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Also, these characters haven’t magically reverted to a younger age: they’re still both over eighteen, and so, you may once more enjoy legal fucking. Thanks, Jamie.


Ch. 02: An Evening Benefit

A few days after their last encounter, after work on Sunday, he was back at her door step and she didn’t waste any time to buzz him up. She waited in the door way, hip cocked to one side, her shoulder against the door jam, head tilted to the side adorably.

Kevin greeted his favorite girl with a boyish grin, hands hidden behind his back,”Hi there, darling.”

Genevieve grinned back and leaned up to kiss him open-mouthed, her arms reaching up around his neck to pull him closer.

“Well hello, beautiful,” she murmured as she pulled away and then with a giggle, she asked,”So, what do you have for me?”

With an amusing flourish, he presented a bottle of wine and to even her novice eyes, it looked rather vintage. She quirked an eyebrow in surprise, about to –

“Come on, let’s unwind. It’s been a hard week for the both of us,” he added, kissing her lips again before she could say a word and let out any sort of reasoning,”And now, baby, we’re gonna have some fun.”

She laughed and pulled back from his lips, brushing her lips along his neck in a sweet kiss, murmuring,”All right, you sexy, persuasive man. Let me grab a couple glasses and then we’ll head to the bedroom.”

He grabbed her wrist and kissed her again, more insistent,”We don’t need glasses, love.”

“Yeah?” she asked with a coy smile, grabbing his belt buckle,”You sure about that, cowboy?”

“Yeah,” he grinned and pushed her back against the wall,”I am.”

“The bedroom, darling,” she reminded him and took his hand, slipping away to lead him down the hallway to her bedroom.

Pushing past the curtain of beads, he set the bottle down and playfully pushed her back on the bed,”We’re here – now what?”

She laughed as she grabbed his hand and pulled him down on top of her,”And now, we fuck. All. Night. Long. And when you finally tire out, I’ll drink all your wine.”

“Is that right?” he asked as he leaned down to kiss her nose affectionately.

“Mhm,” she murmured, turning her face when his lips moved to her neck,”And then you’ll have to spank me for being such a naughty little girl.”

“Oh?” he mumbled, soft kisses leading down to her shoulder, and then after a tug at the collar of her shirt, her cleavage,”Will I have to bend you over, take off my belt, and turn your little bottom red? But that won’t teach you anything, will it? No, you’ll just get wet like a whore and fuck me again.”

“And steal your clothes,” she giggled, running her fingers through his hair.

He chuckled, a rueful grin on his face as he pushed her shirt up to kiss her belly, and along the line of her boy shorts, only barely hiding that pretty little package. She bit her lip as he kissed between her thighs, tasting the damp silk.

“The wine, babe,” Genevieve reminded him, a choked-out objection.

But as he leaned over, before his fingers could reach the bottle, she flipped him over, straddling his lap in one fluid, smooth move.

He laughed,”God dammit, Genevieve.”

Her soft fingertips trailed along his muscular arms to his wrists and held him there while she leaned down to kiss him softly, just a tease of the lips. His kiss was the response of an addict getting just a taste of a fix.

“Aw, what, love? Upset that you lost control?” she asked as she nuzzled against his neck and kissed his shoulder the same way Kevin had kissed hers.

His grin was lazy this time,”Try me, sweetheart.”

She scoffed as she kissed along the trail of hair leading under the rough material of his jeans, her hold on his arms slipping,”You started it, doll.”

“Well, it’s anybody’s game now,” he murmured, sitting up to slide his hand between her legs, but she caught his wrist.

“The wine,” she decided and her rings clinked against the bottle before she handed it to him.

He consented with another chuckle and they passed the wine between each other after every few sips. The conversation dwindled with the drink until they were silent, his arms wrapped around her, holding her close on his lap. Her cheek rested on his shoulder.

“This is nice,” she mumbled against his warm skin.

He chuckled and kissed her hair, mumbling back,”Good. I’m glad I’m doing something right for once.”

She groaned, and shook her head, pulling away a bit,”Stop being stupid. You’re a fucking great guy. If you weren’t, I’d have only kept you as a one night stand. Maybe strung you along for a while, for your hot body… but seriously, Kevin –”

Lying back, he grabbed her soft hips and helped steady her over him,”Hush with the serious talk and just fuck this hot body already.”

With her hair tickling his face, she giggled,”I would love to, but no can do, darling. You’ve been drinking. I could be charged with rape. You can’t consent to anything.”

His cock was hard beneath her, and he lightly ground up against her, rubbing his thick bulge between her legs. Kevin grabbed her long, wavy burgundy strands in his strong grasp and tugged her down for his lips to brush against her ear.

“Then rape me,” he growled,”Make me your dirty slut.”

She hesitated, and he added,”I want to surrender to you, Genevieve. I know it isn’t normally your thing, and if it makes you uncomfortable –”

But she didn’t let him finish, her lips too hungry for his sweet mouth,”Shut up, and enjoy the ride, darlin’.”

He didn’t say a word, but a moan escaped, muffled by her persistent lips, and his hands slid under the lace to squeeze her ass. Gently disentangling herself from his embrace, she pulled off his shirt, throwing it to the side, and slipped down to kneel in front of him. Genevieve ran her hands down his stomach to his pants, working at the button and zipper, as she kissed down his chest and abdomen, following that same trail of hair.

She looked up at him coyly and asked,”Tell me darling, what do you want tonight?”

Kevin nearly groaned at the sight of her face just inches from his hard-on, her nimble fingers brushing against it as she worked his pants off.

“I want you to use me, completely. Whatever you want, Genevieve. I’m your whore, tonight.”

She giggles,”No requests? None at all?”

He shook his head, his lips parted as she gently ran her fingertips along his aching length with only his boxers in the way, and then fished it out for a teasing stroke, her thumb brushing against the throbbing underside. Lightly, she cradled his balls in her hand, and leaned down to the head of his cock for a quick taste, only a swirl of her tongue.

“Come on, love, beg for it,” she murmured, warm breath teasing the damp taste-test tip.

He moaned softly, watching the beauty between his legs, and managed to choke out his request,”Please, Genevieve… suck my cock, put it in your pretty mouth, and suck it hard.”

“Mm,” she began thoughtfully, pulling back to look up at him clearly,”I don’t know, beautiful. I don’t know if you deserve it.”

As she tugged off his pants and boxers fully, his naked form exposed for her to feast on, she continued to tease his length with slow strokes. Daring him to beg for a real blow with honey-colored eyes, she only tasted with quick, simple licks at the oozing pre-cum, and maybe a couple deviations of her tongue followed the throbbing veins down his shaft.

His moans took a pleading note as he sat, helpless to her touch, only growing harder,”Oh, God, Genevieve… please… I’m yours, your fucktoy… I’ll do anything, babe… I need it.”

“I know you are, Kev,” and knowing his weakness, she continued,”So be patient. Be a good little boy for mommy and let her do her work.”

He was unable to respond, lips parted in ecstasy as her skilled, warm, wet mouth finally took his cock, and slowly worked it, until her nose nuzzled his trimmed curls and his cock was buried in her throat. Kevin couldn’t think, could only moan, his eyes meeting hers, dark with want. She pulled away when he was close to orgasm, her lips glistening with his pre-cum, a whore’s lip gloss, and a line of saliva connected her to his thick cock. She wasn’t ready to let him cum, and went back to stroking his length lightly, her hand steady and firm.

“Enjoying yourself, babe?” she asked with a cheeky grin, knowing God damn well that he was driven wild by her teasing.

His groan was restrained as he nodded,”Fuck, yeah, Gen, always.”

She kissed his thigh, asking,”Do you want to be fucked, or would you rather I swallow your load? If you ask nicely, I might let you have it your way.”

“Whatever you want,” he managed to gasp out as she squeezed the base of his dick with a small giggle,”I’m your fantasy… and I’ll end up cumming one way or another, because of how fucking sexy you are, driving me crazy like a professional slut.”

“You fucking suck up,” she laughed as she stood up.

His cock still throbbed while her perky breasts were eye-level for him, and then, too, as she leaned down to kiss him, her fingers running through his short, dark hair.

She pulled away an inch from his lips, and murmured,”Undress me, fuckdoll.”

Unable to help herself, she giggled at his eager obedience as he slid her lacy bottoms down her shapely, pale thighs, and revealed the shaven, pink folds between. Stepping out of them, she kicked the underwear to the side, and lifted her arms to help tug off her shirt. His hands skimmed the soft skin revealed to unclasp her bra, and then pulled it off, taking in her gorgeous body. Biting her lip, she played with his hair as he nuzzled her cleavage, and let him hold her wide hips as his lips pressed against her sensitive breasts. His tongue teased the edges of dusky aureoles, and then the aching, rosy peaks were in his mouth, suckled and nibbled.

After a couple minutes of his gentle pleasuring, she detached him from her chest and pushed him back on the bed and straddled his hips once more. She sank on his cock without preamble, and gasped at the sudden fullness, nails digging into his shoulders. His own reaction to the suddenness was rough, his grip on her round ass tight, and his fingertips dug into the tender flesh, while his cock stretched her wide.

Her tight cunt caused him to moan,”Ah, fuck!”

Unable to ignore his lips for long, she leaned down for a hungry, hard kiss, demanding and rough, just the way she rode him, and took her pleasure. She was slick and hot around his throbbing dick. Reaching up, his hand tangled in her hair, and held her to the kiss as he thrust up into her, grinding deep inside of her. He met her hips and matched her passion, holding her close, as he tried to give into her desire, lust, and need.

Her moans were muffled, but her nails scratched light lines on his chest, pinning his hot body beneath hers. He was helpless as she moved on him for her orgasm, but his hands sneaked up to grope her perfect handfuls, giving the soft, warm flesh a squeeze, and pinching her nipples between his fingers. The slight pain of her sharp nails, and intense pleasure from her pussy only drove him crazier, needier for a release.

“Ah, fuck,” she moaned, her face in his neck, and her coy tone was ruined by the left-overs of a desperate whimper,”Don’t you want to cum for mommy? Don’t you want to fill her?”

Sitting up, he took over from her exhausted, petite form, and gripped her hips again in a bruising hold, ramming up into her little cunt hard, faster.

He groaned in her ear as she held to him,”Ah, fuck, yes… I want to fucking explode inside of you… all over you… oh, God.”

“Then do it, baby,” she moaned,”Make me yours.”

And with her permission, he came hard, filling her deeply. Her soft moan was met with his own strangled groan and he fell back, completely exhausted.

“I…” he began, but upon seeing her peaceful expression, he realized the petite girl had fallen asleep.

As she nuzzled closer to him while dozing, he chuckled and leaned in to kiss her hair, whispering the rest of his words in her ear.

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