Kerstin looks up at the house in front of her. She’d heard that the birthday guy was ‘rich’ but she didn’t say ‘mansion rich’. The house was white with over 30 large rooms. The last part Kerstin was guessing. But she didn’t doubt a very expensive sports car or two were tucked safely in a garage behind locked doors.

The music was so loud she felt the bass from the other end of the 30 meter driveway.

“Let’s go tear up the house” Becca announces loudly and pulls her hunk of a boy-toy towards the house, her see-through shirt blowing in the wind. Becca was the wild one, with curl, dirty blond hair and a small, curvy body which she liked people to grind against. She had a trend of wearing see-through shirts and shorts that showed her G-string’s straps and showed more ass than most people showed if they were just in their underwear.

Becca ran towards the house with Mia hot on her tail. Mia was short, with strait brown hair and green eyes to die for. Unlike Becca she wasn’t wild, she wore a black dress that hugged her chest and flowed over her hips until it was in the middle of her thighs were it was cut off. Her boyfriend wasn’t a boy-toy like Becca’s; he was the next door looking guy, with cute face and average build.

“I guess it’s just us then,” Roxy says hooking an arm through Kerstin’s. Roxy had curly black hair that most girls envied and blue eyes like ice. She had wicked curves and flawless tanned skin and a perky personality with a smile to match it.

The inside of the house was even more impressive then the outside. Strobe light flashed over the swarm of dancing bodies, music blasted from speaks mounted high of the walls and a chandelier was lit up by the flashing lights send small shinning balls across the walls. “They have a strip pole!!” Roxy exclaims pointing into a room of the left.

Kerstin looks towards what she though was once the lounge room, several couches were pushed aside to make room for dances. And in the centre was a sexy minx dancing around a shiny silver pole in a G-string Becca would be proud of. The minx was also shirtless with 20 odd guys drooling as they watched her swing around the pole, the light making the sweet on her breasts shimmer.

“They do,” I say before taking a drink from a waitress. Jeez, he’d even got waitresses, in slutty skirts, fish net stockings and all!

Two and something hours later the girls collapsed onto a couch. “I dare you….to kiss that guy over there!” Roxy announces pointing towards a drink table that also held a few finger snacks.

“Which one?” Kerstin asks looking at all the guys. She hoped she didn’t mean the old geezer who looked like he needed to be in an elderly home.

“The one in the the…..blue shirt!” Roxy shouts before lifting the bottle to her mouth. After a long drink she pulls it away. “Now, go kiss him” She cries pushing Kerstin up. Kerstin jumps as her friend slaps her ass before she struts over to the table. The guy Roxy had picked wasn’t that bad at all. He had dark brown hair that was artfully messy, with a five-o’clock shadow along his jaw and had a strong chest and dark eyes they drank in everything.

“I have a question for you” Kerstin says when she walks up to the guy. She drops her head, looking at him from under her eyelashes. She bites her lip, knowing boys found that sexy. “Do you have a girlfriend?”

“No” he says in a low, sexy voice, looking Kerstin up and down, his eyes resting at the dip between her breasts. She felt desired; she knew he wanted to touch her.

“Good” Kerstin steps forward and pulls him down so his lips were touching hers. He kisses back hungrily, hands grabbing at her waist and pulling her closer. Kerstin tangles her finger in his hair, feeling aroused at how rough he was. One of his hands slides to the inside of her thigh, feeling the warm skin. Kerstin shivers at him touch.

“Wanna go find a room?” he asks roughly, his whiskers scrapping her jaw. He pulls her body closer to his.

Kerstin couldn’t think of a reason to say no, if this sexy guy wanted to fuck her than she wasn’t one to complain. It had been months since she’d had someone stick their manhood deep inside her. “Sure” she says trying to sound sexy.

A minute later they’d kicked a wasted girl out of a room and Ash –she asked his name while they climbed the stairs- had pushed her onto the bed. She groans as Ash climbs on, running a hand up her thigh until it was touching her underwear.

He rubs her through the underwear, teasing her clit. Kerstin’s muscles twitch at the touch. She pushes down on his hand, her breath hitching for a second. Ash moves up, lifting her off the bed enough so he could unzip the back of her dress.

Kerstin, feeling irresistible, flips them over so she was straddling his waist. She grinds onto his hips, shimming her dress down. She feels something pressing against her ass, realizing it was Ash’s dick hardening. She pushes back against it, rubbing it as she slowly pulls her dress down, exposing her breasts to the man under her. She leans into Ash’s hand as he grabs her breasts, massaging them through her black lace bra. She slides the dress as low as she could, not wanting to stop him from touching her boobs.

Ash watches her as she stands up, slowly pushing her dress over her hips as she dances slowly reminding him of a stripper. Kerstin teased him, liking how he grabs himself through his pants and stroked it, how his eyes undressed her before she could. The dress falls to her ankle, and then is kicked into the corner.

Ash suddenly lunges towards her, and forces her onto the bed, his hands fumbling to unclip her bra. Finally it unhooks and he pulls the useless bra aside. He gropes her young breasts, rubbing them as he admires he smooth pale skin.

Kerstin gasps as he lowers his mouth to her breast and takes it into his mouth, nipping at her hard nipple. She clutches him in pleasure, her hands tangling in his hair. His manhood presses against her thigh making her want it more. She felt horny, wanted him inside her. She wanted to feel an orgasm take her; she wanted Ash to fill her with his length.

Kerstin reaches for his shirt and urgently pushes it over his head. It tumbles to the floor, forgotten as Kerstin runs her hands over Ash’s chest. He grinds into her, his measurement hard as it moves against her thigh a she leans down again to suck on her nipple.

Kerstin arches as Ash slides a hand into the band of her underwear. Without removing his mouth from her nipple he pushes her underwear down. Kerstin moans as Ash’s hand touches her clitoris making her shudder. His finger teases her opening, touches her clit before moving away. “Stop….teasing” Kerstin groans as he sucks her nipple hard.

Ash pulls back from the girl’s perfect, young boobs and moves down, running his hand over her shapely hips before inserting a finger, watches as she takes it into her wet pussy. She pushes against him, her breath coming quick. He moves his finger in and out quickly before inserting another finger into her wet walls. He touches his manhood, feeling the building pressure in it. Kerstin’s rocking and moans didn’t help make it any less painful. He needed to get his dick out of his pants and put it inside her; where it belonged.

Kerstin sits up as Ash starts to unbutton he pants. She lowers his zipper for him, caressing his manhood with her hand. It pops out, still caught in his shorts. She grabs hold of his large dick, rubbing it. Ash groans and leans back slightly so Kerstin could play with it more. “You like that do you?” she asks in a low, sexy voice. “Do you like me rubbing you?” she asks as she slides his underwear off til it fall around his ankles.

Ash makes a sound of agreement as he kicks his underwear away. Kerstin takes his penis in her mouth, sucking on it hard. He groans, pushes it deeper into her mouth. She grabs his balls as she licks his head. It was hard and thick; a muscle twitches in his cock as she sucks it.

“I’m gonna-” but before Ash could finish the hot knot in his balls loosens and he feels himself cum in her mouth. He watches her, feeling really aroused as she licks it up, swallowing his juices. She looks up at him with cat-like eyes. She looked like such a sexy minx there, licking his dick clean while eating his cum.

Kerstin lies back on the bed and open her legs to him so he was looking at her wet cunt. “Fuck me Ash, show me what your made of,” she challenges, wanting his thick cock to enter her. She wants to feel him inside her.

Ash doesn’t waste time; he positions himself in front of her entrance and lifts her ankles onto his shoulders before guiding his hard dick toward her entrance. He rubs against her slit, feeling her warm, wet juices on his dick. It turns him on even more. “Fuck me already!” Kerstin cries, trying to push herself onto his fuck pole.

Kerstin groans as he pushes himself inside her til he was balls deep. Her walls constrict around his thick cock and Ash groans, liking her tight, wet pussy squeezing him. He pulls out before pushing in, his movement fast and hard.

Kerstin moans as he fills her, his cock pressing against her g-spot. He rams in hard and fast, his balls slapping her as he shoves himself in. Kerstin arches her back as bliss washes over her, her muscles spasm uncontrollably as he drives deep into her. “Oh, fuck yes!” Kerstin moans a hot knot forming in her stomach. He grunts as he drives into her, feeling her heat as he explores her with his rod.

Ash reaches between her legs and touches her clitoris, moving it under his fingers. Kerstin bucks under him, grinding onto his dick and crying out in ecstasy as he thrusts himself deep inside the girl’s wet walls. Her moans turning him on making his balls tighten with the want to cum inside her.

Kerstin scream out as her orgasm hits her hard, her muscles tremble wildly, and her hips jerking as he pushes himself into her, his finger rubbing her clitoris so that she couldn’t hold still. She squirms under him, crying and scream, at the same time wanting him to stop as much as she wanted him to continue as she cums. Ash shoves himself in hard and deep and Kerstin feels him squirt his cum inside her with a loud moan. He pulls out and drives in again and hears the squelch of their juices moving. After another hard push he pulls out and lies heavily on the bed.

After a minutefor Kerstin to catch her breath she sits up and looks at Ash. She crawls over to Ash who was still lying on the bed. She grabs his slightly saggy cocks and starts stroking it, yanking it til it stands up strait, once again hard. He moans loudly as she strokes him. She leans down and licks the last of their juices off his dick before straddling him. He seizes her boobs as she lowers herself onto his dick.

Ash watches as Kerstin sets to work grinding on him, her boobs bouncing in his hands. “You’re so fucking sexy” he tells her as she dances on his manhood, her wet pussy sliding up and down his cock. She smiles at him as he massagers her young, perky breasts.

Kerstin doesn’t stop grinding on his fuck pole as the door opens. She glances over her shoulder to see Roxy step into the room. Kerstin can’t help but moan as Ash thrusts up into her, his balls slapping her ass. She cries out in rapture as he hits her g-spot hard.

Roxy crawls onto the bed beside them after dropping her pants. She pulls her shirt off then drops her bra onto the ground. She straddles the guy’s chest, forcing him to let go of Kerstin breasts so she could take them.

Ash slaps the new girl’s ass as Kristen screams out as an orgasm hits her. Her tight pussy squeezes him hard. Ash groans and thrusts hard into the girl earning a shriek of joy. He reaches around the new girl and grabs her firm, perky breasts; he rubs her nipple making her moan. Kerstin grinds onto his cock hard and her cunt clutches him. With a groan he comes inside the girl again, filling her with his hot fluid. It runs down his shaft, squishes in her pussy as she grounds against his dick. She milks him dry, her cunt walls squishing him hard. Finally she lifts herself off him and collapses onto the bed. Her body shook with the memory of an orgasm.

Roxy starts as she’s pushed of the guy’s chest and onto side. She climbs onto Kerstin and presses her lips her friends. She smiles slightly as Kerstin kisses back without a care. Roxy lifts her ass into the air, making circles in the air with her ass.

She wanted to guy to fuck her brains out, she wanted to cum so hard she couldn’t walk. She moans in delight as the guy pulls her underwear down and slap her ass. “Rough! I like it” she groaning between kisses. Roxy puts her hand between Kerstin’s legs and is meted with Kerstin’s wet slit.

“No more, please” Kerstin whimpers, her pussy was sore from being abused, her muscle ached from how many times they’d tenses and shook. Roxy’s fingers move expectedly, fingering her clit so her muscles tremble with pleasure. “Roxy, please, no” but she was turned on by it despite what she said, she felt herself getting wetter and she knew Roxy could feel it.

Roxy kisses Kerstin hungrily, still teasing the whimpering girl’s clit as the guy behind her fingers her own wet pussy. Then she feels the oddest sensation of someone licking her asshole. She moans and leans into Kerstin so there boobs were pressing together. She slides a finger into Kerstin, feeling the girl’s warm slick walls massage her fingers.

Ash puts the head of his penis to the girl’s asshole and pushes in, forcing himself through her hole. Roxy, as he’d heard the other girl call her, cries out in pain and flings a hand toward him like that would stop him. He catches her hand and places it between her legs to her pussy, already knowing she’d been fingering Kerstin. He slides into her ass, feeling her tighten as he drives himself into her rear.

Kerstin looks up at Roxy as she winces in pain and sees her rocking back and forth slowly as Ash fucked her ass. It turns Kerstin on and she grips Roxy’s breasts and rubs the nipples. Roxy moans softly and rocks forward faster as Ash thrusts in harder and faster. Kerstin kisses Roxy hard, letting her tongue explore her friend’s mouth. Kerstin feels Roxy’s hand return to her wet cave, slick with her own juices.

Kerstin presses against the girl’s fingers, her muscles shaking. She could feel her orgasm closing in on her but she didn’t care, it felt too good to stop.

Roxy cries out as Ash hammers her ass savagely. It felt good, despite the pain. Her muscles shook and pleasure ran through her veins. “Oh, my fucking, god!” She screams as Ash pounds her, his thick cock sliding in and out of her rear. Kerstin moans loudly in pleasure as Roxy fingers her and that was all it took. Roxy screams out in ecstasy as her orgasm hits her. She feels herself cum, she shakes with it as Ash grinds into her ass. She could smell sex and sweat in the air, feel Kerstin’s fluids on her fingers, Ash’s dick sliding in and out of her ass, her muscles tremble with her orgasm and she pulls away from Kerstin’s lips to bury her head in Kerstin’s boobs as Kerstin lets out her own cries of enjoyment.

“Holy shit, I’m Cumming!” Ash grunts and shoves hard in Roxy, his cock releasing its self into the girl’s ass. He pulls out, watching the cum drip onto the girls thighs and ass, down her legs and onto Kerstin’s legs. He falls onto the bed next to Kerstin as Roxy rolls off of Kerstin and onto the other side of the girl.

Kerstin feels Roxy roll off her and looks to see Ash on her other side, sweat on his forehead, his manhood sagging onto his stomach. Kerstin startles as Roxy rolls onto her side, cuddling onto Kerstin’s shoulder, her breaths tickling Kerstin’s breasts. She closes her eyes, too tied to care that they looked like lesbians.

“Get out!” someone screams from far away. Kerstin looks up but the room was empty. Her head ached with a hangover and her thighs and cunt still hurt her from the aftermath of being fucked hard.

Yelling came from downstairs but Kerstin didn’t care. She closes her eyes and the yelling moves closer. A minute later and it was in the hallway, much louder than before. “A little party? There are people unconscious everywhere! We’re gone from one night and you-” the shouting stoppes when the door flys open. Kerstin looks up at the people standing in the doorway; a lady in her late 40′s stares in horror, her husband stands behind her, looking both disgusted and keenly at the two naked chicks on his bed. She lady turn to the other guy behind the her husband. “You let people have sex in our bedroom?!”

Then to Kerstin she shouts; “Get the fuck out of my house! Get out! I’ll call the cops!” But Kerstin had already jumped up and was grabbing her dress, underwear and shoes from the floor. Roxy stumbles into Kerstin as she jumps from the bed, having been woken up by Kerstin’s sudden movement and the lady’s screeching.

They scramble out the door, both of them aware of the old man’s hungry gaze following them as they hurried down the hallway naked. Kerstin glances back to see Ash tumbling out the door with a handful of clothes. And she was even more disgusted when the old man slaps Ash’s ass and wink when Ash turns around to stare at him in horror.

“Well that was a fun night!” Roxy muses as they jump over a guy sleeping on the ground naked, bottle of expensive wine still clutched in his hand. Kerstin nods in agreement as they fall out the door and into the open air still butt naked. “Come on, I’ll give you a ride home”

“Is that all you’ll give me?” Kerstin asks playfully touching the girl’s ass, running her hand between her legs until she feels the entrance of the girl’s pussy.

Roxy pushes Kerstin’s hand away but grins and says; “If you behave I might let you have some”

“Too bad, I’m a naughty girl then” Kerstin pouts playfully.

Roxy just laughs and hooks her arm though Kerstin’s as they make their way to her car.

Chapter I

“Mum, I am old enough,” the eighteen year old girl wailed. She pushed back her dirty blonde hair that was tumbling down her face and gave her mother a frown.

“I know you are but you have an exam tomorrow. It’s very important, babe.”

Sarah sighed and grunted to herself. “It’s English Lit. I have no problem with that. And I haven’t seen Kev for two weeks,” she whined.

Angela Bailey grimaced. “I got you tickets for this afternoon, there is no reason why you can’t do some revision this morning and meet him at two thirty outside the stadium.”

Sarah puffed and crossed her arms. “I want to see him. I have done all my revision and I have already arranged to meet him.”

“And to be honest young lady, after what Mrs Crosse said yesterday I don’t want you going at all. Be grateful that I’ll let you go for the afternoon.”

Sarah uncrossed her arms and then waved them around theatrically. “What the hell was all that about? You saw me leave dressed in jeans and a blouse. And you saw me come home wearing that. I wasn’t wearing some miniskirt, looking like a hooker.”

“Well that’s what she said she saw. She was waiting to get the bus to bingo and said that’s what you were wearing when she went past. Is there anything you want to tell me?”

“No,” Sarah replied sharply. “It was probably Paul’s girlfriend, you’ve seen how she dresses. You know how confused the old woman gets.”

Her mother eyed the young girl suspiciously. “Are you having sex?”

Sarah gave a panicked expression and looked around the hallway of their upmarket suburban house. “No, Mum. This is not something I want to talk about. Now I am going to miss my train.”

Angela put her hand on her daughter’s shoulder as she went towards the door. “Not so fast, young lady.”

“Oh what is it now?” Sarah asked exasperated and Angela shot her daughter a dangerous look.

“What are you going to be doing in London?”

“I dunno yet. Meeting Kev. My boyfriend. The love of my life,” Sarah responded dramatically and Angela rolled her eyes.

“You are a teenager. You do not know what love is,” she muttered in response and the Sarah’s blue eyes sparkled angrily. She pulled herself up to her 5ft 8in in height and puffed her chest out.

“I do know what love is,” she barked furiously and Angela groaned. Sarah had had this chat with her best friend, Donna, who had told her that Kevin clearly did not love her as he did not treat her with respect which had caused a bit of an argument, but Sarah knew that being in her boyfriend’s company made her feel warm and content. She had not managed to feel like that with anyone else, doing anything else.

“I will give you a lift to the station,” Angela told her and got her keys. “But I want you home for six. And not a minute later, you understand?”

Sarah groaned. “Oh Mum, purr-lease.”

* * * * *

Sarah sat down in the deserted carriage and waited for the doors to close. The Sunday service trains from Aylesbury to London (via her town of Wendover) were rarely busy and she was lucky in that there was only a smattering of other passengers.

She had resented her mother following her onto the station, but the twenty pounds in cash she had given her as “spending money” was gratefully received and Sarah put her bag down on the seat next to her.

She needed to get changed. She could not meet her boyfriend in just jeans and T-Shirt — he would certainly dump her if she wasn’t sexy and alluring. Sarah scanned the carriage and saw that there was just one guy at the end of the train listening to his music.

The train jerked into life and Sarah was jerked forwards. She waited for it to pick up speed and she ferreted around in her rucksack. She liked this bag, as the lining was coming away at the bottom and with a bit of cleverness, it was possible to hide items underneath the bag, so it was not immediately apparent that there was anything there.

Sarah kicked her heels off. Her mother did not object to her choice of footwear, but then they were not big heels and were mostly hidden by her jeans anyway.

She slid her hand in and took out a plaid black and white tartan skirt. It was short, but it was supposed to be. Sarah took one more look on the train and slid her jeans down her firm, teenage thighs. The harsh fabric on the chair rubbed against the back of her legs and she struggled with the denim trousers. It congregated by her ankles and she struggled to kick off the stubborn garment.

Sarah liked her skin-tight jeans, but they always posed a problem when removing them if required in a hurry. She never went to football practice wearing them as putting them on after having a shower was problematic. Her mother chastised her strongly after she walked home at night wearing them one night, saying they could invite unwanted attention, although Sarah did point out that if she couldn’t get them off, then a rapist had no chance. This theory was not appreciated by either of her parents.

Sarah panicked with her trousers stuck and tugged sharply. Finally, the jeans came free and the teenager put the tartan skirt over her feet and stood up to pull the skirt up to her waist. The skirt was at least eight inches above her knee and suggested plenty, revealing lots of unblemished flesh.

Sarah delved into her beg and pulled out a pair of sheer white hold-up stockings. She rolled them over her feet and pulled them up gently so they came over her knees and finished a couple of inches below the hem of the skirt.

Sarah then looked around the carriage again. She pulled off her T-Shirt and unclipped her bra. She wanted to wear her very tight pink top that showed her well-developed bust nicely; and she didn’t want to wear a bra, Kevin liked it when she wasn’t wearing any underwear.

“Tickets please,” she heard behind her and squawked in shock. The aged gentleman cursed when he saw Sarah’s bust staring at him and rubbed his eyes to check if he was imagining the topless teenager.

“Oh shit,” cried Sarah and covered her bosom with her hands.

“This isn’t a changing room,” the ticket-collector reminded her and Sarah nodded, frantically finding her pink top and slipping it over her head. Her face was flushed and bright red. Sarah delved into her purse and passed the collector her ticket to check.

“Sorry,” she said as he passed it back, but he sighed.

“Listen love, you’d do well not to go to London dressed like that. You don’t look old enough.”

Sarah nodded in politeness and then retrieved her book as he left her. She had never been watched getting changed before, although usually she had time to do it in the local park before making it to the station. Her mother caused her to flash on the train although she could hardly complain to her.

* * * * *

The clock struck eleven and Sarah was waiting underneath it. Her boyfriend had three trains to catch to reach her on Marylebone station’s windy concourse whereas she only had one, but they had definitely agreed eleven.

She was feeling a little self-conscious. Four times, a suited gentleman in his fifties had stared at her, or walked past and he was making no effort to catch a train, buy tickets or do anything but mentally undress her.

He sauntered over to her. He had a pot-belly and piggy eyes and clearly had had enough of performing apodyopsis, wanting more. “You turning tricks?” He asked in a regional accent and Sarah screwed up her face.

“Am I what?”

“You turning tricks, love? I mean, I ain’t seen you in these parts before and I love to try new pussy.”

Sarah twigged what he said and puffed. “I am waiting for my boyfriend,” she squealed and he held up his hands.

He stared at her breasts, the outline clearly visible through her tight top and glanced at her open midriff and then at her short skirt. “I’ll give you thirty for a blowie,” he offered. “In toilets like.”

Sarah gasped. “Fuckin’ no,” she snapped.

“Sorry, love,” he muttered. “Ya just look like one.” Sarah sighed at the cheek of it and stared angrily at the man. How dare he suggest she was a prostitute, she thought. She didn’t look anything like a prostitute in her short tartan skirt, stockings, tight top and heels.

Chapter II

“You are gorgeous,” Kevin said, complimenting his girlfriend the moment he saw her. She flung her arms open and embraced him wildly. Their mouths met and tongues caressed each other. Kevin slid his arms up his girlfriend’s thighs and her skirt rose up as he touched the fold in the skin.

The gentleman watched from the other side of the station. What he wouldn’t give for a piece of that. Teenager or not, the perfectly firm, rounded ass of Sarah set his pulse racing. She was hot and looked like she should be in the red-light district. Sarah detached herself from her boyfriend and grinned. “You look good yourself,” she told him and he smiled.

Kevin was shorter than Sarah with a round face and a slightly pudgy body. His brown eyes were framed by glasses, with a thin silver rim, and his brown hair was long, covering his ears and almost meeting his eyebrows. Sarah looked him and down, his jeans and T-Shirt, the casual, normal look her parents thought she was wearing.

“Babe, I’ve got us a local hotel,” Kevin promised and Sarah groaned inwardly. She knew that sex was important to Kevin and that their rendezvouses meant a lot to him, but she wished that they would do something after the sex. This time, they would do. Her mother had bought them tickets to see an exhibition match at Wembley that afternoon and she was looking forward to going.

* * * * *

“I want to fuck you so much,” Kevin whispered as they scampered up the hotel steps. Kevin had spent most of the last ten minutes as they meandered through the back streets towards Paddington, groping, caressing and admiring the young Sarah Bailey and in return Sarah had felt the lump in his trousers knowing full well that he would be pounding that into her soft body moments after getting into the room.

Sarah also got two wolf-whistles and a “pip” on a car horn as the white van drove past. She beamed at this, even waving and blowing a kiss to the plumber as he drove past, but Kevin was not impressed at her flirtatiousness. He didn’t have to be; Sarah knew in fifteen minutes she would be his.

The Dover Road Hotel was a tired two-star establishment, in need of renovation but providing its’ guests with reasonable accommodation for a reasonable price. It offered Kevin a double bed for six hours for thirty pounds, a bargain in Central London and as the two lovers skipped into lobby, the young receptionist grinned.

She had taken the call from a flustered Kevin the night before and agreed on the rate. This was the price for the night, and he was prepared to check out at 4pm, so the hotel was making money for selling a room that would normally be empty, but she knew what they would be up to and the anxiousness in the young man’s voice when he rang was almost amusing. She did not need to be Sherlock Holmes to guess who he was the moment she clapped eyes on him, his desperate face and his scandalously attired companion.

“Mr Hall?” The lady enquired and he nodded, panting for breath.


She punched a couple of details on the system and he put three notes on the desk, which was taken immediately. She passed him a key to Room 33 on the third floor and told him to be out by four o’clock which he readily agreed to.

The lift doors had barely closed when Kevin pushed himself up against the defenceless Sarah who cooed at him. He lifted the hem of her skirt up and kissed her. While their tongues met, he roughly prodded her knickers and then slid his fingers inside them. She was damp, he could tell.

He rubbed his finger sharply across the sensitive areas and Sarah jumped in shock. She was not ready for a full-on assault of her clitoris and he was being too rough, but she didn’t know how to tell him that he needed to be gentle without hurting his feelings.

The door to the room had barely closed when Kevin had thrown Sarah onto the bed. She fell backwards and Kevin reached into her skirt and pulled her knickers frantically and tigerishly towards him. As he yanked them, they got stuck underneath her and she squealed in pain as they dug into her flesh.

Sarah reached back and liberated the underwear that he threw onto the floor. She looked at him with desire in her eyes and he kicked off his sneakers, and then his jeans.

“Still shaved then?”

“I like it bare,” Sarah admitted. “As do you.”

Kevin chuckled and her bottomless boyfriend moved forwards her legs. Sarah could not see his cock, but she knew it would be erect. It was, and he positioned it over her opening. She was excited certainly but not completely aroused and as she felt it touch her hole she breathed out.

“Gentle, babe,” she mouthed but Kevin didn’t listen and pushed forwards sharply.

Sarah squealed. “Gently. You’re so big,” she lied and Kevin smiled.

“You are lucky to have such a sex god for a boyfriend, aren’t you?” Kevin asked vainly as he propelled his cock deep into her. She had not questioned his non-usage of condoms but expected him to pull out when ejaculating. She didn’t want to be a mother no more than he wanted to be a father.

Kevin played with her breasts through her shirt and then gripped her wrists, pushing them tightly onto the bed above her head.

Kevin grunted and groaned. Sarah massaged his member with her internal muscles but Sarah was not ready for penetration. It was uncomfortable, but she could not tell him. He would be devastated, he loved to think that he was amazing in bed and she loved him too much to tell him otherwise, so she forced herself to moan and cry out.

Kevin always demanded she came to orgasm, and so after a minute of painful thrusting, Sarah squealed and squeaked her way to a fake orgasm. Kevin smiled and she emitted noises and did her best to wrap her feet around her boyfriend.

“You love it, don’t you,” Kevin cried and Sarah nodded. She really wished she could orgasm with him like she could with her fingers or her vibrator, but just couldn’t get the same pleasure from him. Sarah had spent many long nights worrying why that was and what was she doing wrong. She needed to know what was wrong with her, why another person could not make her feel “special.”

With one more thrust he withdrew his dick that spurted his thick semen onto her shaved pubic area.

Sarah shut her eyes and laid back. Kevin retrieved some toilet tissue and came back into the room wiping his cock. “Can I have some please?” Sarah asked but he grinned and pointed towards the en-suite.

“Get your own,” he replied uncharitably.

Sarah groaned and slid her top off. She didn’t want to get Kevin’s juices on it, and as she wiped the mess from her body in the tiny bathroom, Kevin came up behind her and kissed the back of her neck, and then started fondling her tits.

“You ummm … you think these will develop any more?” Kevin asked and Sarah mewed in contented pleasure as he nibbled the back of her neck. Why couldn’t he have done that before he started thrusting his cock into her?

“Do you want them to?” Sarah asked and he gave a muffled reply.


“Why, they are fairly big. Won’t it just be too much?”

Kevin guided the naked Sarah back towards the bedroom. “I know a girl with big tits at school and they look awesome. What size are yours?”

“36C,” Sarah replied and Kevin shrugged.

“You see, most sexy women are D or E cups. C isn’t bad I suppose but is on the smaller side.”

Sarah rubbed her eyes and started at her boyfriend. She was well-endowed compared to all of her friends, so why was Kevin saying she wasn’t? “I mean I have an above-average cock size. Massive. But me bird has small tits,” he said in a playful voice and Sarah bit her lip. She didn’t like her boyfriend criticising her and wanted him to like her as she was.

“How do you know you have a massive cock?” Sarah asked and Kevin screwed his piggy face.

“‘Cos I’ve seen other guys in the shower,” he replied and waved his withered manhood at her.

“Not very big at the moment,” Sarah teased and Kevin scowled.

“Well that’s your job. Kiss it, and it will get bigger.

Sarah smiled and sunk to her knees. She took the shrivelled manhood in her hands and ran her lips over the end. It twitched and Sarah grinned. He was always receptive to her touch, and she sucked it gently until it was fully erect.

Despite what Kevin claimed, he did not possess a large cock, either in girth or in length and Sarah could take it in her mouth without too much problem. She had practised on her vibrator so she could deep throat but had never been able to counter the “gag reflex” and instead wrapped her fist around the base and slid that up and down as well.

Kevin put his hands on the back of her head and began thrusting his cock against her. Sarah was glad she had put her hand at the base of his member, or else he would be going in too far.

Sarah sucked on the head and ran her tongue underneath his head. Kevin sighed and groaned. He muttered something and began thrusting harder and harder.

He could not resist and without warning, he flooded Sarah’s mouth with his seed.

She sucked all of the cum out of him and he twitched his hips a couple of times but Sarah looked up at his smiling. He saw her swallow and he grinned back.

“That’s cool. You suck cock like that and it doesn’t matter that you are flat-chested,” Kevin teased and Sarah stood up. She went to give Kevin a kiss and he flinched and moved away. “You’ve just swallowed my jism love. I’m not kissing you. That’s just gross.”

Chapter III

“Go on, love,” Kevin pleaded and Sarah shook her head. “It’ll be fun. It’ll make me happy.”

Sarah scowled at him. “But other people might get to see me naked,” she argued and Kevin smiled.

“I know. It’ll be a laugh.”

Sarah took a deep breath and opened the hotel door. Kevin had asked her to go to the lifts naked, travel down a floor, run up the stairs and then back to the room. This was her “dare” that had been issued as part of Kevin’s game of Truth or Dare.

Sarah’s heart was beating furiously. She was sure that anyone in an adjacent room would hear the floor creaking or her bare feet on the soft carpet. She heard a noise in one of the bedrooms, and her stomach leapt.

It was too warm in the airless corridor for Sarah to be cold and she was glad that there was the lift carriage was already waiting on the third floor of the hotel. She had no waiting, and with her fingers trembling, pressed the second floor option. She lift doors slid closed and she breathed a huge sigh of relief when they opened on the floor below and there was no-one present.

Sarah tore down the length of the second floor corridor and reached the fire doors at the end. As she dived into the stairwell she heard a door unlock and her heart skipped a beat. She was out of sight, but scrambled up the set of stairs, and peered out onto the third floor.

She saw a couple waiting by the lift, and although they were not facing her, and were forty metres away, they would see her if they turned their heads. Sarah swore and waited. They departed thirty seconds later and Sarah walked nonchalantly towards their room, number 33, situated half way down the corridor.

Kevin had his head peered round the door, and Sarah wiggled her hips as she walked towards him. And then she froze.

Walking directly towards her, open-mouthed and shocked was a young man with short blonde hair and a big rucksack. He had just got out of the lift and had a key in his hand.

“Hi,” he said nervously as a bright-red Sarah passed him in the corridor. He was a few years older than her, and had a kind, warm face with soft eyes and chiselled features.

Sarah took a deep breath. “Hiya,” she replied in a nervous tone of her bubbly voice.

“Are you OK?” He asked and Sarah noticed a bulge in his shorts. Sarah smiled.

“I’m fine. It’s a dare,” she answered truthfully and disappeared into her room. Kevin was waiting behind the door and she threw her arms around him.

“He likes you,” Kevin told her, and she flicked her hair out of her face.

“Your turn,” Sarah said and pushed him onto the bed.

“No. I’m not in the mood for that game anymore.” He kissed her and put his arms around his girlfriend.

“What are you in the mood for?”


Sarah grinned. Since they had arrived, Kevin had come three times and fingered her twice. She had also run around the hotel naked, being spanked and kissed his anus as “dares” while Kevin had been decidedly unadventurous with his “truths.”

Sarah didn’t mind. It kept her boyfriend happy, and they would be doing her choice of activity later anyway.

Sarah crawled over Kevin and hovered over his face, hoping that he might try and give her oral sex. Donna had suggested that she try it as her last boyfriend was good at it, but Kevin had refused to do so, saying that his dick not his mouth is for her pussy.

Kevin slid out from underneath her and jumped on the bed, putting his hands on her hips. She knew that he was about to plunge his manhood into her unceremoniously and she was right.

Without barely pausing, she felt him ram his cock as far as he could and she grunted. It was uncomfortable again. Why couldn’t her body just be normal?

* * * * *

A nearby clock struck two and Sarah lifted herself up from the bed, Kevin’s semen dripping on her thighs. She planned to get changed into her old clothes before leaving the hotel and walked to the bathroom to clean herself up. She wanted a shower but didn’t bring any shampoo. She could have one when she got home.

Sarah sat down on the toilet to pee, shutting the door to give herself some privacy. Kevin opened the door and came into the bathroom while Sarah was mid-stream. She kissed his deflated member and said a theatrical “thank you.” Kevin beamed, he liked his ego being stroked.

Kevin pulled Sarah up from the toilet after she had finished, and smiled at her.

“We better leave in fifteen minutes or we’ll be late,” Sarah told him and Kevin sneered.

“Oh what?” Kevin asked as he retrieved his underpants from the floor and Sarah rinsed her hands.

“The match at Wembley,” Sarah replied and took out her everyday clothes from the bag.

Kevin groaned. “You mean you were serious?”

Sarah stared at him and sighed. She knew he did dislike football but then this was the first time she was taking him to a football match and had told him weeks before.

“Yes, I was serious,” Sarah replied with a serious finality to her voice. “I have two tickets so we can spend the afternoon together.”

Kevin sneered at her. “You know I don’t do football,” he told her sharply. “It’s a game only played by thugs.”

Sarah pulled herself up to her full height, still naked. “I play football. I am not a thug.”

Kevin ignored her comment. “It’s all those plebs at that state school, they are bad influences. I ain’t going to no football match. If you want to spend the afternoon with me, let’s get a bite to eat from the café opposite and then get back in that bed.”

Sarah pushed his wandering hands away from her. She wanted to go to Wembley, and she wanted to do it with him. He had readily agreed on the phone only a few days ago, so why the change in heart? “No Kev, I am going. And what’s more I am going to be wearing these.”

Sarah pushed her everyday clothes into her rucksack and pulled her skirt over her bare pussy.

“Aren’t you going to wear any underwear?” Kevin asked and Sarah’s eyes flashed.

“No. Of course all the people in the row in front will see and they will like, right? Of course, if I am not with a boyfriend, those lecherous thugs might get ideas.”

Kevin pulled the last of his clothes on and started putting his sneakers on. “Why are you spoiling today, Sarah? It’s been a nice day and you want to spoil it by being silly.”

Sarah stared at him in exasperation. “I am not spoiling today. I want my boyfriend to spend time with me doing one of my interests after he has had hours of non-stop sex,” Sarah snapped.

“Yeah, but it’s football. Why not doing something we both like but you have to try and drag me to football,” he moaned and the topless girl put her head in her hands.

“I want to see the match, and thought you might want to keep me company. Because I love you and you love me.”

Kevin stood up and went over to Sarah. “Oh right. So just because I don’t want to go to a dumb football match, I don’t love you. That’s just stupid, Sarah.”

Sarah looked at her boyfriend confused but he stared at her resolutely. “I do love you, I never said you didn’t love me, babe. I just want to spend time with you.”

“If you loved me, you wouldn’t try to bully me into going to do something I don’t want to do. Or flaunt yourself dressed like that. You don’t love me Sarah, I know you don’t. I do everything for you and you do nothing for me.”

Sarah burst into tears and stared up at the angry face of her boyfriend. “I do. I do,” she wailed and he snorted.

Kevin looked at his girlfriend and then opened the door and strode out of the room.

“Wait,” yelled Sarah and burst into the corridor. “Please Kevin.”

Kevin pushed his girlfriend away as she tried to loop her arms around him and stepped into the lift. “Go to your precious football match Sarah. See if I care.”

Sarah burst into tears as the doors closed and traipsed back towards her room.

The young man came out of a room opposite and Sarah froze. The door she needed to her room was twenty feet away and she was topless. Apart from the skirt, she was naked but he turned and he recoiled in shock.

“Another dare?” He asked and saw Sarah had puffy, red eyes. “Are you OK?” he asked.

“I’m fine,” she lied through the tears and walked past.

“I know you’re not. Look it’s none of my business, but if you want a chat over a coffee,” he suggested and Sarah turned to face him.

“Are my tits big or small?” Sarah asked and he stared at the topless teenager.


“My tits. Big or small?”

“Wow. Well. Um, they’re reasonably big. They’re nice.” His cheeks flashed scarlet and he averted his eyes. “They’re a nice size, I mean.”

Sarah smiled through the tears and looked back. “And if your girlfriend took you to a hotel for three hours of sex and then asked you to join her watching a football match that you didn’t really want to, would you go to keep her company?”

The gentleman stared at Sarah. “Yeah, definitely.”

“Cheers.” Sarah smiled at the gentleman and walked through into her room.

* * * * *

Sarah put the key on the counter and the receptionist gave her a knowing and disapproving look.

“Stay OK, madam?” she asked and the red-eyed Sarah gave a weak smile.

“Fine thanks,” Sarah replied. The receptionist took the key and pressed a button on her computer. A printer whirred away under the desk and she passed the receipt to the teenager who threw it into her rucksack.

“You know if you want to book regularly, bring your clients here every day, we could certainly give you a preferential rate.”

Sarah groaned. “That won’t be necessary,” she replied tersely.

“I’m glad you enjoyed your stay,” the receptionist chirped. “Have a nice day.”

Sarah grunted and stepped out into the powerful London sunshine.

Chapter IV

Sarah gazed up at the Twin Towers. She had only ever been to one football match here before, and this was three years ago. She still felt a guilty emptiness that Kevin had stormed off angrily as she tried to insist he come along with her, but nothing could distract from the fact she was at Wembley. The home of football.

Sarah stared up at them again. They were magnificent and two flags flew on top of the iconic landmarks. While she was staring at the towers, she wasn’t looking where she was going, and as she idly gazed, she felt something in front of her and then a tumbling sensation. Sarah was about to hit the concrete.

The teenager frantically scrambled for a rail or handle but there was nothing and as she hit the ground with a thud, looked to see what had caused to fall. Half-a-dozen concerned faces looked over her, asking if she was not hurt and Sarah pulled herself to her feet, straightening her skirt.

“I’m fine, really,” she said reassuring those around her and grateful that her rucksack contained clothes as they helped to break her fall. The rapidly assembled throng of concerned people melted into the crowd and Sarah was left looking at the guy she ran into.

“Sorry,” Sarah said, her eyes looking up the towers. “I wasn’t looking where I was going.”

The guy smiled. He was wearing a red and white striped shirt and was lean with very short hair and a nervous smile. He looked down at Sarah from his 6ft 1in height through dark blue eyes and blinked. “S’ok. I was admiring ‘em too. I never seen them before.”

“Sarah,” the teenage girl said, introducing herself to the tall gentleman and he smiled. He had seen right up her skirt when she fell, and saw she wasn’t wearing any knickers.

“Chris. You alone?”

Sarah gulped and nodded. “I wanted my boyfriend to come, but he refused. You?”

“Same. Only with a fiancée.”

Sarah grinned and asked him where he was sitting. He was due to be right behind the goals, but Sarah offered him Kevin’s ticket which was near the half-way line and a far better view.

Chris hesitated but Sarah was insistent. Normally Chris would happily have accepted, but it was not everyday that a knickerless beautiful girl, with large breasts, asks him to join her. He wondered what his fiancée, Claire, would say if she knew.

Sarah and Chris walked inside and sat down. They had an excellent view, as Sarah’s parents had treated her to reasonably expensive seats. Chris treated them both to a beer as he had ID to get served, which Sarah gratefully drunk in the hot afternoon.

The exhibition match was open and entertaining. The two teenagers disagreed over a few offsides and moves made, but Sarah enjoyed herself and got to know her partner well at the half-time break.

He lived in Amersham, a town on the same railway line as Wendover, but was born in Sunderland, three hundred miles away. Unsurprisingly, he supported the local team but moved when his parents divorced, and his Dad came to live near London.

Chris was nineteen and would be twenty at the end of the year. He was training to be a photographer and Sarah’s eyes lit up. He saw her glint, and smiled, adding that he “would love to photo her as she would be one of the most photogenic girls he had every captured.”

Sarah was hungry after the game; she did not have much lunch and Chris suggested that they get something to eat together. Sarah readily agreed, and after much haggling they agreed on a little restaurant in Wendover. Although, it would mean Chris would have to double-back on himself, he didn’t mind.

* * * * *

Sarah laughed and started reeling them off. “OK. United, Town, City, County, Vale, Wednesday, Argyle, Hotspur, Rangers, Athletic, Palace, Albion, Argyle, Alexandria, Wanderers, Forest.”

Chris giggled. “That’s sixteen. There is one more.”

Sarah looked away from him towards a map of Italy on the wall. She had been trying to name the seventeen endings for English football league teams but was struggling. “Harriers?”

“Non-league,” Chris replied instantly. This had been a game on an episode of the popular comedy programme, The Detectives, but no-one he knew had managed to get all seventeen without a bit of help.


“You want a clue?”

“No,” Sarah replied instantly and stared at the useless map. “Arsenal?”

“That’s not an ending. It’s their name.”

Sarah postured for a moment and then crossed her arms. Her deliberations were interrupted by the waitress bringing their giant pizza to share and Sarah took a piece.

“Impressed,” Chris told her as he took a bite, and Sarah squealed, throwing her arms in the air, one of which was holding a slice of her meal.

“Preston North End,” she shrieked. Chris nodded and wiped his arm where Sarah had flicked tomato sauce from her pizza. “Yeah sorry.”

He smiled. “Nice one.” The waitress returned with more drinks for them and Sarah shot her new companion a knowing look as he watched the waitress’s ass as she wiggled away from the table.

“She’s cute,” Sarah eventually said and Chris grinned.

“You’re cute yourself.”

“Are you saying that as you looked up my skirt?” Sarah asked playfully and took a piece of pepperoni in her mouth before savagely biting down on it.

Chris stammered. “Well, can you blame me?”

Sarah gave her cutest smile and coyly glanced at Chris. “No I don’t suppose I can.”

Chris and Sarah were flirtatious and they teased each other, first about football, then about their partners and finally about each other. Sarah got a few second glances from the male patrons in the room when she got up to use the toilet and Chris was happy to goad her, until Sarah reached under the table and stroked his member through the thin cotton.

Chris went bright red, shuffled anxiously in his seat and hissed at her, as Sarah tickled him. She stuck out her tongue and returned to her ice cream dessert.

Before long, the time had come for them to part. “Sarah, please, let me just see you home,” Chris begged and Sarah shook her head.

“It’s fine,” she promised. “I only live five minutes walk away. She had written her phone number of a napkin and given it to him but was insistent he wanted to know that she got home safe, especially dressed like that.

Sarah pooh-poohed him and kissed him briefly on the lips. “I thought you had a boyfriend,” he replied and she grinned.

“I do. But then again, I thought you had a girlfriend.”



Chris waved Sarah off and she smiled. She sort of wanted him to ring, she liked him and he certainly liked her, but she knew that he was strictly off-limits, Kevin and Claire saw to that, but there was an unmistakable chemistry between them.

She adored his playful and easy-going nature, and the fact that he wanted to walk her home made her feel safe. She liked him, but as she meandered back towards her house, her mind wandered. She needed to talk to Donna about Kevin but Chris had complicated matters, as suddenly she desired someone other than her boyfriend.

Chapter V

It was gone 8.30pm when Sarah arrived home. She had stopped off in the park to change but her mother was furious as she entered the house.

“Sarah,” Angela shouted the moment Sarah crossed the threshold. She stood with her rucksack in the hallway awaiting for her mother to appear.

“I told you to home by six. It’s now nearly nine. Where have you been?”

Sarah rolled her eyes and groaned. “I’m not a ten year old. I don’t need to be home by six.”

“You have an exam tomorrow.”

“I’m hardly likely to forget that, am I?”

“Don’t talk to me like that. And you walked home alone at this time of night. I don’t like it.”

“Oh for fucks sake, Mum. I am fine. I can …”

Her mother hummed in anger and sent Sarah to her room, saying she was grounded “all week.” Sarah slammed then locked her door and then sat down behind it crying.

She needed to speak to Kevin. Why did he get so annoyed with her? What had she done wrong? Was she being unreasonable? She must be, or else Kev would not have reacted like that, and she felt guilty for it. And as for Chris, he was a guilty pleasure too far. She hoped Kev would never find out.

Sarah threw the rucksack onto the bed in frustration and emptied out its contents before sweeping them onto the floor in anger. The book hit the wall with a satisfying thud and she threw herself onto her bed.

Sarah looked up at the ceiling, wondering where she had gone wrong. She loved her boyfriend and he meant everything to her, but she wasn’t sure if he was her friend any more. She needed more, and made a mental note to seek out Donna after the exam. Donna would help her.

Sarah undressed and threw her clothes onto the floor before stretching out on the bed again. She was still horny, Kevin had done little to satisfy her teenage desires and she reached into her bedside drawer and removed her red sex toy.

She had managed to purchase the sex toy during one of her previous visits to London with Kevin as he had rented a room directly opposite a sex store. He had scorned at her for wanting to go inside as they came out of the derelict hotel, but was happy to leave her in a seedy corner of the city when she said she wanted to browse inside and he wanted to get home to watch television.

The red vibrator was around six inches in length and was just over an inch wide. She had seen other toys much bigger than hers but she was immediately attracted to it because of its’ shimmering red colour and was of a similar width to her boyfriend.

She flicked the sex toy onto its’ lowest setting and began rubbing it over her body. She liked to feel it gliding over her smooth skin, and purred as touched her breasts or her neck. She longed for a muscular, tall man to reach over and take the toy from her and then do this for her.

She imagined Chris. In his Sunderland replica shirt, and with his muscles underneath stroking her with her vibrating sex toy. She saw him with his chirpy smile and warm face, his subtle confidence and niceness and a shiver ran down her spine.

Sarah slid the vibrator over her inner thighs and then her mons. It touched her rosebud and skirted over her clitoris. Sarah could feel herself building with insatiable lust. She closed her eyes again and guided the imitation phallus to her soaking wet pussy.

Sarah moaned as the rubber sex toy stretched the entrance to her hole. It felt amazing, and her body eagerly accepted the rest of her vibrating toy. She wished she could replace it with a man, someone who would touch her passionately and listen to what she wanted.

She groaned as she rotated the red tube in her hole. It was touching every bit of her young womanhood and she moved her fingers to her clitoris, slowly rubbing it in circles.

Sarah grunted with every breath, her body tingling with arousal. Her fingers slid over her loins and she took a deep breath.

She turned the dial on the bottom of the toy and screwed up her eyes. The gentle vibration changed to a small earthquake and Sarah squealed. She pushed the vibrator down, hoping to get it to brush against her G-Spot but she wasn’t able to, and instead started pushing the toy in and out of her while her hips bucked and grinded back and forth.

Sarah mewed loudly, she began thrusting the toy deeper and deeper into her as her fingers were darting over her little button a fast as she could take.

She felt her climax approaching. She quivered and bounced down on the obscene toy a few more times, her body drenched in sweat. It was driving her wild.

Sarah shrieked as she was rocked by the biggest orgasm she had had for months. Her fingers and toes curled into the bed, her sheet soaked and her loins tingling.

Sarah lay there for a few moments, her eyes closed and then pursed her lips and kissed the tip of her vibrator.

She just wished it was a man and not a fake toy. She would definitely ask Donna’s advice, although Donna would say what Donna always said: she needed to dump Kevin, but Sarah still loved him. She just hoped that Chris wouldn’t ring her and complicate matters.

* * * * *

Andrew Webb was annoyed. His son had come home late the night before, dumped all of his stuff on the dining room table and gone to bed. Keys and wallet was fine, but there was a sweet wrapper there and a dirty tissue.

He picked up the items and threw them into a bag for the bin. The bin men would be coming in ten minutes, and while his lazy excuse for son was fast asleep in bed, he had to put out the rubbish bags before he left for his early shift.

They slid into the booth together – side by side – and immediately he reached for her thigh and she pressed herself against him.

“Comfortable, Babe?”

Her answer was given in the form of a slight brush of her palm along his belt line.

The seat was properly cushioned, the lighting was dim, the noise but a chatter and the booth backs were nice and high. A perfect contrast to the bar area from which they came. He turned to her and immediately noticed how bright her smile had become.

It was then that the waitress presented herself at the table. Shelley retrieved her hand, much to the dissatisfaction of her now very alert date, and tucked her shoulder in behind his. After a brief introduction two drinks were ordered, a glass of pinot grigio and a filthy dirty vodka martini.

As he watched the waitress walk away, he noticed that this was the first time he and Shelley had been alone since their very first date over a week ago. He smiled and returned his gaze to her.

He moved in to kiss her and she welcomed him with ever so slightly parted lips. One, two, three times their tongues danced before he reclined back into his seat. The taste of her lip gloss was light, a welcome change from the paste his past dates had used.

“I have a game for us to play tonight.”

A huge grin was her only response.

“It’s a game with only one rule.”

Her eyes widened.

“Here’s how you play.” As he said this he reached into his coat pocket and removed a stack of seven small sealed envelopes. She noticed that the one on top had something written on the top.

“Here are seven envelopes. Each has something written inside. The game is for you to open them, one at a time, over the course of our dinner and you must do what’s inside. There’s no picking and choosing… either you’re in or you’re not…”

She looked at the cards then picked up the one on the top. After looking at her name spelled on the front, she placed it back on the stack.

“I’m going to need more wine, aren’t I?”

His reply was in the form of changing the subject. Both needed the warmth of alcohol to continue the game… The next few minutes were spent discussing simple topics that weren’t covered while sitting at the bar. As if on cue, our waitress retuned with the drinks. After setting them down she explained the specials then enthusiastically went over the menu.

Once the drinks were delivered, the first few sips were consumed, the topic returned to the stack of envelopes sitting before them. She took a long draught of wine and reached for the top card.

“Either in or out… right?”


And after his reply she tore into the envelope and opened the first card.

As her eyes read the handwritten words contained within, her concern swiftly morphed into surprise. She placed the card down and dug into her purse. She soon found her phone and with fingers flying a text was sent. Within seconds a text message appeared on his phone.

He opened the text from Shelley. It read…

“My birthday is December 15th and my favorite color is blue.”

He smiled. Her first card was answered perfectly since it instructed her to send him a text with her birthday and favorite color!

Shelley reached for the next card but he interrupted her… “Let’s talk about your favorite color for a bit…”

They did with an emphasis on the dress she was wearing, a royal blue knee length affair that fit her like a glove. Trey loved women who poured themselves into clothes and he was relishing the look of what was sitting next to him that night. Talking about her dress gave him the perfect excuse to stare at her body… but it was time to move on to other things.

“Are you ready for card number two?”

She looked at her almost empty wine glass and said, “I’m guessing they get more interesting as we go along…”

“You might be right…”

“Then I think you know what to do with this…” And she handed him her glass.

Trey caught the eye of the waitress and soon another glass of pinot grigio found its’ home in Shelley’s hand…

“Now I’m ready…” She stated after taking a first sip.

She set her glass down and reached for the next card in the stack. Two deft moves later the envelope was in ruins and the card was being read… then again… and again…

He turned and looked her square in the face. Her grin evaporated and was replaced by a very sultry smile… a smile born out of confidence in ones’ own body. Shelley looked over his shoulder then brought her hands to her chest. She leaned forward and pulled the plunging neckline away from her impressive cleavage.

“Do you like what you see, Baby?”

What he saw was a beautiful black satin bra bordered with black lace struggling to contain her ample breasts. It was so easy to lose himself in his stare. She defined coolness by allowing him to admire her chest for as long as he chose to… which was a full minute – an eternity when considering the circumstances and environment.

He leaned back. She did too. He noticed that she was blushing. Both took a much needed sip from their glasses.

“Damn impressive, Woman. You should be very proud.”

“Glad you approve, handsome, but I think we have company again…”

And they did. The waitress paraded to the table and was only too happy to discover what each would enjoy for the evening. But, ordering was a project. Appetizers were considered and main courses had to be selected. The menu was extensive but choices were made after some helpful suggestions by their host. Jumbo lump crab cocktails, unicorn fish and filets would be the winners tonight but as simple as this process should have been, his decisions took time since her hand under the table was a source of delicious distraction.

The waitress repeated the order and left with a suspicious grin.

“Ready for card number three?” And with that, he handed Shelley the next card.

She opened the enveloped, more pensively this time, and lingered reading it. She folded the note card closed and searched the room.

“There… over by the window. Do you see them? The couple – the guy’s talking his head off and she’s counting the seconds until her safety call rings on her phone…”

She was right. Over by the window there was a couple obviously on a first date. What most would refer to as a “Match.com” date.

“I see them… They’re perfect… Go on, Babe…”

“Well, it’s a first date. They met on-line of course. From the looks of it, they didn’t email or talk on the phone much before agreeing to see each other. Look at him… if he isn’t talking his head off he’s shoveling food into his mouth. But look at her… She’s miserable and do you see her hand at her side? She’s waiting… Waiting for her girlfriend to call and pretend she’s the daughter or friend who needs her right away!”

Again he turned to look. Shelley was right. The woman was holding a phone by her side. Good thing too since her date would surely chew her arm off should she make the mistake of getting it too close to his mouth.

She continued, “She’s looking at him now. She actually had time to say something.”

“He must have taken a breath”

Shelley laughed. “Oh yeah, I think he’s breathing out of his ass! Now look! He’s talking on his phone and she’s texting someone!”

Again, Trey strained to look. Not wanting to be too obvious, he caught a glimpse but couldn’t help but to stare at the train wreck unfolding across the room.

“So, tell me what’s going to happen? Does she bolt? Or does she jump him in the parking lot?”

“I picked them because it might just turn out that she just wants to get laid. Time will tell, but I’m thinking that if she doesn’t bolt soon she may be in this for the long haul – or at least until she can sneak out after popping his cork.”

“Really… You think so?”

“You men really have no idea. You’re not the only ones who will suffer through a bad date just to get your rocks off!”

“Well, I’ve learned something new today. Tell me more…”

Before she could continue two jumbo lump crabmeat appetizers were brought to the table. After the cocktail sauce was prepared, she continued with her story. “The way I see it, she’ll follow him home, or to a hotel. There’s no way she’ll let that creep anywhere near her door. Once inside his place she’ll pounce on him before he can do anything to drag the night on any longer than needed. What she wants is a good fuck or a great lick… God, she’ll hate herself if he blows his load too early!”


“It gets better… She’s already figured out how not to go down on him… unless it turns her on. But once she crosses the finish line she’ll do whatever needed to get the bastard off so she can slip the panties back on and get the hell out of Dodge.”


The crab was devoured and more drinks were served. She continued her story about the couple at the window but he noticed on several occasions that she would glance at the card stack. Soon the plates were cleared and the salads were served. The interruption what just what they needed to bring their attention back to matters at hand…

He handed her the card this time. “One more for you…”

She stopped eating and took the envelope. Now more comfortable with the game, she took no time extracting her instructions for round four. However, this time her pause was significant. She took a bite of salad and stared straight ahead – lost in thought. He anticipated this and did not disturb her concentration.

She put her fork down and coyly turned and placed her lips within whispering distance of his ear. “You want me to tell you a fantasy? What if being here with you is my fantasy…”

“Flattery will get you everywhere with me – but tonight you need to tell me a fantasy that’s all yours and yours alone.

He smiled, looked her square in the eyes and with a lower voice said, “Tell me what you imagine when you play with yourself…”

She returned his gaze and as her hand caressed his chest she replied, “Caveman stories.”

He looked at her not with surprise but with heightened interest. “Really?!”

She squeezed his thigh and considered the dangers of sharing such an intimate secret with her soon to be new lover. After a few seconds of weighing the pros and cons, the wine made the plus column for sharing her real fantasy with him a definite “YES”.

She returned her lips near his ear and elaborated… “I love caveman stories. I love the survival, the wild, the dominance… I love the hair…”, and with that she pulled his shirt bottom out from his beltline and quickly explored his chest and stomach. Trey was gifted with an even mane of chest hair that wasn’t overwhelming but did cover his chest and continue in wisps down his midline.

“I love this…” she said as her hand wandered over his muscles.

“Thank you, Gorgeous.”

“I fantasize about unbridled animal passion. When I’m alone and I’ve got my toy going strong I dream of being back in time. I dream of being what I am… a strong woman but in a brutal, primitive world.

He felt himself getting hard.

“I imagine being a captive of a lesser clan. I’m smarter but I’m out numbered and certainly out muscled by most of the males. I’m a prize they have captured and I’m different – blonde and fair. I’m also more competent – I can hunt, gather and provide much better than the others… “

Shelley began to look into the distance.

“But I’m a captive – they can fuck me at will – at the drop of a hat…”

The glow of the alcohol made his next question easy, “Do you cum when they fuck you?”

“Like a freight train…”

He took a sip of wine and let her words hang in the air. She returned her eyes to his and searched for a reaction. She saw him smile. She saw a smile that admired her passion, and her courage, to dream and share such an intimate secret.

Her words had sparked a vision in Trey’s imagination. In his mind, he was bending Shelley over a large, smooth rock. He had his stiff cock in his hand and was preparing to enjoy her from behind. She was cloaked in nothing but a deer skin cape and the entire area was hanging in the mist from a large waterfall immediately to their left. As he spread her legs and moved in to enter her, a familiar voice yanked him back to reality…

“Here we are! Would either of you like some cracked black pepper?”

He chuckled and replied, “Yes, please… load it on…”

Dinner was served and the meal was excellent. The star of the evening was the unicorn fish. Previously unknown to either, the chef had created the perfect blend of protein, butter and… more butter.

Midway through her meal, and as they were swapping compliments about each other’s main courses, he covertly handed her another envelope. “Only two more after this…”

Eagerly, she took what was offered and opened it immediately.

He smiled and enjoyed yet another sip of wine. His erection, almost constant throughout dinner, was screaming for attention but there was still a ways to go… His own fantasy was recycling in his mind, this time Shelley is sitting on the table and pulling her black lace panties to the side – but the feel of her breath on his cheek informed him that real pleasures were to be enjoyed.


And she moved in for a kiss. A kiss coupled with her hand running across his stomach and dangerously near the very sensitive bulge in his pants. Her lips seemed perfectly timed with each movement of her arm and it took only seconds for his boxers to announce the first arrival of pre cum.

He raised his arm and touched her face. “Nice kiss, Darling… very nice…”

He kissed her again. He was intoxicated and found it difficult to break the trance – so difficult that he found himself secretly stroking her breast with this knuckles.

She leaned into his touch and soon found that she fit perfectly into his hand.

He lifted her breast with his palm. His thumb vainly searched for her nipple but the fabric of her bra stood guard against his advances. She felt dynamic and very, very real. This woman had every good reason to be proud of her body.

He released his touch and separated his lips from hers. His mind searched for something to say.

“How’s your dinner, Gorgeous?”

“You really need to try this fish. I’ve never had anything like it!” And she prepared a fork full for him to sample. He did and found that it was incredible. In his mind he tried to describe the texture of the fish with the taste of a sauce that had to be almost all butter…

“I need to eat that off your tummy.”

She giggled, and he offered her a taste of his filet.

The conversation turned to food. They critiqued each course and shared memories of great meals in the past. It didn’t take long for the treasures on both plates to disappear and inevitably the topic soon turned to desert.

The waitress arrived to check on the couple and Shelley requested a desert menu. Once glance and her decision was made. “I’d love a crème brulee.”

“Excellent choice! And you, sir?”

“Make that two!”

The waitress scribbled the order and snapped her folder shut. Again, she vanished with a smile and a quick gait.

“Can I open the next card now?” She said with just a hint of hesitation in her voice.

Trey handed her the next card then turned his attention to his wine. He heard her rip the paper and remove the contents. He listened to her breath as she read the note…

“Can I have what’s in your pocket, please?”

He grinned. She didn’t hesitate at all.

Without a word, his left hand disappeared into the inside pocket of his suit. When it reappeared, she saw that he was holding a very small pink cloth bag.

She took it from him and said, “Thank you! You’ll need to let me out…”

Once he exited the booth, he extended his hand and helped her do the same. Standing there, face to face, he kissed her quickly on the lips.

“I’ll be right back, Babe…”

She turned and piloted her body down the aisle. Aware of the eyes upon her, she put on a show by selecting a gait that flattered the sway of her ass and the bounce of her hair and breasts. Little was left to the imagination since her blue dress telegraphed most every move her body made. He found himself staring at her until she turned the corner. As he took his seat, he noticed that half the room had enjoyed the same performance. An elderly gentleman in the adjoining booth caught his eye and gave him an approving wink. As he slid back into his seat, he acknowledged the wink with a very proud smile.

Desert was served while she was away so he didn’t notice her return. Suddenly, a small pink bag was dropped on the table and Shelley announced that she was back. The pink bag, now bulging, sat immediately behind his desert. He smiled his approval and exited the booth to allow Shelley to return to her seat.

“Did you think I wouldn’t do it?” she said with an impish look on her face.

“I really had no clue!”

She slid back into her seat an immediately he leaned over and whispered, “Show me…”

She sunk back into her seat and every so coyly raised the hem of her dress over her knees, up her thighs and then suspended it a few inches above her skin. He flexed his neck to see her treasure.

His eyes caught the bare hint of reflected light off of a very well groomed and moist pussy.

“Outstanding, Darling.”

As if on instinct, his left hand found its’ way between her bare legs and slowly headed toward her shadow. He turned his head back towards the dining room as if his hand had a mind of its’ own.

His fingertips felt the wet heat and he paused to enjoy the sensation. Shelley dropped the dress over his hand and placed hers deep into the seat cushion. She then lifted herself just enough to offer more of herself to him.

Reaching with his left arm was becoming awkward but he moved closer… her tiny moans signaled that he was getting closer… He touched her, almost exactly on her clit, and she pursed her lips to muffle a soft cry.

He wanted more than he could reach. He returned his gaze toward her, removed his left hand and immediately replaced it with his right. As soon as his fingers became drenched, he inserted two inside her and watched as her chest heaved and her eyes closed. With only seconds to play, he ran his fingertips over her g spot and tickled her clit with his thumb. Her legs widened even more and the muscles in her arms strained to lift her ass off the seat…

He felt her wetness escape from around his fingers as her thighs squeezed his hand.

“Oh God…” She finally uttered.

That was his cue to stop. His fingers fell silent and very gingerly he removed his hand from her body. The sex covering him was painted on her thighs and knees. He imagined the wet spot now on the backside of her dress…

Each finger was licked and he offered some to her. She played her tongue over his digits and raised her eyebrows ever so seductively.

“What if our waitress asks about the bag, she’s headed toward our table?”

“We’ll just tell her that it’s the remains of some special gift wrapping!”

Desert was served and they both immediately tore into their perfectly glazed delights. The sexual tension was put on simmer, if even for only a few minutes, by talking more about food, deserts and other guilty indulgences…

Halfway through desert, he took the second to last card from the stack and handed it to her.

“Almost done…”

She licked her spoon and lazily placed it alongside her dish. Only then did she take the envelope from his hand.

“I guess if I asked you if you had any more surprises in your pockets you still wouldn’t tell me…”

He shook his head in agreement.

She opened the envelope and read the three simple words only once. The card was placed by her side and she eagerly moved in closer for a kiss. She arched her neck, slightly parted her lips and closed her eyes. He met her lips with his and felt her left arm circle his waist. They kissed and she hugged him. His hand caressed her cheek as tongues began to dance.

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