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I like having sex in public. I discovered this by accident. I’d worked a long hot day in the sun and then gone out for drinks with some of my co-workers. We started off eating screamin wings and cream cheese stuffed, battered and deep fried jalapenos washing it down with beer.

Then we headed to Club Malibu. It isn’t there anymore but it used to be a favorite haunt of the young, beautiful and drug addled. The music was awful, give me country or give me real rock like Nashville Pussy. This was one step down from elevator pop music but the band had added some electronic backbeat that at least made it possible to dance.

I only stayed because the booze was cheap and my friends were popping. Beer, shooters, and pills aren’t a good combination. I was just trying to do the right thing, looking out for my friends. Sure I was, really. I was also stocking this stuck up little girl named Alene. Alene was this 4’10″ cock tease. I’ll say this for her, she worked her ass off, she also stuck it in my face every chance she got, all innocent like. Mind you I didn’t feel particularly honored since she did the same for every other guy at work as well.

Alene made a point about being a good Christian girl. I’d taken her out a couple of times, racing go carts and to see the Merry Widow, and I’d never got past a chaste good night kiss. Blitzed out on the dance floor she was letting men rub her ass and grind her groin against theirs. I don’t dance normally but around midnight I made an exception for Alene.

Out on the dance floor, which was now jammed with hot, sweating, writhing young people I picked up where Alene’s other partners left off. Maybe I was a bit more aggressive. My hands started on her jeans. They were glued on her but I’m a strong man, with persistence I was able to work my hands inside the back of her jeans.

Alene’s ass was slippery with her perspiration. I kneaded it like bread dough as I dry humped her. She was just way too absent, off somewhere else. I wanted here there with me so I stuck my right index finger in her anus. Her eyes sprang open, wide. Alene’s pupils filled her eye balls.

That’s when she began to respond, at first rubbing against me, then grinding as my finger pushed her into my crotch. Somehow I worked my left hand in between us, down the front of her jeans. I had to unbutton the front three buttons to get down to her pussy. It was soaking wet, her clitoris engorged to the size of my little finger.

Alene wanted to come but I wouldn’t let her. Whenever she’d get close I’d stop moving. Hold her in place. After two songs worth of that treatment she was beginning to slip away again, into her private world of drug fantasy.

The band was getting more rock, more driven by bass that came up through the floor and shook your soul. As they started their next song I rolled Alene’s jeans down her sweaty body. She maybe tried to pull them up once, but not after her ass slipped out. She had a great, tight and tiny butt. Other couples stared, made a ring around us like buffalo protecting their young.

As we all danced to the metal beat strange men touched Alene’s ass. Some women went for it as well. I felt one woman’s finger slide in beside mine in Alene’s asshole. Somebody tore her jeans all the way off.

I got mine down far enough to free my cock. I worked against Alene’s crotch. She was so much shorter than me that my cock was pointing straight down, only the tip rubbing against her clitoris.

I lifted Alene up. Even in her stoned state she got the idea and swung her legs wide and up, wrapping them around my hips. I slid into her cunt without even thrusting. It just happened. I took my finger out of her ass and grabbed her hips.

Through three dances I lifted her back and slammed her into me in time with the music. Alene’s new female friend replaced my finger with another of her own. I could feel them rubbing against my cock. I came, seven times. When I pulled out my cum spurted volcanically from Alene.

That was my first experience with public sex. When I got around to thinking about it rationally I thought it likely many of the fifty or so couples that had protected us from the prying eyes of the bouncers had gone home and screwed their brains out. Alene became a real exhibitionist addict. I can’t remember all the places we did it together, this was all many years ago. One memorable one was at an Eskimos football game, surrounded by drunken, screaming fans. It was hovering around freezing and we did it under a blanket.

When we were both starving graduate students Alene came up with the most ridiculous idea for making money. We’d, she and I, would offer sex education courses for adults. At these courses she and I would have sex in front of the students, show them how to do it. By then we’d read and worked our way through every sex manual ever written and acted out with hundreds of porno movies. I didn’t think anybody would sign up, all we did is put up very vague posters at the local libraries and some shopping malls.

That first time we had seven couples. After a few months we had twelve, our full capacity at each class, and a waiting list. It became clear a lot of couples wanted a hands on educational experience. Maybe more to the point they needed it.

You wouldn’t believe the insane myths people have about sex. I’ve given the subject of sexual technique more than the normal amount of thought. In class I used to refer to the geometry of sex. It is all angles and curves. Get it right and the result is unbelievable joy. Do it wrong and frustration is your only reward.

Sixty percent of women are non-orgasmic some or all of the time. I tell them, honey you aren’t the problem, your guy is, bring him to class. Think about this, we are the only primate who doesn’t have sex in public.

Perhaps we should say in the interest of sexual hygiene that people can have sex any where, any time they want. Okay, probably too radical for our repressed, buttoned down world. As an alternative could we at least start trying to make vaguely realistic porno. When we were young, fit, sexual gymnasts Alene and I found most of what you see in porno films is about as erotic and as sexually pleasing as doing the New York Times crossword.

All I know is we humans have to start making some changes or eventually we’re going to go extinct. Next time you feel like doing it in public, think about that. Think about all the people who might learn something watching you and your partner. Go for it.

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