I don’t consider myself gay but maybe bi. I prefer sexy, dominate women but have recently become a slut for cum, I love to taste the sweet nectar of a hard cock that has been fucking my wife. I have turned into a cum slut craving cum on me or in me.

I had been emailing with a trio who was going to be traveling to the city I live in. Both of the men were bi and she was dominant. It was exactly what I was looking for. We all met at a local titty bar. My wife was out of town so I arrived by myself.

I met Dave and Kim and Dave’s friend Bob we sat in a corner booth. Kim told me that she would be running the show and if I wanted to play with them tonight that I needed to get under the table right now and suck her husbands cock. I was shocked but I did as I was told because I love being told what to do. I pulled his cock out of his shorts and sucked his 9″ cock. I heard a waitress come by and I hoped she couldn’t see me.

Then I heard Kim say you better bring a drink for our cum slut boy who is under the table. Here I was in a titty bar, under a table sucking a cock, only in America. Kim then ordered me out and it turned out as I was climbing out from under the table the waitress was bringing the drinks.

The waitress had a grin on her face as she looked at me and I had a huge hard on in my shorts. I tried to sit down and when I couldn’t do that I tried to cover it but Kim ordered me to stand there. I was so embarrassed but very turned on. I finally was allowed to sit down and have my drink but Kim told me to take out my cock and jack off under the table, not to cum just keep it hard.

As we were going to leave Kim told Bob to take a hold of my hard cock and walk me out the door I walked real close to Bob. We left there to go to their hotel room I was so excited. While in the cab Kim told me to continue to stroke myself and we walked into hotel with my hard cock poking at the front of my shorts. I heard gasps and saw people pointing and all that made me blush but also harder.

We finally got to their room and I was ordered to undress and get them all drinks. I did as I was told. I was so turned on my cock was staying rock hard and dripping pre cum. Then I was cum slut boy again as they all got undressed. They tied me to the bed, put on a blindfold and Dave straddled my face. I licked his balls and ass and then sucked him hard. He climbed off of me and he started to fuck Kim right next me and then Bob started licking my asshole, getting me lubed up for a fuck.

I feel his cock press against me and he slowly penetrates my tight ass. Once his cock is in me he starts fucking me hard while Dave climbs up and presses his ass in my face. I lick his bald ass while Bob keeps fucking me. I hear Kim moaning and she yells for Dave to get off of my face. Then Bob climbs up and shoots his cum into my hungry mouth, face and hair.

Between Bob fucking me and the cum in my face I am close to cumming and no one is even touching my cock. I am sucking Dave’s cock back to life and he climbs off as Bob announces he is going to cum. Bob pulls out and climbs onto my chest and shoots his cum in my mouth.

Dave’s 9″ thick cock is stretching me out and it is one of the biggest things I have ever had in my ass. I feel so full but I love it when he starts to pound me. I feel Kim roll a condom on my cock.

I thought Kim was going to fuck me but instead she starts smacking my hard cock and balls with her hand. It is enough with the fucking and sucking I am doing to cause me to fill the condom with cum. I feel her peel off the condom and then she pours my cum into my mouth while I continue to suck Dave’s hard cock.

Bob pulls out of my ass and moves up to cum on my face while Dave moves down to fuck my ass again. I feel like such a slut but my cock that just came is already hard again.

I’m lying in the bed when there is a knock at the door and there is a big black man standing at the door. He is shocked when he sees us all naked and sees me tied up and covered in cum.

Kim then asks if she could suck his cock and then make him cum on my face. He agrees and she sucks him and then strokes him until he shoots on my sticky face. They all take a shower and then they untie me and give me my clothes.

I am not allowed to take a shower and I know I smell like cum. As I am walking down the hall way I can feel cum leaking out of my ass. And I knew I had to get home and clean up because my wife was due back home sometime this morning, I really enjoyed my slutty, submissive night. And look foreword to having many more.

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