“I want to become a dog- your dog.”

The words echoed through Marcus’s head as he walked up and down the aisle of his favorite hidden sex shop. It was amazing how many things he had found here in the past. There were so many items he had never bought because he had no chance to use them. There were giant dildos, butt plugs, leather straps, and more. The selection was astounding. Unfortunately, he would only need a few things that he could get from here for the night but the rest of the items he would have to find at the local pet store.

His hands latched onto a few items that he liked and he checked out by simply tossing a few bills at the cashier who looked to be a little questionable. He eyed Marcus in such a way as to assume he was being judged but Marcus paid him no mind. The idea of working at one of the sex shops in town baffled him. As he saw it, it would strip the pleasure of coming in to shop for only the select items at a time. If he worked at one he would have his entire house full and before he knew it he would be out on the streets.

The following hour consisted of him going to the pet store where he ran into the former man who had helped he and Kim out earlier that weekend.

“Hey! How did that new collar and leash work out for your new dog?” the attendant asked with a giant smirk on his face. The thought that Marcus was into a fetish that involved his product obviously didn’t register in his cranium.

“It worked out great actually. The new fleabag is a great pet. She loves the collar; the dang thing wears it with pride all around the house.”

“That’s good that’s good.”

“I’m actually here for some other things for the puppy though. I’m going to be in need of a replica tail for her to play with. She loves chasing after things and I think it’d be a great addition.”

“Oh yes!” the attendant agreed with a little too much enthusiasm. Marcus wondered how the man could possibly get so excited working at the pet store. The only reason his own heart was beating so fast was because it was having difficulties not imaging his Kim on all fours.

The man led him down the other isles in the store until they got to some fake tails that were meant for animal play. Marcus quickly grabbed a golden brown one that seemed about the right size and color to attach to one of the other articles he had picked up at the sex shop.

“This looks like it’ll do the trick.”

“Great, well do you need anything else today?”

“Puppy beds?”

“This way,” the man beckoned him down another aisle until they got to some plushy looking pet beds. They ran in all shapes and sizes and it was easy to pick out a big bed that Kim would fit into. Marcus grabbed at the bed and the store attendant quickly asked him a question.

“That’s a pretty big bed. What kind of dog did you say you had picked up again?”

The sentence irked Marcus. Had the man just implied that Kim was big? He knew that the man had no idea it was for Kim but it kind of radiated within his bones. How could he dare take a stab at the size of his puppy? It was none of his damn business.

“She’s a lab and she’s a perfect size for this bed,” Marcus replied while gritting his teeth.

The man just looked at Marcus and raised an eyebrow, “well I suppose she could always grow into it.”

“That’ll be all.”

Marcus gave the man a death stare and he got the hint.

“Okay, well I’ll just be around here if you need anything else. Thanks for shopping with us!”

The man walked off and left Marcus alone in the aisle clutching onto the pet bed and fake tail. He took that as his queue and headed to the check out and furthermore to the store exit.

Within a few minutes he pulled into the parking lot of his apartment. He stepped out of his car with the bags of things from the passenger seat and trunk and looked up at the bedroom window where Kim looked down at him.

Marcus grinned slyly up at her and reached for his phone. It felt cold in his hands but he punched a quick text to Kim-

“I see you staring down at me. Once I get to the top of these stairs you better be on your best behavior. Tonight you really become my dog.”

He closed up his phone and waited a minute until he saw Kim disappear from the window. That was his queue. The belongings in his hand twisted to readjust in his hold and his feet stepped their way hurriedly up the stairs and into their residence. Kim sat on the couch staring at him- patiently waiting for what was coming.

“Hey sweetheart,” Marcus greeted her. “I’m headed to the room for a little bit to get a few last touches down on these items and then your ass is mine. Enjoy the Television while you have the ability to use your thumbs.”

Kim’s eyes widened and she swallowed hard. The reality of what she had asked for hit her like a ton of bricks. She would be transformed into his dog tonight whether or not she had anything to say about it. Marcus was more than determined to get what was his this time and to simultaneously please Kim’s wish. She had asked for it when she was most vulnerable and he would go off of that statement and not the one of fear and cautious intimidation that now presented itself.

Marcus went into the bedroom down the hall and left Kim in the living room with the television on one of her favorite drama shows. His hands made quick work of putting the finishing touches on the tail and gloves that he had picked up. Within minutes he was finished and he headed into the front room.

Kim looked at him unaware of what to think. The mush that had now taken up the space in her brain was busy attempting to keep up with the happenings in front of her.

Marcus dropped the items he had been working on onto the floor in front of Kim and crawled onto the couch with her. His lips found hers passionately and the fears that plagued her mind suddenly felt expunged.

“I love you, Kim. Don’t be scared of what’s about to happen. I’m going to open you up to your fantasy and bring you to a whole new level of trust. I will not hurt you, nor will I try to put fear into you. I’m doing this for us.” He paused to let what he just said sink in.

“Do you remember your safety word?”

Kim breathed in deep, “hash browns?”

“Good,” Marcus kissed her one last time and stepped away. He closed his eyes and retreated himself to the far depths of his soul. The full extent of his fetish would now be unlocked for her eyes to see.

“Puppy!” he yelled at her and immediately leaped towards the couch. His hands shot to the clothes that she wore. “What the hell are you doing wearing these? These are not yours!”

Marcus tore her tank top in half and threw it to the floor across the room. Next he made quick work of her bra, unhooking it promptly from her back and throwing it to the same place across the room.

“You know better than to get into master’s laundry!”

Kim struggled underneath his power but refused to reject these accusations. Her mouth released whimper after whimper as he grabbed onto the back of her jean shorts.

“How the hell did you even get into these?” Marcus asked himself out loud. He pushed Kim’s face down into the couch cushion and raised her ass up. “Unbelievable, I tell you.”

The jean shorts that she wore were suddenly stripped from her lower region along with the thong she had hoped to surprise him with. They hit the carpet and left Kim with her bare skin. Her voluptuous ass lay there for all to see. She tried to sit up but Marcus forced her back down and his hands ran along her back inch by inch. Her hairs stood up as her spine took in the feelings down it all the way to her asshole where he stopped his fingers.

“You can’t be a dog without a few more articles, you know.” He scolded her evenly and tapped his palm frivolously on her buttocks. In the position she was in Kim was completely exposed. Her slit and asshole were presented to him like a gift. Air lightly lapped against it from the vents that fed circulation to their tiny apartment.

Marcus stood to his feet and grabbed a pair of auburn replica canine ears he had found at the sex shop in the costume section. He fastened them to her hair and ears easily and admired his work before going back to fetch mittens that would prevent her from using her fingers. The mittens slipped on just as easily as the ears had and he slid the straps that held them on into place to complete the job.

“How does that feel, puppy?”

Kim sat back on the couch cushions and put her hands and feet into the air. They had been replaced. Where they once lay were now mittens that simulated paws for her. She flexed them and admired the scene. As constricting as they were, they felt right. A smile crossed her face and she looked at Marcus adoringly. She loved everything so far and she could feel that her hot love canal felt the same. Some of her juices were exiting her and making a last second ditch down to her asshole.

“It’s not over yet, pup.”

Kim raised her eyebrows at him and whimpered. She wasn’t sure what he had in store for her next. The satisfaction that she felt from her new paws and comfortably fitting ears was more than enough. What more could there be?

Marcus grabbed one of her legs and slipped a soft, skin colored kneepad onto it and consequently did the same for the next leg. “You can’t be walking around the apartment on all fours on those weak knees of yours.”

“And lastly you’ll need a tail.”

Kim whimpered thinking about some belt that would have to be looped around her waist to give her a tail. The thought of her old Halloween costume as a kid flooded into her mind. She had been a tiger and she could remember how badly she thought her tail felt as it smacked around her legs and waist without a care in the world. The thought of being attached to another lame device was nowhere near appealing. Her paws went to protect her waist and she let out a giant whimper to set the tone for what she wanted from Marcus.

“Why are you clutching your waist? Tails don’t go on your waist, you silly puppy.” Marcus lectured her and moved her onto all fours.

Tails don’t go on your waist? Kim tried to understand what he meant by the sentence until she felt his now lubed fingers trailing down her butt crack and over her forbidden backdoor. Her butt cheeks clenched ravenously.

“No!” she squealed.

Marcus covered her mouth with his hand and he eyed her fiercely.

Kim flinched and bit her mouth shut. The no talking rule burned in the back of her mind. She wished she could take it back.

“This is your one and only warning. Don’t worry, puppy. This isn’t going to hurt and I promise that you’re going to love it.”

His words reassured her but it still took a few moments for her mind to register that she was about to give her anal virginity up. The muscles in her ass slowly released their tension and Marcus smoothly rubbed the tip of his finger around her hole to try to relax it a little further. As this was her first time, it was also his so he was going to make sure that it all went according to plan and without much pain.

“Breathe…” Marcus whispered to her as his lubricated index finger pressed firmly against her hole until it almost seemed to suck it in. Kim gasped as her once empty pathway felt the new intruder. The slight pain wasn’t as bad as she had expected and in fact felt somewhat pleasurable. Her mouth closed after her gasp and a moan escaped allowing Marcus to know he had not hurt her in doing so.

“Good puppy.”

With that he started to move his finger rhythmically in and out of her asshole. Within seconds it started to accept his presence within it and loosened up to the point where pleasure was the only feeling that coursed through Kim’s veins. The firm pressure that it applied to her insides was almost orgasmic.

Kim’s body began to rock in sync with Marcus’s finger as it made it’s home within her and soon it felt another finger slip it’s way into the mix. She barred her teeth at the painful pleasure that the new stretch caused but continued almost instinctually swinging her body back and forth.

“I knew you’d like this, puppy. I just need to loosen you up a little bit before I can slip your tail in.”

Kim blushed full scarlet. The thought of having a real tail extend from her tight little hole made her so embarrassed. Nothing like this had even come close to happening for her prior to this. The total domination that these acts brought on her left her in such a state of shock and arousal that she feared she would never again feel fulfilled without the same or better sensations.

Whimper after whimper escaped her mouth as she continued to enjoy the sinful gratification in her ass. It felt so full and yet so empty and ready for more that she knew would come her way in such a short while. She raised her ass higher for her mate to get a better entrance and her signal was well received. Marcus grinned as he felt the empowerment of his place in her.

“Okay puppy, here comes your tail…” he trailed off in his sentence and grabbed the moderately sized butt plug that he had attached the pet store puppy tail to the end of. He positioned it right above her ass and slowly removed his fingers from inside of her.

The rubber of the anal plug lightly caressed the crease of her ass up and down occasionally sliding over her slit and clit. He wanted to tease her just a little. This was far more than just a tail. This would complete her transformation into a dog so it was crucial that she like it.

Marcus bent down and his teeth sank into her back lovingly as the plug finally started to bear down against her hole. Marcus’s jaws bit a little harder as the plug pressed further and further inside of her to divert her from the stretching pain in her ass.

Kim’s eyes widened and the air in her lungs left her as she tried to withstand the pressure. “Oh my god!” she cried out as the largest section of the plug finally slipped in and her asshole secured the device in place.

“Good…” Marcus whispered to her as he relaxed his mouth’s hold on her back. “It’s all in sweetheart. It’s all over. Now you’re a real puppy.” He stepped back and watched as Kim ever so cautiously looked back at her backside to see a tail sticking proudly from her asshole at the end of the plug.

Her pussy juices started to over flow. The very sight of her now came full circle as she moved her hands inside of her mittens and gazed at her tail. Every bit of her was as canine as they had been in her dream- or as close to it as could be. She wagged her ass to give her tail a try and to her great amusement it swung just as a real puppy’s tail would.

Marcus moved close to her once more and wrapped his arms around her, “I love you, puppy. I hope this is everything you thought it would be.”

Kim bit her lip and smiled happily. It was everything she wanted it to be. It was clear to her. The reality was that she could not completely change into a dog. Although she could at least meet it as close as she could. She playfully licked Marcus’s neck.

“Aw, thank you, puppy,” Marcus thanked her and pulled back for a moment. “You’re missing your collar!” he blurted out as he realized he had forgotten the most important part. He ran from the room and grabbed her collar from the bathroom countertop where she had left it. In seconds he returned to her and fastened it with ease around her neck.

“Want to have a look?”

Kim nodded and followed Marcus as he led her to the bedroom to their full-length mirror. What Kim saw in the mirror surprised her. The dog-ears that Marcus had adorned her with shown through her hair out the tops of her head and her collar looked perfect around her neck. Everything was simply perfect. Marcus had left no detail overlooked. He was truly a master to be adored.

Marcus moved to the side of the bedroom and looked outside of the window down at his car and then up at the last remains of the sun. It was almost completely dark out. Now could be the perfect time to be risky.

“Puppy, you might want to get ready.”

Kim looked away from herself in the mirror for a moment just to look at Marcus to give him his response. She had no idea what he was implying.

He now held the leash that he had bought the previous day in his hands.

“I think it’s time we take you for a walk.”

Kim’s eyes widened as far as they could and she looked at Marcus in dismay. He didn’t really mean that she had to go outside like this, did he?

Marcus stepped closer to her and latched the leash to her collar. It clicked into place.

“All dogs go for walks, Kim”

Marcus tugged on the leash and Kim reluctantly followed as to not be dragged forcefully. She knew that she needed to trust him. They had been together for a long time and he had never done anything to hurt her before. If Marcus thought that they wouldn’t get caught, she would just have to trust him. That was part of what being his dog meant. He was her master and that was all there was to it.

After Kim swiftly came to terms with her situation she hurried closer to Marcus’s legs as he walked her for a warm up walk around the apartment. Marcus knew he had to wait a few more minutes before the sun went down completely. The last thing he wanted was for him to bring her outside and have her get so scared that she didn’t want to leave the house for fear of being seen.

Naturally this fear needed to be there at least mildly for her to test her limits but Marcus would prefer it being a little tamer on the first attempt.

Kim stopped and looked up at Marcus as he stopped at the door to the exit of their apartment. Marcus looked down at her and ordered her to stay still. He dropped the leash on the floor and went back to their room where he grabbed a long black leather trench coat. The coat would obviously come in handy if they were discovered. He would just need to make sure that he garbed his Kim in time.

Marcus returned momentarily and found his Kim waiting obediently at the door. His hand pet her head and ran down her back to her awaiting ass and tail. He knew the tail would still be a little too tender so he decided not to give it a courtesy tug to get her going. However, he did run his finger down her slit to test to see how she was doing.

It was completely soaked. Marcus bit his lip not wanting to break his resolve now. The wetness of her pussy begged him to slam his cock deep inside of it but he had to take her for a walk first. This was part of her training.

“Okay, let’s go.”

Marcus opened the door and a warm summer breeze came passing through it into their apartment. Kim got the chills and her body froze. She was nude and about to walk outside into the apartment complex that she knew people in. Was she crazy?

Marcus looked out of the doorway carefully and saw that nobody was in the hallway. The coast was clear for now. He tugged commandingly on the leash and Kim was thrust out into the hallway. Her heart started to race faster and she could feel herself shaking from how nervous she was.

“It’s okay, puppy. I won’t let anything happen.”

His words ran through her head and she took a deep breath. She couldn’t worry herself about how others may see her. Right now she was a dog. She had her ears, her collar, and even a tail and paws. The human thoughts that used to plague her had to be completely thrust out of her head. The only thing that mattered now was her master. He would take care of her and guide her.

“Come on.” Marcus assured her and shut the door behind her. Ever so carefully they both started to walk to the stairs and descend them. Three flights of stairs later they found themselves at the ground floor and Kim still remained on all fours. She could feel the pressure of the plug in her ass remind her that it was still there.

“Come on, Kim.”

Kim followed Marcus out the building door and into the parking lot where by their extreme luck nobody was found. It was an oddly deserted night in their small town apartment building parking lot. Ahead of them were the cars of people who lived there, lined in a row and a bunch of parking garages that had a small creek behind them and nothing else.

“Natalie…I uh…I can explain,”

“Oh, can you?”


I looked at Leslie, who smirked back at me and then I sighed, looking back towards Jenny’s sister. The girl stared back at me with a fierce look in her eyes that told me, no matter what I said she was going to tell Jenny.

“I’m waiting Tom,” she said angrily.

“I uh…guess…I can’t explain.” I had to accept defeat here…I was caught, and that was that, there was no getting out of it because it was obvious what I was doing.

Natalie stepped in and closed the door behind her locking it, and began pacing the room still looking quite pissed off.

I sat down on the couch, covering myself with my boxers and Leslie covered herself as well. Natalie stopped pacing, and leaned back against the door and ran a hand through her hair,

“How long have you been cheating on my sister Tom?”

“Not…long,” I said, “Maybe a week; I met Leslie at a bar about a week ago…”

“Leslie,” she repeated, staring at Leslie, “Your name is Leslie? You’re not a girl though, you have a fucking dick. Tom, she has a fucking cock, you are screwing a dude. Are you gay or something?

What…what is this?”

I sighed, stood up and slipped into my boxers, then my pants and sat back down, burying my face in my hands. I was trying to think of what to say, how to explain; I was not going to hide anything anymore, but there was no easy way to explain that I had been fooling around with a transsexual.

“Leslie is a transsexual,” I said outright, “Yes, we are sleeping together…as you already know. But I don’t really know if it makes me gay or not. I just know that… I just know that Leslie is a woman.”

She smiled over at me, as though she were flattered that I had referred to her as a woman when it was so obvious that she had parts that a woman was not supposed to have.

It was true though; I saw Leslie as a woman, whether she had a penis or a vagina, that did not matter to me. Hell, I had even come to enjoy the fact that she had a penis.

Natalie snorted, breaking my attention away from Leslie who was still smiling, and grabbed her purse off the table sitting beside her before turning for the door.

“I’m going to tell Jenny right now; I suggest you leave while you have the chance. My dad’s going to be looking for you once he finds out.”

With that said’ she walked out and left Leslie and I to ourselves.

As it dawned on me that I was going to get my ass kicked by their father if I did not leave right away, I stood up and started putting on the rest of my clothes. I was surprised to see Leslie assisting me by grabbing everything I had discarded onto the floor and handing it to me, before scrounging around for her own materials.

We slipped into our clothes and slipped out the door, sneaking down the hallway and towards the exit. I peered out into the church seating area trying to see what was going on; then I heard the yelling. It sounded like Jenny, freaking the fuck out, naturally. I could also hear her father screaming and cursing up a storm.

“That’s our cue I think Tom,” Leslie insisted grabbing my arm and yanking me out the door.

I did not protest, rather I went along with her knowing I had little time to get out of here before her dad came barreling after me. We rushed to my car, got inside and I started up the engine, hauling ass out of the church parking lot. Part of me felt bad that it had to happen like this, that Jenny was probably devastated and hated me with a passion.

At the same time though I knew there was no real ‘right’ way for it to happen. Even if I had confessed to her that I was losing interest in her, it would still have ended in tears, one way or another.

“What do you want to do?” Leslie asked.

I glanced over and sighed, coming up on a red light. “I don’t know,” I replied anxiously.

I pulled the car over to the side of the road as my phone began to ring and I pulled it out to see the caller ID said Mike. I pressed talk and put the phone up to my ear.


“Dude, what the fuck,” Mike blurted out, “Natalie caught you guys?”

“Yeah, she caught us fucking red handed. I should have just told her myself…what’s going on back there?”

“What do you think is going on,” he asked sarcastically. I heard a sudden commotion in the Background like people arguing then I heard Jenny yelling at Mike. She demanded to know if he was talking to me, and he hesitated, which more than enough of an answer for her.

I heard her demand that he give her the phone, then what sounded like them fighting over the phone before she managed to get it off of him and spoke to me.

“What the fuck is your problem Tom,” she yelled.

“Hi Jen…I um…”

“Don’t say you can explain,” she yelled, “I don’t want to hear it right now…is it true? Just tell me if it is true or if its’ not, because I need to know from you and nobody but you. I deserve that much, don’t you think?”

“Yes, you do,” I said. “I’m sorry okay? I should have told you…I wanted to forget it even happened.”

“By fucking her again,” she yelled. “That’s another thing Natalie said… she said it’s not even a woman. That it was a man or a cross-dresser or-”

“She’s a transsexual,” I interrupted. “And I

didn’t plan on sleeping with her again…she kept trying to reach me and I just went along with it all. It was nobody’s fault but my own Jen, okay? I admit that.”

She sighed, and I leaned my head back against the seat.

“You should stay out tonight,” Jen finally said.

“But come by tomorrow.”

“To pick up my stuff right,” I asked.

“Well you do want to be with her don’t you? Not just that though…come alone, so we can talk like civilized people instead of fighting on the phone.”

I was surprised; the anger in her voice had suddenly faded. She did not seem forgiving exactly, but she definitely did seem strangely calm whereas just a few minutes ago she sounded just as pissed off as she should have been.

I told her I would be there in the morning and I would pack my things and we could talk about all of this like she wanted before I would leave. Then we hung up and I glanced over at Leslie who surprisingly looked upset herself.

“I’m sorry,” she said softly, “I shouldn’t have gotten you into all of this.”

“It’s alright; I do want to be with you. This is something that’s’ been coming up for a long time. I wish it hadn’t played out exactly this way but if it had not ended right now, it would have ended five years from now with a divorce that probably would have cost us more money than we had.”

We decided to go back to Leslie’s apartment and I would stay there for the night. When we got there, we talked and she apologized again and I could hardly believe how fast the dominant, manipulative side of her seemed to have faded away.

She confessed that actually seeing all the chaos it created had made her feel bad whereas before she wanted to have me all for herself no matter who got hurt in the process. I was happy to see that she saw how much of a bitch move that was, and actually felt remorse. It meant she wasn’t’ the cold-hearted bitch I thought she was in the beginning.

We both went to bed around 11:30 that night but there was no sex involved. I think we were both so turned off by all the drama from earlier that neither of us were’ interested in anything like that. Leslie said she wanted to wait until everything was settled tomorrow between Jen and me before we had sex together again; she was being completely out of character from the person I had come to know in the short amount of time that I had known her.

The next morning, I got up early, got myself together and left before Leslie even woke. I got in my car and drove back to the apartment that was once mine and Jens’ but now would probably be Jenny’s only. I knocked on the door and a few moments later, she pulled it open and smiled faintly. She looked like she had been crying and it broke my heart to see.

“C’mon in,” She said.

I stepped into the apartment and she closed the door as I did. I looked back at her and she stepped forward and gave me a hug; I embraced her, hugging her back and then letting go.

“Want to talk before you pack?”

“Sure,” I said. We sat down at the kitchen table, she got us both some coffee and we began our discussion about everything that had happened.

“I’m sorry,” I said immediately, “I didn’t uh…want it to end this way.”

“It’s okay; not really but…what I meant is I’d known this was coming for a while.”

That took me off guard; what exactly did she know was coming?

“Meaning what exactly?” I asked.

“Just that we haven’t been the same lately; I knew we were drifting apart. I knew that things were probably going to end and I knew that you didn’t’ really want to get married. It’s okay though because I felt the same way all this time, I think that neither one of us wanted to say anything until the other did though. Fact of the matter is some couples drift away from one another…sometimes it can be fixed, and sometimes it cannot. I’m not upset about all of that, I am not upset that this is over. I’m upset that you slept with somebody else behind my back and did not tell me. That I had to find out about it from my sister who, may I remind you is still more shocked then I am but more so that she caught you with a transsexual, than the fact that she caught you cheating.”

I had to laugh at that, Jen laughed as well. I knew Natalie all too well and I knew she was the type girl that most would consider to be preppy. There were always the “Oh my gods” and the other things that girls like that were known to say out of angst and drama.

“I really am sorry; I don’t suppose you’d believe me if I said I was planning to tell you before the wedding. That I was going to come find you and say it was off and all that stuff, but Natalie just sort of caught me before I could.”

“I believe you,” she chuckled. “But it doesn’t change what you did. What I can say though is that what is done is done, we knew this was going to end either way it just didn’t end quite the way either of us wanted it to. We can still be friends I suppose though,” she said smiling.

So there it was what I had been hoping to hear once all of this was finished. I did want to remain friends with Jen, because we had been through so much together as a couple that it would have been impossible for me to just forget about her.

“What about your family?” I finally asked.

“Still pissed and not as forgiving as I am. But they’ll move on.”

After a couple more cups of coffee, I got up and began packing my stuff. I was relieved to have been able to work out our differences and have us both agree to remain friends.

As I packed, we continued to talk; it was the strangest feeling in the world. My fiancée had just learned a day ago that I was cheating on her and now here we were with her helping me pack and talking to me in a civilized manner just one day later.

As we talked, she brought up Leslie and asked if I was gay. I told her that truthfully I had no idea what being with Leslie made me but it wasn’t something I was putting a lot of thought into.

She asked if I planned on staying with Leslie and I admitted that I did. Then she suggested that at some point once the healing is over, the three of us get together and hang out or something. I was still finding it difficult to believe how understanding Jen was being about all of this, but

I would not complain. After all, like she said we had both known it was not going to last, we just did not realize it would end in the manner and fashion that it had ended.

I made my way back to Leslie’s apartment and carried all my stuff up the stairs to the third floor. When I walked inside, I could hear the shower running in the bedroom as I made my way towards the room to unpack. I set the boxes down on the floor next to the mattress, then’ walked into the bathroom to let Leslie know that I was home.

“Hey, I’m back.”

“How did it go,” she asked over the sound of the shower water.

“Better than I thought; we talked like civilized people. Worked out our differences and came to the conclusion that we both knew it was over all along but neither of us could bring ourselves to admit to it; we’re still friends. She wants to meet you, but after the ‘healing process’ is over.”

She peeked out of the shower curtain and smiled.

“I told you everything would be okay,” she giggled. “All that drama yesterday for nothing…you should have just been honest with each other from the beginning.”

She was right, but there was no going back and changing what was already done. This was the way it had gone down and it was over now so we could all begin to move forward with our lives.

“Now, I seem to recall making you my sex slave,”

she said seductively. I laughed, leaning against the bathroom wall as she pulled the shower curtain back to reveal her naked and wet body. Her skin glistened with the water and her cock was semi-erect and dripping water.

“It’s official now that you and Jen are broken up though. So as your new Mistress, my first official order is for you to get undressed and get in the shower with me. I want you to suck my cock like the little bitch you are.”

“Yes Mistress,” I said stripping right away and climbing into the shower. I pulled the curtain back as I stepped in and we kissed, the water running over our bodies as we stood there making out together.

Then, I got down on my knees, opened my mouth and started sucking her cock. It tasted clean; she had obviously just washed up before I had walked into the shower. A shame she would have to wash up again by the time I was done with her.

I sucked her cock for a few short minutes, her moans of pleasure fueling my passion as she ran her hand through my wet hair thrusting in and out of my throat causing me to gag only on a few occasions.

Then she pulled her dick from my mouth, and took me by the hand, pulling me to my feet and turning me around to face the shower wall. She leaned against me, and I could feel her throbbing dick probing at my asshole.

The shower water ran down my back and along my ass crack, providing plenty of lube as she poked my hole a few times before carefully pushing into me. I tensed up, grunting; it was still relatively new to me. But I adjusted as she pushed inch by inch all the way into my ass until she was finally buried up to her wet balls.

She grabbed me by the hips and did not wait for me to adjust any further, simply began to plow my ass with long hard strokes. The sound of our wet bodies slapping together echoed through the bathroom along with our moans of pleasure.

I felt my whole body shuttering as she fucked me harder and harder and finally she drove her cock all the way into my ass and came.

She leaned in and whispered into my ear,

“We are going to have so much fun now that we can be an actual couple Tom. Just you wait.”

I couldn’t wait; I did not know if this made me gay, bisexual, straight or whatever. What I did know was that I had gone from being completely freaked out by all of this just a few days ago, to actually really enjoying being with Leslie and having her as my new girlfriend or mistress so to speak.

Maribel Jones looked at the computer VLT in front of her and softly stroked the metal rim of the machine with hopeful encouragement.

“C’mon baby, you can do it! C’mon baby.”

Her voice was soft, smooth and sexy. Her desperation was disguised with a veneer of hopeful anticipation. She was in far too deep to quit, once again. She swore she was in control and wouldn’t let this happen again, but there she was spending her paycheck again.

Eyes all around her were scoping the situation and were ready to pounce on her machine the minute she gave up.

They admired her slim features, sensual tones, petite nose ring, and long blonde hair, but it was her money they wanted and she knew it. The moment she admitted her loss and walked away, they would be there, like vultures. The vultures most often also became disappointed by the treachery of the machines.

Maribel knew she wouldn’t allow the vultures to steal her hard earned money, so she sat there pumping in hundred dollar bills, knowing she would never get the thousand plus dollars back that she had poorly invested into the machine.

“Ohh, so close.”

If you had only your ears to listen to what was being said you would have thought Maribel was seducing a man into obedience, but her energy was being wasted on the machine. With a heavy sigh she knew she would spend hundreds more just to keep the vultures at bay, in the name of false hope.

Maribel fished around in her purse once more, and then went to the bank machine, yet one more time. Despite her quiet and friendly nature she sarcastically muttered to the person beside her, something about putting in twelve hundred and getting back a big hundred dollar win.

She stroked the machine like it was her lover; ever hopeful; ever wanting.

Geoff sat on a stool at the bar and watched his prey all night long. He knew she was weak, vulnerable and needy. He watched her sink into the abysses as the machine sucked her dry. The entire time he watched her, he thought about fucking her. He envisioned her positioned with her sexy ass in the air, face down in the pillow, and his strong cock penetrating her tight little cunt from behind. She would take all of his big hard cock deep inside her, and he would spank her. She would love it.

“C’mon baby, you can do it!”

Geoff felt himself getting hard. He looked over at his elegant quest. Her blouse was sheer, yet business like. Her dress pants hugged her small frame and showed off her curves. He had been listening to her say, “C’mon baby”, all night long, and he knew he had to fuck her.

Suddenly Geoff found himself impossibly hard. Sliding off his bar stool Geoff walked into an empty stall in the bathroom and started jerking off to thoughts of fucking the gorgeous creature that was being used and taken advantage of by the despicable, greedy, uncaring computer.

When he returned, Geoff eyed his prey while thinking of how to seduce her. He could tell by the conversation she had with the people around her, that she was sweet, and polite. She was exactly what he wanted in a woman. He could tell by the way she tried to seduce the machine into paying her, that she was very, very sexy. Her sexy voice offered sensual promises.

“C’mon baby!”

She continued to push the button again and again, on max bet.

“Ohh Maribel, what are you doing,” Maribel said as she fished in her purse for her bank card once again.

She noticed an attractive man at the bar on her way to bank machine. She was almost nauseous and dizzy about the amount of money she had spent, and yet she knew she couldn’t quit and admit defeat.

The first amount she entered was rejected. Maribel sighed loudly. This time she put in a lesser amount into the atm, after having realized that she had reached her bank limit for the day.

As she walked by, Geoff smiled at her and said, “Would you like to go halfers on the machine?”

She eyed the attractive man talking to her and considered his offer. She only had sixty dollars left to try her luck and he just might help her get lucky. He did look innocent enough.

“Sure,” she said extending her hand. “My name is Maribel.”

“Nice to meet you Maribel. I’m Geoff.”

They walked back to the machine together and Geoff pulled over a chair.

“Can I get you another glass of wine?” Geoff offered.

“Thank you, that’s very kind of you!”

Geoff told her stories that made her laugh and kept buying her drinks as they watched their money disappear as the wheels on the machine spun round and around.

Maribel looked at the attractive man who was temporality filling her void and desperation with light hearted conversation. She noticed him touching her when they laughed. She recognized his aftershave and admired his fit body. Looking at his lips she wondered with it would be like to kiss him.

“Here put this in there.” Geoff handed her a hundred dollar bill.

“But I have no money to offer you.”

You can pay me with sex,” he said jokingly.

“Well if that’s all you want, no problem,” she said joking back with him.

At that moment they exchanged a look of hot desire, while both of them visualized a hotel room and their hot steamy bodies occupying it. Geoff continued to make sexual remarks that made Maribel blush and squirm. She was getting hornier and hornier with every remark. By the time the bar closed they had lost all their money.

They walked out the door together into the night.

“Time to pay up sexy,” Geoff said as he pushed Maribel up against the wall and kissed her hard and wild.

Maribel felt her knees buckle and her head swim as he ground her into the wall. When he finally let up his sexual advances and stood back, she felt dizzy. It might have been losing, or the liquor, or maybe the kiss. She crumpled to the ground. Geoff checked her pulse. She was okay.

Geoff carried Maribel to the car, slid her into the passenger’s seat, and started driving. He stopped and got her some juice, and a protein bar. When he arrived at the hotel he gently woke her up.

“Are you okay sweetheart?”

“What, where am I, what’s going on?” Geoff explained what had happened and offered her sustenance. She gulped down the juice and the bar. He could see the color coming back to her cheeks.

“I didn’t know what to do, so I brought you to this hotel room to rest, and recover.”

“Thank you,” Maribel said drowsily as she rested her head on his shoulder on the elevator ride to the room.

He opened the door with the key card and they walked in together. She immediately went for the bed and laid down.

“You’ll be more comfortable sleeping with your clothes off darlin,” he said while loosening her thin belt and removing it.

He slid down her pants slowly and took off her top so all that was remaining was her matching bra and panties.

Geoff felt himself getting impossibly hard. He put the covers over her, turned on the television and laid down beside her.

She slept soundly. After a while he fell asleep as well.

Maribel woke up groggily and looked at the handsome man in the bed beside. Slowly she remembered the events of the night before and cringed when she thought of the money she had spent. She positioned her head under the arm of the handsome stranger who had helped her out and fell asleep once again. When she woke up again she felt a strong mouth on top of hers. His aroma was sweet and sultry. His mouth tasted so good, like he had just brushed his teeth. She felt herself responding as waves of enjoyment filled her soul. Juices rippled through her and nestled in her pussy. He was on top of her now, the bulge in his jeans making contact with the thin fabric of her sexy lingerie. She wanted, no needed him, inside of her. Suddenly he stood up and started removing his jeans while watching her.

“Take off your panties beautiful, but leave your bra on.”

Wide eyed, she did as she was told.

“Lick your fingers and touch yourself for me.”

There was something about the commanding nature in his tone, and her need for him, that made her respond and do what he said, wordlessly. She was memorized by the spell of lust he cast.

“Find your clit, press hard, and circle it!”

Maribel moaned as she looked into his eyes and rubbed her hot clit.

“Spread your legs wider.”

She closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensations surging through her.

“Look at me slut!”

His harsh tone surprised her, but she opened her eyes and held his gaze.

“Put two fingers in that hot wet cunt of yours babe!”

She continued to hold the gaze of the handsome sexy nude man standing before as she did as she was told. Maribel appreciated his demanding attention and found her pussy to be dripping wet.

“Fuck yourself hard for me beauty!”

Maribel took two fingers and started pumping her pussy slowly and steadily.

“Faster slut!”

His commanding nature made her need for him even stronger. Soon a strong orgasm took control of her body. She rode the wave, orgasming in front of the handsome stranger who was watching her.

“Don’t stop slut, cum for me again!”

Maribel started to protest and moved towards his hard pulsing cock.

“No, whore, ram yourself hard, show me you’re worthy of my hard cock.”

“Three fingers this time slut; I want to make sure you’re ready for this big hard cock.”

With that he stroked his manhood up and down a couple of times, retrieved his underwear, rolled it into a ball, and shoved it between her lips.

“Taste my precum while you fuck yourself beautiful.”

Her body arched and she bounced around as Geoff aggressively pumped her pussy for all she was worth. While during the throngs of her second orgasm he moved towards her and started licking her pussy. She pulsed her release into his mouth. Her taste was sweet and sultry. He couldn’t get enough. She put her hands on his head as he licked her to yet another mind bending orgasm. As she was starting to orgasm he removed his underwear from her mouth.

“Ooo Geoff, fuck yes, fuck….ooooo baby, oooo honey… don’t stop…”

With those words she oragasmed once again. Geoff looked at her and smiled. He turned his body so she could taste his hard cock while he licked and lapped at her gushing pussy.

Torn between the sweet pleasure between her legs and his demanding hard cock entering her mouth she escaped into the bliss of the moment.

“Ohhh baby, I’m going to cum, and I want to be inside you when I do.”

He pulled out and sat on the bed instructing her to sit on his hard cock and rock with him. Their mouths indulged in a wild kiss as he entered her for the first time and started bucking inside her. Their movements were small and intense as they held each other close and kissed. They enjoyed each other for a long time, feeling the closeness of their passion.

“Squeeze hard now!”

Maribel did as she was told and felt Geoff give her his seed with a roar of approval, as their tongues danced in pleasure.

“You’re one hot slut, you know that babe! Now lick me hard again, my little cocksucker!”

With those words he gagged her with his dripping wet cock, filling her mouth and pounding it.

“Squeeze your tits around my cock. I’m going to fuck them now.”

Maribel silently did as she was told. She was lost in passion and wanted to please this man that made her so happy. Before long he was rock hard and ready for more.

He flipped her over and started fucking her missionary style. Her tits were shaking and bouncing in the bra she was still wearing. He pulled it down so her tits rose above it.

“You’re so fucking gorgeous slut!” he said while pumping her hot little pussy.

Her hands ran up and down his back, and then rested them on his tight sexy ass. She squeezed his sexy cheeks while he fucked her, making their connection super tight.

“I’m going to make you my sub and you’re going to do everything I say slut, do you understand?”

Maribel nodded.

Geoff’s second orgasm was just as powerful as the first.

“Cum for me now my slut!”

They clung to each other as they shared an extraordinary orgasm.

Afterwards they held each other tight and laughed and giggled.

At one point Geoff propped himself up on one elbow, looked in Maribel’s eyes and said, “I’m serious baby, you’re going to be my very own personal slut. There will be no more going to bars and talking to other men who just want to fuck you. You’re going to quit gambling and be my woman. Surrender yourself to me Maribel and I’ll make you whole again my sexy little nymph.”

With those words he turned her over and gave her ass a sensual but hard slap. Maribel was surprised how this action filled her pussy with wetness. She was ready for him once again.

Maribel knew her life would never be the same again. This man knew exactly what she needed.

August was hot… in more ways than one. Let me give you a little background: I was 20, stuck living with my parents, and hadn’t been laid in months. The summer heat flooded into my room as I disinterestedly played with my phone. Dusk was fading to night as I lied stomach down on my bed I could feel my dick throbbing, and the all too familiar sensation of my mouth watering without thirst. Cocksuckers will know what I mean.

Now, I’m not usually one for using apps to hookup, but that night I was damn horny. I struggled with the idea of hooking up a bit. I don’t like to sleep around and was raised to wait for the right one, but hey, a guy has needs! Eventually I came to the conclusion that every once in a while was alright. I mean, it HAD been over 4 months since I had last had any cock. My hormones were raging. I don’t think I could have said no to myself even if I wanted to.

I pulled up grindr and looked at the profiles. All local guys, which I wasn’t in the mood for. Switched over to growlr and found a handsome older man in his 50′s. Shorter than me and not too much else info in his profile, but I said fuck it and messaged him.

“Hey, how are you?” I opened with.

He responded almost immediately. “Doing well here, how about yourself buddy?”

We shot shit for a bit, divulging details to barely reveal the surfaces of who we were. Little details men usually talk about like asking what either of us did for work, hobbies, interests, etc. I found out he was here with some straight buddies on a cross country road trip. He sent me another face picture and then a cock shot. I was tantalized.

Being more forward than I had ever been I sent the message, “Hey man let me suck it.”

He seemed rather delighted from his messages after, stating that his buddies were fun but he needed a little of a different type of fun that he hadn’t had in a while. “Can you host?” I dumbly asked.

“No buddy I’m in a room with a couple of straight guys. I don’t think they’d take too kindly to you.”

“How bout I blow you in your car?” I asked, excitement growing.

“I don’t have a car here. We are traveling in my buddy’s car.” He replied.

I was a bit disheartened honestly, and almost thought about giving up.

“Hey well let me ask my buddy if I can use his car to run to the store real quick. Then we can meet up somewhere. Can you host?” he seemed to ask eagerly.

I thought about it. I didn’t want to host him inside my parents’ house even though they were out for the evening. I was super horned but at the same time a bit of logic kicked in, maybe something else. I really didn’t want to suck a guy in a place that my parents…lived. It would have been a bit awkward for me to see that spot while I was around them and think back to that night of pleasure I had.

“Yeah I can man.” I messaged.

I gave him my address and headed out of the house with an idea. He had told me what hotel he was staying in, so I knew he would be at my place in a matter of minutes. I was right, minutes later a white car pulled into the front of my house. Night had fallen fully by this point so all we had to greet each other was occasional moonlight through clouds. His picture was recent since he was as handsome as his picture had been. We shook hands, smiled, and I led him through my drive way back around the house where the garage was located.

We were barely into the garage when he shut the door behind him, and I dropped to my knees. I kissed his crotch through his shorts, excitedly running my hands over his front thighs, ass, and back thighs. He grabbed my head and shoved my face forward. I could tell he was as turned on as I was. Even though we were thirty+ years apart, the chemistry between our bodies was amazing. He groaned and uttered “yeah buddy” through a deep grunt. He pulled my face out of his crotch and I looked up back at him. The look on his face was so…desirable. I could barely see through the dark lighting of the garage but somehow that added to the sexual energy we had. An almost faceless cock getting what he needed from an almost faceless mouth.

I quickly undid the man’s belt and pulled his shorts down mid-thigh. Like a ravenous vacuum I swallowed his cock whole. I shoved it deep into my throat, melting into its delicious taste. It was to anyone else an average cock. About 6 inches cut, average thickness, but GREAT shape and look. To me, an avid cocksucker who had been denied for months, it was like magic. Again he took hold of my head and began fucking my face, uttering dirty words.

“Yeah boy you need this just like I need this, huh? Hrrrnnnnnng”

“Fuck yeah swallow that cock whole you slut.”

My hands explored upward, grabbing his pecs and feeling his thick nipples.

“Pay attention to my balls too, boy!” he commanded.

I went down on his balls like he told me too. Licking, slurping, and savoring their salty taste. They seemed to be a bit saltier than his dick. I loved it. I was in heaven. I felt his dick resting on my cheek as I hungrily tended to his balls. He rubbed my shoulder and the back of my head, groaning and murmuring what a good slut I was. I was ready to cum.

He let go of my head but kept a hand on my shoulder, and I went back to tending to his dick. I bobbed up and down on his head, swirling my tongue, trying to get that ultimate reward all cocksuckers want. I placed my hands on his back thighs and just went to town. We were both sweating from the heat and the sex. All that could be heard was his grunts, and my slurping and moaning sounds. I felt his cock tense in my throat and suddenly he grabbed my head and shoved me down on his cock. I felt the first shot shoot deep into me. I swallowed it all eagerly until he subsided.

I began stroking myself as I sucked his dick gently. He growled in appreciation that I was cleaning up the mess I made. Up and down the shaft, sucking up and excess spit that might have been on his balls. I looked up at him to see he was looking down at me. He smiled through the dim light to see his cock disappearing into my hollowed cheeks.

“Thanks buddy. Great blow.” He said firmly.

I grabbed the base of his cock with my free hand. This was hot but I wanted more.

“How about you take me home to your buddies?” I boldly asked.

He had mentioned they were on an all guys trip to get away from the wives.

“C’mon man. You can tell how much I love cock.” I said almost desperately. I could tell the idea turned him on. His cock began growing stiff again at the nursing of my tongue and lips. I gave him a few sucks.

“No man that’s not a good idea. Sorry. But I can give you all the cock you need…” He said firmly, then slapping my check lightly.

I felt him fill my mouth again. This time I sucked him slowly and tenderly, since he was a bit sensitive from the first blow. The spark between us was turning from ravenous to tender. I still have not experienced a blow session like that night. He came more quickly, and with less cum the second time around. It was late after the second blow, and coincidentally. My parents called and asked if I wanted anything before they came home. Strangely, it didn’t feel awkward to talk on the phone in front of him even if it was a little rude. Must have been the feel goods of the afterglow.

“Sorry man we gotta cut this short” I said.

“I understand buddy, thanks again for the great blow. Wish I could have taken ya to my friends.” He winked and then surprisingly grabbed and kissed me. I responded warmly to the kiss and gave him a deep taste of his cock. He pulled away, went out the door and left. I waited a little bit and sent him a message that if, by any chance he was passing through my area again, to look me up.

Author’s note: “Cuckoldress Recruits a New Bull” is the third story in a sub/dom trilogy in which I play three very different characters in that fetish. I would like to thank Literotica Editor Falcinator for his helpful suggestions in the creation of these stories. This concluding contribution is dedicated to a spectacular cuckoldress who I got to know intimately while on a six-month stay in Australia. If you enjoy fem-dom/cuckoldress/cuckold stories, then I hope you like this one. Feel free to send me your thoughts. I will respond, and please don’t forget to vote if you enjoyed the story.


“Ken, who is the good-looking, toned guy on the stationary bike across the room?” Tina asked her cuck-boy husband, while having a drink at the water fountain in their building’s health club. “He is incredibly tall and has a nice six-pack. I also like his tan complexion and dark hair.”

“Mistress, I got to talk to him yesterday since he works out here every day. He is the new guy from the States who recently moved into one of the 2-bedroom apartments on the sixth floor. He is of Italian descent and his home base is Boston. He is an athlete, and used to play professional basketball. He is only staying in Sydney for six months due to a temporary job assignment,” Ken replied.

“Have you seen him in the men’s changing room? Does he look as good with his clothes off as I imagine? Basketball players have good stamina. Do you think he would make a good bull for my stable?”

“Please, Mistress. Not another bull. Aren’t two bulls enough for you? Do you really need a third?”

“Now Ken, you know I don’t what to hear such judgmental remarks. After seven years of marriage, you are aware that I need intense sex at least once a day from a hard cock that is much bigger than yours. Two bulls are not enough to satisfy me on a regular basis. I am still searching for that ideal third bull.”

“Please, Mistress. I beg you. Haven’t you embarrassed me enough in this building? I have seen this guy’s penis in the men’s changing room. It is so big that I don’t think I will be able to clean it properly with my mouth after it has been in you.”

“Ken, do you like to please me?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Do you enjoy cleaning me up after I had sex with another?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Do you enjoy sucking my bull’s dirty cock after it has been in me?”

“Please, Mistress. Don’t make me admit that.”

“Ken. I know that you are bi and that you enjoy my bulls just as much as I do.”

“Yes, Mistress. I reluctantly admit that I enjoy giving head to each of your bulls after his penis has been in you.”

“Thank you, Ken. Now go back to our apartment and get my bathing suit. You know the skimpy black one that barely covers my sex. I think it is time I introduce myself to this potential new bull.”

Ken dropped his head in his normal submissive manner when responding to his cuckoldress’ orders because he feared the possibility that his wife might fall for the American. Despite the concern that his wife might someday ditch him for one of her bulls, Ken could not stop his excitement and the developing hard-on in his gym shorts, knowing that his Mistress would let him participate in today’s events even if it was a minor role.

He knew the bathing suit his wife wanted. In reality, it was nothing more than a couple of strings.

Ken was aware of the attention his wife received from men and women when she paraded around in that bathing suit at Sydney’s Bondi beach. The good-looking American in the hot tub would be no match for his fem-dom wife. He would crumble and quickly be at her mercy. The American would not be able to resist his gorgeous Australian wife who was all woman when attired in such a manner.

Ken quickly left the health club to go to their apartment on the 12th floor of their upscale building to fetch his wife’s Victoria Secret string bikini as ordered.

“Here is your bathing suit Mistress,” he whispered to his wife after returning about ten minutes later.

Even though Ken could accurately predict the chain of events to come, he tried to present an outward calmness in an attempt to retain some manly dignity. He also hoped that such a superficial appearance would prevent the others in their health club from deducing what was about to happen in the hot tub. Nevertheless, his hard penis, which was doing its best to try to escape his pants, made it difficult for him to conceal his exhilaration.

“Thank you Ken. You are a good cuck-boy. If I get my way, in a couple of hours I will have a tasty creampie for you to enjoy,” Tina smiled as she spoke lovingly to her husband.

After seven years of marriage, Tina was keenly aware of how much pleasure her bisexual sub husband got from eating creampies out of her just-fucked vagina, and then cleaning her bull’s dirty cock with his mouth. He even liked to give Tina and her bulls rim jobs as they were fucking. It was a shock when she discovered this dark side to her husband’s unconventional sexual mind shortly after their marriage, but Tina was now thrilled with their living arrangement because it gave her the opportunity to do whatever she wanted without any consequences on the home front.

“How’s the water?” Tina asked the good-looking American in the hot tub who had been stretched out with his eyes closed with the beating water from the tub’s jets hitting his well-developed muscles. “May I join you?”

Rick opened his eyes and stopped thinking about his work when he heard Tina’s enticing feminine voice. He was immediately taken aback by her stunning appearance. Her desirable body was somehow squeezed into the sexiest bathing suit he had ever seen. The “wow” factor went off the Richter scale in his mind.

“It’s great. I think the superintendent increased the water’s temperature and its jets today, which is more relaxing on the muscles. By the way, my name is Rick. I just arrived in Sydney from Boston in the States.

“I am staying the next six months on the east side of our Kent Street Building with the nice view of the city’s lights at night from my apartment’s balcony. Which side of the building do you reside in? I hear the west side has a lovely view of Darling Harbour,” Rick introduced himself, extending his hand to Tina as she began to descend the slippery steps into their shared hot tub.

“Nice to meet you, Rick. My name is Tina. My husband and I do indeed live on the building’s west side. Would you like to come to ‘my’ apartment today on the 12th floor to see the sun set over the Harbour in a few hours?” Tina asked in an inviting, bold manner with a devious smile on her face and a sparkle in her eyes, as she accepted Rick’s hand and entered the bubbling water.

Rick stared at the earthy ~30 year old woman in front of him. His cock started to grow to its full nine inches when one of Tina’s large 34DD breasts fell out of her bathing suit, if you could call a few strings a bathing suit, as she descended the steps.

Despite his overt lust for this woman, Rick could not comprehend the situation and what Tina had on her mind. It appeared to him that husband-wife/man-woman relationships were quite different in Sydney than Puritan Boston. Tina did not even bother to put her exposed breast back into her skimpy bathing suit. While it certainly looked like this spectacular woman was trying to seduce him, at the same time she mentioned she was attached.

“Why did she point out she was married if she is sexually attracted to me as it appears?” Rick said to himself. “In addition, why doesn’t she have a wedding ring on her hand? Finally, why didn’t she acknowledge her husband when she invited me to ‘her’ apartment? I guess I will have to play along with Tina and her husband, wherever he is, to find out where this peculiar situation leads. I am a new visitor to Australia, and who knows what the rules are here 10,000 miles from my home in Boston.”

“Thank you for the offer. Maybe I will do that. I am looking for new friends in this building since I just arrived in your country,” Rick countered.

“Is that your husband sitting in the chair across the room? Is there something wrong? He looks agitated. Why doesn’t he join us in the hot tub?”

“Oh him – that is cuck-boy Ken. Don’t worry about him. Ken always does what I tell him. Silly boy, why should Ken be in the hot tub with us? This is about you and me. Ken only wants me to be happy. He is a good husband, and he gives me pleasure in nonsexual ways that are difficult to explain.

“Despite our marriage, I don’t think of Ken in a sexual manner as a normal wife would her husband. For example, I only let his tiny penis fuck my body once a year on his birthday as a good-will gesture. We have an unconventional marriage in which I do what I want, when I want, with who I want. Ken willingly accepts the situation and actually enjoys observing my affairs with other men because he is a submissive bisexual male who only wants to serve my bulls and me.”

Rick was shocked by Tina’s explicit assessment of her husband and their bizarre life style. What a wacky marriage they had, he concluded. Nevertheless, Rick was liberal by nature and was not the type of person to judge others.

Tina lay back in the hot tub. The hot water felt great, as Rick mentioned. She closed her eyes, imaging what it would be like to have her neighbor’s hard cock in her aroused pussy after Ken told her a few minutes ago how big it was.

To increase her sexual stimulation and to better enjoy the hot-tub experience, Tina slid to the right where one of the water jets resided. She then turned its nozzle with her hand so that its intense jet stream was focused directly on her hairless pussy, which was only a couple inches away. The tremendous force of the pulsating water was getting her aroused as it always did in this wonderful hot tub which must have been designed by a highly sexed woman.

Rick saw Tina’s eyes start to roll back into her head and a devious smile began to appear on her face.

“It is now or never,” Rick said to himself as he slowly slid to the left so that his body lightly touched hers.

“You look incredible,” Rick whispered into her ear.

Tina did not move away from him as he thought she might. She also said nothing. Instead, she pretended she did not hear him which effectively endorsed his sexual advance.

Due to her implicit encouragement, Rick shifted one of his hands under the water in a bolder manner, placing it on the top of Tina’s thigh. Because of the excessive foam and bubbles in the water from the tub’s multiple jets, no one in the health club could see what was occurring under the water’s surface if they happened to approach the hot tub.

Tina grabbed Rick’s hand with her eyes still closed. However, instead of pushing it away as a normal happily married woman would, she moved it to the top of her skimpy thong, thereby encouraging Rick to finger fuck her right there in the hot tub.

Rick got the message even though he was shocked by Tina’s actions, considering she was a married woman with her husband less than 50 feet away. He had never encountered a brazen woman in the States who behaved like Tina was doing right now.

“What the hell,” Rick said to himself as he quickly pushed the bikini’s bottom to its side and then slid three fingers into Tina’s waiting vagina.

From his seat in the distant corner of the health club, Ken could see the noticeable change on his wife’s face even though her eyes remained closed. He knew what was occurring in the water under its surface because Tina had done this sex act many times in the past. Nevertheless, he was powerless to stop this American bull from finger-fucking his wife who, amazingly, met him only a few minutes ago.

“Why couldn’t he stop this humiliation? How could he allow a stranger from another country to finger-fuck his wife in front of him and so many others in this health club?”

Despite what was occurring across the room, Ken’s penis was getting harder by the second as it always did when he observed his wife with her bulls.

“Harder! Deeper! Faster! Rougher! I am so close,” Tina whispered back into one of Rick’s ears, almost biting it.

Tina’s body started to react in an immoral manner to Rick’s fingers which were feverishly going in and out of her pussy, forcibly hitting her sensitive clit on every downward motion of his hand.


Within a few minutes after Rick initially touched her thigh, Tina’s body convulsed in the water resembling an epileptic seizure as she experienced her powerful orgasm.

When Tina regained her senses, she opened her eyes, grabbed Rick’s head, and gave him a passionate kiss that was befitting her new bull who had just serviced her so well.

Ken’s heart split into a million pieces when he saw his wife embrace her new lover in such an adoring manner. The American had obviously passed his wife’s audition.

“Why doesn’t my wife ever kiss me like that”, Ken questioned himself. However, he knew that the reason was that in her subconscious mind his wife did not consider him worthy of physical love. Apparently, Rick had just become the third bull in his wife’s stable.

“I better practice my deep-throating skills using my wife’s 10-inch strap-on as soon as I return to my apartment because it is only a matter of time before she orders me to clean this American’s large cock after the two of them fuck,” Ken concluded, while staring at his wife and her new bull in the hot tub.

Despite what happened between his wife and the stranger, Ken’s cock was fully erect. He could not wait to rush back to his apartment to rub one out due to his sexual excitement.

“Welcome to Sydney, Rick. We are going to have a wonderful six months together while you are in this country,” Tina spoke as she put her arms around him and gave him another kiss.

“Ken, get over here,” Tina sternly called out to her husband across the room.

“Go back to the apartment and start preparing dinner for my new lover and me. Our meal better be incredible tonight or you will pay dearly for any screw-up. Also, get my sexy low-cut evening gown and its matching heels out of my closet and lay them on my bed so that I can put them on after my shower. You know the gown. I will not need any underwear tonight.”

“Yes, Mistress. I understand.”

“I promised to show Rick the setting sun latter today over Darling Harbour from our apartment’s balcony. It is only appropriate that I take care of his sexual needs later tonight after the pleasure he just gave me. Its time he got to appreciate a real Australian woman don’t you think Ken so that he can fondly remember me when he returns to Boston?”

“Mistress, do you want red or white wine?” Ken sheepishly asked his wife as he did before every dinner he prepared for her.

“Rick, what is your choice?” Tina asked her new bull.

“White sounds good to me but whatever you want is fine by me. You are the boss,” Rick replied while thinking of the exciting evening ahead of him with this spectacular cuckoldress. Rick knew his good-sized cock was going to really enjoy its daily encounter with Tina’s pussy during his six-month stay in Sydney.

“White it is.”

As Ken left the hot tub area, Rick shook his head trying to assess what was going on in cuck-boy’s mind, knowing that a stranger had just given his wife an orgasm.

Tina stared at Rick’s puzzled face. To deal with his mixed emotions, Tina moved forward and whispered in his ear, “Don’t worry about Ken, he knows and accepts the situation. He even likes it. Take a good look at the bulge in his pants. He is so excited that he can’t wait to play with his tiny sub-boy penis before he starts preparing our dinner. I will give him a few minutes to have his fun before I return to our apartment.

“Now go back to your place, Rick. Take a shower and get changed for dinner. Wear something really nice to celebrate our first evening together. I want it to be a memorable date. I am looking forward to having a bottle of wine with you as we enjoy the beautiful sunset.

“I hope your workout on the stationary bike was not too exhausting because you are going to have an even more intense workout in my bed before this night is over. My pussy has just warmed up, and it greedily anticipates what your bull cock will do to it.”

Jan met Amanda at the last cooking class she took at Whole Foods. They made an instant connection and had a great time in each others company. The class she was taking tonight, she really wanted to learn how to cook something for Matthew, veal, and wanted to learn how to do it well. They met at class, as agreed on the phone.

They had a great time in class, as before, and when it was over, went into the store to buy everything Jan needed to make the Osso Buco for Matthew that night. She had selected a couple of bottles of wine to go with the veal. And course she had chosen beer for Matthew that would go with the her dinner. He was going to be home late, and she wanted to have something nice waiting for him. By the time they got to the checkout, Jan had invited Amanda over for a while. She hoped Matthew wouldn’t mind.

It didn’t take long for them to get silly from the wine while trying to cook. Jan noticed a change in her friend, and for some in explicable reason, she found herself flirting with Amanda…reaching out and touching her as they laughed. They were sitting at the table, when Amanda stood up and leaned across the corner of the table slowly, cautiously, toward Jan – kissing her. Amanda’s advance was met with a warm response. Jans lips brushing against hers. Her soft warmth felt sooo good. Her lips parted welcoming her tongue. And before Jan knew what was happening, Amanda’s hand was on her cheek, her fingers combing through her hair, her hand on the back of her head pulling Jan to her mouth. “Oh my God…… you have no idea how long I have wanted to do that!”

Jan, almost out of breathe “I’m glad you finally did!”

The timer went off – interrupting their intimate moment. Jan went to the oven to attend to Michaels dinner. Amanda followed her, and as soon as she put the towel on the counter, Amanda was there, pulling Jans body close to hers. Her hand slipping around her waist, and sliding over her ass, down to the hem of her skirt, gathering the denim in her hand. She reached under…..feeling her ass “Oh my god – no panties?!”

“Matthew does not allow me to wear them. Ever! You see Amanda…..I belong to him! He owns me! And I don’t know how he would feel about you kissing me, much less touching me! That is his cunt you are working your hand toward.”

“Don’t you think he would share it with me?”

“All I can do is ask for permission. I don’t know what he will say. And I don’t want to risk punishment!”

“Punishment? What would he do?”

“Worst case? Use another whore in front of me! And tell me how good she feels. He would use corporal punishment, but he knows I enjoy that.”

“Text him… NOW! And tell him I want him to share you with me!”

Jan picked up her phone, her hands shaking. Amanda was serious. She text Matthew: “Amanda is over. I told you about her, we had a class together tonight. Unexpected events have transpired, and she wants to know if you will share my cunt with her. I told her I needed your permission.”

Within minutes her reply came: “You slut! She can play with you, but she must know….You belong to me, you are my whore, and if I share you, it is with the understanding that she will also have to service me, on demand! Make sure you are both wearing appropriate attire when I arrive home. You will be punished for letting her kiss you prior to my permission. And don’t bother trying to deny that occurred.”

Jan showed Amanda the message. And replied…..”she understands, and agrees. Thank you Daddy!”

Amanda went to her bag, and returned to Jan, kissing her hard. She reached between Jans legs with a small toy on her finger. “Put your leg up on the counter. Do it NOW!” She stood balancing on one stiletto, her other leg up on the counter as commanded. Amanda reached for Jan’s clit. The small vibrator hitting the target perfectly. Amanda pulled Jan’s hair back – looking into her eyes. “You like that? Mmmmm right on your clit! Is that making you wet?” Then she leaned in and whispered into her ear “I can’t wait to taste your sweet cunt… you cum in my mouth!”

Amanda continued to run her finger over Jan’s clit. Making her moan louder and louder! Interrupted once again by the kitchen timer. Jan removed Mattew’s dinner from the oven. As she set it on the counter, Amanda pressed up against her from behind.

“Your cunt is so wet!” Sliding her hand between her thighs, feeling the outer lips, waxed free of hair, slippery, wet, and hot. “You will cum for me before Matthew gets home!”

“I don’t have permission to cum! I only have permission for you to play with me!” Jan sounded panicked!

“Make no mistake ….. when he walks in the door it will be to the sound of you cuming!”

Amanda grabbed her bag, filled two glasses of wine and pulled Jan into the den. The fire was raging, making the whole room hot. She pulled Jan to her knees infront of the fire and pushed her down onto her hands. She pulled her skirt up over her hips, slapping her ass hard. And in one swift motion, pushed two fingers into Jan’s ass. “I AM IN CHARGE until Matthew gets here! Do you understand?”

“YES! I understand!”

“If I say you’re going to cum, then you will! And you can deal with whatever consequences Matthew has for you when he gets here. That is not my concern!”

Amanda knelt in front of Jan’s face grabbing her by the hair. “Suck my clit and you better do it well!” Jan began to lick between Amandas lips – trying to reach her clit. Amanda pulled her dress over her head, revealing a leather corset. She lay down in front of the fire, just beneath Jan’s head and pulled her face to her cunt. Pushing a vibrator deep into her own wet cunt she ordered Jan “suck my clit until I cum!” Jan did as ordered. Amanda lay there, a vibe on high deep inside her, pulling at her own nipples, while Jan sucked furiously on her clit. “Push your finger in my ass!” Jan complied, accustomed to taking orders. Amanda began to cum immediately, and loudly! Pushing her cunt into Jan’s face! Jan sucked her hard clit, then licked her wet cunt, pushing her tongue inside Amandas hole, sucking the juices from her as she came, over and over! Pinching her clit between her fingers! Jan was cleanly enjoying sucking all the sweet juice from her cunt. And Matthew enjoyed watching! When the orgasms began to fade, Jan worked her way up Amandas body, stopping on the way to lick her nipples and suck each one, first tenderly, then vigorously. Eventually hovering over Amandas face, sharing the taste of her own cum with her. Amanda rolled out from under Jan, pushing her head down so Jan would remain on her elbows, her face buried, her ass in the air.

Amanda reached again into her bottomless bag. Retrieving the next item of her choice, and knelt behind Jan. Her cunt dripping from having licked Amanda so thoroughly Amanda looked Micheal in the eyes, standing in the doorway, sipping his scotch, unnoticed by Jan. She maintained eye contact with him as she slid inside Jans wet cunt with the strap on. She started pounding Jan hard and fast. He watched Amanda reach under and pull on Jans nipples, rolling them between her fingers.

“Are you going to cum? Or do I have to fuck your ass?” Amanda stared intensely at Matthew as she worked Jan.

“Oh FUCK Amanda! You’re going to make me cum!” Jan came loudly, and repeatedly! And didn’t stop until she felt someone standing infront of her pulling her hair up, and her head back.

“I did not give you permission to cum! I only gave Amanda permission to play with you! You will be punished for this!!”

He stood directly infront of Jan. “Amanda! Get over here…NOW!”

Amanda knelt infront of Matthew. “Strip me!” A command Jan had heard countless times. A command that she thought belonged to her.

She watched as Amanda undid Matthew’s belt, and zipper. She watched his pants fall to the ground. “You want this big black cock you whore?” He grabbed Amanda by the hair, and slapped his cock against her face. “You made my slut cum – now you will make ME cum!” He brushed the end of his cock across her lips – covering them with the pre-cum Jan loved so much! She watched as Matthew told her to lick her lips. As Amanda enjoyed the taste of him. He pulled her mouth onto his cock, plunging deep into her throat. “Watch you whore! Watch your friend suck my cock! Mmmmmm Oh my god she knows how to suck cock soooo fucking good! She’s a good whore! I bet she doesn’t disobey! Watch! Watch me fuck her mouth! OOOH FUCK!!! She’s going to make me cum! OPEN YOU EYES AND WATCH YOU FUCKING SLUT! Kneel next to her!” Jan knelt eagerly hoping to get Matthew’s cock in HER mouth! But he only repeatedly slapped her tits! One, and then the other. Harder each time as he fucked Amandas mouth. Jan saw his face, as he looked closer and closer to cuming! He pulled on her nipples hard, twisting them. “OH FUCK your friend knows how to suck cock! Her mouth feels soooo good! I’m going to cum in HER mouth! She’s going to get my whole load! She’s going to get to swallow it ALL! OH FUCK AMANDA! Do you WANT that whore? Do you want to watch your friend get all my cum?” Jan watched Matthew shove his whole cock deep into her mouth. Pushing just a little deeper with each pulse.

“Kiss her you fucking whore! Kiss her and I will let you have some!” Amanda reached out for Jan and pulled her to her mouth kissing – tongues twirling in front of them so Matthew could watch. Amanda pinching Jan’s nipples hard, and her tits hung out over the top of her corset. Red from the punishment Matthew had just given them. Their tongues dancing as his cock pulsed his large creamy sweet load on their mouths.

“OOOOOOOOO FUCK! OOOOOO YES YOU WHORES DRINK IT! OOOOO TAKE IT ALL YOU FUCKING SLUTS!” Matthew turned to Jan! “Do your job you slut – finish me – suck me dry!” And he watched Amanda lick her face of all the cum that had not landed on their tongues. He pulled Amanda to him – sharing the taste of what was in her mouth, as Jan sucked eagerly on his cock.

Jan watched! She knew this was her punishment for cuming with out permission. Matthew grabbed Jan by the hair, yanking her head back to look at him! “That was your fault! Don’t ever cum without my permission again!” She closed her eyes, vowing to herself never to do it again. “Lay on your back!” Matthew watched Jan follow his command and lay on her back in front of the fire! “Spread your legs whore!” Jan opened her legs wide. She loved how dirty this made her feel! “Use your toys on her Amanda! Use what you chose!” Amanda reached into her bag and pulled out a large bullet. She dipped it inside Jan’s wet cunt, and then lubricated, pushed it inside her ass. It was rather large, and was difficult to get it. Amanda handed Matthew the remote. She then pulled a large dildo from her bad, and pushed it inside Jan’s cunt. As far as it would go. Reaching once again into her bag, this time retrieving a small vibe. Turning it on and pushing it against her clit. Amanda started to work the dildo in Jan’s wet cunt, and turned the vibe on her clit on high. She looked at Matthew and waited for him to press the remote for the egg. Jan began to move her hips and moan uncontrollably. “OH FUCK MATTHEW! I NEED TO CUM!”

She could hear Matthew and Amanda talking. ‘How long should we let her go?”

“I don’t know – she does need to know her place!”

“Maybe I should let her stay like this while she watches me fuck you!” Jan looked up at saw Matthew grab Amanda by the hair and pull her to him kissing her hard and deep. She watched Matthew pinch and twist and pull her nipples – as she moaned with pleasure.

Jan was fighting so hard not to cum. It made Matthew hard to watch her, and to feel his control over her. It made Jan conflicted to see Matthew with Amanda. It turned her on, and yet it was painful to watch. She wanted Matthew to touch HER.

Matthew and Amanda leaned over Jan, each taking a nipple in their mouths. Watching Jan writhe trying to fight the orgasm. Hearing them discuss “should we let her cum?”

Matthew, pulling Jan’s hair, whispered into her ear “are you my whore? Will you do everything I tell you to?”

“Yes Matthew! I am yours! Always! I will obey you!”

“Do I own you?”

“OH MY GOD YES! I belong to you Matthew! I want to belong only to you! I give myself to you completetly!”

‘You want this big black cock?”

“I want only your cock! Always! I want sooo much to please you! Please let me feel you inside me! I NEED you!” Amanda pulled her toys from Jan’s body, abruptly stopping any pending pleasure.

“On your knees whore!” Matthew knelt behind Jan, running the head of his cock up and down her, from her clit to her asshole! Jan moaned each time he stopped at the entrance to her cunt and her ass. Hoping he would push into her. She needed him inside her. She didn’t care where!

“PLEASE DADDY! PLEASE! I need you! I need to feel you deep inside me! I need to feel you fill me with cum!”

Matthew slowly pushed into her. So hard he couldn’t take it anymore. He pushed slowly at first, then in one swift motion pushed into her completely. Filling her cunt. The feel of him inside her made her want to cum instantly.


“YES WHORE! Cum for Daddy! Cum NOW!”


Amanda lay infront of Jan, pulling her face into her cunt!

“Matthew wants to watch you suck my clit while he makes his whore cum!”

Jan began to lick and suck on Amanda! He could hear her mouth enjoying the wetness of Amanda.

Matthew pulled out of Jan, and raised his cock 2 inches. “Get ready you whore! Daddy’s going to fill your ass!”

Jan felt Matthew push the head of his cock in, and hold it there for just a moment.

She pushed back toward him! He slapped her ass – making her stop! This was forbidden. She was to surrender to his control! He grabbed her by the hair, pulling her onto his cock as he pushed all the way into her!


Matthew watched as Amanda started to cum! “YES you slut! CUM!”

Matthew reached under rubbing Jan’s clit, watching Amanda cum.

“PLEASE MATTHEW!!! I need to cum again! YOUR cock feels so good! PLEASE!”

“Cum you whore! Such a good fucking whore! Cum while I fuck your ass! CUM SLUT! And think of watching your friend sucking my cock!”

Matthew filled her as she came hard!

They collapsed on the floor, Matthew rolling onto his side pulling Jan close to him. Amanda started to lick her clit again, Matthew still in her ass.

“OH FUCK AMANDA!” Matthew’s hands on Jan’s tits, he could hear her excitement. Amanda continued to lick Jan’s clit. “OH Matthew – please let me cum again!”

“You fucking dirty whore! CUM!” He pinched her nipples hard, pulling and twisting them viciously as Amanda licked and sucked her clit to a final orgasm.

Amanda licked Matthews balls thoroughly, cleaning Jan’s juices from him! Then, she kissed them both, and quietly gathered her clothes.

With only the sound of the fire crackling, Jan whispered……”Hungry? I made veal!”

“Are you sure that is what you want?”

“Yes, Sir, i am. Please, will You do this for me?”

“If this is what you desperately want, I will begin the planning for it.”

“Thank You, Master!”


Several weeks later, the day arrived. All day long, my sweet fiancée and slave was in the best mood I had seen from her in months. It is a good thing that she was not the result of mating between a human and an eagle, or else her high spirits would have caused her to sprout wings and fly.

About 3:30PM, the first of the guests arrived. Mistress Kara and two of her slaves entered the secluded house, both young slaves quickly disrobing as is the custom in “the group” when away from the public eye. Of E/everyone I know, Mistress Kara has the best taste in wines, and She had brought several bottles of a wine whose name I did not recognize. “You will absolutely adore it,” She said softly to Me as I read a bottle’s label, “and Your sweet slave will certainly appreciate it after her ordeal.”

By 5:00PM, the barbeque grills were in full operation, the scents so enthralling that I am somewhat surprised that the animals of the surrounding forest did not converge on the large yard and attempt to steal the food. It was indeed an interesting scene: Dominants and submissives engaged in all kinds of talk, a few impromptu demonstrations, and even betting each other over who would win the upcoming Grand Prix of the United States. Always one to appreciate the female form, I allowed My eyes to discreetly admire the female slaves, almost all of them nude save perhaps for sandals and collars. I had not seen slave sandra in over a month, and she was particularly proud when I gently squeezed her “new” breasts, their smaller size now giving a nice, well-balanced proportion to her body given her short height.

My slave did not each much, as I had expected given the core reason for the gathering. After a while, she caught My attention and signaled to Me that she was going to prepare for the evening’s main attraction, then disappeared into the house.

Some time later, I went inside to locate her, and nearly bumped into her just as she stepped out of the main bedroom, wearing only her thin, dainty leather collar beset with numerous fake diamonds. she smelled of strawberries, a scent matching the natural color of her lengthy hair. “Are you certain that this is what you want?” I asked her one more time.

When she nodded her agreement, I gave her a long bear hug, during which she thanked Me again for allowing her to experience this fantasy as reality. Then, it was time.

Hand-in-hand, W/we strolled into the guest bedroom, where she had already laid out the cuffs and chains and blindfold atop the dresser. It was quite clear that she was antsy, awaiting the start of the evening’s core activity, quite in counterpoint to the concern I felt given that My role in the event was about to end.

Although a little daylight illuminated the guest bedroom despite the closed curtains, I turned on the black light, as it would be needed later. After one final kiss, I motioned My beautiful slave to the bed, where she assumed the proper position. It did not take long for Me to attached the chains to the bolts underneath the bed, place the thick leather cuffs around each ankle and wrist, and then attach the chains to the cuffs. The entire time, I could sense her anticipation growing… as well as My concern.

At last, I retrieved the blindfold and applied it to her face. Her proud breasts rose and fell mesmerizingly as her breath quickened slightly in anticipation of the events to come. she tested her bonds, causing the chains to rattle as she discovered how much slack I had given her; for someone in her situation, she could actually move her limbs quite some distance, but clearly would not be able to free herself without assistance.

At this point, as I sat on the edge of the large bed, she was no longer My “nameless” slave. Instead, I looked lovingly upon Fiorina, a longtime friend turned girlfriend turned fiancée, and I was filled with the instinct to protect her from any and all potential harms. I was worried that at some point in the evening, things would somehow get out of hand; it was bad enough that once I left the guest bedroom, I would lose control of the situation until it ended several hours later.

With her face held firmly between my hands, I kissed Fiorina fiercely, and she responded with equal vigor. The kiss only ended when we both needed to breathe again, and I left the guest bedroom, closing the door loud enough for her to hear that she had indeed been left alone, just as in her fantasy.

When I reappeared outside, the assembled Dominants and submissives quieted and turned to Me. After a deep breath to center Myself and reassume the Dominant guise, I laid out the rules once again:

Each P/participant would have a specified amount of time with My slave: each Master or Mistress would have twenty minutes, while each slave would have only ten minutes. Only sexual activity would be permitted; other than the fact that she was already blindfolded and chained to the bed, any BDSM-related activities were strictly off-limits. No speaking would be permitted, so that only her sounds – if any – would be heard.

I then began drawing names of interested P/participants from a hat. one of Mistress Kara’s slaves would be the first, and I smiled knowing that Fiorina would definitely enjoy beginning these activities with a girl-girl encounter. In all, fifteen P/participants would be involved; Fiorina would be subjected to well over three hours of nearly-nonstop sex. “I want to still feel sore in the morning,” she had confided earlier in the day, and it seemed that she would indeed get her wish.

As the banter and impromptu demonstrations continued outside, I went from one small group to another, offering more food and drink (especially the wine Mistress Kara had brought with Her), discussing this and that, and even watching the sunset with the assembled crowd. I did keep note of each time the P/participants entered or emerged from the house, and I kept wondering if everything was going well in the guest bedroom.

Finally, I could no longer remain outside; I simply had to go back inside, although I had no idea what I would do. Quietly, I mounted the stairs and stood in the hallway, just outside the door to the guest bedroom. Even with the door closed, the scent of sex was quite evident. I could hear the chains rattling and the bed protesting as her sweet, siren-like voice rang out as she approached a climax.

A slight movement nearly caught my attention, and I saw Mistress Kara standing at the top of the stairs, gesturing downstairs. With one last look at the door just as orgasm wracked the senses of the woman chained to the bed, I reluctantly returned downstairs, where Mistress Kara pulled me into the front entryway, away from any prying eyes should there be a change of P/participants.

“You are concerned for her, are you not?” She asked softly, gently. I could only nod. “That is very good. That means that You are a truly caring, loving Master and fiancé, and that is nothing to be ashamed of. If You were not such a caring and loving person, You would not have gone to all the trouble to arrange this evening, would You?”

“No, I guess not,” I replied, somehow feeling like a small child being sternly admonished. Having such a discussion with a Mistress with nearly twenty more years worth of experience in this lifestyle certainly felt somewhat like an admonishment.

“Look,” She said. “I know You do not have any children yet – that will come in time, I am sure. With children, there comes a time when they must ‘leave the nest,’ and that can take many different forms. This is one of those times, and this is one of those forms. You want to be upstairs with her right now, to make sure everything is okay. But the best thing You can do is let her do as she wants now. she will return to the ‘nest;’ she will return to You. But for now, she wants and perhaps needs to ‘explore the world’ for a while… for several hours or so. Let her explore, let her indulge her fantasy, and she will likely become a better person, a better fiancée, because of her experiences tonight.”

The door to the guest room had closed as Mistress Kara spoke, and We Both turned to see Master Damien descending the stairs, although He could not see Us from Our vantage point. Mistress Kara then gave My hand a gentle squeeze. “I believe it is now time for Me to have some dessert…”

As She left and ascended the stairs, Her words began to truly sink into My mind and permeate My thoughts. When I reappeared outside a moment later, My heart felt lighter, although the concern was still at the back of My mind.


As W/we lay in bed, cuddling closely, I did not know what to say, what to ask. I simply held her, felt her soft breath against My neck.

“Master?” she finally queried, her voice seemingly thunderous after such a long silence in the dark.

“Yes, little one?” I responded.

“Thank You, Sir.” she kissed My neck and nibbled briefly on My collarbone. “I know You were rather concerned for me tonight. Thank You. It means a lot to me that You would be willing to put this together, Sir, despite any second thoughts You might have about it.”

At that moment, I knew that Mistress Kara had been right: Allowing her to ‘leave the nest’ and ‘explore the world’ had been the right thing to do.

It is Monday evening. Five days have passed sense he walked out on her with the collar. She has called him several times expressing her desire to see him or at least get the collar. He has explained that is not an option and that denial is a powerful experience.

As she goes through the day’s mail, she sees a blue envelope with his return address on it. She quickly opens it. Inside she finds a simple white card with a sketching of a heart of barbed wire. She opens the card. It is an invitation:

“Lesson 5

Your presence is requested at 555 Broadway at 7:00PM this Thursday.

Please be prompt. You will not be admitted after 7:00PM

Please wear the following items: Fishnet thigh high stockings, black g-string, matching black bra, black mini skirt, white tank top, and black boots. I will reimburse you if you need to purchase any of these items.

Please have your hair in a ponytail and do your make-up for an evening out.

When you arrive at the location simply ask for Cameron.

Do not attempt to discuss this with me.

RSVP is not required. This event is not optional.”

Thursday 6:55 – 555 Broadway.

She takes a deep breath as she gets to the address. The location is a salon. She enters. There is a receptionist behind the front desk.

“May I help you?” Asks the receptionist.

“I was told to ask for Cameron.” She replies.

The receptionist picks up the phone and dials a number.

“Hi, Cameron. There is a woman up here asking for you….Ok.” The receptionist hangs up the phone and tells her to be seated and that Cameron will be up here shortly.

As she sits waiting, she notices that the salon is empty except for the receptionist and herself. She hears the sound of heels striking the hard cement floor coming from the back of the space. Then a woman appears.

“Hi, I am Cameron. It is nice to meet you.” The woman says.

Cameron is a tall slim woman with short blonde hair and is dress exactly as he requested her to dressed: boots, stockings, mini-skirt, white tank top, and black bra.

“Hi, Cameron. I was sent by…” She says.

“Yes. I know who sent you and he has paid for everything.” Cameron replies.

The receptionist asks if she can leave and Cameron says yes. Cameron locks the front door behind the receptionist.

“I’m not really sure why I’m here. He just told me to be here at 7:00.” She says.

“He can be very secretive at times. Come on back.” Cameron replies.

The two of them begin walking to the back of the salon.

“Ah, um do you know him well.” She asks.

“Oh, yes. For sometime.” Cameron replies.

“Um did you two …” She asks.

Cameron interrupts her and in reassuring, tones “No we have never dated. We’re just friends. Nothing more. Do yourself a favor don’t be jealous. He maybe many things, but, he is faithful and honest.”

“He can be so secretive at times.” She replies.

“Yes.” Cameron replies.

Cameron opens the door to a small room. The room is about ten feet by ten feet and well lit. However, with its decor of warm earth tones the room is very inviting. Diagonally in the center of the room is a padded table. They enter the room.

“Hello, sweetheart. You look stunning.”

“She certainly does.” Cameron injects.

She failed to see him sitting in the corner of the room when she entered. She looks at him a bit bewildered. Nervously she says hi and moves towards him. He gets up and gives her a hug. She holds on extra tight.

“Sweetheart. You have no reason to worry. Everything will be fine.” He whispers to her.

While she holds on to him she ask, “Why am I here?”

“You are here because I asked and you are going to get your pussy waxed. You will be coming back here every couple of weeks for a waxing. You can have you legs and underarms done if you wish. I will pay for it.” He replies.

She gives him a kiss on the cheek and thanks him.

While they have been embracing, Cameron has been preparing the wax and linen required for the waxing.

“Ok. Everything is ready.” Cameron states.

“Great. Now undress.” He commands.

“Everything!” She asks.

“Leave the boots and stockings on.” He replies.

She begins removing her clothes. First, she pulls the tank top off and hands it to him. He folds it and places it on the chair. He can tell she is nervous and pulls her close and hugs her.

“Honey. Relax. Pretend you are in the locker room at the gym.” He whispers as he hugs her.

He reaches behind her, undoes her bra, and lets her go. She removes the bra and hands it to him. He sees she is relaxing a bit.

“See.” He states.

Cameron pushes a button on the stereo and soothing music begins to play.

She turns her back to him and asks that he unzip her skirt. He complies with her request and she lets the skirt fall to the floor. She steps out of the skirt and bends over from the waist to pick it up. She is now working him.

“Fuck. You have a great ass.” As he says this, Cameron looks away from what she is doing and smiles a bit.

With her back to him, she hands him the skirt and he folds it and places it on the chair. Next, with both hands she slowly slides her g-string down her thighs and lets it fall to the floor around her feet. She steps out of the g-string, squats down, picks it up, and hands it to him. He places it with the rest of her clothes.

He tells her to turn towards him and she complies. He retrieves her collar from his jacket. She looks at him very surprised and he places it around her neck.

“If you are a good girl, I will let you keep the collar with you.” He states.

She smiles at him.

“Ok. I will need you to lie on your back to start with. Have you ever been waxed before?” Cameron asks.

As she climbs up on the table, she replies “No.”

“It may hurt a bit, I need you to do what I tell you and it will make things easier.” Cameron says.

With her on the table, he positions a stool along side her and sits himself down so that they are face to face. He looks down on her and touches her face.

“Everything will be alright.” He reassures her.

“Easy for you to say.” She smiles.

“In here I’m in charge. Not him.” Cameron states.

With Cameron’s words, she giggles a bit.

“What’s so funny?” He asks.

“So what do you want? Just bikini line, a landing strip, or a Brazilin?” Cameron asks of her.

“Brazilin. I want everything smooth.” He says.

“Is that what you want?” Cameron asks of her.

“Yes, I do.” She replies.

“That is what I have. It is the best.” Cameron replies.

Cameron tells her to bring her left knee up with her leg flat on the table. Cameron spreads the wax on to her left labia, applies the linen strip, and lets it set for a moment.

“Take a breath and hold it.” With that, Cameron rips the linen form her labia and then places a hand on the newly waxed area to sooth it. She yelps with Cameron’s action.

“Not to bad. Is it?” Cameron asks.

With her left leg up, Cameron spreads wax just left of her mons pubis, applies the linen, and lets it sit for a moment.

“Take a breath and hold it.” With that Cameron rips the linen up and again she yelps. Cameron places a hand to sooth the area. The process is repeated with mons pubis and down right side.

Cameron retrieves a pair of tweezers from the side table and goes over her pubic region. “I am just getting the little hairs left behind.”

“What about your butt?” Cameron asks.

“Yes. Everything!” He replies.

“Ok you will need to get on all fours for this one.” Cameron states.

She roles over and gets on all fours. He stands and strokes her face and while she is holding her position. Cameron spreads wax over part of her ass hole, applies the linen strip, and lets it set for a moment.

As Cameron removes the linen she says, “Here we go.”

With the removal, she jumps a bit. Cameron proceeds to wax the rest of her ass hole.

“Ok. That’s it. Now roll back over on your back.” Cameron says as she retrieves a bottle from a side table. “This will help sooth things a bit. It is essential oils.”

Cameron pours some oil into the palm of her hand and dabs her fingers into the oil. Cameron slowly applies the oils to her labia and mons pubis and massages it in. He notices she gets a bit flush as Cameron rubs the oil on her.

“How does that feel?” Cameron asks.

“Very nice. Thank you.” She replies.

“You want me to leave you two alone?” He asks.

“All done. You should come back in about three weeks. We can make an appointment up front before you leave. I am going to go close up the shop. Take your time.” Cameron states.

As Cameron exits the room, she begins getting up off the table.

“Where are you going?” He asks.

“I was going to get dressed.” She replies.

“Not yet.” He says as he walks to the foot of the table.

“Slide your ass down here. I want to go down on your smooth pussy. I think you have earned it.” He commands.

“Are you sure?” She asks.

He assures her it is ok and she positions herself so she is seated at the foot of the table. He tells her to lay back and spread her legs. As he kneels at the foot of the table, he lowers it so that it is chest high. He begins lightly touching her smooth labia and lowly he parts her lips.

“Did you get aroused as Cameron rub the oil on you.” He asks.

“Yes. A bit.” She replies.

“I thought so. You turned a bit flush while she did it. Now sit back and enjoy yourself. You can come whenever you want.” He says.

He inserts a finger into her pussy and begins stroking it in her, while he lightly touches her clit. She moans. With this, he inserts another finger into her, press his lips against her clit, and gives it a light suck and kiss. She moans even more. He curls his fingers in order to grind into her g-spot and begins to suck and lick her clit. She continues to moan and he increases the pressure on her g-spot. She is beginning to thrust about, moving her hips. However, he maintains his position on her clit. With his free hand, he pulls the hood back on her clit exposing it. He licks and sucks on it and she begins to come. As she comes, he continues stroking her g-spot.

Between gasp for air as she comes, she utters “To sensitive.”

She grasps the edge of the table and holds on as he continues sucking her clit and insert a third finger in to her tight pussy.

As her body convulse, “I am coming again. Fuck!”

She begins holding her breath. It seems like minutes to him.

“Fuck, I can’t…believe it!” She exclaims.

He removes his lips from her clit and releases the hood. He can feel her pussy pulsing round his fingers as he slowly strokes them in and out. He removes his fingers, she sits up, and he hugs her. She holds on tight and is trembling a bit as he holds her. She begins to cry.

“What’s wrong?” He asks.

“Nothings wrong, that was amazing. I’m just a bit overwhelmed.” She replies.

“Yes, you are amazing.” He says.

“So your pussy looks wonderful. What do you think?” He asks.

“Well it hurt when she did it. But, I like the way it looks and it feels really good when you went down on me.” She replies.

He gives her a kiss and a hugs her tight.

“Well you need to get dress. Cameron needs to close up.” He states.

“Do you want a blow job?” She asks.

“Not this evening.” He replies.

As they talk, she gets up and he hands her the clothes. She begins getting dress.

“Why did you have Cameron and I dress the same.” She asks.

“I just wanted to keep you off balance.” He replies.

She finishes getting dress, he tells her to come over to him, and he removed the collar from her and hands it to her.

“Ok. You can have the collar for now. Here are the rules: 1. You can only come with the collar on. 2. You can only wear the collar when I say you can. 3. Once a day you can ask me if it is all right to wear the collar. If I say ‘yes’, I will give you the time when you can wear it. If I say ‘no’, don’t argue with me. Do you agree?”

As she puts the collar into her purse, she says “Yes.”

“Can you come home with me this evening?” She asks.

“Not tonight. I am going to take Cameron out to dinner. We haven’t seen each other for a while.” He replies.

She begins to pout a bit, he reminds her that he can take back the collar if he desires and he reassures her that nothing is going on between him and Cameron.

She finishes dressing; they leave the room and walk to the front of the salon where Cameron is closing up.

“Everything Ok.” Cameron asks.

“Yes. Very good. Thank you. I would like to book appointment for three weeks from now.” She replies.

“Sure.” Cameron replies, opens her appointment book and make an entry, fills out an appointment card, and hands it to her.

“Thank you and it was nice meeting you.” She says.

“It was nice to meet you also. Take care of him.” Cameron replies.

With that, he takes her hand and tells Cameron he will be right back after he walks her to her car. As they walk, he explains that he would like to see her more often and would like to spend this weekend together.

“I would love that also.” She replied

They get to the car, he opens the door, she gets in, and he leans down and kisses her.

“You want to know something? I think I am falling for you.” He says.

She smiles “That makes me very happy. Good night.”

“Remember the rules. I will call you in the morning.” He says and closes the car door and she drives off.

As I waited nervously for the guy to turn up I anxiously puffed a cigarette. I rearranged myself for the thousandth time, crossing my stocking clad legs, uncrossing them. Perching my heels on the kick plate of the car, then on the ground. Shimmying my pencil skirt down, then a little up. I had to look right, I had to look dominant. The guy expected me to be the Domme in this little rendezvous. I’d never played the dominatrix before; it was making my stomach do flips. What would he expect of me?

I saw lights coming towards me in the empty car park. I took another couple draws on my roll up and watched him pull up beside me. Big shiny car, tinted windows. I leaned back against my car, my long black coat brushing the backs of my legs. He put down his passenger side window. I smiled, he wasn’t bad looking. You never know with these sex websites. His pic might’ve been photo shopped.

I suddenly realised he was looking at me, expecting something. Oh right, I was supposed to get in the car. I quickly flicked the butt of my fag away, closed my car door, locked it and jumped in his car.

He smiled kinda shyly and introduced himself ‘I’m Colin, Miss.’

‘Hi,’ said I, and we did an awkward kind of handshake cheek kiss type of thing, ‘you find the place alright?’

‘Yeah,’ he breathed, and went to put the car into gear.

I stopped him. I’d thought we’d chat for longer, or stay in this car park. I panicked a little. I didn’t even have my phone on me. ‘Are we going somewhere?’ I tried to sound confident, and managed without a hitch in my voice.

‘Well,’ he replied ‘this place has big lights and cameras; I thought we’d go somewhere a little more private.’

‘Where were you thinking?’ I asked. He said he had no idea, just thought I would know somewhere. I was to make all the decisions. Of course… Domme…right.

I thought fast, ’2 secs,’ I told him, and jumped out of the car. I ducked back into my car, grabbed my bag, phone, and tucked my house keys and purse into the glove box. I’ve no idea why except maybe I was thinking if he tried anything, I could call a taxi, get back to the car and escape.

I was still thinking furiously as I got back into his car, where could we go? He made idle chit chat as I gave him directions to an abandoned supermarket not far from where we were. I was chittering inside, outwardly, very cool, calm.

He pulled into the car park of the store and round the back. Very secluded. He stopped the car. We took our seatbelts off. I had no idea what to do now. Inspiration. I turned to him ‘So, did you do as I asked last night? Did you refrain from wanking your cock?’

‘I touched it miss,’ he replied ‘but I didn’t cum.’

‘And did you watch it twitch in the mirror, like I told you to?’

‘Yes Miss.’

‘And when you touched it, you only used one finger didn’t you, sub?’

‘Yes Miss.’

‘That’s good,’ I smiled.

‘I liked watching it in the mirror miss,’ he interjected. ‘I like how my cock looks; it’s not the biggest but…’

I cut him off, ‘Show me, sub!’

He pulled down his trousers and boxers revealing a deliciously curved, half erect penis.

‘Very nice,’ I murmured, my eyes transfixed. He started to touch it.

‘I don’t believe I told you you could touch it did I, sub?’

‘No Miss,’ his hand receded hesitantly. His cock was growing larger by the second.

‘Lift up your t-shirt,’ I demanded. He lifted his shirt so his erect knob was lying against his bare stomach. I raised an eyebrow at him and he removed the shirt all the way. He threw it in the back with a half murmured ‘Well, if I’m gonna get caught…’

This was going better than I’d ever thought it would, and we hadn’t even gotten to the good part yet. I stretched as he turned back. His eyes watched me hungrily. His hand reached out to me, then half fell away. He wouldn’t do anything unless I said he could, yummy!

‘I suppose you want to touch me, don’t you, sub?’

‘Oh yes please Miss!’ he pleaded.

I hesitated for about 30 seconds, giving him my naughtiest smile and ‘Well…since you were so good last night, I suppose I’ll allow it.’ This was genius! I wanted him to touch me so bad.

As soon as the words left my lips his hands reached over and went on my knee. He stroked my legs, buried his face in my cleavage, tried to get his hand between my thighs. I shifted to give him better access, I was soaking wet down there. He tried to touch all of me at once, like he couldn’t get enough, like he was scared I was going to revoke the privilege any second and deny him. He rained kisses over the tops of my breasts, my lips, we tangled tongues.

‘I want you to take out that breast and suck it, sub!’ I ordered.

This was easier said than done, I’d forgotten I put on my bustier and I still had my jacket on. I took my jacket off and helped him free my massive breasts. He started licking and gently suckling one nipple. His hand ghosted over the other. It was good, but I wanted more. I realised I could have anything I wanted in this power play situation. ‘Suck it, sub!’ I tried, then ‘Nibble on it!’ Brilliant! It was working; he really would do anything I said. My head lolled back in ecstasy. My hands gripped his back, nails digging into his firm flesh. This was exactly what I wanted. One of his hands was working my other nipple. The other was finding its way back between my thighs. I hadn’t told him he could do that. I let it go though; I really wanted him to find out how soaking my panties were.

I revelled in the pleasure of him rubbing my clit, as well as working my nipples. ‘Slip one finger in,’ I told him. He obliged, it was so good. ‘I need you to suck my clit,’ I ordered. He bent himself over double; it must’ve been a very uncomfortable position, and started licking and sucking my tender nub as he moved his finger in and out. It was amazing. I was getting carried away though. He was getting carried away. ‘Stop!’ I said.

He stopped, and sat back. I looked at him smoulderingly from across the car. He was licking his fingers where they’d been fondling my pussy. He could’ve been tasting the finest gourmet food. I leaned towards him. He held out his hand. I sucked his middle finger where it had penetrated me. He leaned in and started licking it too, sharing the taste. We shared a long kiss. Tasting my juices from his lips, his tongue. He brought his fingers up between our mouths and we greedily licked them clean.

I sat back and took a leisurely look up and down his body. His knob was hard and twitching. His hand started to drift towards it. I gave him a look, pausing him in mid-motion.

‘What do you want?’ I asked him. I really wanted to know. I wanted to find out how this guy ticked, what he wanted the most so I could deny him it.

‘To please you Miss,’ he shot back almost instantly. I was surprised, that’s not what I’d been expecting. Most guys will take any opportunity to tell you exactly what they want. But this wasn’t most guys. This guy took pleasure in doing what I wanted. I was pleasantly shocked, I wasn’t used to this.

‘That’s the right answer,’ I breathed.

His hand started hovering over his knob again. ‘I suppose you want me to touch that?’ I asked.

‘Yes Miss.’

‘Well…,’ I leaned over the gearstick. ‘Maybe you want me to suck it, sub?’ I looked up into his face.

‘Yes please Miss, please!’

I leaned closer. ‘Well hold it for me, sub.’

He got up onto his knees and held it, an inch from my mouth. ‘How much do you want it?’ I said, close enough for him to feel my breath on his heated cock.

‘Please Miss, please, I’ll do anything!’

I flicked out my tongue over the end. ‘Beg me, sub!’

‘Please, please touch it, please suck it, please, I’ll do whatever you want.’

Another, slightly longer flick of the tongue. ‘What would you do?’ I said through his panting and gasping.

‘ANYTHING!’ he groaned.

I put my lips round the very tip, licked the end inside my mouth. I was rewarded with a little sticky pre-cum. I lifted my head again ‘Well maybe after you’ve made me cum I’ll suck it for you, sub!’ I said with a wicked chuckle. Then I raised my lips to his and let him taste himself.

He wasted no time. He put my seat back and I turned around, planting my knees and leaning forward towards the back of the car. His hands immediately started massaging my clit, dipping down to make his fingers wet and then circling that wetness round and round.

‘Two fingers inside,’ I moaned. He shoved two into me, finding my g-spot. I groaned. He took the hint and started to work over the spot again and again. ‘More fingers,’ I gasped. He knelt behind me, sliding three fingers in and out of me, faster and harder, just as I like it, making me shudder with pleasure. He reached forward to flick my nipple as well. I could feel the delicious rise of an orgasm building. He slid down into the foot well and leaned his head forward. He tongued my asshole and then sucked on my clit while he fucked me with his hands. I encouraged him ‘That’s it slave, just there!’

I was so close I could taste it. I could feel the pressure building and then my body exploded into a million fragments and my orgasm gushed over his face. It was incredible, not caring whether he was getting any pleasure at all, just using him as a sex toy. I lay there twitching, trying to remember how to breathe, feeling more release than I had in weeks as he licked and sucked me clean.

I slowly rose up on my hands, smiling like a mad woman. ‘You’re such a good sub,’ I praised him. He lay back, looking like the cat that had got the cream, quite literally. ‘Well,’ I breathed ‘since you’ve been such a good boy…’

I bent over until I could take his whole cock into my mouth. If he’d known how much I wanted to do it, it wouldn’t have been so good for him but I’d been dying to suck him since I’d first seen his twitching member. I pulled free long enough to murmur ‘I want you to fuck my mouth now.’ He applied himself diligently. Leaning forward so he could shove his whole cock in, sliding it past my lips again and again. He used his hands on my clit as he fucked me. I used my fingers on his balls and asshole. I could feel him getting closer to cumming. I pulled my mouth away. ‘I suppose you want to cum then sub?’ I had no intention of letting him cum yet.

‘Soon Miss,’ he replied ‘soon, not yet. I want to taste your cum again first Miss.’

I was happy to oblige. I lay back, high against the seat and spread my legs. He came over to my side of the car. He leaned forward, pinning me where I was. His hands came forward between us to play with my pussy. His straining cock on just the other side. I lifted myself higher on the seat to give him a better angle and suddenly there was no hand between his knob and me. ‘What do you think you’re doing with that cock, sub?’ I asked. It hovered just at my entrance.

‘I’m going to pound you with it Miss.’

‘Are you now? Did I tell you you could do that?’

‘No Miss, but please, please let me!’

‘Maybe you could put it in just a little then, sub.’

He slid the tip of his aching knob inside me. I could feel it twitching and jumping for more. He rocked back and forth, moaning.

‘A little more now sub,’ I told him. He slid it in another delicious inch and started to slide it back and forth. My resolve started to cave. It felt so exhilarating, having him poised on the edge of fucking me, and knowing he would do nothing until I gave my say so.

‘Now pound me sub!’ I cried. He started fucking me hard and fast. Mmmmm!

‘I’m going to cum soon,’ he declared.

‘Cum inside me!’ I ordered him, and just like that, he increased his pace and then gasped, spilling himself inside me. Moaning and shuddering he collapsed onto me. His head was cradled to my breasts. I cuddled his head, stroking his hair, telling him what a good sub he was. After a little while I whispered ‘You know you’re going to have to lick all that up don’t you sub?!’ He nodded against my boobs.

When his heart has slowed down a bit, he sank down into the foot well again. His head rested on my thigh as he licked me, licking his own cream off my pussy. His tongue started to work on my clit. ‘Let me do that,’ I told him. ‘Just you stay there.’ My hand went down to my throbbing nub. His head still rested on my thigh, my other hand stroking his head like the good pet he was. I brought myself off again, gushing for the second time that session but just before, I pushed his head down so he could drink it all up.

We lay like that for a while, catching our breaths. Then we got dressed and chatted. Enjoying a cigarette, we cracked the windows slightly to decrease the misting. After the windows cleared, we made our way back to my car.

Before I got out he whispered, ‘How did I do?’

‘Very well,’ I told him, ‘very well indeed. I’ll be in contact with you again.’

When I got back into my car, and watched him drive off, I was laughing and smiling so much! I felt exhilarated, so alive! I lit another cigarette and just sat there, savouring the experience.

Then I heard the sirens of a police car come towards me. I jumped and panicked. What if they’d seen us? Was it illegal to shag someone in a car? Of course, it must be! As the police car passed, looking for someone else, I slumped. Phew! Then laughed at myself. I quickly finished my cigarette and drove home.

“Calm down.” He laughs looking over at him from the driver’s seat. I can hardly sit any longer. I have always wanted to go to Vegas, but I have never had the time or money. You can bet when Sean brought up going the other day I jumped on it. “I know Sir. I am just so excited!” I squeal squirming in my seat. I look at him and he offers a smile quickly turning back to the road.

“Try to sleep.” He says kindly eyes on the road.

“I’m not even tired!” I pout rolling my eyes.

“Don’t start Little one.” He says warning in his voice.

I shut my mouth sinking back into my chair closing my eyes. It feels like hours and my skin is starting to crawl. Opening one eye I put my hand on his leg moving it up his thigh.

“I’m driving.” He says eyes glued on the road. I continue up his thigh and he stops the car glaring at me.

“As much as I’d like to fuck you senseless right here, right now I can’t. We are expected somewhere , and your inability to listen today is about to get you one sore ass. Understood?” I chew on the inside of my cheek feeling my panties dampen. He narrows his eyes and repeats, “Understood Little one? I don’t like to repeat myself.”

I move my hand back to my own lap frowning.

“Mhmm.” I whisper looking out the window.

“Want to correct yourself?” He asks raising an eyebrow.

I look back at him shaking my head. Wow how dumb can I be. He sucks in his cheeks taking a deep breath.

“Well let’s see how you feel about the choice you just made at the hotel.” He says calmly.

My heart drops. I don’t want to be punished our first day here. I dug my own grave on this one.

A few hours pass and we pull into the parking lot of the hotel. My stomach flips with anticipation. Sean walks around the car opening my door. He pulls me close to him kissing the top of my head.

I walk to the room slowly, trying to avoid what awaits me. He sets the bags down and sits on the bed. I walk over and sit in his lap hiding my face.

“Sir?” I ask quietly.

He looks down at me smiling aware of what I’m about to say. He nods for me to continue.

“I really don’t want a spanking our first day here. I’m sorry for the way I acted.” I plead kissing his chest.

“Actions have consequences. Remove your bottoms Little one. I want you to remember how to act during diner.” He murmurs making me frown.

I stand up and yank off my pants then panties. I feel his erection dig into my belly as I lay across his lap. I know he can see the effect he is having on me and I blush a deep red.

“Do you know why you are getting a spanking Little one?” He asks in a stern voice.

“Yes…Sir.” I say heart racing.

“Do you think this is fair?” He asks rubbing my behind.

“Yes Sir.” I repeat squirming on his lap.

His hand slaps down hard on my behind making me cry out.

His hand comes down again even harder. Each time he comes down harder and faster. My hand shoots behind me covering my trying to stop the blows. Grabbing my wrist he continues coming down hard on my backside. Tears are streaming down my face and I can really feel the impact he has made on my ass. He pulls me off his lap and cradles me in his arms.

“You are so beautiful Little one!” He whispers slipping his fingers inside of me. I let out a moan moving against his hand.

“Open your mouth and suck.” He demands popping his fingers into my mouth. I suck them hard tasting myself. He moans and unbuckles his pants putting me on the ground pushing me to my knees. I kneel in front of him and the cool flesh of my calves feel good against my burning behind. I rub his erection through the fabric of his boxers. I move the elastic and he springs free almost hitting me in the face. I stick his member into my greedy mouth griping the shaft. I take him deeper into my throat swirling my tongue around it. I lick his shaft grazing the head lightly with my teeth on the while putting him back in my mouth. He grabs a fist full of my hair moaning and thrust deep into my throat making me gag. He continues to pump leaving me without air. Right when I’m about to go completely limp he shoots into the back of my throat. He pulls out of my mouth, and I gasp for air licking my lips. He picks me up throwing me on the bed. I’m already dripping down my legs and when I see him start to rip off his shirt I feel like I might combust.

“Always so ready Little one!” He says sinking on top of me.

His fingers plunge into my pussy making me cry out. He moves in and out of me viciously. I tip my head back dominated by this sweet torture.

“Do not cum.” He grunts in my ear makes me moan. He continues his assault and I grind against his hand. I can feel my release building up and I dig my nails into his back making him wince.

“Don’t you dare cum!” He shouts replacing his finger with his member.

“Oh yes! Fuck me Sir!” I shout feeling him fill me.

“You. Are. Mine!” He groans word per thrust.

“Only yours!” I moan so close to my release.

“Cum for me baby!” He demands.

My body convulses and I let go cumming all over cock. He finds his own release spewing deep inside me. I am panting underneath him very satisfied.

“Get ready for dinner!” He says pinching my sore ass, “Oh and I love you!” He says smiling down at me.

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