“Love is whatever you can still betray. Betrayal can only happen if you love.”

~John le Carre


Tom only commits to what he loves, and when he commits, he’s all in. This also makes him very competitive. It was true in his college athletics and academics; it was true in his work and relationships. Through these qualities he has experienced a great deal of success and in one instance, life-changing heartbreak.

She mesmerized him from the moment he saw her across the university’s central campus green during Greek Rush Week his sophomore year. Her vibrant promoting personality drew attention to their sorority booth. This gorgeous blond was confident and enthusiastic in a way that attracted interest from potential recruits, not to mention any college man with an ounce of testosterone walking by. He then noticed her stunning beauty. Her knotted bright sorority tank top and short shorts accentuated her perfect five foot nine fit body. Suzy had every intention to allow the tank top show off her large tan breasts and for the shorts to cover just enough of her ass to expose the complete length of her long flawless legs. It was almost as if she was saying, “join our sorority and you can be like me.” Who wouldn’t want that? Then, in a magical serendipitous moment, her captivating sparkling blues caught and locked onto Tom’s eyes from across the green. Her broad smile lit up her face and melted his heart. While he wasn’t inclined to believe in destiny, he knew everything in his life had just changed.

Their first date lasted for hours, hearing one another’s stories and enjoying their first kiss. He continued to be mesmerized by her boundless energy and zest for life. She was one of those people who live fully present in the moment. She often said, “all we have is right now, and we will never have it again, so we should live it for all its worth.” The two were immediately attracted by their shared passions to live life in a way that leaves it all out on the field. However, they approached this shared passion for life differently. Tom’s strategic disciplined approach to life complemented Suzy’s impulsive spontaneity that never missed an opportunity. They loved partying together or hanging out with friends, especially Mark, Tom’s best friend and roommate, and whoever he happened to be dating that week.

Suzy lived her go-for-broke approach to life everywhere, including the bedroom. There was nothing she wouldn’t try or do if she knew it might bring pleasure. Although Tom’s deep convictions included waiting to have full intercourse until they were married, everything else was fair game, in every sense of that word. There was nothing prudish for Tom about waiting; he was just a hopeless romantic to make the wedding night special. Their shared commitment to wait actually built anticipation, making their sex life more frequent and hot. For example, one Friday evening during their junior year, Suzy offered to cook a special dinner for Tom after a hard long week. When he opened the apartment door, dinner was already on the table, in and on top of Suzy’s gorgeous naked body. With a smile, she promised that if he ate everything on the table — everything — then he would love the multi-course dessert she had planned. They didn’t leave the apartment that weekend until Monday morning. It was a long, rich dessert. The sexual countdown and anticipation in their relationship intensified with their engagement the summer before their senior year. They couldn’t keep their hands off each other, and rarely did.

The following January, less than six months before their wedding, Suzy called Tom on his cell saying she had to see him right away. She was sobbing. When Tom got to his apartment, Suzy was already there. Rather than the vision of her luscious body sprawled out as a delicacy on the dinner table to be consumed, she was curled up on the couch crying into her hands, barely able to catch her breath. Tom’s roommate Mark stood awkwardly, as most any guy would, with a woman crying uncontrollably in his apartment.

As Tom started to walk toward her to comfort her she put her hand up and said, “Wait. Please don’t make this harder than it already is.”

“What do you mean?” he asked, dumbfounded.

“I’m pregnant,” she blurted through her sobs.

Tom’s legs buckled from under him. “What?” he asked confused. “How?”

Suzy looked up at Mark with a knowing look. Mark dropped his head. “I, uh I, uh Tom, look I am so sorry,” he stammered.

“What the fuck?!” Tom shouted, feeling disoriented and sick to his stomach. His world crumbled around him with the sound of two sobbing words from Suzy.

“I am so sorry Tom,” Suzy pleaded through her tears. “It was spontaneous. We didn’t mean to…”

“Get pregnant?” Tom finished angrily.

“We usually used protection,” Mark volunteered in a failed attempt to defend.

“There was more than once?” Tom shouted in disbelief.

“They didn’t mean anything,” Suzy tried to convince. “It was just physical, nothing more. Just for fun. Sometimes I’d get horny and just need a good fuck,” she confessed.

Mark shrugged his shoulders as if to say “Sorry man,” combined with “how was I supposed to resist that gorgeous body begging to be fucked with no strings attached?”

The room spun. Tom felt dizzy from the shattering words. After years of devotion and anticipation, his fiancé was pregnant with his best friends’ baby. The two people he trusted the most cheated on him with each other. It was all a façade. They fucked each other over and over with the comfort and frequency of meeting for coffee, all behind his back. Betrayal didn’t seem strong enough of a word to describe what Tom felt.

Mark moved out of the apartment and into Suzy’s place that weekend. They were married a couple months later in the spring and their first child arrived two weeks after our college commencement. Mark took an entry-level position with a real estate firm in town while Suzy stayed home with the baby. A year and a half later a second baby came along. Their path’s crossed on occasion through mutual friends, but it was easier for Tom to keep a distance whenever possible due to the pain of the betrayal.

Chapter One

Tom graduated that Spring with a degree in business and finance. A local private investment firm hired him to handle personal and corporate accounts. He had some early successes that captured the attention of the firm’s executives. After three years Tom was invited to become a partner. After seven years, the CEO and majority owner of the firm was ready to retire and offered him the opportunity to purchase his share. He said his dream was to hand the firm over to a young leader who would take it to the next level.

The company continued to do well, and so did Tom’s professional life. He worked long hours, but enjoyed all the luxurious benefits of his wealth. He lived in a large mansion, enjoyed travel to exotic places and was the CEO of one of the largest private investment firms in this region of the country. With all that was full in his life, the pain of betrayal still left a cavernous emptiness in his soul. It wasn’t that he wanted Suzy back any more, at least in the same way, but an injustice had been done that had never been made right. That was until his assistant Cate asked him about an appointment request she received from someone saying she was an old college friend named Suzy. “It sounded urgent,” Cate said.

Normally Tom’s inclination would be to deny the appointment request. If he lived the rest of his life without seeing her, it would be OK with him, certainly easier than dealing with the pain. “Tell her no,” he said.

“She said it was urgent,” Cate repeated. “She sounded kind of desperate.”

Tom didn’t want Cate to think he was completely heartless, and part of him was curious. “OK Cate, book her for a half an hour, but nothing more.”

The next day Suzy entered the large impressive 12-story building with artistic architectural flair of angled metal and glass. An impressive waterfall cascaded behind the round information center just inside the entrance. “Excuse me,” she said to the professional assistant behind the desk. “I have an appointment with Tom Newhouse. Can you direct me to his office?”

“One moment please, and I will check with Mr. Newhouse’s assistant.” After a brief phone call to Cate, the receptionist said, “Mr. Newhouse’s office is on the 12th floor. They are expecting you.”

Suzy stepped into the elevator. She hadn’t realized how professional the office would be, something she wasn’t used to. She felt underdressed compared the men and women in expensive suits hurriedly multitasking on their smartphones as they crowded into the elevator with her. She checked herself in the elevator’s mirrored walls. She had worked to remain fit and maintain her sexy shape from her college years, even though those years seemed like a lifetime ago. She straightened her long blond hair with her fingers. She wore a simple cotton white blouse with plunging neckline that showed off her still-firm cleavage and a blue printed skirt with short heels. Butterflies of nerves flew freely in her stomach as the elevator made its way to the top floor offices of Mr. Thomas Newhouse. She had never felt more nervous to see him or for the reason she asked for the appointment. The rest of her life could possibly hinge on what happens in this meeting. She tried to hold her emotions together.

“Mr. Newhouse will see you now,” Cate said. “Please follow me.” Suzy was impressed by the elegant dark-wood offices, thick plush carpets and statues that decorated the executive floor. She remembered the days when seeing Tom was just a matter of giving him a quick call on his cell, or even better, reaching across the soft bed to wake him up in a way that put a smile on his face. Cate knocked before opening the large double doors with the nameplate: Mr. Thomas Newhouse, Chief Executive Officer. As they walked in, the spacious office opened up with an expansive view of the city from windows that covered the entire length of the office wall behind his desk. Two chairs were placed in the center of the room facing his desk. A small conference table was positioned to her left with six chairs; two winged-back chairs were in front of a fireplace to her right. Suzy noticeably gasped as she realized the square-footage of his office felt like half the size of her entire house.

“Have a seat Suzy,” Tom said matter-of-factly, pointing to one of the chairs in front of his sophisticated desk.

“It’s good to see you, Tom. It’s been a long time. You look good,” Suzy volunteered.

“Anything else, Mr. Newhouse?” Cate asked.

“That will be all, Cate. Thank you very much.” Cate closed the doors behind her on her way out.

“Wow,” Suzy added. “This is impressive.”

“Cate said you had something urgent you wanted to talk with me about,” he answered, acting uninterested in small talk. Tom worked to hide behind the veneer of professionalism, as memories and feelings flooded over him. He couldn’t help the vivid reminder of how stunningly beautiful Suzy was, still. His heart felt like it was doing gymnastics; it ached as if no time had passed.

“Um, I do,” Suzy answered. “I just thought…,” her words tapered. She realized Tom wasn’t going to make this easy. “Tom, I’m in trouble,” she said, tears welling up in her eyes. “I need your help.”

“I’m not interested, Suzy.”

“Please Tom, I’m desperate. I have nowhere to turn.”

“You fucked your way out of my life when you fucked Mark,” he answered.

“Please Tom, that was a long time ago.”

“Yes it was, and I’ve moved on. You ripped my heart out Suzy. I’m not going to let you do that again.”

“I know, I know,” Suzy said. “I am so sorry. I’ve never gotten over what I did to you,” she confessed. “My kids will be on the street, we’ll lose everything,” she blurted as her tears turned to sobs.

The memory of Suzy pleading and sobbing came flooding back, as if he were standing in his old living room that fateful afternoon years before. “Stop crying,” Tom said.

Suzy worked to regain her composure. “Please let me explain the trouble I’m in Tom. If there is nothing you can or want to do, I understand.”

“We have 20 minutes left in this appointment,” Tom compromised. “I’ll listen to your sad story, and in 20 minutes I will need to leave for my next appointment.”

“Thank you Tom.” Suzy paused to catch her breath. Her ample chest rose and fell with her deep heaves. “Tom, I blew it. I messed up big time. It was a spontaneous thing I thought would make everything alright.”

“There’s a shocker,” Tom said unsympathetically. “Déjà vu. Who’d you fuck this time?”

“It’s not like that Tom. Mark’s been working hard, long hours, trying to make ends meet. It’s been tough out there. We were falling behind. I felt badly, and thought if I could just find a way to help turn things around. I heard about an investment opportunity that promised huge immediate returns, doubling the investment in four years or less.”

“Sounds too good to be true, even for me,” Tom boasted.

“It was. It was a ponzi scheme,” she said. “It gets worse. I borrowed money to make the investment with, so I wouldn’t be out anything. With the promised high returns, I could easily pay the loan back and rake in profits from the investment. It was a sure thing. I put up our house as collateral and handed the ponzi scam $94,000.”

“What does Mark say?” he asked. “This sounds like his problem, not mine.”

“Mark doesn’t know,” Suzy said. “I wanted to surprise him when the money came in. That was last week. This week the ponzi people were busted and all the money is gone. He’d die if he knew what I did. I just want to fix it without him knowing.”

“Shit, Suzy” Tom said, shaking his head. Her impulsive personality hadn’t changed.

“The loan sharks knew what the loan was for, and now want their money back. They’re not nice Tom. One late payment and they said they would come after me to get it any way they could, in addition to taking our house.”

“Shit,” he repeated. “You’re in trouble.”

“Please Tom, I need your help. I wouldn’t come here, I mean with what I did to you before, if I wasn’t desperate. I need $94,000 to get me out of this mess. I’ll do anything.”

“I can’t imagine there is anything you have to offer that I might be interested in.”

“Please Tom. There has got to be a way we can work something out. I have nowhere else to go. Whatever arrangement we can make, I’ll agree to.”

“$94,000 is a lot of money,” he said, generously considering options.

“Anything, Tom. Just name it.”

“Everything in me tells me to walk away from this.”

“Please Tom, I’m desperate here. I’ll do anything.”

Tom pulled out two pieces of blank paper. He quickly penned three brief sentences on the first and four sentences on the second with a hand-drawn signature line at the bottom of each page. “Here is my proposal, take it or leave it,” he answered. “Tell your loan sharks to meet me here in my first floor conference room at noon tomorrow. I will pay them $94,000 in cash, with an extra $1000 for their trouble. They will hand me all documents regarding the second mortgage on your home, release you from any further liability, no questions asked.”

“Really?! That sounds great,” Suzy said, with her shoulders dropping in relief. Tears streamed down her face. “I don’t know how to thank you.”

“You will in a moment. I’m not done,” Tom said. “For this to happen, before you leave today, you will sign this first page, a simple note to repay the $95,000 with 10% compounded interest over five years, to be paid monthly. The deed to the house will remain as collateral.”

“How much would I owe you each month?” Suzy asked.

“Works out to just over $2000 a month.”

“But, I can’t afford that Tom.”

“Sure you can. The second page requiring your signature is an employment contract for your new job working every weekend at my house for a generous $400 per day, plus being available for an occasional midweek need at the same rate. The employment contract locks you into my employment until the loan is paid. If you ever fail to perform or show up as expected, the full loan value of $95,000 will become immediately due and payable, as if no payments had ever been made. “

“Tom, I can’t be away on weekends. That’s when Mark is home, and the kids.”

“None of this is negotiable, Suzy, and I’m not done. For every day you work, $250 will be deducted from your pay toward the loan, leaving you with a generous $150 a day or $300 a weekend to take home to Mark. Payment will be cash under the table, with no record employment, also making it tax free income. Four weeks of deductions will add up to $2000 a month for your secret loan payments, and $1200 a month in cash to take home. When you add it all up, that works out to the equivalent of over $38,000 a year with $14,000 take home pay, far more than anyone else will offer you for two days a week. I think Mark will be very pleased with your initiative, especially when you share with him how excited you are for your new job.”

“What’s my job?”

“That may be the best part. Your new job gives you sole responsibility for all my personal Domestic and Hospitality Services. I have some huge plans, but am just getting started dreaming about the possibilities.”

“What does that mean?” Suzy asked skeptically.

“It is a fancy title that simply means you will enthusiastically satisfy every personal request I ask of you to serve me and my guests, without restriction. Keeping the job is contingent on your performance exceeding every expectation.”

“But what does that include?” Suzy asked.

“To use your word, Suzy, it includes anything. You will willingly do anything I ask, without hesitation and with excellence. The same standard will apply for your services to satisfy all the needs and requests of my guests when I entertain. If my house were Disneyland, you are the ride that puts a smile on every face, especially mine. The one difference between you and Disneyland is your willingness to become any ride someone wants you to be.”

“You want me to be your whore,” Suzy said in shock.

“That’s your word Suzy, not mine. You walked in here begging, saying you are willing to do anything for the money you are desperate for. Out of kindness that is against my better judgment, I am offering to help you out. The ball is in your court. It’s your choice. If you don’t like it, say no, and my life goes back to the bliss of you being a distant memory. You go home and explain to Mark why loan sharks are coming to your house for more than your money and house.” Tom paused to let his words sink in. “Or, you can sign here to enthusiastically take on the responsibilities for my Domestic and Hospitality Services, a position I generously just created specifically for you.”

Tears began to stream down Suzy’s face. She knew what she had come for, and knew there would be a cost. “What do I tell Mark?”

“Tell him you went out and got a new job. Tell him you are excited about it, that you’re committed to it and you start Saturday, day after tomorrow. Tell him you are in charge of Domestic and Hospitality Services for some corporate executive. Just never tell him I have anything to do with it or the deal is off.

Suzy felt a tornado of emotions whirl within her, from relief to fear to bewilderment.

“We have one minute until our appointment is over and my generous offer evaporates. The choice is yours Suzy. There will be no going back on whatever you decide. You walk out that door and I will never extend this offer again or agree to another appointment. If you sign the papers, then every weekend you belong to me with no restrictions. You willingly agree to absolutely anything.”

Suzy’s exposed cleavage glistened with nervous perspiration. She came to see Tom because she had no other options. She thought she would be willing to do anything to get out of this mess, but didn’t realize that’s what would be required.

“Time’s up,” Tom said matter-of-factly.

Suzy jumped toward the desk, grabbed the pen and hurriedly scribbled her signatures on the lines at the bottom of both pages. “Oh gawd, oh gawd,” she said, feeling sober relief.

“I’ll have a representative ready to meet your loan sharks tomorrow at noon,” Tom said calmly.

“Thank you Tom,” she said. The relief of debt clouded any understanding of what she had just committed herself to.

“See you at 6:00 am, Saturday morning, day after tomorrow,” he answered. Cate will give you the address and directions. Your uniform will be waiting for you when you arrive.”

“Uniform?” she asked.

“It’s not much, but it will look stunning on you.”

Tom had just succeeded in the first step to secure rightful justice. Now, by Suzy agreeing to this proposal, Tom would be secretly fucking Suzy every weekend behind Mark’s back.

Chapter Two

Suzy’s eyes were wide open, as she lay on her back in bed. Mark slept restlessly next to her. The red numbers on her small alarm clock read 2:58 a.m. The evening before had not gone well. Suzy waited until Mark got home after work Friday to tell him she was starting a new job in the morning to help make ends meet. He appreciated her initiative, but couldn’t imagine what possessed her to spontaneously sign a five-year contract committing her to the entirety of every weekend plus an occasional mid-week obligation. Mark couldn’t know it wasn’t “what” had possessed her, but “who” now possessed her. The discussion escalated from an argument and then to one of the biggest unresolved fights of their marriage. Mark went to bed angry, Suzy in tears of quandary. Suzy wondered if she would be able to keep both Mark and her secret.

The full moon shone through the window, painting the bedroom with a dim blue hue. She felt the enormous relief of her loan-shark debt being paid just 15 hours before. Her relief was mixed with turmoil from the conflict with Mark and starting her new job in just three hours. She was even more anxious for whatever Tom may have meant by expecting her enthusiastic willingness to do anything he asked. His sexual innuendo was too obvious to deny.

Suzy also couldn’t deny the butterflies she felt having Tom in her life again. They used to have something magical, but now everything was different. The debt she owed him was more than financial. She owed him for what she did to him years ago, and now owed him again for what he did for her just hours before. She realized that if Tom did have sexual intentions, she had never experienced his large ten-inch dick inside her before. She wondered if that was about to change. She felt her nipples tighten and her pussy moisten at the thought. The butterflies in her stomach grew with arousal.

Suzy’s body began to tingle with imagination as she lay there. She slowly slid both hands under the sheets while raising her ass slightly to push her already-moist panties down her legs, careful not to wake Mark from his agitated sleep next to her. Once the panties passed her knees, she gently jostled her legs to coax the thin fabric to fall toward her ankles until she could easily kick them off to the bottom of the bed. Suzy’s hands moved purposely back up her body, the first stopping at her tingling pussy, while the other continued up across her abs and breast to take hold of her tender erect nipple between the tips of her fingers. Suzy moaned as the simultaneous massage began.

Suzy’s imagination transported her back to the carefree sex-filled days of college, flooding her senses with vivid memories of the sights, sounds, feel and taste of her sexual exploits. It had been a long time since she had gone down this road in her mind, but it almost felt like it was only yesterday. Memories cascaded through her mind of all the sexual games she and Tom made up, turning any ordinary experience like a football game, a shopping run or especially times of cooking in the kitchen into opportunities of sexual consequence. She remembered long weekends camping together that were more about exploring each other than nature outside the tent. Memories of erotic experiences with no inhibitions tumbled through her mind and body, soaking her pussy. Suzy’s fingers instinctively increased their pace, sliding easily between her drenched pussy lips, dancing on the engorged button of her throbbing clit. Quiet moans escaped her throat. Her body tingled with growing pleasure.

Suzy’s erotic college flashbacks naturally included memories of secret wild sex with Mark behind Tom’s back. The sex with Mark had started completely innocently. It was spontaneous and impulsive. Suzy dropped by their house one Friday afternoon to decorate it for an erotic game she dreamed up to play with Tom that weekend. Suzy was excited and felt even more horny than usual. With Tom in class on Friday afternoons and Mark having plans to be out of town for the weekend, Suzy took the opportunity to sneak into their quiet empty house to prepare it for her game.

She planned their sensual fun to involve moving from one room to the next, using almost every room in their small house, each room promising a more intense sexual experience. Suzy grew more aroused from anticipation as she quietly prepared the first two rooms, the living room and family room, for their erotic amusement. At first she tried to shake off the distraction of her arousal spurred on by her anticipation of the game, but she soon gave in to it, allowing brief moments of self-caressing through her clothing. Erotic excitement built as she imagined the weekend ahead. She moved to decorate the kitchen and ached for more touch. Rather than fighting her sexual urges, Suzy decided to have some of her own fun while preparing the house, repeatedly bringing herself to the brink of orgasm each time she completed a room. Being alone in the house, she decided to remove her bra and panties to allow unhindered access for her fun. She was careful to stop short of an orgasm, saving her juices for the weekend ahead. She moved from the kitchen to prepare the small dining room, then laid on the table until she was dizzy from her own skillful touch. Her tanned body glistened from perspiration. Her nipples pushed through her thin tank top; her pussy drenched her skirt. It was here she had the idea to one day serve Tom dinner on this table from her naked body. Inspired by the thought, she pulled off her damp tank top and skirt to finish her preparations throughout the house completely naked. It just seemed right.

Suzy made her way upstairs to prepare Tom’s bedroom, the final and ultimate destination of her erotic game. Tom paid a little extra each month to have the master bedroom at the end of the hall. Everything in her buzzed with excitement as she topped the stairs. She wished Tom would hurry home from class to begin her game; her naked body was desperate for release. She couldn’t remember when she felt more hot and horny. As she walked down the hall to decorate Tom’s bedroom, she passed Mark’s room. The door was open and she glanced in. She and Mark both screamed in surprise, being caught by the other. Mark caught Suzy naked and alone in the hallway; Suzy caught Mark standing in the middle of his bedroom, masturbating while watching porn on the large flat screen television on his wall. He had not yet left for his weekend trip. In a matter of a few awkward seconds, their initial shock gave way to wordless embarrassment. Their embarrassment morphed to smiles of mutual physical admiration and opportunity. In the blink of an eye, all of it gave way to a spontaneous reaction they had each unknowingly prepared their own bodies for in the minutes before the surprise encounter. Arousal, attraction, opportunity and impulse all converged into a steamy passionate encounter, seemingly out of their control.

Suzy accepted the small glancing invitation by Mark to enter his room to finish what he had begun. None of the bodies on the large screen compared to the perfection of Suzy’s exquisite physique. Suzy’s body still tingled from her own attention, and now in new anticipation with the sexual energy in the room. Mark was a muscular six foot two with brown hair and steely hazel eyes. Suzy pulled Mark’s grey shirt over his head, exposing his six-pack abs and strong biceps. He looked deep into her eyes, communicating what they both knew and wanted before locking into a passionate kiss. Suzy’s hands admired his abs as they descended down into his pants, pushing everything to the floor until he was as naked as she. Without a word, Suzy lowered herself to take Mark’s eight-inch hard cock into her mouth. Suzy savored the sweetness of the pre-cum already lubricating his large purple head. Mark moaned as his dick disappeared into the warm moist massaging care of her lips, tongue and throat. Suzy slowly ascended his shaft before rapidly taking him in again, repeating as she turned her head with each descent. Mark had never experienced such skill, and couldn’t help thinking how lucky Tom was. The sex was passionate, hot and rough in a way that purely physical sex allows. There were no complexities of managing an emotional romantic relationship that would get in the way or cause either to hold back from their primal lust. This was raw forbidden sex, two people using each other for pure erotic recreation. Nothing more, nothing less. The forbidden nature of it, behind Tom’s back, added to the sexual intensity. Their spontaneous rendezvous moved to consummation as Suzy lay on her back on Mark’s bed. His tongue had been working its magic on her primed pussy.

“Fuck me Mark,” she said, breaking the verbal silence.

Mark raised his face from her juicy pussy, his lips covered with her juices. “Are you sure?” he asked, knowing Tom’s limitations with her in their sex life.

“Do I look sure?” she asked. “Fuck me like a man.”

Nothing else seemed to matter in that moment. It was as if no one else existed than the two of them in the heat of passion. For the first of many times that would follow, Mark plowed his dick deep into Suzy.

“yes, Yes, YES!” Suzy screamed in delight as her muscles gripped the breath of his shaft drilling deeply into her. Suzy’s fingers dug into Mark’s back, begging for the pounding affection. “Oh Yes, Oh Yes, Oh Yes!” Suzy screamed, drowning out the sound of the porn continuing to play on large screen covering the wall in front of them. “I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” Her pussy gushed like an uncapped geyser siphoned for release. Her body quaked. The room spun.

Cold chills covered Mark’s muscular body as he continued to drill into her gorgeous soaked pussy. He leaned forward to take one of her large black erect nipples between his teeth, gently rising up, pulling her tit with him. “Oh yes!” she cried in response to the erotic pleasure and pain. He grasped the other tit with his hand, as the muscles throughout his entire body began to contract from the impending orgasm.

“Harder,” Suzy insisted from his assault of his dick, teeth and hands. “Fuck me harder,” she begged.

“Oh Gawd!” Mark yelled, releasing her aching nipple from between his teeth. Mark stood and arched his back as the first load of thick white cream unloaded into her thirsty love box.

“Fuck me,” Suzy yelled. “Fuck yes!”

Mark continued to pound his dick into her insatiable pussy, filling her as the overflowing mixed juices poured out onto the bed.

“Oh gawd, don’t stop,” she begged. “You’re going to take me again!” Suzy’s head began to turn from side to side and her hips bucked uncontrollably as another tsunami wave of bliss washed over her.

Mark and Suzy finally collapsed in exhaustion from their spontaneous romp. After they caught their breath, they basked the pure unbridled pleasure of the moment but also struggled with the inner-conflict of their betrayal of Tom. It was a struggle they felt over the months that followed after every impulsive forbidden romp. With each spontaneous stolen fuck, they made another promise to never let it happen again. It was a promise they could never keep.

Suzy snapped out of her erotic trip down memory lane and back to the reality of her husband Mark’s restless movement next to her in bed. Her body tingled from her fingers’ continued loving caress while reminiscing those early days. Suzy looked at the clock: 3:15. She looked over at Mark, feeling badly for his agitated sleep. She had a little over an hour before her alarm would go off and she would get up to begin her new job to pay off her debt. She pulled her lingerie top over her head and dropped it off the side of the bed. She was as naked and beautiful as the day she surprised Mark in the hallway in college. She pressed her bare body against his, reaching her hand down into his boxers, to take hold of his dick. Mark’s cock involuntarily responded to her touch, growing in her hand. She sat up and pulled his boxers down his muscular legs, which began to bring him out of his deep slumber. Suzy straddled his legs and took his familiar semi-soft dick into her mouth.

“What are you doing?” he said as his arousal began to wake him up more.

“What do you think I’m doing?” she said before closing her mouth around him again, allowing it to grow to full stature in her mouth.

“What time is it?” he asked, still in a sleepy fog.

“3:15,” she whispered before recapturing his dick in her warm moist mouth.

Mark smiled and moaned in delight, still groggy and half-asleep. It had been a while since Suzy had taken the initiative to seduce him. The blue light of the moon highlighted the beautiful silhouette of her exquisite body on top of him.

Suzy slid her body forward to lie on top of his, positioning her mouth next to his ear. Her pussy was drenched from her fantasy trip down memory lane. She slid her body down until she felt his firm member pressing against the soft cheeks of her fit ass. She crushed her large tits against his ripped chest. “I have an hour before the alarm goes off for my new job,” Suzy whispered into his ear. “I want to use it to put a smile on your face before I leave. Maybe we can make this our little weekly tradition.”

Mark jolted awake. Her words reminded him of her announcement the evening before, and the ensuing mêlée. Resentment and frustration returned with force. As beautiful as Suzy was in the light of the moon, he could only feel disappointment. As much as he didn’t want it to, his arousal dissipated like water off a hot skillet.

“Damn it,” he said. “That’s right.” An awkward pause filled the room with renewed tension. “Really?” Mark asked. “After last night?

“That was last night, Mark. This is now,” she tried, hoping for some peace.

“I don’t want to fight, Suzy, but I’m not ready to make love either,” Mark confessed. “I’m so pissed.” It was just too soon.

“Fine,” she said, dejected. She rolled off of him disappointed, and lay on the bed facing away from him. It was rare for Mark to ever resist her advances, let alone completely reject her seduction. She was emotionally and sexually frustrated. The tension was palpable. She watched the numbers of the small alarm clock slowly advance toward the sounding of the alarm, and payback time. If Mark only knew.

Chapter Three

The doorbell buzzed at the back entrance of the sprawling colonial mansion, announcing the arrival of the newest member of the servant staff promptly at 6:00 am. The large brick home was positioned at the end of a long circuitous tree-lined driveway in the center of the 40-acre estate, a mile in any direction from the nearest road or adjoining property. Meticulously manicured lawns surrounded the main house, with elaborate gardens and a small lake decorating the property’s perimeter. Mr. Newhouse liked his seclusion.

Suzy couldn’t remember ever feeling more nervous as she stood in the cool morning air waiting for the back door to open. Even though Tom mentioned a uniform, she decided to dress professionally, wearing a blue sheath dress with matching 3-inch high heels. She remembered from her college days that Tom preferred bare tanned legs to hose.

Tom shared no specifics of what her duties would be; she had no idea what to expect. The only two requirements of her job were to willingly do anything asked of her and to do so in a way that exceeded every expectation. Every day that she satisfied these two requirements, a fraction of her debt would be paid; the moment she did not, the entire initial balance would be due and payable. Mark’s anger and frustration about her new weekend job was nothing compared to what it would be with the news of a $95,000 second mortgage being called in, forcing them to lose everything.

Suzy felt both unease and relief when the tall back door opened.

“Suzy, I presume,” a young tall man in a black tuxedo said as he put his white-gloved hand out to shake for the introduction.

“Um, yes,” she said. “I’m Suzy.”

“Mr. Newhouse told us to expect you. You’re right on time. He will like that,” he complemented as he admired her stunning natural beauty. “Please come in.”

Suzy stepped into the marbled floor entryway of the back servant’s entrance. “My name is Benjamin, Mr. Newhouse’s butler. I run the affairs of the house and manage the staff to ensure Mr. Newhouse’s every need is taken care of.”

Suzy appreciated Benjamin’s professionalism and the fact he was easy on the eyes. If Benjamin was someone she had to work with, at least he appeared courteous, handsome and competent. He looked to be around 30 with sandy blond hair, brown eyes and a muscular six foot five. He seemed confident and capable in a down-to-earth way.

“The women’s servant’s dressing room is right here,” he said, directing Suzy into the first room to the right, immediately adjacent to the small entry. You will be sharing it with Annette, Mr. Newhouse’s maid. The only reason to be in here during your shift will be to change in and out of your uniform. Street clothes are never allowed in the main house. Three sets of your uniform have been prepared. Mr. Newhouse is a stickler for our appearance always being formal, clean and sharp. If you find your uniform becomes soiled for some reason, change into a new one and give the other to Annette to be laundered.”

Suzy silently struggled with the idea she was to start in the servants’ room with the maid, and that she had to wear a uniform. The formal appearance of Benjamin’s tuxedo however gave her hope for classy attire.

“I’ll wait for you to change, and then give you a tour of the house before we gather at 7:00 in the parlor for staff introductions.”

Suzy stepped into the servants’ room and heard Benjamin close the door behind her to allow for privacy as she changed into her uniform. Suzy saw four small wooden closet doors next to each other, two with nameplates. One closet had Annette’s name on the door with the word “Maid” beneath; the second had Suzy’s name with her distinguished title: Domestic and Hospitality Services. She opened the door to find three uniforms hanging on separate hangers, with a small mirror on the inside of the door. She pulled the first hanger out, lifted it up to look at the uniform, and thought there must be a mistake. She reached in to look at the other two hangers and discovered duplicate outfits. The only items on the three identically prepared hangers were a transparent black strapless underwire shelf bra with white accents, a matching lacy black thong and garter belt, black fishnet stockings, a black satin collar with a petite white bowtie and the final touch of white gloves. Three pairs of shiny black four-inch high heels were lined up on the bottom of the closet. She quickly checked the other two untitled closets, but they were empty.

Suzy returned the three hangers to the closet before opening the door to let Benjamin know there seemed to be a mistake. “Where would I find the rest of my uniform?” she asked.

Benjamin tried not to smile at her question. “Yes ma’am,” he answered politely. “Mr. Newhouse said you might wonder if there was something more. I assure you however, three complete sets of your uniform are there for you in your closet.”

“That can’t be,” Suzy protested.

“Mr. Newhouse did say that if they are not to your liking,” Benjamin paused, giving Suzy a brief moment of hope, “then you can choose to not wear them. However, you will be required to wear the high heels.”

“Oh good,” Suzy said in relief, still mentally adjusting to everyone referring to Tom as Mr. Newhouse. “I’ll just keep on what I have, and switch into the high heels,” she said as she ran her hands down the length of her dress.

“I’m sorry,” Benjamin interrupted. “I’m afraid that is not an option. Mr. Newhouse said it is your choice to either wear the uniform or to not wear the uniform. Wearing something else will not be allowed.”

Suzy’s jaw dropped in disbelief. “You mean to wear this or to walk around without any clothes, which is basically the same thing?”

“Yes ma’am, that’s what Mr. Newhouse means, but wearing the high heels of course.”

“Of course,” Suzy answered sarcastically. She couldn’t believe these were her only two options. “You’re kidding me,” she asked, reading his face for her answer.

“No ma’am,” he confirmed. “And you will need to decide and get changed quickly. Time is getting away from us. We will need to finish the tour before the 7:00 staff meeting for introductions. Tardiness is grounds for immediate dismissal.”

Tears began to trickle down Suzy’s cheeks as Benjamin closed the door again. Her choices were clear: to quit, to take all of her clothes off, or to wear the skimpy uniform, complete with bowtie. All three options left her fully exposed. If she quit, she would be exposed to lose everything. Even worse, she knew that if Mark ever found out about her loan and promise to spend every weekend with Tom, she would lose Mark too. She realized her only choice was what to wear, or in truth, to wear anything at all. She unzipped the back of her dress, pulled it over her head and reached for one of the scantily clad hangers.

A few minutes later, Suzy sheepishly emerged from the women’s dressing room, shy for who would see her in her tuxedo-like lingerie. The cool air of the entry room chilled her barely-covered body, causing her nipples to react involuntarily, pushing through the top of her transparent bra. Her new uniform left very little to the imagination, and created a response from Benjamin that Mr. Newhouse hoped would happen for all his male (and possibly female) guests when they saw her. Suzy saw the immediate movement of Benjamin’s eyes, smile and loins as she stepped out of the dressing room toward him.

“Wow,” Benjamin said, breaking his professionalism. He was going to like working with this new member of the staff and had hopes for a close relationship.

Suzy blushed, unsuccessful in her attempt to stand gracefully while trying to cover exposed body with her hands. The skimpy outfit was tight enough to feel like a second layer of skin. The shiny black pumps raised her small fit round ass, showing it off like an exquisite painting framed in the black lace of her thong.

“I’m sorry,” Benjamin said, “I forgot to mention that no jewelry is allowed while you are working except for anything Mr. Newhouse provides. You can leave your jewelry in your closet. It will be secure.”

Suzy reached up to take her earring studs out, giving a look of concession. She left everything else of hers in the closet, including her dignity; she might as well leave her jewelry in there too.

“Your wedding ring too,” he said.

Suzy looked shocked at the suggestion. “You’re not serious.”

“Mr. Newhouse was very clear. Especially for the duties you will have, your wedding ring must never be seen on this property.”

Suzy soberly turned and walked back into the women’s dressing room, allowing the door to close behind her. She slowly removed her wedding ring from her finger and buried it deep into her small purse hanging on a hook in her personalized closet. As she closed the closet door she realized at a new level that every weekend, she now belonged to Tom.

With only a half an hour left, Benjamin was forced to give Suzy a quick tour of the sprawling mansion, showing shortcuts and offering helpful advice she would need to carry out her duties. The extravagance throughout the mansion was overstated. Thick plush carpets led to highly polished hardwood floors. Artwork and statues worthy of small museums decorated the three floors. All three levels had hidden servant areas and staircases the staff used to provide excellent service with minimal intrusion. The first floor was built for luxurious living and socializing, including a parlor, a vast living room with a large stone fireplace, an elegant dining room, a library, a game room, a ballroom and entrances to the endless gardens. The second floor was comprised of multiple elegant guest bedrooms. The top floor was dedicated to Mr. Newhouse’s personal quarters. The Master quarters included elite amenities complete with a large private suite, theater, kitchen, Jacuzzi, and an elevator to a private indoor pool. Entry to the third floor was only allowed by invitation from Mr. Newhouse, something Benjamin felt confident Suzy would receive frequently. Suzy would need to wait to see the Master’s quarters. It reminded Suzy that Tom always loved having the best bedroom in the house, and how much his Master bedroom had evolved from their days in college.

“What is Tom like to work for?” Suzy asked.

“He is to be called Mr. Newhouse,” Benjamin quickly answered. “Never Tom. I don’t care how you have known him in the past, when you are here, he is Mr. Newhouse.”

“Is he always this tight and controlling?” Suzy asked.

“Always. I prefer to think of it as him being in charge.” Benjamin looked both ways before adding with softened voice, “Legend has it that he was burned several years by some people he trusted closely, and vowed to never let that happen again. I don’t know any details.”

Suzy knew more in that moment than Benjamin would ever know about the details.

“That’s one reason he demands perfection and high standards,” Benjamin continued with his normal volume. “Staff members are to exceed every expectation in everything they do. No exceptions.”

“How do you do that?” she asked sincerely, unsure about what her job would include, let alone what the expectations would be.

“You exceed every expectation by responding to every request as if it were your idea. You do it in a way that convinces them you are glad they asked you to do it. You treat it as if there is nothing you would rather do, and nothing would make you happier.”

“Seriously, how do you do that?” she asked.

“Before you can convince them, you have to convince yourself. They will read it a mile away if there is any hesitation. I imagine Mr. Newhouse is paying you dearly to be here. Every request becomes an opportunity to respond with enthusiastic gratitude for his generosity. If you are really good, and you want to keep your job, you become so convincing that you convince yourself.”

Suzy felt self-conscious in her skimpy attire. She couldn’t imagine how she would be able to convince herself or anyone else that she was glad to be there dressed like this, let alone to wait on them.

“You can start with your uniform,” he recommended. “If you show one ounce of hesitation wearing it, you won’t last the morning. He won’t have it. You can walk around mousy like you are, or wear it proudly like a debutant at a ball. You are either all in for this, or you aren’t. I might add, you have every reason to walk confidently with the way you look,” he complimented.

Suzy blushed at his compliment, but struggled with how exposed she felt in front of complete strangers. If she were alone with Mark in their bedroom, on a different night than last night, she would own the room in this outfit. It was very different in a mansion of complete strangers.

“You are here with a job to do,” Benjamin added. “You have a beauty and body that men and women can’t help but admire. So step up. Enjoy it. If you do, you’ll convince them and maybe even yourself.”

Suzy straightened her posture with a facade of confidence. She glanced in a hallway mirror as they walked toward the parlor. She knew she looked sexy. Her long blond hair danced off her shoulders, and around her bowtie. The transparent bra and lacy thong showed off the benefits of her daily workouts. Her slender voluptuous body had everything it needed to boldly flaunt itself; held back only by her insecurities from the unusual predicament.

“Time for staff introductions in the parlor,” Benjamin said as the turned to enter the elegantly decorated sitting room promptly at 7:00.

Tom was sitting in a large winged back chair, drinking a cup of coffee and savoring a fresh warm croissant. The parlor was decorated with colonial wallpaper, thick light blue carpet and a renaissance painting of a meadow prominently displayed above the fireplace mantle. It was a warm comfortable room.

“Well,” Tom said with a smile as he watched Suzy walk in, dressed for her first day of work. “Welcome. I see your uniform fits perfectly. It looks even better than I had imagined,” Tom complemented.

“Good morning,” Suzy nodded with a smile, remembering Benjamin’s words of coaching. She could only imagine how Tom had imagined what she would look like in the sultry uniform he selected for her. Two men and a woman stood comfortably across the room, each dressed for their role on staff. Suzy tried her best to hide her growing self-consciousness, feeling exposed in a room with three new strangers.

“Let me introduce you to your new colleagues. They do their jobs with excellence, as I’m sure you will. You have already met Benjamin, the best butler in the city.”

“Thank you sir,” Benjamin answered genuinely.

“Meet Chef Francois,” Tom began, “a master in the kitchen.”

“Merci,” Francois answered with a small bow. Chef Francois stood on the left of the small line of staff, wearing a white chef coat, black pants and a French cooking hat. He was six feet tall with a normal healthy build, brown hair and eyes. He was obviously a man with artistic flair, no doubt expressed in his cooking. Tom had imported the 35-year old chef from one of the finest culinary schools in Paris.

“Next to Francois is Annette, my maid,” Tom continued. Suzy visually assessed Annette, as Annette appraised Suzy’s beauty. The 22 year-old maid had a slender five foot seven body with petite perky tits and long legs with a tiny ass. The highlights of her body were shown off with a simple maid uniform of a short white blouse with half-length puffy sleeves, and a black mini-skirt with a small white waist apron. She had long brunette hair and translucent blue eyes. She was beautiful.

Ricardo the chauffer stood on the other side of Annette. The 25-year old muscular driving enthusiast from Latin America had black hair and deep dark eyes set off by the white of his broad smile and button-up shirt worn with a red garter for flair. Ricardo’s biceps challenged his tight shirtsleeves, rolled up mid-way up his forearm. Ricardo’s bright smile was in full display when he saw Suzy walk through the door with Benjamin. Ricardo was a man of passion, celebrated in everything he did.

“Everyone, this is Suzy,” Tom continued. “As of today, she will personally ensure the highest level of satisfaction for all domestic and hospitality services for me and my guests every weekend.”

The announcement of her title sounded important to the staff, but also unclear about what it meant. “If I may ask Sir, what will her duties include so we may know how to support her?” Ricardo asked. Suzy wondered herself.

“Of course,” Tom responded. “You are all dressed in uniforms that make it clear what your duties are, correct?” The staff all nodded, dressed obviously as a butler, chef, maid and chauffer respectively. “So I ask, if you saw Suzy walking toward you to provide a service, what would you imagine or even hope her role might be?

An energized tension filled the room, especially for Suzy. Suzy was stunned at Tom’s question, and what it implied. She was the sexiest person in the room, and dressed to show it off.

“Please, don’t be shy about your answers,” Tom encouraged.

Ricardo’s face lit up with his broad Latin smile. Testosterone raced through his body, as it did when the vision of Suzy first walked into the room moments before. “I know what I would think or hope for,” he blurted in his thick accent.

“Please speak freely,” Tom encouraged again. “What would be your greatest hope when you saw Suzy walking toward you dressed as she is?” Suspense filled the room.

“I’d want to fuck her brains out,” Ricardo blurted. “I don’t remember when I’ve seen someone more beautiful and fuckable,” he added as a complement. “No offense,” he said turning to Suzy and then to Annette.

Suzy blushed, but stood stunned and speechless. She felt more exposed than ever.

“I couldn’t have said it better myself,” Tom said with laughter that broke some of the tension. All the staff, especially Suzy, were surprised at the bold description of her job. “It isn’t just that people may want to fuck her brains out, as you say, but she is here to do the same for them. And, like the rest of you with your jobs, she will do it with excellence and satisfaction. Of course, like the rest of you, there may be other duties as assigned.”

All eyes turned to Suzy. Their minds took them to imaginative places for how she might be asked to carry out her role. Cold chills covered Suzy’s body at the public announcement of her job description. Annette felt some relief. While her primary duties were as the maid, the “other duties as assigned” clause in her employment agreement had included occasional personal services to Tom.

“Damn that’s hot,” Ricardo blurted out.

“Any other questions before you all get to work?” Tom asked.

Suzy’s mind swirled with so many questions, but none that she could find the words to articulate.

“Wonderful,” he said. “We have a splendid tradition to welcome new staff here, so we can all personally experience the expertise of new colleagues.” A knowing look of stunned disbelief came over the veteran staff, followed by smiles. “Our humble staff began with Benjamin and then Annette. Our tradition began two years ago when Francois joined the team. We thought it would be fun for the staff to personally experience his cooking to appreciate what he had to offer for my guests and me. He prepared a feast fit for a king.”

“One of the best meals I have ever had,” Benjamin added. Annette nodded in agreement.

“Then Ricardo joined the staff six months later as my new driver. Because of Francois’ famous meal, we thought it would be fun to continue the new tradition by having Ricardo take us for a drive to experience what he is able to do behind the wheel of a car.”

“I just about shit my pants that day,” Francois said, adding, “please excuse my French.” Ricardo smiled at the complement.

“That was quite a ride,” Benjamin added.

“And so now, we welcome Suzy.” The air immediately got thick again from the implied invitation. “What better way to get to know Suzy and her skills than for each of us to experience them personally.”

“No, wait,” Suzy blurted as she glanced around the room at her new colleagues. She couldn’t believe what Tom was about to ask her to do. “I…,” her voice faded.

“What Suzy means to say,” Benjamin interrupted, “is she hopes no one holds back because we are just meeting her. She was just sharing with me in the hallway how committed she is to meeting the standard of excellence in all she does.”

Suzy’s head spun. She knew Benjamin was just trying to help her keep her job. The only thing that would do that, however, would be her job performance.

“Just like the Francois’ feast and Ricardo’s drive, participation is optional but strongly encouraged,” Tom said. “Ricardo, you in?”

Suzy couldn’t have felt more awkward. She desperately hoped her new colleagues would give her a break and pass on this opportunity.

Ricardo looked lustfully at Suzy, mentally undressing her luscious body of the few clothes she had on. “Only taking a Lamborghini Veneno on a spin down the German autobahn would be a better invitation. Even that would be close. Since I see no Lamborghinis, then I won’t pass up the opportunity to take her for a spin,” he said with passion in his thick Latin accent. He instantly began to unbutton his starched white shirt.

Butterflies filled Suzy’s stomach; she felt faint from disbelief.

“Francois?” Tom asked. “Will you be joining Ricardo to enjoy the delicacies Suzy has to offer?”

Francois watched as Ricardo finished unbuttoning his shirt, peeling it way in preparation to enjoy the invitation at hand. Francois had enjoyed many orgies in Paris culinary circles. He understood the deep primal relationship throughout history between great food and great sex. “Wee,” he said. “How can I not with such beauty,” he said raising his hand with his fingertips all together to make his point. He began to unbutton his chef’s coat.

“And Annette?” he asked. “How about you?”

Suzy’s eyes got big as she whipped her head around in surprise. “Um, I don’t…”

“Sure you do,” Tom said. “I remember the Halloween party in college with your sorority friend. What was her name?”

“Candice,” Suzy answered, suddenly embarrassed by the admission. “But we were drunk,” she said in a weak attempt of dissuasion. “That was a long time ago.”

“And Candace always said you were the best she had,” Tom reminisced. “And as I recall, Candace got around.” Tom looked to Annette. “If Suzy was the best Candace experienced, and she was drunk, imagine what she could do for you fully sober,” Tom reasoned.

Annette was genuinely curious, especially with Suzy’s reputation now exposed. Annette had some recreational experiences in college with her own female friends. Even though she preferred the feel of a man inside of her, she had experienced how women know what makes other woman feel good in ways a man can never understand. With her work schedule, it had also been several weeks since she had sex. If Ricardo and Francois were going to have sex with Suzy, she might as well not miss out. “If she is as good as you say she is,” Annette answered.

“Your complete satisfaction is her greatest desire,” Tom said.

Benjamin began taking his coat off as a non-verbal answer to Tom’s imminent invitation. He had been lusting after Suzy ever since the moment she arrived, and especially since she emerged from the servant’s dressing quarters in her new uniform. He wouldn’t pass the only opportunity he might have to experience what Suzy was there to offer.

“Very well then,” Tom said with a broad smile. He enjoyed watching Suzy squirm at the predicament. “It looks like our introductions, orientation, audition and initiation are all being rolled into one glorious morning together. Let the fun begin! I want to make sure we remember this moment as deliciously as Francois’ meal and adventurously as Ricardo’s drive.”

Suzy realized she had a decision to make, not just for what was about to happen, but also for her employment. Benjamin’s coaching reverberated in her mind as she felt the bodies of her four colleagues begin to press in toward her, their eight hands helping themselves to caressing the smooth soft skin of her entire body. She felt the back of her bra suddenly unsnap, causing it to launch off in front of her. It was game time. Either they were about to fuck her brains out, as Ricardo put it, or she would take on her new role and fuck them for all they were worth.

Suzy reached up to take Ricardo’s head in her hands, running her fingers through his hair while pulling his lips to hers. His muscular bare chest pressed against her ample naked breasts. She moved her hands down the hard ripples of his abs and took hold of his belt buckle, quickly dismantling it before lowering his black slacks until they fell in a clump around his ankles. She gently bit his lip before stepping to her left to do the same for Francois, then Benjamin, before planting her thick lips on Annette’s while relieving her of her clothes. As she moved around the inner-circle to systematically disrobe her new colleagues, she felt the garter belt clips released from her own fishnet stockings before her tiny thong made its descent down her long legs to the floor. Cool air and warm hands immediately caressed her ass.

Suzy dropped to her knees in the middle of the tight circle of flesh. Three long shafts pressed in on her like spokes connecting to a hub. She hungrily took Ricardo’s eight-inch manhood into her mouth while grasping the other two with each hand. Her head and arms moved rhythmically together, as if choreographed to seduce the three men simultaneously. Her skills were rewarded with the harmonizing trio of men’s moans. Annette reached down to caress Suzy’s tits, while working her nipples between her fingers.

As Suzy felt Ricardo coming close to orgasm, she pulled off, turned to her right, and aimed her tongue toward Annette’s pussy while taking Ricardo and Benjamin’s dicks in her hands. Annette let out a gentle scream of delight as Suzy’s tongue commandeered her pussy. Annette’s petite tits pointed forward as her dark nipples tightened in response. Her body’s immediate response to Suzy’s skillful touch made her realize how long it had been and how desperate her body was for release. “Oh yes, oh yes,” Annette whispered. Ricardo joined in, his body melting from the attention.

Suzy seamlessly transitioned again to the right, letting her fingers pick up with Annette’s pussy where her mouth left off, taking hold of Benjamin’s dick in her mouth and in her other hand, Francois’ member aching for her touch. “Oh gawd, don’t stop, don’t stop,” Annette begged.

Ricardo joined in, “Son of a bitch! I was going to cum!”

“Not yet you’re not,” Suzy said as she briefly pulled off of Benjamin. “No one is done here until I’m done with you.” She dove forward again to consume the length of Benjamin’s dick. Benjamin was in agony of pleasure, feeling as if Suzy was drawing cum from every extremity of his body. Ricardo was desperate for relief and her touch. His dick throbbed, begging for release. Suzy skillfully continued until she felt Annette, Benjamin and Francois all close to cumming, before turning again. She dove forward to consume Francois’ member; he was ready to experience what the others had of her unrivaled oral affection. She took Ricardo’s and Benjamin’s dicks in her hands, pumping them with vigor. Suzy continued around the inner-circle, skillfully tormenting all four colleagues, keeping them at a desperate point of release. Like a Chinese acrobat, she kept the four plates of orgasms spinning, moving from one to the other, holding them suspended in blissful pleasure. She had all four where she wanted, determined to bring them to one simultaneous volcanic eruption.

Ricardo’s passion escalated and wanted to take control. “I’m ready to fuck this girl,” he said.

“Me too,” Francois said.

“We can’t all fuck her at the same time,” Benjamin said, eager for his turn.

“The hell we can’t,” Ricardo said. “I’m fucking her ass. Benjamin, you fuck her pussy, Francois gets her tits and Annette gets fucked by her tongue.”

Suzy couldn’t believe what she was hearing; the others were impressed with Ricardo’s quick ingenuity. They all wondered if his creativity came from experience or from fast driving reflexes. Maybe both.

Ricardo wasted no time to lie on his back on the floor in the middle of the circle. He instructed Suzy to lie on top of him, facing up, with her back against his chest. He ran his fingers across her drenched pussy to gather lubrication from her own juices, before pushing one, then two fingers deep into her ass as preparation. Suzy screamed from the pain and pressure.

“Shit!” she said.

“You like that?” Ricardo asked in his thick Latin accent.

“Shit!,” she repeated, conceding to his determination. Ricardo ran his fingers again across her pussy and returned them to her ass as final preparation before firmly taking each of her ass cheeks in his hands. He slowly slid her body down, guiding the opening of her ass toward his waiting firm dick for penetration. He had never seen an ass more beautiful for fucking, and wasn’t going to miss this opportunity.

“Son of a bitch!” she yelled as the head of his thick bulby penis penetrated her tight hole and pushed deep within her. Her body naturally leaned forward as a reflex, almost sitting up.

Ricardo pulled her shoulders back on top of him, forcing her to lie on her back as his penis continued its journey into her bowels. “Let’s go,” Ricardo said to the others. “This girl is begging to be fucked.”

Benjamin knelt down between their legs, and began to rub the glowing button of her clitoris before plunging his dick deep into her soaked pussy. Suzy’s entire abdomen felt packed with meat, as the two dicks began to simultaneously pump her ass and pussy. Her body ached. Francois immediate straddled her chest and placed his pulsating dick between her large breasts. He pushed her tits together, causing his member to disappear in her soft flesh. Keeping with the motion of the other two men, Francois began to fuck her large melons, well aware it would not be long until they would be covered in his warm cream.

Annette wasted no time to join the men’s assault on this newest member of the staff by lowering her already wet pussy toward Suzy’s mouth. “Finish me,” she said. “Drink every drop.” Suzy immediately obeyed, using her mouth and tongue to masterfully massage Annette’s pussy lips and love box while the men ravaged the rest of her body. “Oh fuck yes,” Annette complemented as she dropped her head back in delight. “Oh yes, yes!”

Tom watched in amazement as four people worked together to pillage Suzy’s body. “That’s how a staff work together to get something, or someone done,” he thought to himself. Even he hadn’t imagined Suzy taking four on at once. His own dick stood rock hard at attention, watching the staff fuck-fest. He looked forward to his turn, having her all to himself in his own quarters when his staff was finished with her.

“Oh fuck!” Ricardo yelled. It was impossible for his thick dick to last long under the crushing pressure of the tiny anal canal before erupting into her, especially after her oral and hand assault minutes before.

Ricardo’s announcement of his immanent orgasm pushed the other three past the point of no return. “Oh yes!” Annette screamed as her love box gushed, showering Suzy’s mouth and face with her sweet nectar. Suzy’s tongue and lips responded energetically to the taste of Annette’s honey. Annette dropped her head back, with moans of ecstasy, “Yes, Yes, YES!”

Suzy felt her own body beginning to surrender to the multiple penetrations. Her head swirled. It had been a long time since Suzy had experienced anal sex, and the first time to be taken by four people simultaneously. Nerves covering her body buzzed with sensory overload. “Oh gawd, oh gawd,” she whispered as Annette’s cum blanketed her tongue and taste buds. Suzy gasped for air. Her own orgasm began to sweep over her. Cold chills covered her body.

“Don’t stop, don’t stop,” Annette begged.

“Aaaauuuuuggggghhhhh!” Ricardo yelled as his thick cream unloaded into the deep crevices of her ass, further lubricating the increasing piston action of his dick. He pumped harder as their bodies slid easily on top of one another.

“Fuck yes!” Benjamin yelled in response, as his seed launched into her pussy. His head dropped back; his hips thrusting into her with determination. Wave after wave of heavy cum filled her, overflowing between her legs and onto Ricardo’s dick as it continued to pump her ass from beneath.

The passionate string of French explicatives added to the other pleasured sounds in the room as Francois’ dick shot a thick white stream across Suzy’s chest and neck, decorating Annette’s back in front of him. Load after load of his European milk poured from between her firm round breasts, impressively painting Suzy’s tits and Annette’s ass with a thick coat of white.

Suzy gasped for air, caught up in the irony that only a couple hours before, she begged her husband Mark to make love to her, and he rolled over disinterested. Yet now, three men and a woman she just met couldn’t get enough of her, consuming every inch of her exquisite body.

Tom watched as the five beautiful bodies wrapped around one another in passionate coordinated sex as if an elegant moving sculpture of fine art. Sweat dripped from their naked bodies, lubricating the smooth glide of their bodies sharing common penetration of Suzy in the center. The five voices moaned with a chorus of pleasure as their drenched bodies moved together in one giant flood of sexual release, before collapsing onto one another. None of them could believe what just happened, especially Suzy.

“The weekend is off to a nice start,” Tom said. “Everyone shower and change into a fresh uniform. Suzy, use the back elevator to meet me in my third floor quarters after you’ve cleaned up,” Tom instructed nonchalantly. “My plans for your morning have only just begun. It’s my turn to experience what should have been mine years ago,” Tom said with a satisfied smile.

The warm water of the pulsating shower felt good as it poured over and caressed Suzy’s body in the servant’s room shower. Annette showered comfortably next to her. Suzy’s body ached from being at the center of her first five-some, living up to the high expectation of fucking each person until they were completely spent and satisfied. Her colleagues were impressed with her. Truthfully, she had impressed herself. She knew Tom was now waiting for her in his private quarters.

Suzy remembered her college days, feeling desperate to feel Tom inside of her. Maybe if Tom had allowed her to fuck him back then, she would never have cheated with Mark. That was speculation, and it didn’t matter. For the pure physical enjoyment of no holds barred raw sex, she and Mark did cheat, again and again, behind Tom’s back. Now, all this luxury and Tom could have been hers if she had remained loyal. Instead, all this luxury and her body now belonged to Tom, and she had nothing to show for it. She began to realize her current predicament was a result of her infidelity years before. She paid for it then, she is paying for it now and would be paying for it in the foreseeable years ahead.

Suzy emerged from the elevator into the luxurious third-floor private living space. A large flat screen television was animated with images and sounds in the center of the spacious living room. At first she thought it was a porn video of an orgy in full swing, until she recognized it as a vivid recording of what had just taken place in the parlor minutes before.

“Amazing clarity and videography, isn’t it?” Tom asked as he walked toward her with a drink in his hand.

“You recorded it?” she asked surprised.

“My security cameras record every movement in the house. I’m fastidious these days about making sure nothing happens behind my back that I don’t know about or want.” His words landed hard on Suzy. “As I watch the clarity of this video, I am just realizing the new potential uses and opportunities these videos might provide.”

Suzy glanced at the passionate five-some on the screen in high definition as the three dicks and one pussy of her new colleagues ravished her body. In the heat of the unbridled sex, she heard her own words announce, “No one is done here until I’m done with you.”

“We just want to make sure these videos never accidentally end up in the wrong hands,” Tom said. “Unless of course, your family would like to invite me over to share home movies. I can see what happens in your home, and Mark can see what happens in mine.”

“You wouldn’t,” Suzy blurted forcefully in panic.

“Not with your continued full cooperation,” he answered, revealing another layer of his web spun to ensure her allegiance. Suddenly there was even more than the house, or money or marriage at risk.

Tom and Suzy didn’t leave the third-floor private quarters again until the completion of her first weekend shift that Sunday night. Benjamin regularly delivered food prepared by Francois to refuel their bodies, and Annette worked hard to keep the sheets and other linens fresh. In many ways it was reminiscent of their college days; in many ways everything was different. Suzy’s body ached and was spent from all the attention.

Chapter Four

After a month, Suzy began to accept the plight of her new weekend job. She resigned herself to its demanding expectations. She had no choice but to pay her debt. She was used to giving herself fully to anything, or anyone she had committed to. With all that was now at stake, she decided this would be no different. Tom took full personal advantage of her eager cooperation; he was also generous with her services for his houseguests. He enjoyed offering extravagant no-questions-asked intimate hospitality services for his dinner guests. Those who stayed the night had the opportunity to enjoy her company until morning; others simply enjoyed a little late-night entertaining before going home. Her services were available to men, women and couples. Tom had no problem occupying her the rest of her time each weekend.

Suzy arrived home late every Sunday night exhausted from the weekend demands. Marital tension still loomed in her marriage with Mark, but had softened from their fight a month before when she first started her job. Mark was always ready for her to be home Sunday nights. After carrying the solo-parent responsibilities all weekend, and getting ready to go back to work Monday morning, he was ready for some sexual release. Even though Suzy’s body ached, she felt obligated to accept Mark’s Sunday night advances in order to keep her secret and her marriage. She couldn’t tell Mark she wasn’t up to sex with him because she had been fucking Tom and his friends all weekend.

This Sunday night, a month into her job, things turned more precarious. After her obligatory homecoming fuck with Mark, Suzy rolled over fatigued onto the bed. She looked forward to sleeping in Monday morning. She lay unaffected as Mark’s thick white cum poured from between her legs. She was ready to go to sleep. She pulled the warm heavy covers around her.

“You’ll never guess who called me this weekend,” Mark whispered into her ear as he spooned next to her.

“”I’m too exhausted to even guess,” Suzy answered, disinterested.

“Tom. Tom Newhouse,” he said.

Suzy’s eyes immediately startled wide-awake in fear. “Really?” she faked calmly, attempting to sound unmoved. “What’s he up to?” she asked.

“CEO of some big personal investment firm,” he answered.

“Why did he call? What did he want?” Suzy asked, genuinely curious.

“He invited me over for a guy’s poker night on Saturday,” he answered. “One of their usual guys can’t make it and they need someone to fill in.”

Suzy’s heart raced. “That’s too bad you can’t go it since I will be at work,” she attempted, leaving out the detail that her job was at Tom’s house. “You need to be here with the kids.”

“I thought I’d call the babysitter,” he said, with a plan already thought out. “Like you said, you’ll be working. The kids will be in bed. I’ll be free. It will be good for me to get out of the house with some guys. Who knows, maybe I’ll win enough money from Tom to use his wealth to pay off some of our debts.” The irony in Tom’s words was painful.

“I don’t know,” Suzy said. “We can’t afford to lose money at a poker game,” hoping to discourage him from accepting the invitation.

“Another reason to go,” Mark said. “Tom said he felt badly for how things ended with our friendship years ago, and wanted to make it up. He said he would even spot me the $2000 to get in the game. I only have to pay him back if I have it at the end of the game.”

Suzy felt paralyzed. She couldn’t believe Tom would invite Mark over when she would be at the house, and entice him to come by spotting him $2000! What was he thinking? What was he doing? She was too exhausted to think clearly to come up with a reason to say no. “Can we talk about it more in the morning?” she asked.

“Sure,” he said, as he put his arm around his spent wife. “Sweet dreams.”

Suzy’s body was desperate for sleep, but her mind was now doing cartwheels. When she did doze off out of sheer exhaustion, she would jolt awake in fear after only a few minutes. Mark’s announcement of Tom’s invitation prevented any deep sleep, let alone sweet sleep. “Damn him,” she thought. “Damn him.”

In the morning, Suzy still couldn’t make a case to prevent Mark from accepting Tom’s poker invitation. Mark argued that she would never know if he went or not, because the game was scheduled while she was away at work. It was impossible for Mark to know how wrong he was, and that Suzy would be right there watching his every move. Suzy felt paralyzed in shock at the thought of being discovered by Mark dressed in her skimpy uniform, there to perform as expected. She desperately wanted to call Tom to ask what he was thinking when he invited Mark over? What the fuck was he doing putting everything at risk?

Mark called Tom Monday morning to accept the invitation for the guys’ night of poker. Tom queried if Suzy was OK with Mark coming over Saturday evening. Mark explained that she didn’t seem too happy, but it didn’t matter since she would be gone at her new job all weekend. Tom smiled deviously at the news. He could only imagine how awkward the conversation between Mark and Suzy would have been for Suzy.

“I’m so glad you can come Saturday night,” Tom said genuinely. “It will be great to catch up.”

“I’m looking forward to it,” Mark said. “Thanks for thinking of me to fill in. It will also be great to get out with some guys.”

“Definitely that,” Tom said. “In fact, I need to let you know there’s a twist on our poker night that takes it to a whole other level. I actually call it our guys’ ‘poke-her’ night,” Tom said, spelling out p-o-k-e-h-e-r. “The ‘her’ is a talented woman who makes sure every man leaves happy.”

“What do you mean?” Mark asked.

“We play poker like always, five card draw. The only twist is we make the queen of hearts a wild card. The queen of hearts becomes anything you want her to be. Not only that, but anytime you win a hand with the queen of hearts, you get the money and the girl.”

“Win the girl?”

“I mean she becomes yours. Like the card, she will become anything you want her to be and do anything you want her to do. Her best skill is her willingness to gladly fuck your brains out any way you want until someone else wins a hand with a queen of hearts, or until you are so spent you are ready to get back into the game.”

“You’re kidding me,” he said stunned.

“On the contrary,” Tom promised. “I am barely scratching the surface. She will blow your mind, and the mind of every man there, guaranteed.”

That’s amazing, Mark said. Where’d you find her?”

“The amazing thing is she found me,” Tom said. “She’s insatiable. I have a hard time keeping up with her. I’ve never had a better fuck.”

“I don’t know,” Mark said. “I mean, I’ve never cheated on Suzy.”

“Yeah, you’ve only cheated with Suzy,” Tom wanted to say, but held back.

“It’s not cheating,” Tom said instead. “It’s not like your having an affair, carrying on a relationship with another woman.” Mark had no idea how true Tom’s words were; she wasn’t another woman, the woman was his wife. “You’d just be enjoying your winnings at a guys poker night with no strings attached. How would Suzy ever know?” Tom’s words were as devious and deceptive.

“I don’t know,” Mark said mulling over the invitation.

“Come on Mark. You already told Suzy you’re coming, don’t back out now. You said she is out working anyway. Treat yourself to some fun. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. You also have nothing to lose. I’m the only one that can lose here, putting up $2000 to get you in the game. You have everything to win, with no risk. It will be like college days. Don’t let me down.”

“Ok,” Mark said. “I’m in.”

“Awesome,” Tom said. “Get ready for a great night that will rock your world.”

Saturday arrived quickly for Suzy, but slowly for Mark in their mutual anticipation for the night’s poker game. Suzy felt sheer panic; Mark was secretly excited. He chose not to let Suzy know about Tom’s little twist on an otherwise standard evening of poker.

Suzy arrived at the house as usual, early that Saturday morning, for her weekend job. She was livid and eager to speak with Tom. Benjamin informed her that Tom would be out of the house most of the day on business. However, he had arranged for a professional theater makeup artist to meet with her during the afternoon to make some enhancements in preparation for the night’s epic card game. The artist would be adding makeup putty to reshape her nose and other features, and then apply a thick masquerade of makeup. They would then spend an hour attaching a professional black wig to complete her disguise. In short, Suzy would be transformed in a way that would fool her own husband, even if he were close enough for her to fuck. Tom delighted in the thought of Mark cheating on his own wife, by unknowingly fucking her. Suzy realized she had no other options but to go along.

Benjamin set up the large game room on the first level of the house. An impressive felt-covered oak game table was set in the middle of the room with a small sports chandelier hanging over it. Wall sconces dimly lit the rest of the room. A large flat screen television blared a college football game as background noise. A large leather couch sat prominently at one end of the room, a small bed at the other. Francois prepared elaborate snacks far beyond customary fare for a poker game, but customary for Tom’s penchant to go over the top in everything he did. His three guests arrived promptly at 7:00 pm.

“Welcome!” Benjamin said, as he greeted the three men for the evening. Benjamin ushered them to the game room. Dave and Carl had been to the house many times for these poker games, but this was the inaugural game with the “poke-her” twist. The idea originated a couple months before when they were all inebriated at one of their usual games. They thought it would be a great way to spice things up. Dave, Carl and their other usual player Sam never imagined Tom might actually find a way to do it. Tonight he had, and Dave and Carl were ready.

Dave was an all-around nice guy, but uncanny in his intelligence. The tall Irish man with translucent blue eyes loved playing basketball in his spare time, most often pick-up games in his neighborhood. He had worked at the company longer than Tom and had a deep admiration for his young boss. Tom trusted him implicitly.

Carl was a former star college football player whose injuries his senior year kept him out of the pros. He now dedicated himself to applying his competitive instincts in the financial industry. His physical stature was like a muscular wall standing six foot seven, with an unusually thick neck, bulging arms and legs like tree trunks. His broad smile and boisterous personality had a way of lighting up a room. When Carl walked in, everyone knew the party had arrived.

Mark was astonished by the lavish extravagance of everything: the mansion, the elegant décor, the professional staff, the aroma of food, and the audacious guys’ poke-her night, complete with a promised gorgeous girl who would gladly satisfy any request. Mark felt intimidated and overwhelmed by it all, but was bold and frustrated enough to indulge a little in how the other half live. The three men helped themselves to options from and array of cold kegs and hot snacks prepared by Francois.

“Welcome,” Tom said. “So glad you could each join us for our inaugural poke-her night,” he added, using his fingers to make quote marks in the air at the phrase “poke-her.”

Dave and Carl laughed at the announcement. “Damn right,” Carl said. “I can’t believe you pulled this off,” he said.

“You know better than to doubt anything I set my mind to,” Tom said. “Let’s get this game started, shall we?”

“Where’s the girl?” Dave said, unashamed. “I want to see who we are playing for.”

“Have a seat,” Tom said, “and I’ll send her in.”

As the men sat down, Benjamin opened the door for Suzy’s entrance. The three men gasped at her beauty. She wore her customary uniform. Her sultry walk across the room instantly mesmerized all three men. Suzy’s heart raced as she glanced at Mark. She feared he would somehow recognize her. She was glad for the dimly lit room, other than the bright light over the elaborate card table. She worked to stay focused on teasing all of Tom’s evening guests with seductive looks. She ran the fingers of her hand over the men’s shoulders as she circled the table.

“That will be all Benjamin,” Tom called out. “I will let you know if we need anything more.” Benjamin closed the door behind him as he exited the room, leaving Suzy alone with the four men.

“Gentlemen,” Tom continued. “I see you approve.”

“Damn,” Dave said. “She is more beautiful than I imagined.”

“You haven’t seen anything yet. Real beauty is not just to be seen, but to be experienced. She will gladly replenish your food and drinks through the evening, unless of course, she is otherwise occupied by one of us.”

“I’m going to like this,” Carl said.

“Help yourself to touch anything that is not covered. However, like all great rewards, the real prize has to be earned,” Tom said. “We’re playing a simple five card draw, aces high and $200 ante. Tonight, the only difference is the queen of hearts is also wild.” Tom held a queen of hearts card up to make his point. “Any hand that you win with a queen of hearts means you win the money and the girl,” Tom said. “Winning with the queen of hearts means you win this queen of hearts,” Tom announced slapping Suzy on the ass. “Let me tell you, just like the card, this queen of hearts is wild.”

The men cheered with shouts and playful primal grunts. Tom instructed Suzy to strut around the table to entice the men for what they were ultimately playing for. “The moment you win a hand with a queen of hearts, she is yours. She will gladly reward you by doing anything you want. Let me just say that you can’t out-sex her. People have tried. There is no limits to what she is capable of, so don’t hold back.” His words were as much instruction for Suzy as they were an invitation to the men.

Natural instinct caused the three other men, to look at Suzy’s face for her response to Tom’s bold invitation. Suzy smiled. “Bring it,” she said with an attempt to disguise her voice with a seductive tone. Carl and Dave cheered, impressed by Tom at a whole new level. Mark felt out of his league; he had never experienced anything like this.

Tom slid the card bearing the queen of hearts in the center of the deck. “Time to cut the cards and play gentlemen.” He threw two $100 chips into the center of the table. The three men matched his bet.

Carl and Dave took generous liberties to caress and handle any bare skin whenever Suzy got close. She kept replenishing their beers and snacks, putting her within easy reach of their touch. Suzy secretly felt relief and some pride that Mark didn’t reach out to touch or handle her when she got close. Maybe he would stay loyal and keep his focus on the cards.

Dave failed miserably at hiding the fact the first queen of hearts card of the game showed up in his hand. He had another queen, but nothing else. He increased his bet, only to have Tom call. Tom’s pair of kings beat him out of the money and the girl.

“Damn it Tom!” Dave said in jest. “I’m ready to fuck this girl.”

“Looks like you’ll have to do better than a pair of queens then,” Tom said. “Anticipation will just make you appreciate her all the more.”

The men chided Dave and laughed. Suzy felt a relief from the temporary delay; but she knew it wouldn’t be long. Every game without a queen of hearts in play escalated the suspense. All four men had begun to experience the buzz of alcohol and enjoyment of smack talk with each hand. A cloud of pure Cuban cigar smoke from Tom and Dave hovered over the table.

Carl smiled a broad grin when he picked up the five cards dealt to him a half an hour into the game. It was the hand he had been waiting for. Carl held two aces, a seven, a nine and the renowned queen of hearts. He raised the bet by $50 and traded in for two cards, which were just as worthless as the two he gave up. With bets and cards completed, Carl dropped his three aces on the table, using the wild card. He taunted the other three men as his pile of chips returned to its original size and more importantly, he became the first to win the ultimate prize.

“Well, well, well,” Tom said with a big smile, glad for his friend’s success.

“Gentlemen,” Carl said as he stood up, reminding the others of the sheer size of his frame. Suzy’s eyes got big when she saw the massive wall of a man rise from the table. “I’m going to leave you to your cards while I enjoy my prize over here. I wish you well.”

“Let’s go lover,” Suzy invited with a façade of willing seduction. Suzy knew she would need to act in a way so unlike her usual behavior to dispel any suspicions of her identity by Mark. At the same time, Suzy resigned herself to what was about to happen, and even wondered if everything on Carl’s body might be in proportion to his enormous tall wide frame.

Dave and Mark couldn’t help glancing through the semi-dark room to get glimpses of Carl enjoying his prize. They envied him. They wondered how much would be left of her after his sheer size was done with her.

Suzy reached up to begin to take Carl’s shirt off. She was impressed that he was still as muscular as he was big, even though it had been a few years since he played professional football. “So, did you win the prize or did I?” Suzy flattered as she yanked his pants down to the floor. Her wondering about the size of his dick being in proportion to the rest of his body was immediately answered. Seeing his big thick black cock up close gave the appearance of being almost as long and hard as a baseball bat. She had never seen anything like it. “I don’t know what you want from me, but I know what I want from you,” Suzy said, surprising Carl by her forwardness.

“What’s that?” he asked.

“I want to see what this bad boy is capable of,” she said with a sly smile.

“Holy shit,” Carl said as he watched her drop to her knees and attempt to take the entire length of his impressive member down her white throat. She gagged at first, but persevered until his dick disappeared down her relaxed esophagus like a sword in a sheath. Her skill was beyond anything that even Carl had ever experienced. “Oh fuck!” he yelled, half overwhelmed, half boasting so the other men could hear.

Suzy continued her relentless assault. If given the choice, she decided she would rather take control. She knew how to do it in a way that caused any man to surrender, no matter their size. The bigger they are, the harder they might fall.

“Shit, shit, shit!” Carl yelled as floodwaters of cum instantly began to be siphoned from deep within him. He pulled his pulsating bat from her mouth and stood her up. He quickly removed her bra as her hands kept up their assault on his long shaft. He slid her thong down her long tanned legs, baring her wet pussy. “You want to see what this bad boy is capable of, then I’ll show you,” he promised. He laid her back on the bed and aimed his throbbing dick toward the ultimate prize.

“Oh fuck,” Suzy screamed as his thick long dick penetrated her captive pussy.

The remaining men around the table suddenly found their interest in the brightly lit card game paling in comparison to the sounds and movements coming from the dark end of the room. They each grew eager for a queen of hearts to show up in their hand.

Carl pulled back briefly only to push more deeply into her. Cold chills covered Suzy’s body from the ecstasy and pain of being drilled at depths she had never experienced. Her body convulsed under the weight of his warm body. His dick massaged every millimeter of her molten hot pussy. She was no longer in control.

“Oh yes! Oh yes!” Suzy cried. She felt Carl consume one of her firm round breasts into his mouth, tormenting her tender nipple. “Is that all you have?” she teased. “Fuck me harder,” she begged.

Carl responded by pounding his body into her. His pre-cum mixed with her soaked pussy to lubricate the hot friction of his action as he relentlessly drilled her into the soft bed.

Suzy skillfully pushed him over onto his back while anchoring his long dick deep inside of her. She straddled his body with her legs while riding him as if galloping on a horse. She leaned over on top of him, crushing her soft melons into his chest. “I’ll show you what a real fucking is,” she promised as she allowed her body to be completely impaled by his impressive member. Every muscle within her took hold of him as she ascended and descended the long pole. “I’ll stop when I’m done,” she said, retaking control, no matter how many times it makes you cum inside of me.”

Suzy’s bold talk sent Carl over the edge. “Oh fuck!” he cried out, no longer able to hold back. What felt like a quart of thick cum pushed up the length of his dick like a fire hose pushing water through a drinking straw. A tidal wave of thick cum flooded into her voracious pussy. Sweat covered their bodies from the sheer heat of the sexual storm. Carl realized Suzy’s taunting words were not empty rhetoric or threats. Her sexual torrent was being unleashed on him.

Suzy’s body succumbed in response to his. She screamed as her pussy gushed with her first orgasm of the night, drenching Carl’s dick. She used him as a sex toy, draining every drop she could, as he lay helpless. Suzy felt Carl’s body begin to melt into the soft bed. He was spent and exhausted. Everything Tom had said about her was true, and the night was still young.

“I’m not done with you,” she taunted in his ear. “Are you a quitter? All that fucking made me thirsty. I’m taking you again.”

Carl moaned as he felt both of her hands take hold of his still semi-hard member. His dark black shaft was painted in white from the mixture of their cum. He felt her warm moist lips surround the head of his penis before she consumed him again. She savored the flavors of cum coating her tongue and throat. She devoured him for more. She slowly worked the length of his dick, allowing her lips and tongue to skillfully massage every inch. The size of his meat grew involuntarily inside her mouth, filling her again, and intensifying his sensitivity to her oral assault. Over and over she scaled and descended his length. His body wriggled under her.

“Oh gawd, you’re going to take me again,” he said. The other men envied the action Carl was getting. With all the women Carl had been with, he had never experienced anyone like this. Carl’s words only served to encourage Suzy’s determination. She was thirsty for him. Nothing would stop her from taking him again.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, here it comes!” he yelled. Deep down Suzy took satisfaction from feeling his dick thicken with impending eruption, until finally her mouth filled with the first serving of his warm delicious cream. Her lips insatiably pumped him for more, drawing every drop down her parched throat. Carl grew dizzy, the room spinning faster and faster as if he were on a whirling merry-go-round. His body quaked until she finally released him. She sat up victorious on his spent body, drops of his cum escaping down her chin and onto her large tits.

“Read them and weep!” Tom shouted, as he dropped the queen of hearts on to the table across the room.

Suzy was still catching her breath, sitting on top of Carl who lay completely drained. She realized there would be no reprieve for her tonight. Every time the queen of hearts would be played, so would she.

Mark watched as Tom took his turn in the shadows of the room to claim his prize, while Carl returned to the card table. Dave’s turn came twenty minutes later when he used the queen of hearts to win, and then walked across the room to enjoy his earned reward. Mark couldn’t help noticing that each man returning from his prize looked blissfully shell-shocked. The beer continued to flow at the card table; the cum continued to flow in, on and around the gorgeous mystery woman.

“Damn she’s good,” Carl said, seeing the satisfied look on Tom’s face as he returned to the table and dealt the next hand.

“I’m telling you,” Tom agreed, “there is none better.” Moans began to emanate again from the side of the room, as Dave became the next to fall under Suzy’s intoxicating spell. Suzy could tell Dave wasn’t going to last long. He almost filled his pants the moment she walked into the room an hour and a half earlier. His dick had been hard since then, torturously waiting for his turn while Carl and Tom had their way with her first. Suzy was so convincing that Dave actually believed she had never enjoyed a better piece of meat.

The whole experience felt surreal for Mark. He was playing poker in a dimly lit room of a lavish mansion owned by his old college roommate who he hadn’t seen in years. In addition to the unlimited beer and food, men were helping themselves to one of the most gorgeous women Mark had ever seen. In a funny way, she even looked a little like Suzy. Mark enjoyed the buzz from the beer, but also strangely grateful for the seemingly serendipitous carnal night out. He deserved it. If Suzy decided to be away every weekend at some lame new job, there was nothing wrong with him taking a few hours to play poker with some guys. After seeing the look from each man returning from this amazing woman, Mark began to look forward to his turn with the queen of hearts.

“Mark, you’re the only one who hasn’t been over there yet,” Tom teased loudly enough for Suzy to hear. “You need to step up your card game.”

Suzy shuttered at the thought of Mark coming over with the risk of being discovered by her husband. Butterflies of nerves filled her gut, in addition to more cum than she had ever swallowed in such a short amount of time.

“Yeah,” Mark said, “I want to, but…”

Suzy felt a sudden hope that Mark might turn down the opportunity to enjoy the evening’s illicit sexual rewards. His hesitation was ironic considering he had unknowingly been watching strange men have continuous raw sex with his wife. She didn’t have a choice to fuck these men; but Mark had a choice to fuck a woman he had no idea was actually his wife. The temptation was all the more enticing and difficult to resist because the other men in the room all returned to the table mesmerized by her lascivious skills.

“What do you mean that you ‘want to, but?’” Tom interrupted. “The point is that you want to. That’s all that matters. We’re here to have fun. Whether you fuck her or not, no one outside this room will ever know what happens here tonight.” Mark had no way to know the one person he would want keep the secret from was the very person in disguise fucking the other men in the room for all they were worth.

Mark picked up his cards. His heart raced with suspense to see the queen of hearts staring back at him from his hand. The card was flanked by the ten, jack, queen and king of spades. The chances of being dealt this almost perfect poker hand was near to impossible, except that Tom had been waiting all night to deal it to him. He set Mark up to make a decision. The whole night had actually gone exactly as Tom had planned, as most things in his life do. Tom watched for what Mark would do given the opportunity to cheat on his wife with a woman touted by every other man in the room as the best they had ever had.

“I’ll raise $100,” Mark said with a calm voice and poker face.

“Someone’s confident,” Carl said, “but I’m in. I think you’re bluffing.”

“Me too,” Tom said to add to the suspense, knowing full well that Mark cards could change his life.

“So, how’s it going with Suzy these days?” Tom asked nonchalantly as the suspense of the card game intensified.

Suzy strained to hear how Mark would answer, as Dave moved his dick down toward her body with purpose. His eight inches quickly disappeared deep her infamous pussy.

Mark was surprised that Tom would ask such a personal question in the middle of a poker game, but somehow understood his interest with their history. “Um, actually going through a tough spell right now,” he confessed honestly, “but we’ll be OK.”

“Sorry to hear that,” Tom lied. “This is the perfect night for you to be here then. I guarantee that when you win with the queen of hearts, that woman over there will make you feel better about everything.”

Mark glanced over to the activity across the room, as Dave’s moans got louder. The vice grip of Suzy’s love muscles around Dave’s dick promised sure results.

“In fact, she’ll do anything Suzy won’t do in the bedroom,” Tom promised. “What is one thing you always wanted to do to Suzy that she won’t let you?”

“That’s none of your business,” Mark said.

Suzy felt shocked by Tom’s question, but reassured again at Mark’s response. Dave continued to pound her canal, ready to bathe her with his cum from the inside out.

“True,” Tom said. “I was just thinking, that given the chance, you might as well make the most of what this woman will do — and blow your mind doing it.”

Suzy knew what Mark’s fantasy was, and the line she had drawn in the bedroom. She couldn’t believe Tom was attempting to erase that line. Tom liked to control everything else, now he was attempting to control what happened in her bedroom.

“So, what’s going to be your prize tonight?” Tom needled.

“I’m going to fuck her in the ass,” Mark blurted.

Suzy gasped when she heard Mark’s answer, just as Dave overflowed her pussy with what felt like a liter of thick cum. “Aaauuuugggghhhh!” Dave yelled. He pounded his throbbing member into her, determined to fill her with as much of his virulent seed as possible. “Yes, Yes, YES!” Dave repeated in ecstasy.

Mark smiled as he dropped his royal flush on the table, the queen of hearts acting like an ace of spades. He pulled the pile of chips toward him, then handed Tom two thousand worth.

“Keep them for now,” Tom insisted. “Let’s see what you have at the end of the night. For now, it is enough for me to see you claim your prize,” Tom said.

Dave and Mark passed each other as they traded places in the room. Mark felt a nervous excitement. The mystery woman stood up to hungrily greet her unsuspecting husband. Her gorgeous naked body was sore from continuous sex with three men; penetrated in almost every way. She dutifully began to undress him. Cold chills covered her body. She realized her husband was choosing to cheat on her, and she was there to make sure it was memorable.

“What do you want, Lover?” she risked asking in a disguised seductive voice.

“I want to fuck you in the ass,” he repeated in a soft, even respectful tone.

Suzy knelt down in front of him and began to orally prepare her husband for his first ass-fucking. She resigned herself to the fact that Mark had been watching her fuck complete strangers all night, the least she could do is offer her own unsuspecting husband the gift of her ass to fulfill his fantasy.

“Oh gawd, you are good,” he said, noticing her oral technique rivaling that of his own wife.

Seeing her up close, the woman continued to look strikingly familiar to Mark. He figured she just had common features that made people uncommonly gorgeous, like Suzy. He looked down to watch her take his entire length into her mouth. As she did, she looked up for a split second to catch his eyes looking at hers, capturing an immediate intimate connection. He had seen her look up at him with her compassionate eyes many times when taking his dick in her mouth. Suzy instantly diverted her eyes to avoid more contact. If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then in a strange way, her soul remarkably reminded him of Suzy. Even her unique oral skills emulated those of his wife. It was surreal and heavenly. Suzy’s heart raced at the fear of being exposed. She responded by treating his dick ravenously in her mouth.

“Oh yes,” he said, fully appreciating the skills that had taken the other men before him. Any fleeting thoughts that this woman might be his wife softly dissipated into a cloud of aroused dizziness from her oral affection. Flashes of logic dispelled the ludicrous thought that this woman might be Suzy: Suzy was at work; Suzy had blond hair; Suzy looked similar but different; Suzy had a wedding ring; Suzy would never willingly allow a room full of strange men to use her any way they wanted as a poker prize. He couldn’t deny however that the similarities of this woman to Suzy made him more aroused. It was almost as if he were cheating with Suzy’s sister, if only she had one.

Suzy could feel that her oral skills were working well, as they always did. Suspense mixed with arousal. She continued to massage the length of his dick with her mouth and one hand, while reaching her other hand down to her pussy. She pushed three fingers deep into her love box to collect cum left there by the other men, transporting the warm white mixture to her ass as lubrication in preparation oto fulfill Mark’s fantasy. Her middle finger entered her anus first, followed by her index finger. She winced at the initial pain. She knew the width of her two slender fingers was nowhere near the size of Mark’s well-endowed member, but like drilling a hole in a wall before securing a screw, it would help to blaze a path. She repeated the actions for added lubrication. It was time to make his dream come true.

Suzy stood up just long enough to turn around and bend over, with her white fit ass pointing up at him. Her long tan legs stood straight and tall in her high heels, each leg flanking a corner of the bed for support. She gathered the two large soft pillows to bury her face in. Suzy reached her hands back and pulled her small ass cheeks apart. Her ass and pussy lay open, bare and ready before him, framed in her black lace garter belt and fishnet stockings.

“Anything you see there Lover Boy that you want to fuck?” she asked in her sultry disguised voice.

Mark immediately pushed the large purple tip of his hard readied dick against the entrance of her lubricated anus. Suzy tried hard to relax in anticipation of his penetration.

“Fuck me, damn it,” she insisted. “Fuck my ass.”

Suzy and Mark both screamed in unison from the pain and pleasure of his entrance. Inch by inch, Mark pushed his dick deeper into her tight canal. With each advance, Suzy’s muscles clamped down like a vice grip around him, until his pelvis pressed against her soft ass. Mark caressed the soft skin of her long toned legs before gripping her ass cheeks in his hands. He savored the bliss of the entirety of his long dick buried deep within her bowels.

“Oh shit!” Mark yelled as he slowly pulled back, withdrawing his dick half way from her ass before fully reinserting himself into her. He moved back and forth, gradually increasing his speed with each pass. Mark and Suzy worked together to develop a sultry rhythm as if they shared an intimate connection. Mark would not be able to last long under the intense pressure of her rear love canal constricted around his dick.

“Fuck me! Yes, fuck me!” she begged. Mark fucking her in the ass made Suzy somehow feel better about what was happening. Ironically, Mark was struggling with the mixed emotions of sheer pleasure and guilt. However, the guilt of fucking a stranger in the ass was no match for the sheer drunken sexual pleasure of how hot this moment was, taking this gorgeous woman in a way his own wife wouldn’t allow.

“Oh fuck, I’m going to cum!” Mark announced. Every inch of his body buzzed from the impending orgasm. His movements in and out of her ass picked up speed. He couldn’t help leaning more heavily against her for support as his head spun in dizzying chaos. His throbbing dick felt tenderized by her ass.

“Aaauuuggghhh, fuck YES!” Mark yelled, unconcerned about the other men in the room, or any staff who might hear him in the far reaches of the large mansion. Pools of his globular cum further lubricated the walls of her ass, before pouring out and down her long perfect legs.

“Ah yes, ah yes!” she yelled, pushing her ass back further, as if begging for more.

Mark pounded her ass until he struggled to stand from his first ass fuck. “Sheeeiiiiittt!” he yelled as he pulled his cum-covered dick from her tiny spent ass.

Suzy immediately turned around and dropped to her knees in front of him. Her ass ached from the affectionate abuse. She took his semi-hard dick into her mouth and began cleaning it of his cum and more. “I’m not done,” she said, briefly pulling off of him, only to return in her determined pursuit to take him again.

Mark turned and fell back on the bed. Suzy refused to let go. She dove forward, allowing his dick to impale her mouth and throat, thirsty for what she could get from him. Her fake black hair blanketed his stomach. On their best nights of sex, she prided herself on her ability to take him multiple times. She decided it would be no different tonight.

Suzy went after him, sucking on his shaft as if it were the sole source of air on a sinking ship. Mark reached his hands out to grip the end of the bed. He couldn’t imagine this woman being able to get more from him in the moment, but also somehow knew that if anyone could, it would probably be her. It was another way she seemed so much like Suzy. He surrendered to her determined assault as the next orgasm was summoned from deep within him.

“Oh yes, oh yes,” he affirmed. “You are going to take me again!”

His words only encouraged Suzy to take again what rightly belonged to her.

“Oh gawd, oh gawd, here it comes!” he announced, just as his familiar warm dessert poured into his wife’s hungry mouth. She continued her tenacious affection until she secured every drop before his body surrendered.

The night was still young for the four men, and for Suzy. The queen of hearts danced through the cards in a way that kept Suzy busy until the game finally finished at 2:00 am. Mark returned the $1500 in chips to Tom, and somehow felt OK for the shortfall, knowing Tom finished the game more than $1000 ahead of when he started. He got all his money back and more.

Tom, of course, didn’t care about the money. It meant nothing to him. Money couldn’t buy the satisfaction of watching Suzy use her gorgeous body all night to convince these four men she wanted nothing more than to be taken by them, while her husband naïvely cheered her on.

Money couldn’t buy the sheer orgasmic satisfaction of fucking Suzy behind Mark’s back, while in plain sight in front of him.

Money couldn’t buy the front row seat to watch his old roommate Mark cheat on his own wife, by unknowingly fucking her every way he wanted, including ways she never allowed in their own bedroom.

Money couldn’t buy the look on Suzy’s face when Carl asked if he could stay the night rather than attempting to drive home drunk, and Tom’s generous response to not only offer a room, but also Suzy’s services for the rest of the night.

Money couldn’t buy the sex tapes Tom now had of both of them cheating on the other.

And most priceless for Tom, money couldn’t buy the satisfaction of watching Suzy and Mark each accrue secrets they would keep from the other for the rest of their lives. Of course Suzy already knew Mark’s sleazy secrets, but she was trapped with them. The moment she exposed him, she would expose her own more sordid acts.


Carl slept in late the next morning, or least he decided there was no reason to hurry out of bed. He had nowhere more enticing to go than deep inside the gorgeous naked woman laying asleep next to him in the spacious king size bed in the center of the luxurious guestroom. He continued to be surprised and delighted for her seemingly insatiable appetite for sex.

Every inch of Suzy’s body ached from the continuous sex over the last 16 hours. Her job required it from her due to the enormous debt hanging over her head. Her marriage and future depended on her exceeding expectations. She realized Carl’s last impression that morning would be what he talked to Tom about when he left. Of all the performing she did the night before, the morning finale would be what Carl remembered.

Suzy disappeared beneath the soft thick sheets in response to Carl’s request for a morning fuck. She engulfed his long black meat into her mouth, pushing its length down her throat. Carl was immediately reminded of her well-honed oral skills. His large muscular body relished her touch. “Oh, yes!” he moaned. Suzy massaged the length of his shaft, turning her head as she ascended and descended the long pole. “Oh, yes!” Carl repeated.

Suzy slowly slid her body forward, pressing her pelvis into his until finally impaling herself on top of him. She slowly began to ride his body, as if savoring each inch of her ascent and descent of his long member. She skillfully gauged her speed by watching Carl’s face, gradually increasing her pace until finally riding as a jockey on the final stretch of the Preakness.

“Oh, shit, oh shit!” he yelled, lost in the rapture of being taken by this unrivaled vixen. It felt as if every muscle in her body was gripped around his long shaft. Her movements were assertive and determined. Carl’s body was covered in sweat; his face glowed with pleasure. He delighted in watching her tan white body pound him, with her large firm tits bouncing freely above him. He was sure he woke up in heaven.

Suzy could feel that Carl was ready to unload deep into her. She leaned down and begged, “fuck my tits. Drench me in your cum.” Suzy immediately rolled over onto the bed next to him and pushed Carl on top of her. Carl’s body writhed with imminent eruption. Suzy cupped each tit with her hands. “Hurry, fuck them,” she begged. “I want to swim in your cum.”

Her words and the feel of his long shaft buried in her soft ample pale tits sent Carl into nirvana. Suzy pressed her tits harder against his dick as Carl’s body moved back and forth over her, his dick gliding in her breasts. “Oh fuck!” he yelled as a wide thick load of his seed painted a path from her breasts, across her neck and onto her face.

“Yes!” Suzy shouted. “Yes!” Her tongue reached out of her mouth to lap up the warm breakfast cream from across her lips. Just as she did, another river of cum flowed from his long shaft, across her body. “Yes, yes,” she screamed.

Carl’s body moved with force over her. He dizzily leaned back from the orgasmic release, further coating her body with the hot lotion. Spray after spray of his warm elixir poured over her. Suzy had never been blanketed by so much cum from one man. As the final drops of white gold gushed from his body, she instinctively leaned forward to take him again into her mouth, ravenously siphoning him for more.

“Oh shit!” Carl repeated. He thought he was done. He thought he was spent. He thought he was in control. His head spun; he was too dizzy to think clearly.

Suzy rolled him over and slid her cum-coated face down the length of his long dark pole. The only thing she loved more than taking a man a second time was when a man took her a second time. There was nothing better then when it happened simultaneously. In college it happened frequently with Tom, in marriage with Mark, and this morning it would be Carl. First orgasms are easy; coaxing the second seduces the primal core, igniting every nerve ending throughout a person’s body. When she was finished with him, he would be like hot butter melting in her hands.

Carl’s felt lost in rapture. His body hummed from the combination of the morning’s hangover and seduction. Her thick lips zealously consumed his impressive member, causing the room to spin faster. The molten lava of cum began its ascent toward eruption. Suzy’s concaved feminine cheeks showed the force of her suction on his dick, guaranteeing every drop of his second load to be captured down her thirsty throat.

Suzy reached her right hand down her body to finger her soaked love box as she continued her affectionate assault on Carl. She moaned as her body responded to her familiar touch, quickening her pleasure zones awake. She anchored her mouth on his dick as she swung her body around, so her knees straddled his head and her pussy hovered over his face.

Carl’s large naked body convulsed beneath her in anticipation of the impending orgasm. His long arms reached across the bed to take hold of whatever he could to secure himself from the dizzying wave. “Damn!” he yelled. Euphoria swept over him as thick bullets of cum shot from him with semi-automatic repetition. Cold chills dotted the landscape of his surrendered body. With every release, his body quaked with greater seismic impact.

Right on cue, Suzy’s middle finger pressed into her clit, applying the perfect pressure to send her over the blissful edge as Carl’s body continued it’s convulsive tremors beneath her. Suzy’s pussy gushed with her sweet juices, drenching Carl’s face. She lowered her ass to planting her vaginal lips onto the thick black lips of his rugged face. Carl’s tongue responded to the breakfast in bed, picking up where her fingers left off. They each finished the other off before Suzy finally collapsed on top of his muscular body.

Carl took his time getting up, showering and getting dressed. He wanted to savor the moment and was in no rush. He couldn’t help staring in amazement at the gorgeous naked specimen stretched out across the bed, dutifully waiting and available for anything else he might want from her before he left. He thanked Tom for the most memorable evening and morning he could remember, with special kudos for Suzy’s remarkable services.

The moment Carl left, Tom invited Suzy to his third floor quarters for the afternoon and evening. He instructed her to shower, but to leave her clean change of clothing in the servant’s dressing room. She wouldn’t need them for the rest of her shift. He was right. Tom made love to Suzy over and over, taking full advantage of her obligated availability. He was aroused and inspired by her performance the night before. He took full benefit of her sensual prowess. He hungrily consumed her almost as if it were the last time they would be together.

As the evening finished, Suzy laid nude on the soft sheepskin in front of the elegant fireplace. A small fire crackled inside. Easy sophisticated jazz filled the room. They waited for Benjamin to arrive with some late evening snacks Francois had prepared.

“I have a proposal,” Tom offered in a soft voice.

“What is it?” she asked, feeling as if her body could take no more after the unrelenting demands of the weekend. Every orifice ached from the incessant sex; her emotions were vulnerable from exhaustion and the precarious evening of Mark’s seeming infidelity.

“We can keep things as they are with your weekends, or we can change our agreement to make this the last night working every weekend.”

“Sounds too good to be true,” Suzy said. She sat up with interest. “What’s the catch? What about what I owe you?” She had experienced enough of Tom in the last month to know he never gives anything away. There was always a catch.

“No catch. We simply change our arrangement to an on-call basis,” he said. “You no longer would be required to give up your weekends to be here.”

“What do you mean on-call?” she asked. “I just show up at your beck and call?”

“Pretty much,” Tom said. “The vast majority of the time will be weekdays. Mark will be at work and your kids will be at school. There may be an occasional evening or times during a weekend, but they would be rare and just for the hours I want you for. You would basically have your weekends back. I will give you as much advance notice as I can when I call, but you will need to be here when I do.”

My name is Danielle. I’m in college and work as a waitress down at Carl’s Tavern. I share an apartment with two roommates who go to the same college. I’m from a small town but this is my second year in the city and I’m getting used to how things work and what is different. It did take me a while to get used to how quick everything went on.

I’m about 20 and I can’t say I have had a lot of experience in life. In my hometown, we were good church-going folk and we did our best to stay out of trouble. I had one boyfriend in high school but it all ended as we went to different colleges. He went to the local college but I wanted a better education and got a partial scholarship to a really good school. But it meant I had to move and that I needed a job to pay for everything else. The first thing that put me off about city living was how dirty everything seemed. In my hometown, there was a lot of dirt roads and everything certainly didn’t sparkle, but things in the city were really…dirty…dingy…filthy really. My roommates always comment on how much I clean the apartment.

You can probably guess from the fact that I’m a waitress who is also in college that I don’t have a lot of money. I do have a car. The only good thing I can say about it is I keep it very clean. But, it is older than I am and it is a piece of crap breaking down all the time. Today is no different. While driving to my job my car just shuts off. No sputter, no weird sounds, nothing. Just dies, and right at the intersection. I quickly jab the consol to turn on my hazards and of course, being evening rush hour traffic, I get a lot of horns and fingers back at me. I open my door and try to push the car to the side of the road but I couldn’t get it to move. Suddenly, the car jerks forward and I hear a couple of guys behind me pushing the car.

“Hey there! We can push it over to that parking lot. Hop in and steer!”

Three guys were in the car two cars behind me. They were all quite muscular and well built and they didn’t even need to strain to push my little junker car. I hopped in and steered as they pushed my car up and off the road into a small lot.

“Okay! That’s good!” one of them yelled.

I pushed on the brake and the car squealed to a stop. I opened my door to thank them and they were already running back to their car so as to not stop traffic any more. My knights were running off to save another damsel somewhere.

I put my hand on my forehead and sighed, standing dumbfounded in the parking lot wondering what to do next. I didn’t have a cell phone. My friend Mike, who normally fixed my car, is away for an entire week. And…I needed to get to work. It was a hot day and I was starting to sweat a little which was going to ruin my hair and makeup. I mentally prepared for getting chastised when I finally got to work…whenever that may be.

That was when I saw my salvation in the distance. I saw a garage about two buildings down so I decided to give it a try. It was about my only hope.

Dressed in my uniform I wore a black skirt, white stockings, black heels, and a white button up blouse. My hair was tied back in a tight ponytail. My attire was somewhat out of place for where I happened to be walking. The restaurant I worked was somewhat of an upscale place so we tried to look the part. It made me good tips but it took me forever to get ready every day.

As I walked in, a scruffy mechanic seemingly out of the movie Deliverance sat at the front counter. He was watching a small television off on the side and eating a candy bar when he saw me. I am never one to brag, but I like to think of myself as a good looking woman. I’m fit and trim. I have healthy long blonde hair and clear tanned skin. Many people have told me I have a pretty face. And I have to say I look good in a bikini. Judging from this guy’s reaction, he agreed that I looked good as well.

“Well…Hello there ma’am. What can I do you for?”

“Hi…” I looked around the room and nothing seemed clean. Even for a waiting room, this was dismal. I would hate to see what the bathrooms look like. “Um…I’m not sure what you can do but…my car…” I said pointing out the window, “…broke down. I’m not sure what is wrong with it.”

“Well you came to the right place then missy! That is just what we do here.”

“I’m afraid…I don’t…I don’t really have any money though.”

The man took pause and then said, “Well…let’s see what is wrong with it and then we can talk about the price. How does that sound?” He looked at me with a weird glaring eye as he scanned my body. I had some serious doubts about his intentions, but I was desperate. I thought if I can’t afford it, I can still just take it over to Mike.

“I just need one thing from you pretty lady…” He said finishing on a low note and leaning over the counter.

I paused and stared in suspense.

“I need your keys there little lady.” He said with a smile.

I smiled back at him, “Oh…of course” I said as I handed him my large collection of key chains with a few keys on it.

“Bobby!” he yelled through an adjacent open door causing me to jump. “Come here and pull this car in!”

A younger and no less dirty man walked in through the door and grabbed the keys. He was filthy wearing black coveralls that looked like they started as a light blue. His hair was a mess but if cleaned up a bit, he would certainly be datable. Even a bit hot I dare say.

“Sure thing Mitch…where’s the car?”

Mitch pointed out the window at my car. Before Bobby could run out the door, he paused and took a look at me. His staring made me feel self-conscious and he wasn’t very subtle in his opinions of me.

“Good lord…what has He delivered to us today?” he said as he tossed a rag over his shoulder and slowly walked towards me with a soft seductive look.

“Don’t you worry about that right now…just go get the damn car!” Mitch yelled at him.

Bobby took off running for my car. I looked at him out the window and he had no trouble pushing it at steering it into one of the bays. He got some momentum and then just jumped in and steered it in. I looked at my watch and saw it was 5:50 PM and I was going to be late if I didn’t hurry.

“Sir? I have to run to work. Could I call you tomorrow to find out what is wrong with it?”

“That shouldn’t be a problem now…I just need a little information on you there.” He pulled out a slip and wet a pen on the tip of his tongue. “What’s your name missy?”

“My name is Danielle. Danielle Simpson.”

After giving him the rest of my information, I started to get nervous about the time and also the potential cost of repairing my hunk of junk. God, just one rich boyfriend could fix all of this. Too bad I don’t have one.

“Okay…We can’t work on it too much tonight…we close in about ten minutes. We can get back to it in the morning.”

“Okay…Thank you.”

The thought occurred to me that since they were taking a liking to me, maybe a little flirting might help me avoid a large bill. My roommate Stephanie was a classmate of mine and she really taught me a few things about coming onto guys to get what you wanted. She would get guys to buy her meals and even pay her bills for her. She got professors to give her good grades and she got her boss to give her a promotion.

I saw my reflection in the glass of a cheesy car picture on the wall, fixed my hair over my shoulders, and licked my red lips slightly. I reached down to let my skirt ride up a little. I also managed to unbutton the top button of my blouse just before leaning over the counter playing the innocent schoolgirl.

This wasn’t something I would have ever tried a few years ago. I was far too shy and would have been far too nervous even to try anything like this. My first year in college was a real awakening for me thanks to Stephanie. I started getting a few dates and then started fucking a few guys in school. I even tried it once or twice with some professors and my boss. Stephanie was right and I was always surprised to see how a little cleavage could help raise a test score or get a good tip.

“Gosh mister…I just hope it isn’t too much. Like I said…I don’t have much money.” I said with a flutter of my eyes.

Mitch hesitated in his writing and his gaze looked up from the slip directly down my shirt onto my chest. He dropped his pen on the counter and I knew he could probably see the laced edges of my tan colored bra underneath.

“Oh…well…yeah…well…I’m sure we can…work…something out.” He sputtered.

“Thanks Mister! I really appreciate it” I said with a little emphasis on my chest. I turned and ran out the door. Since my car was so unreliable, I knew the city’s bus system. There was a bus stop just a block away to take me straight to work. I ended up being about 15 minutes late and got bitched out by my boss for another 10. Just the perfect end of a shitty night.

As it turned out, my tips were pretty shitty to match and I was able to walk out with about fifty bucks. Steve from work drove me home and I made it into my bed for the night just after midnight. The next morning I woke up just in time to get a ride to school with my roommates. After two classes and lunch, I got off to a study group before I had to be to work.

I got home after study group and there was a message blinking. Nobody else was home and I jabbed the button as I set my purse down on the table. It was Mitch…the mechanic.

“Uh…hello? This is for Danielle Simpson.” He said in his rusty voice. “This is Mitch over at Kelly’s Garage. We found what is wrong with your car but I can’t say it is something cheap. Give me a call. Our number is…”

“Oh shit.” I said out loud to nobody. My body slumped and pouted and I picked up the phone to call him back. Mitch answered right away.

“Kelly’s Garage.”

“Um…Hi. This is Danielle. You have my white Toyota in there. ”

“Oh yes…the girl. Yes. We have your Toyota. As it turns out, your timing and fan belts broke. It looks like this is going to cost about $1,500 to get everything running again because they all did some damage up in there when they broke.”

My eyes shut and I almost fainted. “But the car isn’t even worth that much. Are you serious?! How am I supposed to pay that!”

“Now…now…don’t get all huffy there girly. I think there is something we can do for you. I have an old car like yours in the back that uses a lot of the same parts. I can save you a ton on the parts and then we can work something out on the labor.”

“How much will it all be?”

“Well I don’t know right now. Let me look at what I can do for you and get back to you.”

“Okay…thank you. I really appreciate anything you can do for me. I will just do anything!”

He paused for a few seconds before responding, “Um…okay.”

We hung up and I started to get ready for work again. Mitch didn’t call me back before I left and I worried what was going to happen. I chewed on my pens all night anxious about how I was going to pay the bill. Maybe I could borrow the money but everyone I know is just as poor as I am. I thought about just getting rid of the car. It sometimes seems more trouble than it is worth anyway. Then I thought about how much easier it was to just jump in the car and go wherever I wanted. Riding the bus sucked. Waiting in the cold or the heat. Taking what seemed like hours to get some place that normally would take 20 minutes in the car. I guess I would have to keep it…if I can afford it.

The next day, Mitch called after I left to school and talked to my roommate. She met up with me later and gave me the message to swing by the garage tonight at about 5:30 to pick up the car.

I smiled and thought, “Maybe he is going to let me off easy. Maybe a little boob and he will just give it to me free!”

Later, as I got ready for work I showered and put on a pair of lavender thong panties. I hated panty lines so I always wore a thong. Then I put on a low cut matching lavender lace bra pushing my boobs together and then rolled black stockings up my legs. At the restaurant, we had to wear very specific colors. So, I finished off my outfit with my usual black skirt and white blouse. I did make some adjustments to see if it would help take anything off my bill so I chose a tight mini-skirt to show off my curves. It also had a habit of riding up and showing a lot of thigh so I usually had to adjust it and pull it down. It always got me really good tips so I figured it just may help do the trick with Mitch. I hopped on the bus taking me by the garage and my heels clicking on the sidewalk the rest of the way there.

It was a warm day and the back of my neck perspired as I walked. I hated getting all sweaty before work. Luckily, I called them and told them I would be late because I was picking up my car. If this is quick, I can clean up before heading in.

Just before walking in, I looked at my reflection in the glass and unbuttoned my top two buttons of my blouse making sure to expose every advantage I could. As soon as I walked in the door, Mitch was standing there almost waiting for me. He smiled at me and said, “Oh…there you are sweetie. I’m glad you made it.” He gawked at me as I sauntered up towards the counter setting my bag down, and put my elbows on the counter and fluttering my eyes at him.

“Well…it wasn’t easy little lady, but I got it down to $800 for you.” He said with pride and a gleam in his eye.

“What?! I don’t have that kind of money!”

His face grimaced and changed to disappointment, “Oh…well then…that took me a lot of work and called in a few favors to save you that money girly. Just what do you have?”

I stood there stunned. Was he taking advantage of me and just charging me whatever he wanted? I didn’t know a thing about cars so I had no idea if he was really trying to help me or screw me over. I had no position to say if the $800 was a good deal or not.

“I have…like…$200. Isn’t there something we can work out?”

Mitch shook his head and clicked his tongue. “Oh no…that just won’t do there missy. I can see you like to tease. What else can you do for me?”

“I don’t have any more money. What do you want?” “I’m sure you have…something…I want.” He stood on his tiptoes and emphasized his point by intentionally looking down my shirt.

“Maybe we can…uh…work something out.” I said getting frustrated. I had trouble maintaining my sexual power.

Mitch was able to take over and I felt like I was losing control. I stood there and considered my alternatives. I could just leave the car and forget about it. But I needed the car. It would cost me more to get a new one. I looked at Mitch and thought about what I might be willing to do to him. I got a little sick and wasn’t sure I could do anything…he’s too gross.

Mitch walked around the counter and looked at me from my chest down to my toes. He then slapped my ass and yelled, “Hey Bobby….we have someone here who can’t pay!”

Bobby materialized in the doorway with a huge smile from ear to ear and his eyes locked onto my 36c breasts peeking out through my undone buttons. I regretted even trying to flirt with them now. I just walked into all of this and it was getting out of hand. From behind me, the lock on the front door clicked as Mitch flipped the closed sign for the day. I quickly figured something was going to happen…and it wasn’t going to be good.

“Okay hold on there guys. I don’t know about this…maybe I can some money.”

“Oh no…we need the money now. Or…we need some ass.” Mitch said giving me another slap. I jumped covering my ass and turned to keep them both on one side of me as I backed up away from them.

“Why don’t you start by sucking our cocks? If we like it, we will see if that takes anything off your bill.” Mitch stated bluntly.

My eyes shot open and I felt disgusted with the thought of sucking his dirty stinking smelly cock. Mitch walked towards me and lightly put his hands on my breasts giving them a gentle squeeze.

“No…” I said slapping his hands away. “I’m going to scream! I’ll call the cops!”

Bobby moved around behind me and grabbed my wrists as he put his hand over my mouth. The smell the oil and dirt all over his hand consumed my nose.

“Oh…you aren’t going to do anything like that. Besides, it is just your word against ours you little tease. We haven’t done anything…yet.” Mitch lifted my skirt exposing my lavender lace thong underneath. I struggled against Bobby’s grip on my wrists.

“Oh…looky here Bobby. We have a live one. She is already wet for us.”

He had to be lying, but then Mitch forced his hand between my legs and rubbed my crotch and I could feel he was telling the truth. I was getting wet! What the hell? How could I get wet from these filthy dirtbags putting their hands all over me?

“Bring that tease in here Bobby.” Mitch said as he turned and motioned to the garage.

Holding my hands behind my back Bobby pushed me forward into the garage area. My tight mini-skirt crawled up over my hips exposing my panties as I walked. Once inside, I saw four service bays and two cars in there. My car was in the first bay and an SUV sat on the rack in the third. Along the back of the garage was a long bench covered in oil, dirty car parts, and dirty tools. A few flickering fluorescent lights dimly lit the garage and the heavily tinted windows on the service bay doors kept out most of the sunlight. They also made it hard for anyone to see what was going on in here.

I felt doomed. I instinctively tried to justify my actions. I had no money. I had to have my car. I had no other choice. If I ran, I had no evidence they did anything and the cops wouldn’t do a thing. In the end, they had my car and I had something they wanted. I started to come to terms with it. If I just give them a blow job, I’m done. No big deal. Whatever.

Mitch stopped and Bobby led me passed him to the second bay where he finally let my arms go. I quickly fixed my skirt and stood there as Bobby walked over next to Mitch.

“Now you are going to do exactly what I tell you to do. Otherwise, I’m going to keep your car and send it to the junk yard. You got me!” Mitch commanded with a stern voice sending chills down my body.

“Yes…” I said as I pulled away and avoided eye contact.

“And don’t try to run or anything. You aren’t getting out of here and it is just going to make me mad!”

I stood there shocked wondering what was going to happen next. I had no idea what they had in store for me. I had to do something. Maybe I could still talk them out of it.

“Look…guys….you don’t have to do this. I can get your money.”

“Oh…your sweet pussy is going to be much better than money.”

“But you said you just wanted me to suck your cocks!?”

“Oh…you can do that too…but now that I smelled that so sweet pussy of yours, there is only one thing I want now. Besides…I would never pay $800 for a blowjob. How good do you think you are?”

I was speechless. I didn’t know what to do.

“Now…strip your clothes! Nice and slow.”

I froze hoping he would somehow say he was only kidding and I could go. No such luck for me.

“STRIP! NOW!” He repeated after waiting a few seconds.

I jumped and reached up and slowly unbuttoned my blouse. I took my time not only because he told me to, but also because I just didn’t want to do it. I didn’t want to let them do what they wanted to do even though I had no choice. Unfortunately, my shirt only had about four buttons so it took less than 30 seconds to finish unbuttoning them.

I pulled my shirt out from my skirt and slowly pulled it open revealing my lace lavender bra I put on especially for them not that they knew it. I now regretted accentuating my breasts and building up my cleavage. The lace on the bra showed more skin than it actually hid. I looked at them and they just stared with slack jaws waiting to see more. Bobby was rubbing his crotch making room for his growing cock inside. I could see the outline of Bobby’s cock growing down his pant leg and saw he was fairly well endowed. Mitch’s cock was also obviously growing in his overalls as evidenced by the tent growing in front of him.

After taking off my shirt, I looked for something clean to put it on. I didn’t have many shirts good for work and I wanted to keep it clean if I could. I found a stool a few feet away. In spite of my captivity, I still took time to fold my shirt and place it on the stool.

“Keep going there girly.” Mitch commanded. “Skirt next!”

I reached to my side, unfastened, and slowly unzipped my skirt. Once open, I slid it down my legs exposing my matching lavender thong panties. Like my bra, they were more transparent than anything. Mostly lace I would be sure they could see my pussy straight through them. Of course, the thong didn’t cover anything in back and my well-tanned ass hung out for them to ogle. I carefully balanced and stepped out of my skirt keeping my heels on so I wouldn’t have to touch the floor. I stood in my stockings and underwear and I instinctively wrapped my arms around me to hide and protect myself.

“Oh you are looking mighty fine there…” Bobby shouted as he rubbed his cock through his pants.

“Oh yes…mighty fine indeed. This is going to be a good night.” Mitch said softly. “Keep going there girly…stockings next!”

I put my hand on the lift to balance myself as I pulled my ankle up behind my leg to unbuckle my heel before pulling it off my foot. I found the cleanest spot on the floor to step back down before lifting my other ankle and removing that heel as well. I sat my heels on top of my clothing and then slowly rolled down the stocking on my right leg and plucked it off my toes. I rolled down the stocking on my left leg and gathered it off my foot placing them in my heels on the stool.

“Now it is getting good huh Pa!”

Oh…so now I can see they were father and son. I guess they liked to do things together even if it meant fucking someone. Fucking someone? Holy Shit…wait…the gravity of my situation hit me full force. They didn’t just want me to strip or blow them. They were going to fuck me. I don’t think it would have alarmed me as much but after breaking up with my last boyfriend about six months ago, I stopped taking my birth control since I couldn’t afford it. My breathing quickened and I felt dizzy like I was going to hyperventilate.

Mitch clapped his hands, “Come on now…take off the bra…let me see them titties!”

He snapped me back to my harsh reality. The two of them started looking like fans cheering on their favorite football team. They were smiling, laughing, pointing, and cheering me on. I was disgusted, but in a way, it was flattering they liked me so much. I crossed my arms in front of me and slowly pulled my bra straps down off my shoulders. Each move prompted louder cheers.

“Come on…whoo hoo…give me more baby!”

I reached behind me and unclasped the bra but held it up covering my breasts. My movements slowly turned more into a strip tease than a forced stripping. Part of me justified it that if they liked it they wouldn’t hurt me. Part of me, although I couldn’t admit it, liked the attention. Being so wrapped up in work and school with no social life left me hungry for some attention. While this isn’t exactly the kind of attention I craved, it was still attention. They liked my body and they wanted to see it. I dreaded what was coming, but I was also hoping to satisfy them in other ways than sex.

I turned away from them to let them see my bare back as I pulled my bra away and to the side of me. I dropped it onto the stool on top of my other clothes and then covered my breasts before turning back around.

“Come on there…let’s see them!”

I slowly pulled my hands down feigning more resistance than I had and my breasts popped out for them to see.

“Oh yeah….thems some beautiful titties…wouldn’t you say pop?” Bobby said with an elbow nudge.

Mitch was unresponsive and his cheering calmed slightly as his eyes gazed on my body. His hand was at his crotch and I was surprised to see he unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out into the open to stroke it. My eyes grew with the sight of his massive cock. He wasn’t fully hard but it wasn’t soft either. Somewhat in between. His pubic hair was black, long, curled, and blended in with his darker dirty oily skin.

Bobby noticed too and he stood up and slowly unzipped his coveralls pulling them back off his shoulders revealing he had a rock hard muscled body. He wasn’t big, but well defined. His chest was chiseled out of rock and his abs were tight and rigid where I could fit my fingers between the ridges. His coveralls came down to his waist and I could tell he wasn’t wearing anything underneath. His cock jumped still in his pants and I could see his head outline as it pressed against the tight fabric.

I stood there wearing nothing but a pair of panties and I knew what was to come next.

“Come on there…don’t stop now…let’s see that sweet little coochie of yours.” Bobby instructed.

I let out a sigh hooking the strings on my hips with my thumbs and decided just to get it over with. I bent down and pulled my panties to the ground sticking my ass up in the air behind me. I pulled each foot out and stood back up letting them see my shaved pussy lips pouting back at them. As I was bent over, I could smell it. My panties were really wet. I could feel it too. I was really getting wet for these guys and my body was getting ready to fuck. I tossed my panties to the stool and stood in the nude waiting for my next instructions.

Mitch nudged Bobby and as if he knew what to do, Bobby walked towards me and stopped just inches in front of me. He pulled his coveralls down to his knees and his prick popped out like a prize. It was a little bigger than average size and rock hard oozing precum.

“Suck it!” He said softly.

I froze. This was it. I was passed the stripping and now they wanted to have their way with me. I looked for a clean spot on the floor but couldn’t find anything and quickly gave up my feeble attempts to stay clean. I slowly knelt down in front of Bobby and his prick lined up right with my face. He grabbed it with his right hand and bounced it up and down almost hitting me in the face. I could more precum pooling at the tip.

“Come on…suck it!”

I closed my eyes, opened my lips, and moved forward taking him in my mouth. He tasted of salt and sweat. I was overwhelmed with the smell of sweat and grease coming off his body. I put one hand on his hips to control his thrusts so he wouldn’t make me gag and I then I took a hold of his cock with the other hand to rub the shaft as I sucked on the end.

I worked on Bobby’s cock for a good 10 minutes rubbing the shaft and sucking the end. He moaned and seized my head as he started to thrust a little harder. I couldn’t hold him back. The tip of his cock touched the back of my throat and he pressed all the way inside. I gagged and braced myself preparing for him to cum down my throat, but he pulled out only a second later.

“Hold on there boy…don’t finish just yet. We have all the time we want with her.” Mitch said pulling on Bobby’s shoulder.

Mitch had now taken off his shirt and his pants and stood there in his gray socks and dirty boxers. His cock was sticking out the hole and he continued to rub the shaft making it grow. The head of his cock pulsed as he rubbed it and he was getting ready to use it. Bobby pulled away from me and stepped back a little as Mitch took the center stage in front of me.

“Well little lady…it is my turn now.” He took his cock and pushed it against my cheek. I felt his precum touch me leaving a spot on my cheek. I opened my mouth and he quickly stuck it inside. He was much bigger than any cock I have ever had before and it took me a moment to adjust to the girth. I did all I could to keep my mouth open and to keep my teeth away.

Mitch put his hands on my head and I braced for him to start face fucking me, but he didn’t. He just held his hands there and let me take over. I closed my lips around his shaft and put both hands on it to control it as best I could. I could feel how hot his cock was and could feel his heart beating through his shaft.

I took as much of it as I could and then started to rub the shaft lubricating it with saliva. He wasn’t as sweaty as Bobby was and didn’t smell as bad as I thought. The main thing I could smell was his cologne. He probably sat in the front all day while Bobby and the others did the work.

I worked Mitch’s cock for several minutes but my jaw started to hurt so I would have to take a break and pull him out every so often and rub the shaft. As I pulled it out the third time, he took the opportunity to pull away.

“Okay there…not too much. I don’t want to finish just yet. I’m saving that for later for your sweet little pussy.”

“But…no” I choked with my sore jaw. “I’m not…”

As if they were tag teaming, Mitch stepped back and Bobby appeared. Bobby was now naked and his cock was again at full attention. He seemed more intense and more focused. He walked behind me and put his hands under my arms whisking me to my feet. Once I was up, he put his right hand around on my stomach pulling backwards and then the other on my shoulder pushing forwards to bend me over in front of him.

“I’mm…” I stammered. “No…I’m not on…”

I bent over and I could feel the air against my wet pussy. I spread my legs slightly to stop from falling and took a hold of my ankles. He licked his hand and wiped it over my pussy as he gripped his cock. I could feel the head just touch my labia. He didn’t take much care before slipping inside of me.

I gasped with the feeling of a cock inside me again. It had been months with nothing more than a vibrator and it was no replacement for a real warm cock. He slid his hands on my hips and held me in place as he pulled back and started thrusting in and out of my soaking wet cunt. My hair, now a mess, had fallen over my head hiding my face along with my secret expressions of pleasure.

“No…I’m…not…on…the…pill” I whispered but they couldn’t hear me.

Our bodies smacked together as his balls slapped my clit with each pounding. The smacking echoed through the nearly empty garage and reverberated through my head reminding me of what was happening. They were forcing me, but felt I was just whoring myself to pay for my car.

“That’s a good little bitch…nice and wet. Look Pa, she loves it.”

Bobby’s comment brought to my attention the fact that I was moaning with each of his penetrations. I didn’t want to admit it, but I was enjoying it. Bobby gathered my hair pulling my head up arching my back. My eyes shut and I flushed as he fucked me from behind.

Mitch laughed and said, “You bet there son…fuck her good.”

Bobby’s thrusts, renewed with a sense of satisfaction, sped up and got harder and harder.

“No…please…don’t! I’m not…on…the pill!” I finally yelled.

My protests either came too late or were simply ignored. Bobby took a firm hold of my hips and plowed deep into my cunt holding himself there. He grunted as his warm cum flooded inside of my fertile pussy and I knew that I was fucked now in more ways than one.

He pulled his limp dick out of my engorged pussy. Looking between my legs, I could see his cum dribble out and splash onto the filthy floor. He let me go and I could stand and focus my attention on my inseminated cunt. I did anything I could think of. I stuck my fingers inside and pushed on my stomach to get his thick sticky cum out of me.

“Oh my God…I can’t…” I said.

Mitch walked up to me and said, “I guess it is too late now to worry about that girly. You got my boy’s baby cream in there. I think I’m going to add some of my own to see who gets you pregnant first!”

“But…no…I can’t…” I said with my pathetic protests.

Mitch was incredibly strong and he put his hands on my waist and picked me up from the floor without a single hesitation. He carried me to the counter and set me down on the edge in a small clearing. He stole my attention away from my cum-filled cunt and to his giant meat; he was getting ready to plunge into me.

He spread my legs apart and his giant cock stood out proudly in front of his large hairy belly. Holding my knees, he guided his cock directly to my saturated love hole and pushed his way inside without faltering. He was enormous and I could feel my insides displace to make way for his giant cock. He filled me and I gasped as my pussy stretched to accommodate his size.

Once inside, he moved his hands around to my ass and pulled me on to him burying his monster cock completely inside of me. His hands held me so hard he pulled my ass cheeks wide splitting me apart.

He pulled and drove his hips forward as he started to fuck me right there on the counter. I felt so used. I felt like such a dirty whore. I also felt an orgasm slowly building inside of me. No…I couldn’t I thought. But his cock seemed to hit me in all the right spots and it only took a minute or so before the feelings consumed me. When it hit me my body convulsed out of control. I buried my face in his shoulder as I clawed at his sweaty hairy body. My legs jumped and wrapped around him as the blissful waves of pleasure rippled through me from head to toe. He grunted and sweated as his cock relentlessly continued to pound me again and again.


I couldn’t help it any longer and I let go to the satisfaction he gave me. He finally could take it no longer and with one final brutal clutch of my ass cheeks, he sank his full length inside of me as the head of his cock expanded and filled me with his hot cum mixing with his son’s. My body still shook from my orgasm and I could feel each of his pumps of sperm hitting me inside. My arms and legs were wrapped around him and I impulsively ground my hips forward to take in as much as I could.

We calmed a few minutes later and he sat me back on the counter before pulling his limp drained cock from my gaping pussy. Some of his cum ran out of me like a river and onto the floor. Some of the thicker sticky cum remained plastered around my labia. I felt satisfied and completely spent. He let me down and I felt like a newborn deer as my legs touched the floor and wobbled below me. Mitch laughed as his cum-covered cock grew limp before my eyes. It already appeared much smaller than what I felt inside.

“Clean me up you whore.” Mitch commanded.

I don’t know what came over me. I didn’t think. Complying with his orders, I fell to my knees and gobbled the full length of his cock in my mouth. My hands unconsciously rubbed my pussy as I licked and swallowed his salty cum. Now it filled my pussy and my stomach. Somehow, my concern for not being on the pill faded and everything felt so erotic, feminine, and sensual knowing their warm cum swam inside of me.

“That is such a good girl” he said as he caressed my hair.

After I finished, I stood up thinking we were done now that they had both father and son had their turns with me. That was when I realized we were no longer alone. Three new guys entered the garage and were now standing, naked, only a few feet away from where Mitch had just finished fucking me.

I stood there, naked, sweaty, filthy, weak, full of cum, and well fucked. My hair and makeup were a total mess, but now I realized…I wasn’t done.

They didn’t say anything but simply stared at me. The first was an older black guy who had a cock the size of Mitch’s. The second guy was younger and even younger than I was. He had long brown hair, fairly skinny, and had an average sized cock. The third guy was a just few years older with short spiked black hair. He was tanned and had a very strong and muscular body with a bigger than average cock. All three guys massaged their cocks and they obviously had one thing on their mind; that was my body.

I felt numb and light headed and I froze. I wanted to protest. I wanted to yell and ask what the fuck they were doing. Nothing happened. Nothing came out. Part of me didn’t want to make them mad. The other part of me feared they wouldn’t fuck me. I didn’t feel like I had any choice anyway. I knew even if I tried to run, they would catch me and just have their way with me. There was no stopping the inevitable freight train coming my way.

The skinny guy was the first to step forward. His eyes looked right through me and he charged forward with a strong sense of purpose. His cock stood straight at attention and looked ready to burst. I cringed back bracing for what was about to happen.

He grabbed my by the shoulders and whispered in my ear, “I never liked sloppy seconds…or thirds… but I’ll make an exception in your case.”

He didn’t take his time at all and he spun me around on my heels bending me over the bench where Mitch had just finished fucking me moments earlier. It still had his warm cum dribbling down the edge. My ass stuck out for everyone’s view and he took only a second to glide his hands over my ass before ramming his cock inside of me. I jumped and squealed as he penetrated me. My pussy was wet from a combination of my own wetness mixing with Bobby’s and Mitch’s cum still inside. I could feel it squish around inside of me and leak out as he rammed his dick in and out of my hole.

I frantically grabbed the bench for support as he pummeled me from behind. My breasts pressed against the counter top as he unyieldingly pressed me down against the hard surface. After only a few minutes, he stopped. He didn’t cum yet, but he pulled out keeping his raging hard on. As he stood me up, I found they wanted to share me. The strong muscular guy was standing to the side with his cock in hand.

The skinny guy grabbed my shoulders and turned me towards the other guy. As the skinny guy grabbed my hips, the muscular guy grabbed my head and pulled me down towards his cock jabbing it into my mouth. He didn’t taste sweaty or dirty like the others. He was clean and actually smelled nice. I let out another yelp as the guy behind me rammed back inside of me.

They took turns bouncing me back and forth and they found a rhythm where the guy behind me would thrust in and then the guy in front of me would pull me forward onto his cock. I couldn’t keep up as they got more forceful and I gagged on the guy’s cock pushing it to the side. He grabbed my head to put it back in when I took a hold of it and started sucking properly. He quickly let go and allowed me to continue at my pace.

The thrusts from behind made me bounce and added to my movements up and down on the guy’s cock but before I could get anywhere, the guy behind pulled back out again. I stood up becoming light headed and saw that the black guy wanted a turn as well. I was sweating and breathing very heavily. I felt I couldn’t catch my breath.

I stood there like a statue waiting for my instructions. The black guy took my by the hand and walked to my car. He laid back on the hood with his cock standing straight like a flagpole. He turned me and then pulled me backwards towards his cock.

I pivoted my hips trying to align my pussy but he held my hips in place and then pulled my ass cheeks apart. I almost immediately realized he was starting to press his cock into my ass. I jumped in shock but his grip locked in place. I struggled and squirmed but it was useless he held his cock at my rear entrance and forced me down pressing harder and harder until I felt his tip slip inside.

I put my hands down against him and tried all I could to push myself away from his attack but to no avail. He sensed my resistance and just pulled harder and harder until I could feel more of his member slide inside of me. It was a completely new feeling as it was something I never tried before. Not only was he trying to fuck me in the ass, but his cock was huge. It hurt, but I relaxed more to ease the pain and found him slipping completely inside.

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