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Deborah grabbed her gym bag & headed for Sally’s house. Watching his mother’s car until it turned the corner Luke couldn’t wait to wake his sister up & tell her that they had nearly 5 & a half hours before their mother would return. He was eager to start his life as a submissive Cockslut he hoped that his older Sister was serious he walked to the kitchen & after a quick bowl of cereal & a few slices of toast he switched the kettle on while waiting for it to boil he quickly pulled his T-shirt over his head, then stepped out of his boxers. From all the stories he’d read on the Internet Luke knew that he should be naked when he woke his Mistress. So a few minutes later a naked Lukey baby carried a tray with his Sister’s morning coffee up the stairs towards his Mistress’s bedroom lightly tapping he heard his sisters sleepy voice.

“Come in it’s open.”

Head bowed Luke pushed the door open.

“Morning Mistress Katherine I hope I haven’t done the wrong thing by bringing your cuppa. Mother has gone to the Gym she told me to say that she wants to talk to you about Gavin.”

Luke didn’t want to slip up & say (to tell you) any slave worth their while wouldn’t make such a basic slip up.

“That’s Okay my little Lukey Cockslut, I’m glad to see that all the time you’ve spent surfing the Net hasn’t been wasted. From now on whenever you enter this room you will be naked unless I tell you otherwise, Clear Cockpig?”

“Yes, Mistress Katherine your Cockslut is to be naked whenever he enters your domain unless ordered otherwise.”

“Very good now don’t you forget it Lukey Cockslut.”

“I promise I won’t forget Mistress Katherine.”

Kathy threw her doo-na back revealing that she is almost naked, she is wearing a hot pink baby-doll nightie minus the panties. She swings her legs over the side of the bed putting them on the floor about two feet apart Luke could clearly see his sisters naked labia he felt his cock start to twitch. Noticing her little brothers prick beginning to stir Kathy said “on your knee’s slut, crawl over here & lick your Mistress’s cunt till she comes all over your face.”

Obediently Luke dropped to his knees & crawled between his sister’s legs Kathy opened wider for her slut’s tongue. Holding her coffee in one hand the other she grabbed a handful of her Brother’s hair & guided Luke’s tongue around her pussy. Gulping down the last mouthful of coffee Kathy put the cup on her bedside table then grabbing two big handfuls of hair she ground Luke’s face against her soaking gash. “Lick your Mistress’s cunt you fucking Cockslut eat my juicy cunt Lukey you cum lover, agh suck on my hole Lukey baby.”

“Yes, Mistress Katherine your wish is my command.” Came Luke’s muffled reply. He was busy holding her cunt lips apart while his tongue ran along his sisters dripping snatch, stabbing her fuck-hole with his tongue on each pass. Kathy was amazed how quickly her sibling had taken to muff diving, before she came Kathy pushed her brother away. She flipped over & got up into the doggie position then reached into her bedside drawers bringing out the 9″ black vibrating dildo that Jade & Helen had given her. Looking over her right shoulder she positioned the large rubber cock against her dripping pussy, her brother was starring at his sisters pouting sex & cute ass, this soon had his cock pointing at the ceiling.

“Lick your Mistress’s anus while she fucks herself with a real cock not a puny thing like yours Cockslut.” Luke didn’t say a word he just held his Mistress’s butt wide cheeks apart while he slowly licked her puckered anus. Kathy was busy ramming the big black dick up her gash, she was in heaven it had been far too long since she’d been so happy. Feeling herself nearing her first orgasm for the day Kathy said. “Ram that tongue up my shitter Lukey baby, fuck my asshole with your tongue Cockslut, rim your Sister’s ass for her ya fucking Cockslut.”

Luke did exactly as ordered he shoved his tongue at his Sisters tight sphincter gradually she relaxed enough & his wet probing tongue penetrated her shitter, then he started to fuck her anus in time to her strokes with the dildo.

“Yeah Cockslut that’s it rim your Mistress’s shitter. Fuck my ass hard & fast Cockslut, fuck your Mistress’s ass while she dildos her cunt. Agh that’s it Cockslut tongue fuck me harder Ass-whore.”

With his hands around his sibling’s waist Luke pistons his wet tongue driving it deep into his sister’s twitching anus, he could feel the dildo vibrating in her cunt with each stroke. Katherine heard her brothers muffled voice.

“Oh Mistress Katherine I love worshiping your asshole.”

“Shut the fuck up & don’t you dare stop your tongue fucking of my arse till I tell you Cockslut or you’ll get a whipping.”

Luke didn’t say another thing he just bit his lower lip & continued pumping his tongue into his sisters butt. Kathy turned the vibrating dildo up to full speed & rammed all 9″ into her gash she started to shudder as wave after wave of wondrous pleasure washed over her sweaty body. Every nerve fiber felt heightened as each vibration sent fresh bursts of ecstasy to her brain. Here she was with a monster dildo deep in her pussy & her brothers face between her ass cheeks with his tongue buried up her arse probing her bowels. “What a fucking slut I am, yeah & you absolutely love it to don’t you, Katherine Jenson? Fuck yeah.” Kathy thought to herself.

Looking over her shoulder at her Brother, Kathy slid forward just enough to pull herself away from his wet tongue & after slowly sliding the dildo from her twat she gave it to Luke.

“Here Cumslut put that mouth of your’s to use & lick your Mistress’s cum off that Cockslut.”

Luke took the large black dildo & greedily lapped at his sisters juices covering the fake cock, he closed his eyes & found he was imagining that it was Johns cock that he was cleaning his sister’s cum off. Since Luke’s eyes were closed & he was obviously enjoying the dildo Kathy asked.

“Whose cocks are you imagining that fat dildo is? Eh Lukey Cockslut?”

“John’s Mistress Katherine his is a touch longer though, but this is a fantastic substitute Mistress Katherine.”

“Show your Mistress how you can deepthroat it then Cockslut.”

Luke rocked back raising his face up towards the ceiling lifted the fake cock & slowly slid the black bulbous head past his stretched lips. Gradually Luke’s throat muscles relaxed to accept the big rubber dick, as he greedily sucked Luke managed to force the entire length into his gullet for a second or two before gagging. “Come on you fucking Cockslut Lukey baby suck my big dildo you fucking cum loving Cockslut. You want Johnny’s big dick in your throat don’t you, Cockslut, you want to suck Johnny’s thick cock all day don’t ya Lukey? That’s it Lukey suck that big fake plastic cock you want Johnny to pop your cherry don’t you.”

Nodding Luke half groaned & half moaned “yes Mistress Katherine.”

Pushing the fake tool in again Luke is able to keep it in for about thirty seconds before gagging this time. He continued to show his sister how well his can deepthroat her dildo after several more minutes Luke slid the dildo out until just the head was still inside his mouth.

“Oh fuck Aghh fuck I’m gonna cum Mistress Katherine.”

Luke groaned around the fat rubber knob. As Luke’s come erupted over his sliding fist sprayed across his belly & Kathy said “thinking about Johnny’s hard prick deep inside your arse certainly brought you off quickly didn’t it my cocksucker brother.” Squeezing the last drops into the pool near his belly button, “Oh yes Mistress Katherine I couldn’t help it that’s got to be one of the strongest orgasms I ever had”

“Clean yourself up I’ll be back in a minute & I want to see all that come cleaned up you should learn to really enjoy the taste so use only your fingers & tongue.”

Luke wanted to scream out that he absolutely loved the taste of jism & was delighted in this order Kathy walked out of the room leaving Luke licking his sticky come up. He licked then sucked each of his fingers then scooped up the pool, bringing it to his lips.

A few minutes later Kathy stuck her head around the door pointed at the dildo.

“Bring that Cockslut & follow me.”

Luke picked up the dildo & followed his sister. Kathy stepped into the bathroom feeling a slight chill she automatically switched on the Tastic to heat the room, seeing Luke was now standing at the door Kathy said “turn on the shower Cockslut & make sure it’s hot, but not to hot or else.”

In the small bathroom there wasn’t much room & as Luke stepped past his naked sister he lightly brushed her nipples Kathy let it pass she didn’t mind anyway. Adjusting the steamy flow of water Luke stepped back to allow Kathy to enter the shower recess, she crooked a finger motioning him to follow. Passing him the soap “wash your Mistress’s body Cockslut” Kathy ordered. He’d snuck glances at his Sister on odd occasions, but this was unbelievable Luke gladly began soaping his older Sisters back & arms soon Kathy turned to face him.

“Don’t forget my tits Cockslut. I know you want to touch them you kinky little fucker.”

He lathered each in turn paying particular attention to her half inch semi erect nipples. Next he knelt down & soaped up her legs, parting her thighs slightly Kathy told him.

“Wash Mistress Megan’s pussy, but don’t go inside or else.”

That threat again thought Luke to himself, I wonder what she has in mind for me. After Kathy had lifted each foot for him to wash she opened the sliding door & stepped out, Luke made a move to follow but Kathy stopped him. “I want my Cockslut cum loving whore of a little brother to be clean shaven from this day on. That means no hairs down there at all, your to shave off all your pubic hair your cock your balls your ass your legs hell while your at it you might as well do your arms too. Is that clear Cockslut Lukey baby?”

“Perfectly clear Mistress Katherine, your Cockslut is to be clean shaven from now on.Completly hairless from his ears down.”

Kathy tossed him a razor then dried herself while she watched Luke shave off his sparse reddish blonde pubic hairs. As she watched Kathy added you can shave your stomach chest & underarms now Cockslut. Luke didn’t have hardly any hair there anyway there was none on his chest yet & his underarms had a slight fuzz that’s all. Kathy left Luke as he began shaving his anus & walked to her bedroom she finished drying herself then put her long red hair up in the towel to help it dry. Opening her closet she decide to dress to tease her new slave first a white cotton almost see through halter-neck top that knotted below her ample bust, her half inch nipples were sticking out & the flimsy material couldn’t hide her dark brown nipples. Going through the rack until she found the skirt she wanted an electric blue Lycra micro skirt. Kathy liked it because it showed off her pierced belly button & if she bent over without panties on it would rise to show the cheeks of her bum as well as the smooth pouting labia. Throwing the skirt onto her bed she fished out a pair of black lace crotch less panties & a pair of fishnet stay-up stockings as Luke walked in naked, Kathy picked up her sexy 6 inch ankle strap black stilettos.

“Don’t just stand there Cockslut get over here & dress your Mistress.”

Luke went to Kathy taking the panties he held them whilst she put each leg in then Luke slid them up his Sister’s legs, she knocked his hand away when he tried to adjust the crotch area. “Don’t touch unless your told Cockslut” she viciously spat at him as she adjusted the lace herself.

“On your knees Cockslut your gonna paint my toenails for me.”

For the next ten minutes a naked Luke sat uncomfortably on his haunches as he painted his sisters toes a bright shade of red occasionally he would steal glimpses of her partially uncovered pussy, the skirt was so short that she couldn’t have stopped him looking even if she’d wanted to. Twenty minutes later & Luke was holding the fishnets as Kathy put her foot into it then she stood so he could smooth them up her legs. Sitting back on her bed Kathy picked up her black pumps & tossed them at Luke.

“Get over here & put those on your Mistress.”

Kathy ground each heel into Luke’s abdominal muscles as he did the buckles up around her ankle. Standing she was now almost five feet three inches tall & was looking down at her younger brother. The extra height made her feel even more powerful & this sent a jolt of excitement to her pussy causing a few drops to gather on her naked lips.

“From your little display earlier Cockslut I know that you really want to let Johnny fuck your shitter, so lets find out how just receptive you are my little cumloving Cockslut.”

Not waiting for an answer Kathy walked to her bedside table & brought out a small hot pink 4″ butt plug & a small tube of KY gel. “Turn around & bend over your Mistress wants to see how submissive her kinky Brother the Cumslut is.”

Luke spun round bending at the hips as he did so, he stood there watching his Mistress sister as she squeezed the last drops from the almost empty tube onto the butt-plug.

“Now be a good little Cockslut & don’t say a word.”

Kathy placed the cool plug against her brother’s asshole & once she’d smeared the gel over his sphincter she inserted the butt-plug in a single twisting movement, Luke’s anus snapped back around the neck of the plug trapping it about three inches inside his ass.

“You may speak now Cockslut, go & sit on the floor you can lean against the chair if you like, I’ll be back in a second.”

“Thank you for the butt plug Mistress Katherine it feels so good.” Luke said as he eased into a sitting position against the easy chair in the corner of Kathy’s bedroom.

“I’m glad to hear it Cockslut.” He heard his Sister say from the hallway.

Walking into the kitchen Kathy decided that she would be going to the sex shop very soon to buy some dildos etc. she wasn’t about to share hers. No, he’d just have to start his own collection, but how to get him into the shop without the drawing unwanted attention. As a computer programer Katherine knew she could get anything in the way of sex toys she desired over the internet. She made a mental note to make Lukey make him search the Internet for a special strap-on dildo for her to use that’s for sure. Opening the crisper drawer Kathy was glad that her mother Deborah had been shopping that week so there was a plentiful supply of vegetables, she selected a zucchini about eight inches or nine inches long & a bottle of olive oil from the cupboard. Entering her room Kathy was happy to see that her new slave hadn’t moved & was still on the floor leaning back against the chair his shaven cock was standing up against his belly. Luke’s face changed when he saw what his Mistress was carrying, “I won’t be able to get that in my virgin arse-hole Mistress Katherine it’s too big It’ll.”

“Don’t you worry about that because your mine & you no fucking longer have any say in what you do, or for that matter whom you do. You’ll just do whatever your Mistress says without question is that clear Lukey Cocksucker? You agreed to be my submissive play thing or do I have to start sending your special photos out?”

“Oh no! I mean Yes, Mistress Katherine yes of course I’m your property now. Please don’t send them out, I’ll do whatever you say.”

“Good, now turn around & show your Mistress your slutty arse hole, besides this isn’t as large as my dildo & you said that it wasn’t as big as Johnny’s prick. Anyway Cockslut if your going to take John’s big thick cock up your slutty ass then you had best get use to the size of it.”

Luke wanted to show his sister how into the situation he really was. So quickly stood up spun around sticking his smooth freshly shaved butt in his older sister’s face. He wanted John’s dick so bad & he would do anything at all to get it. Kathy’s hand in the middle of his back directed him to lean forward, when he was nearly doubled over Kathy said.

“Reach around here & pull your cheeks apart for Mistress Katherine, Lukey Cockslut. Johnny will like it if you hold your ass open for him.”

Doing as he was told Luke soon felt her slowly withdrawing the plug his sphincter relaxed allowing the butt plug to slide free. Luke’s anus spasmed & winked as if trying to take the plug back in, he felt an overwhelming sense of disappointment, but when his sister’s fingers began exploring his anus it soon disappeared. Kathy massaged her brothers gripping asshole sliding three fingers into her brother’s greasy anus easily, she was happy to see her siblings ass was becoming accustomed to large objects. Chuckling to herself she thought “this little fucker has no idea what I have in stall for his slutty little asshole.”

Hearing the cap of the olive oil bottle Luke knew that Kathy was about to pour some of the slippery liquid onto his waiting asshole. Although the zucchini still had him worried a little it did resemble a cock though & he hoped the oil would lubricate his anus. His cock twitched when the following thought struck him, he was finally going to have his cherry popped but best of all by his big sister. Allowing a small amount of oil to drip onto her little brother’s anus Kathy then used her forefinger, she began slowly rubbing the oil into Luke’s tight opening. Once again pushing a finger inside his ass brought groans of pleasure from her young sibling’s throat. Kathy placed a hand on Luke’s butt slowly withdrew her digit & picked up the oil bottle again.

“Reach around & hold your slutty ass open for your Mistress Lukey Cockslut.”

Once Luke had his ass cheeks spread wide as possible Kathy positioned the oil bottle & slowly pushed it against his anus.

Since Luke had been fingering his ass for several months now thinking of things just like this after the butt plug & his Mistress’s fingers, his sphincter relaxed allowing the slim neck of the bottle to penetrate his ass hole easily.

“Oh yes please Mistress Katherine fuck your whore with the bottle your Cumslut loves it Mistress Katherine.”

“Ha ha ha you fucking Cockslut this is just the beginning just you wait until I’m abusing your slutty asshole with that big zucchini, I’m going to enjoy fucking your virgin shitter Lukey baby. Your sister is gonna change you from a Cumslut into a Cockpig or a Cockslut.”

Kathy up ended the bottle pouring about a quarter of its contents into Luke’s anus, pulling it out she allowed a liberal amount to spill over her submissive brother’s ass. Slowly the olive oil ran down his rock hard shaft & dripped from the head of his dick on to the towel beneath his splayed knees. Kathy caught most of them in her left hand as she used her right hand to control the monster zucchini she pushed it against his greedy shitter. Slowly Luke’s ass opened for the fake dick, when Kathy had pushed about an inch or two into him Luke moaned loudly.

You like this big fucker in that slutty hole don’t you Lukey Cockslut?”

Before he could answer Kathy quickly shoved with all of her might driving the zucchini deep inside her little Brother’s butt.

“Agh fuck it hurts Mistress Katherine it hurts take it out please Mistress Katherine.”

“NO FUCKING WAY! you just moaned without your Mistress’s permission so I know you love being butt fucked. Now my little butt slut your going to beg your Mistress for more of this big green cock by the end of our little session I promise you that Lukey Cockslut.”

With her slippery free hand Kathy cupped her Brother’s nuts slowly she massaged them as she continued to drive the big green zucchini deep in & out of her sibling’s anus in time to her sliding fist. Slowly Luke’s sensations of pain changed to sheer pleasure the feelings of his sister no Mistress pounding into him with the vegetable was sending wave after wave of pleasure washing across his brain. He had never though it was possible to experience so many glorious feelings emanating from his anus. His ass was so full a flash of his sphincter ripping shot through his mind, but he didn’t care because his Mistress was fucking his virgin man cunt so he’d be ready for Johnny’s enormous cock. This was his all time favorite fantasy coming to life he couldn’t belive his luck. Kathy’s fucking was sending ripples of pleasure directly to his balls as she plundered his sphincter Luke’s cock rubbed against his stomach with every downward tug his Mistress applied whilst massaging his nuts.

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