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The summer quickly passed, and soon it was time to leave for college once again. All in all it was a good break from school, well… except for the day and night arguments with my parents about chopping off my cock.

It had been just under a year since I started the treatments and since we did not see any success, the doctor stopped the regimen before school let out for the summer. I thought about not even returning to school this year but Alexis is just too persuasive. God I love that girl.

The night before classes started I laid in bed thinking about everything. I so wanted it to have worked. I tossed and turned for what seemed like a day until I could not take it anymore. I crawled out of bed and began reading through all the material that the doctor gave me. Over and over, I poured through material and just when I was about to call it quits… I found it. All this time I have been thinking that these treatments and pills were for one specific thing, my penis. As it turns out the treatments were designed to enhance the effects of the trials that I was born with.

Suddenly my mind was clear and all the information I was reading clicked, I understood it in an instant. The treatments were in fact working and it was affecting my brain, not my dick. Synapses were firing perfectly in sync one with another. My brain started processing information faster, allowing me access to my body like I have never imagined possible. My brain was using up all my energy and I collapsed onto my bed as though I was in some sort of trance. But that did not keep my brain from working and I remembered everything. While in the trance, mind discovered what the experiments to my grandmother actually passed onto me. I was my genetic code. Those experiments made me different, better but different.

I gasped as I regained control of my body, sitting myself up straight. Holy shit, it was all becoming clear. My genetic code now allowed me to… change my genetic code. I know it sounds crazy, but I’m now able to fix myself.

For a moment I wanted to run tell the professor that it worked, but then the thought occurred to me, ‘If he thinks it didn’t work, then I’m off their radar’. And I want to be off any radar as far as I could.

I was too excited to fall asleep, but my body was too exhausted from my brain working overtime and eventually won the battle. I passed out and collapsed onto my bed once again.

It had been almost a year since I had the last dream about using my dick but tonight, they started again. It was the same college as the last dream, as well as the college I am currently attending. Just like every dream before, the girl was different. Her name was Cassidy. A basketball player who stood at a gorgeous six foot even. Her average sized breasts were made up for by her athletic body, rock hard abs and perfectly sculpted ass and thighs.

She was sat at a table in the far corner of the top floor. Her thick, long, black hair draped over her shoulder and rested on her open cleavage, accentuated by her pushup bra and tight blue V neck T shirt. She had beautiful brown skin and the cutest nose I had ever seen set perfectly above her flawless lips.

I felt confident so I didn’t worry about leading up to anything. “Hi, I’m Alexa, and I want to fuck you over and over again till your pussy explodes all over me.”

She seemed put off and disgusted for a moment, as anyone should. “Excuse me, can you please leave?” She leaned away from me with a horrible look of disdain.

I was about to leave but her mood suddenly changed and the grimace turned to a smile. “Well, hold on a second. I shouldn’t have been so rude, you’re more than welcome to stay and talk at least.” The girl had changed completely. We chatted for a while then returned to her apartment.

By the time we reached her doorstep she couldn’t wait any longer. She pulled me through the doorway, kissing me down the hall and into her room. It was amazing. It may have only been a dream but it was as though I actually experienced it myself. She couldn’t move fast enough, ripping her clothes off then, mine. she pulled me onto her as we playfully fell onto the bed.

Not a word was spoken for next three hours but it was not as rough or graphic as my last dream. This time it was more primal, pure and sensual, as though we actually connected instead of just fucked. We went from bed to floor and back again, eating each other out and then letting her take me inside of her most secret place.

Before we could finish our afternoon of passion, I woke up with my alarm clock screeching in my ear, letting me know it was seven thirty. Time to get ready for my eight o’clock class.

“Holy shit!” I screamed quietly, not to wake Alexis. “Is this real? Did it really work?” I looked down at my massive cock, sticking straight up at my face almost flat on my stomach, touching just above my belly. Throbbing with the beat of my heart, I just stared at it. Half believing that it was real, I reached down with one hand and took hold of my shaft. I could feel the heat coming off it before I even touched it.

My God, I can’t believe this. It is real… and it feels good. Without even thinking I began gently stroking my length.

I could feel the blood rushing through my member, making it hotter and even harder. I reached my other hand down and started playing with my pussy, dipping two, then three fingers inside. I gripped my shaft harder and started pumping faster and faster.

What the fuck was this? What have I been missing out on? This is amazing. I felt myself twitch and wad of precum shot up and landed between my breasts. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

I kept pumping and the precum just kept flowing, spilling out onto my belly and shaft, providing lube for my hand which was now moving at lightning fast speeds. But I just couldn’t stop. The more I pumped, the better it felt which made me want it more, so I pumped harder and faster. Every once in a while a large burst of precum would shoot further than the regular flow and hit my face or neck. But I liked it.

I was still working my clit and shaft, soaking myself in precum. My arm was on fire and my fingers numb, but I couldn’t stop. I suddenly pictured the girl in my dream and that was enough for me. A switch flipped in my brain and sent fireworks through my entire body. Seizing and tensing up, my back arched, bringing my head and upper back off the bed. The walls of my pussy clenched on my fingers, making it almost impossible to pull them out, not that I wanted to. So I shoved them in further. My other hand didn’t stop either. Pumping and pumping, my shaft was almost on fire. The pressure built and I could not contain it any longer. A wave of pleasure rocked my entire body as rope after rope of cum blasted out of me up toward my head. My cum plastered my face and tits and ran down to my belly. It went on forever and seemed that the more I pumped the more I blasted cum all over my body, landing in my hair, and even shooting a rope or two past my head, splattering on the wall behind me.

The storm finally calmed and I started slowing down but not my member. It kept shooting rope after rope, across my naked body. Every time it hit my face or tits it would turn me on even more and make me stroke harder. It made sense though; this was the first time I came out of my cock. The first time ever, now that I think about it. The smile on my face turned into a giggle and then a laugh. I just couldn’t believe what I had done.

Ali walked through the door rubbing her eyes from having just woken up. My bed and body were both covered in my own product and cum was still flowing lightly from my pussy as well as my tip. It dripping onto my stomach and ran down my shaft onto my hand.

Her eyes widened, “What the Fuck?” she cried out. She sounded mad but I didn’t care. I just kept laughing and stroking myself, milking the last bit of cum out of me. I looked her in the eyes but I couldn’t stop, still running my hand along my length from root to tip.

But just like always, Ali surprised me. She walked slowly toward me with a smile appearing on her face. “Holy shit Al, it’s working! How the fuck did you get it working?” She started giggling with me as I laughed. It was difficult not too when both saw what this bad boy of mine could do. “Fuck, was this just one orgasm?”

I nodded, sliding a finger across my face clearing of what surplus remained. I licked my fingers clear of my own spunk and continued to laugh.

Ali was happy for me. Together we’ve dreamt of this day, but never really thought it would come (every pun intended). “This is great,” she said still walking toward me, picking up the towel I had dried myself off with the night before. “God,” she chuckled, “You are so cute. I can’t believe I just caught you the first time you ever masturbated… I’m actually honored.” She sat on the bed beside me, not caring she was sitting in all my spunk and juices and started to clean me.

She started by using her hand to scrape the excess off my tummy and breasts, letting it fall to the mattress. She then lay down on her side facing me and smiled. Throwing the towel over most my body, she used the edge to wipe my face. Once a spot was cleared, she kissed my cheek and continued to clean me with the towel. But it wasn’t weird, she was my sister.

I giggled and talked as she wiped me clean, and Ali just listened. I told her everything that happened, what I read, what I found, and what I learned. I told her about my dream and what I had found when I woke up and what it was like when I first touched it. I told her about the thoughts racing through my mind and what it felt like coming with both my cock and pussy at the same time. I even mentioned how I was turned on by being hit in the face with my own cream. It was as though the male and female forces in my body and soul were manifesting themselves separately but also together.

Ali scooted closer resting her head on my shoulder just above my breast. She grabbed a handful of towel and threw it over my still throbbing, shaft covered in cum. With a light touch, she pulled the towel across my member, wiping it clean. She whispered, “I still can’t believe what I’m looking at Al, this is amazing,” intrigued by what basically sprouted from between my legs. The towel slowly fell away from my cock as she wiped it. She hesitated for a moment, rubbing my belly with her hand and staring at it.

I could sense her hesitation, “Ali? You better not let this make things weird between us, it’s still me. You’re still my sister and you’re still the one who has saved me time and time again. I love you.” I took a deep breath and continued, “You’ve been there for me through everything, technically this thing is as much yours as it is mine.”

Ali giggled, “No it’s not that, I… I’ve just never seen it hard before.” She laughed “It’s just so intimidating.”

My stomach flexed as I giggled, causing my still hard shaft to shake. It swayed up and down, then erupted with a bolt of precum that landed on my tit in front of her face. Ali leaned forward, licking the stuff off my tit taking nipple part way in her mouth. I moaned and my cock twitched with another shot of precum as it began to flow.

Ali cautiously lifted her hand, lightly gripping me. “Fuck, I can barely touch my fingers around it.” She tilted her head to look at me, lightly stroking my length “I love you too.” She kissed my cheek, and then added “You’re everything I have.”

I wrapped my closest arm around her and pulled her even closer to me, “Nothing will ever change between us, we just have to talk to each other.” I loosened my hug around her realizing she was still stroking me. I looked over at her, “You can’t try it out if you want too, remember, it’s practically yours.”

Ali giggled with an evil smile and scooted down to lay her head on the lower slope of my breast. “Hey big guy,” she said with a smile, kissing my crown and stroking me more vigorously. A load of precum shot out and hit her in the face and continued to flow out of my tip afterwards. Ali sat up for a moment and slid her top off over her head then lay back down with me.

The male and female presences inside of me were once again conflicted. I put aside who was touching me and just went with it, enjoying the moment. Thinking about the girls from my dreams, my shaft twitched in Ali’s hand, causing her to giggle. I don’t know if it was because someone else was doing it or what, but I was already there. I extended my arms out, gripping a handful of my sheets and arched my back. I raised my chin till my neck was fully extended and moaned. Instead of being grossed out, Ali looked up at me and smiled, taking it as a compliment.

Quickly she looked back at my cock and slowly wrapped her lips around my swollen crown. That was it, the flip was switched and I could feel my cream flowing through my body and up my length. Without enough time to warn her, three, four, then five ropes of cum, jutted out hitting the back of her throat. She tried to swallow as much as she could but it proved to be too much. Cum and saliva came gushing out around her lips and down my shaft.

She pulled herself off my cock, gasping for air. “Fuck,” taking rope after rope in the face. She leaned back in and tried to fit as much of my length inside her.

I could feel my tip at the back of her throat with her hand still stroking my length. “Oh fuck!” I moaned with another orgasm on its way. My hips flexed and I pushed my cock toward her, jabbing her in the back of the throat. She let out a grunt and a moan at the same time as another load was flowing up my shaft and into her mouth.

Ali pulled off me for air and began to laugh. As my flow began to diminish, she began to kiss my tip, licking and sucking as much as she could.

Ali just stared at my cock, “God this is so hot, I’m wet just watching you get off… Holy shit, I’m really wet, unusually wet.” But she didn’t seem to care too much about it. I reached down placing my hand over hers and we stroked my shaft together.

It may seem funny, her being my sister and all, but she was the only one I trusted to share this with.

“Thanks for cleaning me up,” I said sarcastically.

We both laughed and Ali ran her hand through my spunk across my belly. She scooted up in bed till our heads were equal. She continued running her hand up my belly and over my breast, softly grazing my nipple. Up my neck and on my cheek turning my head toward hers till our eyes met. I rolled onto my side toward her, my cock still hard between us. I wrapped my arm around her waist, pulling her hips into me, pressing my shaft into her mound. Ali let out a small moan and rolled her hips into me. We just lay there looking into each other’s eyes, our breasts sloppy from my cream, slipping and sliding on each other as we pushed them together.

“Is it bad that I want to kiss you right now?” I asked, breathing heavily, my lips just out of reach of hers.

Ali smiled and pushed my hair around my ear. “No, I want to kiss you too, like really bad.” Her hand wondered down to my cock and mindlessly, she started to stroke my length. “But I didn’t try to… I didn’t want to make things weird.”

All I could do was laugh. The thought of letting anything in this world change things between us was just not possible. I slapped her on her chest, playfully pushing her. “Are you fucking kidding me? I just got a blow job from you, my sister…” I had to take a breath “…then I plaster you with, who knows how much of my cum and you still lay here with me, and now we’re having this conversation. I think if something was going to make things weird between us, it would have been that.”

“That’s true,” she said with a smile. “And holy shit, I can’t believe you’re still hard.” She took a break from stroking me to grab my ass and pull me into her. Ali started rolling her hips into me, grinding on my shaft, sending waves of pleasure through my body. A load of precum shot out of me and Ali scooped it up to use as lube on my shaft.

I placed one hand on her cheek and tilted her head from looking down at my cock, up at me. I pulled her tight against my body then closed the gap between us and kissed her.

She moaned into my mouth, “If you didn’t kiss me, I would have kissed you,” not breaking stride on my cock. “God, I’m glad you got this thing working.”

Ali lifted her hips off the bed and pulled her panties off and threw them on the floor. She moved back in toward me, kissing me intensely. Her tongue plunged into my mouth and it was good. I couldn’t help myself. I wrapped my arms around her, turning our bodies in unison, putting her on her back. Kneeling on the bed above her, I spread her legs around me and with one hand I parted the lips of her slit, dipping two fingers inside while working her clit with my thumb. We were both in sync and enjoying ourselves. Not like lovers, but as two sisters taking part in a mutual activity.

I grabbed my shaft and lined up for entry, slowly spreading her delicate folds with my crown and rubbing up and down the length of her slit. A load of precum shot out of me hitting her entrance. Her eye’s closed as she tossed and turned on the bed, writhing in pleasure. Her juices flowed out of her and combined with mine. I ran both my hands down the length of either of her legs, wrapping them around me as I leaned over her and took one of her nipples in my mouth and started to enter her with my cock.

With just my tip inside, she moaned and grunted, “Keep going.” I felt bad, but I’m new to this, I don’t really know how to have sex, especially as the guy, let alone sex with my sister.

Thankfully, Ali helped me out and led the way. She grabbed my ass, aggressively pulling me in. My shaft slid inside her, deeper and deeper between the walls of her tight pussy. After getting into a rhythm of thrusting in and out of her, she ran her fingers from my ass up to my shoulders, sending chills up my spine. She moved her hands toward my chest grabbing a breast and gently massaging. It was all I could do to hold back my orgasm. I kissed up her neck and up her chin till I reached her lips and we both moaned into to each other’s mouths.

Ali could tell I was not all the way inside. “Harder, use the whole thing,” she grunted, breaking the connection between our lips.

I pulled almost all the way out of her and paused for a moment with just my crown inside her. Then in one long, almost violent push, I thrust into her. My thighs slapped her ass and my crown slammed into her cervix.

Ali screamed, “Yes!” So I kept pumping into her as fast as I could. She screamed and moaned again and again as I kept plowing into her. She wrapped her hands around my back, her nails digging into me, turning me on even more.

When I thought I couldn’t take it anymore and was about to come, I tried to scream letting her know I was there, but Ali beat me to it. I tried my best to pull back my orgasm as best as I could. She arched her back dug her finger further into my skin pulling me toward her, squeezing our breasts together.

Her body completely tensed up and the walls of her pussy clamped down on my shaft, like a hungry mouth pulling me further and further inside of her. I couldn’t last any longer and my entire body clenched. My back arched and I fell into Ali, our bodied pressing even tighter together. One last pound, slamming my cock pounding into her as my cum came shooting out of me.

She screamed “God!” And, knowing I was cumming, grabbed my ass with both hands holding me inside her. Load after hot creamy load shot into her, filling her up almost instantly. Our fluids combined and came gushing out of her, like a beautiful flower too full of nectar. Our spunk ran down my shaft, over her ass hole and onto the sheets below her.

The room was full of wet sloppy sounds as well as our moaning and grunting. Still seizing with pleasure, I slowly kept pumping into her and my nectar kept flowing out of her cunt. I pushed myself off her body and floated just above her. Our breasts were barely touching and my nipples grazed hers, causing me to let out a little moan. I found my way to her mouth and kissed her, slowly, delicately.

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