Davariel kissed the top of Devon’s head through the hood that covered him from everyone’s view. He held his son, although he was securely strapped onto his chest, while Luciel carried Lucien, who tended to be fussier. The soft grey hood on Davariel’s own head covered him well, but he was still nervous. The thought of what would happen if anyone were to gaze upon him made him tremble in fear.

He remembered as a child accompanying the High Priestess, Alya, to the market one sunny day on Seraphia. He was just a tiny chickling, about three sun orbits old. Most Seraphs just smiled at him indulgently and always commented on what a beautiful child he was to the High Priestess who took care of him. That day, unlike others, she took him to the intergalactic market festival so he could see the different types of aliens that visited them regularly.

He recalled how excited he felt as they neared the market festival, his tiny, downy wings fluttering anxiously behind him as he skipped by Alya’s side, giggling in joy.

All eyes turned to stare at him in bewilderment. Everything began to grow silent as they passed stalls of wares, exotic foods, and animals. An orange-skinned Chidadent male scooped him up, without asking the High Priestess Alya’s permission. He hugged Davariel painfully hard, nuzzling his neck as he exclaimed over the child’s beauty. Another alien, this one a white haired Mer, gripped Dava’s pale-gold, corkscrew baby-curls, and begged the Chidident to allow him to hold him. A female Grei tried to pry Davariel from the Chidident, who didn’t seem to want to relinquish the baby to anyone. Alya, who had already unsheathed her sword, tried to regain poor Davariel in desperation. The people almost rioted when he began to cry from fear and pain as they tussled over him.

Alya took to the air, carrying the Chidident. Several other reapers helped her tear a sobbing Davariel from the aggressive orange-hued alien, then they watched in horror as the mob that had been inside the grounds of the market festival began heading toward the holy city of Angelos almost as fast as they flew there. Reapers scrambled to shut the city gates as Alya flew directly to the balcony of Davariel’s bedroom in the castle.

Luciel’s hand caressing his cheek brought him out of his reverie.

Her voice was like a kiss in his mind. Everything will be fine, baby.

He nodded at her, not daring to look up lest his hood fall back.

The cloak covered him fully. It was soft, comfortable, and cool. Still, he wondered when he’d be able to shed the layers of clothing he wore, feeling imprisoned in so much fabric. As a chickling, all he had worn was a little black thong-like garment that covered his loins. When he grew into a fledgling reaper, he wore a soctanal, which was nothing more than a black, satiny loincloth, with a gleaming gold band low on his hips holding it in place. Gold sandals, held on his feet with thin string-like ties that wrapped around his legs, completed the scanty attire. Then, as dark prince, he’d worn nothing at all…ever.

He wondered how much attention they were getting right now with their strange little entourage. The two dragons in human form had accompanied them, along with Drakken, the vampire, and one of the reapers, called Eriel. Remuel alone was enough to draw bewildered stares with his mane of blood-red hair and bright green eyes. He was loud and crazy as well, always getting on one of the were-tigri’s nerves. Already Davariel and some of the reapers had to intercept a bloody fistfight between the dragon and the white tiger named Seshmel. Remuel had even managed to irk the vampire that had escorted them to Sjoria. He’d caught Drakken staring murderously at the red-haired weredragon, and warned him not to consider his obnoxious dragon friend a tasty meal. The vampire had only regarded him with cold, glittering black eyes and said he wouldn’t make any promises.

The vampire’s hand gripped his elbow and guided him through the lobby of the seaside castle. All he could see was an opulent rug that cushioned his steps as he walked through a passageway that sounded cavernous. In the air was the scent of ocean breeze and aged stone.

“You can look up now. There’s no one around.” Drakken’s deep lulling voice said near his ear.

Davariel looked up into glittering obsidian eyes in a striking countenance framed by a lush fall of jet-black corkscrew curls. Drakken smiled at him in his usual seductive demeanor, until Remuel came up behind them and wrapped both arms around their necks in an enthusiastic manner that had the vampire growling in irritation.

“This place is over the top luxurious. Did you see the bosoms of the receptionists?”

Davariel barely registered the rest of Remuel’s words. The dragon’s scent wrapped around him, a scent he hadn’t noticed before. It made his entire body vibrate, his fangs tingle and his mouth salivate. He also grew erect.

“Remuel, your scent,” Davariel gasped grabbing the shocked were-dragon. He buried his nose in Remuel’s neck. “You smell of…sex.”

“You pig,” Zakreel laughed coming up next to them. “I told you to bathe before we left Earth.”

“My love, what’s going on?”

Luciel’s voice sounded far off as Davariel drowned himself in the dragon’s pleasant scent. He inhaled deeply, a strange energy filling him. He wanted more—needed more.

Only when Devon began to cry did he react. As if awakening from some trance, he sprang away from Remuel, who’d been struggling to disengage himself from his grip. The were-dragon stumbled back into Zakreel’s arms staring at Dava as if he’d lost his mind. Davariel frowned in confusion. What in Hades name had come over him? He caressed his son reassuringly, not wanting to look at anyone. He felt like an ass.

“I-I’m sorry. I don’t know what the hell came over me.”

Luciel came over to him. “Oh, my God, Dava. You’re burning up,” she exclaimed feeling his face.

He did feel warm, but thought it was due to his embarrassment.

“Let’s get to our rooms before someone sees us,” Drakken suggested. “And you . . .” he turned to look pointedly at Remuel, who was still leaning against Zakreel with his mouth open. “Stay away from Davariel.”

“B-but why? I don’t understand.” Remuel sniffed at his blood-red locks, then his forearm. “I did bathe.”

Behind him, Zakreel and Eriel chuckled.


When they arrived at their rooms, Davariel claimed he felt tired, which was nothing new, but now Luciel began to wonder at his constant sleepiness. At first she had thought it was from the traumatic ordeal his body had gone through, now with his strange fever and peculiar behavior she was beginning to wonder if it were something much more serious.

“Dava, do you feel ill?” She asked helping him unbind the baby from his chest. Drakken took Devon, and began to baby talk to him.

“I don’t get sick, Luci,” he sighed, continuing to remove the rest of his clothing, not caring that Drakken was still present.

Was it her imagination, or did Davariel’s body look even more muscular? As he passed before the balcony doors of their room to the massive canopied bed, the sunlight caught in his hair and she realized that it had more white-gold streaks in it and the ends were curling in striking loose spiral curls that almost completely covered his taut backside. Stars above. He was becoming even more spectacular. What did it all mean?

Davariel was asleep by the time his head touched the plump pillows. He lay on his stomach, gloriously naked with his legs slightly open. Luciel’s mouth watered at the sight of his upturned ass partially covered by his beautiful blond hair.

“He’s coming of age,” Drakken said in his hypnotic voice.

Luciel groaned in misery. “Drakken, please tell me. Is Dava a child?”

The vampire chuckled making her glare at him. “And if he were, don’t you think it’s a little too late to repent your having…lain with him?” Drakken’s well-shaped brow drew up as he rocked Devon in his arms pointedly.

Luciel turned back to gaze once more at Davariel as he slept on the enormous bed dressed in gold colored coverings and plush pillows. Just looking at him made her ache for him. Again, she groaned in misery.

“Fear not, my lovely Luciel.” The vampire’s voice was like a cool caress against her neck, making her jump in surprise. He moved so fast she never knew where he was going to pop up. Good thing he was a fellow Master Guardian and archangel otherwise she’d have impaled him with her sword at his suggestive advances. “As a Seraphian male, he’s quite of age, just a bit young.”

“How young?”

“In your Earth years he would be analogous to a nineteen year old.” When she covered her face in despair, he continued, “He’s not Earth-born, Luci. He’s Seraphian, fully adult, not some simpering teenage boy. Your sons carry his blood and grow in a similar fashion like him. Before they reach their first year, they will have grown to the size of an Edenian three year old. Their growth spurt almost stops there and they continue to grow normally after that, like any other Edenian until they’re twenty. After that the aging process literally stops”

Luciel looked at baby Lucien with a frown. They were going to grow faster than normal? She didn’t like that.

“Seraphs reach adolescence and teen-hood like any other Edenian, and are even capable of sexual activity.” He let his tongue trace Luci’s ear. She flinched away and glared at his smiling face, as he continued, “Though that doesn’t usually happen until they shed their first layer of baby feathers. When they’re about two hundred years old, they go into full sexual bloom, growing their adult plumage and feeling the full stirrings of desire for the first time.” Drakken continued to circle behind her and sniff at her hair and neck, making her bristle. He laughed at her irritation and kissed her temple. “Davariel is growing weak. He needs to feed… like me.”

“What?” Luciel spun around making Lucien, who was still in her arms, cry in fright. Dismayed at having scared her baby, she pulled her tunic aside and offered him her breast to soothe him. “There-there, my sweet baby. Mommy’s sorry,” she cooed at him as he latched on, blinking tear-filled blue eyes at her. He sniffled a few times, his chin trembling, then forgot about the displeasing episode altogether as he began to nurse eagerly. Luciel stared daggers at the vampire, who was leering openly at her bared breast. She didn’t need to read his mind to know he was dreaming of sinking his fangs into her other breast to sip from her as well. “Explain yourself,” she snapped.

He batted his silky black lashes at her with a mischievous smile that reminded her of Davariel’s. “Davariel’s cambion nature is beginning to manifest itself. As a child, he continuously over-fed on the projected energy from the millions that came to adore him on Seraphia. Then as dark prince, he fed off the plentiful orgies that took place amongst the devils and demons on Megdoluc. Since his rescue, your sexual desire is the only thing that has sustained him. The intake of energy is vastly different from what he’s accustomed. It’s like…using your crude Edenian term…like a junkie needing his usual fix.” Sharp, white fangs flashed briefly when he said fix, reminding her how deadly the enigmatic dark beauty was.

“Is that why he’s always so tired all the time…and the fever he has now?”

“The fever is only due to his going into his adult cambion phase. Once he completes that phase, he’ll draw his energy from erotic dreams versus actual sexual contact. I must warn you that his carnal appetites will become even more voracious than they are now.”

Luciel’s eyes widened at that. “Are you shitting me,” she scoffed, reverting to her New York City street language?

“I shit you not,” Drakken mimicked in his soft lulling voice, brows raised.

Again, she turned to the stunning sight of Davariel’s naked body sprawled out on the bed as he slept. He looked like an ethereal angel from heaven.

“What happens if he doesn’t get his usual…fix?”

When Drakken remained silent, she turned to face him. All playfulness had gone from his demeanor when he answered, “Then, like me, he falls into a deep sleep and turns to stone.”

Lucien must have felt the intense wave of anxiety that tore through his mother because he began to wail without consolation. Even Devon began to fuss in the vampire’s arms. She rocked the baby, trying to soothe him, turning to Drakken. “What must I do? Please. I can’t bear to think of life without him.”

“He needs to feed, Luci,” the vampire answered simply.


Not willing to remain at the castle resort any longer than necessary, Luciel purchased an immense glass and steel dwelling on a hilltop overlooking one of Sjoria’s tropical oceans.

They used a hover cruiser and traveled miles from civilization to reach the secluded home.

The hover cruiser flew through dense rain forests, splotched with colorful foliage. She saw through the windows of the craft a few exotic birds with strange bright plumage fluttering in the trees. They went over rolling hills, within the glass transportation tube, and past rocky cliffs that had lush waterfalls. It was paradise.

Too bad Davariel wasn’t conscious to enjoy the view with her.

It worried her that he slept against her shoulder the whole way. All he did was sleep, eat at her insistence, and make love to her… and that he would do for hours on end, leaving her barely conscious.

Maybe that was it. They were screwing each other to death. She barely had any strength herself, between feeding the voracious twins and satisfying their father’s insatiable sexual appetite. It was a miracle she wasn’t comatose.

Then, there were the bizarre dreams. Drakken had warned he’d start feeding there too.

The one she’d had the previous night had her pressing her thighs together and sighing as she felt herself grow slick with arousal. She dreamt she had a cock.

Davariel had gotten down on hands and knees before her and begged her to fuck him again. And she had. He’d tilted up his ass and taken her deep, moaning and arching his back as she rode him hard. His blond hair swept back and forth on the floor, her breasts bouncing with every thrust she used to fuck her man. She’d come so hard, she thought she’d die.

Davariel’s teeth nipping her earlobe startled her out of her daydream.

“Are you having naughty thoughts about me, pretty girl?” Those electric-blue eyes had her drowning in their intensity.

“Reading my mind again, huh,” she smirked.

He closed his eyes again, his nostrils flared. “No, my love. I can smell how wet you are.”

“Aw, have mercy already. Do you two ever take a break,” Remuel moaned adjusting his crotch. “I implore you not to start fucking again in front of me. Not fair.”

Luciel felt her cheeks burn, remembering the episode on the balcony in their room. Davariel had power bound Remuel in the chaise lounge next to them as he seduced Luciel before the red haired dragon-shifter. She still couldn’t believe she’d let Dava take her in front of Remuel. Poor Remu had come in his pants unable to help himself.

Davariel’s chuckle was mischievous, holding Remuel’s glittering green gaze as his hand snaked between Luci’s legs.

“Dava, no.” She clamped her thighs shut. She still wasn’t used to such public displays of intimacy.

Aside from Remuel, Zakreel sat wide eyed before them next to Eriel, who had a wicked smile on his countenance. Behind them, she heard the rest of the outcast reapers snickering.

She realized all reapers were perverted, especially her Dava. Their imposed celibacy had probably been a necessity in ancient times to keep them from fucking the entire universe. Most of them were bisexual, not caring who they slept with. Like Eriel, who loved to entice Davariel when he thought she wasn’t looking, and then would turn around to blatantly flirt with her.

At the front of the cruiser were the weretigris and in the rear were the werewolves. Drakken had spent the night with a female and would be arriving later in the evening. His skin was sensitive to sunlight.

They arrived at the sparkling masterpiece of glass and metal, but as soon as the doors to the cruiser opened, the dragons, reapers and Davariel ran out shouting in joy at the sight of the beautiful ocean. Clothing began flying everywhere as nine males divested themselves of their garb and raced to the edge of the water down the steep hill.

The reapers took flight and arrived first, diving into the rough surf, followed by Remuel and Zakreel who morphed into dragon form and soared into the surging water. Davariel lagged behind, running on his two long legs, the bright sunlight turning his gleaming hair almost white. Eriel circled back when he remembered Davariel couldn’t fly, and then swooped him up by his arms.

Luciel watched in horror, as Eriel flew straight into an enormous wave. She heard the smack of Davariel’s body as Eriel slammed him into the wall of water. They both disappeared within the surging tide.

“Son-of-a-bitch. That stupid imbecile,” she shrieked yanking her hair and already imagining Dava with a broken neck or back from the hard impact of the wave.

Cursing, she concentrated on his life force and found it still tangled up with Eriel’s. In desperation, she teleported both back to her.

Davariel floundered at her feet, unharmed but disorientated.


She pulled him up, yanking him away from Eriel, who still clung to him, and tried to sense if he was hurt. He looked at her askance, dripping wet.

“Why’d you pull us out?” Eriel protested.

“You little shithead.” She rounded on Eriel, furious. “I was only trying to pull Dava out. If you wouldn’t have been so busy try to weasel your way into his ass, you’d still be in the water.”

The dark haired reaper flinched and instinctively hid his erect cock in guilt, his eyes round with fear.

Davariel gripped her shoulders before she ripped Eriel’s head off.

“Don’t you ever do that again,” she shrieked, shaking.

Behind her, Davariel gaped at Eriel. He covered his mouth to stifle the overwhelming urge to burst out laughing. She’d slapped the hell out of him the last time he laughed in the face of her anger. He was not getting himself—what was that Edenian phrase again? Oh, yes—’bitch slapped’ again.

“Oh, come-on.” Eriel stood, his dark brows drawing over his grey eyes.

Davariel gasped in shock at Eriel. If the reaper had any sense, he should shut up. Dava tried to signal for him to zip his maw, but the fool just continued to yap away.

“You treat him as though he were made of glass. Boo-hoo. Poor little Davariel—yeeeooow.”

Davariel cringed as his woman grabbed one of Eriel’s nipples and twisted, bringing the seven-foot black-winged reaper to his knees.

“Listen, you little scuz-ball, I’ve got better things to do than spend my time repairing all the damage you black winged morons like to inflict on Dava out of boredom. Also, I really don’t appreciate you trying to screw my man. Do you understand me, Eriel of Angelos?”

“Yes-yes. Please. You’re hurting my little teet.” He cried like a girl.

She let his nipple go, leaving it drawn and pink. He rubbed at it, shrinking away from her with a pout.

“The next time, I will telepathically rip every last feather from your pretty wings.”

Eriel’s color drained away. Davariel knew Eriel was already familiar with the horrors of that particular punishment. It had been his penalty after losing his virginity in a drunken stupor to a visiting alien on Seraphia. He’d told Dava he couldn’t help himself. The blue girl had four breasts and made him lose his common sense.

“My love, Eriel didn’t mean me any harm. Don’t get so riled,” Davariel intervened, hugging her.

In order to distract her, he pulled her away toward the house. Stone steps led up the hill, where they passed a sparkling pool, then a garden full of bright fragrant blooms. They entered through the wide double doors at the rear of the mansion. The were-wolf pack and the were-tigri clan also followed, keeping a discreet distance from each other.

They didn’t get along very well. The wolves would growl at the cats who would hiss in answer.

Davariel watched them as they separated once inside to investigate the various rooms in the mansion-sized dwelling. They were all in human form, and he thought it a shame they couldn’t appreciate each other’s beauty. They really were all very attractive.

“I don’t like that bad-boy smile on your sweet face,” Luciel commented dryly next to him. “What naughty perversion are you planning now?”

“Me?” He tried to look shocked, but couldn’t help laughing.

“You are such a naughty angel.” She shook her head in admonishment, trying not to smile, but failed.

Those were the words she’d spoken that morning, reminding him, he hadn’t fucked her in a few hours. His cock demanded to be fed.

He gripped her with a lusty growl, pulling her protesting to the shiny grey floor. Her squeals echoed in the grand entryway, which boasted massive vaulted ceilings with big panes of glass, giving the impression of being outside.

He froze, after ripping off her skimpy panties.

“Davariel. What is wrong with you? We’re going to be caught with our drawers down again. Dava?”

Something shiny caught his attention down the hall. He rose, pulling her up with him, her ruined panties in his free hand.

“Baby, what’s wrong?”

“Is that a mirror?” He frowned.

They walked to the left, passing the glass doors in the parlor beyond the entryway. There was a wide corridor that led past an ultra-modern, food preparation gallery into a round, tower-like, glass breakfast area and finally into a vast gathering hall. Here, too, were ceiling to floor panes of glass that looked out to the ocean. There was a colossal fireplace on the facing wall when one entered. It had a mirror over its mantle that went up about sixty-feet to the vaulted ceiling. The mirror reflected the second and third levels of the house.

A mated couple from the wolf pack looked down, before continuing their exploration of their new home. They had a one-year-old daughter named Anniel, who loved touching the twins saying pwitty baby.

Davariel stared at the mammoth mirror, feeling apprehension. He didn’t like mirrors knowing how easy it was for demons and devils to travel through them. He’d had the ones in their room back at the Edenian were-tigri compound removed for the same reason. This one was going too—as soon as possible.

“Baby?” Her fingers threaded through his wet hair.

He turned and wrapped her in his arms. “Don’t mind me, my love. Have I told you that I love you today?”

“Only about a thousand times.” He felt her smile into his chest. “I love you too, Davariel.” He closed his eyes to revel in those words. “That love is only rivaled by the love I feel for Devon and Lucien.”

He chuckled. “I don’t mind sharing your heart with those two little gluttons—as long as they get their own mates when they’re old enough to fuck.”

“Dava,” she looked at him in shock.

He only chuckled. “Where were we, my love?” He growled as his hand lifted the loose colorful caftan she wore and grabbed her cute little ass. “Ah, yes… I was going to fuck you within an inch of your life.”

She gasped, trying to resist him. It only incited him further. It was a game they played. One he enjoyed immensely.

He pulled her hard against his chest as his hands squeezed her rear. She wiggled against him, feigning to struggle.

“Tell me, woman… your pussy or your mouth?” He nipped her neck, grinding his rigid length against her.

“No.” She opened her mouth to say more, but he shoved his tongue into it.

He kissed her, biting at her lips and thrusting his tongue into her mouth, forcing her to the floor with his superior strength. Breaking the kiss, he turned her over on her stomach. He licked his fingers and probed her anal star. He felt her flinch.

“My love, let me have you here.”

Her wide blue eyes peered at him over her shoulder. “With that twelve inch anti-matter canon? Are you out of mind?”

He chuckled at her strange way of speaking. “It won’t hurt, baby. I promise.”

“Yeah, right.”

She obviously didn’t believe him. Smart girl. “Then I’ll kiss it and make it better.” He gripped her waist and began rubbing against her. He could see the apprehension in her eyes. Davariel knew he could give her pleasure, but she was too frightened to let him. He was just going to have to show her there was nothing to fear.

Davariel awakened amidst a sea of limbs and naked bodies. He felt dizzy, as if he’d had too much to drink. What the hell happened? Everyone around him was unconscious…including Luciel. He struggled to sit up, holding her so that she didn’t fall to the floor. She was lying on his chest. Remuel was lying with his head on her stomach. Snippets of memory came to him, until he finally remembered….

His heart beat loudly as he hugged Luciel to himself. I did this.

He remembered the words from the entity that held him in the dream…I’m a succubus. You, my son, are a cambion.

“I’m a monster.”

Fear curled in the pit of his stomach. He’d been making love to Luci and then he’d just…lost all control. He noticed tigers and wolves laying over each other. Even the reapers were unconscious. Everyone was going to be extremely angry with him.

Crying drew his attention. He scrambled to his feet, scooping Luciel’s sleeping form in his arms and hurried to find his sons.

He found them alone in their nursery.

Luciel had this room prepared for the arrival of the twins. Plush cream carpeting covered the entire floor. There was only one solid wall and it had the holographic image of realistic moving billowy clouds on it. The rest of the walls were glass. The room had cream-colored drapes that were slightly open allowing a bit of the bright sun into the room. Hundreds of toys lined low shelves and in the very center of the room were two round cribs made of brushed silver steel and glass.

Devon and Lucien fussed, their little arms and legs flailing. Already, he noticed Devon trying to turn over. Lucien had part of a pillow stuffed into his mouth as he tried in vain to suck thinking it was his mommy’s breast. His blond son was getting red-faced and riled.

Davariel placed Luciel on a plush couch, then rushed to his baby boys.

He took Lucien first, because the baby was more demanding than Devon, and hurried to Luciel. Half way there he gasped in shock when little Luke latched onto his nipple.

“Ow. Sorry to tell you this, little one, but there’s no milk in there. Wow. You suck hard.”

Lucien’s piercing cry rang throughout the room when his vigorous sucking produced no satisfying milk.

“Don’t cry, my baby boy. Here…here’s mommy’s teet for you.”

Davariel placed Lucien at Luciel’s breast, hoping she didn’t have to be conscious for the milk to flow. Sniffling loudly, the baby latched on. He suckled for a few seconds, but had worked himself into such an anxious state he continued to cry without consolation.

Davariel kissed his downy head and stroked his quivering little body trying to soothe him. In a soft lulling voice, he began to sing a lullaby he’d heard the dragons sing to them.

Lucien calmed down and nursed with a tremulous sigh.

Davariel turned to look at Devon, knowing that he should be nursing too. The baby had managed to turn over and bobbed his head trying to keep it raised. The glowing blue eyes seemed to be searching for something. Was he looking for his twin? His rosy lips began to pout as he sniffled. Soon Devon was crying heartbroken.

Davariel’s own heart twisted in agony. They would suffer if separated. If anything were to happen to Luciel and him…they could not remain together until they were older. It was the only way they would be safe.

Bowing his head, he cursed himself. He’d brought two innocents into this realm carrying his cursed blood. Now they would suffer because of it…because of their father.

What have I done?

Luciel heard a beautiful masculine voice singing.

“. . . Waiting for the winter sun…and the cold light of day….”

She stirred, feeling disorientated. The last thing she recalled was…Davariel and Remuel kissing each other—Holy crap. Dava made Remu go down on me. They both made me c…. She gasped and clamped her thighs tight with a moan. Drakken was right. Davariel was losing control more and more to sate his hunger.

“I throw myself into the sea…release the wave…let it wash over me . . .”

Again, the singing drew her attention. Blinking open her eyes, she discovered herself naked on the cream-colored couch in the twins nursery. One of the balcony’s glass panes was open, making the billowy cream curtains dance delicately with the tropical ocean breeze.

“. . . to face the fear…I once believed…the tears of the dragon…for you and for me.”

She rose, wondering if this was another one of Davariel’s projected dreams, and drifted dazed to the open balcony.

The sight took her breath away.

Davariel sat reclined on a lounger. His hair draped over the back of the chair and moved like the silken curtains in the breeze. His sinewy body was relaxed, naked except for the large pillow covering his loins, upon which he’d reclined the babies’ plump little bodies. They were also naked, moving their chubby legs and smiling up in adoration into their father’s face.

He stopped singing and turned his head to her. She almost wanted to cry, fall to her knees and beg him to continue.

She bit her tongue instead, knowing his ability to enthrall made him uncomfortable. Still, he regarded her with those big, brilliant, blue irises. They barely glowed anymore, revealing how beautiful and rare the original color was; a shock of vibrant blue surrounded by a dark ring.

“Trying to get the boys used to your nudist ways, eh?”

His lips kicked up in a lazy smile. “They don’t like clothes either. Look how happy and free they seem now.” He gripped two little ankles and brought his head down to kiss their pudgy feet. They gurgled in delight, flailing tiny fists. “My love, you’re too far away. Come join us.”

She’d barely finished snuggling up to him when he began devouring her mouth.

“Davariel, the babes.”

“The babes will delight in seeing how much their parents love each other,” he groaned against her lips. “Luci, my Luci…I love you so much it hurts.”

“Oh, Dava….”

She let him kiss her, but then he stiffened and looked down.

Luciel covered her mouth trying to stifle her guffaw. Two little streams wet his muscled belly. The babies squealed in delight at their shocked father. “Oh, yeah. They definitely look free and happy now, Dava. Let’s just hope they don’t free anything else.”

Later, that evening, Drakken returned to find Davariel trying to apologize and convince everyone to gather for dinner.

The vampire didn’t ask anything, only watched in amusement. From what little he heard, it seemed as though he’d missed out on an exquisite orgy. Davariel’s cambion abilities were already manifesting themselves.

“You needed to feed, Davariel. You don’t see them begging their food for forgiveness when they eat,” he finally drawled.

“They’re my friends, not food,” Davariel answered, annoyed.

Drakken laughed. He remembered an Edenian cartoon about fish that said a similar thing. “Okay, Nemo, I gottcha.”

“Now you’re talking weird like Luci.” Davariel screwed up his face in a confused grimace.

Drakken drifted to him, stopping a breath away from his lips. He sniffed at the cambion, rolling his eyes. “Your blood becomes cleaner of the evil that polluted it. You smell like…love, Davariel. I want a sip.” He dipped his head and tasted Davariel’s lips. The golden beauty tasted of chocolate, champagne…and lust in its purest essence. Drakken shuddered, feeling his fangs elongate.

“Haven’t you indulged enough, vampire?”

Drakken ceased licking across Davariel’s lush lips at the angry sound of Luciel’s voice behind them. He frowned at her for interrupting his snack. “Do you ever tire of Davariel making love to you?”

Davariel snickered.

“How could you compare-” she began.

“Because, for me feeding is more pleasurable than sex,” Drakken interjected. “Even Davariel feels more alive when he feeds from the sexual energy generated by others around him. Sex is just an appetizer.”

Davariel snorted this time. When they both looked at him in irritation, he merely replied in Luciel’s Edenian jargon, “not.”


Luciel knew Davariel needed to feed this way as he came of age for a cambion, but seeing how he let others touch him so intimately made her feel jealous.

There were other problems arising as well. Seraphia’s new high priest knew where they were. Ashriel had requested to meet with her in the Master Guardians’ space station orbiting Sjoria.

She’d heard he was young, but she hadn’t expected a boy as young as Abdiel. Ashriel was very impressive, though. Already, he towered over Luciel by at least a foot, and his body was more muscular than Dava’s.

Luciel gave him a curt nod when she finally met him. The reaper looked like he never smiled, his handsome face wearing a perpetual scowl.

He folded his meaty arms over his chest, regarding her with keen, silver eyes. “How is Davariel?”

“In good health. Thank you.” She kept her tone as cold and impersonal as his.

“And his spawn?”

Luciel gritted her teeth, reminding herself that different species of humanoids used different mannerisms of speech. “Our babies are fine.”

Finally, Luciel saw emotion flash in the reaper’s face. His eyes went as round as his mouth, and his wings folded straight back, as if praying. “Babies? Davariel has fathered a brood of demons?”

Luciel clenched her fists. “My babies are not demons.”

Ashriel went back to scowling. “Davariel’s blood was still tainted when he mated you.”

The way he said mated made her feel dirty, like a whore. “He was changing. His blood wasn’t black anymore. It was red.”

Ashriel took a deep breath, his eyes narrowing to tiny slits. “And what color of blood do your babies carry?”

Luciel summoned her divine sword. “What does it matter? They’re just babies. I believe they’re entitled to free will because they carry my blood as well.”

“You can’t protect them forever, Luciel. I’ll be watching…closely…always. If one of them so much as goes near any of the portals to hell….”

“Don’t” Luciel’s words hissed through clenched teeth “threaten my boys.”

“How many are there?”

“They’re twins.”



Ashriel buried his face in his hands and fell to his knees. “God, no. It isn’t over yet then.”

“What the hell are you talking about?”

Ashriel’s head snapped back up. “Sit, because this is going to take a long time to explain, Master Guardian.”


At dinnertime, everyone made their appearance, subdued. The only ones that laughed and chatted as if nothing happened were the reapers…of course. They had no decency.

Luciel did note, however, that the wolves no longer growled at the tigers and the latter no longer hissed whenever their hands happened to touch when reaching for something on the table.

Davariel’s eyes glittered with happiness as he surveyed everyone around him. He practically glowed, looking more stunning than ever before.

She couldn’t help staring at him. He was an angel. A real one…and he didn’t even realize it…didn’t remember fully. According to Ashriel, two more were missing. Their essences were either within one of the babes, or locked away somewhere else, lost.

God had created seven angels of love; he called them his Alpha angels. Lucifer had become jealous of them and cast them down into this realm.

The first one, the youngest of the seven, he’d turned into a horrible beast, with the head and tail of a lion, the horns and body of an ox, the talons and wings of an eagle, and thousands of eyes covering her deformed body. He then tossed her far, on the very outskirts of creation, alone.

The second angel, one of the stronger ones, had sprouted wings as she fell, trying to fly back up to heaven, but she fell upon a planet and shattered her new body. A kind-hearted humanoid tended to her until she grew strong again. Instead of leaving, she chose to remain because she’d fallen in love with the man. She became the mother of the Seraphian race.

Lucifer tried to seduce the third angel. When she refused his advances, he tossed her into this realm also, cursing her to become a slave to sex by turning her into a succubus.

As she fell, the last four angels saw what happened and confronted Lucifer. He pretended that it had all been an accident and pitched a golden rope down to save her. When the last four angels began pulling their sister up, Lucifer got behind them with the excuse that he was going to tether the rope to a column. What he did was finish pushing the last four into the portal to this realm. As the five angels hurtled down, they began crashing into each other. Since they still had no physical form, their essences combined into one, and finished trapped inside the angel turned succubus.

Davariel was born of her, and, as such, one or both of her babies was an angel in disguise. And one of those missing angels would be the one to set Lucifer free—an angel, with stars for eyes and hair of gold.

That night Davariel wore some of the clothing she had purchased for him; a loose fitting tunic with billowy sleeves that fit tight on his forearms. The tunic had a deep v cut exposing his sun-kissed chest. His blond hair poured like molten gold over his broad shoulders, past his trim waist, the candlelight making the abundant white streaks in it shimmer like silver. He wore a pair of black pants that molded to his lean hips and long sinewy legs like a dream. Knee-high boots finished the look, making him look rakish and sexy as hell.

Luciel watched as he gazed at everyone, his eyes brimming with love…for all of them. This was his true nature. He was an angel of love, after all. He turned his gaze to her and his eyes smoldered. The love he felt for her was special, more intense. He smiled.

After a while, the shyness seemed to evaporate and laughter drifted into the night air, perfumed with the lush flowers that grew beyond the balconies around the glass and steel mansion. The open glass panes in the dining room let in the ocean breeze and she activated the sound system to play soothing music for their entertainment.

Remuel retrieved a few bottles of liquor and soon everyone was pawing at each other again…this time without Davariel’s intervention.

The heightened sensual tension affected Davariel the same way a bleeding wound would affect Drakken. Davariel panted as he watched two male wolves converge on a female weretigri. One fused his mouth to hers and the other slid his hand up her skirt to finger her. She moaned and opened her legs, allowing the male to play with her wet cunt, clearly visible to all since she wore no panties under her short skirt. Two of the reapers chuckled and began kissing, their hands stroking each other’s straining erections. Luciel watched, mesmerized as one of the female wolves undid the ties to their pants, letting their cocks spring out. The girl grabbed both cocks and began licking and sucking each one into her hungry mouth. Both reapers caressed her hair and cheeks, thrusting into her lips as she devoured them.

The feel of her dress tearing had Luciel looking down at herself. Davariel was growling, his tongue lapping at her nipples as he finished tearing her dress off. Pushing her down into the cushions of the sofa they occupied, he crawled up her body and presented her with his cock. Luciel groaned taking his flesh into her mouth, hungry for the taste of it. Her angel moved above her with his beautiful grace, body undulating in an erotic dance as he fucked her mouth with smooth deep strokes.

“Lick her,” he growled, making her frown until she felt the distinct feel of a tongue sliding up her slit. She would have cried out in passion, but Dava chose that moment to push his prick deeper into her throat.

His heart seemed to stop for a second, and then raced as she rose to go to a large basket-like crib he hadn’t noticed earlier. From within the basket she withdrew a tiny bundle and walked to him with a smile on her face.

“This is your second born, Lucien Davariel.”

His whole body set to trembling as he allowed her to place the tiny infant into his arms. He had hair made of the finest, palest gold, and the icy blue eyes were like his mother’s. The baby boy fussed a bit and turned his head as if searching for a breast from which to nurse.

“No wings?” he asked, unable to tear his gaze from his son.


Davariel removed the blanket from around his son until he lay in his arms with nothing but his diaper. He held the baby with one arm while he used his hand to feel his son’s soft pink flesh. Lucien flailed his arms and Davariel marveled at the perfect little fingers. He counted ten little rosy toes with a smile and laughed when the little one tried to latch onto his finger as Davariel stroked his plump cheek. Bringing baby Lucien up to his face, Davariel breathed in his sweet essence, memorizing him. “Lucien. My little Lucien. You look just like your beautiful mother.”

“He’s going to have your hair, though.”

“Let’s thank the Divinity that’s all of mine he got.” He gazed at his son, feeling that he was the most perfectly beautiful child in all the universe. But, wait…he had another. “And my first born?” He noticed the look she had given at his earlier words and began feeling apprehension. Again, she turned and gathered another baby from the basket. This one was much larger with jet-black hair sticking straight out of his round head. The infant’s skin was pale and he looked older than his delicate blond twin. The baby seemed to startle when she lifted him from the cradle, and began to cry. Luciel soothed him with gentle words before placing him into his father’s other arm.

Davariel’s heart sank. He was looking at himself with black hair. Though the child was still an infant, he looked irrefutably like his father and to make matters worse, his eyes glowed unnaturally bright. He had his demon blood…and his cursed face.

“His name is Devon Luciel. W-why are you crying?”

“He looks too much like me. He’ll be put on a pedestal and made to think he’s a god, like they did to me.” How shallow, vain, and selfish he had been back then.

“It doesn’t have to be that way. We can disappear. There are places that are still unlinked. I know of plenty of worlds where we can fit in just fine and be happy…safe.”

“The demons want him. They want both of them. Devon will be the new dark prince and Lucien the sacrifice.”

“They won’t find us,” Luciel assured gently. “Trust me.”

He felt terrified. Now he had so much more to lose.

He pulled Devon up to his face and took in his essence. He began to feel Lucien growing perceptibly heavier in his other arm. He looked over at his other son and noticed something slightly different about him. It was as if the baby had grown right before his eyes. He looked at Devon to notice that the infants glowing eyes dimmed a bit. Was the babe using his power already? Davariel’s hairs stood on end. This child was too powerful.

Luciel made to remove them from him but he held them tightly and shook his head.

“Let me hold my sons a while longer. Please.”

“You have to eat. I helped restore you, but you still lack proper nourishment.”

“Restored me?”

She shivered as if reliving some horror. “They’d bitten you all over and torn your flesh almost from the bone. You had bite marks even on your….” Her eyes lowered to his groin and began to tear.

“They bite when they mate, Luci.”

Her small frame shook with fury as she hissed. “You mean r—”

“No,” he begged, interrupting her. “Not now, Luci. I don’t want to dwell on that now.” He looked from son to son, smiling, and then looked at the woman he loved; the mother of his sons. It was everything he ever wanted, and more than he thought he’d ever have. “If only we could stop time and live in this exact moment forever.”

“If that were to happen, we’d never see our babies grow to be men.” She came up against him, taking care not to press against the twins, and began to kiss him.

The sheer magnitude of love he felt at that moment propelled him into a fit of shakes he couldn’t control. He felt his face drain of blood.

She broke away from the kiss, leaving him seeking its warmth, and almost toppling over in the process. “That’s it,” he heard her say.

The babes disappeared from his hold as sweat broke out on his forehead. He clasped his arms over his chest, his eyes searching about wildly. Where did they go?

” Calm down.” Her warm hands cupping his pale cheeks made his eyes snap back to her face. “I only teleported them back into their bassinet. You need to eat and rest a bit.” She kissed his forehead and threaded her fingers through his hair. “You were more dead than alive when Remuel and Zakreel brought you in. You don’t know how extensive the work of restructuring your entire back was.” Davariel felt startled when she hugged him and ran her fingertips across the smooth expanse of his back. “There was an entire team of doctors and scientist working on you, trying to repair the damage from having your wings hacked off.”

Releasing him, she walked over to a low dresser built along the entire length of the wall to the right side of the large bed he occupied. The wide bed sat in the middle of the room. Grabbing a small mirror, she went back and showed him his reflection. There was another mirror behind him on the wall at the head of the bed. Luciel pulled his hair over his shoulder revealing his now smooth flesh. No more wings.

“Where are we?” He turned to scowl at the mirror, knowing how easy it was for demons to traverse them. He resolving to get rid of it as soon as possible.

“Earth. We’re within the grounds of the were-tigri people. They’re protecting us. And, like I said before, we also have five were-wolf sentries, along with the reapers.”

A bowl of hot stew appeared in her hands and she began to feed him. The stew reminded him of when he held her captive.

“I tried to kill you.” He remembered battling her on Earth.

“That was another Davariel, not the one I have before me now.”

“I don’t deserve your kindness. I’m a monster.”

“No you’re not.”

“I didn’t tell you the condom broke.”

She began to laugh, her gaze turning to look with adoration in the direction of the bassinette. “I’m glad you didn’t.”

“Would you have stopped our coupling if I had?”

Her stunning blue eyes blazed into his. “Did it look like I would’ve been able to demand you pull out?”

He remembered her cries if ecstasy when he’d taken her that first time, and began to ache between his thighs.

“Luci,” he sighed with longing.

The bowl of stew disappeared. She used her hands to nudge apart his drawn knees and crawled up against him, between his legs. He settled himself into a semi reclining position wrapping his hands around her small waist. She was clothed in enticing garb that consisted of a clingy pair of low riding shorts and a tunic held up by thin straps, her midriff exposed. Her breasts were larger now and she had faint pink marks on her hips, he guessed, from her skin accommodating his sons within her body. She was beautiful, the mother of his sons.

She began kissing him, her tongue sweeping into his mouth with urgency. His hands slid into her beguiling little stretchy shorts and cupped her pretty rump. He wanted her, badly, but guessed he wouldn’t be able to have her yet because she’d just given birth to his babies. Her body probably hadn’t healed yet.

“I self-healed, Davariel. I-I…” She raised her head to look into his eyes. “I need you.”

Again, she kissed him making him shudder. Her fingers caressed his hair, stroked his cheeks, and squeezed his shoulders. He rocked her against him, moving his hips under her as his desire spiraled feverishly. Another small shudder went through him, making him moan against her lips.

“Oh, God, Davariel.” Her teeth caught his lower lip. He felt it all the way down to his aching erection. “I know I shouldn’t be doing this to you yet, baby. You really need to rest for at least a day.”

She made to pull away, but he kept her trapped against him with the sheer force of his hands wrapped around her waist.

“No,” he implored her. “I need you too. This will give me strength, Luciel. Love me, please.”

Her luscious mouth ravaged his as he felt her hands brushing his long hair behind his shoulders. She nipped and licked at his lips before reaching around to his left ear, tracing it with the tip of her tongue, giving him goose bumps. When she thrust her naughty tongue into the shell of his ear and tweaked his nipples hard, he sucked in a ragged breath between his teeth and writhed beneath her. He moaned, rocking against her in rising desperation. She reached down and scraped her nails along his length. He almost shouted, but managed to clench his teeth on a strangled groan. Fuck. If he didn’t control himself, he’d scare the slumbering newborn twins.

She continued her downward journey, caressing him as her teeth and tongue tantalized his nipples into stiff little peaks. The woman was driving him crazy. She continued her onslaught upon his nipples, nibbling and lapping away at them as if they were the sweetest candy. He squirmed in delight, but ached for her to go lower.

Her tongue traced the outlines of his muscled abs and the line that marked that area from his hipbone. Davariel let his head drop back in surrender. Finally, she reached his penis. He feared he was going to come before she ever got her mouth around his straining tip. His knuckles turned white from twisting fistfuls of the sheets in his hands while she kissed his thighs. Already panting, he bit his lip and arched his back, stifling another shout of desire when her tongue swiped up his full length. Her eyes shot up to his, drowning him in their silvery blue depths. Her pupils dilated wide, making them seem darker. Holding his gaze, she took him into her mouth and sucked. Biting back a harsh groan, he let his fingers go into the darkness of her hair and held her to him as he undulated, spreading his thighs wide with his feet flat on the mattress. She continued to suck him into her hot little mouth, her tongue working him in deeper. He growled with pleasure.

And then, she grabbed his balls and rolled them in her palms. “Fuck.” His voice broke as he came. Ecstasy. His head arched back and he opened his mouth in silent agony. All he could do was gasp and pant. She swallowed him down, until he thought he’d die from rapture.

He panted in the after math and blinked down at her in wonder.

She kissed his thighs, smiling up at him.

He grinned back. Silly girl. She thinks I’m done. He was barely getting started.

“Ride me, Luci.”

Her eyes widened in shock. She didn’t know young Seraph’s could go a few rounds and not lose their erections for hours…sometimes days. He might no longer have wings, but he was still Seraphian born.

Tearing away her skimpy little shorts, she straddled him with eagerness. As if savoring the moment, she lowered herself slowly. She was tighter than a fist. He winced, his eyes widening, not expecting her to be so tiny after having given birth.

As if reading his mind, she giggled like a naughty girl, making his heart race. “I told you, I self-healed. Everything went back to the way it was before I’d had sex with you.”

He almost crossed his eyes when she finished seating herself completely onto him.

“My love, I’m in heaven,” he sighed.

Being inside her again made him want to weep in joy. He never thought he’d feel her heat wrapped around him again.He touched her face and caressed her hair, assuring himself that this was no dream and he was really sitting there with his beautiful Luci clasping him tight. He couldn’t help the broad smile that spread across his face. Luciel’s pupils dilated and a soft sigh escaped her parted lips. She stared at him in awe making his heart thump hard.

“I’m the luckiest angel—I mean—man alive.”

She caressed his cheek, her eyes darkening to a liquid blue, “You’re still an angel to me.”

His heart sped up at her words and he felt her sweet essence grow stronger. Whatever the scent was, it was only for him. That made him happy.

It’s just as good as love. He pushed away the shadows of sadness and fear, not wanting anything to mar this moment of intimacy with her.

Now that he’d lost some of the harried edge to his lust, he could relax and give her pleasure at leisure. He wanted to drive her wild with need.

Unfortunately, his sons had other plans. No sooner had she come the first time, bouncing wildly on his lap, one of the babes began to fuss. They stared at each other wide eyed, panting, then began to laugh.

The second she eased herself off him, he bounded out of bed and rushed to the bassinette.

“I could have teleported him to us, you know.”

He just shrugged, scooping Lucien into his arms. Again, he sniffed the baby’s sweet scent into his lungs as he carried him to his mother. He gave the blonde infant to Luciel with reluctance and watched in fascination as his child nursed from her pretty breast. For the second time, he noticed the babe looked larger than before. He knew that Seraphs sometimes grew in spurts. It had been a necessary evolution for their kind to avoid falling prey to ancient predators, but it wasn’t something you could see right before your eyes. It was supposed to be gradual.

He rose once more and picked Devon up. The infant still slumbered and stretched with a yawn when his father took him into his arms. He still looked the same at least, but resembled a baby of about a month rather than a newborn of a few days.

With a smile, he felt the downy thatch of jet-black hair that stuck straight out of his little head. He looked funny.

“His hair is going to be like yours.”

Luciel giggled. “He’s going to have the girls going crazy for him.”

Those words had his smile dying a quick death. Memories of how people used to grope at him, until he just kept himself locked away at the castle, came back to haunt him.

“What’s wrong, Davariel?”

“I don’t want what happened to me to happen to him.”

“The universe may have put you on a pedestal, but you never knew what love was. We’ll give our sons more than enough love. They’ll be fine. Don’t worry.”

He wasn’t convinced, but didn’t express his fears to her.

Both infants fed and having helped her change their diapers, he placed Lucien into the bassinette, then turned to take Devon and tuck him close to his brother. They both slept peacefully.

Stifling a yawn, he realized Luciel had been right in assuming that he needed to rest a bit more.

She insisted he finish eating the stew she had one of the wolves prepare along with a bowl of varied fruits and cheeses.

She fed him, smiling when he licked her fingers every time she fed him pieces of fruit. He felt peaceful as she chatted on about the people protecting them.

Now, his belly full, and his lust slightly sated, he felt sleep beckoning to him.

They lay together, with him pulling her back against his chest in a comfortable spoon position. He promptly drifted off, sighing in contentment, his sweet Luci wrapped in his arms and his nose buried in her fragrant hair.

Chapter Nine

Luciel woke with a start.

He was gone.

She let out her power to locate his life force and sighed with relief when she realized he was close, only to tense up again sensing he was in severe pain. Snarling a vicious curse, she teleported to where he was.

There was an empty aircraft hangar in the were-tigri compound that had been converted into a high-tech training hall. She’d taken to honing her fighting skills there every morning.

In the very center of the training area, Davariel lay bleeding and broken once more amidst a circle of reapers.

“What the hell are you all doing?” Her shriek of rage echoed throughout the large training hall as she rushed to Dava’s side.

The reapers sprang away from her approach.

“He said he needed to practice sparring,” one of them answered in a small, timid voice.

She knelt down and flicked away the bloodied hair that covered Davariel’s face. He was a mess. Blood oozed from his nose, half of his face was black and blue, and his arms looked deformed—most likely broken. “I should just leave you this way to teach you a lesson. You’re barely ready for sex, Davariel, much less sparring.”

“I need to be ready.” He closed his eyes in apparent agony.

“Well then let your body heal completely, you moron.” She raked her fingers through her hair, growling in frustration as she tallied all the scans he’d need now to repair all the new damage.

One of the reapers leaned over to another and asked, “What is moron?”

The other just shrugged with a perplexed expression on his face.

Luciel scowled at them. “Why the hell don’t you idiots use the holographic weapons in here?” Surely they’ll understand idiot. She barked out a series of numbers and codes and a bright sword appeared before each one of the reapers. Black wings ruffled and silver-grey eyes looked at her in surprise. “Go on. Take them. You’ll find they feel real enough.” She also grasped one, testing its weight.

Davariel felt embarrassed that she’d discovered him beaten and defeated, but wondered why she didn’t heal him and let him participate in the sparring now. “What about me?”

Luciel’s eyes flashed to him with an angry snarl. They had the same cold predatory look she had when he’d first engaged her in battle in the Edenian Science building. It came as no surprise to him when she swung her blade and sent it through his throat. Still, he couldn’t help but stare up at her with wide eyes. Had his arms not been broken in several places, he would have touched his neck to see if his head was still attached to it. Luciel grinned triumphantly at him. Heaven help him, he loved her.

“You can virtually fight for real without actually killing anyone,” she said withdrawing her virtual-blade.

Luciel’s lithe form turned toward the six black-winged death angels, then crouched down into a ready stance as she beckoned them to advance.

The reapers smiled and approached, spreading out around her, their wings opening up.

“No. Don’t use your wings. You’ll kill her,” Davariel snarled.

“Shut up, Blondie,” Luciel spat, her eyes never leaving the targets circling her. “Alright, you bunch of feathered sissies. Let’s see what you’ve got.”

He watched, terrified, as Abdiel approached her. The golden haired reaper was still a chickling, only fifteen sun orbits. Baby-down covering his wings, but he’d been the one that had slapped Davariel clear up to the ceiling of the training hall with his wing. Had it not been for Eriel, who’d intercepted his fall, he’d have been nothing more than a bloody smear on the cement floor right now.

Abdiel swiped at her with his wing, making Davariel cringe, but, to his relief, Luciel spun agilely over the moving wing, her arm spinning in a complete circle. The virtual blade flashed, apparently severing the wing completely off. Abdiel cried out in surprise when his wing drooped limply behind him. Luciel took advantage of his shock and sliced the blade through his neck, beheading him. He fell to his knees, stunned, before toppling back, his eyes round.

“Game over for you, kiddo. Now who the hell’s next?”

Abdiel began to wail. “I can’t feel my wing. I can’t move my body.”

The other reapers looked dubious.

“Oh, don’t be such a baby,” Luciel chastised. “The numbness will wear off in a few minutes.” She turned up her nose at the others. “So, that’s it? You bunch of morons give?” When they looked blankly at her, she rolled her eyes. “Do you surrender?”

They all tensed and scowled, finally understanding.

“Reapers surrender only to death or lust,” Eriel hissed.

They attacked and were wiped out with the same ease as Abdiel.

Davariel watched, memorizing every move.

Davariel felt livid. Luciel had healed him, but kept him in a semi-conscious stupor believing he needed rest. He learned how to communicate with her telepathically and constantly begged and argued with her to let him awaken fully. The headstrong woman wouldn’t listen to him. He wanted to scream in frustration, but his present state wouldn’t even allow for that simple release of anger.

He began to refuse her attempts at feeding him, clamping his teeth tight so she couldn’t get the spoon of broth into his mouth.

Release me —he demanded into her mind.

“Not yet, sweetheart. When you’re a little stronger. Now, open wide.”

She spoke to him in the same tone the high priestesses used when he was a child. It only incited his anger more. How dare she control him this way.

He could feel her fingers trying to make him open his jaw. Davariel clenched his teeth tighter as he searched his brain for scathing Edenian phrases.

“Dava, open up,” she insisted.

Bite me.

Her fury was palpable. He could sense her struggling not to dump the broth on his head. It made him want to laugh and goad her some more. He’d stick out his tongue at her, but knew she’d seize the opportunity to shove the damn spoon into his mouth.

“Dava, you’re acting like a spoiled child.”

He’d heard that plenty of times before. Summoning every ounce of strength he possessed, he lifted his hand and stuck out his middle finger. He knew it was a very offensive gesture for most Edenians.

He heard Luciel snarl in indignation, could feel her fury, but it didn’t last very long. He smiled anyway, then sputtered when she slipped the spoon full of broth past his lips. The little wench. Davariel pursed his lips and blew, making the broth spurt out all over himself and her.

This time she almost broke the bowl when she slammed it onto the nightstand by the bed. She was really enraged now. He turned his head away from her fearing she’d whack him.

A few seconds passed and nothing happened.

The bed dipped and he felt her straddle him. What was she up to now? He turned his head and tried to focus on her. The image kept fading in and out, but he was almost sure he saw her removing her t-shirt. Her fingertips stroked down his torso. There was no mistaking that. They dipped beneath the waistband of his loose drawstring pants. He blinked trying to bring into focus the two pretty breasts that bobbed over his face, when he suddenly felt her delicate fingers slip between his legs to cup him.

Fuck. He groaned in response to her teasing. She knew how addicted he was to sex and teasing him when he couldn’t respond they way he wanted to was beyond cruel.

Luci, what are you doing? Let me awaken fully. I’ll do whatever you want, just let me fuck you properly.

He knew he had no shame begging that way, but he loved sex. Not just any sex, but sex with his love, his heart, the mistress of his soul. He’d lie on his back for a month and swallow down whatever she wanted as long as she sat on his loins. He’d turn over and pound her into the mattress, too. That would be nice.

Davariel felt himself going insane with lust, but her only response was to rub an enticingly erect nipple over his lips. The dark hazy mist that pulled at his mind grew stronger. No. He didn’t want to lose consciousness now. Sweetness filled his mouth and he felt the strongest urge to suck and swallow.

He lost all sense of time. Within the endless black that imprisoned him, he felt the ghostly dance of her fingers stroking him, the warmth of her breast teasing his lips, the sensation of ambrosia filling his mouth, feeding the increasing ache that built within him…to have her.

The blackness ebbed and his body felt light, almost weightless. It would have been soothing except that his balls felt like they were filled with lead and his cock actually hurt.

Davariel blinked his eyes open, and then doubled over as the painful sensation between his legs finally hit full force.

“Fuck. What have you been doing to me?” he wailed through clenched teeth, cupping his stiff penis and petrified balls.

One look at Luci revealed her nibbling her lower lip with a guilty expression on her face. They were both in the sunken tub of their bathroom.

“It was the only way I could get you to feed. I didn’t know that you’d stay….”

Feed? What in Hades was she talking about?

“Does it hurt very much?”

As she spoke, he noticed a pearly drop of milk clinging to one pert nipple. Feed.

His dick still hurt, but he felt so enraged he ignored it. “You breast fed me?”

She flinched. It was no wonder. He could still hear the echo of his roar in the room.

“You wouldn’t eat…”

“You had no right keeping me unconscious.”

She glared at him. “Stop screaming.”

To that he replied by slapping his hands on the edges of the tub, and roaring like a beast inches from her face.

Her icy blue eyes flashed as she bared her teeth at him. “You spoiled ungrateful brat.” She sloshed around in the tub, turning to leave as a slew of expletives poured forth from her.

Davariel wrapped his power around her and yanked her back to him. She fell back on her ass, legs spread wide around his thighs. She stared up at him in shock, her pretty, plump lips forming the perfect O for him to shove his cock into.

“Your pussy or your mouth,” he snarled tangling his fingers into the wet hair at the back of her head. “And hurry the fuck up before I decide on your ass just to teach you a lesson on who’s got the balls here.”

He knew that was a bit much, but he was pissed and horny; bad combination for Davariel of Angelos, reaper, death angel, ex-dark prince.

Apparently, none of those lofty titles had any bearing on the gorgeous Edenian female before him. He forgot who and what he was dealing with—a Master Guardian. She wasn’t just any Master Guardian either, but ranked an archangel.

The tingling in his free hand should have warned him, but it all happened very quickly. She used her own powers to slap his hand with much brutality upon his poor throbbing dick, screaming at him “go fuck yourself.”

Stars shot out before his eyes as he yelped in pain. “Bitch.”

Through the black haze of pain that threatened to engulf him, he heard a sound. Blinking, he lifted his head and felt his heart break. Luci was crying.

“My love…” he began, his voice coming out strained, but she vanished from sight. Teleportation. She didn’t go far, though. He sensed her presence in their bedroom. He took a deep breath unable to avoid the loud moan that erupted from his throat. His cock was still throbbing.

“Luci, please.”

If he didn’t regain composure, she’d teleport somewhere he wouldn’t be able to reach her. What if she left him? He couldn’t live without her. The thought made him want to sob. In desperation, he crawled out of the tub. Lucky for him it was sunken. There was no way he would have managed to lift his leg. Just crawling up the short steps was agony alone, but he endured it. Luci couldn’t leave him. If he had to go on living, he needed her.

After everything she’d done so he could grow strong and healthy again; she’d bathed him, combed his outrageously long hair, fed him like baby from her own breasts, tolerated his obnoxious belligerence—and for what?

He’d treated her no better than a whore, and then called her bitch. Another sob hitched in her throat as she hurriedly yanked on a t-shirt.

“Luci, please,” he begged from the bathroom.

She steeled herself against the seductive pull of his cambion voice; that sweet voice he used to manipulate all to his whims. Her mind listed every crude cuss word she could mentally throw at him.

A firm pair of hands on her shoulders made her freeze. She could hear him breathing behind her. Was he still in pain?

“I’m sorry.” He sounded as if he were trying to hold back tears.

She melted. She was human after all, but didn’t turn to face him.

“I’m so terrified of losing you and the boys.” The soft masculine voice wove its magic, making her close her eyes trying to resist its hypnotic pull. “Please try to understand me.”

She felt his breath against her hair seconds before he buried his nose in it and inhaled deeply. She shuddered.

Closing her eyes, she struggled to retain her common sense. “What does that have to do with you trying to kill yourself?”

“I wasn’t trying to kill myself, Luci. I needed to practice my sparring skills. I no longer have wings. I’ve completely lost my abilities to fight. Even my powers as a reaper have become limited and are quickly fading. Soon I’ll be just as helpless and hapless as a newborn Edenian.”

“Why do you need to relearn to fight, Davariel?” She finally turned to face him and didn’t like what she saw in his eyes.

“They want our sons, Luci. We’re no longer important to them. It’s the twins they want now.”

“They won’t find us. By the time they do, the boys will be too big for them to brainwash.” She stared up at his face and saw something else there. Horror gripped her and she began shaking her head. “No. Davariel, no.”

“I must, Luci. The rift can’t remain open like it is. I cracked it open; it’s my responsibility to reclose it.”

“No. No way. You’ll be killed.”

“It can’t stay open, Luci.”

“Well you can’t go alone.”

At that, he scowled darkly. “You will not go with me.”

What an insufferable blockhead. She bared her teeth in anger and he actually took a step back. “If I don’t go, you don’t go.”

His golden brows drew together, but he managed to keep his voice soft when he said, “If we both die what will become of our sons. Be reasonable.”

Images flitted through her head, but she ignored them.

“We’re not going to die. We just have to plan this out. We’ll gather as many reapers as we can to guard you while you close the rift. If you go alone, you’ll never get a chance to even try to close it.”

Luciel watched the play of emotions drift over his heart wrenching features. He had goose bumps from being wet and she used her power to strip the excess moisture from him, leaving his hair gleaming and skin dry and glowing.

Even without wings, he was still exquisite, perfect. She led him to the bed and laid him back. For the longest moment, all she could do was stare at him.

“Am I still ugly to you?” he asked.

She could see the vulnerability in his vibrant electric-blue eyes. It touched deep into her soul. “You never were.”

He closed his eyes in an expression of relief. “I love you, Luci. Don’t ever forget that.”

“Don’t ever let me forget, Davariel.”

He reached for her, but when she reached for his stiff cock, he grabbed her hand with a whimper. His prick ached so much, he didn’t think he be able to stand her fingers touching him.

“It hurts so much, my love.”

Her lip trembled with a little pout. “I’m sorry, Dava. I didn’t realize you’d be in pain.”

He traced her cheek with a fingertip. “I just need to come.”

“I’ll do whatever you want,” she said clutching his hand to her cheek. “Tell me how to give you relief.”

Davariel shuddered, staring into her earnest eyes. He pulled her fingers into his mouth and sucked, wetting them with his spit, Her pupils dilated as she watched mesmerized. He pulled her saliva slicked finger from his mouth and groaned, “Fuck me, Luci.” Davariel opened his thighs watching her eyes widen in shock. “Fuck me till I come, my love.”

She seemed unsure at first, but the feel of her tentative prodding at his rosette, made him hiss and moan in pleasure. Slowly, her dainty fingers sank into him. Davariel growled and spread his legs in a wanton display of lust. His cock twitched and his heavy balls shuddered.

“Oh, yes. Just fuck me. Take me. Make me yours,” he panted gripping the pillow under his head and bucking his hips in tandem to her shy thrusts. He felt his hungry hole swallowing her digits and panted. His gut clenched warning of his impending climax. “Please, oh, please, Luci,” he begged shamelessly. “Fuck me harder. Make me cum. I hurt so much. Need to come.”

Her thrusts became faster, his pants harsher.

“More. More fingers,” he demanded pushing down on her thrusts. She used three fingers, and then four, until her thumb joined the rest. He bucked so wildly that her entire fist began breaching him, the burn driving him insane with lust.

His cock spurted, making him shriek. Pearly lines of cum draped his quivering abs and thighs as his balls emptied out for what seemed like an eternity. Davariel twitched and bore down on Luciel’s fist as her fingers rubbed deep inside him. He cried out in ecstasy, tears leaking from his eyes.

When it was over, he realized she’d slipped her hand from him and was lapping up cum from his quivering abs. His cock lay still rigid against his stomach, but it was no longer sensitive. Davariel yanked a bewildered Luci up his body and kissed her deeply. Her tongue, coated with his semen tangled with his.

She sighed, trembling when he released her lips. “I-I’m glad you feel better now, Dava.”

Davariel grinned at her, his cock twitching in excitement. “But I’m not done yet my love.”

Luci gasped. “Oh, God.”

Chapter Ten

Luciel followed the sweet voice beckoning her, her boots clicking on the dull green floor of the corridor. She’d awakened to the soft whisper calling her name. It sounded like her Dominatio, but she wasn’t sure. The cherub had only appeared to her three times in her life; the first time, when her parents had died, then again, to give her the divine sword she possessed. The third time was to console her when she discovered that the beautiful angel she’d fallen in love with as a teenage girl was the dark prince she was being trained to destroy.

She turned a corner in the corridor and stopped in her tracks. The baby angel hovered before the door to the main com-unit room. Luciel approached with a smile. Her Dominatio was such a pretty little creature, its golden hair streaked with a thousand shades of gold, its luminous eyes a crystalline shade of vibrant blue. Electric-blue.

“I never noticed before,” she whispered, her eyes narrowing. “Your coloring is just like Dava’s.”

The cherub never spoke a word to her, unlike the one her son had, but she could feel it communicating with her through vibrations of emotion that threaded through her body like the notes of song, resonating deep within her heart.

The Dominatio hugged her, and then opened the door to the com-unit room.

Crisp, cool air rushed out, ruffling her hair about her shoulders. As soon as she stepped into the room, the overhead lighting activated itself.

The were-tigris had also refitted this area to accommodate a state-of-the-art communications unit. The floor was shiny black marble, and the walls padded with deep grey acoustic material. The center of the room had a pedestal used for virtual interface. One could converse with another as if they were standing before you. At the far end of the room was a more traditional console, with a fifteen-foot holographic screen. The overhead lighting dimmed and the holographic imaging projectors over the pedestal blinked to life.

Luciel gasped, drawing the attention of the humanoid that appeared on the pedestal. Jet-black curls bounced over wide shoulders as the inhumanly beautiful face turned to peer at her over its shoulder. Obsidian eyes glittered in a milky white face, looking at her from head to toe. Slowly, the creature turned, the black cape draped over its shoulders whispered across the white of the pedestal. A man. He let the cape slither from his shoulders, baring his naked torso that was as white as her son Devon. He slipped his hands into the pockets of his snug leather pants and strolled over to where she was. His boots stopped at the edge of the pedestal, and he smiled, revealing his pointed fangs. A vampire.

“Hi.” His demeanor was sultry, flirtatious…dangerously so.

Luciel had to remind herself that he was just a holographic projection. Nonetheless, she approached him with caution.

She turned to look for her Dominatio, but found that the little angel had disappeared again.

“Mine does the same thing to me. Just pops in and out of my life, like that.” The vampire snapped his fingers, and then used the same hand to coil one of his curls around his finger as he leered at her. “My, but don’t you look appetizing.”

“You’re an archangel?” Surely he had to be lying. A vampire?

He tilted his head to the side, staring at her with his bottomless black eyes. His hand seemed to reach for something in front of him. Fire blazed and magnificent sword appeared in his hand. The hilt was black and glittered with hundreds of jewels. The black scroll marks on the blade were similar to the ones on her own blade.

A divine sword. So, the vampire wasn’t lying after all.

“You look surprised.”

Luciel analyzed why she couldn’t seem to take her eyes away from his. He barely blinked, and his eyes stared with piercing intensity, like a predator. His brows drew up in amusement. Oh, yes, and he was pretty…like a girl.

“I don’t meet many vampires. Don’t think I’ve ever come across one who was an archangel.”

He lowered his sword, resting the tip on the floor while he leaned on the hilt and studied her intently. “How can I help you?”

“Help me?”

“My Dominatio ordered me to help you.”

Her own Dominatio had led her here. Still, she was reluctant to speak of Davariel. He was on every Master Guardian’s most wanted list.

“And what makes you think, I need your help?”

The vampire turned and strode a few steps away. His black spiral curls danced against his waist beguilingly, and his muscles rippled when he spun the sword like a baton in his hand. She imagined he had centuries of practice wielding that blade…among other things.

“Perhaps we should start with introductions.” He spun around, a smile gracing his blushing lips. “I’m Drakken Nehzilini, Master Guardian and archangel protector of the newly colonized Sjoria.”

Luciel’s mind began to race. “Isn’t that planet on the very outskirts of the galaxy?”

“That would be the one. Not too many aliens have populated it because of its strict measures to keep everything as simple as possible. No big cities on Sjoria. Lots of oceans and rainforest, though.”

“How does one go about to colonize?”

“One doesn’t.” He raised his brow and tilted his head to the side. “Oh, damn. That’s it, isn’t it? I’ve got to get you permission to live on Sjoria.” He rolled his eyes and huffed. “Why me?”

Her Dominatio and his had arranged this, so it had to be done. But how would she manage to transport Davariel, the babies and herself, and keep their presence secret? She was almost at the limit of her power cocooning the compound with a power shield so no one would detect their presence. Little by little it was draining her. She knew eventually she would need to relocate to the unlinked outskirts of the galaxy.

“Aren’t you going to tell me your name?”

The vampire’s sweet voice intruded on her thoughts.

She took a deep breath. “Luciel Ngyuen….”

Drakken’s sword fell to the floor with a loud clang. His lips went pale. “The dark prince’s mistress?”

“Mistress?” She almost went into an insulted tirade, until she realized he was right. Hell, she was still sore from the last pounding Davariel had given her only moments before. Luciel felt herself blush.

Drakken put his fingertips to his colorless lips, staring at her wide-eyed. “Is he with you? Is it true you birthed his child?”

“Twins. Two boys. Dava is sleeping right now.”

Drakken shuddered. “I saw him once, before he turned. I’d been allowed to enter the holy city, but was forbidden to approach him. We followed him at a safe distance, always watched by a dozen armed reapers. He barely acknowledged our presence. The king of the Fae planet, Marahk, was with us that day. Davariel spotted a group of Greis in the multitude that had gathered to…worship him. They had brought a child with them. The small Grei female was dying. Davariel had her taken out from the crowd and brought to him. He carried her the whole time, singing to her, kissing her forehead with a tenderness that….” Drakken took a deep breath, his eyes staring deep into Luciel’s. “When visiting time was over, he begged to keep her, arguing that she didn’t have long to live anyway, but the high council refused, plus, the Greis were incensed that he didn’t include them in his private serenade. Before they took the weeping child away, Davariel tore one of his primary feathers out and gave it to her. Have you any idea how painful it is for a Seraph to have one of his feathers pulled? It’s like yanking off one of your fingers.”

Chapter 20 — Forces in Motion… If you know what I mean.

“Ha ha ha, I’m quite enjoying myself today, what do you think… Lizias?” A dark green demon stabbed his spear into the gut of another demon, instantly killing that demon.

The one named Lizias stood by his ally, grabbing onto the face of an enemy demon and tossing him off a high ledge to its doom. Lizias had no weapons on his body, as he liked to defeat his enemies, even the small frys, with only his fists. Lizias barely even wore any armor, preferring the comfort of various cloths to the bulk and weight to various armors. He replied to his comrade happily, “I sure am, Renning. Really, I’m honestly surprised here, I never expected these soldiers to be so… Zealous.”

Renning, the leader of the egotistically named Legion of Renning. This particular group of mercenaries always fought for money, though they refused any job that they deemed too “boring”. In fact, they considered any job where if a set few of their number didn’t die, to be a failure. It was also quite famous for being a fairly organized group of mercenaries, keeping a strict set of discipline for their group and a rigorous routine for all the lower ranked members.

Renning laughed heartily, clearly enjoyed with the current situation. He knocked the chin of lust demon with the butt of his spear, kicking the demon in the solar plexus as a finisher. He twisted his spear in the air and sliced across the neck with the tip of the spear of a third demon. “This Arazra fellow… He certainly gave us a fun battle this time. Though… It’s rather lacking in interesting opponents? Where’s this Pillar of Lust? You would think they would help defend their capitol.”

Lizias smirked and lifted up succubus by her legs, swinging her into a group of archers firing upon the troops below the walls. “Be careful what you wish for, Renning. It might just come true, though not that I mind if it does.” Lizias tossed out his “sage” advice to his friend and superior, Renning.

In the beginning of the battle, the Legion of Renning was tasked with the initial strike, though Renning would have volunteered for such an option in the first place. Arazra didn’t want to risk the district soldiers in the most dangerous of jobs in the siege. He preferred to use his hired forces to wear down the enemy until a final surge of troops was needed. Arazra had several large mercenary groups under his control, with the most notable and famous of them being Black Steps, the Legion of Renning, and Huracan. Black Steps was particularly famous for being led by a black demon, which are extremely rare outside of the families of the Ruler of Sin. The Legion of Renning was most famous for a certain battle they took part in at one time, which occurred during the previous war between the angels and demons. And Huracan was fairly mysterious, as none were allowed to know their secrets unless they joined the group themself; though it is rumored that they have something to do with the Mayan god the group is named after.

The forces of Arazra were quite vast, though it wasn’t as large he previously had hoped it would be. Considering the matters of running his own district, and the same for his allied district leaders, they all had to leave behind a portion of their troops to keep order and defend the borders in case forces affiliated with the fake Lord of Lust attacked them.

“I’m quite enjoying myself here, Renning, but I advise that we pull back by a little. Our enemy is rallying and ready to charge. Strong as we may be, even we will be overwhelmed by such a large amount of demons.” Counseled the rugged Lizias.

What Lizias said was true, as there was a surge of lust demons crawling up the stairs of the walls, ready to push back the intruders. A strange purple succubus in an odd purple dress with lace frills led them. The strange succubus also twirled around an umbrella that was out of place in the dusty battlefield as of now, though she seemed completely unfazed by all the noise and strife. Every step the succubus took seemed to resonate through the eardrums of the Legion of Renning currently fighting on the high walls. Though the mercenaries continued to fight, they seemed unusually afraid of the succubus, they all itched to be away from her presence. The only ones not affected were Lizias and Renning.

The succubus then turned her head and gleefully and ordered, “Eliminate these detestable mercs… And if you don’t put up a good show and give them pain, I’ll be the one to administer that pain I want. Hmmm? I’ll handle those two.” The female and male demon soldiers behind the succubus paled, though they immediately rushed out and attacked the Legion of Renning soldiers, leaving Lizias and Renning alone.

Renning knocked an incubus to the side with his spear before planting the haft into the ground. “You’re quite an arrogant little minx. Hrm… You don’t happen to be a member of that pillar group, would you?”

“Renning… Please, if you don’t retreat soon, this woman will have the upper hand with her forces and she will easily slay us. I will cover your escape. You can fight plenty of strong opponents if you live another day.” Lizias offered his word of warning.

The purple succubus frowned, “Tsk… I really want to kill one of you two. Fine, tell you what, I’ll let one of you live and the other will have some fun with me here! And to answer your question, I am the Sadism of Lust. And who might you two be?”

“I am Renning, of the Legion of Renning. This is Lizias, not of the Legion of Lizas.” Renning stood still, combing the body of the Sadism of Lust. As always with succubi, she is extremely beautiful, a sizable bust, and a toned body.

Lizias looked downwards, he had an austere expression on his face, “Renning… You always think you’re hilarious. Please escape while I hold of this Sadism of Lust and her troops. I’ll do what I can to escape and we can fight future battles alive.”

Renning grinned and placed a hand on Lizias’ shoulder, “No I don’t, Lizias. If anything, you’re the funny one. OK, then… LEGION! PULL OUT! Live or die, just have some fun, will you? Hey Sadist! Make sure you give him a run for his money, kill him if he needs it!” This was the attitude Renning had with all of his subordinates. He never played favorites, nor did he particularly care for any of them, though he enjoyed the occasional duel with his comrades.

Lizias, while he did not consider himself weak, found it impossible to consider Teras in any way remotely close to him in strength, with him on the wrong side of that scale. He was prepared to give his life for the one who had paid his wages, which were quite large, as it was a staple among the Legion of Renning to give up on life once you join.

The Sadist tilted her head and smiled, “Well, you heard him. There is no point in me holding back, is there? The quicker I kill the Land of Lust’s enemies the better.” With her grim sense of loyalty, the Sadist pulled out an odd cane sword from the handle of her umbrella.

Lizias gritted his teeth and took a defensive stance, he wasn’t sure how long he could hold of the Sadist before she killed him.

The Sadist of Lust ran pointer and middle finger along the length of the sword, forming a striking blue sheen. Soon, sparks randomly went off on various points at the sword, with them concentrating around the tip and close to the pommel. Without hesitation, the Sadist lowered herself and sprinted off towards Lizias with her cane sword at the ready.

“So fast!” With those words, Lizias attempted to intercept the Sadist. He tried to step off to the side and grab onto the Sadist as she passed by.

Yet it was futile to resist in the end. The Sadist immediately halted her momentum and stood just before Lizias’ outstretched arms ready to grab onto her. She sadistically smiled with her eyes closed cheerfully. In one fell motion, the Sadist of Lust cut through Lizias’ arms, which normally would not kill instantly, but the lightning she infused her blade with coursed through the male demon’s body and immediately stopped his heart, though not before Lizias felt the full brunt of the pain of the severed arms and electricity in his veins.

Lizias screamed out in pain for a long while, even faint squeaks and groans could be heard even after the demon’s death.

“Hardly fun… Hmm, I might as well capture you then!” The Sadist grumbled for some unknown and unhappy reason, “I promised that you may live, though not until I have a little fun with you. Surround him, please!”

Renning hardly had time to vault himself back over the walls and secure his escape before soldiers of Lust surrounded him with their weapons pointing at his neck. He knocked several of them aside with his spear and tried to stab the spearhead into the gut of the demon behind him, which incidentally turned out to be the Sadist who had already converged upon his location. He grimaced at the body of Lizias, though he soon lost interest and switched his gaze to the Sadist.

The Sadist of Lust spoke first, “I would just love it if you would resist and make this SO much more fun to capture you!” The Sadist of Lust slowly sheathed her cane sword back into her umbrella while saying this.

Renning spun his spear in the air and slammed the haft into the ground before taking replying, “I agree, there would be no point in participating in such a fun war if you don’t risk your life. Still, I prefer life and I doubt I can survive in this situation. And on that note…” Renning tilted his spear into a sixty degree angle and chanted, “Regaled Ascalon, the spear that bathed in dragon blood. Grow and grow until you reach the clouds!”

Abruptly, the spear that was in Renning’s hands grew, expanding from the center. The demon held onto the spear tightly as he was launched into the air, narrowly avoiding the piercing lances and swords of the attacking Lust demons. The Sadist of Lust didn’t budge, though she followed Renning with her eyes that seemed as if she was looking down on Renning even with him all the way up in the sky.

Renning eventually called back up his spear, it returned to its original length as he continued to soar through the sky. And since he had no wings, Renning eventually began to plummet to the ground. He twisted his spear and extended it again towards the ground. Once the haft touch soft soil, he carefully but swiftly lowered himself to the ground.

“Oi! You’re back already? C’mon, I honestly thought your legion would do much better than that.” This gruff voice came from a being that Renning rather disliked.

Renning twirled his spear around in the air as it returned to its original state. He looked up and stared the gruff voice straight in the eye, “Have someone tell Arazra that the Pillar of Lust have returned, and most likely the Lord of Lust as well.” And without waiting for a reply, Renning stalked off towards the tents and encampment of his subordinates, most of which were now seeking healing. “She was… Quite beautiful.”


Around several hours passed since everyone left the meeting room and night soon approached. Watches were posted by Teras in order to patrol the walls and look out for any possible night attacks.

Due to the geography of the capitol, which was a massive city surrounded by immense mountains, there was only one direction in which the enemy could attack. Even in the areas where the terrain dipped down, the freezing artic winds allowed no flying demons or humanoids to pass through unless wearing heavy clothing to negate the cold, and even then, the heavy clothing wouldn’t allow flight.

Due to this mountainous terrain that wasn’t restricted around the capitol, but covering the entire landscape to the point where there wasn’t a single spot in all of the Land of Lust where you couldn’t see a single mountain. And this was one of the main reasons why the previous Lord of Lust adopted the particular humanoid species into the Land of Lust. The Harpies because they were naturally suited to flying in many temperatures, even more so than demons. And the Yuki-Onna because they were naturally suited to freezing temperatures of any type and could live comfortably in the cold.

High walls were extended from one side of the mountains to the other in order to block out invaders from entering the city. And there were several terraces to travel until one reached the palace from the ground floor. The elevation advantage allowed siege weapons, archers, and mages to rain projectiles down on the attacking enemies, even if they penetrated into the terraces.

Numerous patrols walked along the length of the grand walls, above and below. There were even some demons patrolling the skies for flying invaders. You would think that if a large force invaded over the walls from the skies that they would easily overwhelm or bypass whatever defenses were there, quite the opposite in actuality. Flying isn’t nearly as convenient as people think, you are an easy target for archers and mages or swarms of other flying demons that can surround you in heartbeat.

Thus the invading armies took a short break, planning their next immediate attack. While they could attack under cover of night, it would not prove all that prudent. Defending mages had dispersed any clouds and fogs that could hide troops, and many worked spells of night vision that allowed easy sight at night.

Yet since a siege is a war of attrition, there was still line of soldiers hidden behind movable barriers and objects of varying size, firing projectiles at the defenders on the walls. The patrolling guards on the walls hid behind the battlements, with many of them retaliating. In this pitiful exchange of projectiles, very few soldiers on both sides died.

In one very tall tower, several prominent demons, a fallen angel, and a Djinn were resting for the night, conversing before sleep took them. Their names are Nerissa, Aureal, Sitri, Little Rouge, Luce, and Reginald. Not all of them were in the same room, though they came and go as they pleased looking for sustenance, the facilities, and the bedrooms. This tower was reserved for officers and there were separate, lavish beds for each individual (for the females, not the two males who slept, with some complaint on Reginald’s part, in a lackluster room).

Conversations of random and strange topics permeated the tower.


“You know, Sitri… Tooooo outsiders, iiiiit honestly looks like flirting!♡” Little Rouge said to Sitri in the room they were currently occupying.

They were both alone in this room and Little Rouge intentionally spoke in a voice that was loud enough to make a person seem like they were shouting, but low enough for none outside the room to hear.

“Oh? I don’t know what you mean. I haven’t gotten very many chances to speak with our handsome lord so far.” Sitri responded dreamily. It seemed that the black demoness had no idea what Little Rouge was talking about.

Little Rouge, contorted in a comical pose, positioned both of her palms under her chin to support her lying down and amusedly said, “Our cute little lord? Nnnnno, I’mmmmm obviously not talking about him.♡” Little Rouge blinked her eyes mischievously before continuing on, hell bent on annoying Sitri, “IIIII’m talking about that interesting pride fellow.♡”

Sitri waited five seconds exact for the words to process with her brain, “Please repeat that again, but much more slowly this time. I think your brain must be damaged or something and you started to spout nonsense.”

Little Rouge was laughing uncontrollably, in her mind. It took all her power to not laugh at the black demoness’ face. “Nope! You heard correct, that interesting Reginald fellow with the strange tattoos, iiiiit seems you’ve taken aaaaa liking tooooo him!♡”

Sitri calmly stood up and rigidly walked towards the door; just before she left, she threw a miniature knife at Little Rouge, with it just barely missing the red demoness’ jugular vein as it passed by and stuck into the wall. She left Little Rouge to herself, who was now unable to control her laughter.


In the room designated for the two sole males, Luce and Reginald, they quietly kept to themselves, contemplating about the upcoming battle.

Luce looked completely relaxed as he lounged on a cushioned chair facing a table. He was currently playing a game of solitaire, which he frequently played when there was nothing else to do. To his despair, he lost, completely giving up on solitaire in general. He instead opted to build a card house, which he cheated at by applying a light bit of magic to the edges of the card so they stuck together as if the card edges were made of adhesive.

Reginald on the other hand had no means of entertaining himself other than falling asleep. He laid down peacefully on a soft cot while he daydreamed, despite it being night, about various things, most of which ended up at the numerous pretty demons he had seen lately.

The two never engaged in conversation, and whenever their eyes met, they nodded and went back to their own thing.


Nerissa and Aureal had arrived earlier, joining the remaining pillar members in the officer’s quarters of the tower. Though soon after, Aureal left, saying that she couldn’t sleep and wanted to survey the situation so that she may prepare herself.

Nerissa, however, was currently practicing with Old Age. The sword, while it was the exact same sword she wielded before she even met Rainer, was now being inhabited by the strange presence known as Old Age. Apparently Old Age jumped from sword to sword whenever they found a new suitable user of the sword, at least that was the basic explanation of it.

Still, Nerissa wanted to practice using the sword’s power for when she needed it. Nerissa now wielded one of the seven most powerful weapons in the seven circles, and completely by chance was she able to come by it, the proud white demoness was determined to not squander the honorably weapon’s ability.

A dummy target was located inside her room, which Nerissa practice a flurry of different techniques on. She found that her prided ‘Unholy Cuts’ style was strangely compatible with the sword. Even so, Nerissa found that all of her sword styles and techniques were far more potent than before. In her fight against Avandar, Nerissa was outmatched by the wrath demon by a hundred fold, and by a thousand fold when he wielded Old Age.

Nerissa considered her honored stained at the massive difference in skill and power, thus she trained. Deciding to train to the point her fiancée would never have to lift a finger if he didn’t want to.

Her love for her fiancée was out of an infatuation for fictional romance type stories she read in Pride’s Home (the palace for the Princess of Pride and her children). She was teased by her siblings for being too ‘human’ in the fact that she wanted a blissful romance, preferably with another person who was the same age as her, which was rare for demons.

And when it was revealed that Nerissa had a fiancée in the young Lord of Lust to be who was surprisingly the same age as Nerissa, words could not express her joy. And when she actually traveled over to the human world, she observed the one named Rainer too see what he was like before introducing herself. It only took days for Nerissa to confirm that she liked what she saw and introduced herself to the young lord to be as his fiancée. She even went as far as to say that she loved him, even though she barely knew him. Even Nerissa was surprised at her audacity that day, and it was only a couple weeks ago yet it seemed so long ago.

It really did turn out as she had dreamed. And nothing was going to stop Nerissa from destroying the forces that was going to attempt to pry that apart.


Lauren, at this time, had just arrived after reviving Caetorum and leaving him to the palace physicians. She was led to the tower by several demon guards who treated her with deep respect. She was quite amazed at how high the position of ‘Lord of Lust’s Concubine’ got her.

Far more than it did in the many harems of various Earth sultans and kings.

She hummed a tune from a certain song she liked back on Earth. Whenever she was alone, she hummed this song, which she did quite often when in the care of her mother.

“My mother, huh? I have quite a famous one.” Whispered Lauren quietly to herself under her breath. “She didn’t care about any of her other children… Which I guess would be my siblings. So why did she even bother with me?”

Being taught various magics, Lauren learned the ways of being a witch from her mother. It really was the only thing that connected Lauren to the single parent she knew. There was no father, only a mother that doled out harsh punishment when displeased and returned zero tender thoughts. Yet even then, Lauren felt that her mother was slightly overprotective.

“Hell… It’s not like I’m ever going to see her again, besides, Lauren, there’re more important things to think about at the moment. Like living through this dramatic scene.”

“…You’re correct.”

!!!Lauren was suddenly spoken to by a lazed voice that held a hint of sorrow. “Who’s there!” Demanded the witch.

“…The [Moon], in reverse. I shall not tell you.” The strange demon revealed herself, despite saying that she will not name herself.

The demon in question was a succubus with violet skin and appendages that were revealed in all their splendor. She wore a lavish green dress with gold trim that was out of place in the dank alleyway. She wore numerous sets of jewelry, which included a silver tiara with sapphire studs, emerald earrings, a diamond nose piercing, a thin platinum chain necklace, and several armlets made out of various precious metals. Even the Pope would be envious, well, the older one at least.

The violet succubus held an icy stare, which strangely enough, held no hints of malice. In fact, it was as if the succubus emphasized with Lauren’s general situation but was forced to fight against it, that was what Lauren’s instinct told her.

Lauren asked another question despite the succubus’ shortness with her words, “Then what do you want, at least tell me that much. This is rather tense situation if you haven’t noticed.”

The violet succubus pulled a card out of a deck of cards she was shuffling in her hands, “…[Judgment]. Hmm, would you like to know your fate? Madam LeFay?”

Ok, that’s where Lauren drew the line, “Ok, tell me how you know my name, why you’re here, and who you are, or I seriously will attack.

The violet succubus drew yet another card, “…Wheel of Fortune.” And with that, she tossed the card into the air. It flipped many times in the air, faster than Lauren’s eyes could follow, as it landed in the succubus’ left hand. “…Very well, I will answer your questions. My name is Zazie, the Desire of Lust.”

What, the, heck?

“…I’m here because I was ordered. And I know your name because I was given the name of my target, Lauren LeFay. Now that I answered your questions, will you please come with me? I have no desire to harm you, the loved concubine of the Lord of Lust’s desires.

“You’re… You’re a part of the Pillar of Lust?” Staggered Lauren, then she remembered something, “That’s right… I remember there was one that traveled to this Arazra’s side, the Desire of Lust. And if that’s the case, then you should know I have NO desire to go with you.”

Pact of the Minotaur:

“I request your presence by thy pact

The indomitable fortitude of the one in the maze

Grant me your staunch strength mighty Minotaur!”

Lauren felt strong, stronger than she felt when using any of her other pacts, much more so than even her pact of the wendigo. When she called upon this pact, Lauren could even stop a steam train going at full speed. When she ran, her momentum rivaled that of a fast truck. When she lifted objects, she could pick up three buses. And when she fought, bones shattered into dust.

Taking no heed of Zazie’s reaction, Lauren picked up a sizeable stone boulder and tossed it at Zazie before running off towards her. She knew that a single boulder would not faze the demon, hence her charging attack.


Suddenly, Lauren’s thrown boulder was sliced into pieces. The shards of rock split apart and spun off towards the sides of Lauren’s target. Skidding to a halt, Lauren hesitated as she found herself quite scared, more so than she ever felt in her entire life. More so than when she met Fáfnir. More so than when her mother gave her the harshest of punishments. And more so that at death itself.

A divine figure appeared before Lauren, taking Zazie’s place. No, it was more accurate to say that divinity itself possessed Zazie.

Zazie’s skin changed to a pale purple, with her demonic appendages shimmering into light, though not disappearing completely. Her jewelry shone and glowed brightly the colors they came as, green for emeralds, blue for sapphires, and a brilliant white for diamonds. Zazie’s eyes turned completely white, as if she was blind. Her green dress held ripples of green and white, as if there was a miniature war between the two colors. A circle of swords gyrated around the divine Zazie, spinning around in different directions and forming marks in the ground if the swords got too close.

“Just what are you…” Asked Lauren who was completely mystified.

Words in Zazie’s dialect resounded in the air even though her lips didn’t move, “…I am Zazie, though I am now no longer demonic for the time being. If you so wish, you may call me Astraea, the personification of [Justice].”

Lauren was truly scared for her life.


“I do not know if I can do it anymore, I cannot stand waiting here.” Said the Seduction of Lust, Asmodea.

“Mmmzmumuzmbu” And this dazed grumble came from the Lord of Lust, who while was still in a strange coma, could still make sounds.

It seemed to Asmodea that Rainer could now understand everything going and make basic sounds close to a baby’s first cries. However, he couldn’t do anything beyond that point, he couldn’t move in any direction. That was good news, it meant he wasn’t dead, deaf, or dumb; his brain was all right.

Still, he couldn’t move or do anything in general. If enemy soldiers or assassins incapacitated Asmodea, her precious lord would be defenseless.

Perhaps it was time for “that” sort of ritual.

Among the Land of Lust, there existed a special ritual that was passed down by its denizens, known as [Ritual Lust Sin]. It was quite a basic name, though it was named for that exactly as there existed similar but also similarly different rituals in the other six circles. Yet the people who knew [Ritual Lust Sin] prided themselves on the fact that there version of the ritual was infinitely more fun and entertaining while also useful.

[Ritual Lust Sin] basically transferred precious life force from one to another, in this case, Asmodea to Rainer. One could even die if the amount of energy transferred was greater than the amount that the giver had, which was especially dangerous when the receiver could hold larger reserves of life force. What determined the amount of life force a person could carry was their will, their soul if you wish to call it something else. Life force at its basics was very powerful, especially when one devotes their body or mind to a particular ideal or motive.

Hence the reason why demons frequently went to the human world to reap human souls, as their souls were more potent in every way compared to demons, angels, and basically any other race that exists, though it is unknown why.

With the explanation aside, Asmodea decided to resort to giving a portion, no matter how large, to Rainer in hopes that he may awaken soon enough before his life is in danger.

[Ritual Lust Sin], the name alone says it, the two parties involved must immerse themselves in sinful lust.

It didn’t matter what kind of licentious act they engaged in, as long as if both parties realized that the were engaged in intimacy. Also, one must decorate the room with various objects regarding sin in general, in this case, objects regarding lust. And what better room than to perform the ritual than in the Lord of Lust’s personal bedroom?

Also, the giver of the energy must subconsciously emit a steady stream of energy, which the receiver will take in through their bare bodies.

Engaging in sex and saving a person’s life, what more could a succubus ask for at this moment?

Hmmm, maybe some chocolates, dark preferably, though Asmodea was she prepared herself.

The last time Asmodea engaged in this particular ritual was with the previous Lord of Lust during the last war between demons and angels.

“Rainer, mumble again if you understand the concepts of this ritual I just explained to you.” Asmodea had already informed Rainer what she was about to do.

If he could talk, she was sure he would say something like this, “Must you come up with such a frivolous answer to our problems?”

Still, Rainer couldn’t talk yet he mumbled once more, “Hamuzzmrmazm.” Which stood for, Must you come up with such a frivolous answer to our problems?

He understood the concepts of the ritual, but he couldn’t help but want to be sarcastic at the fact that he had to have sex for it to work. Still, it was not like he was in a position to argue, and he wasn’t entirely against doing this.

Asmodea smiled and rubbed her palms together while looking at Rainer with a crazed lecherous look. “It has been awhile since I last had you all to myself! I will make sure take care of you…” She clasped her hands together as if she was giving thanks for a meal at dinnertime.

Asmodea took her time taking off Rainer’s clothes as he laid down motionless on the bed. She made sure to entrance him in his aware yet sleeping state. As she playfully pulled off his pants, she lowered her fingers so as to drag them across his legs, tracing the skin. She played with his navel, sending shivers up Rainer’s spine, as she pulled up the bands covering his chest. The red succubus licked her beloved’s chest, landing cute but elegant pecks with her lips at random spots on his torso. She nibbled on his earlobe, pushing and pulling in seemingly separate directions, lavishing equal time on each ear.

The constant shower of affection overwhelmed Rainer’s senses, overloading his brain with pleasant sensations from every corner of his body as the rippled from his crotch to his head. It took less than a minute for Rainer to get fully hard with precum already seeping from the head.

Asmodea looked at the phallic object in question before flashing a smile at Rainer. Seductively, Asmodea dragged her respectable chest across Rainer before kissing the sensitive head with her soft lips, licking the salty precum off with her tongue.

Of his body parts that Rainer could control consciously, it was none. Because of this, he couldn’t open his eyes and stare at the delicious sight in front of him, but he could sense it was there.

The sight in question was Asmodea’s round butt looking down on Rainer’s face with the damp snatch hovering over his chin. It wasn’t an understatement to say that no matter what outfit Asmodea put on, her curves would show themselves. And if she were to put on an outfit that intentionally added on to what she already had, then voluptuous and salacious would be thrown out of the English language and replaced with words that exceeded those.

Asmodea licked around the head some more with her demonic tongue, poking and teasing the more sensitive spots like under the head and around the tip. She even wrapped her long tongue around the head and jerked it off like a miniature cock. As she did that, she wrapped one of her supple hands around the shaft, squeezing it lightly with her silk like fingers.

“Now for the first one…” Mused Asmodea as she proceeded to stroke off Rainer with her hand and tongue.

To Rainer, a warm presence rubbing up and down on his member felt like heaven, while a wet and slick tongue wrapped around his cock’s head and moving around felt like he was being milked for all his worth. It was a font of various sensations that ribbed through his bones like miniature electric shocks.

Asmodea fondled Rainer’s balls with her other hand, tickling and stimulating the pleasure points located around the two objects. She started off slow and smooth, pulling her hand along the dick’s length, as if her arm was the one moving and not her hand. Asmodea firmly kneaded the balls, effectively pushing his seed out and into the shaft. Once he felt him throb and pulse, she began to stroke him off even faster.

As she did that, Asmodea licked the head several times before unraveling the tangled wet snake, before aiming the thick cock at her face with her mouth open.

Rainer let out a pleased groan as he felt himself climax, his semen bursting out from his shaft and onto Asmodea’s face. Most of it was caught between her lips, most of the ropes of sticky white seed streamed along forming a warm line from her chin up past her nose and ending just below her eyes. Some of the seed was caught on her wriggling tongue, which she immediately gulped down, savoring her beloved’s essence.

The thick smell of his seed soon permeated Asmodea’s face, arousing her to even greater lengths… She was not done there.


“Guhhhh… I really hate this.” Said perturbed and pained voice that belonged to the Maturity of Lust.

“I’m sorry chief. We’re doing all we can to ease your pain.” Replied an honest succubus who was tending to Caetorum (the Maturity of Lust).

“No… No, it’s not that, I hate the fact that I can do anything. After all, this is exactly the time when I need to be doing my job and eliminating the threat to the young lord. Can’t you go any faster?” Caetorum asked as he gritted his teeth through the pain.

The succubus, whose name was Iireza, smiled wryly and replied, “Even with healing magic, if I don’t do it carefully, the nerves and sinews and other anatomical stuff won’t connect properly. You’ll be able to move your body without pain, but you won’t be able to make very much use out of parts of your body. It should take about another hour or two, depending on how much you move, so stay still!” Iireza forcefully pushed Caetorum back on the bed and continued to heal with [Cauterizing Water].

“…This isn’t good.” Caetorum said as he held his body still while keeping his sense open. As he was blind, he relied more on his other senses in order to determine his surroundings, also, he pushed out his mind in order to sense the Sins of other demons. This was an impossible task to anyone but the strongest of Sin, the Lord of Lust in this case, or if a person was blind like Caetorum and they trained themselves.

“What is?”

“I sense a familiar Sin… Lust mind you.” Which Caetorum then added, “Hurry up as quickly as possible, something bad may or may not happen soon. She… Is here.”

Iireza looked confused, “I’ll speed things up, as dangerous as that might be, but who is back?”

“You know her name, it’s quite famous. She’s a member of the pillar and she moved to Arazra’s side.” Riddled Caetorum, though it was a poor riddle.

As Iireza instantly knew what he was talking about, “Zazie. I can see why you’re worried. Even so, I cannot let you out just yet, I’ll double the speed of the healing, but no more. You can’t do anything with a half working body, chief.”

Caetorum grunted. He kept his mind open, following Zazie’s Sin until he heard a certain word, “…[Devil].” And with that, Caetorum found his mind clouded by Sin, and not just lust, but all of the Seven Sins. Even his normal senses like his hearing, smell, touch, and taste instantly became less than useless. He knew this power.

One of Zazie’s mysterious tarot cards, the [Devil]. Caetorum knew few of the powers of her cards, and the [Devil] is one of them. The [Devil] stands for temptation, a bond to things we find unhealthy, where we force ourselves to believe and stand for things we know is not good for us, in general it stands for chaos. The [Devil]‘s power clouds a person’s mind and muddles their senses, it effectively makes a person a useless liability. It can even change a person’s senses to the degree where they think their allies are their enemy.

In this case, all she did was cloud Caetorum’s mind so that he could not follow her presence.

The blind demon grabbed his head seething, “How did she even know I was following her? How!?” He thrashed around, forcing Iireza to stop the process.

Iireza, worried that this may cause irreparable harm to Caetorum cast a simple sleep spell to force the demon back to his calm state and into a blissful sleep.

“Don’t worry, chief… You’ll be up and running in no time.” Said the kind succubus as she stroked Caetorum’s head and continued healing his wounds.


Asmodea sucked curiously slow on Rainer’s shaft. While she was moving her lips slowly, gripping the cock with her soft lips, she was expertly massaging Rainer’s dick through her large breasts. It was as if his cock was enveloped by tangible clouds or at the very least, a warm expanse of satin.

Asmodea’s breasts were quite big, even for a succubus, around a G cup, if not larger. These two bags of fun helped out whenever she was making good on her title of the Seduction of Lust.

The red succubus was also quite sensitive around her breasts, especially on the prominent nipples. She squeezed her bust together, keeping the pleasurable exchange of friction between her tits and Rainer’s dick going, while also having her nipples rub together. Her red fingers sunk into the fluidic flesh as she rubbed the cock in between her breasts.

Deciding on a new tactic, Asmodea grabbed her breasts, with one in each hand, and began to slide them up and down Rainer’s thickness, with the soft orbs going in opposite directions.

Whenever the head of Rainer’s shaft popped up to say hello between the massive tits, Asmodea lustfully sucked on it and licked whatever precum was there with her tense tongue. Whatever precum she couldn’t gather would disappear between her tits and slicken up the skin, causing her to slide them around much easier but also more pleasurably.

Even though Asmodea was giving Rainer a thorough tit-fuck, she moaned happily into the bedroom, which was music to Rainer’s ears.

Eventually, Asmodea decided to abandon pleasing Rainer with her breasts proceeded to lube up the thickness with her hungry mouth. She coated every inch of the shaft, along with the balls, with her saliva, forming a shiny effect. As she forced her mouth down on Rainer, she waved her arms around in the air before plopping them down on Rainer’s chest, which she proceeded to rub with her arms and hands. Her hands massaged Rainer’s chest, teasing the skin that was riddled with goose bumps.

Asmodea’s hair lay peacefully around in a strange symmetrical pattern, though it jerked around whenever the succubus went back up for air. Without paying any mind to Rainer’s impending orgasm, she milked his shaft with her lips, clamping down with a wet softness that even gelatin would be envious of. The warm wetness affected every nerve on Rainer’s crotch, and even though he couldn’t move, he could still go crazy with pleasure in his mind.

Asmodea sucked on the shaft several times before going down as deep as possible, pushing her head down with all her might. She wrapped her arms around Rainer’s body and clamped onto his butt, pushing his body and her face together. Her breasts were squished against Rainer’s legs and knees, which added to the fountain of sensations.

That’s two… Asmodea said in her mind as Rainer uncontrollably unleashed another orgasm in Asmodea’s mouth. It seemed that there was even more semen than last time, as the sticky whiteness gushed down her throat and into her stomach. It almost felt as if Rainer had impregnated Asmodea, as the his warmth resonated from within her body.

“There are more out there, they will be preying on the innocent.” Natanne spoke up dressed in her Native American warrior’s ward-robe.

“I know, but I must get Mystic Shadow back to the palace to make sure our king is safe.” He told her as he could see the sadness in her eyes.

“Should we stay here and patrol Knight Shadow?” Natanne asked him thinking back on her love who had been lost not long ago because he gave into temptation. Wiping the lone tear off of her cheek.

Natanne saw something move in the tree’s, she used her telepathic powers to communicate with the others. They all walked silently into the direction of the skin walker known to the warriors as that of Gore Warrior. He did not hear her come up behind him, when he turned to find her standing there he transformed into the demon that he had been born as. Natanne felt fear for the first time as a warrior and orbed out of his reach. Jada Caster and the other six witches tried to vanquish him without success. Gore Warrior blasted them out of the woods and onto the ground before he orbed out.

“What the hell happened to you Natanne?” Jada Caster asked.

“I don’t know, I felt a horrible fear and had to Mystic Shadow laid beneath the huge tiger who was ready to devour her, when suddenly a bright light shot from her stomach. Everyone watched as the huge beast was exploded into a million demons. They swarmed as a tornado around and around until the pit of hell opened its mouth through the ground and sucked the screaming demons inside. Knight Shadow ran to his wife’s side, he held her tightly against him.

“What was that?” He asked her knowing in his heart that his wife had known she was pregnant.

“That was our son, he just confirmed that I am indeed pregnant.” She told him holding him tightly for they had created the king to lead the White Power of all that is good into the future.get away from him.” She said.

“Well, lets head back to the palace and inform Knight Shadow.” Rain Caster told them knowing he would love hearing this information.

Knight Shadow had his beloved wife in the kitchen of the palace fixing her fresh vegetables with a roast that he had soaked in a marinade. As he was cooking, he made her drink a large glass of milk. Mystic Shadow decided to steal a cookie using her power of telekinesis, the cookie was only inches from Mystic Shadow’s hand when suddenly it blew up.

“Hey that’s not fair Knight Shadow, your son wanted that cookie.” She told him hoping he would let her have one.

“No, his mother did and is using him to have her way.”He told her walking to where she sat.”Guess what?” He asked her as a cookie materialized in his hand. “It didn’t work.” He told her twitching his nose and laughing as he popped the cookie into his mouth and walked back to the stove.

“Your not funny, your not one bit.” She told him as she threw a carrot at him that was on a plate in front of her.

“Ah, you want to hit me with a carrot do you?” He asked picking up the bag of flour.

“You wouldn’t dare. ” She told him with a smug smile on her face.

“Your right, I wouldn’t . . . but my boy would.” He told her as the bag flew through the air and dumped out over her head.

“You! You! You did not do that!” She yelled looking at him through the flour.

“Your right I didn’t, our son did it.”He told her laughing and not seeing the other bag of flour dumping over his head.

They each looked at the other, shocked, before they burst into laughter. The warrior’s appeared in the kitchen to find Knight Shadow and Mystic Shadow covered in flour. Rain Caster looked at his brother and his wife shaking his head. He hated to give Knight Shadow the news of Gore Warrior’s sighting.

“An old nemesis has returned to battle us once more, Gore Warrior is with the skin walkers.” He told him.

“I thought as much, he is perfect as a skin walker.” He told them.

Mystic Shadow felt a funny feeling about him. “He could have killed me once, yet he said he wanted to have the whole me back to battle.” She told them.

It was a cold rainy night on the out skirts of Chicago, Lucy Edwards walked down the rain drenched road leading to her home. She did not hear the foot steps behind her, nor could she scream as the large wolf knocked her to the ground. The wolf had ripped her throat out so quickly that Lucy Edwards did not even know she had died as she watched the murder of her body taking place. The skin walker began removing her skin with its razor like claws. A white light began lifting her up into the air, she was heaven bound when she witnessed the skin walker placing her eye sockets into its head. Lucy was another victim that the warrior’s were unable to rescue in time.

Gore Warrior watched Natanne as she waded into the lake on the Palace’s property. Gore Warrior’s soldier delivered the news of Mystic Shadows up coming birth to the White Light Powers future King.

“Well, perhaps its time for the daughter he weds to be mine.” He said with a glimmer in his eyes. He thought back to when he impregnated Mystic Shadow with his son, his son that she killed!

His eyes narrowed as he began his plan’s of impregnating Natanne.

To be continued . . .

I woke before sunset. Gunnar was still quite literally dead to the world. He looked so sweet and innocent. I decided to get up and look round my new surroundings to explore my new world. The TV was still on the blue channel so I could easily see my way. I just had to get untangled from Gunnar. I don’t know why, I knew that I couldn’t wake him up, but I still feared my movements will disturb him. He looked so young and relaxed like this. His body temperature was slightly warmer than before and now he had more color to his complexion. He was beautiful before, but now he was absolutely gorgeous.

I wiggled out from underneath him and crawled down the high bed we were on. I looked around and noticed the room we were in wasn’t square, but was odd shaped: there were no windows and there were only two doors both made of rusted steel. Our room wasn’t decorated and had a nasty old smell to it. Red brick walls and cold cement floors, our bed, and the TV was all I could see.

I decided to check out the door closest to where I was standing, since it was ajar. I grabbed a hold of the door handle and nothing happened. The door seemed to be stuck and wouldn’t budge. So I grabbed on to the door itself and put as much muscle into opening it as I could. The door whined and groaned loudly. I cautiously looked over to where Gunnar was as I was worried about waking him. I knew subconsciously that until the sun went down he wasn’t going to move, but the act itself was involuntary.

The door opened finally but I saw nothing until my eyes finally adjusted to the lack of a light source. I hesitantly walked into the room not knowing what to expect when I stepped on something hard. This was different than the cement I had been walking on. It gave way slightly and low level lights came on lighting the back of the room. There really wasn’t much to see – it was a skinny room with no decorations, no windows, it was made of red brick and cement, and a shower head at the very back of the room with a drain under it. I was kind of disappointed, but I was sure there was more to explore elsewhere.

I walked out of that room and went through the other door I had seen. Again I was cautious not knowing what to expect. This door opened much easier than the first. Come to think of it, I am pretty sure this was the door Gunnar had come through last night after spending time with some two-bit, give it up to some guy she just met….ok those thoughts were very un-angelic, but in my defense, I have never ever felt jealousy before and I did not like the way it was making me feel at that moment.

I couldn’t blame her; he was gorgeous, and I couldn’t blame him as he had starved himself. I tried to center myself. I tried to calm myself. He crawled in bed with me, I am his future mate. He did what he did so he could be with me. There was no reason to be jealous. Right? Why was this eating at me?

The room I walked into was small, but square with nothing in it, but another door directly across from the one I just came through, so I walked out of it. Anticipation for what I could possibly find was immense. I don’t know what I was expecting. I found a small hallway. The floor was littered with broken cement, bricks, and dirt. I could see natural light so I ran towards it.

There were passageways but all opened to the outside. It looked to be Rome maybe, but there were no red bricks in Rome as far as I remembered. We seemed to be in ruins of some kind though. I walked to the sun and found brush and more ruins. I could smell salt water, rust, some decay, and I could hear waves hitting a hard surface. I walked around a little thankful that I had put on my boots and in the distance I could just barely make out skyscrapers. We were definitely not in Rome. I was at a loss.

I got several scrapes from the brush and debris covering the ground and I could hear birds calling. I looked towards where the loudest of the bird noises were coming from when one of the many sea gulls started to fly at me. I wasn’t afraid I figured it would turn before it reached me. Instead it started shifting into a man. I froze as fear shot through me and all I could think about was Gunnar and how I was going to miss him.

{Everything I did was for you and because of these feelings I have and have always had for you. Protective, hungry, needy, they are deeper than any love I have ever felt, but I don’t know what else to call it. You have been on my mind and in my heart for a thousand years and no matter what happens know that.} I projected my thoughts to him hoping that he would receive it even in his sleep and waited my fate.

“Do not fear me. I am Teale, Commander of the sentries here. We’re shifters. We patrol here to protect the island.” Teale was maybe 5’9, slender, broad in the chest, his facial features sharp. He had light grey hair that looked so soft it made you want to reach out and touch it. I noticed another sea gull flying at me and shift into a woman. Her smile was soft and warm, but her facial features were also sharp and her hair was white.

“My name is Chava, I am Teale’s mate.” Her white hair blew softly in the breeze. I noticed that both had amazing yellow eyes. I smiled at the couple.

“My name is -”

“We know who you are.” Teale interrupted me looking around almost nervously. It got me starting to do it too making me paranoid.

“Sentries are never off duty and being in bird form makes us a little more….cautious.” Chava said smiling wrapping her arms around her mate.

“Are all these bird shifters?” I asked astonished. There were birds everywhere from pigeons and sea gulls to turkey vultures.

“No, some are regular birds.” Chava answered laughing lightly at my question.

“Can you shift into other things?” I asked curious. I knew of many shifters some could turn into many things and some were more specific.

“Yes any animal we come into contact with we can shift into.” Teale said as he dropped his gaze down to his mate. “I must get back to my duty. Know that you are safe and being watched after.” With that being said he shifted back into a sea gull and flew away.

“Thank you.” I called out. “I miss flying. I loved to fly. I loved the feeling of the wind in my hair.”

“I could not imagine giving up flying.” Chava said sadly.

“Where are we?” I asked still in the soft embrace.

“I’m not sure. I followed my mate here without question. I know we are on an island, but we are close to a city. The island is nothing but brush and ruins and seems to be man made. You and your companions are the only beings here other than birds and us shifters.”

“Is it possible that there are other shifters here besides your clan?” I asked

“Yes, but we are keeping watch as my husband said you are safe here. We will protect you.”

“This place is borrrring!” I heard Loki yell stumbling over some debris. I couldn’t help but to laugh. Loki never could stand to be still for too long he was dressed like he was ready to go out to a club in his tight red skinny jeans, white pirate shirt, and a pair of plaid converse shoes. “And it stinks, there’s bird crap everywhere. Did you see the pile of bones over there? What did I do to deserve this? Why would your old man bring us here?” Loki complained.

“Loki this is Chava she is one of the sentry shifters here.” I introduced them. Chava looked apprehensive, but offered her hand in greeting. Loki smiled graciously and shook her hand.

“Please tell me where there is some fun close by.” Loki begged. Chava just shook her head not knowing what to say. It was a small island and there really was nothing except for exploring to do.

“We could explore.” I offered.

“Oh what fresh hell is this? I have a better idea girl, let’s go shopping, there is a city right over there, where there are tall buildings there is usually some sort of shopping near. Chava you are more than welcomed to join us, but you’re going to have to get dressed. Humans don’t really allow nakedness.” Loki said in his sing song kind of way.

“I don’t think Gunnar would like us to leave the island without his knowledge.” I said.

“Well we can’t very well tell him if we are planning a surprise for him now can we? We’ll take the sentry with us so he won’t get too mad. At least we thought to bring protection. Plus you’re an angel, well, a fallen angel, but they are still so much stronger than humans and I’m a Norse God.” Loki said as he straightened himself out and stood in a superior pose. Loki hated it when he was called a god, but when he was making fun of himself in some way.

“What kind of surprise are we planning for him?” I asked.

“Well he fed last night so tonight could be your night to, um, well; take old one eye to the optometrist. So you will need some sexy lingerie to help, how you say, ‘get the flag up the pole.’ Human women do it all the time.” I thought about what Loki was saying and I had seen girls running out to buy lingerie for a special night with their guy.

“OK, but we’ll take the sentry with us.” I caved. It was all settled. Loki, Chava, and I would flash there and the rest of the sentry would fly. We would give them thirty minute head start before we flashed. I ran back to the room where I had left Gunnar and wrote him a note I left it on the bed and I quickly changed clothes and threw my hair into a pony tail.

The three of us walked into a little shop in the middle of a strip mall nowhere near the sky scrapers. Loki was so excited to get off the island he was dancing. You would have thought he had spent days there instead of hours. He had just gone out with Gunnar the night before to a bar or club. I was still upset about that though I really didn’t want to be. I kind of understood, but not 100%. Why couldn’t he just feed from me?

We looked through the store and I couldn’t believe some of the things I was seeing, it ranged from the most beautiful to the why bother to wear anything at all. The young sales girl walked over to us eying Loki like he was a piece of candy and she had been on a diet for years. I had to stifle a giggle. Women always fell all over him and he rarely noticed unless he was using the sex to get something out of them.

“May I help you?” She smiled over at Loki and pressed her overly large, fake breasts out. She was deeply tan all over and her fake platinum blonde hair all flared out like a peacock. I almost laughed out loud to see the way she was approaching Loki. I had to walk away so I grabbed Chava’s hand and we walked off.

“Why yes my dear…. Jamilynn” he said reading her name tag “we are looking for something stunning for my dearest sister to present her dear fiancé the key to her unexplored fury city.” Loki said snidely with a fake English accent.

“Oh well! Sister is it?” She smiled like she had just won the lottery. “I think we have something here that will not only make you feel sexy and beautiful, but also make him mad with desire.” She said as she finally looked over at me.

We went through the many outfits until I finally came to one that I liked a lot. A white baby-doll piece with a lace and ruffle detail at the cups a small satin bow between the breasts with mesh flowing from them beneath the cups and ruffled adjustable straps. The panties were nothing but white lace. Loki said it was too plain and boring, but Chava and I agreed it was perfect.

“Oh you know what else you should get while we’re here? A dress for the clubs we will be going to. Declan has VIP suites at several.” Loki suggesting, raving and closing in on Jamilynn. I was wondering who Declan was.

“Darling would you be so kind as to help her find something that really looks hot.” Jamilynn smiled touching his chest and giggled.

“Right this way.” She led us to the front of the store I found a dress that was tight fitting with ruching at the sides, no back, long split sleeves in a beautiful blue that I thought Gunnar might appreciate.

“You know I think we have some jewelry in the back that would look spectacular with that dress. Would you help me get it?” She looked Loki in the eye with lust and longing. Her body was now pressed up against his and her crotch was rubbing against his.

“I would love too,” Loki said with a smile. He looked back at me and rolled his eyes then turned back to her and ground his crotch into hers. Loki’s cock was now sticking up out of his waist band.

“Is he always like this?” Chava asked me. I had to think hard about that question. Loki was a flirt, and I did know that Loki liked sex, he had a lot of it, and not just with girls or guys. Loki was known to stick his dick in anything. The next thing we knew screams of pleasure were ringing throughout the store.

“Uhhh yes, but sex with Loki always has consequences.” I looked over to where the sounds were coming from.

“Oh God, Oh…. I don’t even know your name.” She cried.

“Does it matter? Bend over onto your knees baby.” We heard Loki say. I rolled my eyes over towards Chava and we both laughed. I looked outside the door and I could see several pigeons pacing outside the door and an alley cat. A couple of minutes after the screaming stopped Loki walked back to the front of the store dusting himself off.

“Let’s go.” He said ushering us out the door with bags in his hands. Before he walked out he turned the light off. He waved his hand in front of the camera, shut the door and waved his hand at the lock.

“Loki did you screw her to death?” I half joked half worried.

“Why were you called to take her pain away? You know if you could take pleasure instead of pain it wouldn’t be half a bad deal now would it? If either of us could.” He said in a very hateful manner.

“Loki, are you mad at me about something?”

“No, I’m sorry Abs, look lets grab a bite to eat, the sun is fixing to set, and we should be back before tall and cranky wakes up.” Loki said pointing to several restaurants across the street. “I’m guessing that chicken is out of the question.” Loki smiled and tilted his head towards our bird entourage.

“Loki, what’s wrong with you?” I asked confused and dismayed.

“What? That was a joke. Ah come one that was freaking funny and you know it. OK, I’m sorry, look there’s a Mexican restaurant over there. We should try it out I’m sure they have beef. Your people hasn’t been cows lately have they?” Chava just shook her head not wanting to upset Loki any more than he already was.

Together the three of us walked over the restaurant and ordered. While we were waiting for our food the sun quickly sank. I knew this was a possibility, but I was scared what would happen if Gunnar woke up and I was not in sight.

I waited anxiously for our meal to arrive. I just wanted to eat and get out of there. Actually I just wanted to get out of there I could care less about the meal. I missed Gunnar and I didn’t want him to be angry with me.

{What do you mean you went shopping with Loki? Why were you scared earlier? What is going on Abigail?} Well speaking of Gunnar, his angry voice was in my head blaring and demanding.

{Please don’t be mad I was just startled earlier no big deal and we brought sentry with us. Chava hasn’t left my side.} I pleaded.

{Where are you?}He demanded. Unfortunately I didn’t know where Loki flashed us.

“Loki where are we?”


“Gunnar wants to know.”

“Tell Gunnar to chill the fuck out.” Loki snarled.

“OK Loki, tell me what is your problem, because that hateful attitude of yours has completely upset me.” I crossed the table with my body and got up in his face eye to eye and demanded.

{Where the fuck are you Abigail?} Gunnar demanded.

“Damn angel! Get your knickers out of a bunch and sit the fuck down.”

{I don’t know Gunnar, and Loki is being hateful and you are mad at me and I don’t know what to do and I’m hungry and this place smells really good, but they haven’t brought me my food yet, and everything is going to hell in a hand basket.} I said busting out crying. Loki immediately looked at me.

“Abigail please don’t cry I’m sorry. I get this way after things like what happened at the store happen.”

“Why do it if you don’t enjoy it? Why did you do it?” I tried to dry my tears, but I couldn’t.

“It’s part of the punishment. I am an instrument to get her where she needs to be. I can’t take joy or pleasure out of it.” Loki shifted his gaze down towards the bags. I knew what punishment he meant. This was my fault.”

“I didn’t know.” Is all I could get out.

“You didn’t know because you didn’t want to know. Did you really think I wouldn’t be punished for lying to God? Did you think he wouldn’t know the truth? Fuck Abigale I took my punishment because I deserved it, because you didn’t, because Volney deserved to die. Because I wished I could’ve saved you. Because your my person, the only person besides my mom thats ever loved me.” I have never felt so bad in my long life. I never took the time to think about him being punished.

“I’m so sorry.” I cried, my sorrow and guilt poured of of me in tears.

“Don’t be. It’s not that bad. They still punished you and that’s the worst part. Shop girl enjoyed everything I gave her up to the end.”

“You did screw her to death!”

“No she just passed out. Some women do that after several orgasms. I just shot my load all over her face.” Loki explained with an evil smile on his face. “I’m meeting her tonight at the club; you can see for yourself she’s not dead.”

“You can’t enjoy sex, but you can come?” Chava asked curious. Honestly I had forgotten she was there.

“Yes, and I can’t father children ever, but that’s probably for the best could you imagine me as a father.” He let out a soft chuckle.

“Gunnar is screaming in my head he is about to knock the walls down if we don’t tell him where we are.” Loki eventually told me and I relayed the information to Gunnar. Gunnar finally quit screaming in my head, but his silence was worse. Our food came to the table and it smelled divine.

I started eating with gusto ready to finish my meal and get back to Gunnar. When the door chimed I looked that way I don’t know why, but I did. I saw the most gorgeous man, the love of my life, walk in. Dressed in black jeans and a skin tight t-shirt, his long blond hair flowing from behind him. He looked like a rock star.

“Loki, don’t ever do that again. Do you understand me?” Gunnar said straining to keep his composure and his hands from strangling the life out of Loki.

“What’s wrong vamp? We were just having some fun. That island you have us on is boring, there’s not even cable.”

“You don’t have to be there. I took her there to be safe. There are demons after her, to destroy her. How the fuck am I going to protect her if you’re taking her out in public where anyone can see her.” Gunnar ground out.

“You’re going to bore her to death. Plus, if I wasn’t there during the day, how would you protect her? During sun up you’re as useful as a corps.” Loki snapped. A vein about popped in Gunnar’s temple and his jaw went even tighter.

“She is safe there!” Gunnar screamed. The whole restaurant turned to look.

{Not if you keep screaming.} I sent to Gunnar.

“Look I know that it’s not the most exciting place, and it’s not the cleanest either. I’m sorry for that. I bought it and was going to clean it and fix it up, but I decided to just stay at the caves instead. It was further away from people.” He was really trying hard to control his anger veins were popping out all over his neck and face.

“Why did you want to put so much distance away from you and people?” I asked.

“Yeah, blood bags can’t taste that good.” Loki joked or at least played it off as one.

“Because I couldn’t stand to watch the hate that humans had for one another. They hate because people are different in any small way and their willing to kill over it. I couldn’t watch anymore.” He took a deep breath. “Finish eating baby.” Gunnar tapped my plate with his fingers.

“Chava, you can take the flock back to the island, thank you for staying with her.” Gunnar said calmly, but authoritatively.

“It was my pleasure. Thank you for inviting me Abigail, I had fun.” Chava said as she stood up. I smiled at her and she left. I lost my appetite. I couldn’t even think about eating with Gunnar mad at me.

“Did you have fun?” Gunnar tried to smile. I really hated to answer this question; it made me feel like such a traitor.

{You smell like the sun} he sent to me as I heard and felt him smell me. The motion sent shivers down my spine.

“Yes, until you got angry with me and then not so much.”

“What did you buy?” He asked softly peaking around at my bag.

“Well it looks like we stole it, not bought it.” I said, ashamed and scowled over towards Loki.

“No, I earned that and I’ll earn the rest at the club tonight.”

“I don’t think we’re going to the club tonight. Wait, how did you get here?” I had to ask as the thought came into my head.

“I flashed. Most vampires can do that.” He smiled.

“You might not, but I’m going. I still have to pay for the rest of your purchases.” Loki then answered sarcastically.

“Do you want to go?” Gunnar asked me softly pushing my plate closer to me. Again my answer made me feel like a traitor to Gunnar. “I have to go. That’s where I hunt. You can come with me if you want.”

“Yes!” I said. I was excited at the aspect. I had gotten a fabulous new dress, new shoe, and even some jewelry. I wanted to wear it. I wanted to show off for Gunnar, but I didn’t want him to think he wasn’t enough for me.

“OK we’ll go to the club tonight, but you have to eat and then we’ll have to change our appearance and more…a little.” Gunnar said in my ear so no one else would over hear. I was curious what he meant by changing our appearance and more, but my mind was more on his close proximity.

I ate quickly finishing the wonderful thing called a chimichanga. The crisp outer shell with the warm goodness of shredded beef, cheese, and refried beans, all covered with a chili and cheese sauce. Yes, it was good. I reached over and grabbed Gunnar’s face which was still drawn tight. I pressed my lips up against his and then stuck my tongue in his mouth.

At first he just accepted my tongue, but then he started sucking on it. It was a great feeling and it was making those strange feelings come back. I felt a tingle at the apex where my thighs met, my womb quivered, and I started to feel warm and flush. I didn’t know if he was trying to taste the flavor I was offering him or if he was enjoying me, but either way it was making me hot. I wanted him. I’ve never wanted anyone in all the years I have seen on this earth or in heaven, but I wanted him.

“Hey, get a room. We are in a family establishment. There are children in here for God sakes!” Loki protested. “Gunnar pay the check and let’s get go. I have plans tonight.”

“Loki, I thought you didn’t want to be with Jamilynn.” I was now confused because earlier he truly acted like he despised himself for what they did and now he was acting like he couldn’t wait.

“Now we get to do it like I like too. Are you sure her name is Jamilynn, I thought it was Barbie or Jane?”

“Yes LANCE, her name is Jamilynn.” I stressed the fake name he gave her in the middle of sex. Once I was finished Gunnar paid the check with actual cash and we left. I flashed with Gunnar this time and Loki flashed himself.

“I know that the island is boring, but I really couldn’t think of a safer place.” Gunnar said sounding ashamed.

“No, I didn’t think it was boring; I was exploring the island. I met Teale and Chava. I wasn’t bored. Loki said that we should surprise you since you fed last night and that I should wear something…special.” I tried to explain.

“So is that what’s in there?” Gunnar asked eyeing my bag with a mischievous grin on his face.

“Yes, and something to wear to the club if you still want to go.”

“If for no other reason than to see you in whatever is in that bag.” He smiled teasingly at me and my shopping bag. “Come on we need to change in more ways than one.” He pulled me into the shower room.

“How is there electricity here?”

“Would you believe me if I said magic made all this possible?” Gunnar asked.

“Yes, I would.”

“It’s not magic. I have solar panels that generate electricity that runs the few rooms that I have it in. Like I said I was going to fix up the island and turn it into a home, but I changed my mind.”

Loki had walked in and nodded his head over at Gunnar. He was not only carrying the bags he had with him from the lingerie store, but also had two others from a local drug store. He handed Gunnar one of the sacks. They whispered back and forth a bit. I watched them carefully wishing I could hear them or knew what they were talking about.

“A purplish blue,” Loki said with his brows creased and his eyes cutting over to me. “Are you ready to have some fun?” Loki started rubbing his hands together and smiling over at me like an evil genius.

“What’s going on?” I asked confused and feeling a lot left out.

“Just chill princess, your Fairy Godfather is here.” Loki said prancing over carrying the remaining bag and dropping the others onto the floor.

“Baby just kick back, relax, and let Loki do his thing OK. I’m going to one of the other showers and I’ll meet you out in the field in an hour,” Gunnar kissed my head and then lifted my face towards his and planted a soft kiss on my mouth.

“Oh, we so don’t have time for you two to start that.” Loki said pushing us apart. Once Gunnar was out the door Loki smiled. “Ok I’m going to start by cutting your hair – it’s almost to your knees.” Loki pulled a pair of small silver scissors out of the bag and started trimming. By the time he was done my hair was in the middle of my back. Then he started cutting on his own.

“Now we’re going to dye it. You’re going to be black headed by the time I’m done with you.” He looked like a mad scientist for a moment mixing bottles of this and that together. He had one dark bottle full and a tray of blue foam by the time he was done. He motioned for me to come by him which I did nervously.

After he poured and scrubbed stuff into my hair and tied a plastic bag on my head. He then put the foam stuff in his and put a plastic bag over his head. We sat and talked, watched a movie Gunnar had on DVD and laughed together.

It was such a new experience for me, but Loki acted like he done this all the time, and for all I knew he may have. A small bell sounded and Loki pulled me up and led me to the shower. I stripped down and Loki pulled the bag off my head and we let the water rain down and rinse the dye out.

“Do you know what to expect when it comes to finally having your weapon inspected?” Loki asked me becoming serious for a moment.

“What do you mean?” I was confused by his statement my weapons are formed using my mind, they had never been inspected.

“What I mean is do you know what to expect when it comes to sex.” He said rolling his eyes.

“Gunnar and I have done some stuff.” I answered feeling almost embarrassed.

“There’s no reason to be embarrassed here, it’s just two best friends talking about a guy ok, this is normal. I know you sucked on his salami. How was that?”

“He seemed to like it, except for when my teeth scraped.”

“Oh Owe! Yeah that hurts. Did he ……finish?” The question came out slowly like he was trying to find the right words to say while speaking.

“What do you mean?”

“Did he shoot his wad? You know let out his baby batter,” Loki asked so quickly I almost missed the question.

“Yes he did and I swallowed it.”

“How did you like that?” Loki asked concerned.

“I liked it a lot. Did I do OK?” I was starting to get worried.

“Guys like that. Is that all you two have done?”

“No he has given me oral too.” Loki’s brows went up.

“How was that?” He asked me.

“Great, I felt like I was going to explode a pressure kept building up until I felt a gush of fluid down there.” With my eyes I showed him where exactly.

“You came.” He said with a smile on his face.

“Yes I came and Gunnar drank it.” I was starting to get heated again just thinking about it.

“Is that it?”

“He put his finger in me.” I explained. Loki smiled down at me and then turned the water off. He then wrapped a towel around my head and started washing his out. His hair was blond now.

“Good. Ok, we have to change the subject for a minute. You’re giving me a stiffy. Do you remember that guy you were assigned to who got gutted?” Loki asked. That was a horrific pain I hoped to never have to relive.

“Yes Loki it’s not something I could possibly forget.”

“You remember that he was in the witness protection before the mobsters found him?” I nodded my answer keeping my eyes on him. My stomach started cramping just thinking about that pain. “Well that’s kind of what we’re in as of now. You, Gunnar, and me; we have to change the way we look, our names, and where we live. Do you understand?” I nodded again. I understood.

“Good, now, you’re no longer Abigail Grigori. You are now Lorelei Garret. You and Declan O’Brian are to be married soon. I am your brother, Lance. We were raised in Las Vegas. Our mother was Lois and our father was John both deceased. Declan born and raised in Ireland moved to Vegas and worked as a bouncer for the night club you were a waitressing at.”

“Our father wasn’t named Larry? So that’s who Declan is. I heard you say his name at the store to Jamilynn.” I thought a little bit about what all he was saying. “Ok, but what about Magdalena?”

“Margaret Delacruz, the live-in housekeeper from New Orleans.” I had to mull over what was being said as there was a lot of information being thrown at me.

“Where are we going from here?”

“Norman, Oklahoma.”

“Why there?”

“Big enough city that no one really raises an eye brow at the comings and goings of new neighbors, but small enough that most demons don’t really have a lot to do with it.” Loki explained. “Plus it won’t be odd to have a basement, or as they call them, storm shelters.” Loki said the last two words stressing the ‘r’. I tried to smile. I’ve been to Oklahoma several times and it was always sunny.

“Isn’t it a little too bright for Gunnar – I mean Declan?” I asked.

“Well, he’ll be underground during the days so it won’t really matter.”

“The sun shines there a lot so that means he would be underground a lot.”

“Look Lori, may I call you Lori or would you prefer Lorelei?” Loki asked

“Lori I guess; who came up with that name?” I asked.

“Heard it on TV last night and Declan loved it. Of course he was flying pretty high after that blood donation.” He chuckled knowingly. “Well it didn’t turn your hair black, but it is a very dark brown. See for yourself.” Loki pulled a mirror out and showed me.

The darkness of my hair definitely changed the way I looked, it even made my complexion lighter. “Come on, let’s go Lori. Declan will be waiting and we’ll be in trouble. Do you think he’ll spank us?” Loki teased feigning thrill.

“I doubt he would spank you Lance. You would enjoy it so it wouldn’t be much of a punishment.” I teased back.

“Oh I would very much enjoy it. That reminds me we need to go I’ve got to meet Jen at the club and teach her a very valuable lesson.” That evil grin was back. I had no idea what he was planning and I wasn’t sure if I should be envious or fearful for Jamilynn.

“Loki, her name is Jamilynn. Say it: Jamilynn.”

“Jamilynn, Jamilynn, Jamilynn. I got it. OK, so I need to teach Jamilynn a valuable lesson she will need it for her future. Oh, and my name is Lance, not Loki.” I had to remember that: no more Loki, it was Lance from now on. It was important to remember that everything had changed. I hope I didn’t get confused. I guess going out tonight would be my first big test.

We walked out to the yard and a strange man was standing there. He had short dark messy auburn hair. He was tall like Gunnar, but looked broader maybe. The man turned around and I knew by his face that it was my love. My heart skipped a beat and my jaw dropped to the ground, as did his when he saw me.

“Declan O’Brian at your service Ms. Lorelei Garret, and may I say you look ravishing.” He bowed as he took my hand and kissed my knuckles. He now had the sexiest Irish rogue accent I had ever heard.

“Thank you Mr. O’Brian and you look quite remarkable yourself.” He was in all black except for his tie which matched my dress perfectly.

“Well let’s not be late we have reservations and Lance has a date.” With that he wrapped me in his arms and kissed me. When I opened my eyes we were in an alley. You could hear the thumps of the bass coming from the club we were next to. “We’re going this way.” He led me to a door there on the side and he knocked loudly.

“What is it?” boomed a voice from the other side of the door.

“Declan O’Brian, Lorelei, and Lance Garret. We have a VIP table.” Declan smiled at me and nipped at my ear. “You look amazing in that dress baby.” He whispered softly in my ear and kissed my neck right below where he had been. I melted at the amazing sensation.

The door opened without another word and we walked through. A small woman who came up to my chest who wore strips of black leather and showed pretty much everything. I wasn’t for sure I liked this club and I sure didn’t want Gunnar – I mean Declan – there. I stiffened looking at her.

“Should I dress like that?” I asked as we were seated in a circular booth.

“No, I would prefer you didn’t. I like knowing that I am the only one that has seen what you have. She is on display to bring money to her master. She is a slave her goods and services are for sale and she dresses to advertise. My wife should keep her goods and services secret for me only.” Declan said sticking his hand between my legs and brushing his fingers on my panties.

“Declan, old friend, it is good to have you here in my establishment.” A huge man with deep lulling voice said as he approached our table. Declan took his hand back and stood up to greet the man. They shook hands and brought each other into a one armed hug. “Ah, this must be Lorelei. I never thought anyone would steel my man’s heart.” The man stared between Declan and me. All I could do was smile and offer my hand. He took it and brushed his lips across the top of it.

“Gideon, this is Lorelei Garret, my light. Her brother, Lance, is here somewhere, but you already know him.” Declan introduced me to the huge man. He was the same height as Declan, but much wider, which I didn’t think was possible. His black hair hung long and straight down his back. He had a middle eastern complexion and deep dark brown eyes. He smiled at me and I could just see the tips of his fangs. “Lorelei, this is Gideon Kingsley, the owner of this fine establishment.”

“It’s nice to meet you Mr. Kingsley.” I said reaching my hand out to his. He looked familiar, but I couldn’t place him.

“Call me Gideon. You are very lovely. Please excuse me as my work is rarely ever done.” Gideon smiled, shook Declan’s hand once more, and left us.

“He looks like someone I once met. How does he know Declan O’Brian?”

“A dear old friend, he has known me by many names and will keep our secret safe. So what do you think of the club?”

“It’s loud. It’s very loud.” I said trying to keep my smile.

“I’m sorry it’s not what you expected, but we actually own half of it. We can leave here soon. I’m going to feed before we leave though.”

“Why you just fed last night? Why can’t you feed from me?” I really hated sharing him.

“I can’t start feeding from you until two days before the full moon. I had starved myself for ten years and if you want to be able to be intimate then I need to feed so I can be in control of my urges and I don’t end up draining you. For vampires sex and feeding usually go pretty close together. I can usually do one without the other, but because of my starvation I don’t think I can have sex without feeding. I can and I will feed without sex though.” He could see that it was really tearing me up inside knowing that I couldn’t be everything to him and he would put his teeth on another woman.

“I understand. I’ll wait here.” I said turning my head away from him. I couldn’t look at him.

“I wish I could change this. I do my angel. Can I do anything to make it easier?”

“I guess it’s just the thought of you being so intimate with another woman.”

“I have an idea. Go over to the hostess that brought us here and tell her we need to book a room. She will show you to a room and wait for me in there. Trust me.”

“Where are you going?” I asked confused and really not wanting to go and talk to that woman who had almost no clothes on.

“Trust me ok, I’ll find you in the room.” I nodded,he kissed me on my mouth and left.

“I need to book a room?” I said hesitantly.

“Name?” She said with a kind smile on her lips.

“Garret.” I said more sure of myself.

She led me through a hallway, down some stairs, and along a corridor several doors on each side. She opened the door for me to walk in and I was not prepared for what I seen.

There on the floor was some guy with his cock inside Lance’s ass. Lance was plowing into Jamilynn from behind while she had her face in some other girl’s pussy. The second woman was giving yet another guy a blow job and a final guy licking, sucking, and fingering the guy getting the blow job and getting jacking off by the girl who was giving the blow job. It took me a second to grasp what I was seeing. I didn’t know what to do; I couldn’t stop looking.

“Sister would you like to join us?” I couldn’t speak. I just shook my head….no I did not want to join or maybe I did. Lance just smiled and plowed harder into Jamilynn. I closed the door and turned back to the slave girl all I could do was shake my head and give her pleading eyes.

“I’m sorry this room was booked under the Garret name.” She was trying her best not to laugh and I couldn’t help it my laughter just rolled out and she soon joined me. “Let’s book you a room under O’Brian.”

“Is that what these rooms are meant for?” I asked trying to compose myself.

“These rooms are used for a lot of things, but that is one of them.” She became totally serious suddenly and led me to another room. This one had a living room set in it with a big screen TV.

I took a seat in the chair and waited for Declan to come for me. I knew him hunting and feeding is a necessity, but it still broke my heart. I went in circles in my mind. I knew it was important, but I hated it.

The door opened and a young man with floppy brown hair came in. He wore tight skinny blue jeans, a two toned grey button up shirt, and a fedora with red trim. As he walked in he was smiling, but when he seen me his smiled faded and a look of confusion which matched mine over took his young face.

“Brandon, this is my wife and she is going to decide how we do this, ok.” Declan looked the young man deep in the eyes. Brandon dreamily looked back. I was shocked. I didn’t know what Declan meant and I didn’t know what was going on. I was still in a haze thanks to Lance and his bunch. This wasn’t going to be good I could tell.

“My love, you know what I am and what I must do to be able to protect you and our family. It matters little to me man or woman, but I can either seduce them into giving me what I have to have or I can scare the hell out of them.”

“Is he entranced?”

“Kind of. He can break it quite easily when he wants to. I see what they desire and I give them the illusion that they are getting it.”

“I know I’m being stupid.”

“If I scare them their mind is less pliable and they will have nightmares. Attention will get brought to me and my kind. Let me show you how I do this. Let me show you how I work.” I slowly concede and nod my head. He drags Brandon to him and smiles. Brandon hazily smiles back. Declan then turns Brandon to where he is facing me and Declan is behind him. “Are you ready Brandon?”

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