dominant daddy

My summer sexcapade with Marcus continued all the summer long and into the fall. His continued denials of being gay or bi-sexual confounded me. Such statements especially confused me because he made them as I was sucking his cock or while I was getting my ass pounded by him. It finally occurred to me that such statements made him feel better and they confirmed his “manhood.” This enjoyment of being the dominant partner in a man-on-man sexual relationship was something he wanted to keep on the “down low.”

So I tried to understand it. We continued with regular sessions at my apartment throughout the summer. He would come over and I would quickly get naked and he would fuck me like a teenage girl. There was little about Marcus that was gentle. He was not gentle in our sex life and he had no real desire to have any kind of relationship outside of my bedroom or my apartment. It was tough but I was getting something I wanted: his 11″ black monster cock. He was getting what he wanted: my ass or mouth around that cock.

Our meetings were regular and frequent. We usually got together about two to four times a week. He dated the occasional girl, white or black. Still I think he reserved his most primal urges for me. On one or two occasions, I would run into him at the pool or somewhere else and he would acknowledge me and even introduce me to one of his friends. Still that was all there was to it, no more. He simply didn’t want his friends thinking he was gay.

One afternoon I ran into him and a friend of his at the large indoor pool at our apartment complex. It was well past summer pool weather and so swimming inside was the only option available. I came out of the locker room wearing a very fitting pair of Brazilian swim bikinis. I noticed that Marcus attempted to look away, but his friend did not.

I knew Marcus didn’t want me to acknowledge him, but I was determined that I would not be ignored. I stopped and spoke to Marcus and introduced myself to his friend. His buddy smiled broadly and gave me a though once over. He approved.

“Glad to meet you. Since Marcus here ain’t gonna introduce me, I’m DeShaw.”

“It’s indeed my pleasure, DeShaw,” I smiled a sweet, almost innocent smile and proceeded to almost prance to the pool. I was feeling truly like a little sissy slut. I didn’t even know DeShaw but wanted him to wonder what had just happened.

I waded into the pool and walked around in the shallow end long enough to overhear the rest of the conversation between DeShaw and Marcus.

“Dude, who the fuck was that hot little piece of ass?” DeShaw asked a shocked Marcus.

Marcus quickly recovered, “Just somebody I know who lives here at the apartments. I can’t even remember his name. Little faggot.”

DeShaw grinned, “Dude, I don’t give a fuck if he’s a little twisted, I want me a piece of that little white ass.”

“Are you serious, D?” a more shocked Marcus asked of his longtime friend.

“Oh, hell yeah,” DeShaw grinned, “I bet that beats the shit out of any chick you ever had.”

I smiled to myself as I acted as if I had heard nothing. Finally, Marcus spoke up again, “You really would?”

DeShaw confirmed that he would and just would keep it on the DL. Marcus, still not desiring to out himself, told him that he knew which was my apartment.

“Maybe we could stop by and see if he’s interested in entertaining you. I mean I wouldn’t be interested but if it got really good, we’d just see, you know,” Marcus slying suggested.

I looked up from the pool to see DeShaw again. He was tall and muscular and very dark. Like Marcus, his entire body was shaved clean. He was wearing a pair of regular swim trunks so it was impossible to really judge what lay beneath. I could only imagine and hope.

I soon exited the pool and went into the sauna area. I sat on one of the benches and stretched out a little. Soon the door opened and in walked DeShaw wearing only a towel. He smiled and sat across from me in the steam.

DeShaw didn’t say anything for a minute, but then spoke up. “So, do you live here?”

“Yeah,” I began to respond as I stared at the towel covering his waist, “I do. I am a student and I enjoy a few hobbies.”

DeShaw grinned and inquired, “So, what kind of hobbies? Any I’d be interested in?”

I licked my lips and made them glisten with my saliva. I then lowered my eyes to meet his crotch as I responded, “Oh, reading, sucking black cock and getting my ass bred by black men.” Then I gave him a pervy little wink.

DeShaw got up and walked the few feet across the steamroom floor and stood in front of me. He dropped his towel to the floor exposing a beautifully long and sculpted black cock replete with large veins and a purple mushroom head.

“Like this cock, beautiful?” he asked with a smirk.

I said nothing immediately but instead leaned in and took his cock into my mouth. After a few seconds of licking and sucking DeShaw’s cock, I looked up and said simply, “Exactly.”

With that, I got up and left DeShaw standing there, his eyes begging me to return. On my way out, I passed Marcus. He spoke up, “Did you say anything?”

I said nothing in response, just smiled and winked. The suspense was killing him.

As I walked back to my apartment, I wondered how this would turn out. Yet, I had a feeling that I already knew. In the pit of my stomach, I had a feeling that my first 2 on 1 was about to happen. Worse still, my coy behavior with both of them probably meant there would be no mercy for my mouth, throat or ass when it happened.

I got home and showered. I knew what was coming regardless. I checked my body for any signs of hair and applied my hair removal lotion and cleaned myself up. I put on a pair of silky pink girly panties with the already made hole in the backside. I put a black leather collar and had a couple of drinks to calm my nerves.

In no time at all, my phone rang. It was Marcus. His friend, DeShaw, wanted to stop by and say hi again. I told Marcus that was fine and that I was presentable. Man, was I ever?

Soon there was a knock at the door. I opened the door gently and slowly. I stayed partially hidden behind it as the two walked in. When I had shut and locked it behind them, they both got a good look at me. Two jaws dropped.

I walked in front of them toward the kitchen. I wanted both to see the beautifully round hole already made into my pretty little panties.

“You fellows want anything?” I asked playfully.

DeShaw spoke up, “I don’t know about old Marcus here, but I want to get my dick in that hole in your panties, pretty girl!”

“Oh,” I responded, “I’m sure Marcus isn’t at all the kind of guy who would play with another guy. He’s not gay.”

DeShaw just laughed and responded, “Hey, call it what you want, Sugar, I just want some of it!”

I smiled and bit my lower lip very playfully. I walked up to DeShaw, who was wearing basketball shorts and a t-shirt and rubbed his large bulge. It grew as I rubbed it. I leaned up and licked his ear lobe and began to talk dirty to him.

“So, DeShaw, can you make me happy? I really need a big black cock to make my little holes happy and full. Can you do that, Sweetie?”

His cock was twitching in my hand. I pulled his cock free of his shorts and pulled him by his cock down the hall and into my bedroom. Once inside, I shut the door leaving my lover Marcus in the living room to fume.

I dropped immediately to my knees and sucked DeShaw’s long black cock into my mouth. I sucked on the head and ran my tongue up and down the length of his shaft from the underside. On occasion, I would spit a glob of saliva on the top of his shaft and begin to wank it. I wanted DeShaw to remember this moment.

I began to slowly go deeper and deeper. I was literally swallowing his cock at one point. I breathed through my nose and held his cock deeply in my throat. He moaned with pleasure and looked down into my eyes as I lapped at his enormous cock.

I stood in a few minutes and finished stripping DeShaw of his few remaining clothes. I led him to the bed by his long cock. I kneeled at the foot of the bed and again took DeShaw’s cock into my mouth. He grabbed the sides of my head and began to furiously throat fuck me. I gagged as his cockhead hit the back of my throat. My eyes watered as he pushed my mouth as far as possible toward his pubic area. Finally, he would release and I would gasp for breath and beg for more.

“Oh,” I would beg, “please fuck my cock hungry throat, Daddy! Fuck my mouth til I scream!”

Then DeShaw would oblige me and do just that. I deepthroated my new black friend over and over, my spit streaming to the carpeted floor.

Finally, DeShaw pulled me up and helped me out of my pretty panties. He directed me onto the bed and found a place between my legs. He smiled and spoke, “I don’t care what it makes me. I want some of your little girl cock!”

With that, DeShaw himself sucked my seven plus inch raging hard cock into his own warm, wet and willing mouth. It felt so good. He sucked and licked and flicked my balls with his tongue. It didn’t take me long.

I screamed, “I’m going to cum!” But DeShaw stayed at it until I shot my load into his mouth. He absorbed it all. After I was drained, he moved and forced my mouth open. He opened his mouth and let my own semen drip down into my mouth. Then he commanded me to swallow my own cum.

After a while, he pushed my legs up and placed both of his strong hands against my ass cheeks and began spreading them. He then began licking and tongueing my asshole. He licked and spit into it and fingered it.

He looked up at me grinning, “Someone’s been in that hole plenty before.”

I smiled a lusty smile and simply responded, “Your friend out there knows who.”

DeShaw pulled away and lay on top on me in a missionary position and began to french kiss me. His thin lips hid a thick long muscular tongue. He used it expertly. In a few seconds, he began rimming my ear with his tongue and whispered, “How long do you think old Marcus can hold himself off?”

He then looked at me and grinned. He began to kiss me again and rub his hard cock against my already wet boi pussy. He started rubbing his cockhead into my hole and slowly began the process of invading my inner sanctum (or rectum) with his massively long cock. It was every bit as long as the black cock I was accustomed to having in me.

Slowly, with the aid of a little lube, DeShaw was moving inside and out of me with ease. He had my legs wrapped around his sides and my head near the edge of the bed when Marcus could take it no longer.

He walked into the bedroom with a raging hard-on and a raging look in his eyes. He walked to the edge and pulled my head toward his cock. I sucked his cock into my mouth and began giving Marcus a wet sloppy blowjob. He cursed me while I did so.

He said through gritted teeth, “You nasty little white slut. Fucking my best friend. I’m gonna teach your little white ass a lesson it won’t forget.”

I pulled off of his cock for a second and responded, “Huh, you gonna teach your little white cockslut fairy a lesson? Huh, you gonna do that, Black Daddy? Are you sure you’re big enough?”

I knew I was just asking for it. He grabbed my head and again and rammed his cock down my throat so forcefully, I almost vomited gobs of my own spit. But I didn’t. I managed to contain it.

Meanwhile, DeShaw was working my love hole over. He was pounding my ass so hard, his balls were literally slapping against my ass. He pulled out and lay on his back and put me in a reverse cowgirl position. I lowered myself onto his slick cock and began riding him like a fiend!

He easily was punching my prostate with his cockhead. As he fucked my ass, Marcus moved in front and stood on the bed and fed me his cock again. I was noisily sucking and slurping on Marcus’ cock as I attempted to milk the manjuice out of DeShaw’s. I pulled off of Marcus’ cock long enough to moan or whimper or scream things like, “Fuck me, Black Cock Daddy!” or “Fuck my little hole with that big black cock!”

I sucked on Marcus’ balls and licked the underside of his cock as I felt DeShaw’s cock swelling inside me. He asked where I wanted it.

I screamed, “In me. Breed me, please. Shoot that sweet black seed up my love tunnel! Oh, yes, breed my ass, Daddy!”

He did just that. As I was busy gobbling Marcus’ cock down my hungry throat, I felt wave and wave, jet after jet of DeShaw’s slimy cum shoot into my innermost chamber. Several squirts of his sperm fertilized my barren chamber.

I lifted myself from him and felt full. His warm jizz began to seep out of my loose ass. Marcus pushed my face down deep into my pillows. He spread my weak legs and leaned into my ear. He cursed me and threatened, “Little fucking cum whore, I’m going to stretch you like you ain’t ever been! You gonna get plenty of black man’s cum today!” He licked my ear.

Just then, Marcus rammed his hard cock into my slimy, cum coated asshole. I didn’t even think or care about pain. He slid easily up into me and began to fuck me as hard as he thought I deserved. He rammed my ass and finally pulled me into a doggie position. DeShaw had been cleaning himself and he then rejonied. He stood with his back to the headboard and began to fuck my face again. Soon the tears flowed from my eyes again as I gagged on DeShaw’s long member.

Marcus began to curse and roar. I felt his cock swell and he slapped my ass as he shot the first of many spurts of cum into my already coated hole. “You getting bred today, pretty thing!” His cock pulsated inside me as my internal muscles milked every drop out of Marcus.

Shortly afterwards, Marcus withdrew and lay on the bed. I continued to suck DeShaw until he shot a smaller load into my mouth. I swallowed it all. I walked to the bathroom with copious amounts of cum dripping down my legs and from my gaping asshole.

I returned after cleaning myself and found a spot on the bed between the two black men. I inched down and began sucking them and jacking them alternately. I looked up and saw two content friends, seemingly happy to share a common interest.

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