Disclaimer: This story deals with themes of cuckolding, chastity, femdom, cum eating, whipping, strap-on, forced-bi, impregnation and many other femdom-related fetishes, if you are offended by this genre please read something more to your liking.

Chapter 1: The perfect match

Hi my name is Trey and my beautiful wife Rudi is in complete control of every aspect of my life. She is 5’6 and 160 pounds with wonderful long black hair, amazing blue-green eyes, and beautiful D cup breasts. I met her in high school at a party; she was drunk from tequila and Jack Daniel’s. She’d had one of each and asked me for a ride home. I wasn’t going to refuse having the company of a beautiful woman as I was still a virgin. Before I had time to ask her where she lived, she passed out in the car. As this was the case I decided to take her to a hotel room. As we arrived she awoke and we went inside and slept for the night.

The next morning I made us some coffee, French toast, bacon and eggs. We started talking about high school and what we would do after graduation. She said “My father is an NFL and NHL agent and makes a comfortable 10 million dollars a year on average. I’ll never have to work a day in my life. My father set up a trust fund that will give me 10 million dollars after tax on my eighteenth birthday and another 1 million every year after.”

I replied “You must deal with a horde of boys trying to cash in on an awesome payday, and a smoking hot wife.”

She answered with feeling “That’s remarkably accurate, all these horny teenage men and the occasional girl want to marry me just for my money. I don’t want to marry someone who just wants my money, that’s not real. Don’t get me wrong I love sex but marriage is about commitment not sex.” She continued speaking and asked “Why haven’t you tried to fuck me yet? Every man I meet is trying to get in my pussy; you’re the first since I hit puberty who wasn’t all over me and getting me drunk. Why is that exactly?”

I slowly started talking, embarrassed by what I was about to say. However after a few moments I gathered myself and started talking “I uh… I uh… I have uh, this is proving extremely difficult but I’m a virgin.”

She was surprisingly calm about it and asked the obvious question “So answer the real hard question, why are you a virgin?”

This threw me through a loop and now I was really embarrassed but I realized I had a smoking hot girl who was actually very interested in me so I sucked it up and started talking. Even though I just met this girl I persisted to speak every last detail of my life.

“Rudi, the reason I’m a virgin is that I have a small penis. I never have tried to fuck a woman because I am scared of the humiliation that comes with it, but whenever I masturbate I have all these twisted fantasies about a beautiful woman dominating and humiliating me. It’s weird but sometimes when jacking off I wish all these fantasies I have were a reality. I wish I just didn’t have to be so embarrassed by it. I have fantasy about my wife having complete control of my life, from the time I wake up to if and when I masturbate. I want her to put me in a chastity cage and make me worship her. I want her to whip me if I’ve disobeyed her or just for her fun. I want her to fuck me with a strap-on. I want her to control my orgasms and if she lets me cum I want her to force me to eat it. I want her to be a complete bitch to me and only treat me as a slave. I want her to be able to fuck anyone she wants and force me to clean her pussy afterwards. I want to be her complete, submissive, dependant, and loving slave with her being a complete dominant bitch who loves me but shows me by controlling every aspect of my life.”

I realized I had gone about ten miles past spilling my guts and told her why it would never work. I reasoned and stated “That type of relationship would never work because of the money issue, in this day in age no one can afford to live like that, it takes two working people to sustain a live in relationship, it would take free money every year to make that type of relationship, and nobody has that much disposable income.”

She started laughing and I was very confused. She started talking and I was in for the shock of my life. She said “Holy shit this is perfect, I cannot believe the man who gave me a ride from a party where I was completely wasted would be the man I marry, and the perfect marriage partner.”

I replied confused “Did you just ask me to marry you?”

She answered laughing, “I guess I did, so what do you say?”

I replied euphoric “Yes, yes who wouldn’t want to marry a beautiful women with your glorious features, I would do anything to marry you, with your beautiful long black hair, amazing blue-green eyes, I imagine those breasts are at least a D cup, and your ass is voluptuous and wonderful.”

She answered in shock “Wow I’ve never heard anyone describe me as such a beautiful woman before. I feel like a goddess. Is that really how you feel about me?”

I responded whole hearted “Yes, you are a beautiful creature who deserves to be worshipped and adored, I love you.”

She smiled and spoke “Us getting married has many conditions on it, do you realize that Trey?

I nodded in agreement while saying “Yes mistress.”

She stopped me and said “I’m not your mistress yet, but if you agree to the terms of the pre-nuptial agreement, then I will become your mistress and I will be a very demanding one.”

I replied “I will agree to anything, whatever you want I will agree to, give me the paper and I’ll sign it.”

She started talking and told me “This is how things are going to be. We will get married a couple months after my eighteenth birthday on march 24th, 2009, my favourite actor, Alyson Hannigan`s birthday. We will both be eighteen then and I will have already purchased the home we will live in. You will be my slave outright and it will say that in the pre-nuptial. You are allowed to masturbate as much as you want up until the wedding but the day after you will be locked in a chastity device for as long as I say. We will only ever have sex the day after are wedding. That day starting at 12 midnight you will have me at your disposal for 24 hours where you can fuck my brains out and do anything you want, but after that you are my slave.”

I said in response “I completely accept all the terms graciously, thank you.”

The wedding went off without a hitch. Soon I would be completely enslaved to my beautiful wife and mistress Rudi. We left for our honeymoon in Aspen, Colorado right after our wedding. We arrived in our beautiful hotel room in an all-inclusive resort at 10pm, so we had time to unpack before midnight when my only day in control would begin. It had separate adjoining bedrooms each with a king size bed and beautiful lush pillows. We unpacked as soon as we arrived and put our stuff in separate bedrooms as I would only have one day of sex.

At 11:45pm Rudi started laying out the ground rules or to be more accurate, ground rule. She informed me “You are allowed to do anything to me for the next 24 hours starting at midnight, however there is one catch.”

I replied “I agree to the terms graciously, my love.”

She told me “The catch is that any cum you produce, you have to swallow.”

Looking defeated I said “Ok, at least I get to have you.”

At 11:59pm Rudi started counting down “60, 59, 58, 57, 56, 55……….5, 4, 3, 2, 1.”

Rudi asked “What do you want me to do for you love?”

I replied “How about a blowjob, and can you put your beautiful black hair in pigtails please?”

“Of course, and I know I can get my whole mouth around that cock of yours.”

” You look super hot with pigtails and this is the first time I’ve seen you naked, oh Rudi your breasts are so luscious and your ass is big and perfect in size.”

“I love the way you describe how beautiful I am, now lie down on the bed.”

“Ok, my first blowjob from such a hot woman, I’m so lucky.”

“Only for 24 hours, then I will make your life a living hell.”

“It’s worth it.”

As I lay on the bed Rudi crawled on top of me and pulled down my shorts, I pulled my shirt off and she began running her hand up and down my dick. It began to harden and in thirty seconds it was at its full five inches. When it reached its full potential she licked the head and then put her whole mouth around my dick and began sucking greedily, within a couple minutes I began to buckle and I started Cumming in her mouth.

“aaaaaahhhhhhhh….ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh, I’m Cumming oooooooooh.”

She caught all my cum in her mouth and held in there and moved up to my mouth and began snowballing me, depositing all my cum back in my mouth, I surrendered to her and swallowed my cum.

She then asked “That was fun, now what do you want to do?”

I replied “How about a titty fuck”

“Sounds good, I’ll just roll over and you can control the pace”

“I didn’t need telling twice, I hopped on her and started to ride.”

I began by putting dick on her chest and she obliged by putting her tits around my dick and I started to go back and forth and I rode her for a good ten minutes before I began to buckle and I came all over her tits and neck.

In a demanding voice Rudi told me to “Lick all of your spunk off my neck and tits and then tell me what you want to do next.”

I obliged and began lick her neck and I started working my way down towards her tits making sure to get every last drop of cum. After her tits were clean I worked my way down and began kissing her stomach until she told me to stop.

“Now what would you like to do.”

“I’m pretty tired and am all cummed out, so right now I just want to cuddle my beautiful wife to sleep.”

“Sounds good to me, I love to cuddle just as much as I love to fuck.”

We cuddled each other and eventually fell asleep in each other’s arms like a couple that had been together forever, we were in heaven.

End of chapter 1.

I will be adding multiple chapters to this story over the coming months, please be patient as writing does take thought and time, thanks.

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