It was a typical winter’s day. The mercury was touching freezing, the trees that lined the side of the road looked frail without their leaves, and with the threatening black clouds there was a good chance of rain.

Despite the horrible weather there was one face in the sea of people that wore a huge smile. Her name was Ilona and she was ecstatic for a good reason. She had managed to get herself a job after three years of unemployment.

At the tender age of sixteen, she had dropped out of school with no qualifications. Though she looked for all types of jobs, she quickly rejected anything that she classified as work, which turned out to be most jobs.

She wanted a glamorous job that also paid well and finally the perfect one came in the form of an air hostess. Being able to fly all over the world and to get paid for the privilege, it was her idea of a dream job.

Thanks to trashy gossip magazines, Ilona had images of hot air hostesses sleeping with rock stars or Hollywood actors then being showered with gifts and when the gifts dried up she could sell her story and instant fame beckoned. With these fantasies filling her head it was easy to see why she was so happy on such a miserable day.

Though Ilona wasn’t blessed with brains, she more than made up for it with her looks. Standing at just under six feet, her tall slim frame stood out in any crowd and thanks to her African heritage her pert ass stuck out nicely, attracting lustful stares. At 32B her breasts suited her figure. All in all she was still a striking beauty. Her long legs and smooth black skin made many people remark how much she looked like a young Naomi Campbell.

It was actually due to her looks that she left school as soon as she turned sixteen. A talent scout had spotted her during the school holidays. It had only taken a little encouragement and was signed with snapshot modelling agency. The week after Ilona was apart of her first catwalk, though she was one of the first models her striking features and sultry strut marked her as the next big thing in the modelling world.

However, just as everything was going well for her, it would all fall apart. An unfortunate incident involving the rear wheels of her car and a prominent designer’s dog permanently cut her career short.

Ilona’s blasé attitude to what happened was one thing but thinking that all the clothes she wore were hers to keep meant she lost her job. With her life seemingly in ruins Ilona spent the next couple of months spending all of the money she had on party after party.

Finally with the help of her parent’s threats she got out and started looking for another modelling job however Ilona quickly found that her former employees had put her on some sort of modelling black list so finding another job would be impossible.

So giving up on her modelling aspirations, she looked for another job. It was while she was surfing a gossip website that she spotted the air hostess job. Filling out the application form a week later she was just about to take part in a series of airline safety assessments when she was pulled aside.

“Hi there, my name is Stan and you are stunning.” The man smiled, his breathing growing heavier as he continued to stare at her.

“Thank you, that’s so nice. My name is Ilona and I’m flattered but I need to go and do a test and well you seem nice but you’re really not my type of guy.” Ilona said smiling widely.

“No, no. I’m not hitting on you. Just hear me out. I’m the head of recruitment and well… we have enough people who know the airline rules inside out what we need now is attractive people.” At that point he actually slobbered, “so if you want it the job is yours.”

Squealing loudly Ilona grabbed him and hugged him tightly, even without her heels on she would have been taller than him but Stan didn’t care at that moment. The tight hug meant her breasts were being pressed into his eager face. It was a good couple of minutes before they broke apart.

“Whew you have everything that we are looking for.” His face was now bright red and complete with a dazed look. Taking a deep breath he continued, “all you have to do is pass a medical but don’t worry it’s just something that we have to do.”

With a copy of her contract in hand and a letter detailing her medical, Ilona headed home her heart skipping with joy. There were several parts of the medical, on top of the standard sight and hearing test there was a small matter of a urine test, blood test and breathalyzer.

As her medical was in two weeks Ilona decided to stop drinking, jogged each morning and even went as far as to stop having sex. For someone who hated mornings, loved tequila and had a high sex drive it was almost an impossible taste but she desperately wanted the job.

The day before the exam, went to bed early thinking a good night’s sleep would mean a good medical. After waking up early she had a quick run, then a healthy bran breakfast and shower. Constantly watching the time she gathered all the papers she needed and set out her clothes.

She had already decided what she was going to wear. She really wanted this job, and knowing that it was going to be a male doctor she chose her clothes with him in mind. Wanting to emphasize every perfect feature, she grabbed her pink blouse and threw it onto her bed. It was too tight but it was the same top she wore when she was spotted for her modelling career and that meant it was lucky.

Looking for the perfect bottoms, she hesitated for a moment before choosing a black mini skirt and then moved onto her underwear draw.

Without any lucky underwear she tried to find a pair that felt right but nothing did. Throwing her bra and panties all over the room her eyes finally rested on her lingerie.

She had several pairs, mostly given to her by boyfriends, picking up the push up lace bra she considered it for a moment before pulling it on. The deep red contrasted beautifully with her dark skin. She knew it wasn’t really suitable for her doctor’s visit but she enjoyed the feel of silk. Besides it would be like her little secret.

The thrill of wearing something so naughty was an unexpected bonus. Picking out the matching garter belt, she tightened it before pulling on a pair of stockings and clipping them in place.

With the lingerie on, she smiled at herself in the mirror. The bra pushed up her breasts creating a deep valley in her cleavage. Her eyes travelled down her flat stomach to the frilly belt. Picking out a sheer thong she completed her look.

Pulling on her skirt, she fastened it around her hips, then pulled on her top and buttoned it. The pink blouse contrasted sharply with her dark skin, and her mini skirt just emphasised her long legs. She looked hot and she knew it.

Ilona checked the clock as she got in the car. She had given herself an hour to get to her appointment and with her Sat Nav guiding her, there was no way she could be late.

Pulling up along side the medical building, she was surprised at how plain it was. She was expecting it to look more like a hospital, yet it could have passed for an office block. She checked and double checked the address on both the letter and the street until she was confident that she was exactly where she needed to be. Now she just needed to park her car.

Looking up and down the road, she found there was no space available and the disabled parking she was in at the moment wouldn’t do. Starting up the car, she headed for the multi-story car park. Annoyed at how much time had passed, she quickly made her way back onto the street.

Marching down the street she constantly looked up at the street numbers making sure that she hadn’t passed it.

“Why do all these crap buildings look alike?” she grumbled ass she tilted her head once more to check the number. “Two more…” she began to mutter before letting out a shriek as she ran into a large object and fell stunned to the floor.

The object in question was a tramp. Whilst Ilona was hurrying down the street he had slowly got to his feet. Stumbling on his feet he walked into the middle of the pavement, being a tramp he was as good as invisible and with Ilona focused on other issues a collision was inevitable.

It took a full minute for Ilona to realise what had happened. One second she was running and the next she was sprawled on the floor, a stinking mess of a man on top of her.

Trying not to breath in, she looked down to see a wild straggle of brown hair so thick that it seemed to cover the entire man’s face. When she saw something move in his hair, she opened her mouth to scream.

She soon regretted that action when his mouth travelled the short distance to hers. Thrusting his tongue inside her mouth, he moaned and groaned as he kissed her hard, ignoring her struggles beneath him.

With the smell of alcohol and sweat invading her nose, she continued to struggle but he didn’t move. She began to feel sick when finally she felt him roll off her body. As soon as he was off her, she gingerly got to her feet with the help of two passers bys.

Thanking the two men who helped her, she picked up her bag before suddenly worrying about the man she had knocked over. Looking up and down the street, she couldn’t spot him anywhere so wiping her mouth with the back of her hand; she gratefully took the piece of chewing gum offered to her and threw it into her mouth.

Checking her watch, she was still on time if she hurried. So saying thank you one last time, she ran down the street until she reached her destination. Pushing the door open, she walked towards the receptionist chewing manically on the gum as she tried to rid the foul taste in her mouth.

Returning the smile of the receptionist, she began to speak. “Hello, I’m Ilona, Ilona Roach. Um… I’m here for a medical.”

The dark orange woman sitting behind the desk smiled showing impossibly white teeth. “I know who you are,” she said, looking up at Ilona’s, her smile faltered slightly when she saw lipstick covering half of Ilona’s face.

“Just take a seat over there and the doctor will call you when he is ready. Oh by the way the ladies loo is over there.”

Sitting down on the seat pointed out for her, she furiously chewed on the gum and took out her small mirror to begin touching her make up. When she was satisfied, she brushed her coat off and waited. As the time ticked by, so her nerves began to increase. Twirling her long hair in her fingers, she listened intently for her name to be called.

While Ilona waited, the tramp that had knocked her down was in the doctor’s office. He entered through the fire exit in the room. Taking off his wig and beard he furiously washed his face and put on his reading glasses before looking into the mirror where a respectable middle aged Doctor looked back.

The tramps name was Dr. Michael Rox and dressing up as a tramp was all a part of his plan. Finding Ilona and falling on top of her was the first step in his plan and if it all went as he hoped, he would soon be getting to know Ilona a lot more intimately.

Moving over to his wardrobe he shrugged off the large moth eaten coat and hung it up then pulled on his suit jacket followed by his doctors white coat. Flattening down his hair, he took a swig of mouthwash and sprayed some cologne both of which helped to mask the scent of the alcohol. With one last check in the mirror, he finally decided he was ready. Pressing the intercom, he called out Ilona’s name.

Ilona was trying to focus on the upcoming medical but her mind kept on drifting back to the tramp and his invasive tongue worming into her mouth. It has almost got to the point that she could taste the alcohol when her name crackled over the loudspeaker.

Taking a deep breath, she got to her feet and made her way to the door marked ‘Dr. Rox’. Throwing her gum in the bin, she checked her make up and hair one last time and then knocked.

The audible noise of a chair scraping on the floor and someone walking towards the door was heard before it opened and a middle-aged bespectacled man stood before her, smiling.

“Come on in and take a seat,” He beckoned her into his office and pointed her to a seat in front of his desk.

Taking a seat, Ilona looked around the room. On first glance there wasn’t anything that would distinguish itself as anything but an ordinary work office. The room was plain except for a desk in the centre with a computer sitting on top and a wardrobe in the corner. There were a few things such as a sink, a poster detailing how to wash your hands properly and a blood pressure monitor, that helped distinguish it as a medical office.

When the door clicked shut, the man was already sitting back in his seat facing her across the desk. He was utterly unremarkable. His balding hair was closely cut making his large forehead bigger still. His large circular glasses were perched on the end of his broad nose, the size helped cover his thick eyebrows yet they did nothing to hide his beady brown eyes.

“Have you been drinking?” He asked as his friendly smile was replaced with a frown as he sniffed the air.

“What me? No… never…” She spluttered trying to look innocent as Michael scoffed and shrugged.

“Well it doesn’t matter if you’re lying. I’ll find out soon enough.” He turned his attention to the computer screen and began typing glancing up every so often noticing that Ilona was nervously biting her nails. With a loud grunt he finished typing and spoke once more.

“I have a few questions to ask, so if you want to take your fingers out of your mouth, we can begin.”

Over the next ten minutes Dr. Rox asked her question after question, his pudgy fingers punching in her answers into the computer. She had just finished answering the last question about her weekly exercise regime when he scraped back his chair and stood.

The buttons on his shirt looked close to popping with each deep breath as he slowly walked around his desk towards her, an instrument in his right hand. In complete silence he knelt in front of her. Turning on the instruments light he peered into her left eye, muttering quietly before swapping to her other eye.

Switching off the light he left Ilona temporarily blinded, she blinked repeatedly as she heard Michael speak again.

“Now if you could read the page in front of you out loud from top to bottom.” He queried handing her a piece of paper.

Taking a couple of seconds to get back her sight Ilona looked down at the page and waited for the words to come in to focus before she began to read. The first couple of rows were easy and now that she could see clearly, she spoke confidently. However as the letters got smaller, Ilona not wanting to admit that she could see the words clearly started to guess what was written until Michael stopped her.

“If you hand me that and then follow me.” Taking the sheet from her he threw it to the desk and walked from the room. With Ilona close on his heels he opened up the adjacent room.

“Take a seat in the booth and put on the headphones. When you hear a beep press the button, I’ll be back when it’s finished.”

After explaining what he wanted her to do, he left the room. With the booth closed Ilona sat still waiting patiently for the beep to sound. When twenty minutes passed Michael came back in and led her back into his office. Taking their seats once more, they sat in silence whilst Michael peered over the hearing test results.

“Congratulations, you have passed the sight and hearing test.” He smiled causing Ilona to squeal in delight. Michael waited for her to calm down before continuing to talk.

“Now we come to the breathalyzer.” He picked up the device and held it in front of her face.

All the confidence Ilona had began to drain from her as her mind drifted back to the tramp and the alcohol drenched kiss. As she stared at the nozzle in front of her she briefly thought about explaining what happened outside but she reasoned that whatever the tramp had been drinking couldn’t possibly affect her reading.

Reciting pray after pray, she took a deep breath and blew steadily into the nozzle until she had to stop. Slumping back into her seat, she inhaled as the doctor inspected the machine until two beeps sounded. Not knowing what that meant, Ilona waited in anticipation as Michael tutted disapprovingly.

“Well, well, well!” He said with a smug grin on his face, “those two beeps mean a positive reading and coming from someone who smells like a brewery it’s really not surprising but just to make sure we’re certain, I’ll get another nozzle.”

Ripping the old nozzle off, he threw it into the bin and replaced it with a new one. Carefully, he secured it before taking out the batteries and pushing in new ones, making sure Ilona saw each movement.

If Ilona was inquisitive she would have question the need for a big show. However at that moment she was just grateful to him for giving her a second chance. When the nozzle was back in her face she took a deep breath before blowing hard, closing her eyes as she did, hoping the two beeps wouldn’t sound.

Once more, Michael inspected the breathalyzer before the beeps sounded. Dropping her head she made a noise halfway between a scream and wail.

“Look I can explain. There was this tra…” She began only for Michael to cut her off with a loud cough.

Attaching the breathalyzer to his computer he pulled open the drawer under his desk and pulled out a pot and syringe. “Well, I really don’t like to fail anyone. So we’ll move onto the blood and urine test.” He smiled reassuringly at her.

Taking a sample of her blood he gave her the pot and directed her to the toilet, usually both samples were sent off to a lab for testing but this time Michael took both to another room. Waiting for a five minutes to make Ilona grown more nervous he eventually came back to see her and loudly proclaimed that both had failed due to a high level of alcohol.

Michael sat behind his desk while Ilona tried hard not to cry. When he finished typing he looked up and asked, “How did you get here today?”

“Um… I drove. Does… does that matter?” she answered sniffing back the tears.

“Oh it matters. I’ve already told you that all of your tests have come back positive which means you’re well over the legal alcohol limit, and I’m afraid that means you have lost your job. They can’t take alcoholics on board flights. It’s a big health and safety risk. However right now there is a bigger problem.”

He sighed loudly and shook his head. “As a medical professional and a concerned member of the public I am morally obliged to call the police to inform them you have been driving under the influence of alcohol.”

While he spoke, Ilona’s mouth dropped and fear filled her body as the realisation of what he was saying sunk in.

At the beginning of the day, she had been within touching distance of getting the job of her dreams, yet fast forward a couple of hours and she had lost her job and was now facing a drunk driving charge. With a couple of points already on her licence, the charge meant she would lose her licence and also her freedom.

With nothing left to lose, she decided to explain what had happened to her. Ignoring his protests, she spoke quickly and tearfully. “You have to listen to me. On my way here, a drunk came up to me on the street and forcefully kissed me. Of course I struggled but he was too heavy for me and I could only get free once he rolled off me. I don’t know how, but he must have passed something onto me. You have to believe me. Those tests are wrong. I haven’t drunk any alcohol in weeks.”

The desperation in her voice told Michael that he had her where he wanted her. He was even confident that she would actually thank him for giving her the opportunity to get rid of the chargers and pass the medical, but at that moment he wanted to play with her a while longer.

“I’m sorry but that is the worst excuse I’ve ever heard. I’ll give you some marks for originality, but I heard this excuse before. The posh people say they ate a brandy soaked cake whilst the scumbags complain that their mother was an alcoholic which must mean that they must have got their alcoholic blood from their parents. All of them were telling me a load of shit and that also includes yours.” He explained not bothering to hide the patronising tone from his voice as he continued.

“First of all, you claim that you saw a tramp at this time of day and not only that he was actually awake and walking! Then to top it off, he was some sort of a magical tramp who can make anyone he touches drunk. You must think I’m really stupid and worst than that, you’re wasting my valuable time. I’m going to ask you to wait outside until the police arrive because, unlike some people, I’ve actually got a job to do.”

“Please, you must believe me. Why would I make something like that up? There just has to be another reason for the readings.” She cried out, tears starting to form as Michael’s brow creased deep in thought.

“Alright calm down, I’ve got an idea. If, as you said, this guy gave it to you by kissing you, then surely I must be able to take it from you by kissing you. You know, if it worked once then it must work again.”

Ilona’s beautiful face scrunched up in concentration as she tried to work out the logic of what he said. In a crazy way, the idea kind of made sense and she wasn’t about to question someone who had her career in his hands. With a renewed sense of hope she smiled at him and nodded her head.

Getting to her feet she stepped towards him as he did the same until they were face to face. “So how do we do this?” she asked sweetly, looking trustingly at him.

It was at this point she felt his hands cup her face before leaning in. Closing her eyes she felt his lips press against hers, ignoring the familiar forcefulness, she opened her mouth letting him push his tongue inside.

While his tongue duelled with hers, Michael couldn’t stop himself from moaning. Her full, plump lips were just how he remembered. Enjoying the soft silky feel of her hair he kept her still as he kissed her harder whilst fighting the temptation to grope her body at the same time. After two minutes, he reluctantly pulled away, licking his lips as he savoured the sweet taste of her lips.

“Ahem… now let’s do the breathalyzer again.” He announced before he raised the device to her mouth and let her blow into it. However, even with the kiss and Ilona’s frenetic wishing, it still came back negative.

“Still positive, I’m afraid.” He spoke, shaking his head in disappointment, “look I’ve still got one idea left but… no… it’s ridiculous… It’s too much of a wild shot.” He chuckled at his own thought.

At that point Ilona reached out and grabbed his arm forcing him to look into her teary eyes. “Wait! Please tell me I don’t care what it is. I’m willing to try anything to help. Please, can you at least explain it?!”

Her pleading voice was music to his ears. “Well it’s really a controversial idea that has only been tested in Japan and Holland. Yet, if you are willing then I’m willing to give it ago. It’s like the previous method but in reverse. If I can’t get the alcohol out of your system, then I will have to counter it with my own fluids….” Michael tried to sell the last sentence with his eyes but it was clear she didn’t have any idea.

“Look doctor, I’m willing to give anything a try and… oh I’ve got it. You want me to drink some water to counter the fluids!” She smiled at him as she walked over to the water cooler in the corner, pouring herself some. “How much water do I need to drink then?”

“Yes! Yes!” He exclaimed. “It’s very similar to that, kind of like washing away the alcohol, but I’m sorry to say water won’t be enough. You see, it’s powerful enough to do it quickly for you. What you really need is something that swims to the target and well there is only one fluid that is strong enough and can actually swim. It’s a remarkable little thing, so if you can guess what it is, I will let you use mine.” He smiled knowingly. It was getting harder to keep calm despite his plan coming to fruition.

Ilona fell silent as she rattled her brain, working her way around the body she tried to think of each liquid that came from her body until it finally came to her. “Cum! Spunk!” She yelled looking at the doctor smugly.

“Well done! You are one clever thing, aren’t you? Seeing as you have lived up to your promise, so will I.” With that he pulled down his trousers and pants, letting his cock hang free.

Seeing that Ilona wasn’t moving, Michael kicked his trousers off and sat on the edge of his desk before beckoning Ilona over.

“If you come over here then we can get started. Just remember that you will need to swallow it to make it effective.” His cock twitched as Ilona still sat shocked. Getting bored with the waiting, Michael decided to remind her of the alternative. “Look Ilona, it’s this or no job and a criminal record!”

Upon hearing the threat, Ilona began to question the whole medical procedure. But as she saw him slowly pull up his pants she realised that this was her only option if she wanted the job. Besides there was every chance that he was telling the truth and she didn’t want her reservations about him to cause her to lose her job.

Swallowing hard, she slid off her seat to her knees. Looking up at his expectant face, she crawled over to him and grabbed his pants pulling them back down. Once again his cock came out erect and glistening. Looking up she could see the bottom of his large hairy belly peeking out from under his shirt, gripping his shaft she lowered her head and caught the tip of his cock in her mouth.

Immediately her first thought was thankful that he had a wash that morning though the smell of soap was quickly replaced with a strong salty taste as she swallowed his precum. Deciding it was better than the tramp kissing her, she forced herself to take more of his shaft, sucking hungrily, hoping that he would cum and get this medical over with. Coming up for air, she licked from the bottom of the shaft to the tip, coating his cock in salvia before engulfing it again.

“Oh my!!” He bellowed as Ilona got into a steady motion. Bobbing up and down on his prick she continued to suck hard, flicking her tongue around his tip as she did.

Looking down, Michael immediately felt his climax edge closer. The sight that met him was something he would never forget. Her puffy lips were tightly wrapped around his cock her eyes closed as gentle slurping noises filled the room.

Biting his bottom lip, he let out a guttural grunt. Releasing his grip on his desk, he moved his hands to the back of her head and gripped her hair. With a tight hold of her, he gently yet steadily forced her to take his cock in deeper. Ilona could only choke and gag as his thick shaft was totally embedded in her hot, wet mouth.

The sensation of her tight, hot throat was too much for Michael. With his voice strained, he managed to blurt out. “Fucking hell, I’m cumming. You need to swallow it all.” His voice broke into a cry of pleasure as he began climax.

Grunting and snorting, he began to shoot rope after rope of spunk into her mouth. “Fuck… fucking hell yes.” He tightly gripped her head as he bucked against her face.

Eventually, his eyes rolled back into his head as his orgasm started to wane. His legs jerked as Ilona continued to suck, her hand playing with his balls trying to coax more cum from him.

Michael, meanwhile was in another world his vision slowly came back into focus as he watched Ilona swallow the last remnants of cum, pumping his softening cock before licking around his sensitive tip making sure it was totally clean.

When she was done, she gave up and moved back to her chair, licking her lips before taking a swig of water as she waited for the doctor to recover. She couldn’t help but feel proud of her blowjob. From the glazed expression on Michael’s face he had never experienced something like her mouth.

Once she saw him come back to realist she spoke, “how long until it takes effect?”

Michael almost laughed at her quizzical expression. She sat looking at him, her face flushed with a small dollop of cum slowing making its way from her mouth to her chin. He was almost impressed that despite his rough treatment, her make-up was still perfect.

Kicking his pants off, he stood there half naked and smiled at her. “Well with other case studies, it can take anything from twenty minutes to an hour. Though these people always took several doses… now given the level of alcohol in your body, I suggest that you do the same, especially since we want you to pass this medical.” He spoke confidently, trying to work out how much he could get away with.

Over his twenty five year career, several women had propositioned him in exchange for his signature. When he was a young twenty something, he always rejected them but as he got older he gave into temptation. As with all taboo activities, moving to the next step gives a bigger thrill and the way he was manipulating Ilona made it far more enjoyable than the other women.

Ilona sat silently as he spoke but as soon as he had finished, she took another drink before getting to her knees again. Michael smiled and tried not to laugh in happiness at her willingness.

“Now there is another factor that needs to be adhered to, the cum has to spread around the body. So I’m afraid that your mouth has already been used which means you need to think of another way as I’m a bit unsure what to do next.” Michael explained all the while looking apologetically at her. The ultimate thrill would be having Ilona asking him to fuck her, and he was close to realising his wish.

Again Ilona went into thought, licking her lips in concentration. She could still taste his salty cum. She wasn’t stupid, she knew what he wanted and she was trying to work out another way to keep him satisfied but it was either her pussy or her ass and one was slightly better than the other.

Despite her reservations, she could feel her pussy moisten in anticipation. She had had no sexual contact in weeks and his thick cock was starting to look appealing, even though the rest of his body did not.

“Well…” she spoke slowly, “I think the best way is if you cum in my vagina.” She said it matter-of-factly, her eyes widening when she saw his cock start to rise once again.

“Bloody hell! That’s a great idea. It makes perfect sense. You would be attacking the alcohol from both directions. It has to work.” He grinned as he shrugged off his jacket and was about to take off his shirt when Ilona stopped him.

“Leave it on. It… looks nice,” she lied. At least with his shirt on she couldn’t see exactly how disgusting his body was.

She was now on her feet in front of the desk, her pussy dripping. Not having control of the situation was something new to her and it was exciting.

Looking at the expectation in his eyes, she began to take off her own clothes. With each button of her pink blouse undone, she saw his lip quiver. Letting the thin material fall, she unzipped her tight black mini skirt before peeling it down her legs.

Michael gasped when her red lingerie came into view and it was quickly followed by another as his eyes took in her body. Her dark nipples poked out from behind the sheer bra. They were clearly hard but the bigger shock for Michael was the damp patch on her thong. The material had ridden up in between her juicy pussy lips showing just how turned on she was. Already his cock was rock hard and ready to go again.

She could see he was fighting himself to stop from pouncing on her, having this power boosted her confidence. She was in control and she was going to use it.

Slowly, she moved to her bra and as she unclasped it, she thought she heard the breath catch in Michael’s throat. Smirking, she let one strap fall from her left shoulder, then holding the bra up she let the other strap fall. Looking him in the eyes, she dropped the material unveiling her pert, perfect breasts to Michael.

“Jesus,” he uttered softly as he clenched his fist and waited for her next move.

Michael looked on as Ilona ran her hands over her breasts and down to her flat stomach to the top of her garter belt. Briefly she stroked the silk material, then gripped the top and pulled them down gradually, showing her trimmed pussy to his drooling gaze.

It was when her thong hit the floor that Michael finally managed to put together a sentence. “Wait!” he spluttered. “Turn around and put your hands on the table. I need to check something.”

He licked his dry lips while he watched her lean forward and place her hand just inches from his own. Her breasts were presented to him and his cock shuddered violently in response. Pushing away from his desk, he stood and walked around to where her ass jutted out.

Ilona heard Michael fall to his knees behind her, and when she felt his breath on her ass, she shuddered in response. Closing her eyes, she gasped when she felt his cold hands touch her ass. He spread her cheeks, exposing her to his gaze. Biting her lip in anticipation, she didn’t have to wait long for his next move. He blew gently on her soaked pussy before dragging his tongue from her clit up to her tight asshole.

“Oo! Oh my God.” She groaned and dropped her head as Michael continued to lick hungrily at her pussy, avoiding her most sensitive parts until he felt Ilona push her cunt into his face.

With his large hand massaging her smooth ass, he curled his tongue and pushed it in her pussy, jabbing and slurping as he did. Her long legs quivered as her already wet cunt started to load his mouth.

Michael wasn’t able to help himself. He had only planned on a quick taste then a long fucking session but she tasted extraordinary and he couldn’t pass on trying to get more.

His tongue never stayed in one spot for long, darting over her pussy and ass, trying to find a sweet spot so she would drown him. With his mouth wide open, he grated his bottom teeth against Ilona’s clit, causing her to yelp and groan in pleasure as climbed toward her climax.

With her body starting to waken, she slid forward squashing her breasts on the table and pushing her ass into his face. She clenched her fists and let out a staggered grunt as pleasure overwhelmed her. It was when she felt his finger part open her pussy that she went over the edge.

“Oh I’m gonna cum! Oh fuck yes!” She screamed out in delight as her cunt clamped down on his probing finger.

Licking his lips clean, he sucked her pussy one last time before standing up behind her. Gripping his cock with his free hand, he lined it up with her pussy. Pausing to admire her body as she shuddered he pulled his finger free and quickly replaced it with his cock.

“Fucking hell” He groaned as his cock speared through her tightness, forcing several inches inside before being forced to stop. He licked his finger clean, and then gripped her hips with both hands. He could feel her muscles pulsating, gradually loosening to allow him deeper inside. Ilona was still in the throes of her orgasm when she felt his cock bottom out. Her whimpering grew louder as he began to drive into her.

Using short sharp thrusts, he enjoyed the sound of his balls slapping against her wet cunt. As she swung her head to look behind her he pulled his cock until only the tip was left in the folds of her pussy.

Pausing for a moment, he heard her groan before he slammed back inside. Again and again he did this, enjoying the cool air on his shaft only to be engulfed once more by her tight, warm cunt.

Removing a hand from her hips, he lightly slapped her ass before spreading her cheeks, taking a moment to appreciate the way her tight pussy wrapped around his shaft.

After slapping her ass again, he dropped his hand to her left leg and lifted it up onto the desk. When Ilona didn’t complain, he took hold of her right leg and lifted it until it also rested on the desk, leaving her doing the splits with his cock separating her pussy lips.

Ilona had never felt more exposed in her life. With her legs spread, he felt deeper and thicker inside her. Once again his hands clutched her waist, and then he began to fuck her gently.

Gripping her hips, he forced her back and forth on the desk causing the smooth surface to rub against her hard nipples and protruding clit. She was still sensitive from her orgasm, and his rough treatment was sending shock waves of pleasure through her.

While Ilona whimpered, Michael continued to be amazed with her flexibility. Having her in this position meant he could see his cock pump in and out, watch her ass jiggle, and best of all he was able to force himself deeper inside her.

Due to the awkward position, Michael had the added benefit of feeling her muscles tightening around his shaft spurring him to pick up his speed. The sound of her moaning was hot, but seeing her firm ass quiver under his thrusts was the ultimate satisfaction.

His continued assault on her cunt, in addition to the friction on her clit and nipples, Ilona found herself rising to another level of pleasure. Her fingernails scratched at the desk as she screamed out. “Keep going… harder!”

Just as she was about to yell out again, she stopped when she felt something wet land on her asshole quickly followed by a large finger smearing it around her tight ring before it penetrated her.

His thrusts stopped as he worked his finger further into her tight ass until it was buried inside. Twisting it, he caused Ilona to let out a sharp gasp before he pulled out. Spitting on her asshole again, he forced the digit back inside.

This time the passage was much easier, resulting in a satisfied moan from Ilona. With his finger lodged inside he gently pushed against the thin wall separating his finger and cock. Feeling his shaft throb, he groaned in decadent delight.

“Fuck,” She grunted as she felt his finger twist and turn inside her, when it was loose enough, he pushed a second finger alongside the first. It was as she began to squirm that he renewed his thrusts, keeping them short and sharp while his fingers played with her asshole.

Ilona couldn’t work out whether she liked the odd sensation of having his fingers probe her ass. “Ohhh… ahhh.” Her guttural groan came out whenever his fingers pulled out, she had the unusual feeling of emptiness yet with his cock continuing to slam into her, she realised she was enjoying it to such an extent that she was moaning uncontrollably.

“What… what are you doing?” Ilona started when she felt him pull both his fingers and shaft free. Along with a mumble of protest she looked behind to see what he was doing.

Ignoring her protests, he wrapped his hands around her stomach, pausing for a minute to enjoy her soft skin against his. He then leaned back, picking her up off the desk and leaving her impaled on his cock.

Mustering all his strength, he carried her around his desk before carefully negotiating himself into his chair. For Ilona, the helpless feeling of being carried with his cock still buried inside her was a new sensation that she would definitely repeat.

Sitting on his large leather chair, Michael relaxed and took a deep breath, trying to will his heartbeat to return to normal.

“Come on, fuck me!” Ilona moaned when she noticed his lack of movement, rotating her hips on his lap, she stimulated him back into action.

Shuffling forward until his hips fell off the end of the chair, he held the position and slowly lowered his hips leaving just the tip of his cock inside.

Michaels held his position watching as Ilona dropped down slowly, the satisfied smile on her face telling him that she enjoying his shaft filling her up again. Michael chose that moment to thrust upward burying himself inside her.

LET’S PLAY DOCTOR by Martin Reid

There I was, sitting in my van on the side of the road, in the middle of nowhere, with my dick in my hand. I’d been feeling tremendously horny all day, but my job as a sales rep generally keeps me way too busy to do anything about it. However, my last call was out in the boonies with a young female doctor; redheaded and gorgeous.

I tried, I really tried, to be professional, but her blouse was open necked – her lovely round breasts straining each button and so tight that you could actually see her areola through the material of both her blouse and her bra. They were so perky and dark and so very enticing, I couldn’t keep my eyes off them. What a bungled sales call that was. When she finally informed me that she needed to see to her patients, I could barely stand, the bulge in my pants as obvious as her nipples. Goddammit, that was the last straw! I just had to get out of there, so I didn’t bother booking a future appointment, before practically sprinting out of the office.

So there I was, lazily stroking my cock, fantasizing about what kind of a sales call it could have been – if we were the stars of a porn-video, or I was a very lucky bastard. I was totally lost in my thoughts, eyes closed. I didn’t even know that there was another car on the highway, let alone pulled up behind me. I didn’t hear anything at all until the tap on the window. My eyes flew open! Oh, God! It was the doctor!

I grabbed an open binder from the seat beside me and threw it across my lap. Oh, shit! Oh, shit! Oh, shit! What had I done? She was probably going to phone my company and make a formal complaint and I’d lose my job! Sweating, I rolled down the window. She leaned her head inside and asked me if I was okay.

OKAY!? You have got to be kidding! I was in a state of advanced shock! Barely breathing, I stammered out a reply. “Fine thanks no problems here just doing a little bit of work before heading home yup fine just fine thanks.” All the while, my brain was screaming – Oh shit! Oh shit! Oh! … oh … oh?

She reached inside and took up the binder, asking, “May I?” She looked at the title and nodded, “hmm, this is the new product that you were telling me about. It sounds very interesting.” She closed the binder, tucking it under her arm. She leaned into the van again. My dick was still hard, still naked and still in my hand. She licked her lips and a wicked smile played across her lips. “I think this bears much further discussion,” she said, “don’t you?”

I was too embarrassed, or too scared for my job, to properly read her tone. I fumbled to zip up, and hide my raging hard-on, but to no avail. I was trying to think of something to say to explain why it appeared that I was jerking off at the side of the road, not two kilometers from her office, but nothing I could think of seemed particularly helpful. My mind was racing at top speed, but going nowhere, and my panic was building by the second, until I felt her hand on my stiff prick.

“It looks like you could use a doctor’s care,” she said, gripping my manhood in her soft healing hands.

I must have looked awfully confused, or shocked, as I stammered, “you’re not going to report me?”

She laughed. “Now, why would I do that? Then, I’d never see you again, or feel your eyes on my tits. Oh, don’t think I didn’t notice you looking down my blouse today.”

“So, you’re not mad?”

“That all depends on what you do next. Now, are you going to invite me in, or am I going to let go of your cock, and go home unsatisfied?”

“Come on in,” I managed to whisper.

Moving around to the passenger side, she opened the sliding door, and beckoned me over. I scrambled between the front seats, and gave her a hand in. Sitting on the floor with her legs outside of the van, she took my hand, and guided me out, where I stood in front of her. She pulled down my still-open pants, and cupping my testicles tightly in her hand, said with a giggle, “turn your head and cough.”

All I could manage was a deep sigh, as she touched her ruby lips to my cockhead. Then she wrapped her carmine locks around my hard shaft, and stroked, while moistening the tip with her tongue. What a sight – all that lovely red hair, trapping my hard cock, while her tongue snaked around it. Mmmmmm, and it felt wonderful, too! My sighs turned to moans, as she took my cock all the way into her waiting mouth, and sucked it hard, still cupping my balls in her hands. She was good, let me tell you! She knew how to suck cock, and soon she had me bucking my hips, on the threshold of bliss. “Ooooh, I’m going to cum!” I warned.

“Not yet, Martin,” she said taking me out of her mouth, allowing one tiny white pearl of pre-cum to ooze out of my cock. When the danger had passed, she sexily licked up my pre-cum with the tip of her tongue, and then resumed sucking my cock, with her deep green eyes looking right into mine. She sucked harder, and faster this time, and again had me a split second away from cumming in her talented mouth. I informed her again that I was about to cum, and she stopped, robbing me of my release. “Don’t be disappointed, Martin,” she said. “When I let you cum, it will be fantastic!”

God, she wasn’t kidding! When I came it was the most incredible thing I’d ever felt! But I’m getting ahead of myself here.

Again and again, this lovely creature performed the best fellatio I’d ever had in my life on me. She quickly got a feel for my reactions, and soon, she didn’t need for me to warn her that I was about to cum; she just stopped sucking, waited a couple of seconds for the urgency to die down, and started sucking again. I couldn’t even guess how many times she did this before stopping, and getting out of the van.

Without a word, she strolled casually away from me, and got into her own car. I wasn’t sure what to do, but I quickly pulled up my pants, zipped up, and ran over to the driver’s side of her car. I knocked on her window, and she powered it down. “Did I do something wrong?” I asked, with panic building up in my head again.

Taking my hand, she slipped it into the waistband of her slacks and panties, and pushed my fingers into her pussy. It was slick with her natural lubricant. She moaned at my touch, and pumped her hips a couple of times, before pulling my hand out, and placing my fingers to my lips for a taste of her honey. “Does that answer your question, lover?”

I nodded dumbly. And what would you do?

“Follow me,” she said, and sped off down the highway.

Damn! If I didn’t hurry, I’d lose her! I scrambled into the van, started it up, slammed it into drive while mashing my foot on the gas, and took off like a Bat out of Hell – a horny one! I’d never seen a mini-van burn rubber like that before.

The car she drove was obviously built for speed, and I had the damnedest time just keeping her in my sight. She was toying with me, and I’m sure having a good laugh at my expense; slowing down long enough for me to get within five car-lengths, and then speeding up ahead. You might say that she was leading me to her place by my dick. Hell, she might as well have tied it to the back bumper of her car. I was hooked, that’s for sure! My hard-on still straining against my pants, I did my best to keep up.

After what seemed like hours of speedway racing, we arrived at her place, and she beckoned me into the house with a provocative wave. I followed behind her, watching her lovely round ass sway as she walked, and she lead me into the bedroom. Sitting on the bed, she pulled me to her, undressed me, and again, stimulated my prick with her oh-so-talented tongue, until I was ready to cum. Gasping from a mixture of pleasure and frustration as she pulled my cock from her mouth, I knelt at her bidding. Lifting her hips for a moment, she pulled off her slacks, and tossed them carelessly to the floor. Her top soon joined it, and she sat there in her frilly white bra and matching bikini panties (which, I could see from my vantage, were quite damp).

Pushing my head unceremoniously between her widespread thighs, she ground her panty-clad pussy against my lips. I kissed her cuntlips, and stabbed at her clit with my tongue through the sheer material of her wet panties, and she moaned in appreciation. Heating up her already hot snatch with my breath, I did my damnedest to make her feel as good as she made me feel, and soon, I was rewarded with screams of passion, and waves of pussy-juice seeping through her panties, as she climaxed, gripping my head with her thighs.

It occurred to me for a moment that it wasn’t exactly fair that she had her orgasm so freely, while I was denied mine. But then, she’d had the upper hand in this encounter from the beginning, didn’t she? Besides, she’d promised me one fantastic orgasm, and I was willing to play the game her way.

Pulling at the waistband, trying to get them off, the doctor accidentally tore a hole in her tiny panties. Figuring her panties were ruined anyway, I grabbed them, and tore them right off of her. She gasped, and pulled me close, rubbing up against me. I looked into her sultry eyes, and she kissed me hard on the mouth, grabbing my aching cock, and stroking slowly. As I moved down, kissing her neck, and her shoulders, she whispered hotly in my ear, “my nipples love to be bitten.”

I took my time, kissing a path to her deep cleavage, and I reached around to unhook her bra, while she continued to stroke my rigid penis. Tossing her bra to the floor with the rest of her clothing, I took a moment to admire her bountiful breasts, which had had me so captivated in her office. Oh, they were lovely! As was the rest of her body. She was perfect. Curvy, sexy, and oh-so-womanly! Bending to her bosom, I took her left nipple between my teeth, and slowly bit down. Panting, she arched her back, and held my head to her breast, as I clamped down harder and harder on her pert nipple. “Harder!” she hissed between clenched teeth, and I obeyed her wish. She nearly screamed, and pulled her nipple away, and it stretched out at least an inch before snapping out from between my teeth. “Mmmmmmm,” she said, “now the other one!” And I gave her right nipple the same treatment.

Amazingly, she continued to stroke my cock through all of this. Even more amazing was the fact that she was still in-tune with my reactions. If she hadn’t been, I might have cum on her hand, even as her right nipple snapped out of my mouth. But she stopped, just before the point of no return!

Kissing me deeply, she probed my mouth with her tongue, and began stroking me once more. Adding oral stimulation to manual, she was again eating my hard manhood. Swinging a leg over me, she lowered her dripping cunt to my face, and we slipped into a cozy 69, without her releasing my prick from her mouth. Oh, her pussy tasted so sweet! Making all kinds of beastly noises, we pleasured each other with our tongues. Her mouth was doing wonderful things to my cock, and she rubbed my balls gently, and started tickling my asshole with one finger. Oooo, that was new! But it was good! I did not protest. Instead, I gave her the same treatment. Sliding my tongue over and between her pussylips, and flicking it over her hard clitty, I traced the outer rim of her anus with my right forefinger. She responded nicely, writhing and moaning, and grinding her pussy to my face. I felt her finger slip into my asshole, and it sent waves of pleasure through my body. Groaning into her cunt, I pushed my finger into her ass, and she reacted similarly, rocking back and forth, and sucking my cock noisily.

Feeling my orgasm building, I tried to be quiet about it, but the doctor couldn’t be fooled. At my first whimper, she pulled her mouth from my cock, and her finger from my asshole. But she didn’t give me a chance to stop licking her pussy, and soon I heard her screaming out my name, and got a mouthful of her hot love juice, as she came.

Without pausing, she climbed off of my face, and went back to sucking my cock, and fingering my asshole. I’m sure you know the routine by now; her oral attentions had me to the breaking point in no time, and her finger up my ass made it that much more intense, but she always knew when to stop (much to my chagrin), a split second before I would have cum.

While she did this, I let my hands roam all over her lush and lovely body, marveling at her beauty and her technique. She had really set my nerves on fire, and my body was one big mass of sexual anticipation. I didn’t understand it at the time, but she wasn’t being cruel by denying me my orgasm. If I’d cum the first time that I might have, this encounter would have been over long ago, and it would not have been nearly as intense!

“Fuck me, Martin!” she whispered after my hundredth near-climax abated.

Who am I to argue? Pushing her back on the bed, and nudging her legs apart with my knees, I rammed my cock into her slick cunt. The screams were incredible.

“Oh! That feels so good, Martin!” she shouted as I fucked her like a jackhammer. I’m usually a very slow and tender lovemaker, but I was out of control with lust, and the good doctor didn’t seem to want me to slow down. “Fuck me faster, Martin! Harder! OH!”

I felt her finger push into my rectum once again, and an electric shock traveled through my body, making all my tiny hairs stand on end. Biting into her nipples hard, like I know she loves, I fucked her as forcefully and as furiously as I could, and soon, she was tensing up for another climax. I was ready too, and I thought that she’d stop me. “I’m going to cum,” I warned her unnecessarily.

“Oh! Yes!” she cried. “Me, too! Cum, Martin! Cum inside me, now! OooooOOOooooooo!”

My shouts blended with hers, even as my semen mixed with her cream, and I collapsed on top of her after a few more jerking thrusts.

Panting, and out of energy, she kissed me tenderly, and I held her close. We just lay there, catching our breath, and resting easily in each other’s arms.

“Well?” she asked, “did I lie to you?”

“No,” I answered. “That was the most incredible thing I’ve ever felt in my entire life!” And I was not exaggerating!

“You’re not so bad yourself,” she grinned.

We showered, and dressed, and ordered a pizza for dinner. I stayed the night, but we were both simply too exhausted for anything more than a kiss goodnight.

That was last night, and I’m going back to her office tomorrow morning. I have the perfect excuse. I forgot to rebook a future appointment, and my company has quite a few other products that I should be telling her about.

When we met in the crowded living room he was flanked by a big breasted blonde on each arm. It was a Halloween party. He was dressed as a doctor, in scrubs. The two blondes had their asses hanging out of white mini-skirts that came in the nurse costume packages at the Halloween super store. He smiled at me and gestued his head like I should cross the room to talk to him. I could tell his broad shoulder and thin waist meant he was hiding the body of an athletic sex machine under his blue scrubs.

I decided to cross the room, bumping shoulders and midsections with half-naked coeds, to meet the doctor and his nurses. The music was loud and he waved his hand for me to lean in close so he could tell me something. Whispering in my ear, he said that his nurses where actually a lesbian couple that he had met at the gay pride parade a few years ago. The sexy nurses had noticed me looking at him from across the room and had told him that he should introduce himself. His name was Aaron, but I could call him doctor. I introduced myself as Brian as my cheeks started to turn red.

I had been checking him out from across the room. I was a closeted bisexual, who had brought my girlfriend to the party. My gay encounters had been with random men I had met online, not face to face, mutual attraction like this. My dick jumped, and I couldn’t hide the tent popping in the pants of my police costume. He whispered in my ear again, saying that I didn’t have to say anything. He told me to go get myself a drink and to meet him near the pool in the backyard in a few minutes.

I tried to talk myself out of it, but I checked in with my girlfriend, who was giggling with some of her old college friends and got myself a drink. As I walked out into the cool air of the back yard, I could see the doctor standing by himself a few feet in front of me with his back turned. I walked up slowly and stood next to him, making some comment about how nice of a night it was.

“Have you ever had a doctor fantasy Brian, because I have always wanted a sexy police officer like yourself to wrap his thick lips around my cock.” Noticing my surprise, he continued, “My car is out front, it has a giant back seat and full tint.” He made sure no one was looking before grabbing one of my hands and placing it on the crotch of his pants. I could feel his cock start to grow, “You want to suck it, don’t you?”

“Yes,” was all that I could say.

“Follow me, ” he said with a naughty smile on his face.

I followed him down along the side of the house and out of the wooden gate. He led me to a large S.U.V. with dark tint and I knew that no one would be able to see me sucking this stranger’s cock. I couldn’t wait to get my lips around the doctor’s fat dick. It was going to taste so good. I hadn’t tasted another man’s cum in years.

Doctor Aaron used his remote to unlock the doors, checked each direction to make sure that the coast was clear and opened up the driver side rear door. He nodded his head, telling me to get in. With a look over my shoulder, I did just that. I got in. I moved to the far end of his leather bench seat as he climbed in behind me and pulled the door shut behind him. With another click on the remote attached to his keychain I could hear the doors lock and watched the overhead light go out. It was dark and quiet. I could feel the Doctor’s hand gently rest on my upper thigh. My cock began to tingle and grow and I knew that I couldn’t stop it from doing so. By the time his hand was slowly rubbing it’s way up my thigh to grab onto my dick, it was already at full attention.

“I can tell that you are turned on already. Do you want to feel my cock get hard? It is starting to grow,” asked the doctor.

“Yes, ” again, was all that I could say. I knew that he would lead the way though.

He started by squeezing my cock and holding it in his large hand through my pants. He took his other hand, grabbed one of mine and placed it onto his crotch again. His cock felt bigger this time. I knew that he was turned on too. Not needing any more direction at this point, I took the tip of his semi-hard dick out from under his scrubs and boxers. I wanted to watch it grow.

He was starting to work his hand up and down on my cock, still gripping firmly from outside of my blue police pants. It was a real turn on to know that my mouth was going to be full of his cock. I closed my eyes briefly to imagine what it was going to feel like. The head of his cock would be tickling the tonsils in the back of my throat. The more his cock grew in my hand, and the more my dick grew from his touch on the outside of my pants… the more I knew for sure that I was going to go through with it. I opened my eyes and turned my body so that I could be on my knees, on the floor of the doctor’s S.U.V.

I positioned myself so that I was kneeling between his legs, both of my hands on his waste-band, pulling his underwear and pants down at the same time. He lifted his tight ass off the seat so that I could get them all the way off.

This stranger’s cock was staring me in the face. It was such a turn on to smell the sweet musk of his crotch as I stuck my tongue out from between my lips and lightly licked the head of his cock, almost like I was afraid of it. I wasn’t scared though and before I could lick the head again I had run my tongue all the way down his fat shaft and tasted a small piece of the skin on his scrotum.

“That feels so good Brian, you are eager aren’t you? How does it taste?” asked Dr. Aaron.

I mumbled back that it tasted like candy and continued to kiss and lick the head while holding the shaft as close to my chin as I could.

“Good, I have been waiting for a naughty cop like you to pull me over. Go ahead and wrap your cock sucking lips around the head of my dick. Thats it. Suck on it softly. like it’s a straw. Suck it Brian”

I did as I was told. Dr. Aaron’s voice was starting to show signs that he was very turned on. His head was resting on the seat back. His hips were starting to flex and relax and then flex again. He was starting to talk dirtier and dirtier to me.

“You cock loving whore. Suck it. Make me feel good. Ahhh. My cock is so hard. Your mouth feels like heaven Brian. I bet you love sucking cock while no one is around, huh? You cock lover, looking so sexy in your police uniform. Cops like to give head too when no one is watching.”

I wedged my hands under his ass and squeezed a cheek with each one. His back arched momentarily as his ass clenched and he continued to talk dirty.

Putting both of his hands on the back of my head he said, “Officer Brian, if you don’t stop I am going to shoot my gun right down your throat. I can feel my balls start to tingle. The doctor thinks you need a fat load of cum in your mouth Brian. It is the only way to satisfy a dirty police cock-sucker like you.”

Hearing his words sent me over the edge. I removed one of my hands from his ass cheek and started to jack his hard purple cock up and down in rhythm with my mouth.

“Just like that you slut. Cock slut, suck it for the doctor. Suck my cock officer, I promise to shoot my load for you. I want to cum down your throat your naughty cop. Suck my dick just like that… ohh my god. That feels so good Brian. Just like that. I’m going to cum. I’m going to cum.”

The thrashing of his hips and ass, along with the spasms his cock was having in my mouth made me know that he was telling the truth.

“Just like that Brian, Suck it. Ohhh. Ohhh. Fuck Brian. Ohhh.”

He started to grip my hair like it was the reigns on a horse, forcefully burying my face in his crotch, his dick in my mouth. The first rush of cum felt like gay sexual bliss as it hit the back of my throat and he yelled out:

“Ohh. Such a good cop.” He continued, “How does that cum taste oficer” as I finished milking his cum load from his gorgeous dick. Each burst tasting sweeter than the first. I continued sucking until his cock started to shrink and he started to squirm from the tickle.

“Thank you,” I said as I straightened up my police costume, and finished swallowing the remnants of his cum from my mouth, licking it from my lips and chin. I pulled a business card from my wallet and told him that I had a lot of lunches and early evenings available during the week……. I left the S.U.V. with the doctor still in shock from his orgasm, pantless, with his softening cock hanging out. As I walked back to the party I remember wondering if my girlfriend would taste the cum on my breath.

Chapter One

CJ Invited to American Academy of Ophthalmology Conference 2006

CJ had only spoken with Jamal a few times on the phone after he returned to his office near Los Angles. He was not expected to return to CJ’s region until after the annual American Academy of Ophthalmology Annual Conference, which was to be held in Las Vegas that year. His company was going to be exhibitors and he needed the time to prepare for the conference.

The first week or so after CJ had fucked Dr. Dulcet were anxious times in the office for both CJ and Dr. Dulcet. There had been no further incidents with Dr. Dulcet but there were the knowing smiles between them and both knew their relationship went beyond their previously professional friendship. The rumors of the panties found in the office had finally died down.

Dr. Dulcet stopped CJ as she was coming out of an examination room and asked her to meet him for dinner. He wanted to talk to her about their office relationship.

CJ told Dr. Dulcet she thought that would be a good idea. She had been concerned that she may have to leave the office.

At dinner Dr. Dulcet told CJ that he had been contacted by Jamal’s company regarding CJ attending the American Academy of Ophthalmology Conference in Las Vegas in a few weeks. He thought it would be good for her to attend especially since Jamal’s company would cover her travel and hotel cost, and he would give her three days off with pay.

He told her he was to leave earlier in the week for the conference and would not be able to stay for the full conference but there would a day overlap when they would both be in Las Vegas. He would like to take her to dinner while they were both in Las Vegas. She smiled at him as she told him that she would like to have dinner with him, but they both knew it would be much more than dinner.

CJ was also excited that she would be seeing Jamal again. She remembered the gifts of lingerie that Dr. Dulcet and Jamal had given her. She had saved the ivory set for such an occasion and was thrilled that she would finally be able to model the sexy garments.

Chapter Two

CJ arrives in Las Vegas


When CJ arrived at the airline terminal it was busy for a Wednesday afternoon, many travelers were scurrying about as they tried to catch flights after a long business day. The plane was not full so CJ took a window seat and she buckled into her seat to prepare for takeoff. A well dressed man took the isle seat in her row. As the plane leveled off after take off, he introduced himself to CJ.

Mike Ward was an ophthalmologist from San Jose on was on his way to the same conference. He was scheduled to make a presentation on pediatric ophthalmology. It was an eighty minute flight to Las Vegas, but the flight seemed shorter as they chatted. She learned that Dr. Ward and Dr. Dulcet had met when they ended up in a golf foursome at a previous American Academy of Ophthalmology Annual Conference and had kept in contact over the years.

Dr. Ward asked CJ where she would be staying in Las Vegas and she told him she was staying at the Monte Carlo hotel. Dr. Ward joked that Dr. Dulcet must be doing good to put her in such a nice hotel. CJ chuckled and told him, “Dr. Dulcet prefers to stay at the MGM. One of our medical suppliers has offered me a room for a few days and even arranged for my airline tickets.”

Dr. Ward was familiar with the medical company and he had actually purchased several pieces of medical equipment for his office from the Jamal. He told CJ the supply company had a medical assistant from a local office on contract to help with technical assistance and finalizing sales. CJ sipped her airline wine as they talked and smiled as she wondered if Dr. Ward had been given the same signing bonus as Dr. Dulcet.

He asked, “Have they offered you a contract yet?”

CJ replied, “Jamal has not mentioned a contract, but he has asked me to meet with their CEO.” CJ was now curious why the company was being so generous.

As the plane readied for landing they exchanged cell phone numbers and agreed to try to get together sometime during the conference. CJ waved bye and smiled at Dr. Ward as they walked in to the terminal as they exited the jet way.

Jamal was waiting as CJ walked into the terminal; she smiled and waved when she noticed him. She set her bag down and hugged Jamal. She blushed as their kiss lasted longer than a casual greeting. He told her, “I am glad you could make it, our company has plans to wine and dine you while you are here. Thomas, our CEO, is anxious to meet you.” He picked up her bag and they walked off to get the rest of her luggage.

As they waited for CJ’s luggage, Dr. Ward stopped to greet Jamal; he took CJ’s hand and told her how much he had enjoyed their chat on the plane. He told CJ he hoped to see her again while they were in Las Vegas. He told Jamal that he would be contacting him to talk about ordering more equipment for his office; he smiled knowingly at CJ as he walked off to gather his luggage.

CJ and Jamal stood outside for only a few minutes when a black limo pulled up to the curb and the driver got out and opened the door. Jamal nodded towards the limo and said, “Our ride is here.” Jamal smiled as her legs opened as she got in the limo. He was pleased to see that CJ had worn the black hose and garter belt that he and Dr. Dulcet had given her. The driver closed the door and loaded CJ’s luggage into the trunk.

CJ chuckled and asked, “Are you trying to impress me with the limo?”

Jamal laughed as he answered, “Are you impressed? Our company leased it for the conference and Thomas told me to use it to pick you up and get you checked in.”

CJ smiled, “Yes I am impressed.” She rested her hand on his thigh as she asked, “Who is Thomas?”

Jamal answered, “Thomas had worked for one of our competitors several years ago and left to start his own business. He has been very successful. He is busy meeting with suppliers today or he would have picked you up. I told him how you helped me with the sale to Dr. Dulcet and he is anxious to meet you tomorrow.”

He laid his arm around her shoulder and pulled her to him and kissed her. As their kiss broke he slid his hand up her thigh as he stroked the smooth hose covering her thigh. He asked, “Have you missed me?”

CJ rubbed his thigh as she told him, “Yes… I’m hoping you won’t be too busy to spend some time together.”

The limo slowed as it turned into the Monte Carlo and stopped in front of the large archway entrance. A bellman stepped forward and opened the door as the driver unloaded CJ’s luggage. Jamal got out and offered his hand to help CJ. Her legs opened exposing her stockings and bare thighs as she got out. She smiled as she saw Jamal glance up her skirt. The bellman collected her luggage and followed them through the lobby to the elevator.

Jamal opened CJ’s room with his key and slipped it back in his shirt pocket. CJ was impressed with the large luxurious room. A king size bed against one wall, a sofa and chair made up the seating area in front of a window that overlooked the strip.

The bellman hung CJ’s garment bag in the closet and lifted her suit case onto a luggage rack in the foyer leading to a large bathroom. He told them his name was Jermaine and asked, “If there is anything you need, please call the front desk and ask for me, is there anything I can do for you before I leave?”

Jamal handed Jermaine a generous tip and asked him to open the bottle of wine on the bar. Jamal poured two glasses of wine, CJ was seated on the sofa looking at the view out her window as Jamal handed a glass to CJ and sat next to her.

CJ gently swirled her wine in the crystal tulip shaped wine glass. She held the glass to her nose and inhaled the aroma, then took a sip and moaned softly, “Very nice, did you pick it out?”

Jamal smiled, pleased that CJ liked the wine, and said “Actually Thomas picked it out and sent it over.”

CJ took another sip and said, “Well I will have to thank him for the wine when I meet him.”

Jamal smiled knowingly as he replied, “I am sure he will appreciate that… I wish I had more time to spend with you this afternoon, but Thomas has me working the hospitality suite today.”

CJ set her glass down on the glass topped coffee table and said, “I hope you have a little time now, I have a surprise for you.” She smiled as she knelt in front of Jamal and slowly started to unfasten his slacks. She pulled his cock out and slowly stroked it, she moaned as it started to harden in her hand.

Jamal smiled as he looked down at her kneeling between his legs and chuckled as told her, “I think I got enough time for a blow job.”

CJ laughed and lowered her head and took the soft black crown in her mouth. Her hand slid up and down his cock as she sucked on the dark cock as it grew hard in her mouth. She bobbed her head, taking his cock deeper each time, and then slowly her lips slid down his cock until the head touched the tight opening to her throat.

Jamal moaned and chuckled as he asked, “Anyone ever tell you that you are a good cock sucker?”

CJ let his cock slip from her mouth and sarcastically replied, “Yes… you said I was a good cock sucker, but not a great cock sucker.” She took his cock back in her mouth and started to bob her head faster. She paused as she took his cock deeper.

Jamal put his hand on her head and gently pushed, CJ slid her lips up and sucked on the head and shook her head. Jamal asked, “You don’t want my help?”

CJ shook her head again and slowly lowered her head and took his cock deep. She took a big breath and push until she felt his cock head slip into her throat. She slowly bobbed her head, his cock inched deeper, stretching her throat.

She raised her head and his cock slipped from her mouth, she held it and rubbed it over her cheeks and lips. Her breath was short as she told him, “God… I love your cock… I love sucking on it…it’s such a beautiful cock.” She took it in her mouth again and it slid easier in her throat. She moaned as his cock head fucked her throat, and then she swallowed his cock.

Jamal grabbed her head and moaned loud as she took the rest of his cock in her mouth, her nosed nestled in the thick hair surrounding his cock, and he cried out, “Oh fuck yea… that’s it… take it all… suck that cock.”

CJ felt his cock swell as he slowly fucked her throat and she knew he was ready to cum. She raised her head and his cock slipped from her throat, she wrapped her hand around it and stroked it as she sucked, her lips sliding quickly up and down his cock. CJ felt his cock as it swelled and she groaned as she tasted his hot cum as it filled her mouth.

Jamal grunted loud as his cock began to erupt in her mouth, he smiled as he felt her swallow his cum. CJ slowly stroked his cock as she sucked on the head, swallowing his cum as it flowed into her mouth. He relaxed and she knew he was almost finished, she continued to slowly stroke his cock. He would jerk and grunted as more cum oozed into her mouth as she sucked on the soft fleshy head.

His cock started to soften and she could not suck anymore more cum from it. She let it slip from her mouth and kissed the soft flesh of the crown. She looked up at him; and smiled as she asked, “Am I a great cock sucker now?”

They both laughed and he said, “Yes you are… what a nice surprise. I can tell you have had some practice since I last had my cock in your mouth. Anyone I know?”

She smiled and told him, “I wanted to surprise you so I bought a big black dildo that looks just like your cock to practice on.” She gently licked the soft black head and told him, “But it was not as good as the real thing and it didn’t come with a creamy prize inside either.”

She leaned back and took a sip of her wine, Jamal stood and zipped his pants and buckled his belt. She tipped the glass up and finished her wine. She walked with Jamal to the door and they shared a passionate kiss before he left.

Chapter Three

CJ Goes to Dinner with Dr. Dulcet

CJ was unpacking when her cell phone rang and she smiled as she saw Dr. Dulcet name on the caller id. They chatted for a while and made arrangements to meet later that evening for dinner. He was staying at the MGM and wanted to take her to a restaurant in the hotel.

CJ hoped that dinner would just be the beginning of a nice evening with Dr. Dulcet. As she prepared for her evening she picked out a pair of nice black thong panties she thought would please the doctor. She smiled as she decided not to wear a bra and tease Dr. Dulcet through the meal; after all they were in Vegas.

She slipped on a pair of dark hose held up high on her thighs by the wide lace band, and then slipped on the black lace hip hugger panties. She stood in front of the mirror and turned, she hoped Dr. Dulcet would be pleased with the way her panties exposed her ass, the lace barely covering the cheeks. The narrow lace rounded over the top curves of he ass before narrowing and then hid as it slipped between the firm cheeks as it disappeared between her thighs.

She slipped a cream colored lace long sleeve shirt over her head and pulled the tight see through top down, it fit tight over her small breast, her bare breast and nipples peeked between the sheer lace patterns, and then slid a short flared skirt up over her hips.

As she looked at herself in the mirror she could see her bare breasts and nipples, her nipples grew hard as she wondered if Dr Dulcet would get aroused as they dined. She decided she should wear her blazer, as she slipped it on and fastened the one button, she could still see the insides of her bare breast, but her nipples were concealed by the jacket. She slipped on her 5 inch black high heel pumps to complete the look.

It was a nice evening and the MGM was close to her hotel so she decided to walk. Her hips swayed as she leisurely strolled along the Strip, her high heels clicking against the sidewalk. She knew she looked hot as several men smiled and nodded as they passed.

Dr. Dulcet was waiting in the lounge as they had planned. He smiled and waved when he saw CJ enter, she recognized Dr. Ward as he stood with Dr. Dulcet at the bar.

Dr Dulcet placed his hand on her lower back and told her, “My… you look stunning.” He paused as he glanced at her exposed cleavage, “I hear you have already met Dr. Ward.”

CJ eyes met Dr. Ward’s as she smiled as he took her hand and said, “Yes we had a very enjoyable talk on the plane coming over, I was hoping we would see each other again.”

As Dr Dulcet pulled out the stool for CJ, he told her, “Dr. Ward called me this afternoon when he got in town and I invited him to join us tonight. I hope you don’t mind.”

CJ was disappointed that she and Dr. Dulcet would not be spending the evening alone, but politely said, “Of course not.”

Dr Dulcet ordered a glass of wine for CJ and she had finished about half it when a pager on the bar started to vibrate and flash. Dr. Dulcet picked it up and smiled, “Our booth must be ready.” CJ picked up her glass of wine and the doctors led her to the restaurant.

They followed a nicely dressed hostess to their table, her long black skirt wrapped tightly around her nice ass and CJ wondered if she was wearing panties. The round booth was tucked discreetly into a bay with a table clothe that hung low over the edges, the bench style seat stretched around the inside.

CJ paused as Dr. Dulcet offered to help CJ with her jacket, knowing her breast would be nearly exposed. Her eyes met Dr. Ward’s as she turned to let Dr. Dulcet slip the jacket off her shoulders. She felt her nipples harden as Dr. Ward eyes lingered as he looked at her small breast covered only by the sheer lace blouse.

Dr. Ward motioned with his hand for CJ to slide in first. She tried in vain to hold her skirt in an effort to stop it from sliding further up as she slide into the booth. She looked at Dr. Ward as he raised his eyes from her legs and smiled at her. The doctors slid in on each side of her. The hostess handed them menus and smiled as she looked in CJ’s eyes and said, “Enjoy your dinner.”

A male waiter delivered fresh drinks and took their orders. They casually talked as they awaited their dinner. CJ turned and smiled at Dr. Dulcet as she felt his hand rest on her knee. She took a sip of her wine and moaned approvingly as his hand slowly slid inside her thigh and softly caressed the smooth hose covering her leg.

Dr. Ward smiled as he heard her soft moan, “You must approve of the wine.”

She smiled at Dr. Ward and said, “Yes it is very good, I will have to be sure not to drink too much of it, or you two may take advantage of me.” She turned and smiled knowingly at Dr. Dulcet.

Dr. Dulcet gently tugged on CJ’s thigh, hinting for her to open her legs. As her legs parted, she felt his hand casually slid higher onto her bare thigh. Her knee brushed against Dr. Ward’s leg. She quickly pulled her leg away, but felt Dr. Ward’s hand as he laid it on her leg and lightly pulled as his hand slide slowly up as he casually caressed her thigh. She felt his hand move above her stockings and her legs opened slightly as she felt his hand on her bare thigh.

CJ closed her eyes and quietly moaned as they pulled her legs open and lightly caressed her thighs. Slowly their hands moved up her legs, her skirt pushed higher exposing her black lace panties.

CJ lightly gasped as she felt Dr. Dulcet’s hand slide over her panties and his fingers slipped between her legs. CJ sipped her wine and looked around to see if anyone noticed the men as they fondled her, the table clothe hung low and hid their hands as they caressed her.

The men casually chatted as Dr. Dulcet hooked a finger in CJ’s panties and pulled them aside, her breathing quickened and she softly whimpered as she felt Dr. Ward’s finger as they slid through the short trimmed hair covering her pussy, her whimper barely heard as Dr. Ward started to slide his finger between her wet lips.

CJ grabbed his hand and gently held it as she looked into Dr. Dulcet’s eyes. Dr. Dulcet togged on her thigh and as her legs slowly opened, she bit her lip and she quietly moaned as Dr. Ward’s finger slowly slipped inside her aroused pussy and started to move slowly in and out.

She felt Dr. Ward slip another finger inside her and she closed her eyes and leaned back in the booth, her hips gently rocked as she felt her orgasm build. She held his hand and lightly rocked her hips, panting through her lips as she tried to be quiet, and then she closed her eyes and gently bit her lip as she experienced an unexpected orgasm, her hips raised and Dr. Ward slide his fingers deeper and slowly fucked her with his fingers. She quietly moaned and shivered as her orgasm gently shook her and then finally slowly subsided, and she softly moaned her approval as she felt Dr. Ward’s finger slip from her.

The waiter startled CJ as he said, “Perfect timing.” She opened her eyes just as he set her plate in front of her. CJ blushed and tried to pull her skirt down as the waiter smiled knowingly at her.

Dr. Ward dipped his fingers in his water and dried them on his clothe napkin; the waiter picked up the water and told Dr Ward, “I will bring you some fresh water”, and knowingly smiled at Dr. Ward as he turned to walk away. CJ was embarrassed the waiter had witnessed her orgasm and tried not to make eye contact when he returned with fresh water.

The incident was not mentioned for the rest of the dinner and nothing further happened as they finished their meal. CJ ate quietly as the two doctors talked about business as if nothing had happened.

Dr. Dulcet had made reservations at the Taboo Lounge in the hotel for an after dinner drink. The Lounge was dark with videos of couples provocatively dancing played on wide screens along the walls, a DJ played music as people danced on a small dance floor surrounded by tall tables.

Previously: I’m Madisyn Ashleigh, a pretty, classy, curvy brunette. In order to get my boyfriend Connor to propose, I started taking an experimental sexual enhancement drug called Nymphemme™. The drug made me love sex, and that made my boyfriend propose. But what I didn’t tell him was that Nymphemme™ has some nasty side effects when taken with alcohol—side effects that caused me to cheat on him with one of the clients at my advertising firm.

The longer I take Nymphemme™, the more I want sex, and after three weeks, I’m beginning to worry that my fiancé won’t be enough for me.


“Sorry, babe, I’m beat.” Connor said when I reached down to unzip his pants. “You don’t have to do anything, baby.” I purred. “I’ll suck you off. You know how much I like to do that.”

“But we’ve already done it twice today.” He said. “I don’t think I can go another round.”

His words made me feel like a kid whose puppy had just died. Before I knew it, tears were streaming down my face, and I was saying, “But baby, I need you so badly!”

“Tomorrow, babe. You’ll have to take care of yourself tonight.”

While Connor snored, I lay naked on the bed beside him, and began to touch myself. As I did, I thought about a sexual encounter in my past—not the dozens of times Connor and I had fucked in the last three weeks, but the time in the bathroom at the restaurant when I’d given Mitch Malloy a blowjob, and he’d come in my face.

It was so dirty, so shameful, so…hot. I came with a scream, but it wasn’t enough. It was never enough these days. I’d lowered my dose of Nymphemme™ to half a pill instead of a whole pill every day, but my sex drive just seemed to get worse and worse. I fucked Connor morning and night, I masturbated in the bathroom at work. And, God, I’d even blown my most unattractive client.

Thinking of pudgy, balding, pervy Mitch made me realize what I had to do. I needed something hot and dirty and wrong to get this desire out of my system. Just once, and then I’d be good. I wouldn’t need it again, because I’d be taking less Nymphemme™. I wouldn’t be this horny again.

I snuck into the hallway outside our loft and called Mitch Malloy’s number. He answered on the second ring. “You’re lucky I’m entertaining business associates, Maddy.” He said. “If you’d called me this late at home, I would have been very angry. What do you want?”

“You.” The word was a whimper. “I just need to see you again.”

He laughed. “You need to do more than see me again.” He gave me an address and said, “Dress sexy, and be here in twenty minutes.”

I hurried back inside and went through my closet as quickly as I could. Near the back, I found a sequined mini dress. I shed my clothes, pulled the dress on over my naked body, grabbed a pair of black heels, a lipstick and an evening purse, and tiptoed out the door.

The cabbie gave me a rude look when I got in, but he got me there with a couple of minutes to spare, so I tipped him well. The address Mitch had given me belonged to a windowless basement social establishment. A small sign on the door billed it as a “Gentlemen’s Club” but after I’d paid the twenty dollar cover fee to get inside, I saw that there were very few gentlemen to be found.

But who wanted a gentleman?

Mitch was sitting in the back with a pair of men is brown suits and cheap ties who were even balder and fatter than he was. The men were getting lapdances from a pair of topless, bored-looking strippers. The strippers both had bleached hair and painfully-large fake breasts. As they danced, they tossed their hair and rubbed their big, fake breasts in the men’s faces. And the men seemed to be enjoying it.

“Maddy, baby,” Mitch stood and took me by the shoulders so that he could look me over from head to toe. His gaze was greedy and dirty. It skipped my face and went straight for my tits, my hips and my long bare legs. “Well aren’t you just dressed to party.”

It wasn’t a compliment, but it made my insides flutter.

“Come over here and meet my associates, Clint and Wade Haley from Topeka, Kansas.”

My “Pleased to meet you,” fell on deaf ears. Both men looked spellbound by the strippers’ hard, false breasts. It wasn’t until the dancers had finished and walked away clutching their tips that Clint and Wade turned their attention to me. And though I’d always been pretty in a patrician way, I could tell the two men weren’t all that excited by what they saw.

“Boys,” Mitch said. “This is Miss Madisyn Ashleigh. She works for O’Keefe & Associates, that all female advertising firm in midtown. She’s real friendly, and guaranteed to do what it takes to please the customer, if you get what I’m saying.”

He made it sound like I had to sleep with men to get accounts. “I don’t…” I said. “That is…” I trailed off. I was standing in a strip club wearing next to nothing while my fiancé slept alone in our bed. Anything I said would sound like a lie. So I said, “I’m very good at my job.”

The men laughed and slapped each other on the back.

“Now, Maddy,” Mitch said, “Be a good girl and go back to the Haleys’ hotel with them and show them a good time.”

When I tried to protest, he said, “Shh. They’re our biggest advertisers. I promise, if you make them happy, they’ll be good for your business, too.”

I couldn’t believe Mitch was pimping me out to his disgusting friends. It made me feel ashamed and dirty and…horny. When Wade offered his arm, I took it. When Wade and Clint left the club, I left with them.

I sat between the cousins in the cab. Wade slid his hand between my legs as soon as the cab pulled away from the curb, and Clint started to knead my breasts and pinch my nipples through the thin material of my dress. They kept touching me in the elevator, and by the time we got to their room, I was desperate.

The door wasn’t even shut when I got down on my knees and unzipped Wade’s polyester-blend suit pants. His cock was crooked, and it tasted bad, but my disgust with what I was doing just made it hotter. I sucked him, and when he grabbed my hair and began to fuck my face, I gagged and cried, and rubbed myself to an incredible orgasm. When he came, he ejaculated into my throat, giving me no choice but to swallow his semen.

When I ran to the bathroom to rinse out my mouth Clint pushed me forward over the fake marble counter, grabbed one of the courtesy bottles of floral-scented lotion, and asked if I’d “ever been fucked in the ass.”

I should have screamed denials, but I melted and begged him for it.

It hurt. Even with the lotion, it hurt. It was painful and humiliating and so hot I couldn’t stop from touching myself while he did it. I came while Clint Haley was fucking my ass, and afterwards, when Clint pulled out and the air smelled like shit and cum and roses and I could have gotten up and left, I stayed because I wanted to touch myself in the shower, and then because Wade wanted to snort cocaine off my tits.

After the boys had their share, they showed me how to do it. The cocaine made me so high and wild that I didn’t even hesitate when they asked the room service boy if he wanted to fuck me. As it turned out, he wanted a blowjob. I gave him one, my head spinning so hard I had to hold onto his legs to stay upright. When he came in my mouth, not my throat, I could have spit it out but I didn’t because Clint and Wade wanted to watch me swallow. I opened my mouth to give them a good look before doing just what they wanted.

The room service boy had brought Champagne. Clint gave me the bottle to wash down the cum, and I drank what was left. After that, I don’t remember what happened. I just know that I woke up sore and filthy in an empty hotel room when an early-arriving family of Midwestern tourists used the key they’d been given at the front desk to enter what they thought was their room.

It was one in the afternoon; the Haleys had checked out hours earlier. My dress and purse were on the nightstand, and my shoes beside the bed.

Once I’d gotten dressed, the manager threatened to call the police and have me arrested for trespassing in an unoccupied room until I told him that I didn’t know how I’d ended up in that hotel room because I’d been roofied and raped, and I was going to sue the hotel for letting it happen on their property.

The concierge called me a cab, and paid the fare ahead, which was good, because all my cash had been stolen. I’d acted like a whore, and then had to pay for it. Could anything be more humiliating?

In the cab, I took out my iPhone to check for messages. The screen background had been changed to a close-up of a sloppy vagina crusted with semen. It took me a few seconds to recognize it as my vagina.

There were more photos on the phone of me awake and actively engaged in sex acts with strange men. Judging by their white uniforms, it was the kitchen staff.

Oh, God. The kitchen staff.

There were texts on my phone. One was from Connor saying he figured I’d already left for work since I wasn’t there in the morning, and that he was eager to see me tonight. Another had a 785 area code. It was from Clint Hayley saying they looked forward to working with me.

Oh, God.

When I got home, I changed the screen photo on my phone back to the LOLCat that had been there, scrubbed myself until I was red, and vowed I’d never take another Nymphemme™ pill as long as I lived.

I lasted four days.

Four days of aches and shakes and cravings so bad I thought I would die if I didn’t take another pill. I snapped at my coworkers, I ran a fever, I couldn’t sleep and I started throwing up everything I ate. My boss told me it was obvious I had the flu, and made me go home. Connor tried to take care of me, but I could tell he was frustrated because we hadn’t had sex.

The fourth night—Friday—Connor texted to say he had a client meeting, and not to wait up. When he crawled into bed at two in the morning smelling of smoke and perfume, I got under the covers and tried to suck him off. His dick tasted like latex, and it wouldn’t get hard. He pushed me away and said, “Later, Babe, I’m too tired.”

That was it. I was fed up and sick, and I wasn’t about to lose my fiancé. I took a Nymphemme™ pill, and waited for it to kick in. It didn’t. It had taken a few days for the pill to build up in my system. I couldn’t stand the idea of waiting days for the withdrawals to go away. Remembering the Haleys and their cocaine, I ground one of my pills to a fine pink dust and snorted it.


All of the sudden I felt good. Better than good. So good, I couldn’t think of a word for it. Until I realized the word for the way I was feeling was “high.” I was high. I was acting like a drug addict.

I wanted to go out and find someone to fuck me, but I made myself lay in bed and wait for Connor to wake up. When he did, I fucked him until he couldn’t walk, and then I rubbed myself off over and over again. When Connor left to run errands, I looked at the photos on my iPhone of me doing lewd, dirty things with the hotel staff, and touched myself while I did it.

Toward evening, my frenzy of frigging slowed, and I began to feel like myself again. That night, I swallowed one pink pill to keep my head from hurting, and vowed I’d call Dr Nick’s office first thing Monday so that I could make an appointment and start weaning off of this terrible drug.

The receptionist at Dr. Nick’s said I was due for my one-month check-up, anyway. She found a spot Monday afternoon. I got there twenty minutes early and fidgeted in the waiting room like the rest of Dr. Nick’s patients. Looking around at all the Adderall-addicted Upper-Eastsiders, I realized Dr. Nick was running a pill mill. I wondered if he’d even be willing to help me quit.

When they called my name, the nurse told me to undress for the exam. I told her I didn’t want an exam, I just wanted to talk to the doctor about stopping the medication he’d prescribed. She said, “Dr. Nick always does an exam. You can talk afterward.”

When the doctor came in, he told me to take off the hospital gown and lie on my back on the table. He started with the breast exam first, kneading and stroking my tender breasts. Pinching my sensitive pink nipples. I trembled. I moaned.

When Dr Nick said, “Does this feel good?” I asked, “Is this really necessary?”

“It’s a test of sexual response,” he said. “It helps me gauge how well the Nymphemme™ is working.”

“But I’m here to talk to you about getting off of the Nymphemme™.” I said. “I’m—it’s…It’s making me do things. Bad things. Things I don’t want to do. Things I don’t remember. I need to stop.”

“What sort of things?” Dr. Nick asked as he moved between my outspread legs and began to rub my clit.

I told him about Mitch and the Haleys and the kitchen staff. I told him I was out of control, and that I was endangering myself and my fiancé.

“But do you enjoy it?” He asked.

I had. I’d enjoyed it when it happened, and I enjoyed it now. Talking about it while Dr. Nick touched me had made my pussy so wet moisture was dripping into my ass crack and onto the floor.

With a pinch, the ruddy-faced old doctor made me come so hard I didn’t notice the sound of his pants unzipping, and I didn’t stop him when he started fucking my dripping pussy with his hard cock.

“No!” I said. “No! I need your help. I want this to stop.”

“Shut up, slut,” he said. “Shut up and come.” He flicked my clit with his fingers, and I did just as he’d ordered. It felt so good I started to rub my breasts and pinch my nipples. This was wrong and I hated it, but my body felt amazing.

“Did you like getting fucked in the ass, Maddy?” Dr Nick asked.

Tears streamed down my face, but I nodded. I nodded because I wanted him to do it to me, too. I wanted Dr. Nick to fuck my ass.

“Tell me you want it,” he said. “Say it!”

“Fuck my ass,” I said between sobs. “Please!”

He pulled out of my wet cunt and shoved his cock into my ass. He wasn’t gentle, but I didn’t care. It was so wrong. So terrible that this was happening and I was enjoying it. It felt amazing.

After he came, he pulled out, pulled off his gloves and his condom and threw them away. He picked up a clipboard and began checking off boxes on a form and muttering to himself. “Subject displayed submissive traits…check. Shame response…check. Symptoms of chemical dependence…check. Detectable increase in pheromone secretion, check”

He looked over his clipboard at me and said, “Pay for your appointment and your next month’s supply of Nymphemme™ at the receptionist, and make an appointment to come back next month. I’ll expect a full report of your activities then—you might want to try keeping a journal so you don’t forget any encounters.”

I started shaking my head.

“Our sessions are recorded.” He pointed to a camera in the corner near the ceiling. “If you attempt to discontinue your participation in this clinical trial, or to cease taking the prescribed dose of Nymphemme™, the recordings of this session will be made public. Do you understand?”

Crying, I nodded. I took my time getting dressed. I washed my face and reapplied my make-up before leaving the examining room. When I got to the front desk, no one would ever be able to tell by looking at me that I’d just been ass-fucked and blackmailed in the examining room. I looked like just any other of his wealthy, well-heeled Adderall addicts.

“What if it’s not Adderall?” I wondered. “What if he fucks every woman who comes in here?”

The thought was horrifying and titillating. All these stuck-up Upper Eastside women getting plowed by a sweaty old man on the examining table—and liking it. Liking it the way I had. Coming apart and begging Dr Nick to fuck their asses. Oh, God. Why did that turn me on?

When I paid the receptionist, she gave me two boxes of Nymphemme™ and told me I was to up my dosage to morning and night.

“I can’t!”

“Sure you can!” She smiled with false cheer. “And don’t forget to keep a journal of your symptoms.”

I wanted to scream and rant and rave, but I quietly did as I was told. I bought a spiral notebook at the Duane Reade, and started writing an hour ago. I’ve written down everything that has happened to me so far, but I’m afraid that what’s coming will be much, much worse.

To Be Continued…

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This is a story I never imagined that I would write. Over forty years after the event it is still embarrassing but clear in my memory. What makes it so dramatically out of character is that in those days I was a borderline homophobe like most of my jock friends.

It happened when I got my first full time summer job.

It was at Long Term Care facility working in the kitchen. I remember being elated at having passed the interview process. I was quite shy and usually terrified of doctors but even being told to report to a doctor’s office on the far side of the hospital for a pre-employment physical didn’t dampen my spirits that day.

I had quite a bit of trouble finding Doctor Kendrick’s office. The corridors on that side of the hospital were completely disserted, to this day I don’t know why.

I finally found the door with his name on it and went in. All I saw was a desk and a couple of chairs—no people. There were two other doors leading off that room so I knocked on one of them and a deep male voice answered.

“Come,” he said.

I opened the door and saw an older, balding, somewhat paunchy man in a white coat sitting at a desk. There was also a standard examination table in the room but little else.

“Can I help you?” he asked removing what I assumed were reading glasses.

“The Personnel Office sent me over here for a pre-employment physical,” I informed the man I’d come to assume was Doctor Kendrick.

“Very well,” he said. “Remove your shirt and have a seat right here.”

He indicated the chair beside the desk, opened a desk drawer and began rummaging through it. Then he opened a second drawer and produced a stethoscope and a blood pressure cuff which he laid on the desk.

I should mention that by this point I would normally have been a nervous wreck. I’ve never known why, but medical examinations make me extraordinarily nervous and anxious, but for some reason I wasn’t this time.

I had removed my shirt and taken a seat. He proceeded to listen to my chest moving the metal disc all around. Then he asked me to lean forward, he shifted his wheeled chair a little to the side and listened to my back.

He asked me if I smoked, which I did at the time. I told him so and he asked how many.

“About eight or ten a day,” I replied truthfully.

“Oh well that’s not too bad,” he responded, which surprised me a little.

It was only 1966 but smoking was pretty universally condemned by the medical establishment. I was relieved not to get a lecture on its evils and it made me feel even more relaxed in a situation that should have had me mortified.

While he was putting the BP cuff on he asked if I was involved in sports. I told him I was. I played pretty much any and every sport with my friends and since I had just completed my first year of high school I played football and ran track in the intramural league.

I want to insert at this point that I was so shy that I used the washroom to change, being too embarrassed to get naked even in front of my male class and teammates.

He asked if I had a girlfriend and I replied that I didn’t. As a matter of fact I hadn’t really been on anything that could be called a ‘date’ up to that point. When he was finished taking my blood pressure he said,

“Okay stand up.”

Obviously I complied, but then he said,

“Drop your shorts.”

Needless to say the command took my breath away. It was mid June and I was wearing a pair of white cut-off denim shorts and running shoes. My T shirt was already off, so lowering my cut-offs would leave me in just my briefs. Even though panic had begun to set in I did as I was told.

I was still holding on to the waistband of the shorts, which was the only thing that prevented them from falling around my ankles, when the seated man sort of plucked the elastic around the top of my briefs and said,

“These too.”

I remember feeling my rectum clench and my balls sort of jerk. This was my worst nightmare and it had all started so innocently without warning. I had no time to get stressed out about a medical examination because I didn’t know there was going to be one. I had always feared being made to get naked in front of a doctor but amazingly it had never (in my memory) happened up until that point.

What could I do?

I guess I could have pulled up my shorts, grabbed my T and run out the door. That would understandably have negated the employment offer, not to mention making me look like a real baby, so it was unconscionable. I did the only reasonable thing. I released the cut-offs and let them fall, and then lowered my underwear to my knees.

I was now standing all but naked in front of this strange man and I realized that with him still seated my genitals were right about eye level.

As any guy who wears jockeys will know the crotch of the underwear causes your penis to sort of nestle into your scrotum. So that’s the display I was putting on; my uncut dick not quite hanging free.

When the seated man reached out and cradled my balls in his left hand I was surprised that his hand actually felt quite warm. Then he pulled my penis free of the nest with his right.

“Hmmm, uncircumcised,” he observed. “I’ll need to retract your foreskin to have a look at the meatus and corona.”

Holding my dick with the thumb and forefinger of his right hand he pulled the loose skin back, while his left hand was still sort of supporting my balls.

I was praying for the ordeal to be over with but couldn’t help realizing that this was the first time since I’d reached puberty that anyone had seen my genitals much less touched them. I tensed up as I felt the head of my penis become exposed and there was a sensation in my anus again.

In the flaccid state it’s not that easy to get the foreskin all the way back, especially with one hand. The balding man gripped the end of my cock with his left hand, having taken it away from my nuts. By squeezing the head between his thumb and forefinger he was able to completely expose the corona.

I was absolutely shocked at my physical reaction.

Under the light pincer pressure I felt the head beginning to grow. The more it swelled the tighter the seated man’s grip seemed. He was looking very carefully at the inside of my foreskin and at the point where the head joined the shaft. If he was aware of the swelling he gave no indication.

“You must be sure to pull this all the way back when you bathe,” he instructed at the same time he moved his left hand back under my sack.

That’s when it became undeniable—to my horror—that I was starting to get hard.

“Do you ever have any trouble getting it all the way back?” he asked and he tested for himself by moving the skin over the head and back several times.

He was still holding me with two fingers but other than that the motion was mimicking only one thing, and my cock recognized it even before my mind did.

“How often do you masturbate?” he asked while pulling the skin back as far back as it would go.

The question was not only embarrassing; it was shocking. I couldn’t be sure but it seemed like he was holding my nuts a bit tighter than before, and I noticed for the first time that his face was so close to my rising dick that I could feel his breath on it.

I couldn’t seem to think.

‘Should I tell him the truth… should I lie… should I say I didn’t do it at all?’

He looked up at me as my silence continued. I can only guess what kind of horror struck, embarrassed to death expression must have been embossed on my teenaged face.

“Come on! You said you don’t have a girlfriend… and even if you did everybody does it you know.”

As he spoke there was a change in the way he was holding me. A second finger had joined in his grip on my shaft so he was now moving a half an inch or so up and down, pulling the skin back and forth just slightly with his thumb and two fingers.

Again I couldn’t be sure if he had increased pressure or if it was because I was swelling—there was no doubt about the swelling. I was about half way erect and praying for it to go down.

“Uh… sometimes,” I managed to choke out.

“That’s not really what I asked,” he replied.

“I’m going to check the entrance to your urethra for inflammation.”

I didn’t know it was intended as a warning.

He put all his fingers from both hands behind my semi stiff cock and used his thumbs to pry open the slit in the head. He peered into the depths of my pee hole and then repositioned his hands. He now had a full fist grip with his right hand and pushed his thumb up the underside forcing the slit open again, and he didn’t stop there. His thumb continued to move up until he was pressing very firmly into the narrow little crease.

I felt my asshole clench again and realized to my extreme embarrassment that now I was fully erect. A sound escaped my throat and the seated man looked up at my face again.

“Don’t worry about getting hard,” he correctly deduced part of the cause of my groan.

“A healthy young man like you… it would have been more of a concern if you hadn’t become erect.”

It might have been my imagination but the hand holding my penis seemed tighter and I was almost sure it was still moving, just slightly, up and down. The hand that was holding my balls had begun to move around and squeeze a little.

“Just relax; I’m going to examine your testicles. It shouldn’t hurt at all so let me know if you experience any pain.”

There certainly wasn’t any physical pain but psychologically it was torture.

It wasn’t a person sitting in front of me fondling my balls and stroking my hard cock, it was a doctor—I was so ashamed. If I’d been able to let myself see the white coated person as a man I’m not sure what my homophobic brain would have done.

I don’t know how long it took. I was trying to concentrate on making my penis go down and ignore the fact that what he was doing felt really good. There was a pressure building up in the floor of my pelvis that I had never experienced before. Without really wanting to I began to focus on that novel sensation, trying to figure out exactly where it was. It proved to be surprisingly difficult to localize. It was way deep inside and down very low. It felt sort of like a hot muscle cramp.

As if the doctor knew what I was feeling his finger began to press pretty hard right behind my sack as he continued to examine my nuts. He was practically pressing right on the crampy knot which seemed to make the hot pressurized feeling spread.

I was so distracted by the way he was rolling and squeezing my balls and the way his finger felt pressing hard between the back of my sack and my asshole that for a moment I forgot about my raging woody. His finger pressing into me was like a bellows fanning the flames until the heat enveloped my whole pelvis.

At that point I realized that two fingers and the thumb of his left hand encircled my swollen member and were working up and down in very short strokes. His grip was tight enough around the shaft that it wouldn’t accommodate the size of my head; so his hand moved up until it met resistance from the bulge of my corona and then retreated back about an inch toward my now very tight feeling balls that he was still playing with—uh, examining.

He altered his grip and his thumb was pressing on my slit again but it felt different this time; I realized why. His probing was being lubricated by stuff dribbling out of my dick. The shame and embarrassment welled up even stronger but what he was doing felt so amazingly good that I now had the most frightening thought of my life.

‘If he doesn’t stop soon I’m gonna cum right in his face!’

My breathing had been accelerating until I was almost panting.

He had been looking at his hands on my genitals but at this point he looked up at me and said,

“Are you okay?”

I could swear his grip on my dick tightened and he pressed into my pee hole harder as he asked. I knew that my face was flushed and my expression was strained. I could feel the heat and the sweat beginning to form around my hairline. Strangely I was glad he looked at me because it allowed me to respond with a nod instead of trying to speak.

“Okay… good well it looks like we’re almost done here… just one more thing.”

His hand left my bag as he spoke but he gripped my cock with a full fist and made two or three long quick strokes. My nuts were in a vice and on fire. If he’d made another couple of strokes I’d have blown my load.

Instead he got up from the wheeled office chair for the first time since I’d arrived. He wasn’t quite as portly as I’d thought but I was surprised at how short he was. He didn’t come up much past my shoulder.

“Turn and face the chair, and then I want you to bend over at the waist and grip the back.”

His orders were clear enough to me. I shuffled my feet around a hundred and eighty degrees so I was facing the black vinyl patient chair that I sat in when I’d first arrived. The action caused my underwear that had been hanging on my knees to drop on top of the white denim cut-offs around my ankles.

As I leaned forward I heard a drawer opening and then a snapping sound that I would later realize was the sound of him donning examination gloves. My relief at having my dribbling boner out of sight was short lived.

He was beside me and pulled my left hip firmly up against him. I was wondering what the cylindrical feeling instrument he had in the pocket of his coat might be when a whole new wave of shame overtook me. The white coated man’s latex gloves felt strange on my skin as he pried my butt cheeks apart. His fingers were pulling and sort of walking down inside my crack. When he started to poke around my asshole I was amazed at the sensations. Nothing ever touched there other than toilet paper and a wash cloth. Both of those applied pressure in a general sort of way. The man who was pressing his pelvis firmly against my hip was quite precise about outlining the puckered ring and probing the center firmly.

“I guess you’ve never had DRE before,” he speculated.

I managed a negative sounding grunt despite the fact that I didn’t know what he was talking about.

Both of his hands left me for a moment. Then he reached across my back with his left hand and pressed my hip up against his pelvis again. I wondered if the thing in his pocket was the handle of one of those scopes they use to look in your ears. The possible application of such an instrument in my current posture was too scary to contemplate so I pushed the thought out of my mind at about the same time he said,

“This will feel a little cold at first.”

A second later something cold and gooey feeling was being applied to my anus—I jumped.

“Just relax son… this will go much easier if you relax and don’t fight me.”

He was pulling my left outer hip harder against his front I assumed to steady me and keep me from moving too much. I felt his finger intrude pushing slowly inside and the sensation of being stretched back there came first. What followed was a surprisingly warm glow. The warmth joined up with the hot bubble that had developed when he was examining my balls. In my new vulnerable position my woody had slipped from my mind but it certainly hadn’t gone down any.

A moment later his finger was pressing on something. It felt as though he was fondling my nuts again but this time his hands were right inside my sack. As he continued to massage whatever he was touching the heat and pressure were becoming unbearable. If he didn’t finish his examination soon I knew what was going to happen. With every fiber of my will I tried to keep it in.

‘Just a little longer… come on you can do it,’ I encouraged myself.

My balls felt like they were in a hot vice and my dick was so hard I thought it was going to explode; that the skin simply wouldn’t stretch far enough and or outer cover would be shed like a snake. Then my legs started to shake.

It was surprising that I realized that I was no longer being held firmly against him. His left hand wasn’t reaching across my back anymore. I felt it snake under me and grab my rod very firmly. His hand had the same slippery goo on it that he’d applied to my ass and he began stroking up and down rapidly. The fireball started at my knees and rose like a rocket exploding right where his finger was still probing inside me. My knees buckled and an unimaginable sound was forced out of me from my deepest depths.

The first load of spunk shot past my face and splattered on the black vinyl back of the chair. I could see the creamy blob, like a semi-beaten egg white, beginning to trickle down but it was surreal. The next launch followed a second later landing in the middle of the chair seat. The third barely made it to the edge, and the forth basically just trickled out.

Still bent over I held onto the back of the chair for support. My mind was a total blank. The only thing going on in my head at that moment was my body acknowledging the most powerful release of my life. I thought that I had cum before through masturbation but none of those ejaculations began to compare with what I’d just experienced.

I was shivering and hoping that I wouldn’t completely collapse when I heard that latex snapping sound again. It was the gloves being disposed of. I hadn’t moved and involuntary little sounds were still escaping my throat when the man in the white coat opened the office door.

“There are tissues on the desk so you can clean yourself up,” he informed as he stepped out. “Don’t bother about the chair; the cleaning staff will look after that.”

And then he was gone.

It took me another minute or so for me to come to my senses. When I did I was so horrified that I dressed as quickly as I could and raced out of there, thankfully not running into anybody in the corridors or stairs leading to the parking lot.


I confess that my ass felt funny for a couple of days making it hard to put the whole horrifying episode out of my mind. By the time I reported to the Personnel Office the next Monday to start work I had made peace with my conscience.

It was a medical exam, I had no choice. The doctor said that it wasn’t unusual for young men to become erect—I hadn’t done anything wrong. Still the fact that it was another male who’d caused me to blow my load was hard to accept.

‘It wasn’t a man it was a doctor,’ seemed to work as a consolation.

The best, most effective, strategy was to put it completely out of my mind. That would have been much easier to do if it hadn’t been for the mind boggling pleasure I experienced. Still I was trying to forget about it as much as that was possible.

The nice personnel lady looked in my file and said,

“I don’t see the form from the physical exam… did you go and see Doctor Kendrick?”

I assured her that I had and got that strange feeling in my ass again as she shuffled and reshuffled the four or five pages.

“Well it won’t be the first time paperwork got lost traveling across the building,” she said sounding bemused. “I’ll put out a search for it… hopefully it will turn up.”

Then she took me down to meet my supervisor.


About a week later I met a girl in the park during a pick-up game of baseball. Her mother worked for the township and, one thing lead to another—she got me a job with the parks department. My next shift I went in and quit the hospital job; gave them a week’s notice.

It was so nice to be working outside in the fresh air instead of the steamy objectionable aromas of the hospital kitchen.

On the Thursday of my first week on the parks department job I went to the accounting office at the hospital to collect my final check and paperwork. I was standing by the wicket waiting, when a tall very slender man with thick wavy grey white hair came in. I guessed he was a doctor because of the long white coat. I was, after all in a hospital.

A physical I had when I was 18 shaped my sexuality. It was my first year in college. The school required a physical examination upon acceptance. I opened the yellow pages under physician and my finger came to rest on one randomly. I sat relaxed in an innocuous waiting room. I was small for my size, lean, and in good health. I had not spent much time in a doctor’s office as there was not ever much need. I had arrived early and filled out all the paperwork and now waited for my name to be called. Half-heartedly, I leafed through an issue of NewsWeek.

A stout nurse entered the waiting room and called my name. I obediently followed her back to the nurse’s station where she checked my height, weight, temperature, heart rate, and blood pressure. Everything checked out OK. She smiled at me and asked me to follow her. She led me into a small examination room. There was the standard brown doctor’s table with a step and sanitary paper rolled out across it. A small desk with one drawer sat tucked in a corner with jars of gauze and q-tips and other similar items. There was one chair and one rolling stool which I assumed was for the doctor.

The nurse put down a wrapped medical gown on the table and told me to change into it. “It ties in the front.” she told me. I sat and took off my shoes then stood and slipped my shirt over my head and pulled my pants off. I grabbed the waist band of my boxers and pulled them off. For a moment I stood in the middle of the room stark naked. I could hear voices from other rooms around me. I became slightly aroused by this so I quickly unwrapped the gown and slid into it, tying in the front as instructed.

I sat in the chair and looked around. The idea of the physical exam quickly dissolved any feelings I had when standing naked in the room. I looked around and waited for the doctor to knock on the door. I waited and waited and waited. The longer I waited the more frustrated I became until at last the knock sounded.

“Come in.” I said.

The door opened and revealed a beautiful, tall, brunette female. She was wearing a short skirt and loose fitting blouse. At first I thought it was another nurse until she introduced herself as Dr. Watts. She entered with a folder in her hand, sat down on the rolling stool and opened it up.

“Physical today huh? Are you experiencing any issues you would like to discuss first before we get started?” she asked.

“No.” I said.

She ran through a standard set of questions, “do you smoke?”, “do you drink?”. She wrote a few notes in my file when her pen slipped from her hand. I instinctively went to grab it but she was already reaching for it. I went to straighten up and my eyes swept forward straight into Dr. Watts’ cleavage. Her loose fitting shirt hung down as she took hold of the pen on the floor. To my surprise, she was not wearing a bra. Her smallish smooth breasts hung down just the slightest amount and little round nipples were visible. I lingered there for just a moment trying to burn the image into my brain for future reference. When my eyes lifted a bit more, I saw Dr. Watts still bent over slightly staring straight at me. I felt horrible for staring and wanted to apologize but was too nervous.

“All right let’s start the examination. Why don’t you hop up on the end of the table?” she said.

I climbed up on the step, spun around and sat down. She got out a small pen light and had me open my mouth. She continued by looking into my ears and mouth all the while asking me some small talk questions about college life and what I was studying.

“All right, go ahead and lie on your back.”

I laid down and could feel her pull out the leg/foot rest. I was now lying down flat and I could feel her hands rest on my belly to untie the strings that held my gown closed. A flush of heat rose in my face. The strings came undone and she parted the gown until my chest and pelvic area were completely revealed. I tried as best as I could to stay calm and relaxed.

She pressed down on my belly in a few different spots and then said she was going to do my testicular exam. I swallowed hard. My penis is long when it is soft. She gently picked it up between her fingers and moved it to the side. Just relax, I thought. Next I could feel her cup my balls and gently squeeze and tug at them. This was too much. My penis started to grow, just a bit. I prayed this would end and that she would not notice my semi-erection. The heat in my face was intense.

“Everything looks good there.” she said.

Thank God it was over.

“Have you ever had your prostrate checked? I think we should go ahead and take care of that today.”

“OK.” I said obediently back to her. After all she was the doctor.

When she said this, I was so nervous about my erection that I did not even consider what the implications were. I am not even sure at that time that I knew what a prostate was. She told me to bring my feet up on the table and put them together side by side. I did what she asked. She then grabbed both of my knees and moved them apart a bit.

“This helps me get access.” she said.

I didn’t understand what she was talking about. She turned and grabbed something from her desk. My head rested back and I stared at the ceiling. I was concentrating so hard so I would not get a full erection that I thought I might have a stroke. I heard a clicking sound and then I felt her fingers brush something cold right on my ass. A deep breath rushed into and out of me.

“Just relax.” she said, hearing my labored breathing.

Next, I felt the tip of one of her fingers begin to slowly press into my opening. I was clenched so tight it did not budge. She told me to bear down, like I was having a bowel movement. When I did her finger slid gently into me. I have never had this experience before. I felt full and my arousal shot through the roof when she reached my prostate. My penis instantly stood straight up and was rock hard.

“Don’t be embarrassed.” she said “It happens sometimes. Nothing to worry about.”

I looked up. Between my legs, I could see her staring at my huge erection her finger still deeply planted in my ass. Soon I could feel it moving around, probing my prostate. I involuntarily moaned and laid my head back down.

“I think I will need a better angle.” she said “This just isn’t doing it. Why don’t you hop off the table?”

I quickly hopped off feeling some relief as I closed the gown over my penis the best I could. She instructed me to come around to the side of the examination table. She grabbed my shoulders and spun me around then put her hands on my back and pushed me over. I was now bent over the table my head sticking over the other end and staring down at the floor. Next, I could feel her grab the bottom of my gown and lift it over my bottom and rest it on my back. My penis was still rock hard.

“I think this will work a lot better.” she said.

I heard another click and then her finger began pressing into me again. It slipped in with another groan from me. It probed around for a bit then began to slide out. Thank God I thought. This was coming to an end. Just when it reached the opening though, it plunged back in and pulled out again. Rhythmically , her finger began fucking my ass. I could feel the knuckles of her hand bounce off my bottom. Obediently, I remained bent over the examination table rocking forward and back slightly from the motion of her hand.

“I think you should stop.” I said weakly.

She did not stop. It went on for what seemed like an eternity. The whole time, I was trying to think of something else, anything to get my mind off of what she was doing. Nothing seemed to help.

“Please stop.” I said again

And with that my cock exploded over and over again spraying the examination table with seamen. My body convulsed, her finger still sliding in and out through the length of my orgasm. Finally my body was still and I could feel her finger slide out of me.

“Oh God!” I said “I am so sorry!”

“Not to worry. I’ll clean everything up but we are not quite done yet.” she said.

I stood up and held my gown closed. I turned and watched as she walked around and got up on the examination table. She pulled her skirt up revealing everything below her waist. She was not wearing any panties. She sat up, and pulled her feet up onto the table on either side of and just in front of her waist.

“Come around in front of me please.”

At this point I was on autopilot and I did as she told me. When I was in front of her staring at her crotch she pushed her bottom out towards me a bit, revealing everything to me. She stretched behind her and grabbed something and handed it to me. I looked down at the object in my hand. It was the tube of lubrication.

“Your turn.” she said.

I could not believe this was happening. My gown had opened up again and another full erection stood straight out in front of me. I unscrewed the top off the tube and squeezed some of the viscous liquid into my hand. I repeated her actions on me. I rubbed some over the top of her little tanned anus. Then, I slowly pressed my finger inside her. She was tight and warm around my finger. I started to slide it in and out fucking her bottom with my hand. She reached towards me grabbed my head in one hand and pulled it forward into her crotch.

I was only 18 but had had sex a few times and had watched enough porn to know what to do. My tongue stretched out and found her clit. I worked over it in every angle and direction I could think of. She let out a soft moan.

“That’s it.” she said “Don’t stop!”

A few minutes of this and her body convulsed. Her hips pushed her crotch further into my face and my finger was buried even deeper in her bottom. I could feel the muscles in her ass spasm around my finger gripping it tight. Her body relaxed, as I came up for air. My finger slid out and I stood up.

“Oh my goodness!” she said “Look at you!”

I had not even noticed that my gown stood open and my huge erection was fully visible. She lightly hopped down from the examination table, walked around to the side and bent herself over it. Her hands moved around behind her as she grabbed the bottom of her skirt and lifted it up over her bottom.

“Come on!” she said “Let’s go ahead and take care of that.”

I moved forward, reached down and cupped her ass in my hand. My erection jumped. I couldn’t stop thinking this was a dream and that I would wake at any moment. I moved in behind her and held up my cock to her pussy. The tip brushed her lips and I thought it was almost over. I regained my composure and pushed into her. Still, it did not take long. A few thrusts and I was cumming deep inside her. I pulled out, my penis warm and moist from her. She stood back up and turned, pulling her skirt down.

“Alright,” she said “I’ll need to see you back here in a couple of months.”

She wrote something down on a pad of paper, tore it off, and handed it to me. She told me to give this to the receptionist. She gave me a knowing smile, turned and left. I stood in the middle of the room smiling, my gown still open, still moist and dripping from her.

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