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Nicole’s knees felt extremely uncomfortable on the carpet. It was rough and painful as soon as her delicate knees pressed against the floor. The scratchy surface would no doubt rub her skin raw in a matter of minutes, which only made her hope this wouldn’t last long. In front of her was her husband, only he was standing, mere inches away. Directly in front of her face was his pelvis, or more accurately, his cock. It was currently hidden away by his boxer briefs, but the bulge was undeniably present. Wet spots had already soiled his tightly fitted briefs with pre-cum and his cock struggled to grow larger in its bounded confinement.

Her husband’s hands was caressing her face with loving strokes, his eyes wide with admiration and delight. His smile was delicate and soothing. He finished appreciating her face and suddenly lifted her arms up to take off her shirt. He pulled it off, throwing it to the side and Nicole felt a tad cold with only her bra providing warmth. She was already naked below the waist that was the first thing he did when came back from work this afternoon. He walked into the house, found Nicole, and escorted her into the living room. He knelt down, kissing her stomach as he unzipped her pants. He had pulled them off, barely getting them over her stunningly large butt for such a petite dancers body and then tore off her cute little panties that emphasized her booty to look rounder and fuller. Finally he stood up, took off most of his clothes, then pushed her down onto her knees. This was where she was now. On her knees with no idea what to expect, only a few weeks into their marriage and Nicole never having see her husband this aggressive before.

She was sort of scared to even ask a question, let alone protest. Her husband having stripped off her clothes and moving her to his will was a mixture of confusion, excitement and also fear. Forthwith, she was curious as to where this was leading, figuring she would suck his dick for a little before they moved to the couch to have sex. Her pussy tingled and her vaginal lips were moistened. She looked up to him waiting for him to make the next move, but he was just staring at her, taking in her vulnerable nude body. He still had a smile, but it was slightly different, yet she could still see the love he had for her in his eyes. She smiled back, wanting to please her husband any way she could. Her gaze fell onto his cock as it had finally popped out of the band of his briefs. It was lifted straight up in the air and she could clearly make out his slit, which was oozing a slick pre-cum liquid. Her hands touched his legs and slowly caressed up to his thighs and finally around his engorged cock. At first he seemed to like her touch, but then he spoke.


With a look of disappointment she allowed her hands to fall from his waist. She looked back at him and gave him a shrug as to ask: “Why not?”

She was about to speak when he shook his head. She gave up and acknowledged that he was in control. His right hand moved to the back of her head and he slowly began to pull her head to his cock.

“I want you to lick the tip,” was his demand.

So that’s what she did. Her tongue darted out to his cock and she was rewarded with his salty taste. Her hands moved to his strong thighs to brace herself, making sure that if he thrusted into her face, she would be able to handle it. She could feel the thickness of his powerful quads and glutes, always impressed by his mighty legs which were probably one of his most developed muscles on his solid body. While her tongue had accidentally touched his briefs, she was reminded of his work out routine which gave her husband what she called “thunder thighs.”

He would put anywhere from 230-270 pounds on a squat rack and do 20 reps. It normally took him 5-7 minutes to completely the exercise. He would breathe heavily, sweat accumulating on his head, his grunts getting louder the closer the reps reached 20. It was a very difficult task to successfully achieve. The images of his workout only gave more fuel to her wet pussy.

He pulled her away from his cock and pulled down his briefs. His cock bounced in front of her face, and she gazed at his erect member. It was very satisfying in bed, but not too big that it would hinder their weekly anal sex. His head was swollen and she could see a few veins. Her hands moved to his butt, which she thought was one of the biggest butts she’d seen on a man, and pulled herself closer. Unfortunately, she was stopped when his hands collapsed on her head and ceased her movement. He titled her head to look up at him and she tried to resist, not liking what he was doing, but he was too strong.

“Listen, I will show you what I want tonight.” He smiled sweetly at Nicole and she calmed her resistance down. She nodded in acceptance, relaxing her neck muscles, but still squeezing his muscular butt. He leaned down so his left hand could fondle her left breast. He had always like her boobs, even before they were married. While she didn’t think she had big enough boobs, he would always remind her that they were perfect at that size, citing that with them being firm and perky it was very enticing to him. Besides her ass was her prized physical possession.

He tweaked her nipple and grabbed her breast with his capable hand. Her pussy was getting wetter and wetter with the fondling, and moans escaped her mouth. Her eyes closed and her heart fluttered. As soon as his hands left her breast they were on the back of her head. He gradually pulled her head toward his stiff cock. She kept her eyes fixed on the cock as it entered her sweet little mouth.

The tips slid onto her tongue and she treated the intruding dick by swirling her tongue around the head of his cock. The grip on her head tightened and he pressed her face further down his shaft. The cocks base was now engulfing her orifice. She closed her lips securely around his substantial member and moved her tongue with the limited knowledge of giving head.

She hadn’t been married for long as she had saved herself for her dear husband. She was still innocent to the art of sucking a cock and lacked the technique for blowing a guy like a pro. She knew that it would take time and practice to conquer cock sucking capabilities and executions. She took a look up at her man and saw that he was pleased with the results so far. His face was relaxed with his eyes low and mouth open enough to allow a few acknowledging groans.

He started to pull her mouth off of his cock to the point where his tip was just being pressed on her puckered lips, but then moderately stuffed her face back onto his cock, pressing her mouth down further on his twitching cock. She struggled to breath properly through her mouth so switched to getting oxygen to her lungs by using her nose. She closed her eyes when she felt his hands pull her head back once again only to shove it back onto his dick. His penis had gone further down her mouth than it had before. He held her in place as she tried to relax her jaw, trying to allow her husbands cock to fit comfortably in her mouth. He pulled her mouth off his cock and pushed his balls to her mouth.

“Lick them softly.” He said.

She opened her mouth and gently placed her lips on his right testicle, and pressed her tongue to the surface of his balls. She swirled and moved her tongue while humming to give even more stimulation to her aroused husband. She switched to his other ball and felt his hips press harder into her face. His ball went into her mouth and she lightly sucked on it, knowing that he doesn’t like anything aggressive on his balls. He removed his balls from her mouth by pulling away and straightened his cock in front of her mouth. She displayed her open, waiting mouth and even stuck her tongue out, giving him encouragement to stick his cock where it belonged. He wasted no time in doing just that as he stuffed his big member right into her mouth deeper than before. She kept her tongue out so his shaft would coast along her slick tongue. She curled it and moved it on his member as it began to press into her throat. He finally hit her gag reflex and her tongue immediately retracted and her throat muscles flexed to eject his penis out of her mouth. Only it doesn’t, it goes further in.

Her eyes opened wide and her hands moved from his nice ass to his huge thighs, desperately trying to push her body away from him. He wouldn’t allow it though and kept her mouth down near the base of his cock. His mind was very confused as her throat tried discharging the cock and now trying to swallow it. The throat muscles flexed and contracted as his penis stayed in her. She first thought about biting him, but quickly decided against it as it might have made things worse. So she screamed as loud as she could, which wasn’t that loud considering she had a dick pressed into the back of her throat. It came out as a muffled squeal and he thankfully let go of her head.

She propelled her face away from his cock without any hesitation just in case he changed his mind or if it was on accident. She began to stand up, but he constrained her shoulders back down.

“I’ve been waiting for this for years. Do not deny me this pleasure.”

“It’s too much! I can’t handle you. I’m not experienced enough yet.”

“Only one way to get you more….seasoned.”

“Well, I just don’t think…”

He didn’t give her time to finish her protest as his cock pressed up against her lips. At first she tried to refuse, moving her mouth out of her way, keeping her lips completely shut. His cock continued to press up on her lips and she reluctantly opened her mouth to him. He started off delicate, going slowly into her mouth. She tried her best to make an effort for him, even though she was hesitant about the whole situation.

His hand went back around her head and he grabbed a bit of her hair. His grip was rigid and unforgiving as he nudged himself deeper down her throat. She felt awkward and humiliated, yet her pussy betrayed her, burning with desire. With her husband’s enlarged penis still thrusting in and out of her mouth, she allowed herself to bring her finger close to her aching vagina. Her sex was hot with passion, completely and utterly ready for an intrusion of size. Her fingers would just have to do for now. She kept one hand on his thigh bracing herself from the assault to her mouth.

As soon as her finger touched her swollen pussy it was like electricity sparking in every direction. She quickly inserted her middle finger up her sex and melted from the divine sensation. Her thumb instantly found her clit and with small circles she teased her pussy and it became soaked with her natural lubricant. Genuinely, her middle finger increased with speed, darting in and out of her pussy, which was extremely damp and prepared for something bigger. It didn’t seem like that was going to happen as his cock never stopped advancing into her tired mouth.

Her fingers worked magic as her hips tried to mimic the activity of her fingers. Soon the pleasure was too much, her thumb working in a frenzy, circling her tender clit over and over. She squirmed as the intense feeling of a powerful orgasm was building. She moaned as her husband’s cock entered and exited her delicate mouth, which only encouraged his eagerness to please himself and that in turn strangely pleased her. She was actually enjoying the semi forced deep throating that her husband was making her preform.

Finally her pussy exploded with a force she had yet to experience. Her thighs went weak and her hips bucked. The episode blinded her reason and focus. All that mattered was that moment and the enjoyment of one of the best orgasms yet. Liquid shot out of her vagina and it was the first time she had that happen when cumming. She let her ass fall down onto her feet, too tired to hold herself up anymore.

That only made things worse for her though. Her head was lower to the ground and for her husband to continue screwing her mouth, he only had to step in closer and angle his cock downward into her mouth. This only made his member go further down her throat than she would ever want. Involuntarily, her gag reflex acted up again; she had to get his big dick from choking her. Her throat was once again confused between swallowing and expelling his penis.

“Either sit up or this will continue.” He notified her.

She bounced back up from sitting to kneeling straight up. His cock once again had a more bearable limit as to how far it would go in her. This was wearing her down, but he seemed more and more lost in lust. His powerful frame kept her in check, using her elegant mouth to service his pleasure as he saw fit. It had to end soon; her mascara was running, her jaw was insanely sore, her spit had smeared onto her face and overall she was exhausted by her robust orgasm and the continuous thrusts of her husbands cock.

She mustered all the energy she had left, trying to eagerly meet his hip movements. Desperately trying to figure out how to finish him off she reached her hand to her saturated pussy, getting enough lube on her finger. She reached around his ass and opened his cheeks enough to find his star. His motions of screwing her mouth had become irregular and random, going from fast humping just a few inches into her mouth to slow, deep thrusts that pushed his pubic hair against her nose. On occasions he would cease his movements to relish in the feeling of his cock immersed in her throat. She would move her tongue, and secure her lips on him, trying to focus on just relaxing and breathing as his dick stayed lodged in her.

She pressed a finger into his butt and pressed his prostate in a last resort to make him cum. It didn’t matter at this point if it was regrettably in her mouth, or embarrassingly on her pretty face. She just wanted this to be over. Unfortunately, his lust only doubled in effect and he took off in speed, groaning wildly, bucking his hips into her face. Her other hand cupped his balls and she gave them firm, but tender squeezes. She felt his balls tighten and knew it was going to end soon. Her tongue had pretty much lost all effort to help caress his dick and her jaw was so tired she couldn’t keep it tightened.

Her husband didn’t care though, he was lost in his passion. To finally send him over the edge she entered a second finger in his ass and rubbed his prostate. The over-stimulation had sent him over the edge. In one loud grunt his ass clenched, balls contracted and his cock pressed deeply into her mouth as it erupted a string of warm cum into her irritated throat. It was coating her insides, which almost helped relieve some of the rawness. She did her best to swallow, but after the second pump from his cock it became too much and some spilled out of her mouth. It was the most cum she had ever witnessed coming from her husband. She managed to swallow most of his third pump of semen and was even able pull his cock out of her mouth a few inches.

The last few pumps only carried a dribble of cum, but it was still impressive that his balls stored that much cum in the first place. She pulled his dick out of her mouth completely and was rewarded with fresh oxygen entering her lungs from her now empty mouth. She licked up the last of his cum from her lips before looking up at her husband. He had collapsed on the couch behind him obviously fatigued from the ordeal.

He opened his eyes after a few moments of regaining some energy from the amazing oral sex session with his wife. He was treated to the site of her laying down on the carpet in front of him. Her face looked like a mess, but she was still very beautiful. She was still fully nude and her pussy glistened with her natural lube. On the carpet was a dark, wet spot, most likely from the orgasm she encountered as she had ejaculated on the floor. He smiled happily and laid his head back down on the couch.

He woke up in bed and sat up stunned. He was clothed in boxers and a white t-shirt with a light blanket over him. He looked over to see a clock screaming that it was too early to be awake. He looked around and didn’t see his wife, wondering how he got in the bed.

“Morning hun.” His wife said, passing the bed as she went into the bathroom.

Had it all been a dream?

“Hun, did we do anything different last night?”

“Um, what do you mean?” She giggled.

“Like sexually?” He asked.

“Not really. I mean we had anal sex last night before bed, but we’ve done that before. Why?”

“Just a crazy dream.” He replied.

“Wanna tell me about it?” She inquired.

He looked over at her and smiled. She went back into the bathroom getting ready for the day. He looked down and noticed his cock, swollen from the intense dream. Pre-cum had already put a few wet spots on his boxers.

“Did I clean up after we finished having butt sex last night?”

“Yeah, but you were reluctant. You wanted to basically fall asleep with your penis wedged in my ass all night. Don’t you remember? You came in my bum when I was on all fours and we just rolled onto our sides. You just wanted to go to sleep, but I made us clean up.” She reminded him.

“Yea, I remember now. We went into the shower and we cleaned each other off.” He confirmed with a smirk.

“That’s right,” she said. “Are you getting a little turned on hun or is this just morning wood?”She pointed at his penis which had grown a bit bigger than before.

“I know you like to put it in my ass, but not ’til next week. That cock is going into my well deserved pussy tonight when we make love. Or maybe after breakfast.” She winked at him.

“I’ll make love to you anyway you want if we can trying something different first.”

She glanced back at him, turning away from the mirror in the bathroom.

“Okay sounds kinda kinky. What is it you want to try?”

“Come here baby and get on your knees.”

“Want me to give you some head?” She said in a playful tone.

“Yea, something like that,” he grinned.

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