I love cock…its as simple as that. I love everything about it the taste, the smell, the feeling of being powerless to resist it. I love the feeling of a man holding my head with both hands as I bob my eager mouth up and down, swallowing as much cock I can over and over again. I love the feeling of a cock ploughing into my ass, making me squeal for more. Oh and cum how I love cum ever so much, so sticky, salty and warm. The feeling an eruption deep in my ass, mouth or on my face gives me is amazing.

But I’ve never loved a man…which is why Alistair was so good for me. He wasn’t looking for love he just wanted a slutty cock loving whore he could bury his cock in anytime he wanted. This was my perfect relationship, I’d never even found a man attractive or entertained thoughts of having a meaningful relationship I just want cock as much as I can get and Alistair’s 10 inches was like my own big slice of heaven.

He called me earlier and simply told me to be there as soon as I can before hanging up and I instantly got excited as there’s only reason he ever wants to see me. So as quick as I could I showered, making sure to clean myself up for him. I then quickly got dressed, sliding a pair of very short shorts over a lacy white thong and completing the outfit with a white tee shirt and then hurried out the door.

Now I was standing at his front door knocking, waiting for him to answer as I rubbed my rock hard cock through my shorts. But still nothing so I knocked again and waited…and waited. Surely he isn’t cruel enough to get my hopes up like this and not let me pleasure his cock? Yes I do call him master at times, but he’s not really, he just likes it when I do. I’m free to suck on any cock I want whenever I want. I went to knock a third time when finally the door swung open and he stood there with that smile of his, I was so horny at this point that I threw myself at him but he quickly pushed me aside and bet me over the back of his couch. I barely had time to realise what was happening before the door was shut, my shorts were around my ankles and my thong was ripped off my body, I just screamed with delight as all 10 inches of his rock hard cock were buried into my eager little asshole.

He has ploughed into me so violently that he’d lifted me off the ground and now as I moaned while impaled on his mighty cock he slid one hand around my waist on the other on my back, holding me in place as he began to thrust into me. “Oh god” I squealed over and over again as he slowly but deeply fucked my ass, burying himself inside me and slapping his hips up against my ass. Every thrust jolted me forward and felt like my body was being split in two.

Deeper and deeper, harder and harder he went, grunting and groaning with each thrust as my eyes watered and my ass screamed for more. And he gave me more as his balls slapped against mine and he thrust into me faster and faster. He pushed me down further into the couch and then gripped my hips with both hands, slamming his waist into my ass over and over as his massive cock split my ass in two and made me beg him for more.

My eyes rolled into the back of my head as he fucked me as hard as he could, my knees were weak and my ass now red from his body slamming into it and he just kept fucking me harder. I was screaming out at this point as his 10 inch dick violated my ass and he used my slutty body to satisfy his urges. As he continued to ravage my asshole I glanced over my shoulder up at him with a smile on my face and tears in my eyes as I moaned with his every deep thrust. He smiled down at me and slapped me on the ass hard, making it sting even more as he continued splitting me in half.

“Good boy” he muttered down to me as I screamed out how good it felt as he slammed his body into mine as hard as he could. The pain was intense but the pleasure was incredible. That massive cock just kept ploughing into me without mercy and I loved every second of it until he thrust every single last inch of it inside me and groaned loudly. “Oh god, you’re such a good boy” he exclaimed loudly as he dumped his seed inside me.

I put my feet back on the ground and we just stood there for several moments me still bent over as his cock softened in my ass before he finally pulled out and spanked me on the ass hard again. I squealed out in pain and knew without looking that my ass would be bright red, a souvenir from tonight’s epic fuck. He finally let me stand up and kissed me once before ushering me to the door and sending me outside.

The door closed shut as I stood there with his seed leaking out of ass and pulled my shorts back up with a smile before heading home.

Mount Baker, National Park, August 25th 1:02pm

Scully signalled with one shaky hand for Mulder to back off, she was hunched over by the water’s edge vomiting up the contents of her stomach. Mulder took a step back, his gun still clutched in one hand, he could hear Mears talking to Haskell a little way off, mumbled words from him weeping from her, Mulder’s own stomach tightened and he thought he would be joining Scully at the water’s edge to get re-acquainted with his breakfast.

Mulder’s shot had blown wide that was his guess as the creature had not fallen or reacted to being shot instead it had let out a sickening roar at the two of them which seemed to wake Mears from his paralysis and he let a shot fly. ‘Missed on purpose’ Mulder said to himself, he could tell, somehow he knew that Mears had flinched at the moment of pulling the rifle’s trigger. The creature fled quickly, one step took it into the tree line by the second step it had vanished. It was long gone Mulder knew it, Mears knew it but both men still kept their weapons ready as they approached the two women, both now looking disorientated and rather pale. “I’m going to be sick!” Scully said hiccupping as she scrambled to her feet grabbing her jeans and pulling them up as she half ran, half hopped to the water’s edge.

Haskell clung to Mears sobbing uncontrollably as she pulled her clothes about her covering her exposed breasts with one hand. Mulder raced to Scully where she turned him away with one hand as he vomited into the water. Scully stood up straight, her hands shaking violently as she did the clasp on her jeans, she turned holding her shirt together with one hand, breasts now concealed but nipples poking at the material, “What happened?” Mulder asked, Scully looked awful, her eyes were rimmed in red and not just from being sick, she shook all over as if frozen, he got to her before she collapsed holding her up as her arms flopped to her side and she passed out.

“How is she?” Mears asked as Mulder moved away from the now sleeping Scully. Both men had scrambled to get sleeping bags unrolled, leaving the women on the shingle shore for the time being, though neither of the women complained or even stirred on the sharp stones that must have surely been digging into them.

“Bit of a temperature and exhausted but okay,” He looked over at Haskell who was asleep too, “Haskell about the same?” Mears nodded his response, both men were at a loss of what to do, they had walked in on something that in another setting would have been erotic but had taken on a twisted and terrifying angle. They took a few steps away from the sleeping women though making sure they were close enough if anything untoward happened. “What happened back there?” Mulder asked. Mears looked at him a shrugged, “You know what I mean, why did you freeze?”

“I don’t shoot bears for fun Agent Mulder!” Mears shot back quickly, a finger jabbing into Mulder’s shoulder as he spoke.

“Bullshit!” Mulder retorted back, “That was no bear and you know it,” Mears turned his head, lips turning bloodless as he clenched his teeth, “That was no bear and it certainly wasn’t a guy drugged up on magic mushrooms, that was a bigfoot clear as day.” Mears spun back round his face had gone red, hands clenched at his side as if he were ready to punch Mulder. “Why did you freeze?” Mulder asked quietly and calmly.

Only three people knew Ben’s story, himself, his father and up until a few years back no one else until he had told Sarah one night in bed. He had gone fishing with his father as they always did during the school break. It was a yearly tradition it got them both out from under Ben’s mother’s feet and gave them some father, son time together. It was late September and already the forest was showing signs of Autumn, the leaves were not quite as vibrant on many of the tree’s, the flowers that at the height of summer covered the forest floor like a carpet had finally wilted and the wind spoke of the chill that would soon be here.

They were three days in to their wilderness trek when they pulled up next to a fast running body of water, Ben’s father had caught trout here previously and he had decided that the chances were high enough to try again. After about an hour he had stepped from the water in waders resigned to the fact that perhaps today was not going to be The Day. Ben asked if he could stay and his father had ruffled Ben’s then dark hair, smiled at him and agreed, their camp was only a couple of meters away and if Ben did happen to land a catch, Costigan Mears was within shouting distance to come lend a hand.

At twelve Benjamin Mears had dreams of making his own Lewis and Clark expedition he saw these yearly trips as trial runs leading up to the main event. Ben found a lot of peace in fishing it let his mind wander to places far off as well as deal with events happening closer to home his mother always said he was older than his years. The splashing further upstream brought Ben out of his daydream, he tugged on his fishing rod out of habit feeling a little disappointed that the almost invisible fishing wire was loose and not taunt with a juicy catch.

The splashing made Ben turn his head and his breath caught, not much further up the stream on the opposite bank a figure sat hunched over the water, two long arms were submerged in the water up to the shaggy haired elbows. Ben’s twelve year old mind tried to make sense of the shape, of the fur or hair it wanted to say bear it was almost instinctual for his mind to report back bear hadn’t his father told him time and time again to be on the lookout for black bears. But those arms, impossibly long with thick light brown hair those were not part of a bear. The arms flicked in the water and were suddenly pulled up, long fingers closed round the body of a large fish that was chucked onto the ground before the arms went back into the water.

“Dad!” Ben called out his voice shaky and high pitched, the creature turned its head instantly even from that distance and over the sound of water it had heard Ben’s call. It pulled its arms from the water and stood up slowly. Ben dropped his fishing rod, which caught in the flowing water and was washed away, he wanted to take a step back, to turn and run but the creature was watching him. It moved forward on the other bank moving cautiously, wet hair clung to its powerful looking arms and dripped water. It came to a halt almost opposite the stricken Ben, its features almost human behind a layer of downy hair, it lifted its large head sniffing the air, ‘sniffing me’ Ben realised.

“What’s up Champ?” Costigan asked as he walked up to his son, he stopped cold as he caught sight of the creature across the way. The creature crouched down unsure of the new intruder it sniffed the air again taking in the new scent. It growled and clicked at the two humans, giving Costigan the oddest sensation that it was trying to talk to them. Costigan lifted his hand slowly, palm open “Hello there,” he said in a voice that sounded strong but still wavered with nerves. The creature stood up abruptly, it gave two deep hoots then scampered back to its catch, without slowing it grabbed the fish and disappeared into the trees. “No one, we cannot tell anyone about this.” Costigan said more to himself than to Ben, but Ben understood.

Mulder could tell by Mears’ expression that he was waiting for Mulder to smirk or laugh, had they not just seen such a creature Mulder would have taken the story with a grain of salt had he not seen the earnest look in Mears’ eyes, “Was it the same one we saw today?” Mulder asked.

Mears felt drained from talking so much but also relieved that he had been able to tell someone his story, someone who for the time being believed him, “I think so, but I couldn’t say for certain.” But he had paused there was something about the face and the eyes in particular, there was a familiarity but through a rifle scope how could he really be certain.

“Did you notice anything odd?” the question seemed odd to Ben who looked at Mulder questioningly. “A cut, a wound something like that,”

Mears now understood and smiled inwardly, Mulder was growing in his estimations, here was an agent that wasn’t fuelled by the shoot now ask later stance. A creature that is wounded would act out of character, oddly and in cases viciously. Mears’ brow knitted together as he played back those few seconds, the scope sight moving across the body ‘a lot of hair’ Ben told himself, ‘matted in places, maybe blood,’ he saw it in slow motion the scope rising to the nape of the neck then the face, now even more familiar the more he focused. He shook his head, “Nothing that stands out, it was sweating a lot that’s about it.”

“Sweating?” Mulder asked and Mears nodded. “How much?”

Mears let out a soft laugh, “You want that in litres or gallons? It was sweating enough for me to see it on his face,” Mears paused the creature was no longer an It but a He, Mears was beginning to accept the fact, his mind letting him free to speak unguarded, “looked like someone had thrown a bucket of water at him. But under that hair in this heat who wouldn’t be sweating.”

Mulder shook his head, “No I don’t agree, sightings have been prolific, we’d have to say more than one creature which means a definite breeding pattern, they would have adapted to the climate. Maybe a fever though?” Mulders mind was connecting dots that were perhaps not quite there yet but he had to try and make sense of the situation.

“Sweat a lot with a fever, I’ve seen people with malaria and worse do crazy things,” Mears chimed in more comfortable with the idea that the creature was injured or sick and acting out, either scenario meant it could be healed or cured though that still left the death of four people to deal with. “But that doesn’t explain why those two were acting the way they were?” Mears pointed over his shoulder at the sleeping women.

Even Mulder was stumped there, the way the women were acting for Scully it was totally out of character and as for Haskell, well judging by Mears’ reaction it was not part of the Sheriff’s normal proclivities. “Only they’ll be able to shed light on that.” Mulder furrowed his brow as he looked at the sleeping figures, “Were not going any further today, we need to set up camp.”

“I’ll get some wood, if you want to put the tents up,” Mears said, he did not wait for a reply from Mulder instead he headed off towards the tree line keeping well away from where the Sasquatch had disappeared.

Foothills, Mount Baker, august 25th 1:05pm

Brad held his hand up silencing the group with one simple gesture. Cathy had voiced the question the moment they heard the popping sound, “what was that?” before Brad had silenced them, a few seconds past then a howl perhaps a mile or so away rolled over them, Angelica took in a sharp breath as if she was getting ready to scream then a deeper pop sound followed swiftly afterwards. “That was gunshot!” Cathy said and no one argued that point.

“What do you think? A Bear?” Todd asked he was looking in the general direction of where the sounds had come from but they were so deep in the tree’s that any chance of seeing anything other than bark and leaves was slim to none.

Brad nodded slowly, he had heard Bear’s plenty of times it had not sounded like a Bear, but it was far enough away that the wind, the trees even the Mountain could have thrown the acoustics off enough plus he did not want the group especially angelica panicking. “Someone’s probably trying to keep their picnic safe from Yogi.” Brad said his smile forced as he turned to face the group, he could feel how tense they had all suddenly become. Angelica looked close to tears and Cathy was chewing her bottom lip as her eyes darted left to right as if some beast was stalking them. His joke fell flat, yet they all smiled wearily. “Come on it’s not much further to the lake.” He moved between the motionless group taking the lead from Daniel, Brad motioned to everyone to move on and a little apprehensively they followed.

That lake sat nestled in a bowl made up of low tree lined hills in all directions and to the north the intimidating stone edifice of Mount Baker loomed over it all, its reflection dominating the lake’s still surface only broken by a small island that sat a hundred meters or so from the shore line just beneath the group. “Wow!” Rebecca exclaimed as she stepped into the small clearing, her mouth hung open as she took in the sight. Out of the tree’s the air felt less cloying, the heat was still there even though the sun had reach it apex and was already descending but the breeze that came from the lake felt wonderful on her skin.

Suddenly the strange noises from earlier seemed an even further distant memory, “I don’t know about you guys but I need a bath.” Rebecca shrugged out of her back pack dumping it with little ceremony at Daniel’s feet and began to walk down the slight incline to the Lake’s edge as she went she removed her clothes. Her t-shirt landed on a small bush, her bra tossed casually over her shoulder landing crumpled on the ground as she continued to walk. She looked over her naked pale shoulder at the rest of the group, “Who’s joining me?” she asked as she bent over slightly sliding her shorts and white knickers off in one slow movement her toned backside visible to all.

Daniel dumped his backpack without a second thought rushing down the slope to join Rebecca as she waded into the water squealing with the sudden coldness as the water enveloped her first up to her knee’s then her hips before she jumped forward and dived under the surface. Daniel stripped quickly at the shore tumbling onto his backside as his trousers caught on his boots. He cried out pitifully as he worked his feet free of the boots then yanked off his crumpled trousers, Angelica turned to look the other way as she saw Daniel’s erect cock before him as he ran into the lake. Cathy leaned in towards her and whispered, “Different is good remember?” and winked conspiratorially at her.

Rebecca and Daniel swam back and forth in the water splashing on another or chasing one another while the rest of the group unpacked at the shoreline. Brad as usual took control, he kept looking over at the two in the lake smiling it was not difficult to see how badly he wanted to join the two of them but instead he gave out quick orders to get the tents up. Cathy waved Brad off, “Not me honey, this sun is too good to waste.” She lifted her arms and pulled her tank top off, her dark breasts bra-less and now exposed to the warmth of the sun puckered slightly and her almost black nipples grew hard. Cathy grabbed a patchwork blanket and spread it out on the ground before lying back, sighing and closing her eyes.

Brad threw up his arms in mock exasperation though he smiled through it all and shouted at Todd to do the work instead. “Do you need a hand?” Angelica asked him,

Todd smiled, “Man work, woman cook.” He replied in a gruff caveman type voice and shooed Angelica off. For a moment she stood still looking around, the scenery was breath taking, the opposite shoreline was lost in a heat haze that left it shimmering like a mirage, birds sung lazily in the tree’s and the sky was an unblemished blue. Angelica had not seen another human being in over two days maybe more it was like they were the last ones on earth, survivalists in a harsh empty land. Angelica shook her head, she felt so timid still even with two naked people splashing in the water right before her and another girl topless not two feet from her. They had seen no one in two days, who was going to stumble onto them now; the others certainly didn’t seem to care.

Angelica took a slow shaky breath in and as she let it out she undid the buttons on her top, she slipped the top of and reached behind unhooking her bra as she did this she quickly looked about, no one was gawping at her they were busy and didn’t seem to care. The bra pinged free and her heavy breasts sagged with relief as she pulled the fabric and wire from her body. “Room for one more?” Angelica asked Cathy. Cathy opened one eye and smiled at the sight of Angelica topless above her she shuffled over on the blanket and patted the spot next to her.

Angelica lay there for a few minutes, her heart had stopped its frantic hammering and she found herself enjoying the feeling of being bare out in the open. Her breasts were heavy and pale she had heard people sniggering behind her back in the past especially when she was in a bikini or worse the hurtful things some girls spat at her when they saw her dressed up, cleavage deep and on show. But here no one cared, no one sniggered or said hurtful things, Angelica opened her eyes a smile forming on her lips, she turned her head and noticed Brad looking at her he smiled back his face turning red suddenly and he turned quickly away bending down to hammer a tent peg into the ground. “He’s been watching you for the last five minutes you know.” Cathy said dreamily her eyes still shut.

Angelica let out a jittery laugh, arms going up to cover her warm soft breasts “I’m sorry.” She said an automatic response she had learnt early in life.

Cathy sat up on her elbows, “Why? I’ve been looking too, those are pretty impressive honey. If I had those boys I’d show them off whenever I could.”

“Really? Yours are so pert,” Angelica said taking in the round chocolate coloured breasts and currently soft dark nipples, Cathy gave a good natured laugh “I’m sorry.” Angelica blurted out.

Cathy shook her head, “There it is again, stop being sorry for everything.” Rebecca gave a squeal in the water as Daniel grabbed hold of her from behind lifting her bodily from the water her breasts glistening with water before she splashed back down both of them disappearing beneath the surface. When the pair came back up they were holding each other close and kissing. “You think those two are sorry for anything? How about Brad or Todd? Hell how about me?” Cathy leaned in on one elbow, “we’re not sorry for anything it’s time to forget the Angelica of yesterday let the Angelica of today free.” Cathy leaned further in, “Or are you still sacred?” The tone was mocking, and Angelica felt a pang of hurt deep in her stomach at the taunt but wasn’t that the idea?

Angelica was on her feet, not really thinking, perhaps that was for the best as she rose she was certain she was going to go to Brad just to be spiteful to Cathy instead her feet took her to the lake, she took hold of her own cargo pants and took them off aware that the hammering behind her had abruptly stopped. Angelica did not risk a look behind, if she did she knew all would be lost and she would blush terribly, fumble over her words and probably run off naked with embarrassment. Instead she waded into the water her breath catching in her mouth and she let out a yelp at the sudden coldness yet she continued further in. Rebecca had pulled away from Daniel smiling a little at Angelica whose eyes remained fixed on Daniel.

Daniel had been enjoying the sensation of his cock pressed up against Rebecca’s belly the water acting like a lubricant as he rubbed it back and forth across her toned stomach, when Rebecca had pushed away Daniel had gone to call out then he had seen Angelica. His cock twitched beneath the surface at the sight of Angelica’s large breasts unbound and heading in his direction. She was stood before him within a few more steps she hooked one hand around his neck and pulled him in for a kiss. Daniel’s ears roared with blood but he could just about hear someone cheering behind that. When the kiss broke his first view was of a rather scared looking Angelica then of Cathy on the shore clapping and cheering.

Angelica had almost squealed when she felt the hard head of Daniel’s cock nudge against her stomach as she pulled him in for the kiss, then she had almost fainted as his tongue parted her lips and explored the inside of her mouth, his cock now firmly pushing against her belly. She broke the kiss to prepare herself for the onslaught that she was pretty certain was going to come flying from Rebecca. Instead Rebecca beamed from ear to ear and even joined Cathy by clapping softly. Angelica felt Daniel’s hands on her hips holding her firmly and pulling her closer she turned and met his lips for the second time, opening her mouth willingly to his tongue.

It had been Rebecca’s idea to head to the small island Daniel had followed with Angelica in tow. Angelica was a little relived to have the respite in the swim to the island to gather her thoughts. Things had escalated quickly from the second kiss, one of Daniel’s hands had found its way between her legs and a finger had probed her open with little force before she knew it Angelica had wrapped her hand around Daniel’s cock gripping it firmly and tugging him slowly each stroke matching the probing finger inside her. There were boo’s from the shore as they swam away but Angelica had sent out a silent thank you to Rebecca for taking them away from the crowd for her first experience.

Up on the shore Rebecca pulled Daniel down onto his back kissing his wet chest her hand taking hold of his still hard cock. Angelica knelt next to them watching, unsure on how to proceed until Rebecca had taken her hand and guided it to Daniel’s cock Rebecca smiled at her before lowering her head and kissing Daniel deeply. Daniel’s wandering hand from earlier found its way between Angelica’s legs as she knelt working his cock slowly. She parted her legs willingly giggling a tiny bit as she felt his hand cup her large sex then she sighed as he slipped a finger with ease between lips that were moist from excitement more than water.

Angelica found herself poised above Daniel she held his cock with one hand rubbing his cock head between her puffy lips feeling the bulge of his cock head poking at her entrance, he moaned loudly with frustration and finally Angelica relinquished her grip lowering herself further down letting his cock fill her up as she did so. Daniel’s hands gripped her hips as she rode him slowly, the pleasure of a new cock in her though not as big as Todd but certainly thicker was quickly eating away at her guilt the more she felt him stretch her the more the guilt receded.

Rebecca was quick in making sure she was not missing out, her tiny frame climbed over Daniel’s head and lowered itself onto his already waiting tongue. Both girls moaned as Daniel’s cock filled her or his tongue danced and lapped at her moist hole and clitoris. Angelica froze for a moment as Rebecca reached out and cupped her breasts, Daniel unaware of anything moaned out for Angelica not to stop and lifted his own hips from the ground pushing his cock further into Angelica.

Rebecca’s touch was like electricity, no other girl had touched Angelica before let alone during sex her mind was on fire with the sensations and feelings of the moment. She ground down on Daniel meeting his thrusts with her own while Rebecca’s hands went from cupping to stroking her engorged nipples, Rebecca’s eyes lit up at their touch she licked her lips as she squeezed one then the other feeling their firmness.

The more Rebecca touched her the faster Angelica rode Daniel, in the end Rebecca had to let go she pushed down firmer onto Daniel’s face mesmerised by the way Angelica’s breasts swayed as she rode Daniel’s cock. Rebecca brought her legs closer together locking Daniel’s head in place she let out a whimper and touched her own pert breasts her fingers sending sparks of electricity through her nipples which in turn started a chain reaction between her legs. Her orgasm made her legs shake, clenching and unclenching as she bucked her hips on Daniel’s tongue. As her own orgasm receded she could hear Daniel moaning and she knew he was close even if Angelica wasn’t.

Angelica could feel the cock inside her pulsing readying to erupt but she couldn’t bring herself to stop, Rebecca climbed from Daniel’s face and lay languid next to him. Daniel sat up the best he could on his elbows, his chin, nose and mouth a sticky mess he watched Angelica ride him a goofy smile forming on his lips for a second before his eyes went wide and his mouth opened in a huge ‘O’ as he unloaded deep into Angelica. Angelica could feel the warmth inside her, the tell-tale sign that orgasm had been achieved at least for the man anyway her own orgasm had been close.

Angelica dismounted Daniel his cock a messy hard mass that was quickly wilting, Rebecca was on her before she could protest pushing her back on the ground and worming between her thick thighs. “Wait!” Angelica cried out as Rebecca’s head lowered and her tongue ran quickly and smoothly between her moist and sticky labia. Angelica lay on her back gasping as she felt Rebecca’s tongue in her licking at her insides and she knew tasting Daniel in there one moment the next her tongue was circling her clitoris gently. Angelica’s dwindling orgasm returned full force and sent her skyward as it ignited in her sex. One hand gripped the warm grass beneath her the other held weakly onto Rebecca’s head as she pushed her clitoris down onto her waiting tongue.

Rebecca lifted her head only when Angelica’s hand had slipped free of her head, she smiled meekly at Rebecca and said. “I didn’t want you missing out.”

“Will you sit down,” Cathy said sighing at the sight of Todd once again on the shore line trying to see the figures on the island. “Let them have their fun.”

“Shut it Cathy.” Todd replied with venom.

“Whoa, where did that come from buddy?” Brad asked sitting up next to Cathy on the blanket the couple were topless and in nothing but their boxers and panties.

“They’ve been over there for ages.” Todd said more to himself than the couple behind him.

“Isn’t that what you wanted, Angelica to be part of the group?” Cathy said and stood up moving towards Todd. She remembered Brad being the same way the first time she had knelt before Daniel and put his cock in her mouth. It was that moment of panic of regret of feeling something that you have been told was wrong. Cathy rested her hands gently on Todd’s reddening shoulders he would wake with terrible sunburn in the morning. “She’s still yours honey.” She said gently and kissed the inflamed skin of one shoulder.

Todd shrugged his shoulders pushing Cathy off him, “What the fuck do you know?”

Brad was on his feet immediately “You need to chill Todd.”

Todd pointed to the island, to the three figures that for now seemed to be sitting side by side talking, “That’s not what I wanted.”

Cathy laughed, she understood what Todd wanted, “No what you wanted was to be in Daniel’s place all the pussy for you and no one else,” Todd’s slap came from the left it connected with her muscular jaw line and cheek with a meaty thwack! That sent her stumbling back. Her retort was a solid punch to Todd’s face, he moved in time so that his right cheek took the brunt of it instead of his nose. Brad grabbed Cathy pulling her back, “You selfish, jealous little prick.” She spat at Todd.

“Get over yourself Cathy you’re just jealous Rebecca’s probably gotten a taste of Angelica before you did.” He jabbed a pointed finger in her direction his other hand pre-occupied rubbing his swelling cheek. “You fucked up what I had with Michelle you’re not going to fuck up what I got with Angelica!”

“Wake up you asshole, Michelle left because you’re a self-centred prick. You keep going the way you are you’ll lose Angelica the same way.” Cathy brushed Brad off as she spoke, “She needed you to listen to her this morning and all you could think about was getting her in the tent and fucking her.”

“You don’t know shit.” Todd replied, he looked at Brad for support but he only shook his head.

“Man, everyone could see but you. You need to grow up.” Brad said.

Todd opened his mouth to reply, he had a witty put down that would sting them both instead he closed his mouth his teeth clashing together “I’m going for a walk.” He said and pushed passed them grabbing his t-shirt as he went.

Mount Baker National forest, August 25th 2:30pm

It was hurt, the first bang stick had not even touched him the second one had stung him in the chest a gash glistened red and blood ran down his chest into its hair. The old one held one giant hand to the wound it had been hurt far worse in the past but it had never been so careless before. The women, they had weakened him led him into a trap it was certain of it. The men were waiting, he had stepped out and they had used their bang sticks. The old one had roared in rage at the interruption rather than in fear of the deadly weapons before fleeing into the forest once more. It knew old ways of binding it’s wounds, berries and leaves that would dull the pain and stop the stink that some of his kind had gotten when a wound had turned bad.

The water would be safe, there were holes there deep and dark where it could rest and fix itself. The old one cried out pitifully as he slipped on an old dead fall sending it tumbling down to the ground at speed, he tumbled over before coming to a rest. The old one clicked and hooted at itself, cursing as it would have been called in a human tongue had it known that word. He rose to his unsteady feet grabbing a handful of red berries from one bush and crushing them in one hand before smearing it into the open wound.

The sudden pain made him lash out a huge fist connecting with an old tree with a loud dull thud, he bit back the roar that had built in the back of his throat, he could not be certain the men were not following. He had circled wide to get hold of the berries, scouting human tracks where it was necessary, now he turned east, coming to the big water from that direction might also make the humans think he was heading away from there not towards it. Through the tree’s the sun was going down, he would reach the lake before it went from the sky, he would hunt for food in the moonlight then sleep the next day letting his body recover and the wound heel. The old one cried out not from pain but from fear of losing his mate.

Mount Baker National forest, August 25th 5:01pm

Todd returned to the camp just as the sun had started to turn the sky a beautiful golden colour, Cathy and Brad were dressed and had gotten a fire going. They both looked up at him and nodded a hello, the argument still not forgotten. He looked over at the island when he realised the other three had not yet returned. He could just about see them, long shadows were now starting to creep in everywhere throwing everything thing into disjointed and elongated lines. He watched as one of them stepped into the water a second or so later the surprised laugh of Daniel rolled across the lake. “looks like their heading back.” Todd said smiling, trying to act normal he did not want to try and explain the awkward silence to Angelica when she got back.

Cathy looked up from the fire and squinted out at the island, “Looks that way.” She said then went straight back to the pot that hung above the fire.

Todd turned his attention back to the lake and frowned at the dark bobbing shape that was approaching the island from the east, “Hey guys. Is that a bear?” Todd asked he lifted his hand to shield his eyes, the light reflecting from the water blinding him momentarily.

Brad stood up to take a look he went to tell Todd he was being a douche when he too saw the shape. “Can bears swim?” he said walking over to join Todd, Cathy followed behind her stomach had gone queasy at the thought of a bear being so close.

“I think so, sure why not.” Todd replied, though he wasn’t too certain. The shape was almost black against the golden colour of the water. “Moving fast though,” Something was not right Todd knew it, something in the back of his brain, down deep hidden under centuries of neglect an ancient thought had woken from hibernation to cast doubt and alarm that Todd had never felt before.

“Tell them to swim faster,” Cathy said her voice was edged with concern, but Todd knew she felt the same way as she did and the look on Brad’s face confirmed he felt it too.

Brad cupped his hands around his mouth “Hey! Guys! Hurry up!” he did not want to alarm them, did not want them looking over their shoulders, panic would set in and someone was liable to get hurt or worse drowned. The shape was within reach of the island as it came to a stop then began to rise as it found the bottom of the lake and walked to the island the lake surface falling away revealing the mass beneath.

Todd tried to speak but his words lodged in his throat. It was no bear this thing was huge even from this distance. Todd could see that it was man shaped but disjointed, long legs and longer arms that seemed to sway at its side almost like a gorilla, the setting sun cast everything into silhouette no detail of the creature could be seen but fear had filled Todd’s stomach with ice. “Get them, get them.” Todd started to say over and over.

“Guys, Swim! Fucking swim!” Brad yelled he stepped forward, feet in the lake as he screamed at them again.

Cathy watched the creature stop, even in silhouette she knew it had turned its head towards the yelling, “Don’t shout. Stop it.” She said weakly the words flat and almost whispered. She screamed out pitifully as she watched the creature race to the shoreline of the island. It continued into the water at a sickening pace hardly slowing as the water engulfed all but its head and began gaining on her friends.

Daniel was the first to turn to look over his shoulder, the sheer terror in Brad’s voice was plain to hear. The first call he had taken as a joke, food was ready and getting cold so get your asses back here. The second shout had been filled with unabated terror. Daniel trod water and looked to the island at first he could see nothing untoward it was only when he looked at the water itself did he see the black mass heading towards them. ‘Christ it’s a bear,’ he thought with alarm. He began to move off the girls had pulled away from him hearing Brad’s tone of voice had been enough to get them swimming flat out.

Todd and Cathy had joined Brad in the water they all yelled together and frantically waved their arms as if that motion might speed the swimmers up some. The creature had gained quickly and was within a couple of feet of Daniel when Rebecca stood up on wobbly legs and Brad helped from the water, Angelica burst out grabbing at Todd screaming “what? What?” over and over in his face, she looked over her shoulder to see where Daniel was and screamed as she saw the creature behind him.

Todd grabbed Angelica as she screamed and pulled her with him onto the shore and continued going. Brad pushed Rebecca to Cathy and shouted at Daniel to hurry up, but even as he did so Brad was retreating from the water finding dry land under his feet and turning to flee like the others.

Cathy stumbled over Rebecca both of them crashing to the ground, Brad came close his hand finding Cathy’s for a moment, fingers closing round one another then slipping free as he looked over his shoulder seeing Daniel and the creature, then Brad was gone leaving Cathy’s hand outstretched and empty.

Daniel had made it to shore, he waded through the last few feet trying to run feeling the creature behind him, warm breath on his neck as he stepped from the water and tried to sprint. He saw Cathy stumble over Rebecca, Brad reaching down to help them up then one hot, wet hand clamped like a vice around his neck his throat closed up and black stars exploded in his vision, the last thing Daniel saw was Cathy and Rebecca weeping before his head was wrenched free of his body.

Cathy’s scream’s died her brain shut down the moment she saw Daniel’s body crumple to the ground while his head remained held up by his hear in the creatures huge grasp. Rebecca stumbled to her feet dragging Cathy behind her, somehow she found her feet. Todd was near the tree line Angelica pulling and pleading for him to go. Rebecca let go of Cathy both her hands reaching for Todd who grabbed her and pushed her into the tree’s Cathy reached out, one leg ached and she dragged it behind her. Todd lifted a hand out to her as Angelica and Rebecca disappeared behind him. Cathy reached out, and felt Todd’s hand land firmly in her face and push her back. She cried out as her bad leg took her weight and crumpled beneath her sending her tumbling backwards to the camp, she lay on the ground weeping and cursing Todd as the creature approached.

Mulder had offered to take first watch that evening, Scully and Haskell had woken for an hour or two, Mears checked them over the best he could. They drank a full canteen’s worth of water each then asked for more, their words were clipped and short any questioning was met with a shake of the head or at best a “Not now,” response. Both Scully and Haskell glanced at one another then looked away quickly unable to meet the others gaze for long.

Mount Baker, National Park, August 26th 12:30am

Mulder watched the moon creep out from behind Mount Baker, it was turning full and the whole landscape was cast in ethereal blue, he had let the fire dwindle down so that he could take in the wilderness around him. Mulder was hoping to catch sight of some bona fide wilderness creatures but it appeared Mears had been right whatever had happened her was keeping the animals at bay.

Mulder turned as he heard soft movement behind him, a sleeping back unzipped and Scully climbed out in a white vest and black panties, she gave a wan smile to Mulder and sat down next to him. Mulder lifted a stick and stoked the fire, neither of them spoke until a flame began eating hungrily at small log, “How you feeling?” Mulder asked.

Scully shrugged, it was a difficult question to answer her feelings alone were a multitude as for her physical self she felt drained and degraded. She worded it in a way that Mulder, she hoped, would understand. “I’ve seen better days.”

Mulder nodded slowly, he stared into the fire for a moment longer before turning to face his partner. They had been through enough lately and come close to death more times than your average Bureau agent, “Fair enough, but how are you feeling?” he replied a little more firmly.

“Mulder, I don’t know how to explain it. It wasn’t me is so cliché but I could see it in Haskell too, whatever we did,” Scully gave a shiver, “that was not us. I had no control yet my mind was telling me I had all the control. I feel used, degraded and utterly exhausted.” She laid her head on Mulder’s shoulder, thankful to have him so close after such an odd ordeal.

“We saw it you know,” Mulder said he felt Scully nod her head on his shoulder.

“I think I smelt it, horrible stench but sweet too made my stomach lurch the whole time, every time I went to break free the smell would make me lose my grip again.” Scully sat up then her brow knitting together.

Mulder knew that look Scully had found a piece of the puzzle or joined two dots together to make a trail. “What is it?”

Scully shook her head, “I don’t know it’s just that…I’m too tired Mulder ask me in the morning.” It was like an itch on her brain, the thought the breakthrough was there wanting to be set free to be spoken out loud then it crept away hiding again amongst her grey matter waiting to be picked at another time.

Mount Baker, National Park

Cathy scrambled in the dark cave, she had called out so much that her voice had gone now she wept silently as she walked and stumbled in the dark, finger nails torn and her head bleeding from a low hanging rock. The creature had grabbed her, Cathy was certain she was going to end up like Daniel then it had thrown her over its shoulder and moved quickly into the tree’s, it’s movements were quick, agile the fear and the motion making Cathy vomit. It had dropped suddenly, falling fast and landing with a heavy grunt and stumbling at the bottom of a pit.

It lifted Cathy from its shoulders placing her on the ground. She had screamed at the sight of it. Easily seven feet in height shaggy, matted hair, long powerful arms with vicious hands at the end. It’s face was mostly a broad flat nose with lips and a chin that protruded out, the eyes a sickly yellow it stared at her watching her jerky movements listening to her pleas, it opened its mouth grunting at her with clicks and hoots beneath the bass grunt. She let out a cry as it leapt upwards, Cathy certain it was a killing blow instead it climbed up the pit wall and within seconds had disappeared.

Alexandra was having a bad day, but she had no idea how much worse it was going to get.

Alexandra Wayne, by all appearances, had a perfect life. The daughter of a wealthy hedge fund manager, Alexandra grew up enjoying all of the benefits of her father’s wealth, private school, equestrian training, vacationing in her family’s summer home in the Hamptons, and on and on. Her family took great pride in the fact that they were “old money.” Her father spent his weekend yachting at the exclusive Long Island Yacht Club, one of the most prestigious, but restrictive, country clubs in America. Her mother busied herself with charity luncheons and, of course, her duties as president of the local chapter of Daughters of the American Revolution.

Alexandra was both beautiful and smart. She excelled in athletics and in the classroom. The valedictorian of her prep school, Alexandra went on to be a standout student at Princeton and then at Harvard Medical College. A gifted mind, no one was surprised when she earned a coveted surgical residency at Boston General Hospital.

But many of those who worked and lived closest with Alexandra knew that she was different. While her medical school classmates bonded into a family through the long hours and demanding schedules, Alexandra remained arrogant, aloof, even unforgiving. Even her name, Alexandra, was a point of contention. She bristled at any attempt by anyone to shorten it, her eyes lighting with angered for anyone who tried to call her Alex, Lexi or, worst of all, Ally. She knew an Ally once. She was a “new money” Jew from Long Island who was accidentally made her roommate during a three week summer school program at Brown. After three weeks, she couldn’t stomach the girl’s Long Island twang, nouveau riche fashion sense, and general “smarminess.” Although barely 16 at the time, Alexandra crossed Brown off of her list of colleges. If they would let one of “them” in, plainly it was not selective enough for her.

To be clear, Alexandra did not view herself as a racist. Throughout her education, she encountered many minorities. She understood that Jewish interests in the pharmaceutical and medical fields always ensured that there would be many Jewish med school students and affirmative action opened slots for African Americans and Latinos. Many of these students were pleasant enough, a few were even smart. But Alexandra firmly believed that she would rise above all of them. And, while it had nothing to do with race or religion, Alexandra did. She was the top med school student and now, the top resident in the top department in the top training hospital in the United States.

Boston General, while excellent, is a regional hospital and its doors are open to the public. As surgical resident, Alexandra would be called down to the Emergency Room whenever a surgical consult was required. In her first week alone, she endured eight consults for “GSW,” gunshot wounds. She would think to herself, these fucking gangbangers, if only they were smart enough to at least shoot each other correctly. In the Hamptons, she could hit a clay skeet pigeon every time with her dad’s Beretta shotgun. These gangbangers couldn’t even kill a guy five feet away with a damn AK47.

Late one evening, Alexandra received another call for a surgical consult in the ER. It was her third of the night. Tired and angry, Alexandra burst into the examining room. “What did the little gangbangers do this time,” she shouted. She railed on and on about how “these people” can’t take care of themselves, how “these people” were killing each other, and how much of a burden on society “these people” were. In her anger, Alexandra never bothered to notice that the patient’s older brother was sitting in the corner of the examining room, witnessing her diatribe as his brother lie dying.

It turned out that the patient, while poor and black, was not injured in gang violence. A good student in a local public school, he was injured by a forklift while working to pack supplies for a planned church aid mission to Haiti. Despite everyone’s efforts, including Alexandra’s, his injuries were too severe and he did not survive. His brother watched Alexandra work tirelessly to save him, but it didn’t matter. All he saw was another white woman who didn’t give a shit about a dying nigger.

After the patient died, things got bad for Alexandra. While no one suggested that her medical care was anything but perfect, the nurses in attendance complained about her racial insensitivity. She was made to endure harsh criticism from the supervising physician in charge of the ER, a doctor she believed to be inferior, and, worse yet, she was made to issue a public apology. She choked on her words apologizing person by person to every physician’s assistant, nurse, and aide who had been within earshot of her rant. Alexandra’s cheeks burned with anger and embarrassment at the mere thought of apologizing to the same fucking people who wipe asses and clean bedpans for a living.

After her public humiliation, Alexandra retired to the surgeon’s lounge to eat her meal and cool off. Unfortunately, the meal she packed of boneless chicken and a quinoa salad had been stolen by some selfish prick, another surgeon too lazy or stupid to arrange his own meal. Nauseated by the vending machine options, Alexandra decided to skip her meal altogether and clear her head with a run. She changed out of her scrubs and into her jogging clothes, a sports bra and sweatshirt, shorts, and her favorite Nike sneakers. As she left through the door, the black security guard attempted to intercede. Not recognizing her to be a doctor, the guard warned, “Excuse me, Miss. It is late at night and not safe for you to go running through this neighborhood.”

Alexandra snapped back, “You worry about yourself. I know how to take care of me!”

Alexandra set out for a run along the cool Boston streets. The air was chilly and the streets damp from yet another one of Boston’s infamous rains. Lost in her own rage, Alexandra was completely oblivious to her surroundings. She never even took notice as she left the relatively safe neighborhood surrounding the hospital and began running through smaller, darker, more ominous streets. Worse yet, she failed to take note that in this part of town, the roads were older and did not always run along the same grid as the rest of the city. It was really easy to get lost, even just a few blocks from the safety of the hospital district.

In the dark of the night, Alexandra stood out; a tall, blonde woman jogging through the streets past burned out buildings and abandoned storefronts. She didn’t care. The night air was cold and burned in her nose and in her lungs. The aching felt good. She was alone – without her med school classmates, nurses, orderlies, patients, or anyone – with only her iPhone playing her favorite music. It gave Alexandra something else to think about, something to take her mind off of the very public, ass-chewing she had gotten.

It wasn’t until she had made several wrong turns that Alexandra realized was lost, really fucking lost. She tried to check her location on her iPhone, but her long run exhausted the battery. She began to walk the streets quickly, hoping to find anything that might help her find her way back to the hospital. The fine, blonde hairs on her neck bristled as Alexandra grew more frightened. She knew that she was in a place she didn’t belong. A very fucking bad place.

As Alexandra began to panic, she saw a sole figure walking slowly on the other side of the street. Although she could not discern any features, she recognized from the silhouette, that the figure was that of a man, approximately six feet tall and muscular. As the figure walked under a street light, Alexandra could make out the dark grey hoodie, track pants and Nike sneakers that he was wearing. Unfortunately for her, she could not see the dark reddish-brown dried blood stains on his clothes.

Now in the throes of a full-fledged anxiety attack, Alexandra made the very bad decision to seek help from this hooded figure. She knew all about the gangbangers in this part of town. But she knew that they traveled in packs of three or four. This sole person could not be a gangbanger, she told herself. After all, she didn’t see a posse. She began to jog toward the person, shouting politely, “Excuse me! Excuse me! Can you help me?” The person did not even stop or look back in her direction. But that did not stop Alexandra.

Alexandra caught up to the figure under a street lamp. From behind the person, she spoke, “Umm, hey, I’m sorry to bother you. I was wondering if you could help me. I’m lost. I need to get back to the hospital. I’m late for my shift. Please, I’m a doctor.”

He stopped walking and slowly turned to her, pulling his hoodie back slowly. As he turned, he spoke for the first time, “So, you really want help from one of ‘these people.’” In the harsh street light, Alexandra could see the dried blood stains on his clothes and shoes. Her eyes widened as she realized who he was – the older brother of the teenager who had died in her care just hours earlier. His eyes were dark, cold and filled with anger.

Alexandra took a step back, preparing to run, but before she could, he grabbed her by the sweatshirt and threw her hard against a parked car. She slammed into the side of the car before falling to the ground. As she scrambled to her feet, he grabbed her by the hair. She began to beg. “Please, let me just go. I won’t say anything. I just want to go. I’m so sorry about your brother. I did everything I could to save him. I swear.”

“Shut the fuck up.” His voice was calm and cold. “It’s too late for that. You fucked up. Now, you’re going to pay.”

Alexandra tried to run again, but he grabbed her. In her struggle, all she managed to do was help him pull her sweatshirt over her head. The cold air on her sweaty body and her fear caused her body to react physically, involuntarily. Her nipples grew hard and taut under her sports bra. He drew close to her, so close that she could smell the cheap alcohol on his breath. “You are going to be sorry. Very sorry.” He struck her again, knocking her to the ground. Lifting her up, he pressed her tight against the parked car. In that chilling voice, he spoke again. “You are in a lot of trouble, bitch. He was a good kid, trying to help people. But you didn’t give a fuck. Now, you are going to wish that you had. You are going to hurt bad, real fucking bad.”

Alexandra tried to fight him off, but he was too strong. With muscular hands, he pulled her sports bra until the fabric gave way, the material tearing, leaving bright red marks from the fabric burn. Her breasts were heaving as she sobbed heavily. They stood out firm, her large nipples tight and hard in the cold night air. He reached down and grabbed her running shorts. She kicked and punched at him, but her best blows did not even register. As she squirmed, he worked her shorts off of her ass and slid them down her legs. While Alexandra struggled to keep her legs closed, he grabbed her panties and pulled hard. His fingers punched holes through the material and the fabric cut into her skin until with a tearing sound, her panties gave way and tore from her body. Alexandra was completely naked.

Now, in a complete panic, Alexandra searched up and down the street, her eyes darting back and forth, hoping to find someone, anyone, to help her. But the cold streets were completely deserted. He grabbed her throat in his massive, calloused hands squeezed. He laughed. “You stupid, fucking cunt. You think any of ‘these people’ are going to come to your rescue. Are you out of your fucking mind?” Unable to breathe, she struggled for air, her face growing redder and redder. Finally, he released her and she collapsed against the parked car.

Once she regained her breath, Alexandra continued to beg and plead for him to let her go. Growing impatient, he flared with anger for the first time. “Enough of this. Just shut the fuck up, bitch. You know what? Get on your fucking knees, whore. Get on your knees and suck my cock.”

“No. No. Please”

He slapped her hard across her face, knocking her to the ground. He spoke again. “Get on your fucking knees or I will kill you.” His voice was calm and serious. Alexandra sobbed softly as she rose to her knees.

He unbuckled his belt and undid his jeans. He slid them down over his ass and pulled down his boxers, exposing his cock. It was thick and dark. He spoke again, “Suck me, whore.” He grabbed a fistful of her blonde hair and pulled her face towards his cock. He pulled her close, close enough that she could smell his scent, a heady, musky smell. “Open your fucking mouth or, so help me, I will fucking kill you. And don’t even think of biting me, you fucking cunt.”

Trying her best to stifle her sobbing, Alexandra opened her lips and gently allowed his cock to enter her mouth. Without warning, he grabbed the back of her head and jammed his cock into her throat hard. She gagged hard and couldn’t breathe. Alexandra shook and struggled until he released her. Once freed, Alexandra coughed hard, spitting and gulping mouthfuls of air. He tightened his fingers in her hair and pulled her back. Better prepared for his onslaught, Alexandra did her best to relax her throat, feeling him push deep into her mouth. Slowly, he began to move back and forth. She could feel his thick head push into her throat. He watched her suck his cock, enjoying the way her neck expanded as he pushed deep into her throat. “Ahhhh, yes. That’s how you suck a big, black cock, you nasty whore.”

He settled into a rhythm, fucking her face. Alexandra had given up her struggle and just let him use her mouth. She tried desperately to put her mind elsewhere, but time and again she found herself thinking about the thick cock pumping in and out of her mouth, how big it was, how deep he was fucking her throat, and, oh fuck, how good his precum tasted. The fact that part of her was enjoying being made to suck his cock frightened Alexandra. Her mind raced. How could she be enjoying this? He was humiliating her. He was fucking raping her! How? Why? How could she be enjoying this? She struggled to understand her own feelings.

Alexandra’s internal struggle came to an abrupt end. Lost in her own thoughts, she barely acknowledged that he had pulled cock out of her mouth and did not hear him instruct her to get up. An open-handed slap to her face that knocked her to the ground once again brought Alexandra out of her own thoughts.

“Don’t make me ask you twice, cunt. I said, get your motherfucking ass up, you stupid white whore!”

As Alexandra rose to her feet, she could still feel the stinging in her cheek and mouth. She touched the side of her lip and looked down at the red streak on her fingertips. She licked the trickle of blood from her lip. She steadied herself on her feet. While her mind screamed to run, she was too drained, too physically spent to fight any longer.

He flipped her around so that she was facing the car. She knew what he was going to do and no longer had the strength to fight it. Weakly, she bent at the waist, steadying herself against the car door. She arched her back slightly, lifted herself onto her toes and rotated her hips and pelvis to expose her pussy completely. The cold air against her sweaty cunt felt even colder. But it barely registered in her brain. Alexandra was battered and broken. All that was left was submission, complete and total submission.

Alexandra felt his cock enter her. His large head stretched her lips as he went inside. Once inside, he made no attempt to be gentle. Before her body had a chance to adjust to his size, he grabbed her hips hard and rammed into her, stretching her pussy and slamming into her cervix. She howled in pain, her scream echoing in the deserted street. The pain was excruciating, buckling her knees. But Alexandra steadied herself against the car again. She bit her lip hard as his assault continued. Her body soon became accustomed to his size and rhythm.

As he fucked her, Alexandra could see their reflection in the dirty car window. It startled her. Of course, her own reflection was frightening. She saw her own face, bruised and streaked with mascara, her lip split and scabbed with dried blood. Long gone was that aloof blonde with an air of arrogance. Instead, she saw a woman who had been reduced to an animal, being fucked on the street like a dog.

But his reflection was even more startling. His face was dark and sad. She could feel his loss. In his eyes, she could read his suffering. Without a word, she could read his history on his face. His eyes told her everything. He was barely an adult himself. As a teen without a father, he fell into the wrong crowd. A young leader in a local Boston gang, he bounced in and out of juvenile detention. But somewhere along the way, he had enough. He swore that he would not let his little brother follow his path. More of a father than a brother, he had fought to make sure his brother did not make the same mistakes that he made. The gangs all knew that his brother was off limits. He was going to make sure his brother had the right kind of life even if it was too late for him. He beamed with fatherly pride at his brother’s acceptance into UMass. As she read his face, she finally understood the depth of his anguish.

At that moment, Alexandra no longer hated him. Everything in her past was gone. She realized that despite her technical skills, she had not been a real doctor. A doctor heals people with more than stitches or casts. Those were just tools. A true doctor healed people on the inside. Seeing his pain, she wanted to heal him the only way she could – by allowing his rage and pain to flow into her. She wanted, no, needed, him to get his pain out of him.

She began to move in rhythm with him. She tightened her pussy muscles around his cock until he moaned deeply with pleasure. His deep moans were soon matched by her own. He loosened his grip on her hips and began to caress her skin. With each thrust she pushed back into him, allowing him to enter her deeply. Having never allowed any guy to fuck her without a condom, she now responded to the raw, skin-on-skin contact. She began to moan more passionately. She had always been detached during sex, but for the first time ever with every wall broken down, she allowed herself to feel – connected.

She pulled away from him and turned to face him. Without a word, they realized that they both needed this. She wrapped her arms around his neck and he lifted her onto his cock. Pressing her body against the cold metal of the car door, he began to fuck her wildly, passionately. His cock surged in and out of her belly as she squeezed him tightly with her muscles. She could feel everything, every vein and ridge, every bump on his cock. Together, they moaned with abandon, two lifetimes of anger and intolerance literally being fucked out of each of them.

Their pace quickened until the car was rocking with the sheer force of their fucking. She squeezed him tighter and tighter as her orgasm approached. Their mouth met and they kissed deeply, passionately. As he got ready to cum, he pumped his cock into her furiously. As she shook with her own orgasm, he slammed into her and began to cum. She could feel it. Each spurt exploded inside her, filling her with his heat. They remained pressed against each other for several moments until he softened and slid out of her.

Alexandra reached down and picked up the tattered remains of her sports bra to wipe his cum that was running down her thighs. Silently, they dressed. After a few minutes, Alexandra broke the silence. “I am so sorry. I tried to do everything to save him. I swear.”

He spoke in a calm voice. “Yeah, I know you did.”

“What are you going to do? I mean, ummmm, do you have money to give him a proper funeral?”

He couldn’t help but gasp at the sight that greeted him as the hatch door opened. The woman he had known was changed in ways he couldn’t begin to fathom. It seemed a whole different person had entered here with him only a month ago; Now gone were the sparkling hazel eyes, the short and sensible hair, the lithe body of a trainee. This creature in front of him was Aryn, but so very very different. This creature was swathed in some semblance of a dress made from thin strips of a stretchy material. The lithe body had been replaced by the curves of a far more sensual being. Plump lips drew back in a smile of greeting as she saw him, and her coal-colored hair swung down to her buttocks. Her eyes were the same color, but there was a strangeness within them. Aryn had been the sweetest, and kindest human he had ever known, but this woman had a dark glint flickering in the depths of her expression.

“What have you done?” He cried out finally, his eyes instantly went to the Mistress of this lab. Dorethea lounged against the far wall with her guard standing nearby impassively. She had not changed at all, with high cheekbones and a cruel face, she stood nearly as tall as he when she rose from her position. Her smile was full of malice and mischief when she looked upon him.

“Is something the matter Richard? I thought you would be pleased to finally see Aryn again.” She strode over to where they stood in the entrance of the lab, and ran her fingers through a few strands of Aryn’s hair.

“She entered your service as an apprentice to learn from you! Not be turned into some…some…” He gestured at her body, before throwing his hands up in exasperation. Aryn, his adopted sister looked back at the scientist with a cocked head, as if wordlessly questioning what she should do. It made Richard sick, this was not the sister he had left behind, she had been a head strong, intelligent individual. “What have you done Dorethea?!”

“Your sister came into my service as she showed promise to help me in all my needs and serve me well while she learned from me. She has been learning, and she has helped me in more ways than one.” The older woman chuckled to herself as she walked back over to the couches and sat back down. “Aryn, why don’t you make some drinks for your brother and myself?”

As his sister began to walk away he grabbed her shoulders, and she turned her large eyes up to meet his slowly as if in a dream. “Aryn, I promise, I will help you get out of this. I’ll find a way to fix this.” She nodded slowly, as if almost comprehending then hurried away to one of the tunnels leading off from the living area. She wore odd-looking high heeled boots that clicked on the stainless steel floor.

“Please, Richard sit. There is no reason I cannot be hospitable.” Dorethea called to him, and although he hated giving into her whims he needed to find out what had been done so he could save his sister from whatever strange going-ons had happened to her.

“Madam, please just tell me what has happened to my sister. She entered your service as your apprentice to help you study the chemical effects of extraterrestrial flora and fauna. An honorable apprenticeship for us being Earth-made but I don’t believe this is within the bounds of what the Company had in mind when they created the apprenticeship program.” Aryn had returned with glasses filled with electric blue liquid and set it down before her brother and Dorethea before seating herself at the chair across from him. He couldn’t bear looking at his strange new sister and busied himself with his glass instead.

“Richard, I don’t think you quite understand the apprenticeship program. When your sister entered my service she became mine, body and soul. While you think of the more traditional methods, I used my own ideas for how she could assist me – A rare opportunity for one as herself – an Earthborn orphan. There is a reason I rarely take on apprentices. Perhaps you should ask her yourself how she enjoys her apprenticeship.” Dorethea smirked and picked up her own glass, taking a long sip as she stared at Richard.

He turned his gaze away from the scientist and back onto his sister who was also demurely regarding him. “What is she saying Aryn, how did she do this to you?”

“Mistress was using me as a test subject for a type of plant that grows on Crysapthum. The plants use almost a mental connection with each other to communicate, and even reproduce. Once we were able to study how they work Mistress wanted to experiment using the same process for humans, around the same time my apprenticeship application appeared. It has been an honor to share in this groundbreaking work with my Mistress.” Aryn’s hazel eyes glazed over in an almost ecstatic expression as she gazed at Dorethea. Richard noticed how her body leaned towards the older woman’s almost unconsciously, and how her enormous breasts made the material of her dress expand and shrink with every breath… Embarrassed he turned back to his drink draining the rest. It must have been strong for it to allow his mind to wander to such disturbing places when thinking of his adoptive sister. “I still don’t understand how this explains the physical changes to my sister.”

“Oh Richard, it’s a bit difficult to explain to one who’s career lies moreso in the field of maintenance for space vessels. How can I put this into words you would understand? All you need to know is that once I found a way to link consciousness with other sources, I also found other methods to mold one to my desires. Homo sapiens have a way of focusing on pleasure, and through both artificial and natural plant sources your sister’s goal soon became to fulfill my pleasures and her own by changing her own form and mentality towards something we could both enjoy. I even developed a machine that can produce rapid physical changes in her body,” At this point Dorethea pulled out something that looked like a small, silver remote. Her finger pushed an area on its smooth surface and Richard watched his sister in horror as her already oversized breasts began to swell further, stretching the material of the dress to an almost ridiculous point. Aryn gasped in pleasure and seemed to have to restrain herself from succumbing to the feeling. “As you can see, she’s quite pleased to help me engage in my work and develop more ways to utilize some these compounds.”

“Stop! Aryn, we’re leaving now, contract be damned. This is absolutely disgusting what you’ve done to her!” He roughly grabbed his sister by the elbow and dragged her to her feet, putting his hands to her face he gazed directly into her eyes “We will find a way to escape this, together.”

“Richard,” his sister replied gazing into his brilliant blue eyes so unlike her own, “I can leave whenever I want. I’m not trapped here. Walk with me and I’ll show you.”

Her arm snaked through his and he turned briefly to see Dorethea raise her glass in a salute towards him as they strode toward the hatch that he had entered through. The smile on her face made him uneasy, but he couldn’t fathom why. Things were becoming less and less clear as they walked down the tunnel in the maze that was the Outer Ring Space Station. It was a large vessel with over a million contractors and Dorethea’s science lab took up a sizeable portion. Finally they came to another hatch opening and a quick scan of Aryn’s hand opened the door.

Richard tried to blink away some of the fuzziness that had been creeping over his mind. His stiff uniform felt stuffy and tight and he spent a moment trying to catch his breath. What had that damnable woman put in that drink? He felt his sister’s hands gently guiding him towards a chair and he sat heavily. A cup of something cool was pushed into his hands and he drank it without a second thought. Blinking he looked up to see his sister seated in front of him on a large mattress Her long legs were crossed and she also had a blue drink in her hand, finishing the last dregs of whatever had been inside.

“Aryn? What is this? I thought we were leaving…” He tried to work around what was going on, focusing on anything besides how the material of the tight dress clung to his sister’s thighs, or how the strange footwear she had on displayed the muscles of her mile long legs.

“We did leave silly, I thought we should go somewhere more comfortable.” Her smile was so genuine as she stood and strode over to him, seating herself delicately in his lap. He felt her breasts rubbing against his chest as a hand brushed through his thick mahogany colored hair. “Mmm, you let your hair grow while you were gone. I think it looks quite fetching on you Richard.”

He grabbed her firmly by the shoulders and tried to not think about how aroused the feeling of her being on his lap was making him feel. “What did she do to us Aryn? What did she give me?” His eyes were wild, and it was so hard to think with her soft weight so close to his cock.

“She merely wanted to see how it would feel for her mental connection to be established to two people making love while she was on her own. We only gave you a small amount of pathogens to allow you to relax and be more at comfort with your primal desires and of course the compound to connect the two minds.” She giggled at the expression on his face as he worked through what she had said. “Oh don’t look like that Richard, we both know that you loved as more than your adopted sister for a while now. We are finally able to give in to what we’ve been feeling towards each other.”

Suddenly he felt her lips on his, pushing his mouth wide as she slide her tongue inside. He groaned as she massaged the inside of his mouth and his hand automatically went to her globular breasts. Their pillowy weight was incredibly soft and he wanted to bury his head in them. She forced him to stand and unzipped his uniform before gently pushing him back on the bed. He felt her soft lips wrap around his rigid cock and nearly exploded with pleasure. She took him deeply and he lifted his hips to meet her as she swallowed him whole. His hand went to her incredibly long hair and he found himself pushing her mouth even further.

He looked up as she stopped, he saw her face glistening with sweat and saliva dripping from her lips, and didn’t hesitate before sitting up and nearly ripping off her dress in his haste. She was breathing quickly as she knelt down on all fours on the bed, her breasts dangling and swaying with her movements. Her smooth, round ass presented itself to him, and he positioned himself before sliding deep into her warm, wet cunt. His fingers dug into her sides, as he sank deeper, groaning his pleasure. He quickened his pace as his pleasure grew, desperately trying to hold back from cumming deep inside of Aryn. He wanted this to last forever, she was so tight and so wet, it was pure heaven for him.

Right before he was sure he couldn’t stop himself any longer she slid off of him, turning to face him. Her eyes were glazed with pleasure and her lips glistened in the soft light of the room. She pulled him down into a kiss, long and passionate; he moved his lips to her breasts stroking himself all the while. Her nipples were incredibly long and hard as he nibbled on them gently and she shrieked with pleasure and pain. Lifting her legs off the bed and over his shoulders, he trailed a path down to her sweet cunt and began to lick, slowly and sensually. He felt her tremble around him and her juices flowed steadily. He raised his other hand, sticking a couple fingers into her tight hole and began licking her clit as quickly as he could. She screamed as she orgasamed once, then again, cumming all the while.

She jerked away from her brother suddenly, and brought him onto the bed to lay next to her, then mounted him so he could see her enormous breasts dangling in front of him. She slid her cunt lips over his hard cock and allowed him to slide inside her once more. He reached up to fondle her, running his hands over her nipples and giving them a slight twist as she bounced up and down on him eagerly. All the while she moaned with each bounce, making it harder and harder to hold back. His hips rose to meet hers with each bounce and finally he held her tight against him as he came deep inside her tight cunt. Her muscles tightened around him in another orgasm as they held each other tight. He couldn’t stop, he kept cumming until it all began to fade to black.

She was on all fours in front of me, her shortish dark hair hanging forward, caressing her cheeks. She was warm and milky white, soft and silky smooth. I knelt behind her, knees on the floor between her lower legs and placed one hand on her ass and ran the other down her spine and back. Then taking my thumb and beginning at the coccyx I slid it all the way to the base of her neck, tracing the tense muscle that runs along the spine. I repeated on the other side as she dipped her top half slightly forward, acknowledging and encouraging me. She took a breath through her nose, held onto it and exhaled with a push from the diaphragm, making a hissing sound as she did. I rubbed her back a few more times until she straightened herself up, intimating to me that the next act was due.

I looked down at her curves and her Cyclops was staring up at me. I was holding her ass with both hands now and I slid one between her legs to feel her darkness. It was there as expected. Hot and wet and super-slippery, she was turned on by the anticipation of the sex to come. My hand motioned back and forth in the slippery dip she had offered me, my longest finger reaching for her clit and sliding around it. I rubbed away at her for a short while, switching her off and on as I discovered small spots of pleasure within her purple lips. Her pretty mouth opened just enough to allow her to breathe through it as her heart rate increased.

Her head was tilted to one side, one shoulder slightly higher that the other. Hands flat on the floor, she took one and with a single finger gently removed the hair from her cheek and placed it behind her ear. She turned her head gingerly in my direction. Our eyes met, recognition and desire and naked vulnerability – we were making art!

My first finger made its way into her opening and I felt the plushness of velvet that was waiting there. Her head rocked a little and her mouth opened some more. She made a little sound that made no sense. I listened intently as if it did. My heart rate increased and my blood was rushing through me with excitement. My eardrums were pounding and my chest was tensing up. My cock was rock hard and my balls inched closer to the rest of me. She adjusted herself so that her legs were just a bit more further apart, then dipped her head and chest, simultaneously pushing her ass up toward me. I was really turned on by this and stuck a second finger inside her wetness for good measure. She moaned approval. She liked it. I liked it. I leant in close and smelt her. I inhaled pussy and muskiness and something indescribable. I saw flashes in my mind’s eye. I smelt again. Inhaled long and deep, the scent of a woman. I took my fingers out and replaced them with my tongue. She rocked presently at the wet on wet feeling. She made little love sounds.

I could smell her ass as I licked her purple lips. They were swollen now but that just meant more for me! I gave a couple of deep licks into her pussy and made one long lick all the way up to her Cyclops. I licked again. She raised her head slightly and gave a little “ahhh” before pushing her ass towards me. I stopped momentarily, a hand on each cheek, observed her glistening Cyclops and began kissing the inner side of her butt. I could smell her loveliness and I wanted to make it mine. When I had completed a circle I put my mouth on her precious and softly sucked. Then I licked some more as she gave little moans of delight. Warm, slippery, musky, rosy – my desire increased as I involved myself more and more.

Enthusiasm rose up within me in waves that made me rock with each ebb. I was growing hotter and hungrier for her. I held her ass to my face with delicate dexterity and searched and found the secret circle that was now all mine! I angled my head so that it rested against one butt cheek and pushed my tongue along the edge of her anus. She groaned. I swapped sides and did the same and she groaned again, this time with a little more control in her voice. I sucked and licked her ring with confidence, her sounds reassuring me, encouraging me, enlivening me.

She held her milky white ass in front of me with poise, afraid to rock or buck lest the pleasure lessen or halt. I continued to devour her secret. Her breathing became more rapid and her cheeks flushed red, patches of warmth breaking out across her body. The Cyclops continued to give forth its musky scent, ratcheting up my horniness. My senses being invigorated through the process as the sacred aroma triggered memories of previous encounters.

I paused, reared up slightly and took a breath. She sensed the moment and reached back with one hand, grabbing my cock. She pulled my hardness to the entrance of her pussy and placed me deftly at the door of this exclusive nightclub. She propped and wriggled and took in my head. Hands on her ass, I rocked on my knees and slid into her. She let out a hiss. I retreated. Arm outstretched, hand on my thigh, pulling, beckoning, she wanted me now. NOW.

I charged forward a little too fast and she bucked, nostrils flaring, eyes flashing. I slipped myself back and this time got the pace right. She moaned long and low. In, out, in, out. I was fucking her pussy and it felt fantastic! Intuitively sensing my rhythm, she rocked just enough to meet my forward thrust and waited patiently after I withdrew. We made little slapping sounds as we came together and hissed as we separated. Our skin hot. Heat gathering in obscure places and rivulets of sweat running down our bodies. In, out, in, out. Slap, hiss, slap.

Her pussy could now swallow all of my hard cock. Her pubes were wet with desire and exertion. I thrust into her and she clamped onto me. Held me in check and displayed her strength, momentarily. I felt something deep inside myself change shape. She relented. I pushed again and she moaned, a sound I hadn’t heard before and can’t describe. I took my eyes off her rear and focussed on what I could see of her face. She was delirious, breathing hard, shaking her head gently and drooling on the floor. I would have wiped her face but there was no way I getting any overtime at that end right now!

Shoulders propped now, arms stiff and straight, back arched, muscles tensed and displaying their hidden beauty. She was gorgeous! Wet and hot and horny as hell. Slap. Hiss. Slap. She hissed and her cheeks rippled. Half her tongue hung out of her drooling mouth. I fucked harder. She called to me. I don’t know what she said. She called again. I fucked harder and faster. Her leg started to shake and then the rest of her followed. I felt her vibrate through me and then I started to shake. From the inside out. I felt it low down and then felt it move up within me. The hot force that takes the spiral path. My head rocked and my eyes saw nothing. My third eye saw the white light. She went stiff and silent. Then screamed like a night cat, then moaned long and low, then let out a series of hisses, again making her cheeks ripple. She went slack.

I stared down at her with admiration, her back glistening with exertion. We were still joined and I pursued her sweetness with vigour. Her pussy was all mine. My mouth was dry. My shoulders were hot. I held onto her ass tightly. My cock was at full mast and plunging into her. My third eye saw the beginning of things. I saw colours and shapes without edges. Flames! Fire! I exploded into her dampness. She made a little love sound. I shook and heaved and shook again. I stayed there for a minute or two, I don’t know which. Just savouring the physical unity for a moment or two longer. Absorbing the oneness of the ancient act.

She lay collapsed on the floor on her side, exhausted and I didn’t feel any different. I lay down beside her, facing her back and embraced her. She took my hand in hers and placed it between her breasts. She took a deep breath and I did the same. Making small adjustments we shaped ourselves around each other and fell asleep. The warmth of our bodies enough for now, heartbeats in unison, breathing in perfect time with one other.

This is the fourth instalment of an 18-year-old music student’s, Clare’s new career in the sex industry. In the first instalment, she was hired by the husband and wife team of escort agency owners who discover during some sexual high jinx she is still a virgin. In the second, she sets out in a limo to her first appointment with her escort name, “Celeste”, to a man who has outbid other men for the privilege of taking her cherry. There is an erotic adventure in the limo. In the third instalment, she loses her cherry to an experienced client. This instalment, the escort agency owner gets the shy teen to come to a party for his “bros” with erotic intentions on his mind.

Jerome, the co-owner of the Fran’s Midnight Magic Escorts, was on his cell calling “Celeste” to arrange a meeting to pay her the $8,000 for letting Mr. R. claim her virginity. What the rich, cherry lover had paid was really $16,000 but Jerome knew the girl would be super happy with her share after the “management fee”. For the last few days, all Jerome could think of was getting his black cock into that tight teen’s pussy. He had hatched a plan to do just that.

One of his university classmates, LeBryan Washington, was getting out of prison tomorrow. He had served three years for insider trading and paid a $20 million fine. That is a lot but since his net worth was well north of $200 million, it was just a speed bump on his road to financial stardom. Jerome had arranged a reunion of the tight group of five classmate “brothers” from the Yale University School of Business, Class of 1999, which had kept in touch after graduation. They were all successful corporate executives or business owners, including Jerome.

Hell, Jerome and Fran had sixty escorts working for them which brought in over a million bucks a year in clear profit. With the exception of Aaron Worthington, their token honky, everyone in the close-knit group was black. They were what in the black community are called “Oreos”, because like Oreo cookies, they were considered “black on the outside but white on the inside”. None of them had intentions to form a black business students group but they had just gravitated together informally during their student years. Jerome knew LeBryan would be super horny after not having pussy in lock-up for three years so he arranged for five of his sweetest young escorts to meet at the newly released man’s luxury Manhattan condo. Jerome was confident it would be a fine fuck fest for all his well-deserving “brothers”. When she answered, Jerome said,

“Hello girl, this is Jerome, your boss. I hope you remember me because I SURE remember you.”

“Of course I remember you, Jerome.”

She said demurely blushing at the image in her mind, of his beautiful big hard thick black penis. She found him attractive but also a bit scary.

Jerome continued, “I love your new escort name, Celeste. It really suits you. By the way, Mr. R. was VERY happy with the service you provided. Fran is putting out the word to our best clients that we have a fantastic new escort that is now available. That pussy of yours will be a gold mine. I will have your cash from the date with Mr. R. tomorrow. We can meet tomorrow night at a little party I am throwing for a brother of mine that haven’t been in New York for three years. I will give you the money then.”

There was a hesitation on her end of the line so Jerome quickly continued, “By the way, your share is $8,000 my sweet newly rich music student!”

With that news, Clare threw caution to the wind and shouted in glee,

“WOW that is such a lifesaver!! $ 8,000 bucks!! That is amazing!! Of course, I will meet you there to get it!!”

She envisioned a family-type of gathering where she would meet Jerome’s brother.

“That’s the spirit, girly.”

He said, looking up and silently thanked whatever higher power was favoring him today.

“It is at 10 o’clock and I will text you the address. By the way, wear something nice. A few of my brothers will be there and the apartment is very ritzy. I don’t want you to feel embarrassed about being in jeans or something.”

“OK, I will be there!!” she beamed.

Jerome’s face lit up in a huge grin as he shouted in his mind, “YES!” and gave a big fist pump in the air. He just KNEW if he got her to go there, he was going to be balls deep in her tight teen beaver. Then composing himself he calmly said,

“And, by the way, you should go out and buy some nice sexy panties. You know the thong type that show off a woman’s ass-cheeks. From what I heard from Mr. R, you ARE a woman now. Wear one tomorrow as a favor to me, your boss. ”

Jerome liked to keep his women minds thinking about sexy things. Clare was taken aback by the request, but the vision of getting $8,000 trumped any concerns and after a pause said nervously,

“Ah, OK Jerome, Ummm, boss.” And then added, “Will your wife, Fran be there?”

Jerome lied, “Sure, she will be there, don’t worry your little head about anything. We will take good care of you. See you tomorrow night.” And then he hung up.

Jerome, grabbed his crotch and its ample package and exclaimed, “Well, Mr. Johnson, (That is his nickname for his manhood) I have got you a hot date for tomorrow night!!! Sweet 18-year-old Pussy, get ready to party with Mr. Johnson!!”

The Party.

Clare hummed nervously as the private elevator lifted her to the top floor. She was wearing a deep purple satin backless, shoulder-less cocktail dress, that showed a naughty amount of her ample cleavage. The tops of her alabaster breasts bulged seductively above the cups that strained to hold them. The stretchy fabric hugged her slim waist and showed off her firm buttocks. The tight bottom of the dress ended a few inches above her knees. When she bought it, it was quite a bit shorter, in a typical big city style, embarrassingly so. She had the store lengthen it to a point that her mother would approve.

She was a stunning vision of teen womanhood. Her long gleaming brunette hair cascaded over her shoulders with natural waves and curls. Since, losing her virginity, she felt more feminine and instinctively desired to show off her womanly charms. She started using more makeup. Many boys, several of them very attractive, had started to notice her as she walked the halls of the school. Or maybe, she thought, it was because she was starting to notice them. Somehow they seemed to detect a change in her.

When she got off the private elevator into the small foyer with only one door, she could hear the steady deep rhythm of the techno music coming from the other side. She was thinking, ‘My goodness, there is only one apartment on this whole floor! And in Manhattan! That must be insanely expensive. I sure am glad that I bought this new dress.’

Before she could even knock or press a button, the door flew open, with a gush of much louder music and Jerome, who had seen her on the security camera, was standing there with open arms and a big smile. He shouted,

“Clare! Um, I mean Celeste!! Wow, baby girl! You look good enough to eat! You are the bell of the ball, baby. Come! Bring that sweet ass over here and give Jerome a big hug!!”

When she stepped forward, she seem so tiny next to him and he reached down and wrapped one arm around her shoulders and grabbed one cheek of her ass with the other. He could feel the panty-less cheek through the satin of her dress and he knew then that she had bought and worn the thong that he told her too. Clare blushed in embarrassment as her bottom was being felt and she hoped that none of his family could see what had happened.

The apartment was very open with high ceilings. Lights were turned down a bit but Clare saw one couple sitting on stools at a full bar at one end and a number of leather sofas around what looked like a dancing area in the center with three couples dancing to the deep pounding beat of the music.

The four men in the room and all appeared to be about Jerome’s age. They were executive-type fit physically, not athletic. They were all good looking in there own way. The one white fellow seemed a bit geeky, in a “Bill Gates” way with thinning blonde hair. The women were very beautiful and a good deal younger than the men. The dancers were the ones that were closest to Clare and she saw that one of them was a tall, gorgeous athletic looking woman, with dark chocolate colored skin and a short Afro-type hairdo. The other was a pretty, tiny oriental girl with impossibly long straight hair flowing down to her buttocks.

The last dancer was an exotic looking blonde Caucasian, with a stunning tattoo of a serpent going from low on her back, over her shoulder and down between the globes of her large breasts. Clare felt a bit intimidated by their beauty. But little did she know that they were even more intimidated by her, because of her gorgeous natural beauty. Jerome introduced her to everyone. Clare was impressed with how sophisticated and gentlemanly the men were. But it did not seem to be a family gathering. Jerome had even called the white fellow his brother. Jerome guided her to the couple at the bar.

“LeBryan, brother,” he said, “Let me introduce you to Celeste, my absolute most favorite music student in New York City. Hell no, make that the whole world.”

LeBryan was of medium height, dressed in an expensive suit with the big smile of a slick used car salesman. The beautiful blonde girl sitting on the barstool beside him looked a bit older than Clare and reminded her of the pretty cheerleaders at her high school in New Hampshire. Later, she would find out the girl really had been a cheerleader. She wore a slutty tight gold dress that barely contained her double D breasts and it was so short that Clare could see a flash of her yellow panties. LeBryan got up from the stool smiling, checking out Clare’s body and gave her a New York air kiss. He turned to Jerome and said,

“Well, bro, you have totally outdone yourself now. This is one sweet lady you have brought to my homecoming.”

He returned his hungry gaze to the teen student and with an evil smile said,

“It is really nice to meet you.”

Clare responded and in an effort to make conversation said with a New Hampshire style,

“It is really nice to meet Jerome’s brother. How many more brothers and sisters were in your family?”

LeBryan had a quizzical look flash cross his face and then his eyes opened wide in realization of what the teen was thinking.

“No, no, no, baby. We are not blood biological brothers. We are bros. You know, like, tight black bros. In white man’s talk, like really close friends. My,, I can see LeBryan is going to have to teach you a few things about the big city”

Clare blushed because she did not want to appear racist. She just did not have any experience with blacks and their lingo while growing up in the northern part of New Hampshire. His eyes kept intently checking out Clare’s curves. He grabbed Jerome’s elbow and said,

“Bro, we have to have a private talk.”

And before guiding him to a corner away from the bar he turned and said to Clare,

“Why don’t you and Billie-Jean have a girlie talk while we brothers iron out a few things.”

Clare could see Jerome and LeBryan having a heated discussion in the corner. She turned to Billie-Jean to make some friendly conversation and said sweetly,

“Hi Billie-Jean. That is a very nice dress you are wearing. Were you born here in New York City?”

The blonde’s smile hardened a bit. She scanned her eyes up and down Clare’s body and she replied,

“Born? Well, I tell you one thing. I wasn’t born yesterday like you. Do you know what’s happening here girl?”

“Jerome said his wife will be coming over with an important amount of money to give me for some business we had together.”

The former cheerleader rolled her eyes at her answer.

“Business? You don’t have to talk around things with me. I work as a escort with Midnight Magic too. Those other girls over there work there and I believe you are the new girl. These men are all Jerome’s university buddies. They all know we are escorts and are expecting a big clusterfuck.”

Clare looked on with shock as Billie-Jean continued.

“This night is what is called a “freebie”. Jerome expects us to fuck those guys for free but we don’t have to. But I will because I like to keep on the good side of Jerome to make sure I get more business with the agency” She looked Clare straight in the eyes. “Tell me the truth girl. Has Jerome fucked you yet?”

Clare blushed crimson and said,

“No, but we were pretty close to having intercourse.”

The former cheerleader nodded and smiled knowingly,

“Ahh. That means you sucked his cock. Right?”

When Clare dropped her eyes, the woman knew she was right.

“Well, don’t be embarrassed he has fucked all the girls in this room including me and likely every escort that works for him and Fran. He just never stops hound-dogging a girl until he gets that big black snake of his in a girl’s pussy. Wow, I am shocked that he didn’t fuck you after getting a blow job from fresh meat like you. That’s a first for Jerome. By the way, you will likely get your money tonight. But Fran is not coming here to this wolf’s den. No, this is Jerome’s boys’ night out.”

Clare was surprised to hear all of this. She had not expected anything like this tonight and she decided to play hard to get until she had her money and then leave before the heated action started. All of these men seemed to be well-mannered gentlemen but she was still a bit shy around sex with a man she just met and the idea of fornicating in front of many strangers was too extreme.

Jerome and LeBryan returned to the two of them. They had been having heated words because LeBryan wanted to fuck Clare first before Jerome since Jerome’s dick was just too large and anyone getting second’s after him would have a pussy split too wide for a decent fuck. Jerome finally agreed for two reasons. Yes, his dick would open the girl too much for the next guy, but mostly because LeBryan was his best bro and he should get the best after three years in the slammer. Clare leaned into whisper in Jerome’s ear,

“Jerome, do you have my money? I should be getting back to my dorm room. I should get to bed early because I have an exam tomorrow.” A little fib won’t hurt she thought.

“Like I said girl, Fran will be bringing your cash later. Relax and have some fun. Hey, LeBryan, give this girl a drink. What kind of host are you?”

Clare asked for some orange juice and ended up with a vodka and OJ with more alcohol that juice. She was thirsty and downed it quickly. Not being used to drinking, she felt an immediate pleasant glow wash over her body. Another drink was given to her in flash and she was soon a bit woozy. Everyone was dancing to the heavy beat of music from the huge speakers. LeBryan was a great dancer who showed her how to move with the music along with a constant flow of touching and squeezing all over her body. Clare was swept up into a laughing circle of beautiful girls who were obviously a bit drunk and getting very raunchy.

Billie-Jean hiked up her short skirt and did a cheerleader imitation with a cartwheel ending with the splits on the dance floor. Everyone cheered her on. Not to be undone, the Chinese girl shouted that she used to be a gymnast and to prove it, lifted her skirt over her bum and sat on the floor. With amazing flexibility, she pulled her feet behind her head. Her nose was very close to the camel toe outline of her pussy under the crotch of her scarlet red thong. The crowd cheered on. The tall athletic beautiful black girl shouted out,

“That’s nothing! Celine and I used to be dancers. Come on girl, let’s show them something special.”

Clare saw the white girl with the amazing snake tattoo run over. They threw off their high-heels and climbed on to a large table at the edge of the dance floor. The music pounded on as the women seductively undulated their bodies and slowly peeled off their dresses exposing their model-type perfect bodies. Clare was shocked to see them take everything off to the cheering delight of the men. They were so saucy as they rubbed their breasts against each other and spanked each other’s bums playfully. When they stripped buck naked, it turned out that the tail of the snake tattoo was down to the crack of the girl’s ass and the body of it went over her shoulder, between her large breasts and the head and extended tongue ended at the camel toe of her shaved cunt. Clare was standing beside LeBryan who was intent in watching the erotic scene.

She could see it was turning him on because his penis had formed a tent in the front of his pants which he boldly massaged with a dreamy look in his eyes. It was turning her on too. Her cunny was getting wet and throbbing with the music. The white geeky fellow moved in beside Clare and was staring greedily and shamelessly at her body. He made her a bit nervous, especially when he started brazenly stroking the cheek of her tight ass. She did not really find this one of the brothers that attractive but she did not want to make a scene with something this minor so she did nothing. The man took this as a positive signal and soon dipped his hand below the hem of her skirt and suddenly plunged his fingers down the crack of her ass and under to the area of the thong covering her girlie parts. He smiled when he felt the warm dampness. Clare gave a little squeal and backed away bumping into LeBryan who had been watching the strip show. LeBryan looked down and said,

“Hey, babe. Are you OK? ”

Clare looked over at the geeky fellow who was smiling and brashly smelling his fingers that had groped her private area. She did not want to make trouble.

“No, everything is fine.”

And she moved close to LeBryan who put his arm around her bare shoulders and gave her a comforting squeeze. She looked over and saw Billie-Jean and Jerome sitting together on the big leather sofa. He had pulled one of her DD breasts out of her top and was massaging the bare snow-white skin and pink nipple. The former cheerleader was busy stroking his massive bare man-meat sticking out from his lap. Clare was shocked on the one hand, but her mouth watered instinctively at the memory of the taste of that instrument in her mouth.

There was a cheer from the strip show area and Clare looked over to see the two women in a 69 position passionately licking each others pussies with hundred dollar bills strewn all around them from their appreciative fans. Clare had never seen such a thing and the lesbian performance plus the effects of the alcohol really turned her on. She did not object when LeBryan reached down and massaged her ass as they both watched the erotic action on the table.

The smell of pussies in heat filled the room. The juice from her cunny was literally flowing from her vagina and soaking her thong. She could even feel some running down the inside of her thigh. She did not even object when the alpha black male beside her reached below the hem of her dress and reached inside her thong and with his strong soft hand ran his palm down the crack of her ass until his middle finger felt her anus and then on down to her throbbing wet pussy lips. Clare almost fainted with the surge of pleasure that went through her body. Her inhibitions were melting away as the primitive parts of her brain took over. In a haze, she vaguely realized that the geeky white man had unzipped his pants and had pulled his dick out and was masturbating it as he stared at her hungrily. She held on firmly to her own man’s arm and just closed her eyes to concentrate on the wonderful sensations his digits were causing.

LeBryan was getting unbelievably turned on by the shy teen beside him and his dick was as hard as mahogany. He had not fucked a woman in the three years he was in prison and he was in a hurry to bury his cock in a hot tight pussy. He slid his fingers under the thong underwear and along the hair covered wet lips of the teen’s womanhood. This was certainly a very hot and willing pussy. He looked around frantically for a good place to fuck the girl and spotted the door to his master bedroom and its massive oversized bed.

With his hand still deep in her panties; he rushed the girl past the sofa, where the cheerleader was now nude and sucking Jerome’s giant staff and he and Clare went into the dark room. Jerome saw what was happening with LeBryan and the music student and he had a great idea. He stood up and shouted for the other men and women to huddle around him to listen to his plan. Meanwhile, LeBryan had thrown her on the bed with urgency and had dived in beside her and immediately started kissing her mouth, neck and the bare tops of her breast , that were bulging over the deep purple dress.

She held the man’s head and groaned in pleasure at the feeling of his hot mouth and tongue. He reached down to her lower body and plunged his hand under the front of her thong, which was now soaking wet. Clare opened her legs immediately to give him full access to her girlie parts. She reached down and felt the stiff rod in her man’s pants. When she did that, he scrambled to his knees beside her head and unzipped his pants. She quickly went up on one elbow and reached in and pulled out his rock hard, chocolate-colored penis and cleanly shaven ball-sack. She sucked his balls and licked with the flat of her tongue all over his rod until they glistened with her saliva. She found that she loved the taste of cock. All she wanted now was to have this man’s love tool in her hot cunt as soon as possible.

All of a sudden, the lights in the bedroom were turned on and all the laughing party people invaded the room and stood around the bed looking down at the couple. LeBryan’s cock plopped out of Clare’s mouth. The four girls were already totally naked and the men were still in their stylish clothing. Clare blushed crimson when she realized everyone had seen her being a common cocksucker. Jerome blurted out,

“LeBryan you have not fucked a pussy in three years. The girls and I want to give you a very special treat. You get to fuck all of them together! Are you man enough, my friend?”

LeBryan grinned and gave a big thumbs up sign. He went on,

“Now girls, get on the bed like we discussed.”

The honored man moved backwards on the bed as the girls directed Clare to get on all fours and they all formed in a line beside her on all fours, doggy-style. It was a vision to behold for the men in the room, five beautiful asses up in the air in a row with their heads close to the far edge of the bed. There were four firm sets of buttocks with a tantalizing pink slit of a pussy between each one and Clare’s body still covered with a deep purple party dress and a thong with a large wet spot. Jerome continued,

“We brothers have taken up a collection and will give the fine bitch whose pussy you deposit your cum in, $1000 as a prize.” The men cheered and Jerome said,

“Now get your clothes off my man and do some bad-ass fucking!”

Clare was torn between her embarrassment of being treated like a common harlot and the heat in her pussy that need to be quelled with a stiff cock. Her body was betraying her and she closed her eyes and stayed on her hands and knees waiting. She could hear her man getting out his clothes and hoped he would service her first. But no. He mounted the black girl beside her. When the bed shook when he rammed into her, the men cheered. The girl urged him on and Clare could hear his torso slapping into her ass.

LeBryan looked along the row of women as he humped the chocolate skinned beauty below. There were three nude cuties on their hands and knees waiting for his cock to the right and the music student still clothed on his left was waiting in total surrender. Her long brunette hair flowed over the edge of the bed. She was the most beautiful young woman he had ever seen. He revelled in the knowledge that she would do anything for him now. He touched the small of Clare’s back in a firm voice said,

“Baby, pull down your panties for me. I want my bros to see the pussy I am going to fuck next.”

She did not move. He gave her ass a hard smack that reddened her ass-cheek.

“I SAID pull down those fucking panties.”

She tilted her face into the bed and reached back with both hands and pulled her thong down to just above her knees. LeBryan pulled the dress up over her ass so the men could see her pubic hair covered slit and her pink little button of an asshole. LeBryan continued,

“Let’s just check if this bitch is in heat.”

With his cock still buried deep in the black wench and he reached down and ran his middle finger up and down Clare’s wet engorged pussy slit. Then he pushed two fingers deep into her hot vagina. “Yessireeee. She is hot and wet.”

Clare was dying of embarrassment but the man’s hand felt so good that she could not stop from squirming her ass in pleasure and the muscles in her love canal gripped the man’s fingers. She groaned loud enough that everyone could hear. When the fingers were withdrawn she was disappointed. Seeing the reaction of the teen turned LeBryan on so much that he simply had to fuck that hot pussy right now. He withdrew from his current woman and moved over behind the long haired teen. When Clare felt the man shift towards her rear she almost wept in happiness. He said,

“Take those panties all the way off bitch.” She complied quickly.

“Now spread your knees and raise your ass and get ready for a fucking you will never forget.”

She followed instructions to the letter and he moved in behind her. She had never been fucked doggie-style. She could feel the tip of his manhood part the down covered lips of her pussy. When he hesitated a bit to get into position she just lost it and pleaded,

“Please fuck me. Please. Please PLEASE” He lined up behind her and angled his dick which was coated in the black girl’s juices, into her tight channel. He rubbed his tip against her wetness. He had the pink opening right at the head and after he was satisfied that his tip was wet enough, started to push his way into the girl. She was so incredibly tight that every inch of him had to fight to get room inside of her. He felt her walls resist and then part to allow him entry. He got frustrated at the slow pace and held her hips and rammed his cock deep into the tight sheath of her womanhood. She screamed,

“Yes, YES. Thank you.”

This scene sent a surge of testosterone through every man in that room. They all quickly stripped naked and several started stroking their dicks, each of varying thickness and length. LeBryan could feel the muscles of the teen’s tight pussy contract rhythmically caressing every single inch of him. It was heaven as he pushed in balls deep. He had enjoyed many a pussy in his day but none could compare to this young student. He was in ecstasy and to make sure he did not cum too quickly, he froze and simply enjoyed the moment. There was a lot more pussies to fuck tonight. He looked over at his bros and said,

“Yo, men. Why don’t you have these bitches suck your cocks while I fuck them in turn. Just go over to the edge of the bed. Hey girls, you would like that wouldn’t you?”

All the girls answered enthusiastically in the affirmative and the men lined up in front of the nude girls. A cock-sucking fiesta began, with heads bobbing and hips thrusting with loud sounds of slurping and male cries of pleasure. The white man wanted to be as close to Clare as possible so he stationed himself in front of the black girl next to her. She was sucking his dick but he was more intent on looking lovingly at Clare. He started to stroke Clare’s beautiful long hair. LeBryan barked out,

“Aaron, don’t mess with my woman while I am fucking her, bro. Just wait.”

Aaron pulled his hand back from her head. Clare was relieved but she wondered what “wait” meant.” He continued,

“Aaron my honky bro, you can do me a little favor though. I would like to see this bitch’s tits. Unzip her dress and pull those knockers out so that we can all see them. As a thank you I will let give them a good squeeze.”

Clare did not really want this man’s hands on her but if the man pleasuring her pussy wanted it, it was O.K. She could feel the zipper at the back of her dress open up and hands reach under to free her size 36 C breasts. They swayed a bit from the ramming of the man into her pussy, until Aaron’s hands cupped and massaged them until the nipples became hard as stones. He tweaked them hard and it sent pleasure pain signals to the primitive parts of her brain. LeBryan said,

“That’s enough bro.” Aaron stepped back with a sad look on his face.

Remembering Jerome’s challenge to fuck all the women, he decided it was time to change pussy. He moved to the former cheerleader at the far end of the line. She was sucking Jerome’s mammoth manhood. He asked nicely,

“Jerome, my man. Please let me fuck this cute bitch solo. You were so good to let me fuck our student first. Why don’t you go down there and try to fit that big weapon of yours in that music student’s little mouth.”

Jerome thought this was a great idea and walked to her. Clare was extremely saddened when the man’s penis withdrew from her unsatisfied pussy and he shifted away down the line. The man called Aaron moved in front of her and lifted her head to have her mouth level with his somewhat small dick as a clear signal to suck it. She kept her mouth closed in a small act of defiance since really didn’t like this man’s style. Jerome loomed into the picture and told Aaron,

“Bro. It is time to shift on down to another bitch, my man. This teen has a date with Mr Johnson here.”

With that, he grabbed his semi-hard but still very large cock and gave it a good shake. The white man went back to the girl next to Clare but continued to gaze at her with loving eyes. Without asking Clare reached up and took Jerome’s black veined rod in her hand and started licking its bulbous head. Aaron was disappointed that Jerome’s treatment by Clare was so much better than his own.

Clare immediately recognized the delicious taste of Jerome’s staff with the slippery precum dripping from the slit in the tip. She stretched her lips over the head of the monster and sucked as she stroked the skin of its length. It was just as she remembered, like velvet over granite. Jerome got a bit rambunctious and rammed his cock too far into the back of her throat until she gagged and her eyes began to water. Clare let the hard dick fall from her mouth and then like a real trooper, she lifted it up and licked and sucked the dark brown ball-sack. A few minutes ago she had yearned for LeBryan’s cock and now she could only hope that Jerome’s Johnson would bring her to ecstasy. He said,

“Get up on your knees girl. Let’s take off this dress. All the bros want to have a full gander at that body of yours.

She immediately got up on her knees and without a thought, quickly pulled the purple satin dress over her head. Then she saw all the men’s eyes were drilling into her alabaster perfect globes and realized they could see everything with the bright overhead lights. She blushed crimson at the naughtiness of her actions and instinctively put one arm over her breasts and a hand over her pubes. Jerome chuckled, pushed her arm aside and began massaging her tits. Clare lost her inhibitions and in a clear act of surrender, reached the hand that had been covering her pussy, over and cupped Jerome’s balls. It was too erotic a vision for two of the men getting blow jobs and they had explosive orgasms and shot their seed down the throats and on the faces of the young girls on all fours in front of them. He pushed Clare down to his ridged manhood and he went over the edge in seconds. He shot an enormous load of cum into her mouth and some escaped down her chin as she swallowed as fast as she could. He keeled over onto the bed onto his back beside the wench with a broad smile of pure satisfaction on his face.

LeBryan shifted to behind the oriental beauty that was waiting for a doggy-style fuck. She was a tiny thing with a narrow boyish ass but the pink slit of her shaved pussy showing between the small buttocks was certainly Grade A Fuckable American Cunt. He probed with the head of his dick into her slit and found it was a bit dry. He withdrew, spit a good-sized gob into his hand and wet the head of his penis. He returned it to the pleasure spot and it slipped in nicely. The girl backed up to force the man-meat deeper into her tight vagina.

She really wanted that $1,000 and squirmed her ass seductively. LeBryan was impressed and enjoyed every second of her attention. The girl’s small hand reached under her lower body and cupped LeBryan’s balls. She expertly rolled them around in her professionally trained fingers. He could feel himself being swept swiftly towards a tantalizing Kung Fu orgasm but in a moment of panic realized there was still one escort to fuck and his macho image was on the line. He grasped the narrow hips of the girl to still her actions and stop the slide towards fulfillment but she was wise to this and used all her energy to undulate her bottom at the same time as she flexed the muscles of her love canal. This action sucked his cock deeper into her magical oriental pussy.

In shear desperation, he backed out with a loud sound like a wine cork popping as her orifice reluctantly gave up its delicious grip. LeBryan was panting as he regained his composure. His stiff cock dripped a few drops of cum. It was a narrow escape. He made a mental note to book a session with this whore tomorrow. She was one fine bitch.

LeBryan shifted to the tattooed snake lady. All the men in the room had cum their load but he was proud that he had fucked four fine pussies and was still hard as mahogany. This evening would become legend in their group’s mythology. He looked down the womanly fit ass of the former dancer who was on all fours. This was the kind of booty he loved best. He liked a little meat on their bones. He dipped his hand to her cunt lips and found it totally drenched in juice. His hand was slick of it and he rubbed it on his dick. After a few a few administrations, it was ready. He moved in with his knees on the outside of hers and slid his greased cock along the warm slit of her ass. He smiled at the thought of this looking like a brown Afro-American hotdog on some white buns. He slowly slid the sensitive underside of his meat up and down the seductive crack.

He was on the edge of orgasm immediately and willed his hips to reluctantly stop. He looked down and saw the large blue, green and red snake tattoo on her back that ran from over her shoulder to a end somewhere deep in the crack of her ass. It was a magnificent work of art. He was curious to see where it ended and spread her ass cheeks to get a good look. To his delight, the tail narrowed to a point at her asshole so that it looked like the snake was coming out of that orifice. He made a mental note to book this lady soon to dip his own black snake in that very inviting asshole. But now, he settled for dipping his cock in the well lubricated hot pussy opening below. He was not wanting to cum in this fine bitch but he wanted to officially fuck the fifth lady. A few seconds later when he did, the legend was secured.

LeBryan surveyed the girls who were all still obediently on all fours waiting to win the $1,000. The oriental was surely the best fuck but when he looked over at the beautiful music student he saw her looking back at him with a horny pleading look on her face. She mouthed the word “please” and that was enough to make him move on down the bed to her. He could see her face break into a relieved broad smile as shifted towards her upturned firm ass.

Clare could not believe her luck as Lebryan looked into her eyes and recognized the need of her body. As he moved into position behind her she dropped her head to the bed, lifted her ass up invitingly and with her hand reached under her hair covered mound and spread wide the lips of her teen pussy with her fingers in anticipation. LeBryan looked down at the wide open pink gash and shouted for all to hear,

“That’s what I like, a bitch in heat that is begging for my cock. I knew this music student would be begging it.”

He dipped the tip of his weapon to the entrance and waited for the teen’s reaction. He was not disappointed. Clare felt the tip of her man’s hot cock at the entrance to her yearning love canal. When it hesitated, she gripped the base of it and pulled it into the sheath of her womanhood. Then she mashed her face to the bed, took both hands and gripped the sides of his ass and pulled him forward to bury the rod as deep as possible into herself.

“Yes. Oh Sweet Mother that feels so fucking good. God give me that hard cock. Please fuck me.”

She squealed. The other girls smiled at hearing the “F” word. They didn’t the university teen would have said “shit” if she had a mouthful of it. This was all too much for LeBryan. After a few strong thrusts into her impossible tight pussy, a Fourth of July fireworks explosion went off in his brain as he shot his load deep into her womb.

” Ahhh AHHHHH. Fuck, Ahhh AHHHHH. Fuck FUCK, Yes MMMMMM Ahhh AHHHHH,”

He screamed and fell to the bed between the teen that just won a $1,000 and his bro, Jerome who was out cold. Clare was shocked and disappointed. Her pussy was ablaze and in need of sexual fulfillment. She could feel a gush of the man’s seed spill out of her vagina and run down her leg. She rolled onto her back and brazenly reached down and started massaging her wet pussy and clit to try to put out the fire. She looked over and saw Aaron staring down at her handiwork but was too much in a frenzy to feel ashamed. Somebody turned out the light and it was totally dark. She could hear people talking and feel the bed move as they scrambled on the bed. Some man dived to her side and pushed away her hand and slowly dipped his fingers to the down covered lips of her engorged cunt. She opened wide to offer complete access. He held them there still. This was driving her mad with desire and she grabbed his wrist with both hands and forced the man’s hand up and down her crack in a desperate attempt to quell the fire there.

“Please, Please!!” She begged for him to do anything he could to put out the flame of her passions. He bent his head over her chest and brought his lips to her sensitive small nipples. He swirled his tongue over them which sent a bolt of pleasure to her brain. She emitted a deep moan and pressed his head down in urgency for more. He opened his mouth wider and sucked the end of her breast deep into his mouth and then stroked it with his tongue and could feel the hard center of her tit under the nipple. The teen panted and moaned. She begged,

“Please sir, PLEASE. I need your thing in me. Please do anything you want but PLEASE put your thing in me.”

In the darkness, the unknown man looked down at her and said,

“That is not a thing bitch. That is a cock. Now what is it that you want?”

She realized with surprise that it was Aaron that hand his hand on her throbbing girlie parts. But her body needed a cock, any cock.

“Yes, please give me your cock. PLEASE!”

Aaron had the stuck-up princess exactly where he wanted her. He chuckled and said,

“I guess so. But first I want you to do a little cock-sucking.”

He knew this time she would open her lips and suck him in as deep as he wanted. There was little room on the bed with so many bodies in play so he kneeled over her face with one knee on each side of her head facing her legs. This would let his hairy balls rest on her nose, her previously very stuck-up nose, as she sucked him off. He wished someone would turn on a light so he could see that delicious sight and so she could look up and see his hairy crack and asshole inches above her eyes. He bent over and put a hand on the bed each side of her torso so he was on all fours to give him better leverage to thrust his weapon into her perfect mouth.

Some people say “no good deed goes unpunished.” I never subscribed to that armchair philosophy even though I had and saw many good deeds backfire. I must admit, though, that the “unpunished” saying did make me a little apprehensive that my most elaborate good deed might boomerang; but it didn’t stop me.

I’m a 52 year old guy with keen business acumen but poor social skills with women. I did get married when in my twenties to a bohemian woman that my friends considered a poor match. I now have two grown sons that live in cities far away, and my gypsy wife simply “took off” about ten years ago when my sons were still teens. I divorced her in absentia.

I’ve worked hard enough, and have been lucky enough, to have made lots of money but that is also sometimes a problem. Even though I live fairly modestly (though not as modestly as my idol, Warren Buffet) everyone in the medium-size city I live in considers me the richest dude around. While many women my age, and even in their late thirties, seem interested in me I always wonder if it is me or my money. I don’t have the intuition or social skills to be sure so I’ve had very few sexual encounters since my wife left ten years ago.

I have great relationships with my sons even though they live far away. I brought them up to be independent and I really succeeded. They don’t let me help them out monetarily, although they value my counsel on all aspects of life. I am very reluctant to give advice when it comes to romance, however, since I have no confidence in that area. We talk and email at least every other day.

A number of my sons’ best friends during high school still live in my city, including Ray and Carmen. I’ve known them since they were in their early teens and always liked them. Ray and my oldest son were the starting guards on the high school basketball team, and Carmen was an All-Conference soccer player and hung out with my soccer-playing younger son and his friends. Ray and Carmen were the only two teenagers who, individually and independently, actually came to my door and offered their encouragement when my wife left even though they were only 16 and 17 at the time.

I had always hoped that one of my sons would marry Carmen. She was the most unassuming beautiful young women I had ever seen. In addition to being spectacularly good looking, with a winning personality, she was kind, funny, smart, and a phenomenal athlete. Since marrying one of my sons wasn’t to be I was happy to see her and Ray tie the knot. They were a good looking couple who seemed well suited for each other. Ray and Carmen were embarrassed by the wedding present I gave them – a new car – and wanted to return it. It required intervention by my sons to talk them into keeping it.

At the relevant time of this story Carmen was 26 and Ray 27 and they had two little kids. Carmen worked in the financial field and Ray in the construction industry. Then the economic downturn hit our city really hard. Ray lost his job first, then Carmen a few months later. Like many young couples they were overextended, but bankruptcy was not really a viable option if Carmen ever wanted to work in the financial field again. By the time I found out about their troubles from my sons they were in awful monetary shape and were shortly going to be evicted from their house.

As I have already hinted at Carmen and Ray were as independent and proud as my sons and I knew that they would never accept “charity” from me, especially after the car incident; but I badly wanted to help. So I came up with a plan which would be hard to execute but that I was highly motivated to pull off.

One of the garden apartment building complexes I owned on the outskirts of the city, called “The Luxor,” was managed by my longest-term employee, a legal alien from Italy by the uber-Italian name of “Guido.” Guido and his American wife had long wanted to visit his relatives in Italy but never could seem to be able to save enough money to do so; they weren’t good at handling the above-market salary I paid him even though they had free rent in one of the apartment units. I was already planning to give him a twentieth-year-as-an-employee gift, like a gold watch or something similar, but now decided to make it a better gift. An all expenses paid two month trip to Italy.

After I told Guido what my gift would be and told him to start planning the trip – luckily it was over the phone otherwise from his reaction I’m sure he would have kissed me – I called up Ray and Carmen. Carmen answered.

“Hi Carmen, this is Jeff. I haven’t seen you in a couple months. How are the kids doing?”

“Hi, Jeff. Yeah, it’s been ages. The kids are fine, though trying to drive their parents nuts.”

“Ha, ha. Were you any better?”

“You know I wasn’t, Jeff.”

“Say, let me get right to the point of my call. I have kind of an emergency. I just found out that the manager of my Luxor apartment complex is going on a two month trip and I need someone to take over. Free rent in a two bedroom apartment is included and I pay above market. Do you know of anyone who you could recommend to do that?”

“Uh, really? When would they have to start?”

“Actually, any time that is convenient for them. I don’t mind if they overlap with my manager since they will need to learn the ropes, and they could help out for a few months after he gets back, too, if necessary. Know of someone?”

“Actually Jeff, I might. Let me run it by Ray and get back to you.”

“Thanks, you’d really be helping me out.”

Not surprisingly, I heard back from Carmen within an hour.

“Hi Jeff, Carmen.”

“Wow, that was fast.”

“Yeah, there’s a reason. Actually, Ray and I have been having a hard time financially recently.”

“Really; I’m sorry to hear that.”

“Thanks. Well, anyway, Ray and I would actually love to be co-managers ourselves. I think you know that we’d do a good job for you.”

“Are you serious? Wow! That would be wonderful, two people who I like and trust handling it. That’s far better than I could hope for. Is it convenient for you to meet me tomorrow at The Luxor? You could bring the kids.”

“Sure. Would 2 or 3 p. m. be OK?”

“Two p.m. would be perfect. You know how to get there, right.”

“Absolutely. See you then!”

When we met the next day Ray and Carmen were excited. I noticed that they arrived in the car I had given them and smiled inwardly. I introduced them to Guido, he showed them around while I waited in the office “doing paperwork,” and when they were done I called them into the office.

“What do you two think?”

“We like the layout; we’re game if you are,” Ray responded with Carmen nodding while their son played with some toys in the office specifically for that purpose, and their daughter slept in Carmen’s arms.

“Hey, you haven’t even heard the salary yet. Didn’t I teach you to negotiate?” I laughed.

“OK, what are you offering for salary?” Carmen shot back with a twinkle in her eye.

They were pleased with my proposal; why wouldn’t they be, it was the same as I was paying Guido even after his twenty years of service.

“Can one or the other of you stay at the complex most nights?” I asked innocently, knowing the answer.

“Actually, Jeff, we were looking for a new place to move into at the end of the month – just a few days from now – so we were hoping we could live in one of the two empty two bedroom units you have,” Ray responded.

“You’re kidding! Wow, that’s way beyond my expectations. You can move into 12B immediately if you want to. It’s been cleaned and is ready to go.”

Carmen and Ray looked like the most relieved people I had ever seen by the time they left, and almost as happy as at their wedding. Every time they tried to thank me I pre-emptively thanked them. I was sure that they had no inkling that this had been arranged solely to help them out.

Things went smoothly. They moved into 12B within a few days. I found out from the bank that held their mortgage it was less than a week before they were to be evicted. Since I now had a legitimate business interface with them on a regular basis I subtly pried into their financial situation. I told them they should go see a free credit counseling agency I knew about to get help. The “free” credit counseling agency was my accountant in a special office I set him up in for the times he was to meet with them.

From my accountant I got all of the information I needed about their creditors. I knew the presidents of half of them personally, and all of them knew me. I personally went to each, told them that if Ray and Carmen went into bankruptcy they would get less than 10¢ on the dollar, and offered to give them 50¢ on the dollar with Ray and Carmen still on the hook for 10¢ more just so Ray and Carmen would not suspect that I was doing what I was. In view of the many other debtors Ray and Carmen’s creditors had who were going bankrupt they all jumped at the deal. My only caveats – they could never tell anyone about the arrangement, especially Ray and Carmen, and the repayment schedules for Ray and Carmen had to be reasonable. All of them readily agreed.

My accountant gave Ray and Carmen the good news about how “he” had negotiated their debt down to 10% of what it was with reasonable repayment terms. They were thrilled and I acted pleased and surprised when they gave me the news. The next order of business was finding them jobs.

While I was contacting people about potential jobs in Ray and Carmen’s fields I had to go see them one day while Guido was about four weeks into his vacation. I went to The Luxor and found Ray in the office. He and Carmen had been doing a great job in Guido’s absence – which I knew they would – in fact probably a better job than Guido himself since they divided up the labor and were both doing more than 50% of what Guido had been doing. Ray didn’t know the answer to my question since Carmen had dealt with that subject so he told me to go look for Carmen and the kids at the complex swimming pool and she would know the answer off the top of her head.


I found Carmen at the pool with her kids and a few of the tenants. Carmen was always a conservative dresser, and I never attended or chaperoned any of my sons’ pool parties, so I had never seen Carmen in a bikini before. That’s what she had on then. I know my jaw involuntarily dropped when I saw her, and I was almost incoherent when I started talking to her. Luckily I had wrap-around sunglasses on so she couldn’t see my tennis-ball sized eyes. I just hoped I wasn’t drooling.

By a mile Carmen had to have the sexiest body I had ever seen! She was as beautiful as any fashion model, but more muscular. Her perfect golden tan highlighted every curve in her pelvic area and every muscle in her legs, buttocks, and arms. The material of her top was flimsy – almost see-through – and barely covered her supple breasts. Her skin was like silk, her long blond hair shimmering.

I remember thinking to myself “How in the hell could this woman have had two children and a body like that?” Then I remembered what Guido told me the day before he left on his trip. In the thirty days or so Ray and Carmen overlapped with Guido before he left the intensity of Carmen’s workouts in the Luxor exercise room were already legendary!

I finally stammered through what I needed to talk to her about, she had one of the tenants she was friends with watch the kids and we went to the side of the deck and sat under an umbrella. She took her sunglasses off and peered at me with her steely blue eyes as we talked. I didn’t dare remove my glasses.

I drew out our discussion of the issue I wanted information about as long as I possibly could in order to prolong the amount of time that I could bask in her glow. Only after I got back to my car was I embarrassed that I had done that – but I couldn’t help myself.

As I sat, stunned, in the driver’s seat, I had more to be embarrassed about. My cock was rock hard and almost bursting the zipper of my suit pants, I had completely sweated out my dress shirt, and my mouth was totally dry. I tried to mentally chastise myself about my lascivious response to one of my sons’ friends, who was a married young mother to boot, but the overpowering thoughts in my mind were of those shapely hips, full round ass, sculptured thighs, and robust breasts. The phrase “Holy Shit” endlessly ricocheted around my skull.

In a few minutes my libido had gone from almost non-existent to almost out-of-control. When an intense weightlifting and running session at my health club didn’t help get my mind off of Carmen one iota I did something that night that I had never done before.

I went incognito to a bar known to be a meat market. There were a few obvious sluts there in their mid-twenties. They were not particularly good looking, but not gross either. Even though I had no confidence with women I was on a mission and they were easy. I focused on the young slut whose height, weight, and coloring was closest to Carmen’s. After I bought her many rounds of drinks she was more than willing to let me take her back to her apartment.

As soon as I got the young slut back to her flat even though her roommate was sleeping in the next room I was all over her. She was enthusiastic about me unceremoniously and quickly removing her clothes, and helped me hurriedly get mine off. She only sucked my cock for a few minutes before I put her on her hands and knees so that I couldn’t see her face and doggy fucked the ever-loving shit out of her imagining that it was Carmen.

It was probably the most intense banging I had ever given a woman in my life because I was picturing Carmen the whole time. The slut either fell asleep or passed out shortly after I unloaded a large volume of cum into her pussy and I beat a hasty retreat. While I wasn’t proud I was hoping that I could move past what I feared was becoming a fixation on Carmen.

While fucking the young slut helped some it certainly didn’t “cure” me. I decided I really couldn’t be around Carmen long term, especially alone. I couldn’t be trusted not to make a total ass of myself. Fortuitously, my job search through numerous contacts yielded the possibility of openings suitable for both their backgrounds and interests in a city about 700 miles away where the job market was infinitely better.

Both Ray and Carmen were thrilled with the opportunities I brought to them. Shortly after Guido returned, they travelled together to the distant city with three interviews lined up for each of them while a friend took care of their kids. They each came home with a job offer with an even better salary than they had been making before they lost their jobs, one that would allow them to comfortably pay off the 10% of their previous debt that they still owed and likely faster than the repayment terms that had been negotiated.

They insisted on taking me out for dinner to celebrate at one of the best restaurants in town, one they didn’t know I owned. They might have been a little puzzled about how we got the best table and the best service, with some of the great food and drink “on the house,” but didn’t make a big deal about it. They had a fantastic time.

I had a great time too, although I wish that Carmen had not worn the sundress that she did. She looked almost as good in it as she did in her bikini. I tried, with only limited success, not to gawk. I didn’t drink so that I would minimize the chance of making a fool out of myself and thankfully had no major gaffe.

Ray and Carmen’s new jobs were starting in about three weeks, they already had an apartment lined up, and they were moving in about ten days after our celebration. I offered to help them pack up just to get to see Carmen one last time, in a controlled situation. It was fun work and included time playing with their cute and delightful kids. A number of their friends helped out as well, and we all shared pizzas and beers afterward.

Before I left their apartment that night Ray inquired as to whether I would be home in the afternoon the next Sunday. They wanted to drop by before they left. I said “Sure.”

They got to my house about the middle of the afternoon on Sunday. When I answered the door they were all smiles, dressed in shorts, T-shirts and sandals. Carmen had a small suitcase in one hand which she left outside as they entered. Ray thanked me profusely even though I tried to tell him there was nothing to thank me for. He then surprised me by giving me a big hug as he said:

“The kids and I are driving to our new home first thing tomorrow morning, Jeff. Carmen has something to talk to you about. She’ll be joining us in a few days.”

Ray then gave Carmen a kiss and squeeze, they smiled at each other, and he left.

I was completely perplexed when Carmen plopped me down on a kitchen chair. She sat on the table and stuck one sandal-clad foot on my chair between my legs. She got a semi-stern, semi-smiling, look on her face then started talking.

“You’ve been a really bad man haven’t you Jeff?”

“Uh, what are you talking about?”

“I’m talking about you going behind our backs to make financial arrangements to get us out of hock and restore our normal lives, for one thing.”

“Uh, well, I never…”

“Hey, Jeff! Don’t try to deny it.”

“I’m not sure I know what you mean.”

“I think you do, bad, bad, Jeff. Guido, your accountant, and our mortgage-holder told us what went on.”


“Shhh. Guido told us that the trip was your idea; and with regard to your accountant and our mortgage-holder let’s just say that you should never recommend them for jobs at the CIA. They both slipped up and when we pressed them for details they told us what you had done to help us, and begged us not to tell you. You’ll have to deal with them when I’m done with you.”

By now I was sweating profusely and felt a pit in my stomach, and tried to bring one of my hands but to my face. But Carmen stood up and pulled my hand away from my face, then continued.

“Don’t try and hide, bad Jeff. You know what else you did? You ogled me! You stared lasciviously at a young mother.”

Shit; now the sweat was pouring down and I was so nervous I thought I might toss my cookies. I’m sure I had a hang dog look on my face when Carmen started talking again, with a really edgy tone.

“Ray and I decided there is only one way to punish you for your misdeeds – saving our family from economic disaster, getting us jobs that suit us and will make us independent, and ogling me. I’m going to have to fuck you the rest of this week.”

As she said that she quickly removed her top – no bra underneath – and while staring at me like a snake hypnotizing its prey slowly and deliberately removed her shorts – no panties.

My brain wasn’t working but my dick was. It sprung to life as I eyeballed the first shaved live pussy I had ever seen, and gawked at the first puffy nipples in my experience. I was in a trance as Carmen bent in front of me, her ample tits dangling like lures, as she undid my pants, simultaneously yanked them and my boxers off like a magician pulling a tablecloth from underneath a place setting, and pulled my shirt over my head. Then she straddled me.

Carmen continued to glare at me as she slowly lowered her glorious wet pussy onto my completely upright dick, uttering an “Ugh” or “Oooh” as each inch of cock disappeared into her love canal. My hands were drawn to those puffy nipples like nails to a magnet, gently twisting, pinching, and stroking them. When she was fully buried, she bounced twice then gave me a long smothering tongue-filled kiss, one with more passion than any I had ever received in my life. When she finally let me breath again with a look of mirth on her face she started bouncing in earnest while simultaneously contracting then releasing her vaginal muscles. I instinctively started thumping back, timing upward thrusts to correspond to her downward thwacks.

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