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I woke to echoing sounds in my cell. Someone had placed yet another dish of horrible tasting food for me to choke down again. I was getting sick of the same mundane life. It had been like this for at least two months. Dr. Allens would come in and take samples, but she wouldn’t stick around for longer than a minute. I had so many questions for her, but she wouldn’t even look into my eyes. She never came alone. Men with large weapons would pin me to a wall while someone else shackled me to it. I had multiple bruises building up on my back wrists and legs. Once I started to feel them healing, I would get another brutal beating. I was nothing more than a rat to them.

I read that letter that was sent to me thousands of times. I tried to see if Michelle had hidden a message somewhere. I read all the words backwards, forwards, upside down, in a reflection… but to no avail could I find anything out about her message. As I finished my meal I pulled my letter out again and skimmed over the familiar words. They were probably the only thing helping me maintain a reality. It was cold in this cell, but it wasn’t as cold as the day that Mandy had passed.

I lashed out against the wall again in frustration. I threw my tray across the room and shouted out. I wasn’t as strong as I used to be. The food they gave me was barely enough to keep me alive. I hadn’t lost muscle tone, and I assumed that was because of the serum they had given me that transformed me. I noticed after the last injections that my breasts were larger, probably around a D cup. For my height they were extremely large. Oddly my body compensated for the extra size and I didn’t feel any discomfort from the expansion.

My cock was larger now too. They hadn’t given me more serum since the first day I woke in that horrible contraption, but I was still shocked at how large it was. I couldn’t fit it into panties anymore. I didn’t think I could wear pants anymore. It would probably show a bulge of some sort that wouldn’t be very flattering. I laughed out loud. Here I am sitting in a cell thinking about how my cock would show if I were to wear normal clothing like I used to, but I wasn’t even certain if I would live another day or two.

I heard talking outside my cell. I looked up at the door to see it open and two men entered. They cuffed my feet and hands to a large chain that they pulled me along with. This is the first time I was escorted from that cell. I looked around the halls with more enthusiasm than the last time. I saw security cameras on every corner. It seemed a bit overkill. I eyed each one as we passed them. I am sure they would have had to have at least four guards watching the monitors at all times. I was guided through the halls like a maze. I only assumed it was to try and throw off my memory. They didn’t want to make the same mistake they did with Michelle and Jessica.

Finally I was placed into the original holding cell where I had been poked and prodded for tests. I had been fastened to the same device as I was two months ago. The familiar hum of the computers rang in my ears. It had been so long since I heard ambient sounds, that I invited them willing into my ears. It was almost relaxing to have something so normal, though I was in such a unique and strange predicament. Dr. Allens walked into the room. Her slender figure shifted as she looked to the computers. The door made a whirring sound as it was locked tightly. We were left alone at last.

“What is going on?” I shouted out to Dr. Allens. She whirled around and dove on me covering my mouth. She had a look of death in her eyes. I held back my frustration and anger as she slowly took her hand off my mouth. She went back to the computer and started to type on it furiously. After a minute or so of awkward silence she came back to me. In her hand she had a large syringe. She placed it close to my arm and leaned in close enough to kiss me.

“Sarah please act like I injected this into. This is another dose of the serum. They want to keep dosing you until they find your breaking point. There are a few cameras in here that I am disabling at the moment with a program that Jessica wrote for me. Trust me I am your friend.” She then emptied the syringe’s liquid onto my arm without breaking my skin. The liquid dripped and Dr. Allens took a swab and cleaned off the liquid.

I felt a twinge in my body. Even that little exposure to the serum on my skin made my body shift and change a little. Dr. Allens went back to her computer. She began to record numbers. I suddenly felt my cock stiffen up against the clothing I was placed in. I hadn’t touched my body in so long. The last sexual encounter I had was Dr. Allens two months ago, and that was her jerking my off into a bag to collect samples. I realized how good it felt to grow a boner. That incredible feeling as the limp flesh stiffened with blood began to tingle in my hips.

After a long silence of Dr. Allens typing away on the computer she clapped her hands together and shouted out, “That Jessica is a genius!” She rushed over to me and saw my cock painfully being held down by the clothing and she eyed me sadly, “I haven’t really tested the serum out and I didn’t know if it would react if I placed it on your skin. I am so sorry Sarah; it looks like the effects won’t be as drastic though. I was ordered to give you a double dose, and last time it made your body grow another three inches on your cock.”

“Dr. Allens how am I going to get out of here?”

“Please call me Amy. I actually have rigged a gas that will knock out the guards outside the door. Jessica made a program that will shut down the cameras in the corridors on block at a time. We have to make our way along the exact route that she lined up for us. It takes about forty five minutes for the algorithm to start. Please ask questions while I get you down from this thing.”

“I actually have a problem…” I said as my cock throbbed again painfully against my leg. I couldn’t think straight. I could feel each individual vein pump blood. I could feel the mushroom head thicken as more blood pulsated through it. I missed that sensation of a pussy wrapping itself perfectly around my hard staff protruding from my body. I couldn’t believe how long it had been. Amy looked over at me as she tried to figure out what I was getting at.

As one of my hands was freed from the chains that bound me, I reached down at pulled the garment down to let my cock free from the cage it was in. I breathed out a sigh of relief as the pressure was taken off my body.

“I understand sweetie. What would you like me to do to help?” She asked as she finished releasing my other hand from its prison.

“Anything, please God do anything you want to me just make me cum.” I said feeling like a savage animal that had been caged for years. Amy bent over and released each of my feet from their hold. She then dropped to her knees and touched the loose skin at the base of my flowering cock head. I felt a surge pulsate down my cock into my hips. I closed my eyes and moaned out at her gentle inspection. I felt her touching occasionally along my thick shaft.

“This might be too big to fit in my pussy, but we can try it right?” Amy said as she played with my cock. I looked at her and thought about Jessica’s transformation.

“Are you sure Amy…? I changed Jessica…” As I finished my sentence Amy gripped a hand around my cock head and guided me back against the wall. She shifted her skirt and dropped her panties to the floor.

“I don’t care Sarah.” As she said those words I felt my cock head brush her wet pussy lips. She pushed my cock up and down allowing it to brush her clit. She moaned out each time my body bumped it. She shifted forward and placed one hand on the base of my cock and the other on my shoulder. Her knee was pressed against the wall and her other leg was against my left leg.

She shifted forward and I felt my cock head plunge into her tight body. It was rough at first. Amy had to adjust multiple times to try and take more of my cock into her tiny pussy. Eventually I felt a shift and rotation, and our bodies began to work in unison. She moaned into my shoulder as my cock drove home into her amazingly tight pussy. I grabbed her waist and began to thrust gently into her body. I shifted positions so her back was against the wall. She wrapped her legs around my waist, and I slowly humped her body.

Our breasts rubbed against each other through our thick clothing. I could feel my nipples standing erect, and her thick bra blocked hers. I could feel her body giving way to my enormous cock as I kept a steady pace. Suddenly I went back to the first time that Amy touched my cock. She I was strapped into that contraption. The visions of her sucking and fucking my cock while she toyed with her own pussy rolled through my head. As I continued to fuck Amy I got more images flashing through my mind.

I saw Amy gripping a massive cock between her hands. Slowly I could see the cock protruding from her small body. It stood proudly off her body. She bent her body slowly until the cock head was perfectly in her mouth. She sucked the head until white cream flowed from between her lips. She pulled her mouth off and white cream splattered against her glasses and cheeks. She giggled as she did so.

I started to kiss and suck on Amy’s cheeks trying to lick the cum from off of them. She started to laugh and I realized that the cum on her face was a part of my day dream. I couldn’t tell reality from fantasy anymore. I continued to hump Amy with more images of her masturbating her long cock and sucking herself off. We reached a point where I couldn’t stand anymore, and Amy couldn’t hold on. We toppled to the floor, and I crawled quickly on top of her like a dog hungry for a meal.

When my cock dove into her aching pussy, Amy curled up and moaned out. I continued to fuck her deeply. With each thrust she moaned out hungrily. Our climaxes were eminent. I could feel my cock thicken. I could see the imaginary cock on Amy thicken, and I could feel her little body tense up under me. I felt the hot cream escape from my bulging cock head. She screamed into my shoulder, gripping at it and placing her teeth against me. Her pussy pulsated and milked the rest of the cream from my erupting cock. Her legs shuddered and slowly we fell from our heightened orgasm. I slid away from her and placed my back against the wall. Amy slid up close to me and wrapped her arms around my waist.

“That was amazing Sarah.” Amy said as she went to grab her panties off the floor. As she Moved I saw her tense up. The shock and horror of what was about to happen crossed her face. She hadn’t realized that it would be immediate. She grabbed onto my leg and slid closer to me. I wrapped my arms around her and rocked her back and forth.

“It will be over soon honey, just wait it will be over soon.” I said trying to calm her down. She tensed up even more and I could almost feel the changes happen to her body. I could see her breasts expand and grow. Her lab coat grew tight around them, and a button popped off as it grew comically tight against her growing flesh. I reached down and unbuttoned two more of the buttons to make it less uncomfortable for her. Her body felt so rigged against my hands as I held her close to me.

Then I saw her clit growing and expanding. A soft slapping thud echoed in the empty room as the cock curled and fell to the floor. It looked like a tired snake slithering slowly out of her dripping pussy. It began to stiffen and lengthen. The head grew into an angry red color as it throbbed toward our faces. It expanded and grew. Its size seemed to mimic the exact size of Jessica’s cock. Amy tentatively reached out and touched her newly grown appendage. She traced the thick veins on the back side.

When she reached the head she traced the ring to the front. I could tell that she touched the foreskin because she shuddered out of pleasure. I loved that feeling myself, and I could tell that she enjoyed it herself. She began to stroke herself and precum gathered at the tip. She wiped up a small amount with her finger and licked it off gingerly as if afraid that it would be gross. Her eyes widened as she tasted the sweet nectar. She bent forward and started to suck on her throbbing cock.

I suddenly remembered my visions I had while having sex with her. It was being played out in reality right before my eyes. She stroked and played with her cock while giving herself what appeared to be wonderful head. She continued to suck herself until I saw her cock thicken and bulge. The sound of her ejaculation into her throat was comically loudened by the deadness of the room. She pulled back off the new cock and finishing spurts of cum splashed on her face and glasses.

I leaned forward and licked the excess cum off her cheek. She laughed, and I gave her a long kiss on the mouth. My tongue swirled the sweet liquid in her mouth. We lay locked face to face for a minute or two when she popped up.

“Sarah the algorithm has been running this whole time! I don’t know how much time we have until the program starts shutting down the cameras.” Amy exclaimed as she stood from the floor. She had to make adjustments for her new cock. It wasn’t as long when it wasn’t erect. It probably stayed at a good six to seven inches. Her clothing was tight around her newly expanded bosom, and the buttons were undone nearly to her navel to make room for them.

“Will we be okay?” I asked as I pulled my garments into their proper place. She nodded pointing to the screen. A tiny clock on a black window showed less than two minutes remaining.

“Just be sure to stick close to me. No distractions. If we make it out of here you will get to see Michelle again.” She said, and as she said these words I felt a smile flicker across my lips. It had been so long. I needed to see Michelle, “Okay Lets go.”

We made our way to the door and I heard a slight thud outside the door. Amy swiped a keycard along a panel and it slid open. Both guards were lying on the ground knocked out by something that Dr. Allens had rigged outside. She stepped over them and began to make her way down the hallway. I grabbed one of the guns and followed Amy. We made our way through a crazy labyrinth of twists and turns that almost felt like we were lost ourselves.

As we turned one of the corners, a familiar face turned the corner also. It was the other scientist that had been with Dr. Allens. She was snooty, and scoffed at Amy. I grabbed her and pulled her in close. I placed the gun against the side of her head, “You say anything I promise you that you won’t say anything ever again.” She nodded and Amy looked at me in shock.

“Wow Sarah I didn’t know you had it in you!” We continued a bit more slowly with the new addition to our group. We made our way along the path that was determined by Jessica. Finally I saw tiny elevator that stood open for us, “Jessica is perfect. She even left the Elevator open for us.” We climbed in and the doors slid shut. It began to rise when I let go of my hostage. She turned to face the two of us. I raised my gun and pointed it at her.

“Don’t you dare do anything you will regret later.” I said looking at her, “Tell me your name now.”

“This is Abby Taggart,” Amy said as though it were a given, “She is my supervisor.”

“I was your supervisor. I promise you that what you are doing I take as your resignation.” Abby Said dejectedly. The elevator came to a stop. We had gone up at least thirty stories. The door slid open and we were greeted by the brisk air of a cooling evening. The sun was setting and the sky shown a golden orange. A helicopter waited for us with its blades spinning. Michelle smiled at me from the open door. I was finally freed from my captivity, and my Michelle was as beautiful as ever.

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