demi lovato

Miley Cyrus was used to having security guards around her pretty much 24/7. What she wasn’t so used to was having a large number of them in such a small room, the sight so startling that it took a second or two for her to even notice her good friends Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez were making out on the bed a few feet away from her.

When she finally did Miley smiled and said, “Starting without me again?”

Finally pulling away from her girlfriend Demi looked behind her grin, “It’s not our fault you’re always late.”

“Besides, we haven’t really started yet. This is just how we say hello in private.” Selena explained as she and Demi quickly untangled themselves from each other, got off the bed and slowly approached the other Disney star.

“Oh, well in that case… hello.” Miley grinned, already leaning in before Selena dived forwards, their lips crashing together in a passionate kiss.

It didn’t last nearly long enough for Miley’s liking, but it quickly became obvious Selena only pulled away so that Demi could have her turn. That kiss lasted a few seconds longer than the one that came before, that pattern repeating as Demi and Selena shared Miley’s lips and then eventually her tongue between them. Only in the sense of lip on lip and tongue on tongue action though, Miley very much hoping Demi and Selena were going to share her in other ways very soon like they had done for the better part of a week, the very idea of it causing Miley to shiver as she was busy massaging Selena’s tongue with her own.

Honestly Miley wasn’t sure how long this lasted, but it was too long and not long enough all at the same time, Miley very reluctant to let the other two girls pull back and kiss each other however the sight was kind of breath taking so once their lips were locked she didn’t offer up any form of complaint. Instead she just watched, deeply jealous that there was no one in her life to kiss her like that. Not that Demi and Selena hadn’t been passionate with her, far from it, but the way they kissed each other was way different from the way they kissed her, or anyone else she’d seen them lock lips with. It was kind of hard to describe, the best Miley being able to do being that it was just so intense, these two girls just fitting together like a jigsaw puzzle with both pieces so incredibly happy to finally be complete. It was really hot, and worth being left out of the fun. At least for a little while.

Of course Miley was very grateful when they pulled away, turned to her and smiled, almost simultaneously murmuring, “Hi.”

“Don’t you mean hello?” Miley murmured, all three of them giggling softly, then after briefly looking around the former Hannah Montana added, “So… more fun with guys?”

“Uh-huh.” Selena nodded, “Do you need me to hold your hand again, or-”

“I’m good.” Miley said firmly, quickly turning to the nearest bodyguard, marching over to him and dropping to her knees.

The confidence Miley was showing was pretty much all an act as in reality she was kind of nervous. And really, it would have been stupid for her not be under the circumstances. But she recognised this guy, and if he hadn’t talked after last time it was likely he was trustworthy. As for the others, well, Selena had assured her that their little secret was safe with them and she had no reason not to believe her. Of course Miley was also nervous because she’d only ever sucked cock for an audience once, but that particular fact was as much of a turn on as it was a turn off. More the former than the latter actually.

Clearing her mind Miley concentrated on the task at hand, namely taking off the pants of the guy in front of her, then pulling them down along with his underwear, his already hard cock almost hitting her in the face in the process. Miley jumped back slightly, then stared at that cock, a quake of excitement flooding her body as she was filled with memories of about a week ago when under Selena’s tutelage she’d sucked a security guard’s dick for the first time.

“Hey Miley.” Selena suddenly called out, pulling Miley from her thoughts and directing her attention over to her, “Don’t make them cum, ok? Just make them hard and wet.”

With that Selena turned her attention to the cock she had been stroking while talking to Miley, opened her mouth wide and swallowed the head of the shaft. That, unsurprisingly, caused the guy in front of her to let out a loud groan, several softer ones following as she began gently sucking, just concentrating on the first few inches for a few long moments before beginning to bob her head up and down.

Once she had lowered her head down so the dick was pressing against the back of her mouth Selena glanced over at Miley and grinned. Her friend was already gagging on security guard cock, Miley even fighting that reflex so she could stuff more of the thick man meat down her throat. Captivated by that sight Selena switched from bobbing her head up and down to simply just taking as much in her own mouth as she could without trying to force it down her throat so she could concentrate on watching Miley enthusiastically sucking cock for a little while. Then Selena looked over to her other side, finding that Demi was mostly just watching her and Miley which just wouldn’t do.

Taking the cock out of her mouth Selena gave it a few short strokes and then pointed it at Demi, “Wanna join me?”

Demi bit her lip, stared at the security guard’s cock for a few seconds, then kneel down beside Selena and took that dick into her mouth. This had Selena grinning wickedly. Demi liked guys, but she loved girls and would be quite happy to classify herself as a lesbian and never look at a guy again. However Selena loved watching Demi getting fucked by a guy, so Demi continued sucking and fucking guys. Not that Demi didn’t totally get off on it because if she didn’t Selena would never ask her to do it, but knowing that the main reason Demi did it was for her benefit made the whole process hotter for Selena.

It was probably wrong but Selena also loved how Demi liked encouragement to embrace her inner cock sucker, like presenting Demi with a dick already coated with her saliva, and of course offering her verbal encouragements like, “Mmmmmm, that’s it Demi, suck that cock. Suck it like a little cock sucker. Mmmmmm, be a cock sucker for me Demi. Be my good little cock sucker. Oh yeah, you look so good with a cock in your mouth!”

As always these naughty words caused Demi to blush slightly, yet at the same time they very much succeeded in encouraging her as they appeal to her inner slut. As a result Demi was quickly bobbing her head up and down the shaft with ever growing enthusiasm, allowing the tip to reach the entrance to her throat with every downward bob. Then Demi went lower, gagging as she allowed the cock to enter her throat.

This caused the guy she was sucking off to let out an extra loud groan of pleasure, the man in question, John, grinding his teeth as he knew full well his pop star bosses preferred he stayed as quiet as possible which was a small price to pay for this type of behind the scenes fun. It briefly became easier to keep quiet as the inexperienced Demi Lovato pulled her mouth away from his cock after only a few seconds to choke and gasp for breath. However whether it was to please her girlfriend or simply to prove to herself she could do it Demi was persistent, taking more of John’s dick down her throat with every attempt until his balls were resting against her chin and the top half of his meat was enjoying the spasmings of the teen’s throat muscles. Not that he got to enjoy those feelings for very long, at least not the first time round, as Demi quickly pulled away again for breath. However just as quickly she returned for deep throating action until it was impossible for John to keep his groans in check.

It was the same story for the rest of the security guards, luckily for them Demi never really complained while Miley and particularly Selena seemed far too fixated on sucking cock to care. This was a very good thing as it allowed the guards to concentrate on the far more pressing issue of not cumming too soon which was incredibly difficult for them as the three Disney girls took turns sucking each available cock.

Fortunately none of them were newbies, they had all spent some quality time with Selena, each individually being trained to withstand even the most thorough of blow jobs. Still, it wasn’t easy, especially as each guy got the brand-new privilege off having their cock inside the eager mouth of Miley Cyrus, the megastar taking each of them is deep into her throat as she could and sucking on their cocks with incredibly intoxicating enthusiasm. Miley even reached out to grab two of the dicks that weren’t being currently sucked on and started jerking them off so she was literally surrounded by hard and horny guys, the former Hannah Montana becoming so lost in this act that she didn’t even notice Selena switched to doing something totally different until much later.

Not that switching was initially easy for Selena who had also become completely lost in being a naughty little cock sucker, however then while switching from cock to cock she noticed Demi deep throating a dick only a few feet away from her. Or more accurately she noticed Demi, probably unintentionally, wiggling her cute little bubble butt, and all of a sudden Selena’s mouth was watering for a totally different taste.

So, seeing as how she’d sucked every cock by that point anyway, Selena crawled over to where Demi was kneeling and called out, “Hey you, Mark is it? Sit down… Demi, stick your ass out.”

Once the guy had sat down Selena delivered a firm swat to Demi’s behind to emphasise her point, her girlfriend letting out a soft yelp around the man meat in her mouth before she did as she was told, this time wiggling her ass intentionally for Selena’s enjoyment. This fact, combined with the closer look she was getting at Demi’s butt, cause Selena to grin widely. However she didn’t let it distract her from the task at hand, namely grabbing her girlfriend’s jeans and pulling them down and off Demi’s gorgeous body, making sure to hook her panties in the process and of course removing Demi’s shoes and socks were necessary so she would be completely naked from the waist down. Shortly after that she lifted Demi’s shirt, the other brunette briefly stopping the cock sucking so she could help Selena get her completely naked and ready for the real fun to begin.

That involved Selena burying her face in between Demi’s ass cheeks the first chance she got, the star of Wizards of Waverly Place going straight for her girlfriend’s ass hole which she gave a very long, slow lick. That made Demi moan around the cock in her mouth, and then continuing to do so as Selena delivered half a dozen more gentle licks to that puckered hole before pulling away so she could cover Demi’s meaty ass cheeks in kisses.

Of course Demi did her best to ignore all this and continue sucking. Well, ignore was probably the wrong word as Selena was hard to ignore, and impossible to when she had her mouth and tongue working on Demi’s butt. It was more… concentrating on what she was supposed to be doing, and as Demi had plenty of experience with Selena distracting her she felt she did a pretty good job of continuing to bob her head up and down on the dick in her mouth, even taking every inch down her throat without much choking which she was very proud of. This particular guy, Dean… or at least she was pretty sure that was his name, was only 7 inches long, the smallest size available, but still.

Sadly for Dean his dick didn’t receive Demi’s undivided attention for the next few minutes as Selena upped her game, spreading Demi’s well rounded butt cheeks first to thoroughly lick Demi’s butt hole then to try and penetrate it. Not that Selena could get her tongue very far into Demi’s ass, but after spitting on the little hole a few times and using consistent force she was able to push it in as far as it would go, thus allowing Selena to give Demi a really thorough rim job.

Naturally it was all just preparation for the inevitable finger fucking, Selena sucking on a couple of digits quickly before pushing first one then two fingers deep into Demi’s butt, the star of Camp Rock crying out as her back hole was stretched by something far harder than a tongue. Those cries then very quickly turned back to moans of pleasure as Selena began butt fucking her with her fingers, twirling and curling them around inside her ass as well as pumping them in and out, stretching Demi’s back door for what was to come, Demi practically trembling with anticipation as she knew exactly what it was.

Miley on the other hand didn’t, but she had a pretty good guess, the idea of it both intimidating and exciting her as she watched Selena first rim, then finger Demi’s butt. She continued sucking all the available cocks, however by now each one was rock hard and slippery wet, so if they were going to serve some other purpose than to blow their loads over the Disney girls’ faces and/or down their throats then Selena should really say something now. Otherwise Miley, and Demi, were just torturing the poor guards with lazy blow jobs while all the attention in the room seemed to switch to Selena fingering her girlfriend’s butt.

Suddenly looking over at her Selena smiled and said, “Miley, come over here and spread Demi’s butt cheeks.”

If this had been an ordinary, mundane request Miley might have complained about being ordered around. Perhaps refused to do anything until Selena at least said please. But it wasn’t and Miley eagerly rushed over so she was kneeling facing Selena on the opposite side of Demi. Then Miley grabbed both of Demi’s meaty cheeks and spread them as wide apart as she could, giving her the chance to have a perfect view of Selena’s finger pumping in and out of Demi’s back hole.

Miley became lost in staring at that pretty sight for a couple of seconds, or possibly minutes, then she looked up into Selena’s grinning face, “So… Miley… you know how Demi and I like to butt fuck each other, but still call ourselves technical virgins?”

“Uh-huh.” Miley nodded.

“Well…” Selena murmured, pausing for dramatic effect and because she was a tiny bit nervous Miley would freak out or not like what she had to say, “Do you think we’d allow the same exception to our no sex rule for guys? You know, so they can ass fuck us?”

Half grinning, half blushing Miley replied, “I’m, I’m guessing yes. Yes? I mean, do you?”

“Oh heck yeah, I love getting ass fucked by guys.” Selena grinned, pushing herself to remain confident for her next words, which was at least sort of easy given it was the truth, “I mean, nothing beats what I do with Demi because that’s special and all, but there’s something so wonderfully nasty about taking a real cock up my ass. Feeling it throb inside me. Fucking me in the ‘wrong’ hole. Having a hot piece of man meat pound my butt hole until it shoots a big, gooy load so deep inside my ass that I’ll be shitting cum for days! Mmmmm, it makes me feel like such a dirty anal slut, and I love it. Demi doesn’t like it as much, being mostly a big lesbo, but she still cums pretty hard with a real dick in her ass and I get off sooooo hard watching my sexy girlfriend getting ass fucked. Question is, do you wanna see it? Do you wanna see my sexy girlfriend get her ass fucked? See my Demi take a cock up her juicy little ass? One of these guys pounding her perfect bubble butt until she moans, groans and begs for more? Then screams as she gets it, her butt being fuck hard until she cums, her ass squeezing down on the cock inside it and makes it fill her butt with cum? You wanna see that Miley? You wanna see Demi Lovato get ass fucked by a guy?”

“Fuck yes!” Miley practically bellowed enthusiastically, quickly turning to the guy Demi had been sucking off through all of this and pretty much yelling at him, “Fuck her! Fuck her ass! I wanna see you fuck her ass!”

Just hearing that almost made Dean blow his load in Demi’s talented little mouth. He probably would have done for taking this job but now his stamina had dramatically increased, allowing him to quell the urge and do as he was told, after first checking it was all right with his actual boss of course. But since Selena only smiled and nodded at him Dean was quick to pull himself away from Demi’s hot little mouth, move around and push his cock into something even tighter than Demi’s throat.

Thanks to the saliva covering his dick and Selena’s skilful preparation of Demi’s ass the first few inches of Dean’s cock slid fairly easily through the pop star’s tight anal ring with that first firm thrust. Dean then stopped as Demi cried and then moaned joyfully, the well-built bodyguard allowing the barely legal girl time to relax before he slowly pushed the rest of his cock into her perfect ass. He then stopped mostly because it was a struggle not to immediately paint the inside of Demi’s butt with his cum, that slutty ass he had fucked many times now remaining one of the tightest holes he’d ever had the pleasure of fucking.

Eventually the urge to cum subsided as much as it was going to when he was balls deep in a hot girl’s ass hole and Dean couldn’t help but take a few moments to appreciate that he just might have one of the best jobs in the world. Or at least one of the best jobs in which he couldn’t make a fortune, a fact which remained true when he suddenly realised his boss was ordering him to fuck her girlfriend’s ass and he quickly complied, pumping his long poll in and out of Demi’s butt hole, setting a nice and slow pace as much for his own benefit as hers.

The urge to shoot his load deep into Demi’s bowels was rising again, seemingly becoming stronger with every thrust, but this was far from the first time Dean had been blessed with the privilege of ass fucking Demi Lovato and he knew all about self-restraint. Hell, he’d got ten times better at it since becoming one of Selena Gomez’s fuck toys, something he was only too happy to prove as he settles into giving Demi a nice long butt fucking, quickly making the young pop star moan in pleasure with every thrust.

Throughout this early stage of the ass fucking Miley continued spreading Demi’s ass cheeks, her face inches away from where her friend’s ass hole was stretching to take the dick pumping in and out of it.

Miley couldn’t stop staring at that beautiful sight. It was just as captivating as watching Selena fucking Demi’s ass, and vice versa, only this was different. This was a real cock sliding in and out of Demi’s little ass hole, real balls slapping against her friend’s pussy and the flesh between her front and back holes, a towering monster of a man groaning, grunting and practically growling with pleasure as his prick which Miley swore she could see pulsating used her fellow Disney girl’s forbidden hole as a fuck hole.

In all her life Miley had never truly wanted to be a man but there were a few moments where she had thought about it, yet it had never been more vivid than right now as she imagined what this bodyguard must be feeling. Demi’s butt hole had felt incredibly tight around her fingers and she could only imagine how amazing that tightness would feel around a guy’s dick.

Of course while Miley became momentarily jealous of the guy she quickly became far more jealous of someone else, namely Demi. After all Miley had been obsessing all day about just how amazing being butt fucked by a girl had been and had been aching for more of the same. Now Miley wanted to know what it would be like to be butt fucked by a guy, something which if the way Demi was moaning was any indication could be just as hot as being fucked up the ass by a girl.

First though Miley wanted to see this latest sex show reach its completion, “Harder! Fuck her ass harder! Pound that hot ass hard and deep and make her cum! Do it! Make her cum and then blow your load up her butt! Fill that fucking ass with your cum! Shoot your cum so deep inside Demi Lovato’s butt that it’ll be dripping out of her ass hole for days!”

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