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My name is Natasha. I’m a normal female. I’m not ugly and not gorgeous. My body isn’t like that of a supermodel, but it seems to work. Certainly, my body doesn’t seem to repel guys; an added bonus, especially in my line of business. I’ll get to that in a moment.

I work as an English teacher at a high school. That means 5 days a week of 7 hours a day of having to deal with horny teen-age boys that are trying to look down my shirt when I bend down, watching me cross and uncross my legs for a glimpse of thighs and perhaps something more. It’s rather demeaning, but hey, a girl’s gotta make a living, no?

After school is over, I have a special job. Yup, you got it. I’m a prostitute slash whore or whatever you want to call it. In other words, I have sex and I get paid for it. At a certain point in my life I realized that guys paid money to take me out in order to bed me. Why couldn’t I just save time by just fucking the guy and have it over with, earning money in the process?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a cynical gal. I do believe in love. I just don’t believe it’s about to happen to me. I’m sure there are real people that live happily ever after. On the other hand, sometimes a couple fight and break up and I don’t need that kind of complication in my life. My family, as strange as they are, loves me. That’s all the love I’m ever going to need.

My story starts on a day like other days. There was one sun in the sky. Birds were chirping. My laundry was piling up. The usual.

I arrived at the school on time. My classes were full of mostly students who didn’t want to learn anything. A few kids who actually wanted to learn something were the quiet types. Thus, most of the lessons were chaotic. I taught what needed to be taught, though I doubt most of the kids heard anything I said.

Then, off to fucking males who were: a) desperate because they couldn’t find a girl and needed any girl to satisfy their needs b) desperate because they had a girl but weren’t “getting any” or c) just plain desperate without any particular reason.

My first customer was 50 years old. He looked old and very desperate. He confided me that his wife was always tired and he rarely had sex and never received oral sex now adays. Boo hoo. I wasn’t at all sympathetic. But then, my job depended on people like him.

“I’ll make everything better sweetheart. Let me make all of your problems go away,” I spoke softly, in my “sexy voice” that always seems to have an effect on the desperate ones.

Yuck. That is all I have to say. I have no problem with people older than I am. I just don’t like having sex with them. He was my father’s age! Besides, he kissed like he was trying to suck my insides out.

My second sex encounter was with a guy about 18. He boasted about all the girls he had had sex with. He was just going through a rough patch. Yeah right! Can you spell v-i-r-g-i-n?

Okay, he was really cute, if a little nerdy. I have a thing about stripping boys of their virginity. I know that sounds perverted… but I’ll be the girl he always remembers. I’ll make an impression that could last a lifetime. Okay, so maybe he’ll never remember me. It’s still pretty cool.

His problem was that when I gave him head, when he was close to his first orgasm done by a female, he lost control and pushed my head down. My mouth had all of his nine inches in it. He wouldn’t let my head go and I almost barfed. He thrusted back and forth against the roof of my mouth. Then, shaking all over, he shot load after load of sperm into my mouth, leaving a bitter after taste.

You shouldn’t do that to other girls little, inexperienced one. You have too much of a cock for it to be in a girl’s mouth for any length of time. Anyone less experienced than me would have puked. Believe me, it is rather embarrassing when that happens.

99% of guys and a few girls think that the bigger the dick, the better. It isn’t true. A dick that’s quite small is maybe a problem because the girl barely feels him.

Girls though, have a hard time fitting normal cocks down their throats. Cocks bigger than 6-7 inches are unpleasant to put in all the way because the girl will feel like she’s about to choke and the barfing instinct kicks in. And getting a guy that’s 8-9 inches inside of some pussies can be painful for the girl.

Blessed guys can be a curse on their woman. Believe on this one. I may not be all-rounded, but on this subject I’m an expert.

My third and last client was a regular. He’s about 30, with a wife and kids. He maybe immoral, but as I said before, guys like him help me make a living.

All his jeans have really thick buttons and it’s very hard to unbutton them. Even with my practiced fingers, it takes me a minute to unbutton his pants.

In movies sex is almost always romantic and there is never an imperfect moment. In the real world, people have problems taking each others’ clothes off. On TV it takes seconds to get ready to fuck each other. In real life people are really horny and they are so into each other, then in the midst of everything, someone has a problem with buttons or bra straps. Cest la vie. Deal with it.

So he makes me get on all fours (this guy gets really turned on by girls acting just like he thinks they are; sex maniacs and sluts that want to be humiliated). His dick reaches his puny 4.5 inches and he starts slamming in to me like a dog in heat.

“You’re such a bitch,” he whispers into my ear. ” I bet you’ve been aching to feel my cock inside of your sweet cunt all day.”

(Hey, I’m a whore, not a bitch. If you insist on calling me names, at least get the right one. Anyway, what’s with that “cunt” buisness? Sounds rather rude to me.)

“I bet you just want me to cover your body in sperm like the slut you are. Say it.”

“S-say what?”

“Say you’re a horny bitch that just wants to get laid!”

“I-I’m not!” I let an “involuntary” groan excapes my lips and I arch my back a little.

“Say it!” His hands pull my hair.

“I’m a horny bitch,” I say in a low voice.

“Louder!” He yells threateningly.

“I’m a horny bitch!” I moan again.

“That’s better,” his breath is warm against my ear. When I feel him about to climax, I scream and hold him tight. He proceeds to take his manhood out of my tight hole and sprays sperm all over me (yuck).

Guys are proud creatures and they are certain that a girl has never faked it with them. Well, I’ve got news for you boys. You wouldn’t be able to tell. I’ve been with every guy imaginable and not one of them could tell I was faking it. Just make your girl happy and you will have less reason to worry.

Then home at last to read a book., shower (to get all the sperm off of my body *shudders*) and pleasure my body, since no other managed to succeed in satisfying me and making me cum today.

I’m not cynical. I’m just a normal female with a strange sense of humor. I believe in passion. My first time was passionate and romantic, although I’m realistic too. Most times sex is just sex. A guy shoving his dick back and forth inside a pussy until he orgasms. Sex is only pleasurable for the female if the guy goes out of his way to make sure she enjoys herself. That’s all there is to it.

So now you’ve seen what a day in my life is like. Are you shocked? Amused? Indifferent? Either way, this is my life. Maybe not much in your eyes, but I can live with it. Sometimes it can be quite hilarious.

*Writer’s note: Comments are appreciated. Any criticism that will help me be a better writer is always welcome.

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