When I was 19, I started my first year of college, but doing so meant I had to move away from my mother’s house. Now, I know that’s not a big deal for lots of people, but that house was where I’d lived with her and my sister since my parents divorced when I was 9 years old. We had countless hours of plain happiness in that house, and now I was forced to move all the way across the country, where I’d be living with my dad instead of staying on campus to save on costs. Again, lots of people probably just think I’m complaining for the sake of complaining, but to a young girl who likes to party a little harder than average, moving in with your ultra-Catholic dad, instead of on-campus accommodation with like-minded students, is about the worst thing in the world. Every single Sunday since I started living with him, he’s nagged and nagged me to come to church with him, usually with some snide sentence about giving me a chance to “repent for my life choices.” Naturally, I always refuse, but I never had the heart to tell him that I’m a strong atheist. I can imagine a lot of questions about “What life choices is he talking about, Anna?” Well..since I’m not afraid of receiving a little male attention and affection, it goes without saying that my dear old dad certainly didn’t approve of that, especially when it happened “under his roof,” as though it’s my fault I get hit on so often. That said, though, I understand why I get hit on constantly – at 5’4″ with a petite frame and a B cup bra size, I fit almost everyone’s definition of “super cute”. Add in my naturally blonde hair, “sparkling” green eyes, and my personality that usually walks the line between “bubbly” and “quirky” and I’ve probably ticked every single box on most guys’ “ideal girl” checklist, for better or worse.

Anyway, I’ve probably spent more words on myself than any modest person should. Back to the story you came here for. So, I normally wear some rather revealing clothing – low-cut shirts and dresses, short shorts and skirts, and so on. Some people say I openly invite the looks and sexual propositions I get from men. Whatever. So, I naturally wore my outfits at home as well as out to class and to parties, and occasionally, I would catch my dad peeking looks at my body when he thought I wasn’t looking. For ages, I thought nothing of it, apart from maybe “Oh, he’s probably judging me for wearing something that shows off what little cleavage I have.” And then I’d usually forget about it within five minutes. That is, until one night when I was walking past Dad’s room and heard him praying (yes, he’s one of those weird people who prays aloud). I didn’t catch all of it, but what I did hear certainly changed my opinion of my dad forever.

“And forgive me, O Lord, for having these evil, lustful thoughts about my own daughter, and please grant me the strength to fight these sinful urges.”

Two things happened after I heard that sentence. One, I turned around and got the hell out of there as quick as I could without being heard. Two, I realised I finally had the ultimate “Get out of church free” card. Well, okay, maybe three things happened. The third is that I suddenly started to question why Dad had been single for almost ten straight years. He’s not “classically handsome” by any means, but for 48 years old, he didn’t look too bad. He stood at 5’6″ tall, possessed a naturally slim body and a full head of dark hair. Personality-wise, he’s always been quiet, bordering on timid. I’d always secretly found his nature kind of adorable, and naturally assumed that tons of women would feel the same. But nope, he hadn’t had a girlfriend, let alone any sexual activity, since he and my mother divorced. Anyway, once I got back to my room, I immediately started my scheming. That Sunday, I knew, things would change. I seriously couldn’t wait, and as a result, the rest of the week dragged like no other week of my life.

Sunday eventually came, and in the evening, Dad once again tried to guilt me into coming to church. I knew this week, I’d have to pull out all the stops.

“No, Dad, I’m absolutely SICK of you trying to force me to come to church with you. Ever since I’ve moved in, that’s all you’ve done. Well I’m putting my damn foot down, and I’m telling you I’m not coming, I’m never coming. There is no God.” I put my hand to my chest, and his eyes happily followed it there. “I know in my heart of hearts that’s the truth.” Wearing my favourite (i.e.: tightest) tube top, I had baited him perfectly with that line. I could tell he wasn’t staring at my heart.

“You going to pray for forgiveness after that little look, too, Dad?”

I’d never seen my dad’s face a brighter shade of red. He spluttered a denial, “I wasn’t- I didn’t- I- What look? What are you talking about, praying for forgiveness?”

“I heard you, Dad.” He tried to keep a blank expression. “On Wednesday night, I heard you praying to your God about your lustful looks.” I paused for effect, knowing he was trapped. “Your lustful looks at me.”

After that, the only words that adequately explain my father’s actions are “freak out.” He tried to explain with about five different excuses all at once, his arms flailing, his eyes wide and his face that almost cartoonish red. I keep telling myself that I never planned to do what I did next, but I’ve never been able to lie to myself.

I calmly walked over to my spluttering, helpless father, gently stilled his arms with my hands, and kissed him softly and sweetly on his mouth. It was fucking great. Sure, his face was hot from his embarrassment, and he was still in denial about his feelings for me, but I loved every second of that kiss. My lips pressed ever so gently against his, my hands rubbing his upper arms, our bodies pressed against each other.. Simply the best kiss I’d had in months. He initially gave in, clearly enjoying his first kiss in probably nine years. Enjoying it so much, in fact, that I felt something stirring and hardening in his pants, pressing into my lower stomach. But just as I pressed myself harder against that ever-hardening bulge, he unfortunately came to his senses. Dad quickly broke free of my hands’ gentle caress and forcefully pushed me a couple steps backwards.

“No, this feels wrong, Anna. So wrong. Incest is a dirty, sinful thing. Shame on you for daring to suggest such a thing, suggesting that I have such ungodly thoughts.” For a religious guy, my father certainly knew how to make someone feel like the devil. I was hurt, but not too hurt to stop what I’d started.

“You have feelings for me, Dad, we both know it. Would it be so wrong to give in to them, just for one night? Your God will forgive you and let you go back to being miserable tomorrow. For now, let’s just be happy.” While I thought I was being pretty persuasive and sweet, Dad didn’t appear to agree.


“I know you’ll make the right choice, Dad. And I know how I can help you make it.” I placed my thumbs in either side of my tube top and pulled the elastic out and down, exposing my perky little tits to my super-Catholic father. I rubbed them slowly, seductively, for him.

Dad couldn’t look away from my tits, but while he stared at me, he kept repeating things like “Forgive me, Lord” and “You’re speaking of a terrible sin, Anna.” He eventually turned his back to me and started to walk away, but I grabbed his hand, almost reflexively.

“Daddy, please, don’t go.”

I slowly managed to turn him around and kissed him again. This time, I slowly parted my lips and ran my tongue across his lips. I managed to get my father to open his mouth, and I moaned ever so softly into his mouth, my tongue slowly convincing his to dance. My body pressed firmly into his, and this time he didn’t back away. His erection was undeniable. I could feel it throbbing through his pants and mine. Soon, my father wrapped his arms around me and was joined me in my gentle moans. We stood like that, father and topless daughter, making out in the house’s foyer, for almost five minutes. When we finally broke the kiss that seduced my father, he whispered so quietly I almost didn’t hear it.

“Vile temptress.”

I laughed, hard. That was when I knew I had him completely. “Now, father, let me grant you a far more enjoyable religious experience than you’re used to.”

I took his hand and led him to the bedroom where I’d heard him confess his naughty, naughty feelings. I pushed him to his knees (kind of) gently. He stood there, gazing up at me, while I took off my clothes in front of him. First, I removed the tube top that was bunched up in a small ring around my stomach like the world’s smallest hula hoop. After I tossed that to the ground beside me, I unbuttoned and unzipped my short shorts that many people have referred to as a belt with pockets and leg holes. Next came my panties. The sexy little pink bikini briefs came sliding down my legs, whereupon I kicked them towards my father’s knees. He didn’t notice, though, he was too busy staring up at his 19 year old daughter, standing there completely naked, all for him. Since he was in a position of worship, I decided to have a bit of fun with the whole situation.

As I stepped towards him, I was very pleased to see he couldn’t take his eyes off my freshly-shaved pussy.

“Eat my pussy,” I demanded. “Be born again, dear father,” I added without even trying to hide my condescending tone. He submitted, and began licking my lips which were already quite moist from the kisses we’d shared. Soon, he remembered the clitoris and began focusing his attention on mine. I let him know I appreciated the clit licking by grabbing a fistful of his hair and used him to steady myself while I started grinding against his tongue. Sure, it’s always enjoyable getting your pussy eaten, but it’s always disappointing if the guy can’t make you cum. And my dear daddy was quite out of practice. So while I’d ordinarily be disappointed by a cum-free oral session, I reminded myself that Dad and I would have plenty of time for him to learn the proper techniques. Once it was clear I wouldn’t be cumming any time soon, I commanded that Dad strip and lie on the bed.

Watching your father strip after giving you head is a pleasure I’m sure few girls have experienced. And I genuinely feel sorry for any girl who hasn’t seen it; it truly is an incredible sight. He climbed off his knees and unbuttoned his nice dress shirt, revealing his lightly hairy chest with an incredibly sexy “happy trail.”

“Mmmmmmm, very nice indeed, daddy.” He chuckled and the red face briefly returned. Of course, I’d yet to see the main attraction, as it were. “Now, the pants. Hurry, father.” I was quickly discovering I was going to be the one wearing the pants in this relationship.

My very obedient dad quickly unbuttoned and unzipped his trousers, and that was when I discovered that he really likes coloured briefs. This particular pair was an incredibly bright green. Ordinarily, I’d burst out in hysterical laughter upon seeing a man, almost 50, wearing underpants designed and marketed for guys my age, but my wanting to keep a stern, commanding attitude stopped me this time. Needless to say, though, I mocked him relentlessly the next day.

Anyway, soon the offending underwear was gone, too, and then I got to see my father’s cock for the first time. At a guess, I’d say he’s around 7″ when hard, and wide enough that I can’t get my hand all the way around it. His pubic region is super hairy, which I’ve always enjoyed. Seriously, there’s something weird about straight guys who invest time into styling their pubic hair. Dad’s cock stood hard and proud, a testament to the sex-obsessed, godless man I would soon transform him into.

“Now, onto the bed with your cock facing towards the heavens.” He did as commanded, and I took my time following him onto the bed, wanting to prolong his (and my) unfulfilled lustfulness for as long as I could. “I don’t know about you, father, but I think this is a fuckload more fun than what you’d be doing in church.” I stepped closer. “Before tonight, how much DID you believe in God? Because, you certainly gave him up awfully quickly once I let you know I’d be fucking you tonight. You’re a weak, pathetic man. Aren’t you, Dad?”

He seemed a bit hurt, but clearly not enough to let it affect his erection. “Yes, Anna.”

I climbed onto the bed, positioning myself so that I was straddling him, my pussy hovering inches above his eager, throbbing cock. “Fear not. Instead, give yourself to me, father, and you shall have a true religious experience. Indeed, you shall experience the divine.” I’ll always remember just how conflicted my father looked when I finally slid down on his cock. He was clearly in ecstasy, but didn’t want to show me how glad he was that he’d failed to follow his God’s teachings. As for how I felt when my dad entered my pussy for the first time? I didn’t hold back on expressing my enjoyment at all. I moaned as I pushed every inch of my Catholic father’s cock deep inside my slutty pussy. Why the fuck had I waited so long for this? I mentally kicked myself for waiting so long to seduce this beautiful cock and the man it was attached to.

“Mmmmmmmmmmm, fuck that feels good,” I moaned as I began riding up and down on his cock. I leaned forward, my hands resting on Dad’s chest for balance. At first, Dad was silent and motionless, almost as though he was having second thoughts about fucking me. Like hell I was going to let him back out now. I picked up my rhythm and tightened my pussy, squeezing his hard cock as I fucked my dad harder and faster, moaning louder as I quickened. That seemed to do the trick. Daddy started moaning, quietly at first, before soon matching my volume and level of enthusiasm. He grabbed my ass cheeks for purchase and started thrusting, easily finding and matching my fucking rhythm. That’s when I knew he’d agree to anything.

“There is no God, is there, dearest father?” I panted when Daddy reached his peak speed. “Noooo, there’s no God..but there is your Anna. I’m here, Daddy, you can worship your heavenly daughter instead.” Apparently I was wrong about Dad’s top thrusting speed, because after I teased him with that, he started fucking me even harder, thrusting so hard into my pussy that his pubic bone was stimulating my clit. Now there was a feeling a girl could get used to. But I could tell he wasn’t going to last long enough to make me cum from thrusting into my clit, which is fair enough when you consider the amount of build up. After all, he hadn’t even masturbated in nine years! I knew the only way to perfect this moment for such a religious man. I looked deep into his eyes as he was fucking me and cried out, “Tell me I’m now your Goddess, Daddy. Say it before you cum!”

My dad equal parts yelled and moaned, “You’re my Goddess, Anna!” seconds before he came. And when he came, my father fucking came. His back arched, and his stomach contracted, and he cried out in pure ecstasy. With each subsequent spasm, I could feel the massive load of cum come shooting up from the base of his cock to the tip, and then firing deep inside my pussy. There must have been at least ten different shots fired into me, leaving me feeling like I was going to explode with cum. But fuck! It felt so good, both the sex and the corrupting a man to the point of giving up religion, fucking his daughter and cumming into her pussy.

When I was sure Dad’s orgasm was finally finished, I climbed off his cock and collapsed onto the bed beside him. He rolled over and snuggled into my breast, and I put an arm around him while I felt the familiar, almost-tickling feeling of cum starting to leak out of me. He breathlessly thanked me for granting him a true religious experience as I’d promised. After I made a snide joke about being the only heavenly figure to actually fulfill a promise to one of their followers, I quietly told him I was proud of him.

“What for, Anna?”

“For finally seeing the light, Daddy.” And with that, apparently, we fell asleep.

After that one night of pure passion and dirty, sinful incest, I had converted my dear father into a true, blind believer. Apart from fucking my dad every couple of days, MY lifestyle hasn’t really changed since that night, though. In fact, I’m partying even harder now that I don’t have to deal with a judgemental father back at home. No, quite the opposite – Dad now lets me do whatever (and whoever) I desire; I AM a Goddess, after all. And for any religious types who might’ve been offended by this story, never fear. We still keep the Lord’s day holy.

Whenever I come out to people, they always seem so surprised. I don’t act sissy, I’m flirty with guys and girls alike, plus at the age of 22, I’ve got the kind of body that girls apparently go crazy for – 5’10″, lightly tanned, toned body and light brown hair with a 7.5″ uncut cock, the pubic hair it trimmed right back. Yeah, everyone’s always surprised and the girls are disappointed whenever I say I’m just into guys. Everyone, that is, except my dad.

I knew I was gay by about my fifteenth birthday, when I started watching action movies purely to see the stars get sweaty, shirtless and usually wrestle with other muscly guys. The first few years of my sex life are pretty standard, so I’ll start where the first incredible thing began. You see, I never was brave enough to come out to my parents until last year. I sat them down on the living room couch in a very cliched fashion and broke the news. I guess I put it off for so long because I didn’t know how to tell them that their only kid was gay and therefore they wouldn’t be having any grandkids. My mother took it…surprisingly well, I guess. No tears, just a lot of “Are you sure”s and disbelief. Dad? Dad just nodded and that was it from him.

After I came out, very little changed around the house, except Dad seemed quite preoccupied and distend the entire week. The weekend after I did, mum went to visit her sister, leaving me and Dad alone for the weekend. I thought it was the perfect opportunity to mend any bridges my coming out may have broken. …That, and I’d get to sneak a peek at him in the shower just like old times. If you could see my Dad, you’d understand why I was so obsessed with seeing him naked, even if he wasn’t aware of it. He’s a big man of 6 feet tall with his black hair cut into a conservative short cut, and you could tell he was quite well-built and muscly in his youth. He still looks impressive with his arms, but he’s developed a bit of a beer belly as he’s aged. From what I could tell in the shower, his cock would be bigger than mine when hard, but I’d only ever seen it soft. He was a man of his generation – cut and hairy. And I just fucking loved it. I’d spent a lot of my adult life searching for a man just like him, but always came up disappointed. No older guy was quite like my Dad, no matter how much I would call him “Daddy.”

Not even 10 minutes after mum left, Dad called me into the living room. Before he even spoke, I knew he wanted to talk about my sexuality.

“You know, I wasn’t surprised in the least when you came out to your mother and me. I’d always had my suspicions about you.” He paused, and at the time I wondered why. Now I know he was getting the confidence to say, “I knew from the first time I saw you looking at me showering.” I was in shock. I’d always been so careful. I would never stay long, and I always made sure that he was looking away before peeking in to the window the shower faced. At first I acted as if I had no idea what he was talking about, but stopped when Dad told me to stop being so stupid.

“Look, I’m not angry or anything. I just want you to know I’ve seen you peeking at me, and that’s why I wasn’t surprised.” Before I could speak, Dad had changed the subject. Kind of.

“I just want to know why you would look at me, when God knows how much gay porn is on the internet.”

I made up some lame excuse about how I wanted to see another man in the flesh, and that the internet was just pictures and movies. Of course, good old Dad didn’t buy that excuse, either.

“So you’re not attracted to me? If I took my pants off and told you to suck my cock, you wouldn’t have any trouble saying no? Even though we’re in the house all alone for the rest of the weekend?”

That was it, there was no way I could lie anymore. I was speaking before I even realised what I was saying. “I…No. Dad, there’s no way I could resist. God, I’ve been turned on by you and your body before I even fully realised I was gay. If you did that, I would be sucking you off before you knew I’d even moved.”

As you’re reading this now, the next part should not be any surprise to you. But holy shit, I still have trouble believing what happened next. Dad said “Well, what are you waiting for? Let’s head upstairs.” He then left the room and headed up the stairs, on the way to his and mum’s bedroom. I stood there for what felt like hours, just trying to process the last thing Dad had said. I couldn’t have been there too long, though, as I ran into Dad just as he reached the top of the stairs. He’d thrown his jeans and boxers off and down the stairs, and was in the middle of taking off his nice polo shirt.

“Whoa! Slow down, boy. Here,” he took my hand, “let me take you the rest of the way so you don’t hurt yourself…or me, for that matter.” He grabbed my slightly shaking hand in his warm, surprisingly smooth hand, and walked me to the bed he’d shared with my mother for over 25 years. “Now, it’s been a LONG time since I’ve done anything like this, so you won’t be entering me. This time, anyway,” he admitted.

“Oh Dad, I’d be happy to just lie in bed with you, I don’t care what we do or don’t do.” It was the truth. Here was the moment I’d always fantasised about; I wasn’t going to do anything to fuck it up.

“Good boy.” He grabbed my belt and unbuckled it without losing eye contact with me. Then he unbuttoned my jeans and slid them and my briefs off. My cock bounced out, hard, eager and with a reasonable amount of pre-cum oozing out the top. Resisting temptation to touch it, Dad then took my t-shirt off and threw it across the room before kissing me deeply, passionately on the mouth. It didn’t take long for my mouth to open and accept his warm, probing tongue. My tongue and his danced in each other’s mouth as our breathing quickened and we started grasping each other, pulling ourselves close and never wanting to let go.

I was shocked when I felt Dad’s cock press into my stomach. Not only was it as hard as mine, but it was massive! I realised that, all the way up the stairs and into the bedroom, I was too in shock to realise he’d had that boner since the living room and I never even looked at it! From the size of it being held tight against my naked body, I guessed it was about 8 inches. I so wanted to touch it, just grab it and suck it and guide it into my asshole…but I’m a little submissive and was content to follow Dad’s orders for now. We continued kissing for a few more minutes, before Dad broke it to utter the words I’d been wanting to hear since I was 14.

“Now be a good boy and get on your knees and start sucking Daddy’s cock.”

I fell to my knees in a hurry, eager to taste that massive cock. The very cock responsible for my own existence! I certainly owed it a lot of thanks. With one hand, I held it still and with the other, I held tightly onto one of Dad’s toned ass cheeks. I licked from the top of my hand to the purple tip of his cock, which by now was well-lubricated with delicious, salty pre-cum. I’ve always loved that stuff more than cum itself. I gathered it all with my tongue and swallowed all the pre-cum Dad’s cock had to offer. Then I started licking up and down the shaft slowly, seductively, looking lovingly (and lustfully) into Dad’s eyes. He let out a soft, sexy moan. As I wrapped my mouth around his cock, I felt his hand press gently onto my head, rubbing my hair a little. I let go of his cock and moved that hand to his other ass cheek, and allowed him to guide my head down his cock which was definitely at least 8 inches long. I was able to get at least 6 inches of it until I started to gag. He guided me back up, making me go down faster this time, but not to the point of gagging. Again, he quickened the pace I swallowed his cock. He was soon fucking my face almost as hard as he could before he abruptly pulled my head away.

“Sorry, but I’m not cumming just yet. Good things come to boys who wait,” he said, helping me to my feet. He then guided me to the bed, where he gently pushed me onto my back. I couldn’t help but notice Dad had placed me on mum’s “side” of the bed. Dad climbed on top of me, ready for more deep kissing that again lasted a few minutes. Dad kissed his way down my body slowly. First, my neck and then down my chest where his tongue played with my nipples for a time, then down to my stomach where he began a trail with his tongue that traced from my belly button to my cock which felt ready to burst.

Dad’s lips against my cock felt simply amazing. He sucked up all the pre-cum that had oozed out of my foreskin, which he played with for a bit…teasing me by sucking on it, pulling it gently to and fro with his mouth. He then pulled it back with the experience of a man who’s done this to many other men, and started sucking my cock, slowly up and down. I could feel his tongue play with my head while his warm mouth welcomed my hard cock. I could tell Dad had practice, an idea which turned me on even more than I already was…the thought of Dad being a man slut in his youth was definitely one I’d fantasised about alone in my bed. He started deepthroating me, taking in all 7 inches without gagging. After making sure he could do it, Dad quickened his pace, bobbing his head up and down on his cock.

“Mmmmmmm, oh fuck yeah, Dad….” I moaned louder than intended. Hearing his son cry out in such pleasure encouraged his sucking even more. “Daddy…I’m gonna cum if you keep that up…”

Just what he wanted to hear. Dad moaned as his sexy warm mouth brought me closer and closer to orgasm. It didn’t take much longer. I moaned loudly as my whole body spasmed. I shot wad after wad of cum into Dad’s accepting mouth in the longest, most intense orgasm I’d ever had. After I finished, I was exhausted. Dad just smiled and opened his mouth, which was completely empty. I couldn’t believe he swallowed all that cum! “I’m so…so glad you’re my Dad,” I said. He responded to this with another round of intense kissing, which I took to mean “Me too.”

But we weren’t done, and neither of us had forgotten Dad’s massive cock full of cum waiting to get out. As we made out, I grabbed it and started stroking it. “Think you’re ready to take it?” Dad asked.

“I’ve been ready for 7 years, Dad.”

“That’s my boy.” Dad lifted my legs up so my ass was high in the air. Rather than fucking me Doggy Style, Dad wanted me to see his face as he came, apparently. Or maybe he wanted to see his son’s face as he entered my asshole. Either way, I was more than happy.

He licked my ass in preparation for his nice, thick cock. Again, his tongue felt great as it probed my asshole. I moaned as he stuck it in as far as he could reach, flicking his tongue up and down over my hole as he took it out. His cock was covered in pre-cum again. Lucky I have an extensive collection of toys and ex-boyfriends, or else he wouldn’t have fit in. His big, hard cock slid into my hole easily, and felt fucking incredible. Dad moaned with each thrust. I screamed with pleasure. He grabbed onto my legs for support as his pace quickened. I must have said “Oh fuck yes, Dad” at least twenty times. He called me Baby and his sexy son. For someone who needed to cum after a minute or two of oral, he fucked me for a surprising amount of time.

But eventually, his pace reached a peak and his body tensed up as he screamed out and came inside me. His hands tightened against my legs and I could feel every drop of cum being shot deep into my asshole. If I hadn’t cum so soon myself, I would have been cumming then. Dad kept fucking my ass until he was sure every drop of cum was inside me and then withdrew before collapsing next to me on the bed. I told him that, without a doubt, that was the best sex I had ever had.

“It was for me too. But…”

“What is it, Dad?”

“Well, we’ve got the rest of the weekend at the very least. I don’t know about you, but I sure want to try and top that.”

So that was last year. Since our first encounter on his and mum’s bed, Dad and I have fucked countless times. It took a long time to stretch Dad’s asshole wide enough to take me, and as a result, he’s usually content fucking my ass and not getting his ass fucked by me, which suits me just fine. But there are rare, special occasions when he lets me inside him and those situations are definitely something to write about!

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