I guess it all started about 10 years ago. I was 30-ish, single, considered beautiful by most, and once in awhile enjoyed a drink or even a good smoke.

The booze I always got from a local liquor store with a card for 10% off.

My smoke on the other hand, was a road trip. I always got from the same person. Dicky Leeds. This guy was like this Vietnam vet or something. An older guy, long hair, kind kooky, but lived deep in the Pine barrens. You literally had to leave your car and walk about a football field length through the woods to find his house.

But he had the best weed I ever had. So what if he was a little spooky.

One day As I was walking back to my car, I stumbled on a rock half sticking out of the ground. A second look revealed it was carved. I didn’t look further, I just threw it in my purse, climbed in my car, and headed home.

I got home, turned on the news, poured a drink, and checked out my “stuff.”

The weed was exquisite, as it always was. I think he grows and cultivates it himself, but I never bother to ask.

But the other object I retrieved was shocking.

It was indeed made by someone or something.

It was a small statuette. Very intricately carved. Seemed made out of stone but it kind of warm to the touch. What was more shocking, was that the tiny figure was a carving of devil. The face as intricate and realistic as the rest of it.

The eyes, the toothy smile of a grinning evil unlike anything I have ever seen.

The wings outstretched like a gargoyle on patrol.

Suddenly everything came together for a moment of complete insanity.

Dicky LEEDS? a devil statue? Could this guy be related to the whole Jersey Devil thing I read about in high school?

I had to know more.

I took pictures of the object, and took them to the library to see what I can drum up. I grabbed every book off the shelf that had anything to do with the words jersey devil pine or barrens to make sure.

After sifting through many books, I found it, or what appears to be it. It was a drawing of a man carving a figure who claimed he uses it to control his brother. “I gave him what he needs,” it read.”Food, shelter, compassion, but I must be harsh to keep the devil in line. I make him work for all of it. Working a mine I had for a time. I’d summon him and give him what he wanted, usually a goat or something, and he worked that mine like 30 men.This is why he has not hurt anyone in 40 years, except for that camper in 74.”

The man who had this control, and this figurine, was named Richard Leeds.

Richard Leeds? Dicky Leeds for short?

This report is dated 1735. Could my weed dealer have been around since 1735?

Could it also be possible, I have the power to summon the Jersey Devil?

I needed a drink, so I checked the book out like it was on fire and rushed home to read more.

The tome stated the figurine was able to summon the devil. You must give it what it needs, then take something in return, but it must be equal to what it takes or it can escape your control and you’ll never retain it. I smoked another joint to ponder this thought as well as memorize the procedure to summon this devil from the pine barrens.

After a quiet dinner, a couple hits from the bong, another trip out for wine, I strip down to a T-shirt and panties, and settle on the bed in my room with my newfound toy, the remote, and glass of red wine.

I say a few words in plain English holding the figurine. No big magic words, no prayer to an unholy deity. Just “Brother I call to thee”.While holding the statue.

I contemplate those words as I study the figure. Its odd, not exactly the worse thing on my knickknack shelf.

One more bong hit, I down the entire contents of my fresh glass of wine, close my eyes and say the words aloud. “Brother I call to thee”.

I wait a moment, and open my eyes.

Nothing. No scary demon, no bolt of lightning, flash of lights, no spooky laugh, nothing. I was robbed. The thing is broke. Don’t work.

So I put the statue on my bedside, set my alarm, and start to watch some TV until nature calls. I went to do my business, and I passed the threshold of the bathroom door when suddenly I am face to face with a 6 ft. tall exact replica of the statue on my bedside table, only this is living flesh.

“Why have you summoned me?” a low guttural growling voice uttered.

I was frozen. I couldn’t move he was tall, muscular,intimidating.

It was too dark to make out any other features.

“Why have you summoned me?” it repeated.

I remembered I have to have some control.

I steadied my self as well as my voice and said sternly,

“Because I wish it!”

Suddenly the creatures demeanor changed, it bowed its head, and backed away as if honoring me in a parade.

I felt stronger now, but I knew I had to be careful.

This mighty creature acted as though I was in charge and so I shall be, but first, I have to give it what it needs, so I asked.

“What do you need Devil?”

“You may call me Leeds”

Very well Leeds, what do you need?”

“I need you.” it hisses.

“I can arrange that, then you will do my bidding, and not harm anyone, correct?”

“Correct.” its face grimaces hungrily at me.

“And you will NOT kill me, correct?”

“Very well. I accept your terms.” No sooner do those words leave my lips, Suddenly everything changed, the beast lunged at me, it was big, heavy, I was flat on my back and this thing was on top of me. It roared hot breath in my face as it grabbed my wrists and pinned me to the bed. I gasped, powerless to stop it. As it held my pinned wrists with one hand it lifted up my shirt with the other, I realized this beast intended to rape me. It grabbed at my breast pinching my nipple, I fought but couldn’t get a release from the grip of those hands.

Suddenly my panties were down, I tried to scream, the devil put its hand over mouth and growled at me as it thrust itself into me. It was big, hot, and deep. I cried out, but powerless to stop what was happening to me. I was being raped by the devil, he pumped himself into me, tearing me in half, He had rhythm. constant, never stopped, never changed just kept filling me with his massive demon rod. My gasps were masked by his animalistic grunting and groaning, the devil had its way with me.

Suddenly, he flipped me over and shoved himself back into my tight little pussy. His cock thrusting throbbing inside me. Pulling me to him, I had no choice but to take him. It felt so good I had to give in. I felt that warm rush of orgasm building in my loins already. I knew I couldn’t hold back, and a rush of orgasm shuddered through my ravaged body. I was crying out, I was screaming while he relentlessly fucked me. I was being raped by a devil, or demon, or whatever, The Jersey Devil.

Suddenly he roared louder, and louder he was just about to scream, when he grabbed his huge member, and placed the head of his cock against my tight asshole. “No, not there!” I protested, but on deaf ears.I tried to crawl away,but he grabbed my cheeks and slowly and steadily moved forward and proceeded to push the head of that massive member into my ass.

I lost all the air in my lungs as I let out a wail, I was totally caught off guard but he didn’t care. He immediately started fucking me raw in my ass.

Growling like a Lion putting fear into its prey.

I couldn’t move. It was feeling less like rape and more like a sacrifice or something. Like I was sacrificing myself to him, and the more I thought of the implications, the dirtier, hotter and wetter I felt. I felt my orgasm building as he fucked my ass relentlessly.

Once again just before I had my next orgasm, something changed, he repositioned himself on top of me, and continued pummeling my ass with his huge throbbing cock.

My hands held straight out I felt like I was being crucified, as well as sodomized.

I had no control.

Suddenly, the tempo changed, the creature breathed harder, louder again, but this time, his cock was noticeably getting even bigger than before. Throbbing inside me, getting harder and fatter, I knew he was going to cum.The pain was gone as I relaxed my body and took his ramming cock, until it exploded inside me. The heat from his cum fills me, making me shudder. I knew he was done.With a final growl, the creature lifts itself off of me. and goes back into a very submissive posture.

“What do you need of me?” the creature inquired. I knew it has to be something equal to what was done to me. There was only one answer.

“I WANT YOU DEVIL.” I exclaimed, mocking the creatures voice the best I could.He raised his eyes and looked at me, trying to burn into my soul, but it was I who was now “On Top!”

“I Want You Leeds.” I Hissed again as I left his gaze to reach under my bed.

I reached on the floor by my bed, picked up my panties, and a realistic looking rubber cock from under my bed which I’ve used on occasions when a man wasn’t sufficient.

As he watched, I took scissors and ripped a hole in the front of my panties, and thrust the cock through it, slid them on, with the cock in the front and voila, instant strap on.

It was pretty funny seeing the creatures face when he realized what was coming,he looked disgusted but knew it had to obey.

“On your knees you piece of shit, kneel in front of me.!” I exclaimed with the tone of a dominatrix.

The creature immediately complied even though his growls revealed his discontent.

“Go on, Suck my cock!”

As the devil put my cock in his mouth, I was delighted, this notorious creature, doing my bidding, bowing before me and my power, sucking my fake cock, for my own amusement. I watched the creature bound by forces and magic beyond my comprehension, to do what its told in order to keep it from killing innocent people. I knew the balance of power had to be right, and I had to do to him what he did to me.I felt good, I felt powerful, and in control. I just sat back and watched him suck for for a good half hour enthralled.

Finally, I grabbed him by one of his hideous horns, held his face close to mine, and said, “You raped my ass, and now I’m going rape yours. Get on all fours. “The demon hissed, howled, barked, and raged, but complied all the while. It was bound to.

I knelt behind this beast and slowly, but methodically shoved my cock into his ass, it immediately let out a howl as I entered him, but again , this creature had to just take my cock like a good little devil.

I began fucking him, painfully slow at first, making sure he felt every inch going in and out.Gaining momentum only when I saw the monster was getting used to my rhythm.

Finally I threw him down, moving his leathery wings out of the way, and started relentlessly fucking his ass. my ears filled with the creatures moans and screams of pain and discomfort, but I was actually having fun, taking this thing for my own like this. I felt so powerful.

The more I thought about that power, the more flushed I became. The more flushed, the harder I fucked the beast. No reach around.The more I thrust, the more the monster squealed as I raped him. There was no stopping me. I was in control as I shall always be. I raped him doggy style, I made him put his hands against the wall, and fucked him standing up, I bent him over a table, and told him to grab it and not let go as I raped him again. At one point I had to take a break to pee but did that stop my fun? Not even a little bit.

I told the devil to come with me to my bathroom, and made him lie down in the shower. I was going to show him who the piece of shit was. As he watched, I squatted down over his chest and took a healthy piss all over him. He never lost eye contact with me the whole time, but I could tell he did not appreciate his treatment, then showered him off, and drug him back to the bedroom where I can replace my newly made strapon and do it all over again.I raped him every way I could think of.

After a couple more orgasms, I was done fucking this creature.

I told him, “I will hold on to this figurine, you better be good,and no more killing.”

“As you wish” the creature exclaimed.

To this day I still have the figurine, and to this day I get visits by the Jersey Devil, or J.D. as I call him now, when I don’t call him “Bitch.” Of course it’s all about sex, I have a killer job, a new car, house, jewelry, and a trust fund set up for myself, but the sex is still the best.I don’t always use the strapon, but its fun to make that devil squeal.

Sure I get raped before I get to rape him, but its a small price to pay for saving the lives of innocent people.

After all, that’s the Deal!


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