Emily shifted her weight on her left leg, unable to make the difference between numbness and pain. She’d been standing in the corner of the room for what must have been hours now. Master had positioned her with care, completely naked, except for a blindfold and a pair of noise cancelling headphones over her ears. She could feel a twinge between her legs just thinking about the words he had murmured in her ears. “You are mine.”

A delicious smell was coming from the kitchen, arising another type of hunger. He hadn’t allowed her to eat in the past 24 hours, and she could feel swarms of butterflies flapping their wings hungrily inside her gut.

At the beginning, she had clung onto the minutes passing, trying to keep count in her head. Wondering how long it had been, how long it would take before he come back for her. However, time soon felt short of meaning, and the internal countdown was replaced by the sole wish to be a good girl, to please her Master.

The air seemed to be getting colder, and except for the warm moistness building up between her legs, she could feel shivers crawling all over her skin.

Her Master’s touch took her by surprise, her mind jumping immediately into alertness. His strong, firm hand slid down the side of her breast to her stomach. She reveled in the touch, unsure if what she was feeling pleasure or pain. All she knew is that it was Him, something she figured out as she felt her knees weaken and her body collapse on the ground. It had been too long since he last touched her. As her knees touched the carpet, panic overset her mind. Just like an untrained pet, she had let her sensations overcome her body, disobeying Master’s order to stand still. Her body tensed immediately, her heart pounding in her chest, waiting for the blow of the leather whip he had let her pick by herself.

But the strike didn’t come. Only the cold air of the room that left her feeling so empty and alone, as if he thought her not even worthy of being punished. The thought didn’t last long, as she soon felt her Master reaching behind her, placing his finger softly at the entrance of her womanhood. Her mouth gaped open and she moaned, consumed by an uncontrollable desire for more. His fingers moved without the slightest hesitation, stroking upward and flicking at her clit once and rolling it tenderly between his index and thumb.

She knew the signal. Still on her knees, she backed away from the wall and placed her palms on the floor to get in her Master’s favorite position. His fingers didn’t leave her, pushing into her ever so slightly as she positioned herself on all fours, making her ache for the pleasure to feel more of him inside. It was too soon though, and just to prove her right she felt his touch leave her as fast as it had come.

A shiver ran through Emily’s body as the warm hand of her Master’s left her. She could feel a wetness running down her thighs, and tried her best to collect herself by concentrating on this hot throbbing mess between her legs. Not nearly as hot as the sudden heat that hit her lower back, though. Emily wimped under the sudden burning feeling that took over, spreading over the skin of her back and numbing all other sensations.

She bit into her lower lips, forcing herself to remain still, not wanting to disappoint her Master once again. As she regained some control over her senses, she noticed a delicious aroma of cooked meat. Her heart quickened for a second before she realized it was the smell of a steak, not her own skin, which was filling the air. She felt a deep pang in her empty stomach, and held her breath at the thought of her Master about to eat his dinner off her shaking body.

She felt him kneel at her side, and place the cold end of a knife against her skin. The contrast with the previous burning sensation made her arch unconsciously, but she got used to it gradually as he slid the dull edge slowly on her back, tracing the delicate curves and valleys of her body. Emily was no stranger to sharp objects, but never before had Master played with knives while she was blinded, and the sensation was heightened by the fear of what was to come next. The dull edge wouldn’t do on that steak. He would need to use the sharp end to cut it properly.

Her thoughts were interrupted by a hard slap on her ass. She understood her Master’s purpose. He was testing her. And she was determined to succeed. She could feel a tingling sensation in the shape of Master’s hand on her buttock. A whimper swelled in her throat, but she swallowed it.

A strange sensation travelled through her body as she sensed the knife biting the steak and slowly sawing its way toward her skin, the hot juices of the meat running down her back across her hips and around to her navel. She felt the pointed teeth of the knife on her skin, but Master stopped just in time. As she remained motionless, deprived of all sensations but the burning touch of the steak on her back, she imagined her Master putting the steak to his mouth, chewing on it slowly, and she really felt his. His possession. His thing. Just like a piece of furniture. A much cherished piece of furniture, but an object none the less, with a unique function: to serve.

She concentrated on her task as her Master continued his meal, cutting every bite with the same precision as the precedent. She had complete trust in him, and wouldn’t let any irrational fear waver her determination to serve him well. She knew the price for disobedience. But most of all, she throbbed at the idea of being rewarded for being good.

So deeply disconnected from everything else, it was easy for Emily to get lost into her thoughts, and she let the sliver of a smile appear on her face as her confidence increased with her determination. She hadn’t really noticed that she was smiling, but Master had, he always did. That was part of why she could trust him so deeply. He was attentive and could read her body like no one ever could.

Having finished his meal, he lifted a side of the headphones. Sounds came rushing through Emily’s ear with the violence of a waterfall, overflowing her mind from the intense contrast of the silence that had filled her for the past hours. The sensation drowned with the sound of her Master’s breathing near her ear. “Don’t be so confident, Pet,” said the man in a commanding whisper. “I still haven’t had dessert.”

The headphone back in place, Emily was once again alone in the chaos of her mind. As always, her Master acknowledged her confusion, and resolved to bring her attention back to where he wanted it. She felt her head being pulled backward as he grabbed her hair with sudden force. A sharp breath escaped her body, and her heart quickened as she fought to regain her composure. Her head held back in a tight embrace, Emily took a deep breath, encouraged by the gentle strokes of her Master across her shoulder. Once her breathing calmed down, he delicately let go of her hair and pushed her head back down.

Her mind stilled by the firm hands of her Master, Emily recognized the cold weight of a glass of water being placed on the small of her back. An electric current ran up her spine. She knew this game. A simple glass of water full to the brim, a simple goal: not letting a drop out. It was an unfair game, one that she had yet to win.

Emily tensed up, determined and excited. She knew her Master would not let her win without challenging her properly. But she wasn’t expecting Master to go so directly for the win. As she was still bracing herself, she felt the smooth end of a heavy weighed object spreading her lips apart and pushing inside her. Her wet entrance offered no resistance as the object went further inside, rotating slightly, rubbing against the inner walls of her sex. It didn’t feel like any of the toys he ever used on her. Panting, she clawed at the carpet, trying to fight a shudder, always mindful of the glass resting on her back. A sweet pressure was building within her as the unknown object thrust with increased purpose. Could it be… the handle of a knife? Just as release was about to wash over her, she felt the cold and slick object being pulled out.

Before frustration could settle in, she felt her Master’s tongue lashing at her now soaking wet pussy, warm and precise, hitting the mark with each gentle stroke. He knew her body all too well, and Emily’s pleasure was only dampened by the utter fear of letting the glass fall… and the consequences that would follow.

She let out a loud moan, as if it would prevent her body from any involuntary spasms, trying to release every ounce of air from her lungs. Master was relentless, alternatively circling her clit with the tip of his tongue, and lapping furiously over the very sensitive area.

Surrounded by the imposed silence and completely blinded, she was left alone with an even more acute sense of touch. She felt the wave of pleasure quickening and she tensed her whole body in anticipation. By this time there was no more concern about the glass of water, only the tongue of her Master getting her close to climax. Almost unfairly, Master pushed his tongue deeply inside her, forcing her to orgasm in such a way that her body gave out from beneath her, leaving her shuddering uncontrollably in the puddle of water created by the fallen glass.

At first too content to realize what had just happened, Emily curled up on the floor, still enjoying the waves of pleasure washing over her body like a fading echo. Slowly, the reality of the soaked carpet reminded Emily of what transpired. Just as the realization of her failure struck her, so did the sudden crack of the leather whip leaving a burning trail across her frozen skin.

Once again, she had lost the game. None the less, she knew she’d still have another chance to prove that she was a good girl. As she’d been trained to do, she braced herself and waited for the next strike, fulfilled and grateful.

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