“For heavens’ sake Mexi,” sighed Martin Williams, now exasperated. “All you do is take his hand, walk forward and do an outside turn before moving into him and going into the basic side-mambo. That is ALL YOU HAVE TO DO.”

He was the choreographer for a group of salseros, or salsa dancers. Sometimes he wondered why he bothered with some of them, and right now one of them, a 20 year old half Cuban girl named Mexico Soto, was really starting to get on his nerves. She was beautiful, with golden skin and loose waves of dark brown hair but grey-blue eyes which contrasted completely with her Latin appearance. Right now she was wearing a turquoise vest bearing the words “SEXY AND I KNOW IT” in black glitter, and three quarter length black sweatpants with her dainty, one inch heel salsa shoes. She looked hot, but all Martin could think about was how much he’d like to smack her upside the head. She was normally one of the best dancers in the team, but one simple move seemed to have got the better of her. Her dance partner, a tall, handsome Polish guy named Radoslaw, was getting increasingly agitated every time she got it wrong, so eventually Martin gave up.

“Okay, we’ll skip the middle part as everyone else seems to understand it, we’ll move on to the stage jump now as we need to see if all the guys can catch their partners. Mexico, I’ll practice the copa with you after everyone else is gone so you don’t waste any more of Radoslaw’s time.” He knew he was harsh with her, but Mexico was known to run rings around people and he knew she needed it and she could take it.

During the next part of the rehearsal, Mexico danced perfectly. Her petite body flew off the stage and into Radoslaw’s arms below with enough grace to challenge any bird, and she was one of the first to maintain the splits position in landing, and Martin began to feel bad about being so quick to snap at her. That soon changed.

After everyone had gone, Mexico and Martin were left alone in the dance hall. “Don’t get it,” she said flatly.

“Look, all you do is this. Watch me, this is your footwork,” he said, demonstrating to her how it should be done. He then took her into a hold position and started from the first steps, leading her through to that part. She was doing perfectly, but as soon as she was meant to walk forward and spin around to face him, she walked into the back of him as she had done to Radoslaw. Martin stepped back in front of her.

“Let’s just dance for a while,” he suggested. “You might do better if it comes up spontaneously, so you’re not thinking about it.” She nodded, and he pressed a button on his laptop. The sound of Latin American music filled the room, and they danced. After a while, the song was far from over but the words of the music started to fade, there was only the drum beat, and they spun, round and round as if hypnotised, him turning gracefully, her with one arm around his waist dancing around him, her eyes never leaving his. She felt a stir in her groin and thoughts started to cross her mind that certainly didn’t involve salsa. Suddenly he pulled her away and put her into the move that had given her so much trouble – and this time she had no choice but to do it, he grabbed her hand and pulled her firmly forward, turned her then stepped close into her. She smiled as she realised she’d done it, then her smile turned to a seductive, wistful look as she danced even closer to him, one of her legs now inbetween his and vice versa.

The song stopped but they didn’t, and as they danced she pressed herself closer into him. Before long she felt a bulge rising in his tracksuit bottoms, and involuntarily let out a sigh. In one swift movement he picked her up, she wrapped her legs around him and they kissed wildly, moaning softly into each other’s mouths through short, ragged breaths. He pushed her against the wall, with her legs still around him, and kissed her some more while grinding his rock-hard crotch against her pussy through their pants. She could feel every movement as if they were naked, she coldn’t take any more. Breaking away from his kiss, she cried out “FUCK ME..” before devouring his lips again.

That was all the invitation he needed. He put her down and slipped one hand into her pants. He could feel that she was shaven, and soaking wet. He pulled down her pants and knelt in front of her. She ran her fingers through his fine, light reddish brown hair and pushed his face towards her crotch. In response, he grabbed her hips and buried his face between her legs, licking and sucking her clit hungrily, occasionally slipping his tongue inside her, making her throw her head back and moan loudly. Doing this had only made him harder, so he let her go and removed his own clothes. She dropped to her knees and took the pulsing head of his manhood into her mouth, suckling it lovingly while looking up into his eyes.

He pulled his little dancer up by her hair and smashed his lips against hers again, letting his cock rub her pussy, almost letting it slip inside. She shuddered with pleasure and lay on the floor, legs open wide.

“Take me,” she begged. “I need you inside me right now, please just take me..”

So he took her. He lowered himself between her legs and kissed her again before driving his throbbing cock deep into her tight pussy. She let out a guttural scream and bucked her hips upwards into him. “Ohhhh fuck..” he cried as her pussy contracted around him.

“Don’t stop,” she whimpered, wrapping her legs around his skinny but muscular body. He had no intention of stopping. He gave her a few slow strokes before grabbing her hair and hammering her little cunt with his engorged dick. She let out loud, wavering moans and the occasional tear fell from her eyes as he fucked her better than she’s ever been fucked before.

He started off slowly, but got faster as she got wetter and hornier. Each thrust sent a shock of pleasure through her hot little body and made her cries of pleasure that bit louder until she hit her first orgasm and screamed before biting his shoulder to stop herself. Her whole body convulsed as she groaned loudly and scratched his back. Her biting and scratching him made him even more turned on, and he kept slamming his cock into her, harder and harder every time, and within seconds she came again, and again, and again.

Mexico had never had a multiple orgasm before, and she wondered at that moment, as she lay on the floor trying to get her breath back, if it was possible to die of pleasure. As this thought crossed her mind, a load of cum splashed onto her face and lips. She gasped in surprise, and just as she did, the second jet erupted from the glistening cock head before her and went straight into her mouth. She happily swallowed it and smiled up at her choreographer.

He smiled back as he realised that as beautiful as she was, especially in the raunchy costumes she sometimes had to dance in, he had never seen her look as gorgeous as she did right then, with his cum splattered across her face, wiping the sweat from her brow and still shaking from the most amazing sex she’d ever had.

She of course, was smiling because her plan had worked perfectly.

Sarah stood by the bar later and wondered if it was to late to go home and hide under the duvet. The nerves that she had managed to quell were barely controlled and as she looked into the mirror she didn’t even recognise the person staring back at her. The girls in the changing room had weaved their showgirl magic and transformed her into someone she did not recognise. Her long blonde hair had somehow been hidden under a flame red wig that was as short as her own hair was long. A slender neck led the eyes to a wide expanse of creamy skin and she smiled as she saw how well her corset cinched her already tiny waist pushing up her generous breasts. The mounds resting gently on the velvety material seemed even bigger than normal and she let her hands stroke the soft skin. From the tops of her leather boots the lacy material of her stockings could just be seen and the belt attached to them disappeared under the tiniest skirt Sarah had ever worn.

Placing the leather peaked cap on her head and the aviator glasses on her face Sarah nodded to the mirror and took a deep breath before going to find Chris.

Standing in front of him she breathed slowly as he walked around her nodding his obvious approval.

“Well babe if you move as well as you look then we are in for a treat tonight. Now go find the girls and get that cute little ass ready for your spot. Oh and by the way anything you earn is mine call it an insurance against collateral damage. Now go before I realise i’m going mad.”

Sarah stood nervously watching the girl on stage dreading what was to come but knowing she must do it if she were to prove her point. She was sick to death of her brothers trying to run her life.

As the music ended and the girl on stage finished her spot Sarah looked over into the audience. Unable to see her brothers or their friends Sarah frowned, please please please show up, she thought.

When the lights faded and the girl on stage ran past her Sarah knew she had past the point of no return. Walking forward into the darkness she took up position on the stage and hoped she remembered the routine she was to do. In the air around her and over the audience she heard the beginning of her song and letting the beat take over she started to dance.

Just as the music ended Sarah glanced over and saw that her brothers had arrived. At the back of the room she knew that they would not be able to recognise her and she breathed a sigh of relief. As she struck her final pose she waited for the reaction of the audience unsure to how she had done. Remembering what the other dancers had told her she waited for the last beat to end before walking sexily from the stage.

Back in the changing room she checked her reflection in the mirror wondering whether she should changed into something else. Deciding to change her boots for heels and adding a small jacket she went back into the bar and to whatever came along.

In the bar she quickly located her brothers and taking a deep breath she pretended to ignore them as she walked past, her pert bottom swaying sexily in her short skirt. Behind her glasses she saw them look her way and a tiny smile played at the corner of her mouth. Stopping to chat to customers she tried to play her part. Inside she was shaking like a leaf her stomach in knots. Maybe she hadn’t thought this through properly, she thought as she chatted and flirted with everyone.

Her eyes roamed the room and she was surprised to see that Shaun had come out with them. Normally he preferred to be with his friends and left Phil and Mike to theirs but tonight he was here as well. Sitting in one of the booths he was with a few other guys.

This could work out perfect, she thought. Either that or be a disaster.

Wandering round the room Sarah chatted and flirted with the customers, all the time getting closer and closer to Shaun. The music in the room made it almost impossible to talk so with a series of gestures she managed to avoid any personal dances without causing any offence. Just as she made her way close enough to see who was with him, Shaun looked at her.

A slight frown creased his brow has he thought he recognised the petite red head standing at the next booth. If he didn’t know any better he could have sworn it was Sarah. But Sarah certainly hadn’t got red hair and she certainly wouldn’t be able to get to in a place like this. If she did he knew she would be asking for trouble. Underage and with an appetite for sex that was boarding obsessive this place would be like a sweet shop to her. Most of the guys that came here wished that the dancers would have sex with them and knowing Sarah she would do it to. Whether they did or didn’t he wasn’t sure, but what he was sure of this new girl looked like jail bate in a place like this. No wonder the guys were round her like moths to a flame. Looking over to the bar he saw that Mike and Phil were watching her intently and he wondered if they too thought it could be Sarah. Drawn back to the conversation next to him Shaun gave her one last look before turning away.

As Sarah walked past she was stopped by one of the guys sitting with Shaun. Bending forward she listened as he asked for a more personal dance and smiling sweetly Sarah nodded her agreement.

Listening to the beat of the music in the bar she began to move her hips from side to side. The slow movement hypnotic and snake like. Her tiny skirt swishing in time to the music gave a hint of what was underneath. As she moved Sarah undid the buttons on the tiny jacket she was wearing. Underneath she revealed the corset, which she had danced in earlier, and the eyes of her customers shone with lust. Leaning forward she caressed her breasts feeling the creamy mounds under her fingertips. Before sliding a hand over her stomach.

Shaun sat mesmerised as the dancer moved sexily over his friend’s crotch. Her hips and body flowed from one movement to the next and with each one he could feel himself getting harder. Behind her he could see Mike and Phil watching as she danced her way between the three guys in the booth. His cock was hard in his trousers and he wanted to reach out and touch her legs feeling the skin at the top of her stockings. With infinite care she undid the skirt and let it drop to the floor stepping out of it to show the tiniest pair of panties he had seen for a while. The black material barely covered what they were supposed to cover and the urge to pull them to one side and slip his finger into her was so strong he clenched his fists to his side. This girl was hot and there was only one woman hotter, and that was Sarah. Thoughts of her dancing like this flooded his head and he drew in his breath sharply. As the dancer got closer to him he hoped he would not embarrass himself and cum like some adolescent teenager. Placing one dangerously slutty shoe either side of his thigh on the seat she stood above him gyrating her hips tantalisingly close to his face. Was he imagining it or could he smell her arousal. With a feline grace she turned to face away from him bending forward to crawl across the empty table in front of him. He longed to take her there and then, as she lay sprawled across it. Her tiny body was perfect and her large breasts spilled out of the corset she was wearing. In one fluid movement she turned to face him, her face hidden by the glasses she wore.

Still he had that feeling her knew her.

Without the hint of a smile she sat on the table facing him her feet either side of his hips and her legs wide apart. Looking her up and down he took in her legs encased in the stockings she was wearing. Her tiny feet shod in patent black shoes with dangerously high heels making her look sluttish. The black velvet corset circled her waist topped by the overflowing mounds of creamy flesh. Shaun couldn’t ask for anything sexier. As he watched she reached forward and began the slow torturous journey upwards as she undid the fastenings to it. With baited breath he waited for her breasts to be revealed to him and his cock fought to be freed from the confines of his trousers. Just has she got to the last few fastening the dancer spoke.

“Are you enjoying the dance Shaun?”

His eyes flew to her face as with those few words his guess earlier was confirmed. Unsure as to how to react he sat there and watched as she let free her ample breasts.

Closing his eyes he tried not to react to seeing her almost naked form straddled in front of him.

“Don’t close your eyes. I want you to see what you do to me.”

The tables had been well and truly turned. Ever the dominant he was caught between his need to turn her over and spank her for her deception or to obey. Opening his eyes he watched as she pinched her nipples hard causing the sensitive nubs to harden. He had seen her breasts many times but never had he seen them so close and the longing to take that hard nipple between his teeth and gently bite it was so strong it nearly overwhelmed him Fascinated he watched as she tweaked and rolled it between her fingertips.

“Yes Shaun I know you want me, I also know you want me submissive to you. Do you like how it feels having to obey? Mike and Phil are watching so if you don’t want to cause a scene I would do as you are told. Do you understand?”

Shaun nodded and suddenly the music seemed distant the booth they were in surrounded by an invisible barrier that hid them from the rest of the customers. Shaun’s friends watched as the dancer touched her self, moving closer to get a better look. Shaun looked shocked at something she was saying and the colour seemed to drain from his face.

“Do you like what you see?”

Shaun nodded.

“Would you like to touch me? Would you like to hold my tits in your hand, tweaking my nipples so I beg for more?”

Again he nodded.

“If I touched my self would you enjoy that?”

In a daze Shaun could only nod to each question she asked and unbidden he touched the front of his trousers, trying to make him self more comfortable.

Fascinated he watched as she reached down and with a splayed hand touched the wisp of material between her legs. Running her fingers over it and pulling it to one side Shaun sat watching as her finger went inside. Groaning loudly he wanted to haul her over his knee and spank her arse hard leaving handprints on her beautiful cheeks. The pain in his hands showed how tight he was clenching them and with a deep breath he brought himself under control. Mentally taking a few calming breaths he made himself sit up and look straight into her face.

“Take your glasses off? I want to see your eyes as you touch your pussy.”

With these words Sarah hesitated in her caresses and he knew then that she was not as sure of her self as her words made out. Underneath she was nervous and the glasses hid how she really felt. If she had been as sure of her actions as she looked she would not be wearing them, instead she would be strutting sexily around with her own blonde hair flowing and her body on display. Instead she was hidden behind a more confident persona trying to make him the submissive. In a flash of inspiration he grabbed her hand and hauled her to his feet. Quickly before he could be stopped he half pulled, half dragged her to the back of the bar and into the room behind it. Once inside he closed the door and locked it.

“What the fuck do you think your doing in my office?” Chris shouted as they burst in.

Pulling a chair over Shaun sat down and dragged Sarah over his knee. “I’m going to teach this slut a lesson in manners.” As he spoke he pulled her thong off and left it hanging around her ankles.

“Shaun get off me.”

“Not until you have learned your lesson young lady.”

Kicking and screaming Sarah tried her hardest to get up but the more she struggled the harder he held her down.

“If I were you I would take your punishment like the good little girl you should be. I refuse to play referee between you and your brothers any more. I have told you time and time again to behave and you have yet to listen,” as he spoke he raised his hand bringing it down on her upturned posterior. “If this is what it takes to control you then so be it.”

Chris watched as Shaun spanked Sarah’s bare bottom. With each thwack his cock hardened. Never had he seen anything as erotic as this before. Sarah wriggled on Shaun’s lap her cries falling on deaf ears.

“What the hell were you thinking coming here, knowing it’s a regular haunt for Mike and Phil. Have you got a death wish?”

“I’m sick to death of them telling me what to do, I’m an adult for gods sake.”

“Well start acting like one. They do not want to know that half their mates have fucked their baby sister.”

“Fuck you Shaun.” She almost whispered. As each blow landed she could feel the heat rising in her. Her whole body was getting hotter and her nipples were getting harder as they rubbed against Shaun’s trousers. Between her legs she could feel the moisture beginning to leak and trying not to show it she held them even closer together. Glancing at Chris she could see his erection long and thick in his trousers. He didn’t even try to hide it as he moved closer to her. Standing with his arms folded her eyes were drawn to his crotch and she almost purred her appreciation of his cock.

“Sounds like someone has been a very naughty girl and she needs to be punished,”

Biting her lip she watched Chris standing above her and her heart felt like it would explode. Tall, muscled and bald he was imposing and from her position across Shaun’s knee even more so. From under the sleeve of his black t-shirt she could see the hint of a tattoo and she shivered at the thought of him taking her. She remembered his words from earlier and gulped hard.

“If I’d have known what a bad girl you were I would never have let you come in my club.” Chris said. “But it looks like Shaun here has it all in hand, so to speak.”

“You know him?”

“Did I fail to mention that? Yes I know all of your brothers. How can I not know them when they come in here all the time and spend money on the girls’? Seems like you have been a bad, bad girl Sarah and its not them that needs punishing. It’s you.”

Putting her head down Sarah realised she had been beaten and maybe it was time she did listen to Shaun. But what about the other two, surely they still had a lesson to learn.

“Let me go Shaun, let me go home.”

Shaun stopped spanking her and lifted her up. His normally easy- going expression had been replaced with a hard look she had never seen before. Shaun was never stern with her, even after what she had done in the last few days. Easy going and laid back that’s how she knew him.

“Your not going home yet young lady. If you are so determined to show me what you have got I want you to show us both. Show us how you pleasure yourself.”

Lifting her up he sat her on the desk and left her to stare at him.

“I cant do that.”

“Why ever not. You have just don e it outside so that others can see. Why not now for the two of us? Surely this would be better. No distractions, no other men around, or is that what you want, more men. Now, now Sarah that’s just plain greedy.”

Both men had moved over to the small sofa and sat down to watch as she squirmed on the desk. She knew that she would never get home until she had done what they wanted. Sitting naked on the desk with her thong dangling from her foot she could feel herself getting horny at the thought of being watched by them both. Self -consciously Sarah opened her legs so that they could see just how wet she was. The moisture glistened in the stark light of the office. As they looked it leaked out and trickled down onto the wood beneath her.

“Why Sarah you should have said Shaun’s spanking turned you on.” Chris grinned at her, delighting in her discomfort. Blushing Sarah couldn’t help but enjoy her own arousal and the more she denied it the more she knew it was what she loved.

Even further she opened her legs for them to see and beneath her she could feel her wetness gathering. Closing her eyes she let her self drift off into her own world. Dreaming of this moment she let her hands move over her body, caressing her thighs, touching the smooth skin at the top of her stockings. Stroke after stroke, touch after touch her senses heightened by the darkness Sarah got more turned on. Up and over her stomach her hand moved causing goose bumps to appear. When her hand touched the underside of her breasts her nipples hardened instantly and unbidden a groan escaped her lips. Arching her back she raised her bum of the desk trying to reach the hand of her invisible lover. Leaning back she lowered her self onto the desk and continued to caress her self. Lowering her hand she let it stroke her hairless mound before entering the warm depth of her pussy. As it slipped in her moans got louder.

Seconds felt like minutes, minutes felt like hours as she continued to explore her body. Aroused to the point of no return Sarah forgot about where she was moaning loudly she writhed on the desk.

“That’s it Hun show us how you cum.” Shaun’s voice sounded far away but it spurred her on. Deeper she delved letting her juices flow out and over her fingers.

“That’s it babe open those pretty little legs wider, show me what you’ve got.”

Sarah groaned louder. Obeying the voice she opened her legs even further placing her shoe shod feet on to the desk. Far away she heard the creak of the sofa.

A hand grabbed hers and removed it from her aching pussy only to be replaced by something else, unsure as to what it was at first Sarah held her breath as she felt it gently probe her. Warm, moist breath filled her and she arched her back to meet the new invader.

“Do you like that sweet Sarah? Do you like Chris’s tongue inside you? I hope that delicious mouth of yours is waiting for me. Do you know how long I have wanted to sample your delights?”

Opening her eyes Sarah saw Shaun standing behind her head. Mesmerised she watched as he undid the buttons on his trousers and eased his cock out. Stroking it he reached forward and placed his finger on her lips. Sarah took it eagerly into her mouth and began to suck it, showing him how she would like to suck his cock.

“Do you want my cock in your mouth?”

Sarah nodded.

“Do you want to taste my cum in your mouth?”

Again she nodded.

“Open wide then.”

Taking it in her mouth Sarah sucked gently wanting to savour the taste of him. Her tongue whirled around it and as he thrust forward she opened her throat and let him use her mouth. With tiny thrusts she felt him push it further and further in until her mouth felt full, the thickness of his cock surprising her.

With her mouth full and Chris licking her out she felt like her senses were going to explode. Never had she experienced such intense feelings in her body. Tingling all over Sarah moaned loudly. Trying to articulate her longing for more cock she arched her back and raised her hips. Just as she thought she would explode in pleasure she felt her pussy suddenly empty and in frustration she slammed her hands on the desk knocking over the lamp and putting the room into semi darkness.

“Now no temper tantrums young lady otherwise I may have to take away your dummy.”

Whimpering at the thought of being left with out his cock she lay still, her mouth trying to take in all of it. Her empty pussy throbbed.

“She tastes so sweet Shaun,” a drop of moisture seeping out of her at Chris’s words. “And so wet.” With a sudden thrust she felt her pussy filled with Chris’s cock and the moan, which escaped her sounded loud in the almost silent room.

As Chris thrust into her and Shaun filled her mouth Sarah could feel herself cuming. Deep in the pit of her stomach and from between her legs she could feel the slow coil of it tightening a grip on her clit. Splayed out on the desk she waited for the spring inside to break and her orgasm to come crashing down over her. Tighter and tighter it coiled as with each thrust Chris pushed her onto Shaun’s cock.

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“I still can’t believe you’re here,” I whispered as I held her close.

“It’s a little hard for me to believe too,” she sighed in contentment, her head resting on my shoulder, eyes closed.

Ann and I had done all the traditional things you’re supposed to do at a reception, at least when you have a band or a DJ. We’d had our first dance together, followed quickly by the memorable one where she’d transformed her wedding gown into what could best be described as the hottest, sexiest party dress ever.

From there, we shared the dance floor with our parents, me dancing with my mom before dancing with Jean, while Ann danced with her dad and then mine. And then we danced one by one with the members of our wedding party. From there, it sort of became a long line of people waiting their turn with one of us.

Not everyone did. Actually, most didn’t; content to sit and eat, or talk, or just have a good time. Or, they’d dance with who brought them, knowing that Ann and I couldn’t possibly take a turn with everyone that was there.

Still, we danced a lot. And some of them were memorable. I particularly enjoyed dancing with our four young flower girls and ring bearers. To see their eyes light up when we did the ‘chicken dance’ – their laughter alone made my heart smile.

Then my heart was soaring, watching my new bride gently sway in the arms of a ruggedly handsome man from New Zealand, the two of them talking as they stared blatantly at me and the woman I was holding. They smiled at us, each proud of what they were witnessing… and they seemed to be excited. I wondered for the briefest of moments if they thought something was about to happen.

Of course nothing did. But that didn’t mean I wasn’t feeling an enormous sense of fulfillment to go along with the growing bulge in my pants.

Dawn moaned when she felt my pelvis against hers. “Thinking of Ann,” she asked, an impish grin on her face as she opened her eyes to look into mine, blinking as if she were in a dream.

“Always,” I shrugged as I glanced at my bride, who gave an approving little wave of her fingers, her wedding ring sparking from the dim lights over the dance floor. “But I’m also thinking about you. Why do you ask?”

“Because there’s something big pressing against me that belongs to her. I was just wondering how it got that way,” she giggled.

“The same way you got wet a little bit ago,” I replied, knowing I was right without the benefit of actually being able to check. “We started dancing.”

I was thrilled when the band started playing a slow song just before it was Dawn and Jeremy’s turn to dance with us. I suppose I could have been nervous about that coincidence, but Ann diffused any pangs of guilt I might have felt by quickly taking Jeremy into her arms, letting me know she expected me to do the same with his fiancée. In fact, it was almost as if she was lovingly demanding it with her eyes.

“So you think I’m wet right now?” she said with a provocatively arched eyebrow.

“I know you are. I can tell.”

“It’s nice to know you can still make me get that way, Neil,” she admitted, not bothering to deny what was so evident on her face.

“I could say the same about what you do to me. And… you know we’re being stared at, right?”

“Uh huh… that kind of turns me on even more,” she said as she turned to look at Jeremy, blowing a little kiss his way.

“And he’s okay with this?”

“We’re just dancing, Neil. Besides, he knows I’m going to fuck his brains out as soon as we get back to Nancy’s house… if not before. Ann said there’s a room in the back we can use for a quickie.”

“Funny, she didn’t offer that to me,” I laughed.

“That’s because she’s saving you until later,” she snickered. “I’m just glad she’s letting me get you worked up for her.”

“That you are.”

“Not that she needs my help. I thought you were going to do her right here on the dance floor when she started taking off parts of her dress. You should have seen the look on your face, lover. I’ve never seen your eyes like that before. It was pure lust.”

“Are you sure you haven’t seen it before?” I asked as I ran my hand along her back.

“Well, I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t seen something similar, but this was different.”

“Yeah, how’s that?”

“There was also love in your eyes,” she said, gently kissing my cheek as the song ended. “Thanks for the dance, Neil. I really hope you come to our wedding so we can do it again.”

“We’ll be there, Dawn. We wouldn’t miss it,” I replied, giving her a quick kiss on the lips.

The band went into another slow song, but instead of taking the next in line, Ann decided she was cutting in front, moving gracefully over to me so we could share another dance. She wasted no time in melding her body into mine, her hands pulling me into her as she felt one of mine glide over her bare lower back, the other resting on her ribs just under her breast.

“My, you certainly enjoyed that,” she chuckled as she felt my cock pulsing between us.

Discretely moving my hand to her chest, I found the hardness of her left nipple, rubbing it with my thumb it as the fingers of my other hand toyed with the exposed crack of her ass. “So did you.”

“You know, it was great to see you two together. I bet it would have been fun to watch you two fuck,” she teased, trying to get an even bigger rise out of me.

“Just as much as watching you eat her afterward,” I replied coyly as I pinched her nipple hard.

She let out a gasp, her head leaning into me, almost knocking off her hat. With that, she removed it, winging it close to the stage so she could move her face further into my neck. “You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” she said after a long pause.

“I’d like what?” I asked, feigning ignorance.

“Watching me lick your cum out of Dawn’s pussy,” she teased again, upping the ante by snaking her hand between us, pressing her palm against my hard shaft.

“It’s a nice thought. But we both know that’s not going to happen.”

“Maybe… maybe not. You never know what might happen if we end up taking our honeymoon with them.”

My cock flinched, making her giggle girlishly. It was all just foolish fantasy; another way for her to turn me on and keep me that way. At the same time, the glint in her eye reminded me that when it came to my new bride, anything was possible.

We put that out of our minds as we slowly moved across the dance floor, the eyes of the room once again upon us. When the song ended, she unabashedly patted my hard cock, putting her other hand over her face as if to say she was sorry for having such an effect on me. Then she turned heel and headed back to the line, grabbing her next partner. I waited for mine to come to me as Geoff and the band starting playing something more up tempo.

“Thank God it’s not another slow dance,” I sighed when I saw Paula making her way toward me, thinking about the consequences of what might happen if she’d pressed her body next to mine to find my cock hard for her.

But she was way ahead of me. “Thank God they’re playing a fast song,” she winked as she moved closer to me.

“Why’s that?” I laughed, amazed we were somehow on the same page.

“If your Mother thought I was the one that got that big cock of yours hard, I might be in for another long night. It’s taken me all day to start walking normal again as it is,” she kidded. “Between what happened last night and that hard pew at the church, I thought my ass was going to fall off during the ceremony.”

The thought of Paula getting her ass spanked and fucked by… well, I didn’t want to think about by who did it, really, but I knew there were more than one, and that my Dad was apparently one of them.

With everything I’d done during my engagement, it would have been hypocritical to think he’d done something wrong, especially since my Mom had been the one to orchestrate it. I couldn’t help but think about how that was similar to Ann and the way she set things up for me all the time. All I knew was that it happened. But it didn’t bother me. It happened, and I accepted it. So did Paula, and she was making the best of it as she shook that same ass sexily to beat of the song.

“Too bad I didn’t think of just spanking you the night we were together. It would have saved you a lot of trouble.”

“Trouble? Who said anything about trouble?”

“You said this morning you didn’t like taking it in the ass.”

“I don’t. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy it.”

“That doesn’t make any sense at all.”

“It’s sex, Neil. Just because I don’t necessarily like it doesn’t mean I didn’t love it,” she winked.


With the band on a break, Ann and I finally got a chance to get off the dance floor. We’d been out there with different people for the last hour and a half, almost non-stop. While I was tired, I was also having the time of my life.

I’d been dancing with Tina when Geoff announced that the band was taking fifteen minutes. Giving her a big hug when the song ended, she couldn’t help but get a little emotional.

“I can’t believe you’re finally married, Neil. I’m so happy for you and Ann.”

“Thanks. I’m not sure I would be without you. You’ve been amazing, Tina. I can’t thank you enough for everything you did for us.”

Me. What about you? You and Ann have done more for my confidence than I can even say, Neil. Not to mention my self respect.”

“So you’re over that whole, ‘I’m a slut and everyone knows it,’ mentality?”

“Oh, I can still be a slut,” she giggled. “I just know now that I’m a lot more than that. And that’s because of you. I don’t pretend that that’s all I am anymore.”

“I think you always knew that. You just needed someone to call you on it.”

“The funny thing is that I do more slutty things now because of you and Ann than I ever did when I was letting that mindset define me.”

“I’m just glad you decided to be with me that first time in your shop, and all the things we shared afterward… just you and me.”

“I’m glad too. I loved what we had. Who would have thought me giving you that blowjob would have led to my being Ann’s Maid of Honor. Wow,” she beamed.

“You were the perfect choice, Tina. Hell, look at all the things you’ve done behind the scenes today, including calming down my wife before the wedding,” I winked.

“She told you, did she?”

Nodding, I laughed. “Yeah.”

“God that was fun,” she reminisced, licking her lips subconsciously.

“I’m sure it was for both of you.”

“She told you during the ceremony, didn’t she? I’m pretty sure I saw your reaction.”

“Right after we lit the candle. I still can’t believe you did it.”

“All part of the job,” she said with a tilt of her head and a naughty smile.

“Well you’ve certainly been working your ass off.”

“I wouldn’t call that work. That was fun!”

“I’m sure it was, but don’t shortchange everything else you’ve done today. Even here at the reception, you’ve been running around doing this and that, making things go smoothly. Look at you. Your face is flushed and you’ve barely been on the dance floor. In fact, I think this is the first time you’ve been out here since the last time we danced, and that was a couple hours ago.

“Well, I’ve been busy.”

“That’s my point. I don’t think I’ve even seen you in the last half-hour.”

“Forty minutes,” she chuckled.


“I was gone for forty minutes.”

“You timed it? What were you doing?”

“I was outside, with Alex.”

“Alex… the limo driver?”


“What were you doing?”

“Alex,” she giggled. “Ann got me so turned on watching her do her little dance number for you that I couldn’t stand it any longer.”

“So… you two were….”

“Fucking, in the back of the limo,” she giggled again. “It’s a good thing I’m wearing this long dress. If I was wearing what Ann’s wearing right now, you’d be able to see the cum leaking down my thighs!”

“You actually fucked him.”

“I hadn’t planned on it. I… actually, I can’t tell you.”

Knowing why she was censoring herself, I couldn’t help but share what I knew. “Ann told me what you did with him during the bachelorette party. It’s pretty much the only thing she’s told me about it. And she only told me that because I wondered how she knew him so well when he drove us over here.”

“Did she suck you off like she said she was going to?” she asked, her eyes full of wonder.

“Yeah, but don’t change the subject.”

“I wasn’t trying to. I just wondered. She was so excited about doing it that that’s why I got Alex to drive you today. I just had to suck him off to get him to do it.”

“That doesn’t make any sense, Tina.”

“He had another thing he was supposed to do today. I had to find a way convince him so he would reschedule his fleet… to move things around so he could drive you and Ann.”

“Wait… his fleet?

“Uh-huh. He owns the limousine company Matt and I hired that night. I asked if he would be available for today since I knew what Ann wanted to do. He seemed kind of reluctant, so I showed him firsthand what she had in mind. Well, mostly it was my mouth, but I used my hands a little,” she giggled.

“Sounds like you were being a slut again.”

“I promised Ann I wouldn’t say anything about that night, Neil. But I don’t regret sucking Alex, if that’s what you’re wondering. I went to him today hoping he’d repay the favor. I just ended up with a little more than I bargained for.”

“So, you didn’t want to fuck him?”

“No… I wanted to. I just wasn’t sure he was as into me as I am into him.”

“So, you’re into him? You like him?”

“A lot. And from what he said, he seems to feel the same way. There’s a connection between us… I can’t explain it, but that was way more than just sex. God, I didn’t want to leave him, you know what I mean?”

“Actually, I do,” I laughed. “I just married a woman that makes me feel that way.”

“Well, I don’t know about marrying him, but we seem to have a lot in common,” she laughed, shaking her head. “I love that he has his own business. He wasn’t even supposed to drive us that night, Neil. He had a guy call in sick. That’s why it was hard for him to change the schedule. He actually had to take one of his drivers off the job today so he could do it. He’s paying that guy not to work right now because he felt bad about it.”

“So, this is serious?”

“I barely know him, but I want to. I know this seems kind of backward, but he just asked me out on a date for tomorrow. He actually said he wants to take me out, but only if there’s no sex involved. He wants us to get to know each other without the possibility of sleeping together because he doesn’t want a relationship that’s just physical, no matter how amazing the sex was. I almost fainted right there in the car.”

“So are you going?”

“I didn’t want to make a decision after I just came so hard, so I told him I’d have to think about it. But yeah, I have to know. I have to know if there’s something there. If there isn’t, then I guess I’m just a slut.”

“You know better than that. I was just kidding when I said that.”

“I know. But I told you, I do more slutty things now than I did when I pretended I was one.”

“So where’s he now?”

“He’s in the limo. Where else would he be?”

“Why don’t you go out and tell him he just got invited in to dance with you?”

“Are you serious?”

“Absolutely. What better way to find out if there’s something to it, than to ask him to a wedding? Well, a reception anyway. If he’s got the confidence to come in here when he barely knows anyone just so he can be with you, I think that should tell you something.”

“So you’re saying you want me to ask him to be my date… right now.”

“Yeah, why not? If this date works out you can fuck him again that much sooner. Besides, Ann’s not going to mind. She’ll be thrilled when she finds out.”

Tina’s eyes widened and she snapped, “Oh my God! Ann! I’m supposed to meet Ann in the back.”

“She’s right there, talking to Dana and Missy,” I pointed, wondering what she was worried about.

“Oh thank God. I don’t want to miss this,” she sighed in relief.

“Miss what?”

“I can’t tell you… it’s a surprise,” she grinned, turning to take off. Looking over her shoulder, her eyes pleaded. “Neil, do you mind asking Alex for me? I know it’s your wedding and everything, but….”

“Sure, Tina. No problem,” I shrugged.


I didn’t really dwell on what Tina had said about there being another surprise in store. I figured there would be a lot more before the night was through, so I just took it in stride. Instead, I went outside and surprised Alex. At first he thought I was joking, but when I told him how much she meant to me and Ann, he graciously accepted. I told him to grab a plate and get something to eat while waiting for Tina to do… well, whatever it was that she didn’t want to miss.

We also had to wait on the band, since they were still taking their much-deserved break. I found my way to Geoff, wanting to thank him and Tara for what they were doing. That and to express my amazement.

“So, you held out on me,” I said when I approached him. “All those times I kidded you about being Jeff Beck, and you could actually play guitar the whole time.”

“Sorry, Neil,” he said sheepishly. “I have to admit, I’ve told people that for so long I kind of believed it myself.”

“So, why all the secrecy, Geoff? It’s not like you’re a novice. You play amazing. The whole band does.”

“Truthfully, it was my Dad,” he shrugged. “He wanted to groom me to take over the company. I wanted to be a rock star.”

“So what happened? I mean, I know what happened, but why didn’t you go for the dream?”

“Gary got his girlfriend pregnant,” he laughed, nudging his buddy in the arm as he sipped a beer.

“She’s my wife, now,” Gary chirped. “Geoff’s right though. We started playing together in college, and we did pretty well. We played all kinds of parties and gigs, and we had kind of a following that was just starting to happen. Then Susan got pregnant… well, I kind of helped with that. But… that was that. It was like one of us had decided to grow up, and so everyone did.”

“So you just stopped?”

“Not at first,” Geoff sighed. “But Dad was pretty insistent that if I was going to take over the company, it was a commitment I had to live up to, because people would be counting on me. You know I have younger siblings, so he could have waited for one of them, but I talked to Tara and we both kind of went the, ‘put away childish things,’ route and I threw myself into learning the job.”

“You met Tara in college?”

“I met Tara because I was in the band. We were looking for a female singer, and she could also play keyboards. She’s a natural. She not only fit in with the band, she kind of took us to a new level. She became sort of our unofficial manager. In fact, that’s how we’re here today.”

“Huh? How’s that?”

“When I went home and told her how you kidded me about playing at the reception of your wedding, at first she was so excited that you and Ann would even consider inviting us that she couldn’t stop talking about it. I’m sure you’re not aware of it, Neil, but we don’t get invited to all that many parties and things by the employees. Everybody looks at me as the boss, or the owner, or whatever. But it was kind of a, ‘we’ll believe it when we see it,’ thing.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, the reality of life is that until you’re actually invited, you’re not invited. It’s human nature to say something that feels right at the time. You know, when you say something because you feel you have to. I should have known better. You’re just like your Dad… when you say something, you always mean it. But it’s still hard not to be skeptical until you get an actual invitation. And when that happened, that’s when Tara kind of went into action.”

Gary chuckled and said, “I’ll say. It was like a scene out of the Blues Brothers. She was calling all of us up saying, ‘We’re getting the band back together.’”

“Oh my God, really?”

“Well, sort of,” Geoff nodded. “When we got the invite, Tara thought it was the perfect opportunity for me to show people that I’m not the stuffed shirt they might think I am. Part of the reason my father didn’t want me playing in a band was because he wanted everyone to have confidence in me. But Tara keeps telling me that this is who I am, and it’s time for everyone to see that I’m not my Dad.”

“You know, I think she’s right,” I grinned. “It’s great to see you having fun. And frankly, to have that kind of talent and not use it… it’s kind of a shame that you had to bottle it up. I just can’t believe you’re doing this though. How the hell did Tara even know she could make this happen?”

“She didn’t at first. We didn’t even know if we had a band yet. But she started calling, and… well, once she found out that everyone was interested in getting together, we ended up driving to Chicago for a weekend, since that’s where everyone else still pretty much lives. So, we got together and we reminisced, and we laughed, and we caught up on each other’s lives, and then… we jammed. And surprisingly, we sounded pretty damn good.”

“It felt even better,” Gary added.

“It did, didn’t it?” Geoff laughed. “Tara asked at the end of the weekend if anyone was interested in playing a live gig. There was some skepticism, but she convinced them that she could find us a place to play, and she told them what she had in mind. Of course, it helped when she said that she and I would foot the bill.”

“You did? I mean… you are?” I asked.

“It’s no big deal, Neil. I’m having a blast. Anyway, Tara called Nancy at the plant to see if she could track down who was helping Ann plan the wedding to put our hat in the ring, and Nancy got her in contact with Tina. I think you can guess the rest.”

“Yeah, I can.”

“Any other questions?” he smirked.

“Yeah… where did you come up with the name for the group? That’s not even how you spell it, is it? I thought it was spelled with a ‘J’.”

“In our defense, a lot of groups deliberately misspell their name,” Gary replied. “Led Zeppelin, The Beatles… Def Leppard. I’m sure there are more.”

Geoff grinned and said, “It had nothing to do with spelling, Neil. Gary’s overanalyzing things like he always does. He’s a CPA. The truth is we kind of modeled it after the Bee Gees. I heard once that they were going to call themselves the Brothers Gibb and they shortened it. I’m not sure if that’s true or not. But I do know that I’m Geoff Beck and he’s Gary Bowen, and our initials are G. B. That’s where it came from. We just spelled it out like they do. After that, it sort of made sense to add the ‘Heebee’ part in front of it.”

“Huh. That does make sense,” I laughed. Sticking out my hand, I sighed, “Geoff, I can’t thank you and Tara enough. You too, Gary. You’ve all made this an incredible night.”

“I told you, we’re having a blast. And the night isn’t over yet. We’re just getting started,” he grinned as we shook. Playfully punching his buddy in the shoulder, he said, “Come on Gary. Let’s play the next set!”


The band played two more, each almost ninety minutes long. By then it was getting late and everyone knew the party was beginning to wind down. We’d had our cake, and announced to our guests that we’d be opening the presents in the next week so they wouldn’t have to wait around for that. That left just a couple of things that needed to be done.

“Whoever thought of this was a genius!” I grinned to myself as I knelt down in front of Ann.

She was sitting provocatively on a chair placed in the middle of the dance floor, her right leg dangling over her left knee as she waited. My hands started at her ankle near the bracelet, massaging her leg, feeling the silkiness of her stocking as I slowly let my fingers move.

“Going to give me a foot massage later, baby?” she cooed, “Or are you thinking about what I might massage with my feet?”

I knew exactly what she meant, and even though I was the only one that heard her, I felt myself become flushed, thinking of her using those stocking-covered feet to rub my cock. I looked up into her twinkling eyes and she gave me a quick wink, the fire behind her irises showing. She was so hot and horny I was stunned she didn’t exhale steam as she moved her leg off her knee, holding it up for me.

My fingers traced along her calf, gliding across her covered skin. I kept my touch light and she moaned as I made my way past her knee. My left hand found the outside of the garter that was circling her thigh. My right hand didn’t stop, continuing on its path up her leg, underneath her short dress. She parted her thighs, her girlish giggle filling the huge hall as I threatened to touch her pussy. Throwing her head back, she closed her eyes, pretending that I’d done just that.

“AW… you’re no fun!” she pretended to protest as I grabbed garter, pulling the elastic wide so I could lower it down that long, sexy limb.

“We’re getting closer and closer to the fun,” I grinned, eyeing the glimpse of thin, pale blue g-string that was covering her very wet pussy. The same g-string I’d gotten from Sarah, the exotic dancer that went by the name ‘Tiffany’, who had performed for both Ann and me during our respective pre-marriage send-off parties. In fact, it looked even wetter on Ann than when Sarah wore it for us.

She winked when she saw me eyeing the garment. “Yes, we are,” she hissed.

With the garter removed, I reluctantly stood up, my back to the gang of eligible bachelors gathered behind me. The band counted down, a drum roll accompanying their chant as I twirled the garter around my finger. When they hit ‘one’ I spun around and threw it, smiling as I watched a couple of guys reach for it. But it was a hard throw, hitting my intended target right in the hand.

Mark held onto it like he was covering home and I’d thrown a strike on a relay throw from the outfield. The smirk on his face had me smiling. His girlfriend, Jill, began screaming in delight; the implications of him catching it not lost on her, and that had me laughing.

I’d singled Mark out because he was one of the reasons I was so happy. Yes, Matt had saved me, although his toast let me know what he thought of that notion. And perhaps he was right, to a point. But he’d still been the one to hold out his hand and lift me up when no one else would. That’s why Matt was my best man… because he was my best friend.

Yet if Mark hadn’t invited me to come up for the weekend, I never would have met Dawn. And as much as I ignored it, Jill and Mark had set up that ‘chance’ meeting. Sure, Dawn was their roommate, but they didn’t have to introduce me to her they way they had. It was fate, but fate with a helping hand. That set the stage, like the first single in a rally that led to the team winning. And what I’d won was Ann’s heart, because mine had been healed.

“Nice throw. You should come play softball with us sometime,” he joked while I shook his hand for the camera.

“Maybe I will,” I grinned.

With that out of the way, I helped Ann to her feet. She had Mindy get her bouquet, letting her play out the flower girl responsibilities to the very end.

“Can we have all of the eligible ladies come to the dance floor please?” Geoff announced, watching as several women moved toward where the chair had been.

Ann was standing next to me by the stage, and she looked over her shoulder, asking Geoff for the microphone. Taking it from him, she looked across the room to Dawn and said, “I’d like anyone that’s engaged to join them.”

Dawn pointed at herself in disbelief, making Ann smile as she nodded. For a moment, I thought Ann was going to do the same thing I’d done, singling out a person to aim at. Of course, tradition said that she was supposed to throw it over her head with her back to them, but I was supposed to do the same thing. At least I think. Regardless of how it was supposed to work, she had other ideas altogether.

Waiting for all the ladies to gather, I could see her counting in her head, nodding slightly when she finished.

“We’re almost done, everyone. I promise,” she grinned, her hand trembling as she held the microphone. “I know that I’m supposed to throw the bouquet now, and that tradition holds that whoever catches it will be the next person to get married. Obviously that’s not really true, though. In fact, I imagine it’s really rare that it ever happens that way.

“That seemed like a shame to me, because you’re all my friends. I want each of you to find the love and happiness that I’ve found with Neil… not just one of you. So instead of throwing this bouquet, I’m going to give each of you a part of it and wish just that… that fate brings you someone special that you can’t wait to wake up next to in the morning… and that you really can’t wait to go to bed with at night.”

Ann’s statement brought giggles as she motioned for them to come forward, and one by one she’d pluck out a flower from the bouquet and hand it to one of her friends. It was like another receiving line, but with more hugs, less talk, and a few tears thrown in. When she finished, she leaned over to the microphone I was now holding.

“That’s it, everyone. We’re not throwing rice or birdseed because, well, I don’t want to,” she laughed. “Thank you all for coming. Neil and I love each and every one of you. If you’re ever in West Virginia, please come see us!” Turning to me, she ran her tongue over her lips in the sexiest way imaginable. Never taking her eyes off me, she made one final announcement.

“Alex…if you can tear yourself away from Tina, I’d really appreciate it if you’d drive us to Fort Wayne now. I want to make love to my new husband. And then I want to ‘you know what’ his brains out!”


Ann and I stood outside the limo, a large crowd of gathering outside the hall to wave us off. We’d just run the gauntlet of people pretending to throw rice on us. We found it funny, ducking for no reason as we hurried though the crowd toward the car.

“Thanks again, everyone,” she called out as she climbed into the limo. “I promise we’ll be in touch!”

“Yes. We can’t thank you all enough for coming,” I nodded as I started to get in myself.

As I did, Mindy appeared by my side, ready to jump in with us. Dana took her by the hand and said, “I’m sorry sweetie. We’re not going with Aunt Ann and Uncle Neil.”

“Aw… I want to ride in the big car,” she said, tearing up a little.

“Me too,” Allison chimed in.

“Mindy, are those happy tears?” I asked, trying to cheer her up.

“No. I did those at the marriage, like you told me to,” she sniffed, her wording making me grin.

Gracie squatted down next to Mindy so she could look her in the eye. “Mindy, I promise, when we get back to California, I’ll make sure we take you and your sister home in a big car just like this one. Okay?”

“Really? You promise?”

“Uh-huh. Neil and Ann really need to go, but I always keep my promises.”

“O…okay,” she nodded. Giving us a little wave, she grinned. “Bye Aunt Ann… bye Uncle Neil.”

“Goodbye, Mindy. Goodbye everyone. We love you all,” Ann said as Alex closed the door.

Moments later, the big stretch limo pulled out of the parking lot, and she let out a long sigh. “You okay?” I asked, thinking she might be sad that we weren’t going to see a lot of those people again for a long time.

She looked at the wedding ring adorning her finger, nestled closely against the engagement ring she’d worn for just a few months, the two creating a stunningly intricate band. Staring at it for a few moments, she sighed again and nodded. “Yes, baby. I’ve never been better in my life.”

“Was it everything you dreamed it would be?” I asked as we made our way through town.

“It was so much better. And we still have tonight,” she grinned as she leaned over to kiss me.

We held hands for the longest time, sitting silently in the back of the car. She had closed her eyes, resting them as I stared out the dark-tinted window to my right. The plowed cornfields were covered with a dusting of snow, although barely visible through the glass as we rushed by. The sunlight had faded, day quickly becoming dusk. As the back of the car darkened, she leaned into me, resting her head against my shoulder.

“Do you need to sleep for a while, babe?” I asked.

“Hmm? Oh, no, I’m fine.”

“You sure? You seem tired.”

“I’m just recharging, Neil. I actually feel really good considering everything. How about you? Are you tired?”

“Not really. I just figured since your eyes were closed that you needed to sleep.”

She opened them slowly; her eyebrow arching a she smirked. “Have something on your mind, do you?” she asked, her voice in that low, sexy tone I found intoxicating.

I’d have had to be a moron to not know what she was insinuating, but I actually had something else on my mind. At least I did at the time. Looking at the pile of packages neatly stacked on the seat across from us, I wondered, “What’s with those?”

“Those are presents, sweetie,” she teased.

“Yeah, I can see that. Why are they with us? I thought we were opening presents tomorrow at your parents.”

“We are. Those are ones we don’t want to open in front of them.”

I found myself raising my own eyebrow. “I know I’ll probably regret asking this, but why not?”

“Because, I think the majority of them are things that we really wouldn’t want our parents to see,” she giggled.

“Huh? What, are they X-rated?”

“Most likely. It was Tina’s idea. She said she wanted to bring some sexual energy to the reception.”

“What in the world does that mean?”

“Well, I wasn’t sure at first either. It turns out that she sent selected people a letter, asking them to consider bringing a second wedding gift that was a little more personal. She wanted it to be something from their life that they found sexually exciting.”

“How did that add to the reception if we didn’t open them there?”

“I think just those people knowing they brought something made a difference for them. Well, that and me changing my dress,” she giggled.

“Well I can certainly see how the dress would have done it,” I hissed, leering at her hot body through the almost transparent material. “So, those are all sex toys?”

“I really don’t know. She said the letter was kind of vague. She wanted them to be able to interpret it however they wanted.”

“Everybody did this?”

“No. Lord no. I told you, she sent letters to people she felt would actually appreciate the opportunity to share something along those lines, and that we’d appreciate getting them from. I love everyone that came to the wedding baby, but there are people I don’t need to know things about, if you know what I mean.”

I couldn’t help but laugh. She was right. If Tina was going to ask people at the wedding to share part of their sexual lives in some way, there were certainly some that I’d rather not hear from. “Yeah, I definitely know what you mean. So, when are we going to open them? When we get to the hotel?”

“We can. Or we can do it now, if you want. I’m sure Tina would appreciate seeing what we got.”

I glanced out the back window; the headlights of the car behind us were like faint dots, barely visible through the tinted glass. It was Tina, driving my Nissan so that Ann and I would have a car to drive back to the Franklin home the next day.

I’d wondered how we were going to return when we climbed into the limo at the reception hall, but Ann said Tina had that worked out. At first she was going to just drive over and pick us up when we were ready. But plans changed once I’d invited Alex, the driver, to come inside and join the reception. That gave him and Tina a chance to have their ‘date.’ And that brought about a change of plans.

“Tina’s going to drive your car and leave it with us. She’s spending the night with Alex, and we’re going to pick her up on our way back to town tomorrow,” Ann said when I’d quizzed her on how we were getting home.

Knowing Tina was behind us, it brought to mind her comment earlier at the reception. “Is this the surprise she was telling me about?” I wondered, absentmindedly saying it out loud for Ann to hear.

“I don’t know. What are you talking about, baby?” she asked, running her hand back and forth along my inner thigh.

“Huh? Oh… at the reception Tina said she didn’t want to miss something you were doing in the back. She said it was a surprise. Is that what this is all about?” I asked, waving at the presents on the other seat across from us.

Her eyes flashed, a wicked grin appearing on her face as she cupped my balls. “I think we should to open them now, Neil,”


When Ann mentioned the letters Tina had sent out requesting more personal gifts were open for interpretation, she wasn’t kidding. The dozen or so things we’d opened were as varied as I could imagine.

For instance, our friend Gloria from California gave us a set of red satin sheets for a king-sized bed, her note telling us she loved the way hers made her feel whenever she made love.

On the other end of the spectrum, Nancy gave us a set of individual nipple clamps, complete with weights that could be added to increase the tension. Her note said that they were something she found exhilarating during sex with the right man, but she was a little nervous giving them since she wasn’t sure Ann would be into that sort of thing.

“If she only knew,” she giggled, her hand toying with one of them.

Our friends Penny and Garrett gave Ann a set of anal beads, the note from Penny saying that Ann had opened up that part of her sexuality in a way she never thought possible. It was kind of a reciprocal gift, what with Ann giving her an anal plug for their anniversary the day we first met them.

There were a couple of dildos and vibrators, which I would have expected, and there was a cursory assortment of oils and lotions. But there were also some things that really amazed us.

She unwrapped a gift from Chad and Dana, carefully opening the end of the paper so she could neatly fold it when she was done, not wanting to make a mess. She’d done that with every present, like she was saving the paper for future use.

“Oh my God,” she laughed as she peered into the end she’d opened, her hand going over her mouth.

“What is it?”

“It’s the board game we played with them. They gave us our own!”

I laughed with her as she finished removing the paper. “They must really like that game,” I said as I placed it on the floor and handed her another present.

Her eyes sparkling in the dim lights we’d turned on in the back of the limousine, she sighed. “I have to admit, I did too.”

“Who’s this one from,” I asked as I handed her another, oddly not bothering to look at the tag myself.

“Todd and Gracie,” she smiled. Moments later, we were staring at dozens of intimate pictures of the two of them making love on a large white rug in front of a roaring fireplace.

“I can’t believe they gave us these,” I whispered.

“I know. God, they look so in love. And Gracie is so hot!”

“So is Todd,” I said, not finding it strange in the least that I was commenting on a handsome man fucking his alluring wife.

“OH LOOK! CUMSHOT!” she screamed in excitement. “Wow, Todd covered her face and her tits.”

“Wait. Who the hell took the pictures?”

She flipped the last one over, looking at the stylish logo imprint on the back. “Black Rose Photography,” she nodded. “Looks like we weren’t the first ones Rose photographed having sex.”

She handed me the next package, saying, “Here, this one’s from Tina. You open it.”

“Why me?”

“Because, I know what it is,” she winked.

It was a smock. The same one that Tina had used on me the night she sucked my cock the very first time. Her note said that she wanted me to have it, because of the memory we shared. I wondered aloud why she’d given it to me, since it was her memory too.

“She’s keeping the other one for herself,” Ann said as she patted me on the thigh.

“The other one?”

“The one she used the night you two fucked for me. She wants us to have this one in case you want me to pretend to cut your hair some night.”

“Mmm… that sounds interesting. You know how I love role playing,” I said as picked up the last box, handing it to Ann. “Here, you do the honors, babe.”

She opened the card, reading in silence before looking up at me. “Are you sure you want me to open this?”

“Sure, why not?”

“It’s from Dawn.”

I felt my heart begin pounding, a chill hitting me as I wondered what could be inside. Ann thought it was a present more for me, and that was the likely assumption. But up to that point I hadn’t looked at any of the presents we’d gotten as being for one of us or the other. They were for both of us; even those that only one of us would likely use. We’d both get fun out of them. So, whatever it was that Dawn had wrapped inside that box, I wanted to share it with Ann.

“Go ahead. Open it,” I smiled.

For the first time she wasn’t methodical, ripping open the package like a little kid, shredding the paper with her perfectly manicured white nails. Taking off the lid, she peeked inside, deliberately hiding the contents from me. She looked at me, and then back in the box, her wicked smile widening.

“I’m glad you like role playing, baby,” she said as she pulled out a blonde wig. In her other hand was three VHS tapes; ones that starred the porn actress Dawn loved, including the tape she and Jill reenacted, and the one that inspired Dawn when I tied her up. “It looks like I’m going to be Amanda… and an heiress!”


It was a wonderful bonus that we didn’t have to wait to check into the suite. Tina had seen to that little detail for us when she’d gone to Fort Wayne to pick up Rose at the airport. She’d booked us at a Residence Inn, going way out of her way to sign us in so we’d have the keys when we arrived.

The suite itself seemed more like a small apartment. It had a living room with a real fireplace, a full kitchen, and a huge bedroom. Tastefully decorated in a contemporary style, Ann loved it as soon as we walked inside.

Alex and Tina helped bring in our things, he dealing with our bags while she helped Ann with the presents we’d received. Ann was showing them off, the two of them giggling like teenagers in the bedroom. Alex waited patiently on the couch across from the fireplace, knowing that he’d have a better time with Tina if he let her take her time with Ann’s show-and-tell.

He was staring at the empty boxes sitting on a table near us, the neatly folded paper next to them in a pile.

“You got a lot of presents,” he said in an attempt to make conversation.

“Yeah, I suppose. There’s a lot more to open tomorrow.”

“Well, yeah. But Tina was telling me at the reception how these are a little more risqué. At least they were supposed to be. Good call bringing them to the honeymoon suite,” he chuckled.

“I don’t think we’ll be using any of them tonight,” I smiled politely. Then I spied a VCR underneath the huge television. Suddenly I thought of the tapes Dawn had given us, wondering if that was something Ann might want to do. “Then again, you never know.”

“Well, it’s still pretty cool that Tina got so many people to give something so much more personal. There must be fifteen gifts there.”

I glanced at the table, shrugging my shoulders as I looked at the stuff piled there. “It certainly beats a gravy boat. But that’s Tina, always thinking outside the box.”

“Speaking of boxes, what was in that one?” he said, pointing to a small black jewelry box that I didn’t recognize.

“Huh… I don’t know. That must be what the wedding rings were in. It wasn’t one of the ones we opened.”

“Why would you need the box then? Aren’t you both going to wear the rings all the time?”

“I will. But some women take them off at night when they get ready for bed. My mom does,” I shrugged again.

“Makes sense I guess. What about that one?”

“That’s what the nipple clamps came in,” I replied nonchalantly, watching Alex blush. “You asked.”

“I’m sorry I did.”

“Ah, don’t be. They were supposed to give us things they enjoyed. I’m sure the woman that gave them to Ann didn’t know if she’d actually use them or not.”

“W…will she?” he finally asked sheepishly, the long pause he’d created getting to him.

I winked, and nodded. “It’s not as ominous as you’re making it out to be.”

“I’m not saying it’s evil or anything. I never really thought about it.”

“Neither had I, until I met Ann. But it’s just a small part of who she is. Please don’t…”

“Oh, I’m not,” he waved off, knowing I was going to caution him about judging us without really understanding.

Tina danced out of the bedroom, jumping into my arms to give me a big hug and a kiss. “You two have fun tonight. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“You’re coming to see us open the rest of the gifts, right?” I asked.

“Uh-huh. You’re taking me home, remember? I’m spending the night with Alex.”

“Oh, that’s right. Well, you two have fun too.”

“We will. By the way, Alex… we heard you guys talking. Ann’s letting me borrow these tonight,” she said giddily, holding out the nipple clamps.


Her expression changed, becoming more guarded, her arms dropping to her sides as she turned to face him. “Yeah… unless you don’t want me to.”

He got up and hugged her, the smile in his eyes making her swoon. “Of course I want you to. I want you to do whatever you want, Tina. I don’t want to change you. I just want to go along for the ride.”

“Oh, I’ll ride you. You can count on that,” she winked.

“Okay… but after that, we’re going on a real date. And remember, there’s really going to be no sex that night.”

“I guess that means I’ll have to let you fuck me twice as much tonight!”


I was busy stoking the fire, kneeling on the comforter from the bed now strategically placed on the floor in front of the hearth. I was surprised that Ann wanted our first time making love as husband and wife to be somewhere other than in the king-sized bed that awaited us in the other room, but I wasn’t going to argue.

I also wasn’t going to complain that she wanted me to remain in my tuxedo. She simply said she was hoping that I’d let her start things off, and then she’d follow my lead the rest of the night. I knew that went against what she’d insinuated before; that she wanted me to be in control on our wedding night. But the look in her eyes when she basically begged for this one small change made me melt, and I relented.

She asked that I start a fire, and gave me a couple of other simple tasks, saying that she wanted to get herself ready. I was sure she had an idea in her mind of how she wanted our first time together as a married couple to be. The fact that she was behind the closed door of the bathroom also told me she wanted a chance to freshen up. It had been a long day for both of us, but one that we really didn’t want to end. Then again, speaking at least for myself, I couldn’t wait for the fun of the night to begin.

So, with the comforter in place and the pillows at the ready, I used the iron poker to stoke the flames, trying to get the fire going so I wouldn’t have to worry about it the rest of the night. Once that was done, I was in waiting mode. I began wandering around the room, alone in my thoughts. The minutes passed and yet I remained patient, happy where I was; happy that I was a husband once again, only this time to an incredible, sexy wife.

I was poking around the table of empty cartons, thinking of the gifts we received that were in the bedroom. I wondered if Ann was considering using any of them during our first night together as a wedded couple. She must have read my mind as I heard her voice behind me.

“We’re only using one tonight, lover,” she said in her sexiest voice.

“One what?” I asked, playing coy, toying with a big vibrator.

“One of our sexy gifts, baby,” she replied.

“I thought I was… in charge,” I stammered as I turned around to see her, dropping the sex toy in the process.

She stood in the doorway of the bedroom, waiting for my full attention, which she had the moment my eyes landed on the angelic vision before me. She’d removed her dress, moving toward me in just the elegant stockings and the pristine white garter belt; the five-inch white heels making her bare tits bounce provocatively. Yes, she was topless, wearing only the stylish hat she’d worn during the ceremony. In fact, she’d reattached the long veil to the back of it, the mesh fabric flowing behind her much like the train that had been somehow fastened to the dress itself.

The only thing that seemed the least bit odd was the baby blue g-string she was wearing. But that little garment sent a charge through my body as she slowly strutted across the room. Just knowing that it had been previously worn by our stripper Sarah, and what she’d done with each of us, made the fact that it wasn’t white significant. Ann was still wearing the other items that went along with the tradition. The something old, the something new, and the something borrowed. But it was the something blue that was making me drool. Particularly since I could see how wet she was even from my vantage point twenty feet away.

Well, it was twenty feet and closing very sexily. She was putting one foot in front of the other in such a provocative way, I thought my cock might burst through the confines of my rented pants. With her makeup done perfectly, touched up just like she’d had it at the wedding, I felt my mouth going dry from it hanging open since I’d spoken.

“If you want to use something later tonight, that’s up to you,” she cooed as she slid her body up against mine. “But right now, we’re only going to use one of the presents.”

Not waiting for me to answer, she reached her hand behind my head, pulling me into a deep, wet, soulful kiss. The heat of her lips pressing into mine seemed to steam as her tongue started dancing with mine. My hands went to her hips, sliding around her lower back, holding her tight against my body, my stiff cock molding into her abdomen. Her other hand went to my chest, feeling my muscles through the white shirt of the tuxedo.

“Come, Mr. Thomas,” she whispered as she took my hand, leading me toward the comforter on the floor, “time to officially make me your wife.”

Not seeing any of the things we’d opened nearby, I kidded, “So, you want me to go get the board game?”

She let go, placing the pillows where she wanted them, bending over slowly, looking over her shoulder as I stared at her heart-shaped ass. “I think we both know we won’t be using that any time soon,” she replied as she stepped into the center of the bedspread, slowly pirouetting to face me. “So tell me, do you want to take Tiffany’s panties off of me, or was your plan for me to do it myself?”

“My plan?”

“You made me wear them.”

Her impish grin said it all, and at that moment, I got it. Ann was giving me control of our night, just like she wanted to all along. She just wanted to set the stage of where we’d start. It wasn’t like she was turning into Annabelle. That was a given once she let Tina borrow the one item that would have bordered on that kind of a night. Still, we both knew who she was, and that she wanted to be led the rest of the way.

“That I did… Anna.”

She smiled, waiting for me to tell her what I wanted her to do. And I wanted to… I just had to think of it first. There was a pause as I ravaged her body with my eyes, trying to read what she was thinking. I fully intended to control the rest of our evening if that’s what she wanted. And it was obvious that she did, yet I couldn’t help feeling that there was a reason she’d gone to all the trouble she had to put us in front of the fireplace.

Looking at the g-string, I grinned. It may have been more of a smirk, actually. The way she was patiently waiting had my pulse racing. Finding myself drawn by her eyes, I joined her on the comforter, taking her in my arms once again. “I think I’ll take them off of you… just like I took them off Tiffany,” I moaned as I kissed her.

She got on her back, lying on her veil, the hat somehow still perfectly in place on her head as she rested on the pillow. Looking up, she lifted her legs at her hips, holding them closed as she kept her knees locked, her toes pointing straight up at the ceiling. Standing above, I admired her shapely thighs and calves, along with her athletic prowess, the gymnast inside coming out once again.

Dropping to my knees, my hands touched her ankles near her heels, my fingers traipsing down the back of her thighs along the silky stockings she was wearing. It was a long, sensuous journey, her moans mixing with the crackling of the fire. Finally reaching her hips, I pulled at the tiny elastic of the g-string. I eased them along her lower limbs, her chest heaving in excitement.

She teased me by crossing her ankles, making it slightly more difficult for me to remove them over her stilettos, but I played along when I watched her bite her lower lip, her eyes sparkling as they reflected the flickering flames. Finally able to remove it, I brought it to my nose, inhaling deep, taking in her enthralling aroma.

She slowly lowered her legs, bending her knees with her ankles still crossed. She left them that way as her feet neared the comforter. She moved gracefully until her shoes were resting on the floor near her ass, her thighs still clamped together. With my mind on other things, I discarded the g-string, tossing it onto the couch, my hands finding their way to her knees.

“What are you going to do to me, baby?” she panted, desire smoldering in her eyes.

“Same thing I did to Tiffany,” I said as I scooted down, my face nearing her knees. “I’m going to eat your sweet pussy and make you cum.”

She winked at me, slowly uncrossed her ankles. I got more comfortable, waiting for her to spread her thighs. Instead she held them close together, wanting me to take her, and I found myself with the playful prospect of having to pry them apart. The return of her impish grin caught me off guard, distracting me as she finally spread herself wide for me.

“So, what do you think,” she teased.

My eyes shifted toward where hers were leading me to look; that glorious place where all men dream to stare. I gazed at Ann’s wet, wonderful pussy, and all I could do was let out a long, wordless gasp.


“Does it feel different, baby?” she panted, her hands holding onto the bars of the headboard as I pumped deep inside her wet pussy.

“Being married?” I replied, knowing full well that’s not what she was talking about.

Her eyes opened, a wry smile crossing her face. She released one of her hands, pulling my head down to kiss her. “Yeah, that’s exactly what I meant, lover.”


It took a moment, but I found myself turning my head, looking over my shoulder to the opened packages. My eyes focused on the tiny box on the table, and my head snapped back around to look at the one between Ann’s powerful thighs. It was as if I was seeing a mirage, or I was trapped in some erotic dream sequence. I closed my eyes, blinking them, but that didn’t help my confused brain when I looked again. I even shook my head, thinking I might be under the influence of some kind of hallucinogen; likely from the scent of her arousal filling my nasal cavity.

Yet as I looked again, there it was.

A reassuring grin of approval quickly flashed across my face as my heart started pounding harder, my cock throbbing as it pressed into the floor from my body weight. I realized I’d been licking my lips, trying to formulate words in a way that might establish a coherent sentence. But all that came out at first was a long, steamy hiss.

“Does that mean you like it?” Ann giggled.

“Oh… fuck… yes,” I nodded, unable to take my eyes off of the shiny golden ring adorning her left labia; small diamonds sparkling from the light of the fire.

I looked at my wedding ring, and then back at the one decorating her pussy, quick to realize they were a matching set of sorts. There might have been the slightest difference, but they were close enough that there was no mistaking the intent. It was more than symbolic; it was fucking sexy as hell.

“Wh…when did you –”

“Later baby. Let’s fuck first.”

That certainly seemed like a better plan. I had the rest of my life to find out how it came to be that my bride had gotten her labia pierced. If I wanted to take the time, I was almost positive I could have come up with a lot of the explanation on my own. But I didn’t want to. I couldn’t. I felt my mouth being drawn to her pussy like a bee to honey.

Slowly extending my tongue, I flicked at the decoration, feeling the precious metal; tasting it. That was but a momentary diversion, though. I moved down, licking at her tiny bud, reaming her ass hard and deep, making her squirm before moving up. Dragging my tongue, I licked around the outside of her pussy, making slow, deliberate circles. I stopped once at her golden strip of pubic hair, which I suddenly realized wasn’t golden any longer.

She’d colored it again, this time choosing something more in line with a woman on her wedding night. It was a brilliant white. Undeterred, I began biting and pulling at it with my teeth, stretching her skin.

When I sucked her right lip deep into my mouth pulling at it lightly with my teeth, she let out a loud groan, bucking her hips a little.

“Fuck, baby… you do that so well,” she cried out.

“Mmm,” I moaned in response before letting go. Taking her other lip, I let my mouth attack her new ring, using it, playing with it with my tongue as I stretch her labia out further.

“Oh GOD,” she squealed, her hands gripping at the comforter beneath her, getting more of her veil in her fingers instead.

I continued to orally torture her sweet pussy, content to play with her lips instead of where she obviously hoped I’d spend my attention. I avoided her clit, concentrating on the outside of her pussy, driving her insane with lust in the process.

I was toying with her ring once again when she pleaded with me. “Neil, please, I need to cum so bad.”

“Patience, my little slut,” I said, my clenched teeth holding the ring as I spoke.

“Oh fuck, I’m your slut! I love being your slut!”

“You’re my wife, Anna. The two go hand in hand, don’t they?”


Letting go of the ring for a moment, I peered up from between her legs. She leaned up, resting on her elbows so she could look back at me, her eyes half closed as her pussy dripped against my chin.

“Isn’t that what the ring is for? To let me know you’re always going to be my slut?”

Her body began shaking, almost as if she started her orgasm without me. “Oh, fuck yes, Neil. I want to be your slut forever,” she whimpered as she reached down to grab my hair, hoping to pull me back to finish what I’d started.

“Then cum for me, babe,” I whispered, taking her ring back in my mouth as I rammed two fingers deep inside, fucking her hard and fast.

She began pulling at her nipples, her feet pressing against the floor to lift her ass up into my face. I waited until the perfect moment, nibbling around that precious ring until I knew she was ready to explode. When that moment arrived, I quickly moved up and latched onto her clit, doing to it what I’d been doing to her new jewelry.

I’m not sure why she bothered to tell me, what with the way her pussy was acting like a fountain. But she announced her climax anyway. Maybe she wanted the other guests of the complex to know; and with the volume she was projecting, that was very possible. I didn’t care. I found it exhilarating that she was filling my mouth, swallowing as much as I could, feeling some flow past my chin, trickling down my neck.

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