dirty old man

“We shouldn’t have done that.”

I was still breathing heavily and still feeling incredibly horny, but at the same time I felt bad, dirty, as if I’d let someone down and I suspected that someone was probably me.

Trevor’s cock softened quickly, and he sighed as it slipped from my well used cunt.

“Happens all the time in this game love, don’t worry, it’s a perk of the job,” he quipped as I felt him wipe the end of his cock on my bum, leaving a slimy trail on my skin.

I still didn’t move when I heard him zip up his jeans and only turned my head when he counted out five crisp, new twenty pound notes onto the desk beside me.

“And here’s one more,” he whispered into my ear.

I shuddered as he placed a crumpled and dirty twenty carefully on top of the others.

“I’m not a prostitute,” I said sulkily.

“We all are darling, one way or the other,” he chuckled, patting my bare bottom.

I heard him take a couple more shots and then there was silence.

“Are we done?” I asked.

“Hmm? Oh yeah, yeah, got some good stuff today Sarah, thank you very much. Same time tomorrow?”

I stood and pulled my knickers up before heading back behind the tatty old Japanese screen without looking at him.

Could I do this again? I certainly needed the money and the portfolio sounded like a good idea, but I didn’t doubt I’d have to keep letting the dirty old bugger have his way with me.

“Yeah okay,” I replied as nonchalantly as i could manage.

“Good girl, told you you were a natural. Love it don’t you?”

I had to admit, I had enjoyed it, no matter how bad I felt now. ‘Maybe it would get easier’, I thought to myself.

Soon dressed, I took a deep breath before stepping out from behind the screen to face Trevor, but he was concentrating on his computer screen now, flicking through the images he’d just taken.

I watched for a moment or two until he reached the dirty ones and noticed that he lingered longer over these particular shots.

“Some great shots here for you portfolio babe,” he chuckled.

“The dirty ones?”

“Well, it’s up to you, but I don’t mind knocking together a couple of different ones for you, say a clean one and a naughty one? You’d stand a better chance of getting work if you went out armed with both.”

“I’m not sure if I want anyone to see those ones.”

Trevor instantly picked up on the hesitancy in my voice, the thought of lots of dirty old men wanking over my pictures made me horny beyond belief.

“Course you do girl, you love it, I told you you’re a natural.”

“But what if someone I know sees them?”

The thought of my friends or, God forbid, my mother seeing them made me feel sick.

“Nah, not where these are going Sarah, I sell them on to website content providers, chances are you’ll never even see them again no matter how hard you look.”

“I’m not sure…”

“You signed the forms love, my pics now!”

Trevor turned and smiled his unfriendly smile again.

“Look babe, don’t worry, I’ve been doing this for years so trust me, everything will be fine. You’re a good model and with a bit of experience you could be really good, I can help you with that, make a bit of money for us both and we can have a bit of fun along the way. You won’t be the first and you won’t be the last, but you could be one of the best, and as if I’d want to fuck that up!” he laughed.

I stood still undecided, chewing my lip.

Trevor looked at me for a moment then stood and held out his hand, I sighed and held mine out to him but this time he did shake it, quite firmly.

“You won’t regret it babe, I promise,” he lied.

All the way home I went over the conversation again and again, thinking myself into knots.

I stopped at a newsagent on the way home to buy some chocolate and noticed the magazines on the top shelf, that was me now, a dirty girl who let blokes take pictures of her naked for other blokes to wank over.

I felt a twinge between my thighs again and desperately wanted to adjust my knickers or take them off altogether, Trevor’s cum had soaked the gusset completely.

Hurrying to the counter I pulled out my purse to pay for the chocolate and saw the dirty twenty pound note there, a reminder of what went on. I paid with one of the clean ones instead and pushed the offending note into a pocket in the purse.

The shopkeeper handed me my change with a smile, I blushed, what did he know? Had he seen me looking at the porn magazines? I almost ran out of the shop as I headed for home with tears in my eyes.

To my great relief, my mum wasn’t home when I got back, so I headed straight upstairs and started to run myself a bath before heading into my room to get undressed.

Moments later I stood in front of my full length wardrobe mirror looking at myself, I was the same person alright, but I felt different and I realised I was looking at myself in a different way, more critical, and to my surprise I found myself worrying what Trevor would think of a small blue bruise on my thigh.

Then I looked more closely between my legs and saw his dried cum on my pussy lips and I felt a sudden overpowering urge to fuck, the same urge that had driven me to beg Trevor for his cock earlier.

I ran to the bathroom, turned off the taps and quickly returned to my room, closed the door and took my vibe out from its hiding place in my wardrobe drawer before falling onto my bed, closing my eyes and thinking about Trevor’s hard cock as I jammed the vibrating plastic phallus into my wet hole.

Forty minutes and two incredible orgasms later I knew I’d be back there tomorrow and as far as I was concerned I now had a new career.

The next day, as I was getting ready to go out my mum came into my room.

“Where are you off dressed like that?” she demanded.

I hadn’t told her about the modelling the previous evening, not being sure quite how to broach the subject, but I guessed that now was the time.

“I’ve got a job Mum,” I replied as nonchalantly as possible as I applied the finishing touches to my mascara.

“What as, a prostitute?”

I coloured at this and was instantly transported back to yesterday, Trevor’s pounding cock and the dirty twenty pound note.

“I’m sorry love,” she sighed as she noticed my change in complexion and sat next to me on my bed. “Your skirt is very short though and that blouse doesn’t leave much to the imagination you have to admit.”

“It was yours Mum,” I replied crossly.

“So it was,” she laughed. “So…what’s this job then?”

I told her and braced myself.

“Modelling? What sort?” she asked sharply.

“Like this,” I said, pulling my laptop over and opening a stock photography website up to show her.

“People pay for this do they?” she remarked, her temper obviously abating as she looked at a few pictures not too dissimilar to the cleaner ones that Trevor had taken of me yesterday.

“Yeah, I get a fixed fee and then the photographer sells a licence for them. They get used on websites and in magazines and things.”

“Well it seems okay, is that all you do though?” her voice was sharp once more.

“Yes,” I hissed, somewhat too defensively, turning away at the same moment to hide the lie in my eyes.

My mum took a deep breath and softened, touching my shoulder gently before she went on.

“Look Sarah love, I’m really pleased you’ve got a job and I’m sorry about all the questions, I just worry that’s all.

“I have lived a few years more than you have you know, I’ve plenty of experience of people and in general, and blokes especially, they’re usually either after your money or what’s in your knickers.”

She laughed when I turned to look at her with a look of surprise on my face.

“Just be careful and if you have even the slightest doubt, don’t ignore it, come and talk to me.”

I smiled and hugged her briefly, then stood and picked up my handbag from the bed.

“Thanks Mum,” I mumbled, trying my best not to cry and ruin my makeup.

“That’s alright my darling,” she smiled and I saw a twinkle in her eye as she held her hand out. “You can start paying towards the bills now.”

Twenty minutes later I was forty pounds worse off as I approached the dirty alley off the high street once more, my legs feeling like jelly and with butterflies in my stomach, however the nerves I felt on this occasion were mostly down to excitement at the prospect of the afternoon’s session.

Trevor buzzed me in and I had a feeling of deja vu as I walked up the narrow stairs to his studio, his eyes burning a hole in my bum, only this time I walked more slowly and wiggled my bottom in what I hoped was a sexy manner.

“Lovely,” he chuckled as he followed me up and I smiled to myself as I felt his hand cup my left bum cheek, it felt good to be paid to do something I enjoyed and the attention felt great, now I was completely sure that what I was doing was right for me.

The studio door was open so I walked straight in and put my things down in the corner behind the screen.

“Which outfit first Trevor?” I called out.

“You choose darlin,” he replied now openly watching me strip in the mirror.

I looked at the costumes hanging on the clothes rail that he’d prepared for me. There was a school uniform, complete with blazer, tie, hat and knee high socks and a nurse’s uniform.

When I stepped out from behind the screen a few minutes later I was a naughty schoolgirl, my hair in pigtails, my blouse unbuttoned halfway down my chest and my tie loose around my neck.

“Want to do some clean shots or do you want to get straight down to the dirty stuff?” Trevor laughed.

I looked at him silently for a moment, painfully aware of my erect nipples rubbing against the material of my bra as my chest rose and fell with my quickened breathing and in answer I slowly lifted the hem of my skirt.

Trevor chuckled as he began taking shots once more.

“That’s it babe, nice and slutty.”

I turned my back to him, looking over my shoulder into the camera, holding my skirt up at the back and showing my knickers.

“Arch your back more, poke your bum out as if your inviting me to fuck it, that’s it babe, you’re a natural.”

“A natural what?” I asked playfully.

“A natural slut,” Trevor replied, openly massaging the bulge in his jeans between shots.

“Now how about some open leg shots?”

I turned and sat back on the desk, resting my bottom on the edge as I peeled the knickers down my thighs.

“That’s it Sarah my love, nice and wide, you’re lovely and wet too so there’s no need for the spray.”

I knew it wouldn’t be long before I was begging for his cock again, I was almost panting as I spoke.

“The spray?”

“Yeah, for these shots we want the girl looking wet and not all of them get as turned on by it all as you so we have to use a spray to moisten up their cunts.”

He was close to me now, taking shot after shot between my wide open thighs and I longed to pull him forward into my body.

“Lovely, now lift your legs up and let’s see that tight little bum hole.”

I did as I was told without a second thought, placing my feet on the table either side of me and grasping the edge while pushing my hips up and forward, giving him full view of everything I had.

“Nice arsehole,” Trevor commented absently as he continued to shoot up close. “You’ll be wanting to get it bleached though if you want to get more work.”

“Bleached?” I asked puzzled.

“Yeah, it’s nothing major, just gets rid of the brown bit around your hole.

“You ever had anything up there?” he asked, quickly changing the subject.

“Anything…oh no…” I blushed.

“Fancy it?” Trevor lowered the camera slowly and looked at me in the same way a T-Rex would look at a beef burger.

“I dunno…doesn’t it hurt?” I almost whispered.

“Not if you do it right,” Trevor breathed as he slowly unzipped his jeans.

I looked on unable to move as everything seemed to happen in slow motion.

Trevor reached for the spray bottle he’d mentioned earlier with one hand while the other fished his already stiff cock out of his pants.

I gasped slightly as he squirted cold liquid onto my upturned bum hole and I felt it begin to trickle down between my buttocks.

“Just hold it there and try to relax,” he whispered as he quickly positioned himself between my thighs.

He pushed his erect cock forwards and down, lining it up with my back passage and I peered down to watch as he began to gently rub it around the hole, fighting the urge to let my hips fall and capture his cock in my aching cunt.

“How does that feel?” he smirked.

“Ahh nice,” I moaned and let my head fall back.

Trevor saw his opportunity and pushed forward firmly.

My head flipped back up and I cried out as I felt my anal virginity taken away, it burned as he pushed, a burning stinging pain, but then I remembered his advice and relaxed as best I could and the pain began to lessen and became more bearable.

“That’s it girl,” Trevor breathed as he set to work unbuttoning the rest of my blouse, before dipping his hand into my bra and lifting out my heavy breasts one by one.

“You’ve got lovely tits Sarah,” he commented as he pushed forward once more.

I gasped, feeling a slight pop as his cock head pushed past my sphincter slowly but relentlessly and I found that if I pushed back, as if I was going to the toilet, the discomfort almost completely disappeared.

“Yes,” Trevor groaned as he pushed past the half way mark. “Told you you was a fucking natural, you gorgeous little slut.”

I moaned when I heard him calling me that and pushed forward onto his cock involuntarily.

Trevor just grunted, falling forwards and jamming his cock in my arse up to the hilt as he began to suck and bite at my soft warm tits.

Then he began to thrust, gently at first but soon harder and harder as he began to lose control and I experienced a massive orgasm, crying out in pain and pleasure as my muscles clamped hard around his cock as he continued to pump my bottom.

My moans changed to whimpers and I flopped backwards onto the table, my legs falling either side of Trevor as he buggered me, he picked up the pace of his strokes, breathing heavily now and I knew I was about to get the first of many loads of spunk up my arse.

Right on cue I felt his cock swell inside me, I felt so full and so fucked that I could barely breathe but he just continued to plough my anus, there was no stopping him now and he emptied his balls into my rectum with a loud grunt, his red sweaty face twisted in ecstasy as he filled me up.

Minutes later we were still coupled, his cock softening slowly until it slipped from my stretched hole, leaving me feeling empty and strangely lonely.

“Oh…oh…my God,” I panted. “That was amazing!”

Trevor laughed breathlessly, “There’s plenty more where that came from my love. Now let’s get some shots of that hole of yours while it’s still freshly fucked.”

I was powerless to argue and just lay there as he took picture after picture of my stretched and cummy bum hole.

“Stick your finger up your cunt for me,” the old man directed as he clicked away.

Weakly I reached between my thighs and slipped a finger between my wet pussy lips.

“That’s it girl, get yourself off while the cum’s still dripping out of your arse.”

I moaned and began to frig myself with my other hand, digging and twisting my fingers into my wet hole as I did so. The orgasm came soon and hard, and my hips bucked and twisted, lifting off the table as my back arched and I saw stars for the second time in quick succession. Then my hands were pulled roughly away from my hole and I felt Trevor’s stiff cock pressing inside me once more.

“Oh God, fuck me Trevor, fuck me!” I moaned as he rutted between my thighs, his heavy balls swinging and slapping my arse as he pumped my juicy pussy.

“You’re a dirty little cunt aren’t you?” the old man growled as he fucked me.

“Yes…ah…yes, I’m a dirty cunt,” I moaned, as I cupped and squeezed my heavy tits, offering them up to him to suck and bite.

He did just that, leaning forwards over me and burying his face in my chest, alternately grinding his crotch into me and then thrusting deep and hard once more.

There was a strange buzzing sound from somewhere but I was too far gone to really pay any attention until I saw Trevor lean across me and pick up the handset for the intercom.


The photographer looked down at me and grinned, not missing a stroke.

“Yeah mate,” he panted, “I’m on the job now with that new one I mentioned, come on up.”

He reached across me again and pressed a button as I began to push him off me.

“Stop, stop,” I panted urgently.

“Don’t be soft I’m nearly there,” Trevor laughed and pushed me back down onto the table. “Slut like you can handle more than one cock at a time anyway, just enjoy yourself.”

He thrust into me hard again and I moaned as he plumbed new depths with his iron hard cock, then it was too late, I heard footsteps and the door opened.

“You dirty old bastard!” the newcomer laughed, I turned my head away from him, not wanting him to see my face even though I was curious to see what he looked like, but I was embarrassed, no one had ever seen me like this before.

Trevor was still ramming his cock into me, the table creaking and groaning beneath me as we fucked, but he still managed to laugh as he replied, “Come and have a go on her I could do with a breather.”

I looked at Trevor in shock but he just laughed as he pulled his cock out of me and at the same time I heard the other man’s zip being lowered.

“Much obliged mate,” the other man chuckled, “What’s her name?”

“Terry meet Sarah, Sarah that’s Terry’s cock going up your hole right about now!”

Both men laughed and I groaned as I felt the newcomer’s stiff penis slide easily into my wet cunt.

“Nice fucking tits love,” Terry remarked, digging his fingers deep into my soft flesh as he began to slide his cock in and out of my pussy.

I looked up at Terry, my mind telling me that I should put a stop to this right now but my body telling me the exact opposite as I locked my ankles behind his back and fucked back onto his deliciously hard prick.

He was older than Trevor, or at least he looked it but was almost the same build, in fact he looked very similar in a lot of ways but was better dressed and had a deep tan.

Trevor noticed my expression and laughed, “Ever been fucked by two brothers before?”

I shook my head and moaned again, the pace had quickened and Terry was fucking me hard now, slamming into me with a snarl on his reddening face.

“You dirty fucking slut!” he growled and then gasped.

I felt his cock swell and pulse as he shot his load inside me, I reached up for him, grinding my clit hard onto the base of his cock and feeling another orgasm fast approaching.

I came just as Terry finished and came so hard that I sat bolt upright, clinging onto him for dear life as the wave washed over my body.

“What’s she on?” Terry laughed.

“She’s just a horny young girl, bit of a nympho I reckon, fucked her arsehole for the first time before as well she fucking loved it.” Trevor replied as Terry withdrew, I fell back onto the table and he regained his place between my thighs once more.

“Lift up love, I’m going up your arse again,” Trevor grunted.

I ignored my shaky legs and did my best to lift my hips up for him once more crying out gently as I felt his cock slide easily into my arse up to the hilt.

“Go on lad! Fucking give it to her!” Terry laughed as his brother began to slowly but very deliberately slam his cock home before drawing it out slowly and repeating the process over and again until I was a quivering, moaning wreck and unable to do anything about the rough buggering he was giving me. And neither did I want to, I’d never felt so completely fucked in my entire young life. ‘If this is a taste of things to come,’ I thought to myself, then I knew that I’d made the right career choice.

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