This is a story that’s about 90% true. Names were changed, and some other little things. Please forgive any mistakes you’ll find. I think the last story I wrote was a book report in grade school. So this is my first story here. Be gentle please, but feedback, voting, or email is fine. I will write other stories about the past if I get enough good feedback. Hopefully Enjoy!



The little crowd that surrounded the truck started cheering and making whooping noises, waiting for the show to start. She lowered her thong and took one foot out of them as she squatted. My eyes were on the screen of the handheld digital recorder capturing the event, while my boss /best friend, Mark, was smiling ear to ear taking pictures with his digital camera. This was his game. He loved to see how far he could push people out of their comfort zone sexually. He was a master in his ‘Art’.

The blonde haired college beauty was up in the bed of his truck with the tailgate down. She was wearing a green halter top with a short skirt. In her current stance, with the help of the neon and strobe lights coming off the tattoo shop, you could tell she was shaved. She opened up her lovely pink folds with 2 fingers as her face turned flush. “She is actually going to do it” I said to myself. The truck was parked next to a 4 lane street, and even this late at night, the cars passing could see what was going on. There was a lot of honking and whistles coming out of the cars that were driving by. It was a very busy road that ran straight into downtown Fort Worth. The traffic helped business, and we were known for certain ‘antics’ that went on at the shop. I think that’s why women like this one were coming to our shop a lot. Must have looked like a fucking Girls Gone Wild filming. Mark looked over with a wink and then yelled…

“Come on, we ain’t got all night girl. Think of waterfalls.”

“I’m trying, I swear!” The girl said while laughing. “I’ve got stage fright or something!”

This was making the crowd’s weekend, but to Mark and I…it was just a little entertainment to end a night of work at the studio. A few minutes later some relief came over her face and a little trickle turned into a stream of pee. She was a little drunk, and her friends that were there started clapping. When finished, she pulled her thong back on while staring at me. A little impish grin crept up on the sides of her lips. She hopped off the truck and went to her friends while they all giggled.

After the show, we walked in the shop. There were three stations for tattooing and a long hall for all the artwork to hang on, for people to hang out, and few places to sit. To the left was the private office for piercing. My boss and I shared this space. Complete with a TV that had every single channel on satellite, thanks to some hook up he had swapped out no doubt for a tattoo or something. It was always on some hardcore porn channel. Full security system including 10 cameras that went around the shop and into the main waiting area. The crowd dispersed except for the people waiting to be tattooed. Mark had me setup the tray for a tongue piercing.

I laughed. “You made her do all that for a free tongue piercing?”

“She wanted it for free. Why? Do you think I got ripped off?” He grinned. Always the smart ass.

I had been working there since I was 17. I was now 21. As a piercer I knew this would cost him 3$ for everything, even though we charged 40$ a piercing. I didn’t think it was much of a fair deal for her, but then again I wasn’t the one who agreed to it. After so many of these, I wasn’t even shocked anymore. I’d seen and filmed everything from women masturbating with different objects that Mark had found humorous; to women who would stick fingers in their asses and re lube their fingers with their mouths several times before he said they could stop. Women would get naked and make out. Every once in a while, I would need to step out of the room. I’m not gonna try and play psychologist to figure out why they did it. For the rush, just to be bad, the thrill, or just the money. Anyway, now he had a pee vid to add to his collection. I’m guessing everything in between also.

I just laughed harder. “You never cease to amaze me man. How did you know she would do it?”

“When you’ve worked here long enough young skywalker, you too will be able to sense these things!” He said in a mock voice.

Rolling my eyes, I asked. “No really, they all look the same in their little skirts and bubbly attitudes?”

“Just flirt dude. Hint about something that could possibly offend them, if it doesn’t then push a little further. Always look ‘em in the eyes, they never lie. Keep a lookout for body language, if she really wants you to know, it will be there”

To tell the truth I’m totally clueless if a woman likes me or not, unless they come out and tell me or some really obvious like a kiss, asking me out, or grabbing me etc. I just don’t pick up on hints.

I wasn’t a virgin, but growing up Southern Baptist in TX. At a private school… That’s really not a subject they touch on. It was only till high school I finally went to public school. All hell broke loose after that. I went from a tie wearing goodie goodie, to a pure bad boy by the time my sophomore year came around. Mark had been the brother I never had. He was the owner of the tattoo shop and after he offered me a job, my education about body art and women began.

Mark was 35, and doing well with the shop. I wasn’t anything to write home about. I’m about 5’8, a lil on the big side, brown spiky/messy hair with my fair share of piercings, a regular sized 6 inch dick(pierced, imagine that). I am a little bit wider than average, with a proportionate head to my width. Just one tattoo on my neck, in white ink, that glows in the black light. Just a word. Actually the only thing I’ve ever been complimented on was my blue “piercing eyes”, cute nose, and full lips that were “soo kissable”. Needless to say my self esteem had never been quite that high. Didn’t help much that I was dealt a massive blow when my 5 year relationship with Jenny had ended very badly. That’s another story though. It was still in the back of my mind as it had only been a couple of months.

Mark continued. “The two of the four girls in blue shirts out there are snobs, they’re only here because she wanted to get her tongue pierced and decided to tag along. The other 2 want you bro.”

“Who?” Pee girl and the short haired one?” Swaying my head in disbelief.

“Yeah, they’ve both been staring at you all night. You didn’t see that smile she gave you in the truck?”

“That was for the camera, she was just being playful. Besides she’s been hanging onto the short haired girl all night. She’s gay.”

“No, not gay. She might be bi, but not gay. There’s potential for a lot of fun there bro!”

“Whatever Mark, you ready?”

“Yeah, send her in.”

I opened the door and let her know he was ready.

“Can I bring a friend in, I’m nervous.”

The girl could pee in public but was nervous about this. I just shook my head and snickered.

“Yeah, one person can come in with you.”

“Chaz, will you come in with us? I’m scared.” Hillary asked me. (The girl with the green tank top) She was grinning and started giving me these puppy dog eyes that made Bambi look like a heroin-chic CK model.

“Yeah come on, we thought you were going to be doing the piercing anyway.” The girl with the pink halter top chimed in. I later found out her name was Tina. They were both lookers. Very sexy curves in all the right places. As to how they knew my name, I wasn’t sure. I grabbed a stool and after a couple of minutes of calming her down, she left with her brand new piercing, standing out in the lobby showing her other friends.

“See I told ya.” Mark said while disposing of the trash.

“Told me what? Did I miss something? She said one thing to me; hardly think she was begging for my dick.”

“Watch this.” He skipped to camera 10 which showed the lobby. They were standing there. They kept turning around looking at the closed piercing room. There was no sound on the cameras. All I could see was the 2 girls talking with one of our tattoo artists, and pointing at the door. Don came in, and said I was wanted in the lobby.

“Hey, what’s up?”

“Hey, we were wondering if you would like to come to a party tomorrow.” I looked over towards the 2 snobs who were looking irritated and just wanting to leave.

“Where is it going to be at?”

“At the sorority house.”

I didn’t want to attend a party where snobby bitches were going to be looking down at me all night. I was hesitant, and the girls must have seen it in my face.

“Don’t worry, they’re always like that, the rest of the house is fun! It’s free liquor, and we promise to make it worth your while.” There was that grin again. The pert B cups staring back at me were hard to resist, but I’m an ass man all the way. I had caught myself stealing a glance at ‘em through the night. Who am I kidding? It’s the first fucking thing I try to look at when I get the chance.

“Ok, I’ll go. Just call this cell number, and we’ll see what happens. Oh, one stipulation. At no time during the party while I’m there will you pee in public, please.” I said with a laugh and smirk. They both laughed and Hillary replied in mock surprise. “Oh, I thought you liked that.”

“No, that’s my boss’s kink, not mine.”

“Really?” Well then what’s the dirty secret Mr. Chaz is holding back?”

“Umm, that’s a pretty personal question.” I said with a raised eyebrow.

Mark must have been listening. He came out of the door knowing I wasn’t about to tell her. “Aww, come on, tell me.”

“Tell her what?” Mark couldn’t pass up this conversation.

“What his kink is?”

“Anal. Although not really a kink I think, just a preference. Now ATM, that’s a kink. He smiled and went over to the artist’s station. Yup, that’s my best friend, always going for shock and awe. To my surprise she didn’t even flinch. I thought the ass-mouth reference would send them running for the door. “THANK YA MARK!” I said in a highly exaggerated voice.

“Hmm… Maybe you should of setup the dare tonight.” Hillary said as a sly smirk came across her face. I didn’t know how to respond. I had only been in the one long relationship and was still awkward and shy around girls. The flirting was easy, but once it came down to serious conversation I would lock up like a virgin in a whore house.

They left and the shop closed an hour later. After getting paid for the night, I was off in my car blaring my favorite band, TOOL. Window down just cruising home, while the streets were empty. This was my favorite time. 2 in the morning, wind in my hair, and the placing looking like a ghost town. I was in my own world till I noticed that fucking car. My cell phone went off with a text message, but I was too irritated to take it now. “Motherfucker” I mumbled. This damn red Honda had been following me home on and off for the last 3 weeks. It had tinted windows so I could never see who the driver was. A week earlier I had gotten out of my car at a light and ran toward the car, but they sped off, only to catch me later on down the road. My apartment hadn’t been broken into (yet), which is what I thought this was all about. Maybe checking to see if my schedule ever changed? My Ex had crossed my mind. Maybe she was seeing if I was already bringing home girls. Jenny fucked up bad, but I didn’t think with all the shit she put me through, that she’d be following me.

I pulled into a parking spot and my phone went off again with another text. Ignoring it, I got out of the car, and shut the door. This is when the car always pulled off. I was going over in my head if I had pissed anyone off, but I pretty much got along with everyone. Shrugging it off, I was home at last. A shower seemed like heaven, so after that I had a snack and lay down on my bed.

A few minutes later my reminder buzz went off on my phone. I checked the first one which was from a phone number I didn’t know. It was a few pictures from Hillary and Tina. They were both bent over with their asses spread and looking back at the camera. “God these chicks are evil” I thought to myself. There was another where one had taken a small dildo up their butt. It was out of focus and grainy so I couldn’t really tell who was who. The last was a picture of them both naked standing in a bathroom naked, with huge smiles on their faces.

“I hate it when Mark is right” I said out loud. The next text was from them also. It said “Better come to the party or you will be in trouble :P ”. I was hard as a rock. It was going to be easy to get off and have a good night sleep. I texted back “Whatever…you’re jus a bunch of teases”. I figured they were asleep by now. So I dropped my phone and looked for a sock I could jerk off into. Guys, don’t even act like you don’t know what I’m talking about.

My phone buzzed, and I flipped it open.

“I’m not a tease! I just know what I want.”

I decided to leave it at that and relieve myself to the pictures. Soon after my body gave out, and I was sound asleep. I woke up around noon. Made some tea and went out on the balcony. My next door neighbor, Amy, was out sun tanning as usual. I wondered where her girlfriend was. They had moved in before me and after getting to know them, I found out they were a couple. There was nothing bi about them. Amy was normal and fun to talk to, but Michelle was a man hater. Needless to say we didn’t get along all that well, but she tolerated me.

“What’s up rug muncher?” We were always joking with each other.

“Nothing much dick licker. How ya been?”

“Ok I guess, you?”

“I’m good. So whatcha doin on this gorgeous Saturday?”

“Just gonna clean up a lil round the house, and maybe go to a party tonight.”

“Where’s the party?”

“It’s at a sorority, got asked to go by these 2 girls last night.”

Arching her eyebrow I could tell she was getting interested. “Really? 2 girls huh? What sorority?”

“I dunno, they haven’t called me with a time or place yet. If that doesn’t work out I’m sure my friends will have something going on.”

That’s when the man hater came out. She looked at me with a frown. Ever since me and the ex had broken up, she acted liked I was trying to move in on her girl. I was really gett’n tired of this bitch.

“Hey freak, we don’t want to hear about your latest conquests, ok?” Alright, fuck it. Let’s go there.

“Seriously-if I stuck my cock in your mouth, would you shut the fuck up?”

“Wha… You’re a fucking asshole!”

“Hey-Don’t blame me for the wound in your crotch. By the way, you owe us a rib… man hating bitch.”

Amy burst out laughing. She was almost in tears, and must of got a look from the butch to come inside.

“Well, you’ll have to let me in on the details later. I gotta go… c ya.”


Man that felt good. I recently started to say what I was thinking. My relationship had turned me into a little pussy whipped dog boy afraid to open my mouth. If the new me was an asshole… “Eh, Fuck it. Then so be it!” I thought. After cleaning the house I called some friends up to see what they were doing tonight. Mostly strip clubs and dance bars were on the list. I must of dozed off, cuzz when I woke up my phone was buzzing with a few text messages. I looked at the clock and it was 8pm. All the messages were from Hillary. The first was telling me where the party was and to show up around 8(oops). Another one was asking if I was coming or not. The last one was just a “hello?” I sent her a message back saying that I would be there. A few seconds later her message came through and it said “can’t wait!!”

About an hour and a half later, I knocked on the door and could hear the bass from the music outside. The door opened and a girl with a notebook stood there. She looked me up and down with a smiling expression. “Here we go…” I thought to myself.

“Name?” she asked. I sighed, already tired of this game.

“Chaz.” She looked at her list.

“Ahh here we are. Tina and Hillary’s guest.” She looked up with a raised eyebrow. “Well stud, looks like your VIP, enjoy the party. She wrapped me a paper bracelet and secured it to my wrist.

“VIP?” I asked.

“Oh, it just means the girls paid for you to get in, and bought your drinks. It also allows you to go upstairs without …umm being escorted. Doesn’t happen very often.” She said with a smile. “Enjoy.”

I had a feeling I wasn’t gonna have a problem doing that. I didn’t know what was upstairs, but I needed to find the drinks quick. This place was jumping with people. The music was loud in the dimly lit rooms, and the concert lighting was swirling all around like a real dance club. Hot chicks were everywhere! As I wondered around I finally found the beer. With no signs of Hillary and Tina, I polished off a few from the keg. Then I saw my vice. I threw down 2 doubles of jager. I heard a voice from behind me.

“Chaz?” As I turned around 2 women stood there with shocked looks on their faces. I didn’t recognize them, and didn’t want to be rude.

“Umm hey, how’s it going?” They looked vaguely familiar now, but still didn’t know where I knew them from.

“You don’t remember us do you? We used to come up to shop all the time. You pierced my naval.”

“Oh right, now I remember, it’s ummm…”

“Amanda and that’s Michelle.” She replied. Yeah right, like I’d remember the names of every naval piercing I did. I tried to recover quickly with the athletic looking college hotties. I didn’t want to come off as a complete jerk.

“Well, I’m glad I found someone I know at this party. I was about to leave if things didn’t get better.”

“Please… you prolly know half the people here. What do we have here?” Looking at the bracelet. “VIP huh? You must know someone at this party very well.”

“I met Hillary and Tina at the shop and they invited me, I don’t really know them. I came to the door and the girl put this on me.” I shrugged.

“Well since your hosts aren’t here, why don’t you come with us into the game room…?” Then my hosts decided to show.

“Ahem.” Turning again, I see Hillary and Tina with pissed off faces and arms crossing their chests. ‘Oh well, looks like I’ll be off to the game room if this doesn’t work out.’ I thought to myself.

“Ah, there you are.” I said to Hillary.

“And where exactly where you about to go?” I stammered, and looked between Amanda and Hillary.

“I was just talking to some friends.” After a few seconds Hillary started laughing.

“I’m just messing with you, loosen up a bit.” Which is exactly what I had been doing, and progress was great. I was starting to get a buzz. I excused myself from the 2 I had been previously talking to and Hillary and Tina led me through the house, crossing the dance floors. Seemed like a lot of people knew me, from the shop again I’m sure. I just said hi back, and did a few double takes on some very hot looking girls. I got slapped in the butt as Hillary just looked at me in disbelief. “Easy Tiger, I hope you’ve got enough to handle for the night.”

We ended up going up some stairs to where the rooms where lined up down long hallways. I was ushered through a door to which I assumed was one of the girl’s. It was a nice room for how small it was. Had all the usual furniture, desk, end table, dresser, and a bed. There were some pictures and posters on the wall. Hillary led me to the bed and we sat down. I saw Tina walk over to a tripod with a video recorder on it, as Hillary asked me if I wanted another drink.

“Yeah, uhh… sure. Umm… What’s with the video camera?” Then I saw the little red light go from red to green. I knew it was recording. Even with the room spinning a bit, feeling very uninhibited, I wasn’t digging the camera. Tina came and sat down on the other side of me.

As I lifted the beer to my lips and felt the cold beer rush down my throat, I began to feel two hot velvet mouths on either side of my neck. Hot and cold sensations ran through my body and my already rigid cock went to raging stone. I didn’t stop till the beer was gone. I let the beer drop down to the carpet as Tina found mouth. The other tongue had just licked the lobe of my ear. Then a seductive whisper came to my ear. “I can’t use my tongue or vaj tonight baby because of nature, but I still wanna play, and I don’t think that you’ll be in any way disappointed. Tina is ready to go, so let’s get more comfortable.

Please go easy on me, as this is my first story. It wasn’t originally intended to be a Literotica submission, so I understand it isn’t the most cohesive of writings. If people end up liking the basic gist of it, I’ll write more coherent stories in the future.

In my early twenties, I was wondering if it would ever come together. I’d dropped out of college, but had a good desk job that would certainly allow me to provide for a family in the future. Unfortunately, that future wasn’t anywhere in sight. Most of my days were spent crunching numbers and pushing paper, and my nights were spent wondering how my friends could still be so excited for beer pong and trivia night.

I was losing touch with my friends interests, and as a consequence, losing the common interests I might have shared with most girls my age. Dressing in slacks and collared shirts seemed to put a damper on that too. At 6’3 with long dark hair and a defensive lineman’s frame, work clothes tended to make me look…well uncomfortable all the time.

Perhaps it was loneliness, perhaps it was just the thing to do in 2006, but either way, I was there. Looking online for Mrs. Right.

What about her?

Too blonde.

What about her?

She’s a smoker. I don’t smoke anymore.

What about her?


What about her?

She was never going to be Mrs. Right.


She was twice my age, and almost certainly wouldn’t be interested in having kids for the first time in her mid-40s. But perhaps, at the very least, she could provide some insight to what girls my age might want. At the very least, she’d be some fun company, and some quirky, but still respectable arm candy. She had short, brown hair and thick glasses, but she also had a very warm smile, lovely green eyes, and some pretty dangerous curves.

After exchanging messages, we went out to dinner, then went to the beach just to hang out and talk. Her outfit choice of a t-shirt, cardigan, and modest skirt led me to believe she had no idea what kind of brick house figure was floating under all of that cotton. Thank God I played it casual with jeans and a collared shirt.

It turned out she was dating an older guy, but it was a long distance type of thing, and according to her, he’d been looking to take a break for a while.

I’m a good guy…but even good guys (perhaps especially good guys) deserve to get laid once in a while. I put my good guy hat aside, and took that piece of info as my cue to start laying the groundwork for hooking up.

I asked her what her thoughts were on her and her man’s break. She said it made her sad, because she thought they could have kept it going until one of them was ready to move (they both worked in similar fields, but were working on long term projects), and they were going to stay friends. I told her that I understood, as I’d done both the long distance thing and the ambiguous long term status thing, but to look on the bright side. Even if nothing worked out, when she talked to him next time, she could make him jealous by saying she’d gone out with someone half their age.

She said “Well there are bright sides too. You get to meet new people, pretend you’re a twenty something and date again. Plus, you know, the bedroom stuff.”

“Bedroom stuff?”

“You’re just gonna make me come out and say it, aren’t you? When guys get older…some of them…and they mean well, but some can’t get as…you know…hard as they used to. Or…you know…for as long.”

I answered back “Oh, haha. Yeah, I forgot about that. Well, younger guys, we have issues too. Sometimes we get a little too excited and things…you know…end sooner than they need to. We haven’t exactly learned to take our time, and sometimes it could be over in like five or ten minutes. Then afterward you can’t really ask for a do over.”

“Five minutes? Man…I miss five minutes. And a do over? Sign me up.”

It seemed as though the plan would be a go. I certainly wasn’t out to use this poor girl as a one night stand, but I’ll be damned if I was gonna miss out on this experience. If the connection was bad, she’d know. There wasn’t anything in our conversation over dinner or afterward that led me to believe she wasn’t realistic. We could both try it, and if we didn’t like it, go our separate ways. But if it was good for both of us, that pussy was going to get a workout it hadn’t seen in years.

I put on the adorable eyes and she asked if she could kiss me. I kissed her softly, then backed away.

“Why did you back away? That was fun.”

Perfect set up.

“This is embarrassing…but I’m…kinda hard, and I didn’t want to come off like I was reading too much into you kissing me…”

And thus, the flood gates were open.

She became a flustered school girl, like she had discovered sexual contact for the first time and didn’t give a shit who knew she was out to get some dick that night.

She kept kissing me and making self justifying excuses about why she was doing what she was doing. They must have been for herself, because she knew I really could care less. Or maybe she was just giving me boner fodder, as though I had whispered the slut out of her.

We drove to the drug store and I picked up some condoms, then we went to literally the closest motel to the area, and she got a room.

She asked me to strip and lie back on the bed. So I complied. From there, she straddled me, took off her top, and apologized for having such big low hanging tits. I accepted her apology by sucking on her big round nipples and running my hands all over them.

Next she turned around, pulled up her skirt, pulled down her panties, and apologized for not having a bald pussy like a younger girl. I accepted that apology by leaning forward, taking a deep sniff of her musky bush, and then diving into her muff with a gusto that I can only assume she had never seen before.

It was then that the dirty talk started.

“Fuck yeah. Get my pussy juices all over that face. Lick my dirty little snatch…oooh you’re gonna fuck it good tonight…”

Wow, she’s really into this.

From there she turned back around and said “But on the plus side for you, I do have over twenty years of experience sucking cock. And this is your lucky day, because if there’s anything I love, it’s a mouth full of dick.”

From there she inhaled my cock, slathered my balls with her tongue, then let out the most depraved and hot thing I’d ever heard at that point

“Oh fuck I missed having a cock that could get that fucking hard! I need your hot young cream…shoot that cum all over my face, get it on my tits, I wanna take a fucking SHOWER in your jizz!”

I erupted all over her, and she wiped every last bit from all over her body and sucked it off her fingers like it was blow at a Rick James party.

She talked a big game. How in the world could I respond?

“That’s a good girl eating all that cum. But I think I know what you need.”

A devilish grin came over her face.

“You need some of this young, hard cock.”

Yeah, that sounded good.

“I do…”

“You just need it to get past the entrance to that cute little pussy”

Did that even make sense?

“Just shove it in there…fucking give it to me…”

“You just need that one little bit…then you can let that dirty, kinky little cumslut out.”

I hope this works…


“You wanna let her out…and you know she will do anything to get this dick…”

“She will…”

She will?

“Lie back and spread those fucking legs…”

She was more than happy to comply, while never letting her gaze escape mine.

“Show me how fucking horny you are.” I commanded, slowly gaining confidence.

Immediately she started rubbing her clit. Staring at me.

“You can do better than that.”

“I’m still warming up…”

“A dirty little slut like you? You don’t need any warm up.”

“Mmmm, no, not for you baby…not at all…” she lifted up one of her heavy breasts and started sucking on it, making adorable squeaky noises usually heard by sixteen year olds breaking in their hymens.

“You rub that pussy for me.”

“It’s your fucking pussy, baby…”

“Damn fucking straight it is. If I see your little whore ass walking up and down the street, it’s my right to bend you over and fuck you right there.”

Did that come out of me?

“Fucking do it PLEASE!!”

I guess it did.

I slipped on a condom and dove in with reckless abandon. No easing it in. No slow start. She did everything in her power to make sure this was happening, and she deserved to be rewarded.

My role was fairly minimal for a while. All I had to do was pound the fuck out of her as hard as I could for as long as I could. Would I hurt her? Who cares, at this point it’s what she wants, and if it’s not, I don’t think she’d hold it against me. We’d just find a new position and go back to it.

She wrapped her legs around my back and inspiration flowed from her lips


Stud? Who, me? I’m all of six inches rock hard. I’ve only ever slept with a few girls before, none of them where anywhere near this impressed. What kind of mess has my mouth gotten me into?

You’d better not fuck this up.

I become a machine at this point. Not in any flattering way. My job is to be hard and fuck hard and fast. To essentially be a merciless piston providing an endless onslaught to her snatch.

Without warning I stopped and pulled out.


“Shut up and get on your hands and knees.”

She likes this mean thing, right?


I start fucking her from behind, and immediately she starts cumming. She wants to slow down and recover, but she’s not with some old man. In her mind, she’s with a selfish young stud who isn’t stopping until he gets busts his nut.

I keep pounding away and she keeps coming.


I start slapping her ass


The harder I spank the harder she comes. I finally pull out, but before she gets a chance to beg for more, I grab her hair, she turns around onto her back, and I reward her by shoving my cock down her throat. Hard. I almost feel guilty when I break the plane of her throat, but my guilt quickly subsides when her gagging sounds are accompanied by her squeezing my ass to pull it in deeper. I fondle one of her tits, then reach back with my other hand and start slapping her pussy. Giving it a real serious spanking. All she could muster in return was a half defeated, half inspired gutteral scream/moan as she continued to choke on my cock.

I withdraw my dick from her sopping wet mouth. Long strands of drool and wild eyes with wet smeared makeup tell the story of our encounter so far.

She deadpans “I need what’s in that cock and those sweet fucking balls.”

I turn her back over, jam my cock back into her pussy and fuck her wildly for another minute or so before pulling out. She moans and screams for more right away, but suddenly takes a deep breath and becomes silent for the first time in what seems like forever.

I’m not used to this kind of experience. But I’ve already made it this far. She doesn’t know I’m not used to it.

Suddenly, I lose track of what I’m doing, and it becomes very clear, she’s not used to someone rubbing her pussy juices all over her ass. She’s definitely not used to someone forcing their cock up there. She’s most definitely not used to loving it.

I can’t believe I just did that. More importantly, I can’t believe how easy it was.

She starts moaning steadily, then louder and louder. She didn’t expect it to feel this good. But it did. And she needed it.


She didn’t need to tell me twice. Soon she started bouncing that round mature ass up and down. Eventually she figured out just the right angle so that she could make the thrusting happen faster and deeper. I pull my hands away, and from the doggy position, she’s riding my cock like her life depends on it.


For her sake, I scream out “Fuck! I’m gonna cum!”

It’s just what she wants to hear.

“YEEEEEEEEES!!!” She screams, almost peeling the paint as I slap her ass one final time. As she comes for another few seconds, I pull out quickly, flip her over, rip off my condom, then cum all over her once innocent and cute, but now used and degraded face. She loves it. She needed this. She didn’t just get it…she earned it.


I got up out of bed. Took a shower without saying a word. I got dressed.

Pick your words carefully…

“Now for your favorite part. I’m leaving. You can sit here covered in cum for as long as you want. You lay here, used and fucked good and hard, and you call me when you need some again.”

She crawled over, licked my cock through my jeans, then rolled over on to her back and said “thank you so much…anytime you want it…please just fucking take it…”

To this day, I have no idea how long she sat there with her ass stretched out, her pussy bright red, and her face and hair covered in my cum. I’m not sure that she does either. One thing I do know…

…she’ll never fucking forget it.

Neither will I.

I laid on the bed, spread eagle, my arms and legs spread wide. Saliva slowly dripped from my ball gagged mouth. My holes were filled with dildos whilst a clit stimulator rocketed my clit time and time again. Sweet, sweet torture. I screamed as the waves of orgasms became agonisingly sensational. My master stood in the corner of the room, watching this with slight amusement. Closing my eyes, I gave into the pleasure and showered the bed with cum.

3 Months Earlier.

I stared into the mirror and swiped my lashes with a gold mascara. I swiped a brush with green pigments across my lids which harmonised with my emerald eyes. Content that that’d do, I finished with a bright cherry lip gloss and tucked it into my purse for touch-ups later. Then I tied my hair up into a bun and allowed not a single strand to be out of place.

Content with my appearance, I got dressed into my uniform which consisted of a white skirt and a black blouse with black Mary Janes. I delicately sprayed a perfume onto my wrists, and sweeping up my bag, headed out of my house. I slid into my car and revved it up, with a cheeky smile.

It was the second week I’d been working at Tootsie’s and it was a pretty nice place to work at. The pay wasn’t great but this was only temporary until I could get a steady job in my unsuccessful modelling career. I frowned a little thinking of how the only job I’d been offered which was to a Porno, and I certainly wasn’t going to let a bunch of men grope me..in front of a camera anyway. I needed the money though, and so far this was the only solution so it had to be. I arrived at Tootsie’s and clambered out of the car, strutting up to the door.

When I went in I immediately got attention from the customers. A couple wolf-whistled at me and I got quite a few stares, but it was harmless, and there was a clear reason why. I was very attractive, standing at 5’6 with a fantastic figure, round, bouncing tits which were a 32c and striking red hair, I was clearly something to be admired. Smiling generically, I walked up to the desk and placed my apron on, hearing a slight moan from the crowd as I bent down to fix my strap on my high heels.

“You’re early, thank GOD.” I looked around and saw my fellow colleague, and friend, Melissa. “Angela, we have about 3 tables awaiting you, and they ain’t so patient. Let’s get busy!” She smacked my butt and I jumped forward, but hurried along. That was Melissa alright, a cheeky (if not slightly perverted) kinda girl. I grabbed the notepad and pen and began to serve the first table.

About an hour in it got pretty tiring. I looked up at the clock – four hours to go. Seeing that the other waitresses had come in, they didn’t need me right at this moment so I sneaked off for a quick toilet trip, and a five minute rest. I sat down on the toilet seat and took a deep breath. Aaah..I groaned, relieving myself. After I relieved myself, I rested for another minute then came out to wash my hands.

“JESUS CHRIST!”, I yelled, stumbling back into the cubicle. I quickly hauled myself out, embarrassed as fuck. I glanced again and saw the man, still standing there, looking slightly humoured.

“Shouldn’t you be at work?”, he said. His voice was soft as silk, smooth and creamy. He stayed in the corner, wearing a dark Armani suit, both hands in his pockets. He had a coldness about him. His blue eyes seemed to penetrate me, his jet-black hair dulled by the harsh light of the bathroom.

“Uh, uh, yes..I should be” I stammered worriedly. “Please don’t mention this to the boss, I really need this job.” If he tells on me, I’m fucking screwed, I thought.

“Well, you did only come in to take a piss. So I guess we could, oh say, not tell on Each Other. Nobody likes a tattle-tale..” he replied, his voice sliding through me, causing me to shiver. I could feel an aura of danger about him. I turned to flee the bathroom, an impulse to run. He got me first.

Grabbing the back of my blouse he shoved me into the cubicle and slammed the door shut, my back pressing against it. He pulled the blouse over my head and threw it down the side of the grimy bin. I clawed at him with no effect – he simply brushed my attempts away. unhooking my bra with one finger he squeezed my breast, causing me to cry out in pain. He rolled my nipple around in his finger, making it harden and swell. He did so with the other nipple, making it harden and rigid.

“Get off me!” I cried out. He slapped my face and grunted, forcing me onto the toilet seat. I was laid down on my back, with my legs propelled apart. I quickly closed them up but he wrenched them open, spreading me apart. producing a knife he lifted my skirt up around my stomach and cut through my panties, severing the material. He reached back into his pocket and produced a rope. Expertly he tied my wrists together and forced them down onto the filthy floor.

I laid there, nearly fully naked, my legs wide open and bound, awaiting what he was planning to do to me fearfully. He thrust two fingers into my mouth and propelled them in and out. I gagged, which resulted in another slap. His wet fingers trailed down my pussy, wetting it. He circled my tight butthole with one finger whilst circling my clit with the other. I knew what was about to happen and I couldn’t stop it. I was powerless. Slowly he began to slide his finger into my butthole and rubbed my clit in circular motions. I cried out in pain and pleasure, two conflicting emotions. He started to rub faster and thrust his finger in and out of my butthole, stretching it out with his meaty finger. He took his finger out of my butt and stuck it in my mouth, making me taste my anus. I gagged again and he slapped my face, then my butt, making a stinging red mark on my pale porcelain skin. He began to fuck my butt again rubbing my clit harder, exerting more pressure with each round. I felt myself cumming and I couldn’t stop. He continued to fuck my butt, and rub my clit causing it to harden and swell. A feeling of satisfaction was becoming stronger and stronger..suddenly my pussy gushed and my cum sprayed all over the grimy cubicle. He slowly slid his finger out, wriggling around inside, making me jump as I’d become very sensitive. He wiped his hand across my face and laughed at me.

“How does it feel to have lost your anal virginity, slut? Does it feel good? Haha! I’ll be seeing you reeaal soon, whore. REAL soon.” Picking up my purse he took my ID and stared at it. “Real soon.” With that, he strolled out of the bathroom.

I sat on the seat, my head in my hands. My mind was filled with fear, anxiety..and yet when I put my hand to my pussy..I was soaking wet.

* This is a fantasy of mine and involves some forced sex and is written in a looser style than you may be accustomed to. I only mention that for those who may not be interested in male – male action and were expecting the next great novel. Let’s get started with Chapter 2..

So, there I am; lying on my damp basement floor on my upper back, my legs are tied to the rafters so my ass is up off of the floor having just been fucked soundly by a sweaty, hairy plumber, and someone just walked in my front door. This is either going to be a very good situation, or a very bad situation. I have a feeling that even if it’s a bad situation it’ll be a good situation.. I’m so horny that I’m almost insatiable at this point in the evening.

The plumber who fucked me was still panting and trying to get himself together when we heard the voice call out, “Gooch, is it ok to come in yet?”

Neither of us said anything for a few seconds. My mind was reeling wondering who that was that just walked into my house! Gooch, on the other hand, seems to be wondering if he wants to give up his personal fuck toy (me) just yet. I can see his cock is starting to get hard again and I’m guessing that he wants to deposit another load up my conveniently-positioned ass before he lets anyone else in there.

He motions to me to stay quiet by putting a single finger over his mouth as if to say, “shhhh..”.

I’m not about to say anything, especially in the helpless position that I’m in at the moment; tied up to the ceiling joist with a 50+ year old hairy, naked plumber standing over me with a hardening, fat cock looking like it’s almost ready for action again. I guess it is ready for action because he steps back around my legs and stands behind me with my legs on his shoulders, one on each side of his neck, and I feel him pushing into my ass. His cock is loosely trying to find my tight little hole that he just fucked a few minutes ago and I have a feeling that this time he’ll shoot a load of cum in me big enough to clog any drain.

And, there it is. “Mmmm.. uuuhhhh..”, he says, pushing his fat little cock up its intended target. “Shhh.. don’t say a word and we’ll get this over with very soon”, Gooch says.

I’m not about to stop him or his pug-nosed hammer of a dick as it continues to squish up in-between my wet butt cheeks and into my well-used asshole. He’s fucking into it like he’s trying to sneak around and get away with something; which, I guess he is. He wants it all to himself once more before the party really gets started. I’m wondering about the party that just walked into my house!

Gooch is holding onto my thighs as he sort of crouches up under me to slide into my puckered hole over and over again, each time hammering just a little harder than the time before. He pulls out, then RAMS all the way in again and he does this over and over again. He’s really getting into it and apparently so am I, my cock is standing straight out like someone connected an air compressor to it. Since he’s already cummed once he goes for what seems like a super long time, just trying to be as quiet as he can but still punishing my little asshole with his angry, blunt-nosed cock bottoming out up inside of me. Every time he pulls it out my asshole gapes wide open. It feels like you could stick a watermelon in there when he pulls his fat little dick out of it. Then he RAMS it up inside of my ass again, hitting bottom with his fat, soft, blunt, cock head. His sweat is dripping on my cock and he’s spitting on it, trying to spit right on my waving, bouncing cock. I have no idea what he has planned for the evening but for now I’m just enjoying being used by a stranger and fulfilling one of my fantasies. I hope things don’t get out of control when the other strangers get downstairs.

We can hear banging upstairs and hear people talking and laughing. I’m worried that they might be stealing things or looking in drawers and messing around with things. I’m a bit of a neat freak and I don’t like people goofing around with my “stuff”. I’m pretty sure they’re going to be messing around with my naked body before too long which will be yet another fantasy fulfilled: being the star attraction in a dirty, group orgy! I’m guessing they’ve found my liquor cabinet because we hear glasses clinking and the freezer drawer being opened and ice cubes clinking into glasses. So, I have a bunch of drunken strangers in my house as I’m tied up and getting fucked in my furnace room by a stranger!

The blunt-force of his cock really feels good as he keeps quietly hammering my asshole, but now he’s really speeding up, I know he has to cum before too long. He grabs onto my legs and pulls himself tight up into me and starts shooting what feels like a super-soaker water gun in my ass! His hot sperm is shooting up in me like it’s trying to get as far up my colon as possible!

Gooch quietly says, “Uhhhhhhhh.. mmmmmmm.. you’re such a good fuck! I can feel my cum shooting way up your asshole you dirty, clogged fuck toy. My buddies and I are going to see how much your cute little ass can take. We’re going to fill you with so much cum and whatever else we want to fill you up with.”

Just at that point, the door to the furnace / laundry room opens and we hear, “Gooch? Is that you?”

The lights are off so there’s just the glow from the nightlight in there now, but not for long as someone flips the light switch on and zinnnnng.. there we are; Gooch’s cock is still shooting cum deep up my ass and I’m tied up and sort of hanging from the rafters with my ass in the air! Now, there are three other strangers in there looking at us trying to mentally assess the situation to see if this is the right house or not. They’ve seen Gooch naked enough times from the other “customer visits” that they’ve been involved with, so it takes only a few seconds for them to realize that it is in fact the hairy-wonder who’s unloading up my ass and when he plops his softening cock out and turns around, they know they’re in the right place.

Gooch’s gold medallion is stuck to his hairy, sweaty chest as he says, “Oh man, you won’t believe what a great fuck this guy is. His asshole is like a velvet-vice and I have a feeling that he’s as dirty and nasty as Mitch is.”

Mitch? He must be one of the guys who are staring at us, looking with squinting eyes like they’re trying to picture something or are thinking about something; something dirty, something nasty with a complete stranger. Hmm.. What have I gotten myself into? I wonder what Mitch has done to deserve that reputation?

The first one to come over to where I’m sort of hanging there already has his cock out and is stroking it and it’s not even close to being as fat as Gooch’s bulldog dick is. He just steps between my legs and shoves his little cock in my ass. I can barely feel it after the last one stretched it out so much, and the huge load of hot cum in my ass doesn’t help matters, He’s just plunging in and out of my squishy asshole like a machine, slapping against my wet, sweaty naked legs. He grips my cock and really starts pulling on it!

“YOW! Go easy, man..”

“Hey, don’t tell me what to do, I’m in charge now. I’ll do what I want; just relax and enjoy it, fucker.”

And with that he really started pulling and jerking on my poor cock! He was really squeezing it hard and jerking it like he was trying to pull me off of the floor with it! It was causing it to really swell up. He was spitting on it for some lubrication and it was mixing with my pre-cum and he was like a crazed monkey with the speed that he was jerking on my cock.

“AHHH!! HEY! What are you trying to do?”, I said, knowing it would do no good what so ever. He was in fact in total control of my naked body.

“I’ve got to cum already!” And with that, he jammed his little dick in my ass and shot a decent sized amount of super hot cum in me. I was surprised at how much warmer his cum felt as it was shooting up into my asshole. I love that feeling and the hotter the fluid the better.

Well, I guess I said that at the right time because here was Mitch. His long, bent dick was waving back and forth as he walked over to me and I wondered what that crazy thing would feel like all jammed up my soft asshole, or if he would even be able to snake that freak cock up there. He assumed the position; behind me, standing with my legs on his shoulders, and he started pushing that crazy crooked snake up my hole!!

“WOW! Hey, what the?! You’ll never get that crazy thing up my little asshole!”

“Wanna bet?” You’d be surprised at some of the tight spaces, or, formerly tight spaces, that I’ve had this thing into. Just relax and enjoy the sensation of your dirty little asshole being contorted from the inside out.”

“Uhhhhhh.. uhhhhhhh uhhhhh OHHHHHH! OH OH OH! NO! Wait! Uhhhh uhh.. Uuuuu.. There’s no way.. uhh..OHHHHH!” That’s all I could say as that crazy freak cock worked its way up my colon like an angry snake; twisting and turning and churning. It was about a foot long and was the craziest shaped cock that I’ve ever seen; bent and almost twisted around like a braided breadstick. Which, I’ve had oiled up and shoved in my ass before on several occasions, both by myself and by other dirty, nasty guys taking advantage of my poor little puckered hole.

Yes, this rape fantasy of mine is an old one and I’ve lived it out many, many times over the last several years. It actually started when I was in my teens but I never acted on it until I was about nineteen years old. I always had a baby face and used to dress like a girl for Halloween, and on more than one occasion I gotten forcefully taken by drunken guys at several Halloween parties. The first time was when I was in the bathroom and had just started to take a piss, standing there at the toilet. Some drunken guy dressed as a cowboy just came up behind me and pulled my panties down and just start raping my asshole right there as I was pissing!! His cock slipped right up my asshole and it felt so good, I knew I was hooked. He had been watching me all night and I had to push him off a couple of times when he got too careless with his hands. I thought that he thought I was a girl, but now I know otherwise. He was the first to force his cock between my butt cheeks and abuse my little man pussy. A couple of them were so drunk that after they came in my ass they pissed in my ass, too. That’s how that fetish got started. If I can be forcefully fucked by someone and be used as a urinal, those were my two biggest fantasies. I think that’s how things really started for me, sex-wise, and, rape-fantasy-wise. I’m always thinking about the next possible scenario to get myself into. This time it was a clogged drain, another time it was a flat tire on the side of the road, the last time it was getting my carpets cleaned. One time it was actually after a colonoscopy!

But, right now, at this moment, Gooch’s buddy Mitch is abusing my little man pussy with his crazy, long, twisted dick and I’m loving it! It’s filling me up and the sensations are driving me wild! His cock is rubbing and twisting and stretching my colon like it’s never been stretched before, well, other than at the colon exam…

Mitch is really twisting that monster around in me and my cock is hard as a rock so the other guy comes over and sits on my cock! His ass is soooo tight yet my cock goes right into it as he starts squatting and bouncing on my cock at the same time that Mitch is giving my butthole a great workout. I know that I can’t last too long and sure enough, I start pumping jet after jet of my cum into this guy’s little asshole! It’s the tightest hole that I’ve ever had the pleasure of fucking. His cock starts shooting cum into the air and it’s landing on my upper body and he’s scraping it up and pushing it into my mouth.. “Mmmm.. mm..”

Then, Mitch starts spraying sperm into my ass with such force that I think it’ll start coming out of my ears. “Woooooo! I’M CUMMING! AHHHHH RRRRRRRRR.. your ass is so tight, how’d you like my cock?”

“I loved it! Keep shooting your cum up my ass, fill me up until I’m so slippery and nasty and dirty..”

“Gooch, you found a nasty one here, I think we’ll have to remember this guy’s address.”

“Uhhh mmm.. you guys can come back anytime, just don’t stop filling my ass!” I was past the point of no return, almost like I was possessed; I had to have more, and the dirtier and nastier the better.

As I was mumbling something about coming back anytime, Mitch started pissing in my ass! “AAAAAAAHH.. that feels sooooo good, I’ve had to piss for a long time and your asshole is the perfect urinal. Take it all, take all of my hot piss.. ahhhhhh… It’s like you’re getting a piss enema..”

“HEY! Wait, what are you doing?”

They knew I was only playing by this point. They knew just how dirty and nasty I was and I was in for an evening of many things being fucked and pumped into my ass. Being tied up and at this angle I was in fact the perfect urinal at the perfect fucking and pissing height. They mentioned calling other plumbers and I had a feeling that the night was going to be a long one, especially now that the bars would be closing soon and a lot of horny, drunk plumbers would probably want to fuck someone. I’m guessing I’ll be that someone.

I had been best friends with Mark all of my life. So when he asked me to house sit for him it was a no brainer. He would be out of town for two weeks on vacation with his family and wanted me to stay at his house, feed the fish, keep his pool clean, keep his two dogs fed, mow his yard… basically live in his house and keep it up for the time that they were away. He’d been planning this trip to Florida with his wife and two kids for a long time, and I didn’t wanna leave him high and dry.

Not that I needed any convincing to do this for him. I lived by myself in a small one bedroom apartment and worked nights usually. Whatever time I didn’t spend at my place playing video games I spent at Mark’s house anyway. Mark always laughed at me and told me I needed to get out more and meet people, but I never met a girl that didn’t end up being a bitch in the end anyway, and I wasn’t looking for much more than the occasional one night fling with someone anyway. Besides I wasn’t much of a lady’s man. I was skinny, and kept myself well groomed, but I was a bit shy and nervous as hell around women, even unattractive women.

I decided to take time off from work and just chill out at Mark’s house. I asked off for the first week that he would be gone, and decided to stay at his place for that week. He told me that I could have their guest bedroom to myself and do whatever I wanted as long as I didn’t go into their bedroom or mess anything up in the house. I assured him that I wouldn’t have any friends over or girls or anything like that. In the heat of the summertime, I was more interested in swimming in his pool than anything else.

I saw them off the Monday they left, with Mark’s wife Debbie frantically dashing through the house getting last minute items to pack while Mark made sure I had all of the emergency contact numbers and such. We were standing in the driveway watching Debbie get their kids situated in their SUV when we spotted Mark’s neighbor across the street walking down her concrete driveway to check the mail.

I felt Mark nudge me on the arm and nod his head towards his neighbor, though I had already spotted her.

“Check it out Todd,” he said. “There’s Teardrop Tonya.”

I smiled and nodded. Tonya had lived across the way as long as Mark had lived in this house. She had been the center of many of our conversations in the past. Even the teenagers that lived on this street swapped stories about her. The women of the neighborhood, including Mark’s wife, would sneer anytime they saw her, and would gossip and spread nasty rumors about her. They made sure that she was out of earshot when they talked, however, for none of the suburban housewives wanted any sort of altercation with her.

We both watched as she strutted down her driveway. Tonya was an older woman, somewhere in her mid forties. She had quite the reputation with the locals, due to her wild and troubled history. We knew that she had been a young bartender at one time, working at a rowdy bar on the outskirts of town. She married the owner, who owned several such establishments, when she was in her twenties. The owner was about fifty years old or so. They had two children that few have ever seen before.

To hear Mark tell it, things went well for them for a couple years, but Tonya played him like a fiddle apparently. He had bought her the house and a flashy new car, giving her everything she could ever want, until they had a huge falling out. She divorced the guy and kept everything he had given her, and probably much more. The guy had taken the kids with him and moved out of state.

Tonya quit her job at the bar then, and almost immediately began seeing and old Vietnam war vet that rode a motorcycle, and dressed in denim vests and had tattoos and such. This new man, another cradle robber, married Tonya and lived with her for several years. They were supposedly real wild together, a really great couple when they got along, but screaming at each other in the yard and fighting each other constantly.

Her new husband was notorious for doing lots of illegal stuff, from drugs to stealing cars. His friend was said to have owned a body shop that was actually a front for a chop shop that would disassemble cars and build new ones illegally. He eventually was caught, and is still currently serving time in the penitentiary. True to her style, Tonya divorced him shortly after his incarceration, even getting to keep the guy’s motorcycle.

By this time Tonya was in her thirties, and according to the soccer moms of the neighborhood, sleeping with numerous men, all wealthy, married, and in one way or another, powerful figures. When she overheard that one women had been spreading these rumors around, she ran into her at a supermarket and assaulted her, beating her senseless. She served a little bit of time for that.

When she got out of jail, Tonya once again married, this time to a really wealthy elderly man. He was smitten with her, and to hear it told, she changed her life around after they got together. She started going to a local church (the same one that Mark and Debbie still attend), and occasionally, one could spot her now fully grown sons coming to town for a visit. It wasn’t long before the Tonya’s elderly husband died of a heart attack, and everything he had began to fill her coffers even more.

And there she was now.

“Damn man, she wears that shit on purpose, you know?” Mark said, shaking his head.

Tonya definitely stood out here in the suburbs. She was tall, maybe five foot ten when she wasn’t wearing the leather heels she loved so much. She had very long and very full jet black hair, which she would always fix a different way or touch up with different colors. Today it was blonde streaks that patterned her dark hair. She always wore large earings, her favorite seeming to be ones that had feathers in them. Tonya had large dark brown eyes that seemingly always were bordered with great looking makeup, the kind that Debbie said was too slutty for a woman her age.

Tonya earned the name “Teardrop Tonya” because of her tattoos. Supposedly, she got them when she was married to the war vet. Her right arm was a full sleeve, depicting a feminine skull wearing a Native American headdress that flowed down to her elbow. From its hollow eyes, large highly detailed trails of tears ran down Tonya’s arm. It was the only tattoo large enough for me to make out from a distance, the rest were just a jumble of colorful pictures and stars. Her left arm was tattooed as well though not quite as much. There was an obnoxious guy that Mark knew, who claimed to have slept with Tonya, that said she had tattoos of all of her ex husbands’ names in a list somewhere in her sleeve.

The woman’s tits were amazing, and were the cause of a lot of jealous talk from most of the other women that lived here. Tonya’s tits were almost unbelievably large, and it was rumored that they were either bought for her by her first husband or medically enhanced. When I first saw her, I thought maybe it was some sort of special bra she might have worn, but after seeing her in a bikini top one time I knew this wasn’t the case. Today she was wearing a strapless top, her cleavage exposed to the hot sun. Tonya also had on a pair of cutoff blue jeans that stopped at her upper thighs, displaying her long well tanned legs.

“Damn, Todd, that woman ages well,” Mark stated as he watched her.

Tonya retrieved her mail, and after briefly looking it over, gave a glance our way. I pretended to watch Debbie at that moment, and noticed Mark use the same tactic. Debbie looked up then and asked Mark if he was all set. She glanced over in Tonya’s direction, and made sure to turn around before rolling her eyes with a disgusted look on her face. I couldn’t help but watch Tonya stroll back up to her front porch, her hips swaying seductively as those long legs climbed her steps.

Mark and Debbie left a few moments later, with kids yelling and laughing in the back seat as they waved goodbye. The rest of the day was pretty uneventful. I took a dip in Mark’s pool and cleaned it out for most of the evening. I made myself something to eat and eventually crashed out on the sofa watching movies that night. The week pretty much dragged on like that, with me swimming and playing online games on Mark’s 72″ flat screen.

Mark had no shortage of cool stuff to do. With his wife working at the hospital and him raking in money as an accountant downtown, they lived pretty comfortable. I had always been quite the opposite, working the graveyard shift at the local industrial park and keeping to myself. I made enough to get by, but usually when it cane time to have real fun I was hanging with Mark. I even felt a dirty temptation itching within me, and discovered Mark’s personal little porn collection in his closet and watched several discs on his enormous TV.

Thursday rolled around and I noticed the yard was in need of a trimming. I fired up the mower in their garage and got to work. I wanted to wait until late in the evening to mow but Mark had a pretty sizeable acre and a half that would take several hours to finish. I threw on my swimming trunks and a tank top and started on the backyard. Just as I thought, the July sun had me burning hot and dripping with sweat by the time I finished the back. I cut the mower off and took a quick dip in the pool before going inside to grab a bite to eat.

After I took my break, I began mowing the front yard. The heat was still intense, and I cranked the mower into high gear trying to finish as fast as possible.

Until I saw Tonya, that is.

I spotted the sultry older woman walking from around her house to her front porch, carrying two potted flower plants. Today she was wearing a tight grey tanktop that again showcased those enormous tits. She had on her favorite shorts again, those cutoff jeans that were frayed at the ends. Her long black hair was tied up behind her head at the moment. She must have had on ten different bracelets on her tattooed arms, and had adorned her ears with black and white feather earrings.

Immediately upon seeing Tonya, I dropped the mower into a slower gear, and adjusted my sunglasses to make sure she couldn’t see me looking. But I was looking. Tonya’s back was to me when she set the two plants in the grass in front of her porch and squatted down to mess with them. Debbie had always talked about how Tonya wore clothes that were made for younger girls or styles that didn’t fit her age. Her grey tank slid up her back, exposing more tan tattooed skin. I couldn’t make out the markings from this distance, the sight of the flesh was enough.

I had to remember to turn the mower before I drove over Mark’s driveway. As I made another long pass across his yard, I tried not to appear too obvious as I continued to glance Tonya’s way. She was standing now, but bent over the pots, the bottoms of her dark ass cheeks showing as her tight shorts wedged up in between them. She stood and circled back around the house.

The next time she came around she was carrying two more plants. This time, as almost an answer to my prayers, Tonya was leaned over facing my direction, sticking flowers in the pots and watering them. I could see from a distance the dark slit of her cleavage and the round tops of her breasts wobbling as she worked. I realized my dick was pushing into the waistband of my trunks. I adjusted myself to a more comfortable position, glancing back to see Tonya looking up at me.

I tried to act normal and continue my mowing pattern, but I had butterflies inside, worried she might have seen me repositioning my boner. After a few minutes when I turned the mower heading towards her house, and saw Tonya disappear around to her back yard. She returned again with two more plants, and this time I tried to keep my eyes averted.

After another half hour or so at about midday, I finished mowing the front yard. I pulled the mower back into the garage and walked back outside, wiping the sweat from my brow with my shirt. The sun beamed down relentlessly, and I was glad to be done with the yard. That’s when I saw Tonya standing about midway in her front yard looking directly towards me. She had one hand on her hip and another shielding her eyes from the sun.

“Hey, excuse me!” She called over.

I almost froze where I was at the sound of her voice.

“Uh, hey!” I shouted in return nervously.

In the same pose, she yelled, “Could you lend a girl a hand for a minute?” It was almost spoken like a demand.

My chest went cold as I stammered out a reply. “Y-yeah, sure.”

Tonya didn’t wait to see if I was coming. She turned and began strutting back towards her porch. Almost in a trance, I headed in her direction. Absolute nervousness overwhelmed me then, enough to almost make me bolt back into Mark’s house. I had to try to play this cool. I had to calm down.

I made my way across the street and into her yard. The trip to her porch gave me a feeling akin to meeting a famous celebrity. I would finally see her up close. It was exciting and terrifying at the same time. I just knew I’d come off as a dork, but I tried to act as normal as I could.

Tonya looked amazing. The first thing I noticed safely from behind my sunglasses were those huge tits. The tan skin of her cleavage was riddled with small freckling age spots, but somehow seemed to add to their appeal. The skin at the top of her cleavage had begun to draw subtle lines, but wasn’t at all repulsing. I realized that she wasnt wearing a bra. The sight made my dick stir in my trunks as i could see the natural droop of her bra-less chest, as well as the shape of what i thought were her nipples through the thin grey fabric of her tank top.

Her tight angular face was showing the same barely noticeable signs of age that were expected of a woman in her forties, with small tired looking bags beginning to form under her eyes and crow’s feet at their corners. Her full lips had the slightest lines in them, and her mouth in general looked as though Tonya had worn a frown her whole life. She carried a small tummy on her midsection, but not big enough to make her look unsightly.

Overall, Tonya had the slightest bit of age on her, but she looked like a goddess. There was a tired look about her, bit she also had an air of superior sexiness and confidence. I had heard the words “cougar” and “milf” thrown around alot, but there simply was no way to describe this woman. Tonya was simply a bad ass mature woman that could still show her stuff.

As I came up to the porch, Tonya was lighting a cigarette. As she inhaled the first drag, she reached behind her and let her hair fall down her shoulders. Her piercing dark eyes were fixed on me, and made me a nervous wreck inside.

“What’s your name, kid?” She asked, letting out a long plume of smoke.

“Todd,” I managed to say without stuttering.

“Well, nice to meet ‘cha, Todd.” Tonya’s voice was a low tone and smooth as caramel. “You think you could put these up for me?”

At first I was unsure of what she meant. Of course my eyes were darting repeatedly to her breasts, so that my first thought was sexual. I then saw the potted plants sitting on her porch behind the wood railing. I looked and saw the hooks above each one across her porch, which was a rather tall porch.

I nodded and said, “Oh, yeah, if course.”

I had to walk over and come up the steps to begin. I could feel her watching me, standing there smoking with one hand on her hip. I focused and went to hang the first pot furthest away from her.

“You holdin’ the fort down hun?” I heard her say.

“Uh, yeah. My buddy Mark and his family are on vacation. He asked me to look over everything.”

Tonya gave a slight smirk as she blew out smoke. “Pretty good at that, huh.”

I didn’t know what to say back to that so I simply hung the pot and went on to the next one, but I didn’t miss that slight pun about looking that she had added.

“Uh, sorry Ma’am, what did you say your name was?” I asked.

Tonya shot me a look and a roll of her eyes. “I’m sure you might have heard it by now. And don’t call me Ma’am. I ain’t that old honey.”

I hung another pot and continued to the next. “It’s Tonya, right?”

She sat in the rocking chair next to her and flicked her ashes beside her in a tray on a round patio table.

“That’s right,” she said sounding slightly amused.

I decided maybe not talking would be better as I hung another plant. She sat staring off on the distance as she smoked and I finished hanging the last plants. I was close enough to smell her strong cherry fragrance, and I could make out alot of her tattoos now. Most were Indian related, a wolf howling or a dreamcatcher that had a skull design in the web. They looked great on her tan skin.

“You look like you’ve been swimming, Todd,” Tonya noted.

“Oh, yeah. Mark has a pool.”

“Be nice to swim in this kinda heat,” she said.

Thinking quickly, I said, “Well, you could come over and take a dip if you wanted sometime.”

Tonya smothered her cigarette out in the ashtray on the table. She gave a small alluring smile. “That’d be nice. Of course, if his little twat ever found out she’d shit.”

I was a little surprised. I had never heard a woman speak so bluntly before. “Debbie?” I said trying to sound skeptical.

“Yeah.” Tonya gave me a look as I hung another pot. “Don’t think I don’t know that these little cunts whisper behind my back. I don’t mind, but that doesn’t mean I’m an idiot.”

I gave a little laugh. “Uh, yeah, I guess they do talk.”

I hung the last plant and Tonya waved me over to the chair beside her. “Come over here and stay a while, Todd.”

My heart skipped a beat in my chest. She was asking me to stay. This was a moment I had fantasized about many times, to sit with the lovely and fierce Teardrop Tonya. Not wanting to seem rude, I took a seat in the chair beside her. The close proximity made the hairs on my arms and neck stand, even in this heat. Tonya was reaching behind her, and I realized she had a cooler there. She then produced two bottled beers. Tonya held one out for me, and I felt obligated to take it. She popped the top to her own and took a long, deep swig. I followed suit, trying to play it as cool as I could.

“So, what do they say about me nowadays?” Tonya asked me.

I licked my lips and shrugged, unsure of how I should handle this.

“Well, you could kinda guess what the women are saying.”

She shook her head and her lips became a thin line. “Those little bitches will always talk. What can you do? I try to be friendly with them and all I can smell is jealousy and bigotry on them. They’ll smile and act sweet and prissy to your face but as soon as you turn your back…”

Tonya took another swig of beer.

“What else do people say, Todd?” She said suddenly, locking her dark eyes on mine.

I shrugged. “They, uh… well, they call you a gold digger.” I couldn’t believe what I was telling her.

Her brow furrowed. “What?”

“I-I mean you have been married to all older men, that w-were pretty wealthy….”

Tonya studied me a moment with such a look I thought she might crack that beer bottle over my head.

“Is that not the same reason little miss sweet bush married your accountant buddy? And the reason I don’t see you with a plus one? Nobody wants someone that ain’t got the money, sweetheart.”

Tonya’s words hit home and stung a little. I had to give it to her though. No one was interested in a factory working shut in that played too many video games.

“So yeah,” Tonya shrugged, “I guess I am a gold digger. It’s got me what I have now, so fuck ‘em.”

She lit another cigarette and crossed her tan legs, which drew my attention to them. I couldn’t help but picture them wrapped around my waist.

Edward (Eddie only to those who really wanted to annoy him) was frustrated. Frustrated that he couldn’t move out of the hospital bed, frustrated that on a sunny day like this he was stuck inside with no hope of reprieve. But most of all he was being driven slowly mad by the itch on his ankle, unreachable under the cast. He thought of the run of bad luck that had ended with an itch about as far down a plaster cast as it was possible to be.

A skiing accident, that old chestnut. At least he’d had his first helicopter ride afterwards, even if it was only to the hospital. But to be stuck in a foreign country, no way of getting in touch with home, not that he had any family to get in touch with anyway. He’d managed to work out that the phone lines were out of action, but that was as far as his correspondence with the staff had gone. Not one of them spoke English, getting information about how long he’d be there for was practically impossible.

So he sat in bed, waiting for 5 o’clock to come around. Five was his favourite time of day. It was when the brown haired nurse visited. She was his favourite, the prettiest of them all by a long shot. Long hair cascading down her back. He was fairly certain if it had been a hospital at home, she’d have had to have it tied up or in a hairnet or some godawful hat but here she looked like a supermodel. Her face was so appealing, she was the only one that smiled at him, even though when she opened her mouth he never understood a word she was saying. She had a petite body, shapely hips, impressive chest and nicely curved bottom, something he never failed to sneak a peek at when she bent over the meds table.

Her skirt was knee length, her legs never hidden by tights. They were amazing legs, even for someone who was more interested in boobs like Edward, they were damn impressive.

Over the weeks he’d been there he’d almost begun to feel like he was falling in love with her. At times he’d woken up with a huge erection, wishing he could do something about it. But both his arms were out of action for the foreseeable future. Who’d have thought the worst thing about this amount of injury was the fact that he couldn’t masturbate. He could feel his penis growing now, thinking about her body. He hoped it would go down again, it was aching more and more each time it happened, his body crying out for the chance to come, just once.

On the dot of five, she walked in. “Tanya” said her name badge. That was as much as he knew about her. But still, given the chance he’d probably have married her nonetheless. Hoping she wouldn’t notice the large bulge in his pyjama trousers, he smiled at her. She smiled back, turning to fill up the vase of flowers on the windowsill.

Next she came over to plump up his pillows, reaching over him, her chest almost touching his face as it did every time. This wasn’t helping his penis go back down, being almost close enough to kiss her breasts, bury his face in them. He could see down her top a little today, the first two buttons were undone. She didn’t seem to be wearing a bra and he could see the delicious curve of her breasts pressed together as she stretched past him.

He could smell her perfume too, as always it intoxicated him. He wished he knew what it was called, he’d have a gallon bottle by his bedside, a permanent reminder of her.

She filled a plastic bowl with warm water. She placed it on the shelf at the bottom of the bed then fetched a bottle. He wished this didn’t arouse him, she was only going to help him wee, but how could he not feel excited at her touch, this angel who would soon grip his penis with her perfect slender fingers.

Tanya gently tugged down the top of his pyjama trousers, slipping them under the base of his penis. She raised her eyebrows when she saw his erection. But there was nothing he could do about it. She looked at him blankly, shrugging.

“I can still go,” he said, wondering if she understood anything he was saying. “Just ignore it, it’s just been a long time since…”

She smiled and pointed at his penis. Edward nodded, gesturing with his eyebrows. Tanya reached out and took hold of his penis, bending it down slightly, pushing it into the end of the bottle. He sighed as he always did, wishing this part would never end. They both waited, until at last he was able to go, pissing into the bottle despite his rock hard erection. When he’d finished she slipped him back out and put the bottle on the table in the corner of the room.

Edward frowned, she’d left him exposed today. Normally she put his penis away first, then carried out the sponge bath after taking the bottle away, either to empty down the drains or to carry out all manner of pointless tests on his urine.

His cock stuck pointlessly out from his hips, daring but embarrassing him nonetheless. Tanya turned back, carrying the sponge and the bottle of lotion. She tugged his trousers down as far as she could and began sponging his legs, dampening him down, pointedly ignoring his penis. She soaped up his thighs, his hard abs, his chest muscles still noticeable despite the enforced bed rest.

Edward couldn’t take this much longer. He knew she would walk away in a moment, dry him down and leave, nothing to do but count down until 5pm tomorrow. It was the point of no return, his mind was flooded with lust, his cock desperate for the chance to come, just once. As she leant over him to wipe down his stomach he pushed his hips up, ignoring the pain in his injured limbs. She noticed, pushing him back into position, shaking her head, trying to explain something. He presumed she meant ‘keep still’. He moved his eyes to his penis and back to her face, then nodded his head again.

In her mind Tanya was trying to decide what to do. She had been ignoring his erection for as long as she could, but here he was pointing at it. What was he trying to say? Was he telling her to go away, that he was ashamed of it? She could leave, but she’d fancied this muscular foreign gentleman since he’d first appeared, nursing him day after day had only made her feelings stronger. And today, she’d deliberately not worn a bra or knickers, hoping for a chance to finally decide how he felt about her, show off her body to him. She’d seen him looking down her top, her nipples stiffening at the thought of his staring eyes. When she’d seen his erection in the flesh it had taken all of her self-discipline to not just sink her mouth over it and pull him into her throat immediately. She was desperate to taste him, to use him, to please him.

But that wasn’t what nurses did. So she tried to remain professional, despite her very underhand technique for making him urinate, merely using it as an excuse to hold his cock, even if only for a moment. She stood up, letting her hand brush against the tip of his bulging member. He gasped and she realised that perhaps he didn’t want her to leave. But could she risk it? She thought about just pulling her skirt up there and then, that gaping emptiness inside her being filled by his huge cock, sitting down on top of it, kissing him as deeply as she could, entwining their tongues, ripping her blouse open, buttons flying across the room, pushing her breasts into his mouth.

The thought was making her throb with excitement. As she began wiping him down with the cloth, helping the soap bubbles disappear, she found her hand moving closer and closer to the base of his shaft. She wrapped the flannel around his penis and slid it up and down him a single time. As she pulled down, she pulled back the skin, exposing his the head of his cock completely. She ran her wet fingers round the base of his head, cleaning and wiping, trying to ignore the twitches it was making. She couldn’t stop staring at it though, and found herself cleaning for longer than perhaps she was supposed to.

She pictured herself walking into the room, stripping before him, watching his excitement mount despite his immobility. She thought of striding over wearing nothing but high heeled boots, clambering onto the bed and kissing him passionately. Next she would masturbate above his face, making him watch her fingers slide in and out of her pussy, drawing wetness from her. She’d lower herself to just above his face, low enough for him to smell her but just too far away to reach out and see just how she tasted. She’d turn round above him, bottom now by his eyes, cheeks spread, letting him see her tight pink anus, too far away to do anything but stare at. Then she’d draw his cock into her mouth, suck him deep into her, until the base of his penis rested on her lips. She’d suck, lick, bite, tease.

When he’d grow close to coming she’d stop. She’d turn again, this time lowering her hips down onto his cock, guiding him up inside her. She’d play with her breasts as she’d ride him up and down, all the time staring at him while he wished he could touch her. She’d tug her nipples, draw them up and into her mouth, suck them for him, all the time moving faster and faster. She’d slide a hand down to her clit, wanting to feel it between her fingers. She’d frantically rub it while feeling him inside her. She’d know when he was close, hear him moan, feel him try and move despite the pain. She’d ram her hips down onto him one last time, let her orgasm take control of her, let him feel her pussy contract round him, hold him, pull him in. That would send him over the edge and he’d scream out loud, spurts of hot cum shooting up her, she’d feel it inside her, filling her as his cock would spasm uncontrollably. It would be so perfect.

She was brought out of her daydream by a moan from her patient. She realised she was still holding his penis, gripping it tightly. Blinking she looked down to see his penis was beginning to twitch and convulse uncontrollably. Suddenly an arc of cum shot from it, flying through the air and landing obscenely on her face. He started apologising, face blushing bright red. Tanya ignored him, wiping her cheek, licking it from her lips secretly behind her hand so he couldn’t see. She looked down, his cock was still spurting hot jets of cum up onto itself, before trickling down the shaft to his pelvis below. She took the clean water and began wiping the cum from him silently, moving her hand up and down, ostensibly to clean him but enjoying the gasps she drew from him. As she squeezed the head between her fingers a few final drops were wrung out. She wiped them away and pulled up his pyjama trousers.

Tanya left the room and Edward sighed. He found his eyes drawn back to the clock, trying to work out how many hours before she would return to continue to tend to him once more. Outside the window the sun began to slowly set.

It was about a few months ago, when I met my new girlfriend. I was 36 and divorced, as I got to know Avril. Avril was a fine good looking woman, 35, average height/weight, and perky B cup tits. She was quite nice, and she had a daughter from 18, called Jessica. She was the equal of her mother: brown-blondish hair on shoulder height, blue-greenish eyes, a body every men would get a woody from, and the most perfect C cup breasts you could possibly imagine.

We all got along pretty good. They moved in with me, and the sex I had with Avril was incredible. She was really good in bed, and I even was allowed to fuck her ass, but she had one minus… She refused to swallow my cum. On a certain day, Avril had to leave town for a few days, since her company she worked for had ordered her to go to Manhattan to make some deals with potential business partners.

This sudden lack of sex kind of annoyed me, but of course, I didn’t want to prevent her of making promotion, so I agreed to be a week home alone… At least, alone with Jessica. The beautiful eighteen-year-old didn’t seem to be bothered by the situation too much. Avril left on a Monday, and as I kissed her goodbye, Jessica waved me goodbye as well, and left on her motorbike, leaving me alone.

Unfortunately, I had been so stupid to take a few days off, which caused me to bore the hell out of myself during daytime. After a few hours of doing nothing or thinking about what to do in the house, I decided to watch a movie. I chose ‘Wild Things 2′, and after a certain moment, Leila Arcieri and Susan Ward started to make out together. I immediately got a hard-on, and I couldn’t help but grabbing my dick out of my boxers. It was already 8″, and a few drops of pre-cum leaked already out of the head of my stiff dick. I jerked off slowly, my eyes glued to the screen. Maybe a bit too glued to the screen, because I didn’t even hear Jessica coming home. – Until she stood in the living room.

“Hey Sam, what are you – Oh my God…” She gasped as she saw me jerking off my dick. I turned around and looked at her like a deer caught in the headlights of a car. I covered my crotch, and stared ashamed at Jessica, in her schoolgirl uniform. (Blue plaid skirt, white blouse, and white knee socks.) “Look, erm… Jess… It’s not what you think.”

“Well, I think that, because of the lack of sex, you’re pleasuring yourself now while watching some movie with two girls making out.” Jessica stated, highly amused. I couldn’t help but grin, and I threw my hands in the air, deciding to make the best out of the situation. “You got me! I can’t lie to you, so yeah, I was jerking off.” I admit.

“I thought so already, jackass.” She joked. She took a seat next to me, pouring her a vodka cola. It was something her mom wouldn’t let her and I would. (A ‘stepfather’ sometimes does such stuff to keep the kids happy.) She put in some ice cubes, and found it extremely funny that I was doing the best I could to cover myself from her. She took the TV remote and hit the play button again. That same moment, Leila & Susan were making out again, grinding against each other, as it was the last thing they’d do…

“What are you doing?” I breathed, quite in shock. Jessica hadn’t scolded me out for a pervert, she hadn’t run away out of shame, she didn’t even want to hear an explanation.

“I think it’s a nice movie. You don’t mind if I watch, do you?” She asked sweetly, taking a sip of her drink. I confirmed I didn’t have a problem with it. Still quite amazed, I kept looking at the teen that was paying attention to the TV screen. I couldn’t help it, but all of a sudden, my cock got erected again. Jessica seemed to have noticed it. She chuckled, and finished her drink.

“Wow… You’re really horny, huh?” She asked, still smiling. I, in all my honesty, agreed, not knowing where this would lead into. She kicked off her shoes and socks, and laid herself half in the couch, still watching the movie. All of a sudden, she looked at me, and I could have sworn she had another look in her eyes. I tried to zip my pants again, as suddenly, her hand stopped me.

“Jess… What the…” I muttered, as she got my dick out of my pants again. I didn’t know what to do; now my beautiful teenage daughter was leaning between my legs and admiring my 8″ dick. I gulped as she held it firmly in her hand.

“I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time already, you know? I’ve heard you fucking mom, and I know you’re good in bed and such. Besides, I’ve had some experiences with boys lately, so let me try how hard I can get you before I let you fuck my hot pussy.”

I couldn’t believe what she was saying. I doubted whether to give in, or to reject this and act mad. My brain told me to go for the second opinion, but be honest – Who would have rejected such a hot chick? So I let her do whatever she wanted.

“Let’s see how rocky we can get this fellow, huh?” She whispered, “It’s quite big already. Much bigger than the dildo Ciara and I used on each other last week.” A rush went up and down my spine, excited about the thought Jessica and Ciara had done stuff to each other. “You like that, huh? The thought of Ciara and I kissing, undressing each other, touching each other’s tits and rubbing our pussies before we licked each other and made each other cum with a dildo? Hmmm, she was so good, and she tasted so nice… We’ve spent two hours fucking each other, while you were working on your PC downstairs. I think I’ll tell Ciara what a wonderful cock you have, maybe she wants to see this too.” She cooed, jacking off my shaft slowly.

My breath had become heavy as this pretty teen kept teasing me by stroking my cock and rubbing my balls. Laughing at my desperation, she finally started licking the head of my dick, circling her hot tongue around it. She kept blowing me and took my monster deeper and deeper every time she took it in her mouth. In the end, I had my dick stuck in her throat, and I came with a few blasts. She took all of my jizz in her mouth, and swallowed it easily. I was pleasantly surprised, since her mom refused to do that.

After this kind of treatment, I actually got rid of my shame, and I decided for myself I was going to have a good fuck with this pretty slut. I unbuttoned her blouse in a rush, and unhooked her bra, tossing it aside. Her firm C cup tits appeared, and I started to suck at her right nipple, pinching the left one with my hand, while my other hand squeezed the tit I was sucking at. She started moaning, letting me know I was doing a good job. I let go of her breasts for a single moment, because I wanted to get rid of my T-shirt, as well of my jeans and boxers. In a few seconds, I was naked, and so was she, except for her thong and her skirt. I stood up and pulled her against me, going down on her.

I slid my hands underneath her skirt and pulled her thong down, which was already wet from her juices. I grabbed her ass firmly, and pressed her body against mine even harder, feeling her nipples against my chest while my dripping dick prodded against her skirt. I moved over to the dinner table and lifted her up, so she sat there with her ass on the edge. She took my cock in her dainty hand as I slipped my fingers underneath her skirt and found her wet hole. I put one finger in, and added immediately another, since she was wet as an ocean. We masturbated each other in unison, while we both worked on one of her boobs with our free hands.

Continuing like this for several moments, we were both horny as hell. I almost tore her skirt of her well-curved hips, and dropped in on the floor, now admiring her naked beauty in front of me, ready to be fucked mad. She decided to play along, and opened her legs a bit further, allowing me to see even more.

“You like that, Daddy?” She teased, putting the accent on ‘daddy’. For some reason it turned me on extremely, and she had seemed to have picked up that track as well. She leant back on her hands as she looked at me seductively. “You can have it, Daddy. Just put that hard dick of yours in it.” She cooed sweetly.

I, never wanting to disappoint a beauty, put the head of my erected dick right in front of her cunt lips, and trusted inside, making her scream of joy. I felt euphoric screwing her on the table, clearly seeing she was having fun as well, as her breasts knocked together each time I trusted deeper into her tight pussy.

“Fuck, you’re so tight!” I informed. “You like that, your big fat cock in my tiny hole, Daddy?” She replied. I was going out of my mind, I swear you. “Yeah baby, Daddy’s going to fill your teenage cunt with his hot cream!” “Ow yeah, Daddy, make me a big girl, fill my tight hole with your milk, blast your jizz loads into my body!” Encouraged by my baby, I fucked her even more vigorously, and besides the clapping of my balls against her body and her ‘Oh my God’s', nothing much was said.

Finally, I came again, and I announced it proudly. She moaned and started to rub her clit quickly, and she came almost at the same time as I did. Her orgasm was subsiding, as my cock was already getting hard again. I turned her over swiftly and parted her ass cheeks in a hurry. Without warning her, I jammed my 8″ into her asshole, making her cry out in pain. Soon enough she started to moan, as she half lay on the table with her ass up in the air. I pumped in and out while rubbing her clit and fingering her.

We both were cumming extremely hard, and as I squirted into her asshole, I shot so much that I thought I filled her whole body. I redrew my dick out of her puckered hole, and my cum dripped out of her ass. I decided we hadn’t played enough yet.

“Look at that, now you’re making the floor dirty.” I grinned evilly. “Oops, my mistake. You actually are making everything dirty.” I corrected myself, pointing at my cock that had just fucked her arse. She bow down a bit and started licking my dick clean while I still was hard. As soon as she had cleaned up my tool, I grabbed her from the table and positioned her that way that she was bending over the table, her ass proudly in front of me and my hot body.

“You’ve been bad.” I informed her, letting my hand land hard on her ass cheek. She cried out, though she liked it as hell. “You’re a little slut, you know that? Fucking your stepfather?” Another spank. “You filthy whore.” A third spank. She got obviously turned on by my dirty talk, so I decided to see how far I could go. I spread her ass cheeks and looked at the puckered hole I had ravaged a few minutes ago. I licked it and without hesitation, I inserted a finger, circling around in her hot cave. She moaned loudly, and while I was finger-fucking her ass, I spanked it with my free hand, leaving red bruises on both cheeks. I managed to get my cock in her pussy again, and trusted deep in her, making her completely go insane.

The combination of my finger in her ass, the spanking and my cock squirting cum in her pussy must have done it. She literally started to cry out of joy, and sank down on the floor, taking me down with her. I let go of her ass, and turned her around, so I could see that hot face as I put my water hose into her garden again. She had a look of a primate in her eyes as I looked at her. So happy to get fucked by an expert.

I rammed my rod into her, holding her hips and leading her all the way. With every trust I got deeper in her, and her tits were clapping together the whole time. “I’m going to come, slut, where do you want to have my hot jizz?” I screamed, while moving in and out even more rapidly. I didn’t got a reply. “I said, where do you want me to release my cream out of that hard cock you’ve sucked dry?” She moaned, and I impatiently slapped her face, screaming for the third time. “For the last time, you stupid whore, where do you want to receive my milk?” She kept crying out in pleasure and pain, so I decided for her. I pulled my cock out of her cunt, and aimed on her tits, as my balls released my hot sperm and shot it right on her naval, breasts and a few drips even on her shaven pussy.

As my orgasm finally subsided, I looked around in the living room. The movie was still on the screen, though the image had frozen on the moment the two girls were kissing, Jessica and my own clothes were spread all over the place, the table had a thin layer of sweat, where Jessica’s contours had been, and there were splats of cum all over the floor. Not to mention my stepdaughter, who was laying naked, and covered with cum, on the carpet. For some awkward reason, she seemed to been sleeping, because she had curled herself up and laid now down peacefully, probably exhausted by the past hours. I couldn’t help but smiling, and considering I was too tired to go upstairs as well, I decided to spend the night on the couch. I was so sunk away in my thoughts, that an airplane could have crashed in the kitchen, I wouldn’t have heard it. I didn’t hear anything.

“Sam?!” The sound of my girlfriend/wife’s voice cut through my brain, as I looked around and saw her standing in the living room, looking around in shock. Her keys hit the floor, and right at that moment Jessica seemed to get awake again.


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