It all happened about a month ago. My names Suzanne, Suzie to my friends, and I’m twenty two years old and have been married to James, who’s twenty five, for eighteen months. I work for a company dealing in import and export, where my line manager is Claire and about three weeks before this occurrence she had assisted me in keeping a very big mistake, on a deal, from our senior manager Steve. It could have resulted in me being sacked and losing my job. Claire did a terrific job and I was deeply grateful to her. She told me that I owed her ‘big time’ and that she may call in the favour some day. I didn’t realise just how soon that would be.

It was Wednesday morning and Claire called me into her office. She asked me to sit down and then proceeded to inform me that we had a very important Russian client, Viktor Leonov, over hear for a few days and that he required entertaining this afternoon. She added that Fay, one of my colleagues, was going to do it but she had rung in sick. I felt quite honoured to have been chosen and enquired what the assignment entailed. Claire told me that she was always straight with me and continued by informing me that there was a ninety nine percent certainty that it would include entertaining him in bed.

I turned from feeling quite privileged to be asked, to being surprised and taken aback by the request. “You want me to go to bed with a complete stranger?” I stammered in shock.

“I wouldn’t ask if it wasn’t really an emergency. As I’ve said Fay was covering it and it’s too late for me to organise anything with an agency that we use.”

“You use an agency?” I continued.

“Yes they have ‘high-class’ girls who fulfil the service.”

“So you want me to become an escort, a hooker?”

“Not quite. You will get no reward, apart from your own enjoyment possibly.”

“No I can’t. There’s James to consider.”

“I didn’t think about protecting my position when you had your problem. Remember you owe me ‘big time’ and I’m calling in that favour.”

“I know I do. But this?”

“I have every confidence that you can do this. No one else will know apart from you, me and of course Viktor.”

“I’m not happy, but I don’t suppose I have much choice.”

“That’s my girl,” Claire replied with relief in her voice. “You’ll need to go home and get ready. Viktor will want you to be business looking on the outside but naughty underneath. I’ll text you with details of the meet. You’d better go; we haven’t a lot of time.” I didn’t say anymore, what could I say, as I got up and left Claire’s office. I collected my things from my desk and made my way to the staff car park. I hadn’t actually started to think, my mind was a whirl, until I was on my drive home. I didn’t want to be doing this. How could I face James? ……………………………… I turned into the drive as my phone rang. As I stopped the car I took it out and read Claire’s text. ‘Get to the Hilton Hotel for one o’clock — Order the taxi as some drink might be involved — Take your burgundy briefcase with you so Viktor can identify you — Go into the bar and sit on a stool next to it — Viktor will find you — Good luck and enjoy!!!!.’ The message hit home and I realised that it was actually happening. I tried to gather my thoughts as I entered the house. I started to think about what I might wear as I went up the stairs. I laid a few things out on the bed and eventually selected my attire, a smart black business suit, dress and jacket. I undressed and went into the bathroom. It was as I was soaping myself in the shower that the sexuality of the whole thing hit me. I was nervous but somehow excited at the same time, it’s hard to describe the feeling. I completed my ablutions, styled my hair and added a little make-up before getting dressed. I felt a little knot in my stomach as I ordered the taxi.

The taxi picked me up and drove me to the hotel. The driver was quite chatty. “Doing anything interesting this afternoon,” he asked at one point. “Just meeting with a business colleague,” I replied, smirking to myself inside. He dropped me off at the main entrance and I made my way to the bar as requested. My eyes were everywhere wondering who Viktor was. I went and sat on one of the black high stools by the bar. I then felt a tap on my shoulder and turned round to see a very good looking dark haired guy in his late thirties I guess.

“You must be Suzy,” he said with a lovely Russian accent.

“And you must be Viktor,” I replied. “Claire said you’d find me.”

“That is so. What would Suzy like to drink?”

“A Mojito would be nice,” I requested.

“A Mojito and a small beer,” he said to the barman before showing me to a table in the corner. “I was expecting Fay but she is ill,” he continued as we both sat down. “Do you work with Fay?”

“Yes I do,” I replied. “And Claire is my boss.”

“Ah! Good.” The drinks arrived and we chatted a little as we drank and Viktor continually looked me up and down. “Have you worked with your company for long?”

“About three years.”

“It is a good company to work for?”

“Yes, very good.” We were then quiet for a little while.

“Suzy are you married?” he suddenly asked.

“Yes I am,” I answered.

“For how long?” he continued.

“A year and a half.”

“That’s good. I am also married for four years, my second time.” ……………………. “You’ve finished your drink are you ready to go to my room?”

“Yes, that’s fine,” I said as Viktor helped me to my feet and guided me out of the bar and across the lobby to the elevator. Once in the elevator I was holding on to my briefcase and Viktor took hold of my other hand in a gentle and reassuring way. I liked Viktor and felt I was becoming more relaxed in his company. We reached his room; he opened the door and led me in. It was the largest and most spacious hotel room I’d ever been in. It was a suite with a lounge as well as a bedroom area. “What a gorgeous room,” I remarked.

“Yes, I like it I always try and have this room when I visit. Sit down make yourself comfortable.” I followed his instructions putting my briefcase down and sitting myself on the sofa.

“Have you visited often?”

“This is fourth time.”

“You like the city?”

“I don’t see much. Business,” he replied. He was again looking me up and down as he had done in the bar and there was a short silence. “Suzy I think you are little nervous but don’t worry we will have nice time. Perhaps you will be more comfortable without clothes. You are pretty lady and I like see more.” With that he took my hand, stood me up and began undressing me. He stood behind me and removed the jacket of my suit. He then unfastened the button at the back of my skirt and lowered the zip. He tugged gently and the skirt slid down until it was on the floor around my ankles and I stepped out of it. His hands reached round and unbuttoned my blouse, first the cuffs then down the front, and he eased it off my shoulders and allowed it to drop to the floor. I was now standing in only my white bra, matching thong, black hold up stockings and black stilettos. I felt the clasp on my bra ping as he then slipped it off. “Pretty little titties,” he commented as I realised he was watching me being stripped in a full length mirror opposite. He slipped his hands in the waist of my thong and lowered it all the way down. “You have a lovely body,” he remarked. “Go into the bedroom and lie down on your front. Relax and I will join you.” I did as instructed removing my shoes before crawling on to the king-size bed.

Viktor had removed all his clothes and I caught a quick glimpse of him as he crossed the room. From that peek it seemed he had a sizeable appendage. “You like massage,” he shouted from the bathroom.

“Very much,” I responded.

“Good, we can relax you,” he said as he made his way towards the bed. He got on to the bed and knelt beside me. I gave an involuntary jerk as I felt a cold liquid dribbling on to my back. It was massage oil which Viktor expertly worked into my fingers, hands, arms, shoulders and shoulder blades. He had soft but firm hands and soon had me totally relaxed and feeling peaceful. He then moved down to my lower back and on to my buttocks. He worked each cheek skilfully with his hands. He gently encouraged me to spread my legs until they were parted enough for him. He began running his finger along my anal crack slowly working his way down until he could hook it up into my love hole.

“Uh!” I exclaimed softly.

“It is good?” he questioned.

“Mmmmm,” I affirmed. He was working his finger in and out and twisting it around inside me. After a short while it was joined by a second digit.

“Suzie is wet. You like?”

“Yes,” I responded lethargically. I knew he was juicing me up.

“You like more wet,” he suggested.

“Mmmmm,” I affirmed once again. He slipped one finger out of me whilst working his other hand under me. I raised my hips a little to assist him. His fingers soon located my clit and he started to rub and squeeze it, whilst a finger continued its actions in my love hole. It certainly felt good. I then had a real surprise as I felt his thumb pushing at my bum hole. I had no time to say anything as he pushed it fully inside me. I had never had anything up my bum before.

“Aaaaaagh!” I cried out, in shock and surprise and was about to get him to remove it.

“Don’t worry, it will feel good,” Viktor intervened as he worked his thumb and finger in and out of both holes at the same time. I was feeling very excited in my tummy and the combination of fingers on my clit, in my bum and in my love hole soon brought me off to an incredible climax.

“Oh shit! That’s so good! So good!” I yelled as my whole body shook. Once I’d stopped jerking and I was lying still Viktor removed his hand from under me and his finger and thumb from my holes.

“I think Suzie is relaxed now,” he whispered in my ear. He let me lie there quietly for a number of minutes. He then slowly rolled me on to my back. “I said it would be good. Yes?” he said giving a little chuckle.

“It was very good,” I replied. “You really did relax me.”

“See, I said we would have nice time. Are you relaxed enough to begin to relax me?” I knew what he meant and what was required.

“Rest and unwind,” I said as I reached down and took hold of his dick. My initial glimpse proved right, Viktor was indeed ‘well hung’. I was holding a substantial amount of meat, even in its semi-flaccid state, bigger than my husband James. Not that James is small in the dick department but this was considerably bigger. I moved my hand lower and found a pair of very large and heavy balls, each a good handful as they moved freely in their sacks. Back to his dick and moving my hand up from the base I discovered that unlike James Viktor is circumcised with a very prominent cock-head. Feeling and touch were all well and good but I wanted to see it. I manoeuvred myself, sliding my head down over chest until it rested on his stomach. Oh yes he was big, was all I could think as I could see his semi-hard dick rooted in a thick mass of dark hair. I knew I had to get a taste of him. Holding his dick pointing up his tummy, I didn’t have to move lower, I stuck out my tongue and licked all over his large cock-head. It was obvious he hadn’t showered before my arrival as I could taste all the flavours that had built up. It tasted so good and I do love a guy to taste ‘manly’.

I knew he had a large girth, above seven inches, (my fingers wont meet just short of seven and there was space between them on his fully erect shaft) and he must be eight inches plus in length. The thing I couldn’t take my eyes or attention off however was his cock-head, it was so big. It stood proud from his shaft by at least a quarter of an inch all around the corona. It also seemed to account for a greater proportion of his overall length than others I’d played with.

I took the head into my mouth whilst continuing to lick it. This is when it hit home as to what I was actually doing. I had a stranger’s dick in my mouth and I was sucking him. The stranger had just given me a terrific orgasm. I realised I was enjoying it and I knew I wanted to be fucked, in fact I was now at the stage of needing to be fucked.

He started to harden and increase in size and having his dick lying on his stomach was no longer practical. I adjusted my position so that I was kneeling alongside him which meant I could lower my mouth directly over his now erect dick. Due to his size I was unable to take much more than the head in, comfortably, but I combined this with a slow stroking of his shaft. I was obviously having a good effect as the little moans of satisfaction from Viktor were a good indication and encouraged me to continue. I then felt his hand rubbing my bum cheeks, which were pointing towards his head. He was pushing and pulling gently on the outside of my thigh. I instinctively knew what he wanted and moved myself into a sixty-nine, straddling his face. I continued my oral ministrations whilst Viktor began playing with me.

He slowly pulled my bum cheeks apart which I knew would expose all my hidden secrets to his gaze. He then licked me from clit to bum-hole, a light delicate lick, it was heavenly. Viktor certainly knew what he was doing down there. He rimmed my bum-hole and probed inside with his tongue. He pushed his tongue up inside my love hole and worked wonders on my clit, licking and sucking it. I knew I was moaning my pleasure loudly with his dick in my mouth. He kept alternating his attention from one area to another. I could have sucked on his dick for ever and I’d have him eat my pussy all day long. However a stinging little slap on my backside indicated that Viktor had other things in mind.

He steered me off him and rolled me on to my back. He stood up at the end of the bed and taking my ankles he pulled me towards him. Taking hold of my legs he spread them wide and pushed them back. He motioned for me to hold them and I did catching hold of my ankles. I could see and feel him rubbing his cock head along my slit before positioning it at my love hole. He had a look of concentration on his face as he eased himself inside me. I could feel myself being slowly stretched inside as he gradually went deeper and deeper. I could now feel his balls up against my bottom. He looked at me and a beautiful broad smile broke out across his face “Relax,” he said and I beamed a smile back in acknowledgement. He was now fully inside me, he hadn’t put on a condom, and I didn’t care.

Slowly he began sliding his dick in and out of me. He had that look of concentration on his face again and I realised he was actually fucking me at last. His movements were thoughtful and tender as he kept looking at me to ensure that I was receiving maximum enjoyment. He repeated strokes in a particular way if he noted my satisfaction and I was certainly being satisfied. I knew my breathing had become shallower and my moans of fulfilment more audible. Viktor kept up doing me like this for some time and I knew I was being pleasured and serviced by an expert. Gradually he increased his pace and ensured that each inward thrust was hard and deep which accompanied by his groans of enjoyment and effort. I could sense that wonderful feeling building in my stomach until I could hold back no more as my body was wracked by another terrific orgasm. The noise in the room was loud as I screamed out my satisfaction and Viktor grunted his effort and pleasure in driving in deep to maximise my climax. It was terrific and I knew he’d made me extremely wet as my love juice liberally coated his wonderful dick.

Viktor remained buried deep in my cunt whilst we both recovered. He then had the strength to lift me off the bed, whilst still up me, and take his place sitting on the end of the bed with me sitting on him in cow-girl. He was certainly deep inside me now and still rock hard. I was kneeling either side of his legs whilst fully impaled on his dick. His arms were behind my back as he reclined on to the bed taking me forward with him with my boobs pressed against his hairy chest. He was cuddling me, close to him, and it felt wonderful and secure. He encouraged me to rock gently and rub my pussy into him. It was wonderful, not being rushed and full of the biggest dick I’d ever had. After a little while he made me sit up giving him the opportunity to play with my boobs. “Nice small titties,” he said as he squeezed each one in a hand. He then played with my nipples, which are always sensitive and seemed even more so. He was rolling them between his fingers and thumbs squashing them gently. He was constantly looking at my face, with his dark enchanting eyes, especially looking into my eyes to gauge my level of satisfaction with his actions. He was sending quivers of sexual delight through my body which intensified as he gave each boob some oral attention, licking, sucking and gentle nipping.

As he fondled my boobs some more he started to make me bounce in his lap, I followed this by beginning to slide my cunt up and down his meat. It felt good especially on the downward stroke. I quickened my speed and it obviously excited him as he was now groaning louder and I knew I was moaning just as noisily. As I was on a downward stroke he caught hold of my hips and impaled me fully on him holding himself there. He slowly raised me up off him and directed me to face the opposite way. I was now standing on the floor astride his legs as he guided me back on to his big dick. It was so good as it slid back up me. I started to ride him lifting myself up and lowering right down. I was able to get more power and depth like this and began riding him hard. My stomach began its wonderful feeling again as I rode to another climax on his dick. My body was shaking and my legs gave way under me as yet another orgasm ripped through me.

As I recovered Viktor asked “Do you like the sperma.” I nodded my affirmation. “Comm,” he said lifting me off his still hard dick. He made me kneel on the floor and tipped my head back. He used his hand and eased one of his balls into my mouth whilst he stroked his large dick. I then took in the other ball and sucked that. He was now stroking quicker and placed the head of his dick by my mouth. “Aaaagh! Aaaagh! Aaaagh!” he exclaimed as he fired three large loads of creamy fluid into my mouth. I had never been in this position before and had only seen it on porno. It felt so naughty. Viktor then did something I thought was really dirty. He looked into my open mouth, put his thumb inside and as I closed my mouth round it he used it to swirl all his lovely warm spunk around my mouth and tongue before I swallowed it all down. He squoze his dick once more producing some more juice on the end which I eagerly licked off.

“Relax,” I said looking into those beautiful eyes. He smiled, took my hand and led me back to the bed. We lay quiet for some time with me snuggled into his chest.

“You tell your man about Viktor?” he questioned in a quiet voice.

“Err no, he doesn’t know,” I responded.

“Viktor is a secret?” he said with a chuckle whilst stroking my hair.

“Yes. But a very nice secret, who knows how to relax me … Will you tell your wife about me?”

“Yes, Irina will want to know all about Suzie.”

“Will she,” I said in surprise.

“Yes Irina knows about my ladies and she is good, but I must tell her,” he continued whilst stroking my back.

“You will tell her everything?”

“Of course, Irina will ask questions.”

“Does Irina have men?”

“Oh yes, I can also see.”

“You watch her?”

“Yes, sometimes,” he replied whilst squeezing my buttocks.

“I think that Irina and Viktor are both very naughty.”

He just gave a little laugh as I felt his finger sliding along my anal crack. He continued until he slid it down then in to my love hole. “Wet,” he said as he removed it. “You like more relax?”

I went back to my chair, which I pulled back from my desk, and sat down, lolling at full stretch, relaxed and contented.

Dot emerged from her hiding place. I hastened to cover myself up, not having bothered up til then to do up my trousers.

“Please, not on my account,” said Dot, “After what I’ve just seen and heard, the sight of your equipment is no big deal — literally and metaphorically at the present time!”

“Thanks a lot!,” I said, “But seriously though, that really was something else! Thanks for setting it up for me, I really did think that I had gone past the days of such delights.”

“Actually you were very good — I didn’t know you had it in you.”

“I didn’t; I had it in Lisa — her mouth anyway.”

Dot said, “I am going to be serious now. The little exhibition you and Lisa put on has made me very randy. As I intimated at lunch time, it has been a long time for me since I had some good sex. We’ve been friends and colleagues for a good many years, but I want to cross a Rubicon with you now which is going to change things between us. I am past the age when I need to worry about pregnancy, so will you give me a good hard fucking?”

“Dot, I would love to!,” I said, “Come here and give me a kiss.”

She came towards me and leant forward; our lips met in a warm and gentle lingering kiss, and I felt her hand stray down to my cock, which was starting to harden up nicely again.

She broke away. “I am quite intrigued by your s & m idea. I’ve never been punished like that. I took my knickers off to frig myself while you were dealing with Lisa, so now I’m afraid I’m improperly dressed and you will have to spank me, too.”

Without more ado she walked to my right side, then stretched herself over my knee. Hoisting up her skirt and exposing a rather more ample rear than Lisa, but nice and rounded nevertheless, she said, “Just the palm of the hand in the first instance, twelve times, like Lisa. But don’t hold back — I’ll tell you if you are over-doing it. I want to see if a little pain really does enhance the fuck that follows”

Well, a gentleman always agrees to do what a lady asks, so without warning I started to spank her with some energy, each buttock alternatively, without pause, bringing a nice red glow to her arse.

Dot gasped with each blow, and her language took on a certain coarseness. Between gritted teeth she said, “You bastard, you’d better fuck me properly after this!”

After being spanked, she got up and took off her blouse, then undid her bra, allowing her ample breasts freedom. She thrust forward to my mouth saying, “Suck these tits, and don’t be gentle!” I sucked hard and chewed on each nipple in turn. Her arousal was getting to me.

“Bend over that desk, bitch, I want to taste your cunt, and then I’m going to fuck you like sex is going out of fashion!”

She did not hesitate, but turned and bent over the desk, spreading her legs, and bringing her hands behind her she hoisted up her skirt and separated her arse cheeks. I knelt behind her and grasped her thighs, pulling her cunt towards my mouth, I sucked hungrily on her outer lips and then went searching for her clittie with my tongue. I sucked and nibbled on her clitoris, then lapped eagerly on her cunt and up to her arsehole and back. Judging by the very animal sounds coming from Dot, and the way she was thrusting her arse at my face, she was very turned on.

Before long she was demanding, “Fuck me now, you bastard, and do it properly!”

I stood up, moved close to her arse, and pushed my cock hard into her waiting cunt. I reached forward and pushed my hands round her to grasp her breasts. She raised herself up somewhat off the desk, saying, “Pinch my nipples while you fuck me!”

I grasped her nipples with thumbs and forefingers, squeezing an pulling on them.

“Get this, bitch,” I said, “It will take me a long time to cum after fucking Lisa’s mouth so I am going to fuck your cunt as hard as I can,” and so saying I started to slam into her with as much force as I could muster. She was obviously enjoying this, bucking her arse in time with my thrusts, as I continued, “And then just when you are about to come, I’m going to fuck your arse, fuck-bitch!”

Her breathing was changing now, starting to come in short gasps, and her orgasm was clearly approaching. I could feel the muscles of her lovely soft and very wet vagina starting to spasm.

“Don’t you dare rape my anus!” she gasped, but she made no move to stop me, as I pushed her down to the desk again, pulled out of her cunt, and positioned my cock head against her anal pucker. I judged that there was enough cunt juice on my cock to provide lubrication, so I pushed into her arse — there was little resistance. She lifted her head as tears came to her eyes with the pain and the pleasure. She grasped the edge of the desk in front of her, and said between clenched teeth, “I’ve never been taken in the arse before. Fuck it good or else!”

I grasped her hips and started to thrust gently in and out of her arse. I gave her another couple of hard slaps on her buttocks, “Just to remind you who is in charge. Your cunt and your arse belong to me, now, and later I shall be claiming ownership rights on your tits and mouth too!”

“Fuck me harder, you bastard!”

All this was driving us to the edge, and I thrust deeper and deeper into her anus. Before long we both started to cum with long orgasms. Dot was shouting and shrieking, “Yeeees, fuck me, fuck my arse, I`m cummingggggg…”

I saw stars as I started to pump copious amounts of semen into her.

“I can feel your cum, I can feel your cum in my aaaaarse!” she groaned as she experienced one shuddering cum after another.

As the outside world started to enter my senses again, I realised I had flopped on top of Dot, squashing her onto the desk top. I made an effort to raise myself, and slumped back into my chair. I reached out for Dot and pulled her over to sit on my knee. I put arms around her and cuddled her up, her head resting on my shoulder.

Dot started to cry.

“Dot, I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to hurt you!”

“Oh, it’s not you,” she said through her tears, “It’s just the sheer relief. The release of so much frustration.”

I held her tighter, and kissed the top of her head, taking in her aroma, enjoying the simple pleasure, the peace of holding another human being.

After a time, her tears subsided, and I spoke again, “Still, I am sorry in a way. You know how the MD feels about what he coyly refers to as fraternisation among the staff. Risking my own job is one thing, but risking yours and Lisa’s is entirely another.”

“Don’t worry,” said Dot, “I am discreet, and I am sure Lisa will be. And anyway, it is not as though we are married or in relationships, is it? Besides, it’s none of the MD’s fucking business.”

Well, that was one way of putting it!

“But we are on company premises,” I said, “We had better tidy up and go.”

I was not sure where I would be sleeping that night, except that it would be beside Dot.

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