daughter’s friend

Breaking up with his wife had hit Scott Russell hard. He was 45 when it happened and he never saw it coming. It seemed to him that he and his wife, Denise, were going through a rough spot, nothing more. They were both working longer hours and spending less time together but it was the price to pay for one son in college and a daughter getting ready to go. Their sex life was still good but less often. So when Denise asked for a divorce, he was stunned. Her reason was that she felt trapped, by him, their children, and her life and she wanted out. She packed up and left, leaving him the house, the kids, everything. Suddenly finding himself alone with an 18 year old daughter to look after was both a shock to the system and a dent to his confidence. He struggled at first, but finally after almost a year, he started to pick up the pieces of his life again.

At first he missed his wife a lot, but he realized she wasn’t going to come back. Denise had moved away from St. Paul and found a new life in New Orleans. She had a new job and new life which didn’t include him or her children. Oh, she stayed in touch but less and less frequently. When she told him about how her sex life had exploded with new lovers, male and female, he knew he had to move on.

He began to return to the gym and work out. He had let himself get a little out of shape feeling sorry for himself. Now he decided it was time to go back and start living. He wasn’t bad looking and he had some dates but the women he met were either from work or a set up from a friend. He also found out he was out of practice when it came to knowing how to act on a date since his last “date” was about 25 years ago. His daughter, Carly, helped him a lot by encouraging him and giving him pointers. Her best friend Bess, who lived only a few doors away and who was over to the house often, tried to help him out as well.

Scott was grateful to have them around and came to enjoy their company. The teenage girls were fun to be around. They always seemed to be having fun and their laughter made Scott feel better. The girls looked like they could be sisters. Both played on the school volleyball team and were very legging. Carly had long blonde hair while Bess’s was auburn. Where they were different was that Bess’s breasts were larger than Carly’s. Scott had overheard his daughter mention it to Bess and she sounded envious. Though they lived in Minnesota, the two of them were definitely California girls.

At first Bess was always there when Carly was, but as the months went by, he noticed she started to come around even when she wasn’t there. He thought nothing of it and felt she was just being friendly. Soon he started to notice a subtle change.

When his daughter was there, Bess dressed fairly sensibly and behaved herself. But any time she was sure that he would be alone in the house, the outfits got a little sexier. At times the skirts she wore were so short that he could see a lot of long leg and smooth thigh. He tried not to stare, but Bess was a beautiful girl and it was difficult not to look.

Bess also started to flirt a lot when she was alone with him. She would touch his arm when they were talking and move close enough that he could smell her perfume. She would also sit close to him, either on the couch or at the picnic table, letting her leg press against his. She played innocent and pretended not to notice, but he was sure it was intentional. Bess was also not averse to accidentally flashing her panties. It wasn’t exactly difficult, considering how short her skirts were, but again he was sure she was doing it intentionally.

During the summer, the two girls would sun themselves out by the pool. They both wore suits that shouldn’t be seen it in public. Carly told her dad not to worry that it was only for tanning. Both girls would lie out topless, showing their pert firm breasts. Bess was always slow in covering up when he appeared and he was sure she was doing it on purpose.

He tried to keep his distance, but considering that she was his daughter’s best friend, he could hardly tell her not to come around. In all honesty he liked the attention, although he felt a little guilty considering the difference in their ages. Bess was only 18 and sometimes he felt like a dirty old man as he stared at her tits, legs and ass when he thought she wasn’t looking.

Bess knew what she was doing though. She had always found Mr. Russell attractive and the divorce had put in her mind that maybe it was a chance for her to play with an older man. She was excited by the thought and her teasing was deliberate. Whenever she flashed her panties or pressed her leg against him it was a massive thrill. She tried not to show her excitement at first, enjoying the buildup of the teasing and trying to take it a little further each time. She finally decided she wanted to take things a lot further and try and get her hands on Mr. Russell’s body.

Carly had told her that she was planning to go and stay with her aunt for the weekend and asked Bess if she wanted to come. Bess made up an excuse why she couldn’t make it, knowing that if Carly was away, it would leave her father on his own for a couple of days. She decided it was too good a chance to miss.

On the Saturday morning, after she had seen Carly leaving, Bess started to get ready. She had a long soak in the tub, during which she shaved her pussy bare. As she lay in the water after shaving, she slid her fingers between her legs and stroked them across the bare skin. She felt a shiver run up her spine feeling the smoothness of her pussy.

When she finally got out the tub, Bess toweled herself dry and moved to the bedroom. She spent some time looking through her wardrobe, deciding on the best outfit to wear. She finally slid on a little pink thong that left her pussy barely covered and her ass totally uncovered. She then slid on a pair of pink hold up stockings, smoothing them onto her legs. The little white skirt she pulled on next was short enough that it skimmed the top of her thighs.

“Damn,” thought Bess as she admired her toned figure in the mirror, “That’s hot.” She put on a pink bra that matched her thong and finished with a yellow blouse, leaving the top two buttons undone.

She quickly walked along the street to Mr. Russell’s house. As she raised her hand to knock she looked down at her outfit and grinned. She undid a third button on her blouse, revealing a little more of her cleavage and knocked on the door. Mr. Russell eventually opened it and Bess could feel his eyes on her, taking in the outfit. It sent a thrill through her.

“Umm…, Carly isn’t here, Bess,” he mumbled. “She’s gone to stay with her aunt for a couple of days.”

“Oh,” replied Bess. “I didn’t know. Can I come in anyway?” She smiled sweetly.

“Umm…, I’m a bit busy at the moment,” he lied.

“Please,” begged Bess, giving a little pout. “I enjoy our little chats and I won’t be a bother.”

He hesitated. “Well…”

“Great,” said Bess and walked past him into the house before he could protest. She walked into the living room and sat on the couch. Scott followed and sat in an armchair. As he looked at Bess he realized her could see right up her skirt to the pink thong. It barely covered her pussy and he swore he could see a damp spot. He tried to tear his eyes away, but stared a little too long. When he looked up, Bess was sitting with a huge smile on her face.

She decided not to waste any time. “It must be difficult for you on your own these days,” she said.

His brow furrowed. “What?” he asked. “Difficult in what way?”

Bess tried to sound serious. “Well, without a woman around I mean.”

“Well, Carly is here and she is a big help.” He paused. “It is different than before but we are getting by.”

Bess slid to the edge of the couch. “No, I mean a woman you can be with. You know.”

“Oh,” Scott replied. “What are you saying?”

Bess could feel her excitement rising as she spoke and she shifted in her seat, causing her skirt to rise up higher. “I mean, don’t you miss the sex?

Scott hesitated, suddenly uncomfortable and unsure of how to answer. He finally spoke. “Bess, you’re a young girl. I really don’t think its right that we should be talking about…,”

Bess cut in, not letting him finish. “Like, don’t men have to get it out of their system every once in a while? I got a boy to show me once what he did when he got horny. He said if he didn’t do it his cock just stayed hard and he couldn’t concentrate on anything else.”

Bess’s voice lowered “It was so exciting to watch him. He played with himself all the way until he shot his load. I know young guys are dirty little horn dogs, but I always wondered if older men did it as well.”

He could feel his cock hardening as Bess spoke. He knew it was wrong, but the excitement of listening to this young girl talking about sex was turning him on.

“Damn,” he suddenly thought, “She’s your daughter’s best friend.”

He started to protest again, but Bess continued.

She looked straight at him. The excitement was obvious in her voice. “Do you do it now that you are alone? You know, use a hand to make yourself shoot your load.”

“I…, I….,” Scott stammered. His voice tailed off and he looked at the floor, not sure how he should answer. “I think you should go.”

Bess giggled. “Oh fuck, you do it, don’t you? Who do you think about?” She leaned forward allowing him to see down her blouse. She couldn’t hide the excitement in her voice. “Do you think about me?”

He tried to get back control of the situation as his eyes remained glued to her breasts. He could see the soft white mounds framed by her pink bra. “Now Bess, I think this has gone far eno…”

Bess was in no mood to be stopped though. “What you really need is a little fuck buddy.”

Scott’s eyes opened wide. “What?”

“You know,” continued Bess. “Someone that was willing to be there for you when you got horny, that lives close enough that you could easily call on them when your hard cock needed a little pussy action. Someone that will give you no strings attached sex.”

He couldn’t believe what he hearing. He felt his cock really throbbing as he listened.

Bess smiled as she continued. “That way you wouldn’t just have to use your hand.”

She got up and walked across to where Scott was sitting. “Don’t you think having a sexy little fuck buddy would be so much more fun?’

Scott could feel his initial resistance fading as Bess stood in front of him. He looked up at her pretty face. Her blue eyes seemed to sparkle with lust. He could smell her perfume as she moved closer. She stood, hands on her hips, legs spread.

“Oh God, this is wrong,” he thought, but he knew he was powerless to stop things.

Bess reached down and stroked her fingers across his pants.

“Oh that nice,” she whispered in to his ear as she felt the hard cock straining against the material. It felt big and hard. She looked into Scott’s eyes. “You like the thought of having a tight young pussy at your beck and call, don’t you?”

He could only stare at her. She smiled at him. “Tell me how much you want it and I’ll show it to you,” she said

Scott gulped. “I want it,” he whispered.

Bess grinned and teased him. “I didn’t quite catch that. Say it louder.”

Scott felt his cock throb. It was like he was under this young girl’s control. He couldn’t help himself as he raised his voice. “Oh God, I really want it.”

Bess felt a thrill shoot through her.

“Then follow me.” She walked to the door of room, out into the hall and stopped at the bottom of the stairs. She smiled as she saw him following her. She slowly made her way up the stairs, taking her time. She knew that he would be looking up her short skirt, and it gave her a huge thrill to know that he would be able to see her sexy, rounded ass.

When she reached the top of the stairs, Bess made her way to the bedroom. She waited until he entered and then closed the door. She pushed him to the bed and made him sit. Once he was sitting, she moved back around five steps. She looked into his face and could see the excitement written all over it.

“So you want to see my sweet young pussy, do you?” Bess purred.

He could only nod.

Bess smiled and decided to tease him a little more. “I shaved it just for you this morning,” she continued. “It felt so fucking smooth when I played with it in the bath.” She reached her hands down to the hem of her short skirt. She smiled as she saw Scott’s eyes glued to the movements of her hand.

She played with the hem of the skirt, stroking it and raising it a little. She lifted the hem a little higher, then a little more, enjoying herself as she saw the look of desire on his face. Before her panties came into view, Bess suddenly had a better idea. She dropped the hem of her skirt again and moved across to stand right next to him. She could hear him breathing hard as she moved her hand onto her thigh and slid it under her skirt. Taking hold of the thong, Bess slowly pulled it down until it came into view. She moved her hand away so that Scott could see the pink panties on her thighs.

Bess looked at him. “Take them down,” she said.

As his hand stretched towards her, Bess could sense his anticipation. He reached out and took hold of the panties and she could feel the back of his hand brushing gently against her leg as he slowly pulled the panties down her legs. When they reached her ankles, she stepped out of them. Scott picked them up and Bess’s excitement mounted as she watched his fingers stroke over the soft material.

She smiled as a wicked thought entered her head. “Sniff them,” she said.


“You want some hot teen pussy,” continued Bess. “Well, my juices leaked all over the front of those panties. Sniff them.”

Bess held her breath as she watched him bring the panties up to his face. He breathed in deeply.

Bess leaned forward and whispered, “Does my pussy smell good?”

“Oh fuck yes,” moaned Scott, breathing in the scent deeply again. She smelled amazing.

She moved back a few steps and he watched as her fingers started to play with the hem of her skirt again. She slowly raised it, revealing more and more bare thigh, but again teased him by dropping it.

“Oh God, please let me see,” he begged.

“You’ll have to wait,” giggled Bess, as her hands moved to the buttons on her blouse. She opened them, taking her time to build up the tension. She finally shrugged the blouse off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. As her sexy pink bra came into view, Bess could see him growing more excited. She reached behind herself, unhooking the clasp of her bra and let it drop on top of the blouse.

Scott gasped as her heavy breasts came into view. She cupped them in her hands and squeezed them gently, watching his eyes grow wide. She teased him by stroking her fingers around the nipples, making them stand up.

“Damn, you are so beautiful,” he moaned.

She let her hands slide slowly down from her tits, stroking her fingertips over the smooth skin. Her hands finally reached the zipper on her skirt and pulled it down. She pushed the skirt down over her ass and released it.

“Oh fuck,” Scott gasped as the skirt slid to the floor. Bess was left standing in only a pair of pink hold-up stockings. She put her hands on her hips and did a slow turn so that he could see her rounded ass and smooth, shaved pussy. When she was facing him again she smiled coyly. “You like your little fuck buddy then?” she giggled.

He could just nod, his eyes roaming all over Bess’s tight, teen body. She slowly walked across to the bed and lay face down on it. She put her elbows on the bed and rested her chin on her hands. Scott’s eyes never left her as she lay down.

Bess was so turned on. She could feel her juices running from her pussy and it ached to be touched. She looked at Scott and she could see the excitement shining bright in his eyes. “Let me see you do it,” she said breathlessly.

“Do what?” He didn’t understand but he would do anything for her.

“Play with your hard cock and make yourself cum for me. It fucking drives me wild to watch.” Bess wiggled her ass. “You can splash your load all over my bottom. I love the feel of it on me. I promise I’ll get you hard again and then you can do whatever you want. You can use my sexy little body as your fuck toy.”

“Oh shit,” thought Scott. “I can’t believe this is happening.” He felt a little guilt, but quickly pushed it to the back of his mind. It was too late to stop things and if he was honest with himself he didn’t want to.

He took off his shirt. Bess was impressed by what she saw. He had a little hair on his chest and his stomach was somewhat tight. Good thing he was working out again. She liked what she saw. He then released the zipper on his pants and took them down. She could see his cock pushing hard against the material of his boxer shorts and she held her breath in anticipation. She let it out in a soft groan as his cock finally came into view.

It was hard and thicker that any she had seen before. She wasn’t a virgin but she hadn’t seen many cocks before. Now it was her turn to stare.

He moved to the edge of bed so that his hard cock was right in front of Bess’s face. He could hear her breathing hard as she watched.

“Fucking do it,” she begged.

It was his turn to tease and he took his time, just making his cock throb and jerk as Bess watched it. He rested his hand on his thigh and then stroked it higher. She gasped as she saw him finally wrap his fingers around the base of his hard shaft. He slowly stroked his hand up to the tip, squeezing hard and then began to gently stroke his cock.

“Do it harder,” moaned Bess as she licked her lips.

Scott started to wank himself a little harder. He sped up the movements of his hand and could feel his excitement building, partly at the pleasure his hand was giving him and partly due to the sexy, naked teen girl lying on his bed. He worked his cock harder and Bess could feel her heart jumping in her chest as she watched his hand flashing up and down the full length of the hard shaft. She began to slowly grind her pussy into the bed as a drop of pre-cum oozed from his cock.

“I want your dirty load so bad,” she groaned. “Spill it all over my ass.”

He worked around the bed and straddled her, just above her rounded ass. He lowered his cock and stroked it along the crack of Bess’s ass making her moan. Rubbing his cock on her ass pushed him to the edge of climax. He started to slowly stroke his fingers along his hard shaft again, wanting to make himself last as long as possible. His fingers were soon flashing along his cock quickly. He took himself to the point of orgasm a few times, each time calming himself a little and then building up the pressure again. Each time it got harder to calm himself down and finally he knew he wouldn’t be able to hold it back any longer. Bess was moving her ass to his rhythm, pressing her pussy to the bed. He slapped her ass with his cock, making her squeal and then gripped his hard shaft around the base and aimed it at her rounded cheeks.

“Oh God!” Scott yelled. “Fuck yeah!”

Bess squealed again as she felt the first string of sticky cum splash across her ass. She moaned loudly as she came, feeling him unload on her again and again. She slid her hands behind her, onto her ass and rubbed his cum in, feeling the last few strings splash across her hands and ass.

“Oh fuck,” she sighed as she could feel how much cum was covering her ass. “That’s so fucking dirty.” She stood up and went to the bathroom to clean up. When she came back out, Scott was lying on the bed. His limp cock resting on his thigh. Bess swung her hips in a sexy walk as she made her way back to the bed.

“Well my ass is clean,” she said. “Now let’s see about your cock.”

Bess got in between Scott’s legs and used her knees to spread them wide. She bent her head down close to his cock, seeing some cum still stuck to the tip. She took his cock in her hand. It felt heavy and thick. Bending lower she slid her tongue across it, licking the cum onto her tongue.

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