denied gratification

He had her for the entire night. She was there for him and for him only. While yes, she behaved very well for a majority of the period, her one violation nullified everything and brought on this punishment.

In reality, she had known better. But her lust was too great. She couldn’t resist it. She couldn’t resist the promise of satisfaction. Granted, he knew how to bring her to climax better than even she did and whenever he did, she was demolished to her core. But he liked to deny her and keep her on edge for occasional periods. During these times, he did not stimulate her and she was not allowed to bring herself to orgasm. However, this period was longer than most. Ultimately, she lost all control and couldn’t take it anymore. She thought she had taken every precaution to choose a time when he would be away. How could she know that he had installed cameras in the house? He witnessed her taking matters into her own hands. Now she was to pay the price.

She stood before him, as he wanted her, leather cuffs with clips worn on her wrists and ankles. On the nightstand, a ball gag awaited her along with lube and an anal plug that was large enough to open her up, but not fully. Even though he still hadn’t taken her anally, he still liked reserving that privilege. Needless to say, these items would be for later.

‘Are you ready?’ he asked.


‘You know what to do.’

She went to him and wrapped her body around his. He was warm, tanned and muscled. Reverently, she kissed his cheeks, then around his neck. Soon she began to work her way down from his chest to his groin, all the while making sure her breasts rubbed him closely.

He loved feeling them against his skin. Not to mention it ensured he was ready by the time she reached his cock. She loved his cock and never tired in paying tribute to it. He was fairly endowed, but not overly so. It was just enough to push her to the limit every time.

As she knelt before him, she let her hands rest on his lower torso as she took his length fully into her mouth. She was practiced at this and took all seven inches into her throat easily. She let the saliva build and slowly withdrew it. Now with it properly wet, she could start her ministrations.

She moved her head back and forth over and over again. Every time, she would get almost all of him down. All the while, she circled her tongue around his shaft, under his shaft, even on the head. Occasionally she would keep only the head in and lick around the crown. She could hear him moan and breathe sharply whenever she focused on the tip.

His hands snaked into her hair as he held her head. This was a signal to prepare. As she continued moving back and forth, he started pumping his hips. Only a little at first. That’s how it always was. Soon, he was started to get more worked up.

She felt his hands grab her head harder and his hips thrust even more. Keeping her head still, he fucked her mouth with his well-lubricated cock. She focused on using her tongue to lick as much as she could as he mouth-fucked her.

In and out, sometimes he would keep his cock all the way in so his head could feel the back her throat. These were the hardest parts to endure as this meant her nose was pressed into his groin, making it hard to breathe. She would gag, slobber and involuntarily, she would try to back off to get air, but he wouldn’t allow it and would thrust back in. When he thought she would pass out, he would let her breathe a bit, but only to thrust his cock back in for another round.

He went through a few cycles of this. All the while she had to remind herself of her duty: She was there for him only. Her body during these times were reserved for his pleasure only, not hers. Remembering this, she endured until he stopped.

Catching her breath, she stared up at him and watched as he took the lube on the nightstand and threw it to her. ‘Tits, now!’

She spread a generous amount between her cleavage as he settled himself on the bedside, legs propped open and leaning back, waiting for her to pleasure him further. She crawled to place the lube back on the nightstand and moved between his legs. She thought to surprise him and tried to suck on his balls, but she felt his hand slap her cheek only firmly. ‘Hey! No balls. I said tits!’

She nodded in obedience. She got carried away with trying to please him that she forgot to follow only his orders. She was not allowed to veer from his instructions.

She kneeled and placed his cock between her breasts. Using her hands, she pressed her globes around it and trapped it . She concentrated and began to rock her body so her tits were sliding up and down the length of his shaft.

Looking down, she watched his mushroomhead appear and disappear into her flesh. Again, she heard those wonderful moans. The moans that meant she was succeeding in serving him. But the night was far from over. A hand reached under her chin and gently lifted it. She made eye contact with him as she continued tit-fucking him. He loved seeing her compliant and obedient as she did everything she could to make him feel good. Unfortunately, this was supposed to be a punishment. And he felt she was enjoying this a little too much.

‘Get up!’ he yelled as he stood and grabbed her up by the shoulders. He threw her down on the bed, her body landing unceremoniously on the covers. He grabbed the lube and anal plug. She was a little worried because this part seemed like it was coming sooner than normal.

He squirted a dollop of lube on his fingers and reached in between her ass cheeks. Finding her sphincter, her rubbed them around, spreading it all evenly and even inserted them a little. Taking them out, he took her legs and raised them up. He bent her in half in order to get a good view of her rear. Using the plug, he felt around again until he slipped it completely inside her, with only the round base showing.

She gasped at the quick invasion and he let her legs fall to the bed. She couldn’t admit it, but she loved it when he handled her like an animal.

‘Don’t you dare let that out!’ he warned her.

He got up on the bed and maneuvered himself to where straddled her face, his cock facing towards her feet. ‘Now you can have the balls,’ he said as he lowered himself onto her face. She immediately complied and began sucking on one ball at a time, alternating them and sometimes keeping both in her mouth. Her nose was tickling at his perineum as she sucked, which gave him an idea.

He adjusted himself a little until his asshole was right over her.

‘Lick my ass!’ he ordered. She sometimes inserted some fingers here to stimulate his prostate, but she’d never licked him here. He noticed her hesitation.

‘I said lick it!’

She dared not anger him, so she complied. In reality, she had nothing to worry about. He was usually very hygienic with his body. It was the mental part of it that was throwing her.

Using her tongue, she started rimming his asshole and found it not as disgusting as she thought it would be. There was an earthy taste to it, but she used her tongue to great effect as she even felt him shiver at times. She kept this up for a few minutes until she felt his ass pressing down even more. He was getting worked up again and now he was moving his ass around her face to get even more stimulation. Again, it was getting harder to breathe, but no sooner than she had this thought that he relented and raised himself.

He took a breather and leaned his body forward over her, his cock resting right on top of her plentiful breasts. He checked the plug to make sure it was still lodged in her. He decided he wanted his first orgasm and decided to take advantage of his current position.

‘Wrap your tits around me.’

She was still lubricated from before so she complied by opening her breasts to let his cock fall right in. She then squeezed her tits firmly around him .

‘Hold them tight,’ he ordered. She started seeing his ass cheeks flex and relax. He was thrusting! She felt his cock sliding between her cleavage as he tit-fucked her from this angle. He wanted to come this way. Realizing this, she made extra sure she was wrapped tight around his cock.

His breathing started to become labored and his thrusting was picking up speed. He then adjusted and sat on her collarbone a bit and continued fucking. He placed his hands over hers to tighten her tits, sliding that cock in and out. She could tell he was getting close.

‘Ah fuck!’ he yelled as he climaxed, streams of cum covering her belly or resting in her cleavage. He calmed down after this and flopped down on the bed next to her. It was a moment of respite that she knew to take and savor. She hadn’t expected a lot of things so far and she knew he wouldn’t stop with just one orgasm. This might’ve been her only chance to relax.

‘Go ahead and clean yourself,’ he said. She knew what he meant when he said it. She started gathering all of his cum, wiping her stomach and cleavage. She brought it to her mouth and tasted him. She loved to taste him and he loved watching every moment. So much so that she noticed him getting hard again.

He caught her glancing at it and decided to get closer, putting his cock near her mouth. She grabbed at his buttocks as she took his length inside, slowly sucking it back to life. In turn, he took the opportunity to examine her groin area.

He pushed a little on the plug inside her. It was still snug and she felt every movement. He then surprised her by licking around her pussy lips. She couldn’t help moan with his cock still in her mouth. She hadn’t expected any pleasure whatsoever. He sucked and nibbled on her flesh and she dared to hope that he would give her clit some attention. But that’s not what he wanted. He didn’t want to satisfy her. He wanted her near the edge, right where it was so close. It was almost excruciating.

He was fully hard now and was ready for more. ‘Ride me,’ he said simply. He adjusted himself on the covers and she slinked her way over to him. Facing him, she swung her leg over him.

‘No, the other way.’

Acknowledging his orders, she turned around and straddled reverse cowgirl style. She reached down and played with his cock and balls a bit while using her pussy to touch around the top of his shaft. The entire time, she made sure to keep the plug still inserted. She then reached down and placed his cock at her entrance. Closing her eyes and she let herself slide down his length.

The penetration was deliciously stimulating and she sat for a little, adjusting to his girth inside her. She ground her hips a little, feeling his hardness even more. He savored the sensations of her tight pussy gripping him with every movement, grabbing at her ass to help her keep grinding.

She leaned down, her arms between his legs and starting moving his cock in and out of her pussy. Forward and back on his shaft, he enjoyed the view, hands still on her ass until he noticed the base of the plug.

As she slid her pussy down, he pushed up on the plug. This surprised her and made her buck her hips up involuntarily until they came back down again. However, he only repeated his action, which made her buck up even again. Soon, it became a cycle. She slid down, he pushed up when she did, which made her come up and slide down again. The double penetration pushed her into a frenzy that sped up her motions.

He sat up and grabbed her from behind as he began thrusting up. She could only reach behind to hold his head close to her shoulder. Oh how she wished he would touch that aching clit of hers only for a little bit. The plug continued to be pushed up inside as the base ground up against him. It was almost as if he had two cocks.

Her moans were growing louder and louder until he flopped back down suddenly. She became scared because as she slid down, so did the plug, but she ground back a little on him, placing it again inside. He barely noticed it coming out and she was relieved.

‘Now turn around.’

Again she complied, this time more aware of the plug. Keeping his cock inside her, she maneuvered to face him how she wanted to in the beginning. Placing her hands on his chest, she resumed her pistoning, moaning at each downward slide.

He held her thighs and slid his hands around her sides, even up to knead her tits as she rode him. She was picking up speed and would occasionally grind her hips back and forth on him, only to resume going up and down. She gained speed again, but this time, she mentally reminded herself about the plug. If it fell out from this angle, there would be no saving herself.

He sat up and locked her in his arms for a little, holding her close as she continued moving. Her tits mashed up against his chest as she continued riding him. Nuzzling her neck, he started kissing her deeply.

She responded, wrapping her arms around his head as their tongues slithered around each other. He bent his knees and began thrusting up inside faster while still holding her close, one hand on the small of her back pressing her closer. She made sure to clench her asshole around the plug.

A part of her wondered whether he was really testing her ability to keep it inside her. Well, let him try, she thought as she enjoyed the ride, only to realize to her horror what he was really getting at. He was stimulating her clit by holding her this closely!

Every time she came down, his base made contact with it. This was inching her closer and closer. While part of her wanted to come so badly, she knew she wasn’t allowed. It was why she was here in the first place. She was simply not given permission to climax. Now she wished to go back to riding him in reverse.

He wouldn’t relent and kept thrusting up harder and harder. He even had the gall to look her right in the eye and smile as he fucked her. She looked back in uncontrollable ecstasy and wanted to slap that smile away. The bastard’s gonna make me come! she thought. He wants me to come so he can punish me even more. But what more is there? Before she could even think about that, he grabbed tight and rolled her forward onto her back, resting his body over hers. He looked at her again and chuckled.

‘You want to come, don’t you?’

‘No! No I don’t!’

‘Are you sure? Your body seems to feel differently.’

‘Yes I’m sure. I don’t want to come. I only want to give you endless pleasure!’

‘Good girl,’ he said, kissing his tenderly. ‘Don’t you dare come!’

He began fucking her again, holding her tightly. She clawed at his back and closed her eyes, moaning.

In this position, her clit was relatively safe and she took the opportunity to calm down a little. She focused only on his rocking body moving that cock inside her, locking her ankles around him to keep him there. The bastard! she thought again. How dare he turn this all into a game that turns pleasure into something bad. But she couldn’t be that mad. This was their life and they’d both agreed to it. She was not here against her will. She wanted to be used. She wanted to surrender to him.

Deep down, she wanted to surrender to her own pleasure, but that wasn’t the deal right now. He had forbidden it and she was determined to comply. At least, she was until he raised himself on his forearms and adjusted his thrusts so that they made contact with her clit going inside each time. That motherfucking asshole!

He fucked her even more as he stared down at her with that devious smile. She was moaning uncontrollably, grabbing the sheets with everything she had.

She was feeling the orgasm within her building with each thrust. Her clit was enjoying itself, savoring every stimulating rub the top of his cock had to offer! Any other time, she would’ve loved this, but right now, it was the worst thing in the world and she couldn’t do a thing about it!

No! No!

Faster and harder, he closed his eyes and tilted his face up, focusing only on his pleasure while secretly focusing on hitting that clit of hers.

No! NO!

Even faster now. She tried moving as much of herself down into the mattress, but that only made the length of his thrusts longer.

Dammit! Fuck! No!

She couldn’t help but toss her head. He was doing the same. She was going insane and he was going so fast now that the rubs were almost continuous.

Please, God! No!

She placed a death grip on his arms as he rocked above her.

Somehow, she remembered the plug still inside her. Of all the things to think about, she tried to focus on it and it alone but her clit wouldn’t allow it. It wanted her orgasm and was going to pull it out of her one way or another. She was but seconds away.

‘NO!’ she shouted. Her nails dug into those arms as her hips bucked uncontrollably. She grinded against him as her vaginal muscles pulsated around his cock, holding onto it like a vibrating vice. The sensation made him spill his seed inside of her. It milked him as she rode out the most intense orgasm he’d ever given her.

She thought maybe that’s what he wanted all along. To make her unwilling to surrender. To make her come against her will. It was always easy to let go, but self-control was the hardest skill to master. Now he’d just made it a part of a paradox to absolute pleasure. It was so intense because she didn’t want it in the first place. That tricky bastard! She loved him so much at that moment, until she looked up and saw the fury in his eyes.

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