dominance /submission

2nd Thursday – 5th day as BBC slut wife, Jaye and her new Master humiliate B. Jaye is fisted in pblic. B submits to his own Master:

After I cleaned up their morning fuck, theyh eaded for the shower together.

My wife smiled sweetly at me and gave my cock a quick squeeze as she passed by.

“Order us room service, B! And ask if Andre (our usual waiter in the restaurant) can deliver it!”

I called in the order. Andre was in early and available to deliver.

I started to get dressed, but when Jaye came out she told me to strip and stay that way – in fact, stay that way for the rest of the time there. When Andre arrived, Samuel and Jaye were naked on the bed and she was sucking his Black Cock. Samuel told me to let him in, and Jaye added “But on your knees.” I did, blushing furiously as Andre took in the scene of the married white woman sucking Black cock and her husband kneeling and naked.

Jaye lifted her head from her sucking duties.

“Good morning, Andre! I had another fine Jamaican evening and it looks like it’s going to be a fine Jamaican day!”

Andre grinned a toothy smile. “Sho look like it, missy!”

“B, tip Andre $20 and bring Samuel his breakfast! A real man needs his strength! Oh, and Andre, if you have a cell phone, would you take a couple of pictures before you go?”

“Course, missy!”

They got out of bed and walked over to where I was kneeling, Samuel’s Black cock softening a little.

“Make him hard again, B!” My wife said as she held it to my mouth. I tried to protest but she pointed out that I had had no problem sucking Samuel’s cock the night before – she just wanted a souvenir. “B.B.But Andre…!” I whined.

“You had no problem with him seeing me do it. Now it’s your turn. Open up and no teeth!”

I still wasn’t happy about it but she held the back of my head and pushed it against my lips. The feeling of the rubbery head on my lips, my embarrassment at being naked on my knees in front of the waiter, and the humiliation of knowing I was about to be photographed flipped submissive switches in my brain. Jaye’s pressure pushed Samuel’s Black cock past my lips, and my resistance crumbled. I willingly opened my mouth.

“Now do it yourself!” I could hear the camera clicking. Then Jaye gave him the video camera and told me to continue. The thickness of Samuel’s Big Black Cock in my mouth was making me salivate and I was starting to drool around it. It added to the humiliation that the longer it was in my mouth, the better it felt and I was starting to want to feel him cum in me rather than just cleaning.

“You’re lucky that Samuel only likes to cum in women – especially married white women – or we would have to get a shot of you swallowing his load! Maybe, if you beg him, he’ll let you anyhow! Maybe Andre will let you! I think you should pay Andre another $20 for his camera work.”

Andre sneered at me as I paid him, still on my knees.

“You know,” Jaye said, “I like that look! Since you seem to feel submissive to Black men, you should stay on your knees whenever a Black person is in the room. It goes with your outfit!”

“Now wait a minute…” I started to refuse.

“But, B! He has the pictures of you like that, and after the rest of the staff sees them they will expect it when they come to see you in person!”

Oh shit! They were going to show the pictures around? How long before I was all over the internet?

“Please don’t show the pictures! I’ll stay on my knees.” I was defeated.

After breakfast, Samuel and Jaye had a long, slow suck and fuck, her hands running over his body as she cooed about how good he felt. How she would do anything he wanted. Afterwards, she stroked my head as I licked and sucked them both clean.

When Samuel and Jaye, wearing her semi-transparent sundress and no underwear, left for lunch together, she squeezed my balls and said,

“B, you’ll have to stay in the cabana since you obviously can’t go out in public naked. Oh, and since you gave me to him, I don’t have to ask if it’s alright if I go alone with Samuel, do I?” A harder squeeze.

“Maybe Andre can arrange for one of the staff to stop by and give you something to suck on!”

They went off to lunch together, leaving me naked and alone in the room. The maid showed up, and I pulled on shorts to let her in. She entered and fixed me with a hard stare.

“I heard ja supposed to be naked on ja knees when Black folk present!”

I was taken back and muttered something about not always and actually that was for Black men. She sniffed and picked up the phone, calling housekeeping to report a plumbing problem. Then she just stood there glowering.

In about 5 minutes, a large (about 6′ and 275 lbs) Black man with a tool box showed up at the door.

“What de problem?”

“Dis de white boi Andre talk about! He say he doan have to be naked on his knees for Black folk – only Black mens!”

He fixed me with a stare. “Wuz ja tole to be naked on ja knees when Black folk around?”

“Uh, I guess.”

“Who tole ja to do it?”

“Uh, Samuel” It occurred to me I didn’t know his last name.

“And who Samuel?” The maintenance guy was looming large over me.

“Uh, he’s my wife’s…Black…” I realized I had never put a name on the relationship.

A part of my brain was on the other side of the room screaming that things were getting out of hand. I may not have been as big as this guy, but I have certain skills and don’t take bullying in any form from any one. Why was I standing for this?

“Samuel fucking ja wife, right?”

“Uh, yes”

“He a Renti, right? Ja pay him ta fuck ja wife!”


“Anybody else fuck her?”

“Uh, yes,” I hung my head. With that he removed his tool belt.

“Dey all Black?”

“Y,,yes.” I felt like a fog was starting in my brain.

“Ja fucking ja wife?”


“So ja pay Black men ta fuck ja wife and ja suckin Black men! Doan lie, we all seen de pictures!”

“Yes.” I was broken.

With that final admission, he dropped his shorts, fished out his Black cock and started to stroke it. I watched it grow, mesmerized.

“Den ja just a cocksucking sissy! Git on ja knees when ja betters in da house!

His words were still upsetting me, but his attitude and my shame had stripped me of any will to resist. Here he was in my room stroking his Black cock and making me admit what a wimp I was. He expected me to service him. And as I watched his Black cock harden, that’s all I wanted to do.

My knees buckled and I dropped to the floor, mouth open.

“Naked, boi!”

I scrambled to shed my shorts and resume my position.

“Ja wanna lick, Honey?” he asked the maid.

“Na, I be behind on my time. But dese folk go trew so many sheets a day I get a chance later, mebe. Ja go on!”

The Black man looked back at me.

“Git on it boi! Ja know ja wanna, ja know ja gonna! I got rounds ta make!”

Bending my head slightly to get to his Black cock under his round belly, I lifted it gently and swirled my tongue around the fat mushroom head before slipping it into my mouth. He’d been working in the tropical heat and his crotch was sweaty, smelling like tobacco. There was something arousing about it.

He moaned and the Black cock that had suddenly become the center of my life twitched and swelled more. That made me moan and I started to suck in earnest, gently massaging his balls the way I’d seen Jaye do it.

The maid finished up and left.

He pulled my head deeper onto his cock. I gagged a little and he pulled out. Suddenly scared he would stop, I gasped some air and forced my head back onto him, wrapping my arms around his thighs.

Time seemed to stand still and then I felt his Black cock seem to swell even more in my mouth and he grabbed my head and face-fucked me furiously. I concentrated on keeping my mouth sucking and my teeth off that marvelous cock.

Suddenly he stopped still and groaned, filling my mouth with hot, creamy, salty cum! I swallowed as fast as I could but some dribbled out of the corners of my mouth onto my chin. He pulled out of my mouth and wiped himself off on my face. Then he pulled up his shorts, and started to leave.

Just then Jaye and Samuel returned from lunch.

“What’s going on here?” She asked, giving me a questioning look as I knelt there, hoping she wouldn’t notice the drying cum on my face.

The maintenance man told her that it was just some preventive maintenance on the plumbing. Jaye looked at me quizzically and ordered me to tip him $20. He took the money and leered at me, then left.

Beach –

For our afternoon trip to the beach, Jaye had me wear one of her bikini bottoms for the walk through the public area. It was ridiculously small, only just going half over my hips with great effort. The back went into my ass crack like a thong, and my cock threatened to squeeze out at every step. I had to mince through the common pool and bar area. Jaye was wearing only a towel but actually looked modest.

As soon as we hit the CO beach, she dropped the towel and made a show of undressing Samuel, making sure her face rubbed his Black cock in front of the onlookers. They told me to stay in the embarrassing bottom.

As they walked across the sand, arms around each other’s waists and me mincing along behind them, my cock finally did squeeze out, making me look even more ridiculous. Jaye told me not to touch myself so I hadto walk in front of everyone that way.

Samuel chose an area that was pretty populated, and told me to put down the gear, and Jaye to kneel with her hands behind her head, legs spread wide.

He then told me to oil her cunt and ass hole from the side so everyone could see.

When I was done and shewas breathing heavily, he told me to assume the kneeling position and stay there. Then he told my wife to lay down and spread her legs while he started to finger her, slowly adding one finger after another and pushing deeper.

She was soon moaning and her legs quivering. Finally he had his whole hand in her, then fisted her as a crowd gathered. He kept up a slow rhythm for several minutes, which had the double effect of allowing her cunt to stretch to accommodate his fist while the crowd grew and closed in. Her body twisting and contorting, she humped his fist even deeper, squirting occasionally.

Suddenly he stopped and withdrew slowly, leaving her there quivering. In front of the crowd, she begged for more, begged for it deeper, begged him to fill her hungry cunt. He did nothing, and she started begging the crowd, but the men seemed nervous about approaching her. She started to put her own hands in her cunt , but Samuel told me to hold them abover her head. SHe wailed, her legs and hips flailing.

Finally, a naked white woman – Marianne, again wearing her collar and with her heavy tits as bruised as Jaye’s and striped with welts – knelt between Jaye’s legs and tentatively slid several fingers into her as a test. Then she rubbed her hand over Jaye’s sloppy cunt for lubrication and slid her hand in. Samuel’s hand was larger so she met little resistance. When her hand was all the way in, she made a fist and slowly pistoned in and out. Jaye moaned.

Confident now, Marianne pulled out almost all the way then pushed in. Again she pulled out, this time all the way clear, then punched in. Jaye was yelling now, begging for it harder and deeper, body squirming and twisting, her legs quivering uncontrollably, her stretched cunt gaping open at every withdrawal for the crowd to see and squirting hard at every punch in. Marianne punched in and out harder and harder. Suddenly, Jaye screamed and came so hard her body jackknifed around the fist in her cunt and she squirted like her bladder let go.

We let her lay there on the soaked towel, legs spread wide and quivering, cunt gaping and sloppy, as people passed by and stared, until she was recovered enough to close her legs and go back the room.

After a shower and nap, Samuel asked if she wanted more.

“B, come over here! My man wants me but my cunt is too sore. You did such a good job loosening my ass hole yesterday, get me relaxed so his Big Black Cock can slide right in without that nasty lube!”

She kept me at it for ½ hour, while she sucked his Black cock and balls hungrily, until my tongue was sliding into her ass with no resistance as far as it could extend.

Jaye had me lay underneath her and suck her clit as Samuel fucked her ass, then I cleaned off his Black cock. By the time I was done, his load was leaking out of her ass and I licked that up. Jaye made sure I swallowed her ass cream.

They curled up together for a nap. I curled up on the sofa, remembering my first load of cum from the maintenance man.

After the nap, they went to dinner, once again leaving me behind. Other than bread and fruit for breakfast, the only thing I had had to eat all day was cum.

They had only been gone a few minutes when the door clicked open and in walked the maintenance man.I looked at him and dropped to my knees. He grinned, sat down, and told me to bring him a beer. As I shuffled on my knees across the room to give it to him, he fished under his gut and pulled out his cock, stroking it slowly and shaking it at me. Once again I couldn’t take my eyes off it. He took a long swig on his beer and looked at me. As at lunch, his expectation that I would service him tripped my head switches.

“Well?” Without hesitation I lowered my head into his crotch, again savoring the smell, and started sucking. This time the head trip was even better, and I totally gave myself to worshipping the rubbery hardness in my mouth.

He had me work up and down his shaft and bathe his balls. He even pushed his ass at me and I licked it,

too. But mainly he wanted a blow job and that was fine for me. After a while my jaw started to get stiff, but just when I thought I would have to quit, he tensed and flooded my mouth again. This time I swallowed it all. He wiped his Black cock on my face, stood up, put his cock away and said,

“Ja forget somting? Like mebe ma tip?”

“So you won’t tell anyone?”

“No, sose I come back!”

I scrambled on my knees to my wallet and handed him $20. He pocketed it with a leer and walked out, turning at the door and saying, “”Til next time!”

I found myself looking forward to it. Now I understood why Jaye’s submissive side was turned on by Samuel – the sense of having no choice, the desire to be used, the humiliation, the desire to do it again and again.

When they got back from dinner, Jaye changed for the Z’club, wearing her cut down beach bib from last week and the short skirt and a thong. Then they left me.

Within minutes, my Man, as I had come to think of him, let himself in. I was on my knees as soon as I heard the door open.

“I seen ja lady and her man leave. Dey be gone long?” “Until well after midnight, probably.” “Git on it!”

This time was even better than before. I was floating in minutes and lost track of time and space until suddenly my Man groaned and pulled my head hard onto his Black cock, flooding the back of my throat with his creamy load. I really wanted it in my mouth, but the feeling was still wonderful and I gently sucked his cock as it softened.

He stood up, dressed, I got him his money and thanked him. As he was leaving, the maid came in, telling me she was there to put on fresh sheets so our Renti wouldn’t have to sleep in a dirty bed. This time I stayed naked on my knees while she worked. When she was done, she sat in the chair my Man had used, pulled up her skirts and spread her thick thighs.

“Git on it, sissy boi!”

I lowered my head into her sweaty, hairy crotch and started licking. Soon she was moaning and humping her cunt against my face, holding my head there with one hand while she squeezed a large tit with the other. The smell and humiliation turned me on and I wanted to please her. Finally, she stiffened and came. I thanked her and gave her $20.

Jaye and Samuel returned about 1:30 am, Jaye’s hair matted, her makeup in shambles, her bib covered with obvious stains. Her face was coated with dried cum – she looked like a day-old glazed donut. And she was glowing and giggling, obviously more than a little drunk.

She patted my head as I knelt in greeting.

“B, we had a wonderful night! Samuel is such a wonderful dancer and I love his hands all over me! And the way the other people look at us – so jealous! Poor dears! It sucks to be them! (giggle) Actually, I guess I’m the one who does the sucking! The club was full tonight, lots of people! And so many Jamaican men alone! What a shame! So Samuel gave me to anyone who wanted to dance with me! Too bad you couldn’t see it! What a work out!”

She removed her top and looked at her tits.

“I think they’re going to be black and blue tomorrow, and my crotch is as bruised as it was Tuesday from their slamming it with their Big Black Bulges!”

She rubbed her stained bib against my face. The smell of cum was unmistakable.

“And you know what else? Of course not – you weren’t there! Anyway, after Samuel and I had danced awhile, some of the Black men started coming up and asking me to dance with them. I recognized some from the club and a few from the beach – I think I’m getting fans! (Giggle) Samuel told them they could, but to keep to the club rules – we didn’t want to get thrown out again. So they took me to the back corner and we started. I felt like a fairy tale princess at a fancy ball, with everyone wanting to dance with me! Except my partners were all Black and muscled and hard, with magic fingers that managed to touch me everywhere in spite of my clothing, and hard bulges that rubbed on my belly and banged into my clit and pussy and ass when they bent me over!

No, that’s not right, is it? Good little wives have pussies and breasts, sluts and whores have cunts and tits and after last night I’m a slutty whore, aren’t I hubby?

Anyway, there I was, a Princess – no, Queen or maybe a Goddess with my worshippers surrounding me and me letting them touch me and caress me as a reward!

At the end of the set there were more men around the table wanting to dance with me, and Samuel again told them they could have me.

By the end of the 4th set, my tits and nipples were aching and swollen, my bib was soaked with sweat and was transparent over my nipples, my thong was soaked and cunt juice was running down my legs, my skirt had a big wet spot, and my clit and cunt were so swollen and sore I was walking funny!”

Her eyes were closed, her hips were swaying – she was obviously reliving the scene in her mind while she continued to rub my face with the bib.

“The men at the table were really pressuring Samuel to let them take me out back where the club rules aren’t enforced – you remember that, don’t you B? He kept saying “No” until they offered him $20 a dance. At that he looked at me and said I should go with them if I wanted to. I wasn’t sure at first – your rules about not going alone, and all. But, you had given me to Samuel, so it was really his call and He would be there to protect me (she looked me in the eye), and in any case, if they had asked you, sweaty the way they were and with hard bulges, and you naked on your knees, you would have said “Yes” anyhow, wouldn’t you? So off we went!

The moon wasn’t as bright as last week but it still softly lit the open space around the picnic table. The music was a little muted by distance and the trees, but the steel drum rhythms seemed to move through the ground. It gave the music and the scene an ethereal, magical quality.”

“As you know from when you watched me suck Samuel the first time, no one enforces any silly rules out in the back and we were free to dance truly Jamaican! The men formed a group around me and one bare-chested man stepped forward. I reached up my arms but he removed my bib first. At the same time another came up behind me and pulled off my skirt and thong. There I was naked in the moonlight with all those men! The first man took me in his arms then and we began to dance a slow one. The feeling of my bare tits mashed against his sweaty bare chest and the roughness of his shorts grinding against my swollen clit while we danced was amazing! His hands felt so good on my tits and on my skin as they went down to my ass and cunt! Then he spun me around and bent me forward like you like Samuel to do to me and he ground into my ass! And you know what happened? Just like my tits pop out of my top when I rub them on Samuel, his Big Black Cock must have popped out of his pants because the next thing I knew I felt it poking at my cunt! Well, I knew your rule about condoms only so I wiggled my hips to get away from him, but you know, I was so wet that the wiggling only let him in deeper! I was worried about there being no condom, but then I remembered that you had given me to Samuel to do whatever he wanted with me, and anyway, if they had stood in front of you kneeling there naked and asked you, with their cocks hard in your face, you would have said yes anyway! Wouldn’t you? So I just relaxed and pushed back until he was all the way in me! Besides, he’d paid $20 for me and that was a lot for just a dance.”

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