dirty talk

I thought Dunlap always had a sweet-tooth for me but I never really thought to do anything about it. As attractive and sassy as she seemed, she was my neighbor down the hall and I was pretty active on my own, getting laid quite regularly. And it’s a bad business, hooking up with a lady who lives almost on the other side of my walls.

We were both in our early thirties and playing it fast and loose. In fact, I was able to hook up with her BFF when the three of us (Dunlap and her pal) ran into each other in the lobby of our building, waiting for the elevator. The BFF and I lasted three months, with me mesmerized by her California blonde thing, and she appreciating the size and stamina of my trusty cock. But there really was less than nothing there except for the hot sex, and we broke it off. Empty is empty and I was bored.

It wasn’t a week later that a knock at my door turned out to be Dunlap, holding a joint and a bottle of wine, asking me if I had company. I didn’t have company, she was wearing a very expensive long robe and I was intrigued by this visit to say the least. “Come in,” I said, and as we walked toward the sofa in my living room, added, “This is a pleasant surprise.”

“It has real possibilities,” she said.

“Weed and wine? Sure!”

She sat on the sofa. “I have something else to share with you,” she said, putting the wine on the coffee table. I got two glasses and put them next to the bottle.


“Funny. No.”

“Locked out of your place, right?” I poured some wine into each glass and sat back down.

She didn’t respond. She took a deep drag on the reefer, and held it out to me. I inhaled and leaned back, exhaling and letting it take me over. “Are you ripped already?” I asked.

“Sort of. How about you?”

“One more toke and I’m good,” I said, putting the blunt to my lips.

“I understand you’ve got a really talented cock.”

All I could manage is “Holy shit!”

“You think Jeannie and I don’t talk? She says she’s never been so well fucked in her life.”

“Well I’m happy for the recommendation! Did she put it in writing?”

She laughed. “Let’s put it this way. She gave you a good reference, orally. And I mean that both ways!”

I think I actually blushed. I couldn’t believe that Barb(that’s Dunlap’s first name) had discussed the exquisite details, oral and otherwise, of my sexual adventures with Letitia Jean Harper. But I cleared my throat, sat up straight and asked, “So you came here to get laid?”

“I came here to get seriously fucked! Indulge me and I’ll indulge you back! Why else would I be dressed like this and why else would I be so wet and willing?”

As she spoke she slipped the robe off her shoulders. Her breasts were braless and much fuller than I thought they’d be, her nipples already stiff. Her fair skin was still lightly tanned from the summer. She was wearing white thigh high stockings and white mesh panties, a tiny low triangle hugging her crotch. Her slit shone through, bare and wet, the dampness of the fabric as evidence. She certainly had walked in hot and ready. I felt a rush of desire overwhelm me at the sight of her.

The length of the robe had hidden her very hot ankle boots, tan suede lace-up 1890′s things with high spiked heels. Her blonde hair rolled in gentle waves down to her shoulders. It all hit me at once and it caught my breath.

Standing over me, she asked, “Is this okay? The panties are new for me. I like the way they feel.”

I said nothing. I just let a long breath go. I put my hand out and cupped her crotch. I squeezed it gently but firmly and she gasped. “I like the way they look,” I whispered. She sat next to me and put her hand on my sweat pants, sizing up my hardened cock. She smiled.

The weed was upon me yet, believe it or not, I was actually thinking clearly. This is too good to be true, I thought. Barbara Dunlap is not too shabby. Not an imp, not a model, not an athlete, but a woman, inviting and highly fuckable! Wide hips. Excellent, narrow back. Luscious ass. There is a serious downside here, I thought. This will be easy to start but maybe really tough to stop. Yet I’m stoned at the moment and fucking this potentially hot woman would be far better than having M&M’s and cold milk.

New pussy was laying itself before me.

She lowered herself to the sofa next to me and leaned back, throwing her arms back over her head. Her hair splayed out over the cushions. Her breasts held their beckoning fullness. I slid my hand from her crotch to between her thighs, my cock throbbing with delight as I grasped their firmness. With my free hand I cupped and pressed against a tit. It felt glorious in my palm.

She opened her legs for me. I again caressed her pussy and then looked at her mouth. In a low whisper, I asked, “Where shall I kiss first?”

Straight in my eyes, a low whisper back: “Where my cunt is.”

I shivered with delight at the obvious message. I bent and lightly kissed the wet, delicious fabric, pressing my tongue against her. She moaned softly and I slid up, squeezing each breast as I pressed my mouth to hers, our flicking tongues meeting instantly. Her arms wrapped around me. I lowered my face to her chest, taking a stiff nipple and sucking it, feeling her pelvis rise and grind against me, her breathing growing heavier.

When I lifted my head from she hooked her thumbs in her panties, sliding them over her mound but leaving them at the top of her thighs, mine to remove completely. As I did she spread her legs once again, her finger circling her swollen pussy. “Now show me” she commanded and I stood, kicked off my loafers, pulled off my tee and pushed my sweat pants to the floor, stepping out of them. My cock was as erect as it ever could be and I leaned toward her so she could take it in her hand.

“Godamn!” she said. She ran her hands smoothly along the shaft and under my balls, cupping them. She traced the vein that ran crookedly along the base. She raised herself up and tasted the head of my cock, flicking it with her tongue, devilishly teasing and probing the sensitive hole at the top, some of my precum shining on it. “Gooooooood” she cooed, squeezing it. “This is going to be gooooood!!”

“As advertised, I hope.”

“Better in person,” she said.

I ran my hand through her rich golden hair. She had completely gotten to me. “You, too,” I said very quietly.

She nodded and then, suddenly, threw her head back. “I want this cock inside me. Now! I don’t want to play first, I need to feel that beautiful cock inside me. Please, baby” she whimpered, “fuck me now. Give me that cock!”

She held me tightly as I moved between her wide-open legs, her cunt lips glistening, her thighs framing her purpled, swollen labia. I had taken my cock from her and now rubbed the tip up and down her slit. She arched her back as if shocked and shouted “Oh god!!” and threw her head further back, her eyes shut. “Jam it! Hard! HARD!!” I thrust myself forward and her cunt felt as if my cock were tearing it open. She shrieked as if she were being split in half, tensing and thrusting back at me, shrieking and expelling air, “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!” as my cock traveled down her tight tunnel and jammed against her cervix. It was all I could do to keep from cumming with that one stroke. My heart was racing as if it would burst from my chest.

I grimaced at the overwhelming pleasure and again pushed into her as hard as I could, my balls slapping on the mounds of her ass. “I can’t believe … what this feels like!” I panted. “Your cock feels so big,” she gasped, gulping for breath. “You fucking bastard, DRILL ME!! GIMME that cock! GIMME!! Oh, man, fuck me fuck me fuck me…..”

Her legs, bent at the knee and pulled up to open her cunt, now rocked back and forth as I pumped her cunt, holding her close, one of my hands squeezing a full, welcoming tit. Her hips bucked against me and I swiftly grabbed the mounds of her ass, the flesh filling my grasping hands. I spread her cheeks apart as we grunted and pushed against each other. I brushed hair away from her face; she licked at my neck and ears, her hands roaming over my ass and my hips, and all the while the glorious sensations of cock thumping into cunt were coursing through our bodies, my balls tingling. I can only imagine what she felt.

With my hands on the sofa I propped myself up over her, and we both looked down at the exquisite sight of her cunt swallowing my cock. The gentle swell of her stomach rolled up ever so slightly as she lifted and spread her legs as far as she could. “Ooohh look!” she crooned, and smiled up at me, flicking her tongue out into the air, as if a snake struggling to bite. “I’m cumming … I’m cumming now!! It won’t stop!” She sounded ready to cry.

“Do it, baby, do it do it do it! This is so fantastic, your cunt is beautiful! beautiful! beautiful!”

Her thighs tensed and then her body snapped ramrod straight, shaking with sudden violent tremors. She held her breath. “Oh, FUCK!” she finally screamed as the indescribable ecstasy became a violent wave of bliss washing over her, releasing her slowly.

We rolled over and she lay on top of me as she shuddered with waning waves of orgasm. Her cunt clenched me. We caressed each other, exploring these new bodies. I spread the cheeks of her ass, lazily playing in the slit, teasing her rosebud. Minutes passed. Twice, maybe more, her entire body suddenly shook with orgasmic aftershocks, releasing her breath as if startled, “Oooooohhhhhh…”

As I kissed her, I felt her cunt grab at my cock intermittently .We lay still, my cock still hard, my own ecstasy rumbling quietly, my own breathtaking bliss delayed. Finally, she laughed quietly, a low, lewd chuckle. She raised her head and taunted, “Give me some hot cum, baby? Let me feel you shoot your load.” Her cunt clenched even harder at my dick, her hips again thrusting for more friction. She egged me on: “How big a load will you give me baby? Huh? Huh?”

She sat up, straddling me, my still hard cock deep in her cunt, pushing outward against the velvet walls. She rocked back and forth, thrust up and down, her breasts swaying gently. I was spellbound, watching her fuck for the two of us. Her hand went to her breast and she twisted at her nipple, her eyes closing and her face a study in concentration. Tiny, rhythmic “ohs” kept tempo with her movement, and I joined her, grinding and humping up to meet the flesh of her pubis as my cock drove deeper and deeper. I pressed her other breast with my palm and rubbed at the nipple. She was very close to cumming, and so was I.

She reached under me, cupped my balls and laughed, challenging me. With a low, throaty moan she came again, not as violently, bending forward as if in pain.

I came with a roar and felt her legs tighten against my waist. “Ahhhhh,” she softly breathed as my balls launched spurt after spurt of hot semen against her cervix, coating the walls of her cunt and the length of my dick in its soft creaminess.

We were both exhausted. She collapsed on top of me, my cock still full but slowly softening, her cunt continuing to spasm.

After a while she sat up, ran her wrist across her forehead and sighed deeply. “Oh, god, am I glad I did this!” She rolled off onto the rug.

I stood and looked down at her. “And you’re going to do it again and again and again,” I said as I pulled her to her feet. Cum was flowing down her legs. Her hair was wild and beautiful. She looked at her thighs and saw the white fluid dripping onto the tops of her stockings. “Did I provoke all that?” she asked coyly.

“No. I was thinking about Jeannie.” She punched my arm. Hard.

I handed her my sweatpants so she could wipe my sticky cum from her legs. “Come with me,” I said, “We need to fuck in a proper bed.”

My bedroom was a loft; twelve steps led up to it. “You go first,” I said to her and she laughed. “Enjoy the view!” she chimed as she started up the steps ahead of me, her pussy and asshole winking at me, the globes of her ass swaying, her white thighs beckoning over the top of her now ruined stockings.

We threw back the covers and got in the bed. “Comfy,” she said, and immediately sat up and straddled me again, this time backwards, her pussy over my face. She gobbled my flaccid cock up into her mouth, sucking at it, and I felt it swelling immediately. I smashed my face into her cunt and lapped before I asked her: “May I have the pleasure of just looking at this for a while?” I rubbed her pussy gently.

“Ummmm” she murmured. “It’s a work of art,” I said.

“Enjoy” she replied and, sucking away, stroked my balls. I noticed that she still had on those kinky ankle boots.

My kind of girl.

Author’s Note: This is a work of fiction, any resemblance to people living or dead or situations is purely coincidental. All persons depicted are over the age of 18 and consenting adults.

Warnings: Includes gay incest, allusions to perceived non-con and dirty talk.

All comments are welcome. Hope you enjoy!

Trent pulled off the thick veiny cock with a slurp and watched as it sagged downward towards the muscular thighs of the man that owned it. It was getting harder and any minute now it would be the rigid feast he was so familiar with. He knew he shouldn’t be doing this, sucking on this cock while the man slept, but he was so addicted now. Once he realized he could suck to his heart’s content and not wake up the man he had taken to doing this at least twice a week. His green eyes slid over to look at the clock on the nightstand. 2:37 am. He still had a little more time to indulge.

The man felt his cock bob to the side when it was released. Again. It was happening again. And like every other night this has happened, when the sweet pull of lips around his member woke him up, he played like he was still sleeping and allowed it to happen. He knew it was wrong, this late night molestation. Seduction. But he couldn’t help it not with the sensations that mouth could put his body through. He should have put his foot down that first night. When he woke up with a gasp and squinted just enough to see his handsome 19 year old son between his thighs, bobbing away at his pipe like it was a carnival prize. But he hadn’t. He had been too shocked at first to speak and the hesitation allowed time for him to realize that his son was a natural born cocksucker. It was the best he had ever had. Even his wife (rest her soul) couldn’t suck him off like that even with all her years of practice. So now, two months into his son’s bizarre night time fetish he still selfishly indulged himself.

Trent licked his lips and looked down at his father. He couldn’t believe what had become of himself. He had never been this lusty and cock hungry before. He pushed his longish black hair back and bent back down and took the tip between his lips again. He thought back to that first night, when he had boldly touched his father and found himself enraptured.

Trent had been visiting for the summer. He had moved out when he was 17 to a small apartment closer to the beach. His father hadn’t really wanted him to go, but with Trent being a well-rounded and respectable boy he knew he could trust him to take this on responsibly. He had moved away by two towns and with his dad’s busy schedule and him getting ready for senior year they had been too occupied to really see each other, though they talked on the phone every day.

Trent loved his father. Steven was a well-known businessman in his city, kind and honest. Most people thought him to be a conservative man with the perfect family. His wife was respected as well while she was alive. Her sudden death from a car accident had rocked their inner circle. Trent had been ten at the time and her death had brought him closer still to his father. As he became older and their conversations became more adult oriented, talking about work and money and the like, Trent began to looks at Steven in a new light. Trent already knew his father was handsome, at six foot two and with a great physique most of the women in their professional group of acquaintances could barely contain their giggles when Steven would look at them with his bright blue eyes and smile warmly showing off a row of perfect teeth and deep dimples in each cheek. He recalled hearing his mother tell him not to color over the gray at his temples. She said it made him look distinguished and more handsome. He didn’t understand until he was 18 and his father colored over it, it did change his face and he had taken it upon himself to tell him not to do it again. His father had laughed and agreed.

Trent came to visit one weekend on the fly. It was last minute and he left from work on Friday and drove the three hours to his dad’s. He didn’t call, he wanted to surprise him. When he got there his father was cutting the grass. He was shirtless and the sheen of sweat had defined every muscle of his broad smooth chest. His dark nipples were jutting out and looked suddenly inviting. The tight jeans looked great as they stretched over his firm ass. Trent knew his father was handsome, but this was the moment that he realized he was sexy as well. That entire visit he caught himself looking at his father. When he went back home he had a dream his father was holding him down and rubbing his cock against his. When he woke up he was so turned on that when he gripped his cock he instantly started to come.

He tried to slake his desire for his father by meeting up with older men at the local gay bar. While the sex had been awesome every single time he wound up imagining it was his father. When the last encounter ended with him calling out ‘Daddy!’ during orgasm he knew he had to do something about his attraction.

During the next visit he worked on just being Steven’s son and not looking at him with lust. It was working for a while and he was confident he could get over his desire. However, when his father came into the kitchen Sunday morning, still groggy, with a morning wood that was tenting his boxers to near bursting he knew it was over. He wanted that cock and be damned everything else. He went home that evening and masturbated multiple times to the thought of his father’s bulge.

He couldn’t wait to go back the next weekend. This time he indulged and looked at his father every chance he got. He even boldly masturbated in the shower. Saturday was the turning point. He woke up in the middle of the night to take a piss and he could hear very faint sounds coming from his father’s room. He tip toed over to the door and noticed it wasn’t closed all the way. He couldn’t see inside so he took the risk and pushed it open just a bit. His eyes grew wide when he saw his father at his computer desk, naked, with that glorious dick in his hands, watching porn on his laptop.

Trent figured his dad watched the stuff, without his wife and his refusal to date it was natural that he had to do something about his libido, but seeing it for real, seeing his cock hard and leaking at the tip sent Trent into a tailspin. He almost kicked open the door, ran to him and sucked him down like a starving man. In fact he had to grip the side of the doorframe to force himself to stay. His eyes scanned to see what video his dad was watching. There were two men and a busty woman. They had her pinned between them, one cock in her pussy and one cock down her throat. She had tears in her eyes, but was handling the duel pounding like a champ. The scene wasn’t one that would turn him on, but the guys were hot, muscular with dark hair, just like his dad. What he wouldn’t give to take the woman’s place…

The scene changed and he heard his dad groan and the sound sent shivers down his spine and blood to his cock. In the new scene the woman was on her back, one man plowing into her and calling her names like ‘slut’ and ‘bitch’, while the other man sat beside them. Suddenly the man pulled out of her pussy and the other man bent down and started to go to town on his cock. Sucking the female’s juices off the erection with gusto. Trent’s eyes went wide and he heard his father whisper ‘just like that’ and his eyes snapped over to watch his father again. Steven had leaned forward and was pumping his cock faster and licking his lips. His eyes were glued to the two men. Trent thought he must be dreaming. Surely his conservative father wasn’t getting off on the gay moment between the two guys! He looked back and the man was still sucking away at his buddy’s cock. Trent’s own dick was so hard right now it was almost painful. He turned and rushed to the bathroom to jerk off. He had to stay in there longer than he would have liked, waiting for his erection to abate so he could urinate.

Finally free of the toilet he walked back to his dad’s room. The porn was gone, but the laptop was still open, the screensaver glowing just enough for him to see that his father was sprawled on the bed sleeping, still naked. At first he didn’t move, he just took deep breaths and stared at his dad’s beautiful member. It was thick and unlike his it was cut. It was still semi hard too. When the beast jumped Trent pushed the door open and walked inside, mesmerized by the pure power of the thing.

He gently lowered himself to the bed and picked up his dad’s hot shaft and before he could change his mind took a quick lick of the tip. It was salty, tasting of his father’s ejaculation and he loved the flavor. He took the whole tip onto his mouth and sucked. He only did so for a few minutes then he quickly rushed from the room. In his haste he didn’t even notice he had left the door open. Steven had opened his eyes then and rubbed his hand over his cock, it was still wet from his son’s mouth. He didn’t know what had gotten into Trent, but he was aware of just how good that had felt. He had gotten up, shut the door and put on his pajamas. Perhaps as his father he should have some sort of talk with his son about incest and how wrong it was, but truthfully he had taken to fantasizing about his hot boy for a couple of years now so it would be too hypocritical. So when morning came around and Trent wasn’t acting strange he didn’t bother.

College and a job promotion made it increasingly difficult for the men to see each other and the incident was all but forgotten by Steven. Until two months ago, when Trent finally came to visit and the strange incident repeated itself. With his eyes closed Steven vowed to have a talk with his son in the morning about it. He never did.

Now two months later after countless times of waking up to his son’s lips around his member Steven had a whole other talk he wanted to have with his son. Trent, he assumed, in fear of waking his father never sucked him to completion. He would give him this wonderful blow job then run away just as Steven’s climax was building. At this point they both were so far down the hole with this that he just wanted to come and fuck if it was wrong or not. When Trent did that wonderful swirling maneuver with his tongue he loved so much he let out a moan of approval, the first sound he’s ever made.

Trent froze, his green eyes shot up to look at his dad and he let out a whine when they locked with Steven’s blue. He tried to pull away but Steven placed his large hand on his son’s head and pushed him back down, even further than he had went before. Trent gagged a bit and looked at his father in shock.

Steven grunted, “If you’re gonna suck off a guy at least make him come. Damn,” he smirked, “you look like a slut.”

Trent didn’t think his eyes could become any wider but they did. He felt his father’s cock jump in his mouth and he took a deep breath and wiggled his tongue. He was already caught and clearly his father didn’t mind. He reached up and pushed his dad’s hand away. He pulled off the cock with a loud pop, his saliva dripping from his lips. He took a deep breath and gripped the base of his father’s erection and began to pump it. It was slick from his spit, hot and the largest vein was throbbing against his palm. Trent loved it. He tilted his head slid his tongue up the side of his dad’s firm member, following the pulsating vein with the tip. When he reached the underside of the cockhead he flicked his tongue over it until precum beaded at the tip. He took the precum between his lips and sucked it directly from the slit. He looked up at his father was pleased to see the older man panting in pleasure.

Steven took his cock and yanked it away from Trent’s lips, “How many cocks have you sucked to get this good son? ” As he asked he was smearing his precum and his son’s saliva all over Trent’s lips.

“I lost count,” Trent panted out trying to capture the cockhead with his mouth and looking like a baby bird grasping at a worm.

“Fuck,” Steven moaned, “you are a slut.”

Trent shivered at the language. He nodded as he gave up on the head and lowered himself to suck on Steven’s heavy balls.

“Yeah that’s it, put my sac in your mouth,” Steven gripped Trent’s hair with his other hand and shoved his face closer, “tease me all these months…I’m coming tonight you know. Gonna use you like the cumdump you apparently are,” he let out a growl before he forced his son’s head up and back down onto his cock.

Trent was still in a bit of shock, he never knew his father could speak like that! It was exciting though and it made him lap at his father’s cock with renewed vigor. He must have been doing something right because Steven began to buck his hips, thrusting up into his son’s mouth faster and faster.

“Fucking open up,” Steven demanded as he got to one elbow so he could see his son better, “take my cock down your whore throat and love it!” He continued to skull fuck his son, loving the gagging noises he forced him to make. When he finally released Trent the boy pulled off with a gasp for air and shining tear filled eyes, “Get naked son.”

Trent scrambled from the bed and obeyed. He was soon standing at the foot of the bed, naked, his uncut penis hard, his purple cockhead peeking out from the flesh just a little and leaking from the one eye. Steven scooted closer so he could get a good look at his son.

“Unlike you son, I’m not a whore, I’ve never touched a cock other than mine before. Always wanted to though,” Steven took his son’s member in hand and smirked. He was so far gone and overcome with pleasure that he didn’t care what happened tonight, “It’s about as thick as mine. Your mom wanted you uncut,” he reached up with his other hand and tugged on the foreskin, “I didn’t care either way, but looking at it now…it’s kinda sexy,” he pushed his finger in the pocket between the skin and the cockhead and rubbed it up and down. He could hear his son whimpering above him, the tip spit out more precum, “can you believe I made this cock,” he glanced up with a wicked grin, “shot my cum up your mother’s cunt and made this cock,” then he moved his finger and began to flick the wet opening with the tip of his tongue.

Trent was shivering, his legs felt weak and he thought he might fall. He looked down and watched his handsome dad lick his tip. He had to grip his father’s shoulders for support when Steven pressed his tongue alongside the foreskin and head, just like he did with his finger, and started to wiggle it mercilessly. Trent was panting now, his asshole twitching with the need to be filled.

“D-dad…fuck…too much,” he pleaded.

“Mmm,” his father pulled away, “no, not enough,” he wrapped his lips around the foreskin and tugged it until Trent was gasping for breath and precum dribbled nonstop from the cockhead. He let the skin go then reached up and pinched it together and pulled. Covering the head of his son’s dick as he twisted and rubbed the foreskin together.

Trent’s legs buckled a little and his father smacked his ass then told him to get on the bed on his hands and knees. Trent did and his father positioned himself behind him and pulled his ass cheeks apart. His rosebud was wrinkled and opening and closing like a panting mouth.

“Did you lose count on how many cocks been up this ass of yours?” Steven asked as he took his index finger and rubbed the opening, watching get a little bit wider.

“Dad! Shit,” Trent gasped, “yes! Oh God that feels good!”

“I’m just rubbing it!” Steven chuckled, “You’ve had so much cock it’s that sensitive now? Just like a slutty cunt this is hmm?” He pressed his finger in only to feel his son clamp down on it, “Fuck it’s still tight though,” without warning he removed his finger and licked the puckered hole. Trent whined and Steven licked his lips, “You want me to play with it don’t you?”

“Yes, please,” Trent was trembling in anticipation now.

“Tell me what you want.”

“I want you to play with it.”

“No,” Steven started to rub the opening again, “tell me what you want.”

Trent bit his lip, “Um…I want to feel…um…you’re tongue again.”

“Don’t be modest,” his dad reached down and pulled on Trent’s loose foreskin again, “you were an eager cockwhore when you thought I was asleep. I never was by the way. You’ve been sucking me off for months and I’ve been well aware and loving it.”

Trent looked back, “What the fuck-”

Steven spanked his ass, “Don’t cuss at me slut! Now tell me,” he tugged on the foreskin again until Trent was moaning loudly in pleasure, “what do you want!”

“I just did!” Trent cried, “Please please dad! Lick my ass with your tongue! Eat me out! Please!”

“I only eat out pussy…” Steven smirked and released his son’s cock.

Trent was taking deep breaths and when he realized his father hadn’t began he groaned in frustration and said, “Daddy, please, eat out my pussy. My boycunt is hungry for your tongue. Suck it, lap it up. Please hurry!”

Steven’s cock twitched at hearing his son’s lewd words and as he bent his head to lick him again his member started to leak onto the bed. That thick vein on the side pulse quickened as more blood rushed to his engorged rod, making it hard as steel. Steven ate out his son quickly, eager to plow into his ass with his dick now that they crossed a line never to return. He used his fingers to pry his son open more, his hole was gaping now and easy for him to push his tongue in and swirl it around. It was hot in there, tasty and smelled of hot man musk and sex. Steven smacked his lips, “What now boy?”

“Fuck me!” Trent had lowered his forehead to the bed, “Now! Fuck my ass!” He got a hard slap to his buttocks, “Oh God! Ugh, my pussy! Fuck my horny pussy!”

Steven got up to his knees, “Turn around, get me wet and ready again.”

Trent was quick to comply, turning around and descending on his father’s cock with a long moan. Steven just gripped the side of his son’s head and began to face fuck him again until Trent was crying and gagging on his girth. He threw him off, his cock dripping wet and told him to turn back around.

“I’m going to slam into this used pussy and have my way with you, fucking cockwhore,” Steven grabbed his son’s round butt cheeks and pried him apart then lining up he snapped his hips and drove in. He started up a quick pace and didn’t let up even when his son was asking for him to slow down.

Trent cried out, but he had been fucked enough times that it didn’t take too long for his body to adjust and him to enjoy the brutal pounding. He dug his fingers into the sheets and spread his legs wide.

“Yes daddy! Like that! Deeper!” He cried out, tears of pleasure in his eyes.

“You’re mine now slut!” Steven began to spank his son, “No more cock but daddy’s is allowed up this cunt!”

“Yes! Okay!” Trent was gasping for air, moaning and whimpering, “Oh fuck that feels good!”

“You’re tight, like your mom,” Steven groaned, “your cunt tasted better though!”

Trent bit his bottom lip and began to climax into the sheets below him. Steven felt his ass milking his cock and he shivered in delight, “Yeah, come you little whore, you cumbucket little bitch. Squeeze my cock till I fill you up. Shoot my load like I did all those years ago to make you! You slut, you incest loving cock whore! Take it! Now!” He climaxed as well, crying out Trent’s name as he filled him up to the brim. He kept pounding though, frothing up his cum until it was leaking out the sides of his son’s well fucked asshole.

When Steven released his grip on Trent’s hips his son sank to the bed, limp and satisfied. Steven rubbed his still hard cock and smiled as he saw his son sprawled in the mess they had both made. He leaned down and pushed his son’s legs apart.

“Oh God dad no. No more,” Trent whispered, “I can’t.”

My name is Michelle. I’m a 5″6 brunette who works a nine-to-five job in a cubicle. I eat the same lunch everyday, I talk to the same person everyday, I do the same thing everyday. That includes going home and jumping into bed to work myself over with my prized vibrator.

Of course, before this, I make sure to get myself wet with some of my favorite Literotica stories. It only takes about two or so stories to get me soaking wet. Usually I stick to the straight-sex stories, purely heterosexual.

But one day after work, I happen to stumble over a lesbian story. I read it. Once, twice, three times. Once I masturbate, I have the best orgasm of my life. An idea forms in my head.

I want to try something different. Now, I love cocks. But reading that story got me thinking. The way it made me feel was so…different. The thought of a girl sucking at my nipples, pawing at my breasts. Licking my cunt, and me licking hers. I want to try it.

So one day, I contact a guy friend of mine.

“Hey Ricky, I have a personal question to ask.” I say.

“Yeah, what?” he ass.

“Do you have any lesbian friends?” I say. There’s silence for a while.

“You’re bi?” he asks, sounding surprised.

“Um, no. Just curious. I guess I want to try it, at least once.” I explain, feeling self-conscious.

“Okay, cool. I have a friend named Karen. She’s very sexy,and a lesbian. I’ll give her your number.” he says.

“Okay, thanks. I owe you.” I say. We talk a bit more, than say goodbye.

Needless to say, for the next few days I watch my phone like a hawk. My masturbating sessions are intense as I imagine what she’d do to me.

My phone rings one evening while I’m eating dinner. I pick it up, and see a number I don’t recognize. I immediately get wet.

“Um, hello?” I say.

“Is this Michelle?” a female voice asks.

“Yes. Is this Karen?” I ask.

“Yeah! Hey, Ricky told me about you, and gave me your number. He said you wanted to try out having sex with a girl. Am I right?” she says.

“Yeah! Are you up for it?” I ask, hoping she’ll say yes.

“Yeah. I can come over tomorrow.” she says. “Is that good with you?”

“Yep. I’ll give you my address.” I say. After we say goodbye and hang up, I masturbate for the second time that day. Tomorrow can’t come soon enough….

But tomorrow does come. I plow through work, get home, and get ready for 8 o’clock.

I’ve put on my robe, and nothing else. I hear a knock on the door. I open it, and see a girl about my height, with long blond hair and a gorgeous body.

“Hey, ” I start, but before I can finish, she leans in and gives me a kiss on the lips. She pulls back and smirks at my surprised expression.

I grab her hand, and take her to my bedroom. She takes off her clothes quickly, and I happily note that she’s not wearing a bra or panties. Her breasts are big and perky, and I spot short curly blond hair adorning her mound.

I remove my robe, and it drops to the ground.

“Ricky wasn’t kidding when he said you were sexy as hell…” she murmurs, stepping towards me.

Our bodies are joined together. I press my breasts up against hers, trying to get a feel of her body all at once. she kisses me deeply, making me moan. This is all happening so fast.

We move over to the bed, and she pushes me onto it.

“Spread your legs you little slut..” she purrs. “I want to see that cunt of yours.”

I spread my legs, and she starts to finger my wet cunt. She pushes her fingers into my cunt, and immediately locates my g-spot. She finger fucks me, and I let out a loud moan as the spasms of an orgasm overtake me.

She removes her fingers, and pop them into her mouth.

“You taste delicious.” she murmurs. She kneels down so her face is between my thighs. I lean forward and bring her closer. She starts to lap the remaining cum from my pussy, and her tongue glides over my clit repeatedly. Another orgasm hits me as she nibbles my swollen clit.

“You are so good at that…” I moan. She smiles and does a mock curtsy.

I stand, and we switch places. I play with her ample breasts, pulling on her nipples, making her moan.

“Yes, you fucking slut.” she says.

I get on my knees and get between her legs. I can smell the womanly scent coming from her soaking cunt. I lick her swollen cunt lips. Then I dip my fingers into her cunt. I start to slowly finger fuck her, making her moan. She pushes up against my hand, making my fingers go deeper.

“Yes, you fucking little whore!” she moans loudly as I lean in and lick her clit, my fingers still in her cunt. She starts to cum, and my other hand goes down to my own wet pussy, and I stroke my clit. We cu together.

“Okay, I need to show you something,” she says, standing up shakily. “Do you know what scissoring is?”

I shake my head no.

“It’s when two woman rub their pussies against each other.” she explains. She position herself on the bed, and motions me over. The feel of her slick pussy against mine makes me moan over and over, as we start to gyrate together in union.

“Yes, yes!” I shout as I cum. She soon cums after.

We clean up, and soon Karen is on her way. I promise her that we’ll do this again, very soon. Until then, I’ll have my Literotica stories to tie me over…

David’s Story

Chapter One

Author’s Note: Please be aware that (a) this is a work of total fiction. (b) It involves sexual conduct between a brother and sister and (c) Please be gentle with me if you choose to comment as this is my very first attempt at this type of writing and my very first submission to any internet site of any kind. I’ve been reading this site’s stories for some time and decided that it was time I had a go at it myself. If you do want to criticise go ahead but please try to be constructive with your comments. I am currently writing Chapter Two and will submit it if this gets a mostly positive reaction. Thank you for your attention and I hope you enjoy the story.

It has been many years since the events I am about to recount to you and now as I look back at them in the twilight of my life I can honestly say je ne regrette rien (I regret nothing) and that I have been blessed with the love of several extraordinary people. My story begins in my youth, when I was eighteen and had dark brown hair (now snow white), grey eyes with no lines around them, a somewhat Roman nose and strong (according to those who love me) jawline. I stood six feet two in my socks and I had the figure of an athlete which was not surprising because I was a middle distance runner and if I may say so a pretty good one, especially at the ten thousand metres which I truly loved. My name is David Wilson, the events I recall here took place almost sixty years ago and this is the first time they have ever been shared with anyone outside those with whom I experienced them. I hope you will read them, understand what and why they happened and even perhaps agree with our motives. If you do not I understand because of course we all strayed far from conventional society’s definition of ‘normal’ but in truth we believe we were right. Arrogant perhaps but also true and while we fully understand your right to disagree with us we simply say we acted out of love, that these events were nothing more or less than a method of expressing that love and that they were never an end in themselves, merely an addition to a deep and lasting bond of love that has lasted and deepened over the years. So, read on and all I ask is that you do so with an open mind and that you judge for yourselves if we were right or wrong from inside your own heart not from what others tell you to feel or think.

Anyway, to business then; I was eighteen, had just got home from a long day at college where I was soon to take my A-Level Final Exams and I had just reached the top of our stairs when I realised that Helen’s door was open and that she was clearly in there because her mobile phone was ringing stridently. I walked to the door, leaned my shoulder against the frame and immediately felt my heart begin to race as a stirring began to make itself known in my pants.

“Hi Charlie,” Helen breathed softly into her phone. My eighteen year old sister was lying on her bed and her green eyes were already smouldering as she caught sight of herself in her wardrobe mirror. Her long red hair was loose around her face and shoulders and her plush rose red lips were curved in a knowing little smile. “What’s up baby?” She asked and I didn’t need to be any kind of psychic to know the answer because I was thinking exactly the same thing her boyfriend was. “Oh you’re so bad you naughty man.” Helen giggled softly and I could hear the slight thickening in her voice that went nicely with the rapid rise and fall of her pert thirty two B tits and the rosy pink blush that began to form at the base of her throat. “A-ha, I just bet you do.” I grinned when Helen caught my eye but then my grin faded because she beckoned me in and silently mouthed, “Is it hard? Good, show it to me you naughty boy. Come on, get that big hard dick out for me.” I nodded while my sexy sister smiled, lay back and began to speak in a girlish but incredibly sexy half breathless tone.

“I’m lying on my bed with nothing on but my thin, lacy black bra and panties set. My firm, round breasts and cherry red nipples show right through the cups and I’m running my fingers along the edges and into the valley between my silken skinned globes because hearing your sexy voice makes my heart beat faster and my skin is tingling at the thought of your sexy blue eyes widening with excitement for me. My soft, red, curly hair and plump, tender, creamy pussy lips look sooo pretty through the little triangle of black see through lace that I just know you’d be very excited if you saw me like this.” Helen looked down and matched her actions to her words as I slowly unzipped my pants and undid the button on my dark grey jeans. “I’m stroking my tummy, running my fingers up and down from the little black bow on the waist of my panties to the one that sits on the bottom of my pretty little bra and my tummy is fluttering because I’m imagining your eyes raking my lithe slender body from my head to my toes while your hand runs over the front of your tight white briefs. Uh-huh, yeah, I want you to do that now Charlie and tell me what it does to you.” Helen ran her right hand along the inner curve of her right breast where the bra cup met her skin and watched me rub my thickening shaft through my briefs which were white cotton and already stretching taut over my rapidly stiffening prick.

“Mmm, yeah, my nipples are getting very stiff baby, in fact they’re poking really hard into the flowery lace because hearing you groan like that really thrills me.” Helen teased her nipples with a fingertip as her bra stretched over them and the blush on her neck began to spread across her collar bones. “A-ha, I’ll pull the cups down now and bare my wide, swollen, cherry nipples just for you honey. Ohhh, I’ve been thinking about you all day and I love touching myself for you so much. Mm-hmm, take it out now baby, take your big, hard, sexy dick out and rub it for me.” Helen bit her lip as she watched me release my cock from its confinement and then she stunned me. In the past she’d always watched me wank slowly when she lay there rubbing herself and talking dirty to Charlie and I expected this to be the same but today my sister took my hand before I got it to my shaft and she shook her head. “Mm! Yeah Charlie, I’m playing with my nipples, rubbing them and pinching them and thinking of you, thinking of your hot horny eyes feasting on me while you pump yourself slowly.” Helen pulled my hand down onto her left breast and flared her nostrils as my fingers bumped against her nipple. I was still in shock so that first touch was clumsy but as the reality sank I cupped her breast, curling my fingers onto the upper swell as my palm covered her nipple and I felt like I had a pebble digging into me because the swollen cherry red nub was so stiff.

“Ohhh yes,” Helen sighed and her hand slid up my inner thigh to cup my balls. “It feels so good; oh it’s making me sooo hot. A-ha, they’re rock hard Charlie, absolutely bullet stiff. Are you baby? Is your cock iron hard and standing right up for me? Don’t come yet, Charlie do it slowly, I want us to come together, uh-huh, stroke it up, and down, up, and down. That’s how I’d do it for you, slow, gentle, horny strokes so I could feel your hot hard shaft pulse in my hand while you made, made me wet.” I ran my hand across both of Helen’s tits and she arched her back while her hand held me in a loose but sexy grip that made my dick throb but didn’t make me want to shoot my load instantly despite this being the fulfilment of a fantasy I’d had for three or four years.

“Mmm, I’m lifting my knees, sliding my feet up the bed.” Helen whispered throatily. “My hand is sliding slowly down my tummy with my fingers pointed down. “I’m imagining you kissing me, using your mouth to muffle my sigh of hot lust as your hand moves lower. A-ha, my knees are parting now, spreading my long, slim, quivering thighs as my fingers run over the front of my panties and caress my plump, warm, juicy lips through the lace. Ohhh, oh Charlie, I can feel so much heat radiating from my pussy through these pretty panties that it’s almost burning my fingers. Mm! Oh! Are you throbbing? Is your big fat mushroom gleaming for me? Is pre-come making that sexy helmet shine and feel sticky? Yeah, my petals are flowering, uh-huh, they’re parting like my thighs and my panties, oh my panties are slipping into my moist, pink, velvet soft crease.” Helen cupped her hand over the tip of my cock and I felt her soft palm touch the pearl of pre-come that was already forming while I rubbed a camel toe into her knickers with my middle finger.

“Yes,” Helen hissed as her eyes began to flutter and her breathing became ragged. “I’m sliding my panties to one side, baring my soft shaven lips and hot wet slit, oh yes touch it, my clit, touch my stiff, pink, clit mm!” Her hips jerked a little and her hand clutched the top of my shaft in a reflex as I caressed the pebble stiff nub with the lightest of touches. “Yes, I’m wet. So, so wet. A-ha, yeah, I’m pumping it for you, wanking your hot, hard, sticky shaft. Ohhh!” Helen’s eyes flew wide when I slid my finger down the hot slippery crease between her swollen cunt lips and they pleaded with me as she gurgled in a low liquid moan, “Charlie, I can feel your finger inside me, pushing through my juices into my pussy. Ohhh, oh it feels sooo good, please, don’t stop. Yes, I can almost see it baby,” Helen panted as her inner walls squeezed my fingertip. I’d only inserted one and only as far as the first knuckle because she was a virgin and I didn’t want to hurt my beautiful sister.

“Oh baby are you close?” Helen asked and smiled when I nodded. I could hear a deep groan come faintly out of her phone and Helen clamped her thighs around my hand as I felt a deep spasm in her tunnel. “Charlie, I’m imagining that I’m sat on your lap, that your luscious mouth is on my heaving tits and your fingers, ohhh they’re up my skirt and, mm! Inside me, making, making me wet, oh God, Charlie, I’m clutching you, my mouth buried in your hair to muffle my moans because, oh, baby, I’m, coming!” I dropped my head and clamped my lips to Helen’s left nipple as she arched and writhed on the bed. “Charlie I’m coming, come with me, please, come with me. Uuurgh, ohhh it’s so good, Charlie come, come for me honey.” Helen sobbed through a climax that caused her whole body to tremble and thrash so much that I struggled to keep my lips on her tits at all much less in silence while her pussy seemed to want to suck my finger all the way into it as her juices literally spurted down her red hot velvet soft tunnel. “Oh baby, oh that was amazing.” Helen relaxed into her duvet cover and her thighs slowly parted as she recovered from her orgasm. “No, my pesky little brother isn’t home yet but he will be soon and you know we’d never get any peace with him around. I’ll see you on Friday baby and if you’re a good boy, well, maybe we can do more than just talk about having a bad boy’s hand up my skirt while he throbs in my fist. A-ha, yeah, me too, I’d better go and get dressed because my annoying little brother will be home soon and he’ll probably have one of his idiot friends with him. Mm-hmm, me too honey, ‘bye.” Helen killed the call then turned her phone off completely.

“Why didn’t you come?” Helen said with an irritated edge to her voice. “Wasn’t my technique good enough or am I just not worth coming for?” Her irritation only increased when I laughed in disbelief and she got a mulish look on her face that reminded me of us as children arguing about what programme we were going to watch on television.

“No, you were awesome, fantastic.” I said sincerely and it was Helen’s turn to look stunned when I sat down on the bed beside her and said, “I held back on purpose but I barely managed it. I did it because I thought that if I came it would hit you and put you off because I don’t want my lovely sister to think I’d treat her like a porn star. I didn’t think you’d want my spunk on your face or your luscious tits like they do it in the films because you’re not some cheap little tart. You’re just too special and too beautiful to be treated like that and besides, just touching you and feeling you come was more than I ever dreamed could really happen and I didn’t want anything to distract you from that or make you feel dirty when I was trying to make you feel as special as you are.”

“Oh that’s so sweet.” Helen said and then she sat up to wrap her arms around my neck then to my surprise she kissed me on the lips. I assumed that was an impulsive gesture but when it broke her eyes were just as bold as they had been when she guided my hand to her breast and I became very aware of the fact they were still bare as I felt them pressing into my chest. “David, when you were sucking my tits and fingering me I almost cried out your name because it felt so good to have my sexy brother’s lips and fingers on me. I’m glad Charlie’s gone because now I don’t have to pretend about who’s really making me hot, horny and wet.” Helen then kissed me again and this time her lips opened against my mouth and her tongue slid out to explore mine while she lay back and dragged me with her.

When the kiss broke she stroked my face and whispered, “When we were still at school I used to love what seeing me in my little white blouse and sexy grey school skirt did to my naughty little brother. When I walked up the stairs in front of you I’d know you were watching my ripe little peaches sway and it thrilled me so much I’d tingle inside. I’d feel your eyes climb up my legs, raking my long slim thighs all the way up under the pleats and my tummy would flutter because it made me feel so sexy to be lusted after by my own brother. I’d bend over a table or my bed sometimes and feel your sexy brown eyes on me. Knowing my own brother’s cock was tenting his pants at the sight my white cotton school knickers where they moulded themselves to my ripe little bum and plump, tender, virgin pussy excited me so much that I’d feel my juices start to gather at my tunnel. I’d imagine your cock throbbing in your fist while you tried not to imagine peeling your own sister’s panties down and my pussy would become hot and damp under my tight, white knickers. I’d lie on my bed and slip my hand down between my legs to rub the cotton into my slit while I pictured you wanking to a fantasy of your sexy sister lying under you, moaning softly as your big hard dick filled her pussy to the hilt. I could sometimes hear you stroking yourself through the wall and every time I did I’d rub my tits and stroke myself because I knew you were thinking of me and it turned me on to know my brother was dreaming of having my legs wrapped around him while he took me mercilessly, pounded his hot throbbing cock in and out of my juicy cunt while he muffled my screams of ecstasy by kissing me and slipping his tongue into my mouth. David. I’ve come hundreds of times to mental pictures of you losing patience with your cock teasing sister and ravishing my helpless body, ignoring my desperate pleas for mercy and running your hands, lips and cock all over me until I finally surrender and beg my brother to screw me senseless, to make his sweet innocent sister take his iron hard cock into her soaking snatch like the dirty little slut she is.” Helen then nuzzled my neck and in a hoarse voice she asked. “Are you gonna do it David? Are you gonna get between my legs and fuck your slutty sister senseless? Come on, I won’t stop you, give it to me you gorgeous sod, slip me your pole and do me.”

“God, I want it but we can’t,” I whispered as we kissed passionately and Helen wrapped her left leg around the back of my right thigh. My cock pulsed against her hip while I lay with my legs either side of her silken skinned right thigh and her soft mound pressed against my own.

“You’re my sister and a virgin, you deserve a first time that’s as special as you are with a man who loves you the way you deserve to be loved.” Helen cocked her head curiously and smiled teasingly as she rocked her hips gently and stroked my spine. “Helen, I don’t want you to look back one day and regret your first time with a man, to think it’s some sordid little secret that you have to hide from everyone. You always said your first time is going to be on your wedding night with your husband and that can’t be me, not ever so we can’t do what I want. It wouldn’t be right, or even fair.” Then I kissed Helen’s throat and ran my hand up the back of the leg she’d wrapped around me to cup her gorgeous arse before I looked her in the eye and said, “One of my favourite fantasies about that uniform might be something you’d like though.”

“Oh?” Helen asked softly and I saw the excitement in her eyes grow while under my chest her heart beat faster and her breathing began to quicken once more.

“I’ve pushed you against the wall and yanked your blouse open so your luscious tits are bare and your nipples are shining ‘cos I’ve been sucking them.” I began quietly, interspersing my sentences with kisses to her lips and throat before placing my lips back at her ear. “You’re whimpering that it’s dirty but I’ve made you hold your skirt up and your knickers are stretched between your knees. You’re looking down, saying it’s perverted to force your own sister to open her legs at all much less grope her poor helpless bottom while I kneel down and lick her defenceless muffin. You moan that it’s wrong to make my sister wet, to suck her clit and flick it with my tongue. You tell me that I mustn’t run my tongue down your slit like this but you start thrusting your pussy at me and when my tongue slides into your tight virgin tunnel you start to pant and babble that it can’t be happening, you can’t be coming on my face. You look down and say it’s unfair that your brother’s eyes are so cute when he’s so dirty but I grin and then slowly lick the whole length of your pussy.”

“Stop talking and do it!” Helen snarled into my mouth as she unwrapped her leg off me and I smiled as I kissed her throat and levered myself into the space between her thighs. “Oh God,” Helen panted and clutched my head as I kissed the blushing skin on her upper torso. “David you could have done it. I wouldn’t have stopped you, oh God, I wanted it too.” I reached the upper swell of her pert tits and then ran my tongue in a decreasing spiral all the way around her left breast as my sister whispered, “Do you remember the blue swimsuit I bought for Spain? It was backless with a halter neck and dad hated it because it showed so much of my cleavage and left the outside of my tits almost completely bare? I wore it for you because I had this fantasy where my brother was putting cream on my back. I imagined you rubbing it into my sides and then you’d feel the sides of my firm little tits and get a hard on while I lay face down and pretended nothing was wrong. My brother would hope that I didn’t notice him stretch his fingers under the Lycra and sneak a feel of my ripe round tits and I’d lie there pretending he’d got away with it for a little while. I’d wait with my eyes closed until your fingertips brushed my nipples and then I’d ‘catch’ you and gasp in shock. I’d roll over onto my back and stare at your blushing face and pretend to be deeply upset by you fondling your own sister that way but you’d see my rock hard nipples poking right into the fabric and you’d grin as you put your hands on them and squeezed. I’d protest that you were being filthy but I wouldn’t stop you and my back would arch under me as you called me a liar. You’d peel the thin blue strips to the side, tugging them off my nipples and then you’d lie on your tummy and start to suck one while you rubbed and pinched the other. Ohhh, yeah, like that David, just like that.”

“God you’re beautiful.” I whispered reverently as I gently took my sister’s left nipple between my lips and circled the swollen nub with my tongue. Helen stroked my hair and looked down at me as I caressed her right nipple with my fingertips and cupped the almost stone hard globe of silken skin that heaved under my hand. Her heart was racing and I kissed her breastbone while I looked up and watched her head recline in awe. Her soft mouth formed into a beautiful pout and a soft sigh of pleasure flowed from her as her eyes closed and her pleasure mounted. “You look perfect and taste even better than I dreamed you would. Everything about you is so beautiful.” I kissed her right breast then spiralled it with my tongue just as I had the left while under my stomach her hips rocked, pressing her soft warm pussy up against my abdomen. As I gently clutched her nipple with my lips and tongued the wide puffy tip I felt her heart suddenly pound while underneath me there was a sudden increase in the heat radiating from her moist velvet soft sex.

Living at the Grad House and Charles Darwin is alive and well.

In the mid 80s I was a graduate student, working on a Ph.D. in Sociology and living in an off-campus student residence house known simply as the Grad House.

It was an old Victorian style building that was cold in the winter and, because there was no air conditioning, stiflingly hot in the summer.

There were two bedrooms on the third floor, three on the second, and one in the basement. I shared the second floor with two women, both studying Geography.

Pip (short for Phillipa) was relatively new to the house. She had been in the there for about three months but I barely knew her. I had been away doing field work for much of that time so we had little opportunity to get to know each other. All I knew was her area of study, that she grew up in London, England, and that she was gorgeous. Except for the dark brown hair, she looked very much like Pamela Anderson.

Elina, the other girl on the floor, had been living in the house for a year and a half. We both started our programs at the same time. Elina was from Toronto, but her parents were Ecuadorian. She had jet black hair, light brown skin, brilliant white teeth and full lips. She was a very attractive woman too, a great ass, but hard to get to know. On occasion I would see her with a butchy looking woman so I assumed she was either lesbian or bisexual. On more than one evening I tried to get her into a conversation but, while she would talk, she always seemed somewhat distant. Mind you, my territorial girlfriend was always around so it was hard for me to get to know other women in the house. That is, until my girlfriend dumped me.

I arrived home one mid-July evening after spending the entire day at the library. It was about 9:30 and just getting dark. The temperature on the second floor was at least 85 degrees and I was already in a sweat from the walk home. Pip and Elina were sitting at the kitchen table, nursing cold, sweaty beers under the warm glow of a pool table style light. The album Kind of Blue was playing in the background, but not loud enough to drown out the sound of crickets coming from a nearby window.

I hadn’t been laid in a couple of weeks and the sight of these two voluptuous beauties gave me a tingle in my crotch. I don’t know if it was just the sight of the exposed female flesh, or something else, but it was as if I could taste fresh girl-juice mixed with the cloying smell of marijuana smoke that lingered in the air. An unwritten sequel to Charles Darwin’s The Origin of Species seemed to be talking to me from smooth plaster walls of the old house. It told me that my only purpose in life at that moment was to fuck, and to do it with abandon.

“Hi ladies,” I said as I paused at the kitchen nook. “I need a shower but those beer look really good. Any left in the fridge?”

“Plenty,” said Pip.

“Hurry back,” said Elina. “We’re alone in the house, by the way. Everyone else is away for the night.”

I felt another tingle in my shorts. By the time I dropped my bag in my room and got to the bathroom I could feel the beginnings of a roaring hard-on. My cock stood straight up as soon as I got to lathering it with soap. I let the water run cold for a minute hoping to get it to go down. I quickly saw that it wasn’t going to work so I masturbated to get myself off. In my mind I rotated through licking and fucking Pip’s and Elina’s wet holes until I finally shot my load. It only took a minute to ejaculate.

I rationalized jacking off because I would be ready again in 20 minutes if need be, and I would last longer. I was feeling desperate to impale at least one of these women before the evening was over. I was almost toxic with sexual desire and my one sexual purge wasn’t going to give me the relief that I needed.

I put a pair of cotton drawstring shorts that emphasized my trim hips but that would not hide evidence of an erection, if I happened to get one. I left my underwear off for that reason. I decided against wearing a top. I didn’t have six-pack abs but I was nevertheless in very good shape.

I walked to the fridge that was next to the kitchen table and said, “hope you don’t mind that I decided to go without a top. It’s brutally hot.”

“Not at all,” said Pip. “I’m tempted to do the same.”

Elina looked up with a smile and said, “grab a beer. And get me a Pilsner while you’re up, or should I say, while you’re at the fridge.”

It was apparent from her silly attempt at a humour that she was giddy with anticipation about sex.

Pip leaned back in her chair and stretched her arms over her head. The thin white cotton of her form fitting singlet strained against her ample breasts.

Elina could see that my eyes were fixated on Pip’s chest and said, “don’t leave the fridge door open too long because there isn’t enough room under her top for her nipples to get erect.”

“I know what it’s like to feel constrained by clothing,” I responded with a big smile.

I grabbed a Guinness for myself and a Pilsner for Elina and sat down on the empty chair next to Pip. I slid the Pilsner to Elina, who sat opposite me on the other side of the table. She was wearing a thin white halter dress with small flowers. It gave a good view of her cleavage, and a set of athletic shoulders and arms that I hadn’t noticed before.

“You had a shave,” said Elina. “You had a five o’clock shadow when you came in and now it’s gone. It didn’t seem that you had time to do that. You were in and out of the bathroom before we finished our first beers.”

“I don’t waste time in the bathroom,” I said. “I prefer to be clean-shaven. I hate stubble.”

“We all have something in common,” said Elina. “I helped Pip to shave earlier for the same reason.”

That comment was the cue that our short conversation was about to turn white hot. I didn’t quite understand the dynamic that was playing out between Pip and Elina but I was about to learn. Elina was taking a dominant role in the conversation and giving it a singular direction.

I decided that a door to somewhere exciting had been opened, and I was determined to keep it open. I put a big smile on my face and said, “I don’t shave my legs and armpits, but I appreciate how much work would be involved to keep those areas stubble free.”

“It wasn’t her legs and armpits that I helped her with,” said Elina. They were already smooth. She looked at Pip and then at me and said, “She likes to shave her pussy too but it can sometimes be hard to get all the hair on your own. I’m sure you can imagine.”

A big grin came across both of their faces. And my cock was now pressing firmly against the front of my shorts. They had a plan and they were beginning to roll it out.

“Do you prefer a shaved or unshaved pussy,” asked Pip?

I paused and grinned before I responded. “I’ll eat it either way but I find completely shaved is more exciting. A woman who shaves is symbolically saying that she likes to display her pussy for her man, or woman, and that she likes to have it licked.”

“Excellent,” said Elina. “We’re making very good progress. I now have two questions and you can’t hesitate in your response. Do you want to see Pip’s pussy and would you like to eat it, right here on this table?”

My heart began to race and I could feel dryness in the back of my throat. I took quick a sip of my beer. “Yes! Yes!” I said. “Yes, I would like to see her shaved pussy, and yes I want to eat it.”

Elina looked at Pip and said, “Stand up and pull off your top. Show him those beautiful tits.”

Pip stood up, grinning from ear to ear. She paused briefly to cup her breasts in her hands and then quickly pulled the singlet over her head. Her full breasts lifted slightly as the top slid over them, and they settled back as beautiful globes that I wanted more than anything to touch.

“Walk over to him Pip and let him suck on your nipples,” said Elina.

Pip obediently walked her tits to my face and held my head to her right breast. “Feel them,” she said. “Kiss them. Bite my nipples.” I nuzzled and sucked and licked and bit and cupped and squeezed. My mind was euphoric and my cock was so hard it felt like it would burst.

I eventually pulled back from Pip’s tits to look at her beautiful face, and as I did I glanced at Elina. She had stripped naked, was leaning against the wall behind her chair and was rubbing her clit.

“Pull her shorts off,” she told me.

I was starting to like this game. It was clear that Pip and I were going to fuck and everything would be at Elina’s direction. The fact that Elina was going to get herself off as she watched made it all the more exciting.

I placed my hands on the waistband of Pip’s shorts and slowly slid them down over her firm round ass and strong looking thighs. She was now completely naked in front of me. My mouth began to water as I gazed at her perfectly smooth pussy.

“Isn’t she beautiful?” said Elina.

“Absolutely breathtaking,” I said.

“Stand up and drop your own shorts,” she said. “Let us see how excited you are. Show her your cock.”

Obediently I stood up and let my shorts fall to the floor. My cock stood free and tall. It bobbed as it throbbed. My heart raced as I imagined her sucking my hard cock filling her holes with it.

“Yes!” grunted Elina with an affirming and, now, very deep voice. “Tell him what you want him to do Pip. Tell him what you’re going to do, and what you want him to do.”

Pip leaned over and slipped her tongue in my mouth. She simultaneously grabbed my left hand and put it between her legs. Her pussy was soaking wet.

“I’m going to lie on the table on my back and I’m going to pull my legs up.” I want you to….” She paused. She leaned over and kissed me again and then said, “I want you to lick my cunt. I want you to suck on my clit, and taste the juice dripping from my cunt. Do you want to do that?”

“I want that very much,” I said. “Very much!”

Pip backed away and moved to the end of the table and lay back on it. She drew her legs up to give me a complete and unobstructed view of her sex.

Elina groaned heavily and said, “what does she want you to do? Tell me! Say it!”

I looked over at her as she rapidly rubbed her fingers over her clit and into her hole. I grabbed my cock and started to stroke it. I knelt down on the floor between Pip’s legs and said, “she wants me to lick her beautiful wet cunt. She wants me to suck on her clit and to taste her juices.”

At that I put my face down to her slit and stuck my tongue deeply into her glistening hole. The cheeks of my face became wet with her sweet tasting juices. I started to lick and suck on her clit. As I did, Pip moaned and shuddered with an orgasm. I looked over at Elina and, by her body stance and her moans, she was having an orgasm too. Her eyes were fixated on us. She wasn’t missing anything.

“Tell me what you see between her legs,”said Elina in a way that sounded like she was having trouble catching her breath.

“I see her pussy,” I said. “Wrong word,” said Elina sharply. “What do you see?”

“I see her cunt,” I said.

“What else do you see?” said asked. “What do you see below her cunt?”

“I see her asshole,” I said.

“Is it beautiful?” she asked. At that, Pip moaned and reached her hands down to pull her cheeks even further apart.

“Yes,” I said. “It’s stunningly beautiful. Everything about her is beautiful.”

“You’re going to fuck her cunt in a few minutes, but I want you to fuck her ass too,” she said. “But I want to see you lick and tongue-fuck her asshole first. Do you want to do that?”

“More than anything,” I said, almost unable to speak. “More than anything.”

My heart was beating through my chest. My knees felt wobbly. I stood up and walked over to kiss Pip on the mouth. She grabbed my rock hard cock as we kissed. I lifted my head from her lips, she put her hand on the back of my neck and looked into my eyes and whispered, “I want your tongue back in my cunt. I want it in my ass. I want your cock there too.”

I returned to the end of the table and knelt down to view her glorious sex again. She pulled her ass cheeks apart again to give a clear view of her beautiful asshole. I kissed her fingers and then put my hands over her hands. I could hear Charles Darwin whispering to me, “Yes, Yes. You want to penetrate everything. Her mouth! Her Cunt! Her Ass!”

I put my nose at the bottom of her cunt and slid my tongue deep into her ass. I had no sooner done so and Pip writhed in orgasm.

“Don’t stop!” she said.

At the same time I saw Elina standing next to me. “I’m here to watch, to get a better look,” she said. “Alternate your tongue between her cunt and ass.”

I continued licking for a few more minutes until Elina told me to stand up. “I want Pip to take your cock in her mouth,” she said.

“Get on your knees on the floor in front of him Pip,” she said. “Suck his cock. Take it all in. And look into his eyes while you do it.”

Elina looked at me and said,”you’re not going to fuck me, at least not this evening, but you can finger my cunt while she sucks your cock.”

I looked down at Pip as she slid my staff into her mouth. I then reached my hand over and slid two fingers into Elina’s wet hole. I vigorously moved my fingers back and forth against her g-spot, and in what seemed like a matter of seconds she shuddered with an orgasm.

“That’s enough,” said Elina after a few minutes of Pip bobbing her head on my cock. “Get back on the table Pip. Pull your legs up. Show him your beautiful cunt and ass again.”

Pip obediently got back on the table on her back and pulled her thighs up to her chest.I nudged her legs even farther apart so they didn’t obstruct my view of her tits. The view of her slick cunt and ass, her gorgeous bountiful tits and beautiful face was more appealing to me at that moment than anything in the world.

“You’re stunningly beautiful,” I said to her.

At that moment, Elina grabbed my cock and pulled it to Pip’s cunt. It was as if my words were wasting time from the priority of the moment. She guided my cock into Pip’s cunt and put her other hand on my ass and began to push.

“Tell him what to do Pip,” she said.

Pip smiled and said “please fuck my cunt. Pound it. Look at my tits as they bounce from your strokes.” “Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck my horny wet cunt. Don’t stop. Pound that pussy. Pound my cunt.”

Elina leaned her head over and kissed me on the mouth. “Fuck her,” she said into my mouth. “Fuck that beautiful cunt that I shaved for her earlier this evening.”

I pounded Pip until the table began to nudge across the floor. “Fuck my wet cunt,” she repeated.

After a few minutes Elina grabbed my cock with her right hand and pulled me out. She had a bottle of lube in her other hand. She squeezed some on the tip of my cock and rubbed it on, and then rubbed some into Pip’s asshole.

“I’ve been waiting for this all night,” she said. She guided my cock into Pip’s beautiful and inviting asshole. It slid in easily and I felt the felt the familiar pop when the head passed her sphincters.

I always prefer to fuck a woman’s ass when she is on her back. The view is incredible.

Pip reached her right hand down to rub her engorged clit. Just by looking at how swollen it was told me that she wasn’t long from another orgasm.

“I want you to fuck her ass hard. I want you to come in her ass”, she said. “Rub your clit Pip,” she said. “Tell him what you want him to do.”

“Please fuck my ass,” said Pip. “I can’t believe all of this is happening. I don’t want it to stop. Fuck my ass. Stick your fingers in my cunt. Oh my god!”

Elina put her right ear on my abdomen as if she were listening to my gut. She was gorging on the sight of my cock going in and out of Pip’s ass. It clearly turned her on to see it.

“I’m coming,” said Elina. “Keep fucking her ass. Keep fucking that beautiful ass.”

With that, Pip began to spasm with an orgasm. And I couldn’t hold it any longer. “I’m coming,” I said. I’m coming”, said Pip.

Spent of cum I sat back in my chair, totally exhausted and covered in sweat, but totally satisfied. Elina walked to the fridge and said “god that was good. Anyone for a beer?”

“Let’s all have one and do it all over again,” I said with a smile.

“Ditto,” said Pip.

Pip and I married a year later. We now see Elina a couple of times a year when she is in town on business. She always makes it a point to be in town on business, although I don’t think she really has business other than us. We never tire of her visits.

She rode in the car, full of nervous anxiety. The night sky was dark, the moon and stars hidden behind thick clouds. He had adjusted the dashboard lights down so that the only light in the car came from the occasional passing auto. In those brief instants she saw his mischievous grin etched within his strong yet boyish features, making her wonder what exactly he had in mind.

It seemed to take forever to reach their destination. During the ride her mind busied itself with memories of their short make-out sessions over the past weeks that had led up to this evening. She felt her blood warming, her face blushing slightly.

Finally they pulled into the hotel. He steered the car to a parking spot right outside the room. Opening her door he waited for her to climb out and step past him so his hand could cup her denim encased ass.

Once in the room she turned, tried putting her arms around him, rising up on her toes, her lips lifting toward his. But he stopped her.

“Uh-uh,” he whispered, his eyes sparkling with mischief. “Not so fast, Sweetie.”

Indicating that she should stay where she stood he walked over to a chair while tossing his jacket aside.

“Undress,” he told her, taking a seat. “Slowly.”

He had set the room’s lighting so that he was in shadow while she was brightly illuminated. Staring into the darkness engulfing him she felt extremely vulnerable, unsure of herself, or exactly what to do, and so she did not move right away.

“Nothing fancy, just undress,” he seemed to understand her concerns. “The top layer, leave the bra and panties.”

Feeling only slightly more comfortable she removed her jacket and tossed it on top of his, then her blouse. The room was a little chilly and the cold air caused her nipples to stiffen, pressing at her bra. Somehow this helped her nerves slightly and her hands shook a little less as she pulled her shoes and socks off. Lastly she undid her jeans. Working them down her thighs her hands steadied even more. When they were added to the pile as well she straightening up, waiting in only her lacy undergarments. She felt his eyes travel over her body, felt them crawling across her abdomen and up over her breasts, displayed by her light pink bra. She felt them slithering down over her hips to dip between her legs where her matching panties hid her sex. At just over five foot her petite frame was complimented by her luscious curves. Her long auburn hair framed her almost elfin features. The exposure made her insides stir intensely. She wanted to move, wanted to say something, to break the anxious silence. But she did not. Instead she remained quiet and still, feeling the chilly air conflict with her warm flesh.

“Now come here and help me undress,” he finally said.

Obediently she crossed the small space that separated them and helped him with his shirt. Then, at his indication, she dropped to her knees to remove his boots and socks. After his pants were undone he raised up off the cushion and she pulled them off too. When he was also down to only his underpants she knelt before him, lightly caressing his thigh, her eyes on his crotch and his hidden, semi-erect cock. Her tongue absently slid across her lips.

He reached out, his fingers touching her cheek, tracing her jaw line. A couple digits settled beneath her chin and applied a light pressure, causing her to look up as he leaned forward.

Their lips met. They kissed, their lips gently connecting and parting several times before joining and holding. Their tongues slid past their lips to swirl against each other. Without breaking the passionate kiss they slowly stood up, pulling the other’s body into their own, pressing their flesh together. He stood a foot taller than her and so she lifted up on her toes. She mashed her breasts against him, felt him rubbing his growing member against her.

Moments later they broke their kiss to move onto the bed. He had her lie on her stomach, her ass curving up, the small of her back dipping down. Instinctively her legs parted slightly. He laid next to her, his fingers lightly dancing across her back. He kissed her shoulder, his lips pressing gently to her flesh. A warmth flowed through her. Sighing, she closed her eyes, allowed her head to settle heavier onto her crossed arms. For several long minutes his fingers danced across her flesh, slipping over and over her back, dipping down along her sides, tracing her ribs and the indent of her waist. He kissed her shoulder, leaned across her to kiss the other as well as her neck. She sighed some more, the combination both relaxing and stimulating her.

His fingers slid down across her lower back, then up onto her panties. They caressed her ass through the lace. She felt a dampness inside her, her legs reflexively spreading open a little wider.

He shifted beside her, repositioned himself so that his fingers could reach further down along her body, down onto her legs. This also allowed him to kiss further down her back. Between the kisses she felt his tongue flickering across her flesh as well. The new, dirtier action added to the heat building inside her. His fingers tickled their way down both her legs, caressing her thighs and calves. He settled back, resting onto the mattress again. His fingers concentrated on her inner thighs, lightly brushing back and forth over her sensitive flesh, causing her legs to open a little more. His lips were centered on the small of her back and very top edge of her ass where her panties did not reach. The occasional flicker of his tongue continued to interrupt his light kisses. Laying there, under his attentions, she grew hotter. Her passions were stoked. She felt her embers heating up, felt them starting to glow within her loins. Her crotch grew damp, her legs spreading even more. His fingers slipped near that dampness several times, slid teasingly close to it, only to retreat at the last moment.

Eventually he raised himself up to softly whisper in her ear, telling her to roll over. When she did she found him hovering above her, his eyes staring into hers. He leaned in. Their lips met again, their tongues swirling. She wrapped her arms around him, tried to pull him down against her. But he refused, keeping his body suspended inches above hers. She whimpered her desire into his mouth.

“Just lay back and enjoy it,” he instructed her as they parted a moment later.

His fingers danced again, this time across the front of her torso. Her abs quivered under their delicate touch. His lips and tongue became busy again as well, nibbling at her neck and kissing the flesh of her upper chest. He gave her front the same treatment he had given her back, taking his time, touching nearly every single inch of her bare flesh. Keeping to the outer edges of her garments he teased her with the repeated possibility of having her covered parts caressed. His lips brushed at the flesh swelling out from under her bra then slowly worked down to where they could trace the top edge of her panties. He added a third attack then, his teeth nipping at her flesh with quick, sharp tugs. His fingers delved onto her inner thighs, dancing and playing across her skin, drawing little circles mere centimeters from the bottom edge of her panties.

Her parted legs scissored slightly upon the bedspread, opening further, announcing the fires that had ignited from her embers. Her dampness seeped into the lace of her panties, creating a visible wet spot at her crotch.

Gradually he kissed his way back up her body, his tongue flickering across her abs, his teeth nipping. She whimpered quietly as his tongue licked her breasts along the very edge of her bra. He chuckled lightly in response, letting her know he was aware of his teasing. Warm air wafted through her loins, fanning her desire.

“Are you enjoying this?” He asked, looking down into her eyes.

“Mm-hmm,” she nodded, returning his gaze.

“Lift up,” he whispered, his hand coming up from her thigh to pull at her shoulder.

She rolled herself up on her side and his hand slipped behind her to unclasp the bra. Together they worked the straps down her arms then tossed the garment away. She laid back again. His fingers dipped between her legs, returning to their caresses at the edge of her panties. This time when his mouth moved across her chest it had no guide to follow and so he kissed and licked her exposed breasts; first one, then the other. Working inward from the outer edge of each fleshy mound he moved ever closer toward its nipple, getting nearer and nearer to the swollen nub with each pass. Each time he neared one of the delicate tips, her chest would lift, offering it to him. But then he would pass it by, his lips and tongue moving away to approach the other. Finally his mouth did close upon one, covering the hard nub with its wet embrace. He suckled lightly upon the breast, his tongue swirling across her nipple. She moaned, her back reflexively arching slightly, raising her up to feed him more of herself.

One of her hands came up and settled firmly on the back of his head, holding it against her breast. Her other hand slid down between them, searching out his crotch and rubbing at the rigid shaft she found there. She moaned out, her breathing heavy, panting past her open lips. As he alternated between her breasts, suckling and licking at one swollen nipple, then switching to the other, her hand applied pressure to the back of his head. When she sensed he wanted to pull away and move to the other the pressure lessened.

Her legs had now spread themselves wide. They scissored across the bedspread. Her hips shifted and slid, rolled gently as they tried to make his teasing hand connect with her sex. At first he kept it from happening, his fingers caressing her inner thigh, tickling her flesh. But then he allowed his hand to slip up to the place where her legs molded into one torso. He cupped the damp spot over her sex, his fingers pressing at the pussy under it, the heel of his palm bumping against her clit. Instantly her hips jerked upwards. She moaned loudly. Her fingers grabbed at his shaft through his shorts and tugged hungrily.

“You’re really enjoying this,” he snickered, leaning up to look at her once more.

“You’re wicked,” she informed him.

“It’s fun,” he admitted. “Roll back over, I want to play with your ass.”

He then pulled his hand away from her sex, causing her to whimper with the loss. He settled back on an elbow to wait while she pulled at his cock a few more times before letting go. As she rolled onto her stomach, her legs instinctively spread themselves, her knees bending slightly, pressing down against the mattress. He slipped into the space between them, his hands reaching out to cup her curved orbs. His fingers gently squeezed her cheeks, scratched at her panties.

“Mmmm,” she sighed, her hips rolling before him.

Leaning forward he inhaled the scent of her wetness. His tongue slithered out to trace the edge of her panties, caressing her flesh again and again. While he did, his fingers worked to pull the material inward, bunching it all in the center so he could shower her bared cheeks with kisses and sharp little nips. His manipulation of her panties had also bunched them at the front. He pulled and tugged at them, made them rub at her sex, crammed them between her protruding lips. Coupled with everything else, this stoked her passions to new levels. Her wet pussy quickly grew wetter. She whimpered needily.

After a few more minutes he pulled the panties down her legs, and off. His hands then covered her ass, pulled her cheeks apart. His wet tongue reached out, slowly crawling down to her puckered sphincter. It swiped across the clenched opening, caressing the nerve endings. Reflexively she raised up, a muffled groan coming from her. He swirled his tongue in circles around the little opening while steadily applying more and more pressure to its center. She whimpered with each swipe and push, panted as they electrified the nerves and fueled her hunger. An orgasm was awoken within her, was pulled toward the edge of its release. Her body broke out in a thin layer of sweat caused by her raging fires. Soon her knees were scooting forward, bending under her to raise her ass up and push it back at him.

Suddenly his tongue swooped down from her brown hole to lap at her glistening pussy. Her hips jerked spastically before him, they shoved her back at him forcibly. Sitting back on his knees he grabbed her waist and flipped her over. As she moved to resituate herself he dropped forward again, his face diving between her legs, his tongue attacking her clit.

“Oh,” she moaned, her hands grabbing at the back of his head, her hips bucking upwards.

He locked his mouth over the swollen button, swirling his tongue over it. She squirmed before him. Her orgasm was drawn closer to its release. Her fingers became entangled in his tresses. Her back arched, lifting her from the mattress.

“Oh God yes,” she whimpered, her orgasm teetering on the brink. “God yes.”

He closed his teeth on her clit, gently held it between them while his tongue rapidly swiped back and forth. Her climax exploded through her. Fireworks cascaded in her mind, her body twisted and twitched as a series of explosions rocketed along her nerves. Her back arched high off the bed. Her hips drove at his face.

“Oh God yes, God yes,” she cried out over and over, her hands shoving his face into her crotch.

As her orgasm subsided moments later she laid back, panting heavily. Her legs were spread wide, the bedspread stained by her juices. Her body shimmered with sweat. Her breasts rose and fell with her labored breathing, the fleshy mounds topped by swollen, red nipples. Her disheveled hair covered half her face, her mouth hung open. From beneath shaded lids she saw him kneeling above her. She felt his fingers on her again, this time at the side edges of her glistening pussy with its puffy lips. He stroked her flesh, his finger tips playing in her wetness.

“That felt good, didn’t it?” He whispered.

She nodded weakly.

“Now your pussy’s all wet and hungry. It wants something,” his hand shifted and two of his fingers slid into her.

“Oh God,” she moaned, her hips rising reflexively, her head lulling to the side.

Grinning down at her, he slowly began finger-fucking her, pushing the digits in and out of her rhythmically.

“Feels good, doesn’t it?” he hissed. “Having something inside you? Fucking you.”

“Oh yes,” she rasped.

“You want my cock in you? You want me to fuck your wet, little pussy?”

She shifted to look down at his waist. He had removed his shorts and his cock stuck out, rigidly pointing at her. The sight of it made her body quiver.

“Yes,” she sighed.

He pulled his fingers from her. She whimpered sadly. He moved forward, positioned himself above her. He guided his hard cock toward her hungry opening, rubbed the tip of it up and down her pussy a few times before placing it at her hole and sliding forward. His shaft slowly penetrated her. Inch by inch it filled her aching sex.

“Oh,” she sighed breathlessly, raising her pelvis to his and grinding against him.

He pulled back, withdrew part of his cock. He slid forward, reinserted it all. Her arms reached up around him. Her nails scratched at his back. Her hips rose and fell with his, fucking herself onto his cock. Together they moved; rocking, humping. Their pace steadily increasing. Soon she felt another orgasm being awoken within her. She lifted up, buried her face into his chest and whimpered. Her body twitched beneath him, announcing the approaching climax. He slid himself into her smoothly a few more times, then suddenly slammed his hips forward. Drove his cock into her.

“Oh God yes,” she exclaimed.

He pulled back. Rammed forward. Again and again he did this, each time thrusting into her fiercely.

The orgasm exploded inside her. More fireworks filled her mind. Electricity jolted along her nerves. She moaned into his chest. Her legs snapped around his waist, locking her to him, melding her crotch to his. The hold was so tight that he could only rock his hips with her, not at her, as her body shuddered through a long series of climatic spasms.

Once it passed, her legs loosened their hold and he began moving at her with a little more vigor again. But after only a few times he stopped completely. Surprised, she looked up at him from under her heavy lids. Grinning he pulled back and out, completely removing himself from her.

“You know I love your ass,” he said. “Now roll back over.”

A shiver ran through her as the implications of his words sunk in. Filled by nervous excitement she did as told, raising her ass to him on bent knees. He dipped a finger into her sex, rolled it around to get it well coated. His other one hand pulled her cheek aside. Her crack was wet with the juices that had run down from her pussy. He pressed his finger to her sphincter, made small circles with it as he pushed at it. The combination of her juices allowed it to easily penetrate her, slipping smoothly past the tight opening and into her anus. Working the digit around he rolled it in ever widening circles, stretching her open more and more. Soon he added a second finger, working the pair as he had the one.

“I’m going to fuck your beautiful little ass,” he groaned.

Her body had quickly adjusted to the anal assault and she pushed back at the fingers, moaning hungrily. He needed no further encouragement. His fingers slid from her. He jammed his cock back into her pussy to move it around and coat it with her wetness. Then he once more pulled out, this time so he could place the tip against her sphincter. Applying pressure he steadily pushed himself into her ass. When he was mostly inside her, he held still for a moment, allowing her to grow accustomed to the shaft filling her rectum. Pulling back, he withdrew part of it. Then he slid his hips forward again. His cock slipped in and out of her ass, pumping past her clenching anus. His hands grabbed onto her hips, holding her as he pushed himself into her, building up a deliberate, rhythmic fucking motion. Her body rocked with him, meeting his every thrust.

“Oh God. Oh God yes.” she moaned, pushing her ass back onto his cock.

“Oh yea,” he agreed. “You like it. You like my cock in your hot little ass.”

The growing rhythm had affected him. He felt his own climax nearing. He picked up momentum until he was no longer simply fucking her ass, but pounding into it. His hands gripped her hips firmer, clamping down tightly.

“I’m going to cum in your ass, in your dirty little ass,” he growled.

He rammed himself into her, the force shoving her across the bedspread, pushing her toward the headboard. He thrust himself forward again and again. He did so one last time. He crammed his crotch against her cheeks, and froze. Inside her rectum his cock pulsed, exploded, unleashing his semen.

After a few moments he pushed her away. She fell to the bed, her collapsing body pulling her ass from around his cock. He fell next to her, a satisfied grin on his face.

Kate double-checked her hair in the glass window of Professor Foster’s front door. She wasn’t sure why, but the 18-year-old wanted to look her best for her teacher. Probably because it was her first day on the job as his babysitter.

“Normally, I’m reluctant to do this during the semester,” he’d said at the end of his last lecture, “but my wife and I are really in a bind. Our regular babysitter is moving out of town on short notice, and we could really use someone to look after our son Chris during the afternoon. If any of you are interested, or know someone who might be, please talk to me after class.”

Kate had bounded up to him the moment the other students had left the room.

“Professor Foster?” she said, touching his arm gently to get his attention as he packed his things, “I’m available.”

He looked up and smiled.

“Yes? Available for what?”

She couldn’t help but feel that his double entendre was intentional. She had to admit, it would have been fun to flirt with him. After all, he was quite attractive, in shape, and not too old (Kate guessed mid-thirties). But he was married. And her teacher.

“Babysitting,” she replied.

“Of course! Yes, great. Let me get your information,” he said, scrambling for a pen, “Kate, wasn’t it?”

She was impressed that he remembered her name.


He took down her phone number.

“Could you start tomorrow at 2pm?”


Now here she was, standing on his front doorstep, unsure of what to expect. He had an attractive, colonial-style house in a modestly-priced neighborhood near the large university where he taught and she attended classes. From what Kate could see through the window, he or his wife had excellent taste in wooden furniture.

“Kate!” he said, opening the door. He was holding the hand of an adorable toddler.

“You must be Chris!” she said, smiling at the boy as she stepped inside.

Professor Foster gave her instructions for taking care of Chris. It all seemed easy enough. Kate had plenty of babysitting experience, and loved taking care of kids Chris’s age. And professor Foster was going to pay her almost twice what she made in high school!

“If you have any questions, this is my cell number,” said Professor Foster, scrawling something on a piece of paper before kissing his son goodbye, “either I or my wife will be back around 6!”

“No problem professor Foster,” said Kate, “you can count on me!”

“Please,” he said, “you can call me Shane.”

She blushed. It felt somehow wrong to call him by his first name.

“Ok professor Foster,” she said, then laughed at her mistake, “I mean Shane. You can count on me.”

“I hope so,” he said, closing the door behind him. Just before the door fell shut, Kate could have sworn he’d given her a wink. It must have been her imagination.

When six o’clock came around, Kate heard the sound of keys in the door. She was a little disappointed to see an attractive woman in her early thirties carrying a large grocery sack. It had to be Mrs. Foster.

“Hi,” she said, setting her load down on the counter, “you must be Kate.”

Kate nodded and extended her hand, “nice to meet you.”

“I’m Molly,” said the woman, “how was everything?”

“Great!” said Kate, as Chris ran up to hug his mother, “he was perfectly behaved.”

“Glad to hear it.”

She rummaged through her purse with one hand while holding her son in the other.

“Sorry, could you just go by my husband’s office tomorrow to get your money? I don’t have any cash.”

“Sure, no problem,” said Kate, “see you tomorrow!”

“Thanks again. Bye!”


The next day after lecture, Kate couldn’t wait to talk to professor Foster.

“Shane,” she said, running up to him after class, “your wife said you would pay me today.”

In her excitement, she’d ignored the fact that he was talking to another student.

“Excuse me young lady,” he said, “I prefer it if you would refrain from using my first name. And I have office hours in 15 minutes. I’d be happy to talk to you then.”

Kate blushed bright red in embarrassment. How could she have been so stupid as to think that she could act the same way around professor Foster as his student as she did as his babysitter?

Fifteen minutes later, she knocked timidly on his office door.

“Come in,” he said.

“Kate,” he said, smiling as she opened the door, “I was hoping it was you.”

She stepped into his tiny office. He gestured for her to sit in the metal chair facing the desk where he was sitting.

Slowly, carefully, Kate sat, conscious of the way her skirt rode up her thighs as she did so. Why had she worn such a skimpy outfit today of all days? She knew she’d have to talk to professor Foster about the money. It really wasn’t like her at all. She pressed her legs together and tried to smile.

“Kate,” he said, “I’ve got your money.”

He placed a stack of bills on the desk in front of her.

“Thanks,” she said, picking them up and stuffing them into her purse.

“I need to talk to you about something,” he continued. She could have sworn he’d stolen a glance at her cleavage.


“You exercised poor judgement using my first name in front of the other students before,” he said, “my job is one that requires that I maintain my authority. You understand that right?”

Kate blushed and looked down.

“Yes sir,” she said.

“Good,” said professor Foster, “but I’m afraid we have to find a way for this not to happen again, don’t you agree?”

“I won’t do it again, sir,” she muttered, still looking down.

“I’m afraid that’s not enough. If you want to continue working for me during the semester, you’re going to have to agree to certain rules,” he paused and pushed his chair back from the desk.

“You do want to continue to work for me, don’t you?”

“Yes sir,” she said, still unable to meet his gaze.

“Very well, Kate,” he said, “then I suggest we reach an agreement here. We will deal with this and any of your future infractions in a very simple but effective way.”

He paused, waiting for her to look at him. After a few moments, she met his eyes, looking at him questioningly.

“With a spanking.”

He let the words linger in her ears for a moment.

As shocked as she was, Kate couldn’t avert her gaze. Neither could she respond.

“If you don’t agree to this rather mild form of discipline, I’m afraid I won’t be able to employ you as my babysitter,” he said.

She was paralyzed, unsure of how to react. Her good sense told her she should walk out and never speak to him again, but another part of her (a part located between her legs) found the idea of being spanked by professor Foster arousing, even exhilarating.

“Ok,” she heard herself say.

“Great,” he said, “I’m glad you agree. Now please stand, hike up your skirt, and place your palms on the desk.”

He opened a drawer. Kate saw him remove a ruler before closing the drawer and standing.

“Go ahead, Kate.”

Kate stood, then turned to look at the closed door behind her.

“You may leave of course,” he said, coming around the desk.

She gulped as she felt his presence behind her.

“Hike up your skirt and place your palms on the desk,” he repeated.

“I can’t,” she began.

“Relax, Kate,” he said, “this is a quick, and, though certainly not painless, nevertheless efficient way to handle conflicts in our relationship.”

She felt her heart leap at the word “relationship.” Is that what this was? As humiliating as her position was, she couldn’t help but feel even more attracted to him.

“Professional relationship, I mean,” he corrected himself.

“I’m waiting, Kate.”

She reached down and slowly pulled her skirt up until it rested across her back. Then she leaned forward, placing her palms on flat on the desk.

She was proud of her bottom, and was secretly a little bit pleased that professor Foster was getting such a good look at it now. What she hoped he didn’t see, however, was the wet patch she could feel spreading in her panties.

“Kate,” he said, “for this first infraction, I’m going to spank you five times. You’re going to count after each one, and thank me. Is that clear?”

“Y- yes,” she stammered, her whole body shaking in anticipation.

“Just one more thing,” he said, “I find that spankings are most effective on a bare bottom. So I’m going to quickly pull down your panties.”

She gulped. Her bottom twitched involuntarily as she felt him reach under the waistline of her cotton briefs and slide them down over her shapely ass.

The smell of her arousal filled the tiny room. There could be no mistaking it, and it was impossible for professor Foster not to be aware of it.

The room was dead silent for what seemed like a full minute.

Then she felt a whiff of air as professor Foster drew the ruler back.


The first blow surprised her with its intensity. She hadn’t been expecting it to hurt that much.

“What do you say, Kate?”

“Th- thank you, professor Foster,” she stammered.

“You forgot something, Kate. I’m afraid we’re going to start again from one.”

“One,” she panted.


“No, that was one. Say it, Kate.”


“Thank you professor Foster,” she added quickly.

“Good girl,” he said.

She blushed. She was proud of gaining his approval in spite of herself.


“Two,” she said, trying to resist the urge to reach back and rub away the sting of the ruler.

“Thank you professor Foster.”


This time, she cried out, emitting a soft moan.

“Three. Thank you professor Foster.”

She yearned for him to call her a “good girl” once more. She could tell that her pussy was close to dripping by this point and was sure that he couldn’t have failed to notice as well.


“Four,” she moaned, wincing in pain even as her cunt continued to burn.

“Thank you professor Foster.”


“Five,” she sighed, choking back tears as the pain of the first few blows set in belatedly, “thank you professor Foster.”

Her perfectly shaped bubble butt trembled in the cool air of the office. She could feel each distinct stripe that his blows had left across her rear. The pain had gone from a sharp stinging sensation to a dull throbbing.

Still, it was all she could do not to reach down and touch her clit. She secretly hoped that professor Foster would do it for her.

He did not.

“You’re free to go, Kate,” he said, “I’ll see you this evening when you’re finished watching Chris.”

“Ok,” she murmured, hastily pulling up her panties and smoothing down her skirt, unable to stop herself from rubbing her aching ass.

As she left his office, she passed another girl who she knew from his lecture waiting in the hall. Noting Kate’s reddened, tear-stained face, the girl asked what was wrong.

“Bad grade,” muttered Kate, shuffling away quickly.

She had just enough time to go back to her dorm and take a shower, then change her clothes into something a little more modest before she showed up to watch Chris.

“Hi Kate,” said Molly, on her way out the door, “you won’t see me again tonight, but Shane will be by at 6.”

“Great,” said Kate.

That afternoon, she kept returning to the spanking in her head. She knew what professor Foster had done was wildly inappropriate. She could have gotten him fired if she wanted to. Or maybe even arrested.

But then again she’d agreed to it all, hadn’t she? She could have left at any time. And then there was the matter of her persistent arousal every time she thought back to the ruler coming down across her unprotected ass…

She put Chris down for his nap. In the hour or so that he would sleep, she had time to study. She pulled out her laptop and looked up the homework for that night in professor Foster’s class.

She noted the reading assignment, then looked in her bag. Damn! She’d forgotten the textbook. There would be no way for her to do the reading before the next class.

Then she remembered that she was at professor Foster’s house. Surely he’d have an extra textbook she could borrow!

She opened the door to the study and flipped on the light. The place was filled with books. She had no idea if she’d ever find the right one.

But as she moved from shelf to shelf, she became increasingly distracted from her original plan, instead becoming engrossed in several of the old novels she found there.

One of them was a collection of erotic stories. It seemed to be quite old, and was illustrated explicitly. Kate’s heart pounded as she looked at the drawings of men and women entwined in various positions that she’d never imagined.

On one page, there was an image of a woman bent over a divan, offering her naked ass for a smiling man’s whip. She couldn’t help but think of professor Foster spanking her earlier that afternoon.

Just then, she heard a key turn in the door. She scrambled to put the book back where she’d found it, but ended up knocking over a pile of books and papers stacked precariously on the desk (how could anyone live with such clutter?), creating a huge crash just as professor Foster walked through the door.

He headed directly for the study of course.

“Hello Kate,” he said, smiling at her as she frantically tried to restack the books, “doing some reading?”

“I was just, I was studying for your class and I,” she stammered.

“Just leave those for now,” he said, eying the book of erotic stories that lay alone on the floor near where she’d been reading it, “there’s no reason for you to be in there at all, and you clearly can’t understand my, err, system of organization.”

“Sorry, professor Foster,” she stammered.

“We’re at home now, so you can call me Shane.”

“Right, Shane,” this back-and-forth with the names was flustering her a bit.

“So you’re not mad?”

“No, Kate,” he said, walking over and picking up the erotic book and flipping through it casually before closing it and returning it to its proper place on the shelf.

“But I am going to have to punish you for this, you know.”

His eyes were a dark, dull blue. Kate jerked her gaze away from his. It seemed too much to bear.

“Yes,” she said.

“Very good. You’re a fast learner!”

Kate felt her bottom begin to throb involuntarily. She didn’t know if she was going to be able to handle two spankings on the same day. Not because of the pain, but the sexual frustration!

He closed the door. The two of them were alone in the windowless study.

He sat in a comfortable armchair while she remained standing, her body tense with anticipation.

“Kate,” he said, “I’m going to ask you a question, and I want you to answer me truthfully. Can you do that?”

She nodded.

“Good girl.”

He paused for a moment, regarding her almost affectionately.

“How many cocks have you had in your mouth?”

She could feel the blood rush to her face as she burned with embarrassment.

“I -,” she stuttered.


“I don’t know.”

“Kate,” he said sternly, “we both know that’s a lie. For a woman of your age ‘I don’t know’ either means you are entirely inexperienced or you are entirely too experienced. Now which is it? I have my own guess, of course.”

“Two,” she whispered.

“Two what, Kate?”

“Two cocks.”

“In a complete sentence, please.”

“I’ve had two cocks in my mouth, sir.”

“That’s better.

“Do you know why I asked you, Kate?”

“No sir,” she murmured. Somehow she couldn’t fight the hope rising inside her that this was his (albeit strange) way of coming on to her.

“Because while you don’t look like a slut,” he said, “but I’m beginning to think that you might really be one.”

The word “slut” was a very powerful one for Kate. It held an erotic charge for her that she didn’t understand. It stirred feelings within her of shame and desire, as if there were a force trapped inside her that bore that name and only had to be called on to be unleashed.

Part of her wanted to unleash that power, and thought that professor Foster was the man to help her do it.

The other, more conventional part of her said in no uncertain terms that she was a good girl, and that no amount of coaxing or coercion would convince her otherwise.

“I’m not a slut,” she murmured.

“You don’t sound so convinced,” he said.

“I’ve only,” here she turned even redder, “had sex with one man.”

“But you’ve had two cocks in your mouth?”

She cringed at his straightforward language.

“Yes, one was a guy I met at a party. I was drunk. It was a mistake.”

“And the other one belonged to your boyfriend?”

“Yes, my ex-boyfriend,” she hastened to add, “Brad.”

“And were you satisfied with Brad?”

“He was nice.”

“I mean sexually.”


“You don’t sound convinced, Kate. And do you know why?”

“Why?” she was trembling again at the intimacy of their exchange, still wondering when and if he would punish her.

“Because you’re submissive by nature,” he replied, “do you know what that means?”

“I think so,” she whispered.

“Good,” he said, “then let’s test that and see. Remove your shirt and your bra. It’s time for your punishment.”

“Right now?”

“Right now.”

Kate trembled as she unbuttoned the first button on her white blouse.

“Do we have to do it now? I just –,” she stammered.

“Kate,” he said, “you’re only earning yourself more punishment.”

She hastily unbuttoned the rest of her blouse, then paused. She didn’t know what he had in mind, and her heart raced as she considered the possibilities.

“Kate,” he said, “remove your blouse entirely.”

She slipped the blouse off wordlessly, letting it fall to the ground behind her. She stood before him now, dressed only in a bra and skirt.

“The bra as well, Kate. Hurry up.”

Her fingers shook so much she almost couldn’t undo the bra strap. Finally, however, she managed to unhook the clasp and slip the bra down off her shoulders.

He made a motion indicating that she should let the bra drop to the floor. She did so, then immediately crossed her arms across her chest.

“One more thing before we get started, Kate,” he said, unbuckling his belt matter-of-factly, “I want you to give me your panties.”

Terror shot through her body. If she took off her panties her arousal would be obvious.

“Not your skirt,” he said, as if to assure her, “just the panties.”

He had completely removed his belt and now held it coiled in his right hand. He extended his left hand, waiting.

“But –”

“Remember the agreement, Kate. You can stop working for me anytime you want.”

She quickly reached under her skirt and slipped off her panties, a pink and white thong. They smell strongly of sex as she pressed them into professor Foster’s palm without meeting his gaze.

“Good girl,” he said.

She felt a wave of heat on her cunt even as it was cooled by the air of the room.

“Now get on your knees, Kate.”

She looked at him for a moment questioningly, but then lowered herself gingerly to the carpeted floor. She held her arms defensively against her chest, looking up at him.

“Good girl. Now place your arms on the back of your head with your fingers locked.”

She hesitated for a moment, then slowly lifted her arms to the back of her head, allowing her breasts to fall free. She was mortified to notice that her nipples were erect.

“Very good,” he said, “just one more thing before I administer the punishment. Open your mouth.”

She opened her mouth to ask what he had in mind, but before she could react he pushed her wadded panties into her mouth, truncating her cry of protest.

“Mpf,” she moaned.

He let her kneel there for a few moments, studying her figure. Kate was an attractive young woman, and she knew it. She was proud of her body, but also extremely shy. What she was doing now — exposing herself to an older man — would have been unthinkable just a few months ago. It probably would still be unthinkable now if the man hadn’t been professor Foster.

“Very good, Kate. I can’t have you making too much noise.”

He used the belt to tease one of her nipples, smiling as she tensed and began to breathe more quickly through her nose.

“I think you just might like this, Kate.”

She was dripping wet now under her skirt. She closed her eyes and hoped he wouldn’t notice.

“I’m going to punish your tits this time, in case you hadn’t guessed,” he said, teasing the nipple of the other breast, “I think three strokes across each one should be sufficient.”


His belt cracked down across her right nipple. Unlike with the spanking that afternoon, the burn set in almost instantaneously this time. Kate couldn’t help but moan through the gag.


The same burn spread to her left breast. Tears came to her eyes, and she had to fight the urge to move her hands from her head with the dual purpose of massaging the ache out of her nipples and the fire from her clit.



The next two blows came in quick succession. Kate felt tears roll down her face, even as her arousal reached new heights.

“Such pretty nipples,” remarked the professor.

Kate thought she saw him adjust his pants. Was he as aroused as she was?



Kate couldn’t stifle a cry (which was muffled by the panties in her mouth) as the final set of blows fell.

“Good girl, that’s enough,” said the professor, setting his belt on the floor next to her.

“I’d like you to keep your hands there for a moment.”

Kate trembled as she watched him unzip his pants, revealing a thick, erect penis.

“As you can see, I enjoy these sessions as much as you do,” he said, gesturing to the obscene protuberance he had just revealed.

“I think it’s only fair that you do something about this,” he continued, “don’t you agree?”

Kate had no choice but to nod.

“Good,” he said, leaning forward and pulling the panties from her mouth, “you may put your arms at your sides now, but you are under no circumstances to touch or otherwise pleasure yourself without my permission. Is that clear?”

“Yes,” Kate whispered.

It felt good to take her hands from the back of her head. But her nipples were aching and her clit sorely needed attention.

The sight of professor Foster’s erection pushed these concerns to the back of Kate’s mind for the moment. What was he going to do with her? Or make her do?

“Kate,” he said, “I believe that certain privileges must be earned. Don’t you agree?”

She nodded slowly, unsure of where he was going with this line of thought.

“Like sucking my cock, for example. I’m sure you could do an adequate job, with a little coaching, but I don’t think it’s an appropriate place to start.”

She watched the precum ooze from the head of his circumcised penis as he spoke.

“I think you should first prove to me that you can jerk a man off properly, before we move on to more advanced topics like cocksucking or intercourse.”

She pressed her legs together, trying desperately to bring relief to her clit.

“Spit on your right hand, Kate,” he commanded.

She made a face.

“Go ahead.”

She spat on the palm of her right hand, then looked up at him.

“Good girl,” he said, inching towards the edge of the chair, “now grab my cock and demonstrate your handjob technique.”

Kate reached forward and closed her hand around his large cock. He was thick enough that her fingers didn’t touch her thumb.

“You have given a handjob before, haven’t you Kate?”

“Yes,” she said.

“How many times?” asked the professor, then stopped himself, “let me put it a different way. How many cocks have you jerked off?”

Kate paused for a moment.

“Five,” she responded, blushing deeply, “five cocks, sir.”

“Five! So you’ve got a little slut in you after all. I knew it. This should be easy for you then. Show me what a slut like you can do.”

“I’m not a slut,” she whispered, beginning to move her hand along his slick shaft.

“Whatever you say, Kate. Just keep jerking that cock for me,” he said.

She jerked his thick cock up and down in her comparatively tiny hand, studying his face for traces of approval as she did so.

“Did you always use just one hand, Kate?” he asked.

“No,” she replied, “sometimes the guy asked me to use two.”

“Then I suggest you do that.”

She placed her other hand below the first, creating a slippery tube to fuck his erection with. Her tits, sore nipples and all, jiggled freely as she jerked her professor.

“Ahh,” he sighed, “good girl. Now that’s what I call a good handjob, just like back in high school.”

Happy that he was enjoying herself, she began to vary her technique, twisting her hands around the tip of his cock and teasing his balls.

“Kate,” he gasped, “you’ve been playing coy all this time. You really do know how to stroke a dick. I bet you can suck one too.”

She smiled involuntarily at his obscene compliment.

“That’s it slut, jerk that cock,” he encouraged, groaning slightly and pushing himself even further towards the edge of the chair.

“Where did those other boys you jerked off like to come, Kate?”

She thought for a moment.

“In my hand,” she said, “or a couple of times, on my tits.”

“On your tits? That’s a great idea,” said the professor, seeming to be on the edge of orgasm himself, “I want you to jerk me off all over your tits you little whore,” he growled.

Kate turned scarlet at the word “whore,” but continued to jerk him, moving in close and aiming the head of his cock at her chest.

Just then, without warning, he began to come. The first few strings caught her by surprise, arching up and landing on her right cheek.

She managed to aim the next shots at her chest, slowly milking the rest of his semen onto her breasts.

He sighed, “that was well done, young lady. You have great slut potential.”

“Thank you,” she mumbled, holding her come-covered hands up in front of her.

“You’re not done yet, Kate,” he said, wiping the final traces of semen onto her nipples, “I want you to rub my cum onto your chest.”

She followed his directions, teasing and rubbing her nipples as she massaged the semen into her breasts and neck.

“You forgot some,” he said, gesturing towards her face.

She looked him in the eye as she rubbed his semen into her smooth skin, finding a new boldness inside herself borne out of a desire to please him.

“Is that good?” she asked.

“Excellent,” he said, “you may now touch yourself. But you are not permitted to come.”

Kate whimpered in pleasure as her hand shot to her clitoris, but then, registering the second part of his remark, gave a gasp of surprise and looked up at him pleadingly.

“But,” she said, her hand making small circles around her clit, “please, I need to so bad.”

“I might consider it,” said the professor, zipping up his pants and replacing his belt, “if you ask me nicely.”

“Please sir,” she moaned, frigging her clit with abandon, “just let me come.”

“What kind of girl are you, Kate?” he asked, grabbing her arms and holding them above her head so that she could no longer reach her pussy.

“What?” she gasped, her pleasure cruelly halted by his swift action, “what do you mean?”

“Precisely what I said,” he continued, “what kind of girl are you?”

“I’m a good girl,” she said, “I’m your good girl,” she corrected herself, hoping to please him.

“That’s very nice, but not the answer I’m looking for,” he said as she struggled to free her hands.

“What do you want me to say?”

“What do you think I want you to say?”

“That I’m,” she paused, gasping in frustration.

“That you’re what, Kate?”

“That I’m a slut,” she said, her desire to orgasm overwhelming her inhibitions.

“That’s right, Kate. Now say it.”

“I’m a slut,” she muttered.


“I’m a slut,” she said.

“Good girl,” he said, dropping her arms, “you may now come.”

Her orgasm came on swiftly and fiercely. Her thighs clenched down on her hand and she gasped, then screamed. Professor Foster’s hand came down across her mouth, stifling her cry of ecstasy.

“Shhh…,” he said, “don’t wake Chris.”

After her orgasm had subsided, Kate unwadded her panties sheepishly and regarded them for a moment, before deciding not to put them back on.

Professor Foster watched her.

“Kate,” he said, “on Monday, I want you to put on the sluttiest outfit you own. Do your makeup to match. You’re to come in ten minutes late to lecture and sit in the front of the class. Is that clear?”

She looked at him in horror as she buttoned her blouse.

“I think you need to step out of your comfort zone,” he continued, “you’ve got a lot of potential. And not just for being a slut.”

She smoothed her hair, listening intently.

“I looked back over your essays for this semester. Your ideas are good, but undeveloped. And not because you don’t have the ability to develop them, but because you lack the confidence to follow through on your convictions. I’d like to help you do that.”

“Thank you,” she whispered.

“I’m of the firm belief that if you come out of your shell personally and sexually, you will soon come out of your shell academically as well.”

She nodded.


That Monday, professor Foster began his lecture as usual. The hall was not quite full. It was Monday morning after all, which for many undergraduates counts as part of a weekend which begins Wednesday night and ends on Tuesday morning.

After he’d been talking for around ten minutes, professor Foster’s head jerked towards the back of the room as he heard the large metal lecture hall doors slam shut. The entire class, as if a single organism, followed his gaze in sympathy.

There, walking down the center aisle to the front of the lecture hall, was Kate. But this girl was barely recognizable as the girl that some of the students knew, the quiet girl who sat near the front of the room — but never in the first row — and listened attentively to the lecture.

This girl was dressed to attract attention.

Her hair was pulled up in two pigtails, and her lips were outlined in bright red lipstick. Her eyes were shaded in dark blue, with mascara prominent on her lashes.

She wore a white button-down blouse with the top two buttons undone, a black lace bra barely clearly visible underneath. Her skirt was blue plaid and ended just below her shapely bottom.

She wore shoes with heels that clacked in time with her strides down the long center aisle that led to the front of the room.

The entire room was silent except for the disapproving whispers of some of the other female students and the giggles of the male ones.

“Thanks for joining us, young lady,” said professor Foster, after Kate had gingerly lowered herself into a front row seat, blushing furiously as she did so. She might have dressed the slut to please professor Foster, but she still didn’t feel like one.

As the lecture resumed, Kate pressed her legs together, but as she did so the pressure on her clit caused her mind to wander back to the two punishment sessions she’d had with professor Foster.

She started to get wet as she imagined herself, bent over his office desk being spanked with his ruler.

She tried to take her mind off the prospect of being punished or (dare she think it?) fucked by the professor, but when she opened her eyes, there he was in the front of the classroom, delivering his lecture.

She was so worked up that she grabbed her books and pushed through the crowd of students to the back exit the moment the lecture ended.

She dashed into the women’s restroom and closed a stall door behind her, pushing her panties to one side and rubbing her clit furiously. She had to bite down on her hand to keep from screaming as she climaxed.

Having taken the edge off for a moment, she checked her makeup in the bathroom mirror before exiting into the hall. There, as if waiting for her, was professor Foster.

He was talking to a group of three students. Kate hoped she could pass by without him noticing. Her heels, however, made this practically impossible. As soon as she took her first step out of the bathroom, the entire group around professor Foster turned to look at her.

“Kate!” he said good-naturedly, “won’t you come to my office in about five minutes? I’ve got something to discuss with you.”

She nodded meekly, avoiding the gaze of the other students, then walked briskly down the hall.

Five minutes later, she knocked on his door.

“Come in.”

She pushed the door open and stepped inside, pulling it shut behind her.

“Kate,” he said, “that’s quite an outfit you’re wearing.”

“I wore it for you, sir.”

“I know, Kate. You’ve made a great first step. I have to say that I’m very pleased with your progress.”

She blushed.

“Tell me,” he continued, “how did it make you feel?”

She stood silently for a moment before answering.

“It turned me on,” she admitted.

“What about it?”

“How forbidden it was. I never would have worn something like this in high school.”

“Of course you wouldn’t have,” he said, “you’re a good girl, right?”

She nodded.

“Wrong, Kate.”

He stood and walked around the desk, taking a seat in the metal chair usually reserved for students.

“You’re a slut, Kate. And you’re going to admit it again to me today.”

Kate gulped.

“Tell me the truth,” he said, “have you masturbated since we last saw each other?”

“No,” she answered, far too quickly.

“That was a lie, Kate,” he said, taking hold of her right hand gently and bringing it to his nose, “I can smell your arousal even through the soap.”

“Yes,” she admitted, “being dressed like this turned me on so much I had to do something about it.”

“Good girl,” he said, “it’s always best to tell the truth. Now what are we going to do about this?”

“You’re going to punish me?”

“That’s right. Over my lap,” he said, patting his lap.

Kate lowered herself across his lap, her ass pointing high in the air and the blood rushing to her head as her pigtails hung to towards the floor.

“Very good.”

She felt him peel her skirt back and pull her panties down until they fell around her ankles.

“Raise your heels,” he said, and she brought her legs back so that he could pull her panties from around her shoes.

“Legs down.”

She returned her feet to the floor.

“Kate,” he said, “I’m going to spank you now, in case you hadn’t guessed. I’m going to keep going until I think you’ve had enough.”


His first two blows were firm, but not so hard as to really hurt her. They only increased the blood flow to her already-engorged cunt.

“Is that clear?”

“Yes sir,” she murmured.

“You are not to come under any circumstances.”

“Yes sir,” she said, but was completely unsure if she could follow through on her promise.


The professor landed three blows, the first two quite sharp and the last one gentler, each on a distinctly different region of her ass. He clearly knew what he was doing.

“I know just how to deal with sluts like you, Kate,” he said, as if reading her thoughts.


The next three blows warmed her buttocks pleasantly. She was beginning to think that her punishment wasn’t the spanking per se, but rather the unbearable sexual arousal without the hope of release that the spanking would give rise to.

Professor Foster’s next move seemed to confirm this suspicion. He reached between her legs, touching her pussy for the first time.

“You’re quite wet young lady,” he said, pushing a single finger into her cunt, “and tight too, I might add.”

She groaned in pleasure as he continued to finger her.

“I just might have to fuck this pussy,” he said approvingly, withdrawing his finger, “but not just yet.”



This time, his spanks stung. They seemed calculated to hurt, not just pleasure her. Still, she couldn’t help but moan as the blows landed. The exquisite blend of pleasure and pain was starting to overwhelm her.


“You love getting spanked like this, don’t you, you little whore?”


“You’re a filthy slut who loves being punished, aren’t you?”

Kate couldn’t answer him through her gasps of pleasure.


The next two blows landed squarely on her exposed pussy. Kate screamed.

“Careful, slut. Someone might hear you in here being punished like a cheap whore.”


“You know you love this, Kate. You know you were meant to be a submissive fucktoy.”

She had to clench her teeth together to keep from letting out a gigantic moan of pleasure as he continued to abuse her ass.


“You filthy little slut, making all those boys’ dicks hard when they saw you walk down the aisle in class today.”


“Too bad for them,” he growled, fingering her once more, “this pussy belongs to me now.”

Kate felt a wave of affection for him as he staked his claim to her in such direct language.

“Yes sir,” she moaned.

“If you’re lucky I might just sample this pussy right here and now,” he said, teasing her cuntlips with skillful fingers.

“Oh please do, sir,” she begged.

“Please what?”

“Please fuck me,” she moaned.


He swatted her cunt once and her ass twice, causing her to convulse in pleasure.

“Please,” she groaned, reaching back to catch his hands, “stop it and just fuck me.”

He grabbed her hands and held them together, reaching for something with the other hand as she wriggled on his lap.

“I’m going to have to do something to prevent you struggling against me like that, Kate,” he said as he secured her wrists behind her back with what felt like a length of rope, “we can’t have you getting yourself off too quickly or the punishment will be spoiled.”

The feel of the rope tight against her wrists only made Kate’s orgasm more urgent.

“Please,” she moaned, tearing up in frustration, “please just fuck me. Make me come, sir.”



He continued his assault on her ass, determined to hold out until neither one of them could stand it anymore.

“Please,” she said, resorting to even cruder language in the hope of convincing him, “I need your cock. Please fuck me.”

She felt his cock stir in his pants as he registered her more urgent tone and choice of words.

He lifted her off his lap easily, lowering her to the ground in front of him.

“Alright, whore,” he said, unbuckling his belt and unzipping his pants, “let’s see if you can earn the right to be fucked.”

His erection looked positively gigantic from this angle, and Kate did her best not to show her apprehension.

“Open your mouth, whore,” he commanded, grabbing her pigtails roughly while attempting to guide his cock towards her face with his hips alone.

She opened her mouth as wide as it would go, closing her eyes in anticipation.

“Good whore,” he moaned, finally giving up and using one hand to guide his cock to her lips. She tasted the salty precum as the head of his cock entered her mouth.

“Kate,” he said, grabbing her pigtails like handlebars, “I’m going to fuck that slutty little mouth of yours. Would you like that?”

When she didn’t answer, he removed his cock from her mouth and used it to slap her across the face.


The humiliation stung more than the blow itself.

“Tell me to fuck your slutty mouth, whore. Beg me to do it.”

“Fuck my mouth, sir,” she whispered.


His cock came down across her other cheek.

“What did I tell you to say?”

“Fuck my slutty mouth, sir,” she corrected herself.

He plunged back into her mouth, pushing his cockhead up to the opening of her throat. He seemed content with fucking just this area for a while, groaning in pleasure as his prick passed across her full lips.

“Fuck, Kate,” he gasped, “this mouth of yours is made for cock. I’ll make you into a dicksucking whore yet.”

Gripping her pigtails tightly, he pushed himself into her throat.

“That’s it, slut,” he groaned, “choke on this cock. You know you love it.”

Tears came to Kate’s eyes as she struggled to relax her throat enough to accommodate his girth. The ropes securing her hands rendered her unable to resist him as he drove his cock deeper.

“Take this cock, whore,” he gasped, quite clearly enjoying the experience of fucking the young woman’s throat, “take your professor’s big fucking dick.”

Kate finally managed to suppress her gag reflex enough to accept his bulging member.

“Ugh,” he moaned as he fucked the coed’s face, “so… good… such… a good… whore.”

The sounds of slurping filled the tiny office. Kate’s level of arousal only increased with such rough treatment.

“You love this dick, don’t you whore? Tell me you love it,” he groaned, withdrawing his cock for a moment.

“I love it, professor,” she gasped, “please fuck me with it.”

“You want to be fucked with this big fucking cock, slut? You want to be your professor’s little fucking whore?”

“Yes sir,” she moaned, beside herself with desire, “please bend me over your desk and make me your little fucking whore.”

He pulled her to her feet and bent her over the desk, slapping her ass roughly once she was in position.

“I’m not going to be gentle, slut. You don’t deserve to be fucked like a lady.”

“Please professor,” she groaned, sticking her ass out for him as best she could as her upper body rested on the smooth surface of the wooden desk, “just put it inside me.”


He landed another set of blows, the first on her pussy and the second just above it. Then she felt his cockhead press against her pussylips.

“Get ready, whore.”

He pushed inside her with a single thrust, forcing her open with his girth.

“Such a tight fucking pussy,” he groaned, “tell me whose slut you are.”

He began to pound her from behind, seemingly unconcerned about the noise they were making as he slammed her into the desk.

“I’m your slut, professor,” she groaned.

“Tell me who this pussy belongs to, slut.”

He grabbed her pigtails roughly and jerked her head back towards him as he fucked her.

“It’s yours! My pussy belongs to you professor,” she moaned.

“Fuck, I’m going to come!” she announced as he pushed even deeper into her, bottoming out on her cervix.

His reaction was swift. He pulled his cock out and smacked her ass hard.

“Not without my permission you’re not, whore.”

“Please let me come, sir,” she begged, struggling against the ropes around her wrists, “I’ll do anything. I’ll be a good whore for you. I’ll be your good little slut.”

He spanked her ass hard once more, still holding her head back by her pigtails.

“I’ll tell you when to come, slut.”

He picked her off the desk once more and pushed her to her knees. She didn’t know how much more she could take. Every movement of her legs, every breath of air on her pussy seemed likely to trigger her orgasm.

“Please,” she begged, looking up at him, “I need it so bad. Please put your dick back inside me, professor.”

He answered her by forcing his cock into her mouth again and mercilessly throat-fucking her.

“You haven’t earned the right to come on this cock yet, whore,” he gasped, clearly on the brink of orgasm himself, “first you have to swallow my cum.”

As soon as he said it, Kate felt him erupt into the back of her throat, forcing spurt after spurt of cum into her mouth.

“Don’t swallow until I say,” he ordered. Kate did her best to keep his load in her mouth.

He pulled out and wiped his cock across her cheek.

“Open your mouth and show me the load,” he instructed.

She opened her mouth obediently, extending her tongue for inspection.

“Good girl,” he said, “now swallow it.”

She gulped down his load and then stuck out her tongue again for his approval.

“That’s a good whore. You’re on your way to earning more privileges. Soon you’ll be allowed to come on my cock.”

Kate couldn’t help but blush in pleasure.

“Please sir,” she asked, putting on her most submissive, puppy-dog look, “may I come now?”

“Yes Kate,” he said, “you may.”

He reached behind her and untied her wrists. It seemed like an eternity before the knots came undone.

“Put these in your mouth, though,” he said, pushing her panties up to her face, “I don’t want you making any more noise than you already have.”

Kate bit down hard on the panties as she made herself come for the second time that day. In this case, as the time before, her orgasm belonged to professor Foster.

She looked up into his eyes as she came, yearning for the day when he would allow her to come with his cock inside her. She hoped that if she did a good job of following his instructions — and accepting his punishments as necessary — that that day would be coming soon.

“Don’t forget,” he said, pulling up his pants, “you’re babysitting this afternoon.”


Kate felt guilty making small talk with professor Foster’s wife. After all, she’d just spent the better part of the morning being spanked and fucked by her husband in his office! But she did her best to hide her trepidation when she arrived that afternoon to sit for Chris.

“Thanks so much,” said Molly, “Shane won’t be back tonight until really late, so you’ll see me again at 6.”

Kate hoped her face didn’t betray the disappointment she felt when she heard that she wouldn’t see professor Foster that evening.

Her pussy and ass ached from the thrashing he’d given her in his office that morning, and she could still taste his cum if she closed her eyes and concentrated. He truly had taken possession of her — of every erotic thought, practically of every physical sensation.

There was no lecture on Tuesday, and Molly told her she didn’t need to sit that afternoon.

Kate sat in her dorm room, fantasizing about the skillful fucking she’d received from professor Foster, hoping, praying that there would be more soon.

She opened an e-mail window and came close to writing him, but then closed it, feeling silly for not being able to go an entire day without contacting him. She was an adult, after all!

On Wednesday morning she dressed normally and took her usual place near the front of the lecture hall, well before class was due to begin.

To her dismay, professor Foster didn’t appear until the very last minute, placing his notes on the podium and beginning the lecture at the exact moment class was supposed to start. Nothing else about him seemed rushed or out of place; he was his normal, confident self.

Kate couldn’t help but stare at him, disregarding the content of his speech.

After class was over, she felt herself magnetically drawn to him.

“Professor Foster,” she said carefully, the split second that the student he had been talking to turned his back to leave, “can I come by your office?”

“Sorry,” he said, “I’ve got a meeting in a few minutes. Can it wait?”

“I guess I’ll see you this afternoon?”

“I’d prefer not to discuss personal matters in the classroom,” he said, avoiding her gaze.

Kate blushed. Had she upset him? Then, another thought came to her: had she upset him enough to punish her?

She turned and left the room.

That afternoon, she arrived at the Fosters’ house five minutes late.

To her delight, professor Foster opened the door a few seconds after her ring.

“Kate,” he said, “please come in.”

She stepped inside. Something was different.

“Where’s Chris?”

“He and his mother took a trip to see his grandparents.”

“So you don’t need me?”

“Not for babysitting.”

Kate gulped, feeling her heart rate jump. She didn’t dare ask him what for.

“Kate,” he said, “drop to your knees and take out my cock.”

“But,” she protested, reaching behind her to close the door. He arrested her hand.

“Drop to your knees and put my cock in your mouth, whore.”

She blushed deeply at his direct language, but she immediately fell to her knees and began to work on his fly.

He pushed the door closed behind her, letting it fall slowly shut with a click.

“Happy now?”

She nodded.

His penis sprang to life in front of her, seeming impossibly large.

“Put it in your mouth, slut.”

She took his shaft in her hands, kissing along the underside of the head.

“I didn’t tell you to make love to it,” he growled, “get that fucking cock in your slutty little mouth.”

She bristled at his harsh language, but opened her mouth and took him as deep as she could.

“That’s a good little whore,” he moaned, running his fingers through her hair tenderly, “suck that fucking dick.”

“Did you think about sucking my dick, slut? Did you think about getting pounded with my big fucking prick?”

“Mmmm,” said Kate, unable to speak for obvious reasons.

“Answer me.”

She pulled back off of his cock.

“Yes, sir,” she said, looking up at him obediently.

“Yes sir what?”

“Yes sir, I thought about…,” she lowered her voice, “…being fucked with your big prick.”

“Good slut. Get that cock back in your mouth.”

She obeyed, trying to give him the best blowjob of her life. Stroking his shaft with one hand, she licked down its length and took one of his balls in her mouth.

“Ohh Kate,” he groaned, “who taught you that? It wasn’t Brad was it?”

She spat his ball out and giggled.

“I saw it in a video,” she said, licking the underside of his sack.

“A, uh,” — he was clearly losing his train of thought due to her efforts — “a video, huh? Now what kind of nice girl watches porn?”

She continued bathing his scrotum with her tongue while stroking his shaft.

“A bad girl,” she said, stopping to smile up at him.

“I know just how to treat bad girls,” he said, “stand up and follow me upstairs.”

Kate had never been in the Fosters’ master bedroom. Even when she’d been in the house alone she’d never dared to open the door that lead to their private realm.

When she saw professor Foster turn the knob and gesture for her to enter, she felt as if she was entering a forbidden zone. Her heart pounded.

“Kate,” he said, “I thought since my wife is out of town today I’d take the opportunity to show you the bedroom.”

Before she had a chance to look around, however, professor Foster lifted her into his arms and placed her on the bed, tying each wrist to one of the posts with a length of rope already affixed there for that purpose, then pulling each of her legs down, securing her ankles as well. The fibers of the rope cut into her skin.

She struggled against her ropes instinctively, as if to test them. They stayed tight.

Professor Foster pushed her skirt up and then pulled her panties to one side, running his fingers gently along her pussy lips as if to tease her.

“Nice and wet,” he said, “what a good little whore. You love this don’t you?”

Kate didn’t respond. He unbuttoned her blouse and reached behind her to unhook her bra.

He ran the fingers of one hand across her nipples, then bent down to take one in his mouth flicking it with his tongue. Kate cooed.

“You like that, slut?” he said, withdrawing and slapping the nipple he’d just been sucking, “you like getting your tits punished?”

She gasped as he slapped her other tit.

“Yes, sir,” she said.

“Kate,” he said, “since we’re at home now, I think ‘sir’ is a little too formal.”

She looked at him questioningly.


“I think you should call me ‘daddy’,” he said, working a single finger into her dripping cunt.

“Ahh,” moaned Kate, surprised.

“What’s my name, Kate?”

“It’s… ahh…,” she moaned as his skillful fingers found her g-spot while his thumb massaged her clit.

“What is it, Kate?”

“Shane,” she said, wrapped up in her own pleasure.

He drew a hand back and slapped her pussy.

She recoiled in the exquisite mixture of pleasure and pain that shot through her body.

“Fuck,” she moaned, “professor Foster…”

“What did I ask you to call me, Kate?”

“I -, I -,” she stammered, “I can’t do that. It’s too perverted.”

“We’ll see about that,” he said, reaching under the bed.

A moment later, Kate felt his lube-covered finger on her ass.

“Ooo!” she cried, “what are you doing professor Foster?”

He responded by shoving an object of some sort into her butthole, pushing it until it fit snugly.

“FUCK!” she yelled, surprised at the intrusion. No man had ever touched her there.

Tears came to her eyes at the shock of the sudden violation.

“What is that?” she stammered.

“It’s a buttplug, Kate,” he answered, “and you’re going to wear it for a while.”

Kate squirmed against the sheets, over the shock now and savoring the feeling of fullness in her rear. It seemed to amplify every sensation she felt on her bottom and transmit it to her clit.

Suddenly professor Foster pushed something else inside her, this time into her pussy.

“What’s that?” she moaned.

But then the answer to her question became clear as the device inside her began to vibrate at a low, steady speed.

“Ahhh…ooooh…,” she moaned, “damn it…”

“It’s a vibrator, Kate,” he said, showing her a small hand-held device, “and this is the remote control. Believe it or not, it functions on a cell phone network. That means I can activate it from pretty much anywhere on earth.”

He switched the device off, then stood up from the bed and began to force his erection back into his jeans.

“Where are you going?”

“I need to do some grocery shopping before my wife gets back,” he said casually, “but don’t worry. It should only take an hour or so.”

“You’re just going to leave me here?”

“That’s right, Kate. But I’ll be back. We’ll see how you feel about my new nickname then.”

“But –,” she stammered.

“No buts, Kate. Just remember: you are not allowed to come without my permission. Don’t think I won’t know.”

“But you can’t just –,” her complaint was cut off by his press of the remote control button.

“Ahh! Fuck, professor.”

“Goodbye, Kate,” he said, and shut the door behind him. The vibrator stopped as well.

She heard his car pull out of the driveway. She was alone now, tied to the bed in an empty house, her pussy stuffed with a vibrator and her ass filled with a plug.

She sat completely still for the first few minutes, paying close attention to the new sensations she was experiencing.

She had no idea how she could stand an hour in this position without coming, especially if professor Foster activated the vibrator again. She tried her best not to move, since each movement seemed to increase her arousal.

But then the vibrator came on again.

“FUCK!” she screamed, secure in the knowledge that she was alone in the house.

After pulsing for around 15 seconds, the vibrator stopped. Kate panted in frustration, wriggling against the ropes.

Just when she’d managed to calm herself, it started again. This time, she tried to force it out with her pussy muscles, but each time she flexed the vibrations were only transmitted more effectively to her clit.

Each time the vibrations started, they stopped just when she thought she wouldn’t be able to take it any more. Professor Foster had some kind of sixth sense for keeping her on the edge of orgasm.

By the time she heard a car door slam in the driveway and the front door open, Kate was a tear-stained wreck.

“Please,” she begged, as soon as professor Foster entered the room, “just let me come.”

“So I take it you enjoyed yourself while I was gone?” he said, undoing his belt buckle and stepping out of his pants. He was already sporting an angry-looking erection.

“Fuck you,” moaned Kate, “fucking make me come you bastard.”

“Kate,” he said sternly, “that’s no way to talk to me.”

“Please sir,” she said, trying a different tack, “please let me come.”

“What’s my name, Kate?”


He was standing next to the bed now, and slapped his hand across her tear-stained face.

“Ooow!” she protested.


“Say it, whore,” he commanded, “what’s my name?”

“D- daddy,” she stammered, embarrassed in spite of herself.

“Good whore,” he said, stepping onto the bed himself and propping her head up with two pillows, “open wide for Daddy’s cock you little fucking slut.”

He pushed his cock into her mouth, supporting her head by tugging roughly on her hair.

“Good fucking whore,” he groaned, fucking his cock into her throat, “are you going to be a good slut for daddy?”

He pulled his cock out for a moment and slapped her with it, leaving a string of spit across one cheek.

“Tell me, Kate.”

“Yes,” panted Kate, “I’ll be a good slut for daddy.”

“That’s a good girl,” he said, shoving his prick back into her and gripping her hair tight. Kate felt his balls slap against her chin as he fucked her face.

“What do you think those guys in class would give to see such a cute innocent little whore like you getting face-fucked?” he asked.

He pulled out or her mouth again and reached down, untying her ankles.

Then he pushed her legs back so that her ankles were next to her ears.

“Such a pretty little whore,” he said, extracting the vibrator from her pussy and causing her to gasp in pleasure in the process, “are you ready to beg for daddy’s dick?”

Kate nodded.

“Good girl,” he said, positioning his large cock at the entrance to her pussy, “tell me what you want.”

“Fuck me, please,” she said, “I want you to fuck me.”


His hand connected with her cheek.

“What’s my name, slut?”

“Daddy,” she moaned, “fuck me daddy.”


“How do you want to be fucked, slut?”

“With your dick, daddy. With your big cock.”

“Good girl.”

He pushed inside her, filling her completely in a way that the vibrator hadn’t. The buttplug made Kate feel every centimeter of his cock as it pushed inside her. As he bottomed out on her cervix, his eyes met hers.

“Tell me what you are you little bitch,” he growled, “tell me what you are and what you want and maybe I’ll let you come.”

“I’m a slut,” she moaned, unable to take the pleasure of being skewered on her professor’s cock, “I’m a slut that wants your big dick.”

He began to pound her, fucking her so hard that it hurt each time his body slammed into hers. At the same time, the pleasure became unbearable.

“FUUUCK!” she screamed, trying in vain to stop herself.

But it was unavoidable: she was coming. The tension of waiting almost an hour for him with the vibrator in her pussy had simply been too much. Her cunt clenched down on his cock as the most intense orgasm she’d ever experienced wracked her body.

He acted quickly.

“You little fucking whore,” he said, pulling his cock from her cunt as soon as she had relaxed enough to release him, “you didn’t have permission to come.”

She was panting (almost sobbing, really) too hard to reply.

“I have no choice now but to assfuck you now.”

“NO!” she cried shaking her reddened, tear-stained face.

“Sorry,” he said, pulling out the buttplug quickly, “actually, I’m not sorry,” he corrected himself, “I’ve been looking forward to fucking this cute little ass all semester.”

He untied her hands, then turned her over onto her stomach and retied them securely.

“Such a good little whore. Are you ready for daddy’s cock in your ass?”

“No!” she protested, wriggling as he held her in place.


He began to spank her mercilessly, reddening her perfectly-shaped ass.

“Fuck that hurts!”


“Don’t make me get the belt, whore. Tell me what you want,” he growled.

“No! You’re not going to fuck my ass,” she snarled defiantly. A girl had to draw the line somewhere.


It felt like she had been branded with a hot iron three times across her ass. Professor Foster pulled her head back by the hair and showed her the belt.

“See this, you little whore? You’re going to beg to be fucked in the ass or I’m going to keep going.”

He didn’t give her a chance to reply before spanking her six more times in rapid succession with the belt.

She was screaming now, sobbing with her face pressed into the pillow.

This story is protected by copyright.

Research on orgasm intensity: Andrea craves cock but is seduced by Nancy first.

My name is Andrea. I can’t give my full name or the real names of any of the other people I will tell you about in this story because it could have a damaging effect on our professional reputations and careers. I’ve chosen to write the story and publish it to Literotica because my husband has convinced me that I can only do justice to the richness of the underlying experiences and emotions if I communicate it through the written word, and because I’m excited at the possibility that some of the people who read it will find it titillating. If any part of the story arouses you, let me know.

This is for my husband, Blake

I always worked hard at my studies and it paid off with grade point averages that consistently put me at the top of my class at university. It also earned me some very decent scholarship money. I had brains and looks but I didn’t have a life. I played varsity soccer and had a few female friends through the team but I rarely ever took the time to hang out with them. I dated four guys briefly during my years in school but I couldn’t seem to make a relationship last. I was 24 years old and unhappy. I wasn’t a virgin but I wasn’t highly experienced with sex either. I never had sex until I was 21.

I think I’m a very attractive woman. I have a trim, athletic body. I’m particularly fond of my legs and butt. I’m proud of the way they look in jeans and a bikini. I think I look something like Scarlett Johansson, including the blond tresses, but my breasts are a little pillowier than hers.

A big part of my problem, the thing that inhibits my ability to make friends and meet men, is that I’m an Introvert. I’m a little shy and I’ve always found it very hard to reach out to people, to just call someone up and arrange to do things together. But everything changed for me about three months after I graduated.

In July of 2005 I started a one year contract job as a research assistant at a prestigious east coast university. I worked for an academic biomedical engineer (I’ll call him Dr. England) and his team helping them with several research projects that were investigating new ways of mapping and measuring brain activity. I had recently finished a master’s degree in biostatistics and wanted a job to give me time to reflect on my life and what I should do next.

In addition to me, there were seven other people on Dr. England’s team. The people I worked with the most and whom I got to know the best were Matt, Heidi, and Nancy. On my first day on the job Dr. England asked Nancy to give me a tour of the team’s research facility, and to introduce me to the team.

Nancy had been working for Dr. England for more than five years. She was 30 and had a master’s degree in experimental psychology. She was a looker, a very beautiful woman. At 5’6″ she was average in height but she had a body any woman would like to have, and any straight man would like to have in his hands. Except that she was Caucasian, she could be Halle Berry’s better-looking twin sister.

She was wearing a casual sleeveless black and white sheath dress that fit her perfectly and gave her a very professional look. For the first 20 minutes or so of the tour I found myself missing things that she was saying because I was so mesmerised by her presence and beauty. I consider myself straight but over the years there were a few girls who I felt tingles of lust for, even though I had never even remotely come close to touching a woman sexually. Nancy was one of those girls. I found it hard to take my eyes off her.

Most of the research projects involved collecting and analyzing electronic data from a variety of brain scanning equipment, particularly Computed Tomography (CT), Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Electroencephalography (EEG) equipment. Many of the studies involved exposing volunteer subjects, usually undergraduate students, to a variety of sensory stimuli while they were being scanned. They also had an animal lab containing white lab rats and a few rhesus monkys.

The research unit was a fairly large suite with offices along the outside wall of the building and a bewildering network of rooms and hallways comprising the remainder of the space under Dr. England’s control.

Nancy walked me through the unit, introducing me to other members of the team. After we had seen all of the major lab rooms she took me to a room at the end of a short corridor. It was the only door in the corridor and it was locked, unlike all of the other rooms in the suite. She punched 1,2,4 on the lock and opened the door. There wasn’t much inside except a recliner chair, a hospital style bed, a large screen flat TV, a PC with three monitors, and an odd looking piece of equipment on a table behind the recliner. It was roughly the size of the milk crate but it had exposed wires and circuit boards. Also on the table was a laptop computer.

“This is Matt’s private lab,” she said. “You haven’t met him yet but he’s here working with Dr. England. He’s on a post-doctoral fellowship. Most of his work is related to Dr. England’s research but this room and equipment represents his own little research project. Unfortunately, he doesn’t yet have funding to do the research that he wants to do, but Dr. England has given him the space to do what he can with what he has available to him.”

“He built that,” she said pointing to the device sitting on the table behind the recliner. “It’s a working prototype. It’s designed to record and measure brain activity during orgasm, and the arousal period that leads up to it. He has figured out a way to capture electrical impulses in the brain associated with sexual activity. Nobody has previously been successful in parsing out the unique electrical patterns associated with sex, and he’s done it.”

“He’s trying to develop a method to identify the maximum level of brain excitation that’s possible from an orgasm. I don’t completely understand how it works but his longer term objective is to be able to manage chronic pain for people who suffer from it. It’s known that during orgasm human tolerance for pain is increased and ultimately he wants to determine the maximum pain control effect. I believe that he hopes to be able to use some sort of pharmacological treatment or bioengineered device to produce the same pain control effect, but without the orgasm. At this stage he is simply trying to calibrate and refine his orgasm measurement instrument.”

My mind was racing a million miles an hour. “I can only infer that he has research subjects sit in the chair or on the bed and masturbate while he measures brain activity,” I said.

“In a nutshell, yes,” she said with a chuckle. “But to my knowledge, his only subjects have been himself and Heidi. You haven’t met Heidi yet. She’s at a conference in the Netherlands at the moment. I know that she has masturbated a couple of times but I don’t think she has reached orgasm. I also know that she was alone when she did it. Matt set up the equipment to record her brain activity and left her to masturbate. He has protocols set up to capture differences between male and female orgasm and the stimulation that leads up to it, but so far he’s the only subject to get that far with data generation.”

Being in a room that’s used to study masturbation (or at least the brain activity associated with it) aroused me. It brought voyeuristic thoughts to my mind. I don’t know where it comes from but the thought of watching someone masturbate, male or female, or the thought of secretly watching people have sex, has always been among my strongest turn-ons.

Because I had been single for most of my life, to that point, I had developed a reasonable collection of erotic literature, and I was fairly well acquainted with a select group of online porn sites. I’ve always had an intensely sexual mind. From the time I left high school I began to learn what sorts of things got me aroused and what didn’t. It was only 10 a.m. and already I was eager to get to get home to masturbate. My body wasn’t normally filled with sexual tension this early in the morning but I had a sense in the back of my mind that this might be a regular feeling in future. I suspected that my new job was going to be a transformational experience for me.

“Let me guess,” I said pointing to the TV on the wall. “Porn?”

“You got it,” she said. “Let’s go and meet Matt.”

As we left the room I said “would you participate as a subject?”

“Probably,” she said. “It appeals to my sexual side and to my intellectual side. But he hasn’t asked me and I haven’t volunteered. If he ever does ask, or if I simply offer,” she said with a big grin, “I’ll need to self-identify as bisexual. I like pussy and I like cock.”

Hearing her say that made me even more aroused. I realized that I was at least going to need to get a sanitary napkin to put in the crotch of my panties. I might also need to go into a bathroom stall and masturbate.

Nancy continued talking as if telling a new co-worker that she likes pussy and cock was as normal as talking about the weather. I realized at that moment that she was flirting with me, that she found me attractive.

“At the moment Matt is only thinking about male versus female brains. That may be fine but I think he should consider broadening his classification to straight, bi, and gay for both sexes. I can’t speak for men but I think that bisexual women are much more sexual, and potentially have much stronger orgasms than straight women,” she said.

“You may be right,” I said, wondering why I said it as soon as the words had passed my lips.

Nancy looked at me and smiled.

“Matt’s office is right here,” she said stopping in front of an open office door. I squeezed myself into the doorway beside Nancy. “Matt… Andrea. Andrea…Matt.”

I moved into the office and reached my hand over the top of his desk to shake hands. Standing beside me was a white Halle Berry and in front of me was a 30 year old Denzel Washington lookalike. I’m agnostic about god but if he exists I felt he was surely testing me at that moment.

“Welcome aboard Andrea. I heard you were joining us. I hear that you recently completed a master’s in biostatistics. I can certainly use the help of a statistician.”

“Thanks,” I said. “It’s nice to be here. This is my first job and I’m excited about it and the work that you do here. My office is just a few doors down, but you probably already know that,” I muttered. I was eager to get out of his office because a voice in my head was saying ‘I want to watch you stroke your beautiful black cock.’ I felt a flushing in my face and began to ease out of his office.

“See ya,” I said, sounding like a teenage girl swooning over her favourite singer or movie star.

Nancy followed me to my office and sat in my visitor chair. “I thought you’d like him, she said with a grin. Every woman on campus lusts after him. And he is single, as far as anybody can tell. He works very long hours and is devoted to his research. I think his routine is eat, sleep, work and the gym. I know that he’s straight.”

“He’s almost too gorgeous to look at,” I said. “I’m sure I’m going to be a blathering idiot when I’m around him. How do you know that he’s straight?”

“The porn that he watches in his research room is only the stuff that a straight man would watch,” she said. “He has a large collection of DVDs on a shelf underneath the table and he has an equally large collation of movies and clips on the laptop.” She stood up and said, “I’ll leave you to start your day. I think Dr. England left some instructions in the folder on your desk that explains some of the things he needs you to do over the next week or so. My office is just down the hall if you need me.” She started to leave my office but turned around in the hallway and stuck her head back in and whispered, “a disproportionate amount of his porn involves black men and white women. If that reflects a general favouritism, you might be in luck.” She gave me a big smile and quickly disappeared into the hallway.

I began to wonder how she would know so much about the porn he watched. She would have needed to look through every bit of porn that he has to make an observation like that.

I grabbed my purse and searched for a sanitary pad. I usually keep a few tucked away in a pocket for emergencies. I found one and went to the washroom. I went into one of the two toilet stalls and closed the door. I stood silently, afraid to unbutton my jeans. I had never masturbated in a public washroom before and I was torn between the need for relief and the anxiety of doing it then and there. I kept seeing an image of Matt in my mind, standing in front of me and pumping his huge stiff black erection. I thought about his research and my wanton desire to be a research subject, his research subject, to masturbate as he watched, to be his slutty fuck toy. I reasoned that if I was ever going to be sexually mature, if I was ever going to get over my inhibitions, if I ever wanted to sit in that recliner and masturbate, I needed to change. I needed to feel comfortable at that moment about masturbating in that toilet stall.

I undid the button on the waistband of my jeans, unzipped the zipper and slid them and my panties down to just above my knees. I shuddered a little when the thick dew between my pussy lips was suddenly exposed to the cool air. I looked down at the wet translucent spot on the crotch of my panties. I badly wanted to be home where I could get completely naked and spread my legs freely. I wanted to be able to pinch my nipples and talk aloud to myself. But I would have to wait for that.

I put my fingers on either side of my clit and pulled the hood back to expose it to the air. It was hard and glistening. It ached to be touched, to be licked and sucked. I wished that my last boyfriend Stan was there with me. We only dated a few months but he loved to stick his tongue in me, and to lick and suck on my clit until I exploded in orgasm.

I began to rub my clit. My throat went dry. My legs felt rubbery. I imagined Stan on his knees in front of me, his hands on my ass cheeks pulling them apart, his mouth sucking on my clit. “Suck on my clit”, I whispered. Suddenly and unconsciously I replaced the image of Stan with Nancy’s image. She was completely naked on the floor in front of me.

My intense desire was over-riding the embarrassment that I would otherwise feel about the thought of having sex with a woman. I closed my eyes and rubbed my clit feverishly. I could see and feel Nancy’s mouth on my clit, her hands pulling my ass cheeks apart, slowing working her right index finger toward my anus. I wanted her to touch it. I wanted her finger there. When I imagined her finger pushing on the entrance, straining to get inside, I buckled in orgasm. I nearly banged my head off the door. I placed my hands on the side walls of the stall to brace myself while I caught my breath.

When the convulsions finally stopped and a wave of calm relaxation washed over me I took the pad that I had stuffed in my jeans pocket and positioned it at the crotch of my panties. I felt good and without shame as I pulled my panties and pants up and buttoned and zippered them. I would now be able to focus on my work and be able to get through the day with comfort.

I returned to my office and began work on the tasks Dr. England wanted me to complete. It was mostly dry, boring stuff but it was just enough to keep me focussed and my mind away from Matt and Nancy and the masturbation room.

At 4:30 Nancy appeared at my door and said “It’s time to go home for the day. How was it?”

“I’m going to like it here. I’m only on a one year contract but that should be enough time to figure out what I want to do next, and maybe to find a nice boyfriend.”

Nancy took an elastic band from her pocket and swept her shiny black hair back into a ponytail. She had a nice shoulder length hair style, but when her hair was tied back I could see how beautiful her face really was.

“The advantage to being bisexual is that the size of the pool of sexual partners is bigger,” she said.

I smiled but said nothing. I knew it wouldn’t take much to get her into bed but that wasn’t going to happen. I may have the occasional thought about women but I wasn’t about to have sex with one. I grabbed my purse and walked toward the door. I suddenly became conscious of the pad between my legs and my moment in the bathroom stall.

“I want to show you something before we leave,” said Nancy. She led me to a small dead-end hallway I hadn’t seen before. At the end was a door. She turned to me and said, “When we go in here I want you to be extremely quiet.”

“What’s in there,” I said.

“You’ll see. But don’t make a sound, even if it kills you.”

I felt a sudden wave of anxiety go over me. I had no idea what I was going to see but I had a sense it would shock me.

Nancy opened the door quietly and I could see that it was a broom closet used by cleaning staff. It was small, no more than five feet wide and four feet deep. It was empty except for a few rags and smocks hanging on the wall. Nancy pulled me in and closed the door. She put her hand over my mouth and we stood there for a moment until our eyes adjusted to the limited light that shone from the hallway underneath the door. I could hear voices but I couldn’t really pick anything out. After about 20 seconds Nancy pulled a set of rags from the wall opposite the door to expose a small louvered vent. It was about five inches wide and four inches high and was at roughly eye level. It allowed a partially obstructed view into the room sharing the wall.

Nancy put her face against the vent and her hands on either side of her eyes as if to shade her eyes from the light in the room. She stared and stared for what seemed three or four minutes. Finally she stood back and pushed my face to the vent. I peered through and I could see Matt, sitting in the recliner, completely naked. He was wearing a cap covered with what seemed like little buttons with wires extending from the centre of each and leading to the machine on the table behind the recliner. He was side on to us, watching a porn movie, and his hand was stroking his long black cock.

His body was muscular and lean. He looked like an athlete. I glanced at the TV and could see a black guy standing and a white woman with large breasts on her knees sucking on his cock. I watched as Matt stroked slowly up and down from the base to just below the head of his cock. The head was glistening with pre-cum. I could see the veins popping out along the length of his hard black member.

I watched the woman on the screen get on her hands and knees. The guy started fucking her from behind. I couldn’t tell which hole he was filling but I noticed the speed of his strokes was increasing. He was saying something but I couldn’t pick it out.

My heart was beating out of my chest. My pussy was weeping a monsoon. I was extremely conscious that Nancy was behind me. The fact that she brought me there to show me was an intensely sexual gesture. I wanted to stop peeping through the vent but was afraid to turn around. I wanted to turn around but I didn’t want to stop peering at Matt. I was torn. I wanted to see him ejaculate.

Nancy moved her body close to mine and grabbed my right hand with her right hand. She pulled my hand back between her legs. She wasn’t wearing any panties, her pussy was completely bald, and she was drenched. I felt weak. My throat was dry. I didn’t resist what she had done. The feeling of my hand on her wet pussy and the view of Matt stroking up and down on his beautiful cock was sexually hypnotic. I was almost paralyzed.

Nancy leaned her mouth to my ear. “Slide your finger into my cunt,” she whispered. I stiffened my arm to give me better leverage and pushed my index finger through the wetness that was spread across her lips. I reached my finger into her pussy and waved it back to press on her g-spot. “Good girl,” she said. “I’ve been thinking about you and this all day. Keep fingering my cunt while you watch Matt jerk off. He’s watching that white girl get fucked in the ass. It’s a video I’ve seen him watch before. In a moment, the black guy will get on his back and the girl will sit on his cock. She will put it in her ass, her back will face her partner, and Matt will get a full view of her big tits bouncing, her shaved pussy opening and closing as the guy’s cock slides in and out of her ass.”

She put her left hand over my mouth and said, “when you see the woman on the screen sit on her stud’s cock I want you to take my index finger in your mouth and suck on it.” I wanted her finger in my mouth. I wanted a cock in my mouth. The girl on the screen changed positions and was now in the reverse cow-girl position. I knew what the position was called. I sucked Nancy’s finger into my mouth. I was soaked between my legs. I needed to be penetrated. I needed to be licked, sucked, and fucked.

She took her finger out of my mouth and whispered, “I’ll get back to that.” She reached her hands around my waist to unbutton and unzip my jeans. The sound of the zipper being pulled down seemed incredibly loud. Each click sounded like a firecracker going off. I was near panic. I was super excited. She put her right hand on my tummy and slowly moved it down inside my panties until her fingers reached my needy slit. She put her left hand back to my face and her index finger in my mouth.

“That’s better,” she whispered. “But if you’re going to be my friend you’ll need to get that thing shaved. Do that tonight. Nod if you agree.” I nodded my head.

“Matt is going to cum soon,” she said. “I want the three of us to come at the same time. Keep that finger moving in my cunt. Keep pushing it against my g-spot. You like how my cunt feels in your hand, don’t you?”

I nodded that I did. It aroused me to hear her say the word cunt. I wasn’t sure what I wanted more at that moment. Matt’s cock in my mouth or Nancy’s pussy.

My eyes were fixated on Matt’s cock and his now rapidly moving hand. My hand on Nancy’s pussy was drenched but I wanted it to be there. I loved the smooth feeling of her snatch. I wanted my own to feel that way.

I reached my left hand around and grabbed her left ass cheek. I pulled her closer to me and tried to reach around to the cleft of her ass. She knew what I was reaching for and moved her body closer to me.

“Reach for it,” she said. “Touch my asshole.”

Just as she said it I saw Matt shoot white ribbons onto his chest. The sight of it, combined with Nancy’s words, sent me over the edge. I started to orgasm. The shudder of my body was the trigger for Nancy. Her body went rigid and she grunted into my ear.

I turned around and we kissed like I’ve never kissed anyone in my life. Our tongues fought like sword fighters dueling to the death. Unlike a short time ago, my mouth was now wet and eager. I had just experienced my first sexual encounter with a woman. I liked it.

We fixed our clothes and quietly exited the closet. I began to feel ashamed of what had just happened. We never spoke as we left the building. When we reached the parking lot Nancy headed to her car and said, “See you tomorrow. Feel good about it. I did.”

“See you tomorrow,” I said. When Nancy disappeared from sight I walked onto a strip of grassy land bordering the sidewalk and flopped down on my back under an old oak tree. I stayed there for at least twenty minutes, trying to understand what had happened during the day and trying to figure out how I was going to face Nancy tomorrow. My impulse, which I resisted, was to run back into the office and write a letter of resignation. I wanted to run away and hide.

By the time I reached my apartment I was feeling more relaxed. It was only a 20 minute walk but the small bit of exercise made me feel better. I decided that I would get my workout gear and go to the gym. Physical exercise has always been good for my mental health. I was afraid that I would be plagued by anxiety over the evening if I didn’t have a workout.

By the time I got back from the gym it was almost 7 p.m. I needed a bath but I felt refreshed from the workout. I sat at my tiny kitchen table which was at the brightest spot my apartment, and wolfed down left-over salad and lasagna from the evening before. I had successfully blocked the day while I was at the gym but the visual of Matt, and my intense experience in the broom closet with Nancy, came flooding into my mind as I stared out the window onto the street one story below.

I lived in an ethnic neighborhood and it had been a hot summer’s day. Most of the people on my street lived in Victorian era brick townhouses, most of which had been divided into apartments. My neighbors were often on the sidewalks or the front steps of their homes during the day and early evening. This was partly for social reasons and partly because most of the apartments had no central air conditioning. Different parts of the street were shaded as the day progressed and people followed the shade. I watched a young woman give a buff young man, probably her husband, a haircut on the sidewalk in front of the steps to their apartment. He was sitting on a chair with a small hand towel draped over his lean, muscular shoulders. Watching her with the scissors reminded me of what Nancy told me to do with my pubic hair.

I had no intention of being Nancy’s lover. I couldn’t deny that I enjoyed what happened between us but I was craving a man. I was craving Matt. I reasoned that Nancy knew she could get me excited by getting me to watch Matt masturbate and that she took insidious advantage of my sexual vulnerability. Obviously I wasn’t repulsed by touching and kissing her but it was Matt who I craved.

I glanced around my kitchen trying to remember where I put my scissors. I had never shaved before. I had trimmed a few times and shaved my bikini line but I had never shaved the way Nancy was shaved. I was shocked at how good it felt to touch her smoothness. I had only met her today and we never spent more than an hour and a half together but already I had a strong sense of who she was and what she was capable of. I knew she would want to know tomorrow if I complied with her request… her command.

The thing that amazed me, and frightened me, and excited me was how easily she was able to get into my pants. I was determined to get into Matt’s pants. We hadn’t exchanged more than a dozen words but I wanted to touch his naked body, to caress and kiss every inch of it, to take his cock in my hands, my mouth, my womanhood, possibly my ass. But Nancy had power over me. I needed to shave. I don’t know how but I knew she would find a way tomorrow to see if my pussy was as smooth as hers. That’s what frightened me about her. I felt helpless against her, and in a weird sort of way it turned me on.

I finished eating and went to check my junk drawer. I had three drawers in my kitchen. One was for cutlery, one for big utensils like tongs, spatulas and ladles, and one was for everything else. That one was my junk drawer. That’s where I found my scissors. I picked them up and stared at them. It excited me a little to think about what I was about to do. I imagined momentarily that Matt might get excited if I asked him to do it for me. I wondered what score he would get on his orgasm meter if he masturbated to the thought of shaving my pussy. I let the thought drop and walked to my bathroom letting the scissors swing from my index finger.

I quickly doffed my cloths and threw them in the wicker hamper in my bathroom. I stood in front of a small garment mirror that I had propped against the wall opposite the toilet. I liked the way my body looked after my workouts at the gym. I felt sexy standing there naked. But Nancy was right; my pussy was an unruly mess of hair.

I grabbed an old newspaper from a magazine rack I kept beside the toilet and spread it out on the floor in front of the mirror to catch the hair. I wished I had a pair of electric clippers at that moment but the scissors would have to do.

I felt exhilarated as I cut the long hair down as close as I could get it. I was excited to see what it would look and feel like to be completely smooth, but it excited me more to think about who might see it and get aroused by it. Nancy would want to see it. Would Matt like it? How would he ever know if the Introvert in me always drained my initiative and confidence?

Nancy had done more than just seduce me in the closet. She had given me a life experience that was completely beyond a reality that I ever believed could exist. It’s the stuff that you only read about in fiction; it didn’t really exist. I was enraptured. In a matter of hours she had turned my life upside down. Here I was in my bathroom cutting my pubic hair because a woman at work told me to.

When I cut everything that I could with the scissors I folded the newspaper and put it in the trash and poured my bath. It seemed that every act that led up to my final objective was making me excited. My nipples got erect as I watched the water flow into the tub. I put my razor on a stand next to the tub and I got goose bumps. I realized that I would need to masturbate again. It would be my third orgasm for the day.

I then and there decided to get over the inhibitions that had been keeping me back all these years and to follow my desires. There were clearly many other people in the world who were getting much more enjoyment out of life than I was, and I was determined to belong to that group rather than being the prissy, ‘good girl’ type of woman that I had cultivated in my mind.

I stepped into the warm water and lowered my body until I was horizontal, except for my head that was propped up on the end of the tub. I soaked for a few minutes and then sat up and grabbed a cloth and some soap. I began to scrub the sweat and the demureness from my body.

My ablutions complete, I drained some of the water in the tub to bring it below the surface of my tummy, and lathered up my mound. I grabbed the razor and began to sweep away the hair. I felt like I was being progressively transformed with each stroke of the razor. When it was done I stared at it and caressed the smoothness. My clitoris was raging for my touch but I wanted to get out the bath and on my bed before I gave myself relief.

When I had dried myself off I stood in front of the mirror. My hairless pussy made me feel sexually bold. It’s a look that demands attention. I was tacitly saying to whoever I might allow to see it, ‘look at my sex… look at my pussy…come to me.’

“Stick your tongue in my cunt,” I said aloud. I had never said that word before but I wanted to say it, to hear myself say it. It gave me an adrenaline rush when Nancy told me to slide my finger into her cunt. I’ve heard it used a few times in porn and I liked the edginess but I never had the courage to say it. “Lick my horny wet cunt,” I said as I looked at myself in the mirror.

I walked around my apartment a few times to get the feeling of being an exhibitionist. I pretended that Matt was sitting on my couch, naked, his cock rising to attention as he watched me strut around flaunting my hairless cunt and my bountiful tits.

I finally walked to my bed and sat on the side closest to the sliding mirror door of my closet. I reached into my side table drawer and pulled out my toys and a small bottle of lube. I bought them about three years before on a trip to Chicago. I didn’t have courage to go into a sex toy shop in my own city. I had a realistic black silicone vibrator and a thin Pyrex glass beaded dildo. I had never had anal sex but I discovered in my first year of university that I sometimes liked to have something in my ass when I masturbated. Stuffing my glass anal dildo in my ass was my most adventurous sexual decision prior to shaving.

I propped pillows behind my back and moved my ass back far enough on the bed so that I had room to plant the soles of my feet on the top of the bed at the edge. I looked at my freshly shaved pussy in the mirror and began to pinch my nipples. I could see my juice glisten as it oozed between my labia. I grabbed my vibrator and turned it on low and closed my eyes. I could see in my mind Matt pumping his throbbing black cock. I put the tip of my vibrator just to the side of my clit and began to talk out loud.

“Watching you stroke your cock is making my cunt wet,” I said. “Lick my cunt Nancy. Let him watch you lick me.” I drove the vibrator into my sloppy wet hole and pumped it in and out. “Watch me Matt. Watch me fuck my cunt for you. Make your cock hard babe.” I opened my eyes, put the vibrator on the bed and grabbed the lube. I squeezed some onto the head of the glass dildo and massaged my sphincter with the tip, urging it open. I coaxed it in to the fifth bead and grabbed the vibrator with my other hand and stuffed it back in my cunt. I looked at myself in the mirror and recalled Nancy’s voice telling me about how Matt was watching a black stud fuck a white woman in the ass. I suddenly reached my limit of stimulation and convulsed in orgasm. I clamped down on both toys and groaned.


I arrived at work at 7:45 a.m. the following day. Most people didn’t start work until 8:30 but Nancy had told me that Matt often arrived earlier. I wanted to catch him alone before the rest of the people in the group arrived.

I decided to wear a bright floral printed halter dress with a string neck. It didn’t allow for a bra so my breasts had the freedom to sway and move. It was a completely respectable look but also sensual and seductive. Nancy would certainly have comments to make. I like my jeans but a dress is so much cooler. That was what I was planning to say to Nancy if she commented, even though I knew she wouldn’t accept it as the real reason.

As I opened the door to my office I could see that Matt’s door was open and his light was on. He was in. I threw my purse on my chair, fluffed my hair and walked to the door of his office.

“Good morning Matt,” I said. “I didn’t expect anyone else to be here this early in the morning.”

“Morning Andrea,” he said with a bright smile. “I’m often in here early in the morning. I prefer this time to crunch data. What brings you in here this early?”

“I’m often up early and I’m still very excited about my new job. I just decided to come in and get at some of the work Dr. England has left for me,” I said. I wanted to get him into a discussion about his orgasm work and didn’t want to waste time. I had no idea when Nancy would be in and I was hoping to be back in my office before she arrived.

“Nancy told my about the research you’re doing on measuring brain activity during orgasm. It’s fascinating. If you can convert what you learn into a treatment for people with chronic pain you could be in the running for a Nobel Prize.”

Matt laughed. “I don’t think that will happen but I would like to see if there is some way of leveraging the brain’s own capability for pain management. Pain is experienced because of the brain so the brain is the key to controlling it. Nevertheless, it’s not an easy topic to get funding for, especially from Government. But at this stage I’m just trying to calibrate and refine the measurement device and trying to determine what types of stimuli lead to what levels of brain response. Except for me and Heidi, nobody else has participated as subjects. That’s another issue. It will take a large number of subjects and a large number of orgasms to determine the continuum of brain response. It’s not going to be easy to get subjects to participate.”

Those words were my opportunity to open the door to something very exciting.

“I’ll gladly be a subject,” I said. “I know that the intensity of my orgasms can vary widely. My masturbation orgasms are slightly different in intensity depending on whether I’m thinking about men or women or both,” I said. That was a bit of a lie because, except for the previous evening, I generally only thought about men when I masturbated. But my resolve to make change in my life was high, as was my resolve to get this hunk of a man inside of me.

Matt didn’t skip a beat. “That’s a very nice offer,” he said. “Heidi is back in the office today. Let’s arrange to have a discussion later this morning. Heidi and I were scheduled to chat about something else at 11:00 but we can postpone that to a later date. Why don’t we meet in the lab?”

“That sounds perfect,” I said. “I don’t know yet but I get the feeling that Nancy might want to participate too. If she’s interested can I bring her along?”

“Absolutely,” he shot back. “I think that between the four of us we can make some headway on the very preliminary stage of this research. The good thing about this work is that, if you’re uninhibited about sex, being a research subject can be very pleasurable. But research on orgasm and sexuality isn’t new. Masters and Johnson did some pioneering work starting in the late 50s and of course there was the research done by Alfred Kinsey from the mid 1940s to about the mid 50s. We’re in very good company. The difference is that my ultimate goal isn’t to provide insights into sexuality per se but to develop a method to manage chronic pain.”

“Great,” I said. “I’ll meet you in your lab at 11:00.Thanks Matt.”

As I left Matt’s office and headed to mine I saw Nancy standing in my doorway looking at me. It wasn’t yet 8 o’clock and I didn’t expect her for another 30 minutes. She was wearing a strapless black tube dress that looked liked it was made at least partially from Spandex. She was striking. The dress emphasized her hour-glass figure. The skin on her face, shoulders and arms had a beautiful, healthy glow. As I approached her she wagged her finger at me and said “naughty girl”.

“Somebody has a voracious little cunt between her legs,” she said as I sidled by her to get into my office. “Did you tell him that you watched him jerk his big black cock yesterday?”

“No!” I said in a loud whisper. I just wanted to get to know him a little better.

“You volunteered as a subject for his study didn’t you,” she said. I felt as if she could see right through me. She made me feel that way the day before too. Without thinking about my body language, I dipped my head slightly.

“I thought so,” she said. “Did you volunteer me too?”

“All I said was that you might be interested too. I’m meeting with him and Heidi at 11 o’clock in his lab to talk about it. You’re welcome to join us.”

“Don’t you think that it was very presumptuous of you to suggest that I might be interested?” she said in a stern tone.

I felt a tingle in my clit and wetness forming between my folds. I could have just kicked her out of my office but she had a talent for building tension and excitement about what she would do next. I had never met anyone like her. She had me completely captivated.

“I’m sorry,” I said. “It was presumptuous of me but I desperately hoped that you would want to.”

“You hoped that I would want to, did you? Well”, she said and closed the door to my office and locked it. She walked up to within a couple of inches of my face and said in a low voice, “Did you shave your cunt like I told you to?”

I felt my clit get hard as soon as she closed and locked the door. Her question made my panties wet. I reached under my dress and pulled my panties to my knees and let them drop to the floor. I pulled up the front of my dress. She reached down and cupped my wet cunt in her hand. As soon as her fingers touched me I grabbed each side of her face and plunged my tongue into her mouth. The heat in me was so intense that I wanted to suck the marrow from her body.

She lifted her tube dress above her waist and grabbed my right hand and pulled it to her mound. She wasn’t wearing any panties and she was just as wet as I was. As soon as I touched her I let out a grunt that echoed in her mouth.

Nancy pulled her head back and looked into my eyes. “We have to stop,” she said. This isn’t the right place or time. I knew she was right but my body ached with desire. I had never felt this type of intense lust for any man and I here I was, ready to drop to my knees in my office, on my second day of work, and perform cunnilingus on a woman I really knew nothing about.

I pulled my panties back on and we both adjusted our dresses and I opened my office door. Nancy started to leave and I said “will you be joining us in Matt’s lab at 11 o’clock.” She swivelled around and winked at me and flicked out her tongue in a licking motion.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” I said and she disappeared down the hallway to her office.

I closed my office door again, grabbed a sanitary pad from my purse and put it in my panties and re-opened the door. I sat down and started to review some inter-rater reliability data on my computer that Dr. England wanted analysed. It took every ounce of my strength to fight the fire that Nancy had started between my legs and that had spread to the rest of my body. I thought several times about going to the bathroom stall, or just closing my office door and giving myself some relief. But I refrained.

At about 10:30 a tall woman with curly shoulder length strawberry blond hair tapped on my door. She was at least 5’11″, attractive and most notably, very busty – at least a 36DD. “You must be Andrea,” she said. “I’m Heidi. Welcome aboard.”

“Thank you,” I said. “It’s a pleasure to be here. This is my first job and I’m very excited. The team does some very interesting work.”

She explained that she only worked part-time for Dr. England. She has a Ph.D. in psychopharmacology and is an adjunct professor of psychology and pharmacology at the university.

“My work here involves evaluating the efficacy of certain psychotropic drugs, particularly those that affect perception. Bill England and I have done several research investigations together over the past decade. I’ve had a few conversations with Matt too about the effect that certain drugs have on the human sexual response cycle. It’s possible that at some stage I might help him determine if certain psychotropic drugs will influence the perception of the strength of an orgasm or the actual measured strength of an orgasm, or both.”

Matt has asked me to meet with you and him at 11 to chat about you being a research subject. I’m impressed by your comfort with your sexuality that you would volunteer without being asked. I might consider being an active subject too. So far I’ve only stimulated myself a little to establish a baseline for myself and as part of the broader calibration of the machine for women. I’m divorced and I’m not seeing anyone so masturbation is my only way of release. I can do that anywhere and so if I can do it here and contribute to science at the same time, all the better. I’ve got to make a call before the meeting so I’ll see you in the lab.”

“See you there,” I said.

At five minutes to 11 Nancy arrived at my door. “Are you ready?” she said.

I told her that Heidi had just introduced herself and that she was considering becoming a more active participant as a research subject for Matt’s research.

“She has the hots for Matt and the fact that you volunteered likely means that she sees you as competition for his attention. A bit of jealousy is going to make this even more fun. All I want is to get a look at the giant rack she has on her chest,” she said with a smile.

“You are nothing but trouble with a capital T,” I said with a grin. “Let’s go to the lab.”

We were the first to arrive at the lab. Nancy walked to the table behind the recliner and pulled out a cardboard carton from the shelf underneath.

“This is his collection of porn DVDs,” she said.

The carton was about 18 inches square and contained three rows of DVD cases that were organized with bookmark size separators. Each separator had a handwritten category on it. I could pick out a few categories. The category with the most DVD cases was anal, but there were three or four cases behind the label DP, and about an equal number for a label called dirty talk. I could also see a few behind a label called big tits. She pulled out a DVD case and said, “this is the movie he watched last night: Black dick, White ass.”

“Put it back,” I said sternly. My initial impulse was that I didn’t want to know this. “How do you know that’s what he watched?” I felt wetness forming between my legs.

“It’s written here on this data record form,” she said, lifting a sheaf of paper that was resting near the laptop on the table. Just as she said it, Matt and Heidi walked into the room.

“I record all kinds of data about each session,” said Matt, “including the visual and/or auditory stimulation used. I built a little remote control that I use to record start time, time of orgasm, and end time. For men, time of orgasm and end time will be one and the same but because women can have multiple orgasms, end time is when the woman says it’s over. The remote will allow a woman to mark the time of each orgasm she has.”

“It’s all very scientific,” said Heidi. “But there is also plenty of room for fun too.”

“Can you record brain activity on more than one person at the same time?” I asked. “Let’s say that two people were masturbating to the same stimuli, can the equipment record data on both.”

“Good question,” said Matt. “I designed my prototype machine to process four different channels of distinct brain activity data. I only have two sensor hats at the moment but both can be plugged into the machine and it will record the data for both subjects. There are four ports on the machine so technically it can handle four channels of data at once. But I don’t have four sensor hats. Mind you, I haven’t tried the machine to record the brain activity of two people at the same time. I built the capability into the machine but I haven’t tested it. But the multichannel capability is not about testing my theory directly. I added the capability with a view to gathering an extra layer of instrument validity data.”

Suddenly I felt extremely bold and confident. Maybe Nancy had opened a door in me that could never again be closed. I have no idea where my audacity came from but I looked at Nancy and said, “In for a penny, in for a pound.” I looked at Matt and Heidi and said, “In other words, I said that I would volunteer as a research subject and I will, but I want to show you that I’m in 100 percent. I need Nancy’s help, and equal level of participation.”

I looked at Nancy and said, “Are you game? Do you have any inhibitions? I think that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.”

I looked at Matt and said “I realize that the University research ethics policy and committee and Dr. England will likely say no to at least some of the things I might suggest, and be willing to do, but I think you need some heavy duty baseline data and testing to see if your machine is really going to work. After you’re confident that you’ve tested it thoroughly, then you can refine your theory and ideally get some funding to move the research into formal research mode.”

Nancy looked at me and said “I don’t know what I’m committing to but yes I’m game. No inhibitions.”

Matt was silent. He stared at me with a blank face. Finally he spoke and said “I haven’t got the slightest clue what you are talking about.”

I walked over to the carton of DVDs and put my hand on top and said “You’re in here god knows how many times each week masturbating, trying singlehandedly – pardon the pun – to gather baseline data. I think you need help. Nancy and I are willing to jump in with both feet to help. I’ll leave it to Heidi to say what she is willing to do.”

Matt smiled. “I’m just a simple scientist. Say what you mean in concrete terms, if you can.”

I walked over to Nancy and whispered in her ear the gist of what I had in mind. She looked at me and said out loud “I’m game if you’re game.”

I looked at Matt and said, “To date you’ve been watching porn on DVD and digital files that you have on your laptop. Nothing wrong with that but I’m suggesting that starting today after work that Nancy and I can, on occasion, put on a live performance for your masturbation pleasure. Heidi is welcome to watch if she is willing to be hooked up to the machine as well. That way you can test the operation of both channels concurrently. I think that there are many ways we can collaborate with you. That’s just one example. Is that concrete enough for you?”

“I’m game,” said Matt. “But we all have to agree that whatever happens in this room stays in this room. Heidi, I trust that you’ll keep the secret if you want to have nothing to do with this but I completely understand if you choose to walk away now.”

“I’m not walking away,” she said. “In for a penny, in for a pound. I’ll need to go home at lunchtime to get a few of my personal tools.”

“I knew I was going to enjoy this job,” I said. We all burst into laughter.

“Let’s all meet back here at 4:30,” said Matt.

Nancy and I walked back to my office without saying a word to each other. I sat in my chair and she came in behind me and closed the door.

“We really don’t know one another” she said “but I would never have predicted that you would do anything like that. I think that whatever happens, it will be extremely exciting or an extreme disaster. Either way, there is a risk that we could all lose our jobs.”

“Relax,” I said. “I wouldn’t have imagined doing anything like this before yesterday but I don’t think we face that kind of risk. It’s about legitimate research.”

“Research my ass,” Nancy said.

“When we go to the lab and Matt and Heidi are ready, let’s start at the point this morning where you asked me if I shaved my cunt. Now, go back to work,” I told her.

I don’t know what aroused me more – the thought of having sex with Nancy or the thought of having sex with her in front of Matt and Heidi. Regardless, I was totally distracted and it wasn’t even noon. I had several weeks’ worth of coding long answers to survey questions in front of me and I hoped that the monotony of the task would let me daydream without too much consequence. I’m a highly disciplined person but I’m not accustomed to fighting to keep my focus on work and away from intense sexual thoughts. I’m usually able to block out most other things and just focus on what I need to do. I was getting a lesson in the power of the centres of the brain that influence sexual arousal.

I wanted to be alone for lunch so I left early and arrived back early. I didn’t want to talk about what might happen in the lab because I would never get any work done. Amazingly, I never had a visit from anyone until Heidi appeared in my doorway at 4 o’clock.

“Are you always this openly sexual?” she asked. She proceeded to tell me that while she had an active sexual mind she lacked courage to talk about sex and that while thoughts about certain things may arouse her, she never wanted to reveal most of it. She said that she had far too many sexual hang-ups and that was part of the reason she and her former husband split up. She said that telling me earlier in the day that she masturbated was a highly unusual thing for her to say to a virtual stranger.

It seemed to me that she was feeling anxiety about what might happen in the lab.

“What I said in the lab reflected far more courage than I had just a couple of days ago. If anyone asked me if I masturbated I would almost certainly have said no. I don’t want to get into it but I had a life altering experience yesterday, and while I’m still a little intimidated by some of the things I could consider doing – and volunteering to be a sexual exhibitionist and put on a show is high among those intimidating things – I don’t think I’m much more sexually courageous than you are.”

“You leave the impression that you’re completely comfortable being a lesbian,” she said. “I admire that. I’m mostly attracted to men although there are occasional exceptions.”

My heart sank. She believed that I was a lesbian. It’s easy to understand that I might be but that’s not the way I was feeling. I didn’t have the courage to correct her at that moment. Nancy told me that Heidi was attracted to Matt. I suspected that she was testing me to see how I would respond to being called a lesbian. I felt that our little lab experiment would fall apart if I admitted then and there that I really wanted to get Matt’s cock inside of me. I would need to tread carefully if I had any hope of getting my hands on Matt.

“It’s quarter past four,” I said. “I need to go to the washroom and freshen up.” That was true but I also needed to get to the bathroom just in case I started to panic.”

On my way to the bathroom I grabbed a small clean dish cloth from the kitchenette that was on the way. I wetted it with water and soap, grabbed some paper towels and went into a stall to try to ensure that I was as clean as I could be given the circumstances. My clit was swollen and insistent but I avoided touching it. I decided to leave my panties off. I put them in my purse and walked back to my office.

I look at my watch when I got back to my office. It read 4:26. My heart was racing.

Nancy appeared in my doorway. “You’ve certainly got chutzpah my delicious little slut,” she said. “Are you wet?” I didn’t respond. Instead, I grabbed my purse and fumbled through it as if I was looking for something. “Good,” she said. “That’s the way I want you and the way Matt will want to see you.”

“Let’s go,” I said, grabbing her elbow. She leaned over and kissed me on the lips and with a big grin said, “I could eat you.”

When we got to the lab Matt was in the process of hooking up the hat that Heidi would wear on her head. The recliner had been moved so that it faced the bed and a leatherette office chair was positioned next to the recliner. Heidi walked in carrying a small backpack. She closed the door and locked it behind her and emptied the contents of the backpack on the seat of the recliner.

“A few of my favourite things,” she said. “Everything is clean.” There were a couple of glass dildos, four vibrators of varying shapes and sizes, a butt plug, and two tubes of lube. “Now that you know what’s there”, she said “I’ll put it all back in the bag until someone wants something.”

Matt directed Heidi to complete the data form for her session. He had already completed his and said that if he needed to add anything else, something he might not have anticipated, he would add it later.

I could feel the excitement in the air. My nipples and clit were hard and my pussy was wet. I could see a bulge in Matt’s trousers.

“Matt, I think you should get undressed before you help Heidi put on her hat,” I said. “I think it will help get everyone in the right mood.”

Matt looked at me and then to Nancy and Heidi. His face was flushed.

“I’m a little nervous,” said Heidi. “I agree with Andrea.”

“Ditto,” said Nancy.

Matt walked over to the recliner and pulled his t-shirt over his head and let it drop on the floor. He had strong shoulder muscles and distinctive pectoral muscles on his chest. He kicked off his sandals and undid his belt, and the button and zipper of his trousers and pushed them along with his underwear to the floor. His stiff manhood bounced back and slapped against his body when it was released from his underwear.

Here in front of three fully clothed and ravenously horny women stood a naked Adonis. He was muscled, tall, healthy and very sexually aroused. I wanted to drop to my knees in front of him and take his glorious cock into my mouth. I suspected that I would have to at least fight Heidi for the privilege. My whole body was on fire with raw lust. The buildup of juice between my lips would soon start to drip since I wasn’t wearing panties.

Heidi began to move toward her chair and slipped her bare feet out of her flat shoes, her eyes glued to Matt’s erect cock. She crossed her arms and reached for the tail of the discreet satin Henley top she was wearing and pulled it over her head. Her bountiful breasts were held firmly in place by a lacy black bra. She turned her back to Matt and asked him to undo the clips at the back. Matt moved a few steps forward and allowed his cock to graze her ass while he fumbled with the clips. Finally everything loosened and she pulled it from her shoulders to reveal an amazingly firm and full set of tits. She turned around to purposely give Matt a full view. She undid the button and zipper to her jeans and pulled them to the floor and kicked them to the side of her chair. She had a perfectly flat tummy and a mostly shaved pussy. What wasn’t shaved was very closely cropped.

Heidi sat in her chair and Matt placed the hat on her head. For most people the hat would have been very unflattering, but it somehow made Heidi look even more beautiful. Matt’s cock pointed at her tits as he adjusted the hat. I didn’t say anything but I wanted her to grab it, for her to lose control and slide it into her mouth. She did neither but she never took her eyes off of it.

“Isn’t it beautiful, a thing of wonder Heidi?” I said. She smiled and lifted her hands to pinch her nipples, but she didn’t say anything with her mouth.

As soon as Matt sat in his chair and began to position his hat on his head Nancy grabbed me by the arm and pulled me in the direction of the bed that was directly in front of him and Heidi. I saw Matt push a few buttons on the remote control for the machine. Nancy pulled me close to her and used her hands to sweep the hair from my face. She kissed me on the lips and then said loud enough for Matt and Heidi to hear, “Did you shave your cunt like I told you?”

I reached my hands down and pulled my dress up above my hips. Nancy reached her hand left down and touched me. “Good girl,” she said.

Just as I had done in the morning I plunged my tongue into her mouth and flicked it back and forth like a happy dog wags its tail. She quickly moved her hands to the hem of her dress and pulled it up. She grabbed my left hand and placed it on her drenched wet cunt and put her hand back on mine and inserted a finger. I felt weak in the knees. I slipped my index finger into her and reached my right hand around and grabbed her ass and pulled her toward my thrusting finger.

Nancy gently pushed me away and told me to undo the zipper at the back of her dress. I pulled it down in one quick stroke and the dress fell to the floor. She turned around and briefly gave me a glimpse of her gorgeous tits before pushing on my shoulders to get me to kneel in front of her. She pulled her puffy lips and her clitoral hood back to expose her satiny little button. I quickly pulled my dress off and threw it at the wall. I reached around and grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled her to me and took her clit into my mouth. She put her hands on the back of my head and began to grind and moan.

“Suck on my clit,” she said barked at me. She spread her legs and bent them to angle her slit toward my face. “Lick my cunt juices,” she said. “Lick me…Eat me,” she said in a deep breathy voice.

I had never performed oral sex on a woman before and here I was on my knees in front of other people, gleefully eating one of the most beautiful women I’ve seen in my life. I was sucking her clit, licking her cunt, and loving it, and almost oblivious to Matt and Heidi.

Nancy pulled away from me and told me to stand up. I stood and she moved around behind me so that we both faced Matt and Heidi. She rested her chin on my shoulder and began playing with my tits with her left hand and my clit with her right. She clearly wanted me to watch Matt and Heidi and for them to see her fondle me. I reached back and grabbed her ass and pulled her tight to my body.

Matt’s eyes were as wide as saucers and he was pumping his cock with a slow rhythmic pace. Heidi’s legs were spread and she was pumping her wet hole with three fingers of her left hand and rubbing her clit with her right.

“Turn your chair to face Matt,” Nancy said to Heidi. “Let him see those gorgeous tits and what you’re doing to your horny wet cunt.”

Heidi reached down and grabbed a vibrator and a glass dildo from her bag. She swivelled the chair around and dipped the dildo in her cunt to make it wet and then effortlessly slid it in her ass. She flicked the switch on her cock-shaped silicone vibrator and slid it into her cunt.

“Stop stroking your cock Matt,” Heidi said. “I don’t want you to come yet. Look at me. I like to get fucked in my cunt and I like to get fucked in my ass,” she said.

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So, this is the end of our little experiment. It’s gone on for much longer than we expected — what began as a private bedtime story has taken months to put down in writing. It might not be for all tastes, but we’ve put a lot of effort into it, and now that it’s done we look forward to your comments on this last installment and on the whole series. We’ll try to answer everyone, but please..be nice.

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Sarah stood at the foot of the bed, facing her husband and Mr. X, regarding them, savoring the moment. She felt a little pang of regret. Not regret for what had happened, or even for how she’d made it happen, but simply in recognition that anything with a beginning must also have an ending. Of course, it was right and proper that this event have a definite end. As she’d told Mr. X at the very beginning, she had no reason or desire to ever see him again. There was one and only one purpose he served — to satisfy her need to be taken. Once this happened, the experience would be over. This realization only made her appreciate more what was about to happen next more.

“Gosh. You guys really used me well, didn’t you?”

Both men nodded, even trading a brief conspiratorial look — if not exactly as compadres, at least as two men who appreciated each other’s taste and good fortune.

“But there was something important missing from that whole arrangement. Can you tell me what it was?”

Her husband, ever the eager student, responded quickly in a slightly cracked voice, “Your clit, Sarah. You didn’t get your little clit rubbed.”

“That’s right. You took me from behind and fucked me hard, and I love to be fucked that way, there is nothing like it. But it doesn’t really get me off, does it?”

“No, it doesn’t, baby.”

“What do you think we should do about that?”

“I guess you need a proper fucking now.”

“You guessed right. And who should be doing this fucking?”



“Because I’m your husband. And your pussy is mine.”

“Both excellent points. Okay, how should we do that? Me on top or you?”

He thought for a moment, and she thought she could almost see the image from last night popping in to his head.

“You. I know you love that position, and this way our friend here can get a nice view of your naked bouncing breasts.”

“Sounds good. Maybe I’l play with them for him. Why don’t you lay down and get ready for me?”

She looked to the clearly disappointed Mr. X and pointed to an armchair facing at a slight angle to the bed. “And why don’t you take a seat over there? It’s a good spot to watch.” She wasn’t mocking him, it was simply an invitation.

Mr. X went to the chair and sat down, not taking her up on her suggestion that he jerk off, just watching her, his eyes moving deliberately from her face to her crotch and back again. Her husband settled himself into the bed, and began idly stroking his cock, also watching her, moving his eyes from her face to her pussy and back again.

She turned so that she was facing Mr. X, her back-quarter toward her husband. She remembered the thrill of the encounter in the elevator. How this stranger’s unbidden entry had made her feel. The exquisite shame at her loss of control under his finger’s insinuations. She moved her legs apart, hip-width; reached between them, running her fingers through her lips, dipping them up and into herself, remembering how Mr. X had shoved his fingers up into her the same way. She felt an urgent need to have that happen one more time. She walked closer to him sitting in the chair.

Beyond her need to be touched again by this man, there was something she needed to know about him, something that required a momentary break in anonymity and created the potential for emotional intimacy — a kind of intimacy that could be much more dangerous than the physical intimacy of having him in her mouth.

She took his left hand in her right while she continued to feel herself, her well-lubricated finger making small circles around the dense, moist little bump of her clit, getting herself right up to that line and then back again. He had the hands of a pianist — long, strong, elegant fingers, with well-manicured nails.

Looking at the hand, she made a show of regarding his ring finger. There was a suggestion of where a ring had been, perhaps a faint outline against his late summer tan. She affected a teasing tone.

“What would your wife say,” she cooed, “knowing you’d been getting your cock sucked off by a married woman you met at a bar?”

She watched a run of involuntary emotions play across his face, all in a few brief moments: a flash of memory and fondness, a wince of pain, and finally a deliberate composure.

“She wouldn’t say anything,” he said ruefully, a bare trace of amusement on his lips. “She’s been dead for eighteen months now.”

“Oh.” She gasped, her hand dropping his and flying up to her mouth. “I’m so sorry.”

She felt sudden regret at her assumption that he was a man without his own ethical standards — and at her presumption in moving beyond the rules that she herself had established.

“Don’t be.” And now he grinned boyishly. “You’re the first naked woman I’ve seen in all of that time.”

“How long were you married?”

He looked at her, baffled.

“Fourteen years.”

She had to ask:

“Did you ever cheat on her?”

His pissed-off reply was thoroughly genuine:

“What kind of question is that? Of course I didn’t. I loved my wife.”

He brought his hand up to her breast level, showing it to her.

“In fact, if you must know, I only took off my ring a few weeks ago. I’d grown tired of my friends pestering me to find a new woman, or to ‘at least go out and get layed’. But as much as I like the latter idea, I’m just not ready to face the consequences of the former one. And, women being women, I knew that emotional complications are inevitable whenever sex is involved. I can’t deal with that. Not yet.”

He paused and laughed.

“But I didn’t count on you. Here there aren’t any complications. You just happen to be an available slut looking to have her body used but who’s tied down with other commitments.”

He glanced at her husband significantly, eye-brows raised.

“I get to play with a good-looking, bright, well-put-together woman, and treat her like the bad girl she really wants to be. Get to play with her cunt and then leave, no questions asked. What more could I want?”

And with that he brought his hand to her mound and thrust his fingers up inside of her, adroitly ending the awkward moment — and replacing it with one that should have been far more awkward but somehow wasn’t.

Standing there, legs spread, letting herself be stroked by this strange man, the blinds of the hotel window half-opened, her body exposed, she responded in kind.

“I hope you like my cunt then. I hope you like having your finger up it.”

“Yes, it’s wet enough. It’s slippery… and easy.”

He took his finger back out of her and his voice took on a commanding tone.

“Spread your legs.”

She sidled her legs apart a bit.

“Farther! I want to see your puffy lips hanging down from your dripping pussy.”

He watched her move her legs apart till she was standing there well spread — as if ready to do a deep forward bend. It felt so vulgar, ridiculous and… satisfying to be standing there in front of him like that. He groped a finger back inside of her.

“You need another finger in there.”

She got his drift and joined the game.

“Oh, is my pussy too much for your little finger?”

His ring finger joined his index as they both moved up and around inside of her, freely exploring.

“Yeah,” he said, deliberately running it around the outer edges of her pussy. “Your pussy feels a little too open. You need even more.”

He pushed the middle three fingers into her, his thumb coming to rest near her clit, his pinkie wedged between her ass cheeks. This time there was some resistance as his half-a-hand pushed her pussy walls apart.

“That’s better.”

He moved his fingers in and out of her slick pussy.

“But you need more than just fingers up there, don’t you?”

“I’m sorry that I can’t give you that opportunity,” she said, glad to dish it back a bit.

“That’s okay,” he said, a playfully dismissive tone to his voice, “I like my pussies tight.”

She felt that deep weightless feeling in her lower abdomen again as her body responded to the deliberate nastiness of his comment.

Why did it make her excited rather than just insulted? Why did she get so turned on when he said these demeaning, dirty things to her? Was there a mis-wiring in her erotic response system, or did most women secretly get off on the appraisal and judgement of their secret parts, this mix of appreciation and humiliation?

Was this the dirty little secret that bad boys everywhere knew? Every woman had her buttons, and some men had a second sense for where to find them. How did Danny get his finger up Sandy’s poodle skirt and under her schoolgirl panties? By telling her her that her little virgin pussy was too tight and that she needed him to fix that for her?

Mr. X began to rapidly move his fingers in and out of her, deliberately using his thumb as an anchor pressed up against her clit, pressuring it more than she would ordinarily like.

He stopped moving his hand.

“Show me how much your wet open cunt needs it. Ride my hand.”

It was so embarrassing the way he put it. So demanding. He looked at her appraisingly — practically smirking — daring her.

She stood there for a moment, balanced on his upthrust hand, wanting to remain in control, but needing to feel his hand moving inside of her.

And so despite her pride, she began to rotate her hips, wiggling them awkwardly. When that wasn’t enough she began to raise and lower herself up and down on his hand. It wasn’t enough, god-damn-it! It didn’t feel like it had when he was moving his hands. She needed to move faster, began shaking and thrusting herself against his hand — shameless, wanting only the pleasure of it. Wanting her needs to be exposed.

After a few minutes of this, the effort became too much and she slowed down just as he began moving his hand in and out of her again.

Then she felt his slick pinkie around her asshole, tickling her anus. His light touch felt strangely lovely on her rear-most entrance, and she wanted more. She found herself thrusting her hips forward. He began flicking his little finger across it.

“Oh, you like that, do you? Just how dirty are you?”

She felt discovered, betrayed again by her body movements. He pulled his fingers out and put them back in. But this time he left his ring finger out and let it stray up between her cheeks. Looking in her eyes deliberately, he pushed it slightly against her puckered anus. Her whole bottom was soaked in her own juices, and she was surprised by how easily his finger seemed to move against her, how her nether hole seemed to relax and open slightly.

“Oh, you do like that.” he murmured.

She knew that her husband couldn’t really see exactly where Mr. X’s hands were as they explored beneath her, and it gave her a secret thrill to know that she was being explored this way under his gaze.

Mr. X thrust his finger up to its first knuckle.

“You like having a finger in your ass, don’t you?”

She did like it. She did. Oh, she really did. She wanted it, it was true. She bent forward so that her husband could see what was being done to her. She let him go at her like this for a bit more, finding it hard to break the spell he had cast with his dancing fingers.

But she knew it was time to stop this now. She moved her hips up and stepped away from him.

“Okay, that’s enough exploring,” she laughed, trying to conceal the shy wanting note she knew her voice would reveal.

But really, enough was enough. Time for the final act.

She turned toward her husband, saw with pleasure and anticipation how hard he was. His cock stood up at 90 degrees from his prone body, its heavy veins in high relief. So hard.

She moved to him, bent over him and gently gripped his hips, encouraging him to move down the bed so that his legs were dangling and slightly spread. She got up on to the bed and straddled him — facing him, holding herself up with one arm while she lowered herself over him — guiding him into herself with her free hand.

His cock felt so good slipping in to her. It felt even better to fell her clit caressed and rubbed by the length of it as she slowly lowered herself all of the way down, savoring every inch. Despite the insinuations of Mr. X, this cock did fill her very nicely. She didn’t feel loose on it. It fit perfectly.

He husband had been waiting for her attention. Waiting also for a chance to get into the talk that he knew pushed her on.

“You like getting on top, don’t you? That way you can get the cock exactly where you want it.”

She lowered herself all the way, relishing the groans he made, joining them with her own.

“Ungghh. Ummmummmumm.”

“That’s right, grind away. Get yourself off.”

She moved forward, pressing her tender, full clit against his pelvic bone, levering his cock around inside of her, forcing it against the walls of her vagina, moving the tip around deep inside of her. She shoved into him as deeply as she could, feeling it touch her, tickling her deepest interior needs, at the same time mashing her clit into him even harder.

She worked up and down on his cock, moving slower and faster — getting into a rhythm, interrupting it, then starting again, putting him into an almost trance-like frenzy.

“God damn it, are you going to make me come or what?”

What she especially liked about this position was the exquisite control it gave her over the pace of the action and over her husband’s arousal. She started exercising that control; moving slowly then.

“Is that what you want to do all night? Get your wet slutty pussy off over and over again?”

She moved slower and slower, and as she did so she began twisting his nipples and then nibbling at them. She got to the point where she knew that one little movement at just the right angle of attack would get him off, and one other movement — well, it just wouldn’t quite. She was making him desperate. And that’s where she wanted him.

“Okay baby, make me come. You know you need it.”

He grabbed her hips and started pulling them back and forth, throwing her around on his cock. She loved this, but resisted him now, moving back to the slower pace she had set, then to a near stop. She rose up slowly hearing his moans then down again, slower still.

“Oh god, I’m so close.”

“Me too…did you like that? Did it make you hard seeing another hand playing with my pussy?”

He threw her talk back at her, his words melding with his groans.

“What do you mean, your pussy? It’s my pussy, remember? Yeah, I didn’t mind letting you show me just how bad you could be. And I didn’t mind you embarrassing yourself in front of a complete stranger, showing him how many fingers you could take in your pussy. How slippery and easy your dirty pussy is.”

She squirmed, listening to him.

“But you couldn’t stop there, could you? You let him stick his finger up your ass.”

“Oh god, what you must have thought of me.”

“What do you think he thought? Nice woman like you, likes to have her ass teased? And you did like it, didn’t you? You liked feeling his finger up your behind.”

“I didn’t just like it. I loved it. And..”

“You’d like him to do it again, wouldn’t you. Isn’t that what you’re waiting for me to ask you?”

It was. She’d been waiting for this. Needing to make that happen.

“Oh god yes, I’m such a dirty girl, aren’t I?”

She reached behind herself and pulled her left ass cheek obscenely to the side.

“What about it? Do you want to play with my dirty little rosebud again?”

Mr. X didn’t need a second thought. He almost bounced out of his chair.

“Yeah, I wouldn’t mind exploring your tight little ass some more.”

She moaned, a deep secret groan, as she felt him pulling her cheeks apart, felt his eyes on her most sensitive hole. She felt him run his finger forward toward her seeping pussy, covering it with her juices, pushing them down across her perineum and swishing them around her anus, tickling it again. Then — whoa — felt his index finger push into her. Felt his pointer finger one knuckle deep, then two. Felt him twist it around slightly.

“That’s it, take my finger.”

He began moving it in and out of her. It moved with surprising ease, but a bit more friction than she’d expected. It still felt odd, but pretty good. But it was more the experience of having it done to her than the physical sensation that got her off.

She continued to move slowly against her husband, pressed flat against him, while Mr. X stood over her ass, hands spreading it, finger toying with it.

“Oh, gosh. Wait. Please stop. It’s too rough. I’m not sure I can handle that.”

Mr. X pulled his finger out slowly and she felt its absence. She continued to move on her husband for a few minutes, sensing the stranger standing awkwardly behind her. Time to assign him his final role.

“This is a little embarrassing…but Cedric, I did a little shopping before meeting you tonight. I wanted to have my ass played with, by you, or…”

“Yeah, and?”

“So I stopped at the pharmacy and bought something. Over there, in the nightstand..” She pointed awkwardly.

Mr. X walked over to the nightstand, his cock pointed absurdly out from his body. He opened the drawer and pulled out a small bag. He looked inside, grinning.

“My, my, what a naughty girl you are.” He carried the bag over to her and placed it beside the couple lying on the bed. He pulled out a tube of glide lubricant and began undoing the lid.

She lay there on top of Cedric, craning her head around to look at Mr. X. Watched him dripping it onto his finger.

“No, no, silly.”

He paused, looking at her, appraising her.

“Your cock. Put it on your cock.”

This was the moment. The moment her plan would succeed or fail on. Failure — she could live with that. Success? She wasn’t certain that either her of her husband were prepared for.

She turned to her husband who suddenly looked a little pale, mouth open.

“Oh baby, this is what I’ve been waiting to ask. It’s what I’ve really always wanted. Deep inside, you know that. And I know it excites you. The thought of two cocks inside of me has fascinated us. I want to see what it’s like. I don’t want to talk about it anymore. I want to do it. I want it done to me.”

She waited a moment or two.

“But…” she said, unable to repress her conspiring grin, “I’ll keep my promise to you. My pussy really is only for you. So I won’t let him fuck me like you do…” She moved her body up and down on his cock a couple of time, amplifying the obvious — that he was indeed fucking her at that moment. “…I want him in my ass.”

Cedric’s eyes widened. Time to sweeten the deal. She leaned in close to him and whispered in his ear. “Plus, it’s just the kind of practice I need to take you in there.”

Reader Warning: Over the course of several chapters this story will contain cuckoldry, forced-bi, male chastity, humiliation, and other female domination themes. These kinks are not for everyone; if you do not enjoy FemDom themes you will not enjoy this story.

Veronica held down the CTRL-ALT-DELETE keys on the keyboard again, trying to get her computer to respond – to do anything! But it was useless. She had re-booted the cursed thing three times and subsequently every time she opened a browser window her operating system froze. “Fucking Bill Gates,” she cursed, finally giving up after a fourth seizure. Snatching a memory stick from the side of the unresponsive laptop, Veronica left her bedroom and started upstairs hoping her step-son didn’t have password protection on his computer. She was trying to download the latest firmware update for a new DVD player she had purchased and needed to access the manufacturer’s website.

Entering her step-son’s room was like walking into a demilitarized zone. Clothes were strewn from one end of the room to the other and empty soda cans seemed to occupy every inch of available surface space. She brushed a pair of socks off the desk chair, trying to fathom how teenaged boys could be such slobs. After sitting down and wriggling the mouse, Veronica watched as the computer monitor flashed to life. She was in luck; her step-son hadn’t powered off his computer, or set the screen-lock, and the default desktop came into view. With a triumphant smile she double-clicked the shortcut to his web browser. Careful of her neatly manicured nails, Veronica began typing in the address of the web site she needed. Her smile of triumph slowly faded to an expression more akin to shock. Before she had even finished typing ‘www’, the browser’s memory displayed a list of the sites frequented most.

The domain names of the sites made it perfectly clear what kind of content they contained. Veronica sat in disbelief for several seconds as she stared at the list, forgetting all about DVD firmware updates. Curiosity got the better of her and she wheeled the mouse until the curser highlighted the first suggested site. Hesitating for another moment, briefly debating if she should violate her step-son’s privacy, she finally clicked on it. Time seemed to drag as the site began to load, its content populating the browser window. It took only a few seconds for her suspicions to be confirmed.

“No way,” Veronica gasped amusedly at the images suddenly assaulting her, her mirth tempered by the surprise of what she had discovered.

Then a thought occurred to her. She closed the browser and opened a search field to examine the storage files on the computer. She narrowed the search to include only video or image documents and swiftly found what she sought. Veronica knew every teenage boy, along with being a slob, owned a stash of pornography hidden somewhere. Some hid magazines, others kept DVDs secreted away. Many, like her step-son, maintained a digital collection of naughty videos downloaded from the internet. The collection she found was as shocking as the websites.

Veronica’s instant dilemma was how to use the information she had just discovered.


“Seriously, man,” Hector was saying as he drove, “your step-mom is like the hottest piece of ass I’ve ever seen. And that includes the internet.”

Colin rolled his eyes from the passenger seat. Every time he brought a male friend home it was the same story. “Yeah,” he agreed in a tone devoid of enthusiasm.

“How old is she, man?”


“And how old is your dad?”

“Forty-three,” Colin answered.

“Damn,” Hector remarked. “So is she like a trophy wife or something? You know, one of those bitches who only marries a dude for his money?”

“I guess so,” Colin shrugged with his voice. “All I know is that my dad went on a business trip to Vegas and brought a blonde bimbo back with him, and then he tells me she’s moving in. Two months after that they’re getting married.”

“I just about blew a load in my shorts when I saw her in that bikini,” Hector recalled. “You think she’ll be by the pool again this afternoon?”

“Probably, it’s not like she has anything better to do all day.”

“Have you seen her naked?”

Colin sighed, “No. Can we talk about something other than my step-mom?”

Hector glanced at Colin’s annoyed tone, “What? You don’t think she’s hot?”

“Of course I think she’s hot. But what the fuck do you expect me to do? That’s my dad’s wife.”

“I wouldn’t care if she was my fucking sister, man. I would do anything and everything in my power to tap that.”

Colin snorted, “Yeah, well, you’d fuck a tree if you could find a wet hole in it.”

Hector didn’t seem to take any offence as he turned onto Colin’s street, “Maybe. It’s a good thing I don’t have any sisters!”

Colin couldn’t help the smile which crept onto his face, “Thanks for the ride. My car should be out of the repair shop by the end of the week.”

“Aren’t you going to invite me in?” Hector asked, pulling to a stop in front of Colin’s house.

Colin climbed out of the car, “Why, so I can watch you drool and pant like a dog while you stare at my step-mom? Normally that would be fun, but I’ve got a shitload of homework to do.”

Hector leaned towards the passenger seat, “If she’s in a bathing suit, take some pictures with your phone and text them to me…!”

“See you tomorrow,” Colin ignored his friend’s suggestion and closed the car door. Casting his backpack over a shoulder he walked across the lawn. As soon as Colin entered the house he heard his step-mother.

“Colin?” Veronica called, her voice coming from the kitchen. “Colin, is that you?”

“Yeah,” Colin replied, dropping his school bag on the entryway floor.

“Can you come here for a second?”

When Colin appeared in the kitchen Veronica nearly stole his breath. A skimpy and gauzy skirt-like wrap covered her hips and thighs, though he could see her bikini bottom through the sheer material with little effort. Her breasts were spilling out of the bikini’s top; it wasn’t because her breasts were overly large, it was because the bikini was so small and revealing. Her wavy blonde hair drifted over her shoulders and her porn-star figure was coated with an enticing tan.

“What’s up?” Colin asked, consciously trying to keep his eyes above her neck. It wasn’t too hard; his step-mother was gorgeous.

Veronica snapped open a can of diet soda she had just retrieved from the fridge, “How was school?”

Colin lifted a shoulder, which was his customary response to that question. He added, “School sucked. Is that why you called me in here, to ask me how my day was?”

“No,” Veronica admitted. “I want you to clean up your pigsty of a room.”

“You’re not my mom,” Colin dismissed her. “Besides, I’m eighteen years old, now. You can’t tell me what to do.” His relationship with Veronica was strenuous at best. She had married his father only six months prior and Colin viewed her as a gold-digging invader rather than a part of his family.

“You may be eighteen,” Veronica countered, “but you’re still in high school and living under this roof. I may not be your mother, but when your father is away I’m in charge of this household. Got it?”

Colin pronounced an annoyed sigh, “Whatever.” His father was always away on business and Colin didn’t like the idea of following orders from someone barely ten years older than he was. “Is that all? Can I go now?”

Veronica didn’t like Colin’s snotty tone and decided she wanted to see him squirm, “I just have one more question.”

Colin raised his eyebrows in an impatient gesture.

Veronica set her can of soda on a granite counter and leaned back against it, “Are you gay?”

“Wh-what?” Colin sputtered, thrown off balance by the bluntness of Veronica’s question.

She folded her arms across her chest confidently, “You heard me.”

“No,” he answered defensively. “I’m not gay. Why would you even ask that?”

Veronica held her smug smile and knew she had Colin cornered, “Because I was using your computer earlier and found some interesting sites in your browser’s history, and then I found your stash of porn videos.”

Colin glared angrily, “What were you doing snooping on my computer? Stay away from my stuff, Veronica!”

“I wasn’t snooping. I needed to download something and my laptop is broke. It’s not my fault you didn’t remember to clear your browser’s history of all that gay porn.”

“I’m not gay,” Colin repeated with more conviction.

“No? Then how come you’ve saved dozens of videos showing guys sucking on other guys?”

Colin tried to think of a rational reason that would explain the pornography saved on his computer but nothing came to mind. His expression betrayed some panic. “I’m not gay,” he repeated for a third time.

“Right,” Veronica smirked sarcastically.

“I’m not,” Colin professed. “I swear.”

“Fine,” Veronica shrugged. “Prove it.”

“Prove it? How am I supposed to prove it?”

“Take your pants off.”

“What? I’m not taking my pants off!”

Veronica lifted a brow, “Do you want to prove it, or not? Or maybe you’d rather I tell your father he has a gay son? I’m sure he’d be thrilled about that.”

Colin swallowed nervously. His father was notoriously anti-gay. If he thought his son was homosexual Colin would likely find himself on the street, “Wait, please don’t tell my dad.”

“Then take your pants off,” Veronica repeated simply. “Your underwear too.”

Colin balked, “Why? How would that prove anything?” He had no idea what Veronica was trying to prove.

Veronica pushed away from the kitchen counter and sauntered towards her step-son, “Because there’s only one way to tell if a man is gay, and it doesn’t work if his pants are on. Quit stalling.”

Unsure of what his step-mother had in mind, Colin continued to hesitate nervously.

“Just do it, Colin,” Veronica teased. “What’s the worst thing that could happen? I see your privates?” She winked, “Don’t worry – nothing I haven’t seen before.”

Colin exhaled and tentatively began unfastening the button of his jeans. If taking his pants off was what it took to keep Veronica silent, what choice did he have? Hooking his thumbs under the elastic waistband of his boxer-briefs, Colin pushed his pants and underwear down his slender legs to bunch at the ankles.

A sudden giggle escaped Veronica when she saw the limp stub of a penis hanging between Colin’s legs. He was circumcised, with a bush of dark pubic hair that made his cock seem even smaller. “Tiny little thing,” she commented, “ain’t it?”

“It gets bigger,” Colin replied sarcastically. He further explained, “I’m a little embarrassed right now.”

Veronica made a show of appraising him, “Well. Let’s just see, shall we?”

Colin’s eyes widened when Veronica took a step backwards and reached towards the clasp of her bikini top. She rolled her shoulders, shrugging the spaghetti straps off her arms and letting the flimsy garment fall to the tiled floor.

“Holy shit,” Colin breathed, his eyes stuck on the magnificence that were his step-mother’s breasts. They appeared to him perfectly formed; rounded things that had a slightly-baggy look only real breasts possess. She cupped one in a palm and hefted it upwards, dipping her chin and sticking her tongue out. Colin watched carefully, his eyes filled with rapture, as Veronica began seductively licking her own nipple.

He developed a near-instant erection.

Veronica lowered her breast and peered between Colin’s legs, not hiding the fact that she was looking right at his hard length. “Maybe you do like girls,” she teased. “But it didn’t get that much bigger. What are you, about three inches?”

“Four,” Colin muttered, self-conscious about his size.

Veronica took a step forward, “Maybe you’re not totally gay, but I think more evidence is needed.”

Approaching Colin, Veronica leaned her head forward and pursed her lips to push out a bead of saliva. Colin watched in disbelief as her spit hung off her lower lip and fell slowly in the form of one long strand. It landed on his cock with near-perfect aim.

“Jerk off,” she told him.

Colin had no idea how to react to her request, stupefied by what was happening.

Veronica grabbed his wrist and pulled Colin’s hand towards his erection, “Jerk yourself off,” she commanded in a firmer tone. “Look at my naked tits and jerk off your cock.”

Colin couldn’t believe how weird his afternoon had become. He had no idea what Veronica was playing at, if she was torturing him, flirting with him, or if she was drunk and completely out of her mind.

Seeing that he needed a little push, Veronica grabbed her breasts and kneaded her fingers into their plush softness. “You’ve got a beautiful, half-naked woman in front of you playing with her own breasts. Come on, Colin. Don’t you like girls? Doesn’t a pair of tits do it for you?”

Colin’s grip tightened around his shaft when she began teasing a pair of fingertips against her nipples, causing the red buds to stiffen.

“That’s it,” she encouraged him. “Show me how much you like a nice pair of tits.”

His step-mother’s dirty talk started to erase the shy inhibitions Colin was experiencing and his grip began slowly stroking up and down.

“Come on, you can do better than that. Don’t I turn you on? Don’t you like my tits?”

Colin sped up, “Jesus, Veronica. You’ve got the hottest tits.” His gaze was glued to her chest.

“I bet you want to slide your little four inch dick between them,” Veronica goaded him, mashing her breasts together. “Is that what you’re thinking about, fucking your step-mommy’s sexy tits?”

Colin nodded helplessly as he began to masturbate with more fervor, the saliva coating his erection making slick noises that filled the kitchen. Colin forgot the embarrassing situation he was in, standing with his pants around his ankles jerking off in front of his step-mother; he was simply too aroused to care.

Veronica suggested, “Would you rather watch someone else fuck my tits? Would it turn you on to watch a guy with a gigantic cock sliding his meat between my boobs? Huh, Colin? Some guy with a ten inch cock?”

Colin’s erection pulsed when he watched Veronica push another wad of saliva out of her mouth, the spit dangling enticingly before falling and disappearing between her cleavage.

“Oh my, you do like that thought, don’t you?” She continued to taunt him, “Are you a little pervert, Colin? Huh? Do you sit up in your room and jerk off while you fantasize about your step-mommy getting titty-fucked by a gigantic cock?”

Colin’s jaw hung open with arousal as he beat off with a frantic pace. Her teasing, humiliating tone turned him on beyond his understanding. The truth was he had fantasized about her while masturbating. Veronica was one of the sexiest women he’d ever seen; what teenaged boy could resist fantasies about a woman as perfect as she?

Veronica could tell he was getting close by the pained expression of pleasure on Colin’s face. Her dirty talk had accelerated his orgasm at a record pace – not that teenaged boys had any staying power to begin with. She decided to deliver the coup de grace and test her theories about Colin’s bisexual curiosities. She stepped in close and lifted her lips to Colin’s ear.

“I know you think about cock,” she cooed.

Colin shuddered. He could feel his step-mother’s breasts brush against his torso through the thin material of his tee shirt.

“Only fags jerk off to gay porn,” she whispered.

With a stifled grunt Colin came. His semen fired straight up into the air, several ropes of the milky fluid shooting out in succession. Veronica made a triumphant squeal as the stuff impacted against the underside of her breasts and coated her bare stomach.

By the time his orgasm subsided Colin was left breathless and panting. He looked in horror at his step-mother’s torso. Strands of cum hung from her breasts and dripped down her toned stomach; Colin couldn’t believe such a quantity was the result of only one orgasm. He was afraid she would be angry at him for covering her in such copious amounts of semen.

But Veronica laughed, “That turned you on, didn’t it? When I called you a fag? I fucking knew it, you’re half a homo aren’t you?”

After coming down from his orgasmic high, the reality of the situation suddenly washed over Colin. He felt ashamed and confused by what happened. Veronica was right; it did turn him on. Her words had been utterly humiliating and it had inspired an epic orgasm.

“I-I’m not gay,” Colin mumbled, bending to hastily pull his pants back up.

Veronica stepped back, wiping a hand over her tummy and smearing Colin’s semen across her skin, “Maybe not fully, but the proof is in the pudding. And your pudding came shooting out as soon as I started talking about cock.”

Colin turned away, embarrassed, “Just leave me alone, okay?”

A devilish grin decorated Veronica’s face as she watched Colin hurry out of the kitchen and up the stairs to his bedroom.


Colin didn’t re-emerge from his bedroom for the rest of the evening, except for a brief and hurried visit to the upstairs bathroom, leaving Veronica alone to consider what had happened. Her husband, Colin’s father, was frequently away for long periods on business trips. Veronica didn’t mind, she married him for his money more than his company, but she often found herself getting bored and horny when he was gone for more than a few days. Teasing Colin the way she did was a way for her to amuse herself, but Veronica felt a rush making him masturbate and orgasm for her. She liked the control she had over the situation. Colin seemed easily manipulated by the mere sight of her breasts and she wondered what else he would be willing to do for her. She was like a child and Colin was Veronica’s new toy. She wanted to play with him some more.

It was late in the evening when she finally went upstairs to his bedroom door. “Colin?” she called, knocking gently. “Colin, can we talk?”

“Go away,” he called back.

“Come on, Colin. I just want to talk. It’s okay, you don’t have to be embarrassed. No one has to know about what happened, I’m not going to tell your father or anything. I just want to talk to you.”

Several quiet seconds passed before Veronica finally heard Colin unlock the door and open it part way. “What do you want?” he asked warily.

“Can I come in?”

Colin seemed to consider but eventually nodded, backing away from the door so Veronica could enter. He was still wearing the same pair of baggy blue jeans and tee shirt as earlier, the garments hanging off his slender frame. At 5’10″ Colin was only two inches taller than Veronica, with a boyish face and a mop of black hair.

Veronica noticed he had made an effort to tidy his room. The empty pop cans were filling a garbage bag and the strewn clothes had been relocated into more organized piles near the closet. “Can we talk?” she asked as Colin flopped back onto his bed.

“What do you want to talk about?” Colin asked distantly.

Veronica sat on his desk chair, crossing one leg over the other. She had changed into a pair of designer cotton sweats and a tank top. “Are you a virgin?” she asked bluntly.

“I don’t see how that’s any of your business,” Colin sounded defensive.

“Humor me,” Veronica encouraged. “I’m not going to make fun of you.”

Colin sighed, “Yeah, I’m a virgin. All right? Is that what you came up her to find out?”

Veronica ignored his snotty tone, “When you picture yourself losing yourself losing your virginity, are you with a guy or a girl?”

“I’m not gay,” Colin growled. “I told you, okay?”

“I’m just asking. I mean, I did find a lot of interesting porn on your computer. It’s obvious you’ve at least had fantasies about being with another guy.”

Colin’s cheeks reddened. He knew he couldn’t deny it. It wasn’t as though anyone else used his computer.

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