Chapter two of the Dinner and a MMF 3 way story

It had been just a few days since the night Beth and Ray took Jamie home with them to help fulfill their fantasy of have a MMF threesome. The night had gone well enough with all three participants having a good time but as the weekend gave way to the start of the week. Ray went to the office to find a message on his answering service. He sighs deeply as he hits the flashing red light, he was fairly sure what the message would be before he even listened.

“Hey uh Ray I am not sure I can come in today I am just a little unsure about even staying there after the other night. I had fun but it just seems like things could be weird from here on out. I am sorry if this puts you in a bind but I just can’t do it.”

Ray sat back in his chair looking at the desk his thoughts raced just hoping that Jamie would not relay the story of what occurred with his dad. He thought for awhile as he sipped from his Starbucks cup then picked up his phone to call his wife.

“Sweetie I am not sure what to do. Jamie I think is quitting and I am worried that he may tell his dad and I am not sure how this could all end.”

“Okay calm down babe, I will go over to his house and check on him make sure everything is cool and no one is mad. He is probably just thinking he will be uncomfortable around you.” Beth tried her best to soothe her husband as she climbed out of the bath tub and toweled off before she slipped on her tiniest thong and smallest skirt.

“Okay thank you I just don’t want to ruin an old friendship over something like this and well I do think Jamie would respond better to you then to me.”

Beth finished dressing and fixing her long blonde hair she gave herself one last quick look in the mirror before walking out the door.

Ray sat at his desk almost jumping at every ring of the phone worried Jamie had told his parents and while Jamie was an adult his dad would still probably loose it on him if he found out the details of the dinner from the other night. Ray did his best to keep his mind on work and helping the few people trickling in and out of the office but when his cell phone rang he put everything aside to take the call.

“Beth what’s up?”

“I am at Jamie’s calm down babe, his parents are not home his car is here so I am just going to go in and chat with him see how he is okay.”

“Okay, okay I am just a bit worried.”

Beth laid her phone down in the cup holder of her Lexus and walked up to the front door of the house. Her heels clicked loudly on the flooring of the porch, she smiled as she looked at her reflection in the glass of the storm door she knew she looked more like a high priced call girl then a concerned wife. She took a quick moment to adjust her hair in the glass before knocking on the glass.

The few minutes until the door opened seemed to take forever, her heart rate increased her palms became sweaty as her nerves were running wild. The door finally opened and there stood Jamie in the doorway wearing only a pair of boxer shorts.

Beth felt her heart skip a beat as the object of her desire from just a few days ago stood before her. She could feel her pussy tingle a bit as she looked at Jamie. She did not know what it was about this young man but this 21 year old had something she could not resist.

“Oh hey Beth, calm on in I guess.” Jamie said as he opened the door and invited her into the house.

“Hey what’s up? Ray was worried about you not coming into work and well I was worried you were upset with me.” Beth said as she walked in and took a seat on the couch.

“Oh no I am far from mad at Ray, I was just unsure what to do after what happened the other night. I mean he and I you know.”

“Oh dear boy do you think you are the first guy to experiment?”

“Well no but, hell I don’t know.” Jamie spoke nervously as he moved to sitting on the couch next to Beth. He was obviously shaken up, but at the same time he could not take his eyes off the 43 year old woman sitting on his couch.

“Oh sweetie it is okay it was a heat of the moment type of thing and no one is going to judge you for anything. You have Ray quite scared he thinks you will tell your dad about what happened.” Beth spoke as she carefully inched her way closer to Jamie.

“Oh no I won’t tell. I mean I did all that on my own and I am an adult I am responsible for it. I would not dare ruin their friendship.” Jamie could feel her getting closer as a bead of sweat rolled down his forehead. His heart raced as his cock started to stiffen.

“Well that is good I like a young man who will take responsibility for their actions. But, Jamie you haven’t really answered are you mad at me.” Beth asked as her hand rubbed up and down the young man’s bare leg.

“Oh Mrs. Jones, should we be doing this?”

“Silly boy remember call me Beth!” She say with a bit of authority to her voice as she grasp the boys stiff cock through his boxers.

“Yes Beth.” He said breathless as Beth pulled his boxers down to allow the large hard cock to spring free from his boxers.

“Jamie, I am not sure why but I need this.” were the last words Beth spoke before she wrapped her lips around the young mans cock swallowing all 9 inches with ease. She squeezed her full red lips tightly around the hard cock. Beth took his balls into her hand squeezing them tightly then massaging them. She alternated the squeezing with the massaging.

Jamie moaned in pleasure then groaned in paid as Beth alternated the way she used his balls. “Oh Fuck Beth should we be doing this?”

Beth pulled her lips away from the hard cock her lip stick smeared on the shaft as a long trail of saliva and pre cum ran from her lips to the swollen head of the cock. She pumped the cock hard with her fingers barely fitting all the way around it as she pulled Jamie’s face to hers. “Well babe I can always just stop.”

Jamie while still unsure what Beth’s motives were, he also did not care all he was worrying about not was cumming. He grabbed the back of Beth’s head and guided her lips to his, kissing her deeply. Their tongues twirled together as she shared the taste of his cock with him. Beth pushed Jamie back against the couch as she stood up off the couch removing her shirt and skirt.

Jamie did not hesitate as he saw the tiny thong barely covering Beth’s bald pussy. He reached out and grabbed the thong and pulled it so hard it ripped from her body. “Oh my easy big boy.” Said Beth with delight at the aggressiveness of Jamie.

“I can’t help it I want that.” He said as he pulled Beth back to him. She straddled his lap and immediately placed the swollen head inside her pussy. “Oh fuck.” He moaned as Beth slid the entire cock inside her pussy.

“Jamie I love your cock it’s so big.” She squealed with delight as started to buck her hips back and fourth riding the cock.

Jamie lowered his head to her large D cup breasts taking a nipple into his mouth sucking it hard before switching to the other nipple. Beth moaned hard with the nipple stimulation and with her pussy being so full of cock. Jamie feeling more and more aggressive with his older lover wrapped his large muscular arms around her and squeezed her body tightly making her bounce harder on his cock.

“Oh not so rough baby I can’t take it.”

Jamie did not respond to the plea for relief as he instead took his hand and slapped it hard on Beth’s butt cheek. He slapped her cheek every time she sat all the way down on his cock. His hand forming a bright red print on her cheek as she bit her lip enjoying the spanking.

“Oh baby I’m gonna cum.” Beth moaned as her body quivered.

Jamie smiled as he looked into Beth’s eyes seeing them roll back into her head as her juices flowed down his shaft. He pushed her off his cock as she finished shaking and quivering, Beth fell to the floor with a thud. He stood up holding his cock in his hand stroking his shaft as Beth looked up at him rubbing her clit. “What are you going to do with me Jamie.”

Jamie quickly grabs her hair jerking her face to his cock. Beth knew just what to do she opened her mouth to swallow the cock again, she could taste her cum on the cock as she sucked the piece of meat like a woman possessed. Jamie wrapped his hands into her long blonde locks and jerked her head down, Beth gagged hard as she was not ready to take the whole thing in such a quick motion. Jamie groaned as he enjoyed the feel of her gagging, as he jerked her head back then down again. Beth slobbered all over the cock as she could not help but gag again.

“Oh yeah that’s nice.” He groaned as he pulled her head back violently now starting to fuck her face. His balls slapped her chin as he thrust his cock in and out like he was fucking a pussy.

Beth loved being used by her younger lover, she gagged and choked on the hard piece of meat beating against the back of her throat. She tried to keep up but Jamie was thrusting her head back and fourth to fast.

Jamie held back as he could feel his balls tighten, he knew if he didn’t stop he would cum in her mouth., and that was not what he was wanting. “Lay down I want to cum inside you.”

Beth almost felt as if she could cum again just hearing the words Jamie said as she laid down and rolled over onto her stomach. She laid her head down on the carpet and raised her ass in the air. Jamie did not need anymore of an invitation. He lowered himself to his knees and guided his saliva coated cock into Beth from behind.

Beth almost screamed as he entered her, Jamie was big and when he entered her from behind it seemed to feel even bigger to her. Jamie did not start gradually he just started pounding into her pussy without mercy. He pulled his cock nearly out before he slammed it back in balls deep with every stroke. His thrusts were powerful, Beth felt as if her pussy was being ripped open by the thrusts. Jamie loved the feel of her pussy it was better then any he had before he could barely control himself as he reached forward and grabbed her hair jerking it back with a power tug.

“Fuck Jamie!” Beth screamed as her head ripped back violently and the thrusts seemed to grow in intensity.

“Shut-up you want it.” growled Jamie as he started slamming his hand against her ass with powerful slaps.

“Yes sir, I want it.” Beth answered as she could feel a tear roll down her cheek and sweat down her forehead. She was not sure what was happening but she suddenly felt so helpless under the muscular young man.

Beth was typically always in control, her husband worshiped her and as he aged and put on a few extra pounds he just seemed to as she wanted more and more. The few times Ray even spoke to her roughly or tried to take control in their sex life it was only because Beth had given him permission to cuss her or use her. She was in uncharted area’s with Jamie and she was loving it.

“I’m gonna cum!” Jamie groaned as the sweat rolled down his face. His body glistened with sweat as the first of 6 massive squirts of cum filled her pussy. “Oh fuck.” Jamie said as he squeezed out the last drops of cum into her pussy.

Beth fell over onto her stomach trying to catch her breath as the feeling of the exploding cock sent her over the edge sending her into a massive orgasm the likes of which she had never had before. “That was.. was unreal.”

Jamie smiled as he knew exactly what Beth meant, while he had came more times the last time they were together he had never came like that before in his life.

The moment of breathless enjoyment was soon broken by the sound of a tinging cell phone. Jamie looked around the room to find his phone ringing. He looked at it and just threw it to Beth.

“Hello.” Said Beth as she laid there breathless.

“Hey you didn’t call what’s up?”

“It will be okay Ray, calm down Mike won’t even be back in town for a few days they extended their vacation.”

Jamie laid on the floor staring at the sexy 43 year old blondes body feeling his cock stir again and feeling a new sexual energy / confidence he never had before he started stroking his cock again. He looked at Beth whose eyes met his and just mouthed the words. “Tell him to come over.”

“Hey babe.. Why don’t you come by and we can make sure everything is good okay.”

“Well I am not sure, maybe we should just let this thing die. I am to worried about this it was a bad idea from the start. Mike would kill me if he knew.”

“No come over do you understand?”

“Yes dear I will be there in a few minutes I will close the office early.” Ray said with a tone of fear in his voice, he feared the anger of his wife.

Jamie looked at Beth as she laid the phone down. “Is he coming over?”

“Yes Jamie.”


“What has came over you?” asked Beth as she looked at Jamie seeing something in the man’s face seemed to have changed.

Jamie did not answer the question he instead just stood up and pulled Beth to him. He pushed his lips to her they kissed with a great passion between the two. Their tongues entwined in each others mouth, rubbing against one another. Jamie slowly pulled his lips away taking the time to suck hard on Beth’s lower lip as their kiss fully broke.

Jamie pushed Beth to her knees again as he slapped his long hardening cock against her face. Beth was again hungry for more as she felt the cock slap her face. She took a few moments to just lick his balls and just tease him making the cock grow harder. Her tongue worked and massaged till the cock was standing straight out at full attention. “That’s it lick it.”

Beth followed Jamie’s command just using her tongue only. She was actually pleased that was all he was wanting her throat was still screaming in pain from the pounding the back of it took from her face fucking she had received.

The door bell rang interrupting the moment. Jamie and Beth both paused their actions as they looked at it. “Ray got here quick.”

“Well he does as I say.”

“Well good because you are going to do as I say.” Jamie spoke with authority as he looked into Beth’s eyes. He was not sure where this was coming from but something between the other night and his lust for Beth was driving him. “Come on in Ray.”

The door opened slowly as Ray peeked in and could see straight into the living room. The second his eyes locked in on the sight of Beth and Jamie, The young man grabbed Beth by her hair again and forced his cock down her throat.

Ray gasped as he saw the sight of his wife on her knees gagging on the cock of Jamie. He was just holding her there choking her with his cock. “What are you doing?” Ray asked as he was shocked to see them naked and to see Jamie choking his wife with his cock.

Jamie did not answer and instead just started as he did earlier, fucking her lips like it was a pussy. Jamie grunted at every gag made by Beth. Ray stared at the cock fucking his wife’s lips, he was hurt his wife never played alone but he was also enjoying see her like this.

“Just sit down.” Jamie said as he continued his thrusts into the married woman’s mouth.

Ray was unsure why but he did as Jamie told him to do. He sat on the couch behind them his view straight at the firm toned ass of Jamie. He could feel his cock getting hard as he unzipped his pants and started stroking himself.

Jamie turned loose of Beth’s head letting her pull her mouth away and regain her breath. He turns to see Ray stroking his cock. “You like that don’t you?”

Ray nodded without saying a word. Beth crawls on the floor over to Jamie grasping his hard cock giving it loving gently kisses to the head and shaft.

“Please Jamie fuck me again.”

Jamie smiled as he laid Beth on the floor. “Hold her legs up.”

Ray climbed off the couch straddling his wife face with his cock hanging inches from her mouth as he pulls her legs up high. “Don’t suck his cock.” Jamie said as he inched his cock inside Beth’s married pussy. He took his time making sure Ray could see every inch disappear inside.

Ray groaned as he stared seeing the massive cock invade his wife’s pussy. He saw this the other night but today things seemed different. This time as he watched he knew that she liked his cock more, he knew she was more then happy to do as he ordered. Ray could feel her breath on his cock he hoped that she would defy her young lover and suck it. As Jamie fully entered her his slow insertion gave way to full hard thrusts.

Beth’s moans grew in intensity as the thrusts did. Her breathing hard and fast, the hot breath blowing across Ray’s cock furthering his wanting to be pleasured.

“Lick her pussy.” Jamie ordered as he pushed Ray’s face down to Beth’s clit. Jamie thrust with great force as Ray’s tongue came into contact with Beth’s clit.

“Oh yes.. yes!”

Ray licked the clit the best he could but with the force of the thrusting he often felt his tongue rubbing more of Jamie’s shaft. “I think you like my cock more.” Jamie said as he could feel Ray’s tongue on his shaft.

Jamie slid his cock out of Beth’s pussy and fed it right into Ray’s mouth. “Come on this is what you wanted wasn’t it.” Jamie grasped the back of Rays head and started fucking his lips much like he did Beth’s

Ray enjoyed it the first time but the way things were happening this time just were not the same he felt ashamed and a bit humiliated as he sucked the cock invading his mouth.

“Oh yes baby you are such a good cocksucker.” Purred Beth as she could not see the action but she could hear it. Ray was slobbering all over the cock in his mouth.

Jamie was impressed by the oral skills of Ray, he thought it the other night but now he was sure of it. Ray was a better cocksucker then his wife. Jamie pulled his cock from Ray’s mouth and inserted it back into Beth, but this time he did it with one strong thrust.

“I’m gonna cum again baby.” Beth said with a loud moan as Jamie’s powerful insertion was all it took to send her back over the edge.

Jamie looked down at the back of Ray’s head hovering over the pussy he was fucking. He dripped the mans hair shoving it down into his wife’s pussy. Jamie slowly pulls his cock from Beth’s pussy as he stood up stroking his cock looking at Ray still eating the pussy that he had filled with cum earlier.

Beth could feel her husband’s cock pressed against her but she fought the urge to suck it she found herself worried of upsetting Jamie. She looked up at her young lover as he circled the bodies of the married couple.

Jamie took a long pause stroking his soaking wet cock as he made a decision that he knew was not a heat of the moment thing but rather something he wanted. He knelt down behind Ray as Beth instinctively knew what he wanted. She reached up and spread her husbands ass open raising her head up so she could lick his hole. Jamie took a long hard breath as he pushed into the ass of Ray.

“No please no not now.” pleaded Ray as his ass was split open.

Jamie gripped his hips tightly and forced himself all the way inside the man’s as. “I thought this is what you liked.”

“Not like this Jamie please stop.”

The more Ray pleaded the faster and harder Jamie’s thrusts started to be. He was soon pounding in and out of Ray’s ass. His big cock driving so deep it was making Ray’s cock throb. Beth pulled her tongue away from her husbands ass and looked at the throbbing cock. She felt a little pity for Ray his cock looked as if it could pop any second.

“Can I?”

“Yeah.” Jamie responded in a low groan. Ray’s ass felt good wrapped around his cock but the man was tight and each stroke loosened him only a little bit more. Jamie was trying to hold back he was not ready to cum yet.

Beth swallowed her husband’s swollen almost purple cock and was quickly swallowing his load as well. The feel of her lips was all it took to send him over the edge.

“Thank you Jamie.” Ray said as he felt his balls empty into his wife’s mouth.

Jamie could not hold back any longer when Ray came his ass tightened also sending Jamie over the edge. His cock exploded in Ray’s ass filling it with cum. Jamie pulled his cock out as the last drops spilled out of it dripping them onto Beth’s face. The young man took a seat on the couch holding his cock in his hand. “Come here both of you.”

When they’ve been through all their little rituals and he’s naked aside from his cuffs and her collar, she has him kneel in front of her. Not the masculine kneeling where she just watches him being still for her, but the other kind. The kind where he kneels right by her feet. Between her legs. Ready for cuddles and petting.

He’s hard. More compliant than ever. Four weeks of being locked, and four weeks of teasing, have seen to that. He’ll do just about anything today, and both of them know it.

He loves being her Good Boy. Loves looking after her. Serving her. Giving her pleasure and not thinking about his own. Or finding his own in hers.

He loves being petted and he loves seeing her smile.

But all the teasing has been teasing her too. Not in the same way, of course. But she wants to see something more from him. Something different. And being her Good Boy isn’t quite the way she wants him today.

She wants to make something else of him. To let him see something else in himself. And to watch him open up to her and put the nice guy aside for a little while.

As she pets him, she whispers. Begins to tell him what he’s going to be for her today.

“And I’m going to give you some nice red, open-wide lips first. Face me.”

She takes her lip pencil to draw a line a little beyond his lips. A little more than a good girl would have. And far more than a nice guy would ever contemplate. On himself or on anyone else. And then she takes her brush and fills in the lines with the reddest, shiniest lipstick she could find.

His eyes look up at her. Not moving from hers. Willing to do whatever it takes. He’ll get to cum today. She’s almost promised him, and he knows that she’s been looking forward to that too. But he knows that she’ll play with him first.

“OK. Now turn around for me.”

“I’m going to write something on your back. And when I’m done, I want you to tell me what it is that I’ve written. So concentrate. OK?”

He nods and he turns. She pulls his bottom up towards her so that he has to put his face to the floor. Almost to the floor. He wants to be careful not to make smudges.

She uses the brush to write on him too. It would be far quicker to just paint him with the lipstick, but she knows that he’ll enjoy the sensations of the brush much better. He’s a softie, really, and he loves the slow stuff.

He feels her start to write. Creating all of the letters first. There are four of them. Two swirly ones and two harsher ones. He reddens as he starts to realise what she’s writing. He smiles because he’s wanted to hear her call him this. She’d promised him, once, that this is what she’d make him one day.

As she goes over and over the letters, he knows she’s taking care with each one. He knows that each of them will be perfectly sized, perfectly formed, perfectly red.

And he checks to be sure that he’s getting it right. Convinces himself that he is.

When she’s finished, and she’s wiping the brush, she looks at him. This gorgeous thing that’s hers to play with. She thinks of the things she wants to do with him. To him.

“Just crawl away from me a little. Slowly.”

He stops just three or four feet away from her.

“And kneel up a little now.”

All that beautiful masculinity. The tone in his arms. All that shy boyishness and all of it hers. She could eat him up right now if she didn’t have the resolve to stop herself.

“That’s good. That looks good. I’m just going to fix it a little.”

She does what she was taught to do a million years ago when fixing makeup that needs to stay. She sprays cold water onto his back and watches him flinch as he hasn’t a clue what she’s doing. And then she takes the hairdryer to dry it in place. She’s never been sure that it works, but she knows how much he’ll love the sensations.

She goes back to her seat.

“OK. Now turn around for me. Slowly.

“And kneel up a little. Let me see your cock.”

He rises. Lets her see him. Watches her smile.

“You’re very hard today, aren’t you?”

His shyness kicks in for a second and he blushes.

“Aren’t you?”

“Yes, Miss.”

“And we know why that is, don’t we? We know what you’re going to be for me today?”

“Yes, Miss.”

“What do you think I’ve written on your back?”

He doesn’t want to say. There’s a part of him that’s not naughty enough for this. But the parts of him that belong to her are far naughtier than he’d ever imagined they would be.

So he says it. Quietly. Almost inaudibly.

“I can’t hear you properly, baby. You know you need to be clear for me. Tell me again. And look at me this time.”

He looks into her eyes. And because he knows how much she wants to hear him to say it, he’s clearer this time.

“I think you’ve written ‘Slut’, Miss.”

“Do you? And why do you think I’ve written that? Do you think that’s what you are?”

He looks at her. He’s not sure what the answer is.

She tells him to come back to her. To come nearer.

And she looks straight into his eyes as she holds his head lightly in her hands.

“Do you think that you’re going to be a slut for me today?”

“Do you think that you’re going to show me how much you need to cum for me?”

She brushes the heel of her shoe against his cock. He’d happily cum for her right in that moment if she’d give him permission.

“Yes, Miss.”

“So tell me.”

“I want to be a slut for you. To show you. I want to cum for you.”

“Good Boy. Then maybe you will.”

She smiles. And as she smiles, she takes the lovely big ball gag and puts it into his mouth. He looks up at her again. She sees his smile disappearing as he has to open his mouth just a little wider than he’s comfortable with. She watches his eyes close a little as he sinks into all of this for her.

She begins by holding his cock in her hand. Lightly lubed. Lightly stroking. Just beginning to hear him sigh.

He thinks of all the times he’s wanted to feel her like this.

She thinks about how she needs to make sure she keeps taking him to the almost point, but not quite there until she’s ready.

She knows him well enough to know some of the signals. But he’s never been quite this anxious to cum for her. She knows him well enough to know how delicate that makes all this.

“Stand for me.”

She turns him to face away from her. Bites into his right cheek, just hard enough to send a shiver all the way through him.

“Oh, isn’t this lovely? Having you labelled like this so I can keep remembering what you are?”

She loves the muffled sounds he makes when he tries to talk whilst gagged.

She reaches round and takes him in her hand again. Plays lightly with her fingers.

“We’re going to play a little game today. A game where I’m going to count to ten, and you have the chance to cum for me. That’ll be fun, won’t it?”

He makes another muffled sound as she starts counting.

And as she counts, she knows that this won’t be the right ten. Not just yet. She can be pretty sure of that, and she alters the rhythm of the numbers and the rhythm of her strokes.

She reaches seven and notices his knees start to shake.

She softens to just using the tips of three fingers. Counts a little faster. There’s no way he’d get there by ten.

She feels a little wave of victory as she makes the first set.

And she uses her hand to turn him. So he’s facing right towards her with his cock almost touching her mouth.

She looks up towards him as a little trail of spit falls from the side of his gag.

“Oh, look, baby. You’re starting to drool.”

He’ll drool far more later. Far more. But this time, she takes a tissue and wipes the side of his mouth ever so gently. Slowly. Giving him enough time to come back down a little.

She moves her eyes back down to see him twitching right in front of her. And then she feels a little moment of wickedness.

“Look at that.” She talks slowly. Gently. Teasingly.

“Look. You’re drooling here too.”

She moves the tissue almost to his cock. And then she flicks out her tongue and takes the little drips into her mouth.

He almost melts. Right there. She feels him fight to stop his knees from giving way. From giving in.

She smiles at him. “You taste delicious.”

“Now. Do you remember when we very first started chatting online. When we played silly little trust games where you had to save your cock for me?”

He nods. He remembers. It was so much simpler then. So much shorter. Two or three days here and there, no lock, and the chance for lots of little sneaky touches in the shower.

“Do you remember how I wasn’t as clear as I should have been at first? How you didn’t realise that no touching meant no touching at all.”

He does. She pulls him down to the floor, so he’s kneeling with her face against hers. So she can whisper to him and so she can feel his heart beating with the little memory of shame.

“And do you remember how you told me you’d fucked your pillow in bed one night. Because you were such a horny little puppy then that you just couldn’t help yourself?”

“Yes, Miss.”

She’d told him then that one day she’d watch him. That she wanted to see it for herself.

In the months that had passed since, he’d often wondered whether she’d forgotten. But he knew that she sometimes enjoyed plucking things from the past and using them to play with him.

“You’re going to do that for me today. To show me. Let me see if it’s as slutty as I’ve imagined.”

He really, really doesn’t want to. He really hates this stuff where she shames him. He knows that that’s exactly what she’s about to do.

But then he kind of likes the idea of another chance.

She pats the bed. Breezily. There isn’t even the hint of him being able to make a decision.

So he comes up to the bed and feels her push a pillow under his cock.

“Just lift your bottom for me. Let me just see how this works.”

He holds himself so that his cock isn’t quite touching it. A part of him can’t wait to get started. A part of him can’t wait to get it over.

She walks in front of him. To face him.

“So this is how you did it, is it? Just thrusting yourself down onto the pillow?”

He nods. He looks at her. She can see the embarrassment in his eyes.

“See. I think a lot of this sluttiness has been there all along, really, hasn’t it.”

He nods again, and he sighs.

“OK. I just want you to take a little practice run for me. Just three little thrusts so I can see how this works.”

He grinds his cock into the pillow. Three times. Slowly.

The shame of it, and the fact he only gets three, makes him hold onto his orgasm.

She watches his eyes closely. Enjoys this feeling she can give him. And the fact that he’ll let her humiliate him like this.

She laughs at him.

“That’s seriously slutty. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anything dirtier than a boy humping a pillow.”

“Shall we try for ten now. See if we can make you cum? I’ll count again. But we’re going to go really, really quickly this time so you need to hurry. Like this.”

She claps out a rhythm on her hands. So fast. He’s relieved that he’s been exercising properly for her. And he cringes as he hears the laughter still lingering in her voice.

“Just make sure you’re ready first. Move to the right place and make sure your knees and your arms are going to be able to do this for me. Like when you do the really fast pushups for me.”

He shuffles himself into position. Feels the pillow rub against the head of his cock.

She tells him she’s going to count down from three to give him warning. Asks if he’s ready. He is.

So she gives him the countdown, and then very slightly quicker than she’d clapped out before

“One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.”

He fucks the pillow hard, and fast. But it’s too fast to properly enjoy, and it’s too fast to properly let himself go.

“No? You didn’t cum that time either?”

He rolls onto his back. Groans at himself, and at her. This is torture. Delightful torture, but torture just the same.

His cock sits absolutely straight up. Hard and red. Almost purple.

He knows she knew he wouldn’t be able to cum then. He knows she’s teasing him. He knows how much pleasure she’s getting from all of this.

“You know, baby, don’t you, that if you roll around on the bed like that you’re going to smudge that lovely writing?

“Just lift your bottom off the bed and keep it nice and neat for me.”

So he’s there, with his lower back in the air, his cock hard enough to see clearly when he just glances down, his body aching and every inch of him desperate to cum.

She senses his awkwardness, and after leaving him for a couple of moments beyond comfort, she tells him to just roll gently onto his side. Strokes his hair.

“You’re not very good at this cumming thing, are you, baby? And I thought you wanted this so much. To show me how much you’d saved for me.”

She runs her fingernails up and down his back. Knows that he wants to explain himself. Knows that if he weren’t gagged, he’d be telling her that the first time was because she was too gentle and the second was just too quick.

And she knows that if he weren’t gagged, he’d be begging her for another attempt.

“Maybe you’re not ready to cum for me today. Maybe you’ve forgotten how to. Or maybe you’re not really a slut at all. Do you think that might be it?”

And like from nowhere, sometimes he manages to make himself heard through his gag. She hears pretty clearly when he tells her that he is and he does.

She pretends not to.

He tells her again. Pleadingly, and as loudly and well-pronounced as he can manage.

“I am a slut.”

She laughs.

“And you’re forgetting your manners, aren’t you? Because what you really want to say is “I am a slut, Miss.”

He tries, but she’s already moving on.

“I’m not listening. If you can’t remember how to speak to me, there’s very little point in any of this. And if you’re so slutty that you’re forgetting your place, you might as well not cum for me at all. Perhaps you don’t deserve that and we need to go back to the start of everything again.”

As she talks to him, she’s already unfastening his gag. Watching a little bit of him destroyed.

Knowing that he’s exactly in the place that she wanted him to be.

She takes her juice bottle, and she opens his too. Pours half of it into his little dish on the floor. He crawls after her, nuzzling her ankle.

“I am a slut, Miss. I am.”

She laughs. “Come on. Have a little drink and we’ll think about it.”

She sees the trail of drool that’s run down from his mouth and onto his chest. Slightly reddened by the traces of lipstick that it’s taken along with it.

She sees his lips, the redness all distorted now.

She sees the writing on his back, almost ruined by sweat and by the smudges he made when he rolled around earlier.

She believes, absolutely, that he’s everything she wanted him to be today. More than she wanted him to be today. But there’s always a chance to take him further.

As she sits in her chair to drink her juice, he stops lapping his and tells her again.

“Miss, I am a slut. Really. I want this so much for you.”

“Shhh. Just have your drink. Let me watch you.”

He keeps drinking, but he keeps looking at her too. Knowing that she gets to decide what he is and what he deserves. Hoping so much that she wants him to cum for her.

All he can do now, as he’s lapping his drink and looking up at her, is to try and use his eyes. There was a time when she’d always fall for his eyes. When she’d give into most things just because he was playing cute for her.

But he knows not to ask again. That, whatever she’s decided or whatever she’s about to decide, anything he could say wouldn’t change that.

He calms a little in the security of knowing that. Knowing that she’ll know what’s best. The little bit of peace and rest helps remind him of that.

When he’s finished his drink and she’s finished hers, and when she’s smiled at seeing him begging with his eyes in the way she never admits to loving any more, she suggests a spanking.

“Just ten. Just for fun.”

He’s a little softer now. He’s come down quite a bit from where he was. But it won’t take long. Both of them know that.

She tells him to bring the blindfold. They both enjoy locking him out of the light and taking one of his senses away. It always seems to heighten things a bit.

She sits on the bed. Pillows behind her, legs out in front.

He finds her in the dark and he lays across her. She pats his bottom a little to move him across a little. Just so that his cock sits neatly between her legs. So she can feel him changing again.

Sometimes, her spanks are sudden and hard. Sometimes they’re softer. Today, they’re everything mixed together. Gentle and startling at the same time. And with every one – with every one of the ten – she strokes him and plays with him and she tells him that today, his bottom’s her favourite part.

She always has a favourite part. A bit that she wants to spend more time with. And today it’s this.

She feels him getting harder for her as she reaches the sixth stroke. Asks him to tell her again what the word on his back says.

“Slut, Miss.”

“And you know there are four more spanks left. So we can try again if you want to fuck my legs.”

He tries. But she knows, and he knows, that four isn’t enough. However hard he fucks for her.

She tells him it’s OK. That she doesn’t really mind if he can’t cum for her. That she wanted it so much, but that maybe it’s just not going to happen today.

He aches. He aches because he wants this so much. Too much. And because four wasn’t enough, but six might have been. Because he was nearly there.

“Do you know what I’d like? I’d like it if you could make me cum instead. Or as well. If you’re good at this, I might give you one last little chance.”

He beams at her. This is something he can do. Something he’s been trained to do. He knows he’s good at this. Not because vanilla girlfriends pretended he was great when he wasn’t actually doing it properly at all. But because she’d put the time into teaching him properly. And because she told him, often, how good at it he was now.

He feels his way down the bed. Kisses her from one foot and all the way up. Then the other foot and all the way up.

Then he kisses her thighs. Kisses the softness, and the little bits of wetness that have found their way down there. To the tops of her stockings. To the place in between there and her special place. The place that feels so quiet and calm and yet so hot.

He continues kissing her there. Sinking into the softness of her thighs. Waiting for her. Until she’s ready.

And when she’s ready, she takes a fistful of his hair and pulls his head right between her legs. Much harsher than she needs to be, because he’s eager enough to go there with just the lightest of touches. But she likes to be hard with him sometimes. And this is that kind of sometimes, and she always gets to decide.

She lets herself get lost with him. Like she always does. The time she’s spent on teaching him this means that he knows exactly what to do with hardly any direction at all. He knows when she needs big long puppy licks and when she needs his tongue hard on her clit. He knows exactly when to put his fingers inside her and exactly what to find. And he knows when alternating and finding her rhythm is most important.

He knows. He knows all of this. And he knows when she’s cumming and when to not let up. As her cunt bucks into his face, and he pushes harder, he knows that she’s almost there. He knows that he’s pleasing her now. And he knows to just keep going.

She calls him a slut again. A dirty fucking slut. Right as she’s cumming on his hand and his face and pushing his head, harder, onto her.

And then she holds his hair again. Strokes him as he licks her clean. As he rests his head on her thighs again. As she knows how much he’s smiling.

As I ate my lasagna at the dinner table, Mom and Dad were talking to Mickey about school. I used to be like Mickey, talkative, and exciting and stuff. Once popular at school. But, I went through this antisocial stage in eight grade and that was the end of that stuff, and I became more quiet and secluded. Since then my parents seemed to have forget about me, and only pestered Mickey about his day.

Usually this would piss me the hell off, but I didn’t mind today. As I played with the Stouffer’s lasagna I thought about whether I should change my mind about going to the movies with Josh. Just say no, and the kid’ll get the message that I don’t like him I thought. But something softer inside said I already promised, and that he didn’t seem like a bad guy.

There was suddenly a series of possibilities running through my head. Should I go to the movies with Josh? What excuse can I make covering for the fact I didn’t go? What would he do if I didn’t go? I closed my eyes and sighed. The very thought of a DATE with Josh Dannier made me blush, and that shouldn’t have even been the case. Why is this stuff happening to me?

“Jackson,” my mother said smiling.

I looked up to see her and my father grinning. What the hell was going on?

“Yes?” I replied.

“You’re blushing. I haven’t seen that blush on you for a long time now,” said my mom. Now I was blushing even harder!

Stupid mothers, and their supersensitivities to my love life! I lied of course telling them I had no idea what they were talking about (which made them grin harder) until I “calmly” dismissed myself to my room.

Mickey came in right after me, of course. “Did you really tell Mom to stfu, and march out the kitchen like that?” he asked.

“Shut up!”

“Bro, seriously what’s wrong? You’ve been acting weird since you got home from school,”

“I’m fine!” I insisted. Mickey sighed, and left to finish his dinner. Mickey was right. Josh Dannier made me act weird. And I needed to get over him! I wasn’t gonna go to that goddamned movie with him, nor was I gonna make a kind excuse for not going!

Later the next day, I was walking to the movie theaters where I met up with Josh. Yes, I know I said I wouldn’t and I hate myself for it, but he had this…mesmerizing thing about him that drew my softer side. “What’s up man?” he asked me.

“Hey what’s going on?” I replied shaking his hand.

“What movie are we gonna see?” he asked me.

“I dunno, I thought YOU were choosing,”

“Okay, let’s pick together,”

After about ten minutes, we chose this horror movie about a girl named Kate. It was called Dreams Die First. We watched the first ten minutes of the movie before realizing it was kinda lame. And AS USUAL the black guy always died first. The movie got lamer, and lamer, and soon I was hardly paying attention.

I stuck my hand in the popcorn to find Josh’s hand. I recoiled like he was acid, but noticed Josh was falling asleep. He had this adorable expression on his face as his eyelids flickered. I put my hand in the popcorn again, then slowly bought the popcorn into my mouth.

Soon Josh fell asleep, and his head fell to my chest as I stretched my arms. I froze, and I got hard. What the hell?! Why can’t this boy just keep his body to himself? I should’ve never even come. Maybe I should wake him up I thought. But that would be messed up. I didn’t want to be a jerk, but I didn’t want to feel the wrong way about a boy either.

I didn’t wake him up. I surrendered putting my arm around him. For the rest of the time we were there, I looked down at him. The movie ended with a loud scream that caused Josh to wake up instantly. I lifted my arm off of him. He had morning wood, and there was a massive tent in his pants. My eyes lingered, and I longed to…go home and get away from this kid!

“Bye Josh,” I said gruffly and quickly and immediately walked home. I didn’t talk to anyone. I just went straight to my room finishing up my weekend homework, and slept.

At school, Josh became instantly popular. He was the fastest kid in the school (he ran the 400 meter dash in 48 seconds) and all the girls and our thought he was hot. In Ms. Ennis’ class, a girl named Sasha, a hot, hot blonde babe flashed her boobs at him.

My mouth made a complete “O” and Josh just gave her a smile. Josh’s life was probably perfect. He dressed nice, had a family with money, girls, and jock-potential. But Josh didn’t stick to anyone, but me. It was really aggravating. I’d sit at the cafeteria alone, but he’d approach me.

“Really Josh?” I snapped.

“What?” he asked holding his lunch tray.

“Why do you insist on sitting here?”

“Because we’re friends.”

“No we’re not.” Josh looked at me solemnly for a second, but flashed me one of his heartwarming, time-stopping, adorable, orgasm-inducing smiles before he sat down.

Eventually, everyone noticed that I was Josh’s best friend, so people started flocking to me too. Girls were suddenly all over me, a lot asking for Josh but a lot who suddenly realized that I was cute. Jocks who haven’t talked to me in years were suddenly friends again, and before I knew it I was back on the top of the food chain, and boy did it feel good.

I appreciated Josh, and didn’t deny his company anymore, but I still avoided his touch or staring at him. He started coming to my house, getting to know my parents who amazingly talked to me now, and wrestling my brother Mickey all time. This kid seemed to improve my whole life!

Josh became like a new part of the family. Summer vacation eventually came, and I was as happy as ever. Josh was throwing a beach party and he gave me and Mickey an invitation. The party that came a week later was awesome.

Josh had the whole beach reserved, and there was awesome Music especially from my favorite bands. There was barbecue, and Josh and Mickey were playfully flirting with girls making a North and South pole of women.

If only I had the skill. I saw Mickey with his arm wrapped around Kayla. He caught my eye, and I glared. Mickey looked away smiling and whispered something into Kayla’s ear. I was about to take off to put my brother in his place before a girl grabbed my shoulder. She was a hot redhead in a bikini. She was so hot I thought she might make me break my trunks. “Everyone’s goin into the water! Come on Jackie,” she said.

I followed along looking at this Ariana-Grande-looking girl’s body. There was a large sandy slope that led to the beach water. I stepped onto it sliding as the sand burnt my feet. “Holy shit,” I said aloud as we slid down the steep sandy slope. The redhead girl was screaming too and I picked her up as we slid down.

We were both laughing as we fell into the water. We went under than up. It had been so many years since I gone to a beach. I saw that I was covered in red stuff. “What is this stuff?” I said rubbing salt water out my eyes.

“It’s just kelp,” she said.

“Like from Spongebob?” I asked causing her to laugh. The redhead and I swam around getting to know each other. Her name was Arielle. We were so into each other we didn’t notice how the beach became deathly quiet. When she pointed it out, I turned to see why, and saw Josh in the air doing a series of flips before he finally dipped in the water and disappeared under. Everybody cheered at the remarkable entry and waited for Josh to resurface.

It was a long three minutes, and Josh was still nowhere to be seen. “Where is he?” someone asked. Oh no! Did something happen??? Everyone started to panic, and some people went underwater to look for Josh. Everybody was screaming and shouting for Josh to come out. “It’s been five minutes, he’s probably dead!” someone said. A jock punched him in the face. “Don’t talk like that!”

I was watching the bedlam in shock when hand grabbed my ankles and pulled me down. I yelled out loudly in fear. Josh resurfaced laughing as he tried to breathe again. Everyone was laughing and clapping at his performance as my face reddened with anger. I turned to the redhead girl to see if she was laughing too, but she was already in Josh’s arms giggling.

Damn you to hell, Dannier! That wasn’t funny at all, I was worried about you then you scare me and take my girl. I suddenly got up and out of the water going back up the slope, onto some stairs towards the front of the beach. “Hey, Jack where ya goin?” asked Josh getting out the water.

“To get more barbecue,” I muttered.

“Come on man, don’t be like that!” he got up and followed me. He grabbed me by the shoulder and turned me around. I glared at him but my eyes went down looking at his wet soaked body, and his muscles, and how his wet pants gripped his thighs. I could even see an outline of his length.

Josh suddenly hugged me. “I’m sorry, okay?” he asked. I awkwardly hugged Josh back, then released my arms, but he didn’t let go. And I got a boner against him. And…then he had a boner rubbing against mine. Josh released me. “I won’t do it again,” he told me, and he did that smile again.

I was in shock. Did he care that I got a hard-on by hugging him? Was he…attracted to me? Or was that boner just chance? God why did Josh always have to complicate things?! I went home.

In bed, I thought of Josh, how good he felt pressed against me. Then, the door opened and I heard a thud on the bed next to mine. Then another…thud. It was Mickey and someone else. Mom and Dad were on a business trip so no one was here. Was Mickey…I heard a moan.I could hear the bedboard hitting the wall, and Mickey grunting. I was as quiet as a mouse so I wouldn’t be noticed.

There was a final grunt from Mickey, as he got up with the girl. “Thank you Mickey,” she said.

“Your welcome, Kay,” he replied. Kayla! Mickey slept with Kayla! Why would he do that when he knew I liked her. Kayla walked over to me (I know because my eye was peeked open just bit)and Mickey’s eyes widened with shock when he noticed my presence. I could hear the thoughts in his head whizzing by. Why’d he get home so early?!

“You know, he looks like you,”

“I used to think you liked him,”

“I did, but that was a long time ago before he started acting distant and stuff. And he needs a tan.”

I was shocked. Kayla used to like me? I liked her since the 5th grade! Kayla sighed. “Bye Mickey,” she said.

“I’ll see you out,” he offered.

“It’s cool,” she said.

Mickey sat down and put his face in his hands. “I know you’re awake Jackson,” he said to me. I didn’t reply. Mickey groaned. “Jack, stop faking. I know you’re up,” he said. How did he know? I ignored him. Mickey got up. “You sleep on your stomach dude, not your side,” he said knowingly. He pulled off my cover knowing I usually slept nude.

“I’ll take this naked picture of you and make sure everyone gets it,” he said. I heard the, Hello Hello Hello of his metro. “Okay, I’m up,” I snapped wrapping myself in my covers. I glared at Mickey with an intensity I’ve never used before.

“I hate you,” I told him and I instantly regretted it. He looked hurt, and shamed. I got up and smacked him across the face sending him to the ground.

“First you’re teasing me wit her at the beach, then you come in and fuck her right next to me? How low do you fucking get?” I yelled.

“I know…I’m sorry,” he said, “She seduced me. She told me she liked me for a long time, and that she only liked me. I couldn’t help myself. I know I’m a bad little brother,and I hate myself too.”

I sighed and grabbed my brother. He wasn’t a man of many words and I knew this apology was heartfelt. “It’s okay. Kayla is hot…I guess I can forgive you,” I said. I couldn’t believe how fast I got over that. But suddenly I didn’t care much about Kayla, Mickey could have her. “She’s all yours bro,” I told him smiling.

“You sure cause-”

“I’m sure.” I didn’t want to have a discussion. I just wanted everything to be normal and all of us to be happy the way it was before Josh ever moved here. And I knew right there, me and my brother were as tight as we’d ever been. I bumped fists with him and he still seemed to be shocked I wasn’t that mad at him.

“Hmm…there’s someone else huh? That’s the only reason you’d act like this. I think…you got yourself some sorta Trouser devil and that’s why you’re being so strange. Who is it, that redhead girl from the beach?”

“What? No, you idiot. You got it all wrong. I just….don’t care,” I said to him. Mickey squinted at me, but I stared back. Mickey sighed and shrugged knowing he wasn’t a thinker. “Okey-dokey then,” he said. But I thought. What if he was right? What if I did like Josh? But why would I have a crush on a boy in the first place? I know I’m not gay. I can’t be…I’ve liked girls my whole life. I went on the internet putting in “am i gay” and read articles, and even took a gay test. The test said is was 28% gay, definitely not gay but could be manlier.

This gave me comfort but I know this was no way to solve the problem. I gulped and put on clothes, and went outside. I think Josh and I needed to have a talk. By this time, it was dark.

So I bought a sleeping bag in case I was over there late. Josh slept over my house before so it’d only be fair I could sleep at his. But I refused to share the same bed with him, no more of this provocative stuff. I would sleep on the floor.

I knew David and Cindy would be home in half an hour. Cindy is my wife. David is her favorite lover. We live with him.

Cindy and I have been married for 10 years. For the past 2 years, we have had a new arrangement. I began to have problems pleasing Cindy in bed, and it led to fights. We talked about it a lot, over several weeks. We talked about the source of the problems and the reasons for them, and her desires and fantasies, and mine, and to make a long story short, we decided we would both be happier if she was in charge and controlled me completely and could fuck other men whenever she wanted to. She keeps me in chastity and, well, I do as she says. It’s the only way we could stay together.

I know the arrangement is voluntary, but, I am so used to things the way they are now that I could never go back to being in a normal relationship with a woman, and, I could never love any other woman but Cindy.

I had finished doing all my tasks for the day, all the housecleaning, vacuuming, dusting, washing the dishes, cleaning the bathrooms. I had made the beds and done the laundry and arranged all of Cindy’s clothes and shoes in the closet precisely as she likes them. She whips me if anything is out of place. She drops her clothes wherever she feels like and I have to pick up behind her and keep everything tidy. She drops trash on the floor and I have to pick it up. If she goes to the bathroom, I have to kneel and wipe her. She never has to cook or clean because I do everything. I knew she was out with David today, and I knew he was having her.

I had on my cock cage as I always do, with the special remote device that can deliver a painful shock to my balls whenever Cindy wants to. Even from miles away, like when she is out with David. Otherwise I was naked except for my anal plug. I have to wear it almost all the time. I had to report to Anne now because I needed some preparations before meeting with Cindy tonight.

Anne is the girl who lives in the house with us. David’s house. We live in David’s house now and Cindy is his. Mostly. Cindy can do whatever she wants. She has other lovers, but she mostly has an arrangement with David. She chose him as a favorite for a few reasons. We both agreed it would be more emotionally painful and humiliating for me if she had one special man. After having dozens of men, she decided she liked David the best. David was the one for her because of several reasons. First of all, he has an enormous penis. Things first started to go wrong with me and Cindy when she confessed that she really had to have a huge dick and that she never came with me. After that I started to have problems getting erections with my wife.

Second, he has a lot of money. Neither Cindy or I has to work any more. Cindy lives a free life and still has access to our house. But I have to live here in David’s house and I can’t go out on my own. I don’t have a car of my own any more. I don’t even own any clothes.

Third, David understands and goes along with Cindy’s plan for me. He participates in and enjoys my humiliation and that was important for Cindy. A lot of her other lovers just wanted to fuck her, and she still fucks other men. But she wanted someone special in her life that could help shame me and make me feel inferior.

So we live here in David’s house. David has a sadistic streak and a voracious sexual appetite. He has lots of other women besides my wife. He also makes Cindy do things — humiliating things. And he punishes her. That was the other thing that came between us. During our conversations, I found out Cindy wanted punishment, control, humiliation. I couldn’t really provide what she needed. It had to be from a certain kind of man and she explained that I just wasn’t going to do.

Anne is a girl who lives here in the house. David has her, of course. Cindy has her sometimes too. I keep the house clean and do as I am told. Cindy makes the rules for me.

Cindy is 34, tall, shapely, with pale skin. Lovely, lovely breasts like a model. Light blue eyes, black hair. Cindy wears her hair short.

Anne is younger, 21 I think. She is shorter and a little bit thicker than my wife, but still has a fantastic figure and really huge breasts. She has green eyes and red hair and freckles.

I had to report to Anne because this was a special day I was to fuck Cindy. She had been promising this day for a long time. I knew it wouldn’t be a normal fuck, but I had to go along with whatever I was told.

I waited for some time in one of David’s large bathrooms upstairs on my knees, and finally and Anne came in. She answers to Cindy and David and I have to obey Anne.

Anne was naked, too, except for a pair of thigh-high black leather boots. I could smell the leather of her boots. Part of my life now is being in chastity all the time. I can’t get an erection in the device Cindy makes me wear, so seeing a beautiful naked young girl is uncomfortable for me.

Anne looked at me with her hands on her hips. She swung her long red hair over one pale shoulder and it made her massive breasts wobble back and forth for a few moments. I could see all this periperally, but my eyes were on the floor. I wasnt allowed to look at Anne directly.

“Stand up and bend over the sink counter” she said. “Put your hands behind your head.”

I did that, and Anne placed a hand on the small of my back – I could feel her leg touching one of mine – and with her other hand slowly worked out my anal plug.

“Ick” she said and dropped it in the sink. “Sit on the toilet and empty your bowels.”

I was so relieved to be allowed to shit. I had been needing to for hours. Then I got up and bent over the sink again. I knew what else was coming. We had done this lots of times before.

Anne lubricated the nozzle and gently forced it into me. Warm, soapy water was the first round. Once it was in, she slowly pulled the nozzle out. “Kneel on the stool” she said.

I knelt on a wooden stool in the bathroom and placed my hands on the back of my head. The enema felt worse than when I had to defecate earlier. It was hard to hold in. Anne took a warm wet cloth and carefully wiped a small drip from my anus. “Eeyech.” she said. “Fucking Christ. Yuck.” Then she sighed disgustedly.

She left the room for about 5 minutes. I had to stay in position. I knew I couldn’t even dare think about relieving my knees or my aching arms which I had to hold behind my head the whole time. The enema was really painful but I had to hold it until she came back no matter what. If I violated this discipline, the punishment would be really really awful. Cindy would do awful things – tell David to do awful things. Unbearable things.

Finally Anne came back and said “Accept your punishment now.” This was said quietly and matter of factly. It was just the rote thing she was supposed to say. In fact the whole procedure bored Anne, it was really just another chore for her. Really she didn’t care much about anything except having David’s dick in her mouth.

She had the thin whippy black leather riding crop and stood beside me and delivered the first stroke. I said “Thank you, ma’am” after waiting one and one half seconds after the stroke. She gave me ten like that. Not really bad ones, but they hurt plenty, like stinging hornets. Like the electric shocks Cindy would sometimes deliver to my balls by pressing the little button on her bracelet, just for fun, while she sat on David’s lap and giggled. Then she said “Sit on the toilet now.” I sat on the toilet with my hands behind my back. She delivered 4 more hard strokes to my nipples and I had to thank her for each one. Finally she said, “Release.”

I let my bowels go and listened to the gurgling sounds as the water, polluted with streaks and chunks of runny shit, cascaded into the bowl.

I could see Anne steady herself with one pale hand against the counter and hold her lovely face in the other hand for a moment. She really hated doing this work.

We had to repeat that same routine – the enema, the kneeling, wiping, the punishments with the whip – 3 or 4 more times, until the water streamed out of my anus completely clear.

Anne, glad the ritual was over, said “Clean your plug and reinsert it. Wait for your wife in David’s room.”

I bent over the sink and cleaned my anal plug with soap and water. Then I lubricated it and slowly worked it back into my anus. It was painful because it was a large plug and quite a tight fit, even though my anus was a lot looser than when Cindy had first made me start wearing the plugs. She started me with a smaller plug and gradually used bigger and bigger ones as my anus got a bit more stretched out over the weeks and months. Sometimes she makes me – she and David…

I walked down the hall to David’s bedroom, where he fucks my wife, and waited on all fours, my face down on the carpeted floor, for Cindy to get home.

A few minutes later Cindy entered the room. She was lovely, tall and pale as always and wearing a sheer black teddy, long black leather opera gloves that reached to her elbows, and red lipstick. “Hi, sweetie. You can stand up now.” I did stand up and she pecked me on the cheek and said “Happy birthday, darling. You look sweet.” She smelled of expensive perfume.

“You can sit on your sissy chair now.” She said.

My chair was a special chair made of hard black laquered wood, with a wooden dildo of the same material in the middle of the seat. Cindy held up a small glass stoppered bottle and grinned at me. I already knew what was in the bottle. It was milky, viscous, slippery – it came out of David’s huge dick. She saved it up, spat it into the jar, sometimes when she serviced David. When she wasn’t commanded to swallow his semen, that is. Anne did too. So did some of the other girls and women that David had at the house.

Cindy indicated with a nod that I was to bend over. I bent over and grabbed my ankles, and Cindy removed my anal plug. I then knelt beside the chair and opened my mouth wide, tilted my head back and Cindy unstoppered the jar and carefully filled my mouth with David’s semen, smiling and snickering just a little bit while she did it. Then I used my mouth to fellate the black wooden dildo on the chair, lubricating it for myself, moving my head up and down on it, making it slippery with David’s sperm.

Cindy liked me to look her in the eyes when I did this part, so I gazed at her as best I could as she stood there enjoying the scene. She was smiling sweetly, happily. She enjoyed seeing me look like a whore, on my knees sucking cock. Sometimes she… she and David…

I did a thorough job, wrapping my lips around the rod, spitting the runny glop all over it, letting it run out of my mouth onto the shaft, wiping it all over with my tongue. I knew it would have to go in me, and David’s sperm was the only lubrication I would have.

“Ok now, on you go. You get a special treat today.” I place my hands on the sides of the chair seat and slowly, carefully lowered myself down, working my anus over the smooth slippery rod until I was seated on the chair and the smooth wooden rod was 6 inches inside my anus. I could feel it pressing against my bowels.

“Spread your legs, darling. There’s a good girl.” Cindy said, and I parted my thighs. Cindy knelt, looking up at me with those sweet beautiful blue eyes, and unlocked and removed my chastity cage and gently arranged my balls in between my legs so they were positioned correctly. Feeling the thin supple leather of the opera gloves against my balls and penis and smelling her perfume as she leaned in close to me, seeing her smooth ample breasts sway beneath the sheer fabric of the lingerie, started to make me erect. Cindy took my penis in one gloved hand, and, looking at me sexily, gently rubbed her thumb over the head of the penis, slowly, just a few times. She blew me a little air kiss from her glossy red lips and smiled.

My chair was equipped with a hinged metal bracket that folded over between my legs and pressed down on my scrotum between my balls and penis. Cindy carefully folded the metal piece into place so its rubber end was tightly pressing the skin of my scrotum against the chair. I now could not possibly rise up off the seat without tearing my scrotum and crushing my testicles. The clamp wasn’t that uncomfortable — it was clamped down on the skin of my scrotum, between my testicles and penis – but if I tried to get up it would be like tearing my balls off.

Usually the sissy chair was for punishments – whippings and electric shock torture sessions – and to immobilize and humiliate me while I watched David and the others have Cindy — but today it was to be the stage for our lovemaking.

Cindy looked at me and smiled again, and gave me a little peck on the nose.

She took my wrists in her gloved hands and gently guided them to the back of the chair and ratcheted the metal cuffs into place. Then she cuffed my ankles onto the legs of the chair.

Cindy stood in front of the chair with her hands on her hips, looking at me for a moment. Then she slowly peeled off her right glove and stroked my cheek with one finger, then slapped me very hard on the cheek.

After one and one half seconds I said “Thank you, ma’am” and Cindy beamed, a beautiful bright smile all perfect white teeth and glossy red lipstick. We repeated this discipline 8 or 9 times. My face was burning and my heart racing, but I was getting erect.

She said “Now it’s time to make love, my darling husband” and giggled. I wasn’t quite hard yet, so she sat on my lap with her cunt hairs brushing my penis through the thin fabric of the negligee, and put her arms around my neck and started slowly kissing and nibbling my face and neck. She placed her lips on mine, but i knew I was not allowed to kiss her. She licked my lips and nibbled on my ears and blew in my ears and pretty soon I was hard.

Then Cindy got a condom off the dresser and knelt down and put it on me. She took her gloves off to do that. Before putting it on, she held my dick and slightly rubbed her thumb slowly across the head of my penis. There was a tiny drop of semen coming out. She dabbed that off with a finger and made me lick the small drop of my semen off her finger. Then she unrolled the condom over my erect penis. “Got to practice safe sex, darling!” she said, and giggled. “Really we can’t have your naked cock touching the inside of me now. This pussy is David’s property, mostly. Maybe one day, with his permission – but no, that’s never going to happen, is it?” She sat on my lap and teased me some more, her belly rubbing against my cock, her naked thighs against mine, sticking her tongue in my ears, licking my neck, giving me big wet kisses on my lips, so much so that I lost control and opened my mouth and kissed her back once, which was against the rules. Cindy sprang up and gave me a sharp angry look. I had to endure 8 more hard slaps after that, and thank her after each one.

Cindy knelt and put a second, then a third, then a fourth condom on my penis. “We can’t be too careful, darling. There is no way the semen of an inferior loser like you is getting inside David’s personal whore.” She kept on teasing my with her tongue on my nipples, neck, lips and ears so I would stay hard.

Then she looked me in the eyes and said “Time to fuck, lover” and slowly lowered herself down onto my penis.

The sensation of being inside my wife’s vagina again was fantastic, but I could not come because for one thing I had 4 condoms on, and for another thing she was just sitting on my lap, not moving. And I could not move because of the clamp on my scrotum.

Cindy sat on my lap with my penis inside her for a half an hour or more, every once in a while sighing and checking the time on her tiny silver watch bracelet, her face an inch from my face, letting me smell her breath, brushing her lips against my cheeks, my lips, licking my teeth — she ordered me to open my mouth and she slowly licked my teeth and lips, but I wasn’t allowed to kiss her or use my tongue at all – I had to be completely passive. if I started to go soft down there, she would raise herself up slightly and then ease down slowly, making moaning, cooing sounds, giving me a little slight sensation of being in her, of what David got all the time, getting me aroused again. I could feel the firm smooth flesh of her breasts pressing against my chest through the thin fabric of her nightie. Her nipples were hard and I could feel them against my skin too. She peeled off the teddie and dropped it on the floor. Now I could feel her naked breasts against my chest, her naked belly against mine. She fucked me a little bit more, carefully, rubbing up and down next to me, rocking her pelvis, keeping me on the edge but not letting me have a release. At one point she leaned over and picked up a nail file off the dresser and started touching up her nails a bit, oblivious of me inside her.

She sighed, cocked her head and said, “Honestly sweetheart — I can’t even feel you inside me. Especially after having a real man like David stretching me out so wonderfully for such a long time. So many times. In all of my holes.” That made her giggle, and she laughed in my face, cracking herself up. “With your little so-called penis, it’s a boring sensation, or, well no sensation at all.” Trying to stifle another laugh, she snorted, her hand to her mouth, then burst out laughing again.

Then she got serious, and with her face very close to mine, touching mine, very softly she talked to me as she moved herself up and down on me ever so slightly, letting me feel some of her, keeping me on the edge, not letting me come — giving me a slight taste of what David had so I would feel even more beaten and humiliated and hurt. She talked to me about how much she still loved me, and how much she enjoyed my humiliation and loved knowing how beaten I was, and how much that turned her on and excited her, and how much she loved it when I licked her clitoris and her anus, and how much she loved getting fucked by David, and how it felt to have him inside her, and told me about some of the humiliating, disgusting things he makes her do for him, and how much it excited her to debase herself for her lover.

She said “You must have known I wasn’t going to let you come today, sweetheart. Coming is for men. Men like David.”

“You know, darling — some of the things David makes me do, I’ve never told you about – some of the most degrading things.” She looked away for a moment. Then she said, “I was considering telling you about one of them just now – but I really think it’s more humiliating and hurtful to you if I keep some of them a secret. Make you have to imagine what David does to me. What I am willing to do for him. What you can imagine is maybe even worse than the truth. It gives you something to think about when you are lying in bed alone, not even able to jerk yourself off, while David is upstairs fucking the living shit out of your beautiful wife.”

I heard the door open and close downstairs and Cindy quickly glanced over her shoulder, then leaned over and pulled out a silver compact mirror and lipstick from the dresser and freshened her glossy red lipstick, pressing and puckering her beautiful plump full lips.

About that time, David walked into the room, fully clothed. He walked over and stood beside us. “Hey there lover,” Cindy said, and with a smile and a mischevous glance at me, she then turned her head up and towards him and gazed into his eyes while she unzipped him and pulled him out.

With me still inside my wife but unable to come, unable to move, smelling Cindy’s perfume, feeling her soft pale smooth flesh against mine, I had to sit on the chair with a rod in my anus and say nothing while she took David’s big penis out and slowly ran her warm, wet tongue up and down the hard shaft.

With occasional smiling glances at me, she continued caressing David’s member, rocking back and forth slightly to torture me with some sensation of her, to keep me aroused but still unable to come, while she peppered the head of David’s cock with gentle lipstick kisses, then began to run her lips and tongue all over the head of his cock until he began to groan in ecstasy.

I awakened to the smell of food. I was hungry and hadn’t really realized it. My wife, Lori came in the den bringing me a plate of food. She then returned with her plate. We sat on the sofa eating and talking. The antibiotic capsule was on my table so I took it and some ibuprofen. I told her I thought I could get used to this and she just grinned and then told me not to get too used to it.

That evening I licked and sucked my Mistress to several explosive orgasms and held her tightly as we fell asleep.

Over the next few days, the swelling and pain diminished. The cage was removed several times a day for cleaning and inspection. I was also iced down and the piercing rod was moved around to prevent the adhesions. After a few days the ice wasn’t needed as the pain was minimal.

A week after my piercing, Miss Ashley returned to check on things. Again I was secured to the frame while she checked the piercing and temporary pin. She pronounced that everything was going well. We were both pleased.

A few days later, the ball stretchers arrived. We took them out of the box and looked them over. They were solid and heavier that I anticipated. My wife asked what I thought and I simply replied that they were her balls. She smiled and picked up the 1 inch stretcher. Removing the set screws she opened it up and with my help closed it around my scrotum trapping my balls in the bottom of their sac. Lori quickly tightened the screws and I was officially wearing a ball stretcher. She then had me stand up. The added weight caused my balls to hang lower and the tugging was interestingly stimulating.

She bounced them back and forth a few times and giggled as they swung. She then looked up and told me that she was going to like this. I was glad she was pleased. The cage was once again installed and I was locked away.

A few days later my chastity tube arrived and we both eagerly opened the box. It was gleaming stainless steel and was definitely solidly made. Whereas the plastic device I had worn before could have been easily cut off, this one would not yield easily to any attempt to remove it. Then there was the problem of the locking pin through my cock head to deal with. Yeah, when this baby was locked in place, I would be chastised as permanently as you could get without doing some major and irreversible body modifications. Something neither of us wanted.

When my lovely Mistress unlocked the keeper pin and pulled it out, it looked a little bigger that the needle that had pierced my cock. This worried me a little as we both inspected the device closely. I could hear her breathing getting shallow and realized she was getting turned on by the whole thing. I asked her if I could do something for her and without speaking she stripped off her shorts and spread her legs. I dropped to my knees and buried my face in her pussy. She was dripping wet and in no time I had her panting and thrusting on my face. Her hand grabbed my head and pulled me hard into her pussy and exploded on my tongue literally squirting her secretions into my waiting mouth. I relished the taste and licked and sucked her beautiful pussy clean.

She finally regained control and told me that just looking at the tube got her so hot and she could only imagine what having me actually locked up and wearing it was going to do. We put it away and spent the rest of the day and evening in normal pursuits. We crawled in bed later and I licked her to another orgasm before she drifted off to sleep.

The next day, Miss Ashley arrived for another check-up. I headed up to the playroom and was soon secured in the old familiar position. After checking me over thoroughly, she said that everything looked fine, but that it was time to stretch the piercing so that the locking pin on my tube would fit. That sounded painful and the familiar butterflies returned.

The temporary pin was removed and Lori entered the room with an ice-pack. She told me she didn’t want to worry me before so she hadn’t told me about this part. After about five minutes of contact, my cock was small and numb. Miss Ashley then produced a larger metal rod with a rounded end and began to force it into my piercing. While it didn’t really hurt badly, I could definitely feel it and knew that when the cold wore off I would once again be in pain.

She worked it back and forth through the piercing several times then produced a larger temporary pin. It was put in place and the bead was screwed on securing it much like the original pin had been. I was then told that this pin was the same size as the restraining pin in my tube and when I recovered from this stretching; we could put the chastity tube in place.

We were told the same twisting and moving procedures that we had been doing with the smaller pin, needed to be done with this one also. She left telling us that she’d do a re-check again next week and that if everything went well, we could probably put the final device in place in 2 weeks.

My wife was very happy about this. After I was released, we started talking about a new denial game. I had not been teased or even milked in 2 weeks and she thought it time we made some plans. This was Friday and I was told that we would return to the regular Sunday night prostate milking this week.

My wife then went to a shelf and returned with a cloth bag. She dumped it out on the floor revealing several marbles. There were three colors. Mostly blue, 1 green, and what appeared to be 5 whites. I was told there were 40 blues in the mix. She went on to explain that each day I would draw a marble from the bag. A blue marble would mean blue balls for me that day. The good thing about drawing a blue would be that it was removed from the bag. A white marble meant that all the blues that had been previously removed would be returned and basically the game started over. I would also not be teased every day but probably 2-3 times a week. Being that I was not being tormented every day, my Mistress told me that my edges would be increased to 20. That way I would still be kept extremely frustrated.

It would be my lucky day when I finally drew the green marble. She would mount my cock and ride me to orgasm. Of course the rule about licking my come from her gooey pussy would still be in effect. I simply nodded. By adding the white marbles, my denial period would be extended and the end day could not easily be anticipated. Of course I could really be lucky and pull the green marble at any time. It was a really eloquent game.

The days passed without incident and soon the two weeks had passed. I had been successfully milked a couple of times. The first time after the over two weeks of abstinence had taken 45 minutes and produce a very large amount of spunk which according to the rules I was required to consume. Each time I was milked, my wife got extremely horny and I usually ended up giving her multiple orgasms with my mouth and tongue but I was not complaining about that. I truly enjoyed performing oral sex on her.

Miss Ashley returned for her last visit. I was secured to the frame. The temporary pin was removed and I was iced. The piercing had healed well and although slightly sensitive, I experienced no pain associated with it. The chastity tube was slipped over my cock and the head of my cock was lined up with two holes on each side. The keeper pin was then threaded through the tube, through the head of my cock, and out the hole on the other side of the device. It fit smoothly in the hole on the side where it started. The lock was placed over the other end of the pin and when snapped in place it fit flush with the other side.

That was it, I was locked in. The tube extended up to the base of my cock and down over the head. There was a hole in the end for the urine to run out and also several ventilation and cleaning holes all along the sides. It was slightly heavy but not so much that it would cause a problem. After I was released, I inspected it closely and felt all around it. It would be impossible to remove with the keeper pin in place and there would be no way to get any real stimulation while imprisoned in the thing. My chastity had been stepped up to a new level. I was now very dependent on my lovely Mistress for sexual relief.

My wife asked me to see Miss Ashley out then meet her in the bedroom. As I walked, the device swung back and forth, but wasn’t really uncomfortable. My balls were also swinging away in their prison, being stretched for my wife’s pleasure. When we reached the door, Miss Ashley turned and told me that she hoped I enjoyed my new restriction. With that she reached down and tickled my balls, causing my cock to jump, but of course an erection was out of the question. Miss Ashley laughed and told me that my wife had told her to tease me a little before leaving. With that she stepped out onto the porch and as I was closing the door, she told me over her shoulder that she would see me on Sunday.

As I headed for the bedroom, I couldn’t help but wonder what that was all about but my imagination was starting to gear up. I could imagine myself licking her pussy while my wife punished my balls for doing it. Or maybe punishing my balls for not licking her to orgasm fast enough. Damn, my cock was hurting. I had to get those thoughts out of my head. It wasn’t going to happen. What the Hell was I thinking?

I came through the door of the bedroom and saw my wife sitting on the bed with her vibrator deep inside her pussy. She motioned me over to the bed and I joined her there more than ready to pleasure her with my tongue for as long as she wanted.

To be continued…

During the third week Mistress was expecting her period, so on Monday night she was more than keen to avail herself of my tongue once again. Being a complete pussy-slut and an always willing slave, I was more than happy to oblige and after I had made her cum she told me to kneel up on the bed between her legs. I did so and shrugged the sheets back off my shoulders. She congratulated me on my good work and then used her foot to tease my cock and balls, causing me to rise to full mast in a matter of seconds.

As she continued she became a little rougher, squashing my cock against my thigh or my pelvis with the base of her foot, or occasionally giving me a soft kick to the balls. She watched me face intently as she registered my reaction to every movement and gradually opened her legs to give me a good view of her dripping wet slit.

She stopped for a moment and reached over to open her bedside drawer. Her favourite glass dildo appeared and before long she had it buried inside her wet pussy. My cock ached as I watched her, watching me through half closed eyes as she stretched her tight cunt with the glass prick.

I could feel every ounce of cum that was swimming around inside my balls now, it was over a fortnight since I’d cum and I was well and truly in the zone. I opened my mouth to speak, wanting to ask her to please let me cum, but I knew it would not do me any good, and would probably make it worse.

The full length of her foot pressed against my cock as it was pushed firmly against my stomach. I could have cum just from that if I’d wanted to, the sight of her fucking herself with the glass cock was so horny and the pressure from her foot was more than enough to push me over the edge. But I knew that I had to fight, I knew that I had to wait for permission to cum, and that was not going to be forthcoming for a long time yet.

Finally she stopped and removed her foot. She spread her legs wide to give me a better view and then vigorously fucked herself with the length of hardened glass. My cock twitched as I watched and once again I was having to force myself to keep my hands at my sides, but it was getting harder and harder with every passing day.

After a while she moved to one side of the bed and bid me to come and lay next to her. I did as she asked and she used her free hand to guide me onto my back. She pulled the glass dildo out of her silky, wet cunt and used it to tease the length of my cock before offering it to my mouth to clean. I greedily slurped all her juices from the ribbed toy and then she replaced it easily in her slippery hole.

She leaned over me and kissed my chest, then bit one of my nipples before kissing me full on the lips and tasting her juices on my tongue. She groaned as she felt the dildo press against her clit and in a moment she had straddled me and moved up my body so that her pussy was right above my chin. She buried the dildo inside her hole and then sat on my face, ordering me to lick her clit while the dildo stretched her pussy. The base of the dildo was somewhat in the way but I did the best I could. Soon I found I could use my chin to press on the base of the dildo which moved it down just enough that I could get to her clit properly. The extra downward pressure also meant the top of the dildo pressed upwards against her G-spot and Mistress groaned appreciatively.

After a while she tired of this and lifted herself up and removed the dildo, her pussy was sopping wet and a beautiful deep pink colour. Wasting no time, her pussy was soon back over my mouth and she ground her cunt against my face, making her wetter and wetter all the time.

Finally she lifted herself up and moved down the bed so that her pussy was right over my throbbing cock. She lowered herself down and her lips slipped around the underside of it, pressing the length of my cock against my stomach. Now she started grinding herself against my cock instead of my face and I was trembling as I fought the urge to cum. I looked up at her, her gorgeous tits swaying gently as she rocked back and forth, teasing my poor aching meat. I was in Heaven and Hell all at once.

She lowered herself down so that her nice full tits pressed against my chest and her lips met mine. We kissed for several minutes as I endured the torment of her hot, wet, dripping cunt sliding gently up and down against my cock.

“Do you want to be inside me?” She asked quietly.

“Oh God yes Mistress,” I groaned.

“Do you?” She continued. “Is that what you want more than anything?”

“Yes Mistress,” I breathed. “Please let me inside your beautiful pussy….”

“Hmm, maybe….” she whispered, grinding her pussy against the head of my cock as hard as she could. “But you have to give me some reassurances first.”

“Yes Mistress, anything…”

I heard her chuckle softly to herself.

“First, you must promise not to cum, no matter what…”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Second, you must tell me when you are getting close to cumming…”

“Yes Mistress.”

“And third, you must promise to keep absolutely still.”

“I will Mistress, I promise.”

“Are you sure you can do all those things slave, even if I make it really hard for you?”

“Yes Mistress, I’ll try my best…”

“Not good enough slave.”

She ground her clit into my shaft once more, groaning as she did so.

“Maybe this is as much as you can take slave, maybe being inside me would be just that little bit too much….”

She ground herself harder still into my pulsing stalk.

“…maybe my warm, wet, silky pussy would be more than you can handle after two weeks without being allowed to cum?”

The thought of missing out on being allowed inside her after so long pushed me to the brink of frustration.

“Please Mistress…, please, I’ve GOT to be inside you….”

“Got to be, slave?” She taunted. “There is no ‘got to be’ slave, there’s only Mistress’s pleasure and… “

She drifted off as once again she used her dripping cunt to grind my throbbing prick into my stomach until I let out a load groan of frustration.

“…but since you’ve been such a very good slave for the last two weeks, I do think you deserve a little something….”

She reached down between our bodies and curled her fingers around my solid prick. I gasped and without thinking thrust my hips forward to meet her touch. She squeezed my cock very hard and allowed the tips of her nails to dig into my flesh.

“…what did I say about staying still?”

“Yes Mistress, I’m sorry Mistress!”

“Do that once more and I won’t touch your cock for the rest of the month!”

“No please Mistress, I’m sorry….please… don’t… stop.”

“Please don’t stop,” repeated Mistress in a sarcastic voice. “Now there’s a phrase that’s gotten you in trouble before, hasn’t it slave?”

“Yes Mistress, I’m sorry Mistress.”

She slid down the bed so that her mouth was right over my groin, her fist pumping my aching cock as I tried to stay perfectly still. Then I felt her warm, wet mouth closing over the head of my cock and I had to force myself to stay still. After a few seconds I felt the air around my cock again, followed by her tongue snaking around and then her teeth gently closing on my cock-head. I gasped but stayed absolutely still as she slowly sank her teeth deeper and deeper into my cock. It didn’t really hurt that much but it was quite intense and made it more than a little difficult to stay still.

She only did it for a few seconds and then released me, only to repeat the trick a few seconds later, this time using her right hand to squeeze my overfull balls at the same time. I groaned loudly but I moved not an inch, and eventually she let me go and moved back up the bed slightly.

I felt her gorgeous soft breasts rubbing against my cock and I remembered the last time I came, covering those beautiful fleshy tits with two weeks of cum, just like I had in my balls right now. Mistress must have known what I was thinking, as she remarked on it…

“Just think slave, two weeks ago you were standing at the end of the bed as your poor aching cock spurted all over my gorgeous tits, I bet that seems a long while ago now doesn’t it?”

“Yes Mistress,” I murmured.

“I bet you’d love to do that again wouldn’t you slave, to relieve your aching balls all over my gorgeous tits? You’d beg to do that wouldn’t you slave, and to lick them clean again…wouldn’t you?”

“Yes Mistress..”

“Beg then slave, beg me to allow you to shoot your cream all over my tits and beg me to let you lick them clean and swallow every drop of your ball-churning load!”

It took me a few seconds to formulate the words in my mind and feed them to my mouth.

“Please Mistress, please let me shoot my cum on your gorgeous breasts and… please… allow me to clean you with my tongue afterwards…”


“….and grant me permission to swallow every drop Mistress.”

“Is that what you really want slave?” She said, pumping my cock with her fist.

“Yes M…..if it pleases you Mistress,” I corrected myself, just in time.

She stopped pumping my cock and instead used her hand to rub the tip against her rock hard nipple.

“Hmm, but it doesn’t please me slave….and I think you knew that, but still you asked…”

She rubbed her fingertip over the head of my cock, collecting the thin sheen of precum that had formed there, before pushing her arm up to my mouth. Instead of pushing it into my mouth she wickedly spread it on my lips, like lip balm and then pulled her hand away once more.

“…and that means you were thinking of your own pleasure not mine, doesn’t it slave?”

“Yes Mistress,” I conceded.

She circled her thumb and forefinger around my cock and balls and pulled them forward until my balls were stretched as far as they would go. I felt her tongue snake across them and then her mouth closed over my cock once more. She sucked me for just a few seconds before she let go, moved around on the bed and dropped her pussy onto my face, leaving us in a classic 69 position.

“Make me wet, slave,” she ordered before sinking her head down as far it would go onto my cock.

Truth be told she was still dripping wet, but I never need to be asked twice to pleasure her pussy and so I pushed my tongue as deep into her silky hole as I could, my nose pressed right into the crack of her ass. God I wanted so much to lick her ass, to force my tongue into it as deep as it would go and rim her properly. But I knew if I touched her ass without permission it would only lead to more punishment. We stayed like that for a few minutes, me fighting the urge to shoot my cum down her throat while she got wetter and wetter as my tongue plunged as deep into her as it would go.

Finally she climbed off me and she retrieved something else from the drawer which she made sure I couldn’t see. She moved down the bed with her back to me and straddled me again and placed the tip of my cock against her smooth, wet pussy lips.

“Do you remember what you promised slave?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“What did you promise slave?”

“I won’t cum Mistress, no matter what. I’ll tell you if I’m getting close to cumming… and I won’t move an inch Mistress…”

“Good slave, I’m glad you remembered…. Just make sure you stick to your promises, or this is going to be a very long month for you.”

“Yes Mistress.”

“And slave…”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Just so you know, if you should cum without permission, even if you don’t get to fully enjoy it… this whole month starts over…”

I gulped loudly.

“…so make sure you don’t!”

“Yes Mistress, I will Mistress.”


I felt her rub my cock against her pussy lips and slowly felt her body move downwards, enveloping me in her warm, wet flesh. My jaw was trembling again as I breathed heavily, the feeling of her cunt so delicious and intense after so much waiting. I wanted so bad to thrust my cock upwards, to push it deep inside her, but I knew it was forbidden. I had to wait for her to push down, for her to grant me the level of pleasure she decided upon.

As she slowly edged her way down my straining shaft, I thought of how she’d fucked herself with the glass dildo earlier, and realised that if she hadn’t already stretched her pussy with that hard, glass cock that my task now would be almost impossible.

She reached the base of my cock and stopped pushing. I was fully inside her at last and it felt fucking amazing, better than I could ever have imagined. Denial can be hard, but the rewards are spectacular.

“Now slave,” she began. “Remember your promises to me… it’s time you were punished for thinking of your own pleasure instead of mine.”

“Yes Mistress,” I breathed, barely caring as long as I was allowed to stay inside her beautiful, beautiful pussy.

She turned her head, to look over her shoulder. Noticing my eyes were closed she warned me again…

“Remember, don’t move a muscle.”

“Yes Mistress,” I sighed, clearly unprepared for what was about to happen.

She turned her head back around and slid her hand down between my legs, caressing my balls gently.

“I bet you loved having your nose right up against my ass didn’t you slave?”

“Yes Mistress, it was lovely.”

“But you wouldn’t dare touch it without my permission would you?”

“No Mistress,” I replied, truthfully.

“Good slave… if you can remain obedient, then there’s no reason why I shouldn’t indulge your from time to time. You’d like that wouldn’t you slave?”

“If it pleases you Mistress,” I answered, all to aware of the trap she had laid for me.

“Good answer slave,” she laughed. “Now…let’s see…”

She dragged the short cock-whip tails across my balls and before I could even work out what they were, I felt her start to whip me, each blow becoming more slightly more intense than the last. I clenched my fists, desperate not to move, but in a matter of fifteen to twenty seconds it became too much and I felt my hips start to twist as I tried to move my aching balls away from her.

Immediately she stopped and lifted her pussy off me, causing me to moan in frustration and disappointment. I couldn’t believe it had taken me two weeks to get inside her and then after barely more than a minute and a half it was gone again!

“Fuck!” I hissed, not because of the mild throbbing in my nuts, but because I was so annoyed that I had failed to keep still.

Mistress, looked down at me, somewhat amused by my frustration. Eventually noting, “Ah well, at least you didn’t have to worry about cumming without permission…”

I couldn’t even bring myself to answer that, and instead lay on the bed, breathing heavily, feeling utterly broken. After a minute or so my cock started to soften and Mistress decided that would be the perfect moment to finish what she had started. I felt the cock-whip lash across my shaft and looked down just in time to see it strike again and again, each stroke harder than the last.

Suddenly I felt my balls starting to tighten as the blood surged back into my cock and I knew that if she kept this up I was going to shoot. I blurted out a warning to Mistress and she stopped her assault momentarily, before asking me how many more strokes I thought I could take without cumming. I really had no idea, so I arbitrarily picked a number out of the air…

“Three, maybe four Mistress…”

Mistress nodded, but did not resume her attack, instead she waited a few seconds and then asked me a very tricky question.

“And what if slave, each stroke represented a second of worshipping my beautiful ass? How many could you take then?”

I thought about this for a second, but quickly realised that any increase in the number was likely to be seized upon as an indication that I had been dishonest the first time.

“I….I don’t know Mistress,” I said honestly, before adding by way of explanation that the longer she waited the more it was likely to be.

“Okay,” she said. “I’m feeling generous, so lets take it one stroke at a time…and remember, each stroke you take allows you one second of having your tongue against my beautiful ass!”

“Thank you Mistress.”

She slapped my cock once and paused for a few seconds. I opened my mouth to count and thank her as I had been trained, but she told me to remain silent. After about five or six seconds she slapped me again and continued to do so, harder and slightly faster every time, until finally I had to beg her to stop.

She gave me one more extra hard slap (which left me desperately close to the edge) and then tossed the cock-whip onto the bed and straddled my head. She never told me how many seconds she was allowing me but I was pretty sure it was either seventeen or eighteen. Even before she squatted down my tongue was pointed skywards, desperate to make the most of my limited time allowance. But as ever, Mistress wanted to twist things slightly, for her own amusement.

“That’s it,” she said, “Just keep your tongue like that, if I feel it so much as wiggle we’re done.”

“Yes Mistress,” I sighed, quickly adding “Thank you Mistress,” in a strong, grateful tone.

She paused and then lowered herself down onto my tongue and I tasted her gorgeous musk, mixed with the more familiar taste of her pussy juice. My cock throbbed and strained as I held my tongue perfectly still as Mistress gently bobbed up and down. It wasn’t the deep rimming that I craved, but it was something and I loved every short second of it.

Almost as soon as it started, it seemed, Mistress lifted herself off me once more and then sank her pussy down onto my face again, grinding herself against my face and tongue until she shuddered through a massive orgasm that almost pushed me over the edge too, despite her not so much as touching my cock. That really would have been a total disaster, having to start the month over for the sake of a frictionless, ruined orgasm!!!

As she finished coming she collapsed down onto the bed, a thin sheen of sweat covering her skin as she lay beside me, gasping for air. Mistress rarely came twice in one day so I knew she must’ve been really turned on.

“Thank you Mistress,” I said as I turned over to look at her gorgeous, sexy body, my poor cock still aching like fuck between my legs.

“You did very well slave,” she gasped, between deep, long breaths.

I moved closer to her kissed her shoulder, wondering how long I would have to wait before I got the pleasure of tasting her gorgeous ass again. That single thought eclipsing my aching need to cum for jut a few moments, before the throbbing of my cock brought it right back to the front of my conscious, where it belonged.

Eventually Mistress turned to face me and reached out to give my cock a few more very gentle strokes.

“You’re over halfway now, do you think you’re going to make it?” She asked, looking a little concerned.

I realised that she was asking as my wife now, not my Mistress and I urgently sought to reassure her, desperate not to undermine her confidence or to allow thoughts to enter her head off stopping the game.

“Yes Mistress,” I said. “I love being under your control… when you allowed me inside you, it felt so amazing, I can’t tell you….”

She kissed me then, her hand gently rubbing my cock as we kissed until she decided it was time to go to sleep…

Author’s note: I hope this chapter goes some way to restoring the balance between ‘talk’ and ‘action’! And don’t forget, once this series is done I will be posting under the name Robert_Anthony.

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I woke up suddenly, it was 7:02. I looked to my right to find the bed empty, I panicked for a second until I realised it was Monday. I turned over and breathed my Mistress’s scent from the empty pillow, my cock was instantly hard and aching.

“Shit!” I said to myself quietly. “I’ve got to tell her before she goes to work.”

I threw back the covers and got to my feet just as my wife came back into the bedroom to say goodbye. She looked at me, then looked down at my rock hard cock and then looked back at me again.

“Well,” she giggled. ” Someone’s pleased to see me!”

I looked down at my throbbing shaft, jutting out from my groin like a telegraph pole, a thin film of precum smeared over the tip.

“What a pity I’m already late for work…”

She kissed me quickly as she gave my cock a single, firm squeeze and then turned on her heels before I could even speak.

“I…, er, bye, love you,” I called after her, looking down at my poor desperate cock and wondering how much more of this I could take.

I heard the front door close and her key in the lock, now I had a dilemma of epic proportions. Last night, long after she had gone to sleep I had touched my cock, and not only that, but I had taken myself right to the edge, several times, before finally forcing myself to stop. Not only that, but now she’d gone to work and I couldn’t tell her, and I knew I was supposed to tell her as soon as possible.

I waited for half an hour to pass, until I knew she would be at work, ready to start the day. I rang her mobile and was surprised when she answered it on the first ring.

“Hello,” she said warmly.

“Oh, er, hi…”

“Are you okay?” She asked, a little concerned.

“Oh, umm, yeah… er, er…”

“You don’t sound okay, what’s the matter?”

“Umm, well, er, nothing as such…umm, nothing, er serious….I, erm, well the thing is, erm, I wanted to talk to you before you left this morning, but you were in a rush and….”


“…well,” I cleared my throat. “I’m afraid I have to tell you something…umm, last night…after you’d gone to sleep, I was felling really horny and… I touched my cock Mistress, I’m really sorry.”

“Oh dear, that is disappointing….” she said, sounding a little irritated.

“Yes Mistress, I know…”

“Did you make yourself cum,” she whispered into the phone.

“No Mistress.”

“Hmm, well that’s something… I shall have to think about this, I shall speak to you later.”

“Yes Mistress, I’m sorry Mistress.”

The phone went dead before I even finished speaking and I replaced the handset before picking up my workbag and heading out to my car. Unusually I didn’t listen to the radio or a CD on the way to work, all I could think about was how I’d let my Mistress down and how she was going to punish me. For I was in no doubt that there would be some kind of punishment, even if it wasn’t another paddling…

- – -

The day was long and difficult. All I could think about was how disappointed my Mistress was going to be with me and what I could do to make it up to her. I had briefly thought about buying her some flowers on the way home, but had quickly come to the conclusion that not only would they have made no difference, but it would have made me look pretty dumb into the bargain. So instead, I decided to go home and face the music like a man, whatever it may be.

I opened the front door and heard the shower running, usually I would have taken the opportunity to go and say hello, while checking out my wife’s sexy body. But I figured that might only annoy her more, and so instead I slipped into the spare room, donned my workout clothes and left a note on her dressing table, telling her that I had gone to the garage to use the treadmill.

I came back into the house sometime later, the smell of dinner in the air. She kissed me and we talked over as we ate, just normal stuff, nothing about what I had told her earlier. Then, after we had washed the dishes together, she told me to go and have my shower, and not to take too long about it because she had a surprise for me.

I know. I should have realised that it probably wasn’t going to be a good surprise, or if it was, I should have at least realised that it wasn’t going to work out the way I had intended. But nevertheless I fairly bounded up the stairs and had one of my lightning quick shave and showers and when I opened the bathroom door I found her standing on the landing, naked except for a matching black lace bra and panty set and some sheer black stockings. I felt the blood rushing to my cock as it pressed against my clean boxer shorts, and the ache in my balls returned with a vengeance. God she looked beautiful!

She took a step forward and rubbed my cock through my boxers, I groaned predictably.

“Enjoy it,” she said as she teased my cock through the thin cotton fabric. “Enjoy it while you can…”

I didn’t like the sound of that too much, but I was already trembling as she massaged my throbbing meat against my body.

Suddenly she stopped and pulled away from me, she turned and walked towards the bedroom.

“Come on,” she said curtly.

I followed like a dog at heel and once inside the bedroom she lay on her back on the bed and told me to strip naked and kneel between her feet. I did as instructed, my hands falling easily to my sides, my cock standing straight up, desperate for her touch.

“Now,” she said. “I imagine you’ve spent all day wondering what your punishment might be… maybe another spanking, or maybe something else in a similar vein, or something else entirely…so, tell me, what do you think your punishment is going to be slave?”

“I’m not sure Mistress.”

“Really slave, all day and you couldn’t come up with anything?”

“Well yes Mistress, but I’m sure it’s nothing to what you have planned for me.”

She smirked, and I wondered just what she had got planned for me tonight.

“You’re right there,” she said. “I’ve been very bad.”

That threw me a little, what was that supposed to mean. She’d been at work all day and she’d only been home an hour before me, how ‘bad’ could she have been?

I stared at her gorgeous body and wished I could just rip her panties aside and plunge my aching cock inside her tight, wet pussy. Or even just jerk myself off over her, even if I had to lick it up… that would be okay, just anything, anything but having to look at her and not being able to touch my poor throbbing cock!

I felt my jaw start to tremble a little as she shifted her legs and lifted her knees up. I would have done just about anything for her then, just to be allowed to kiss her inner thighs, her beautiful soft, sexy thighs… my cock was starting to hurt with need now, this was torture. Little did I realise that this was nothing, nothing at all.

Her voice snapped me out of my lustful daze.

“Show me,” she said. “Show me what you did.”

I heard her, but it didn’t quite register at first. She repeated her demand and I nervously closed my fist around my cock, and started stroking firmly. She watched intently, her own fingers snaking across her stomach and into her panties. Watching her touch herself brought me to the edge very quickly and in less than a minute I had to let go, gasping for breath as I fought the need to cum.

“Is that it,” she said sternly. “Is that all you did?”

“Yes Mistress….but, more than once…”

She arched an eyebrow.

“You really are a sucker for punishment aren’t you?”

“Yes Mistress…”

“Do it again.”

I stroked myself to the edge at her instruction a further three times, before she finally let me stop. My whole body ached with the need to cum, but she wasn’t about to allow that. She reached under her pillow, pulled out my blindfold and tossed it to me.

“Put that on,” she scowled.

“Yes Mistress,” I said, pulling the generous rubber blindfold over my head until my vision was fully blocked.

“Is that effective?”

“Yes Mistress.”


I heard her moving on the bed, it sounded like she was removing her panties but I couldn’t be sure. Then her stocking-clad foot brushed against my thigh and she batted my balls with her instep. I grunted, taken by surprise.

“Maybe your punishment should focus on your balls…what do you think slave?”

“If it pleases you Mistress,” I said, hoping that wasn’t really what she had in mind.

I felt her other foot move beneath me and then she used it to press my cock upwards from underneath until it was flat against my stomach.

“Your balls are so vulnerable now slave, I could just kick them all night if I wanted to, couldn’t I?”

“If it pleased you Mistress,” I gasped.

“You might want to remember that for the future slave,” she said as she playfully swatted her foot against my nuts a few times, hard enough to make a point, but not hard enough to actually hurt.

She moved her feet away and my cock fell back to it’s natural position, still throbbing, still desperate for release.

“But not tonight slave, no… I have something much worse in store for you…”

I gulped loudly, which caused her to laugh to herself.

“…but don’t worry slave, it won’t hurt. Not like that, anyway…”

I breathed a sigh of relief but couldn’t help wondering whether at the end of the night I might have chosen a good kick in the nuts over what I was about to go through.

She lifted her feet to my face and told me to start kissing them. I happily obliged and periodically she allowed me to move a little higher up her legs, first to her ankle, then her shins, then her knees until finally I came to the tops of her stockings. I must have been kissing her legs for well over quarter of an hour at this point and my lips were stinging a little, but I continued regardless, fully aware that every inch up her legs was another inch closer to her beautiful pussy.

“Mmm,” she sighed. “I’m so wet… can you smell my gorgeous pussy slave?”

“Yes Mistress. It smells wonderful.”

“Do you think you should be allowed to taste it slave?”

“I….don’t know Mistress, I mean it’s not for me to decide.”

“But you want to, don’t you…?”

“Yes Mistress, always!”

“Good, you may kiss the tops of my thighs slave, but don’t go any further until I say.”

“Yes Mistress, thank you Mistress.”

I kissed and licked her beautiful skin, inhaling deeply every precious waft of her delicious scent until I was completely focused on wanting to taste her amazing pussy. Even my need to come was secondary now, my whole world was focussed solely on the burning desire to taste her juices, to push my tongue inside her slippery hole, to tease her clit and to make her buck against me until she was completely satisfied.

But no, not yet. She kept me there for what seemed like hours, and all the time I could hear her slender fingers stroking her pussy. This really was torture. But I didn’t know the half of it.

She started to move her hips a little and I realised that she was getting close to coming, I continued to kiss and worship her legs, my blindfold denying me the pleasure of watching my beautiful Mistress make herself cum. Then she was there, her legs bucked wildly and she moaned her way through her orgasm until finally she fell still, breathing heavily. I continued to kiss her thighs for a few seconds more, my tongue searching for any stray splashes of her delicious juice until she pushed my head away.

“No, you don’t get to taste me today…not a drop.”

I groaned in frustration, but she wasn’t for turning.

“You should have thought about that when you were touching your cock,” she snarled.

“Yes Mistress, I’m sorry Mistress.”

I heard her moving on the bed again and she told me to lay down on my back. I manoeuvred myself so that I was and she straddled me, her legs either side of my torso.

“You messed up big time slave, you didn’t know it of course… but I was planning to let you inside my beautiful pussy today… not for long perhaps, but long enough to enjoy the feel of my slippery, silky, wet cunt wrapped around your throbbing cock…”

“No….” I groaned.

“Uh-huh,” she replied. “But you had to mess it up didn’t you?”

I couldn’t even bring myself to respond until she used her fingernails to pinch my nipples.

“Didn’t you?”

“Yes Mistress,” I gasped.

“Bet you feel pretty foolish now, don’t you?”

“Very, Mistress.”

I felt her move up the bed and position herself right above my face.

“If you could only see me slave, my beautiful pussy, right over your face, dripping wet… just inches from your mouth…”

“Please let me taste you,” I blurted out.

She laughed wickedly and I heard her finger moving inside her wet pussy. She held it near my nose and my nostrils were filled with her gorgeous scent.

I let out a deep groan as I inhaled her, my cock felt like it was ready to explode at the slightest touch, but I knew it was not permitted and above all else I had to make sure I didn’t cum, no matter what.

“If you had to choose between cumming and tasting me now slave, which would you choose?”

I heard myself respond even without thinking about it.

“Tasting you Mistress…”

“Wow, I’m impressed…although you didn’t exactly mull it over, are you sure you’re not just saying that because you think that’s what I want to hear?”

“No Mistress. I promise you.”

Her hand reached back and gently stroked my cock, I was shaking uncontrollably.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes Mistress, I swear!”

“But even the thought of not being allowed to taste me didn’t stop you putting your own pleasure first, did it?”

“No Mistress….I’m so sorry Mistress.”

She let go of my aching stalk and I felt her move back down the bed until her knees were either side of my hips, her dripping slit hovering just inches above my desperate cock.

“Well slave, maybe it’s for the best… I don’t think you could have handled being inside me today anyway, you look ready to explode as it is…”

She lowered herself and I felt the silky flesh of her pussy rubbing gently against the head of my cock.

“…you’re leaking so much slave, you must be soooo close, how do you stand it?”

I couldn’t answer her, all I could think about was the silky smoothness of her pussy lips softly grinding against my poor cock. Oh fuck, why did I have to touch my cock, and why did I have to tell her…

“Maybe just the tip,” she said, sliding the first half-inch of my cock inside her silky wet hole. “Or maybe not,” she said pulling it out almost before I had even realised what she’d done. I clenched my fists in frustration, wondering why I didn’t just get up and pump my cock until I emptied every last drop of cum from my balls, I wasn’t restrained, there was nothing stopping me, except… I knew that would be it. Mistress would never play this game with me again, and that simply wasn’t a price I was willing to pay.

She let go of my cock and I felt her reaching over to the bedside table, I heard the drawer open and she obviously took something out, though I had no idea what it was. She shuffled back to her original position and I felt something rubbery press against the pad of flesh just above my cock.

“Give me your hands,” she said and I brought both my hands to where the rubbery sensation was.

“Now, hold this still with your fingers.”

She pressed my fingers either side of what I now realised was a thick silicone dildo, the spare larger one from our strap-on set that she had never used on me (at least not yet – gulp!). The base was just big enough to get a finger on but I quickly realised that it would be more stable if I spread the fingers of one hand either side and pressed my palm against the base of my stomach.

She pushed my spare hand out of the way and rubbed her slippery cunt against the tip of the thick silicone cock. I heard her gasp as the large head stretched her pussy wider than she was used to and she eased herself down a few inches before she spoke again.

“Now slave, as I promised, I have a surprise for you…”

I had completely forgotten about this part and suddenly my mind was racing, was she going to pull a couple of black dudes out of the wardrobe or was I just being completely ridiculous. Trapped in the darkness of the blindfold I felt very vulnerable, she could be plotting anything and I wouldn’t even know until it was too late.

“…but before you get your surprise, you have to make a choice.”

‘Not again,’ I thought. ‘What the hell was going on now?’

“It shouldn’t be a very difficult choice for you, if all you’ve told me is true…”

Oh, shit…Oh, crap, what did she mean by that?

“…and I know you never lie to me. You’ve proved that by coming clean about touching your cock…so…”

I listened intently for the sound of the wardrobe door opening, but all I could hear was the sound of Mistress’s pussy sliding up and down the top few of inches of the thick silicone cock. I could feel the heat of her cunt against the back of her hand, but nothing more, it was torture.

“…for the rest of the week, you have to decide whether you want to be allowed to touch me, when I allow it, obviously… or whether you want to be touched, but that means you don’t get to touch me at all, not even to kiss me…”

Suddenly the whole ‘how to be mean’ lesson of the previous evening seemed hopelessly redundant…but even as she said it my cock pulsed madly, loving how bitchy she was being, and once again I was thrown into internal turmoil, overjoyed at her understanding and adoption of all that I’d tried to teach her but at the same time scared, almost, of what I’d awoken in her. She truly was becoming the heartless bitch of my darkest fantasies, I just hoped I could live up to my side of the bargain…

“…it’s not a trick, I promise if you choose to be touched, I will tease your cock every day for the rest of the week, but you definitely won’t get to touch me at all. Can you go that long without eating my beautiful pussy slave, without touching my soft skin, without kissing my beautiful lips or sucking my gorgeous toes?”

“No Mistress, I can’t.”

“So what do you choose slave?”

“To be allowed to touch you, when you allow it Mistress.”

“Even though you know I will not touch your cock or balls until next Sunday when your twenty eight days is up?”

Damn I thought the end of the week meant Friday, but it really didn’t change anything. My mind raced, last time I had cum had been a Sunday, surely twenty eight days would be the day before, wouldn’t it?

Mistress seemed to know what I was thinking, as she spelt it out for me.

“You came all over my beautiful breasts at 2pm slave… so the game doesn’t finish until 2pm on Sunday… at the earliest!”

That was at least the second time she’d said something like that, I was beginning to wonder exactly what was going to happen come Sunday afternoon…

“Are you sure that’s what you want to choose slave?”

“Yes Mistress, I’m sure.”

“Good slave, I wouldn’t have expected anything else.”

“Thank you Mistress…”

She forced herself down a little further onto the silicon dildo, sighing as the thick girth stretched her tight hole. Her pussy was just an inch of so from the back of my fingers now, and a few drops of pussy juice had dripped onto my knuckles. Within a couple of minutes she had taken the whole thing and started gliding herself up and down the rubbery prick, while my own cock nestled against the crack of her ass, every rise and fall she made a lesson in absolute suffering for me.

“Oh God slave, that feels amazing….your cock is so hard, I bet you wish you could be inside me now don’t you?”

It can be hard of a busy couple to get together. Sometimes instead waiting up, one chooses a few extra hours of sleep rather than hours of waiting for minutes of pleasure. The other would creep into the bedroom quietly, undress in the bathroom before making their way across the dark room to bed. Occasionally the message would be passed to wake the other and sometimes the message would be acted on.

A few times, he had left out lingerie for her to find in the walk in closet off the bathroom. She appreciated knowing which pieces he liked and knowing that she would be warmly welcomed. She would wash, change and make her way to bed. Climbing into bed would disturb he light sleep and he would turn towards her. Running his hands over her would confirm intentions as they began to kiss. After several minutes of deep kissing, he would kiss her neck slowly meandering to her breasts and nipples. Taking a nipple into his mouth he would suck and tease it to hardness while his hands cupped the other breast and his fingers rolled the other nipple. Pausing for breath, he thanked her for waking him and asked permission to go down on her – to lick her pussy and feel her legs about his head while giving her pleasure. While waiting for an answer, he would take the other nipple into his mouth be to suck it to equal hardness. After a moment, she would grant him permission, but delay her own gratification long enough to cup his crotch and tease him though his night cloths.

Making his way down, she would open giving him access. He would start by light kisses on the outside of her sex and then begin licking up one side and then the other. After a few moments, her clit would start to emerge and his tongue would begin making slow enveloping circles. Once he was sure that he tongue was on the right track, he would reach up to cup her breasts and provide attention to her nipples. Minutes past and his tongue started to circle faster and faster, one hand moved from nipple to start fingering her. Then her legs clinched him tight, and she came.

While she lay recovering, he stripped and lay next to her asking if he had done well. She would grab his balls and pull him towards her, saying he had done well. Then she would push him back and straddled him. As she would ride, she’d reach down to kiss him or bite and tweak his nipples. Then sitting straight up, she would reach back and grab his balls as he came.

Exhausted, they would fall to sleep.

But tonight, it was not him who went to bed early nor she who snuck

Bound in the darkness, he shuffled, stumbled and felt his way to bed. Awkwardly, he turned, pulled back the covers, lay and struggled to get under the blanket. This commotion woke her and she reached out and grabbing the chain, drew him in. Her hands followed the leash up and began to explore the bonds she had left out – the collar, the gag and blind fold. Then her hands moved down his chest, pausing to pluck his nipples with her finger nails, before moving around to his wrists where she removed the chain and connected the cuffs directly to each other. Finished with her inspection, she started running fingers lightly over his cock and balls. Then suddenly, she took a firm grasp on his balls and pulled while whispering that he was a good boy but he had better make it worth her while to wake.

Under her direction and touch he moved down the bed and lay face down. Then she attach his ankles and wrists together – hogtying him. Then she lay with her wet sex inches from his face, using the leash to pull him in the rest of way. Rubbing his gagged face into herself, demanding to be tease and pleased. Then pretending to remember the gag, she purred about how her poor pet was useless gagged. She fumbled with the gag, raising his hopes that it might be removed. But her efforts were a sham and after a moment she laughed and told him not yet. Moments later he heard a buzzing and felt her bullet vibrator as it grazed his face. For several minutes he lay – feeling the buzzing, hearing her moans, smelling her excitement, and wanting to join.

She walked herself to the edge and was sorely tempted to push herself over. Marshaling her will power, she put the bullet on the night stand and asked if he would like to be her toy. Even through the gag, his response was an unequivocal yes. Then, in earnest this time, she removed his gag and breathed a command to go slowly. Starting as if she had not spent several minutes with the bullet, his tongue lightly played over her lips. Then he settled down to business – slowly circling her clit before gradually speeding up. She began to shiver and convulse with gratification. Patting his head, she lay still.

Then she turned over and she commanded him to continue with his efforts. She relaxed, half asleep, as his tongue started explored her ass. Before long, she drifted off completely and, not knowing if she was asleep or what to do, he continued his demeaning task. After some minutes, she woke from the chill and was slightly chagrined at having gone sleep. Refreshed from her rest, she raised up, pushing her ass into his face, and placed the bullet under her mound. With the movements of the bullet and her pet’s attention, she started another wave of orgasms.

When the wave passed, she moved to whisper into his ear that he had done good and might be rewarded. She released his ankles and wrists, then tied his wrists together in front of him and to the top of the bed. His ankles were similarly attached together and to bottom of the bed. She had him turn to his side, facing away from her. She ran her hands over his body – not quite touching his stiff and much neglected member. She ran finger nails over him leaving scratch marks, plucked at his nipples, and ran her fingers through his pubic hair – pulling as she went. At last he started to beg for his cock and balls to be touched and acknowledged. She applied a chilled lubricant to her hand and his cock and began to stroke him towards his desired release. But as he got closer to release, she slowed and he to start begging for each additional stroke. At last he asked permission to cum. Not yet was her response. He kept asking and she kept denying, until she heard his voice begin to break from the contradicting needs of release and obedience. At that moment, she stopped stroking, took a firm grasp of his balls, and whispered goodnight. He struggled and begged for release – from bondage, from need, from anything. She giggled and told him he had done good but his would come in the morning. His struggles and begging and continued. Less amused this time, she gave him the option of sleeping gagged.

She fell asleep with her naked body pressed against his, with his balls in her hand, and completely satisfied that waking had been worthwhile. He did not fall asleep for hours.

Thursday, 9:00 pm

As you had been commanded me long ago, I stripped naked before turning on the computer. I connected to the chat client, hoping you were already there. Unfortunately, you weren’t. I knew you would be there eventually, but you hadn’t told me exactly when. As you had directed before, I sat on my hands, palms up, cupped against my ass, and waited.

Twenty minutes later, you arrived. My heart quickened with excitement and anticipation. Not that I wasn’t anticipating, anyway. On Thursday nights, you always allowed me to cum.

Any other night that I saw you, I never knew if I was going to be permitted or not. You always made me bring myself to the edge several times, the pressure building and building. On many occasions, you had taken me so close that I felt the cum starting up my cock, but I squeezed it off at the base to keep from cumming. Some nights, you’d relent and eventually let me cum. Other nights, I had to go to bed hard.

But Thursday nights were special. You often had something different for me, and you always let me cum (after several close calls, of course).

This Thursday was especially anticipatory for several reasons. I was taking Friday afternoon off and had no plans until returning to work on Monday, so we had a longer weekend to play online whenever you wished. You had promised a few extra surprises for the weekend, and I was eager to find out what they were. You had also told me that you’d let me in on one or two on Thursday night.

This anticipation was rivaled by the usual Thursday night anticipation, as you hadn’t let me cum since Sunday afternoon. Every night that week, you had taken me to the edge many times, but always denied me any final release. In addition, you had made me go to work all week withouut underwear, and go into the bathroom twice a day and stroke right to the edge.

Needless to say, my balls were bursting, and I thought I’d cum right then and there when your name appeared on the chat client.

Even over the computer, you seemed to sense this.

“Hard already?” you typed.

“Yes, Mistress. My cock is very hard for you.”

“Good. I want to go to voice for tonight. Put your headphones on.”

I eagerly obeyed. This was a rarity, and quite a treat, as I love to listen to you cum — which you always do when we’re together, usually several times.

Time flew by. Listening to you cum over and over, being taken to the edge myself many times. My breathing became more and more ragged every time you made me stop just short of cumming. The next time that I happened to see the clock, it was 10:52. I was happy because you had told me that you’d have to wrap it up by 11:00 tonight. So sometime in the next 8 minutes, I knew you would let me cum for you. You had just stopped me for the ninth time. My breath was coming in gasps; my cock spasming.

“How badly do you want to cum, slave?”

I knew that this question was part of our game. Though I wasn’t really playing at all with my answer tonight.

“Sooooooooooo much, Mistress!! My cock is aching to squirt my hot cum for you!”

“What would you do for me if I let you cum?”

“Anything, Mistress. Please let me cum!!”

Not that I didn’t mean it, but part of me figured that this answer would lead to some info on part of what would happen this weekend. Usually when I started getting desparate, that’s when you’d push my boundaries. Saying those very words on Sunday afternoon is what led to the underwear-less-ness and twice daily trips to the men’s room this week.

“Anything, slave?!?!”

“Yes, Mistress!! Anything you want!! I’m yours!!”

“Start stroking your cock again.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Now, slave, do you have *any* plans for this weekend?”

“No, Mistress.”

“So you will be at my beck and call all weekend, to do everything that I command?”

“Yes, Mistress. Ooooh, Mistress, I’m getting close to the edge already.”

“You will do anything for me this weekend, regardless of what I ask or say?”

“Yes, Mistress. Absolutely! Ooooh, Mistress — I can feel the cum starting up my cock.”

“No matter what I say?”

“Yes, Mistress. Oooooh, so close!!!!!”

“OK, then slave. The first thing that I’m going to say is this: STOP STROKING NOW!!!!”

I obey, but groan loudly. My cock is spasming.

“Oooooh Mistress! That was SOOOOOOOO intense!! I feel like I’m only one more stroke from cumming!”

“Very good, my slave. Now here is what you will do. First, you will not be permitted that ‘one more stroke’ tonight.”

I groan even more loudly. “But, Mistress ….”

“NO, SLAVE!! You will not talk back to me!!”

“Yes, Mistress. I’m sorry, Mistress.”

“I was just going to let you go to sleep tonight, but after that outburst, I may have to punish you.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“When we leave here, you will get out the paddle and whack each ass cheek 50 times. You will then sleep on your stomach so that your cock is pressed hard between your body and the matress.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Now for tomorrow. You WILL wear underwear to work, but it will be your special briefs.”

You had made me buy the “special” briefs a couple months ago. They were very restrictive, as they were two sizes too small.

“As soon as you arrive at work, you will go straight to the bathroom. Go to the first available stall. Take off your pants and shirt and hang them on the stall door. Lower your briefs to your knees, facing the door. Stand there, hands at your sides, totally exposed, for 5 minutes. Then close your eyes, think of me, and begin stroking your cock as fast as you can. When you are right on the edge, stop. Pull up the briefs and rub your cock through them, until you cum inside them. I want that cum to run down over your cock and on your belly and down to your balls. When you are done cumming, get dressed and go to work. Whenever possible, press or rub a bit on the outside of your pants, so that you feel the cum all over you.”

I gasped a bit. You had made me cum in clothes before, but you had never commanded me to stay in those clothes for hours afterward.

“What is it, slave? Backing out already?”

“Oh, no Mistress. It’s just something new!”

“Oh, my dear, dear slave. You ain’t seen nothing yet. Good night.”

Almost two years ago, I posted the first part of a story detailing my punishment for failing to control my orgasm for my wife’s pleasure. In an effort to appease her, I wrote her a poem offering acts of humiliation and service to account for my failure. She accepted my offering and executed the punishment with delicious cruelty. I lost the rest of the story because of a computer error, but my wife has commanded that I retype and resubmit the story in its entirety. This is Chapter 2 of that story. As noted with part one, everything in this story actually happened so my erotic imagination is constrained by the truth. The entire poem is set forth in the first part for your review. My wife told me to let the readers know that she welcomes your feedback and welcomes any suggestions that you may have of further cruelties and humiliations that I should suffer under her control. She thanks you for your input, and I am both fearful of and excited by your creativity.

After my wife pronounced my sentence for dribbling without permission, I endured seven trying days of complete denial. Each night she made me walk upstairs right after I returned from work and put on a pair of white satin panties over my shaved legs. There was, however, no sexual contact, no sexual conversation, no touching below the neck, nothing at all, which only served to heighten my sexual frustration. Each night as I struggled to fall to sleep in my t-shirt and panties, I longed for some stimulation.

On the morning of the eighth day, she announced that we would begin working our way through my punishment poem that night. She was definitely in “be careful what you suggest” mode as she smiled wickedly as I left the house. Throughout the day I was in a heightened state of arousal and nervousness. I knew I would soon be making at least some progress toward feeling her loving touch on my needy cock, but earning it would be humiliating, emasculating (if that was indeed possible at this point in my married life), and would increase my erotic frustration beyond any level I had experienced.

The first task is to show you how wonderful a long massage feels

My sissy punishment is to do it “butt plugged” in an outfit, hose, and heels

That night, after dinner, my beautiful wife called me into our bedroom. “It is time to get dressed my pathetic sissy slut” she said with a mischievous smile. She told me to dress in white opaque tights over white panties, a white control camisole, a white control brief, a black and white hounds-tooth, turtle neck sweater dress, completing my outfit with my new 4 ½ inch patent leather Nine West platform Mary Jane pumps. One might ask where did she get this suggested feminine attire to dress me? It was mine, each girly item earned at under her firm but indulging hand.

It had been more than one month since I had experienced a proper orgasm, or any orgasm for that matter, other than the ruined dribbling that led to my current predicament. I quivered with sexual tension as I rolled each leg of the tights up, placed the foot over my pointed toes, and slowly pulled them up each of my legs, relishing the feeling of the tights on my smoothly shaved legs. I pulled the tights high up my waist making sure that they were all of the way up my legs as the control top part of the tights squeezed my cock and swollen balls cupped in the satin panties. I pulled the control brief over my tights further compressing my maleness out of sight and pulled the camisole up my legs, placed my arms through the straps and adjusted it into place. Using a trick I learned from sneaking peeks of my sister dressing, I put on my shoes before my dress so as not to wrinkle it.

As my wife watched, I slid the shoes onto my tights covered feet and buckled them over the top of my foot just below the ankle. (These shoes alone were enough to make me afraid I would dribble in my panties). Next, I struggled to my feet in the high heeled platform shoes and pulled the dress over my head, buttoning it up at my neck. To enhance the delicious torture of the feminine attire on my orgasm starved psyche, she sprayed her perfume on my wrists and neck and told me to back up and perform a model turn so that she could look me over. Enjoying her control, she laughed “you really are a sissy slut. We will see if you can serve my needs dressed as a girl, since you cannot control yourself as a man.” I stood there feeling humiliated, yet warmed by the smooth and together feeling of being dressed like a stylish young woman.

My wife told me to set up the massage table and cover it with soft flannel sheets. She made me bend over the bed and pulled down my control brief and my tights and panties to my thighs. I felt like a naughty school girl playing doctor with my ass exposed to the cool air in the room. I felt the cold sensation of her rubbing some lube on my ass followed by the shock of her inserting my new Progasm prostate massager into my ass. I gasped as my ass stretched to take this surprisingly large and rock hard toy for the first time. After filling me with the Progasm, she made me pull up my panties, tights, and the control brief, which snuggly secured the invading Progasm in my ass and crushed my tingling cock and balls uselessly into my body.

She slid off her gown and panties, climbed face down on the massage table, and told me to begin. Struggling to accommodate the Progasm while walking in very high heels, I rubbed the massage oil into her back, digging my fingers into her pressure points as she purred softly with pleasure. In my heightened state of arousal, it was exquisite torture to rub my hands over her beautiful body, slick and shiny with oil—a body that I have craved every waking minute since I met her. Finishing with her back, shoulders, and arms, I moved down to her feet and up her legs. With each stroke of up her thighs, I stopped at the top of the inside of her legs, lightly brushing the edge of her pussy lips and the cleft of her ass as she squirmed to try to meet my touch. I turned her over and began massaging the oil into her breasts brushing lightly over her nipples with each pass. Her nipples tickled the palms of my hands as they hardened under my touch. After I finished with her beautiful breasts, I moved to the front of her shoulders and her neck and then through the pressure points on her forehead and temples, causing her to melt into the table. I turned her over for our favorite part of the massage ritual.

Taking generous amounts of oil in my hands, I rubbed it into her ass. I started with wide strokes over her hips and next began kneading her ass cheeks, digging deep with my thumbs into the muscles where her upper thighs join her ass. Gradually, I moved closer to the crevice of her ass, pulling her apart with each of my strokes. I was mesmerized by the beautiful rear view of her ass cheeks spreading and closing with each pass of my hands. Wetness covered her pussy lips and her asshole puckered outward as I pulled her apart each time my hands glided over her ass. Slowly, I moved my thumbs directly to the tight ring of her asshole, kneading muscles as they began to relax under my fingers. I continued to trace my fingers over her sphincter ring with increasing pressure as the muscles gave way to my touch. She moaned and purred with approval.

Finally, the moment that I had hoped for arrived. She sighed “my servant girl, you may get me off with your fingers.” Thrilled at the opportunity to pleasure her, I inserted my right thumb into her pussy and began to use my fingers to rub her clit, which was now slippery with her juices. She moaned as I rubbed her clit and pushed back against my thumb, which was now forced into her pussy up to the base of my hand. I pressed my thumb up from the inside of her pussy to pushing it firmly against her g-spot to meet the pressure of my fingers rubbing her clit on the outside. I rubbed her g-spot as it became swollen and spongy under my thumb and continued to stroke her clit with my fingers. At her command, I pushed one of my well-oiled fingers into her ass. She let out a guttural gasp, her ass grasping my finger and seemingly pulling it into the tight warmth. As she began to quiver, I continued to furiously rub her clit with my fingers keeping a steady rhythm. “Give me another finger” she growled hoarsely while gasping for breath. I complied by pushing another finger into her ass. With the second finger in her ass and the fingers of my other hand racing through the slippery wetness and over her engorged clit, her body began to spasm as she crested the first wave of her orgasm. Determined to push her over the top, I buried my thumb and fingers deep into both her holes pressing hard into her as I continued to rub her clit. “Fuck me with your fingers you panty slut,” she screamed as she forced her ass and pussy back against my hands and arched off of the table. She began to buck her hips back and forth blasting into an intense orgasm as she rode my hands through her contractions, luxuriously drawing out her finish to the very end of her spasms. Satisfied, she collapsed melting onto the table.

My legs were exhausted from standing on the balls of my feet in high heels and leaning over her body. Given the strength of her orgasm, I hoped I might be rewarded. Instead, she told me to bend over the bed. She lifted my dress, pulled down my tights and panties and roughly pulled the Progasm from my ass. She handed me a white satin baby doll nightgown from my collection and told me to clean up, put the nightgown on with my panties, and get ready for bed. I pulled my panties and tights back up and quickly cleaned up, carefully navigating the room while perched high on the stiletto heels. I carefully removed my heels, tights, and dress, adjusted my panties over my now engorged cock and aching balls, and pulled the silky nightgown over my head. I tingled with desire as the satin fabric massaged my body as I tried to sleep—my hard cock craving her touch and my head spinning with the naughtiest thoughts.

I am sorry that I disappointed you and failed you I fear.

For your pleasure I will keep my tongue in your rear.

As often and long as you want licking your ass, no stopping, I am clear.

I want to show you my contrition and serve you my dear.

The next night she commanded me to dress in an outfit that she had picked out for me. “You need to look like a well dressed college sorority girl to perform the nasty service that you are going to provide tonight” She had selected white satin panties, ivory cable knit sweater tights, white extra firm control panties, a gray tweed miniskirt, tight black knit turtleneck, wide black suede belt, and black suede, peep toe, Mary Jane pumps with a 4 ½ inch heel. I again felt a deep thrill from dressing in these ultra feminine clothes mixed with humiliation from having to dress in front of her. I particularly relished the feeling of the soft sweater tights on my legs, but my cock was again neutered by the powerful control panties that suppressed any hope of an erection. She positioned me face up on the bed and lowered her pussy onto my mouth, rubbing her smooth lips and clit over my mouth as I licked them with my tongue. “Lick harder you sissy sorority slut,” she laughed. In spite of, or maybe as a result of, her humiliating taunts, by body felt warm with the excitement of being dressed like a young fashionable coed.

Once she was very wet, she moved her ass over my mouth, and I slowly started rubbing my tongue around the outside of her asshole. I could feel the tense ring of her asshole begin to relax as I moved my tongue in a swirling motion around the ring. She then moved onto her stomach and stuck her ass up in the air. “Lick my ass, my slut,” she commanded, thoroughly enjoying her power over me.

Spreading her ass cheeks, I again began licking the ring of muscle surrounding her puckered hole as the muscle further relaxed to accept my probing tongue. She moaned with pleasure and reached for the rabbit vibe that she had placed beside her on the bed. As I continued to service her ass with my tongue, she inserted the cock shaped portion of the rabbit into her now creamy pussy and slid the switch forward so that the dildo portion came to life and began rotating. “You will never come again if you do not keep your tongue in my ass until I am finished coming,” she warned. With the rotating head deeply buried in pussy, she slid the control forward to start the clit stimulating rabbit ears. I followed her ass with my eager tongue as her body jerked forward at the shock of the vibration on her clit. As she settled in to a slight rocking motion, pressing the rabbit into her body, I moved from the ring of her asshole to the middle, gently flicking my tongue and probing to coax her sphincter to accept my tongue. Her asshole tasted sharp and spicy.

As the rabbit vibe twisted in her pussy, she began to spasm from the vibe and my ass worship. Her sphincter slowly gave way to allow the tip of my tongue inside her ass. She gasped and pushed her ass back into my face as I continued to push my tongue in and out of her hole. Her asshole opened further allowing more of my tongue inside her than ever before. She began to shake violently as her orgasm began to build. Her sphincter muscle began gripping my tongue with each contraction pulling it into her asshole as I continued fucking her ass with my tongue to push her over the top. She let out a hoarse scream as the orgasm possessed her body driving her into a seizure like climax and causing her asshole to pulse around my tiring tongue. After her violent orgasm, she slid the still whirring rabbit from her pussy and collapsed on the bed.

My exhausted, sore, tongue was throbbing at its base as I eased off of the bed, wobbling in my suede platform pumps. I stood at the foot of the bed once again conscious of the beautiful feminine clothes encasing my body. I continued to hope my efforts would be rewarded with a few merciful strokes on my cock, still crushed in the shaper panty. Raising my hopes, she told me she might allow me to rub my cock between her feet for one minute, but only after I brought her a nightgown to wear and cleaned the vibrator. When I returned from the bathroom, however, she cruelly told me she was tired and did not think such a pitiful girl was ready for stimulation of any kind. She told me instead I could sleep in my black satin chemise with no panties and massage her feet for 30 minutes as my reward. After I lovingly massaged her feet for the full 30 minutes, I slipped on the satin chemise. In my heightened state, my body tingled as the cool soft fabric slid down my body, grazing my grateful cock as the hem settled at my upper thigh. I eased between the sheets, forced to endure the cruel teasing of the satin gown rubbing against my touch starved cock. Exhausted from the tension and my service, I fell asleep wondering what trials and humiliations the next night would bring.

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