cum to close her eye nicely. I let her suck on my cock and clean it off and then sent her to the shower to clean up.

Eventually June emerged from the shower looking well fucked and a little stunned about what she had just done. I told her to get dressed and led her out to the foyer for her clothes.

Once dressed, I sent her on her way, with a final comment, “June, I had a vasectomy three years ago, you will not be pregnant. You have my email and mobile number, call me if you want to be dominated further.”

June just said,” Thanks for the night,” and then left.

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