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Celestine let out a light gasp as she felt Rena’s soft touch running up her thighs and inching ever closer to her already damp pussy. It didn’t take long for Rena to start scrubbing the inside of Celestine’s legs and even less time for Rena to lean in and gently kiss the newly cleaned skin. Despite herself, Celestine couldn’t ignore the fact that Rena bathing her like this was getting her wound up again, even though Celestine had never considered bathing to be a particularly erotic activity. Still, she knew that being tied up, gagged, blindfolded and deafened probably had something to do with it. The sheer helplessness of her situation only served to turn an already stimulating situation into something that was overwhelmingly erotic.

As Rena continued her work happily, Celestine couldn’t help but squirm slightly, even as she felt her features go red with embarrassment. She wasn’t sure why she felt so awkward. Rena had seen her naked before after all. Hell, the two of them had slept together, yet somehow this felt different… like it was more intimate. Yet even as she tried to rationalize it, Celestine felt the gentle push she knew would eventually come.

Rena was softly pressing Celestine to open her legs wider so she would be able to have greater access. Yet Celestine resisted at first, having kept her legs semi closed so far to at least give the facade of modesty. However, after a moment or two of reluctance, Celestine felt a slight pull on her leash. It was not enough to move her, but it was enough to remind her that she was not in control here… That for now, with Tristan being away, Rena was supposed to be in charge. Yet unlike Tristan, Celestine felt no need to resist Rena’s command, and that made it more intimate in a way.

That reminder was all it took, and Celestine opened her legs further, exposing her pussy to Rena. Though at first, nothing happened. Rena didn’t begin cleaning Celestine as she had been with her legs thus far, but instead seemed to be just sitting there. Celestine worried that Rena might be waiting for something from her, and so, Celestine opened her legs a little bit more, even as she tried to balance and stay upright.

Rena watched on, almost shivering with delight as she watched Celestine expose herself to her. Rena’s heart beat skipped up as she looked upon Celestine’s clean waxed pussy, and couldn’t help but marvel at how beautiful it was… She could see Celestine was already damp, hardly a surprise given her activities so far. Rena guessed she had creamed herself several times already, with a great deal of aid from Master Durial… Without even realizing it, Rena found herself leaning forwards, her tongue slipping out and lapping slowly up Celestine’s quivering pussy.

Celestine couldn’t help the low reluctant moan that escaped her mouth as she writhed under Rena’s tongue. She hadn’t been expecting Rena to simply be so forward like that, though thinking on it, she couldn’t fathom why she didn’t see it coming. Rena was direct in almost everything she did, why would this be any different? Yet when Rena’s tongue reached the crest of Celestine’s pussy, she pulled away again, leaving Celestine tingling from the contact.

Rena knelt there in front of Celestine, her head lost in the taste of her friends’ pussy. For a long moment she didn’t move, didn’t even breathe, as she savored that taste. She knew she wasn’t supposed to rile Celestine up any more than she already was, at least not until her Master had gotten started, but Rena simply couldn’t help herself. Just seeing Celestine’s damp cunt made Rena ache with want, but she knew she had a job to do. Finally Rena exhaled, but to her own surprise, it came out shuddering and stronger than she had intended, strong enough that Celestine felt it wash over her damp pussy and make her squirm at the stimulation.

Seeing her move like that was too much for Rena, and a moment later she dipped her head down again and lapped again and again at Celestine’s vulnerable pussy. She wasn’t slow and cautious as she was before, instead she was almost ravenous now, lapping and licking at Celestine’s pink folds, before her tongue darted into Celestine’s quim. As Rena feasted, Celestine shook and jerked as she fought desperately to try and stay still. She didn’t realize at first why she was fighting so hard to stay still, but it eventually dawned on her that she hadn’t been told she could move yet… that she hadn’t been led to do something else. Seems that Tristan’s dominance still reigned, either that or she was enjoying Rena’s attentions.

Eventually Rena pulled back, almost tearing herself away from Celestine’s pussy. Rena had to get up and put some distance between her hungry tongue and Celestine’s delicious pussy, because she knew if she didn’t, she wouldn’t be able to help herself… So instead she stood alongside Celestine, trying to catch her breath, only to notice Celestine’s own sharp breathing. Rena couldn’t help but smile wickedly, knowing she had done this to Celestine, and that she had been enjoying Rena’s actions almost as much as Rena had been…

Still, now was no time to dally, and after a moment to calm down, Rena knelt back down and began to wash Celestine’s groin, and took care not to graze her pussy at all. Instead, she came teasingly close, making Celestine quake slightly each time the soft sponge threatened to touch her lovely pink folds. Rena could see that Celestine wanted the contact, to feel someone touching her pussy, and that her want was almost desperate. Rena couldn’t help but giggle when Celestine tried to move ever so slightly to encourage the contact, but Rena pulled her hand away before it happened, inciting a frustrated groan from Celestine.

Rena cooed in response, and got up before snuggling up alongside Celestine and speaking. “Oh… I see someone has gone and gotten all riled up… But I can’t go any farther than this, Master’s orders. Even though I wish I could. But don’t worry, you’ll be finding satisfaction soon enough… Just be patient… Master will be back soon…” Rena explained soothingly, even though she knew Celestine wouldn’t be able to understand the words. It was as much for Celestine as it was for her own benefit. A reminder not to go too far as Rena continued to wash Celestine…

Celestine felt Rena pull away again as she sunk down to her knees once more. She had heard the soothing tone of Rena’s voice, as if assuring her of something. Celestine didn’t think about it for long though, as she quickly felt Rena’s lips, tenderly kissing Celestine’s clit. Celestine wondered why she did that for a moment, having not washed her pussy yet, despite Celestine’s hopes that Rena would. However, as she got over the initial shock of it, Celestine realized that Rena had skipped her damp cunny intentionally, and that the kiss was assurance that Rena thought her pussy was perfect just as it was at the moment… damp, hot, and ready for fucking… Celestine couldn’t help but moan at the realization, and her body quivered as Rena continued to wash her.


Celestine was panting by the time Rena was nearly washing her down. Rena had cleaned nearly ever square inch of Celestine with her feather light touch and soft loving kisses. It hadn’t helped that she took extra time at Celestine’s Demonic Marks, teasing the almost hyper-sensitive flesh. But now Celestine felt Rena turning her around, and carefully pressing her up against the wall of the shower. At first Celestine was confused by Rena’s actions, as she had already washed her back, but after a moment it became clear.

Rena began to gently wash Celestine’s bottom, and was running the soft sponge along Celestine’s toned cheeks, taking special care with each of them. Despite herself, Celestine wondered if Rena was going to plant a kiss on each cheek once she was done, and couldn’t help but smile lightly at the notion of Rena kissing her ass. However after a moment, her preconceived scenario died in shock when she felt Rena’s probing touch. Rena had spread Celestine’s cheeks and began cleaning along the crevice there, taking special care around Celestine’s rosebud. Celestine couldn’t help but squirm at the weird sensation as Rena cleaned that location, yet despite that Rena kept working away until she was satisfied.

As the sponge pulled away Celestine let out a relived sigh, having been largely uncomfortable with Rena touching her there. However, before she could even begin to move, Celestine felt Rena gently parting her cheeks again, and begin to lean forwards. Cold surprise filled Celestine as she felt Rena gently kiss her pink rosebud, sending a strange perverse tingling through Celestine. She almost began thrashing at the strangeness of the sensation, but fought to remain still as Rena took her sweet time.

Eventually a strange groan escaped Celestine, and Rena pulled away in response. Still even with her no longer kissing her, Celestine felt… strange. She couldn’t put it to words, or even specific emotions. On one hand, she had to wonder why Rena did that, and had to deal with the eroticism of the action and how it oddly turned her on a little… On other hand, the sensation was highly unnerving, and frightened her. People didn’t kiss each others’ assholes like that… did they? Celestine knew about rimming and things like that, but she always just thought that sort of thing only happened in porn…

However Celestine was shaken from her thoughts as she felt Rena beginning to pull out her ear plugs, and after a moment, the world became full of sound again. Celestine listened to everything around her for a moment, stunned by the sudden volume of it all. She could hear the drip of water down the drain, the slight buzz of the heat lamp overhead, and even Rena’s own breathing. When had the world become so loud? But Rena’s voice overshadowed it all, as she pressed herself up against Celestine’s side. “You didn’t like it when I did that…” Rena announced, almost worriedly.

Celestine made to shake her head, but realized she wasn’t entirely sure. She wasn’t just going to dismiss what she felt before as wrong… Yes, it was strange, but that didn’t necessarily make it wrong or abhorrent. Yet without words, Celestine couldn’t answer Rena, so she moaned simply in response.

“Humm…” Rena hummed lightly before taking a glance back towards the door. “Master did say I could take off the gag if I needed to…” After a moment more of humming and hawing, Rena turned back to Celestine and began to undo the ring gag lodged in her mouth. After a little work, the gag came out and Celestine let out a low relived sigh. The sensation of being able to move her mouth again was intensely relieving, and gave her an almost euphoric buzz for a moment. “Celestine?” Rena asked, unsure if her friend was alright.

“Hum?” Celestine responded before shaking off the sensation and smiling lightly in response. “Sorry, just enjoying being able to move my mouth again. About what you did…” She paused, going slightly red at even talking about it.

“Where I kissed your pretty little asshole?” Rena asked, voice almost playful with a dirty undertone.

Celestine blushed harder but nodded. “Yea… that… Look, it wasn’t that I hated it. It’s just… I don’t know… it felt really strange is all. I mean, how can you do that? Isn’t it gross?” Celestine asked fidgeting lightly.

Rena surprised Celestine by hugging her lightly. “Nah. It would have been if I hadn’t cleaned you up first, but I did, so no worries. Besides, I think it was so hot seeing you quiver like that…” Rena said smiling against Celestine’s neck.

“R-Rena!” Celestine responded in some shock. “Jeez… not fair.” Celestine sulked out.

“Nope, not even a little. But then this isn’t supposed to be fair. But come on, we aren’t done with prep just yet.” Rena explained as she let go and Celestine felt a slight tug on the collar.

Celestine followed without hesitation and after a step or two, Rena led her over the lip of the shower door and further into the room. “Alright, I’m going to have you climb up on this counter. Once up, you’re going to have to kneel down.” Rena directed.

Celestine followed her commands and began to step up a few steps with her guidance. In a few moments she found herself kneeling on a soft low counter of sorts, and Rena moved her legs around a little as if her position was important. Celestine was about to ask why, but she stopped when she felt soft leather straps being tied around her lower legs. Celestine realized that like this, if she bent forwards, her ass and pussy would be easily accessed. “Rena… What is he planning?” Celestine asked, surprised by the excitement that lined her voice.

Rena giggled in response, and Celestine could feel her climbing up on the counter with her before snuggling up behind her to whisper into Celestine’s ear. “I can’t tell you.” She said teasingly. “But I think you’re gonna like it.” Rena accented her point by nipping lightly at Celestine’s ear. However after a moment’s hesitation, Rena spoke up again, very gently. “Don’t worry; I wouldn’t ever let anything bad happen to you, I would never let anyone hurt you…” Before Celestine could respond, Rena scooted off the counter without any further explanation.

A moment later Celestine felt her leash moving about slightly, before a slight tug on it could be felt pulling her forwards before it went slack again. “What was that for? What are you doing Rena?” Celestine asked, wishing she wasn’t blindfolded for a moment, but realizing that she was excited as she was because she couldn’t see what Rena was doing.

“I told you already, completing preparations… Now we are done, and all we have to do is wait for Master to return… Any thoughts on what we can do in the meantime to keep ourselves entertained?” Rena asked as Celestine felt Rena begin to firmly knead one of her breasts.

Celestine fought off the urge to gasp at the touch of Rena. Instead, she grinned in response before speaking up. “Well, I’m sure there is all manner of naughty ideas running through that head of yours.” Celestine teased.

“Yep, but Master might not appreciate most of them…” Rena paused and Celestine felt the counter she was on shift as Rena leaned over and began feather light kisses against Celestine’s hardening nipples.

Celestine couldn’t help but let out a low frustrated groan. “Damn it Rena… I was hoping I’d get a break… Please, could I get just a moment to catch my breath?” Celestine asked, fully aware that Tristan could be on his way back already. Her day had already been more eventful than she had expected, and given her current situation, she doubted what Tristan had planned would be gentle or relaxing…

“No.” Rena replied playfully before nipping at one of Celestine’s nipples hard enough to send a shock of pleasurable pain through Celestine. A moment later Rena kissed it better before she continued. “Master has been hogging you all to himself these last couple of days. Now it’s my turn. It wouldn’t have been so bad either if you two would have included me occasionally, but you didn’t… I know it was mostly because of the Court, but… but I felt left out.” Rena admitted, her voice somewhat reserved, though Celestine could detect an undercurrent of anger there as well.

Celestine felt a pang of guilt run through her. Rena wasn’t wrong, and it was obvious that Tristan had largely been focusing on her, rather than spreading his attention around like Rena would have preferred. “Rena… I never meant to exclude you… It’s not like I can really dictate what Tristan does and doesn’t.” Celestine tried to explain, even as Rena continued to knead Celestine’s breasts.

“Then what about after you met the Sovereign?” Rena replied back quickly. “I’m happy that you sought comfort in Master but…” Rena paused, hesitant to continue.

Celestine blushed hard. “Y-you heard that?”

“It was kind of hard not to.” Rena replied, her voice half amused as she kept her own frustration in check.

“Look, it wasn’t what it sounded like!” Celestine began, suddenly feeling very embarrassed. “I was just confused and afraid an-ow!” Celestine cut herself off as Rena pinched one of her nipples hard enough to quiet her.

“Lie to yourself if you have to Celestine, but that isn’t what I care about. What I care about is… Well it’s the fact that you didn’t even think about coming to me for help…” Rena admitted fighting to keep herself in check. “I’m happy about what happened with Master, but we’re friends aren’t we? Aren’t friends supposed to help and rely on each other?” Rena asked honestly, not totally sure of it herself.

Celestine was a bit surprised by Rena’s words. She had never thought that Rena had wanted to help back then… Though thinking about it, it began to make a sort of sense. Rena was supposed to be Celestine’s protector during Court, but what could she do against Vestiem? A fresh pang of guilt ran through Celestine before she realized what she had to do. “Rena… could you take off the blindfold for a moment? Just for a second, then you can put it right back on.” Celestine requested lightly. Rena hesitated, but after a moment she slipped the blindfold up slightly, and saw Celestine slowly open her eyes.

But what Celestine saw, when her emerald eyes opened, was perhaps the dreariest friend she had ever known. A friend whom she had hurt, and now felt she had to make amends. Celestine leaned forwards and gently pressed her forehead to Rena’s, her eyes meeting with Rena’s. “I’m sorry I didn’t come to you for help Rena… I was afraid and confused and… well I’m not used to going to others for help… But now I know, and I hope you’ll excuse me if I continue to rely on you for support from time to time.” Celestine responded lightly.

Rena smiled back lightly and let out a slow content sigh. “I’d like that…”

Celestine smiled slightly as she saw Rena sitting there, a shy happiness written on her features at Celestine’s words. Without even thinking about it, Celestine leaned forwards and kissed Rena softly, inadvertently pressing her body up against Rena’s. Rena sat surprised at first, but before long she began to kiss back while letting out light pleased whimpers.

Eventually the two of them broke apart and continued to look at one another, both flush and hesitant to break the silence that seemed to surround them. The odd thing was, Celestine didn’t feel awkward at all. Instead, all she felt was joy at being able to rely on Rena, and that she was happy that Rena wanted Celestine to rely on her. It was very different, compared to her other friendships, where she was always the pillar of support for everyone else. “Sorry about that.” Celestine apologized for the kiss eventually. “Felt like the thing to do.”

Rena smiled wide and giggled a bit before replying. “Oh no need to apologize. I liked it.” Rena leaned in and kissed Celestine once again, though not for long before she pulled away and squirmed and fidgeted. “Ohh… damn it all…” Celestine glanced down as Rena fought the urge to dip her hands in between her legs.

“Now who’s all hot and bothered?” Celestine teased.

Rena gave her an annoyed pout. “Not fair… I’ve been itching for it for days…”

Celestine smiled again and shook her head. “Okay okay… But what exactly can I do to help with that?” Celestine asked playfully. “If you don’t recall, I’m kinda tied up at the moment.” Rena grinned at Celestine before lying back on the counter face up, and pulling her head in between Celestine’s legs. Celestine looked down, half understanding Rena’s plan. However she didn’t get a chance to speak before Rena’s tongue began to play along Celestine’s pussy.

Celestine fought for a few moments to resist making any sound at all, but eventually a low whimper escaped her as Rena continued to lick and play at Celestine’s dripping cunt. “Looks like we are both riled up humm?” Rena asked before slipping a few of her fingers into Celestine’s pussy.

“S-shush you.” Celestine panted out, her features blushing at Rena’s words.

“Nu-uh… How can I stay quiet when your perfect pussy is here for me to admire and adore.” Rena sighed happily before she continued to eat out Celestine’s pussy. Celestine writhed as Rena continued her work, but as she looked on, Celestine noticed Rena opening her own legs before she paused to speak. “What are you waiting for, an invitation?” Rena asked impatiently, her voice coming out between panting breaths.

Celestine snickered at Rena’s words before replying. “I don’t know, I think I’m already doing pretty good.” Celestine teased defiantly, rolling her hips lightly.

Rena reached up and slipped the blindfold back down before Celestine felt a firm pull on her leash, dragging her down over Rena. “Do it Celestine.” Rena ordered, though her voice might have sounded more dominant if she wasn’t half busy eating Celestine out or if she wasn’t so desperate sounding…

Still, the blindfold and tug on her leash were enough for Celestine, and she quickly bent down and buried her head between Rena’s legs. It took a bit of exploring with her tongue, not that that took anything away from the experience, but Celestine quickly found Rena’s pussy and immediately threw herself into feasting upon it. Enough so that Rena’s own ministrations were suddenly paused as she gasped and writhed under Celestine. “Oh! Oh Fuck!” Rena cried out sharply as Celestine’s tongue found her clit and began to relentlessly toy with it. “Are… Are you even better at this then last time?!” Rena asked, not believing what she was feeling as Celestine’s tongue left her hard little clit only to slip into her hot pussy. Celestine only vaguely heard Rena begin to babble and pant. It was like she couldn’t make up her mind between demanding for Celestine to keep going or congratulating her on her ability…

Still, it didn’t take long for Rena to throw herself back into playing with Celestine, and after a few moments, the room was filled with the sounds of the two women, desperately lapping and licking at their partners sweet honey pots. However before long, Celestine pulled up and spoke with a smile on her lips and Rena’s wetness dripping down her chin. “I bet I can make you cum first…”

Celestine’s challenge made Rena pause for a moment. “Oh yea? You’re on.” Rena replied confidently. Before Celestine could respond, Rena threw herself into eating Celestine out, driving her tongue as deeply as she could, looking to stimulate the most sensitive regions of Celestine’s pussy.

Yet Celestine couldn’t help but laugh in between her panting. She knew her challenge would drive Rena on, and she found that she loved the sensation of Rena’s soft tongue dancing inside her. Still, she wouldn’t be beaten, and returned to her assault upon Rena’s dripping quim. Celestine was alternating back and forth between driving her tongue into Rena’s pussy, and flicking and kissing Rena’s clit, and was pleased to hear that Rena was beginning to lose herself to the sensations that Celestine was heaping upon her. Rena’s breath was quickening, and Celestine could feel her squirming more and more underneath her.

However Celestine couldn’t help but let out a long low moan as she felt Rena’s tongue twist and curl inside her pussy while at the same time her fingers beginning to play at Celestine’s clit. It was then that Celestine realized that she was a disadvantage. Rena still had full use of her hands and tongue, where Celestine was left only with her tongue to try and win their little challenge.

Rena was relentless, and Celestine was quickly beginning to lose ground as her body shook and shuddered. She tried to pull away as best as she could, but with her legs tied down, Celestine didn’t exactly have a lot of room to move. Still she tried, but Rena would simply lean forwards and continue, or forcefully pull Celestine back down onto her hungry and unrelenting mouth as her fingers continued to tease Celestine’s clit. Every motion and lick sent shocks through Celestine, and each shock seemed to be enough to make her own body seize up on her, preventing her from continuing to work on Rena overly much. Celestine was losing their little game, and she knew it as her own climax loomed over her, ready to crash down on her at any moment.

Yet just as Celestine was about to reach the end and simply let Rena finish her off, Rena seemed to pause and stop her ministrations on Celestine. Despite wanting to win their little competition, when Rena stopped suddenly, it made Celestine groan in frustration. However pride eventually won out, and Celestine renewed her own attack on Rena’s deliciously pink pussy. Within moments Celestine was rewarded to see Rena’s hips bucking sharply with Celestine’s tender care. She could hear Rena moaning and whimpering before she desperately tried again to regain some measure of control over Celestine, but it seemed as if something was distracting her, and her efforts were only enough to keep Celestine buzzing with pleasure, but not enough to send her over the edge.

In a last ditch attempt to win their little bet, Celestine closed her mouth over as much as Rena’s pussy as she could manage, all the while her tongue danced along Rena’s swollen folds, darting into her smaller companions twitching pussy over and over. Celestine tried to suck at Rena’s whole pussy at once, stimulating every inch of it all at once, and the response was almost immediate. Celestine felt Rena arching underneath her, enough that it began to push Celestine up and make her lean back. Despite that, Celestine did not relent, and did not break away from her friend’s lovely cunt as she did everything she could to devour it. Within moments, Celestine could hear Rena moaning and crying out in pleasure. If Celestine herself wasn’t on the edge of cumming herself, she might have realized Rena’s voice was muffled by something other than Celestine’s pussy…

Soon though, Rena was arched almost completely, and if not for the fact that Celestine was tied down and that Rena was under her, she very well may have reached a complete arch. Still, Celestine could feel Rena was on the edge of an intense and blinding climax, and that the slightest provocation would send her tumbling over that edge. Not that Celestine was far behind Rena. Tasting Rena like this and knowing that she was the one who put her on the edge of such an orgasm, made Celestine almost vibrate in pleasure. Her whole body was ready to follow Rena down into mutually ecstatic bliss, but she wasn’t going to lose their little competition either.

Celestine pulled away from Rena’s pussy, leaving the small demoness whimpering to be finished off, as she let out muffled mewling pleas that made Celestine smile and quiver with delight. Hearing Rena like this struck a cord deep within Celestine as it revealed the innocent and almost helpless side of Rena that drew Celestine in like a magnet. Before long, whether out of mercy or a desire to hear Rena cry out in ecstasy, Celestine decided to finish Rena off and give her the satisfaction she longed for. Celestine leaned forwards again, blew lightly over Rena’s hard erect clit, before Celestine kissed lightly, in the same manner Rena had done to her earlier.

The response was immediate, and Celestine shuddered as she heard Rena cry out loud in complete and utter rapture. There were no words, onlya for that one moment of perfect delight. It was as if Rena was struck by lightening, and her whole body, already tense, jerked and convulsed as her orgasm ripped through her. A moment after the air in Rena’s lungs ran out, her body went limp and she fell back to counter under Celestine. Celestine could hear Rena panting for air desperately, and could feel the aftershocks rocking through Rena’s twitching body. Celestine however was still sitting on the edge, trembling with need to be put over that edge as well. But Rena didn’t seem up to the task any more, having been reduced to a gasping wreck…

“N-…No fair…” Rena began to babble out. “You h-had help…” she continued weakly.

“What are you talking about?” Celestine managed, surprised by the sultry lust that dripped from her own voice. “I have my hands tied remember? Besides… alls fair in love and war, why not friendly fucking too?” Celestine asked before leaning down and lapping at Rena’s clit once, making her writhe and moan all over again.

However, before Rena could reply, Celestine’s dark world became one of blinding stars as her vision went white from crippling pleasure. She felt a long hard manhood begin to grind down against her pussy in a single slow thrust. Its heat felt like it would make her pussy melt, and she felt strong hands take hold of her hips to keep her in place as the hard cock continued its relentless advance along Celestine’s dripping slit.

“I couldn’t agree more.” Tristan replied lowly as Celestine bucked and shook against him as her own climax drowned out everything in her world but the scalding pleasure. Her mouth opened in a silent scream as Tristan’s thrust reached its end, the base of his thick cock almost sitting pressed up against her trembling pussy. Celestine could vaguely feel his arms move to wrap around her as he pressed himself up against her back. Yet that was all background noise compared to the throbbing manhood that threatened to pierce her hungry cunt.

Defiantly, Celestine began to push back, in a vain attempt to pull her still cumming pussy away from his cock. But that all went through the window as she felt one of his hands leave her body followed by a quick tug on her leash pulling her down again, forcing her to prostrate herself to him. Whatever small measure of control she had over herself with Rena had been wiped out, as Tristan reasserted his dominance.

However, for what felt like an agonizingly long time, Tristan simply held her there, even as Celestine shivered and quaked in his hold, her pussy oozing over his scalding cock. “Tristan… Please, just-”

Tristan cut her off, his voice dominant and unyielding. “Silence. You don’t get to ask or suggest anything to me right now. If you say anything that even resembles a request or demand directed towards me, I assure you I will be very angry with you for breaking your word. Nod your understanding now.” Tristan ordered, his self-assured voice sending a shudder of pleasure through Celestine.

Without hesitation Celestine nodded, even as she bit her lower lip to keep herself from speaking. She could feel every throb of his cock against her over sensitive pussy, even as she slowly came down from the euphoria of her latest orgasm. It was so hard not to cry out as she felt his firm hold on her and heard his commanding voice. He was dominating her, and just like earlier, she was loving every moment of it…

However when Tristan began to draw back, she felt him grinding against her spasming pussy again, making her whole body jerk and convulse with unyielding pleasure and ecstasy. She could feel how slick he was with her own juices, and that made it all the more mind numbingly erotic to her. Combine that with her intense sensitivity from just having creamed herself, it felt impossible for Celestine to stay quiet…

“Do you want to scream out?” Tristan whispered into her ear. “Do you want to howl out your ecstasy?” he continued with devastating accuracy. To Celestine, every syllable that slipped past his lips sounded more and more like he was describing her wicked and naughty secret desires… Worse was the fact that Celestine felt all the more aroused because it was so deviant and that she didn’t know if she could hold herself back from letting it all out.

Celestine whimpered once before nodding lightly to answer his question. A part of her wishing he would stop moving so that the agonizing pleasure would stop driving her mad, but at the same time, the other side only wished for more… “Then do it.” He continued. “Tell the world how much you love this, and how it makes you feel.” He ordered as she felt the head of his cock slipping over her pussy and pausing there. He could so easily drive himself into her from his position… or he could grind along her slit again, to torture her with more pleasure that wouldn’t quite be enough to satisfy her again…

Celestine held back at first, unsure if this was a trap or not. He had told her not to make any requests or demands, but he hadn’t told her that she couldn’t speak at all… Slowly, she drew in a shuddering breath before she eventually spoke, her voice surprising her again with how similar it sounded to her inner voice: low and sultry and dripping with erotic desire. “I love it… I love how it feels when your hot thick cock is nestled between my pussy lips.” Celestine answered, her voice growing in strength and volume. “I love how every time it throbs against my pussy, it makes me shudder in delight.” Celestine explained writhing in his grip, her voice becoming faster and more desperate. “I love how your dick makes me gush all over it as it grinds up and down my hungry cunt!” Celestine almost screamed, unable to stop her hips from grinding against the tip of his thick cock. Celestine paused, desperately gasping for air as she shook franticly with desire and delicious ecstasy. “But more than any of those things, I fucking love it when you bury your long thick cock into my greedy pussy, driving it as deep as fucking possible! I love feeling your big hot fuck stick nearly ruin me. I absolutely fucking adore how you make me cum so fucking hard with your magnificent Cock!!!” Celestine screamed at him, her voice dripping with desperation and raunchy desire.

Every fiber of Tristan’s being screamed at him as he heard her words… He hadn’t expected her to say something like that, nor that it would inflame his desires so intensely. Hell, he expected her to resist him, despite her promise to obey. Yet here she was, explaining how she loved to be utterly fucked by him as she ground her pussy against his erect prick. Yet even as his instincts told him to bury himself in this woman, he felt small delicate hands begin to massage his balls from below, quickly followed by loving kisses laid upon each of his heavy nuts. Glancing down, he saw Rena, still half drunk off her earlier orgasm as she worshiped Tristan’s balls.

Earlier, while the two of them seemed to be competing over who would be the first to cum, Tristan had entered the room in silently and came up behind Celestine, his cock hovering just in front of Rena’s face. She couldn’t help herself of course, and took him into her mouth without hesitation. As such, she became distracted during her competition, and Celestine was able to make Rena cum so hard it left her half delirious…

Yet even as lost as she was, Rena still acted, worshiping her masters balls, heavy with thick cum. She saw him aligned with Celestine’s pussy, and in response she reached up and spread Celestine’s pussy lips for her master to have easier access. Her touch made Celestine moan deeply, before her breathing hiked up yet again. Tristan could tell Celestine was almost hyperventilating by this point, and if he didn’t act soon, she might pass out from the anticipation she felt… Not that he was doing much better himself. The urge to drill into her was overwhelming, but that wasn’t the plan, he never intended to screw her pussy, only tease it to get her worked up for what he had planned. But when Tristan heard an anxious whimper from Celestine, full of desperation and desire, all plans went out the window, and instincts took over, even if only for a moment.

The only warning Celestine had was feeling Tristan tense, right before he bottomed himself out in her pussy with one violent thrust, sending the head of his cock colliding with the gates of her womb, and crushing Celestine under another sudden climax. This time however, Celestine wasn’t silent… Instead a wordless howling moan escaped her lips as he reached the end of his thrust deep into her. But he didn’t pause and hold there like she expected. Instead Tristan withdrew from her squeezing cunt and began to pound into her relentlessly, not giving her a second to even begin to come down from her orgasm, and instead, drove it higher and higher.

Each time he stabbed into her, a new ecstatic cry escaped Celestine’s lips and she couldn’t help but try and squeeze down with her pussy as he dragged out of her again, only to repeat the process. Before long, Celestine began to babble with barely any coherence. “Fuck! too…Ohhh…B-Big! Too big! Tristan…uhnn… yo-…mmn! You’re going -Muhnn- to split me Ahh! Ahh! A-apart!” Celestine’s hesitation was utterly gone. It had been replaced by a voice full of pleasure and barely coherent thought.

“Oh please. You love how it feels as I stretch your pussy with my thick cock, don’t you?” Tristan asked harshly as he drove into her over and over. The counter they were on rocked on the tile floor with each thrust as Tristan felt his heart hammering inside his chest. He could feel the lust and utter rapture radiating off Celestine in waves… But he did not sup upon that sweet fruit… He knew doing so might be dangerous and could cause him to burn up like Rena had several days ago when she first met Odeon. It might even drive him mad like in the myths of his people. He was gambling with his life, but that only made it more exciting as he drove into her womanly core again, making Celestine cry out over and over.

Yes!” Celestine finally howled out, though whether she was answering his question or just declaring how much pleasure she was in, wasn’t immediately clear. Tristan could feel her pussy rippling around his cock with every movement and doubted that she was even thinking about his questions. Yet even as he fucked her relentlessly, Rena was adding to situation in her own way. Every time Tristan thrust into Celestine, Rena would lean up and kiss Tristan’s heavy balls, adoring him as he drilled into Celestine. What’s more, every time he drew back, Rena would lap or peck Celestine’s clit, sending shocks through her which Tristan could feel through her clenching pussy. Along side Celestine’s howling and incoherent mumblings, and Tristan’s occasional grunt and rumble, Rena could be heard, giggling and cooing when she was kissing or licking at one or both of them, still half drunk on her own pleasure, apparently finding great delight in seeing her Master fuck her friend senseless.

Soon though, Tristan found himself slipping towards his own climax. Again he marveled at Celestine, unsure exactly what it was about her that made his normally perfect control slip so easily. The only other woman who could ever do this to him was Navira, and she had her powers backing her abilities… So what was it about Celestine that did this to him? That made it so hard to keep himself under control? If it were any other woman he could screw them for hours without losing himself like this, but when it was her… Tristan halted his relentless thrusts as he tried to regain his control… he knew if he kept going he’d lose it and spill himself into Celestine’s womb, and without his self control, he didn’t know if he could prevent himself from fertilizing her.

For a moment, the three of them simply lay there, coiled up amongst one another as they tried to catch their breath. But to Tristan’s surprise, Celestine was the first to disrupt the break he had created. She had begun to rock her hips with him buried inside her, forcing his cock to grind inside her pussy. “S-…Soohh… full… I-… can hardly breathe…” Celestine groaned out to no one specifically, clearly drunk off the pleasure that continued to rip through her. However her words seemed to make her pussy quiver around him, instinctively trying to milk him dry…

Tristan realized then that he had to pull out… that staying buried in Celestine like this was going to ruin everything. He began to pull away, but grunted hard as he felt Celestine clamp down around him, her pussy squeezing him tightly to keep him exactly where he was. “Well… it looks like someone doesn’t want me to leave…” He rasped out, voice strained as he continued to pull away with her, while trying not to hurt her.

“C-can’t help it!” Celestine replied weakly, even as another shock of pleasure tore through her. “I can… can feel every time your cock bucks and throbs… Unnfn!” Celestine bit down as another wave of pleasure ran through her, making her pussy squeeze down again on Tristan, pushing him perilously close to losing himself entirely. “And every time it does… unnggg… it makes me squeeze down…” Celestine finished weakly in between fits of panting.

Eventually Tristan was able to pull free of Celestine, and the both of them grunted lowly as he finally slipped out of her. Tristan looked down at her, seeing her waning pleasure still leaving her only half cognizant. However, that left Tristan’s twitching dick hanging right in front of Rena’s face. Without even pausing to think about it, Rena once again took her Masters cock into her mouth, only managing to get the tip in given the awkward position as she guided him with her hands. But that didn’t stop her from lavishing herself upon it, moaning around the hard twitching member.

“F-…Feels so empty…” Celestine said, again, to no one in particular, yet her tone was almost forlorn, even as she quivered in aftershocks of her most resent sexual experience. Yet unbeknown to her, Tristan heard her words and saw her still quivering cunt as she knelt there, helpless and ready to be driven into again… A part of him howled at him to do exactly that… to drive into her cunt and fuck her until he exploded deep within her, staining her womb with his cum over and over again. But doing that would ruin everything, and Tristan had long since learned to rein in his own lust. He was the Master, not the mastered.

Tristan rumbled lowly, even as he fought his instincts. In defiance to those instincts, he instead forced his cock a bit deeper into Rena’s mouth, taking hold of her hair and fucking her mouth for several moments, letting out a low pleased rumbling groan as Rena happily took his cock down her throat. He would pay his due to Rena and relieve himself of his immediate urge to spill himself in Celestine at the same time. Soon the rumbling grew into a satisfied grunt as the first jet of his thick seed poured into Rena’s moaning mouth.

Celestine heard the both of them and couldn’t help the whimper that escaped her throat before she spoke up. “What? Rena, are you- are you getting it all?” Celestine asked, a tint of yearning tainting her voice.

“Mnn Hum!” Rena replied, Tristan’s cock still in her mouth before she swallowed more of his thick cream down. “Mmmm!” She moaned at the intoxicating taste of her Master as she felt him continuing to fill her mouth with his potent seed, even as her hands wrapped around his cock and stroked him quickly, desperate for more.

Celestine hesitated for only a second before speaking up, rational thought having long since blown away by lust and hungry desire. “Share with me? Please?”

“Uhn UNN!” Rena replied unintelligibly.

“Now now Rena… we don’t talk with our mouths full.” Tristan chided playfully as he withdrew himself from her mouth, the last two spurts from his cock drawing thick white lines across her face. Rena could only giggle happily in response and let out moan low as she felt the hot cock cream begin to cool upon her face. “Now, answer her properly.” Tristan ordered, already guessing Rena’s answer.

“I’m not sharing!” she replied to Celestine after swallowing down the last bits of his cum that lingered in her mouth. “It’s all mine!” Rena continued, before scooping up some of the cum that landed on her face and held it over her open mouth, letting it ooze down onto her tongue. She sighed happily upon tasting her Master again.

“Rena…” Celestine half begged. “Come on, please?”

“Humm… nope! I know you already got a load today Celestine, so this one’s all mine!” Rena replied before giggling again slurping the cum off her fingers as she drew more of it into her mouth, finishing the last of Tristan’s seed. Celestine began to speak up again, but Rena’s free hand came up and spanked her bottom lightly. “No means no! It’s all gone anyway.” Rena replied before giggling contently at Celestine’s grumbling.

However after a moment, Celestine frowned lightly, having had a moment to think about what Rena said. “W-What do you mean you know already? How could you?” Celestine asked, suddenly feeling self conscious.

“Because I saw it al-… … Oops…” Rena finished quietly, realizing she let the cat out of the bag. Rena glanced up to Tristan from under Celestine.

Tristan shook his head, more amused then disappointed. He had told Rena to keep that to herself, but he never suspected she could keep it secret from Celestine for overly long. Still, he could see Celestine going lightly red as the realization began to sink in. “You… you watched it all?!” She asked, voice surprised. “Why didn’t you say something back there? I mean… I wouldn’t have minded really if it were you.”

Rena looked to Celestine apologetically. “I wasn’t supposed to be there… I kind of came without being invited and Master was kind enough to let me stay so long as I hid myself from you. I didn’t… I didn’t want any of the others to lose it and try anything stupid.” Rena explained. “I mean I trust Master Durial completely, but even he can’t be everywhere at once… If more than two or three tried anything… and after what nearly happened at court, I just wanted to be extra careful.” Rena finished her voice hesitant.

Celestine smiled lightly to Rena, her features softening as she understood and was moved by Rena’s worry for her. “Rena, it’s okay… though next time please don’t just spy on m-…uhn… huh?” Celestine went stiff as a foreign sensation ran up her spine like a low electrical current. It tingled strangely and it originated from between her ass cheeks.

It took Celestine a moment to realize it, but the hard heat that pressed up against her anus suddenly had her entire attention. She tried wiggling to pull away, but she felt Tristan’s hands fall upon her hips and hold her firmly in place. Instantly she tried to lift her head up, but found that her leash had gone taunt, keeping her bent over and prostrate. “T-Tristan?” Celestine began, suddenly realizing why she was tied up like this… “Wa-!” She cut herself off before she could finish the word, his warnings sounding in her head.

“I’m sorry… were you about to request something?” Tristan asked lowly, as she felt more pressure building up against her asshole, his hot cock threatening to try and push its way into her. Celestine shook her head as she bit her lower lip to keep herself from speaking again. She knew if she did, she would tell him not to do it… not to… fuck her ass… Before she knew it, Celestine was tensing up, instinctively trying to keep out the intruding member, even as the strange and oddly pleasant sensations continued to tingle up her spine…

“Good… Not that I would have stopped anyway even if you had. I told you Celestine, before this all began, I won’t stop until I’m satisfied, and I won’t be satisfied until I’ve taken this pretty little virgin hole back here…” Tristan accented his point by pressing against her again, making Celestine whimper and quake. “I’m going to take your ass as you kneel there, bound, blindfolded and tied down, completely helpless.” Tristan’s voice was slow and promising.

However, Tristan seemed to pull back for a moment, and spoke to Rena. “It is time for you to take your leave Rena. This is to be between me and Celestine, and no one else.” His voice was calm but firm.

Rena however seemed unhappy with his telling her to leave. “Do… Do I have to Master? Can’t I just sit off to the side and watch? I promise I’ll stay quiet.”

“Rena.” Tristan replied coolly. “I allowed you your fun and let you participate up to this point. I told you that you would have to go before I was finished with her and you said you were alright with that. Now keep your word and go.”

Rena sighed and nodded before she turned to Celestine. “I’m going now Celestine… Try to enjoy yourself okay? It’ll probably hurt at first, but I think after that you’ll end up loving it.” Celestine was about to respond, but she was cut off as she felt Rena gently peck her on the forehead, quickly followed by the sound of her leaving.

Celestine thought about arguing to let Rena stay, but the tight pull of her leash reminded her of her place in this situation, and made her quiver pleasantly. Despite her fears, Celestine couldn’t help but picture the scene he described and found her breath hiking up again, though to her surprise… it was in anticipation… She envisioned what came next… and saw him driving into her, ravaging her asshole with his thick cock, even as she cried out desperately and wordlessly… Another shudder ran through her, and Celestine was stunned to realize it was one of anticipation…

However a sharp gasp escaped her lips as Celestine arched hard at a new sensation that invaded her senses. “Cold!” she rasped out, as she felt some sort of thick gel be applied to her tight little rosebud… A moment later another sharp breath escaped her lips as she felt Tristan begin to work it into her bottom, his fingers slipping into her easily… “Oh…” Celestine began as she realized what he was doing. “You’re… your applying lube to my ass…”

Tristan’s voice sounded again, drawing Celestine out of her shock in despite knowing she should be afraid. “Yes I am. I don’t want to hurt you overly much Celestine. If I did, I’d go without the lube. But it can’t do all the work… You are going to have to continue to follow my orders. Can you do that for me Celestine?” Tristan asked, as she felt him slowly beginning to grind his cock up and down her ass crack, still slick with her juices and Rena’s mouth…

“Y…” Celestine began, gripped with uncertainty, but also by some urge to not back down. “Yes… I can…”

“Good.” Tristan replied slowly, the head of his cock coming perilously close to her rosebud for a moment before sliding away again as he teased Celestine. She could feel the cool gel smeared onto his cock as well, though it was warming quickly. “Then I want you to relax your ass… I know it will be difficult, but it will be easier on you if you do. I promise by the end of this you’ll be enjoying it… The only question is how much pain you go through on your way there…” Tristan explained, voice completely confident and sure of himself.

“…I’ll try…” Celestine said weakly, even as she shivered, half in apprehension, half in anticipation. Celestine took a slow breath and did her best to relax ass, even as apprehension gnawed at her. However, when she felt Tristan’s cock begin to press against her anus, instinct told her to resist it. A new half frightened gasp escaped her lips as he began to try and force his way into her, and the sensation of her ass opening to accommodate him was both unsettling and oddly pleasurable, if not bordering on painfully tight. Celestine found herself surprisingly sensitive, and she could feel every curve of Tristan’s cock as he began to get the first half inch into her. Yet despite his words to assure her, Celestine still felt a terrible unease and couldn’t really relax her ass completely, as much as she wished too. Every movement triggered the reflex to try and keep him out…

At least that was the case until she felt one of Tristan’s hands slip from her hips, and close around her bound wrists firmly, pulling back on her arms lightly and down onto his cock. “Relax Celestine.” His cool voice sounded, making Celestine shudder at the simple calm demand of it all. He was completely at ease in this situation, completely confident that he could do this and that she would enjoy it, despite the strangeness Celestine associated with it. Yet despite her hesitations, his order combined with the simple reminder that he was in control of her, struck a cord in Celestine.

She knew she had no options here… It was exactly as he said it was. He was going to do this, regardless of what she wanted or how it might make her feel… He was in complete and utter control of her. And that knowledge sparked her desires again… The image of him forcefully driving himself into her ass as she knelt there helpless and prostrate filled her mind again. She shivered as she heard herself in the fantasy, crying out. Not in pain, but in strange and deviant pleasure. Celestine let out a shuddering gasp as she felt her body relax, despite her instincts.

Almost immediately she was rewarded by the sensation of feeling Tristan’s cock begin to push into her, and to her, it felt strangely wonderful, even if it seemed impossibly tight. She could feel him throbbing inside her as he slowly pushed and pulled into her, going a little bit deeper with each thrust as the strange tingling spread and intensified, beginning to overwhelm the pain she felt too. She could feel the heat of him through his cock, and somehow it joined with her existing arousal, making her feel like she was melting around him as he pushed deeper into her.

Celestine lost track of Tristan’s slow progression deeper and deeper into her. Several times she felt like he must have reached as deeply as possible, only to find herself ecstatically surprised as he surpassed the previous limit. She wasn’t sure when it began, but Celestine realized she was making light pleased squeaks and whimpers each time he pushed into her again between the grunts and groans of exertion, even as she shuddered around him. She vaguely heard Rena speaking to her, sharing words of encouragement, but they were lost in the din that seemed to surround her. The only thing she could hear was the deep rhythmic breaths from Tristan as he continued to plow into her over and over, along with her own erotic sounds and cries. Over and over she felt so completely full of him, only to have her notion of what it was to be full wiped away as he pushed deeper inside her.

She could feel him twitching inside her, as his cock bucked at her warmth and tightness. A low groan escaped his lips, sending chilling shudders through her as she wondered if he had reached his limit… The notion of him cumming in her ass invaded her mind and she almost bucked at the though of what it would be like… Instantly she found herself longing to find out, and as Tristan pushed forwards into her again, Celestine pushed back to meet him.

She would have pushed harder, in an attempt to drive him on as her own gasping breaths sounded in her ears. But his hold over her kept her at his pace, despite her want to go faster. She wondered why he would slow her, but she quickly realized it was for her sake. Tristan’s size was far too much for her to rush into, yet knowing that only seemed to stir her desire and lust even more. She couldn’t help the whine that escaped her lips as he kept her at his pace, driving ever deeper, sending waves of the strange erotic pleasure coursing through her, building the mound of pleasure that she seemed to float on with each slow thrust.

Again Celestine felt completely full, and couldn’t help but hold her breath as she tried to cope with his size. She couldn’t deny that it hurt a little… or at least it had earlier on… Now that pain had transformed into a wonderfully pleasant ache. Not utterly unlike the soreness that came after a good hard fucking. Yet instead of being an after effect, it was part of her actively being driven into, and she found she loved it…

But Tristan pushed into her another inch, driving her held breath out in a slow shuddering sigh as her definitions of fullness were changed yet again. She felt so fantastically tight around him, and she shook and twitched each time his cock throbbed or bucked inside her. It was like they were connected completely, and his every movement triggered a wonderful chain reaction in her.

But as Celestine basked in the low throbbing pleasure that numbed her senses and thoughts, she began to realize something… Tristan had stopped moving deeper. She wondered what was happening, but when she felt him lean over, the motion sent half dozen ripples of pleasure through her as his cock ground against the sensitive flesh. She felt him lean over her and press up lightly against her back, cock still buried deep into her ass. His deep cadenced breath tickled her bare skin along her shoulders and neck, teasing her with his closeness… She tingled as she felt him draw in another breath, somehow unable to keep herself from matching his breathing.

She could feel he was loving every moment of this, and that deep inside, Tristan wanted almost desperately to let go and simply ravage her. She loved that she could do this too him; drive him to the brink. She loved it, even though she knew that was when he was at his most dangerous, and it was at this time when her soul was in its greatest danger. But soon he spoke, distracting her from the erotic joys she felt. His voice low and grinding and she could hear the barely controlled strain that lined his words even as she felt the rumbling of his voice through his cock, making her shudder with every syllable. “I’m buried as deeply in you as possible my dear Celestine. Here, where no man has ever touched you before, I lay my claim on you. You are mine.”

Celestine quaked hard at his words, and while a part of her defiantly resisted his claim, another part of her sang in joy at his words, and despite her rebellion, she welcomed his claim on her. Her response seemed obvious to her, as if were the only thing she could say in response to his words. “For now, perhaps…” Her voice little more than a shuddering pleasure laced whisper. “But you will relax eventually… then… Then I’ll break free of you.”

She jerked as she felt Tristan’s cock buck inside her at her defiance… He didn’t even care if she was skirting the line on breaking her promise, because it ignited his desire for her to brand new heights… He savored the ecstasy in her shuddering gasp, as he began to draw back from her quivering ass, pulling back far enough so that only the tip of his cock was still inside her. “And once you break free…” Tristan began to reply, his lips so close that they brushed the lobe of her ear. “…I’ll conquer you all over again.” Tristan accented his point by driving into her again, faster this time. Fast enough that he reached as deep as their bodies would allow in only a moment.

The glorious friction of it all sent shocks of blinding pleasure running through Celestine as he drove up into her, making her quake in his hands as he held her in place. It was only after he reached as deep as he could, that she responded. “Only for me to break free again…” She accented her point, squeezing down on him as he began to withdraw again.

“To begin the cycle again, now and forever…” Tristan finished, his voice hungry and rumbling as he drew out of her once again, only to drive into her again, faster and harder than before.

The chiming of the doorbell echoed through the large house. Kat debated ignoring it, but then set aside the book she’d been reading and unwound herself from the sofa. She knew that Isabel and Jean-Paul, both night owls, wouldn’t be up to answer the door.

She opened the door and took a step back in shock.

“You,” said Kat. “How on Earth did you find me?”

The boy looked terrible. Dark rings framed his eyes and there was a look of general dishevelment about him. “I followed my heart and asked a few questions. You’re not hard to find.”

“What are you doing here?” asked Kat, her heart racing. She stood in the middle of the doorway.

“May I come in?”

Kat was about to refuse him but feared making a scene out here where the neighbors might see. Scenes, particularly in this neighborhood, were to be avoided. She stepped aside, inviting him in. She led him to the sitting room.

“Nice place,” Daniel said.

“It’s comfortable.” Then she added, lest Daniel think her a snob, “It has been in the family for generations.”

“I can imagine.”

Kat asked him to sit on the leather sofa and she took a seat on an armchair. “Can I get you anything?”

Daniel shook his head.

He looked pale. The cocksure energy of their first meeting was gone, replaced by energy of a different kind. It was an energy that, without release, would consume him. She had caught hints of it over the last few days as she went about her business in the town. It was nothing she invited or responded to, it was just there like background noise that seemingly grew louder in the absence of distraction. At least that was the way it had started. And once she became consciously aware of its frequency, she found it difficult to ignore. Often there would be nothing more than a muted hum, and then a wave of yearning, focused and intense, would wash over her, particularly in the early hours of the new day. She wasn’t surprised that Daniel had found her.

And now its source sat before her.

Kat noticed that Daniel wore a bandage around his hand and made a move to touch it.

Daniel snatched it away, closing his fingers around and wincing as he did so.

She watched him for several moments as he fidgeted on the sofa and looked at everything in the room but her. Finally, his eyes fell on her, eyes suffused with such pain and confusion that it was Kat who had to avert her gaze. “Please don’t visit me anymore,” said Daniel finally.

“Visit you? I don’t even know where you live.”

“That’s not what I mean.”

“What then?”

“At night. You visit me. If you have any decency in you, please stop.”

“I’ve done no such thing.”

Daniel looked at her, trying to spot the lie.

“Honest,” said Kat.

“And I’m to believe you?”

“Believe what you want. I’ve never visited you.”

He leaned back in his seat, confusion and anger etched on his face.

“Could you have dreamed it?” Kat asked quietly.

Daniel remained silent for a long moment, obviously debating what Kat had suggested. She pitied him.

“It was so real,” he said finally, his face betraying loss and relief at the same time.

“You sound almost disappointed.” Kat immediately regretted the words.

“Of course you would think so. Imagine someone not wanting to be tormented by you. It was a mistake to have come here, expecting to reason with a demon.”

There, it was said, thought Kat. Yet she felt none of the surprise and anger that she would have expected at being identified for what she was. Nor did she feel compelled to deny or dissemble. More than anything, she was curious. For the first time in a long time, she was faced with a mortal who knew exactly what she was.

“Any torment you feel is of your own making,” she said. “I have done nothing to encourage you.”

“Your very existence torments me,” said Daniel. He glanced at her. There was nothing even remotely suggestive about the way she was dressed, yet she felt his attraction to her.

“I feel possessed,” he continued. “Don’t you understand? You occupy my dreams. You come to me every night and I am powerless.”

“These things are in your mind.”

“You come to me every night,” he insisted again.

Kat felt a sudden wave of desperate yearning. There was more to it than what Daniel had suggested. “And we do things,” she said quietly.


“Things both sinful and wonderful.”


“Things that you would like to do. With me.”

“Yes, but you’re evil. That’s the terrible thing.”

“Do I look evil?”

“You are though. Do you deny it?”

Kat took a deep breath. “No.”

If she’d expected her admission to be greeted with triumph, she was disappointed.

Daniel looked thoroughly deflated and cornered. “There’s nothing I can do. Can’t you talk to a priest or something?”

“I try not to think of you,” continued Daniel as though Kat hadn’t spoken, “but you can’t not think of something. I read the catechism until I can read no more and the minute my eyes close, you’re there.”

“But I’m not. It’s all in your mind.”

“I don’t believe you. I can’t believe you. There’s too much detail. Tell me that you don’t wear body jewelry, for example. Tell me that your private parts aren’t pierced.”

“That’s ridiculous.” Kat was stunned. How could he have known? It was impossible. She hadn’t visited him.

“There’s a ring,” Daniel continued. “It pierces your… clitoris. It has two bumps on it. Please tell me you don’t have one. Maybe then I’ll believe you.”

The ring, a souvenir from her time in what was now the Czech Republic, pierced the base of the clitoral hood where it met the inner labia. The ring had no beginning and no end, and featured two little horns, each tipped with a ruby.

“I can tell by your reaction that it’s true.”

Kat stared at him hard. There was no way he could have known.

“You are a liar,” he said.

Impossible or not, there appeared to be some kind of connection between them. What was going on? Kat wondered.


Kat didn’t hear them enter. She was still stunned by Daniel’s apparent intimate knowledge of her. Only Daniel’s look of surprise and fear announced their presence.

She turned. Isabel and Jean-Paul stood, both stone-faced, in the doorway.

Her heart sank. “You heard?” asked Kat.

Isabel nodded and Jean-Paul merely scowled. He did that well.

“Who are these people?” asked Daniel.

Isabel ignored him. “Kat, this is an unconscionable breach.”

Kat shrugged helplessly. “I know. He found me.”

Isabel stared hard at Daniel. “You’ve made a grave mistake in coming here.”

Something in Isabel’s tone momentarily robbed Daniel of words. He paled visibly. “God, there are more of you,” he finally managed to say.

“More than you know,” growled Jean-Paul.

Daniel fumbled for the cross that hung from a chain on his neck. He held it up.

Jean-Paul laughed. “We’re not vampires, for Christ’s sake. Really, Kat, where did you find this guy?”

“Put that away,” said Kat.

“I can leave,” he said eventually. “I’ll forget what I know.”

“I’m afraid that is no longer possible,” said Isabel.

Kat feared for him. He had walked into a situation he could not possibly understand and now things could only get worse for him.

“I have no doubt,” continued Isabel, “that you would bring unwanted attention to not only Kat but our entire house. We’re comfortable here. It has been a long time since the last mitered buffoon came here, sputtering a few verses in broken Latin and waving his arms around. He was quite harmless to us, but a nuisance nonetheless. We have no desire to repeat that experience.

“Just so you understand, we have no fear of exorcists. You might be tempted to make a lot of noise about the demon who inhabits you, but in all likelihood, you’d be institutionalized if you did. No one really wants to believe that Satan’s wolves walk among the lambs. Not in these times of sophistication and skepticism. But there’s always a chance that your wild statements would reach the right ears. Things are in balance now; we turn a few souls and another few repent. Everyone’s happy and there’s enough activity to keep things interesting. However, there are times when it would take almost nothing to whip up the zealots and upset the balance.

“That, unfortunately, would escalate this oldest of wars to an extent neither side wants. No, until we figure out what to do with you, you’re not leaving.”

Daniel’s mouth hung open.

“Take him to the guest room,” said Isabel to Kat. “Jean-Paul, ensure that security is enabled.”

“What’s happening?” asked Daniel.

Kat stood. “Come with me.”


Daniel’s mind whirled as Kat led him up the stairs.

“Where are you taking me?” he stammered.

Kat ignored the question. “As Isabel said, you made a mistake in coming here. I don’t know what’s going to happen.”

“So I’m… what? A prisoner?”

“So it seems. Until we decide what to do with you.”

Daniel stopped on the stairs. He couldn’t believe this. “I refuse. I’m leaving.”

“And what would you do if I let you go?

“I’d have to return to the church.”


“Tell them everything. I couldn’t remain silent.”

“Isabel and Jean-Paul won’t let that happen. I won’t let that happen.”

“You can’t keep me here against my will!” Daniel shrieked.

“For someone who has exhibited some intelligence and intuition, you still really don’t know what you’re dealing with. Unless you have a martyr complex, I suggest that you come with me, be quiet, and wait.”

Daniel hesitated, his eyes flitting to the base of the stairs. His escape route took him past the room in which Isabel and Jean-Paul conferred. He couldn’t possibly make it. Besides, Jean-Paul scared him.

“You can’t win this fight,” said Kat.

Daniel allowed Kat to take his uninjured hand and lead him to a door at the end of the long hallway. She opened it, revealing a sumptuously furnished bedroom.

She pushed him into the room and closed the door behind them. His confusion and the sudden proximity of the succubus made him dizzy.

She grasped his upper arm and gazed at him with what appeared to be genuine concern. “I suggest that you don’t try to escape. Don’t give Jean-Paul any excuses. You’ll be comfortable here. I’ll be back up as soon as I can.”

She removed the key from the inside of the door. “I suggest that you rest if you can.”

She exited and he heard the lock turn from the outside.

After Kat’s footsteps had receded, he went to the window and looked out on a dense woodlot. He couldn’t imagine flagging anyone down. He then examined the window itself and noticed the sensors that were undoubtedly connected to the alarm system.

As far as picking the lock, he wouldn’t know where to begin.

He sat on the edge of the bed, defeated.

He was a prisoner.


Kat stood just outside the room in which Isabel and Jean-Paul argued.

“Kill him,” said Jean-Paul again. “It’s the only way.”

Kat knew that this was a very real option, but it was still difficult to hear Jean-Paul say it.

“Let’s examine the possibilities first,” said Isabel with unnerving calm. “I’m unwilling to kill the boy unless it becomes absolutely necessary.”

“Then I will.”

“No,” implored Kat, entering the sitting room.

Jean-Paul turned on her. “You would risk the peace that we’ve enjoyed and bring attention to us now? For a boy, far from home, unlucky enough to have uncovered who resides in his adopted city?”

“There’s got to be another way. I can leave, go to another country. He doesn’t care about you and Isabel.”

“But he knows about us now. We’d still be left with the possibility of exposure.”

“Enough,” said Isabel.

“You think that you can ask him politely to ignore what he’s discovered?”

“Enough,” said Isabel again, forcefully enough to silence them. After several minutes, she asked, “Have you ever visited him?”


“But he appears to know you.” Isabel put emphasis on the word ‘know’.

“I honestly don’t know how. I’ve never visited him, consciously.”

Isabel nodded and fell silent again. Jean-Paul stood in the corner, shaking his head, his eyes shooting daggers at Kat. She considered sticking out her tongue at him and then thought better of it.

“You could bind him,” said Isabel.

Kat scarcely heard her. Bind him. She recoiled at the thought. Killing him would be more merciful. And yet…

“But that is something we must consider very carefully,” Isabel continued. “We can’t let him go, and killing him,” she turned to Jean-Paul, “may just bring to this house the attention that we wish to avoid. We cannot be rash in our decision.

“Jean-Paul, until I have come to a decision, you are to leave the boy alone. Not one hair on his head is to be harmed. Do you understand?”

Jean-Paul scowled and nodded.

“Kat, the boy is your responsibility. He is to remain here for as long as is necessary. If anything more should happen that imperils this house, the blame is yours and yours alone and you shall bear the consequences.”

With that, Isabel swept up the stairs to her quarters.

Jean-Paul glared at Kat furiously and then stalked away.

Once again, Kat stood alone.


“Troubles, Isabel?”

They were seated in the priest’s study. Isabel swirled the single-malt scotch in her glass, watching the light flicker playfully through the amber liquid.

“One of your lambs appears to have wandered into the lion’s den.”

The priest raised an eyebrow.

“It’s a complication neither of us needs,” added Isabel.

“I agree.”

“We’re comfortable now,” said Isabel.

“Perhaps too comfortable,” mused the priest.

The priest was right, of course. A time that enabled priests and demons to discuss current affairs over a drink couldn’t last. It was a cease-fire, nothing more. But it was a détente even more precious for its fragility. Isabel planned to enjoy it for as long as it lasted. And of late, her enjoyment of it extended to the company of a priest.

The priest stood and positioned himself behind her chair. His hands fell to her shoulders and gently kneaded them. “You’re tense.”

Isabel smiled. “And you know just how to relax me.”

“I’ve had practice.”

After a few minutes, his hands left her shoulders and moved to her forehead, smoothing out the tension that furrowed her brow. From there he ran his fingers through her hair to the location where he knew her horns to be.

Isabel purred her pleasure. “Do you want me to assume the form?”


“Only if you promise to keep your collar on.”

“Done,” he said.

Isabel’s horns materialized from her wavy auburn locks. The priest’s fingers stroked them, tracing the twin spirals from the base to the blunted tips.

After a minute, Isabel said, “I can’t feel that, you know.”

“I can,” said the priest, but took his cue and willed his hands elsewhere.

“What do you propose we do?” asked Isabel.

“Make love with the abandon of the damned?”

“Please don’t talk that way. About the boy.”

“Ah.” He deftly undid the buttons of her blouse and exposed her bare breasts, each crowned with a small pink jewel of a nipple. He cupped their fullness and kneaded them gently. “We could give it a few days. See what happens. Let fate take its course.”

“There is no fate,” said Isabel, a little more sharply than she’d intended. More softly, she added, “There’s conflict and brutality for all of the fleeting moments of peace. But I’d come to the same conclusion.”

“Of course, when either of us feels that intervention is needed, all bets are off. It’s back to our respective corners.”

Isabel sighed. “I know.”

“That being said, we’d have to discuss matters every day.”

“As we’re doing now?”

He pinched her nipples playfully. “We’d be remiss if we didn’t.”

Isabel hummed her pleasure. “Deal.”

In the kind of choreography of those who’ve been intimate for a long time, he walked to the front of the chair and Isabel rose. He wrapped his arms around her. “I’ve missed you,” he said.

“And I you,” said Isabel earnestly.

He unfastened her skirt and allowed it to fall to the floor. “Let me look at you.”

“I’m yours,” she said.

The priest took a step back and allowed his eyes to travel up from her feet to her head. Isabel could see his arousal. His eyes lit upon the horns and he shook his head sadly.

“I know,” said Isabel.

She approached him then and quickly removed his clothing except for his collar, as per their agreement.

Her being shimmered and wings materialized from her back. Like Kat’s, her wings bore feathers rather than the leathery tissue common in depictions of succubi. She walked into his waiting arms and wrapped her wings around him, cocooning him in their soft warmth and pressing her breasts to his chest. She held him tightly and felt his hardness against her abdomen.

“Nothing good can become of this,” whispered the priest.

Isabel didn’t ask whether he meant the two of them or the boy. “Let us try to forget for a little while,” she whispered back.

She reached for the table on which rested her glass of scotch. She took a mouthful and, without swallowing it, squatted before him. She grasped his cock and guided it to her lips. Scotch and her tongue swirled around the thickly veined shaft in her mouth.

“Oh, God,” whispered the priest.

That’s one of the things she found interesting about the priest. He could compartmentalize. He was a genuinely good man, an able leader of his flock, yet he still enjoyed having his cock sucked by a succubus.

After several minutes, she could taste his pre-come mixing with the smoky flavor of the scotch.

“Stop!” he gasped.

She did as he asked and retreated. The priest’s cock, primed and proud, glistened in the subdued lighting of the study. She swallowed the liquid in her mouth and rose to her feet.

“I almost….”

Isabel winked. “I know, but I like blended scotch too.”

The priest grinned. “Your turn.”

Isabel allowed herself to be steered to the armchair. The priest had her sit and lowered himself to his knees in front of her.

This was something she treasured – a man who gave himself willingly, with no influence from her. That he was a priest, an agent of the church who professed abstinence among other things, made his actions all the sweeter.

He worked down from her lips, kissing them and then her neck. He brushed his lips against her breasts and then sucked her nipples as though gathering nourishment there. Perhaps he was, thought Isabel.

He pulled her legs toward him so that her ass nearly hung off the chair. Gently he pushed her legs apart.

He lightly licked her. Moreso than any other man she’d been with, he went about his exploration of her in a deliciously unhurried pace. He teased his tongue around the tender flesh that framed her labia for several minutes while ever so gently brushing his fingers her tender folds. At length he pressed the tip of his tongue against her perineum and then commenced a slow and deliberate passage from the very base of her sex to her clitoris, leaving an excited tingle in his wake.

She watched his head between her legs and caught the occasional flash of tongue as it danced on her. Eventually she closed her eyes and gave herself over the feeling of his tongue and fingers. This had nothing to do with feeding; this was pure enjoyment for its own sake. This was a man who wanted to give pleasure without any coercion on her part and who demanded equal pleasure in return. Both might pay a price for their unnatural liaison, but in this moment, it was well worth it.

Isabel felt herself melting under the priest’s ministrations as jolts of electricity warmed her core.

He inserted a finger and hooked it gently, rubbing that blessed spot from the inside while his tongue mirrored the motion on her clitoris. She opened herself wider to him now and tilted her pelvis. She could feel that familiar rush that presaged release. He could feel it too and he quickened his pace.

Her attention focused on that glowing, molten spot of pleasure that radiated a tingling warmth through her being. She gasped as the priest worked mercilessly on those twin spots of ecstasy, one outside and the other inside. Soon the world dissolved into little more than those sensations and the outflowing of release as she arched her back and let herself be swept away.

These chapters will be far darker than the first one, to the extent that they may turn off the casual reader. But this story does require the original “Eternal,” even if “Eternal” doesn’t require it. If I’ve written it properly, the ending it will reach will still fit with the spirit of that work, and be more powerful for it. (If I’ve botched it up, of course, feel free to tell me so–I would greatly appreciate comments and criticism.)

– — – –

When I wake, I am confused. This doesn’t feel like my bed. My body is sore and when I shift my legs slightly a spasm of pain rushes through me from my womb. My skin is chilled and feels odd, but I can’t yet place my discomfort. It doesn’t take me long to figure it out though. Why the fuck am I naked? My vision is blurred and my eyes feel itchy and painfully dry. Did I forget to remove my contacts last night? I make a move to rub my eyes. As soon as I lift my hand I feel something tighten around my waist. I freeze, horror halting even my breathing as I realize the thing holding me is an arm. The strong arm pulls me backwards while I lie helpless on my side. Soft, warm skin covering hard muscle presses into my back, using the arm to form a fleshy cage around my body; and all the while I am frozen, like a deer caught in headlights. It’s only when a firm thigh drapes over my legs and I feel something soft brush against my bottom that I begin to scream.

Oh God, I’ve been raped! My screams tear through my throat and I fight hard to get away from the naked man behind me. When he tightens his grip even further I curl my body inwards and bite his forearm as hard as I can. A soft growl of pain echoes into my left ear but the man does not release me. The dry contact lenses continue to hinder my vision but I can still make out blurry shapes and colours. When I look at the arm still clamped onto me I see red blood seeping from black skin.

Black skin? Even in my panicked state I find this odd.

Still struggling, I start kicking my legs out and wriggling my body more violently. Bitter tears burn my eyes as they fall and my screaming has morphed into wails of despair. The man loosens his hold slightly as I sob and it takes me a while to realise that his other hand is softly stroking my hair, almost as if he is trying to soothe me. This, oddly, does soothe me and I calm down just enough to hear him speak my name.

“Selena,” he whispers again, “do not be afraid my love. Calm yourself; for no harm shall befall you while I still breathe.”

That voice… so deep and gentle; it makes me tremble with longing. I stop struggling and take a deep breath. My vision has cleared somewhat and I look down at his arm again. It isn’t black, but a mosaic of moving colours, swirling beneath red tattoos. I’ve seen this before… in a dream perhaps?

Yes, last night in my dream of need, lust and passion. My body was taken by a demon, my lover, my King


Suddenly everything comes flooding back. It wasn’t a dream, last night was real. I clasp my hands onto his injured arm, wiping away the blood from the wound I created and lean down to kiss it.

“Asmodeus,” I beg, speaking into his arm, “forgive me.”

I ask this not because I’m afraid of him but because I am genuinely mortified that I hurt him and worse, that I forgot him, if only for a moment.

He stops stroking my hair and slips his arm under my body. Shifting his other arm lower, he hooks it behind my knees and pulls me toward him, cradling me like a baby. I lay my head in his chest, filled with shame, my tears leaking onto his bare torso. He releases my legs but brings his own thigh up to support me so that I am still curled up and close to him. Cupping my face with his free left hand, he turns it toward his and captures my mouth in a sweet kiss. His hand drops away from my face and slides smoothly along my body, stopping at my round rump. He gives it a sharp squeeze and the brief pain sends a jolt of pleasure racing through my heart. Our mouths move with frenzied excitement and I feel my arousal growing. I laugh against his lips as I feel his arousal as well, stiffening so very close to my centre of pleasure.

Looking up at him I am amazed that this is really happening. Here I am, in the arms of a man who is not a man at all and we are in sync, in perfect harmony with each other. Not even twenty-four hours ago, I was in my own bed at home, cold and terribly lonely. Twenty doesn’t seem like an old age, but to me, without someone I could love and who would love me back, it has felt like a lifetime. I have watched the people around me fall in and out of love, laugh and cry in its name, and all the while I lamented the fact that I had never loved at all. There were so many times I would look at my life and despair, wondering if I would always be alone. Now, here, in his arms; my heart swells with joy and thuds sweetly against my lover’s. I feel an overwhelming rush of pure love for him — (ironically) this demon who abducted me in the night — and it brings tears to my eyes again.

I press my lips hard against his once more, hoping I can convey everything I feel for him with it.

“Thank you.” I say out loud.

“For what, my Selena?” he purrs, his eyes burning so beautifully.

“You know already, my King.”

“I have shown you only the minimum of what you deserve and I assure you my dear, you deserve much more. Come with me now, my pet, I shall bestow upon you a few tokens of my affection.”

He makes to move but I stop him.

“Wait.” I say, placing a palm on his chest. “I don’t need any gifts. This, right here, is enough for me.

“Although,” I consider, my cheeks burning, “I could do with some clothes.”

He laughs that gorgeous laugh of his and I feel the heat radiating from my face; my blush has always been unusually red for my chocolate coloured skin. Thoroughly embarrassed, I slap his chest lightly and hide my steaming face there again.

“Don’t laugh at me,” I protest playfully, looking up again, “I’m serious!”

But I say it with a smile on my lips, so I don’t think he believes me.

He pulls me in closer and pokes a finger into a deep dimple in my cheek.

“Were it just I who would look upon you, I would have you bare before me always my sweet. Alas, others would see that which belongs to me and they shall not have the privilege of seeing all of you. Your body is for my pleasure and mine alone, which is fortunate for you. I will provide you with everything you require.”

“Yay, lucky me, I get clothes.” It’s ridiculous to think that this tiny detail is even up for discussion. One with think that new clothes would be a given considering how my old ones were rendered useless. Then again, why should I expect anything from the demon who’s keeping me as his personal sex toy? I’m not angry though, quite on the contrary, I find his words strangely erotic.

“Yes; lucky you indeed, my Selena.” He says, with a wicked glint in his eye.

I don’t think he caught my sarcasm.

“Come, I will procure your clothing.”

He makes a move to get up again, dragging me with him like a ragdoll. I stop him again though, clearing my throat, remembering something he seems to have forgotten.

“So,” I start casually, “you don’t want me to, er… take care of your… um, friend down here first?”

I stretch my leg out slowly and rub my calf lightly against his… friend.

He seizes my thigh swiftly in his large, strong hand and pulls me left a little so that I am centred on his chest. Taking this as my signal, I spread my legs wider to straddle his hips. As soon as I part my knees though, another sharp stab of pain races through my core. I hiss at the sting and stop moving. It seems that I am still a bit sore from last night. It saddens me that my body will not allow me to fulfil the promise I made with my actions and playful words.

Suddenly, Asmodeus turns us over so that now he is on top of me, and I fret that he is going to just take what he wants. He doesn’t enter my still sensitive body though. Instead he slides down the bed quickly and stops with his face hovering over my sex, his hands clamped onto my thighs, tenderly pulling them apart.

Ah, this looks familiar.

Dipping his head down, he runs his tongue slowly over the soft folds of my opening. His sensuous soft tongue moves like deliciously hot water, flowing over and around my little nub. Whatever his mouth touches becomes wet with his fluids and mine. When he moves, a shiver expands through me from the place he last was, as the wet skin cools in the soft breeze that is his breathing. He laps up everything my body offers and my breathing speeds as my pleasure increases.

His tongue is beginning its invasion into me now and I feel no pain. All I can register is the amazingly alien feel of his mouth on my sex and one of his hands sliding up to squeeze my ass. My hips jolt as I moan loud and long, trying to regulate my breathing; and failing. He’s just too damn good at this. Its amazing how he knows just what to do and just where to- Ahhhh…..

His tongue slips out of my body and his sharp teeth graze lightly against my clit. My gut tightens with pleasure and my chest constricts. Fuck that feels so good.

His amazing mouth creates contrasting versions of pleasure within me, making my body weak and strong both. Soon, very soon, he has me mewling like a kitten and clawing at the sheets like a tigress, affording me so much pleasure that I can barely stand it. My legs shake even as they tighten around my lover and my mind does not know whether to shut down or revel in the intensity that is the pleasure he gives me. I feel as if I’m going to explode and, as he sucks hard on my clit one last time, I do.

A small rush of warmth flows from me and onto his waiting lips as I climax hard, throwing my head back and arching my body off the bed. My legs clamp onto his broad shoulders and my scream of ecstasy echoes through the cavern. An uncontrollable shudder reverberates up from my toes to my shoulders and the sound of it rushes in my ears. When I slump back onto the bed I pant heavily and release my death-grip on the sheets. My clitoris throbs wonderfully and every little jolt sends more pleasure racing through my veins. Finally my breathing slows and all the exquisite tension of my release drains away from my body as I relax.

Moaning with delight, I reach down for my King and pull at his shoulders until he moves back up and pulls me onto his hard body again. I swear I could remain like this forever, my lust satisfied and resting on the chest of my beloved.

“You healed me, didn’t you?” I whisper, gingerly shifting my legs again, pleased that the pain is gone.

“Would you like to finish what I started?”

I am spent, exhausted from the superb treatment of my body but I cannot keep taking my gratification while he suffers without his. I move my hand down his chest, my touch slow and teasing. Trailing my fingers lower still, I reach out and gently stroke his magnificent tool.

He pulls my hand away like he did last night, though gently this time, and holds it in his above his heart.

I am hurt by this. Doesn’t he want me to please him?

“Later, love. I want your body not your hands.”

This time, when he moves, I don’t protest. My face is flushed with embarrassment from being rejected by the Demon of Lust himself. My throat closes and tears threaten to spill. When he lifts me up, cradling me close once more, I turn my head away, hoping he does not notice the wetness on my cheeks. What is wrong with me? My moods are all over the place and I feel like an over-emotional fool. I should not be crying over such a small and stupid thing.

Asmodeus ignores me; he must have sensed my ridiculous insecurities and is allowing me time to work through them quietly. He stands still, holding me in his arms and breathing steadily into my hair. Another flood of warm love rushes through me for him and my tears dry up. What the hell was I just crying about anyway?

To divert my thoughts I look up at my demon and ask about him; his long life, his brothers and God, whether or not He really exists.

Sighing, Asmodeus starts walking. As he walks, with me staring up into his face from my perch in his arms, he begins to speak.

“We do not call our parent god; that is a word you humans came up with to define the indefinable. No word can be accurately used to either name or explain your god. The most accurate human term would perhaps be the Creator. Crude as it is, the word can be used to label the being that created something out of nothing.”

“So He exists then?” I ask, mesmerised by the wonderful storyteller timbre his voice has taken, as well; of course, by the epic story being told.

“The Creator is neither a He nor a She and yet, is both. Order and Chaos combined, the Great One created time itself from the infinite void of nothingness. How, He|She came to be, is in and of itself a conundrum, for this Creator was borne of the cataclysm which also gave birth to time. This makes the Great One, His|Her own Mother and Father both, a feat that no other creature in this universe can boast.”

Awestruck, I process his words slowly and he is patient, pausing what I know will be a long story so that I can follow it. Curious about his words a number of questions spring to mind.

“Humans haven’t got it all wrong then, have we? Your explanation reminds me of a Greek myth; the one that explains the big bang.”

“I am not familiar with human mythology.” He answers, sounding amused. “Enlighten me.”

Annoyed, I give him the short version.

“Basically, it talks about how the Mother Goddess Gaia made the Earth from the void,” I smile up at him, “from chaos.”

He is unfazed and certainly not impressed.

“The Great One has many names. I suppose Guy-ee-ah shall suffice also.”

“Its Gaia, but enough about that; tell me about angels.” I request with relish. If demons exist then angels must too.

Now, he looks annoyed but continues regardless.

“From the Creator’s right hand, strong and just sprang forth His|Her Seven enforcers, the Archangels of Order. From His|Her left hand, dark and soulful the Princes of Destruction were born, surrendering to Chaos and her charms. Neither race was like their Mother|Father, but was likened each, to only one of the two sides which make up their Parent.”

“When did He, I mean She-” I stop, trying hard to change twenty years of false conceptions concerning the divine. “How did the Creator, well… create humans? Are they closer to Order or Chaos?”

“You humans say that your god created man in his image. This is truer than anything you will ever learn, for humans were borne of the Creator’s very heart. We, His|Her original children, Angels and Demons alike will never again experience His|Her touch; we will never kneel before Our Creator for we cannot ascend as humans can. We were not made in the Great One’s image and therefore are bound for eternity to either Order or Chaos.” His voice is all bitterness and grief.

Eyes wide, rubbing soothing circles on his chest I ask gently, “What do you mean?”

“The Creator’s gift to humanity, at the dawn of your creation, was the gift of choice. This choice enabled you to transcend the bonds of both sides and live short yet balanced lives in which Order and Chaos are One within you. This union gives you the opportunity to choose between right and wrong, and good and evil.

“You love, hate and sin, as well as pray, fear and overcome while we, who were born immortal are shackled by the circumstances of our birth. For an Angel can neither love nor hate; while a Demon will never find detachment or peace. Neither side is good nor evil as you humans would believe. Creatures such as myself, trapped in either Order or Chaos become the embodiment of whichever Force they are attached to, making them nothing more and nothing less than vessels for Order and Chaos to work through so that a balance of sorts may be preserved.”

“You’re a demon though, don’t evil humans get sent to you? Doesn’t that in turn make you evil?”

“Is a human jailer evil just because those he guards are? Yes, I am a demon, who sends forth my sin to tempt humans towards the side of Chaos. I am however, just continuing the task appointed to me by my Mother|Father, at the moment the first human drew breath. Again, love, let me emphasize that I just tempt humans; it is their choice whether or not they follow. Chaos is a part of me; it allows me love and hate both.”

I open my mouth to interrupt again, but he shushes me and continues.

“No, before you ask, love and hate are not opposites but rather like two sides of a single coin. Both are chaotic in their own ways and by that characteristic, it is impossible for the Angels to feel either. Order makes them indifferent to everything and everyone but our Lord, though even He|She they cannot love. They want for nothing but need to be in the glorious presence of the Creator again, a goal they will never attain, no matter how much they pray.”

“That is so sad.” I murmur, “What is the point in such a life? For Angels and Demons both I mean; it seems unfair that you have to live immortal half-lives. I am truly sorry.”

I mean my words whole heartedly and if my Demon King’s words are true (I don’t see why he would lie) then it means that he will never find enlightenment. Now, I understand his little joke earlier. Nothing I or anyone else says will ever allow him to be whole or to meet his beloved Creator. He is stuck here forever, watching over the damned whose souls will all eventually “ascend” to meet the Great One, no matter what evil they have committed in the past.

“Do not pity me human!” His words are harsh and menacing. “I am a demon, not some sniveling boy. You would be wise to remember so in the future.”

Confused at his sudden change of tone, I cower as far as I possibly can in his arms and try to control my racing heart.

“I- I’m sorry.” I stutter, unsure what else to say. I have seen him angry before, but never at me.

His face softens a little and he rubs my arm reassuringly.

“Do not be love. Never apologize for being what you are. Likewise, as much as my words seem to have upset you, I will not apologize for them either. I am what I am, as you are what you are. You are a human, with human emotion but I am a monster, a child of Chaos herself and I make no apologies. As such, I warn you now that I possess a horrendous temper, which flares at the best of times. Do not take my anger to heart for I shall not harm you. As I have revealed, demons can love as easily as they hate and can manage both faster than humans. I already love you, my Selena; do not fear me.”

My trembling stops and I hug him close. Again I find myself wondering, what do I say to that?

“Do not say the words unless you mean them my pet, I know that when one human professes their love, the other must do the same, but I am not human, so I do not need sweet lies to satisfy my ego. Your caution stems from the part of you which is allied with order. You are only human and should not feel ashamed.”

Considering this carefully I answer.

“I do feel… love for you, but I don’t think I am in love you just yet.” I wince, the words sound cruel.

“Do not feel guilty my love. You have spoken the truth and that is all I ask.”

He stops walking and gently places me onto the hard floor. I am unsteady on my feet for a few seconds and take a hold of his arm to right myself. Looking around I see that we are in yet another empty cave.

“Are you sure you stopped at the right place? I don’t see any clothes.”

He laughs and gestures into the empty space.

“Are you sure you have searched properly? Look again.” That mischievous glint has returned to his eyes and my playful demon is back, all serious talk forgotten.

Smiling, my eyes sweep the cave and again find nothing.

“Nope,” I say, “I don’t see any-”

Out of the corner of my eye something glints in the unnatural red light of the cavern. Whipping my head around, I see that it is a stone chest of sorts, with iron detailing. With an approving nod from Asmodeus, I take a hesitant step towards the mysterious new object.

Note: This story is fantasy in the most complete sense. Unrealistic proportions and stamina. A single man in a supernatural world full of invariably sexy, horny women. Love equated with lust, and love/lust at first sight. Think of it as less of a story, and more of a night dream, which like all dreams has its own rules, that for as long as you are dreaming, you accept on its own terms.

Critical feedback is fine, but if you’re going to be rude or demeaning, keep it to yourself. The usage of the words “cum/cummed/cumming” rather than “come/came/coming” is a deliberate stylistic choice.

All characters are 18+.

I apologize for the erratic rate of posting, but my inspiration comes in fits and starts. Enjoy!


Lily bore Alexander more daughters, and his daughters bore him daughters. Saplings and shoots of grass sprouted from the fertile cum coating the once-bare rocks of the hellish depths, joining the fields of lilies growing in creamy seas. Falls of cum splashed from rocks high above into babbling brooks of jizz, and the succubi bathed in wanton pleasure.

His eternally erect dick, always glimmering silver, was worshipped, lavished with slobber and juice, with tongue and pussy, with kissing and sucking. Three of his daughters were milking their daddy now. Two of them hotdogged him, tucking as much of his massive rod between their ass cheeks as they could, while the third girl encompassed what the other two could not with her generous, milk-swollen tits.

And they fucked his cock with their ass cheeks and cleavage, moaning as they felt the pulsing ridges of his purpled, lust-bulged cockveins. The two hotdoggers pushed their buttocks back and up as high as they could, wrapping up as much of his godlike length as they could, and moaned in obscene delirium as their puffy wet slits grinded into his ridged pole.

The titfucking succubus bestowed licks upon his cockknob, drooling lavishly upon the humming metal studs of his dick as her milk trickled freely down her boobs and his shaft. With his arm, Alexander clutched Lily to his side, dancing a passionate tango with her deliciously hot tongue, and a fourth daughter clung to his other side, pressing worshipful kisses to his broad shoulders and neck.

Alexander was spunking, Lily crushed to his side in the throes of his passion, and her kisses were no less crushing as she mashed her succulent lips to his. “Daddddddy!” his daughters were moaning madly, an obscene chorus accompanying the warm rain of silver spunk from his pulsing geyser. They drew nourishment from his spunk; though a succubus could subsist on a girl’s cream, it was on Man-cum that they truly thrived. The titfucker couldn’t resist any longer, and bent her head towards his manhood; her face was instantly blasted with thick cock cream, and then her plump lips closed around his cockhead.

“UNGNGHHH!” Alexander’s roar was barely muffled by Lily’s mouth as he filled his daughter’s throat with sweet heat. He was cumming so forcefully even the talented succubus couldn’t swallow it all. Her daddy’s cum frothed out of her mouth around his veiny girth, spilling down his shaft as thick strings of gooey seed hung from her coated face.

His swollen cock was lurching its final lobs of cum into her throat, when he drifted…

Time became a dream, and the face of a girl with dark hair, save for a single white lock, seemed to pass before his vision. He reached out to her, but then he was gone, drifting again. Presently the world solidified once more. Alexander inhaled a… presence. “Cinnamon?” he murmured.

Then the world snapped into focus. As so many times before, he was in a summoning circle. This time, however, he was not merely mystically anchored, but physically bound. His outstretched arms and legs marked four corners of the sigil-inscribed circle; where the glowing red lines crossed his wrists and ankles, there was he restrained by the mystical light.

No Cinnamon, but he was surrounded by young women, standing over him around the circle. Sorceresses they were, baring their lusciously nude bodies to him, ripely rounded tits stemmed by gloriously hard nipples, long flowing hair, sparkling eyes, and juicy, dripping pussies. Jewelry draped over their forms, as was the fashion of women in the City. Necklaces, bracelets, anklets, armlets, and all other manner of finery enhanced but did not conceal their beauty.

A low sensual shudder rolled gently over him, and as his eyes hooded, he could almost – almost – imagine that one of them was Marie, standing happily over him in the finery of her jewelry.

He was in a palatial pavilion, under a white dome supported by carved marble pillars. The top of the dome was open to the night sky, Selene shedding forth her soft moonlight squarely on his gleaming ebony flesh.

Lusty sighs and heaving breaths rushed from the girls’ lungs as they gazed upon his impressive manhood. Their circle parted to admit a short woman to his vision. Her smooth skin was chocolate-toned, with her nipples, lips, and slit as freshly pink as his carnaleira‘s. Her hair fell in black satin locks to her thighs. Her tiny nipples were pierced, and a length of golden chain hung from the piercings, one end on either nipple. Jeweled studs and small hoops pierced her ears, and an emerald brooch adorned her hair.

Most astonishing of all were the nine furred tails, as black as her hair, that fanned behind her. She was a kitsune, an ancient but youthful spirit powerful in the magicks of cum and cream. She licked her lips ostentatiously, not shy of her obvious desire for him. “Good, he is here. Now we prepare him for our lady.”

Her voice, light and sweet, was nevertheless delivered in rich sultry tones, and precum bubbled up from his cockhead as a shuddering groan rippled its way through his body. “As you say, master enchantress,” one of the sorceresses obeyed the kitsune, and knelt beside his face. Holding a golden pitcher, she tipped it over his mouth, and a waterfall of rich purple summerwine flowed into his throat.

The intoxicating wine smothered his senses in sex-soaked steam, the raw scent of juice and sweat surrounding him. He gargled a yell of delirious ecstasy as the summerwine poured down, his cock lurching and flinging fat gobs of hot, musky cum everywhere. The sorceresses gasped in delight as his creamy heat spattered onto their bared flesh. Fingers of his cum trickled around the lush curves of their tits, ran rivulets down into their belly buttons, and dipped fertile trails between the ridges of plump pussy lips.

The kitsune enchantress stepped into the circle and knelt between his legs, peering at his magnificently throbbing cum pump. A creamy burst of jizz blasted her square in the face, and she mewled lewdly, as thick strings of his cum dripped from her head. Her lithe fingers deftly traced around the 13 studs adorning his dick, wrenching another groan from him. “Lilith enchants her demons well,” she said, and took a kittenish lick up his fat cum tube.

More spunk pulsed up his shaft, thicker and longer than before. Alexander’s tongue flicked out of his summerwine-splashed mouth and slithered up to stroke the pussy of the sorceress with the pitcher. “Ahhhnnghh!” she cried in pleasure, faltering. The pitcher lurched in her grasp, splashing summerwine everywhere.

Alexander’s tongue sank into her gorgeous dewy cleft, feasting on her sweet virginal taste as the kitsune milked him. The taste of summerwine and juice was on his lips, and he reveled in it.

“Bathe him,” the kitsune ordered the other women between licking his cock. The sorceresses obeyed the master enchantress, creamy gloop pasted to their heated flesh as they brought forth more pitchers and began pouring them all over his body. Not summerwine this, but pussy juice, multiple scents of sweet liquid love all mingling everywhere upon his flesh in a lewd coating.

“With the cream of a hundred virgins do we anoint thee, O Man,” the kitsune told him. Alexander writhed helplessly in pleasure, his wrists and ankles bound as the juices poured along his flesh and pooled upon the floor beneath him. His hair was soaked through with sticky love, maiden-cum drooled down his shaft, and every inch of his body was bathed.

The sorceresses gathered around, massaging his flesh with hot, grasping hands, kneading the virgin juices into him. He thrashed, spewing long splurts of jizz from his rod, and deep growls of animalistic lust rumbled in his chest.

Then the women began rubbing his flesh with their luscious titmounds, wet eager tongues, and puffy, heated cunnies. The kitsune tucked the fat veiny girth of his throbbing shaft between her full rounded tits, kneading him with her succulent boob flesh. Her hard pink nipples stood out clearly against her skin of chocolate satin.

“When shall he be ready, mistress?” one of the sorceresses asked, licking up Alexander’s chest, tasting the maiden-cream even as she rubbed it in with her tongue.

The kitsune pressed a kiss to his studded cock. “I must know the potency of his seed. When he can quicken my womb, then shall he be ready… for my kind cannot bear young.” She drew herself up over his spunking shaft, moaning as her inner thighs were coated in obscene heat, then lowered herself, her puffy lips stretching wide around his bloated cockhead, slurping him eagerly inside her femininity.

Oh!” she gasped as his magnificent pole filled her most sensitive crevice. Her little pink clit peeked out, hardened and wet, and she creamed nearly instantly, sinking fully down upon his cockmeat in the shuddering throes of her rapture. His cockknob popped between her cervix, spiraling the kitsune through yet another wild juicing. Her nine tails waggled wildly, beating the ground as her hands clenched in his chiseled abs.

Alexander convulsed as she thrashed atop him. He could not take his eyes off her lovely form. Her boobs heaved and jiggled with every bounce of her supple body. Three of her tails wrapped around his legs while the others flapped frantically to and fro. Her eyes were hooded, her mouth parted, the tip of her tongue barely hanging out as her head lolled back and forth. “UNNNNNNNNNGGGGHNNNGGHHHHH!” His bellow vibrated the marble pillars, and his cock gushed his potent, delicious heat into her womb.

His seed quickened life within her, and overflowed, spilling out of her spastically clenching pussy around his shaft, mingling with her own sweet cream as it flowed down his balls onto the stone floor. With a final high-pitched scream, the kitsune exploded once more upon him, her pussy clenched hard around his fat sausage as her body hummed with delight. Kitsune juice poured out of her pussy, joining the anointments of virgin-cum upon his flesh.

Then the only sound in the room was harsh panting. Hers as she swayed weakly back and forth on his fuckrod, his as a last lob of cum hurled into her greedy pussy, and the other sorceresses’ as they had kissed and fingered each other while watching. “The lust… of a Man-demon is… a mighty thing,” the kitsune gasped out.

On unsteady legs she wriggled herself off his cock, and staggered, drunken with pleasure. Her juice and his cum trickled down her inner thighs from her lush fertilized cleft.

A soprano, soft and sultry, answered her. “The lust of Alexander knows no limits.” Alexander’s head snapped to the side as Lily walked gracefully into the pavilion. Her pale creamy skin glowed in the moonlight, and she fairly looked like Selene herself. She was in her human aspect, small and beautiful. The sorceresses knelt to her, acknowledging the mistress of all enchantments, and the kitsune enchantress greeted her with a respectful nod, still swaying slightly.

“Lilith,” said the kitsune, “I knew not the breadth of the gift you gave when you granted me knowledge of his name. But he… he has already quickened my womb!”

Alexander murmured, “Lily…” The depths of tenderness in his voice filled the dark eyes of his consort, and she knelt beside him.

“This is the second time I have met you,” she said softly. “The third time will be the first time you meet me.” She drew her fingers to her wet, dripping cunt, and came away with juices hanging in a string from them. The exiled goddess pressed her hand to his lips, and he kissed it, tasting the rich flavor of her sweetness.

“He…” The kitsune’s voice still slurred with lust-drunken pants. “He quickened my womb.” Her hand lay upon her belly. “It should have taken… months… years…” Her expression was one of awe and adoration.

“Prepare him still more,” Lily said softly, her eyes still locked on Alexander’s as he suckled her fingers. She bent, lowering her full succulent tit to him, and he took a hard pink nipple into his mouth, tugging on it lightly with his teeth as he sucked. Lily moaned, and her hands fisted in his long reddish curls, pulling his head to her boobs. “Milk him,” she continued to the kitsune in gasps and groans, “for seven times seven days, and on the fiftieth, bring the high queen in unto him.”

She withdrew her nipple, and scooted back along his torso. Her hand reached back to grasp ahold of his cockcrown, unable to encompass even half of his tremendous girth, and guided it to her juicy cunt. She moaned a lewd song as the cockhead rubbed along her sensitive slit, anointing her womanhood with his dewy pre. “For age upon age I have waited, Alexander,” she murmured to him in a voice thick with love and desire. “Now I begin the milking for these sorceresses.”

Lily leaned her head down. “The kitsune calls this a gift to the high queen. But truthfully, this is my gift to you.” She sank down upon his tool, and cried out in ecstasy as his massive pole split apart her pussy lips like a ripe fruit, impaling her horny cunt till his obese nutsacks pressed wetly into her ass cheeks.

Like the kitsune, she creamed instantly. Her juices sprayed from her pussy around his dick. Alexander’s back arched, thrusting up into her bucking body, and planted his cockknob inside her womb. His cock lurched, jizz surging up his length in lewd pulses to fountain within his lover’s fertile twat. The metal studs climbing along his thick cum tube vibrated madly within her cunny, sending orgasm after orgasm crashing through Lily’s little body as he filled her up with creamy lust.

The sorceresses stood all around him, pouring jugs of virgin cream and summerwine upon him, and the heat of his flesh all but sizzled against their sweet coolness. The red sigils of the circle flared brightly around his ankles and wrists, and tingles of electric ecstasy ran up his limbs, spiked down his spine, and shot up his thrumming, studded cock in an incredibly fat glob of thick pulsing cocksauce.

The magic of sigils and summerwine and maiden-cream electrified every inch of him, and torrents of jizz blasted out of his cumslit. His mouth opened wide in a howl of obscene, utter abandon that shook the pavilion.

He wasn’t aware of when it happened, but presently Lily was gone, returned to her hells, and the sorceresses rode him. They fucked themselves on his cock, suckled and licked upon it, and massaged it with ass cheeks and tits and soft silken hands. And all the while he did not, could not, stop cumming.

His cock studs thrummed audibly in a harmony of decadence with his bellows and the sorceresses’ shrill womanly cries of euphoria. His dick throbbed with pulsing geysers of cum so thick his girth bulged further, and the impressive length of his dick stretched still farther. His cockflesh and ballsacks were a deep raging purple as his churning cum factories pumped out jet after jet after unending jet of hot fertile seed. Silver light flared blindingly bright as his tongue-traced dick runes glowed ever hotter.

The uninhibited lust of a Man-demon was fantastically strong, and all the girls around him became insatiably horny. Moans and screams were musical accompaniment to wet slaps of flesh against flesh as the sorceresses eagerly feasted on one other’s pussies and frenched each other in a lewd frenzy of sex and sweat and juices. His passion called to nymphs in the forests all around, and they came from far and wide to lustily cavort around this Man. Maenads danced in a frenzied bacchanalia, lush vines of intoxicating maenad grapes sprouting where they trod.

And so the sorceresses, and nymphs and maenads, continually milked him for weeks, enticing spurt after spurt from their willing captive. Alexander was cumming nonstop, unleashing a fantastic torrent of hot cockslop in fat, pulsing jets. Every sorceress in the pavilion was slathered in it, but when his dick wasn’t ensconced in glucking throat or clenching pussy, his inexhaustible fountain geysered up to incredible heights in the silver light of his nearly blinding cock runes, creating a rainfall of spunk that sowed fertile soil with lush blossoms of all kinds and colors.

Sweat rolled down his skin, and the studs upon his cockmeat thrummed and pulsed frantically in an endless circle of creamy lust. Alexander’s mind was blanked with lust, and he knew nothing except the waves of ecstasy crashing through his body and the tingling force of his jizz shooting out of his cumslit.

The kitsune enchantress, her tummy swollen with all the daughters load after load of his lust had sired upon her womb, engulfed his rod with her throat, eagerly skewering herself upside down on his cum pump. Unsupported by anything except his titanic cock, she flopped around with every mighty, lurching throb of his spunking manhood. Her juices sprayed constantly from her puffy, pregnant pussy, and her lewd, lusty slobber slathered his dick in thick love.

Alexander’s sheer virility utterly dominated the kitsune’s wildly orgasming, ecstatically writhing body as he jizzed into her eagerly swallowing throat. The weight of her heavy, milky tits and impregnated tummy rolled about, slinging her body this way and that on his huge log in a massage so intense that ecstasy crackled up every inch of his cock. The chocolate-skinned enchantress’ throat was fantastically hot, tight, and wet – all the hotter for her heated breath panting up his length, all the tighter for her desperately horny glucking swallows, and all the wetter for her slurping drool.

And she purred, mewling in the manner of kitsune, and his dick was wrapped in warm, wet, silken humming as she fucked her throat on him. The sheer fire of the lust she stoked in him flashed through every nymph and maenad and sorceress around the circle, and they all thrashed, juicing hard with the euphoria of lust running hot through their veins.

Vines of grapes crawled up marble pillars and burst into showers of wine. Shoots sprouting out of the gardens beyond the pavilion shot up to saplings and then fully grown young trees, with their newly birthed dryads cartwheeling into delighted life. Winds gusted through the pavilion as the pleasure of sylphs peaked and sprinkled liquid lust upon the circle.

And still Alexander jizzed, bursting jets of cum into the pregnant kitsune’s stuffed throat…

Yet at last he did come to himself. Instead of the moon high overhead through the opening in the domed ceiling, Hyperielle shed her sunny rays upon him. The kitsune enchantress still flopped upon her perch, slumbering in the magnificent exhaustion of swallowing a demon’s unhindered passion. Even in her sleep, her throat glucked and swallowed around his tool, slurping up the gloops of cum that drizzled still from his cumslit.

The nymphs were gone, and the ravished sorceresses were slowly recovering their senses, staggering to their feet as aftershocks of pleasure rippled through them. Every last one of them sported child-swollen bellies, for all had ridden the demon’s incredible cock, multiple times, for seven times seven days.

They looked towards their sleeping mistress. Alexander commanded in his rumbling baritone, “Bring your queen in unto me, as she commanded beforetime.” He arched his back again, aching to bury himself deeper inside the chocolate kitsune’s throat, even though he was already balls deep, her face mashed into his soaked, matted crotch curls.

***So I’m picking up the pace here a bit and the focus will switch here and there a little. This chapter’s got a little bit of everything in it, so you’ll need a good comfy chair and some munchies, maybe.

All I know is in this one chapter, almost everybody has a good time as the group of werewolves continues on its eastward exodus.

What do I mean by a good time? Well, nobody goes hungry, for one thing, and they get to sing and dance and … and … Ok, there aren’t any mosquitoes, alright?



Book of the Merren Part 18

Yuan wasn’t happy as she flew through the night sky. She supposed that relationships change some as they age, almost as though each relationship has a life of its own, based on the lives of the ones in it. That was visible plainly in Rachel’s relationship with her large male. Almost as soon as Simmit was pregnant, Copper was as well. Once that had happened, Rachel and Rokhanh became completely monogamous between them.

As far as the dragon side of her went, the concept was a little foreign. But the human side of her understood it very well indeed. That was why she was hurting so much now, she supposed.

She’d been looking for Luddy to ask her about something, having flown back from the mountain home of the others who were now becoming good friends. There didn’t seem to be any one home. Without thinking about it, she’d gone into her bedroom, since Luddy might have been with Sheth — one never knew. The troll loved Sheth deeply.

But Luddy wasn’t there mating with Sheth.

Drene was.

“You will be gone from my home when I return,” she said coldly to Sheth.

“You,” she said to Drene as she grabbed her by the hair and began to walk, “You leave my home now.”

She threw Drene at the doorway in the stone, but she missed the opening a little. She got it right on the second try however, and Drene landed among a group of boulders.

Sheth tried to speak then and she threw him out as well, changing her mind.

Yuan spread her wings, needing to fly now so that she could think. She knew that if she’d followed her heart right then, the whole cavern would have fallen in. More and more, she was coming to the idea that she ought to just move on.


He came over the ridge just above the trees, bone-tired and not far from collapse. It was dark and cold, and there were still three of them chasing him, but as weary and frightened as he’d been, he didn’t know how far back they were and he didn’t know if he had the time to look back there, either. He was going as fast as he could, but he was losing altitude from his weakness and he’d be in the trees any second now. He wiped the tears from his eyes, trying desperately to see. He had nothing left anymore to throw at them — not without a long night’s rest.

There could only be one end to this.

There were fires glowing out there in the distance and he made for them, giving the attempt all that he had. He didn’t know anything about the figures that he could see as he flew nearer. He only hoped that the ones that he was about to crash into the middle of weren’t worse that what hounded him. At least he’d be able to see a little during the last moments, so he might not smash into a tree on the way in.

Cesar stood washing in the stream down the slope from the festivities. He knew that Noriko had always had the beginnings of feelings for him, and now he was a little afraid that whatever that was had spread to Shawa. He liked them both, but he didn’t have it in himself to be much more than a pretend male to them to keep other males off them. As much as he was beginning to like Shawa, he couldn’t see himself with her — he meant him. Shawa was lovely, but there was still that male equipment and Cesar really didn’t know what to do with that anyway.

Frankly, he wondered what it was that they saw in him. He was just a beat-up old male to their eyes; he had to be. It was all that he saw in the eyes of other females when he saw anyone looking at him.

The truth would have startled Cesar. What all of the females saw was a large and strong male in his prime, but down on himself for the most part. He was scarred certainly, but he was still alive and not crippled. All that the others knew was that if Raul and Maria needed someone dealt with that nobody could get near, Cesar could and did – every time.

He heard a soft sound nearby and looked out into the darkness for a moment before stepping out of the stream to reach for his shotgun. More than perhaps anything, this tended to differentiate them from the usual sort of newly made creatures like them. All of them had come to themselves after being turned. Though everyone tended to be wild and uncontrollable at first, there were some like this large group, who had functional minds after the change and they knew their own shortcomings. That was why every one of them had found weapons of some sort which which to arm themselves.

He jacked in a round and then began to turn again when something smashed into him and he found himself on his back.

Cesar only had time to look once, but what he saw stopped his heart. He didn’t understand it at all, but there was no time to think about it. There was a demon on him, young and frightened out of his wits, trying to tell him something in a language that he couldn’t understand as he heard the whistling approach of something else coming to them through the trees.

In the large clearing near the top of the hill, the dancing and the rhythm of the clapping hands stopped abruptly as everyone heard the roar of a cut-down, 10-guage pump gun from down the slope. As they all turned, they heard its song again and then once more as a scream of agony followed that. Dozens of werewolves reached for their weapons and ran down the hill.

They saw a lone figure at first standing and cowering a little as he looked away to a spot just inside the treeline. He jumped a little as a large demon surged out of the bushes at him, but was struck down by Cesar, who almost rode the thing down with his knee on its back. When it hit the snow, the demon tried to roll over in an attempt to fight off the werewolf, but Cesar slammed the sawn-off butt of his shotgun into his eyes and tore the demon’s throat out with a snarl. Blood sprayed hotly everywhere for an instant and then the demon lay still as the last of his life gurgled from his neck wetly. There was a blubbering sigh and the demon lay still.

Looking around, they saw the two others — or what Cesar had left of them, anyway. He rose to his feet slowly and looked up at the figure who stood shaking as he looked back.

Cesar could never explain it to anyone whenever he’d been asked about it afterward, and the truth of it was that right then, he didn’t know himself. But he stepped forward slowly and walked to the figure. They stood for a long moment, looking at each other as the thin, shivering gasps of the stranger floated out of him as wisps of fog in the cold mountain air to be almost blown away every time that Cesar let out a hot blast of breath as he looked at the most beautiful boy that he’d ever seen.

He was a little tall for a human, but then he clearly wasn’t one, standing there naked and shivering in bare feet. The long tail told that story along with the horns sticking out of his forehead. There were the strangest, beautiful wings as well. The pointed tips stood at least three feet above the male’s head and they arced downward gracefully to end in other points which dragged on the ground. Every werewolf there had seen plenty of demons in their lives, so they knew what a pair of demonic wings looked like.

This one’s wings didn’t look anything like that.

One couldn’t tell what they were made of, really. They might have been flesh and then again, they might just as easily have been tarnished and dirty steel, for the structure and the patterns on them, but the one before them all took a step forward toward Cesar then and the wings must have annoyed him somehow — since they disappeared from view a moment later.

The boy looked thankful and might have even been beginning to show a little happiness in his relief as he stepped forward with a quiet phrase spoken from his lips which no one understood.

But he stopped abruptly as he saw the blood which his savior wore, though most of it was not Cesar’s. There were a few bleeding gouges from the struggle anyway and these seemed to bother the young male the most. He lifted his hand and the blood was gone — all of it. Another motion healed the wounds on Cesar before the boy looked up, hopeful to have done something for the one who had saved his life, and seeing that he had, he smiled a little shyly.

But in doing what he could as his way of showing his thanks, he’d exceeded the last of his reserves and his thoughtful eyes rolled back into his head as he began to fall forward. Cesar was there and caught him gently.

Many individuals on the edges of their own consciousness at times such as these do things then — they make simple and feeble motions, or they speak some nonsense or other. This male did both, lifting one arm slowly as though the weight of it surprised him a little and he finally got it around Cesar’s thick neck as he struggled to say something in a soft whisper which Cesar also didn’t comprehend. The young and perfect face pressed itself against the startled werewolf’s throat then and kissed it softly.

No one there made a sound.

Noriko stared and she turned on her heel to walk away with Shawa following her instantly. She didn’t say anything, but Shawa knew that she was upset. When they’d gotten a little away from anyone, Noriko began to mutter a little angrily.

“What the fuck was that?” she demanded of no one in particular, “I’da tried that a long time ago if I thought that he woulda caught me if I did.”

She began to curse, using the foulest expressions that she could think of in any of the several languages that she was familiar with, but Shawa was prepared for it when she finally ran down and stood looking down with her shoulders shaking a little. Shawa acted then, and he reached out to turn the girl around. He saw the quickest glimpse of her tears as he pulled her to him.

“You love Cesar, don’t you?” He asked softly, feeling foolish instantly for having said it.

Noriko nodded against his throat, “I always have,” she sniffled, “For the last year, I’ve tagged along like some adoring little girl wherever he went if he didn’t chase me off. How the fuck did that just happen? Didja see their eyes?”

Shawa touched the back of the girl’s head very gently, “Yes,” he whispered, “It happens. It’s happened to me before. Whenever I thought that I found somebody different, they just turned out to be the same. They’d take me places and romance me. Then they’d fuck me and go home to the one they lied to me about. The one time that I thought that a guy was not like that and I really felt a lot of love, he was gone just like that when he met a real girl in one second. It happened just like that.”

Noriko listened and then she looked up, “What did you do?”

“Nothing,” he answered, “I hurt, that’s all.”

Rosa walked up then with Raul and Maria, “What happened? One minute, there was dancing and then there wasn’t. Who got shot?”

Shawa tried to explain it as best he could and the leaders walked off in the direction of the stream, but Maria stayed and looked at Noriko a little curiously for a long moment as she regarded the girl’s face resting there against Shawa’s shoulder. Noriko wasn’t crying, she was just sniffling a little and holding herself against Shawa.

Maria stepped around the pair to put her hand on Shawa’s shoulder as she leaned in. “Take care of her,” she whispered. Shawa nodded once but made no reply as Maria walked off.

The leaders all peered a little as they walked around the place where Cesar still held the boy up, though it was a little clear that he had at least a little consciousness, since he wasn’t lying in a heap in the snow. He was unresponsive to anything that was said to him by them. He only stood leaning his full weight against Cesar with his face against the werewolf’s upper chest. The eyes were closed, and there was a rather soft and sweet-looking smile on that face.

“Well we’d like to try to talk to him at least,” Rosa said.

Cesar really had no words. He felt as though he’d stand there for as long as this person needed him to. He couldn’t have explained it to himself let alone to anyone else. He felt the strangest things coming to him from the boy.

“I’m wondering if this is anything even a little like what it looks like to me, Cesar,” Maria said, “You ought to see the look on your face.”

She smiled then, seeing him in the way that she hadn’t seen her cousin in so long. “Maybe you ought to stay near him tonight, but you know that Noriko is upset. That one has always wanted you.”

He sighed, “I never did anything to make her believe that I wanted anything with her, Maria. I never even showed her that much. We only got along because I got tired of telling her to get lost.”

Maria pointed with a smile, “And now?”

He shook his head, “Don’t ask me things that I know nothing of, cousin. I’ve just never seen anyone — “

“Yeah, yeah,” the female smiled as the rest of them turned to go, “I know.”

Cesar looked down, “You need to be somewhere where you can rest. I can feel you shaking against me. Come on,” he said as he bent to pick the boy up.

Cesar hoped that carrying the young man would get his body to cooperate a little and allow his erection to pass. He was almost certain that none of the others had seen, just as he was equally certain that Maria knew – even if she hadn’t seen.

But he froze as he felt the male press himself against Cesar for a moment as the boy lifted his head and those soft brown eyes held his gaze as very quiet words came from those lips.

Cesar wasn’t certain of it, but he felt that his companion here was agreeing to go with him – if he could be helped and steadied on the way. It was so odd, really.

Cesar knew this and yet, he didn’t understand a word. He nodded his head and the shy smile widened as Cesar watched the young male sink slowly to his knees so that he could thank Cesar in the way that he’d wanted to from his first sight of him.

There was another creature out there who sat on the branch of a tree unnoticed by any of them as she clutched the trunk, and she was more than a little relieved to see what had happened. Along with her mother, she’d been trying for a few days to find her brother, having gotten separated by the arrival of one of the largest flocks yet.

She’d only gotten the barest sense of his frenzied passing and she’d come to help. She’d have arrived too late anyway. Now it looked as though he wouldn’t need much help after all, and the best news to her was that she knew where he was.

She looked up to the top of the hill, hearing the rhythmic clapping begin again. A few moments later, she heard the first of the singing voices begin, joined very shortly by others as the strange rhythms grew louder. She made sure that she was not visible and then she became rather small, so that she could flit out of the tree and move up the slope. As she drew near to the large number of celebrants, she was a little amazed.

There were so many of these ones. They chanted and sang as many of them danced. It was mostly the females dancing, she noticed as she settled down on a thick branch to watch. She wasn’t certain, but she thought that she was looking at a lot of happy and rather hopeful expressions everywhere. The beat of the song that she heard was a little primal, but there was nothing simple to it, and it required many to clap and add their voices to it so that the result was rather astounding to her. She looked up at the moon for a moment and it made a little sense though she knew that she didn’t know everything.

The females danced and the motions carried a little bit of a different hope to them. The one watching it all didn’t know it, but there were usually more males than there were females in these populations, though it would change over time normally as males sometimes killed each other. But these ones didn’t have any of that going on. They were all happy.

Every now and then a female who was unattached might make a choice for herself and go to dance before a male. He might join her in the dance, or he might not. But somewhere in there, they usually went off a little way together. As she sat and stared, she noticed that some females came back to the dance again. But there were some who came back bleeding a little from a bite, and she suddenly knew that those ones had either mated with their males, or they had each just found the male that they wished for and had mated with him and now they celebrated that happy occurrence.

She didn’t know all that much about these creatures, but she was sure that her mother would, and so, as she felt the strange singing and the clapping beginning to get to her, she flew off to tell of what she’d seen.

At first, she flitted through the trees in the same manner as the smaller forest birds — a few wingbeats followed by a little gliding as she sank, bobbing up and down as she flew. Once clear of the trees, she grew a little larger and her manner of flight changed a little, since her wings were now larger as well. As she climbed, she changed again, until at last, she looked far closer to the feminine version of her brother that she really was, borne on her large wings and gaining speed easily.


On a rocky crag some miles distant, there stood a female. She was thinking and feeling as she combed her long brown hair out and in the wind, she needed both of her hands to do it. She stood in a long gown that had come to her mind — one of her favorites, completely strapless and backless with a fitted bodice. It had a long trail and in the wind where she stood the trail of it wrapped itself around her legs and feet a little, but most of it blew up to rise a little beside her.

She’d been spawned in a temple on a distant world, the daughter of an old and very powerful demon. There had never been many of her kind throughout all of the ages, and as time had passed, they too passed into legend, but as she began the long and slow process of dying, her mother had spawned one last time with another creature out of legend. Even so, it had taken almost twenty years of time in the measure used here for the child to grow up and for her mother to finally pass. Not long after, the daughter learned that if they had a fault at all, it was that they could be rather childlike and trusting when they were young.

That was how she’d been caught and bred the first time.

It was how she’d been traded and bred for the second time as well.

But by then, she’d learned and grown tired of it all; deciding to come to the world that she knew must exist for her. Her captors and their minions were consumed in the flames of her annoyance as she gathered her two small children and left.

Now she was here and on the whole, she liked it. But as her young spawn grew, she began to search for the race that she knew that she had been made to live with She yearned to be with ones who were like her father had been.

She liked it here, even though it had its own troubles, but search as she might, she found that there were no longer any of the ones that she searched for.

These days; she found herself beset by demons not infrequently, but they weren’t much more than things which irked her a little. It made her a little sad for them as she’d observed them. It took little thought from her to deduce that they were strangers who’d found themselves here and that something had caused them to be even more upset than they already might have been.

But if she waited long enough, any who survived would sort themselves out and some would calm down. The sad part to her was that most of the fatalities which occurred due to their madness were the males. As far as she’d been able to deduce, the males weren’t the least bit inferior to the females in terms of intellect. Nevertheless, they seemed to be the ones hit the hardest by this affliction and most perished before they had a chance to calm themselves and gather their wits.

She looked behind herself for a moment and smiled. Once they’d found that the madness was a passing thing, those who’d survived had looked at her in wonder and they were now her followers in a sense. Behind her on the flat part of the top of the mountain that she stood on, there were over two hundred of them, mostly females by a huge margin. Some of them had found a mate for themselves in the relatively few males there with them, and there were also some pairs made up of only females. Most of them were only looking to survive now, and seldom had thoughts of mating with anyone.

She turned to look forward again as she waited for her daughter, because she knew suddenly that her son had been located. Of the two of her children, her son was the most like her when she was like this, having the same hair and skin, even being very similar in stature. All three of them bore the long horns of their kind and all of them had the ability that they brought with them. Their wings were so large compared to most of the types of demons and there was another thing which separated them from the run of the mill.

They didn’t look much like demons at all. If the horns, wings and tail were hidden for some reason, they looked human in this form.

Among all of the sorts of demons which were possible, if it could be said that there had once been a race which correlated to the side of light in many of man’s old books …

Then she was a demonic angel.

And her spawn took their looks from her.

As she watched her young daughter come to her, she smiled with a fair bit of mother’s pride. Pasha was so much like her when she’d been this age. She was just a bit of a shorter version, that was all — a slightly smaller package, though she was as lovely as her mother had been and still was, though Pasha was blonde.

Pasha flared and landed before she returned to her normal size and the two of them stood holding each other as the daughter told of everything; the pursuit and very near disaster that Pasha could see, but had been too far away to help with. Then she told of the creatures there and the one who had saved Talen’s life. Her face almost lit up as she told of what she’d felt.

“The one is large and very strong, Mother,” she said, “and I could see that Talen has found someone for him. It was so good to see. The male was confused, but I could see that it will happen. Talen will give himself to that one, I am sure.”

Her mother was surprised, but what she’d just heard would explain the feelings that she’d gotten from her son, so she was happy for him and she asked her daughter for the best description of Cesar that could be managed.

“Why not go there and see for yourself?” Pasha asked a little excitedly, and then she told of the dancing. “I want to go back and see more of it. They choose each other, and many go off to mate and then come back to dance more. You can see it when they have decided that they have hope in one that they have mated with that it will last. The males are so …” She sought for the word that she wanted and her mother finished it for her.


“Yes!” Pasha nodded, “Huge and strong and very good to look at, “she nodded brightly. “I want to go back and learn this dance which they do there. I want to dance with them, I — ”

She stopped suddenly and she looked at her mother’s smiling eyes.

“If I find one who pleases me, may I mate with him?” she asked, almost giving in to add the ‘please’ which she knew would ruin her chances if she said it, for it would have indicated to her mother that perhaps she was not quite mature enough in her outlook.

“Why do you ask me?” her mother grinned, “You are old enough, though only by a few days, perhaps. Do as you like, Pasha. Talen is safe once more and I think that you are right about him. Why not go there and find a little joy for yourself?

Just remember a few things. We are different from them, so do not make a big show of it in your entrance. Look to make sure that they do not drink or eat something to enhance their joy, and most of all, -”

“I know,” Pasha nodded, “Mate, but do not breed. I am not fertile now and even so, I will be careful. But you should go too! I saw some who must be the leaders there. Maybe they can tell you why they all look so happy.”

Cerinthe was about to demure, but she thought of the others behind them then. So she nodded, “We will all go, but it makes the arrival a little uncertain, to be sure.”

Talen sat with Cesar, feeling much better now, though he knew that he still needed rest. He didn’t care. He’d never seen anyone who could make him feel this way.

Which was exactly the thought that Cesar was having as he cut up some of the roasted rabbit and offered it to the beautiful young man. The feelings that he had in him now had come at him from far out of left field. He’d never been attracted to any male before in his life, and though it felt so strange to him, he knew that he was certainly attracted to one now.

They were trying to learn to speak to each other and it had taken a little while just to get their names across. Perhaps the strangest thing to Cesar was the way that, while he found himself beginning to like the idea, he could see that to Talen, it was already as good as begun between them. They sat eating and Talen would caress Cesar’s sheath for a moment in passing, as though they were already lovers and had been for months. It felt incredible to him, but Cesar also wondered if there was a misunderstanding here somehow.

He put his hand on Talen’s arm and did his best to ask. Talen blinked at him and then suddenly, Cesar could hear Talen’s words in his head.

“There is no mistake, Cesar,” the boy smiled shyly. “I feel the same way that you do. I only accept it easily.”

He got up to kneel in front of Cesar and they looked at each other for a moment before Talen stretched up to put his arms around the werewolf’s neck, loving the way that it felt to slip his long fingers into Cesar’s mane. “I want to be in love with the one who saved me, but that is not the reason for it,” he said into Cesar’s mind as he moved closer and kissed him very softly.

Cesar groaned then, knowing without a doubt that he was lost in this as he reached for Talen. Their kisses lasted long enough for both males to harden and Talen gasped when Cesar’s shaft touched his own.


It had taken a long time for Shawa to get Noriko to the point where she was feeling a little better, but he was rather dubious when the girl had insisted that they go to speak with Cesar. Shawa had wanted to know why.

“Because, Shawa,” Noriko said, “I just wanna see things clearly and set them a little straight. I don’ see no problem if we let them both have us and we just stick together as a group like that then. I’d bet that the guy would want you right off the bat, and then you could be happy and –”

“And you could have Cesar?” Shawa asked, a little upset now, “Aren’t you being a little pushy here? I don’t think that I want either of them. What is this? I don’t want to meet somebody and then let them fuck me three minutes later.”

Noriko stopped and looked at the demon. “Why not?”

Shawa turned then and began to walk away. He didn’t want to hear the rest of Noriko’s assumption that just because he’d sold himself before, …

Noriko ran after Shawa to grab his arm, turning him around. He looked at her with a fair bit of annoyance.

“Look,” she said, “I’m sorry, ok? That was a stupid thing to say. I just, …. I just think that I ought to try to see if I got even the slightest chance with him, yeah? I just want to –”

Noriko looked into his eyes and she saw something that she really hadn’t expected there. “Shawa,” she asked, “you want … me?”

He shook his head, “What’s the use? You make sounds like you want me and you even humped my tail back there. Where would I get the idea that you might like me? What you say doesn’t mean anything. You just want Cesar.

He helped me today, but he won’t have to help me tomorrow. I’ll just fly and then nobody will even have to look at the freak with tits, though I’m prepared to try to be his friend. You want to go see where you stand? Then go. You don’t need me for that. And no, I think that you’re mistaken. I don’t want you.”

He pulled his arm free and walked away, cursing his fate and wondering why he’d allowed himself to feel a little for her. He should know better, he told himself.

Noriko was torn, feeling that she ought to try to make this better, but also wanting to get things straight with Cesar. She knew now that she should have just told him about the way that she’d felt about him, but she’d never been able to get her courage up, fearing that he’d reject her outright As long as she didn’t ask, then she wouldn’t have to hear his rejection. She looked down for a moment.

Shawa needed somebody, she thought. He couldn’t stand up for himself around here, not with some of the big, dumb ones anyway. She knew that she wouldn’t mind being with him — the way that he needed somebody was written all over him. She looked up and watched as he walked away toward the dancing.

She shrugged. If he was careful, he might find somebody for himself there.

In her haste to want to talk with Cesar, Noriko was overlooking what she’d seen in Shawa’s face.

She thought of it a little later.

She walked over the hill and soon after, she saw Cesar and the stranger together. For as long as she’d known him, Cesar had always worn one of three expressions — angry, sad, or just lost and usually it might be said that he’d worn a combination of the last two.

At the moment. he wore none of them and Noriko knew exactly where she stood.


The dancing continued unabated, for, as one person decided that they’d perhaps had their fill of jubilation, another would come to take part. Things slowed a little when there were friendly calls out of the forest and the demons appeared, careful to hold up open hands full of meat ready to be added to the fires.

The two kinds looked at each other, but it was Pasha who broke the ice, beginning to dance all alone as a few demon girls began to clap out their own rhythms. Rosa and the others stood and waited as Cerinthe approached and though she couldn’t understand their speech directly, she was advanced enough to be able to speak telepathically and things went better after that.

As they told her what they wanted and where they were going, Cerinthe asked if there might be room for a few demons there as well. Rosa thought about it and couldn’t see any difficulty, though Raul could.

“These demons here,” he said, “they’re the same kind that kill a lot of people when they show up.”

Cerinthe nodded, “The very same. But if you look where I am looking now, you will see that, without whatever it is that is done to upset them before they are released, they are much like your own people here.”

He walked over and she pointed out how the female werewolves were now joining in the dance again, many just walking up to the demons dancing there and smiling to begin and he could see at least three couples already copulating together.

“The line between us is not as thick as one might have thought,” she smiled, “You have too many males, and I have almost all females.

There are many things which you can do and we cannot,” she said, “and it goes the other way as well. If we might travel with you, you will gain protection from above. The typical flock which I have seen lately numbers about a hundred, though there are both larger and smaller ones. I have a little more than two hundred to offer, and if I am present, I will fight as well.”

Maria wanted to know why, and Cerinthe smiled, “I am here with my children.” She looked at Maria for a moment, “My son and – your cousin. What more reason do I need to fight?”

Maria smiled with a shrug, “I’ve never seen anything like the way that they seemed to be so – attracted to each other in about as much time as it takes me to blink. Your son has worked a miracle in a few seconds. Up to now, I’ve been a little worried that the things in Cesar’s past would lead him to his death. I don’t mind at all if they find something between them, if it helps him.”

It was a little odd to hear the beautiful demon’s laughter while her words came to them at the same time. “They have already found ‘something’ between them. Talen has given himself to your Cesar. I feel this. From the thought, they will be happy.”

They shared a bit of food before Cerinthe stepped away to watch the dancers with Maria, who wanted to know a little about Cerinthe as she told of the ghosts in Cesar’s past.

“You spoke of your children,” she said, “How many sons do you have?”

“One only,” the demon smiled, “There is my daughter there, “she pointed, and Maria looked to see the girl dancing and laughing as she and a pair of female werewolves danced together. From the smiles and laughter that they saw, they were showing each other ways to dance. Cerinthe accepted Maria’s compliment about Pasha’s loveliness.

But she felt something then and looked up. The moon was full and hung gleaming brightly in the night sky.

“We call that a mating moon,” Maria said quietly and Cerinthe chuckled as she looked around, “A good name, I think. It would be good to see if any of the ones from both sides of this become pairs. Has it ever happened. Maria?”

“I don’t know,” the werewolf replied honestly, “I’ve never seen demons who weren’t acting as though they were completely nuts before, but I’ve got to tell you, I like them this way. What were you looking at?”

Cerinthe pointed, “That,” she sighed, “the very first one that I have seen.”

Maria looked up and they watched a dark shape slide across the face of the moon. She looked at Cerinthe in alarm, “Are we in danger now?”

“I do not think so,” the demon smiled as she spread her wings, “Forgive me, there is someone who I am hopeful to meet. You are in no danger, or you’d have known it already. I will return if I can.”

With that, Cerinthe was gone, the speed of her exit a little startling to Maria who watched from where she stood.

All these years here and I have seen only this one, Cerinth told herself as she rose higher and higher in the night sky. As she climbed, it became easier for her as the gown faded away and she assumed her other form, the one that she hoped had enough in the way of feminine charms to hold the interest of the first male that she sought for herself in her life.

What if this is a female? But that would be very large, she thought. Then she asked herself about the possibility that this was a very old male and past his prime. She hoped that her luck would prove better than that. With a thought, she faded from sight as she crept closer, gaining on the one who appeared to be starting a wide turn to come back.

Cerinthe smiled to herself, knowing that her chase was being shortened for her.

Her first pass in the opposite direction caused her to stare, and her hurried reversal to have another look brought her directly underneath, and a few seconds of looking up told her that this was a male, and not old.

“What do you want?” she heard in her mind and she knew that this one wasn’t stupid and had noticed the turbulence that she’d left behind in her wake.

“I came to see one such as I have never seen as long as I have been here,” she replied, “Are you alone here?”

There was a pause and then came the reply, “I am alone — once again.”

“Then slow down, wondrous one,” she said as she faded back into sight, “I hope that we are enough alike to warrant a better meeting.”

She looked aside when he noticed her and he slowed down markedly, mostly because he was so shocked that he actually turned his head and the drag of that at this speed almost caused him to tumble and he heard her laughter as she slowed as well. As he turned around to come back once more, she hung there in the air, her great wings beating hard to hold herself stationary.

They looked at one another for a long moment and then she was gone, diving earthward to lead him down.

“Why do you run?” he asked in her mind.

“I am not running,” she said, “I am leading. I wish to see more of you where I do not have to remember to fly.”

The dancers stopped as someone pointed to the sky. A few moments later, they watched the pair flare in their landings on the next rise of rock. It was a little lower than where they were and they saw the two dragons step closer to each other. No one knew what was said down there, if anything, but a careful embrace followed the beginning of the meeting.

They were different, to be sure, but they were also the same, and if you’ve spent years searching for someone who only might still exist, it’s a little much to stand on arm’s length first-meeting conventions — especially if one does now know which conventions to use.

They looked at each other for a time as though faced with a legend sprung to life somehow out of age-old carvings or from the pages of some mystic texts. “I never thought to see another like me,” Cerinthe said as she gave up on the last shreds of trying to remain aloof and she reached to touch Yuan, who couldn’t believe this.

“How many shapes have you? Yuan asked, “I have three and I wish to be more comfortable.”

“Two,” Cerinthe replied, “all that I need. Choose what you wish,” she said and then she burst into happy tears to see that Yuan could look very similar to her as she changed.

“Where have you been? I have searched in every place that I could learn of and found nothing.”

Yuan described her journey and her humble beginnings, but Cerinthe told her that she saw nothing humble about them, before she told of her own past, and when she changed her shape to the long-horned demon, Yuan stood transfixed with wonder.

“Why are you alone?” Cerinthe asked, and Yuan told her everything, especially how she was both genders depending on what she wanted.

“I can be happy with that,” Cerinthe smiled shyly, “and you are so beautiful,” she said as she touched Yuan’s soft scaled skin, “I am alone also, but I wish for a male. I have never had the chance to choose for myself.

Now, I see that chance and I want it.”

She laughed then, “I think that I was made for you. It is my hope now.”


Pasha was one of the first to walk back to the dancing place, but she wasn’t the only one there. She looked at someone who she’d seen before, one person who hadn’t danced at all and mostly stood off to the side and only watched, politely declining any requests to dance.

She walked in his direction and smiled up at him. “You are not like the others here,” she said, “I have watched you for a time now. I would have asked you to dance with me, but I saw that you never agree to dance with anyone. There is no one looking now,” she said as she stepped slowly closer.

“My name is Pasha,” she said as she reached for his hand, and to his surprise, he reached for hers. “I am Shawa.”

“Why were you not with everyone trying to see the pair of draken over there?” she asked.

He shrugged then, “They are something that I know nothing of and they seem so beautiful when they fly as they did. I was watching them then. It was nice to see, but I felt a little sad then because it reminded me of my own troubles.”

He looked down, “I know nothing of them, but I think that they must be very rare. And yet, somehow those ones found each other at some time.”

“They have only just met,” Pasha said, “What are your troubles?”

“I am not anything,” he said without sadness or self-pity, “I was made into something so that I could earn gold to buy food. Before that, I was an ordinary and rather small male where I am from and no one was my friend. Afterwards, I was only something to spend gold on. Then I was brought here and abandoned. These creatures took me along out of kindness, but I am not one of them.”

He looked up from the ground after a moment, “You are not one of the demons here. I see that you are different as well. What are you doing here?”

Pasha smiled, “I am here because of one of the drakens. The light one, she is my mother. I followed my brother because he was being hunted and I was too far behind to help, but one of these helped him and I saw the dancing, so I told my mother and she came back with me.”

Shawa realized the Pasha was still holding his hand when he noticed that she had begun to lead him under a few trees, where she stood very close to him and he found that he suddenly knew that she had come to some sort of decision about him. They continued to talk very quietly as he felt her against him and it felt perfectly fine to him when she stretched up and kissed him very softly once.

I like you, Shawa,” she said, “because you are different from anyone here, just as I am.” She changed then to become more of a luminescent being with white hair, still so lovely and a bit smaller. “Please come with me,” she said, “I like it when I am seen with you, and the dance will begin again soon, I hope.”

The people had begun to drift back and Pasha called some of the female demons to her and she asked them if they’d begin their songs again for her, and they nodded and grinned at Pasha and Shawa as they began.

“Please, Shawa,” Pasha said softly, “will you dance with me?”

He was a little afraid and nervous, but his standing and feeling alone hadn’t done anything for him yet, so he nodded, and they began to dance to the rhythms which the demon girls clapped out. Seeing them dance, some of the werewolf women came and began as well.

Pasha began to weave and thrust her hips to him and they smiled at each other as they touched and kept on to the primal-sounding music. One of the werewolves noticed that the demons were only humming and chanting a little and so she thought up a bit of a melody. When she began to sing it, overlaying the chanting, many others picked it up and sang as well, demons and werewolves together.

“This makes me feel so good,” Pasha grinned to Shawa, as she slipped her hand under the bit of fur that he wore to caress him a little quickly. For once, Shawa didn’t retreat within himself and he returned her light touches. He was rewarded as she danced all the harder and her simple clothing disappeared. The singing grew louder and the chants deeper as males began to add their voices to the primitive music. Many cheered and called out their encouragement.

“You are a good dancer,” Pasha laughed in surprise as Shawa danced and teased her a little before grinding himself down and back up as he slid his hands up her torso.

“Come on, Shawa,” she pointed to the fur, “You too! Take that off. We were the only ones wearing anything here, and … I like your body. You are a little like the one that my mother has found, but I like yours much better. “

Shawa hadn’t told anyone really, other than Tirran when he’d asked to come along, but he’d been a dancer not all that long ago. He’d liked Pasha instantly, so he thought that if she was having this much fun, he’d do what he could. The fur came off and was flung aside, and the crowd cheered as many of them danced in one place to follow, though all eyes were on the young pair as their bodies slid against each other.

Pasha turned away from him and backed up to him, grinding herself against him while she smiled back at him. Everyone who was not clapping as part of the rhythm began to slap out a beat for them.

As they humped together, he looked at Pasha and he thought that she was the finest female that he’d ever seen. From Pasha’s side of it, she was thrilled to feel herself growing wet as his hardening shaft began to rub her in a nice way. She pulled away then and turned around, suddenly not being able to keep her hands from his body.

“Shawa,” she hissed into his ear as she hung onto him and squeezed the breast under her hand, “Shawa, this is so good with you. Do you like me?”

“I have never seen one like you. I want to dance with you forever.” He kissed her cheek and she was on him then, kissing him in genuine need.

“Oh Shawa,” Pasha groaned to him, “Forget your troubles. Just be kind to me and dance with me a little longer. I want to mate with you. I have never seen anyone who makes me feel this way.”

Other couples joined them in the dance, which changed and evolved slowly, but in the middle of it, Shawa and Pasha made love on their feet to the primal music of the multitudes.

“I have never done this before,” Pasha moaned as she stood with her face against his breasts, holding the hardness in her hand and marveling at how much larger it had become. His hand was cupping her mound and he had his middle finger in her wetness, amazed at how good it felt to him to do that and how much better it felt when he had the thought that for the first time in his life, he was doing something for a female who liked him enough to allow it.

There were other pairs around them who were just as far along and even more, but this time, no one wanted to go off into the bushes. There were even a very few who were already fucking as Pasha slipped lower to get to her knees, wanting to love this wonderful male with her mouth for a little while, but after a time, Shawa asked her to dance a little more. She looked up at him, but he smiled as he pulled her head to his nipple.

“You were doing it too well,” he said, “Another moment and I would have had to let it go.”

Pasha moaned then as she sucked hungrily, but she lifted her head and looked up again as she reached to hold his scrotum as she’s seen some other females do for their males in this. “You could have done that, “she nodded, “I would have loved it. Oh Shawa, I love this with you.”

“And I love having you against me,” he groaned with his eyes closed, “But if you want me to fuck you anytime soon, then it would have been too soon. You are so good to me, Pasha. Now I am afraid to stop dancing.”

“Why?” she asked, her eyes shining with the emotion in her.

“Because then it will be over.”

“That is something that we do not yet know,” she said, suddenly very earnest in her tone. “Fuck me, Shawa, and we should talk about standing beside each other afterward, but I need you now.”

He began to kiss her ear and her throat then, just to hear her moans to him. Pasha told him things in her passion that caused his heart to pound inside him. He thought that there was a chance that it was only the passion which he now never wanted to see leave her, but he ached to hear it anyway, because no one had ever said such things to him. She apologized to him somewhere in it and when he asked, she told him that she’d seen into him and now knew of his sadness and why it lay there in him.

She groaned when he squeezed her breasts in the same way that she was working his, but she told him that he was wrong, that she’d heard many females here, demon and werewolf who wanted a chance with him. But she also told him that he was hers if he wanted to be because she knew that she was falling for him, and had been from the moment that she’d laid eyes on him.

She threw one arm around his neck and pulled herself a little higher over and over to rub against him, “But I need more,” she said, and he could have sworn that he could see her heart there in her eyes.

He dropped to his knees and moved to press his face against her. Pasha gasped at the first contact and she grabbed his horns to pull him to her sex. She moved a little to get closer to him and he found that the angle was wrong. He needed to get lower. Or she’d need to …

Shawa grasped her thighs and he slowly began to lift her. Pasha got the idea and did what she could to help — leaning over backwards as she held herself up in the air. The other dancers noticed it and there were cheers as Pasha levitated horizontally. Shawa’s eyes opened in amazement and he thought that if she could do this, then he’d better get busy for her.

He just wished that he had a better idea of what to do.

He heard her soft moans just above the music, but after a second, he heard Pasha in his mind, “I have never done this either. Only do what you are doing, it is so good for me. We can try again later if you like this.”

Shawa resolved to do his best and for the few minutes that they were like this, he found that if he paid attention, she would teach him by her motions as she writhed. He realized that he now really wanted this for Pasha. On Mer, he hadn’t been worth a look to any female his age. After the changes, he was only worth curious looks, but that was all, and though most males looked at him, some didn’t even try to hide their contempt and only some males were interested and then it was mostly something that he didn’t want — but he knew that he had to play the part. His stomach had reminded him of that need often.

But he knew that Pasha liked him and that alone felt so good to him. He knew that they had almost everyone’s attention; the female demon who had the equipment of a male loving with the small and brightly glowing creature who bucked her hips for him and gave him this liquid treat to lick that he’d never known before.

Pasha had such trouble holding her thoughts together, but she was happy, and for more than just the pleasure that this brought to her. She knew in an instant whenever she probed a little that the very first male that she’d chosen for herself to mate with was a long way out in front of anyone that she’d ever even seen and had the thought of mating come to her mind. Pasha knew that she could look at him for days and not grow tired of it, and she also knew something that he didn’t.

What she was — what she’d been given at the moment that she’d been conceived as her beautiful mother had been forced to breed with a glowing creature so long ago, she could see Shawa as he’d been once and she liked that too. Pasha loved the way that he looked so feminine like this, so familiar and also so exotic, but for this — what Shawa was doing for her now, she was more than thankful. She wasn’t certain and she’d need to speak to her mother, but to her, she felt as though she’d found the one for her on the first attempt.

And she hadn’t been looking for much more than a little fun with someone her own age. He’d been far better than that. She’d was nearing the point where she was losing count of the number of times that her orgasms had caused her body to flare brightly. From the little that she knew, no female was this blessed in a partner.

She sat up in the air and kept her grip on one of his horns as she looked at him with wet eyes and stroked the forehead just under the other horn. “Shawa,” she hissed, “Shawa, I chose you at the start for this — for me this night. But I didn’t know that I would want only you so much. Let me down, I want to hold you against me.”

He helped her down and she almost climbed back up again as she pulled his beautiful face into her breasts. “Look around when you have a moment,” she thought to him, “You and me, we are good for these ones, Shawa. No one leaves the dancing place to couple,” she said as she bent her head and kissed the top of his. “The females do not try to remove the seed which seeps from them. They stare at us and smile, and they show each other what comes out of them proudly.

This is all because one demon loves with his shining girl in the middle of them all.

You could have had me anyway, Shawa, but now I want you even more.”

He looked up at her as she slid down a little, “I have never wanted anything so much, Pasha,” he groaned, “I never want to stop now where I always wanted to stop before, as soon as the one who paid for me was pleased. I love this with you so much.”

She held his neck and caressed his head as she opened her mouth to kiss him. They felt the heat of the other one’s breath against their cheeks for a moment as their tongues danced between them — and she kept right on with her next thought.

“Then I offer you something,” she thought, “I offer you me. See how I shine for you, Shawa. You do not see it, but you shine a little too, your eyes most of all, but your body shines for mine.

Do you know what this is?”

“Yes,” he replied, “You are choosing me.”

“As you have already chosen me,” she smiled as she kissed him, reaching down for the wet end of his shaft and lining them up, “I have only used objects for my pleasure before. I broke my own pathway all alone one night. Now, I give myself to you. I want my male, Shawa.”

She slid down and her moan was almost a cry as she laid her head against his shoulder, “Pasha chooses. Take your female, Shawa. Love me, and I am yours.”

He tried to sound human as he said it, but he hadn’t heard enough of their males to know the sound well, and so he tried to sound like one of the large werewolf males then, but what came out of him at last was the voice of a young Merren male who was in love.

“Shawa chooses Pasha,” he moaned as he came, and as he looked into her eyes, she knew it and moaned to him that she loved how it felt to be filled by him.

Pasha clung to him as she slid down onto his hardness fully, and then she leaned back a little so that she could get a little more of him inside, “Then we pair and we hold together,” she whispered before she pulled herself against him as tightly as she could, “And we love forever.”


There were a few relatively unaffected observers that night. None of them were completely unaffected, but they weren’t a part of all of the mating which was going on. Cerinthe stood with Yuan, having come here after their mutual decision that they would be a pair. All that was left was to begin it and they wanted a little time to get a little used to the idea. Now, they stood and watched hand in hand, as Cerinthe’s eyes opened wide at what her daughter was in the middle of doing.

She didn’t mind it if all that this was here was a girl who was of age wanting a little fun and pleasure for herself. Pasha was old enough for it. But she saw with a rising sense of alarm that the two young ones were on the verge of declaring themselves — and that was not the same thing at all. There was nothing wrong in a little fucking after all, but taking the first one? On the very first try?

She was beside them in an instant, but she felt their feelings and she felt her reservations leaving her like a falling wind against the sails of a ship. She reached out to touch her daughter’s head, “Are you sure that this is not just the joy of a first time which sweeps you away, Daughter?”

Cerinthe knew the answer before she’d even begun the question, but she had to ask.

Pasha opened her shining happy eyes and smiled, “Yes. It was not planned, but I found the one. This is Shawa.”

Shawa opened his eyes and she saw the same thing in his. Lust was not the overriding emotion that she saw. She leaned a little and she kissed them both, one after the other, “Then I can only hope that you have chosen well. If it means anything to you Shawa, I give my blessing,” she smiled as she turned to walk back to Yuan.

He felt a little different then, and he didn’t really understand why until he saw it in Pasha’s sweet face and heard it in her soft sigh as she looked up at him.

“I see that you have used only one shape for yourself in all of your life,” she said.

He nodded, wondering at the same time why it was that he no longer felt as though he’d just climaxed so much as he felt as though he was ready to begin all over again, “A lot of my ability for that was used to make me into this.”

She giggled a little, “I hope that you will think better of ‘this’ shape now, for it is the one that I saw first and the one which attracted me to you. I love it so,” she said, “but that is not all that I fell over. I fell for you — all of you, and so I give you this. “Look at yourself, Shawa, “she smiled as she let go of him to defy gravity once more out of a need to stretch her arms out over her head for a moment with a pleased groan before she reached up again to rock him harder.

He looked down and he saw that the breasts were gone, and he was as he had been born again. He looked at Pasha and she smiled so that he lost his heart again.

“Now I have real trouble,” she groaned as she began to buck, “I like this Shawa too.”

She eased herself down and they began to dance again. When a pair of demon girls passed by, the three danced together for a few moments and it was noticed that Pasha’s legs now wore the sign of being mated. The three giggled and laughed together for a moment as the other demons showed her that they’d been successful as well.

One of the demons grinned and she kissed Shawa’s cheek once before the pair of them walked on, dancing as they went.

“My friends,” Pasha laughed, “but they have only found the same thing that I sought, not the male that I have found. They said that you are very fine.”

She reached down and held him in her hand as much as she could for a moment and then she looked up into his quizzical gaze, “I wanted to see more of the one that I will see all of my life,” she smiled as she pulled herself against him to kiss his very male chest for a few moment as she stroked him.

“I wish for more with you, Shawa,” she sighed as she hugged him, “I think you are ready. Mate with me again, and I will show you all of my heart. I am so happy that I saw you.”

He nodded and with that, Pasha stepped away and turned around, bending over to allow him to mount her, and cooing softly to him as he slid inside.


Noriko felt her shoulders sag as she watched them. Not being a demon, she didn’t understand the significance of what she was seeing, but she got it when she saw Cerinthe step forward. She’d never gotten the chance to do much of anything with Shawa, but she knew somehow that she’d missed something important while she’d hesitated at first and then gotten upset over Cesar.

So many things were going on in one day, she thought. Well she wasn’t like that, she told herself. She was the kind of girl who had to cover everything, most of all, her feelings with a solid layer of bullshit to hide them away. After she’d seen Cesar with the ‘new guy’, since she didn’t know his name, she’d stood there, a little out of sight and watched them without being too obvious about it.

She gave up her last foolish hope when she’d seen the way that they looked as Cesar mounted the other one and began. On the way over here, Noriko had come to a decision, knowing that she’d said some things to Shawa which she’d never meant to say and that he didn’t deserve to hear.

She’d decided that she’d show him that she was sorry and if she could manage it, she’d also show him that she liked him as well, hoping at best to maybe get him to allow it if they just stayed out of the center of things. What she wanted for them if she could swing it was to kiss him and maybe he’d let her suck him if she was lucky, just to show him how she really felt about him. That was going out on a limb by miles for her, but there was serious competition here and they’d only met that morning.


While she’d been moping around, somebody else was showing him that he was worth something.

In a fucking heartbeat, too.

Right out there in front of God and everybody, she thought.

Noriko didn’t know why, but right now, she felt so defeated as her hot tears ran. She couldn’t catch a break if it was handed to her on a plate — and Shawa had been pretty much handed to her that way, but all that she’d done was rub herself against his tail a little and think about the same guy who’d been making it as clear as he could without threatening her that he wasn’t interested.

She turned to walk away, not really knowing or caring where she was going, and her steps took her to the same group of asshole males who just liked to make everyone miserable. They were such rude and crass losers that even the two hundred-odd female demons who’d come wouldn’t have anything to do with them. There were about thirty of them and right now, Noriko had their undivided attention.

Hi, there! Good to see you again. This, technically, is chapter 5. So far, it’s the longest chapter to date (how lucky are you that I couldn’t stop writing?). However, since I haven’t posted this series in specified ‘chapters’, I’m not allowed to write “Dealmaker Chapter 5″ in the description box. My apologies. Enjoy anyway.


“So how was she?”

“Will you be quiet? She’s still asleep.”

“You’re avoiding the question. What happened?”

“None of your damn business, Silthos.”

Their voices stirred her awake, the volume of their conversation far too loud to let her sleep any longer. She groaned into her pillow, covering her head with the blankets to drown out the noise. All the hushing in the world wouldn’t quiet those three. She sighed and tossed the pillow aside. Now that she was awake, she might as well get up. No use staying in bed hoping they’d learn to whisper.

“Enough, Darrow. We have a right to know. What happened between you two last night?”

She heard Darrow’s growl in frustration. “She let me devour her and then sucked me off. Nothing more.”

“You didn’t break her, did you?”

“No, she’s fine. I stopped her just as I was about to explode. She’s clean as the day she was born.”

“Good. Next time, you could at least ask us if it’s okay to explore her.”

Quietly, Claire shoved the sheets to the side and pushed herself up, gently scooting over to the edge of the bed. She turned her head to watch the argument unfold. Thaltos, Silthos and Darrow each had a seat at the table, steaming plates of food set before them. All three were still deep in discussion about her, none of them ever looking over to notice her presence. Every so often, one of her lovers would dip his head into his plate of food, letting the other two continue the argument alone for a moment.

Silthos scoffed loudly. “You’re one to talk, Thaltos. Wasn’t it you who ate her without permission the last time?”

The old demon’s face hardened. “I was simply following Darrow’s suggestion to taste her.”

Darrow’s head shot up from his plate, his black eyes blazing. “Don’t try to pin that on me! You were the one who wanted to taste her. I never forced your head between her thighs!”

Claire sighed and slipped off the bed, landing silently on the warm stone floor. She made her way over to the table, running her fingers through her wild hair in an attempt to tame the strands.

Three days of having you pussy devoured by demons can give you some serious bed-head.

She walked over to the table without saying a word, pulled out a chair and sat down. She reached out and pulled the steaming plate of rice and beef strips toward her, her mouth watering at the smell of her new favorite food. Famished, she snatched a piece of meat from the plate and began to devour it with her bare hands.

All three of her lovers, meanwhile, stared at her in shocked silence. Her body’s hunger kept her from pausing to look at them, but Claire understood their confusion. When they first brought her here, she was a quiet, scared human girl with manners and endless questions. The sight of her stuffing her face without inquiry was probably the shock of their lives.

Finally, Thaltos cleared his throat. “Good to see that you’re awake.”

She nodded. “Well, the three of you couldn’t whisper if you tried and I was hungry.” She talked through a mouthful of meat.

He smiled slightly. “I apologize. We tried to keep our voices low to let you sleep.”

She swallowed and wiped her mouth with her arm. “You didn’t do a very good job.” Her eyes flicked to Darrow, giving him a withering stare that let him know he was the main culprit.

He smiled wickedly and retuned to his plate.

She tore of another chunk of mean, chewing it slowly and quietly. “We are in Hell, correct?”

Thaltos nodded. “We are.”

“So, does that mean there’s a place beyond this room?” She stared at him, curious. “You’ve kept me locked in here for three days. Will I get to see Hell at some point?”

He laughed softly. “Of course. We were simply waiting until you became accustomed to us.”

“I think I’m pretty used to you three.” She reached out and picked up a ruby-encrusted chalice, bringing it to her lips to drink the sweet liquid inside. The sweet, powerful taste of dragberries and wine jolter her completely awake.

“I second that opinion,” Silthos chimed, giving her a quick wink. “I think she’s more than comfortable to our presence.”

“If it’s something you honestly want to see…” Thaltos shrugged. “Hell’s not the most luxurious place in the world.”

She nodded vigorously. “I do. No offense, but I’m starting to get cabin fever in here. I need to get out of this room.”

“That’s nothing new,” Darrow added. “None of us can stay lock in here for too long. That’s why we’ve had to leave once you fell asleep.” He took another bit of roasted pork. “The fact that you’ve stayed sane for this long is a fucking miracle.”

Claire giggled at him, an action that surprised all of them, even herself. She and Darrow had never been the best of friends, but since last night their relationship had gone from tsunami waves to class five rapids. A small improvement, but one she’d take nonetheless.

Thaltos shrugged again. “Fine, then. I don’t see an issue with it. Once you’re finished eating, we’ll get you dressed and show you around.”

She cocked her head, confused. “Why do I have to be dressed? We’re in Hell. What difference does it make if I’m naked or not?”

“It’s an insurance policy,” Silthos explained. “In Hell, any human soul that hasn’t been claimed or traded wanders around completely naked; souls that have an owner are dressed. Each demon or group of demons that has claimed a soul has pieces of clothing their prizes wear. Those pieces have a specific marking stitched into the fabric. That mark tells other demons that particular soul belongs to another demon and can’t be touched.”

“If you were to walk around naked, even if you were with us, another demon could conclude that you’re an open soul and try to claim you.” Darrow swallowed his food and stared at her. “If you wear the clothing we have for you, no other demon could claim you. It’s a bit like farmers branding their cattle; it helps identify which soul belongs to whom.”

“What would happen if-” She clamped her mouth shut, not wanting to reopen old wounds.

Thaltos raised an eyebrow. “If one demon took another’s prize anyway? Well, Darrow’s friend Tarrin is an excellent example. Exile and the threat of execution if they return.”

Claire nodded, avoiding eye contact with Darrow. She could hear his low growl, though, a signal that the discussion of Tarrin had come to an end.

“When you’re done, we’ll get you dressed and give you a tour,” Thaltos proclaimed.

They ate in silence for the remainder of breakfast, with Darrow being especially quiet. The mention of Tarrin had put him in a less than happy mood, something that was sure to brighten the day for all of them. Claire was also quiet, mulling over the prospect of seeing the world outside her room. Would there be flames like her grandmother had told her? Or would it be cold and icy like Thaltos said it was? The thoughts made her nervous about the tour, despite her ravenous hunger. She swallowed her food quickly, anxious to see her new home.

Full of rice, meat and strong wine, Claire pushed her plate back and leaned back in her chair, her belly now sated with food. She closed her eyes and inhaled a deep breath, the scent of fresh smoke and warm wine mixed in the air, making her head spin slightly and bringing a smile to her lips.

“Ready, then?” Thaltos looked at her expectantly.

She opened her eyes and looked at him, nodding. She sat up and pushed herself away from the table, standing up to watch as the other three did the same. Thaltos curled a clawed finger at her, beckoning her to follow. He led her to the far wall, pausing so she and the others could catch up. A thick redwood beam had been nailed into the rock, the surface of the wood carved with swirling filigree. On it hung dozens of translucent shreds of fabric they laughingly called clothing.

I though I was going to be dressed in actual clothes, not the craft store reject pile.

“Now let’s see. It’s her first outing. What should we-”

“I’ll do it. The girl needs to be dressed, Thaltos, that’s all. She’s in Hell, not a beauty pageant.”

Darrow stepped forward, pushing his companions aside. He rummaged through the racks, grunting at every piece that didn’t meet his expectations. Finally, he pulled two separate pieces and began to slide them off the holders. He turned to her, his eyes curiously blank.

“Arms up.”

She nodded and lifted her hands, closing her eyes as he slipped one piece of fabric over her head. He adjusted it for a moment, making sure that it sat right on her skin. He held out the second piece, a simple white skirt with a hip-high slit on one side and embroidered with blood-red scrollwork. She stepped into the skirt carefully; the fabric looked so thin, she was surprised it hadn’t ripped in his hands. She pulled the skirt up to her hips, pulling the waist strings tight to fit.

“Would you like to see?” Thaltos offered.

She nodded, curious to view her appearance. Looking down at her body, the clothing was indescribable and made no sense. A mirror would help to show exactly how she was supposed to look.

Thaltos stepped away for a moment, retuning with an enormous rectangular mirror surrounded by gold and expertly carved with flames. He set it down in front of her, tilting the glass so she could see.

“Take a look.”

What she saw was startling. The skirt reached to her knees, the red embroidery made to look like flames dancing up her legs. The slit on the side showed her entire leg, leaving very little to the imagination.

Her top was far more intricate. Two strips of white fabric crossed over her chest and wrapped around her back. Each of her breasts was covered with a band of soft cotton, the material just heavy enough for her skin to not show through. The rest of her torso – her ribcage to her hips – was bare, revealing miles of smooth, creamy skin. Where the bands of fabric crossed on her chest, a red insignia had been emblazoned into the cloth. To her, it reminded her of the ancient Venus symbol turned upside-down, but with two bars sticking out instead of one. Inside the circle, a tiny flame made of gold thread shined in the light.

After staring at it for a moment, Claire realized it looked familiar. It was the same symbol her parents had placed in the family room above the photo of her eighteenth birthday party. Back then, it was reminder to her family of debt they owed. Now, it symbolized their ownership of her.

She traced the emblem with her fingers. “It’s beautiful. Does it represent something?”

“The rebirth of fire.” Thaltos rested one arm against the mirror to support himself as he leaned against it.

Claire continued to finger the crest, fascinated with its shape and texture. It felt so good under her fingers, so natural to have next to her body. As if it actually belonged there…

“We ready to go?” Silthos questioned.

“Claire?” Thaltos turned to her.

She snapped her head up, torn out of her trance. “Yeah, I’m ready.” She glanced back to the mirror. “I feel very exposed.”

“You’re in a world of pain, suffering and boundless pleasures, my dear,” Thaltos smiled at her. “No one is expecting you to wear Prada.”

She nodded, tearing her gaze away from the mirror to follow them. All three had paused at the edges of the shadows that pooled along the walls, waiting patiently for her to come. She stopped an inch from the dark masses at her feet, watching as Darrow and Silthos were consumed by the darkness, pulled in by the tiny threads that welcomed them. Thaltos offered his hand, a suggestion she gladly took. Gently, he led her into the blackness, never letting his grip on her hand falter.

Strands of shadow stretched out to greet her, wrapping around her arms and legs as they slowly pulled her in. The threads were warm, almost silky to the touch, light as breath on her skin. They pulled her deeper into their home, with Thaltos leading the way. He never let go of her hand, even when the fearful mass of dark finally consumed her.

A heartbeat later, she was standing in an enormous hallway crowded with demons of all shapes and sizes. Accompanying each hellion was another human dressed in clothing similar to her but with a different design. Periodically, she would see a group of humans following one demon, each soul wearing identical designs. A number of demons looked at her as they passed, noticing the newcomer end eyeing her with interest, though none made a move toward her. Some of the human captives did the same, but offered her warm smiles instead of hushed whispers and frightened gazes.

The hallway itself was beautiful. A curved ceiling nearly fifty feet high was supported by innumerable carved stone columns, each etched with carnal depictions of humans and demons. The hall was illuminated by those same floating rings of fire she saw in her room. The floor was one giant slab of black marble filled with veins of blue and gold. The walls were made of the same stone, with arched cutouts made in the rock. Through the openings, she saw the cold, bleak, misty world of dead souls. The sights overwhelmed her senses and stopped her in her tracks as she stared in wonder.

Hell was certainly a place to behold, far more beautiful and wondrous than her grandmother had claimed.

“This way,” Thaltos whispered in her ear as he steered her through the crowd.

“You two took a long time to get here.” Silthos was leaning against one of the columns, waiting for them. Darrow stood next to him, his focus elsewhere.

“It was her first time shadow-walking.” Thaltos urged her forward. “I didn’t want her to be scared.”

“She’s fine,” Darrow snapped. “If she can handle us, she can handle the shadows. They’re not going to hurt her.”

“Come on. We promised we’d show her around. Let’s go.” Silthos started to step away, beckoning the others to follow.

Thaltos gripped her wrist and began to pull her along, making sure to keep her close. They passed by spires of twisting rock, flitted through the hoards of demon masses and pushed their way to an enormous balcony overlooking the desolate world of muck and death that all human souls traveled through. A twinge of pain flashed through her heart as she watched those helpless beings trek through the slime. The poor things. They were neither kings nor sinners, so they were stuck in the world in between the glorious and the hellfire.

“Follow us, Claire. Stay close.” Thaltos whispered the words in her ear as the moved.

The farther they walked, the thinner the crowd became. She had more room to maneuver now, so she walked beside Thaltos instead of behind him. Darrow trailed behind all of them, staying back in case she wandered off or someone took an unhealthy interest in her. Claire looked over her shoulder at him, offering a tiny smile of comfort and joy. He returned the gesture, though his arms remained folded and his eyes steely.

“Over there,” Silthos pointed to a twisting mass of rock in the muck, “is the Shadow Spire. It’s the central governing body here. The demons in there regulate incoming souls and deal out judgment to any rule breakers.”

They passed several more landmarks: the Fire Towers, used for judging the damned souls; the Capitoris, Lucifer’s throne room; the Salonthi, an appeals board for souls wrongly sent into the inferno. Each made her stare in wonder and amazement. Such majesty and powering those buildings. She could only imagine what else they had to show her.

The hall had become silent as they had taken their tour. Only the four of them walked the massive corridor, though every so often a demon and their servant would enter into the hall for an instant before disappearing again.

“Why is it so quiet now?” She looked around the hall, searching for any sign life.

Silthos shrugged. “The crowds come in waves. The Capitoris has a clock that regulates the time here. When the bell chimes, the demons come out with their humans and move around. Time moves faster there that it does on Earth, so it may feel like there’s always a constant flow.”

“Where do they go?” Her eyes widened in curiosity.

“Nowhere, really. Some have errands to do, people to talk to, deals to make. That’s the majority of the movement. Seven billion souls and so much time.” Darrow gave her a vicious smile and a playful wink.

He smiled at him, glad to know that all three of them had calmed from their earlier argument.

“So where shall we go from here? The fire pits? The Capitoris itself?” Silthos looked expectantly at Claire.

She paused for a moment. “Are there places that we can see the souls?”

Thaltos looked down at her. “Which ones? The damned? The unremarkable?”

She chewed her lip. “The damned, I suppose.”

“The fire pits it is, then!” Silthos spun on his heels and began to make his way down the hall.

A bell chimed, a deep, resonating sound that echoed around the hall and rattled her bones.

“Heads up!” Silthos shouted.

Darrow whipped his head around, his eyes wild. “Thaltos! Keep her close!”

Thaltos’ muscular arm jerked her backwards, crushing her face against his chest. His free arm wrapped around her waist, locking her to his form. She wrapped her arms around his waist, holding on for the rush.

A swarm of demons and their captives burst into the hallway, knocking them backwards into the marble wall. Thaltos grunted in pain but held onto her, never letting go. Most of the demons crowding them noticed her but never said anything or made a move. They continued on their way, focused on their own lives.

One massive horned demon marched down the hallway dragging the screaming soul of a middle-aged man. Thin, pale and covered in blood, the man had murdered his wife and two daughters before killing himself. Now, after his death, he was being heaved into the fiery pits where the worst souls were cast. His long, broken fingers dug at the marble flooring, trying desperately to halt his fate.

Thaltos pressed himself against the wall, pulling her closer to him. Other demons moved out of the way, watching as the man was dragged to his fate. Once the demon had passed, they moved back into the hall, intent of going where they were needed.

The demon neared them, his breath blowing out of his nostrils in black puffs. The man screamed for mercy, begging the demon for another chance to save himself. The demon carried on silently, uncaring about the tainted soul in his grasp.

One filthy, blood-covered hand, searching for anything to grab onto, lashed out and gripped her ankle, jerking her backwards and out of Thaltos’ grasp. Claire screamed as she was dragged into the hoard of demons and down the hall with the damned man.


She heard Thaltos’ roar but was too far down the hallway to see him. By now, she had been swept up in the crowd of demons and servants, pulled along by the hand of the damned man who had grabbed her. Behind her, she could see Thaltos’ massive form shoving his way through the crowd, catching glimpses of his frightened eyes in the spaces between the swarming bodies. Silthos and Darrow followed close behind, as anxious and fearful as their friend.

Sharp nails dug into her ankle, making her wince in pain and whip her head around. The man stared at her with wild green eyes, his broken teeth forming a pained grimace.

“Help me,” he whispered.

Claire glared at him, furious he’d separated her from her companions. “Let me go!”

She kicked her free foot out, her heel catching his nose. The man cried out and pulled his hand away to cup his face, setting her free and tossing her into the waves of bodies still piling down the hall.

She screamed and rolled tone side to avoid being trampled, ending up in a small corner between the wall and a marble column. She staggered to her feet, leaning against the wall as she looked out into the crowd for Thaltos or the others.

“I see her! Thaltos!” Silthos’ voice rang out, making her whip her head around to look for him.

He about fifteen feet back, still trapped in the mass of demons, his eyes locked on her as he shoved his way through the swarm. He called her name, warned her to stay still while he made his way to her. She nodded and gripped a corner of the column tightly, pressing her back against the wall to stay out of the way of the crowd.

“Thaltos! She’s back here. Silthos has her!” Darrow’s voice called out to his friend, his black eyes also trained on her.

Claire remained completely still, waiting patiently for them to come. She exhaled a sigh of relief. They had found her and were coming to save her. She may survive the experience after all, despite the bumps and bruises of her tour

No more adventures, ever. I’d rather be safe and bored than dead form excitement.

A hot puff of breath rushed past her ear. “You’re a pretty one, aren’t you.” A clawed hand wrapped painfully around her wrist, making her wince. “Why don’t you come with me?”

Claire screamed as she was jerked backwards into another pool of shadow, watching as Silthos’ eyes widened with horror and anger.

“NO! She’s ours!” he roared into the darkness.

But the voice didn’t listen. Instead, it laughed as it pulled her away from her lover, hauling her deep into the darkness beyond. The shadows swallowed her, and then spewed her out seconds later onto a cold stone floor. She landed on her hands and knees, looking down on the same slam of marble flooring she’d just been dragged on.

Terrified, Claire shot up onto her feet and whipped around. This corridor was darker than the main hall, the wreathes of flame dimmer than usual. The hall was colder, too, with small gusts of wind whipping around the hallway and chilling her skin. She looked out through the cutouts in the wall, surprised to see the marshland of human souls much nearer than before.

This corridor must be closer to the bog that the main hall. No wonder it’s so damn cold.

She wrapped her arms around herself, rubbing her palms against her skin to warm her flesh. The skimpy clothing she wore did little to deter the breeze. She shivered, still looking around to see if she could catch sight of who had taken her.

“My goodness, you are pretty, aren’t you?” Deep laughter resounded through the hall. “I was lucky to have found a soul like you.”

Claire spun around in circles, unable to locate the voice. “You stole me! Where are you?”

More laughter mocked her efforts. “Such a feisty one, too. Oh, you’re going to be loads of fun.”

She fumed at the voice’s ridicule. She spun around again, calling out to her kidnapper. “Come out and show yourself, you coward!”

“A coward, you say? And what would drive you to make such an incendiary claim?”

“A real demon wouldn’t take the servant of another. He’d catch one himself instead of sinking that low!” She scowled into a pool of shadow, having finally located the voice. “Only a weakling would take something that wasn’t his.”

Her taunts were dangerous, she knew, but maybe if she could enrage him enough to draw him out, she could get a good look at him. Silence followed for a second, making her think she’d lost her fight.

“A weakling?” The voice was deeper now, angrier. “I’ll show you a weakling. I can make you scream so loud your lungs will collapse.”

The pool of shadow shuddered, quaking as a new, massive form began to emerge. Enormous, with ashen skin and black twisting horn sticking out from its shoulders, head and back, it tromped forth out of the blackness. Its face was beautifully carved, but covered in jagged scars and horrific burns. It stopped two feet from her, clouds of steam streaming from its nostrils.

Claire stumbled backwards, her heart racing and breath coming in short gasps. Her taunts had been a very bad idea, but at least he would be easy to describe to the others when — if – she got out of there she got out. She doubted such a grotesque creature would be difficult to identify.

The creature smiled, revealing rows of sharp red teeth. “Let’s see if you’re as much fun as you look.”

One long, muscular arm shot out and gripped her wrist, flicking her aside. Her shoulder cracked against a column, making her cry out in pain as she sunk to the floor. Quick as lightening, the creature sprang forward and knocked her onto her back, crawling over her to stare into her eyes. Orbs of blood-red burned into her, rendering her speechless.

The creature smiled again. “So fragile and delicate. It’s a shame you humans break so easily. We could have so much fun if only you were stronger.”

She scowled at him. “Get off!

She lashed out an arm to strike at him, but his clawed hand caught her wrist and forced it down, smashing her hand into the rock. She cried out again, tears welling in her eyes.

“And still so spirited. You are interesting aren’t you?” His breath reeked of rotten meat and blood, making her stomach twist in disgust.

She threw her head back, trying to break away from the nauseating smell. “Thaltos!” She cried out for him, wishing he would break through the wall and rescue her.

The demon laughed. “No, my girl. They won’t find you here.” A long, thick, ink-black tongue rolled out of his mouth, swiping against her cheek and leaving a trail of slime on her skin. “Not until I’ve had my fill of you.”

She turned her face away, grimacing at the feel of the slick flesh of her skin.

“And delicious. You’re full of surprises.” He pulled his tongue back, still grinning at her. “I wonder if your pussy tastes good as your skin.”

Thin stands of shadow speared out to hold her, tightening painfully around her wrists. She winced in pain, confused and frightened that they were so threatening. These were far from the comfortable, gentle bindings she’d come to know. These were darker, meaner and far less playful.

With her secure, the demon began to inch down her body, dragging his tongue along her skin. She screamed again and tried to fight her restraints, but no matter how hard she pulled the shadows remained taught. His tongue dipped into her bellybutton making her stomach spasm and started a fresh burst of squirms.

“Silthos!” She tried again, still hoping they’d find her.

The creature laughed again. “Yes! Keep screaming! It whets my appetite for your flesh.”

He continued down, his tongue still leaving a trail of slime on her skin. He reached her thighs, commanding more strands to slither out and bind her feet. The shadows spread her legs wide, revealing her body completely to him.

He groaned. “So beautiful. I don’t think I’ve ever had a woman as luscious as you.” Dipping his horned head, her placed his nose against her sex and inhaled deeply. “And so sweet. You are exceptional.”

His tongue traced the line of her sex, drawing out another scream from her throat. He chuckled into her pussy, burying his face between her thighs to feast. She arched her back against his touch, hating the situation but helpless to her body’s needs. Her mind raged and cried at the though of being ravaged by a demon who wasn’t hers; her body reveled in the new attention it received. Her heart and body warred with each other as he continued his depraved play.

His licks turned harder, his tongue now probing into her sex. It slid out and pressed roughly against her clit, making her gasp and writhe against him. Tears streamed down her cheeks. Through no fault of her own, she was betraying the people who loved and cared for her, and she was far from strong enough to break free.

With one final panicked effort, Claire sucked in a long breath and let out the loudest scream she could. “DARROW!”

The creature stopped instantly, his head whipping up to stare at her. His mouth twisted into a menacing scowl while his eyes showed confusion. “How do you know that name?”


The thought made her heart skip a beat. She screamed again, kicking and thrashing against her binds. The violence of her struggle startled him a bit, causing his to rear up and glare down at her.

“So you’re the new girl he’s got.” Tarrin lunged forward and gripped her wrists, pinning her to the floor and stopping any further struggles.

“Let me go!” She thrashed again, trying to break free.

“A fool like him doesn’t deserve a wonder like you.” His eyes narrowed to slits of crimson.

She glared at him, hellfire in her own eyes. “Is that what you said about Elaina, too?” She spat the words at him.

Tarrin chuckled. “Elaina? My dear, that wretch has nothing on you. She was nothing more than a good fuck here and there, but she had no passion, no drive in her heart. You,” he raked on sharp claw down her cheek, “you are far more than she could have ever wished to be.”

“Get off me!” She screamed again, the pain in her wrists now burning up her arms.

“Not yet.” Tarrin smiled at her. “I haven’t had my fill of you yet. I’ll feast on you first, then break that tender virginity of your and make you mine. Then I’ll let you go.”

“Damned creature!” A voice rumbled in the hall. “I’ll see you executed for this!”

Tarrin whipped his head up, staring down the dark hall for any trace of the new voice.

A flurry of sharp spike shot out from the darkness, spearing Tarrin’s face and body. They dug into his flesh, locking themselves into his body. The demon roared with pain and stumbled back, swiping blindly at the thorns with his hands.

Without his focus on her, the strands of darkness pulled away, freeing her. Claire sat up immediately, crawling over to one of the massive columns. She stared at her attacker, fascinated by his struggles and relieved to bee free for the moment.

Where the hell did those come from?

A strand of sticky white webbing speared out from the hallway, catching on her arm. Fast as lightening, it yanked her back into the shadowy corridor, twisting and turning past the columns and into a small alcove in the rock. Claire screamed as she was pulled in, tumbling on the floor until she landed on her side.

Cautiously, she stretched her hands out and felt for the floor, pushing herself gently onto her knees. The recess was pitch black, illuminated only by the dim light spilling in from the main hall from the creviced she was pulled in through. She scooted back against the cold wall, pressing her hand against her chest to slow her heart.

Outside, Tarrin was still raging form the ambush roaring in pain and fury. She whimpered and scooted farther into the small fissure, trying to put as much distance between herself and the opening as possible.

A thin leg, covered in soft hair, wrapped around her neck and pressed against her mouth, shutting off all noise. She squealed silently into the limb, terrified that she’d found a new enemy.

“Hush, girl,” a voice whispered in her ear. “We must keep silent if we are to hide from him.”

Heart still racing, Claire nodded, her eyes never wavering from the opening of the crevice. The leg removed itself from her mouth, allowing her to breathe again. She heard soft, almost imperceptible movements along the floor- tiny footsteps made by something large yet agile. The sounds stopped, coming to rest next to her. Swallowing her next scream, Claire turned her head to look at her savior.

Half-illuminated by the dim light from the hallway, she saw the head of a gargantuan spider staring out into the hall. Enormous fangs dripping with venom extended from a voracious-looking mouth. Its eyes, black as night, shined in the soft light. The spiky hair on its body was a vibrant mix of cobalt blue, emerald green and gold. Eight long, hairy legs held a massive abdomen covered in swirling patterns of its colorful hair. Behind her, she could see the makings of a colossal web, a large bundle of sticky silk already stuck to the intricate patters. Lunch, no doubt.

Her stomach tightened, her throat emitting a strangled wheeze of fear.

The massive head turned to her, eight giant eyes focused on her horrified face. “Why are you here, girl? You should know better than to wander into these corridors alone.” Its mouth moved as it spoke, showing a plethora of sharp teeth hidden under the fangs.

She shook her head, loosening her jaw enough to speak. “I didn’t walk here,” she whispered. “He dragged me here.”

“Ah, that explains it. No wonder you look so frightened” The head turned back to stare out the crevice.

Claire squeezed herself back against the wall, fear still fresh in her mind. She was caught between an exiled demon who wanted to claim her for himself and a giant spider that shot spines from it body. Caught between the biggest rock and the hardest place imaginable, he struggled to decide which fate was worse.

“I thought he was exiled.” She whispered. “How did he get back?”

“He was, many centuries ago,” the spider crawled forward, watching the hallway. “Though how he managed to return is beyond me. To come back after being banished is a death sentence. The guards should have killed him the moment he tried to enter here.”

“Do you think he found a way around them?” She looked at her new companion for answers.

The spider shook its head. “I think not. There are only two ways into this world: you are either a demon, or you come by one. There is no other way here.”

Claire scrunched up her face in confusion. “Then how-”

She stopped. Outside in the hallway she could hear Tarrin’s snarls of rage. He’d freed himself of the spider’s spines and was now stalking the hall searching for her. She whimpered and pressed harder against the wall, closing her eyes and holding her breath. The spider also backed away, staying clear of the streams of light spilling in.

“Where are you?” Tarrin roared. “Where did you go, my little beauty?”

His footsteps shook the hall, making small bits of stone shake loose and fall onto her shoulders. His shadow passed by the crevice, blocking out the light for an instant before passing by. She exhaled soft sigh of relief, though her mind remained alert for any movement he made.

The spider looked at her again. “So you’re Darrow’s new conquest. I see why he’s so determined to claim you.”

She nodded slowly. “He seems to have a habit of that.”

“Tarrin has a habit of taking what doesn’t belong to him.” The hair framing its eight eyes furrowed, the creature doing its best attempt at a scowl

“So what’s his deal with Darrow? The moment I called out his name, Tarrin nearly bit my head off.” She bit her lip, unsure if she’d like the answer.

“It’s more of a jealous control thing than anything else,” the spider answered. “Darrow has a way of getting the girls Tarrin always wanted; namely, the most attractive ones. Stealing them away is Tarrin’s attempt to even the odds.”

“Oh.” She nodded silently before looking at her companion again. “So, that’s Tarrin. And you are?”


She forced a smile. “Claire.”

“Ah, a lovely name. Latin for ‘bright’, I believe.”

She smiled slightly. “You have a nice name, too.”

Kerion looked at her, his eyes shining in the soft light. “Thank you. It’s not often I receive compliments on my name.”

“You’re welcome.” Her heart had stopped pounding so loud. In the short amount of time she’d spent with Kerion so far, Claire understood that he was the far lesser of two evils.

Kerion raised on hairy leg to her mouth again. “Shhh.”

She clamped her mouth shut and leaned back into the shadows of their hiding place. Tarrin was making a second round in the hallway, still searching for her. He called for her, his voice deep and rumbling. She heard the sounds of crashing marble and shattering glass. His search for her was far from over, and he’d decided to tear the place apart to find her.

Crap, does that man ever give up?

“We must get you out of here quickly.” Kerion turned around, one of his legs wrapping around her body and pressing against her back, urging her deeper into the crevice. “If he continues that way, he’ll eventually find us.”

They crawled along the cold floor, dodging any low-hanging slabs of rock as they moved. Now that she was away from the small entrance, the crevice was pitch-black and ice cold, making her shiver slightly. She was encased in a world of black shadows, and Claire could feel small tendrils creeping out to caress her skin. She brushed them aside, trying to stay focused on her path. Despite the darkness blinding her, she could still hear the soft sounds of Kerion moving next to her, telling her she was moving in the right direction.

After another ten feet they stopped, far enough into the hole that they were completely hidden by shadows. She rested against the wall and closed her eyes, listening to Tarrin still raging in the hallway. Damn it, that man was relentless. He’d probably tear the whole place apart if he could.

“There. We should be safe for now.” Kerion whispered. “We still need to get you out of here and back to your owners. Where did her take you from?”

“The main hall. I got swept into a tidal wave of demons and he grabbed me when I managed to claw my way to a corner.” She peered down the cavern, relived to see no trace of light.

“Good. That will make it easier for you to return. Have you ever shadow-walked before?”

Claire shook her head. “Not on my own. Thaltos held my hand the first time.”

“It’s not as frightening as it seems.” Kerion turned and stomped one of his enormous legs, the sound echoing down the cavern. “It’s the feel of it that takes getting used to.”

She nodded. “I’m not quite used to the shadows grabbing me.”

Kerion laughed. “Yes. They’re quite rambunctious, aren’t they?”

She opened her mouth to answer, but was caught off guard by a sound coming from farther down the fissure. Soft squeaks, coupled with the sound of gentle tapping, emanated from the dark. They grew louder, coming closer with every passing second. She backed away an inch, fearful of what was coming her way.

The first soft brush of legs against her hand sent her tumbling back, though she managed to keep herself from screaming. More legs and bodies crawled over her, tickling her skin. She shivered silently, keeping her terror locked inside her throat.
Kerion let out a sharp, angry hiss. “My children! That is enough!”

The mass of legs stopped immediately, waiting eagerly for their father’s instructions.

“The girl means no harm to us.” Kerion began to scratch at the wall, bringing a fresh batch of shadowy tendril caressing her skin. “Forgive my children. They are unaccustomed to visitors. They’re simply curious about you.”

She shook her head, offering a sketchy smile. Gently, Claire reached out and slipped her hand under one of the tiny creatures, lifting it off her thigh. She stroked the arachnid gently, coaxing a soft purr from the creature.

“They like you. Not many have treated my children so kindly.” Kerion continued to scratch at the wall, moving constantly as if searching for something. “Believe me when I say it is better for my children to like you than to fear you.”

She continued to caress the small spider in her hand, giggling when it moved around her palm to rub against her thumb. She’d never been particularly frightened of spiders. To her, they were just a tiny thing with eight legs that devoured bugs, nothing more. Wasps, on the other hand, gave her the ability to walk on water if they came near her.

“You’re so cute. Look how tiny you are,” she cooed to the tiny creature.

Aware of the attention she was bestowing on their sibling, the mass of spiders swarmed up her legs and arms, vying for her affection. She laughed softly in amusement reaching out into the darkness to run her hands over all of them, feeling the soft, silky hairs tickling her palms.

Argunthal’s first breath was tainted with the metallic odor of blood and the dull reek of dirt. Wrinkling his nose in disgust, he forced his eyes open, receiving a dim, blurred view of stone walls and a female figure. As his mind and vision came into focus, a rush of panic hit. Where the hell was he? How did a village blacksmith get here?

“Look what finally woke up. Thought you were dead for a while. Oh, don’t bother trying to move, those aren’t going anywhere.”

This last comment was directed at Argunthal’s testing of the rusty chains that bound his wrists to the wall, arms held above his head in an unforgiving metallic grip.

“What did you do to me?”

The woman, whom he could now see to have dark hair, and oddly reddish skin under her angular, black armor, simply smirked in response.

“My superiors need labor for the mine here, and maybe some other things. That’s you, human. Assuming you don’t just die, that happens often enough as well.”

This was not exactly the answer he was hoping for. In fact, it was essentially the opposite.

“Let me go, and I won’t kill you. Promise.”

The maddening smirk gave way to a low laugh. Putting a hand on her hip and slightly shifting her weight to one leg, the demon jailer replied,

“Even if you somehow managed to break out of those, you’d be the dead one. Ever wonder how hell got its reputation? Can’t imagine you want to find out. Besides, I’d advise being a good little human if you feel like eating this lifetime.”

The demon had now crossed over from an irritant to simply an enemy. Argunthal grunted, anger pounding blood faster through his veins. Staring defiantly at the jailor, he began to pit his arm against the rusty manacle.

Raising an eyebrow that, on close inspection, was composed of tiny, horn-like bumps instead of hair, the demon laughed again.

“I’ve been in this body for three hundred years, and most of them down here. I’ve never seen anybody, human or otherwise, get through that chain.”

She hesitated for a moment, looking him over, and then continued,

“Yeah, sure, you’re a big one, but that’s thick metal. Trust me, you’ll want that arm for the mines later. Don’t wear it out here.”

The only response she got was a somewhat deeper breath, followed by a faint but audible creak of metal. Argunthal grinned a little, flexing harder against the chain. He looked up, taking in the full sight of the soon-to-be-dead demon. What he saw was unlike any human woman he’d ever encountered. Her strange, red skin was like a sheath over her slim but powerful muscles, which disappeared into a breastplate, plateskirt and gauntlets made of a strange black metal, twisting at bizarre angles into a deadly-looking shell. She didn’t bother with boots, which made sense, seeing as her legs ended in claws that would be more at home on a dragon than a human. While those were certainly shocking, they weren’t as much so as the dark, nearly black horns that began just above her temples, curving back until they seemed to point forward again, towards her midnight black lips.

“Turned on, human? It’s fairly obvious,” she dryly remarked, gesturing to a member that was now a bit less than flaccid.

“Nothing personal, but no way in hell. Or up here, either. Succubi are way more fun than any cock I’ve met in three centuries, and I’m not exactly looking to get the free trial from some miner the patrol grabbed.”

Ignoring the damnably taunting, seductive tone of her voice, Argunthal continued to strain against the manacle, flattening his back against the wall as the links began to bend under the pressure. He openly smiled in triumph. This was going to be fun.

Beginning to show a bit of interest, the demon stepped a bit closer, re-appraising his musculature. While her face still didn’t show much besides disdain, an undertone of curiosity was emerging.

“Keep back, hell-bitch. If this chain breaks, and I assure you it will eventually, you are beyond fucked. Hear me?” he grunted between breaths.

“Hell-bitch, hmm? Clever, aren’t we? That’s Zalana to you. Mistress Zalana, actually.” She was clearly attempting to sound haughty, and she succeeded to an extent, but there was definitely something else there now.

A tooth-shuddering squeal of iron echoed through the stone room, bringing a shocked look to Zalana’s demonic face.

“Alright, Salon-a, or whatever the fuck that was, your choice here. Run like hell, and you might get away. Let me out, and I won’t kill you. Or, my favorite, stick around and see what happens when you go around capturing slaves for whatever you said this was.”

She didn’t bother trying to hide it anymore, she wanted something. Zalana was close enough now that Argunthal could feel her breath, far hotter than that of a normal human. He knew she was there, but kept pulling on the chain that still bound his left wrist. Or at least he kept pulling until she began to speak, in a sultry tone that was nearly impossible to ignore.

“Most male demons couldn’t break that thing. That means you have something they don’t. Something I want.”

She paused for a moment, letting the significance of her words sink in before continuing.

“Remember what I said about the succubi? Well, there haven’t been any assigned down here for quite some time. Nothing but imp-cock around, and that’s not exactly appealing.”

Right about there she reached out a claw-tipped finger, running it down the mass of his ribcage, just lightly enough not to draw blood. She leaned in even closer, dropping her hypnotic voice to an irresistible, enticing whisper.

“You know you want to give it to me.”

Damn it, she was right. Argunthal stopped mid-pull, involuntarily shivering at the thought of penetrating the demon. Grimacing, he shook his head, trying to stop the strange new thoughts.

“Come on, now… the truth doesn’t have to hurt, does it? Why not just give in?’

Pausing for a moment to look him in the eye in a way that was both erotic and terrifying, she reached down for his manhood in a smooth, confident motion. His doubts evaporated again in a cloud of ecstasy as her fingers stroked the shaft, just enough to make themselves noticed. He sucked in a sharp breath, contracting his back muscles and throwing his head back in response to the pleasure. Zalana’s wicked-sounding laugh echoed in his ears as he limply eased the pressure on the chain.

“That’s better, isn’t it? Sure you don’t want to reconsider?”

His eyes widened a bit as she punctuated the remark with a lick of her lips, revealing a tongue that was extraordinarily dark, and perhaps a little longer than it should be. He couldn’t help imagining how that moist streak of midnight would feel in action.

As if reading his mind, Zalana stood, slowly extending herself to her full height in a very pleasant unfolding, and planted a clawed hand on his chest, pushing him back to the wall. She moved her head towards his, letting him feel her unnaturally warm breath for a moment before extending her tongue to lightly, smoothly touch his neck with its tip. While Argunthal was somewhat alarmed at the fact that her tongue had stretched to the length of his forearm to accomplish this, he was far from complaining.

Any further doubt in his mind was obliterated as she sank to a crouch, moving the ragged remains of his clothing aside like a spiderweb as she caressed him again, bringing his manhood to its full length. The first touch of her velvet tongue brought forth a clear drop of precum, and he couldn’t help but thrust his hips forward. Zalana was unperturbed, effortlessly maintaining control by slamming his pelvis back into the wall with a smooth motion that didn’t interrupt her more enjoyable actions in the slightest.

After licking up and down his shaft a few times, taking a blissful eternity on each pass of her tongue, Zalana planted a tiny, very warm kiss on the very tip of his penis, paused for a moment to look straight into his eyes with mesmerizing red pupils, and circled him with her lips. He shut his eyes, overwhelmed by the moist, hot embrace of her demonic mouth. He’d caught a glimpse of some fairly sharp teeth earlier, but they didn’t seem to be an issue now and he wasn’t about to stop and check.

Zalana seemed to be reaching a rhythm, the tempo of her movement intensifying as her lips slid back and forth over his cock, bringing greater waves of pleasure with every second. He could feel his seed reaching readiness in his already-aching testicles, and wanted nothing more than to pump the demon’s mouth absolutely full of cum.

A near-perfect, lubricating mixture of precum and saliva was smeared over him, making the entire experience even more pleasurable. The deep heat of coming orgasm came nearer and nearer, about to explode, when… she stopped.

Giving his painfully hard cock a gentle pat, Zalana stood back up, wiped her mouth and took a step backwards.

“What, did you really think I was going to let you cum? Don’t be ridiculous. Nice cock, sure, but not that nice.” Every word was dripping with a sense of smug superiority, burning in Argunthal’s ears like a hot iron.

She turned to walk away, saying over her shoulder, “Enjoy the feeling in your balls, stud. I’m going to go find something else to play with.”

Her casual, biting emphasis on the word “stud” was too much for him to bear. Breathing hard from denied orgasm and from sheer frustration, he ripped the chain from the wall in one tremendous movement.

“Not so fast, hell-bitch. Somebody didn’t get her cum yet.”

There was genuine surprise on the demon’s face as she turned around to see Argunthal standing with his right arm free, breathing heavily and looking straight into her red eyes as he pulled out the second chain with a strength fueled by anger and lust. Taking advantage of her hesitation, he leaped the few paces between the two of them and grabbed the demon by the hair, pulling her face close to his.

“Word of advice: don’t blueball a guy who can snap chains. It often doesn’t end well.”

As his cock pulsed, Zalana sensed his intentions. She let slip a sly grin, beginning to toy with her now- wet puss as she pressed her body close to his.

“I know you want to fill me up. Go on, you’ve earned it. I may be from hell, but believe me, that pussy will still feel like heaven.”

Judging by the breathy quality of her voice, she was legitimately horny at this point. Argunthal smiled with grim satisfaction, unbuckling her armor with focused efficiency. She was more than happy to help, wriggling out of her plateskirt in a way that was almost painfully sexy. After a few moments, she stood fully nude, impressively long legs yielding to an astonishingly pert butt, topped by a slim waist and a pair of gorgeous breasts, each with a hard, black nipple at the center. The nipples were pierced with dully shining metal rings exactly like those that sat in groups of three on each of her pointed ears. With a pussy dripping juice that appeared to be evaporating as steam, she was an awe-inspiring sight.

Toying with her clit, she sighed to Argunthal, “Dive right in, stud. I want all of your human meat in there.”

He approached with powerful deliberate strides, placing a hand firmly on her impossibly toned backside.

“Mmmm… yes, get a good grip. My pussy could really use it.”

He let out a sound somewhere between a grunt and a laugh, enjoying the thought of what was about to come. This was not going to be a mutually enjoyable act. Oh no. This was vengeance.

Tightening his grip on her ass, Argunthal deftly spun her around, locking an arm around her stomach and guiding his penis to her ass with the other hand. She squirmed, gasping with sudden realization as his shaft met her anus.

“Relax. You denied me an orgasm, I’m just returning the favor.”

He couldn’t help but laugh, imagining her crestfallen expression as he stretched her ass, with only a few smears of precum as lubricant. Zalana fell to her knees, breathing hard with shock as the unexpected penetration pounded her asshole. She was surreally tight, and the warm lining of the passage felt downright heavenly on Argunthal’s shaft. In less than a minute, he was once again at the edge of orgasm.

He paused, stopping mid-thrust as another malicious idea entered his mind. She was going to sentence him to labor, why not do the same? Pulling out, he lifted the Zalana up to her feet. She was too exhausted to resist very much, and simply gave him a blank stare as he plunged deep into her vagina, lifting her off her feet and holding up her legs, supporting her entire weight as he picked her up, bumping into her cervix as he released his seed almost directly into her womb.

Tossing the demon to the ground, he bent over to catch his breath for a moment before properly finishing the job. Looking around for a moment, he quickly found another set of chains like the ones that had held him. Hefting Zalana’s near-comatose, fluid dripping form, he pressed her against the stone wall while shackling her wrists. Argunthal couldn’t help but stand back and admire his handiwork: a once-proud demonic temptress chained in her own dungeon, panting as a mixture of cum and her own juices dripped slowly down her thighs. Revenge was sweet.

“Enjoy the birth, love,” he quipped as he strapped on her sword belt, fumbling through the keys to find the one he needed to unlock the exit door. He was essentially nude at this point, which would be inconvenient, he was sure. Nothing to be done though.

After pondering his nudity, something seemed odd. On closer inspection, something was strange about his penis. The whole thing was slightly red, and not just from the chafing. That seemed to be the natural color, for some reason. Furthermore, his foreskin was nowhere to be seen, revealing a head that was notably darker than usual. He frowned. Maybe the joke was on him after all…

Shrugging, he opened the door and peered out into the passage beyond, still quite distracted by the aftermath of his “adventure.”

Cautiously pressing the iron-bound door behind him, Argunthal stepped into the dim passage beyond. Nothing too unusual as dungeons went, dark stone, plenty of grime, and lit by the occasional torch sconce. Warily standing up a bit from his combat-ready crouch, he stood still, trying to make out a sign of the right direction to proceed. Hearing faint sounds from the right, he made his way down the hall, trying not to make too much noise with his bare feet.

The cool air felt somewhat pleasant, reducing the dripping sweat from his encounter with the demon seductress to the vaguely clammy coating familiar to anyone who’s done hard work in the cold. The hall began to bend after a short distance, bringing the harsh echoes of a few voices into clearer focus. Argunthal halted, hoping to identify a friend or foe.

Two ugly, rather high-pitched male voices became more audible, the words becoming identifiable as he crept closer.

“Back down here again, eh? Wonder what she was up to this time.”

“Beat a supervisor with a pickaxe, apparently. Shit, she’s so tiny, how the hell did that happen? You’ve seen Marko, he’s a guard, and apparently one of the smaller ones.”

“Fuck if I know. What are we supposed to do about it, again?”

Another voice, feminine and melodic, joined the first two that Argunthal had decided were probably demons of some sort. He was now crouching a few paces away from a half-open door, listening as best he could.

“Don’t you boys know? You’re supposed to scare a little sense into her. Do a good job of it, too, it’s rare I get to see anyone in action besides a brick-headed guard.”

“They have bigger guys, why us?”

“Yeah, we’re just imps, for fuck’s sake! Let one of the guards do his own job for once.”

The grumbling imps were cut off again by the third voice, taking on a more persuasive note now.

“They wouldn’t send me down if this wasn’t important, sillies. Now, are you going to wake her up, or are you going to make an office girl do it for you?”

The female demon was apparently quite effective, as Argunthal heard a small quarrel break out between the imps over who would do the job. A sharp slap rang out as their prisoner was brought uncomfortably to consciousness. A quick, rushed intake of breath resounded. Some unlucky woman was now awake.

“So, sweets, you know why you’re here?”

Apparently the imps were just muscle, kept around while the administrator did her job.

The prisoner’s response came in an icy tone that, while betraying great weariness, still had a note of steel to it.

“I’m here because I don’t take orders from guards. Or from succubus whores like you.”

A succubus. Argunthal couldn’t help but wonder what she looked like after hearing Zalana’s thoughts on the subject.

“You might come to regret that. Klurn and Harth will be more than happy to demonstrate why,” the demon spoke, presumably gesturing to the two imps. “In fact, the only reason you’re not being whipped to shreds right now is because we found something interesting in your corner of the cell.”

This was followed by a sharp intake of breath.

“You- you found- what? I haven’t the faintest idea what you’re talking about.”

The quiver in the prisoner’s voice was quickly covered back up with her former confidence, but she obviously had reason to be afraid. Given her attitude up to this point, she probably had real punishment to fear for whatever she’d been hiding.

“Oh, of course you don’t. There just happened to be a set of lockpicks lying around the cell. Of course, that’s not uncommon, but there was something different about yours. Feel like sharing with the class?”

Argunthal could practically see the cruel smirk on the face of the succubus, further evidenced by the twin chuckles that shortly followed.

“Actually, I think I’ll tell you anyway. Those were perfectly shaped. From the ore you mined. Not only were you stealing it, but you somehow smelted it. Sugar, there’s no furnace in that cell. You used magic.”

“If that were true, I would have killed you with it by now. You have the wrong woman.”

“Nice try. See that cute little collar? That’s blocking any magic abilities you might have. That means that you’re here, you’re powerless, you’re strapped to a table, and you’re going to tell me what you know.”

“Safe to say you’re too dumb to understand most of it, slut,” the prisoner growled back. “So you know I was plotting to escape. I’m not the first, and I’m not the first magic user, either. You’re wasting your time.”

“We know warrior’s serum when we see it. You really should have been dead quite some time ago. No, you’re a spy, and you probably think you’re going to be some sort of hero and free everyone here. And that’s just not acceptable. Honestly, management is tired of dealing with you. I think you can fill in the blank.”

“Fine. Kill me.”

Argunthal was impressed with her nonchalance, not to mention her apparent talents. In face, he wasn’t sure he could simply stand there and let the demons have their way with her. He shuffled silently closer to the door, carefully peering into the room behind.

Two short male demons stood with their backs to him, slouching and toying with some sort of wooden switches. Painful-looking. In front of them was a stone table, its surface at about waist level. From what he could see, the woman strapped to it was alarmingly thin, her pale, exposed skin seeming to stretch thin over her ribs. Standing over the table was the succubus. Her body was admittedly spectacular.

Unlike Zalana, she wasn’t particularly tall, but did possess an unreal set of curves, voluminous hips offset by a pleasantly contrasting waist. Even from behind, he could make out an impressive pair of breasts. For some reason, the way her torso moved simply in breathing was vaguely hypnotic, expanding and contracting in an irresistible, slow, sultry rhythm. She held a staff of some sort, made of purplish wood with a thick, bulbous tip.

Laying her hand on her curvy hips, the succubus let out a genuinely unsettling laugh.

“Oh, we’re not going to kill you just yet. These boys here have to have some fun first, and, more importantly, you need to suffer a bit.” Tauntingly caressing the prisoner’s thigh with a fingertip, the demon continued. “Sure, we could simply beat you, but where’s the fun in that?” Palming the restrained woman’s breast, which was still a perky handful despite her starvation, the succubus giggled a little before explaining further. “It looks like you’re still a virgin, hmm? Well, no need to take the to the grave, if you ask me. No, you’ll be dying only when we finish stretching out your virgin cunt a bit.”

Argunthal grimaced, feeling a wave of pity for the prisoner. He had no choice. He did his best to quickly think out a plan of action. Even if it was dangerous for him, he wasn’t simply going to let the demons violate a fellow human. He couldn’t.

“Stunned into silence, slut? Well, good, you’ll have plenty of noise to make before you know it. Boys, remember what you were told about getting a bonus?”

The imps excitedly nodded. Turning around and stepping towards them (but thankfully too focused to notice Argunthal a few paces away at the door), she pulled a small tube from a pocket of her hopelessly inadequate tunic and applied a coat of purple lip gloss, which contrasted nicely with the red of her skin, more of a flowery shade than Zalana’s menacing crimson. In fact, all of her was a lot less intimidating, softer. Her horns were just spikes at the temples, which Argunthal actually found rather cute for some reason. Smacking her freshly coated lips, she half-whispered, “I hope you two don’t mind mixing business and pleasure. You need those cocks nice and hard for this, and I’m happy to help.”

The special emphasis on those last few words jerked the imps back to full focus. They looked at each other with excited grins, ragged pants beginning to bulge a bit. Argunthal was both grateful for the opportunity that the distraction would afford and morbidly curious as to what pure demon penis would look like. Hopefully they wouldn’t be too much like what had happened to his.

The succubus sank to her knees, sexily undulating as she stared at the imps’ crotch-bulges. Playfully stroking the one on the right, she licked her lips.

“What’re you waiting for?”

This was all the encouragement that the pair needed. Practically tearing at the dull brown fabric covering their groins, they had their members ready for action in seconds.

Sucking her finger in a quite arousing display, she looked at one imp, then the other. “Mmm… looks like Nali’s about to get two big loads, right?’ Giggling, she took one cock in each hand, smoothly stroking them to their full lengths. She wriggled the tip of her tongue in the air for a moment before finally putting her lips to the imp on the right, effortless taking down a good deal of the impressively long shaft. Given that the imp was less than five feet tall, the sheer size of his blood-red penis was downright extraordinary. Nali’s head moved appealingly back and forth as she made a few passes over the forearm-length red shaft before heading to the left, giving the same treatment to the second imp. He let his head fall back in pleasure, clearly enjoying the very skilled fellatio he was receiving. Working up to a quicker tempo, Nali began to slurp as saliva dripped from the tight seal between her mouth and the imp. Not to be unequal, she released the left imp with a loud pop, giving the base of his shaft a few faster, short strokes with her hand before diving back to the right, her pace further intensifying as the imp cradled her head in his hands, taking a bit of control as he presumably came close to orgasm.

Judging by the cum that began to leak from her lips, Nali had done her job well, pressing her face into his crotch to take the erupting cock all the way down her throat. Popping back off him, she similarly impaled herself on the left-hand imp, producing an identical effect.

Still dripping cum, the first imp paced behind, reaching down to fondle Nali’s impressive cleavage. She didn’t seem to mind, giggling as she continued to suck the second imp, who chuckled to his friend, “Feeling ambitious, eh, Klurn?”

Klurn didn’t really bother responding. He was busy with the fastenings of the succubus’ dress. She stopped sucking, laughing as she exclaimed, “Hey, let’s stick to business here! We’re not supposed to… oh, fuck it!”

She reached back herself, peeling away the absurdly brief garment to reveal the rest of her voluptuous figure. He toyed with her nipples for a moment before lining his penis up to her already-dripping cunt with the precision and focus of a trained archer. Harth grinned, snapping Klurn an ironic salute as he plunged into Nali from behind. She took her mouth from Harth for a moment to gasp with pleasure before resuming the task with even greater enthusiasm, her moans muffled by a considerable length of dickflesh.

The two imps, both still incredibly aroused, exchanged brief glances. As if by some unknown signal, Klurn switched his position in an astounding athletic display, thrusting into Nali from underneath in a matter of moments. She seemed to enjoy the new angle, sucking Harth with even greater enthusiasm. Understandably, she seemed surprised when he stepped back.

“What’s the matter, sexy?’

He didn’t bother answering, but simply laughed as he swung a leg over her hips. A strange light flickered in the imps’ eyes as Harth unceremoniously plunged into her ass, double-penetrating the succubus with gusto. She gasped in shock at first, but that almost immediately turned to intense moans of pleasure as the imps reached a consistent speed, performing like two fiddlers with their favorite duet.

Shaking his head to regain his concentration, and consciously straightening his comically surprised face, Argunthal decided that his odds of being spotted by any component of the sex-crazed demon sandwich were fairly low at this point. Carefully planting each foot, he crept over to the other side of the table to talk to the mysterious prisoner.

He cautiously raised his head to look at her face, trying to keep an unimposing expression. She was obviously surprised, visibly jumping, but managed to prevent herself from making any noise. Argunthal attempted a whisper.

“It’s alright, I’m a friend.”

Her response, in a very exasperated tone, practically made him wince with its venom.

“I don’t care if you’re a pile of cheese curd unless you can get me out of here. What kind of idiot doesn’t deal with the demons first, then let me loose?”

“Alright, alright, I have a sword. The straps may be locked, but they’re still just leather,” he sheepishly replied.

“Less talk, more cut, brains,” she added with a slight eye roll.

“Relax, I can handle this,” replied Arguthal as he carefully took a precision grip on the blade of the sword. “All I need to do is line the blade up and-”


The impact of the sword on the floor after it fell from his hands, only managing to make a small incision in the strap, was painfully audible. The demon mini-orgy ground to a halt like a fast cart with an irritated driver at the brakes. The prisoner let her head fall back to the stone table, presumably executing another, even larger eyeroll.

“Who in fuck are you?!”

The imps jumped quickly to their feet, rushing Argunthal before he could properly prepare himself. A swift blow to his knee knocked him to the ground, followed by a cruel, clawed stomp that drove the wind from his stomach. He tried to pull himself up, seeing a double vision of an imp with his club raised for a mortal strike.

Argunthal braced himself for the end, but the impact never came. Instead, the weary but luscious voice of the succubus drifted through the air.

“Hold up, there. I have a better idea.”

A stabbing pain erupted in his chest, and he looked down to see a red-feathered dart embedded in his muscles. A strange sensation came into focus as the skin around it began to flush.

“You seem pretty capable, truth be told. If you escaped from the kind of security they probably had you in, you’d be damn useful as a miner. On the other hand, you’d be even better as a demon. A great soldier. In a few minutes, the toxin on that dart will start to seep into your blood. After a few hours, you know what happens? Bye-bye, soul, hello new job.”

Heart pounding with panic, Argunthal reached for the dart, panicking as his arm failed to obey his command. If he couldn’t beat the venom in a few minutes, he had a one-way ticket to the underworld. The only reward he got for his struggles was Nali’s laugh, reverberating strangely in his ears. Oh, what was the use? The poison would flow, she would laugh forever. The sound seemed to flow through his mind, weakening his resistance.

He was about to give in. No use anymore, might as well just go to sleep and let the future- wait. The sound was gone. Opening his eyes, he saw two pools of red, each containing an imp. Between those lay a collapsed heap of succubus. Over her stood a pale figure, sword in hand.

The prisoner bent down, plucking the dart from his chest and gingerly flicking it away like a biting insect.

“That was a close call, hmm? Luckily you had a half-dead, powerless spellcaster to save your sorry ass. Seriously, why even bother with all those muscles if you can’t defend yourself?”

His jaw dropped open, astonished that such an emaciated form had the strength to break through her bonds even after he had cut them. His breath came in shudders as he realized just how close he had come to a highly unpleasant end. Seeing this, she bent down, her expression softening.

“Hey, you can relax. It’s alright now, you’ll be fine.” Her voice, while much more earthly than that of the demon women, had a pleasant, soothing tone. It reminded him of the brook on his uncle’s farmland back home. “I know, I have a bit of a rough sense of humor. Chalk it up to stress, I suppose.”

Tucking a few loose strands of golden hair behind her ear, she laid a hand on his shoulder, gently applying pressure in a way that seemed to melt the tension. He inhaled contentedly, experiencing the first non-malignant good feeling since he had awoken.

“Call me Erendiel, by the way. I don’t think we were properly-”

She stopped, rising like a cat as the lump behind her stirred. In a suddenly cheerful tone, she chirped, “Excuse me a moment, would you? Nali and I never really got to say hello before I knocked the skank unconscious.”

Still mouthing his name in response to Erendiel’s introduction, Argunthal propped himself up on his elbows. He had the feeling that he was going to enjoy what was about to happen. His ideas were confirmed as Erendiel took a purposeful grip on the succubus’ staff, bending into a crouch and holding up the demon’s head with the other hand.

“Awake, dear? Surely you recognize me after being in charge of my case for all this time. It’s funny, I feel like you’ve done so much for me and I never returned the favor.”

Argunthal didn’t even need to look in order to see the truly menacing glint in her eye, which made the singsong quality of her voice all the more unnerving. Nali obviously heard it too, groaning and attempting to wiggle away.

“Oh, no you don’t. Really, I owe you! Look, I even have a magic staff to help me out. I’m sure that a demon with your experience knows what happens when you hand a witch magical equipment.”

As if on cue, the purple tip of the staff began to glow, and Erendiel’s collar, which apparently held back her abilities, simply crumbled to dust.

“Ah, so much better.”

Erendiel let her head roll on her neck a little, acting like someone who had just taken off a heavy, uncomfortable piece of clothing.

Nali now looked truly terrified. Not even bothering to speak, she simply stared at the still-glowing staff. Erendiel lifted a hand, and spoke with a new note of power to her voice.

“Spread your legs.”

The demon obeyed against her will, thighs forced apart by some unseen force. Erendiel leisurely twirled the staff for a moment before touching it to the Nali’s cunt-lips. Nali shivered as the magical aura of the glowing tip stimulated her, breathing in short, hard gasps. Her fists clenched as the sensation intensified, Erendiel beginning to penetrate her. She chuckled a little as she forced in the large, fist-sized orb, putting a great deal of strength behind the thrust. The succubus let out a low groan as Erendiel rubbed a finger over her clitoris.

“Now, since you wouldn’t want that falling out, let’s tighten you up a bit!”

Raising her hands again, she spoke in the same oddly powerful tone.


Nali openly moaned as her honeypot seemed to shrink, to the extent that the nothing the size of the staff could possibly get in anymore- or out. Argunthal was beginning to get an idea of where the spellcaster was headed here, looking on with stunned interest. Erendiel, barely able to contain her laughter, raised her hands up once more, now with a beaming smile.

“Let’s get you started, slut! Vibrate!”

The staff glowed and began to shake, blurring slightly with its rapid motion. Nali’s mouth gaped open, her body rocked by massive convulsions as she experienced what must have been the orgasmic equivalent of a large earthquake.

“Finally too much for you, dear? Oh well, I’m sure you’ll get used to it,” giggled Erendiel as she bent down and planted a kiss on the demon’s cheek.

Turning back to Argunthal, she extended a hand to help him up. Her grip, while gentle, was stronger than that of most men he’d encountered. The same soothing touch that had massaged his shoulder supported a fair bit of his weight, helping him stand as he regained his balance.

“Sorry you had to see that, but she and I have been involved with each other for three years now. She’s the officer in charge of me, since I’m apparently a captive of value. Not very nice, even for a demon. All’s well now though, I won’t hurt you. By the way, I’m not sure I caught your name.”

See? Chapter 8, like I promised. Yes, I know the last chapter was very upsetting! I promise it’s not over for Claire just yet. Have faith in me, people. I couldn’t kill her off. That would make all of us miserable.


She refused to move, barely even daring to breathe. Not that she really could move, anyway. Claire simply declined to give the mist any small feeling of strength or triumph by struggling. Laying still allowed her to have some small semblance of control over her now hellish life. Silently, she dared it to attack her, baiting it with her stillness.

It likes me because I’m new and exciting. Let’s see how fun I am when I don’t cooperate.

For the moment, her plan worked. The mist had been expecting her to fight, to struggle for her life and call out to those she cared for. Instead, she lay still, offering no entertainment or surprises. She’d confused it. One moment, she was fighting tooth and nail to protect her lover; the next, she lay motionless inside its soft swirls. The mist raged at her once again, confounded by this human girl’s incredible ability to drive it insane.

Claire cracked a small smile. Knowing her captor was unsure of what to do with her made a small flicker of pride start to burn in her soul. It wanted her for control, for the ability to mask its intentions from the world. Walking around, she was able to decipher its darkest secrets and alert those in charge to any plans it may have. Trapped here, she was unable to be the alarm to any uprisings the mist had in mind. Here, she wouldn’t be a threat.

A long, painful silence deadened her soul. Despite her stillness and refusal to fight back, the mist still planned on finding a way to break her. Closing her eyes, she could hear the broken, indistinct whispers of its mind. Nothing clear or valid came through, but Claire nonetheless stayed alert. With her away from her lovers, without Darrow or anyone else to protect her, it had free reign over her fate. It could kill her if it wanted, break her into tiny pieces or shatter her soul completely. Being so completely at its mercy made her gut twist.

An icy coldness brushed against her arm, making her body jerk away automatically. The chill followed her, pressing hard against her skin, refusing to lose contact. She twitched again when the coldness began to seep into her skin, sinking through her flesh and into her bones. Her flesh tingled with the contact, drawing a harsh gasp from her throat as it sunk further into her skin.

Fear flowed through her, though she still remained silent. Realization followed soon after, the awareness that the mist was slowly soaking into her, becoming part of her. This must be what Tarrin had gone through when the mist took his mind. And now she was suffering the same fate: the possibility of becoming another mindless puppet it could use to wreak havoc. She shivered, pity, anger and fear melding together in her mind.

Oh, poor Tarrin. Not even that shithead deserved this.

Tears streamed down her cheeks, the horror and sorrow finally breaking through to the surface. She was terrified of losing herself, of losing everything she was to this awful, malicious coldness. She hated it, loathed it, wished it dead more than she’d ever wished for anything. She began to cry, her façade of strength and silence finally beginning to crack.

But through her fear, a small flame of happiness glowed softly. Even though she would lose herself, at least her lovers were safe. She’d let them go at the last minute, sparing them the same fate. Yes, they would weep for her and swear revenge upon the mist for taking her, but they would recover eventually. They’d find a new girl, someone who would make them just as happy but without the heartache and pain she’d caused. They’d be fine. Grief-stricken, but fine.

Another rush of cold swept across her back, sending a shiver up her spine. Again the cold sank into her skin, becoming part of her bit by bit. She felt her heartbeat starting to slow. Her breathing became more labored. Her eyes slowly began to close. She was losing herself, her soul being broken down into a useless pile of memories and dreams.

I love you. Take care of yourselves for me.

A final brush of cold shattered her completely. Taking a final deep breath, Claire sank down through the mist, settling gently onto the soft peat of the marsh. Her thoughts dissipated, leaving her mind an empty husk. Her eyes, once a warm gray, slowly faded to a sickly white color. Though her chest rose and fell in a slow rhythm and her heart still beat, her body was now an empty shell of its former glory. No life, no fire, no passion now existed inside her. She was as cold and hollow as the mist itself, but lived without the malice or ideologies of her new owner.

“Yes.” A soft voice, lighter than air and quiet as the wind, whispered by her ear. “Good girl. So compliant and gentle. You’re perfect, just as I’d imagined.”

Claire remained motionless, unable to respond or move.

“Sit,” the voice commanded.

Moving slowly, almost mechanically, Claire rolled onto her stomach and pushed herself up. She rested on her knees, her slender hands folded in her lap. Small clouds of hot breath slid from her mouth, stained white by the chill of the mist.

“Excellent. You’re more malleable than I’d imagined.” A thin strand slid up the length of her spine, caressing her skin with its icy chill. “Oh, the things I could do with you.”

Claire nodded silently.

“Now stand.”

Slowly, she pushed herself up from the ground. She stood on her feet, wobbling slightly as her now soulless body regained its balance.

“Good. Spin for me.”

She nodded again, turning slowly on the balls of her feet. She spun around and around, her nakedness on full display as she turned.

“Ah, yes. Perfection. Small and slender, but perfect.” The voice, still soft and low, had hints of lust and desire mixed within the whispered words. “You may stop.”

Claire stood completely still. Her pale eyes peered out into the marsh, staring at all yet seeing none.

In the shadows, dozens of human souls cowards behind the skeletal remains of trees, staring at her with horrified eyes. The old woman who had attempted to warn her days ago, the one who had smiled at her when she’d dropped grapes down into her withered hands, cried silently for her. The innocent she’d tried to protect had been lost. Those around her did their best to console her grief, yet they also watched the girl in horror.

The poor thing, they thought, she won’t survive long here.

Claire stared at them silently, waiting for instruction. Tendrils of mist wrapped lovingly around her arms and waist, caressing her gently as flashes of crimson and gold flickered across the silver surface.

“Ah, yes. The old hag,” The mist growled through her mind. “Do you remember her?”

Claire nodded slowly.

“Good. She’s been a nuisance for me from the start. Always keeping me from claiming more delicious souls like yours.” The voice purred in her ear and another tendril slid around her waist. “I want you to teach her a lesson for me, my dear. Teach her not to interfere again.”

Claire’s eyes narrowed, her mouth twisting into a disgusted grimace. Her body tensed, the lean muscles in her legs tightening, preparing for flight. Her fingers twitched restlessly. Her breathing quickened as excitement rushed through her veins. Her skin itched in anticipation, her thoughtless mind now focused solely on crushing her target.

“Go. Show that old witch the reason I rule this marsh.”

Claire snarled and leapt forward, charging across the quagmire and straight towards the old woman. Her eyes were wide with rage and joy, her chestnut hair flying wild behind her as she rushed forward.

Other souls scattered to the shadows, desperate to dodge her attack. The woman stayed where she was, never daring to move an inch. Recognizing Claire was no longer really Claire, she decided to take her punishment in silence. She quietly muttered prayers of solace and apology for the girl, hoping with the remainder of her heart that she may have a chance to break away. She gasped in surprise when Claire crashed into her, losing her breath when she fell to the ground.

Growling softly, Claire crawled forward and straddled the woman’s chest, her weight nearly crushing the fragile ribs. Pinning her former friend to the ground, Claire began dealing a series of blows to the woman’s face, giggling with insane laughter as tears streamed down her wrinkled cheeks. Fresh sprays of blood erupted from the woman’s mouth with every blow, staining her own face and hands a deep red. Claire’s smile turned feral, joy flooding her mind as she watched the woman’s strength fade through lifeless eyes.

She squealed with laughter after every hit, her cackles turning more manic with every spray of liquid ruby. Any sense of logic, reasoning or morality had left her the moment the mist had claimed her mind. She no longer felt guilt or pain; hunger and anger had replaced her old emotions. Spurred on by the screeching cheers of the mist, she continued to crush the old woman’s skull with her fists.

A strand of sticky rope shot through the clouds of mist, latching on to Claire’s hand an instant before she dealt the next blow. It pulled her wrist back sharply, nearly hauling her off the woman’s chest. Claire whirled around, screaming in rage as she clawed at the sticky substance. Another rope latched onto her free hand, jerking her sharply forward. She pitched headfirst onto the ground, still howling with fury.

“Damn you! I should have known better than to leave her unattended with you watching!” Kerion’s voice roared through the dark.

The mist screeched again, this time out of rage. Threads of silver lashed out, slicing at the webbing the held her wrists. They sliced through bit by bit, only to find that new strands would shootout of the dark and wrap tighter around her limbs. Gently but quickly, the strands of webbing dragged Claire forward, hauling her though the clouds of mist. She struggled fiercely, using her teeth to bit through one of her restraints. A final wisp of web covered her mouth, silencing her furious cries as she was pulled back.

“No!” the mist shrieked. “The girl belongs to me!” Another tendril lashed out, slicing at the air in fury.

“The girl has been claimed already. It’s too late for you to place your mark.”

Kerion continued to drag Claire along the soft ground, pulling her farther back despite the relentless attacks from the mist. The strands of webbing held her tight, never breaking their hold on her even after she’d reached the enormous wall surrounding the marsh.

“Quickly, my children! Move swiftly but do not harm her. She is not of sound mind.”

Soft squeals of excitement startled Claire out of her struggles. Seconds later, the gentle tickle of dozens of tiny legs crawling on her skin sent her into a fresh burst of screams and thrashing. Kerion’s children worked silently despite her resistance. Most of the tiny arachnids began to spin their own webbing, looping the soft strands of silk around her limbs to contain her. Others gently stroked her skin in a small effort to clam her. She still thrashed against them, but her struggles had become considerably less with the added stands of web.

The mist screeched again, sending threads of silver whipping out to impede her saviors. A few found their mark, slicing at the tiny spiders and splitting them open. But the mist struck out too late. Kerion and his brood had finished binding Claire with their webs. They hauled the small bundle up along the edge of the wall, pulling her over the railing and onto the hard stone floor.

Below the wall, the mist howled again. Tendrils of silver whirled about, reaching up over the ledge and whipping blindly for their prey. They found nothing. Kerion and his children retreated to the far side of the wall, well out of the reach of the mist.

Claire still writhed against her bonds, glaring out of the small slits of webbing at the mass of spiders. They’d been kind enough to leave holes in their net for her to breathe, a move that allowed her to continue her rage-filled screams. Her memories had not returned yet, keeping her mind in eternal silence as her friends did their best to save her.

“I’ll take her, Kerion.” Tarrin’s deeps voice echoed through her hollow mind. She was lifted into strong arms, pressed against a hard, warm body.

“Move quickly, Tarrin. She needs to be reunited with her owners. They can break this damned spell.” Kerion’s voice dropped low. “The quicker she gets back, the better our chances of getting her back. Don’t you dare think of taking her for yourself.”

“I’ll move as fast as I can.” Tarrin spun of his heels and took off with Claire in his arms.

She watched through the holes in the webbing as Kerion and his children scampered up the walls of the fortress, jumping to avoid the relentless attacks of the mist as they scrambled backwards. The tiny spiders gave soft yelps of joy as she was carried back to her room. Kerion turned to give her one final look before he and his brood dispersed into the shadows. She glared at them with pale eyes, fury still burning deep within her heart.

Tarrin cradled her as he moved, dodging pillars of rock and any remaining threads of mist that followed. She writhed in his arms, still struggling to escape. Despite her mind remaining hollow and her soul shattered into pieces, Claire slowly began to relax. Step by step, Tarrin carried her farther away from the mist, its influence slowly waning with every shadow they passed through. By the time Tarrin had reached the main hall, Claire lay still in his arms, refusing to fight but still glaring up at him though the holes in the webbing.

Finally, he reached the pools of shadows the lead to her room. Stepping through quickly, Tarrin made his way to the enormous table in the center of the room, depositing her gently on one of the chairs. Carefully, he used one of his sharp nails to split open her bindings, cutting through every restraint. His blood-red eyes never left hers, searching her expression for any hit of resistance as he released her.

He moved too quickly, tearing the webs away too anxiously. Her eyes narrowed an instant before she swiped a hand at his face. He dodged away, staring at her intensely. Taking a deep breath, Tarrin tore more of her restraints away and ducked from another haymaker.

“You got her back!” Silthos shot up from the bed and raced over. His eyes narrowed as he stared at her. “How is she?”

“Quieter, but probably still a bit hostile. She put up a hell of a fight with Kerion.” He cut through the last of her bindings, throwing an arm out to block Silthos from stepping closer. “Her mind’s still fucked up, so don’t get too close.”

“Damn it,” Silthos growled through his teeth.

“She’s been glaring at me the entire time I was carrying her back here.” Tarrin stepped back and brushed his hands on the bedding, leaving behind streaks of black blood. “That disgusting mist got me good.”

“I owe you for this.” Darrow’s deep growl rumbled through her ears. She watched as he stepped forward and clapped a hand on his old friend’s shoulder. “You know I’m not one to give apologies or appreciation, but we’ll consider this a special circumstance.”

“Indeed. Apology accepted.” Tarrin offered a sarcastic smile to Darrow. “I hate to see the damned cloud get a hold on someone that doesn’t belong there. Especially your girl.” He gave Darrow a sinister wink. “I mean, she’s a beauty after all-”

Darrow nudged him in the shoulders. “No.”

Tarrin’s smile fell, though he took the disappointment in stride. “So…I get a reprieve form this, right?”

“We’ll see. It’s up to the Counsil, but we’re willing to throw in a few good words for you.” Darrow’s attention had turned to her, his dark eyes worried and heartbroken.

Silthos had crouched down beside her, his twilight eyes staring into her won. She stared at him silently, her hands folded into her lap, her body completely still. Carefully, Silthos stretched out a hand and cupped her cheek in his warm palm. He stroked his thumb along her cheekbone, his lips twitching up in a tiny smile.

“She’s not so hostile. I think if we use a gentle touch, she’ll be more compliant.”

“You sure?” Darrow’s brows raised a bit.

“Seems like it. The mist has wiped her mind of any thoughts of memories, so she’s acting on instinct. The slower and gentler we are, the easier she’ll be to work with.” Silthos continued to caress her face, smiling at her as he did so.

She stared back silently, calmer but still hollow on the inside.

“So how do we break this?” Silthos turned to look at Thaltos.

The old demon sat on the sat bed staring at the wall, his eyes cold and focused. The hold he’d previously cut for her — the window she’d been dragged through — had been completely sealed. The wall was smooth now; no trace of the hole had been left, lest the mist make another attempt at snatching her back.

“It will take a drastic measure to break her of this spell.” Thaltos’ voice was cold, emotionless. “The mist gave Tarrin up easily because it didn’t truly want Tarrin. Its target was Claire, so its hold will be much stronger on her.”

“What do you mean by something drastic?” Silthos stood, his eyes narrowing. “We can’t hurt her. She’s done nothing!”

Thaltos waved a pale hand. “No, never. But we’ll have to do something fairly unusual to shock her back to her normal self. The mist had to break her down before it could claim her. We need to break her back.”

Silthos sighed and returned to kneeling beside her. Cautiously, he reached out and stroked her thigh, running his nails teasingly along her tender skin. Claire turned her head to watch him stroke her, her breathing still shallow. Silthos smiled up at her, a mix of disappointment and relief in his eyes. He’d guessed correctly about a gentle touch. Though her expression remained empty and her mind hollow, she made no move against him as he teased her. That was a good sign. If she didn’t resist every card they played, they still had a chance to bring her back.

“What do you have in mind, Thaltos?” Darrow stepped forward and crouched down to peer at her. “You know how tiny she is. She probably won’t be able to take much more than we’ve already tried.”

“Yes. But unfortunately, this circumstance may call for more than she’s used to.” Thaltos stood slowly, his enormous frame casting a shadow across all three beds. “Tarrin, I must ask you to leave us. I do appreciate your help, we all do, but this is something that must be handled here and now.”

Tarrin nodded. “Don’t worry, I get it. Where do you want me to go?”

“Outside is fine. We’ll need privacy until we’ve managed to bring Claire back.”

The young demon’s eyes widened. “Fuck no! The guards are still on a manhunt for me. If I step outside, I’m dead.”

Thaltos raised a hand to silence him. “I’ve informed the Counsil of your actions here. The hunt for you has been called off, as have the orders for your execution. You may step out without fear of being killed off. The guards will notice you, but they’re under strict orders not to touch you until the issue with Claire has been resolved.”

Tarrin relaxed a bit. “You talked to them?”

“Believe me, the Counsil knows everything. The mist, Kerion, your help with Claire. They know enough to grant you a reprieve for your previous action.” Thaltos turned to face Tarrin, his eyes still cold. “Now I ask you again, please leave.”

Sighing, Tarrin nodded and turned to leave. Darrow stood and walked over to his old friend, clapping his on the back and whispering incoherent words in his ear. Tarrin threw his head back and laughed loudly. The two demons, reunited and forgiven, exchanged goodbyes before Tarrin slipped through the pool of shadow that led to the hallway.

“You’re sure they won’t arrest him anyway?” Silthos inquired. His gentle caress on her thigh never ceased.

“I’m positive. The Counsil informed me that he’ll be released if they do attempt anything on him. He’s free until we get Claire back. After that, he’ll go to trial and receive his acquittal.” Thaltos made his way towards the main bed, shoving the smaller side beds out of the way. “Silthos, bring her here. We need to handle this quickly.”

Silthos nodded and stood up, towering over Claire. She stared up at him, her features still blank, her eyes still pale and hollow. Carefully, he slid one hand under her legs, his other hand cupping her back as he lifted her from the chair. He carried her over to the bed, stepping quickly to avoid any chance of her making a move against him.

“Set her down gently.” Thaltos moved to pull back the sheets of the bed, tossing the heaps of fabric to the side.

Slowly, Silthos lowered her onto the bed, rolling her over so she rested on her stomach. He took a seat beside her, running his clawed fingers along the length of her spine. She lay completely still, never requesting or resisting his touch.

“Darrow, we need you over here. If we’re going to break her back to normal, all three of us need to be a part of this.”

The young demon stared at the wall an instant longer before nodding. He turned and made his way to the bed, stopping at the end to stare down at her. She stared back at him with her vacant eyes. The lack of soul behind her expression, the loss of her warm smile, nearly moved him to tears. Darrow’s eyes flicked away, his heart barely able to take in the sight of her.

“Darrow, you’re underneath. I’ll be in the back. Silthos, you move to her front.” Thaltos began to make his way to the other side of the bed.

Silthos continued to stare at her. “You’re sure about this?”

Thaltos sighed. “It’s the only thing I can think of that will shock her system enough to bring her back. If this doesn’t work, we’ll have to go to the Counsil for help.”

“You want me at her mouth?” Silthos questioned.

“She owes you a blowjob, doesn’t she?” Thaltos now stood before him, peering down at his friend with apologetic eyes.

“Yes, but…this isn’t exactly the way I wanted her to repay me.” He stroked her spine over and over, his heart sinking farther with every caress of his fingers.

Thaltos rested a clawed hand on his shoulder. “If she breaks out of this, I’ll think she’ll be more than happy to pay you back exactly how you’d want her to.”

Silthos nodded and twisted his body around, sliding off the opposite side of the bed. He stood and moved in front of her, staring down at her with pained eyes. Claire stared through him, her pale eyes unable to make contact with his own.

Darrow moved as well, lying down on the bed beside her. Tenderly, he and Thaltos lifted her lithe frame and moved her so she straddled him. With one quick, fluid motion, Darrow pressed her hips down, impaling her on his thick cock. She let out a soft gasp, but nothing more.

Darrow scowled. “It’s not as much fun when she’s not here.”

“I know,” Thaltos muttered. “Hopefully this will bring her back.”

Darrow pulled her forward, inching her body closer to his own. She went willingly, never giving an ounce of resistance to their gentle touches. Thaltos stepped forward, his warm hands cupping the soft flesh of her ass. He spread them wide, revealing the tight hole hidden between. One finger moved away for an instant, returning to slick her flesh with a silky fluid. He moved quickly, pressing the head of his cock against her hole just long enough to take away the shock. Shifting his hips forward, Thaltos slipped inside her tiny hole.

Claire whipped her head around to glare at him, baring her teeth and snarling. She didn’t mind their gentleness or soft words. She did mind the suddenness of his exploration, the burning that seared up her spine. Though still mindless, her body was able to react with all the reflexive instinct of a cornered animal.

Silthos’ hand stroked her back again, quieting her angry growls. His palm cupped her cheek as he turned her head towards him. He stared down at her with apologetic eyes, stroking the curve of her lip with his thumb.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered. “This isn’t what I wanted for you. Not like this.” He slipped his thumb between her lips, coaxing her mouth open. “This should have been something we shared with you.”

He stepped forward, the tip of his cock pressing against her soft lips. He inched forward, the thick length of his penis slipping slowly past her lips. Her jaw went slack, her body now more malleable from his touch. He slid deeper, farther and farther into her mouth until he pressed against the back of her throat. He eased back a bit, giving her room to breathe.

“Warm as always,” he smiled. “Damn.”

“Are we ready then?” Thaltos inquired.

Both Darrow and Silthos nodded silently. Without needing direction, all three began a slow, rhythmic dance with her body. Each moved in time with the other, never too fast or too slow. Instead, an unspoken beat had been set between them; a silent cadence that set the stage for what they hoped would be her revival.

Claire never moved as they teased her. She remained completely still, her body only shifting to the time of her lover’s movements. Her eyes remained hollow, her mind thoughtless. The empty husk that once held a young, vibrant soul simply waited patiently as three alien demons ravaged her form.

“Anything?” Darrow gasped.

Silthos tilted her chin a fraction of an inch, searching her eyes for any sign of life. He shook his head, disappointment settling in his heart. “Nothing.”

“Damn it.” Darrow growled again. “Come on, Claire.”

A spark raced up her spine, brought forth by a particularly good stroke by Darrow’s cock. It rocketed up through the numerous nerve endings, bursting forth into the empty hole of her mind. She groaned instinctively, bucking against him and arching her back. This was unusual, something she hadn’t experienced with the mist.

“Well, that’s something!” Silthos called out.

A shift occurred inside her; tiny, like the speck of sand in an oyster shell that is the bare beginnings of a luminous pearl. A flash of memory ripped through her hollow mind, one of her very first day in this place when Thaltos and the others first introduced themselves. She shook her head a bit, trying to clear her head of the thick haze now beginning to settle there. Another scene flashed by: Darrow sitting with her on the bed as they devoured breakfast. She squeezed her eyes shut, a desperate attempt to block out those damned memories from her mind.

Her lovers continued their assault, never once faltering in their efforts to save her. More sparks of heat raced through her veins, each bringing a new memory of them three men she was fused to. Her first blowjob, the tour of her new home, her trying to convince Silthos she was ready for anal when she really wasn’t…each new memory carried fresh emotions that rocked her core and cracked her soul.

Her eyes, once blinded by the mist to a sickly pale white, slowly began to regains their color. Tears now spilled from her cheeks, the soft grey of her eyes starting the show through the veil of confusion and despair. A fresh batch of memories — of the church, Darrow’s ravaging and the loss of her virginity — finally shattered any vestiges of corruption that remained in her soul.

Her breathing quickened, her soft gasps and cries muffled by Silthos’ cock. Tears fell from her cheeks, the tiny cool drops falling onto the scarlet skin of Darrow’s chest.

He looked up at her, shock and hope in his eyes. “Claire?”

She closed her eyes, a useless attempt to stop the flow of emotion rolling out of her in waves.

“Silthos! Stop!” Darrow commanded.

With one smooth motion, Silthos stepped away, freeing her mouth of his body. The pain and anger and despair burst forth, flowing out of her as she wept in her own personal misery. She collapsed onto Darrow’s chest, wrapping her arms tightly around his neck as she screaming into his skin. Thick arms circled her back, holding her tight as she cried.

“Thank god,” Thaltos whispered. He stepped away as well, freeing her body from yet another restricting bond.

“Claire.” Darrow’s tail reached up to wrap around her waist. “You’re alright. You’re safe here. I’ve got you.”

“I’m sorry,” she whispered between breathless gasps. “I’m…sorry.”

“No, no. Don’t be,” he whispered. “None of this is your fault.”
“I let go.” Her voice was soft, barely audible through her breathless gasps.

He sighed, stroking her back with clawed fingers. “To save us. That’s why you let go, isn’t it? You knew it would pull us in, too.”

She nodded and buried her face into the warm flesh of his shoulder. It felt good to be back in his arms, safe and protected from the world outside. All the pain and fear she’d kept locked inside was released now. She could finally relax, guarded by her three lovers and shielded by their adoration for her.

Slowly, her breathing returned to normal. She pressed her cheek to Darrow’s shoulder, finding comfort in his hot skin. Her fingertips dug into his thick muscles, anchoring her slender frame to him. She didn’t want to let go, not after the hell she’d just been through. All Claire wanted was to stay here in his arms, able to cry out her anguish in peace.

“Are you alright now?” Darrow whispered into her hair.

Shaking, she nodded and pulled away slightly, enough to slide down and rest her head against his chest. She closed her eyes and inhaled the scent of smoke, sweat and warm food. So familiar, so comforting. Like she was back home again. Wiping away the last of her tears, Clair settled into the bedding, feeling fare than ever yet still incredibly exposed.

“Hey, there.” Silthos sat down on the bed, running his fingers along her back. “Feel better?”

She nodded and inched closer to him. She winced slightly as a spark of pain seared the tender flesh of her ass.

“What? What’s wrong?” He stared at her worriedly.

Regaining herself, Claire managed a small giggle. “Thaltos, you’re too big.”

The old demon barked out a laugh and found a seat beside her. “I apologize. We needed something to shock you back into normalcy. It was the only thing I could think of.”

She smiled up at him, reaching out a hand toward him. He grasped it lightly, holding her palm to his warm chest. Beneath the leathery skin, she could feel a strong, pounding heartbeat resounding through her fingers. She grinned, happy to have evidence that demons do, in fact, have hearts.

“Good to have you back,” he smiled.

“It’s good to be back.” She nuzzled Darrow’s chest again.

“Now what?” Silthos asked. “We have her back and that’s fantastic. But we still have that damned cloud to deal with.”

“That can wait. We’ll inform the Counsil and Lucifer once Claire’s settled in again.” Thaltos rubbed the back of her hand with his thumb. “I think someone’s still a bit shaky.”

She shook her head and gently pulled away, pushing herself up to sit on the bed. She sat on the bed staring at the three of them, her eyes eventually finding Silthos. He watched her carefully, still searching for any residual trace of hostility or reluctance. She leaned forward and kissed his lips, proving their plan had worked completely. She kissed him again, pressing harder, trying to coax a bit of playfulness out of his stunned mind.

Finally, he returned her efforts and pressed his mouth firmly against her own. Happy to have enticed him back into his old self, she pulled away and smiled warmly at him.

“I think…I still owe someone a blowjob?” She bit her lip innocently toad effect.

Silthos stared at her, dumbstruck. “Claire, you’ve just come out of that disgusting mist. We can wait a while before that has to happen.”

She shook her head. “I want to. I think I kind of need to.” She scooted closer. “The closer I am to you, the better I feel. The more I do, the more relaxed I get.”

His expression softened. “Are you sure?”
She nodded, hoping silently that he would allow her the chance to repay him. What she’d said was true: after surviving her hellish ordeal, her soul needed some way to start the mending process. Immediately, it had focused on her lovers, symbols of security love and comfort. The closer she was to the three of them, the safer she felt.

She also felt the need to repay him for more than just her teasing him. All three of them had put up with the madness that had centered on her, nearly sacrificed their lives for her, and eventually losing her. They recovered quickly, regrouping and enlisting some unusual help to chase her down and bring her back. She had to repay them for all of the love they’d given her and the sacrifices they’d made. She’d start with Silthos first; she would think up ways to reimburse Thaltos and Darrow later.

She watched a flood of emotions flicker through Silthos’ eyes: pain, agony, confusion, guilt. He didn’t have any reason to feel any of them. None of this was the fault of any of them. It was the fault of an evil, demented cloud of mist that had a mind of its own and wanted control over everything. Guilt for what had happened should be the last emotion he should feel.

Silthos sighed quietly and smiled at her. “If it will make you feel better, then go ahead.”

Claire smiled, her mind and her soul relaxing a bit. She crawled forward on the bed and rested her head on his shoulder. The feel of his skin of her cheek made another rush of security and happiness flow through her veins. His clawed fingers raked gently down her back, drawing out a slight shiver.

She pressed her hands against his chest and pushed against him, forcing him back onto the bed. He went willingly, relieved to have his old girl back. She reached back, her fingers gliding down the taught muscles of his abdomen. They teased the skin of his cock, making him twitch and moan softly.

“You’re really stressed,” she whispered. “I’m the one who should be freaked out, not you.”

He grunted as her fingers encircled him. “I’m only stressed because I thought we’d lost you.”

She leaned forward and kissed him again. “But you have me back now, so you can relax.”

He groaned as she slowly began to stroke him. Her hand moved up and down in an agonizing rhythm, one designed to calm him down and let his mind wander elsewhere. His body settled into the warm bed, a signal to her that she could start soon. Though he was thoroughly relaxed, she continued to stroke him, trying to get him aroused enough that she could work. Having his body limp wasn’t going to help her reimburse him.

Soon enough, his body was more than ready for her attention. She looked down towards his feet and smiled. Thick as a tree branch and jet black in color, is cock stood up proudly through her fingers, begging for more attention.

Kissing his lips one last time, Claire slowly inched down his body, dolling out tender kisses on his flesh as she descended. His body twitched in anticipation with every kiss, making her feel steadier and more in control. She was comfortable here, something she needed to feel. Doing this would solidify her strength once again, rendering her fears and worries useless.

Finally, after what must have been several agonizing minutes of teasing, she reached Silthos’ most prized possession. She stared at it for a moment, gazing in wonder at his glorious asset. She flicked the taught skin of is cock with her tongue, giggling when it twitched in response. Pausing, she decided to skip formalities. He’d waited too long and fought too hard for her to draw this out any longer. Taking a deep breath, she lowered her head and slipped her lips over the head of his shaft.

His hips bucked instinctively, but Claire managed to stay put. Once he’d settled down she began to move. Taking it slow at first, she swirled her tongued around the head of his cock, trying to ease him into a more pliable state. If she went too fast too soon, she might break his state of relaxation and ruin the experience. She dipped her head an inch, forcing a harsh gasp from his throat.

Moving inch by inch, Claire slowly managed to force his entire length down her throat. She eased back a bit until she was comfortable, making sure he was still in place. Her eyes flicked up to him, silently asking if he was ready. He stared back, his eyes holding a mixture of relief and excitement. She smiled and began to move, slowly at first to ease him into the motion.

Comfortable now, she quickened her pace, trying to coax another sound of surrender out of him. It worked. His nails dug into the soft bedding, desperate to hold onto some tiny aspect of control as she teased him. But Claire would have none of his resistance and moved fasted to break him down.

He gave in easily, groaning loudly as his hands gently twisted into her hair. His grip was soft yet steady, enough to hold her close while still giving her room to move. She took advantage of his willingness, moving slower but with more force on every downward stroke. His grip tightened for an instant, a result of her teasing him so expertly. He regained control and relaxed his hands again, letting her continue her work.

Claire moved quickly now, abandoning her plan to take him slow. She could feel it in his twitching muscles that he needed release. Taking another deep breath, she pulled back until just the head of his cock remained in her mouth. She alternated between twirling her tongue around and sucking hard on the tip, driving him insane with her skill.

Only my second blowjob and he’s acting like I’m a professional. I should be in porn.

He groaned again, begging her to continue even though he was slowly losing his mind. She acquiesced, continuing to spin her tongue in circles as he writhed beneath her.

He came faster than she’d expected. His hands forced her down onto his cock as his body jerked. Warm streams of his seed spilled into her mouth, flooding her senses with the taste of honey mixed with cinnamon and smoke. She swallowed quickly, worried that she might be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of his release. Thankfully, his climax didn’t last an absurdly long time. A few more swallows and she pulled away, smiling up at him with victorious glee.

“You okay?” She traced a line of muscle on his thigh with one finger.

Silthos inhaled deeply, trying to catch his breath. Gathering himself, he managed a harsh laugh. “I’ve said it before. You’re fucking fantastic at that.”

She beamed with pride. “You’re welcome.”

Silthos managed to push himself up and sat on the bed, still breathing heavily. Locking eyes with her, he reached out and cupped her face in his hands, stroking her cheek with his thumb. “Are you okay?”

She nodded. “Much better.”

He smiled. “Good.”

She grinned back, relieved to seem him finally at ease. A good thing, since it meant she could now turn her attention to Thaltos and Darrow. Those two had fought just as hard and hurt just as much as Silthos had. Claire needed to repay them as well; she just had to find a way to do it.

“Well, now that one of them is relaxed, I think we can start working on the other.” Thaltos’ deep voice shattered her attention.

Strong hands gripped her hips, pulling her backwards. She cried out in surprise, not frightened but startled enough to try to scramble free. Her resistance was useless, however, and she was dragged back to the edge of the bed. Her legs dangled over the edge, her feet barely an inch from the floor. Those thick hands lifted her hips, raising her off the bed until her ass was high and her chest remained pressed against the sheets.

“I must say, Claire. This is a wonderful position for you.” One of Thaltos’ fingers scraped lightly down her spine. “It’s quite a view.”

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