Lily Peeples, or ‘Lil’, as she liked to be called, was a pretty 22-year-old blonde with blue eyes, hourglass curves and big tits. She was walking through the entrance to the Toronto branch of JumpCorp, a big, international electronics company.

I must get this job, no matter what I have to do, she thought as she approached the elevator.

She was right to need this job so desperately, for the economic crisis that had hit the world twelve years ago was still depriving the majority of people of any kind of decent employment. The year was 2020, and there was still nothing out there!

She got in the elevator and went up to the thirteenth floor, where the Human Resources Department was. As soon as she walked through the entrance, she was met by a handsome young man with a crew cut who was wearing a black suit. He was one of two people who would be interviewing her for the secretarial position she was hoping for.

“Good morning, Ms. Peeples. I’m Lech Penderecki,” he said cordially in a thick Polish accent, extending his arm for a handshake.

“Hi,” she said, shaking his hand. “Call me Lil.”

“Come with me,” he said, leading her through the large office of cubicles to the room where the interview would take place.

As they were walking along, she gasped at a most unusual sight. A good-looking young man, with well-defined muscle tone all over his body, was walking by, completely naked! He smiled a forced smile, trying to hide his embarrassment, and not even covering his genitals or buttocks with the papers he was taking on an errand somewhere, though he obviously wanted to cover himself. As he walked past cubicles of gawking women and a few men (presumably gay), some of his watchers whistled and patted him on the behind. She couldn’t believe her eyes.

She hurried up next to Lech and whispered in his ear, “Why is that guy walking around naked?”

“He’s new,” Lech said emotionlessly, as if there was nothing odd about the sight. They reached the room for the interview; he opened the door, and they went in.

“What do you mean, he’s n–” Lil began, but before she could finish asking her question, her other interviewer caught her attention by getting up from her desk and extending her arm for a handshake.

“Good morning, Ms. Peeples. My name is Jessica Hussey,” she said, shaking Lil’s hand. “Call me Jessie.”

“Nice to meet you,” Lil said. “Call me Lil.”

Jessie was a tall, thin young woman with light brown hair. She wore a woman’s business suit: a black blazer and skirt, with a white blouse and black high heels.

“Are you happy with my resume and my educational background?” Lil asked her.

“Yes, your qualifications are perfect for us,” Jessie said.

“Even with my lack of work experience?” Lil asked. “I’m fresh from university, just graduated.”

“‘Fresh’ is right,” Lech said, looking up and down Lil’s body lewdly. Lil sneered at him, not believing what she’d heard.

“That’s right, Lech,” Jessie said, pronouncing his name ‘Letch’ while leering at Lil, too.

“That’s ‘Lech’,” he said, pronouncing his name ‘Lekh’, to correct Jessie.

“Come, come, Lech,” she said (‘Letch’ again). “You know my mispronunciation suits you better.”

“I don’t think his attitude suits him well,” Lil protested.

“Well, if you don’t want the job, then…,” Lech threatened.

“Oh, no. I didn’t mean that,” Lil said agitatedly.

“Good,” Jessie said. “Now, Lil, take all your clothes off for us.”

“What?!” Lil asked, her eyes and mouth agape. Now she was beginning to understand why she saw a naked man in the office: there was an obvious relationship between a ‘new employee’ and a ‘nude employee’. “Did I hear you right?”

“Yes, you heard right,” Lech said, still looking up and down Lil’s curvaceous body, in eager anticipation of what was hidden under her clothes. “If you want this job, do as you’re told: get totally undressed.”

“But why?” Lil asked, shaking and oh, so reluctantly unbuttoning the top of her white dress shirt. “This is sexual harassment.”

“JumpCorp is a powerful company,” Jessie said. “Rich and powerful enough to swat any litigator like a fly.”

“Do as you’re told,” Lech said.

Slowly unbuttoning her blouse, and revealing a sexy black lace brassiere, Lil asked again, “But why do I have to…do this?”

“Because it pleases the CEO you’ll be working for,” Jessie said, getting out her cell phone and setting it for camera. “Your future boss…if you know what’s good for you.”

Lil’s shirt came off, and her black bra, covering her large breasts, was now gloriously displayed, along with her tanned skin.

“Sensational,” Jessie moaned as she got video of Lil.

Now, Lil undid her belt, and the button and zipper on her black skirt. Pouting the whole time, she wanted to cry.

“Now, now, Lil,” Jessie said. “No sulking. Gordon Lees, your boss, doesn’t like that. Smile, be proud of what you’re showing him. You have a great body.”

“Mm-hmm,” Lech grunted as he ogled Lil.

The skirt dropped to the floor, and her black lace panties, with their ornate, partly see-through design, were now showing, as were her black hosiery, which went up half-way between her knees and hips. She straightened up so Jessie could get frontal video of her. Jessie then told her to turn around slowly so she could get video of Lil’s underwear from all angles.

“Great,” Jessie said. “Now take the rest off.”

Lil’s heart was pounding as she, shaking, unclipped her bra. She paused a second, taking a deep breath, before taking it off and revealing her large, firm, and perfectly-shaped breasts. They had light pink areolae, each of a quarter’s diameter.

“Beautiful,” Lech said.

“Don’t pout, sweetie,” Jessie said, still getting video. “Smile.”

Lil forced a grin as Jessie brought the cell phone closer to get video of Lil from her tits up.

“Now the panties,” Lech said.

Lil pulled down her black panties, revealing her depilated pubic region.

“Shaved pussy!” Jessie groaned. “That is so hot.” She backed up to get video of Lil from the tops of her black pantyhose up. “Now, off with the hosiery and heels, honey.”

Never have I been so humiliated in all my life! thought Lil as she kicked off her heels and pulled off her pantyhose. Now she stood completely naked before Lech and Jessie.

“What a body!” Lech said.

“I’m jealous, honey,” Jessie said. “I’m also getting major lesbian urges. Now, stand up straight, and at attention. Up against the wall.” As Lil did so, Jessie backed up to get Lil’s whole body in the video, from head to toe. “OK, turn around slowly, sweetie.”

Lil turned around, revealing to the greedy eyes of Lech and Jessie her round, callipygian behind.

“Flawless,” Jessie said. “Now, let’s see your front again, and squat so we can see your pussy.”

Only my boyfriend is supposed to see that, Lil thought as she squatted, grinning a fake grin. But I can’t lose this job opportunity. I don’t want to be poor.

Her shaved vulva was delectable liquorice, making Lech and Jessie salivate.

Suddenly, a tall, handsome man in a grey suit walked in the room, delighted to see Lil in the nude. She groaned and looked away, feeling her degradation shoot up through the roof.

“Wow, she’s amazing,” the man said, studying her breasts and pussy. “Mr. Lees is gonna love her.”

“He sure is, Ron,” Jessie said.

A tear ran down Lil’s cheek.

“Oh, sweetie, don’t be embarrassed,” Ron said.

“How can I not be?” she sobbed.

“Because you have a body to be proud of,” Jessie said. “Don’t cry: Mr. Lees doesn’t like it. OK, stand up, turn around, spread your legs, and bend over.”

Lil did as she was told. Now Jessie could get video showing Lil’s pretty, puckered, chocolate-coloured asshole as well as her pussy.

“Wow, she has such a pretty hole; and think, it’s for pooping,” Ron said. Everyone laughed, except Lil, of course.

“I wish my body was as nice as hers, ” Jessie said, coming up for a close-up of Lil’s ass. “Gordon thought I was cute when he had me, but I’m skinny, with almost no tits. I envy you, Lil: he’ll like you much better. Keep smiling, and you’ll go far in the company. I promise.”

“Well, we’ve seen all of her,” Ron said. “Now, we need to see if she can use what she’s got.”

“Good point,” Lech said, and got a stool with a red velvet cloth covering something tall pointing up on the top of the seat. He put the stool next to Lil. “Now, you sit on this.”

Lil straightened up and looked in mortification when Lech took the cloth off, revealing a long, thick dildo attached to the seat of the stool! She sighed in horror, her eyes agape.

“If it’ll make you feel any better, honey, we all had to do shit like this when we were hired,” Jessie said. “Even the men had to.”

“Really?” Lil asked.

“Of course,” Lech said, taking ever reluctant Lil by the hand and leading her to stand with her legs on either side of the stool. “Remember naked man out there?”

“Oh yeah, he’s a hot one,” Jessie said. “I enjoyed ‘interviewing’ him, though he’s a shy one, like Lil here. I especially enjoyed watching his big cock get hard when we gave him Viagra.”

“Is Mr. Lees bisexual?” Lil asked, slowly lowering her pussy onto the knob of the dildo.

“No,” Ron said. “When we men are hired, we satisfy the appetite of Ms. Tate, the CFO.”

“You’re gonna need your pussy wetter, sweetie,” Jessie said, going over, putting her hand between Lil’s legs and tickling her clitoris. “So the dildo won’t hurt. Just close your eyes, and think of your boyfriend pleasuring you.” Jessie slid her finger inside Lil’s cunt and tickled her G-spot for a few seconds.

Seeing the wisdom of Jessie’s advice, Lil closed her eyes and thought of Stephen, her sweet, gentle, kind boyfriend, and his magical fingers touching her, instead of Jessie’s lecherous lesbian ones. It was soothing to Lil’s nerves to forget about this humiliating situation and think about the man she loved. She focused on a mental image of Stephen, and put the three perverts in the room out of her mind as best she could.

Though Jessie’s fingers weren’t as welcome as Stephen’s, hers stroked Lil’s clit much more expertly and sensitively; and before long, Lil was wet enough to receive the dildo. She came down in it, feeling its length and thickness stimulate her every moist vaginal wall.

“Ooh,” she moaned as she slowly went up and down on it, imagining it to be Stephen’s cock. For once, Lil’s grin was genuine. I’m doing this for you, my love, she imagined herself saying to him. Now we can live better, not on your silly, utopian commune and its farms.

“She’s enjoying it,” Ron whispered in Lech’s ear. “The bitch is getting horny.”

“You go, girl,” Jessie whispered as she continued getting video of Lil fucking the dildo. “OK, that’ll do. Get up, sweetie, and look at the back of my desk.”

Lil got up, pulling the dildo out of her gooey, tingling pussy. She looked over at Jessie’s desk. On the back of it, just under the desktop, was another dildo attached to it, pointing out so conspicuously that Lil was surprised she hadn’t seen it before. Getting more and more desensitized to how she was being made into a whore, she simply asked, “What do you want me to do with it?”

“Demo your cocksucking skills for us, of course,” Jessie said. “The men here aren’t allowed to have you until the boss is finished with you first, so you’ll have to use a dildo.”

Resigning herself to being a slut for the company, Lil got down on all fours and took the dildo in her mouth; closing her eyes as she began sucking it, she imagined it was Stephen’s cock, and that the two of them were in their bedroom.

Jessie squatted beside Lil and got closeup video of Lil sucking, licking, and kissing the dildo; while Lech got behind her and rammed his index finger inside her cunt.

“Mmm!” Lil whined, pulling her head back to take the dildo out. “You’re not going to rape me, are you?”

“No, no,” Ron said. “As Jessie said, we guys aren’t allowed to fuck the new girls till after Mr. Lees has had them. Don’t worry.”

“The boss doesn’t want any STDs,” Jessie said. “Must minimize the risk. We lezzies can have you, though. Let me know if you need my licking skills, sweetie. I’ll be happy to service you. Speaking of oral, come on, honey, continue sucking. Put the dildo back in your mouth.”

“I touch your pussy, get you wet,” Lech said, still poking at her pussy.

“Let me, you’re too rough,” Lil said, then started stroking her pussy more gently with her left hand while resuming sucking the dildo.

Lech opened her legs wider and pulled back on her ass, so both holes would be showing again.

“That’s it,” Ron said. “Let’s see that pretty asshole again.”

“Shouldn’t be for shitting only,” Lech said, licking his lips.

“Your boyfriend ever give you anal, baby?” Ron asked, smiling lewdly. “If not, he should. Your asshole’s always farting those sweet words, ‘Fuck me, fuck me’.”

The others laughed; Lil didn’t care anymore. If she’d objected any more, she’d have lost the job, and been humiliated for nothing. She was resolved to go all the way to get this job: she sucked that dildo like the dirty little whore they were turning her into, masturbating vigorously, and even approaching orgasm.

Jessie brought the camera over to Lil’s ass, being impressed with the sight of that dripping wet pussy. “Get the anal beads, boys,” she ordered.

Lech quickly got them, and after thoroughly lubricating them and Lil’s rectum, he started slowly, gently feeding each bead into Lil’s pretty brown anus. Lil moaned louder as she felt her ass being filled up, fingering herself more and more frenziedly.

Lech slowly and carefully pulled each bead out of Lil’s pretty little asshole, admiring–as were the other two lechers–how her ass lips widened and contracted with each bead popping out like shiny, transparent, spherical latex turds.

Having never experienced such a sensation before, Lil squealed with pleasure at the stimulation of her sphincter. When the last bead popped out of her now-gaping asshole, she ejaculated her orgasm in several sprays on the wooden floor.

“A gusher!” Ron said in amazement.

“You got that, right, Jessie?” Lech grunted, worried that she hadn’t.

“Don’t worry, guys, it’s all captured for posterity,” Jessie said, moving the cell-phone all around the area for close-up video of Lil’s gaping anus, her gooey vulva, and her lake of cooze all over the floor.

Lil took the dildo out of her mouth. “Po…posterity?” she asked in sighs. “What will…you do with…that video?”

“It’s for Mr. Lee’s viewing pleasure,” Jessie said. “And to secure your job. You can get dressed now.”

“Or stay naked, if you prefer,” Ron said, always ogling her. “We like you that way.”

“Don’t worry, guys, you’ll see plenty of her body in the near future,” said Jessie, saving the video.

“You won’t…post it…online, will you?” Lil asked.

“Not if you stay loyal to JumpCorp,” Jessie said. “That’s the other reason you had to get naked. This video ensures you’ll be deterred from the temptation towards corporate espionage. You’ll be handling sensitive company information as Mr. Lees’s secretary. If ever you should want to give it to our competition, we’ll post your whore video in a second.”

Lil shuddered at the thought. “I’ll be good,” she said.

“Good girl,” Lech said. “And this is for you.”

Lech got a thick envelope and handed it to her. “What is it?” she said.

“Incentive,” said Jessie. “Look inside.”

Lil opened the envelope. Inside was $1,000!

“This is mine?” she asked, genuinely grinning again.

“Yes, it is, sweetie,” Jessie said.

“Good job today,” said Lech. “You can dress and go home now. We call you tomorrow about starting work as Gordon’s secretary.”

“And as long as you continue to do as you’re told, that money in the envelope will seem like spare change compared to what you’re regularly paid,” Ron said.

Smiling, Lil got dressed and left the building so happy that she all but forgot about that degrading ordeal she’d just suffered.


When Lil got home, in a small house in a commune on the other side of town, she was surprised to see Stephen, packing all of his belongings, in the bedroom. He was visibly angry.

“Stephen?” she asked. “What are you doing?”

“I’m leaving you,” he said, snapping a suitcase shut and carrying it towards the door.

“Why?” she asked, shocked that any man would want to leave a girl with a body as hot as hers.

“You already know why, I think,” he said, setting his smartphone to video and replaying a recently recorded scene.

“Oh, God!” she gasped, then began sobbing at the sight of her naked body going up and down on a dildo.

“Yep, it’s online,” he said, angrily. “All of it, and every inch of you, for the whole world to see..and many, many will want to see!”

“Honey, I can explain.” She was shaking, with tears making her mascara run down her cheeks. “I was desperate to find a job, so we can live well.”

“I’ll bet you were desperate. My girl, being a slut for JumpCorp, just to get a job she didn’t really need!”

“They said…they wouldn’t post it…if I stayed loyal to them,” she sobbed.

“You should know better than to trust sleazebag corporate scum like JumpCorp. Even if they’d meant to keep that dubious promise, that doesn’t mean someone couldn’t have accidentally put the video in the wrong hands. Anybody could have found the video and posted it, without JumpCorp’s permission. But since JumpCorp, and many other corporate and state interests, know about communes like this one here, and of our intention of weaning more and more people away from materialism, consumerism, and blind obedience to the state, they’ll do everything in their power to discredit us, including embarrassing me through you, my girlfriend–now, my ex-girlfriend! I’m living in a friend’s house on the other side. I recommend you move out, for you won’t be welcome around here; of course, you’ll want to, Ms. Big City Girl! I won’t even want to live here when you’re gone, ’cause it’ll just remind me of you!” He opened the front door, about to leave, though she stood in his way.

“Oh, but this farming community of yours…it’s so ridiculous!” she screamed. “Who’d wanna live like this, like a Mennonite or something?”

“The last thing Peter Kropotkin advocated was living like a Mennonite,” Stephen said, sneering. “I want equality for the world, real equality.”

“Equality? What about your woman’s right to equality of opportunity? You just can’t handle your woman making more money than you!”

“Ridiculous! Letting people see you naked, sucking on a dildo and fucking it on a video–that’s equality, eh?”

“I don’t…like this country life: it’s boring.”

“It’s real. It’s human. It’s beautiful.”

“I want to wear beautiful clothes.”

“According to this video, you don’t seem to care about wearing anything.”

“I want a nice home, a nice car, a…”

“Yeah, yeah. Buy all that stuff to help you grease the wheels of capitalism. And you don’t care who it hurts, who else gets exploited by it, or if you lose your soul to it. Enjoy your life as a corporate whore, Lily. Goodbye.” He pushed past her and left.

She closed the door and bawled almost without a break for the rest of the day. She’d lost the man she loved, and potentially the whole world would know how she looked naked, and how she fucked and sucked. There would be a good chance of her family knowing; children would see, and possibly many of her neighbours, friends, and acquaintances would see the video or at least know about it. Lil was almost in despair.

Then she took out that envelope of money. One thousand dollars, and only for an interview. Spare change compared to her regular salary. Maybe she could endure it after all. In any case, if she stayed with the company, it at least wouldn’t have all been in vain…


The next day, Lil was told she’d been hired. When she went in the building, she was hoping for a good explanation for why the video had been leaked. Everyone in the halls and offices was leering at her: they all had to have seen the video! She bore the humiliation as best she could, reminding herself of the money she’d make.

One thing suddenly struck her, for the first time: every man and woman working for JumpCorp was really good-looking. Even the older ones were fit, thin, and with good muscle tome. No skin blemishes or baldness, either. Employees really must all be used sexually upon being hired, she thought; at least we all suffer it equally.

She met Lech in the Human Resources area again, and saw that nude man running errands in the office, getting his ass spanked often. Lech took her up to the fourteenth floor, to Mr. Gordon S. Lees’s office. They went in, Lech introduced her to Lees, and Lech left.

Lees was 52 years old, a little chubby, and with streaks of grey in his brown hair. Well, he is the boss, she thought, so I guess he doesn’t have to be all that good-looking.

“Good morning, Lily,” Lees said, ogling her from his desk.

“I prefer ‘Lil’, sir, if that’s OK,” she said deferentially.

“Very well, Lil,” he said. “Come sit with me.”

“Yes, sir,” she said, and went up to him; she was about to grab a chair when he reached out an arm to grab hers and stop her.

“No, honey,” he said, tapping his upper left leg. “Sit here.”

“OK.” She sat on his lap, feeling his bulging erection from under his pants. Do I have to be his whore now? she thought; Lech and Hussey said they had to do that kind of thing, too, when they were hired. It’s probably part of the hazing process. Soon enough, I’ll be fully integrated with the company, promoted, and given more respect later, when I’ve proven myself. Lee will have my body, but not my soul; I won’t sell my soul to capitalism, as Stephen thinks.

Lees put his hands on her arms. The black dress she was wearing was sleeveless, so as he slid his hands up and down her arms, he could enjoy their soft smoothness. Her heart was pounding, faster and faster, as she wondered what possible perversions she would soon have to submit to.

“You have such a beautiful body, Lil,” he said. “From what I saw from Ms. Hussey’s cell-phone video, you haven’t got a flaw. Undress for me, sweetie. Let’s see that skin again.”

“Yes, sir,” she said, getting up and unzipping her dress at the back. “That video was posted online.”

“Yes, unfortunately; Hussey’s phone was hacked by someone from one of those communes,” he said, his eyes widening in delight when her dress fell to the floor. She was wearing a red lace bra, panties, and matching hosiery. “Very sexy.”

“Thank you, sir,” she said, hoping he wouldn’t notice her frown of suspicion as to who the commune member might have been. She kicked off her black high heels. “Which commune did the hacker come from, if he’s been identified…if you don’t mind my asking?”

“You’re entitled to know,” he moaned as she bent over, the ass of her panties just inches from his sniffing nose; she was taking off her pantyhose. “It was the commune led by Stephen Proudhon, the libertarian socialist.”

She started at the sound of her ex-boyfriend’s name. “It was Stephen?” Barefoot, she unclipped her bra.

“You know him?”

“He…used to be my boyfriend.” She removed her bra, and turned around so Lees could see her tits.

“Oh, those have sugar sprinkled all over ‘em,” he grunted, reaching over to pinch the nipples. “I’m glad he’s only an ex-boyfriend, for he’s an enemy of JumpCorp.”

“His commune is drawing away more of the poor, making them want to avoid buying the company’s products.” She pulled down her panties, pulled her feet out of the leg-holes, and straightened up. She now stood completely naked before him.

“What a body,” he groaned, looking up and down at her and admiring her breasts and shaved pubic area. “Yeah, he’s drawing away our business, and polemicizing against us, too. He wanted to use your video to embroil JumpCorp into a scandal. Sit on my lap again, baby: lap dance me.”

She did, rubbing her buttocks slowly against his long, thick hard-on in clockwise circles. He cupped her breasts in his hands and squeezed them gently.

“A scandal would hurt the economy, which is already about the worst it could possibly be,” she said.

“That’s right. Investors would panic. The economy is…bad enough…as it is. The US government…is concerned, too. The Prime Minister…is having the…American army intervene…and round up…the conspirators…in the communes…in the interests…of the global economy. Oh! OK, baby, get up, and let me unzip my pants.”

She stood up, Lees whipped out his cock, and put his hands on her hips, gently guiding her pussy down on his upward-pointing full erection. She fingered her clitoris to get herself wet. Still with her back to him, she slowly sat on his cock, feeling its thickness fill up her only slightly moist cunt.

“Oh!” she sighed when it was in halfway, partially from pain as well as pleasure.

Her lubrication got better soon, and his cock was sliding in and out comfortably, giving her as much pleasure as it was giving him.

People standing just outside Lees’s office could hear the squealing and moaning from within, and they were chuckling at the sound.

“Go get ‘er, sir,” one man said.

“Have your fill of her,” another man said. “Then we can get our hands on her.”

She was bouncing and bouncing on his cock, but her breasts weren’t, because they were still in his squeezing hands. Her fragrant hair, done up in a bun, was brushing against his face.

After fucking her for a few minutes, he had her get up.

“OK, honey,” he panted. “Get on the floor on all fours. Push your ass out so I can see your asshole.”

“Yes, sir,” she sighed, and got on the floor as he wanted her to. Her worry from the pain of anal sex was mitigated somewhat when she felt him smearing anal lube all over her anus and in her rectum. After lubing up his cock, he pushed the tip against her anal lips slowly and gently. “Sir, please don’t…”

“Don’t worry, baby,” he moaned as he coaxed her asshole open. “I’ll be gentle. It won’t hurt.”

He slid it in an inch or two, groaning and grunting, as she was. This was her first ass-fuck, and after the surprisingly pleasurable feeling from the anal beads the day before, she was now getting more used to her asshole being a sexual area…even an erogenous zone.

He slid his cock in an inch deeper. It stimulated the anal wall next to her vagina, giving her an unexpected thrill. He went in all the way, impaling her ass completely. Her mouth was as wide open as her ass. He groaned out loud after that first full push.

Sliding his cock in and out, he loved that squeezing, crushing feeling of her anal ring tightly sealed around his shaft. She couldn’t believe what was happening to her: was she ever going to do any actual secretarial work?

After a few minutes of butt-fucking, he pulled his cock out and sat on his chair again.

“Come here, sweetie,” he sighed. “Take it in…your mouth now.”

“Yes, sir,” she said, turning around awkwardly and still reacting to the anal gaping she’d just experienced. As she approached him, she looked up at his face, avoiding having to see his cock, which she found revolting.

She got between his wide-open legs, and was on her knees, still looking up at him as she put her hand on his cock. Not ever wanting to see his–to her–disgusting satyr phallus, she kept her eyes closed as she brought her salivating mouth down to it. She kissed it and licked it a few times before wrapping her lips around the knob.

“No, baby,” he moaned. “Look up…into my eyes.”

She did, brushing his pubic hair aside so she wouldn’t have to see it as her lips slid up and down his throbbing shaft.

“That’s it,” he said, looking down in her submissive, timid eyes. “Ah!” He came in her mouth after just a few seconds of sucking, making her swallow every last drop by keeping his cock three-quarters of the way in her mouth. She reluctantly gulped it all down. “Oh! Good, zip me up.” She put his spent dick back in his pants and zipped them up, still avoiding looking at it, but careful not to hurt his so sensitive organ.

“What now, sir?” she asked, forcing a smile.

“Yeah, see those files on your desk over there? Take them down to logistics on the fourth floor. Hurry up, now.”

“OK.” Finally, she thought, some normal office work for me. She reached for her panties.

“No,” he said, reaching over and stopping her hand. “Go down as you are.”

“Oh?” she asked, dreading having to be publicly nude again. “But why?”

“It pleases me. Don’t worry; they won’t see anything they haven’t already seen. Your nakedness is world famous. Look.” He grabbed his laptop and clicked on a link to a local news website; it showed a news story about Stephen’s commune’s ‘making’ of Lil’s video.

“Yesterday, a pornographic video was allegedly made by Stephen Proudhon, leader of the commune known as ‘Toronto West’; it was then posted online,” said the news correspondent. “The video featured none other than his ex-girlfriend, Lily Peeples, stripping naked and performing sexual acts on sex toys in an office. It was made to look as if it were an office in the Toronto branch of the international electronics company JumpCorp, in an attempt to bring scandal to the corporation.”

“Oh, my God!” Lil shrieked. She began to cry again.

“Yeah, but don’t worry, we’ll get that Stephen.”

“That bastard!”

“Proudhon vehemently denies having made the video, and claims that it had already been put online by someone in JumpCorp, who was attempting to make it seem as if it had been Proudhon who had recorded it,” the reporter continued. “The video has already been seen by millions of viewers on various pornographic websites all over the world, with a particularly large number of viewers from the Toronto area.”

“Lily, you are so hot naked!” one Toronto man she knew from high school said in the reporter’s microphone in the video. “Yum, yum!”

“Oh, Jesus!” Lil gasped.

“Hurry up, sweetie,” Lees said to her. “Go get those files on your desk, and take them downstairs. Run along.” He spanked her ass as she went over to her desk to get the files. She got them and turned for the door.

Is there anyone in the world who doesn’t know what I look like naked? she wondered, trying to stop crying, as she approached the door. With her free hand on the doorknob, she took a deep breath and turned it.

“Don’t forget to smile,” Lees said. “I like smiling.”

Forcing a smile, she opened the door and looked up at the lights to avoid all those appraising eyes in the busy office. Barely a second or two had gone by before she heard a chorus of whistles, clapping, and cat-calls from all the other office workers. Heading for the elevator, she just kept on smiling. Her watchers were merciless.

“There’s that amazing ‘lil’ body,” one man said. Some laughter was heard.

“Beautiful tits,” another man said.

“I wish mine were that big,” a woman said.

“A foot fetishist’s dream come true,” another man said.

“Purr-fectly shaved pussy,” a fourth man said. More laughter was heard.

“You got that right,” another woman said. “My lesbian tongue is ready to lick, if you’re interested, honey.”

“And in between those sugary buns,” a man said, patting Lil on the ass, “is the prettiest asshole even seen on video.”

“You pig,” a third woman said.

Lil got in a crowded elevator.

“Going down?” a woman by the buttons asked. Everyone laughed.

As the elevator went down to the fourth floor, an octet of groping hands were all over her tits, ass, arms, back, belly, and pussy. A tear ran down her cheek as she endured all that feeling, caressing, pinching, and fingering.

She reached the fourth floor and got off. Walking through the doors of the Logistics Department, she immediately began to hear more lewd remarks and to see ogling eyes pouring all over her nakedness.

“Feel free to practice your cocksucking talents on me anytime, baby,” one guy said as she passed. “I was impressed with what you did with those dildos.”

“I have a cock that’ll make you gush twice as much as you did yesterday,” another man said, caressing her buttocks as she went by.

“I have these files,” she said, fighting back sobs. “Who do I give ‘em to?”

The man who’d been touching her ass, and still was, said, “Oh, he’s over there in Room 407.”

“Thanks,” she said, and went over quickly.

“Pleasure’s all mine,” he said, licking his lips and staring at her ass as she went in the room.

The man at the desk gave her a pleasant shock: he was by far the most handsome man she’d ever seen! He made movie stars seem plain-looking in comparison. In his thirties, he had black hair and eyes, with muscle definition that clearly showed through his white dress shirt. He got up from his desk to shake her hand, a genuine gentleman, in spite of how her nudity compelled ogling; and his standing showed how big and tall he was–at least six foot three to her five foot ten.

“Hi, I’m Tom Walker, Head of Logistics,” he said as he shook her hand, amazingly maintaining eye contact with her pretty much the whole time. “You’re Ms. Peeples, Mr. Lees’s new secretary, I gather?”

“Yes,” she said nervously, and gave him the files. “How’d you know m-my name?”

“How could I not know who the world-famous Lil Peeples is?” he asked with the gentlest sneer he could muster.

“Oh, yeah, of course,” she said, shaking in nervousness not so much from embarrassment at her nudity, but from his god-like good looks. “No point in me wearing anything ever again: by now, everybody in the whole world knows every inch of my body, even better than I do.”

“Would you like to wear my blazer? So you’ll feel less uncomfortable.” He sat back down.

“Oh, no thanks. That’s OK. I don’t mind being naked for you…I mean, you’re the first man I-I haven’t felt u-uncomfortable being naked with…I-I mean, if you like my body, I’ll let you look…I mean, oh, sorry, I sound like such a slut s-saying that…” She blushed and put her hand on her face.

“Just relax. Would you like to sit down?”

“OK,” she said; but instead of sitting on the chair he offered her, she went around his desk and sat on his lap. She was thrilled to feel a long, thick erection in his pants, and was doubly pleased at how he was controlling his horniness out of gentlemanly consideration for her. He put his left hand on her hip, and his right on his computer mouse, clicking some things on his computer screen. He could have groped her all over, but he only had his hand on her hip. “Don’t you want to feel me up? Everyone else here does.”

“Men aren’t supposed to fool around with the new-nude girls till Mr. Lees is done with them.”

“Yeah, but you’re allowed to touch, aren’t you?”

“Yeah, but I’d rather have dinner with you.”


“Sure. I’ll cook for us tonight, around 8. Are you free then?”

“Oh, yes,” she sighed, almost swooning.

“We can also talk about your future here in Jump–”

There was a knock on the door.

“Who is it?” he asked.

The door opened, and Ms. Hussey was there. “Jimmy needs to talk to you about–” she said, then saw Lil’s glorious skin. “Oh, I see you’ve met the delicious Lily Peeples.”

“Yes, Jessie,” he said in a tone disapproving of hers. Lil got off his lap so he could get up. “Jimmy and his endless problems again, eh?”

“That’s right,” Jessie said.

“This’ll probably take an hour or two.” Tom headed for the door. “Meet me here at quitting time, Lil: 5 PM sharp.” He walked out.

“Yes, Tom,” she said shyly.

Jessie closed the door and began looking up and down at Lil. “So,” Jessie said, “Tom’s gonna have that sensational body of yours tonight, eh? Well, he was always able to get the women.”

“He can’t until Mr. Lees is finished with me,” Lil said.

“Has Gordon already fucked you?”

“Is that your business?” Lil asked angrily.

“Honey, nothing about you is private; you should be the first to know that. And don’t talk to your superiors like that.”

Lil sighed, and timidly avoided eye contact with Jessie. “Yes, he fucked me already.”

“Then he’s done with you,” Jessie said. “You’re anybody’s girl now.” She went over to Lil and stroked her shoulder.

“What-what are you doing?”

“What do you think? Come on, baby. Remember how good my finger made your pretty little pussy feel? Think of what my tongue can do.” She licked Lil’s ear.

“Uh, I dunno about this.”

“Do as you’re told, Lil–if you value your job.” She grabbed Lil’s tits.

“Oh, all right, then.”

“Good. Sit on the desk and spread your legs.” Lil did. Jessie bent down, bringing her face to Lil’s pussy. “Jimmy really will keep Tom out of here for an hour or so; that’s practically guaranteed, knowing Jimmy. So we should have plenty of time before Tom gets back.”

Jessie’s tongue tickled Lil’s clit while she slid her finger gently inside Lil’s vagina. Jessie sucked and licked Lil’s hardening clit, and her finger rubbed against Lil’s G-spot. Jessie wrapped her lips around each labium and gently pulled on them alternately, causing Lil’s pussy to get wetter and wetter. Then Jessie poked her tongue as far inside Lil’s cunt as she could stretch it.

As Jessie was sucking, licking, kissing, blowing, and humming away, Lil closed her eyes and imagined that was Tom’s mouth down there. The fantasy accelerated Lil’s horniness like a fire fanned straight at her body. Lil’s sighing and squealing was a perfect counterpoint to Jessie’s humming and buzzing against Lil’s now rock-hard clitoris.

Jessie slid her finger inside Lil’s vagina again, putting it all the way in and reaching for the anterior fornix area. The tip of Jessie’s finger tapped around that area deep inside, making Lil squeal louder and louder. While she was fingering Lil in that way, Jessie’s tongue explored Lil’s perineum and anal area, flickering away.

Soon after, Lil splashed her come in a waterfall all over Jessie’s face.

Clapping and cheering could be heard behind them. Lil opened her eyes and noticed all the office workers watching her getting eaten out by Jessie from behind the wide-open door. Lil groaned in embarrassment as everyone stared at her come-soaked cunt.

“Yum, yum,” Jessie said as she licked Lil’s come off her face. She reached for a Kleenex off Tom’s desk and wiped the rest off.

“Good work, Ms. Hussey,” Lech said, ogling Lil’s still spread legs. “You live up to your name.”

“As do you, Lech,” Jessie said (‘Letch’ again). Her face was now all wiped clean. “Lil, we’ll need you to do a press conference tomorrow, to clear up this problem of the leak of your smut video.”

“Oh?” Lil asked, closing her legs in annoyance at Lech’s staring at her pussy. “What do I have to say?”

“We’ll tell you what to say tomorrow morning; we’re still working on the wording now, to get it just right to preserve the company’s image against Mr. Proudhon’s slanders. Your ex, eh?”

“Yeah, the bastard.”

“Bastard is right. He could ruin us with that video. Do a good job tomorrow with those reporters, and we promise you, you’ll rise so high in the company, you’ll be touching the sun. Even better pay than I promised before. You’ll be swimming naked in all your money.”

“I won’t have to be naked before the reporters tomorrow, will I?”

“Of course not,” Jessie said, laughing. “And when you’re promoted, to a much better job than mere secretary, you’ll not only be dressed all the time, but you’ll be able to afford such fine-looking designer clothes, what you stripped out of today and yesterday will seem like homeless people’s rags in comparison.”

Lil smiled at the thought of her promised prospects.


That night, Lil–wearing her black dress and heels again–went with Tom to his condominium. When she walked in and he turned on the light to show her his luxurious living room, she imagined she was in a palace.

So this is how high-income people live, she thought as she looked around his place, and at all his obviously expensive furniture and other belongings; Tom makes Yuppies look like welfare bums.

He took her to the dining area. “Have a seat,” he said, gesturing to one of the chairs at the dining table. “I’ll get the food out of the slow cooker; I’ll be just a minute.” He went into the kitchen.

She sat down and looked around his place, still admiring how beautiful it was, and imagining herself living in such a place…ideally, living in this place, with him. I’m moving out of the commune tomorrow and into an apartment in downtown Toronto, she thought. If I play my cards right, I may be moving in here soon.

He came back in with the dish, a stew. He got some plates and served dinner for them. Then he got some red wine, poured a glass for her and himself, and sat down so they could start eating.

He raised his glass, and so did she. “To a great future at JumpCorp,” he said, and they clinked their glasses. Then they picked up their knives and forks and began eating.

“We’re really going to need your help when talking to the reporters tomorrow,” Tom said.

“What do I have to say?” Lil asked.

“Jessie is getting that ready; she should have a full statement for you to memorize, and on which you’ll base how you answer the reporters’ questions.”


“I’m really sorry about how you’ve been treated these past two days. It’s not my idea at all; nor is it Jessie’s, nor Lech’s, nor any of the other office workers’. It’s what Gordon Lees wants: he’s a perv, we all know that. So is the CFO, Ms. Bess Tate, who puts all the young men, the male new-nudes, through the same thing you were put through. Remember that these business executives have all the power in the company, and we have no choice but to do whatever they want us to do.”

“That’s why sexual harassment is tolerated as badly as it is?”

“Yes, unfortunately; they are simply that powerful; and with the economy as bad as it’s been, new employees won’t have any choice but to put up with it. Another justification behind getting the new-nudes to strip and perform sexual acts is to ensure that none of us ever jumps ship and gives sensitive company information to our competition. Getting naked and getting video of us nude helps us to understand the fear this company has of having its secrets given away. We don’t want our secret places shown to the general public; neither does JumpCorp want its secrets publicized.”

“Jessie promised that video wouldn’t be made public, but it went public.”

“I’m sorry, but that wasn’t our fault. Stephen Proudhon was responsible for that. He and the people of his commune claim they’re against technology, and yet they use smartphones and computers like everyone else. And he’s the one who hacked into our computer system and got access to your video. See the hypocrisy of his position?”

“The bastard.”

“Exactly. What those idealists don’t understand is that there’s no such thing as equality. There’s a natural pecking order in the world, observable in the animal kingdom: some lead, others follow. If you want to do well in this world, you first have to follow. Then you can become a leader.”

“Oh, I agree completely.”

“Good. Now as part of your statement to the press tomorrow, we need you to tell a little white lie: tell the reporters that Stephen was the one who made that video, and Photoshopped it to look like an office in our building, with a fake ‘JumpCorp’ logo on the wall in front of which you were posing naked.”

“I can do that; I want revenge on that bastard for humiliating me.”

“And you have every right to want revenge. That video was only for those in the company to know about. We all suffer the same porno hazing ritual, so it’s all equal and fair. We never meant for it to be put online: the threat of posting it online is only to deter employees from sharing company secrets with the outside world.”

“I understand.”

“Remember that Stephen’s commune, like all the other ones in Toronto and around the world, engage in internet propaganda against not only JumpCorp, but against corporations and governments worldwide. The more success they achieve, the more the economy gets hurt. That’s the real reason the economic crisis has gone on for so many years.”

“That’s why I could never find work anywhere else.”

“That’s right. It’s the communes’ fault, not that of so-called ‘evil corporate greed’. And that’s why we need your help tomorrow.”

“You’ll get it tomorrow; I promise.”

“Stephen says he hates technology, but he freely uses it to advance his own cause.”


“Exactly,” Tom said. They finished their dinner. “How was the stew?”

“Delicious,” she said. “You’re a great cook.”

“Thanks. Glad you liked it. Let’s go over to the living room.”

“OK,” she said. They got up from the dining room and went over to the living room sofa, where they sat next to each other. “Stephen, my ex, claims he believes in equality across the board; he never cooked for me once in our relationship. I did all the cooking. He claims he isn’t talented at it. I think that was just an excuse for not wanting to learn.”

“Without a doubt,” Tom said, putting his arm around her and kissing her on the cheek.

“You’re much more feminist than he could ever be.” She pecked him on the lips.

“Thanks again.” They started French kissing, with their arms around each other. He unzipped her dress at the back. When it came off, she was already nude: she then kicked off her high heels. “No underwear?”

“No,” she sighed, nuzzling on his neck and loosening his tie. “I wanted to be naked for you as soon as possible.”

“Thanks a third time.” He held her left breast in his hand and gently squeezed it as he continued French kissing her. She put her hands on his bulging crotch and unzipped his fly. She pulled his cock out and began jerking him off as he undid and pulled down his pants.

She got on the floor on all fours, spreading her legs and showing off her pussy and asshole, looking back at him with a lewd smirk and freely offering him whichever hole he preferred. Choosing her pussy, he turned her around to lie on her back, pushed her spread out legs back towards her arms, and gently pushed the tip of his hard-on against her wet vaginal opening.

“Oh!” she moaned as she felt his cock burrowing its way in an inch.

“Ah!” he grunted as he felt the soaking tightness of her cunt embracing his boner. He slid it in a few more inches, getting more squeals from her and grunts from himself.

She looked in his eyes with boundless love and loyalty, as well as a mouth so agape that her jaws were sore, as his cock slid in all the way. “I…love you. Ah!”

Without echoing her words, he kept pumping inside her, bringing her closer and closer to orgasm.

“I am…yours,” she squealed. “Oh! You have…my soul. Ah!”

He held her legs up as he kept ramming away. “Uh! Uh! Uh!”

She was squealing high pitched staccato notes in time with lis low-pitched grunts, in a rhythm that accelerated in a crescendo, their pitches also going up.

“Ah!” she screamed, coming a deluge all over his cock and balls. Fortunately, he had his pants pulled down to his ankles, so her come didn’t make a mess on his clothes.

He pulled his cock out of her pussy, and went back to sit on the couch. He was still rock hard, and she went on her knees between his legs, taking his cock in her hands, looking up in his eyes with loving lewdness, and licking and kissing the underside of his knob.

“Oh,” he moaned, looking down in her happily submissive eyes.

“This is for you, Tom,” she sighed, licking and kissing the tip of his cock a few more times. “I love you.”

Again, he didn’t return her expression of love, but she chose not to care…she figured that would come later. For the moment, she focused on getting him off. She wrapped her salivating lips all over his knob, never taking her eyes away from his. She took his cock in a few inches more, her tongue flickering and tickling the underside of his shaft, where his protruding corpus spongiosum was.

He looked down in her eyes, happy with her submission and considering it only proper, for the good of the corporation. He put his hand on the back of her head, gently pushing it forward to hint that he wanted her to deep-throat him. Indeed, she took his cock all the way in, with his bristly pubic hair poking in her face and up her nostrils.

She took his balls in her hand and gently shook them as she continued deep-throating him. Those watching my video got only a taste of my cocksucking skills, she thought as she practically devoured his cock, never gagging; you, Tom, and only you, will know the full extent of my abilities as a lover. Even Stephen never knew how good I’m capable of being.

“Oh!” he groaned, looking up at the ceiling. Damn, this bitch can suck cock, he thought. He ran his hands through her hair, pulling out the pins and letting it fall freely down on her shoulders. She enjoyed the sensation of his fingers swimming through her tresses.

She took his cock out of her mouth and jerked him off as she took his balls in her mouth, As she sucked on the scrotum, tapping his testes with her tongue, she ran her hand up and down his shaft, which was soaking wet with her saliva.

“I’m…gonna come. Oh!” he moaned.

She took his balls out of her mouth and pointed his cock at her face as she continued to jerk him off. He spouted his load all over her eyes, nose, cheeks, and lips. She moaned softly as his jizz dripped down her face.

He looked down at her and smiled. Good girl, he thought; good girl.

“I love you,” she said softly, the come on her lips making her words somewhat inarticulate. The lack of clarity in her words made no difference to him, though. The lack of interest he had in her love made no difference to her either, for she couldn’t see it in his eyes: his come was keeping them shut.


The next day, she–in a grey businesswoman’s outfit–held the press conference, knowing exactly what to say after Jessie had given her a statement to memorize. After her statement, there was question time.

“So Mr. Proudhon made the video of you in a room in one of the houses of his commune?” one reporter asked.

“That’s right,” Lil said, with a tear running down her cheek. “He was an abusive boyfriend, always controlling me and trying to exploit me for the benefit of his commune. His suicide, and that of all the others in the commune last night, is regrettable, but I’m not going to cry for any of them. The way they degraded me is unforgivable.”

“The way they killed themselves is rather strange, don’t you think?” another reporter asked. “All of the bodies had bullets in their heads. The scene looked more like some army, or police force, went in and shot everybody there. What do you have to say about that?”

“The commune had their own guns,” she said, lying to cover up the covert US army operation in the commune the night she made love with Tom. “In spite of Stephen’s professed pacifism, the people in his commune were secretly armed to the teeth. As soon as they learned they were going to be arrested for perpetrating this fraud to hurt JumpCorp’s reputation, as well as for abusing me, they stood beside each other and each one of them put their guns to the person standing next to them, and they blew each other’s brains out. This was another tactic of theirs to make it look as if an army, or paramilitary unit like the police, had murdered them all. They’re all liars, every one of them in the communes. That’s why I left and joined JumpCorp, to defy Stephen, as well as to be part of a better world.”

“It still seems so bizarre, this mass suicide, as JumpCorp claims it was,” the second reporter said, sympathizing with the communes. “Why not just use the opportunity to try to defend themselves and their cause during their trial?”

“Well, they were like a weird religious cult,” she said. “I know; I used to live with them.”

“And this video came out just when you joined JumpCorp,” the second reporter went on. “It’s such a strange co-incidence. How can we know for sure that the video wasn’t really made by JumpCorp, as a kind of weird hazing ritual?”

“If you watch the video, looking at the wall instead of…at my…body,” she said, fighting back sobs, “you’ll notice how phoney-looking the JumpCorp logo looks. It was obviously not the company’s authentic design; it was added with Photoshop, by the commune before they put it on the web.”

“You sure it wasn’t Photoshopped by JumpCorp themselves?”

“If you believe JumpCorp did it, why don’t you try to prove it, instead of making baseless accusations?” she asked angrily, sobbing. “I just went through the most humiliating experience of my life. JumpCorp has kindly had the video removed, something the communes never even tried to do. If you don’t mind, I think I’ve answered all your questions; I’d just like to put my life back together now and move on. Thank you.” She abruptly ended the press conference and left the room.


Some of the office workers on the fourth floor were watching her live press conference on their computers and tablets, including Tom.

“That poor, naive girl,” he said to the others watching with him on his computer in his office. “How little she knows of the truth.”

“Who really posted the video online?” Jimmy asked.

“Jessie did, of course,” Tom said. “After I told her to, an hour before it was uploaded to our computer network. As soon as Lil had gotten dressed and left the building, Jessie actually hacked into Proudhon’s computer in the communes and put the video there, before it had even been put on our computers; that way, no one could prove we had the video first.”

“Lil still doesn’t know?” another worker asked.

“Of course not, and we mustn’t ever let her know,” Tom continued. “We’d been tempting her to leave that commune and work for us months ago, with offers of a huge salary, which she will get. The whole reason she was hired was so we could find a pretext to have Proudhon and his commune killed, by the US troops in a covert operation, making their deaths look like a mass suicide. We have similar plans for the other communes. Little by little, we’ll convince the people that joining the communes is a bad idea, which it is. Those ‘revolutionaries’ are a real pain in the ass; their agitation hurts the company’s profits. We can’t have the masses thinking that the communes, with their gardening, farms, and rejection of modern life, offer any kind of a viable alternative to life in the city, and buying our products. Technology and electronics are our business, and we can’t let sales sag.”

“And what about Lil?” Jimmy asked. “Is she gonna be your girl?”

“For now, till I get bored of her,” Tom said. “Her heart will be broken when I dump her, of course, but she’ll get over it. With all the money she’ll be making, and her rise in the company, which is assured after seeing how well she’s doing here, she’ll be as cynical about love as the rest of us are, finding a lover here, a lover there. She’ll get used to our way. She already is.”


Indeed, several months later, Lil’s relationship with Tom ended, and she moved on, sleeping around as all the other office workers were. She was promoted to Jessie’s position in Human Resources, for Jessie was in upper management now, a place Lil had her eyes set on for her future, and a place she was assured to get to eventually. With her better pay, she moved out of her modest downtown Toronto apartment and found a condo almost as nice as Tom’s.

One afternoon, Lil and Lech were interviewing a new woman for Lee’s new secretary, Lil’s replacement. This pretty new girl had black hair, blue eyes, a curvy figure, and big tits.

“Hi, Becky,” Lil said as the girl came into the office with Lech. The women shook hands. “We’ve looked at your resume, references, and educational background, and you seem perfect for the secretarial position.”

“Oh, I’m so happy to hear that,” Becky said, smiling with relief. “It’s so awful out there, with no work anywhere. You won’t regret having me here.”

“Good,” Lil said. “OK, there’s just one more thing we need you to do to secure your job here. We need to see your body.”

“Excuse me?” Becky asked, sneering and confused by what she’d heard.

“Take all your clothes off, please,” Lech said, looking up and down Becky’s body with lascivious expectation. “Get totally undressed.”

“What…whoa,” Becky said, chuckling nervously. “Since when is that part of my job as secretary?”

“Well, if you don’t want the job, then…” Lech began.

“Oh, no…uh, OK, I’ll do it, then,” Becky said with a frown as she slowly unbuttoned the front of her black and purple dress.

“No frowning, please,” Lil said. “Mr. Lees doesn’t like that. Smile.”

“OK,” Becky said, dropping her dress to the floor to reveal her black bra and panties, as well as her black pantyhose.

“Sensational,” Lil said, getting out her cell-phone and setting it to camera.

“You’re getting video of this?” Becky said, shocked.

“Of course,” Lil said. “This will deter you from any thoughts of corporate espionage.”

“I d-don’t understand.”

“If you ever decide to leave us, and give any sensitive information about the company to our competition, we may not be able to guarantee this video’s not being posted online,” Lil explained. “We must protect ourselves, you know: there are a lot of organizations out there, including the commune you come from, that want to bring JumpCorp to its knees.”

“I see,” Becky said, removing her bra and revealing her beautiful tits.

“Wow, those are really nice,” Lech said.

Becky frowned in annoyance at Lech’s leering, then pulled her panties down, revealing her shaved pussy.

“Just like yours, Lil,” Lech said. “Perfectly shaved.”

Lil laughed as she brought the cell-phone down to get a close-up of Becky’s crotch. “Yeah, it is.”

Frowning Becky removed her pantyhose and high heels, then stood up straight so Lil could get video of her whole naked body, from head to toe.

“Beautiful,” Lil said. “Smile: be proud of your body, Becky. You look great. Mr. Lees is going to love you.”

“I have to be that kind of secretary?” she asked, forcing a grin.

“Of course,” Lil said. “I had to.”

“We all have to do this,” Lech said, getting a butt plug. “Now, get on the floor on all fours. We need to see what you can do with that amazing body of yours.”

“Oh, uh, OK,” Becky said, getting on the floor and fearing the butt plug.

Lech put his hands on her ass, spreading her buttocks to get a look at her pretty brown asshole. “Perfect,” he said, then got out some anal lube. He lubed the butt plug and Becky’s anus and rectum thoroughly. Then he gently pushed the butt plug in.

As Lech was pushing the dildo inside, Lil got down and got video of Becky’s ass.

“Oww!” Becky groaned. “That hurts!”

“Let me do it,” Lil said. “You’re too rough, Lech.” (She pronounced his name ‘Letch’.) “You do the video, and I’ll probe her.”

Lil and Lech switched jobs, and as Lil gently pushed the butt plug in, she put her face in Becky’s pussy and began licking.

“Think of…your boyfriend…doing this…to you…instead of me,” Lil said between licks.

“Only my…boyfriend…should be…doing this…to me,” Becky said, on the verge of tears.

“Boyfriends are…a dime…a dozen,” Lil said, enjoying the taste of Becky’s labia as she sucked on them. (Indeed, she had come to enjoy lesbian licking, after her by now numerous encounters with Jessie.) “I had…a boyfriend…in the communes, just like yours. He was…a liar. Then there was…another guy…I was with. Very short-lived. Oh, well. Relationships…don’t mean much…in the end.”

This is so degrading, thought Becky, still forcing a grin for the cell-phone camera Lech was pointing at her. Still, she thought, Lil’s tongue is way better than my boyfriend Rick ever gave me. Indeed, Becky’s pussy was getting wet, and Lech brought the camera down to get a close-up of the moisture. As Becky got hornier and hornier, she resigned herself to what she had to do, reminding herself that she needed this job.


It was early Friday evening when Sam returned to the Stella’s house. She had missed Stella and she was anxious to have Stella’s tongue back in her twat. Bobby was a little disappointed that he wouldn’t be in Stella’s bed that evening but he understood that Stella’s friend would be staying for the weekend. Stella had taken good care of Bobby earlier that day with anal and oral sex but she was saving her pussy for Samantha. Both women were naked in minutes after Sam arrived.

“Miss me?” Sam asked as she stood naked in front of Stella.

Samantha like Stella had a fit 34-26-35 figure that looked good on her 5’6″ 125 pound frame. They look like sisters except that Sam was a blonde.

“Of course,” Stella answered.

“Show me!” Sam ordered.

Stella moved toward Sam partly out of desire and partly out of intimidation. Stella moved her head down and repeated what she had done so often. The tip of her tongue parted Sam’s pussy and Stella felt her lover respond and shudder. Sam’s hips rocked and she pushed her pelvis against the tip of Stella’s tongue. She kept her legs wide and out of the way as she opened herself to Stella’s hot searching tongue. With her feet planted on either side of Stella, Sam clenched her hands as she pushed her hips up to meet Stella’s face. Sam was hot and her body squirmed as her hips gyrated in an attempt to match Stella’s dexterous tongue.

Stella parted and separated Sam’s puffy, glistening labia and then licked Sam slowly along her pussy down to her ass and back again. Stella circled her tongue teasing Sam and then licked over her perineum. Sam’s pussy lips were soft beneath Stella’s tongue and then Stella opened up Sam’s hood using the tip of her tongue and delicately teased the stiffening, hardening clit out as it poked out from beneath its hood. Stella’s tongue made long sweeps all the way from Sam’s ass, over the flesh and back to the soft wet mushy opening of her pussy to the tingling throbbing clit.

Stella quickened the motion of her tongue and played Sam’s sex like an instrument. Stella moved her hands around to Sam’s firm ass cheeks and placed a moist finger against the puckered nether hole. Stella smiled as she gently increased the pressure of her finger on Sam’s anus and it yielded as it accepted the tip of Stella’s finger and gripped it tightly. Stella then fingered Sam’s asshole as her tongue continued its circular motion and lapped at the engorged clit. Sam’s body writhed under Stella’s three pronged attack.

“Oh god, take me, take me!” Sam cried, as the penetration of the fingers combined with her clit lapped, licked, sucked and sent her over the edge.

Stella didn’t let up as she pressed her fingers deeper into Sam’s pussy and asshole. Stella mouth sucked relentlessly on Sam’s clit as Sam’s body spasmed and contracted around the probing fingers. Sam’s gasps turned to screams as her body exploded in a thunderous climax. Stella continued her assault on Sam’s body until she felt her lover’s body tense yet again as a second orgasm swept through Sam’s body.

“Oh my God, oh fuck, you did miss me didn’t you?” Sam gasped as she stroked Stella silky hair and added in a sexy voice, “I certainly missed you.”

Stella slowed her ministrations as she let Sam recover from the peak of her climax. Stella felt Sam’s body relax as it moved to a post orgasmic state. The fingers slipped from Sam’s holes causing her to shudder and gasp as they were replaced with the cool air. Stella stood up and the two beautiful naked lovers embraced and kissed deeply. They made quite a picture as the blonde and brunette locked in an embrace.

“I have a surprise for you but I want to save it for later. Let’s go in the Jacuzzi for now,” Sam said with a smile and patted her lover on her shapely bottom.

They playfully fingered each other and fondled each other while in the Jacuzzi. When it was time to go back in the house both of them were ready for more action. The two girls went back to their bedroom and Stella jumped up on the bed, got on her back and patted her pussy between her spread legs.

Sam crawled between Stella’s legs, flattened her tongue and dragged it slowly over Stella’s swollen pussy lips. The sudden contact of that warm soft tongue on her inner folds caused Stella to gasp. Her hands clutched Sam’s head and directed the mouth to her throbbing clit. Sam’s hands slid down and Stella arched her back and screamed in pleasure when one of those long fingers forced its way into her channel. Sam held her finger still and felt the inner muscles of Stella’s pussy caress it before she returned to lightly tonguing Stella’s clitoral area. She licked and teased in an unhurried fashion, swirled her tongue all over Stella’s hot wet flesh, but never more than grazed the smaller woman’s nub. Stella found herself in an agony of pleasure as Sam continued to torture her. Sam stopped her tender attention and looked up Stella’s body. Stella’s eyes were glassy and she was nearly delirious with need. Sam felt the muscles in her own pussy contract violently at the mere sight of Stella and her state of arousal.

Sam stood up despite Stella’s efforts to hold her in place. Stella cried out for Sam to finish her, make her cum. But then Stella’s eyes grew to the size of saucers as watched Sam put on a leather harness around her waist with a triangle of leather that covered her pussy. Then Stella noticed the imposing dildo that bobbed before the lustful woman. It was flesh colored and very life like with veins, ridges and even a pair of balls. It was easily ten inches long and so thick that Stella doubted she could get her fingers around it.

“This is my surprise, like it?” Sam asked with a smirk.

“It’s huge, my God!” Stella exclaimed and thought to herself, “It’s even bigger than Bobby’s cock.”

Sam smiled and knelt again between Stella’s legs. When she lifted her lover’s legs to her shoulders Stella suddenly seemed to realize what the Sam was about to do.

“No! Wait, it’s too big,” Stella’s words were cut off as Sam grasped the big cock and rubbed the head up and down Stella’s soaking slit.

Once the head was coated in Stella’s juices Sam positioned it at Stella’s entrance. Sam held it with both hands to keep it stiff and on target as the heavy latex would bend rather than penetrate otherwise. Stella groaned when she felt the head nestle at her opening. She had never counted on this and part of her mind wanted to say stop, but her pussy wanted something in it in a way Stella had never felt. The urgent demands of her body overruled her mind and she gripped bed sheet tightly in anticipation of it hurting.

“Relax,” Sam cooed.

Stella nodded her head and took a deep breath as Sam pressed forward slowly with her hips and Stella felt the head slip into her. It was very wide and Sam slowed her forward progress. Stella felt the muscles at the entrance to her pussy clench and fight to keep the intruder out. Sam however kept up the slow steady pressure and Stella felt her muscles begin to give way as the head of the massive phallus entered. It stretched her open in a way she could never have imagined. For a fleeting moment Stella wondered if she would be injured, but the thought was driven from her mind as the head slipped past the wall of constricting muscle and her inner lips closed upon the thick shaft.

Stella felt full to the point of her pussy splitting open but it also tingled, itched and created an intense desire within her body. Sam proved to be a very thoughtful lover as she let Stella adjust to the big cock before she slowly pressed forward again. The blunt head of the dildo slid deeper into Stella and forced her inner channel to expand. Stella gasped and Sam instantly stopped. Stella felt positively stuffed and when she opened her eyes to gaze down her body, she was shocked to see that barely two inches of the fake cock had entered her. Sam began to slowly rock her hips but she was careful not to thrust forward as yet. Sam moved in an even motion that withdrew a few inches of the big cock and then pushed it back in. Stella’s body jerked as if she was intermittently touched with electricity.

With infinite patience and care Sam worked the big dildo into Stella’s quivering pussy. Sam’s eyes were glued to Stella’s cunt as she watched the pink lips settle around the fake shaft and see the sticky wetness coating the shaft when she withdrew. Stella felt her inner muscles give way as the huge phallus finally came to rest with only an inch still outside Stella’s pink lips. Stella was totally lost in ecstasy as she could felt the huge cock head resting in a place where nothing had ever touched before. Her inner muscles involuntarily spasmed around the big dildo and Stella thoroughly believed she could feel each and every vein or ridge in her pussy. It was the largest dildo or cock that Stella had ever had in her pussy.

Sam slowly withdrew her cock and then stabbed it back in. She went slowly and gently at first allowing Stella to get used to it and then she really went to town on her. Stella’s hips began to thrust back to meet Sam’s. With that reaction Sam wrapped her arms around Stella’s thighs and held her tight as she lengthened the strokes and picked up the tempo. Sam pounded Stella’s sweet pussy with long powerful strokes.

“Oh yeah fuck me Sam. Fuck me with your big dick. Fuck me hard,” Stella cried out.

The huge dildo stretched and filled her as never before. Each stroke produced tiny sounds in her throat that escaped as whimpers and little cries of passion mixed in with her ragged breathing. Sam was still fucking her slowly, but it was unlike anything she had ever done before. Sam’s hips rolled upwards with each thrust driving the dildo deeply into Stella as it made constant contact with her clit. Pleasure ripped through Stella’s body as she tossed her head from side to side and gripped the bed sheet when her orgasm rocked her body. Sam never slowed down but actually picked up the pace and drove in with more and more force until Stella collapsed in orgasmic bliss. The first orgasm was still rippling though her consciousness when a second even more shattering peak arrived. Stella cried out and her back arched until only her shoulder blades were touching the mattress.

Without warning Stella’s pussy spasmed and her inner muscles clenched the heavy thick shaft as this orgasm was beyond the scope of any orgasm that she had ever had. Sam withdrew the huge cock with an obscene popping sound and then crawled up onto the bed and lay down on her side with her head propped up on her hand. She smiled down at Stella and playfully kissed her.

“God, you’re a great fuck Sam,” Stella said in a weak voice as she raised her head and looked down on her new lover’s face and then with a slight tremor she added, “That was incredible, absolutely incredible.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed it,” Sam said with a smile.

“Enjoyed it, I didn’t want it to end,” Stella said in a raspy voice.

“It doesn’t have to end,” Sam said as she reached down grasped the thick dildo and slapped it against Stella’s creamy thigh, “I can go all night, if you like.”

Stella giggled and said, “You could kill someone with that thing,”

“Would you like to be orgasmed to death?” Sam asked.

“Maybe later but right now I need to rest,” giggled Stella.

The two lovers lay next to each other and stroked each other’s body. Stella had just cum like never before and she was not quite ready for another round. Stella slowly nodded off in Sam’s arms. Sam looked down on her and smiled at her lover. Sam eased herself out of the bed and stood up quietly with the big dildo dangling between her legs. Sam reached down and playfully stroked the large rubber cock. Then she unsnapped it and licked it clean of Stella’s juices. Sam removed the harness and then she pushed the big fake cock into her pussy and masturbated with it until she had another orgasm. Sam then got back in bed with Stella and they slept like babies.


On Saturday the two naked beauties slowly woke up, hugged and kissed. They teased each other until they needed more and then they moved into a 69 position and ate each other until they both had orgasms. After their morning sex they stayed in bed and cuddled. Stella then told Sam about her neighbor Bobby. Sam listened intently and as she did she got excited about the possibility of a threesome.

“Stella you are shameless. I can’t believe you seduced your neighbor’s son. You are supposed to be watching out for him, not fucking him,” Sam said.

“I know but he is 18 years old and he was so sheltered in the private school that I felt sorry for him,” Stella told her lover.

“It doesn’t sound like he is sheltered anymore. Tell me about his cock.”

“Oh, you will love it. It is nearly 8″ long and I’m guessing just over 5″ around. Not as big as that monster you fucked me with last night.”

“You say that he likes to watch porn too.”

“Yes, that’s how it started. I knew he was watching the movie in my player. His favorite scene was the threesome with the blonde and the brunette. You know where the blonde takes the cock out of the brunette’s ass, sucks it and puts it back.”

“Yes, I know that scene very well. It is one of our favorites too. I have a suspicion that you are up to something. Are you thinking of us and Bobby in a threesome?”

“You know I am and I want to replay that scene in the movie.”

“I thought as much. I getting horny again talking about it. Let’s make love again.”

The two of them moved back into a 69 position. Sam licked and sucked her lover and felt Stella’s tongue play over her pussy again and again. Sam put her hands under Stella’s butt and pulled her lover’s hips against her face. They wiggled their faces against their pussies groaned with pleasure, their moans muffled by the other’s pussy.

Stella pulled back just a little and moved her head down a little and explored Sam’s slit with her tongue. She found the small firm bud of Sam’s clit causing her to cry out. Stella sucked it and flicked it with her tongue over and over. Stella heard her lover scream and felt her body go rigid. Stella continued to flick Sam’s clit as fast as her tongue would go and Sam thrashed against her and Sam’s face thrust against Stella’s pussy. Sam’s body writhed against Stella’s but Stella managed to keep her mouth against her lover’s pussy and she sucked and tongued her clit until Sam had at least two screaming climaxes.

Stella knew her clit was very sensitive after a climax so she slid her tongue back to her lover’s pussy and sucked and lapped at her opening again and again. Sam’s sweet juices were very abundant and Stella drank all of the sweet nectar. Their motions became frantic and they licked and sucked their firm swollen clits while their fingers located and stroked their G-spots. Stella was the first to climax and her body bowed up and her pussy slammed against Sam’s mouth. Sam sucked her clit and ran her finger around inside Stella’s sweet sex. She felt Stella’s pussy clamp down on her finger as she screamed out her passion. Suddenly Sam felt a gush of juice against her lips and she moved her mouth down a little and let it squirt into her mouth.

Stella’s sweet delicious pussy juice shot into Sam’s sucking mouth and she let it flow over her tongue, savoring the taste before she swallowed it. As gush after gush shot into her mouth, it made Sam so hot that she too exploded. Sam cried out in ecstasy and her own hips pushed against Stella’s mouth and probing finger. They seemed to feed off of each other’s passions and their climaxes seemed endless as they went on and on. Wave after wave of ecstasy shot through their bodies as they soared together from climax to climax. They rested as they recuperated from their fantastic series of mind blowing orgasms.

“I’m going to invite Bobby over to hang out by the pool with us today. By the time we are ready to come in the house he will be dying to fuck us both,” Stella said.

“Are we going to wear bikinis or sunbathe in the nude?” Sam asked.

“Let’s start out in our thing bikinis and then we will lose the tops and eventually the bottoms. I don’t want to shock him at first.”

“From what you told me, I think that he is passed the shock stage,” Sam replied with a chuckle.

“Come on, let’s shower and get some breakfast, then I’ll call him,” Stella offered.


Stella invited Bobby over to the house after lunch on Saturday and he was excited beyond description. He hoped and prayed that he would get to have sex with both Stella and her girlfriend Samantha. The three of them hung out by the pool all afternoon and Bobby had an erection for most of the day. He kept staring and thinking about the two sexy women who were wearing skimpy thong bikinis.

Bobby at one point thought that he was going to cum in his Speedo when the women removed their bikini tops. He had seen Stella naked before but to see them both topless and rubbing suntan lotion on each other was a real turn on. When the women finally shed their thong bottoms, Bobby had to jump in the pool to cool his jets. Finally evening came and they all went in the house. The women showered in Stella’s bathroom and Bobby used the guest bathroom. He had an erection in the shower but he dared not touch his cock as he felt like he would shoot at any moment. They all dressed after the shower and met downstairs.

Sam and Stella were both wearing tight shorts and tube tops. Their protruding nipples were very obvious in the tube tops. Stella served everyone wine and then they went into the living room. Sam told Bobby to sit in the chair across form the sofa and the two women sat on the sofa. After a few minutes Sam and Stella put their wine glasses down and moved close to each other. Bobby watched in disbelief as Sam and Stella embraced and kissed.

“Have you ever seen two women make love before?” Sam asked in a sultry tone.

“Not in person,” Bobby replied somewhat nervously.

“Well watch and enjoy,” Sam told him.

Bobby took a sip of his wine and ogled the two beauties as they began to make love. The girls kissed and moved their hands under the each other’s tub top. They caressed each other’s breasts and rolled the nipples between their thumbs and forefingers. Sam then removed Stella’s tube top and Stella removed Sam’s. They continued to kiss and fondle each other’s breasts and every so often they would look at Bobby and smile. Bobby had an erection and he rubbed it through his shorts.

Sam next dropped to her knees and slowly pulled down Stella’s shorts and panties. She positioned the naked Stella on the sofa with her legs open and Sam lapped at Stella’s enticing pussy. Stella moaned with delight but it wasn’t long before they switched positions and Stella removed the rest of Sam’s clothes. Stella moved between Sam’s legs and licked at her pretty blonde pussy. Bobby was anxious to take off his clothes and join them but he wanted to see what would happen next.

Minutes later Sam and Stella moved into a 69 position with Sam on the top. Bobby nearly creamed his drawers as he watched the most erotic scene he had ever seen with two women. Finally he couldn’t take anymore and he stripped naked. His impressive cock stood straight out as he approached the two girls. Sam saw him and she motioned with her hand toward her. Bobby moved over and Sam took his cock right into her mouth. She sucked him a few times and then she put his cock in Stella’s pussy.

Bobby began fucking Stella and Sam rubbed his balls, Sam would take his cock out of Stella’s cunt, suck on it briefly and put it back in. This went on for several minutes before Sam told Stella to ride Bobby’s cock. Bobby got on his back on the floor and Stella straddled him lowering her ass this time onto his rigid shaft. Bobby reached up and fondled Stella’s tits as she rode him. Sam again took his cock out of Stella’s ass and sucked on it and then put in back in her girlfriend’s ass.

“Oh man just like the movie,” Bobby thought to himself recalling the blonde taking the cock from the brunette’s ass, sucking it and putting it back in.

Sam did this several times and Bobby just could not hold off any longer. “I’m going to cum!” he cried out.

Sam pulled his cock and jerked him off until he ejaculated. His sperm shot into the air passed Stella’s face and then landed on her tits and abs. Sam kept stroking him and he kept cumming, shooting six impressive ropes of semen onto Stella’s body. Sam then took his cock in her mouth and sucked him dry. Bobby remained hard and his balls were still full. It seemed as if he could go all night.

Sam announced, “My turn,” and she mounted Bobby’s cock as Stella moved to the side.

Bobby’s stiff shaft slid easily into Sam’s pussy and she began to ride him in search of her much needed orgasm. Bobby played with Sam’s tits as Stella lubricated Sam’s ass and fingered it. Sam did not last long and she screamed as a massive orgasm rocked her body. She shivered, trembled and then collapsed on Bobby who kept right on fucking her.

Stella then helped Sam straddle Bobby and take his cock in her ass. Just as Sam had done, Stella would take the cock out of Sam’s ass, suck on it and put it back in her ass. Stella did this several times and she also licked Sam’s pussy when the cock was in Sam’s ass. Sam then wanted in the ass doggy style so she moved to all fours. Stella told Bobby to straddle Sam and fuck her ass just like he had seen in the movie. Stella then moved under Sam and licked Sam’s pussy.

Sam went wild and Bobby was close to cumming again. Stella told Bobby to pull out and shoot his load on Sam’s ass and to aim his cock at her anus. When Bobby came he did just that. He aimed his cock at Sam’s anus and shot five forceful loads that splashed off her anus and buttocks. Stella told Bobby to out his cock back in Sam’s ass and then she opened her mouth to receive the sperm running down over Sam’s pussy. Bobby pushed some of his seed back into Sam’s ass and she cooed when she felt him enter her again. Sam used her sphincter to milk Bobby’s cock dry and when he removed from her ass, Stella was there to take it in her mouth.

Bobby was still hard and both Stella and Sam were pleased with his stamina. Bobby had never imagined in his wildest dreams that he would have ever been a part of such and erotic encounter. He stood by and stroked his cock as he watched Stella and Sam kiss and swap cum between them. Stella was so turned on again that she just had to ride Bobby’s dick again.

“I need to sit on your cock,” she told Bobby.

Bobby stretched out on his back and Stella mounted him again. Sam moved away for a minute and then she produced a set of anal beads and showed them to Stella and Bobby.

“These are for your hot ass,” Sam announced.

Stella moaned in anticipation. Sam pushed one bead after the other into Stella’s ass until all five were in place. The string with a small tab dangled from Stella’s ass as she continued to ride Bobby’s cock. Sam ran her hands all over Stella’s shapely buttocks and Stella groaned softly. Sam told Stella to get off of Bobby and for them to move into the missionary position.

Bobby reentered Stella’s cunt and began to fuck her rapidly. Sam produced another set of anal beads and held them in front of Bobby’s face. She giggled and then asked, “Have you ever had anything in your ass?”

“Just Stella’s finger, He answered with trepidation not knowing what to expect.

One by one Sam pushed all five of the small anal beads into Bobby’s ass. Just like Stella, Bobby had string with a small tab dangling from his anus. Bobby was surprised when Sam told him to get off Stella as he was sure that he would fuck her until they both came. Sam then moved into a 69 position with Stella and the two of them went to work on each other’s pussy. Sam then invited Bobby to fuck her in the ass again.

Bobby moved behind Sam and eased his cock into her greased rectum. Sam cooed as the big dick went into her and Bobby was sure that he could cum at any moment. Sam licked and rubbed Stella’s pussy and Stella did the same to Sam. Stella also rubbed Bobby’s testicles and he groaned aloud. Stella was the first to orgasm and when she did she went wild. Sam sensed she was close and pulled the beads slowly out of Stella’s ass. Stella bucked and thrust her hips as each bead popped out of her ass.

Stella screamed as a massive orgasm ripped through her body and she collapsed on the floor. Stella recovered enough to rub Sam’s pussy as Sam sought her release but Bobby was next to cum. Bobby pulled his cock out of Sam’s ass and stroked it. Stella saw this and she pulled the beads out of Bobby’s ass one at a time and as each bead cleared his sphincter, he shot a stream of semen onto Sam’s back. The first stream shot passed Sam and landed near Stella. Subsequent streams hit Sam in the neck and landed on her back and buttocks. Bobby then leaned over Sam with his hand on the floor and he rested his cock just below her ass.

Stella returned to rubbing Sam’s pussy and then Sam lost it. She cried out in ecstasy and her body flattened out on top of Stella. Bobby moved forward with Sam and Stella took his cock in her mouth. It was an incredibly erotic act. They remained still briefly before separating and rolling over on their backs on the floor. They lay next to each other and stroked one another as they recovered from the incredible sex.

Stella and Sam then turned around with their heads towards Bobby’s cock. They kissed his shaft and his balls coaching him back to hardness. Stella had his cock in her mouth while Sam sucked on his testicles and scraped her fingers along his perineum. Bobby stroked their curvy bottoms and diddled their aroused clits as they got him ready for another round. Bobby couldn’t imagine the women coming up with anything that could top what they had just done.

For the rest of the night Sam and Stella continued to surprise Bobby with their creativity and kinky behavior. Sam wanted two cocks in her at the same time so Stella fucked Sam’s pussy with a strap-on while Bobby fucked Sam in the ass again. Sam told Bobby to cum in her ass that time as she loved to feel a cock shooting in her rectum. Later Stella was on all fours sucking Bobby’s cock with Sam fucking her from behind with the strap-on.

At one point they finally went in the bedroom and the three of them got in the king size bed. Bobby was able to stay hard and pleasure the girls with his cock, tongue and fingers for hours but he did not cum a fifth time. It was near midnight when the sexual marathon came to an end and Bobby dozed off thinking about how he would fuck their brains out in the morning with his piss hard-on.


On Sunday morning Bobby woke up naked in bed with the two women. Stella smiled at him as she lay naked on the bed next to Sam. There were no preliminaries Stella just wanted Bobby to fuck her with his big dick. Bobby got between her legs and slid his dick into Stella. She was sopping wet just from anticipation so he entered her easily filling up her twat with his rod. Bobby fucked her royally keeping his cock in contact with her clit the entire time. Stella went wild imploring Bobby to fuck her forever. She had multiple orgasms again and again until she pleaded with Bobby to stop. Stella was exhausted and could not handle any more contact on her clit.

Bobby rolled her almost lifeless figure over on all fours and entered her pussy from behind. Stella liked the feeling of his cock sliding in and out of her without touching her engorged clit. Sam moved her pussy to within range of Stella’s mouth and encouraged her to lick her pussy. Stella gladly sucked on Sam’s cunt as Bobby fucked her from behind. Bobby stared at Stella’s beautiful ass and then began to caress her lovely ass cheeks. Stella cooed into Sam’s twat as Bobby lovingly stroked her ass. Bobby tickled her asshole and then inserted his middle finger into her asshole.

Bobby grabbed some lotion nearby and coated Stella’s asshole with it. Bobby then put another finger in her ass this time and although Stella uttered a little grunt she went along with the anal probing. Bobby played with Stella’s clit as he fucked her doggy style and fingered her asshole. Bobby’s fingers were buried in Stella’s asshole as he tweaked her clit and fucked her. Stella could feel another orgasm coming on and she started to tremble and shake her hips. Stella began moaning in Sam’s pussy as Sam held Stella’s face to her cunt. Stella’s hips were thrusting with the intensity of the orgasm.

Bobby took advantage of Stella’s state and slipped his cock from her pussy to her asshole. Between his hardness and Stella’s gyrations Bobby’s cock easily cleared her sphincter. As Stella started to recover from her orgasm she realized that Bobby’s cock was in her asshole. Stella wiggled her ass with delight as the cock fully penetrated her and filled her rectum. Sam was turned on as she watched Bobby slide more and more of his cock into Stella’s tight little ass.

“Yeah fuck her, fuck her hot ass, fill up that asshole and fill it up with your cum,” Sam urged.

Bobby continued to fuck Stella and soon his entire cock was disappearing into her asshole. Bobby could feel his orgasm building and he knew he would blow his load soon. Stella felt him tense up and knew he was about to cum in her ass. Bobby fired a barrage of cum into her tight asshole and Stella’s ass almost with a will of its own milked his cock dry. Stella could feel his cum backing up in her ass and running down over Bobby’s cock over her pussy lips.

Bobby and Stella rolled to their sides with Bobby’s cock still buried in her ass. He slowly fucked her as he softened and his cock slipped from her ass with an audible pop. Stella felt the cool air fill her passage that had just been unplugged. Bobby reached around Stella and stroked her tits and rock hard nipples. Sam took one of the tits in her mouth.

Bobby was kissing Stella on the neck and Stella was cooing and murmuring, “Thank you, thank you”.

The rest of the morning for the three of them had sex in a variety of positions. Bobby fucked Sam in the ass while she ate Stella’s pussy and then Stella in the ass while she ate Sam’s pussy. Sam and Stella would also fuck themselves with Sam’s double dildo as Bobby took turns fucking both of them in the ass. They stayed at it for hours until they had absolutely nothing left. The women had countless orgasms and Bobby did not have a single drop of semen left in his body.

They all showered, ate a late breakfast and then sun bathed nude by the pool. Bobby did not stay that night as he had to go home and check on a few things and see if his father had called. He told the women he would be back on Monday. Stella and Sam were ready for a break and that evening they curled up together on the sofa and watched a movie. Not a porn movie as they needed no further inspiration for sex that day.


Stella and Sam slept in on Monday morning and when they did finally get up they spotted Bobby out on the pool deck. He was in his Speedo and he was straightening up the area. Stella and Sam put on their bikinis and joined Bobby out on the deck. Stella brought out some coffee and juice for everyone. They sat around in the lounge chairs and finished the coffee and juice. Sam stood up and placed her cup on a nearby table.

Stella could not help but see Sam’s blonde bush peak out under the bikini bottom when her legs up parted as she stood up. Stella quickly recalled how tasty Sam and how she loved to lick her pussy. Sam spotted Stella staring so she walked over to Stella and kissed her deeply. Stella kissed back and the two of them plunged their tongues into the other’s mouth. Sam lifted Stella to her feet, wrapped her arms around Stella and held her tight as they kissed. Stella could feel her lover’s breasts press into her own through the bikini bras. Stella momentarily forgot about Bobby as she and Sam kissed but then she felt his presence behind her.

Bobby knelt down behind Stella and with painstaking slowness he pulled her bikini bottom down to her knees baring her beautiful ass. Stella trembled in Sam’s arms when she felt Bobby’s breath on her buttocks. Without breaking their kiss, Sam untied her bikini and let it drop to the ground baring her shapely body. Sam then unfastened Stella’s bikini bra and let it fall to the deck. Stella felt her naked breasts press against Sam’s tits and their rock hard nipples rubbed together.

Stella’s pussy was on fire and r dripping wet as she was about to experience another threesome. Bobby was now rubbing and caressing Stella’s curvy ass as he planted soft wet kisses on her buttocks. Stella’s shivered when Bobby’s slid in between her ass cheeks and licked all the way up to her tailbone and back down to her nether hole. Stella groaned into Sam’s mouth when she felt the familiar sensation as Bobby’s tongue probed her rosebud. Bobby had learned so much and he had Stella to thank for it.

Stella felt Bobby pry her buttocks apart and then lick her nether hole getting it very wet. He then blew on her wet asshole and Stella felt the slight chill caused by his blowing on her wet anus. Sam kissed Stella deep as she ran her hands up between their bodies and cupped Stella’s firm tits. Stella followed Sam’s lead and she reached up and fondled Sam’s firm breasts. Stella then felt something in her ass and she realized that Bobby was lubricating her anus. Stella and Sam kissed and fondled each other as Bobby prepared Stella’s ass for his cock. Stella then felt Bobby as he stood up behind her and as he did, Sam broke their embrace and dropped to her knees in front of Stella.

Sam pulled Stella’s bikini bottom the rest of the way down her legs and Stella lifted one leg at a time so that Sam could remove it. Sam knelt naked in front of Stella. Then Sam parted Stella’s legs and stroked her pussy. Stella was soaking wet and she felt Sam’s fingers enter her vagina. Stella groaned and then shivered as her body felt tingles run through it when Sam moved her mouth to Stella’s pussy. Stella placed her hands on Sam’s shoulders to balance herself as Sam began her magic on Stella’s cunt.

“Lean over just a little bit more,” Bobby whispered.

Stella felt Bobby push her gently so that she had to lean forward over Sam and then she felt Bobby’s cock slide into her lubricated asshole. For some reason Bobby felt larger that morning. The fit was tight but not painful and Bobby was gentle as he slowly fed her his cock. Stella’s hands moved down to Sam’s back as Stella was bent over further. Sam had her mouth fastened on Stella’s pussy as Bobby drilled her ass from behind. Stella was going wild with desire and she felt her orgasm building in her loins. Stella squealed out loud as her orgasm rocked her body and she drenched Sam’s face.

“Oh, oh, oh,” Stella moaned as she orgasmed.

All the while Bobby continued to slowly fuck her ass and caress her lovely buttocks. He continued to compliment Stella on her beautiful ass and he told her how good she looked with his cock sliding in and out of it. Stella had a massive orgasm and her entire body shook with the intensity of it. Sam then moved away from Stella and she lay on her back on the pool deck. Sam them beckoned Stella to come to her as she spread her legs baring her pretty blonde pussy. Stella descended between Sam’s legs anxious to taste her lover again.

Stella’s mouth covered Sam’s pussy much to the delight of Sam and Bobby. Stella felt her body positioned so that Bobby could continue to fuck her in the ass while she ate Sam’s pussy. Bobby’s cock was moving smoothly now gliding in and out of Stella’s shapely ass. As much as he tried to hold off cumming it was all too much for him and he exploded in Stella’s rectum. Stella felt the surge of semen flood her ass and it reminded her of how good it always felt. Stella liked the feeling of the warm liquid coating her anal passage and filling her rectum. Bobby left his cock in Stella’s ass and she massaged it with her sphincter muscle keeping Bobby hard.

Sam was the next to cum and she threw her pelvis up into Stella’s face as she reached up with both hands and held Stella securely. Stella’s head was locked to Sam’s cunt and she opened her mouth to receive Sam’s love juices. Sam came so hard that she actually squirted this time and Stella drank down every drop. Sam held Stella’s head tightly until she had reached her climax and then she released Stella as she fell backward on the floor. Sam was not idle long though as she scrambled to her feet leaving Stella with Bobby’s cock still in her ass.

“God that was so good. I’ll be right back,” Sam announced as she momentarily left the pool area.

Within minutes Sam was back on the pool deck wearing the strap-on dildo which was very familiar to Stella. Sam lay back down on the floor with the dildo, which many times had been in both Stella’s pussy and ass. Sam told Stella to sit on her cock and in order to do so Bobby removed his cock from Stella’s asshole. Stella then moved over the dildo and lowered her pussy onto the fake cock. Stella moved around so the rubber dick nestled comfortably in her pussy and then she felt Bobby behind her again.

“Stay perfectly still until he is back in your ass,” Sam whispered.

Stella remained still impaled on the fake cock as Bobby positioned himself to re-enter her ass. Stella felt Bobby’s impressive cock slide back in her asshole and she felt incredibly erotic with the double penetration. Stella wondered what else might be in store for her before they were done with her that day. The fake cock rubbed against her clit as it slid in and out. Stella knew that she would cum again and it would be at any minute. Sam also benefited from the fake cock as the nub at her end rubbed against her sensitive clit. Soon both girls were screaming as another orgasm sent their bodies into spasm. Bobby rode out the storm keeping his cock buried in Stella’s ass but he did not cum this time.

As the two girls lay motionless on the floor Bobby eased his cock out of Stella’s bottom. Stella then lifted her body off the fake cock and lay face down on the floor. Sam rested only for a few minutes before she got behind Stella and lifted her by the hips. Stella kept her head down on the floor turned to one side and she watched as Sam knelt behind her. Then she felt Sam’s talented tongue move between her buttocks. Sam tongued Stella’s ass and Stella felt the semen ooze out of her anus. Bobby then moved behind Sam and slipped his cock in her ass.

Bobby began to fuck Sam as she made love to Stella’s ass. Stella looked over her shoulder so that could watch the both of them as she had her butt reamed out by Sam’s tongue. Stella was getting turned on again as she had become insatiable at the hands of her two lovers. Stella heard Sam groan as Bobby drilled her ass and then she heard the gasp that signaled that Bobby had cum in Sam’s ass.

Sam’s tongue ran up and down in the crack of Stella’s ass kissing and probing Stella’s anus and pussy. Then when Sam sensed that Stella was close to another orgasm, she fastened her mouth on Stella’s pussy and sucked the clit like she would a cock. Stella screamed as a massive climax rocked her body and her ass gyrated out of control. Sam tried to stay with Stella but the movements and undulations were too violent. Bobby enjoyed watching Stella’s ass as it seemingly humped the air. Then Stella collapsed on the deck and Sam moved next to her. Bobby stared at the two incredible asses on the floor in front of him and he was pleased that he had been privileged to fuck both of them.

After several minutes the three of them entered the Jacuzzi. They sat silently in the bubbly warm water and let the jets soothe their bodies. Sam glanced over at the wall clock and saw that they had been at it for three hours. She would have to leave for home in a few minutes but she was sexually sated from the four days of incredible sex.

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