Keith sat at the kitchen table, angry. It was his 18th birthday, and he spent it alone.

“That bitch.” he fumed, “She can’t spend one lousy fucking day with her only son.”

Keith’s mother, Sheila, was at that moment in her bedroom. The words she used with Keith was “entertaining a friend” but he classified it as “being a whore”. She spent a lot of time “entertaining” or going out with one of them. Keith was sure that there was “entertainment” going on then, too.

“One day, just one day was all I asked,” Keith muttered. “I ought to go kick the door in and bitch her out.”

Deep in his mind, however, he knew better. He was never good at confrontation, especially when his mother was involved. The few times that he actually had the nerve to say anything to her, she’d looked at him with those tired, beaten eyes, and his anger immediately melted.

He knew the story well. She’d was only 14 when she gotten pregnant with him by the married next-door neighbor. Her dysfunctional family had kicked her out of the house, the man who impregnated her refused to have anything to do with her. She’d had him and then lived on her wits (Keith translated that as being a whore) for a year before she was noticed by a group of well-to-do men. They’d made an arrangement with her: If she spread her legs exclusively for them, they would pay the rent, grocery bill, clothing bill. There wasn’t much in the house, but they never lacked for essentials.

Keith cringed every time she’d reminded him of what she was doing for his future. Her future was dark, bleak, and without much hope. With no skills besides offering her body to men, she knew she couldn’t make it on her own. Her one lone hope was that Keith would one day leave the house and make his mark on the world.

Keith refused to interact with the men whenever they came over. He rarely even saw any of them, usually going to his room when the door opened, and coming back out when he heard the door shut as they left. Today, however, he’d come home from school and she was already with some man in her bedroom. Concentrating on his self-pity, he failed to hear the noises stop in her bedroom, or the squeak of her bedroom door opening.

“Hello, Keith,” the man who had just gotten done fucking his mother said. He was tall and powerfully built. The lines on his face and the tint of grey in his hair put his age at the late 50′s

Keith looked up at him. “Hello yourself,” he said nastily. “Now there’s the door, why don’t you trip your ass out of it?”

“You’ve grown since the last time I saw you,” the man said. moving around behind Keith and putting a meaty hand on his shoulder. “Grown a bit of an attitude, also, I see.”

“You got your nut in Mom,” Keith snarled. “Now leave.”

The man shoved Keith off the chair and onto the floor. “You don’t know how good the two of you have it,” he growled. “There’s much, much worse things that could have happened to you and your mother. I think a little appreciation is in order.”

Keith sprang to his feet. “Appreciate that you and your friends use my mom as a cum dumpster? We’d have been better off starving in the streets,” he yelled.

The man balled his hand into a fist, and punched Keith in the stomach. Keith doubled over, the wind knocked out of him.

Sheila had appeared in the doorway, wearing a flimsy robe. “Warren, NO!” she said, rushing over to her son.

“Stay out of it, Sheila,” Warren growled. “I tried to be nice, but he doesn’t want to play nice.”

Kneeling by Keith, Sheila looked up at Warren with moist eyes. “Just leave him alone, please?” she begged. “He’ll apologize, won’t you, Keith?”

“Fuck him,” Keith said, wheezing. “I’m not going to apologize to him.”

Sheila’s gaze went from Warren to Keith. “Please, please, baby,” she cried, tears running down her face and ruining her makeup. “Just apologize and everything will be ok.”

Keith struggled to his feet. “Fuck no,” he replied, anger flashing in his eyes.

Warren’s arm flew out and he punched Keith in the stomach a second time. The breath that he’d just recovered whooshed out of his lungs, and he collapsed again.

Sheila jumped up and pummeled Warren’s chest with her fists. “LEAVE HIM ALONE!” she screamed, her tears flowing down her cheeks.

Warren barely noticed her. Still looking at Keith, he grabbed her wrists and led her over to the couch in the living room. He pushed her down onto the couch, then raised a finger in warning.

“You sit there. You do nothing. You say nothing. Otherwise, our agreement is null and void,” he said. “Do you understand? I mean everything we’ve promised to you is out the window if you say or do one more thing.”

She nodded, sobbing uncontrollably, then covered her eyes with her balled up hands.

Warren walked back over to Keith. Looking down at him gasping for breath, he said, “It just occurred to me that you’ve been living here under me and my friends’ good graces, and yet haven’t paid anything for all that.”

Warren grabbed Keith by the hair and yanked him to his knees. “I think it’s time for you to start paying your share, boy. Since you don’t have anything I want, I’ll take it out in trade…like I do with your mother.”

Still holding Keith by the hair with one hand, he used his other hand to unzip his pants and pull out his dick. “You can start by sucking my dick right now,” he said, menacingly.

Keith’s eyes flew open. Warren couldn’t possibly mean it. It was just a threat, intimidation.

Warren slapped Keith across the face. “Suck it! You’ve got back rent due, boy, so get your mouth on my dick RIGHT FUCKING NOW!”

“I’m not sucking yours or anybody elses dick,” Keith said, defiantly.

Warren yanked Keith’s hair, then leaned over him. “If you don’t, then BOTH of you are out right now with just the clothes on your back. No money, no house, no food. How long do you think it’ll take your mother turning tricks on the street before you can afford to eat? Which john will be the one that beats her up, or kills her? What disease will she die from because you’re too fucking proud to pay your share of the rent?”

Keith’s face went pale. His defiance was not only affecting him, it was also affecting his mother. He thought that her life was shitty, but suddenly realized that it could be even worse.

Warren loosened the grip on Keith’s hair. “Well? he demanded. “What’s it going to be? My dick, or the street?”

Keith was deathly afraid now, but not afraid of Warren. He was afraid for his mother and what might happen to her if he didn’t comply with Warren’s demands. Despite how angry he was at her earlier, the only thing he could think of now was to protect her.

Hesitantly, Keith leaned forward and extended his tongue. It bumped into the head of Warren’s dick, and he recoiled.

“Thinking about tripping your ass out the door?” Warren said, mocking Keith with his own words from earlier. “Suck it, or walk out. I’ll make damn sure your mother is about two steps behind you.”

Screwing his face up in distaste, Keith again leaned forward until Warrens dick was against his lips. Opening his mouth slightly, he let his lips slide over the cockhead.

“That’s better,” Warren growled.

Keith slowly took Warrens length in his mouth, gagging slightly from the taste and feel of it. He sat there, with Warrens dick in his mouth, not moving.

“Jesus Christ,” Warren muttered. “Are you too stupid to figure out how to suck a dick? Need me to get your mother over here to show you how?”

Keith slowly started sucking. It tasted weird, and felt weird. Clumsily, he moved his mouth up and down Warren’s shaft. Warren’s hand guided him forcefully.

“I can see it’s going to take you a while to learn,” Warren said. “I’ll take care of the rest of this one for you.” Both of his hands grabbed handfuls of Keith’s hair, and he began pumping his dick in and out of Keith’s mouth.

Keith gagged, then gagged again as Warren’s dick pushed into the back of his throat. Warren fucked Keith’s mouth mercilessly as Keith helplessly hung on.

Warren shoved his cock deep into Keith’s mouth as his dick started pumping cum down Keith’s throat. Keith gagged yet again, trying to pull his head back and his mouth off of Warren’s dick, but the hands on his head clenched his hair in a death-grip. The cum slid out his mouth and down his chin.

Sated, Warren yanked his dick out of Keith’s mouth. “Clean me up,” he commanded.

Keith looked up at him with teary eyes. He felt humiliated that another man had just pumped a load of cum into his mouth.

Warren shook his dick at Keith’s face. “Clean me up, dammit. The door is still an option.”

Keith closed his eyes, a tear running down his face. He stuck his tongue out fully, and licked the cum off of Warren’s dick. Warren grunted at the victory, then shoved Keith back. Tucking his dick back into his pants, he walked over to Sheila.

“The deal stays in place, but he’s going to do his share from now on. And not just with me, with everyone. Do you agree?” he said, looking down at her.

Sheila looked up at him with puffy eyes and nodded, biting her lower lip. Then, to Keith’s amazement, he bend over and kissed her lips. Standing up straight, he walked over to the door then stopped and turned to Keith.

“When me or any of my friends come over, you’d better show some appreciation. A LOT of appreciation,” he said. Then he turned and left.

Keith slowly got to his feet and walked over to Sheila. She looked up at him in anger and then jumped to her feet.

“STUPID!” she raged at him, her hands slapping at him. “You almost ruined EVERYTHING. You little bastard!”

Keith threw up his arms to ward off his mother’s blows, and backed up. He was surprised at her reaction. “But…but…but…..I hate the way they use you, Mom!” he cried.

“Use ME?” she screamed. “I’m using THEM!”

The look on Keith’s face changed to shock. “What?”

She glared at him. “They come over here and fuck me. And honestly, it’s not so bad. Most of them are pretty good in bed, ESPECIALLY Warren. I like him a lot.”

She stuck her finger in Keith’s face. “They’ve taken care of us your whole damn life. They’re going to pay your way through college, you stupid little shit. And once you graduate, this house is MINE! We all agreed!”

“You can’t trust them, Mom!” he cried. “How do you know they’ll keep their word?”

Sheila deflated a bit, her anger wearing off. “Because they’ve done everything they’ve promised me so far. The house, the car, paying the bills, and more.”

She sat back down on the couch with a thud, and looked up at him wearily. “Do you remember going to Disney World when you were 10? We rode the bus there and back, but we stayed at a nice hotel and we were there..what, a week?”

Keith nodded, sitting on the couch next to her.

“That was Warren’s idea. He paid for all of it. And you remember when you fell out of the tree in the back yard and broke your arm? Guess who paid the medical bills.” She sat back, looking exhausted.

“But you still have to fuck them,” Keith said, slightly accusingly.

“No, not always,” Sheila sighed. “Most of them don’t even come around much any more. Warren is the only regular one, and half the time we don’t even have sex. We just lay on the bed and talk. He’s very sweet and gentle with me…takes me out to dinner, to the movies.”

It was difficult for Keith to match the gentle giant that his mother was describing with the angry man who’d just forced his dick into Keith’s mouth.

Sheila gently placed her hands on either side of Keith’s face. “Just do what he says, baby,” she pleaded, “and maybe we can salvage everything.”

Keith looked at her with pleading eyes. “Do I have to?” he said, quietly. He really didn’t want to repeat what just happened.

“Yes, baby, you do,” Sheila said, sighing.

The next morning, Keith woke up late from a fitful sleep. Throwing his clothes on, he dashed out of the house with a “Going to school!” thrown in the general direction of his mother’s room. The day at school was hell…he couldn’t pay attention and his mind wandered back to the events from the previous day. It was a relief when the school day was finally over and he walked home.

As he turned the corner onto his street, he saw a car pull into the driveway. Keith’s pace slowed as he saw Warren get out, walk up to the door, and knock. Sheila answered the door, hugged Warren, and the two went into the house together.

Keith didn’t want to go into the house while Warren was there, but he was curious about what Warren and his mother were saying. He snuck around to the back, and quietly opened the back door. Tiptoeing into the kitchen, he could hear their conversation.

“…sorry about yesterday. I hope you know that I never would have done the things I said,” Warren was saying. “He made me really mad, the way he acted.” He actually sounded contrite.

“I know, Warren,” Sheila replied. “I don’t like what you did, though.”

“It just popped into my head. Besides, he’s almost as cute as you,” Warren chuckled.

“Warren!” Sheila laughed.

Keith heard them kiss, then Warren continued. “Just kidding. I don’t swing that way, it was the anger. I’m not going to do anything with him again, promise, but I have to maintain my control over him. Sooooo…..I asked my son Jack to come over and meet him.”

Sheila said, “Isn’t he..”

Warren cut her off. “Yep.”

“This isn’t anything permanent?” Sheila asked, hesitantly.

“No, just until Keith graduates college. Then he’s free to go on his merry way, and you and I can ride off into the sunset together,” Warren said, a grin in his voice. “If you agree to it, of course.”

“I agree,” Sheila replied, almost ritualistically.

“Ok,” Warren said. “Jack should be here any time now. Shouldn’t Keith be home from school by now?”

Realizing that it was well past the time her normally got home, Keith quietly made his way back out the door and around the house then walked in the front door. “I’m home, Mom,” he called. He never announced his return in the past, so he was kicked himself for acting out of the ordinary.

“There you are,” Sheila said, smiling. “We were just talking about you.”

Warren made his presence know, and said, “Hello, Keith.”

Keith looked at him levelly and replied “Hello.”

“Sir,” Sheila whispered loudly.

“Hello, sir,” Keith said with no inflection.

“How are you,” Warren inquired.

“Fine, sir,” Keith replied.

“Your mother and I are going out,” Warren said, his voice neutral. “My son Jack is coming over to keep you company. Do what he says.”

Keith let a moment of silence go by, and then replied, “Yes, sir.”

Sheila and Warren left, and before long another man walked into the house. It was obvious that he was Warren’s son, looking like a younger copy of his father.

“You must be Keith,” Jack said, smiling.

“Yeah,” Keith said. He tried to keep the anger out of his voice and mostly succeeded. “I supposed I have to suck your dick like I sucked your dad’s.”

Jack shrugged. “Maybe later, if you want to,” Jack said. “I was a bit more interested in sucking yours, first.”

Keith started, taken aback. “Uh…..huh?” he said, confused.

“Dad didn’t tell you that I was gay?” Jack smiled at him.

Keith shook his head. “No, we don’t talk much,” he replied, the distaste for Warren obvious in his voice.

“Too bad,” Jack said. “He’s a great guy.” Jack walked up to Keith and gave him a once-over. “Now why don’t you sit down and let me see what you’ve got hidden in those pants.”

Keith warily sat on the couch. He watched as Jack knelt down in front of him, unzipped Keith’s pants, and pulled his soft dick from them.

“Not bad,” Jack said, leaning forward and taking Keith in his mouth.

Keith gasped in air at the sensation of Jack’s lips and tongue sliding down his dick. He was a virgin, never had any form of sex besides masturbation and petting with a girl from school a couple of times. He had no idea that a mouth on his dick would feel so good, even if it was a man’s.

His cock sprang to full hardness as Jack slowly ran his mouth up and down it. Being his first blowjob, Keith didn’t know if Jack was talented or not. He just knew that it felt pretty damn good. He leaned back on the couch, enjoying the sensation.

Jack pulled Keith’s dick from his mouth and grinned up at him. “Not so bad after all, huh?” he grinned. His tongue extended from his mouth and lapped lazy circles around Keith’s cockhead.

Keith hands involuntarily shot out and grabbed Jack’s head, pulling Jack back on his dick. Jack chuckled as Keith’s dick slid between his lips, sucking harder and more forcefully.

“Jesus,” Keith moaned, looking down at Jack’s mouth sliding up and down his dick. The sensation was incredible, and his dick was throbbing.

Jack could tell that this was Keith’s first time, and his mouth worked magic on Keith’s dick. When he felt Keith getting close to cumming, he’d slow down, then pick right back up to bring Keith right to the edge.

Keith was groaning in pleasure, and his hands on Jack’s head urged him on. He really wanted to cum, needed to cum. He couldn’t take much more of the sensation without exploding.

Jack took pity on Keith, and took his dick deep into his mouth, the head of Keith’s dick pushed up against the back of his throat. His nose was buried in Keith’s pubic hair.

That pushed Keith over the edge. He convulsed as his dick started shooting out wad after wad of tangy hot cum. Keith never felt an orgasm like this, and dimly thought that he was going to drown Jack in his cum.

Jack, however, was swallowing for all he was worth. He sensed that it was the first time that Keith had had his dick sucked, and he was prepared for it. The cum went down his throat as fast as Keith pumped it in his mouth.

Keith’s orgasm subsided and his body, tensed from the throes, slowly relaxed. His head fell back onto the back of the couch, and his hands slid off Jack’s head and hung limply beside him.

Jack pulled Keith’s softening dick out of his mouth. Smiling up at Keith, he said “Pretty good, huh?”

“Shit, yes,” Keith said weakly.

Jack stood up, and wiped cum from his lips. He grabbed Keith’s hands and said, “Come on, let’s move to the bedroom. One blowjob doesn’t make a whole evening.” He pulled Keith upright, and then kissed him fully on the mouth.

Keith jerked back, surprised, but Jack grabbed Keith’s head and didn’t let him go. Jack’s tongue slipped inside of Keith’s mouth, and Keith could taste the tang of his cum. He wanted to pull away, but the kiss felt pretty good. His soft dick twiched a notch towards hardness again.

Jack broke the kiss and grabbed Keith’s hand. “Which way to your bedroom?” he asked, with a devilish grin.

Keith led him through the short hallway that ended at his bedroom. Opening the door, he let Jack in and closed it behind him.

The room was pretty similar to any 18 year old’s…a shambles. Dirty clothes littered the floor, and empty dishes sat on the dresser and nightstand. Various odds and ends of unfinished hobbies were strewed about. Jack tsk’d at him, then cleared some room on the bed.

“Get undressed,” he said, shucking his shoes and shirt.

“Do I have to?” Keith replied. Despite the fantastic blowjob Jack had given him, he still wasn’t comfortable about being naked in bed with another man.

“Actually, no,” Jack said, finishing undressing and laying on the bed. “Dad gave me a bit of the back story with you, but I’m not him. However, the less you do, the less you’ll enjoy. And trust me, you’ll enjoy.” His hard dick slowly swayed back and forth as he talked.

Keith looked at Jack’s naked body. He was surprised to find that he wasn’t nauseated or revolted. All that naked skin actually looked pretty good. He’d never gotten naked with anyone before, and his dick was starting to grow again at the sight. He slowly pulled off his shirt and shoes, then gulped and pulled off his pants. He laid on the bed next to Jack.

I’d like to thank everyone for their positive feedback…very much an ego boost for me. I hope that everyone’s interest is just as good in this continuation.

The next morning, I woke up groggy and sat up in my bed for a minute until the memories of yesterday flooded back into my mind. I’d sucked my best friend’s, Chris, cock in the woods unknowingly watched and photographed by an older neighbor, Mr. Gregory. He’d used the pictures to force me to suck him and told me to be at his house at 9AM. I glanced at the clock…it was already 8:30.

I jumped out of bed and took a quick shower, then hurriedly dressed. I didn’t want to be late and give him any reason to show the pictures of me sucking Chris (or the later ones he took of me with his fat cock in my mouth) to my folks. As I left my room, I glanced at the cock — 8:48.

As I bounded down the stairs, I almost ran over Mom as she came up. “Whoa, slow down!” she exclaimed as the basket of laundry she was carrying was knocked out of her hands and went tumbling down the steps.

“Sorry, Mom,” I mumbled as I quickly picked up the clothes and heaped them back into the basket.

“Dammit,” she replied angrily, “I *just* folded those.” She helped me pick up the remaining clothes and then shoved the basket into my hands. “They’re all yours, so you can fold them again and put them away.”

“Uh…I promised Chris I’d meet him at 9 o’clock. Can I fold them later?” I pleaded.

“No. NOW!” she said, irritated. “Chris can wait a few minutes. It won’t kill him or you. And be a bit more careful, please. Both of us could have taken a spill down the stairs.”

“Yes, ma’am.” Shit, this was going to make me late!

I went back upstairs to my room, hurriedly re-folded my clothes, and put them away. The clock said 8:55 as I exited a second time. I passed Mom again on the stairs, much slower this time, and she gave me an approving smile. I had almost reached the bottom step when she called out to me.

“Oh, Joseph?”

I stopped. “Yes, Mom?”

“Your father wants you to help him in the garage after he gets home from work, so make sure you’re home by then.”

I gulped. Mr. Gregory told me to have no plans for the day, but I couldn’t tell HER that.

“Uh, ok, sure Mom,” I said. From there I could see the clock in the living room. 8:58.

“That’s a good boy,” she said, her voice receding down the upstairs hallway.

I tore out of the house, and ran like mad to Mr. Gregory’s house. When I reached his front door, I was breathing hard. I took a few seconds to catch my breath, then knocked on the door.

The door opened almost instantly and Mr. Gregory’s arm shot out and yanked me into his house. I stumbled and fell to the floor in his foyer

“You’re late,” he said, angrily, looking down at me. I could see that he was only wearing a robe and it wasn’t even tied closed. His fat cock lolled between his legs.

“My mom told me to…” I started to protest.

“It doesn’t matter why you’re late,” he said. “I told you 9, and it’s 9:04. And you say ‘sir’ when you’re allowed to talk to me!”

“I’m sorry, sir,” I said, my eyes welling up with tears. “Please, forgive me this once!”

“A bitch like you doesn’t deserve second chances,” he said, grabbing my arm and pulling me to my feet. “I’ll decide the appropriate punishment for you later. Now strip.”

I hesitantly started to take off my clothes, and was rewarded with a stinging slap on my face.

“Don’t take all day,” he warned.

I quickly tore off my clothes and left them heaped on the floor. Even though I’d already had his cock and cum in my mouth, i was embarrassed to be naked in front of him. My hands quickly covered my groin.

“Awww…how cute, the cunt is shy,” he taunted me. “Turn around.”

After I did, he grabbed both of my arms and tied both of my hands behind me then spun me around to face him. Reaching into the pocket of his robe, he pulled out what looked like a dog collar and a leash. He fastened the dog collar around my neck, then held the leash up to my face.

“Do you know what this is?” he asked.

“A leash, sir?”

“That’s right. It’s used to control bitches that a man owns, like you. Take a good look at it and describe it to me,” he said.

“Uh, it’s red leash,” I answered.

The flat of his hand slapped my face again, stinging my cheek and causing a tear to roll from my watery eyes. “SIR!”

“Sir! Sir! I’m sorry, sir!”

“Try again.”

“It’s a red leash, SIR.” I said.

“Very good. Take a closer look and describe it to me in detail.”

“’s a red leash with blue stitching, sir,” I said.

“VERY good. I want you to be able to pick out THIS particular leash from a hundred others. Do you understand?”

“No, sir, I don’t understand!” Tears were rolling down my face by now.

“This is a very special leash,” he explained, extending it out to it’s full length. “It means that I OWN you. It means that you’re my little fuck-toy. It means that when you see this leash, this PARTICULAR leash, you drop what you’re doing and get ready to take a hard dick.”

“Y-y-yes, sir,” I gulped.

“You’re going to be a busy boy today,” he chuckled, fastening the leash to the collar he’d put around my neck. He reached into the other pocket of his robe and pulled out a length of cloth, fastening it as a blindfold around my eyes. I heard/felt him walk past me, then felt the leash yank on the collar. I followed as best as I could, bumping into walls and furniture.

The pull of the leash stopped and I came to a halt. I felt his hands on my shoulders, pushing me down to my knees. I almost fell over, but his grip steadied me. His hands disappeared and I felt something touch my lips.

“Open up,” he said, harshly. “Suck daddy’s hard cock.”

As my mouth opened, his cock slid between my lips. I recognized the taste and feel of him and, despite my fear, my own dick tingled and threatened to grow. I was afraid…I didn’t know what was going on, I couldn’t see, and couldn’t use my hands but despite that I was getting hard. It was almost like the fear was was the kindling for the fire of my excitement.

I softly sucked on his cockhead, my tongue swirling around it. I could taste more of his pre-cum, salty and intoxicating.

I sucked harder, pulling more of him into my mouth. I was rewarded with a moan from him.

“Yesssss, that’s a good bitch. Use your tongue more,” he directed.

There wasn’t much room in my mouth for my tongue to maneuver, so I settled for sliding it up and down his length. That seemed to placate him, and I felt his hands gently grasp the top of my head. I took him deeper, then pulled off until he was almost out of my mouth, and then took him deep again. His hands urged me faster and I picked up my pace.

I felt fingers grabbing and slightly twisting my left nipple, and suddenly stopped sucking his cock in shock. If both of his hands were on my head, then what….? Was there someone else here???

“What the fuck are you stopping for?” he demanded. He shoved his cock deep into my mouth, forcing it into the back of my throat, making me gag, and held it there. I frantically tried to pull away from him, but his hands held me fast. The fingers on my nipple pinched painfully. “I didn’t tell you to stop! Suck my dick or I swear I’ll choke you to death with it!”

He pulled back, thankfully allowing me to get some air and allowing my roiling stomach to calm down. Hurriedly, I sucked him with a frenzy, not wanting his fat cock to choke me again. The fingers on my nipple kept their grip, and a second set grabbed my right nipple, pulling it up and away from me.

My dick, which had started to deflate when I was choking, started growing again at the sensation of Mr. Gregory’s cock in my mouth and my nipples being pulled and pinched. In seconds, I was as hard as he was. My body’s reaction confused me, but I was in no position to sit and think about it.

I heard Mr. Gregory chuckle. “The whore is starting to get into it,” he said to whoever else was there. “I knew he’d be a great cocksucker, once he got around to it.”

To my shame, I realized he was right. I DID like having his cock in my mouth, even though having my hands tied behind me, and wearing a blindfold and collar on, scared me. I moaned to myself at the realization, then worked my mouth on his cock even faster and harder. Suddenly, I wanted his cum.

“That’s right, suck Daddy,” he moaned. “Jesus, you’ve got a fantastic mouth, boy.”

His hips started pumping his cock into my mouth. I started moving my head a bit sideways, his cock twisting inside my mouth as it pistoned in and out. That little movement was all it took.

“FUCK! SHIT!” Mr. Gregory almost yelled, his cock throbbing and his cum exploding into my mouth. Surprised, I found myself swallowed his seed, feeling each pulse as it coated my tongue and throat. It seemed to go on and on forever. Incredibly turned on now, I greedily tried to pull every last drop from his balls.

Without warning, he yanked his cock from my mouth. I opened my mouth wide, wanting him to put it back in. I wanted to keep sucking him and get even more cum down my throat. I started to say something, I don’t know what, but all that came out was unintelligible gibberish.

I felt him move, and another person move to where he stood. I felt the tip of a cock touch my upper lip, and I hungrily sucked it into my mouth. I began sucking furiously, my head bobbing up and down on it. It was very different from Mr. Gregory’s — Much shorter and not as fat, but it felt harder than his, like a steel rod encased in flesh. Absently, I realized that this new person was uncircumcised; I couldn’t feel the ridge of a cockhead against my tongue like I did with Mr. Gregory.

The new man was not as forceful as Mr. Gregory and allowed me to suck him, to use what I was learning about cocksucking. I relished the feeling, enjoying the sensation of his shaft sliding in and out of my lips. It didn’t take him long. A minute or two of my mouth and tongue pleasing his cock and I was rewarded with his cock throbbing and his cum flowing into my mouth. It wasn’t as powerful as Mr. Gregory’s, but the taste was similar. I happily swallowed and swallowed and swallowed.

The second man’s cock softened quickly, and he gingerly pulled it from my mouth. I sat, feeling what cum escaped my lips cooling and drying at the corners of my mouth, as he stepped away. I felt Mr. Gregory slide in front of me and felt the now much-welcomed feeling of the tip of a cock against my lips again. As I opened my mouth to accept him, I realized it wasn’t Mr. Gregory. The cock shoved into my mouth was bigger than the last one and not as thick as Mr. Gregory’s. A third man??? How many men were here?

The third man was much rougher than either of the first two. Grabbing fistfuls of hair, he immediately began plunging his cock in and out of my mouth. I couldn’t do anything except form a wet, warm tunnel with my mouth for him to fuck.

And fuck my mouth he did. He pounded my mouth, his cock banging against the back of my throat while he growled, “Take that, you little fuck! Feel my cock shoved down your throat!”

I knelt helplessly as he raped my mouth, trying to breathe and hoping he wouldn’t last very long. My lips and the back of my throat were starting to feel bruised.

Finally, he shoved his cock as deep as it would go, my nose crushed by his groin. “FUCK YEAH,” I heard him hiss as his cum boiled out of his balls and into the back of my throat. I tried to swallow, but couldn’t because his cock was in the way. His cum and my saliva flowed past my lips and rolled down my chin.

As he yanked his cock from between my lips, I dimly realized that my own dick was harder than I’d ever felt it. I almost felt like cumming myself, just from the pure excitement of it all.

Still kneeling, I heard Mr. Gregory say from behind me, “I’m gonna pop this little cunt’s cherry. Anybody want sloppy seconds?”

From either side of me, I heard two mens voices. “I’m good.” “Nah, next time, thanks.”

I felt a tug on the collar and a click as the leash was removed. “Stay,” Mr. Gregory commanded me, then I felt/heard the three of them leave the room.

As I waited for something else to happen, I thought about what was going on. It was a shock to realize that I liked sucking cock, something that I’d felt when I sucked Chris’ dick but was too confused to understand. The whole situation with Mr. Gregory still scared me, but I was so turned on that it didn’t seem to matter. As the cum on my lips and chin cooled and dried, I knew that if I simply touched my own dick once I would cum too.

It was several long minutes before I heard Mr. Gregory walk back into the room. He pulled on my arm, making me stand, and led me through the house. A minute later, he stopped and untied the blindfold from my eyes. I blinked at the sudden light, not knowing how long I’d worn it. After my eyes adjusted, I saw that I was in one of the bedrooms in his house. It was sparsely furnished with only a bed, two chairs, and a small table. The bed and one of the chairs had ropes attached to them.

He turned me around and untied my hands. “You did well…at least for a worthless whore like yourself,” he said. Freed, I reached up and wiped my face, unsuccessfully trying to remove the cum on it.

“Thank you, sir,” I mumbled.

“Ask me to fuck your tight little virgin ass,” he commanded.

Some of the excitement was wearing off, and I really didn’t want his cock in my ass. I stood there, gaping at him.

He slapped me. “Ask me to fuck your tight little virgin ass,” he repeated.

“Sir, would you fuck me?” I said, rubbing my reddened cheek.

He slapped my other cheek. “That’s not how a bitch asks. Try again.”

“Sir, would you fuck my tight little virgin ass?” I responded, wincing and not wanting to be slapped again.

“Beg me.”

“Sir, please fuck my tight little virgin ass?”

“That’s better. You’d better remember how to ask things of me,” he said, smiling. He reached over and took a bottle from the table, squirting its contents into his hand. He generously coated his hardening cock with the liquid, then turned me to face the bed and pushed me onto it. My eyes clenched shut in fear as I felt him climb onto the bed over me.

“I’m going to love fucking your tight little virgin ass,” he said. I could hear the leer in his voice. “I’m going to fuck you so hard that your asshole won’t ever be able to close again, so often that it will feel strange when you DON’T have a cock in it.”

Panic welled up in me, and I made a futile attempt to writhe out from under him. “Please, sir….don’t do this,” I begged.

His hand came down on my back and he shoved me into the bed. Laughing, he said, “Don’t worry, bitch. I’ll always have a hard cock to fill you up with.”

I felt his slippery cock slide between my ass cheeks. As I struggled, his cockhead lined up with my clenched ass…and he pushed into me.

I’d never felt pain like that before. It was well beyond uncomfortable, it HURT! I screamed into the bed, then begged him to pull it out.

“Shut up, cunt. If you relax, it’ll feel better,” he said through clenched teeth. “In fact, you’ll come to love having a cock pushed into your ass. You’ll BEG for it.”

I violently disagreed with him, but I wasn’t in a position to escape. I felt another inch of his hard cock slide into me, and I pushed my face into the bed and screamed again.

He stopped, and I felt his cock throbbing inside me. “Jesus Christ, you’re tight. I haven’t felt anything like this since the first time I ass-fucked the missus. She didn’t like it much at first, either.”

The pause gave me some time to try to relax. My ass was instinctively trying to push his cock out and the harder it tried the more it hurt. Exerting some will, I tried to relax myself. Little by little, my probed ass began to ease and as it did, the less it hurt.

“See?” he said. “Just relax and take your Daddy’s cock.”

He nudged himself a bit deeper into me, causing a fresh spear of pain to shoot through me. He stopped again, and I fought the instinct to clamp down and push out. As soon as I succeeded, he would push himself even deeper.

It felt like forever, but eventually I felt the heat of his groin against my ass cheeks. He was completely inside me! My ass felt so incredibly full, and it ached something fierce, but I had managed to take his whole cock! I couldn’t believe it — I was sure that he’d split me apart before he got completely inside me.

“Good boy,” he murmured. “Daddy’s all the way inside you now. That wasn’t so bad, now was it?”

“It still hurts, sir,” I complained, understanding that he didn’t really care if it did or not.

“It will for a while, but it will start to feel really good after a while. We just have to take it slow…” He hissed in pleasure as his cock eased out an inch, making my ass want to push down and force it the rest of the way out again, then push completely back into me. “…And easy,” he finished.

My own dick, which had reached epic hardness while I had mens cocks in my mouth, had shriveled to nothing at the pain. As he slowly fucked my ass, however, it began twitching again. While the ache remained, the sharp pain from earlier began to ease and then disappeared completely.

Experimentally, I pushed my ass back in time with his thrust. It felt….good. Well, not good, but not bad. The feeling of his cock sliding in and out of my ass was becoming almost pleasant. Again, like I said, the ache was still there, but it was becoming overshadowed by the sensation of being fucked.

“Yeah, that’s right,” he groaned. “Fuck back at Daddy. Move that sweet little ass.”

He started fucking me a bit harder and a bit faster. I started feeling less frightened, more excited. I didn’t know what the connection between my ass and my dick was, but my shaft was growing as his worked it’s way in and out of me.

He changed the angle that his cock was in me and hit something inside me that felt…well, great! “Oh!” I moaned softly, forgetting the ache and enjoying the new sensation.

“Daddy’s little bitch is starting to enjoy this, isn’t he?” Mr. Gregory gloated.

In a small voice I heard myself reply, “Yes….Yes, Daddy….” I tried to move so that the good feeling came again. I found the right angle and, from Mr. Gregory’s suddenly increased tempo, he liked what I was doing.

The ache was completely forgotten. All that mattered was that good feeling that he caused with his big dick buried in my ass. He would change the angle so that it went away, and I would fight to get it back. Pretty soon, I was pumping my ass back onto his cock with every one of his thrusts. My dick throbbed underneath me, sliding on the bed sheet and threatening to spill my own juices onto it.

“Fuck,” I moaned. “Fuck…fuck me, Daddy! Fuck me!”

He didn’t respond, too busy pounding his cock into my now-willing ass. I kept chanting “Fuck me…fuck me…” over and over again. As his pace began to get almost frantic, my dick exploded beneath me, the growing pool of cum making a lubricant that made each successive jet of cum explode out of me harder.

With a groan, he suddenly shoved himself into me hard enough to push me several inches up the bed. My own orgasm waning, I could feel his cock throb as it shot more and more of his cum deep inside me. The knowledge that he was cumming in my ass made my own cock throb again.

Slowly, he relaxed and collapsed on top of me. His weight on me made me feel surprisingly warm and secure. He laid atop me, gasping for air, as his cock slowly deflated. With a hiss, he pulled his shrunken cock from my happy, battered ass.

He rolled off of me, then told me to roll over on my back. What he did next surprised the hell out of me.

He crawled between my spread legs, put his weight on me, and kissed me.

It wasn’t a peck on the lips, it was a full-blown sensual kiss. His tongue danced with mine in my mouth, and I could feel the passion behind it. It went on and on until he finally broke it off and got up off of me.

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