daughter’s best friend

Sorry it took so long before I got this one out. I was on a hiatus as well as writing part 2 of her first time. Hope you enjoy it. Remember all persons in this and all my stories are fictionist and all persons are 18 or over

Chapter 1

I woke early as I normally do, around 5:00 am.

“Uuuuuh” I moan to myself.

“I really gotta get up and hit the sauna; it’s been a whole week. Man I missed home”. I thought to myself.

“Hmmm that little Angie she was so incredible. I could have got use to her. Ahhh well lets get going I’ll have the cook make the three of us some breakfast.”

So I got up jumped in the sauna for about a half hour, hit the gym for another hour, walked my normal one hour mountain climb up my private road then hit the shower. By that time it was about 8:00 am. My daughter Kelly and Angie were still sleeping, as young girls do. So I asked my cook Dana to slice me up a grapefruit or two until I could get the girls up for breakfast. I thought I would let them sleep until 10:00 am before I went in and woke them up. They were gonna hang out with me for the day before I brought Angie home.

Around 10ish I decided it was time to wake them up, we were suppose to go down to my lake and do a little fishing. I tapped lightly on Kelly’s door but with no surprise no one anwsered, so I tapped again but just a little bit harder this time, but again no anwser. So I slowly openned the door to peak in and Kelly was still sleeping.

I walked in and gave her a gentle shake to wake her and said with a little sarcasim, “Kelly are ya gonna wake up today I thought we were gonna go fishing.”

Kelly rolled over looked at me with half closed eyes and mumbled, “Oh Ok daddy, sorry me and Angie were up late, is Angie up already?”

“I don’t know I was gonna go and check on her now. I also asked Dana to cook us up some eggs and bacon for breakfast; it should be ready in about twenty minutes. So if you want to take a shower or anything you better get up now.”

“Nah I’m gonna take a shower after fishing. Why don’t you get Angie up and I will be out in about 15 minutes, OK”

“OK but don’t let breakfast get cold,” I said very well knowing she would dose off again and I will have to come back and drag her ass out of bed.

So I walked out and shut the door and headed over to one of the other bedrooms where Angie was sleeping. As I got closer to the door and was just about to knock, I heard a sound that was familiar to my ears. A sound of a slight moan. I turned my head to look back and assure no one was behind me, then I reached out and slowly turned the door handle and pushed it open a crack. I really couldn’t see the bed yet so I pushed it open a little bit more until I got a glimpse of the foot of the bed and my head could just barely fit though the door. With one more peak back over my shoulder I peeked in. Angie was awake, definitely awake. She was lying on her back with the covers pushed down to her knees, she had a white tank top on and pink bikini panties. Her eyes were closed with her left hand up her shirt rubbing her young adorable breast and her right hand was down in her panties going at her pussy feverishly. I pull my head out of the door and look back one last time listening carefully for Kelly or Dana, and then I slid inside and silently closed the door.

I walked over to the bed staring at the hand on her pussy intently, I gently leaned over the bed as she was close to the side I was on and gently licked the knuckles on the hand between her legs. She froze and her eyes opened with a pop and a startled gasp escaped her lips and she stared at me with a combination of fear and surprise.

“What are you doing Angie?” I looked up at her with an evil grin.

“What are YOU doing Mr. D? Where the hell is Kelly?” she said with a sexy smile.

“I just woke her up for breakfast and I am sure she has fallen back to sleep. So I will be heading back in there to wake her again, so why don’t you get that sweet little ass out of bed so we could eat then head down to the lake to do some fishing or swimming.” I reach between her legs and hug her pussy with my hand. I slide my hand out from inbetween her legs pushing up against her roughly feeling her really wet panties. As I get to the door, I turn back and lift my hand to my face; I quietly inhale the scent from my hand and run my tongue across the finger that was most wet.

“I’ll meet you in the kitchen in about 15 minutes, I gotta go before I do something I want to do and before we get caught.”

I hear her whisper, “I will be right out I just have to come, because you just turned me on so fuckin much I will go crazy if I don’t.”

I turn, push the lock button on the door as to give her the feeling of security of not being caught satisfying herself by Kelly.


Dana tells me that breakfast is now ready and I should get the girls before it gets cold. I turn to walk out and both girls stroll into the kitchen in their bikini’s, they thank Dana and we sit down to eat. Kelly sits next to me and Angie sits across. We talk about the day to come and what we are gonna do. Our plans are to take the tram down to the bottom of the mountain, hop on the boat and fish for a few hours, if it got to hot the girls would probably jump in the water. We would have fun in the water since it was my lake; I had it built after I had the house built. Dana made us up some food to take with us as we probably wouldn’t be back up the mountain till around dinner.

The day was beautiful, about 85 degrees, but it felt like way more on the water. The girls were rubbing sun tan lotion on each other as not to burn. Angie looked so good, glowing with lotion in her bikini so, so tiny. I even made a statement that we were going out fishing not skinny-dipping. Kelly proclaimed, “Hey it’s our mountain and no one should be on my land anyway.” I just rolled my eyes at them.

Fishing was fun; I caught the most because the girls were to busy laughing, joking, and playing around. Angie’s bathing suit, although not a thong might as well been since she kept pulling it up as to minimize the tan line. They stopped fishing after lunch and decided to do a little sun bathing. They both untied their tops before lying down and thonged their bikinis. I just kept fishing. I was having such a hard time NOT staring at Angie’s ass.

Well it was getting late and we headed back up to the house. Dinner was supurb as Dana is an awesome chef. We all sat down to watch a movie and the girls fell asleep on the couch before the end of the movie. It was about 11:30 pm and I woke them up because I still needed to take Angie home. Kelly didn’t want to wake up so I told her I would go with her when Alex the chaufer took her home. Kelly moaned and hugged Angie and said she would give her a call tomorrow.

We took the tram down and Alex had the car waiting. Angie lived about a forty-five minutes away with her mom and step dad, her step dad really didn’t like Angie and always gave her a hard time with anything she did. A few times in the past, she would stay over for a week because he would throw her out of the house because he just didn’t care. His own son and daughter would get anything they wanted but Angie would be treated as if she didn’t belong. Her mom was too scared to say anything. So Angie would have to get punished for nothing.

I told Alex that there was no real rush, and I called Angie’s mom to let her know we were on our way. Angie just laid her head down on my shoulder and closed her eyes, but when she put her hand on my thigh I knew she wasn’t sleeping. I closed the divider window between Alex and us because I just knew what was gonna happen. No sooner the window was closed and Angie had her hand on my cock rubbing it through my pants.

“Angie” I said, “We will be home in no time I don’t think we should do this.”

“I just want just a little cum to hold me over; I don’t know when I will get a chance to do this again. Besides all you have to do is sit back and enjoy my lips wrapped around your beautiful cock.”

She pulls down my shorts and licks the head, running her tongue up and down the shaft; I just put my hand on the top of her head and gave out a soft moan. I know we only have about twenty minutes before we get to Angie’s house, as does she. She then proceeds to take my cock deep in her mouth. I can feel the head pushing up against the back of her throat. I can feel her saliva slightly running down my balls as she continues to push my cock into her throat as she has done before. She lifts up her head and her saliva drips and string are attaching my cock to her lips.

“You are gonna have to make me come soon as I think we are almost there.” I manage to whisper to her.

So she starts to push her head up and down fast and deep. I can feel her lips pushing hard against the base of my shaft as she continues to run her lips up and down my cock faster and faster. As I feel my balls tighten up and I know I am about to cum, so does she and she pushes my cock as far as it will go and the first string of cum pumps right down the back of her throat and she pulls up and the second rope of come fills her mouth. She is so trying to swallow it all but just a bit of the fifth rope of cum hits her tongue it drips down my shaft and onto my balls, she pulls my cock out of her mouth and proceeds to lick my cock and balls clean.

“Thank you Mr. D that was so fuckin yummy, I’m gonna have to get out my dildo and fuck myself into a frenzy when I get in the house. My pussy is so fuckin wet right now I know my panties are soaked. I hope no one will notice when I get inside.”

“You are amazing as usual Angie, we’re gonna have to find some way for me lick and fuck your sweet little pussy.”

“Oh I can’t wait for that, maybe I can come over some time this week, if my mom doesn’t mind. I know John my step-dad couldn’t careless if I was there or not.”

The car stops and I hear Alex state, “We’re here sir,” Over the intercom.

I reply, “Ok thank you Alex I’m trying to wake up Angie now. You don’t have to get out I will take care of it myself.”

Angie takes a tissue from the console and wipes both my cock and her mouth off before she straightens her self up. She kisses me on the lips and says goodbye before she gets out.

“Home Alex.” I said.

“Yes sir”

Chapter 2

The next day I wake and as usual my exercise routine. I head down to my garage, well it’s more like a warehouse; to play with one of my many cars and motorcycles. My buddy Mike calls and stops by to help me with my newest build. We are building a 1923 Ford T-bucket Roadster, My favorite muscle car. Having a few beers enjoying a summers day, when I get a call from my daughter.

“Hey Dad Angie just called me, can I go hang out with her?”

“Sure I’ll call Alex to drive you.”

“Nah it’s ok I’ll drive myself over there, I’ll be down in a little bit.”

“Ok Kelly”


Well about 5:00 pm I take my leave from my friend Mike and take the tram up to the house. My phone rings again and its Kelly.

“Hey Dad do you mind if Angie stays over tonight she had another fight with her step-dad he is being an asshole again.”

I hear a slight slur in her voice.

“Sure Kelly, Angie is always welcome to stay, are you on your way home now?”

“We’re pulling in the drive now.”

“Oh Ok I’m coming down now, I was only about halfway up.”

I hit the stop and head back down. As I get there I walk into the warehouse and they are both walking toward me. Moreover, I look carefully and say, “Kelly have you two been drinking?”

“Well we just had a few beers dad.”

“I am very upset with you, I don’t mind you drinking but not drinking and driving. Why didn’t you call for a ride home, what happened if you got into an accident. If Angie didn’t get into a fight at home I would have sent her home and you to your room.”

“But dad I only had five beers and Angie only had two, and dad Angie drove home.”

“Well lets go up and eat dinner, Dana is waiting. Again, I am still very disappointed in you. I don’t mind you drinking, just the driving that doesn’t go together.”

We head up and sit down and eat, Kelly apologizes about a hundred times as she as asked Dana to bring her a beer. I chuckle. Angie asks if she can have one too. I tell Dana to bring in three. After dinner we all sit down and watch TV and have a few more beers.

Again Kelly and Angie fell fast asleep on the couch, so I pick Kelly up and bring her to bed. She’s out cold from all the beer. I ask Dana to help get her undressed for bed, and she didn’t have to worry about Angie as I was gonna wake her up to go to bed and I would see her in the morning as I would be going to bed myself.

As I get back to the couch and attempt to wake Angie, but to no avail she is being stubborn so I scoop her up in my arms and carry her off to bed. I lay her down and try to roll her under the covers but, she wiggles and her tank top pushes down and to my surprise, her breast pops out. Since I also had a few beers I give you my weakness, bend down, take her nipple into my mouth, and suckle it. Angie moaned slightly and grasped my head. I caress her other breast with my hand and lean onto the bed. I come to my senses and lift myself up. I cover her up with the covers and start to walk out.

“Mr. D please don’t go can you just sit with me a little while?”

I look at the door, I glance back at Angie, I glance back at the door and stroll over to the door and close and lock it. Knowing no one will check on and either of us, I walk back over to Angie and sit on the bed next to her. She sits up, pulls her tank top off, drops it on the floor, then lays back, slides her shorts off, and drops them on the floor. I lean over to kiss her and slide my hand between her legs and gently stroke the inside of her thighs occasionally brushing across her clit and pussy lips. At this point, she is so fuckin wet, almost to the point of dripping. I slide my finger between her pussy lips, coat my finger with her juices, and spread it to her ass, rubbing the rim of her anus.

“Oh Mr. D please make me cum, I beg you. I’ll be real quiet I promise.”

“I will but you must be real quiet and only if I could make you cum with my mouth.”

“Oh please eat my pussy, please, please, please”

I slide down the bed and run my tongue alongside both sides of her pussy avoiding her lips and clit.

“Please don’t tease me I really need to cum, I need to orgasm real fuckin bad.” She whispers to me.

I deeply indulge in her pussy, licking up and down her slit, tickling her clit with my tongue. She pulls her knees up and lies her feet flat on the bed. I slide my hands under her ass and grasp her cheeks tightly. I suck her juices from her pussy as it is now flowing readily.

“Oh yes Mr. D eat my fuckin pussy, it feels so fuckin good. Oh yes, yes lick that clit. Eat me, fuckin eat me. Eat that pussy, make me cum, make me cum YES eat my pussy cum.”

My tongue is now wailing over her clit, my right thumb rapidly plunging in and out of her pussy hole, my left middle finger rubbing the outside of her anus. Her hips are bucking semi-violently. She is doing her best to restrain herself. I noticed she is getting slightly loud so I reach up with my left hand and grab the pillow and put it over her face, as I know she is about to cum hard. Her hands pull the pillow tight to her face to muffle any sound. I return my left finger to her anus, as I know she is just about at the peak of her orgasm and sink it to the last knuckle up her ass. She is now bucking fiercely as her orgasm overcomes her. My fingers and pumping in and out of her holes as my tongue is feverishly lapping at her clit.

Finally, she reaches down and starts pushing my head away. She pants out in a gasping whisper from under the pillow, “Mr. D please stop I can’t take it anymore.” I can feel her pussy and asshole twitching and spasming around my fingers tightly. I slowly remove my fingers from her and pull my face away from her pussy and I gently blow on her clit, which makes her whole body quiver.

“Oh my gawd that was so fuckin intense, I can’t remember cumming that hard, well like in forever. You are so fuckin awesome.” She sits up, pulls my face up to hers, and kisses me deeply, plunging her tongue deep into my mouth. She proceeds to clean her juices from my face.

“You have proven time and again that you are an incredible lover. You astound me and pleasure me like no other. You are amazing every time.” She stares into my eyes for a long moment, the she whisper, “Mr. D?” there is another long moment. “I’m scared, I’m afraid, I’m afraid I’m falling in love with you.” She kisses me deeply again. “I know we can’t spend the night together like we did when we were picking up Kelly but can I just lay in your arms for a while?”

“Angie there is nothing I would like more but…” I pause.

“I know Mr. D, can I at least suck your cock I would love to at least return the favor. Besides I adore the taste of your cum.”

I look at her briefly; a big grin grows across my face. Angie grabs my hands and pulls me up on the bed rolls me on my back and strips my shorts off with my boxers. My cock is ragingly hard from eating her pussy. She completely devours my cock right to the base. I know she loves doing that. My hands instinctively go to the back of her head and grasp her hair tightly. I could feel her lips quivering against my balls as she sucks it like a straw apparently as hard as she can suck. Involuntarily my hips buck up ramming my cock hard down her throat. Her hands immediately go under my ass, pull hard on my ass cheeks, and hold herself there. My cock throbs in the depths of her throat. My balls start to quiver as she slowly withdraws my cock from her throat. She sucks up the saliva as she slides her lips up the shaft of my cock. Slowly she proceeds to pump my cock, base to tip with her mouth. As breath escapes from my mouth, my fingers run through her hair. Up and down, up and down she slowly increases speed, sucking my cock like no one before.

“Oh Yes suck my cock Angie, you are so fuckin good. I love the way your throat contracts around my cock head, Yes suck me good baby, suck me real good.”

She withdraws my cock from her mouth and runs her tongue up and down my shaft, licking all over my balls down around my ass and back up to the head.

“Please cum down my throat, I want to swallow all your cum. You have such yummy cum.”

She engulfs my cock again, down to the base. She gently massages my balls as she pumps up and down my shaft. Urging me on trying to milk all my cum from my balls.

In between strokes she says, “Come on Mr. D give me what I crave. Give me that big load of cum I so crave. How I love that taste of your cum, so sweet yet tangy. Come on, come on give me cum.”

It is just more then I can stand, my hands grip the hair on the back of her head, I thrust my hips up slamming my cock down the back of her throat as the first blast goes straight down into her belly. She pulls back hard as the rest of my cum gushes out onto her tongue as she gobbles it all up not even missing one drop. As my orgasm subsides, my head hits the bed and a sigh escapes from my lips. She spends the next sixty seconds licking my cock and swallowing any cum left.

“That was fuckin amazing Angie; you can suck a cock like a pro. I haven’t cum that hard since… Well since the last time you blew me.” As a grin stretches across my face, I pull her up to me and kiss her on the lips. “I need to leave before I can’t control myself and fuck the hell out of you and wake everyone up.”

“Oh I want you to fuck the hell out of me PLEASE, PLEASE.”

“No matter how much I would love to now is not the time and here is not the place, that time will come my sweet, just be patient.”

I get up, straighten myself up turn back to her, give her one more passionate kiss, and wish her goodnight. I walk to the door, grab the handle, and turn back, she is still naked, and lying there with her legs spread rubbing her pussy.

“I have to cum one more time before I go to sleep, the taste of your cum got me so fuckin horny.”

I lock the door and close it as I depart.

Chapter 3

“Well good morning girls.” I say to them as they walk into the kitchen rubbing their eyes and dragging their feet. “How are we feeling this morning?”

Kelly moans, “got a little headache.” She says.

Angie looks at Kelly, and noticing she is rubbing the sleep out of her eyes, looks back at me and with a big smile, “I’m fine I didn’t drink as much as Kelly.” Then with a quick glimpse at Kelly again to make sure she still wasn’t looking pinches one of her nipples and grins big again. I give her a look and shake my head.

“So what are you two gonna do today?”

“I think just chill out and watch some TV.” Kelly says.

“I think I should call my mom.” Angie says. “Can I use your phone Mr. D?”

“Sure go right ahead Angie you know where it is.”

She picks up the phone and starts dialing as she walks out of the room.

“I wish Angie’s step-dad wasn’t such and asshole and would treat Angie like she belonged. I’m glad I have such a kewl dad, you’re the best,” As she comes over to give me a hug. I give her a big hug back and tell her I love her too. Just then Angie walks in and says, “Hey Kelly my mom just informed me they are going down to Florida for a few days my step dad has business there. And if I wanted to come I better get home before 8:00 pm and if I didn’t she would understand but I would have to stay here because my step-dad didn’t want me to stay there alone because he didn’t trust me. Either way I would have to go there before then to get some clothes.” Then after a short pause. “That sucks because I really hate having to hang out with them.”

First, they both look at me, “no problem Kelly’s best friend is always welcome.” I say with a cheerful grin. Then Kelly looks back at Angie, “awesome,” then she drops her head down and hits it with the heel of her hand.

“Shit, I forgot I was gonna sleep over Arianna’s house tonight, I’ll call her I’m sure she won’t mine if I cancel.” Kelly exclaims.

“No it’s OK Kelly, I don’t want to bother you just give me a ride home.”

Therefore, I interrupt, “Listen girls Angie practically has her own room here and if you want to go out with Arianna that would be fine. You’ll be home tomorrow right?”

She hesitates, “Yeah but probably not till later on in the day you know how I like to sleep. An Arianna with probably come back with me.”

“OK so this is what we will do, let’s have lunch then I’ll have Alex drive us over to Angie’s house to get some of her things and I will talk to Angie’s parents to let them know that it is OK that she stay as long as she wants. Are you having dinner here with us Kelly or with Arianna?”

“Well Arianna’s parents were gonna take us out to dinner”

“OK then we will drop you off at her house, and you can call tomorrow and I will have Alex come pick you up. How does that sound?”

Kelly looks at Angie and then they both look at me and say, “fine.”

I turn my head to Dana, “Dana can you make us up some sandwiches for lunch?”


Well lunch was good, I have Alex get the car, and we head over to Angie’s house. Right before we get out I ask Angie, “What’s your mom and step-dads name again?”

She says with a chuckle, “asshole no sorry I mean Larry and my mom’s name is Ashley.”

We all get out and walk up to Angie’s house. Her step-dad and mother are in the garage packing.

“Hey mom, hey Larry” Angie exclaims, saying hey Larry with a little disgruntlement, they both look up at her then at me. “Hey Angie,” Her mom says brightly. Her step dad doesn’t even bother to say hello just says with a little bit of annoyance. “So are you coming you better get your ass upstairs and pack your shit.” She looks at Kelly and I then back at her mom. “If it’s OK with you I’d rather stay with Kelly.”

They all look at me, “Angie is always welcome to stay at our house whenever she wants Ashley.” Directing myself towards Ashley. “You go ahead she’ll be OK with us.”

“That’s fine honey.” Her mom says, “You go up and get some clothes and stuff for yourself.”

“Thank you very much, Bobby isn’t it” as she walks over to me to shake my hand. Larry follows behind also extending his hand. “Yeah thanks,” as he shakes my hand. I nod in acceptance.

“Angie is like a daughter to me she could stay as long as she wants.”

Just then, Kelly and Angie come out the garage door with a small bag. “OK were ready dad,” Kelly says to me.

“Is that all you are bringing, we might be gone for a week.” Ashley exclaims.

“I have plenty of clothes she could use.” Kelly blurts out.

“Ashley, Kelly has enough clothes to open up a department store.” I chuckle.

Angie hugs her mom and says goodbye to her step-dad and we’re off. As we get into the car, Angie hugs and kisses me on the cheek thanking me for letting her stay. She flicks my earlobe with her tongue and ever so softly whispers, “fun night.”

“Yeah thanks dad for letting her stay, you see how he treats her.”

“Yeah I saw, but I see your mom loves you. Now I see where you get your looks from, your mom is quite attractive.

“Dad stop checking out Angie’s mom,” Kelly says, they both laugh as Alex pulls away.

We get to Arianna’s house to drop off Kelly and she says goodbye and assures us that she will be fine and will call when she needs to be picked up. I assured her we’ll be fine. She hugs and kisses us both. I tell Alex to wait till she is in the house before we leave.

We have barely pulled away from the curb and I feel Angie’s hand on my cock. I look down then back at Angie. She’s looking at me with a grin and says, “we are gonna have fuckin fun tonight, I want you buried balls deep in my ass and when you cum I wanna taste it.”

“Relax Angie we’re not even barely away from the curb. Maybe we’re not gonna do anything.” I say with a grin.

“HELL NO, my pussy has been wet since; you said that it was fine if Kelly wanted to stay at Arianna’s house. A whole night fuckin riding your cock, I dream every night about it since we came from picking up Kelly from college. Well let’s see, I’m gonna show you a sample and then make your decision.”

She opens up my zipper and pulls out my cock, looks up at me, looks down at my cock, looks up at me again then brings her head down and wraps her lips around my cock. She very slowly slides down my shaft till I feel her nose up against my pubic region. I gasp as her throat muscles contract around the head of my cock. She holds it there as she unbuckles my shorts. She slides up to the tip an as she does she grasps my waistband. She slides down again and with all her throat muscles she squeezes my cock, I spasm and buck my hips up forcing my cock down her throat hard. In one motion, she yanks down my shorts under my ass to my knees. She keeps suction on my cock as I drop back down; she stays up sucking any saliva off my cock and out it pops from her mouth. She quickly pushes my shorts to my ankles and drops to her knees in front of me spreading my knees.

“Do you still think we’re not gonna do anything?” She looks up and gives me a huge smile.

“Fuck girl you know how to convince me, you are definitely amazing Angie, definitely amazing.”

“Would you like to give me a big load of cum now or should I leave you with anticipation till we get home?” another big smile streaks across her face.

I pause for a moment, looking deeply into her eyes knowing what she wants is me to cum down her throat right now. “Let’s wait; I think I want to eat you to an explosive orgasm first so that when I do give you my load you will want it even more.” I push her away, reach down, and pull up my shorts. I see a disappointed look on her face and then reassure her it will all be worth the wait.

We get back and we head up to the house, I request Dana cook a nice meal for the four of us, as I always include my help, they are like my family. Afterwards, they clean up and I send them home as they live in the house at the bottom of the mountain.

I tell Angie to pick out a movie, I am gonna take a quick shower and we can chill out and relax. She says OK as I depart. About twenty minutes later, I come back out to the TV room and I just stop and stare as my mouth drops open. Somehow Angie found my porn stash watching my favorite movie of a young girl getting her ass fucked my a guy with a huge cock; she was lying on the couch in this little mesh crotchless body suit rubbing her pussy with a frenzy, her head is flopping back and forth and she is moaning and whimpering.

As I come into view she momentarily slows and then grunts out, “Fuck, fuck, fuck this feels so fuckin good, please come and let me swallow your cock, please don’t make me beg.” As she invitingly opens her mouth with her tongue out.

“How the hell did you find my porn stash? What the heck are you doing?” I utter walking toward her with a huge grin on my face.”

“Please, please I’ll explain later please don’t make me beg for your cock in my mouth, please before I cum.”

I cannot refuse her request so I drop my boxers, pull off my shirt, and kick off my slippers. I step on the couch presenting my cock to her mouth. She instinctively opens her mouth, puts her hand between my legs on my ass and pulls me forward forcing my cock deep down her throat. She just holds it there as she continues to aggressively, stroke her pussy. I can feel her sucking my cock as if it was a straw, very hard, almost too hard. As she starts to orgasm, her body bucks and writhes around. My cock began to harden in her mouth she is used it as a tool for her arousal. Finally, she sank back into the couch as my cock slipped from her mouth she gasped as her body calmed down.

“Wow that was intense,” she blurted out.

“What was that all about Angie,” I said in amazement.

“Well I guess I owe you an explanation.”

“Yes you do!” I said with immediate attention.

“Well first you have to promise you won’t say anything to Kelly.”

“Kelly” I said with shock, “What does she have to do with it.”

“Well we found your porn stash and we watch it sometimes when you go out and we’re here alone. That is something I will not get into now. But I put on this outfit for us for tonight and after watching ten minutes of this movie I got so horny I couldn’t control myself, and well you found me like this and well I needed your cock and ummm I guess you know the rest.”

“So are you OK now, are you done, can we watch a good movie and go to sleep?”

“Hell no, like I said earlier today when we dropped off Kelly. I want you buried balls deep in my ass and when you cum I wanna taste it. I want you to pound the fuck out of my pussy till its sore. I wanna drain every drop of cum from your balls so you won’t have any cum for the next month. I want to stop me from breathing when your cock is buried down my throat and your balls have blocked my nasal passage. I want to sleep till Kelly gets home because of pure exhaustion.”

“Are you trying to kill me by fucking me to death?” I say with a laugh.

“No” she said, “I am just real fucking horny.”

“OK girl I’ll do my best to give you the fucking of my life because when we’re done I may be dead.”

I lay her on her back with her head just below the armrest of the couch, pick her legs up, and place her knees next to her head. She locks her elbows behind her knees, reaches up, and spreads her ass cheeks apart. I run my tongue from her tailbone to bellybutton; then back down to around her clit. I circle around her clit a few times before licking her pussy lips. Still trying to avoid her clit, I run down to her ass hole and up to each side of her outer labia. In between her slit and her ass hole, I poke my tongue in and out of her pussy and rectum. She purrs like a kitten and I gently pleasure of holes.

“Umm that feels so good, so fuckin very good. Yes lick me, lick me good. Lick my pussy, lick my ass hole.”

Then I just bury my tongue and lips in her pussy and nuzzle my nose up against her clit, humming and shaking my head side to side. I look up at her face, her eyes are wide shut, and her mouth is wide open. Her head is vibrating as her body spasms.

“UH, UH, UH, UH, UH, UH, UH. YES THAT FEELS SO FUCKIN GOOD, don’t stop, yes, yes.” She continues to rant as I eat her out, I stick my tongue up her pussy and nuzzle my nose, hard up against her clit again. Shakin’ my face from side to side.

“Cum baby, cum. cum on my face, I want to feel your pussy juices gush all over my face.” Yelling this into her pussy made her go off in an abyss of orgasmic pleasure.

“FUCK, fuck I’mmmm Fucking Cummmmmmming, Yes eat my fuckin pussy.”

As she reaches between her legs and grabs my head, pulling hard. After what seemed like forever, she finally released my face from her pussy. She and I were both breathing heavy, her from her explosive orgasm and me from suffocation in a sweet young pussy. After a few minutes I held her legs up and swirled around and position my cock at the entrance to her mouth. I pull her legs up and slide her head off the arm of the couch, that brings her head off the couch armrest and gives me a straight direct path right down her throat with my cock. She reaches up and grabs my hips and in one swift movement, my balls were blocking her nose. I leaned forward getting every last inch in her mouth. I felt her contracting her throat muscles around my shaft. I then proceeded to bury my face in her pussy again. Giving my hips soft forward thrust. As I eat her pussy, her hands are raking at my ass cheeks. I then withdraw slowly, even though I feel her hands protest. As I pull out, I can feel her sucking up her saliva. As I reach the tip I feel her pull forward on my hips hard driving my cock deep back down her throat. I continue the rhythm in and out of her mouth whilst I devour her pussy. I am still amazed at her ability to deep throat my eight-inch cock without even gagging once. I start to feel my balls ache with the need to cum and cum hard.

I muffle loudly into her pussy, “baby I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna blow my load.”

On my next out stroke, she pushes me out of her mouth, with a big slurp and says, “ram it down my throat and dump your load right in my belly. And with one swift motion, she shoves me right back down her throat. I continue to pound my cock down her throat, she put her hands on my thighs pushing me away trying to get her breath. I grab her hands and pull them down to her side to prevent her from pushing me away. This puts all my weight on her as I thrust my cock using her throat like a pussy. I hear a slight gag and with four more thrust I start to cum. I thrust hard forward burying my cock down her throat I feel the first load release. This intensifies my eating of her pussy with that and her lack of ability to breath sends her off again in another explosive orgasm. After releasing four more loads I release her hands, so I gently pull my cock out and stand up. She sucks up some of the saliva but spreads it all over my cock. Making it extremely gooey.

“I wanna leave this gooey so that will slide up my ass easily.”

“Oh baby, flip on over before I get soft.”

I let go of her legs and push her away so she is on all fours and then she flips on her back. As I go around, I grab her closest ankle and pull it up so that she is sideways facing the couch back. I put one leg on the other side of her ankle, bend right in, and position my cock at her ass.

She uses her saliva covered hand and lubes up her ass and stuffs two fingers up there. She grasps it and guides it right in proclaiming, “OH fuck me in the ass, fill my tightest, tiniest hole. Yes gape my ass with that big fat cock of yours.”

And with all the gooey saliva it slide almost halfway up her ass before I heard her gasp, so I stopped and let her ass acclimate.

After a moment, I heard her whisper out, “more please, give me more cock, fill me with your big cock.”

I drop her upper leg onto the couch so she is now on her back. I pin her knees behind her head after she lifts it up and I cross them behind. She reaches up and grabs each ass cheek and spreads it as far as she could. With my right hand I guide it slowly back in. she coos and moans and it slides in.

“Oh yes look at that going into my ass, that is soooo fuckin hot, and it feels soooo fuckin good.”

“Yeah baby your ass is so fuckin tight. I can feel it spasming around my cock, milking my cock for cum.”

Finally my balls are pinned to her tailbone and her anus is gaped tightly around my cock. It looks like it is gaped to the max. I slowly withdraw feeling her rectal tube quiver. I gently plunge my cock back in creating an increasing powerful rhythm, we pump and rock building in speed, as our groins meet. I can feel her rectal walls gush as she experiences short spasmodic orgasms.

“Oh My Gawd, I’m having an anal orgasm, OH Fuck this feels so good.” She begins violently rubbing her clit as I pump in and out of her ass.

“Gimmie some ass juice.” She says to me.

I pull out of her ass and in one motion; I pull myself up on her chest and plunge my cock right into her mouth. She sucks on the head vigorously, picks up her head, and guides it down her throat, sucking hungrily on my cock. She pulls it out and says, “I love my ass juices.” I pull away and bury it back in her ass. She proceeds to frig her clit and stretching her cheeks apart staring intensely as my cock plunges in and out. I fuck her ass to what seems like twenty minutes, pausing occasionally to let her suck the juice off my cock and give it a little lube.

“Do you want my load in your pussy, ass, or mouth?” I say with a big grin.

“Fill my ass with your cum but not before you fuck my pussy for a while.”

I pull out of her ass and let her lube and clean my cock and then I slide it right up her pussy. I pump a few times and then she puts her legs down and exclaims she want to ride my cock. So I flop back on the couch as I pull her up by her arm so she is straddled over my cock. She reaches down and guides my cock right up her pussy. She gets up on her feet; puts her hands on each of my shoulders and processed to ride my cock. Up and down she rides, the spasms wave through both of us from her head to my toes.

Her body starts to twitch, “I think I’m gonna cum Mr. D, I think I’m gonna cum. Oh fuck, oh fuck Yes I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum. Fuck, Fuck, Fuck I’m CUMMMMING, I’m Cummmming. Fuck YES.”

“Cum on my cock baby, lube my cock with your pussy juice baby. I gonna cum soon to baby, I’m gonna cum too.”

“Hold your cock, Mr. D.” As I do in one smooth motion, she pops my cock from her pussy and impales herself right down on my cock. This is just too much for me and in three or four more thrust; I start to gush cum up her ass. As our orgasms subside she just drops down on me sitting with all her weight and my cock still embedded up her ass. She drops to her knees and slumps down and nestles her face in my neck. I could feel the cum and juices running down my balls as it finds its way out of her ass.

After about fifteen minutes, she picks up her head and kisses me tenderly on my lips. “That was so fuckin incredible.” She says to me. “I could sleep with your cock up my ass, right here right now. Just like this.”

“We could definitely stay like this for a while.” I say to her. Eventually my cock pops limply out of her ass.

“I think it’s time for bed, remember if you sleep with me I get up at 5:00 am.”

“I just want to be in your arms when I wake.” She looks up at me with a grin.

She gets up and we grab up all of our stuff, clean up the area. Angie goes to her room and puts her stuff away; grabs her robe and heads back to my room. I am already on the bed pulling my silk sheets up. She slides in and nuzzles up to me. “Hmmmm I love the feel of silks on my naked body. I could definitely get use to this, as we both drift off to sleep.

Chapter 4

The next morning I get up at my usual 5:00 am. I look around and see Angie in my arms her body wrapped up around me. I gently try to push her away to get up and I feel her pull tight on me.

“Mmmmm you feel so good under me.” She whispers.

“As you feel good on top of me, but you must let me up to use the bath room.”

“Oh Ok if you must but hurry back, I don’t want to get cold.”

A few minutes later I pop the bathroom door open and tell her, “I’m gonna hop into the sauna before my workout.”

She moans and acknowledges me. I set the sauna at 105° F and walk in. It doesn’t take more than a few minutes to heat up, I add water to the coals and the steam starts to thicken. I turn on the automatic steamer and sit back on the bench, totally nude. I put my feet up, my head back and relax. About fifteen minutes later, I didn’t hear the door open, and with the steam so thick I didn’t notice Angie come in, but the next thing I notice is excessive moisture on my cock. I look down and Angie is licking my shaft.

I smile at her and say, “didn’t you get enough last night?”

“I could never have enough of this cock, in fact I’m kinda hungry do you think you could feed me a nice load of cum for breakfast?” she looks up at me with a grin on her face.

I look at her with a grin right back and say, “It’s yours for the takin, enjoy.”

“No you enjoy.” She says to me as she engulfs the head of my cock. She licks and sucks softly and slowly, stroking up and down my shaft with her lips. Massaging my balls and rubbing my asshole with her fingers. Ten minutes later, I pick my head up; sweat is dripping down both our bodies. I look down at Angie and she looks up at me, I put my hands on her face and bring her face to mine. I kiss her tenderly as she straddles my lap. I can feel her guiding my cock into her pussy and she slowly impales herself down on me.

“Mmmm your cock feels so good in me, like it belongs there, like it always belongs there.”

She slowly rides up and down my cock, between the sweat pouring off our bodies and her pussy dripping; my cock glides in and out of her with natural ease. She nuzzles her face in the crook of my neck and tenderly pumps up an down on my cock. The feeling is so wonderful; the warmth, the moisture, the tightness as her pussy contracts around my cock. We fuck slowly to what seems like hours. She gently starts to increase the speed of her stroking. Juices are flowing steadily.

“This feels so good, I could ride your cock forever and ever. I don’t even need to cum, but we WILL.” She looks at me with a grin. A few minutes later I grunt as I start to spew wads of cum up into her pussy, which in turn invokes an orgasm for Angie. We just relax for a few minutes. Then I stir and say, “Well I guess I don’t have to do my daily exercise today since I just worked out.” I say sarcastically.

She climbs up off me and I guide her to the shower, where we wash off each other continuing to fondle each other. We get out and dry each other off and I get dressed, while she wraps her robe around herself and sneaks out back to her room to get dressed. Hoping not to get caught by Dana. Twenty minutes later, I’m back in the kitchen, I ask Dana if she could make me up some breakfast.

Just then, Angie walks in and I say, “Hey Angie just in time would you like to have breakfast with me?”

“Sure Mr. D that would be nice.”

“I think I would like to have pancakes Dana, how about you Angie?”

“That’s fine with me.”

After breakfast I say that I am gonna go down to the garage to play and I will see everybody later. As I get out of ears shot of Dana I hear Angie call to stop me.

“Hey Mr. D.”

I stop and turn around, “What’s up Angie?”

“Want some company?”

“What’s the matter, wouldn’t you rather watch TV or play online or something?”

“I’d rather be with you…”

“And do what? Fuck, you are an incredible girl Angie, but we can’t spend all our time alone just having sex can we?”

“Well, Yes we can but I do like your company, you’re a really kewl guy; I so wish we were closer in age or we didn’t have to hide US.”

I look at her for a long moment, “Come on Angie lets go down to the garage and play,” I say with a chuckle.

For the rest of the afternoon we play in the garage not only with the cars but also with a lot of touchy feely. Finally, about 1:00 pm my cell phone rings and it’s Kelly.

“Hey dad, can Arianna come over so she, Angie, and I can chill out?”

“Sure Kelly, should I send Alex to pick you two up?

“Sure thing, thanks dad you’re the best.”

“Ok Kelly, I love ya little girl. See ya soon.”

I hang up; call Alex on the intercom, “Hey Alex can you go get Kelly from Arianna’s house?”

“Right away Sir, I’m on my way.”

A few minutes later Alex comes in the garage, hops in the limo, and drives away.

“Angie walks up to me; you know we only have about an hour and a half before they get back.”

“Yeah and?”

“Think we could have a quickie, I sure do love your cock. Let me see if I can persuade you.”

She kneels down in front of me; pulls down my shorts to my ankles and starts to lick my shaft. “Mmmm your cock tastes so good.”

She continues to lick and suck my cock, I look down watching her expertise; she starts to rub her pussy through her short. Then using just her mouth to suck and lick me, she reaches down opens and removes her shorts then continues to rub her clit.

“Angie bring that pussy up here so I can eat it.”

She stands up and I pick her up and lay her on the hood of my Porsche, she puts her ankles on my shoulders as I bring my face down to her pussy. I run my tongue right up her slit. As a moan escapes her mouth, I clamp down and suck hard on her clit. I get a spasm and she bucks her hips shoving my tongue up into her pussy.

“Oh yes, yes eat my pussy. You are so fuckin amazing, I never want anyone else to eat my pussy cause no one could eat me like you do. Fuck, you feel so good.”

I then proceed to pull her to the end of the fender and slide my cock deep into her pussy.

“Oh yes fill my pussy with your beautiful cock. You feel so good inside me, you feel so good filling my pussy.”

“Your pussy is like a vise milking my cock.” I say to her as I bore in and out of her wet love canal.

I pump and pump, I flip her over and shove it back in her pussy and continue to pump her. A half hour later she pleads for me to fuck her in the ass.

“OH Mr. D Pleeeeeeeeeeease, please stuff your cock up my ass, please give my butt hole a real good fucking.”

I pick her up and lay her face down across my work bench and proceed to ease my cock deep within her bowels, I build my momentum fucking her frantically knowing we don’t have too much time left, we still have to get back up to the house and wash the scent of sex off our bodies. I don’t want to kiss my daughter Kelly with the smell and taste of pussy on my lips. I can feel my balls tightening as my orgasm slowly approaches.

“Oh baby, I’m gonna cum soon, I’m gonna flood your ass with my cum baby. I’m gonna fill you up with my love juice.”

With that I trigger an explosive orgasm from Angie, she starts to buck and writhe on the bench.

“Oh fuck yes, fuck my ass, fuck me good, faster, faster pound that cock up my ass. I’m fuckin cumming, I’m fuckin cumming, Yes, Yes, Yes do me up my fuckin ass. Gape my fuckin hole with your monster cock.”

She continues to squirm and wiggle as her orgasm comes down; I continue to fuck her ass with vigor feeling my own orgasm rapidly approaching.

“I’m gonna cum real soon baby, I’ve got a really big load for you.”

“I want you to cum in my mouth; I want to swallow you cum Mr. D. Clean your cock of my ass juices.”

“With that it brings me over the edge. I pull out fast and she slides off the bench onto her knees. She grasps my cock with her left hand, which she doesn’t usually do, and engulfs my cock balls deep into her mouth; right down her throat it goes as the first blast of cum pulses out of my cock. It goes right down her throat along with the second loan of cum, I feel her throat muscles contract around my cock. She is moaning and writhing as I grab her head and proceed to face fuck her, hard and deep. I look down as she gulps down my cum and notice she is using both hands to finger herself and rub her clit simultaneously. She is having another mind blowing explosive orgasm.

As we both come down, my cock slides from her mouth and she plops down on her ass. “Oh fuck that was intense, you never cease to amaze me, or should I say make my pussy quiver so intensely.”

After a few more minutes, I extend my hand and say, “Let’s get up to the house and clean up before they get home.”

“Your right I don’t want to smell like cum when they get here.”

So, we hop on the tram and head up to the house to get cleaned up. She runs into her room jumps in the shower and throws on some clothes, as do I. About a half hour later, I emerge from my bedroom and ask Dana to fix up some for us to eat as Kelly and her friend Arianna will be back any minute. At that, I hear the dinging of the bell signifying the car pulling into the garage.

“Hey Mr. D can you help me for a minute.” as she calls from the other room.

I walk into the other room and she waves me over to the doorway. I look at her slightly puzzled as I walk over to her. She grasps my arm and pulls me out of view of the kitchen door and wraps her arms around me. She reaches up on her tippy toes and gently places her lips on mine. Her eyes close as she turns her head pushing her lips tight to mine. I feel her lips part and her tongue snakes its way into my mouth. We kiss there for a long moment. I can feel her holding me real tight, her breast are pushed tight to my chest and I can feel her hard nipples poking into my chest. My cock starts to thicken but not harden yet. So I push her gently away.

Our eyes meet and she says, “I think I’m falling in love with you and I don’t know what to do. Can you help me? I know we really can’t be but…” she pauses.

“Your right, I know you just turned twenty last week but, your Kelly’s best friend. Besides what would your parents say?”

“God I wish I was older.”

“Look Angie, lets enjoy what we have, we can make it work for now, sneaking and hiding we just can’t be together every minute. So Kiss me again and lets go greet Kelly and Arianna and eat lunch.” I say with a smile, I lean down and kiss her again. I smile and smack her in the ass.

“OOOOw, I like that, you can do that anytime;” As she scoots away to the tram port. I head into the kitchen and grab myself a beer.

A few minutes later the girls come strolling in, Kelly comes over to me.

“Hey dad, how’s it going?”

“Hey Kelly, did you have fun.”

I look over to Arianna and say, “Hey Arianna how are you?”

“I’m fine Mr. D, thank you.”

“Yeah Arianna’s parents took us out to Tony’s steak house I got a surf and turf and it was real good.”

“Yeah and I got a juicy T-bone,” exclaims Arianna.

I got something real juicy last night fucking and sucking Angie, I think to myself.

“I’m glad you two had fun, so what are you girls gonna do today?”

“Well I thought I could con you into taking us out on the boat today, so that we could get some sun.”

“Well.” I said with a pause, “I did have other plans but since you will be going back to school in a week I would like to spend as much time with you as I could since I won’t see you again until Christmas.”

“Thanks dad.”

“Why don’t you put your stuff away and we’ll have a bite to eat. I think Dana fixed us up something.”

We all sit down and have a quick bite. I ask Dana to get me a beer. Kelly asks for one as does Angie, then Arianna requests one too.

“You aren’t old enough and I don’t know your parents well enough.”

“I turned 21 last month Mr. D so yes I am of legal age, but if you don’t want me to have one that is ok.”

“No not at all. I just don’t want to break the law; or get a call from Arianna’s parents asking why I gave their underage daughter alcohol.”

They all laugh as we finish eating. I tell the girls to get their stuff for the boat before it gets too late. By the time, we get down to the boat and on the water; it’s about 3:00 pm. So the girls don’t waste time and strip out of their clothes leaving their bikini’s the only thing left, with not much left to the imagination. They all look very sexy even my Kelly. I take particular attention at first to Arianna, since she is wearing a thong, and her ass is so fuckin tight and tiny. Even smaller then Angie’s ass; I think to myself if I fucked her in the ass I might hurt her or split her open. They all lay down on the deck and Kelly asks Arianna if you could put some suntan lotion on her back and Angie’s request that she do her too.

After she finishes she says, “Hey who’s gonna do me?”

Neither girl moves, Kelly says, “Angie will.”

Angie says, “I don’t feel like Kelly will do you.”

“That’s not fair girls, lay down Arianna I’ll do your back.”

She lies down, unties her bikini top, and get comfortable, I grab the lotion and kneel down next to her. I see Angie look up with a little jealous smirk on her face. I squirt a little on her back and she flinches stating that is was cold. I gently rubbed the lotion into her skin starting at her shoulders and working down her back. Angie kept looking over at me wondering what I will do once I get to her ass. I pick up the string going around her waist and put a little around her waistline up her sides to the underside of her breast. I squirt a little more on my hands and rub them together. I then proceed to start at her ankles and work my way up her legs, as I get to the top of her thighs I slide down each of her thighs as I wipe both my hands together.

She turns her head and says, “Hey don’t forget my ass cheeks, if they burn I won’t be able to sit down for a week.”

I pause looking at my hands then at Kelly.

“Dad just put some on her ass I don’t feel like getting up.” Then she puts her head back on her hands and closes her eyes again.

I squirt a little on my hands, rub them together, and gently start to bath her ass cheeks with slow strokes. I could see out of the corner of my eye Angie looking at me. A slight smirk crosses my face as I can feel the jealousy pouring from Angie.

I spread the lotion across her ass, and as she spreads her legs she says, “Don’t miss any spots please.”

I rub my hand closely to the thong strap and as I do, I can see the outer rim of her anus. My hand slides down between her legs and gently brushes her bikini-clad pussy; I feel much moisture as my hand brushes across. She spreads her legs more and the thong shifts slightly and her labia threatens exposure. I come back to my senses, move my hands away, and get up exclaiming my completion. As I get up my eye catches Angie and I sense excitement in her eyes as she lies her head back down and closes her eyes. I look at Arianna and she thanks me with her eyes closed and a satisfied grin across her face.

Later that day we all decide to head up to the house, as hunger threatens our growling stomachs. And my eyes are burned from the fine young ass I was forced to look at all day long. We head up and Dana cooks up some dinner for us. We all have a couple of beers with dinner, and sit on the couch to watch a movie. Well after the nail biting action flick with the girls jumping all over the couch with their nities flashing panties and breast practically popping out, I suggest that it’s getting late and the pillow is calling and it’s time for bed. The girls all complain, I tell them they shouldn’t stay up much longer otherwise they’ll sleep all day long and since the summer is coming to an end, Kelly should try to start to get on a regular sleep schedule as college with start up in a few weeks.


I guess it was about 2:30 am, my dreams are jumping from one scene to another when the scene changes and I feel a hand on my cock. It rubs up and down over the cool silk sheets. I can not see the face but the dream feels so real like not knowing if I am in a state of dream or half awake. But as my dream continues my cock begins to stiffen and as the hand grasps my cock I can feel the sheets sliding down. Trying to pull myself out of dream land and into reality when I feel a warm wet set of lips engulf the head of my cock. The tongue swirls around the head and slowly swallows the entire length. As the lips hit the base, my cock twitches and my hips slightly buck up. I am still not sure this is still a dream. The lips begin to slide up and down my shaft, at this point I have a raging erection. It just feels so real, but as my orgasm built so did my awareness. Just as I felt my orgasm explode and I thought I would wake… I did, my eyes flew open; many things happened simultaneous, my hand grasped the hair of the head that was sucking my cock, my hips bucked up hard burying my cock down the throat of the mouth that was sucking me off. I shot load after load into her mouth, when the last drops of my cum dribbled out of my cock, I realized my hips were thrusted up and my hand was pushing her head down, hard, real hard. I could feel the saliva slightly running down my balls. The room was pitch black and I released the hand pinning her head down. Her head comes up and my cock dislodges from her throat.

I hear a gentle whisper, so soft I can barely make out her words, “Please don’t turn on the light.”

She apparently gets up and I can hear the door open, then again I hear the voice, “Thank you.”

The I hear the gentle close of the door. My head is spinning as my cock goes limp, I grab a few tissues and clean the saliva from my balls and cock. I sigh, my head still spinning wondering what just happened. Who just sucked me off. Who the fuck just swallowed my cum. As my exhausted head gently falls back to dream land from the powerful load I just blew my head fills with dreams of lustful sex.


I wake the next morning with my head filled with confusing thoughts of that wonderful blow job I received last night. Still wondering if it was Angie, and why would she sneak in and out. Her voice, what little I heard of it, didn’t really sound like hers but I would somehow find a way to ask her if it was her last night that sucked me off. After my usual morning exercise and relax in the sauna I went out to eat breakfast. As I walked into the kitchen preparing to eat as Dana always had my orange juice waiting for me I saw Arianna sitting at the table already having some OJ and a banana.

With a surprised look I say, “Good morning Arianna what are you doing up so early?”

“Oh I just woke up early because I was having weird dreams and couldn’t sleep.” She said with a smile. “besides I usually am an early riser, I like the mornings.”

“Wow that’s not normal for a young girl like you, Kelly and Angie usually sleep to what 11:00 am?” I say as I look at Dana. Dana just nods her head and agrees with me. I look again at Arianna with slight suspicion then gather my thoughts and shake off what I was thinking. No way could it have been her last night.

“So what ya gonna do till Kelly and Angie get up?”

“If you don’t mind I’ll just go out and lay on the deck and work on my tan.”

“Just make sure you put on some lotion so that you don’t burn.”

“Thank you I will. “So she walks off after she finishes her juice and banana.

I thank Dana and excuse myself and head off to my bedroom. I sit down at my computer to check my email and take care of some business. About a half hour later I take a break from my work, I hit the button to open the blinds and slide the door open. Now the deck off my bedroom is just one level up from the rest of the house, in fact my bedroom is the only room on the third floor and my balcony over looks the whole front of the house as well as the deck below. As I walk out I hear music. I peer down off the balcony and Arianna is lying out sun bathing. Her top is untied and lying beneath her and she is not wearing a thong but a bikini bottom with side ties untied and she pushed the back off so her ass is completely exposed. Her legs are slightly parted and she is facing away from me so that since I am only about 15 feet above her I can almost perfectly see her pussy lips. I feel my cock stir in my shorts.


I can see myself with my tongue buried deep in her pussy sucking her juices and rubbing her clit with my fingers. Burying my nose in her ass as I eat her out. Sliding my hands up and down her so very sweet ass as I glide my tongue up her crack over her anus. I pause there of a moment flicking my tongue back and forth over her rectum. I then proceed up her back as my hand move up so does my tongue. As my tongue hits the base of her neck my cock comes in contact with her labia I get a little spurt of precum lubricating her entrance as my length slides deep inside her penetrating her to my balls. My cock spasms and twitches inside her. Her ass wiggles back and forth provoking me to proceed with my deep hard thrusting.


My computer beeps behind taking me out of my fantasy; as it does I turn my head then look back down at Arianna. Our eyes meet, a grin slowly grows across her face. She gives her ass a little wiggle as her smile grows broader. I smile back pause for a moment longer and turn with a jerk.

A few hours later I come down deciding I should wake up Kelly and Angie. I walk out to the deck to open the door. She is facing away from me and I could see her perfect pussy perfectly. I take a deep breath and open the door. “Hey Arianna it’s almost 10 and I’m gonna wake up the girls to have some breakfast would you like some.”

“Sure Mr. D thanks.”

“OK” I state turning back around with a grin, “I think you should put something on. I don’t know if you should walk around naked”

“I’m not naked, my bathing suit is under me.”

Again I grin, “Your pussy is in clear sight.”

I turn and shut the door.


I walk in and knock on Kelly’s door a few seconds with no response I crack the door and peak in. Kelly is sprawled out still sleeping like I expected her to be. I walk in and gently sit on her bed and give her a kiss on the forehead, and whisper, “Hey Kelly it’s 10 am don’t you think you should get up.”

“Sure dad I guess, can you ask Dana to make up some breakfast?”

“Absolutely, what would you like?”

“Coco puffs would be great, thanks dad. Are you gonna wake up Angie and Arianna?”

“Well Arianna has been up since about 8:00 and I’m going into wake up Angie now.”

“8:00, what the hell, what has she been doing?”

“Well when I came into the kitchen this morning she just seemed to have sit down and was drinking some OJ and having a banana, she said she was having weird dreams and actually wakes up early.”

“I know but I didn’t think she woke up that early. So what the heck was she doing?”

“She was sun bathing out on the deck.”

“Oh if I know Arianna she was probably almost naked, that’s her idea of sun bathing. As I am sure you know after the other day on the boat.”

“Well that’s how some people are and you can’t tell them what to do, you can only suggest. Well I’m gonna go wake up Angie and I hope I see you in the kitchen in no later then a half hour.”

“Yeah, yeah I’m getting up.”


So I head out and go over to Angie’s room, her room till probably Thursday after Kelly goes back and her parents get home, to wake her up and hopefully find out why she snuck in my room last night and then snuck back out. So I get to her door and knock, “hey Angie are you awake, can I come in?” a wait a few seconds and turn the knob slowly and ease the door open. She is lying there naked. I was just thinking about you. I look back to make sure no one is coming. I go in and give her a kiss.

“Hey I gotta ask you something. I had a dream last night that someone came in and gave me a cock sucking I don’t believe was a dream. You didn’t by chance sneak into my room and do just that.?”

She looks at me quizzically, “No it must have been a dream or someone else was sucking your cock.”

“Well that was the most realistic dream I ever had.” I shrug it off. “Anyway Dana is making breakfast get your sweet little ass up and come get something to eat.”

“All I want to eat is your cum.”

“We bring Kelly back to school on Monday, and your parents don’t come home till Thursday, so you may get that chance.”

“I don’t know if I can wait that long.”

I get up and run my fingers between her pussy lips collecting her juices. I bring my fingers up to my lips and lick them clean. “Mmm that tastes so good. I can’t wait to taste it from the source.”

“You can start right now, and make me cum all over your face.”

I lean my face into her pussy and lick and suck it for a few moments. I pick my face up and say, “Well that should hold you over for a while.”

“Oh no please don’t leave me like this!”

I smile and walk toward the door, I open it and peek out. “If it makes you feel better you taste so fuckin good.”

I turn and close the door behind me. I head toward the kitchen, as I turn the corner into the kitchen I hear Kelly behind me, “Hey Dad.”

I turn around, “Hey princess, come on in your coco puffs are on the table.”

As she walks into the kitchen she says, “Mmm.” Then she looks around and says, “Where the heck are they.”

“I just came from Angie’s room, I knocked and she said she was getting dressed and would be right out. And Arianna, I left her outside when I went to wake you up so I assume she is still out there.”

“I’ll get her.” Kelly says as she walks out of the kitchen.

I stop just outside the kitchen door looking as she heads toward the patio doors.

“Hey is breakfast ready, I’m starved.” Angie walks up the hall. We turn an Arianna is coming in the house.

“First one in the kitchen is a slow poke.” I say as I turn and quickly head into the kitchen.

All is quickly forgotten as the three girls push and pry their way into the kitchen, laughing hysterically as they try to push each other out, fighting not to be the last. Dana and I are laughing as well. The girls finally get into the kitchen and we all sit down and eat; laughing and joking right through breakfast.

We’re all finishing up our OJ when I say, “Hey. Since today is Sunday and Kelly goes back to school next Monday what are we gonna do today?”

“I got an idea, why don’t we go clothes shopping at the mall? I could use some new school clothes daddy” Kelly says.

“Yeah, Yeah great idea.” Arianna and Angie blurt out.

“I don’t have any money but I still love trying on clothes.” Angie says.

“Oh don’t worry about it my dad will buy us all some stuff.” Kelly says with confidence knowing I will.

I just laugh and say, “well lets get going, get your little asses in your rooms and get ready. I have to go upstairs myself.”

Everybody jumps up and runs out of the room yelling back thanking Dana for breakfast. “Thanks Dana we’ll probably be late I will give you a call when we’re on our way home. Probably something simple tonight like prime rib and mashed potatoes will be fine. Thanks see ya later.”


I head upstairs to change and grab some cash, then I headed down to meet the girls at the tram. They kinda all came out about the same time. Kelly was the most conservative of the three she had on a tank top, a pair of jean shorts and a pair of sneakers, Angie was wearing a tube top pronouncing her beautiful tits, and a pair of daisy duke shorts that were practically up her ass showing off the bottom of her ass cheeks. Dam she was so fuckin hot. Then Arianna walks out and it took all the effort I could muster up not to let my jaw drop open. She had this white semi-see-through spaghetti strap top and you could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her nipples were noticeable as the shirt was relatively tight, with a skirt that was just barely below her crotch, if she slightly bent over you would definitely see her panties, if she was wearing any.

They all come out cheering and hoo-hahing about going out shopping. I just look at them and shake my head motioning for them to come along. We head down the tram to the garage. As we hop into the hummer, Kelly climbs in the front see next to me and Angie is behind Kelly and Arianna is climbs in behind me. As she does her skirt slides up and I can see her hip but I do not see any signs of panties or anything. I think to myself wow what a hot little slut. About forty five minutes later we get to the mall, I’m the first one out of the truck and walk toward the back of the truck and open the door for Arianna. As she slides out she turns toward me and again her skirt slides up and right there two feet from my eyes her bare little pussy is all in it’s glory dancing right in front of my eyes. Thank God I was wearing my dark sunglasses otherwise she would of saw my eyes bugging out. Dam did she had a gorgeous pussy. But I couldn’t believe she was going out to a busy, busy mall with a incredibly short skirt with no panties. Wow what an exhibitionist, but an incredible turn on. Her feet hit the ground and she gives her skirt a downward tug and then her hand smoothes it out from her hips to her thighs. We all walk into the mall, people everywhere.

Kelly grabs my arm and says, “I wanna check out some new shirts lets go to ‘The Bazaar’ first they have some really cool stuff.”

So Angie grabs my other arm and they drag me off to the first of many, many stores that I will never forget. We all go in and as the girls move from rack to rack looking at different clothes the clerk comes up to me and asks if she could help. I say with a chuckle that I am just here to pay for the stuff but if she wants to ask the girls that, well be my guest. We must have spent an hour in that store trying outfit after outfit, wow can young girls go through a lot of clothes. Kelly keeps coming out in different shirts and pants and Angie and Arianna are modeling halter tops and skirts. Kelly is just a bit more conservative then the other two. Angie comes out in some really sexy thigh length skirt, split up the right side. Wow does she look hot. She eyes me with the ‘I want to fuck you’ look and when I know no one is looking I mouth to her, nice ass, and she grins and runs her tongue across her lips and lifts the skirt at the split to show me her thong strap.

Next Arianna walks out and asks Kelly what she thinks of her outfit. She is wearing a black leather mini skirt that is shredded horizontally but the shreds are so tight that it is hard to see thru. It is so tight that it almost looks like it is painted on her.

“What do you think?” as she turns around and juts out her ass.

Angie is right next to her and smacks her ass.

“That is so hot.” Angie says to her.

Arianna lets out an Oooo and Ahhhh and bends a little bit more, as she does the shreds part a bit more and you could see a bit of her flesh thru it.

Kelly just grins and shakes her head and says, “its nice but a little too exposing for me. I’m going to try this last one on and then I’m getting tired of this store.”

“Wow I really like that skirt where did you find it.” Angie says to Arianna.

“Over there on that rack” she point to the right.

“Isn’t it adorable.”

Angie and Arianna walk over to the rack and they find one for Angie. They walk back into the dressing room and a few minutes they all come out. Kelly has a blue knee length skirt on and as she walks out she twirls around and asks me how it looks, I state it looks fine on her, as do the other girls.

“OK, I’m done here. I’m gonna grab what I want and I will meet you two at the check out.” As she heads back in to change back into her clothes.

Angie is wearing the leather skirt like Arianna is and they both twirl simultaneously pausing briefly to show off their asses and ask me how they look.

While sitting in the dressing room chair I shift myself trying to hide my erection. I think to myself, ‘Holy shit that is one hot site. If I could only be fucking those pussies right now.” But I say is, “You girls look real nice, kinda like twins.” I chuckle as do they. They both put a hand on each others asses and give me a big smile. “You girls better change back so that we can get going. But if you want them then bring them along. They both look at me with over excitement and wiggle.

“Really Mr. D?” Arianna says.

“Really Arianna, but are you sure your parents are gonna approve?”

“Yeah not a problem, do you think I can wear them now?”

“Just as long as you bring the tag up with you so I can pay for it.”

They head back in and Kelly and Arianna come out first and a few seconds later Angie comes out with her regular clothes on and the skirt in her hand. They all go up to the counter and the clerk rings them out and I pay for everything. As we get out of the store they all come over to me and give me a hug thanking me. Angie is the last to thank me and as the they turn to walk her arm is still around me and she gives my ass a squeeze. We look at each other with a smile and head to the next store.


We head from store to store with the same results as the first one. By lunch time my cock is so hard it is getting hard to conceal it. I ask Kelly what she wants to eat. She consults her friends and they come up with TGIF’s. As we head in, we shuffle between all the people, I am the last and Angie is right in front of me. We stop at the door, I am inches behind her. She reaches back and grabs my erection, I shutter and my knees buckle slightly.

I look down with a holy crap look and she looks up with a big smile across her face and whispers, “are we turning you on a bit?”

We just gaze in each others eyes, then I notice Arianna’s head turn slightly and I can see the corner of her mouth pull up with slight grin. My eyes open wide and I notion to her that we were over heard by Arianna. She turns her head toward Arianna and then back at me, looking questionably at me.

We get inside and the hostess escorts us to a booth. Arianna slips in first then Angie, Kelly tells me to go in and follows behind me. The waitress comes up and takes our order. Arianna and I both order a beer. Kelly and Angie are both drinking from our glasses and we are just ordering more. I can tell the girls are getting a slight buzz going on because Angie is rubbing my leg under the table. Well lunch is over and we head back into the mall and hit a few more shops. Then after another two hours of a agonizing erection I state it is time to head home so we head back to the car, the girls arms are packed with bags and their heads are slightly buzzed from the beer. As we get to the truck I hit the remote and unlock the doors, I open the door for Arianna as the girls are sitting in the same seats they were when they came in. Arianna hops in and as she does she lifts up her new leather skirt as it is incredibly tight preventing her from spreading her legs to climb in. Half knowing what she is doing, she completely exposes her sweet shaved little pussy to me again. Just before she pulls the other leg in she looks up at me, knowing I am looking at her crotch thru my sunglasses, she breaks out into a huge grin. Her hand slides between her legs and her outer leg follows in and her legs close. I look up at her face and in the background I see Angie looking at me with a jealous expression. I smile at the two of them and shut the door. For the whole trip home the girls babble about the day and their new clothes. Kelly thanks me for buying her new school clothes and also for buying her friends clothes too. They all chime in thanking me and so on.


We get home, head up to the house and I request Dana to make us up some dinner. I tell her nothing too elaborate because we ate appetizers earlier today at TGIF’s. She told me dinner would be ready in about an hour. The girls all put their clothes in the bedroom and come out each with a new outfit on modeling it for Dana as she cooks dinner. I sit at the table drinking a beer and laughing as Dana remarks to them how nice the clothes are.

Dana says that dinner is almost ready, so I say, “OK girls put some clothes on and get ready for dinner we don’t want to eat dinner naked.”

Angie and Arianna laugh saying that they weren’t naked but it would be fun anyway. Kelly looks at me then at Dana.

I look up at Kelly and say with a chuckle, “Hey they’re your friends, you really know how to pick them.”

“Dad.” She exclaims, then walks away.


We all sit down and eat a wonderful dinner Dana has cooked for us. Everyone is drinking beer, in fact we have all had a few beers. Laughing and joking about our day. How silly the girls were. How stupid people can be in the mall doing stupid things. We all like to watch people, people are funny. As we finish up dinner we thank Dana as she cleans up. The girls head outside on the deck each with a new beer. I thanked Dana and wished her a good night as she would be heading down to the cooks home I had at the bottom of the mountain next to Alex’s house and the gardener Dan and his wife Kristen, along with the house keeper Katie. I headed up to my room to check some business accounts on my computer as well as my email.

Well about a half hour later, I go sit down on the couch in my bedroom with a good sized glass of Jack Daniels on the rocks, set my head back and close my eyes, so peaceful and quite. I get up and walk out to the deck. I hit the button to open the door and as the door opens I can hear the girls out there laughing and joking. I can tell by the way they are laughing that they are well on their way to getting drunk. I get to the railing and I look down on the girls, Angie was looking so hot in her new leather skirt. I wish I could go down there and eat her sweet little pussy, the very same sweet little pussy I have eaten so many times. The very same little pussy I have fucked over and over. Had my cock buried balls deep into, right next to the tight little asshole I have filled with cum so many times. I guess it was the alcohol I had consumed talking, but I slowly had a growing erection standing there thinking about it. Angie was an incredibly hot little number the way she had the ability to completely engulf my eight inch cock right down to the base and hold it there for an extended period of time.

The next thing I find the front of my shorts pulled down and I was stroking my fully erect cock. I took a step back so that in case one of the girls looked up they wouldn’t see my cock in my hand, even though it was almost dark, it wasn’t dark enough. But I did find the ability to stop myself, I just kept stroking it harder and faster. But thank the heavens, between the music they were playing, the laughing and joking and the fact they consumed so much alcohol they didn’t hear or notice my groans as I spasmed and shot one of the hardest load I shot all week; in fact so hard the first two loads launched over the hand rail and surprisingly one hit Angie on the side of her face and the other hit Arianna on the top of the head. but due to the state of drunkenness Angie didn’t notice it, but Arianna was so close to her she turned her head and kissed Angie on the cheek in a joking manner. And as she pulled away she paused, licked her lips then licked Angie’s face. I quickly stepped back, slightly stumbling as I was still cumming. I started to go slightly light headed. I guess it was a combination of alcohol and orgasm. But I couldn’y believe I just came on their faces and head.

As I stumbled through the door I quickly hit the door button and the door slid closed. I sat there on the couch for what seem like and eternity, my cock still out of my pants cum dripping down my cock, but was only probably fifteen minutes. I finally gathered myself together. I knew before I went down I would have to change my pants due to the cum I got on it. And with a quick change I decided to head down to make sure the girls weren’t getting out of hand. As I get to the bottom of the steps, my glass of Jack still in my hand, I gaze out the door. The girls are sitting down now. I walk to the door, and just as I am about to open it Angie looks over and with a big grin sticks her tongue out and flicks it as if she was licking my cock.

I open the door and step out onto the deck, they all turn around an look back at me.

“Hey daaad” Kelly says with a slight slur.

“Hey Mr. D.” Angie and Arianna chime out simultaneously.

“How’s it going girls, we’re not getting carried away with the drinking are we?”

“No Way, well uhhh, wow did we really drink that much” Angie says with a start as she looks at beer cans on the floor.

“Do you think ya had enough yet? I don’t want to have to carry you all back in the house and put you to bed now. You know it’s almost eleven o’clock?”

“Yeah we’re probably gonna go to bed soon.” Kelly says.

“Hey why don’t you come over and have a beer with us Mr. D?” Arianna blurts out as she holds out a can.

“Yeah come on Mr. D.” Angie says with a big smile on her face.

“Come on dad just one.”

So I walk over to the chair between Angie and Kelly sitting across from Arianna and sit down. I grab a can, they all hold up their cans and simultaneously say, “Cheers to dad for the wonderful shopping spree he took us all on.”

“Look I’m wearing the leather outfit you got me.” Angie says as she turns toward me in her chair and opens her legs enough to show me she isn’t wearing panties.

“It looks real nice on you Angie.” I say with a smile

“Me too see.” Arianna blurts out as she grabs the hem of her skirt and shakes it up and down. I notice she also isn’t wearing panties. I thank God Kelly is so much more reserved and conservative. Easily an hour later when the beer is gone and we are laughing and joking, I could tell the girls are just about done. Kelly is sitting back in her chair, her head is lolling back and forth. And since she is the smallest of the three the alcohol has taken it’s toll on her and she falls asleep right there in the chair. Angie and Arianna don’t even notice she is out cold but I do. I just chuckle to myself and continue laughing with the girls.

“I think it’s time, I’m gonna carry Kelly to bed and I think you girls should do the same.”

“Awwww Mr. D can’t we stay up a little longer?” Angie pouts out.

“Well just don’t make it too late OK.” As I turn off the music.

“Seeeee yaaa in ta morning.” They both slur out.

I pick up Kelly and head on in the house. I bring her into her room, pull off her shoes and tuck her into her bed. I give her a kiss and her forehead and say good night. I know she is out cold till at least 2PM tomorrow.


The next morning I wake at about 4:30 am and get up and walk to the glass doors and push the button to open the door and walk out. As I walk to the end of the deck I take in a deep breath of beautiful fresh mountain air. I am still very groggy and think I am probably gonna go back to bed and sleep a little late this morning, the Jack Daniels still has my head a little fuzzy. I look down to see all the beer cans all over the floor. And low and behold to my eyes surprise Angie and Arianna lay drunk and out cold half naked on the deck. I smile to my self and chuckle.

Well I better go down and get them in the house before Dana comes up and sees them like this. I throw on a pair of sweats and a t-shirt and head down. I hit the button to open the door and walk out. It is still pretty much still dark but I can still see well enough. I walk out to them and look down and chuckle again. They are both laying back on the chairs. I address Arianna first. Her left arm is resting across her face, her right arm is down by her side with her right hand on her right hip. Her skirt is up around her waist with her pussy in full exposure. Her fingers are close to her pussy, which brings a smile to my face wondering what she was doing. Her right breast was mostly exposed. Hmmm I think to myself what adorable nipples with quarter sided areolas. Well I think to myself I better get her up to her room and put her to bed. I peek over at Angie and whisper, “I’ll be back for you.”

I slide my arms, one under the back of her shoulders and the other under the back of her thighs and lift her up. She doesn’t even stir. She must be so out of it I think to myself. I carry her up to her room, push the door open and lay her on the bed. I pull her shoes off, then the covers from underneath her. Just before I pull the covers over her I look down. Wow what a sweet body. I slowly lower my ear to her mouth to make sure she is passed out and not faking it. And by the pace of the breath I know she is definitely out cold. I bring my mouth down to her exposed nipple and suck until her nipple is intensely erect.

Wow just big nipples for such small areoles; I think to myself they must be a half inch long and half the size of a dime. A small moan escapes her lips, I look up and her face has not changed but her breathing deepened. So I slide my face down to her pussy and I am but an breath away from flicking her clit with my tongue. My eyes look up at her face and I think ok just one lick. I slide my tongue out and push it down between her lips and up into her canal, tasting her sweetness I run it over her clit and she purrs. Hmm she tastes just as good as Angie.

Then I think of Angie and say let me get out of here and I could lick and fuck Angie’s sweet little pussy. Kelly and Arianna are out cold and Dana will think I’m sleeping in, besides she doesn’t come up here until 8:00 am so I have three and a half hours to pleasure her.

With my eyes still on Arianna’s eyes I reach out my tongue one more time and lick from her pussy hole to her clit. Her breathing deepens but her facial expression never changes. I pull the cover over her. I turn once more to look at her imagining pushing my cock into her pussy. Hmmm how tight is her pussy?


I walk out onto the deck and approach Angie, she also is lying on her back, her mini shirt hitched halfway up her hip exposing her floral G-string on her right side and up above her hip on the left side. I kneel down on the deck beside her and put my right hand on her thong covered pussy and my left hand on her fully exposed left tit. I am so fuckin horny right now but I know I must take a little time arousing and awaking Angie so that when I fuck her we will both cum real fuckin hard experiencing mind blowing orgasms. Her head is tilted to the right and both hands are above her head. her feet are together but her knees are apart. I push my finger under her thong between her pussy lips, then I pinch her nipple and hold the pressure with gently increasing pressure. Her mouth opens and a moan escapes her mouth and as it does I press my lips to hers and slip my tongue in. A louder moan emanates from her and our tongues start to dance. Her legs progressively spread open giving me increasing access to the depths of her pussy. Her arms stretch and wiggle above her head. She moans again arching her back pushing her left breast up into my hand.

She whispers, “pinch them harder, pleaaaaaaase. That feels so fuckin good.”

I could feel her pussy rapidly moistening as my finger drives deep into her. My thumb softly strokes up her clit, and a long moan escapes her lips.

“I want your cock deep in any one of my holes.” She states as we kiss passionately.

I get up and slide her up the lounge and hang her head over the end of the head rest. I reach down and pull her shirt up exposing both her beautiful 32 B tits. I reach down and pinch both nipples between my thumb and forefingers pulling and stretching them out.

“Mmm, oh fuck that feels so fuckin good. Oh I wanna cum so fuckin bad. Fill my holes, please, please fill my holes and make me cum. I wanna swallow your cock, I wanna swallow your cum.”

“Oh we will do all those but we don’t have that much time. But we will both cum, and cum hard we will.”

I release her nipples and as they spring back into place a loud moan comes from Angie as the blood flows back into her nipples.

“Open your mouth bitch, your gonna swallow my cock while I fuck your throat.”

My cock is so hard I am having a hard time bending it down to put it in her mouth. So I lean over and put my hands on her tits to support myself from falling over. And with her drunkin state my entire eight inches disappears down her throat like hand in a glove. As my balls hit her nose I feel her throat contracts and gives a few light spasms around my cock.

“OH Fuck that feels so fuckin good Angie, your throat is milking my cock. I hold it there for about thirty seconds before slowly extracting it. She sucks up her saliva and I pull it out leaving only the tip in her mouth.

“Your cock tastes to fuckin good.” She says just before I plunge my shaft back down her throat.

I lean forward more as I slowly stroke my cock in and out of her throat. My hands press down on her tits as I pinch, squeeze and pull on her nipples hard. I proceed to pump her throat fuckin her mouth with my entire shaft giving her air every thirty seconds. She reaches up and wraps her arms around my torso pulling me down on her. As I pull my cock out to give her breath, I heard her say. “Please, Please eat my pussy!”

As I plunge my cock back down her throat, I lean forward and plunge my tongue deep into her pussy. Her throat contract immensely tight around my shaft. In fact so tight I feel the head of my cock swell deep in her throat. So for 15 minutes I pump her face with my cock and her pussy with my tongue, varying with depth and speed until she explodes in my mouth no less the three times before I dump a vast load down her throat. Making the first pulse directly down into her belly and any remaining loads on her tongue as she gulps it down. I push my cock one last time balls deep into her throat and she sucks it clean as I pull it out.

I get up and walk around in front of her. She looks up at me and garbles out, “oly shi that was one fuckin intense orgasm. I don’t think I ever came that fuckin hard in my life.”

She fumbles up on to her feet and motions and tells me to sit down on the lounge. When I do she reaches down and clumsily pushes and pulls her panties off. Then she straddles my semi ridged cock and slides it all the way into her pussy. She leans forward and passionately kisses me as our tongues gracefully mingle.

“Oh your cock feels so fuckin good in my pussy, this is where it belongs deep inside me. Deep inside filling me with cum. I love your hard cock deep in me.” As she pushes down hard on me, I can feel her pussy lips wide apart. She wiggles her hips as she attempts to push me deeper then possible. Her arms are wrapped tight around my neck. She sits back while she attempts to pull my shirt off.

“I want to feel my nipples on your bare chest.”

As my shirt comes off, she leans forward again and rewraps her arms around my neck. As she proceeds to bury my cock deep into her pussy, her tits squished against my chest and our lips and tongues are in the mitts of a fierce battle. She continues to rock back and forth on my cock occasionally picking up slightly just to plunge back down hard. Continuingly telling me how she loves the feeling of my cock deep in her pussy.

“Use my whole shaft baby, fuck me from base to tip.” I whisper into her mouth as we continue to kiss.

She lifts herself up till just the tip of my cock is the only thing left inside her, then Thrusts back down to the base of my cock just to rise up and do it again. We just sit there and fuck for almost a half hour, speeding up slowing down just resting. My groin area is just saturated with her juices as it runs down over my balls down the crack of my ass and all over the cushion. Angie must’ve come as least a half dozen times before I finally came deep into her pussy.

By this time it is almost 6:00 am and I know we still have some time. I know I desperately want my cock swallowed deep into her ass. I want to feel her rectum muscle spasming around my shaft. Milking me for all my cum. I wanna hear her tell me how good I feel pounding her up her ass. Telling me to pound her harder, deeper; how she wants to feel all of it.

I kiss her one more time the I tell her to get up. She slides off my cock and stumbles to her feet. I get up and guide her over to the patio couch to the arm. “Lay over the armrest Angie and offer me your ass.” Just before she lays down she turns her head and looks up into my eyes as a drunken smile smears across her face and says, “fill me hard and fill me deep you know I’m your anal queen.”

She lies down and puts her face into the cushion, reaches back and grasps her ass cheeks and spreads herself wide open. I kneel down behind her and put my hands on top of hers. I push, she moans. I move my face forward. Her pussy and ass look like I poured a cup of water down her crack. She is so, so wet. So, so incredibly wet. The scent of her pussy is so intoxicating, so alluring, arousing, desirable. But her asshole, her asshole was so enticing. I wanted to, no needed to shove my tongue deep into her rectum. I hardened and pushed my tongue as far out as possible. As I pushed my tongue deep into her ass I heard her gasp and exclaim in a loud hush, “Oh fuck, oh fuck that feels so fuckin good, yes, yes tongue fuck my ass. Lick me good, lick me deep. Yes, oh yes slobber my hole for your cock. I am so, so eager for you to plunge your cock balls deep in my ass.”

As I push my tongue in and out of her hole, driveling then sucking at her ass, she moans and writhes pulling hard on her ass cheeks. “How bad do you want my cock in your ass Angie?” I say as I lift my face from between her crack.

“OH PLEASE, PLEASE I BEG YOU TO FUCK MY ASS.” She exclaims a little louder then I would have liked. Not that there was anyone around that could hear her. We lived near the top of a six thousand three hundred foot mountain I owned hundreds of acres away from anyone. But my help did live four thousand feet below near the bottom of the mountain. And Kelly and Arianna were, even though drunk, inside the house.

So I stand up and move up behind her, I grab my cock and place the head up against her hole, she moans again and begs repeatedly to shove my cock into her ass. I put my other hand on the small of her back as I slowly push my cock into her rectum. Slowly inch by inch I push in deeper and deeper. “Oh yes take my cock baby, take it deep.”

“Give it to me, give it ALL to me. Push it deep. Oh yes I love your cock, I love it deep in my ass.” As she emphasizes the word ‘all’. I continue to push it in until I can feel my balls tightly up against her pussy, I hold it there momentarily. She just keeps moaning and squirming holding her ass cheeks open wide. I lean forward and with both hands I gather up her hair into a ponytail. With one hand I hold it like a rein and the other I place on her hip. I proceed to draw my cock out of her ass and then slowly push it back in. repeatedly I fuck her ass building in speed and strength. Since I already came twice, coming a third time doesn’t happen so easily. I continue to pound at her hole repeatedly until she starts to get more vociferous. I pull my cock from her ass and walk over to where she dropped her thong, pick them up and bring them over to her I then push my cock into her mouth and tell her to clean it off. She sucks on it for a minute or two and then I bring her thong up and stuff them into her mouth.

“That should shut you up before you wake anyone up.” Then I walk around back again and continue to put my cock back up her ass, grabbing her hair up into a ponytail and fuck her hard again. After what seemed like a half hour and about another half dozen orgasms later, I exclaim, “OH Fuck, I’m fuckin coming. Yes take my cum in your ass baby take it deep.” I finally feel my balls suck up into my body and start to spurt load after load deep up into her bowels. As my orgasm whines down, keeping my cock deep in her ass I lie down atop of her. And with my face next to her ear, I say, “you were incredible, you feel so good.”

I reach up and pull the thong from her mouth, and as I do she takes in a deep breath and says, “Fuck you were so good, you feel so good in my ass. Please don’t ever take it out.” As she grins widely. I can’t believe I came that many time, in fact I lost count. My ass, my ass I’m gonna need a ice pack on my ass tomorrow. I might not even be able to walk.”

I laugh, “we better get off to bed before Dana come up and catches us.”

I get up and start to walk away and Angie grabs my arm, I turn back and before I have time to even open my mouth Angie drops to her knees and takes my cock into her mouth and takes it down deep, she does this about three or four times and gets up.

She kisses me and says, “I needed to clean your cock before you went to bed.”

“Thank you Angie, thank you so very much.”

We retrieved our clothes and just crept into the house naked. I kissed her goodnight and headed back up into my room. I jumped into the shower and redressed and laid down for I was so worn out. What an incredible morning.


The next thing I know the intercom beeps and I hear Dana’s voice. “Good morning Sir are you there?”

A moment goes by then I hear her again. “Sir are you there?” she says with a concern in her voice.

“Yes, yes Dana sorry to worry you I just dosed off.”

“Sorry to wake you but I called down to the fitness room and you weren’t there. Is everything ok?

“Yes just had a little fun last night and was up late. I’ll be down in about an hour. I’ll probably have something lite this morning.”

“OK sir I’ll see you then.”

“Oh Dana can you have Dan clean up the mess on the deck?” I say with a chuckle.

“Yes sir not a problem.”


The week goes by quickly and before I know it Saturday morning is here. I wake up early as I normally do. My exercise routine and my breakfast with Dana. The girls had fun all week. Arianna went home Sunday night after her hang over subsided, then came back and stayed over Thursday, Friday. The girls partied a lot knowing they wouldn’t see Kelly till around Christmas. We were heading back up to Kelly’s college later that afternoon so she could settle in to her apartment. I ended up having Kelly’s stuff sent up ahead and set up for her. Angie was obviously coming up with us since she had a few more days before her parents would be home. I didn’t feel like driving this trip like I did last time and we weren’t gonna stay after Kelly was settled in we would get a bite and drop her off before we headed back home. I woke up the girls about 10:00 am for some breakfast. With our stomached satisfied we loaded ourselves into the car and headed off. Well many hours later we got to Kelly’s apartment carried her new clothes in and headed out for dinner. Dinner was good, we laughed a lot then headed back to Kelly’s apartment. We both hugged Kelly and kissed her goodbye. I told her if she needed anything to call and I would see her around Christmas.

We got back in the limo and Angie sat right next to me. I smiled and pushed her over and told her to be a little more secretive. I said aloud so Alex would hear, “I think I’m gonna take little nap, don’t let me sleep to long Angie.” And I close the divider window.

Before my head could hit the headrest Angie was next to me with her hand on my cock. My eyes bolted open and I looked into her eyes. “We are gonna have plenty of time for that. Your parents won’t be home for four days.”

“And I’m gonna fuck and suck your cock for ALL four of those days.” She says with a big smile. “Can’t I just give you a little sucky sucky? I just want a little cumy cumy for dessert.” As she fumbles with my pants. She gets my cock out and licks my semi erect shaft from my balls to the head of my cock. Well Angie was true to her word. She sucked me three times before we got home and rode my cock with her pussy once. For four days straight I fucked her in all her holes more times then I can remember. From the time Dana went home to the wee hours of the morning we fucked and fucked. Dana even questions Angie on the third day if she was ok as she was walking funny.

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