Daddy’s home. Oh boy, here we go. I can hear him lock the door, take off his shoes, and head for the stairs. I’m laying on my belly on my bed, ass bared but full.

I hear his thunk thunk thunk feet come up the stairs. My big strong daddy is home, thank goodness. I thought I’d cream myself before he got his warm massive hands on me. I can hear him smile as he stands in the doorway. His little girl wooden spoon in mouth, puddled pussy and that plug obviously apparent.

“Is my babygirl horny?”

I smile, I don’t have to tell him, it’s not like it’s the first time I’ve gotten shaking horny from being plugged. He lays down next to me on his side and kisses my cheek. He lays for a moment smiling at me, his whore. Lucky man feelings radiating from him. Alright enough of that, he get’s up and planks over me, he dry humps my ass a few times listening to me groan.

He asks if I’ve had my coffee, I confirm I most certainly had given myself a coffee enema hours earlier. He asks if I need another coffee, I tell him no, I’m quite energetic today. Then he kisses my back and tells me he wants to hear me cry on his dick. I get up onto all fours and he sits in front of me. He pulls his thick dick out and I immediately am on it, I suck on it like it’s the best damn thing there is. He reaches down and tears the plug out of me and chucks it in the dirty basket we keep by the bed. I cry and cry on his dick from the sudden ripping pain coursing through my body. And now he’s hard…

The fun must begin; he gets up and pushes me back down flat on my belly. He takes the douche nozzle end of my gallon enema back and rubs it on my pussy. He trails it through my pussy juice and sticks his thick thumb in my pussy. Ohhh that feels good, I can’t wait until he fucks me. He unclips the bag and the warm water rushes into me. He gets back in front of me and has me suck him. He pulls my face down on him and I’m loving it. I can barely feel the cramping through the erotic feeling sucking on him is giving me. I crawl back up on my knees with my ass in the air and my face buried close to the bed. We have a full length free standing mirror in front of the bed he watches me in.

Once the bag is empty I have to stop blowing him even though I don’t want to stop. He pulls the hose out of me. He asks if I need a plug to hold it in. I tell him I think I’ll be ok but maybe next time he will use the inflatable plug ending to the hose so I won’t have to say no to being filled. He tells me of course he will, a good girl should always have her ass filled. Now that I’ve brought that up, really I should have a plug in. So he goes to the box of plugs and pulls out a medium on I can squeeze on and wish for his dick but not hurt me much.

I’ve earned seventy six licks with his belt. He tells me I better not lose any of my ass as my belly tightens up. My belly doesn’t feel tight, it feels stretched full of water. But as of today, my belly is still bigger than I’d like, so he has me on all fours ass high for a belting.

He gives them to me in sets of ten. After the first ten I’m pretty wet, after twenty I’m gushing, after thirty I’m in pain though. He leans over and licks my gushing pussy. I ask him can’t he just fuck me. No, of course not, I’m still full of water!

He gives me the other four sets. Then after 70 licks he tells me to turn over on my back. My pregnant looking self turns over and he spreads my legs. He pushes into my pussy and takes my left titty in his hand. He sucks on the nipple then takes his belt and hits me hard three times. I seize up hard and almost push the plug right out of me. He does the same to my right titty. I have to go to the bathroom bad. He pushes down on me and fucks me missionary style. I’m crying, I don’t want to soil the bed. He tells me he doesn’t care, we can always change the linens. But I care, I care a lot. He keeps fucking me, my ass is on fire, it’s full, but man his fucking feels good.

He suddenly stops and tells me he wants to cum, and I know where. He sends me to the bathroom. I let everything go, thank goodness I was already mostly clean from last nights enemas. I’ve already had two today and I know with my lunch and evening I’ll have at least four, I ask him through the door. He responds four sounds great, you can add four to your evening bathing time. But, but, no buts, I need them. I always do.

As I’m finishing he brings in the special plug we had made. It’s the exact diameter of his dick at the receded part, and thicker at the top. He asks me to wear it today. I of course say yes sir, manners are important, and being compliant as well. Besides I love feeling the thick plug reminding me of daddys lovely dick.

He is downstairs when I come out, he says we have to hurry or I’ll miss my yoga class, so I bend over the arm of the couch and he bangs my ass like a wild dog tearing me. I know there’s blood but I love him anyway. I can’t stop cumming after the first 10 strokes, I’m crying and screaming. He has his hand over my mouth feeling the tears stream over his hand. He keeps encouraging me reminding me how good I’m being. He cums hard and immediately pisses in me. He bends me over and shoves the plug in me so none comes out. I hate when he makes me absorb his piss but I reverse myself and tell myself I will enjoy it. He kisses my lower back and goes to the bathroom to wash and return to work. I slowly get dressed back in my leggings and tank top and prepare for a long 90 minute yoga class filled with him.

Thank you daddy, I will progress even more today than yesterday.

- Forewarning, daddy/daughter incest ahead! There is also some non-consent stuff, including revenge sex, anal, spanking, and a dash of bondage too. If you love or hate my stories, please leave a comment. I read every one of them, and they are always appreciated. Enjoy >:) -

Finally, I heard the car pull up. They were here. It had been a few years since I’d seen my wife—well, ex-wife—and my daughter. I peeked through the blinds as they climbed out of the car. Ugh, my ex-wife brought her bastard boyfriend along. Last time we saw each other, I broke his nose. He started it…sort of.

I stood up straight, checked my breath in my palm, patted down my short brown hair, then ran a hand down my chest. I was wearing a button-down white shirt. I wanted to look nice, but I hadn’t worn one in years. It was far tighter around my muscles than it once had been. Thank god I didn’t own a tie.

I let them knock on the front door so they wouldn’t know how anxious I was. Then I pulled it open. There she was, my little girl, Lexi, not so little anymore. She was 19 now, and she was starting college tomorrow. She had her mother’s figure, 5’5″, narrow shoulders, smooth skin, a beautiful neckline, great big brown eyes and long brown hair that fell in her face. She had also inherited her mother’s breasts, which was to say they were perky but not large—not that I was looking.

“Hi, Lexi.”

“Mark,” Lexi said, stepping inside and passing me without a glance.

Ouch. First name basis? That hurt.

“Hi, Mark,” my ex-whore, I mean, ex-wife said.

“Hello, Laura. How’ve you been?” I said, stepping out of the way as she entered.


“Neil,” I said in plain acknowledgement.

Neil grunted as he stepped in after the psychopathic bitch, carrying Lexi’s suitcase.

“So this is your new place?” Laura said.

“Yeah, it’s not much, but it’s all I can afford after the alimony.”

“God, don’t start.”

“Are you and Neil thinking of getting married?” I asked. “Alimony runs out at the end of the year.”

“We set a date for January,” Neil said, his rat face grinning.

“Great,” I said, slamming the door. I turned my attention to my daughter. She was looking around the small living room, her arms folded. Laura went to her.

“What do you think, honey?”

“I guess I’ll just think of it as a dorm.” She pointed at one of the shelves. “What’s that doing here?”

There was a tall bottle of Jack Daniels on the shelf, well covered in dust, next to a collection of shot glasses.

Laura gasped. “Are you drinking again, Mark?”

“No, no. That’s not what it looks like. I’ve been sober for three years. That’s like a shrine. I keep it there to remind me I don’t need it. Calm down.”

Laura folded her arms. “Alcoholics shouldn’t keep liquor in the house. It’s a temptation.”

“If an alcoholic wants a drink, nothing’s going to stop him. This is the bottle I bought the first time I almost relapsed. It reminds me of who I was and who I want to be.”

“Like any of us want to be reminded of that,” Laura said. “Can we see her room?”

“Yeah, it’s right down the hall there.” I took a step forward, but Laura held up her hand.

“We’ll find it.”

Neil stretched his neck into the adjacent kitchen. “Do you also got a beer shrine in the fridge?”

“No, Neil.”

“Got any food?”

“Go stuff your face, Neil.”

Neil disappeared into the kitchen as I followed my ex-wife and daughter. They were inside her room, but I stayed down the hall, listening.

“Mom, I don’t think I can stay with him,” I heard Lexi whisper.

“It’s only Monday through Friday. The college is right down the street. And he is paying your tuition.”

“I just don’t feel comfortable around him. I don’t even know him anymore.”

“You can drive back Friday afternoon, and you don’t have to go back until Sunday night.”

“I’m still with him all week.”

“So stay in your room.”

“I’d rather stay home.”

“Honey, you need an education. Just try it for a month. And if you need a break, I’m only an hour away.”

“He’s probably going to drink every night and bring home hookers, like before.”

“If he drinks or brings home women, I want you to leave straight away.”

“He’s a jerk though, Mom.”

“He is a jerk, but he’s trying. I want you to try too. At the very least, he owes you an education.”

She sighed. “Okay, Mom.”

“Give me a hug, sweetie.”

I turned around and walked away from the conversation. Kids had long memories. But what did I ever do that was so bad? Yeah, fine, maybe I had a drinking problem when she was younger, but I had been in AA for three fucking years now. I am 100% clean. It’s not as if I ever hurt either one of them. And I had done everything I could to get back into Lexi’s life, never mind she was sixteen by the time I got my shit together. But I still paid all my back child support, sent her cards every holiday, called on her birthday. Didn’t I deserve a second chance?

I’m sure her mother never let’s her forget how much I fucked up. But I doubt she reminds Lexi that while I was out drinking, she was out fucking Neil. Yeah, she glosses right over that part and highlights the one and only time I brought home a hooker. And I only did it to get back at my wife for cheating on me. I wasn’t even going to fuck the hooker. I just wanted my wife to see her deepthroating my cock, a skill she was sorely lacking. Of course, Lexi came home with my wife and saw everything. My wife filed for divorce the next day, cleaned me out in court, and took full custody of my daughter. Fucking bitch.

Back out in the living room, I saw Neil eating a sandwich in my kitchen, stacked with ham, cheese, lettuce, and tomato. “This bread is stale.”

“You’re a real piece of work, Neil. How’s my ex-wife’s gag reflex treating you?”

Someone scoffed behind me. I turned around. Laura was there, Lexi too. They both looked furious.

“I–I was joking.”

“Gross,” Lexi said.

Laura was scowling. “You’re still a pig, Mark.”

I looked away. “I’m sorry.”

“Where’s Lexi’s car?” my ex-wife asked.

“Outside. Come on.”

I led them outside. I had picked up the car for a few grand. It wasn’t much, an old sedan, but it ran well. “It runs great.”

“And it’s so stylish,” Lexi said, rolling her eyes.

“It’ll do,” Laura said.

“So are we done?” Neil said. “Can we hit the road?”

“I guess we’d better,” Laura said.

Lexi frowned. “Already?”

“You’ll be fine, sweetie.” She hugged her again. “And, Mark, you take care of my daughter.”

“She’s my daughter too, Laura. I’ll take care of her.”

“Like you did when you left her at soccer practice when she was twelve?”

“Jesus!” I said. “That was seven years ago! Give me a break!”

“You earn breaks.”

“Later, Lex,” Neil said. “Stay outta trouble.”

“Thanks, Neil.”

Well, at least she wasn’t calling Neil dad.

“Call me tomorrow, Lexi,” Laura said. “I wanna hear all about your first day.” She kissed her forehead. “Bye, honey.”

“Bye, Mom.”

Laura and Neil got back into their car and drove away. Lexi waved in their rearview mirror until the car vanished. Then she looked at me. I smiled at her. She rolled her eyes and walked away, returning to the house. I followed her in, but by the time I was inside, she had disappeared into her room. This was gonna take some work. I stopped outside her closed door. Best to start with respect. I knocked. She didn’t answer. I knocked again. Still no answer. I opened the door.

“God, excuse you?” she said, looking up from the desk. There was a laptop on it I had bought for her. The bed was a queen. The dressers were white. I had painted the walls yellow, her favorite color when she was little. “Can you please respect my privacy? Day one and you’re already barging in.”

“I knocked.”

“And I didn’t answer. That means leave me alone, Mark.”

I took a deep breath, leaning against the doorframe. “Okay, Lexi, let’s clear the air. I know I haven’t been a great father—”

“You haven’t been a father at all.”

“You know, it’s not as if I haven’t tried. Over the last few years, I’ve sent you gifts and cards and—”

“Oh, so you sent me gifts because you wanted something back?

“Of course not. I’m just saying I tried. I’m still trying.”

“You cheated on Mom, and you cheated on me too, in a way. You destroyed our family. You don’t get to come back into my life when it’s convenient for you.”

“Fine, but your mother cheated on me with Neil first.”

“That’s not true. They were just friends. They didn’t get together until after you brought home a hooker, and I had to come home and see her sucking on your dick.”

I put a hand to my forehead. Kids definitely had long memories. “Sweetie, I don’t want to rehash the past. I admit I made mistakes. Your mother and I had problems, and I drank to escape them, but you’re still my daughter, and I never stopped caring about you.”

“Yeah, well, if you hadn’t promised to pay my tuition, I wouldn’t be here right now. Mom says it’s the least you can do, so the way I figure it, you owe me. But I don’t owe you. We’re even.”

“That’s fair, I guess. But I’m not paying for your tuition because I want to get even. I’m doing it because you’re my daughter and I love you.”

“You didn’t love me when I was thirteen and crying my eyes out because my father was in jail for a DUI on Christmas morning. And you didn’t love me when—”

“Okay, stop. I don’t need you to remind me of my mistakes. I’ve paid for them. It seems like you want me to keep paying for them.”

“I do.”

“I’m not the same man I was when you were little. All I want is another chance.”

“Whatever,” Lexi said, turning away, putting her nose in her phone.

“How about we talk a little more over dinner? What would you like? Name it and it’s yours.”

“Already ate.”

“Oh. All right. Do you want to watch a movie? I rented—”

“No. I’m gonna go to sleep early. I have orientation at 8:00 a.m.”

“All right. Do you want to—”

“Mark, just give me some space, okay? You don’t need to cram three years into one night. If I want to get to know you again, I’ll do it when I’m ready.”

I exhaled. “All right, Lexi. I’ll be in the living room if you want to talk.”

I didn’t see Lexi again for the rest of the evening. I thought of knocking on her door and saying goodnight, but then I thought better of it. She didn’t want to talk to me, and it wasn’t the time to force her.

Once I was in bed, I couldn’t sleep. I kept thinking of how much my daughter hated me. I had to find a way to win her over. This was my only chance, right now while she lived here. If I didn’t fix things before she finished school, she’d never talk to me again.

Around 2:00 a.m., I heard a sound in the hallway. Lexi had left her room. The bathroom door closed. A moment later, she returned to her room. I climbed out of bed. My sweatpants were scratchy and uncomfortable, but I didn’t want to sleep naked, just incase my daughter came into my room unannounced.

Out in the hall, I tiptoed to Lexi’s door, holding my breath. Was she still awake? I tried to listen. I wasn’t sure what I expected to hear, maybe talking, maybe music, maybe snoring, maybe nothing. Instead, I heard moaning. I wasn’t even sure I had heard what I had heard until I pressed my ear up against the door.

“Mmm, yes, ohh, right there,” she whispered.

I was stunned. My little girl was…masturbating? I almost laughed. But then I glanced down. There was a keyhole in the door! Now, it’s not that I wanted to see my daughter playing with her pussy, but I just couldn’t believe she was actually doing it. I needed proof.

“God, yes, that feels so fucking good,” she mumbled.

Yes, I definitely needed proof. I kneeled, bringing my eye to the keyhole. The angle was not good for peeping. The only thing I could see was the end of the bed from the side, but that was just enough to see Lexi’s bare feet stretched out nice and wide.

“Oh, fuck. Yes, fuck me.”

I peered closer. Her little toes were curling as her legs squirmed across the bed. And then I heard something that nearly made me fall forward and smack my face into the doorknob.

“Mmm, Daddy, fuck me deep.”

What the fuck did she just say!?

“God, I’m gonna cum, Daddy. I can’t help it. Can I cum, Daddy? Pretty please?”

Holy shit! Who the fuck was she talking about? Daddy? I knew she wasn’t talking about me. I was Mark. So who the hell was her daddy? Neil? No, not him. She didn’t call him daddy either. So what the fuck was she fantasizing about?

“Ohhh, yes, Daddy, I’m cumming,” she squealed, her little toes spreading open like legs. And then her feet relaxed and I heard heavy breathing. She was finished. “Mmm,” she purred.

I stood up, tiptoeing down the hallway so I wasn’t heard, closing the door very quietly. I lay in bed, staring at the ceiling.

“Oh, my fucking god,” I breathed out.

My daughter was a pervert, a weird, sexually confused pervert, who had daddy fantasies. I felt dirty, as if I had violated her, even though all I had done was peek through a door and overheard her deepest thoughts. But I shouldn’t know these things about her. No father should know their daughter’s sexual cravings. What sort of man was I that I now knew them?

I turned in my bed, putting a pillow over my head, as if I could erase the memories. But as I lay there face down, I could feel my cock pinned up against my thigh. It didn’t like that position. Or rather it did, because it was getting harder and longer. I reached down, grabbing my shaft and pointing it straight up, lying on it again. I ground my cock down into the mattress, trying not to think of my daughter, trying not to remember what I heard, trying not to imagine her with her legs spread wide open and her fingers buried in her cunt up to the knuckle.

Earlier, it would have been all I wanted in the world for my little girl to call me daddy again, but after hearing her scream daddy during her orgasm, how could I possibly want to ever hear her call me that again? How could I forget this night, the night she cried out daddy in pleasure?

I ground my cock harder into the mattress, and then I stopped. I shouldn’t let these thoughts make my cock hard. I turned on my back and pulled my cock out of my sweatpants, letting it stand straight up into the air, the blankets bunched up around my thighs. I stared down at my tall shaft, so long and thick around. I wanted to take hold of it and give it a loving stroke, but I didn’t want to get off to thoughts of my daughter. Instead, I closed my eyes and kept my hands to myself.

The next morning, I was up at my usual time, 6:30 a.m. Under the hot water of the shower, I convinced myself the entire night had been a misunderstanding. Girls said daddy all the time, even when talking about guys their own age. She didn’t mean her real father. She didn’t mean me. And that put me at ease. It meant I was the pervert, not her. Yes, I was the one who peeped through her door and violated her privacy. But never again. I swore it wouldn’t happen again.

I looked down at my heavy cock between my legs. My shaft seemed to throb, the hot water running down off the head. I wrapped my hand around it. Yes, now I could jerk off. I had earned it by resisting last night. I stroked it once, pulling the skin all the way forward. Fuck, I needed this. I could feel it growing stiffer and stiffer in the palm of my hand, throbbing in thanks for the attention it needed. I stroked it harder, squeezing with my fist. Then I pumped a glob of soap into my hand, returning to my stroking.

It was standing straight and true now, long and thick around, the veins pulsing like a heartbeat. I closed my eyes and let my mind wander. I begged it not to wander to Lexi on her bed last night, her silky smooth legs wide open, her pussy red and puffy and wet, dripping onto the sheets, a puddle under her ass, but my mind was weak, and wander it did.

Knock, knock.

“Huh? Uh, yes?” I called.

“Mark, are you in there?”

“Yes, what? I’m showering.”

“Are you almost done? I have to get ready! Orientation starts at 8:00 a.m.!”

“Oh, sorry. Can you give me ten minutes?”

“No! I’m going to be late! I’ve been waiting forever! It’s my first day!”

“Fuck,” I whispered. “Fuck, fuck, fuck.” I cleared my throat. “Okay, honey. I’m on my way out.”

I turned off the water, my hard cock bobbing obscenely as I climbed out of the shower. I grabbed a towel and wrapped it around my waist. Oh, god, how do I hide this?

“Mark? Are you out? Can I open the door?”

“No! No, just one second.”

I squeezed my cock under the towel. What was I supposed to do? Baseball, baseball, baseball…remember that porno where that one girl fucked another girl with a baseball bat? Oh, no, I’ve ruined the baseball trick!


“Okay, coming.”

I tightened my towel as best I could, holding it together at my waist, my cock bent to the side, and opened the door.

“About…um, time,” Lexi said, her eyes darting to the bulge in the towel. She gulped, looking up at me. “Can I shower?”


I stepped out of the way, trying to keep my side turned to her. It wasn’t helping. My cock was fighting to get straight, tenting in the towel. When my daughter passed through the door, she had to slide by. I felt her hip brush up against my towel, the rough fabric sending a tingling sensation straight down my shaft. I hurried out the door, and when I glanced back, I saw my daughter watching me. Then she closed the door.

I stepped into my room, palming my face. “Stupid!” My daughter had all but seen that my cock was hard. I rubbed my face. I supposed she had seen it once before, back during the hooker incident. How do I keep messing up? Maybe it was just in my nature.

Now that my cock had retreated in shame, I dressed as quickly as I could, jeans and a short-sleeved shirt. I headed out to the living room, passing the bathroom and the sound of the shower, into the kitchen, cracking a few eggs into a bowl and mixing them fast: a dash of milk for fluffiness, a pinch of salt for taste, and into the pan. They scrambled up and made it to the plate with a couple pieces of toast just as Lexi came down the hallway, her pretty brown hair all wavy and wet, falling over her shoulders. Her top was white too. I could see the outline of her bra. Her skirt was purple and frilly. Lexi always loved skirts. Maybe she hadn’t changed as much as I thought.

“Morning, sweetie,” I said. “I made eggs.”

She pinched her bottom lip between her teeth as she looked into the kitchen. “Um, thanks, but I should probably hurry. I don’t wanna be late.”

“Come on, sweetheart, a healthy breakfast will help you focus.” …And it will erase the guilt of your father lusting after your young body.

“Okay, just a bite, I guess.”


I put the plate on the table and sat down across from her, taking a few bites of my eggs as I watched her eat. This was the first meal we’d shared together in a long time. I felt the need to say something.

“I’m really glad you’re staying here, Lexi. I think it’ll give us time to get to know each other again. I want to be a good father to you.”

She nodded, swallowing her eggs. “I know, Mark.”

Every time she said my name like that, it was a dagger in my heart. “You know, you can call me dad, sweetie.”

She stood up. “I don’t know if I feel comfortable with that.”

“I just meant—”

“Look, Mark, I just feel more comfortable calling you by your name. I don’t want to be…too familiar, okay?”


“Yeah. I’ll see you later.”

I nodded. “All right, sweetie.”

She started toward the door but then turned back. “Oh, and, Mark?”


“Stay out of my room, okay?”


“I mean, like, I know you’re trying to rebuild our relationship or whatever, but it starts with trust. So stay out of my room, okay?”

“Yeah, of course, sweetie. I wasn’t going to go through your things.”

She nodded. “Okay.” She put her hand on the door. Then she looked back. “Like, you promise, right?”

I almost laughed. “Baby, you have my word. I will not set foot in your room.”

“Not even to put away something or whatever. Mom always respected my space.”

“And I will too. I promise.”


She disappeared through the door. I watched her drive away in her car. And then my mind began churning. Why couldn’t I go into her room? What was so important? Hell, I wouldn’t have gone in anyway, but the after she made a point to tell me not to, and then made me promise, and then even mentioned her mother, well…it made me suspicious. Did she have drugs in there? Or toys? I gulped. Maybe she just didn’t want me to find the messy puddle of pussy juice in her sheets.

I glanced at the clock. I had to be to work in 30 minutes, which meant I had about 10 minutes to get myself together and get out of here. I returned to my room, grabbing a few things I needed, my phone, my watch, my keys, then into the bathroom, brushing my teeth, combing my hair, shaving, things I’d skipped earlier.

What the hell was in her room? I stepped back out into the hall and looked at her door. Yes, I had given her my word, and if I respected her privacy, I would not open that door. I had been a bad father and staying on this side of the door made me a good one. But wait a minute. She couldn’t even be bothered to call me dad. So maybe I couldn’t be bothered to obey the promise I made.

I opened the door. There was nothing shockingly out of place when I stepped in, except a few messy clothes slung about. My eyes naturally went to the bed. It was already made, the covers perfect, but I did not touch them. For all I knew this was a test and she had carefully placed things around the room in an effort to catch me, like that cup on the edge of her desk, waiting to fall off if it was nudged. Well, I was too smart for her.

Nevertheless, I did walk around and peek from place to place. I really wanted to open her drawers though. I was curious to see if she had put her clothes away. That was all. I opened the first one. It was full of socks and panties. I stared at them. God, I just wanted to plunge my face into that pile of panties. What the hell was wrong with me? Those were my daughter’s! Goddamn my mind. How had it become so filthy overnight?

Oh, I was possessed. My hand lifted and started to sink into the panties, like a submarine taking on water. I couldn’t stop it! I could feel silk, cotton, and lace between my fingers. I argued she would never know. No one could memorize the position of a disorganized panty drawer. I rubbed them between my fingers, feeling them, touching the crotch. My cock began to stiffen in my pants.

I felt something else too: the binding of a book. I carefully spread the panty sea apart. At the bottom of the ocean, I found a diary. Lexi kept a diary? I pulled the black book out and stared at it as if it was made of gold, as if it held the secrets of the universe, as if it was the key to winning my daughter’s love after years of neglect. I forgot all about the panties as I opened the book, flipping to the most recent entry, written this morning.

September 2nd, Tuesday Morning

Dear Diary, OMG! I’ve gotta make this quick! I think I just saw Mark’s cock! Yes! He was hard in the bathroom! It was covered by a towel, but I saw it. I couldn’t believe it. I’ll write more when I have time.

“Shit!” She did notice. Damn it. Let’s see the previous entry.

September 1st, Monday

Dear Diary, well, I’m here. I met Daddy again. I mean, Mark. I’m going to call him Mark from now on. I don’t want to think of him as my daddy. I was scared it was going to happen just like I thought, and guess what? It did. I don’t know if I can stay here, thinking of him like this. I can’t even look him in the eye. It’s like if I do, he’ll read my mind and know the truth. Oh, god, why am I like this?

“What the hell…” …was she talking about? And she was intentionally calling me Mark so she wouldn’t think of me as her daddy? Why?

August 31st, Sunday

I’m freaking out, Diary. We’re leaving tomorrow. I can’t even think straight. I keep telling myself the daddy in my head is not the same daddy I’m moving in with. They’re different people: fantasy versus reality. But the fantasy has been getting me off for as long as I can remember. I can’t even cum anymore unless I’m thinking of my daddy. But now I’m going to see him every day? And he’s going to smile at me while I’m thinking about all the nasty things I’ve imagined him doing to me? I hate this. I don’t want to live with him. I don’t even want to know him. I’m so scared of him. But I want him so bad. I hope it feels differently from whatever’s in my head. I hope I don’t even think he’s the same person. I won’t let him be the same person. I’m going to call him Mark when I see him. He’s not my daddy. That big fat cock I saw that hooker sucking on is my daddy’s, not Mark’s. Mark’s just a stranger. God, why am I thinking like this? Why can’t I fall for a normal boy and cum like a normal girl who doesn’t have to imagine her daddy fucking her? I hate myself.

“Oh, my dear god,” I said out loud. “My daughter has a fetish for me. I can’t believe it. This can’t be real.”

I spent an hour going through that diary. When my boss called, I told him my car battery had died, but I was on my way. Of course, I didn’t leave until I went through the entire diary. My daughter had been fantasizing about me for years. I was her imaginary fuck toy, the one who got her off in that twisted little mind of hers. She creamed every night imagining it was my cock, the cock she saw that day with the hooker, driving in and out of her young, unfucked cunt.

I blamed myself. Yes, my daughter was sick, but it was my fault. I had never been there as a father, so she had created a new father in my place, one in her head who was loving and caring and some kind of sexual playmate. Of course, the hooker incident had pushed her over the edge.

I hated myself as I stared down at that diary. I had created a monster without realizing it. Lexi wasn’t a pervert. I was just a bastard who had warped her. Goddamn me. But what was I to do about it? How was I to fix her?

I put the diary away and headed out to my car, driving to work, turning over my problem. Once I made it to the scrap yard, I jumped behind my forklift and started moving pallets in the warehouse.

Oh, how my mind drifted. So my daughter was sexually fixated on me. That was deeply disturbing, but I suppose Freud had been postulating this a century ago. Why should it surprise me? More important was how to help her get over it. Maybe I could just be a jerk to her. No one wanted a jerk. But that was easier said than done. After all, what father wants to be a jerk to their little girl? And worse, what if it worked and she never spoke to me again?

“Harvey,” I said to a buddy of mine at lunch, “you’ve got two daughters, right?”

“Yeah. One’s mine, the other’s a step.”

“Has either one of them ever…upset you?”

“Huh? Oh, is this about your kid? She’s moving in with you, right?”

“Yes. She did move in yesterday.”

“Ah, fulltime dad again.”

“Sort of.”

“So what’s your kid done wrong?”

“It’s nothing she’s done. I was just wondering if your daughters ever make you feel uncomfortable.”

“How so?”

“Like your step daughter for instance. Did she ever…”

“Ever what?”

“Ever do anything inappropriate?”

“Not really. I mean, she gets in trouble, does stupid shit, stole some stuff from the mall. That what you mean?”

I sighed. “Yeah, I guess.”

“Mark, it’s like this. Kids learn what parents teach ‘em. You teach ‘em good, they do good. You teach ‘em bad, they do bad.”

I put my head down, thinking, and if you teach them you’re a pervert, they grow up to become one as well. What have I done?

Lexi was home when I stepped through the door, sitting on the couch. She looked up at me, meeting my eyes, and then she looked away. “Hey, Mark. Welcome home.”

“Thanks,” I said, taking off my boots. “How was your day?”

“Fine,” she said, climbing up and moving into the kitchen.

I followed her. She was putting together some bread, lunchmeat, cheese, and slicing a tomato.

“What are you doing?”

“Making myself dinner.”

“I thought we could have dinner together tonight.”

She glanced at me and then looked away. “You go ahead. I’m just gonna have a sandwich.”

She had the sandwich together now, but it made me angry. Maybe she felt uncomfortable around me, but the only way she was going to get over it was by actually being around me. Maybe what she needed was tough love. I grabbed her plate, pulling it right out from under her, and threw it into the trashcan, breaking it.

“What the hell?” she said.

“You’re not eating by yourself. In this house, we eat together.”

“Don’t be a jerk, Mark.”

That needed to change too. If she could identify me as her daddy, it might break her of this sick fetish.

“Don’t call me Mark again.”

“Excuse me?”

“You can call me dad, father, daddy, hey you, but don’t call me Mark again.”

She scoffed. “I can call you whatever I want.”

“No, you can’t. It’s disrespectful. You want respect, then treat me with respect.”

“Why should I, when you you’ve been a bastard my whole life? You fuck hookers and you’re a drunk. So fuck you, Mark.”

I heaved an angry breath. “That’s it. You want to live in the past? Fine, I’ll treat you like a child.” I grabbed her wrist, yanking her across the kitchen.

“What the fuck?” she cried.

I shoved her up against the table, bending her over, my hand on the back of her neck, holding her down.

“Let me go!” she screamed. “You fucking psycho, let me go!”

My other hand raised high into the air, and then it came down, swatting her on the ass, right across her skirt. She cried out.

“Ow! Ow! You fucker!”

“One!” I slapped her again. “Two!”

She screamed and kicked her legs, but I swatted her ass harder.

“Three, four! You still want to live in the past, Lexi, like a spoiled little brat?”

“I fucking hate you!”

“Good! Five!” I shouted, slapping her ass harder as she screamed even louder. “Anytime you want me to stop, just start acting like an adult, and I’ll treat you like one!”

“I’m telling Mom!”

I slapped her even harder, my palm going numb. “Six! Seven!”

“Ow, ow! Please, stop! It hurts!”

“Eight!” I shouted, slapping her harder. “Are you an adult yet? Do you want to be 19 or do you want to be nine? Nine!” I slapped her once more.

“Ahh!” she cried. “I’m 19! I’m 19! Please, stop! I’ll call you Daddy! Please!”

I let her up. She fell into the chair and whimpered, her lower lip trembling, tears running down her face.

“I can’t believe you hit me.”

I folded my arms. “I don’t like punishing you, but in my home, I expect respect.”

She lowered her eyes. “Y-yes, Daddy.”

“Go wash your face, then come help me with dinner.”

“Yes, Daddy,” she said, climbing up from the chair and leaving.

I grinned nice and wide. That worked so well! Haha, I couldn’t believe it! I couldn’t wait to read her diary tomorrow! Oh, I knew what it would say, something like, “Dear Diary, I am so over my father. He’s the biggest jerk in the world. I can’t believe I ever thought he was sexy. He’s just a gross, mean, asshole. I’m glad he spanked me. Now I feel normal again.”

I chuckled to myself as I opened the fridge and poked around, settling on a couple of chicken breasts. I seasoned them. By the time Lexi was back, I had the vegetables out.

“Chop the carrots.”

“Yes, Daddy,” she said, coming to the counter, taking a knife and getting started. She was quiet as she worked. I felt I should say something.

“I hope we can start new, Lexi. That’s what you moving here means, a second chance for us.”

She nodded. “Okay.”

“Good,” I said. “Past in the past. A fresh start.”

She nodded again. “Yeah.”

Once dinner was on the table, the silence did not improve. Maybe I had succeeded in fixing her fetish, but I was beginning to worry I had also succeeded in making her hate me.

“How was your first day?”

She shrugged. “Busy. I have a lot of homework already.”

“Meet any cool people? Maybe some cool boys?”

“Not really.”

“How do you like your instructors?”

“They’re nice.”

“Hmm. Oh, how’d the car run?”


“That’s good. I had a friend of mine go through it. It may not look like it, but it’s clean under the hood.”


“Did you call your mother?”

She looked up at me. “And tell her you spanked me like a child? Of course not. She’d probably call the cops on you, take me out of school, and make me move home.”

“I meant, uh, to talk about your day.”

“Oh. No. Not yet.”

“All right.”

Lexi put her knife and fork down. “I’m finished. May I be excused?”

“Wait. I thought we might spend some time together tonight, watch a movie or go somewhere, something.”

“I have homework. May I be excused?”

“All right, Lexi.”

Lexi put her plate away, pausing there at the sink. “I’ll do the dishes later if you want me to.”

“How about you wash and I rinse?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

She left. I looked down at my plate. Maybe I shouldn’t rush this.

Later that night, I was lying in bed, thinking about my little problem child. Then I heard a sound in the hallway. Lexi had gone into the bathroom. I heard the water run, and then she returned to her room. I waited for a moment before climbing out of bed. Down the hall, I held my breath outside Lexi’s door.

“Mmm, Daddy,” Lexi whispered.

Oh, no, not again. I knelt down and peeked through the keyhole. Once again, I saw her bare feet spread wide open, her little toes stretching.

“Ooh, fuck, Daddy,” Lexi said. “I’m sorry I’m a bad girl. Mmm, please don’t spank me.”

Damn it! What the hell was going on here?

“Daddy, spank me with your cock. Mmm, slap my pussy with your long shaft. Oooh.”

I felt like barging in and spanking her again.

“God, Daddy, put it in my wet pussy. Fuck, I want your cock.”

I growled and walked away. I almost slammed my door, but I still had the good sense to close it gently. Then I lay down, glaring at the ceiling. Goddamn her. What did I have to do to make her normal? Normal like me? My dick was half hard just listening to her play with herself.

I rolled over. Clearly, this required more thought. I needed to scare her off, do something to separate myself from this fantasy. But what? Maybe the solution was to make the fantasy real. Well, not actually real, but just a splash of cold water in the face. I wonder what would happen if I actually came on to her? Or said something inappropriate? Maybe kissed her? Even showed her my dick? It might shatter her little fantasy, gross her out. Hmm. It was worth a try…

The alarm woke me the next morning. I hit it a few times to shut it up before I found the button. I stumbled down the hall and into the bathroom, peeling off my sweatpants before tripping into the shower. I turned on the hot water and sighed. There, now I was awake. I felt my dick throb and I looked down at it.

“What do you want? You’re so demanding. Fuck off.”

I gave my long cock a stroke, tilting my head back, the hot water running down my chest and over my shaft. I gave it a few more tugs and it began to harden.

Knock, knock.



“What?” I came back.

“Are you going to be long? I’ve gotta get ready for class.”

“Jesus, this girl,” I muttered.

But then I remembered my plan. Wait, was I serious about that? Was I really going to expose myself to my daughter, let her see my hard cock? And would it really wake her up from her weird daddy fetish and repulse her like I hoped? I left the shower running and stepped out of the tub, the water dripping off my body and coating the floor.

“Daddy?” she called, knocking again. “Daddy, can you hear me?

“Yeah, hold on, I hear you.” I turned the knob and opened it.

“Oh, my god, Daddy!” she covered her eyes, though her fingers were spread apart. “What the hell are you doing?”

“Relax,” I said, grabbing her arm and yanking her hand away from her eyes. “It’s just a dick. If you haven’t seen one by now, you need to discover the internet. Hell, when I was your age, we had co-ed dorms. Kids were running around naked everywhere. How do you think I met your mother?”

Her eyes were bulging. “I, I didn’t mean you had to open the door. I just, I just—”

“Calm down, Lexi. Are you 19 or are you nine?”

“I’m 19.”

“Then come into the bathroom and do what you need to do.”

I turned my back and stepped into the tub under the hot water, half closing the shower curtain. It was clear anyway. I began to shampoo my hair.

“You know,” Lexi said, “I could totally tell Mom about this. She’d be furious if she knew I saw your cock.”

I laughed under the water, wiping my eyes to look out of the shower at my daughter. She was just standing there, staring, her eyes going up and down.

“Are you threatening to tattle on me, Lexi?”

“No, I’m just saying if Mom knew you were standing naked in front of me with your big cock rock hard, you’d be in big trouble.”

“So tell her,” I said, turning off the shower and stepping out. “Show me I was right to spank you like a little girl. Is that how you want me to treat you again?”

Lexi shrunk away from me, keeping her eyes down. “I’m not gonna tell.”

“Your mother doesn’t scare me, Lexi. Don’t ever think she does. Hand me that towel.”

Lexi reached for the towel, pulling it off the rack, holding it up. I snatched it from her grasp, wiping my wet face with it, running it over my hair, taking time to dry my body in front of my daughter while she kept her eyes on me, staring at my cock that was proud to stand at attention for her. Then I wrapped the towel around my waist, taking my cock from her eyes. She seemed to wake up and look at me for the first time. I smirked at her.

“I need to shave. Do you mind?”

“Oh.” She stepped out from in front of the sink.

I grabbed the cream and filled my hand, rubbing it on my face. Then I began shaving. I glanced at her in the foggy mirror. “Are you going to stand there and stare at me all morning or are you going to get ready for school?”

“But I can’t shower with you in here.”

“Nine or 19, Lexi?”

“I’m not getting naked in front of you. That’s…gross.”

I grinned. Yes, just the word I wanted to hear! She was grossed out! Completely grossed out! It had worked! I laughed out loud and she kept staring. I finished shaving and dropped the razor. But I didn’t leave. I made her wait until I finished brushing my teeth. I winked at her.

“Bathroom’s all yours, kiddo.”

Lexi watched me leave. I heard the door close behind me as I returned to my room. I laughed again as I took off my towel and looked down at my cock.

“Good job, big guy. You scared the hell out of her.”

I chuckled as I dressed. I couldn’t believe it. That worked so well. Perfect. Just perfect.

In the kitchen, I started breakfast. I had it all together in no time, but Lexi did not appear. I headed down the hallway. The shower was still running. I knocked once.


“Um, yes, what?”

“I have breakfast ready,” I called.

“Okay, um, I’m just finishing up. Can you give me five minutes?”

“All right.”

I headed back to the kitchen, keeping it warm. In point of fact, it was ten minutes before she got out of the shower and went to her room. I glanced at the clock. What the fuck was this girl doing?

“Lexi?” I called down the hall. “Let’s move or they’ll be no time for breakfast!”


I returned to the kitchen, taking the now overcooked food off the stovetop. When I turned around, Lexi had finally arrived. She was wearing a red and black checkered skirt today, with a white blouse.

“There you are. Here, I made sausage.”

Lexi looked up at me as I put a plate of scrambled eggs, toast, and a long sausage down on the table. She sat quietly in front of it, forking a bit into her mouth. I sat across from her.

“We’ll have to eat fast,” I said.

She nodded. “Thanks.”

“So, what classes are up today?”

She swallowed her mouth full. “English and Math.”

“Fun,” I said. “Do you need any money for lunch or anything?”

“Oh, no, I’ve still got some. Thanks.”

“It’s no problem, baby.”



“How big is your cock?”

“What?” I said, freezing.

“I was just wondering how many inches it is.”

“Why are you asking?”

“I was just trying to work out how big it is. It looks about nine or ten inches. How big is it exactly?”

“Why does it matter?”

“Just in case I wanna post a message on Facebook about how I saw my daddy’s cock. I wanna know how many inches to say.”

“Why would you post something like that?”

She shrugged. “You made it sound like it’s normal to go around showing your cock, so I was gonna ask my friends if they’ve ever seen their father’s cocks.”

I rubbed my forehead. Geez, this was backfiring. “Look, if you say something like that out of context, it makes me sound like a pervert.”

“Aren’t you? If I summarize the two days I’ve been here, I can say, yeah, my father made me call him daddy, he spanked me, and then he showed me his cock.”

I folded my hands together. “Okay, I see what you’re trying to do now. Obviously, you’re upset, and you’re trying to get even. Well, keep trying. You can’t intimidate me, kiddo. If you drag me through the mud with your little stories, you’ll be dragging yourself right along behind. Do you really want to be the girl on Facebook who talks about her father’s cock, who got spanked because she was being a spoiled little brat? In fact, you’re starting to act up again, aren’t you?” I stood up. “How old are you acting, Lexi?”

She gulped, lowering her eyes. “I’m sorry, Daddy. I didn’t mean it.”

“Stand up.”

“But I said I’m sorry.”

“I said stand up!”

She stood up. “Daddy, don’t.”

“Bend over the table.”

She bit her lip, putting her hands on the table and bending over, sticking her ass straight out. “Daddy, not as hard as last time.”

“Count, Lexi,” I said, pulling my hand back. I let it fly, slapping her ass, her skirt rippling.

“Ow! Ow, ow, ow! Fuck, ow!”

“If you don’t count, it doesn’t count!” I shouted, slapping her ass again even harder.

She screamed. “One! Fuck, ow! Not so har—ohh! Fuck! Two! Two!”

I let my hand fly again, the loud smack of my palm on her ass echoing in the small kitchen. She was screaming in pain, shouting out the numbers before my hand could pull back for another strike and invalidate the count.

“Three! Four! Five!” she cried. “Please, Daddy, no more! Ow! Six! I’ll be good!”

I slapped her ass again. She sagged against the table, lying on it as she cried, her tears running down her cheeks. I swatted even harder, making her scream and kick her legs.

“Seven! No more, please, Daddy, please! Ow, eight!” I slapped her once more, and she screamed “Nine! Nine! Nine. Nine.” She sniveled. “Nine.”

“Now,” I said, closing my stinging hand, “are you going to keep acting like a bratty nine year old?”

She shook her head, wiping her nose. “No, Daddy. I’ll be good. I’ll be 19.”

“Get your ass off to school.”

“Y-yes, Daddy,” she said, whimpering as she stood up straight, one hand coming around to hold her sore ass. She took small steps as she left the kitchen, picking up her bookbag. She slipped out the front door. I went to the window and saw her car pull away.

I glanced at the clock. I didn’t have long before I had to be off to work myself. I hurried to her bedroom, stepping inside, sliding her underwear drawer open, slipping my hand in, feeling underneath, pulling out the diary. I flipped it open to the most recent entry.

September 2nd, Tuesday Evening

Diary, I’m home from school. Guess what happened after breakfast? Daddy, yes, DADDY—I’m not allowed to call him Mark anymore—spanked me! Nine times! It hurt like hell and I cried. I was so pissed off at first, but it made my pussy so wet. My ass hurt all day while I was in class. I couldn’t wait to get home and shove my fingers in my cunt. Yup, you guessed it, Diary. I just finished cumming. Here, I’m gonna wipe a little on your pages as a memory. Mmm, fuck, I know it’s totally wrong, but I am fantasizing about my daddy again. I can’t help it, Diary. I know I’m fucked up in the head. I know it’s sick and gross, but he makes me horny. He won’t even let me pretend he’s just a stranger anymore. He’s my daddy, and I like it. But it’s just a fantasy, right? I know he’d never touch me. And I’m glad. I think I’d freak out if he did. He’ll be home soon. I’d better rub my pussy once more so I get it out of my system.

“What the fuck?” I said out loud. “Goddamn it! This is fucking unbelievable! I can’t fucking win for losing. Motherfucker, she liked it! She actually liked it. Fuck fuck fuck! Shit, I shouldn’t have spanked her again. Wait.”

I turned the page, which was now crinkled from dried pussy juice. There was another brief entry from earlier this morning.

September 3rd, Wednesday Morning

I just saw Daddy’s cock, Diary! No towel! Full on cock! I can’t believe it. He just opened the bathroom door naked, and I saw it! It was HUGE, Diary, like nine or ten inches, as big as any porno I’ve ever seen. I thought I imagined it back when I first saw the hooker sucking it, but no, it is definitely big and real and terrifying. He probably thought I was a total perv because I just stared at it in awe. It is beautiful. I totally rubbed my pussy in the shower and came everywhere! Seriously, I squirted! That’s only happened a few times! Yes! I squirted! It was the best orgasm I’ve ever had, like, ever! Oh, shit, Daddy is calling for me. I gotta go. Mmm, I can’t wait till I get home and I can cum again!

“Motherfucker!” I said, putting the diary away. I stomped out of the room and back into my own. I grabbed my head. “This is a fucking catastrophe! What the fuck am I going to do? Oh, my god, I fucked up! I fucked up so bad! Oh, fuck, the time! I’m gonna get fired. Shit!”

I drove to work, speeding through traffic.

“Fucking perverted little bitch,” I shouted at the traffic. “Fuck!”

I was generally distracted all day at work. I almost skewered a man with my forklift. He shouted at me.

“Watch where you’re going, Mark!”

“You watch where you’re going, you son of a bitch basted mother—oh, shit, boss! I’m sorry, I didn’t realize it was you. I was kidding!”

“You better not be drinking again, Mark.”

“No, sir.”

“Stop by my office later.”

“Yes, sir.”

I drove home loathing having to see my daughter. How had I fucked things up so bad? And how did I make things right, make her normal? I had to think of something. But what? Hmm. Ah, but wait. What had her diary said? It was just a fantasy. She would freak out if I actually did something. So…what if I actually did something?

“Hold on, Mark,” I said to myself as the traffic crawled. “You can’t touch your daughter.”

“No,” I replied to myself. “I just have to…hmm…make her uncomfortable with the idea. Yeah. Do something subtle. I want her to wonder if I want her. And if she thinks I do, it stops being a fantasy. Then it turns gross. I mean, shit, all I did was flash my cock. That’s not sex. She can see that on the internet. But to make her think I want something. Yeah, that will definitely repulse her. Right, that’s the way to do this! You know, I just might be a genius!”

I was cheerful by the time I made it home, opening the door and sliding inside. My little Lexi was sitting on the couch, a big textbook in her lap. She looked up, a small smile forming.

“Hi, Daddy.”

She was pleased to see me? I figured she’d still be upset. Then again, she probably just finished fucking herself with a baseball bat or something. Damn it, not the baseball thing again!

“Hi, sweetie. How was your day?”

“Not bad. Yours?”

“I almost ran over my boss with a forklift.”

“Oh, haha. Can’t fire you for almost.”

“I told H.R. the same thing,” I said. I walked behind the couch and then leaned over, kissing the top of her head. “What do you want for dinner, kiddo?”

She shrugged. “Whatever you want.”

I put my hands on her shoulders and began to massage them. “How about we order something?”

“Mmm-kay,” she said. “That feels nice.”

I paused for a moment and then began rubbing again. Maybe this was my moment to make it weird. I kept rubbing her shoulders, my fingers slipping around her collarbone, catching the neck of her shirt.

“Harder?” I asked.

“A little. Better than being spanked anyway.” She chuckled.

“I don’t like to punish you.”

“Coulda fooled me,” she said.

“Good girls don’t get punished,” I said.

My fingers moved underneath the neck of her shirt, rubbing her collarbone. Then my hands slid down her neckline, touching her chest.

“Jesus, Daddy!” she said, pulling away from me.

“What?” I said.

“Hello! Those are my tits down there.”

I laughed. “Relax, kiddo, just an accident.”

“Right…” she said, though she looked suspicious and definitely uncomfortable. Perfect.

“All right, I’m gonna change. You order pizza.”


I headed to my room, changing out of my jeans and work shirt. I took off my underwear as well. Then I put on a plain white t-shirt and a pair of sweatpants. I could feel my cock loose inside. Let’s see how she reacted if I put her hand right on top of my sweat pants. I bet she’d run screaming, grossed out that her father did that. Hopefully, she won’t be so pissed she wants to move home. But I’ll assure her it was an accident and nothing like that will ever happen again. That will set her right.

Back in the living room, I hopped on the couch, putting my feet up on the coffee table. “Ordered?”

“Yup. Thirty minutes,” Lexi said.

I flipped on the TV, channel surfing while Lexi flipped pages of her book. I glanced at it in her lap and then reached for it, sliding my hand underneath, my knuckles brushing between her legs for a moment before I took the book. She squirmed.

“What are you doing?”

I tossed the book on the coffee table. “Spend an hour with your old man.”

“But I have to study.”

“Study later.”

“Or what? I get another spanking?”

I smirked at her, and then I grabbed her arm. She squealed as I yanked her across my lap.

“No, Daddy, no!”

I held her in place, grinding upward. Could she feel my cock underneath her tits? Did she realize there were only a couple of layers of cotton separating us? Did it repulse her?

“Smart ass girls get their smart asses slapped.”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry! I was only teasing!”

I swatted her ass once, but not hard, then I let her arm go and she wiggled free, grabbing my thigh for a moment to push herself up. She leaned back on her knees, looking angry.

“Not funny.”

I chuckled, turning my attention back to the TV. She settled down on the couch, keeping her arms folded in protest, her bare feet up on the coffee table next to mine. I put my arm around her shoulder, yanking her into my side.


I ruffled her hair. “Don’t be so mad at me all the time, baby girl.”

She rolled her eyes. “If you weren’t such a jerk, I wouldn’t be.”

I kissed her forehead. “You’re no picnic either, but I still love you.”

She sighed and she seemed to relax, putting her head on my chest. “I guess you can be nice sometimes.”

“Sometimes, eh?”

“Yes, just sometimes.”

“Come on. I’m cool more than sometimes,” I said, nudging her ribs with my fingers. She squirmed.

“Stop it. And no, just sometimes.”

I nudged her again. “More often than not, at least.”

“Nope, just sometimes,” she said, squirming again. I tickled her ribs and she wiggled. “Stop, Daddy.”

“Say more than sometimes.”


“Say it,” I said, tickling her ribs.

“Noo,” she whined. “What are you going to do, spank me again if I don’t say it? Yeah, there’s the jerk side coming out.”

“No, that’s not a spanking punishment. It’s a tickle punishment!”

I spun on her, reaching out to her sides, tickling.

“Ah!” she cried, struggling, trying to push my hands away. “Stop! Daddy, stop! I’m 19! You can’t tickle me! Stop!”

She was laughing and squirming. She fell on her back, trying to crawl away, but I was after her, crawling on top, tickling up and down her sides, under her arms, my fingers brushing the sides of her firm breasts.

“Ah, Daddy, stop! Haha, stop! I can’t take anymore!”

I chuckled. “Oh, you can stop me anytime you want. Say I’m’ always nice. Always, Lexi.”

“Never!” she cried, laughing and twisting. She tried to turn around on her tummy, her arms pinched to her sides to protect her ribs, but I reached around, tickling her waist. I slipped my hand under her shirt, my fingertips on her bare flesh as she squirmed, pushing up against me.

“Say always!” I said.

“No! Haha, stop it, you weirdo!”

I felt her ass bump against my crotch. Touching her like this was making my cock harder and harder in my pants. I grinned to myself and then rammed my dick up against her ass. She gasped, losing her breath, but a wave of tickling brought laughter to her lips.

“Daddy, what the fuck!?” she cried. “Stop!”

“Say always,” I said.

“God, always, always! Stop! Your hands are on my tits!”

I pulled my hands away, sitting back on the couch, chuckling.

Lexi sat up as well, breathing heavily, running a hand through her messy hair. “You’re fucking cra….”

I followed her eye line. My cock was stiff and tenting in my sweatpants. I saw her gulp and just stare at it. I reached down, grabbing my shaft and tugging it so it was straight, pointing it up inside my sweatpants, obscene and more obvious than anything.

“Lexi, do you mind? You’re staring at my cock.”

“Huh? N-no, I wasn’t,” she said, looking away. “And, ew, gross!” she said, looking back. “Your cock is hard again just like it was this morning.”

“Hey, it’s not my fault. You were grinding up against my cock while you were wiggling around.”

“Oh, so it’s my fault your cock is hard?”

“Yes. I can’t control it.”

“Even with your daughter, perv?”

“That’s just how it works.”

“Gross,” she said, looking away again, facing the TV.

I reached for my shaft, giving it a stroke over my pants.

“What the heck are you doing to it?” she asked, looking at my cock again.

“Nothing. It just hurts when it’s stuck in my sweatpants.”

“It hurts?”

“Well, it doesn’t hurt, it’s just uncomfortable. It’s better when it’s out in the open. Do you mind?”

“Do I mind what?”

“If I take it out?”

“Ew, god, yes, I mind! Are you serious right now?”

“What? You already saw it.”


I reached in my pants, wrapping my fingers around my shaft and tugging it out. My cock stood hard and true out in the open for Lexi to see. The sweatpants were bunched up around the base of my shaft, hiding my balls. “Ah, that’s better.”

“Oh, my fucking god, Daddy! I can’t believe you! Are you trying to show me your cock or something?”

“Kiddo, it may come as a shock, but I’m used to having my cock out while I’m home alone. You moving here is an adjustment. So let me relax with my cock out.”

“And you expect me to just sit here with that giant thing staring at me?”

“Does it make you uncomfortable?” I asked.

“Of course, it does! You’re my daddy!”

“Come here, kiddo.”


“Come here.”

I grabbed her shoulder, pulling her into my side again. She was staring straight down at my shaft, and it was pointing straight up at her.

“See, no big deal,” I said. “Let’s be adults about this.”

“I am an adult.”

“Good.” I flexed my cock and it throbbed before her eyes. She gulped.

“It moved.”

“Don’t worry about it. Just relax.”

“How am I supposed to relax? Can you stop making it throbbing like that?”

I chuckled. “Not really. It’s just something it does.”


I flexed it again. “It’s sort of uncontrollable.”

“You mean it throbs by itself?”

“Sometimes, yes.”


“It’s like an overwhelming urge. I feel my cock tighten and flexing relieves pressure.”

“Oh,” she said, staring at it. “It’s so big.”

“You like it?”

“Ew, no. I was just saying it’s big. When it moves around like that, it surprises me.”

“Do you want to feel it move?”

“Huh? No, ew, gross.”

“Go ahead,” I said. “Wrap your hand around it.”

“Ew, no, Daddy, that’s gross.”

“Are you scared?”

“No, I just don’t want to handle my daddy’s gross, big, ugly cock.”

“Ugly? That’s mean to say.”

“I’m sorry, but it is. It’s all veiny and thick around, and the head is a weird color. Honestly, I don’t know how you walk around with that thing between your legs all day long.”

My cock flexed again.

“Geez, and it moves around all the time too. It’s like it has a nervous twitch.”

“Touch it then, baby. Hold it still.”

“Daddy, I can’t believe you’re telling me to touch your cock.”

I chuckled. “It’s not as if I’m offering to fuck you, Lexi. I’m just trying to educate you a little. It’s pretty clear you’ve never seen one before.”

Lexi’s cheeks turned scarlet. “I have so.”

“Yeah? Then you know what they feel like when they throb?”

“I mean, sure.”

“Lexi, are you lying to me? Liars are bad girls.”

She bit her lip, her eyes staying trained on my fat cock. “Fine, I guess I haven’t really seen a real one.”

“Touch it, Lexi.”


“Just feel it throb. Then you can take your hand away. Go on.”

“God, Daddy, this is so gross.”

“Yes, you’re right. It is very gross and disgusting. Touch it, Lexi. Touch your daddy’s cock.”

Lexi glanced at me once, then she looked back. Her little hand reached forward. Her fingertips were the first to touch my shaft. It sent a bolt of lightning up my spine. I throbbed, and her whole hand jumped.

“Oh, god, it’s moving again.”

“Don’t be scared now, baby. Go ahead. Wrap your hand around that.”

“It’s so fucking big, it’s scary,” she said.

“Yes, be scared of it,” I whispered. “It’s scary and gross and ugly. Put your hand around it, baby.”

Admittedly, even though I was conscious of my plan to repulse my daughter, I was pretty fucking horny, and I wanted to feel her hand around my cock, just for a moment. I got my way. Her little fingers coiled around my shaft. They didn’t quite reach all the way around. But I felt the heat of her palm on my cock skin and I couldn’t help but groan. My dick throbbed again.

“Oh! Oh, god, it’s doing it.”

Yeah,” I mumbled.

“Are you controlling it?” she asked.


“Can you make it throb again?”

I flexed for her and her eyes seemed to get bigger and wider. I felt her thumb brush along the shaft. “That’s so weird, and gross. My pussy doesn’t throb.”

I chuckled. “Really? Come on, I’m sure it throbs and contracts when you’re horny.”

She bit her lip. “Well, yeah, I guess, but it doesn’t move all over the place like this big thing.”

“Ah, I’m sure if I shoved a couple fingers in your cunt, you’d move all over the place.”

“Daddy!” she said, looking at me. “Don’t be gross, god.” I flexed my shaft in her hand and her eyes returned to it. “That feels so weird.” Her hand started to unwrap. I thought she was done, but then she ran her palm along the underside of my shaft, all the way down and all the way back up to the head.

“It’s so hard and smooth at the same time. Feels so weird…and gross.”

“It is weird and gross.”

“And it keeps throbbing!”

I chuckled. I was just doing it for attention now, and I liked the attention she was giving me.

“Can I squeeze the head part?”


She pinched the head of my cock between her fingers. I held a moan. Then her finger ran along the piss slit. “Stuff is coming out.”

“Yeah,” I mumbled.

She rubbed the clear liquid between her fingers. There wasn’t much, but I was starting to ooze.

“This is pre-cum, right?”


“It’s sort of like how my pussy gets wet sometimes?”

I gulped. “I suppose, yeah.”

“Um, what does it taste like?”

Suddenly, the doorbell rang and we both jumped. Lexi yanked her hand away like her mother had just walked into the room. I pulled up my sweatpants.

“Must be the pizza guy,” I said.

Lexi nodded. “Yeah. I’ll get it.”

“Good call. I don’t wanna answer the door like this.”

“Yeah, really gross, Daddy,” she said, standing up. She headed to the door and opened it.

The pizza kid tried to chat up my daughter, but all she did was give him a smile and a tip. I noticed she used her left hand to complete the transaction, as if she did not want to transfer my pre-cum onto this poor kid’s hands. She came back with the pizza box and put it on the coffee table.

“Here you go.”

“Great, I’m starved,” I said, sitting up.

“Um, I’m actually really not hungry anymore,” Lexi said.

“Oh?” I said. “Don’t you want a slice?”

“Um, I’m kinda nauseous. I mean, like, that was really gross, Daddy. I can’t believe you made me do that.”

“Baby, I didn’t make you do anything.”

“You kinda did.”

“I think you misunderstood me then.”

“Can I just go to my room, please?”

“All right. I’ll put the leftover pizza in the fridge.”

“Okay. Goodnight.”

“Night…” I said as Lexi disappeared down the hallway.

I sat back, grinning to myself, taking as slice and chomping it down. I chucked aloud. This time, the plan had worked perfectly. She was absolutely disgusted. The awkwardness was unreal. She was probably puking into her trashcan right this moment, rubbing her hands with soap and water, shaking and pacing and feeling nasty all over. Tonight, she’d get herself off, but she wouldn’t be thinking of me. She’d probably be thinking of that pizza boy. Haha. Good for her.

I had another slice and then climbed up and headed down the hall, tiptoeing, nearing Lexi’s room. I held my breath. And then I heard something I didn’t expect. She was crying. All my brilliant plans seemed to disintegrate. It killed me to think I may have made her normal in exchange for scarring her for life. Fuck.

I returned to the living room, putting the pizza away, watching some trash TV. I was hoping Lexi would get hungry and come out, but she stayed away. Eventually, I went to sleep. I didn’t hear anything in the middle of the night, but I did check up on her, even peeked through her keyhole. No squirming feet. Just sleeping feet. I went back to bed.

In the morning, I beat my alarm clock into submission and headed off for a shower. I stayed under the hot water for a long time. I wanted to know if my daughter would come to the bathroom door and ask to come in as she did yesterday. Not a sound. I really had fixed her. Once I was out of the shower and back in my room, I heard her head into the bathroom. I made breakfast, waiting for her to come into the kitchen. It was a long wait. Finally, I went to check up on her.

“Lexi?” I said outside her door. “You’re going to be late. I made breakfast.”

“Oh, um, I’m not hungry, Daddy. I’m just finishing some homework.”

“May I come in?”


I opened the door and stepped inside. She was sitting at her desk, ready to go, finishing homework. “Are you sure you don’t want breakfast, kiddo?”

“I’m fine, thank you.”

“You didn’t have dinner last night.”

“I know, but I’m just not very hungry.”

I took a breath. “Sweetie, about yesterday, the thing with the…thing. I acted kinda inappropriate, so I want to say I’m sorry. It won’t happen again.”

She didn’t say anything, just nodded.

“Okay, then,” I said, nodding as well. “Make sure you’re not late to class.”

“Yes, Daddy.”

I left her room and returned to the kitchen, eating breakfast alone. Lexi passed me a few moments later, waving goodbye.

“Bye, Daddy.”‘

“Bye, baby.”

I waited until the car pulled away, then I ran to the window to double check, and then I ran to her room, sliding inside and hurrying to open her underwear drawer. I shoved my hand into the pile of panties and came back with the diary. I sat on the floor and eagerly opened it.

September 3rd, Wednesday Evening

Diary, this has been the most fucked up day of my life. Daddy spanked me again after breakfast. I nearly came when he kept slapping my bottom. It hurt so much but it felt so good. I had to pull off on the side of the road after I left the house and finger my pussy. I was on cloud nine all day. Then I got home…

Diary, I don’t know if you’re going to believe this, but I think my daddy wants to fuck me. Here’s what happened. Daddy came home, and he started rubbing my shoulders, and he practically shoved his hands down my shirt. I thought it was an accident, but then he sat on the couch with me, and he started wrestling with me, tickling me. I felt his hands all over, even on my breasts for a second. It made me wet. I felt so dirty and gross that I was getting wet from him touching me, but I can’t help it. I wanted him to touch my pussy. I would have let him if he did. But he didn’t do that. Instead, something else happened.

He took his cock out of his pants. I’m not lying. He sat back on the couch and just took it out. He said I made it hard from all the tickling and squirming. I mean, my daddy practically admitted I was the reason his cock was hard. And it wasn’t like in the bathroom. I saw it up close this time. I couldn’t believe it. And then it started moving, throbbing, and I asked why, and my daddy told me to touch it and feel what it felt like when it moved. I had to obey him and do it. It felt so amazing in my hand, Diary. I swear I almost came right there next to my daddy. My panties were absolutely soaked. I was so scared I was going to leak through my skirt and leave a spot on the couch or something.

I’m crying now. I don’t know why. It was so hot touching his cock. But it was supposed to be a fantasy, and now it’s not. What am I going to do if he wants to fuck me? Does he? Or am I misreading him? How do you misread it when your father tells you to play with his cock? I don’t know what to do now, Diary. It was one thing when it wasn’t real, but now that it could be, it feels so wrong, but it makes me want it even more. I think I need to move back home before I end up asking my daddy to fuck me. I need therapy.

“Fuck,” I said heavily.

I put the diary away and drove to work. It became clear to me now that I was making the problem worse. She had a fetish, and I wasn’t going to fix her. So what was my alternative?

“Okay, she’s obsessed with this daddy-daughter thing. I can’t change that. I probably shouldn’t have even tried. You can’t change someone’s sexual preferences. Shit, people have been trying to do that forever. And here I am, an arrogant idiot, thinking I could make history on a Tuesday. Fucking moron.”

I looked at myself in the mirror.

“Yes, I’m talking to you. So let her do whatever she wants. If I had a gay son, I’d tell him to be gay. I just happen to have a daughter who is sexually excited by a father figure. So I’ll tell her to go be sexually excited by a father figure. Problem is, I’m her father. Maybe it wouldn’t be weird if she had a boyfriend and she wanted to role-play or something. She’d probably date an older man, but at least it wouldn’t be me. So I have two options. Either I push her away and lose her, or I ignore her fetish and let her figure it out on her own.”

I drove for a little while in silence.

“All right then,” I said resolutely. “The best thing is to let her get this out of her system, just ride it out…not ride me out, but weather the storm. She’ll figure it out. And I’ll keep her at arm’s length. That’s what I should do. That’s what I should have done from the start.”

I pulled into work and parked, sitting there for a moment.

“Or I could fuck her. No, no, no!” I said in the rear view mirror. “What the fuck are you thinking? Don’t think like that! You cannot fuck Lexi. That’s your daughter. Fucking pig.”

I climbed out of my car and went to work. A few hours later around lunchtime, I received a text.

“Hi, Daddy.”

Oh, shit, what did she want? I replied, “Hey.”

“I’ve been thinking. Can we go out later and talk?”

She wanted to talk? About what? About what a pervert I’ve been? Fuck, I bet she wanted to tell me she was moving back home. Well, I really fucked this up. Best to keep it brief. “K.”

“Okay. We’ll go somewhere nice.”


Her little text sent my head into a tailspin. This was probably going to be our last supper, and she’d smile like my own personal Judas, and then she’d tell me she was returning to her mother Pilate and let it be known to all the wicked deeds I had done. I’d be crucified. I felt generally sick after work on the ride home. I swore I heard my cock crow twice.

When I stepped through the front door, I was greeted with a surprise. My daughter was dressed up. She was wearing a blue dress, with sparkles all across it, and even high heels. Her long legs were bare and smooth. The dress highlighted the curve of her hips and waist. Her breasts were especially perky, and I could see the bumps of her nipples. She wasn’t wearing a bra. She also had on purple lipstick, and her light brown hair was up.

“There you are.”

“I, uh, I had to work a little late.” And I was terrified to come home. Why the fuck was she so dressed up?

“Get ready. I made reservations.”

“Reservations? Where?”

“That fancy steak house on main street.”

“Oh. Okay.” Shit, was I paying for this?

“Come on, change. We’ll be late.”

“Okay,” I said, passing her. In my room, I opened my closet. Did I have to dress up too? Oh, what the hell. I put on slacks and a white button-up shirt, the same one I had worn on Monday, far too tight on me. Good enough. I came back out in record time. “Ready.”

“Aw, you look so handsome for our little date.”

I froze there where I stood. Date? Wait, date? As in…date?! Was this not our last supper? Or was this our first date? Was she coming on to me? I was flabbergasted. Yes, that’s the word, flabbergasted.


She bit her lip. “Well, you know, just for fun.”

“Uh,” I said, coughing. “Actually, you know, I feel like, I think I’m coming down with something.”

“Oh? You’re not feeling well?”

“Not really, no,” I said. There was no fucking way I was going on a date with my own daughter. “I know you made reservations, and I hate to disappoint you…”

“You mean you don’t wanna go?”

“If only you’d asked another day. Maybe we could postpone it till tomorrow.”

“I go home for the weekend tomorrow.”

“Oh, that’s right. Maybe I could just lie down for a minute.”

“But, Daddy, the lady on the phone went to a lot of trouble for me. I had to beg her for a table.”

Oh, my god, this was definitely a date. I couldn’t leave this house, not for a date with Lexi. I didn’t know what the hell she was thinking, but I knew where to find out. Her diary. Something was up, and I needed to find out right now.

“I’m sorry, sweetie. I think I have a temperature.”

She put her palm on my forehead. “Hmm. Okay. Well, why don’t you lie down then? We’ll stay in tonight. I can make you chicken noodle soup.”

“That would be great,” I said. “Could you make that now? I’m very hungry and sick. I need to rest.”

“Okay, sure. But I still have some things I wanna talk to you about.”

“Okay. Chicken noodle soup first.”

“Yes, Daddy.”

She disappeared into the kitchen. I nearly ran down the hall, glancing back. Then I opened her door very quietly. I stepped in, yanking open her drawer, reaching under the panties and pulling out her diary. I closed the drawer and hurried out of her room, checking down the hall. I made it into my bedroom, closing the door and jumping in bed, ready to hide the book if she came in.

September 4th, Thursday

Dear Diary, I’ve done a lot of thinking, and I’ve come to a decision. I’m not going to run back to Mom and be a little baby about this. I’m 19. Daddy wants me to be an adult, so I’m going to be an adult. I don’t know what happened yesterday, if he was just playing with me or flirting with me or maybe he is completely oblivious, but I don’t care. I’ve decided tonight, I am going to put myself out there, and I’m going to come on to him. I’m going to flirt with him. I’m going to touch him. I’m going to kiss him. And if he get’s angry, then I know I was wrong, and I’ll be humiliated. But if I’m right, they’ll be sparks.

It’s always been my fantasy to have my daddy take my virginity, and I always thought it would stay just a fantasy, but after the last few days, I think it might come true. So I’m gonna tell my daddy later tonight that I think he’s sexy, and I’m gonna tell him I liked playing with his cock, and I’m gonna tell him I want to suck on it, and I’m gonna tell him if he wants to fuck me, he can. I’m terrified he’s going to say yes and do it. I’m freaking out so much. My stomach hurts. Wish me luck, Diary. I don’t know what’s going to happen, but either way, tomorrow’s entry should be interesting.

“Oh, my god,” I said.

The door started to open. I jammed the book under my pillow as Lexi slid through the door, carrying a bowl.

“I’ve got your soup, Daddy.”

“Thanks, kiddo,” I said.

She came around to the other side of the bed and climbed on, passing me the bowl. Then she settled in next to me, her bare legs straight, her dress riding up. I glanced at the crevice between her legs. I could see her white panties peeking out.

“Try it.”

I took the spoon and sipped. “It’s good. I’ll just let it cool a little.” I put it on the end table. I couldn’t eat after what I just read. Far from scaring my little girl off, I had pulled her in so deep she now wanted to have sex with me. Me! Her own father! I didn’t know what to do anymore. All I knew was I couldn’t fix her. I just had to ignore her, play dumb. “Sorry about dinner.”

She shrugged. “No biggie. More important than dinner was just that I wanted to talk to you.”

“Oh?” I said, putting on the dumbest expression I could muster.

“Yeah. I wanted to say I’m sorry I was being so stupid and immature about touching your cock. It’s no big deal. It’s totally cool. I’m an adult.”

“Sure,” I offered.

“And, you know…” She shrugged. “I think you have a nice cock. It’s pretty.”

I couldn’t help but smile. “Pretty?”

She bit her lip. “I mean, I don’t know. I said it was ugly and stuff, but that’s just ’cause I was embarrassed. I really think it looks…hmm, how do you compliment a guy’s cock? I just mean, like, it sounds gross to admit, but it kinda turned me on.”

“Honey, that’s to be expected. You’re a woman. Any guy’s cock would turn you on, even if you saw one on the internet, no difference. Really, all men’s cocks are basically the same. It’s natural. You don’t have to be embarrassed. Maybe you feel weird because it was mine, but I’m sure that didn’t enter into your mind when you touched it.”

“Oh, um, no, well, sort of.” She looked me in the eye. “I do think you’re kinda sexy, Daddy.”

I could hear her shallow breaths. She had just cracked open the door and peeked inside, and now she was waiting for my response.

“Haha. Well, I think you’re beautiful too, Lexi. I bet you already have boys diving over you at college, huh?”

“Um, I guess,” she said. “It’s just, sometimes, I have weird thoughts, you know? Like, about sex and stuff. Do you ever have weird urges?”

“No. Never.”

“Oh,” she said. “I do. Like, when you took your cock out and let me touch it and hold it, I liked it.”

“Like I said, that’s natural. Hell, I own the thing, and I like playing with it too.”

She grinned. “I bet you play with it all the time, huh? How often do you stroke it?”


“Come on, I’m just curious.”

“A couple of times a day, maybe in the morning and before bed.”

She nodded. “I play with my pussy in the morning and at night too, and after I get home from class when the house is empty.”

“Jesus, honey. You shouldn’t tell me that.”

She looked confused. “Why not? I thought that’s what adults talked about. I’m an adult. If I can touch your cock, I can talk about sex, can’t I?”

“I suppose.”

She bit her lip as she glanced down at my pants. “Can I see it again?”

“Why?” I asked.

She seemed to shrug. “I’m still curious about it. If you’re feeling up to it, will you let me touch it a little?”

I should have said no, but I’m weak willed, and I was curious to see what she would do, and after all, she had played with it once already. Still, I wasn’t going to let this get out of hand.

“All right. Why not? It’s just a cock, kiddo. Help yourself.”

“Okay,” she said, smiling at me. Her little hand reached out and touched my knee. Her palm slid up my thigh, her fingers running along my inseam. Then I felt her fingertips glide over my shaft. “There it is.”

“There it is,” I echoed.

She ran her hand up and down along the outline, and I felt my cock pulse as it began to harden. She giggled as she ran her nails across it. “I can feel it getting bigger under there.”

“Of course. It’s because you’re touching it.”

“So any girl who touches it can make it harder?”

“That’s how it works.”

“But you’re not grossed out that it’s me touching it?”

“It’s not as if we’re having sex, Lexi. That would be wrong, completely unthinkable, but you’re just curious, so it’s fine.”

She gulped. “Yeah…”

She took hold of the zipper and pulled it down. Her fingers slid inside the flap, wiggling through the second flap of my boxers. Then I felt her fingertips on the side of my cock. I exhaled and just enjoyed the feeling of her touch.

“This thing is fucking huge,” Lexi said as she wrapped her fingers around my cock. She held it firm as she tugged, bending it sideways to yank it out into the open. It throbbed in her hand as it grew harder and longer. “Wow.”

“You like that, don’t you?”

“Yeah.” She caressed her thumb across the underside, squeezing with her hand. “I love how it feels in my hand. It’s amazing.”

“Amazing, huh?”

“It is.” She kept thumbing it, rubbing up to the head, crossing the piss slit, opening it and spreading it apart. “Daddy, have you ever had that overwhelming urge to jump from a high place?”

I cocked an eyebrow. “I don’t like heights.”

“What I mean is it’s good you’re my daddy, because if you were a normal guy and I was playing with your cock, I just have this overwhelming urge to suck it.”

I smirked. “You want to suck my cock?”

“Yeah. I mean, no, I don’t. Um, unless…you want me to, or something.”

I chuckled. “Lexi, you wouldn’t jump from a building, so you shouldn’t suck your daddy’s cock.”

She gulped, nodding. “I know. I was just saying it’s an urge, but that’s natural, right?”

“I suppose. What else do you want to do to it?” It was wrong to ask that question of my poor confused daughter, but the way she was playing with my cock was turning me on.

“Hmm. I guess I’ve always been curious what it would feel like to have my pussy spanked with a guy’s cock.”


“Not hard, not like you spanked me to punish me, but if you just slapped my pussy with the shaft. That’s sexy.” She gave my cock a squeeze and it throbbed in response. “I love that.”

“Lexi, is this making your pussy wet?” I asked.

She looked up. “Um, no.”

“Adults can talk about this, remember?”

She nodded. “Okay, yeah, it is.”

I held out my hand. “Let me feel.”


“Let me feel. I want to see if you’re telling the truth.”

“You wanna touch my pussy?”

“Kiddo, your hand is wrapped around my cock. A brush up against your panties isn’t too much to ask, is it?”

“Not at all, Daddy,” she said.

She took her hand off my cock, climbing up on her knees. She spread herself apart, putting one knee between my legs, straddling my thigh; her stance was nice and wide. Then she took her blue dress and hitched it up to her waist. A pair of blue, lacy panties appeared. She held her dress up with one hand and took my wrist with the other, bringing palm in between her legs. She let my hand go, which I took as an invitation to explore.

My thumb brushed the flesh of her inner thigh. I stroked up, feeling her soft skin, getting bumpier as I reached her bikini line. I ran my finger along the crevice where her crotch met her leg, and then I turned my hand, welcoming her sex pouch into my palm.

I felt the wetness of her cunt immediately. She was dripping. Her clit was hard and engorged. I could feel it poking against her panties. I ran my thumb across it, and she inhaled and held her breath, nibbling on her lip as she looked down at my hand.

“You’re soaked,” I said.

She nodded. “I can’t help it. It’s natural.”

“It is,” I said, sliding my fingers along her mound, my middle finger tracing her slit. Her eyes fluttered. “You like that, Lexi?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“What do you usually do while you play with yourself?”

“Mmm, I run my fingers up and down along my pussy. I don’t like to push them in until I get close to cumming. I take a lot of time rubbing my clit.”

I rubbed her clit in a gentle circle and she moaned.

“Like that?” I asked.

“Yes, Daddy, just like that.”

“Has a boy ever touched you like this?”

She shook her head. “No, Daddy.”

“You’re a virgin, aren’t you?”

She nodded shyly.

“Why’d you wait?”

She tilted her head. “I wanted it to be with the right guy. He didn’t come along. I popped my own cherry though, so I’m ready to take a cock…if I find someone I wanna fuck.”

“What did you use?”

“A carrot.”

“Did it hurt?”

“Like hell.”

I started stroking her little clit again and she started to look dazed. She exhaled and moaned. Her hand reached out to my cock, touching the head, squeezing and rubbing across it, sliding her finger up and down along the piss slit, bits of sticky pre-cum coming off on her fingers.

“I love how your cock feels, Daddy.”

“That’s because you’re horny.”

“I am,” she admitted. “You are too, aren’t you?”

“Yes,” I said.

“Do you need to cum, Daddy?”

I exhaled as I felt her fingers wrap around my shaft. She squeezed and pushed down, pulling the skin painfully away from the head. It hurt, but it also felt good.

“Yeah,” I mumbled.

“I’ve always wanted to taste a man’s cock,” she whispered.

And then she leaned over, pinching her legs together, holding my hand against her pussy as her face came closer to my cock. She held it firm in her hand, pointing it at her mouth, but before she could close her lips around it, I grabbed her shoulder with my free hand, pushing her back.

“What the fuck are you doing?”

She looked up at me, startled. “I, I don’t know. I thought you wanted me to suck your cock.”

“Why the hell did you think that?”

“I don’t know. I’m sorry.”

I sat up, yanking my hand out from in between her legs. I grabbed her arm and twisted her around, shoving her face down into the mattress, her ass high in the air.

“Ow! Daddy!”

“Don’t ever think you can just do whatever you please in this house, let alone suck my cock without my permission.” My hand flew, smacking into her ass. She screamed.

“Ow, ow fuck! Why are you spanking me? I didn’t do—”

I slapped her ass again.

“Ow! One, one!” She turned her head around, looking up at me with sad eyes, my cock hovering in the air.

“Say you’re sorry,” I said

She frowned. “I’m sorry for trying to suck your cock without your permission, Daddy.” My hand flew and she yelped. “Ow! Two! I apologized!”

“An apology doesn’t excuse your punishment. Don’t.” I slapped her ass. “Suck.” I slapped harder. “My.” I walloped her ass, her screams filling the room. “Cock!”

“Three, four, five! Please, Daddy, I’m sorry! I’m sorry.” She started crying. “I’m sorry. I just wanted to show you how good I was at it.”

“Good at it? So my daughter’s a good cocksucker, huh? I shouda known.” That earned her another slap on the ass.

“Six!” She sniffled, shaking her head. “I practiced on carrots. I wanted to learn how to deepthroat.”

I stopped my hand before it could come down on her ass again. “What? Why?”

She wiped her eyes. “‘Cause I heard you and Mom arguing about how she couldn’t swallow your cock. That’s why you brought home the hooker. I didn’t want a guy to get angry at me when I sucked on his cock. I thought you might want to see how good I am at it.”

“And you think it’s normal to suck your father’s cock?”

“No. I just wanted to taste it.”

“You want to taste it?”

She nodded, sniveling. “I was just curious.”

“Next time, you ask me. You don’t take. Is that clear?”

“Ye-yes, Daddy.”

“Sit up.”

She turned around on the bed, wiping her eyes, looking up at me.

“Put your face down in front of my cock, stick your tongue out.”

“Yes, Daddy.”

She put her face level with my cock, and her tongue rolled out of her mouth. Her eyes were focused on mine. I could see how excited she was, like a dog panting for a drink of water. I put my hand on her head, sliding it into her hair, holding her in place.

“Now, don’t you dare close your lips. You may taste, not suck. Do you understand me?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

Holding her steady with one hand and holding my cock in the other, I aimed my mushroom head for her long, pink tongue. I ran it all across her lips and into her teeth. She wiggled her tongue to taste more, trying to lick down my shaft. I turned my cock to the side, letting it run past her mouth and across her nose and cheek. She licked like crazy along the shaft, lapping at it like a kitten with milk.

“Mmm,” she meowed.

“You like how that tastes, don’t you?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

I slapped her in the cheek with my cock and she gasped.

“You want to suck it, don’t you?”

She nodded guiltily. “I told you, I’m curious what it’s like to suck on a man’s cock.”

“Stay curious. You won’t be sucking on mine, do you understand me?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“But you can taste it,” I said. “Open up your mouth and put your tongue back out.”

She opened her mouth nice and wide, saying “ahh,” her tongue flicking in invitation. I ran my cockhead across her tongue, sliding my fat mushroom head right up to her teeth.

“Don’t close your lips once I’m in your mouth, okay? If you try to suck my cock, I’m going to spank your ass until it’s blue. Understand?”

She nodded slightly, unable to speak, my cockhead feeling the vibrations on her tongue. Then I pushed my cock forward, sliding it across her tongue and into her open mouth. Her teeth scraped the head. Fuck, it felt so good to feel her warm tongue on the underside of my cock, licking across it. She could not get enough. She loved this fat piece of meat resting on her tongue. I could see her lips struggling to stay open with my huge cock in her mouth. I felt her teeth all around my shaft, being careful not to bite.

“You wanna show Daddy how deep you can take his cock in your mouth now?”

She nodded eagerly, my cock bouncing around, rubbing up against the roof and her tongue. She slowly inched forward, her teeth scraping down my shaft like a strigil. I was trying not to moan, but it felt fucking incredible. I wasn’t quite sure where any of this fit into my plan to fix her, but I knew I was horny, and having my cock in her mouth was heaven. I’d worry about the consequences later.

I watched her. And then I felt the back of her throat. She straightened out her neck and I began to slide down. Her eyes looked up, and I could see the pride in them as I began to bend down her throat. She paused, and I felt her neck contract around the head of my cock, the heat suffocating my sensitive head, her nose panting as she tried to keep air in her lungs. Then she moved forward, my cock invading her throat deeper and deeper. She was more than halfway down and I was in heaven. She wasn’t even trying to close her lips, just using her tongue and throat, suffering to give my cock pleasure. Fuck, she was such a good girl to her daddy.

“God, you’re a good girl,” I breathed out, stroking the side of her head.

She suddenly began choking. She yanked her head away, coughing and gagging, holding a hand to her mouth as she pinched her eyes closed. She coughed again and looked up at me. “Sorry.”

“You did great.”

She smiled. “Really? Can I go again? I can go deeper.”

I smirked at her. Then I sat back in the bed, reclining. “You really want to suck my cock, don’t you?”

She nodded guiltily. “Yes, Daddy, I really do.”

“You don’t care that I’m your father?”

She seemed to shrug. “Well, it’s like you said. It’s not sex. And you are putting me through college. Maybe you deserve a blowjob.”

“Maybe I do.”

“Think of it as a thank you. Besides, I was a royal bitch when I first got here, so let me make it up to you by sucking on your cock. You can cum in my mouth too, and I’ll get to taste it.”

I looked down at my cock, her spit dripping down it after being in her throat.

“You know, in the ten seconds I was in your mouth, you were better than ten years with your mother.”

She grinned. “Aw, Daddy. You’re so sweet. Let me finish then. Let me suck your cock. Pretty please? Pleaseee. I wanna close my lips around it and suck and suck and suck.”

“Okay. You twisted my arm. Suck my cock, you little slut.”

She grinned. “Thank you, Daddy.”

She crawled closer, bringing her face to my face. Then she did something I wasn’t expecting. She kissed me on the lips. It wasn’t long, and there was no tongue. But her mouth opened and I felt my lower lip between her lips.

“Mmm, that’s for being the best Daddy in the world and letting me suck your cock. Now, bear with me while I figure out how to do this. I’m still new and you’re much bigger than a carrot.”

“Just do what you did a moment ago and you won’t hear me complain.”

“You mean this?” Lexi kissed my lips again. I kissed her back this time, opening my mouth and holding her lip between mine.

“Mmm.” She giggled. “Naughty Daddy, kissing your daughter.”

“All right, just get down there and suck my cock already.”

“Yes, Daddy.”

She slid down my body, her hands running down my sides, her lips kissing my chest. I was getting impatient now. I put my hand on the back of her head, ready to shove her mouth down. She smiled up at me, and then her eyebrows scrunched up in confusion.

“Um, what’s that?”

“Huh? What?”

I looked where she was looking. A black book was slipping out from under the pillow. Lexi grabbed it before I could take action. It was too late. Her eyes grew huge as she realized what it was. She brought it to her face, examining it, like it was a duplicate, like it had somehow transported itself there. She jumped out of bed, flipping it open. Her breathing was coming in rapid gasps. She spun around to me.

“You, you, you stole my diary?”

“Uh, no, I didn’t steal it.”

“You went in my room and took it.”


“Did you read it? Tell me you didn’t read it.”

“Baby, listen…”

“Did you?” she demanded. “Did you?”

“No…okay, yes.”

“Oh, my god. Oh, my god!”

“Try to relax.”

“How long have you been reading it? How long?”


“Oh, my fucking god! How could you do this?”

I stood up from bed, my cock deflating as we were caught red handed. I stuffed him back into my slacks to save some measure of dignity.

“Sweetie, look, it’s not like I was trying to invade your privacy.”

“Oh, what do you call it then?”

“All right, I invaded your privacy, but I did it for your own good.”

“How does that even make sense?”

“Because I know about your…your fetish.”

“My fetish?”

“Your need to sexualize a daddy figure.”

“Oh, my fucking god!” she said, turning and leaving the room.

“Wait,” I said, catching up in the hall. I grabbed her wrist to stop her. “Wait, Lexi.”

“Let me go!”

“Just hold on. Look, I’m not judging you. If you were gay, I’d be okay with it. This is just another kind of sexual desire.”

“Let go of my wrist, now, please.”

“I’m just trying to say that I understand your needs, but I can’t be a part of them. You’re going to have to find some other daddy figure.”

“So what the fuck have you been doing with me?” she demanded angrily. “You’re playing with my head? You think that’s funny? Why the fuck did you let me suck your cock in there?”

“That got away from me. I’m only human. You asked to see it, and one thing led to another….”

“And why the hell did you ever let me see it in the first place?” she shouted.

“Because I wanted to scare you off. I wanted to show you that I’m not your fantasy. I wanted you to stop thinking of me like that, to think of me as just your father. I thought it would help you.”

“You are such a bastard! Tonight was supposed to be special, and you ruined it! Mom was right about you! I hate you!”

She pulled her wrist away and ran into her room, slamming the door. I hung my head. What was I to do? Go after her? Yell at her and tell her she’d better treat me with respect, ruin any chance I had left of having a place in her life? I turned away. Suddenly, her door flew open and she charged out.

“And another thing! I’m not moving back home! I live here now! So I don’t give a fuck if we never speak again, you are paying my tuition! So fuck you, you pig!”

She ran back in her room and slammed the door again. I sighed and returned to my room, sitting down on the bed. I reclined with my head on my pillow. I was so pissed off with myself. And actually, I was pissed off with her too. Yes, I had read her diary, but I had been trying to do the right thing. Any other father probably would have fucked their daughter by now. Me, I was the chivalrous type. Yup, a real knight in shining armor. How had this blown up in my face?

I waited about ten minutes, and then I tiptoed out of my room, down the hall to Lexi’s. I could hear her crying on the other side of the door. Well, fuck. I returned to my bed. Why should I feel bad? It was her fault, really. Yeah, right. I was the worst father in the world. No need to nominate anyone else. Just give me the Razzie and put me out of my misery.

The next morning I hurried into the shower. I had intended to get out of there as fast as possible so I didn’t have to run into Lexi, but my cock was getting harder under the warm water. I hadn’t touched it since it had been halfway down Lexi’s throat, leaving me with a need I had never fulfilled. Maybe I could stroke it fast. I wrapped my fist around my shaft and gave it a long stroke. There, that’s better….

I began to pump it back and forth as I let my mind wander back to Lexi’s perfect throat, the way she kept her lips open and her teeth tight around my shaft, her little tongue working my mushroom head. Fuck, that felt so incredible. I never should have put my cock in her warm, little mouth, but I had, and it had been fucking amazing. Damn, I wanted that blowjob. When was the last time I had a blowjob anyway? Shit, so long I’ve forgotten. Goddamn though, Lexi did not realize how happy she was going to make some man one day. Of course, I knew it was me she wanted to make happy.

“Fuck,” I mumbled.

I couldn’t help imagining her tight lips sliding up and down my cock. I wanted her. But I didn’t want just her mouth. I wanted to fuck her. I don’t know how or when this desire came over me, but somehow in the last few days, all of her daddy fetishes were slowly starting to rub off on me. Yes, I wanted to fuck my own daughter, and I hated myself for it.

Knock, knock.

“Fuck. What?” I said to myself. “What?” I called.

“Are you going to be in there forever? I do have class today before I go home for the weekend. Don’t be a jerk.”


I stepped out of the shower, not bothering with a towel, my hard cock bouncing around with each step. I yanked the door open. “Did you just call me a jerk?”

“Jesus, Daddy!” she said, blocking the view with her hand. “Can you put a fucking towel on like a normal father, please?”

“Don’t call me a jerk in my own house, Lexi.”

She scoffed. “Whatever. Are you done yet?”


“Because I need to shower!”

“Then get in here and shower.”

“I will when you get out.”

I stepped aside. “Come in here.”

“Are you done?”

“Get in here.”

“What do you mean?”

I reached out, taking her wrist and yanking her in and closing the door.


“Get in the shower,” I said, letting her go.

“I can’t. You’re in here.”

“This is what you wanted, isn’t it?” I asked. “You come knocking on this door every morning because you want to see my cock. Well, here it is. Now it’s my turn. Take your clothes off. Shower.”

“What? No way!”

“Take them off,” I said, taking a step toward her, my cock pointing at her like an angry accusation of daddy fetishism.

“I am not getting undressed with you here.”

“Are you disobeying me?”

The strength of her posture seemed to drop. “No… I just don’t feel comfortable getting naked in front of you.”

“Take your clothes off, Lexi.”


“Because I told you to.”

“Daddy, please. I don’t want to.”

“If you don’t take them off, I’m putting you in that shower with them on.”

“You wouldn’t…”

I grabbed her around the waist and picked her up. She squealed like a pig, kicking her legs. I threw her into the tub and she stumbled, grabbing the shower bar, the hot water hitting her and running down her clothes.

“Daddy! I can’t believe you!”

I stepped in after her. “Take them off.”

“Fuck you.” She turned to step out, but I pushed her up against the wall.

“Don’t talk to me like that! Do you want another spanking? Take those fucking clothes off! Don’t disobey me, Lexi!”

“Please, Daddy…”


Her resistance weakened. She lowered her head as she took the bottom of her tank top and lifted it up over her head. I saw her breasts immediately. She had not been wearing a bra. Her areolas were small, little pink circles, with long, hard nipples. She crossed her arms in front of her chest, as if to block her tits.

“Take your pants off.”

“Daddy, please stop.”

“Don’t make me ask you again.”

She bit her lower lip as she hooked her thumbs into the waistline of her pajama bottoms. She peeled them down, the hot water running across her body. She pulled them off at her feet and dropped the soaking wet bundle out of the tub.

“The panties,” I said.

She frowned, pushing those down next, taking careful steps out of them, tossing them out of the tub. I saw her pussy then, a slit between her legs, her little clit poking out. She had shaved herself clean. I licked my lips. Her hands kept changing positions, moving in front of her, folding to block the view, all while the water hit her back and ran down her body.

“Now what?” she asked.

“Shower,” I said.

She turned around, bending over to pick up the soap bar. I saw her ass spread open for a moment, her tight little asshole visible before she stood up straight. She began rubbing the soap bar across her chest.

I stepped up behind her, my hard cock poking against her tailbone. I reached under her arms, sliding my fingertips along her rib cage. She froze in place with the bar of soap between her breasts. I took it from her, moving the bar across her nipples. My mouth was just behind her ear.

“This is what you want, isn’t it? To shower with your daddy. That’s why you’ve been coming in here every morning, banging on the door. Admit it.”

“That’s not true. It’s not,” she said.

I reached one hand down and slapped her ass.

She yelped. “Ow! One.”

“Don’t lie to me, you little slut. Tell me the truth. I’ve read it all in your diary.”

“I came before because I wanted to see your cock, but that’s not why I came this morning. I really just wanted to shower.”

“And now you’re showering.”

“You’re showering me,” she corrected as the bar of soap moved to her other breast, running over her nipple.

I stepped up closer to her, my cock bending. She held her breath as she felt the head slide between her ass cheeks.

“You feel that?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“I could fuck you right now, you know?”

“You’d never do that. You said so last night.”

“You want me to though, don’t you? Admit it.”

“I don’t have to admit anything. You read my diary, you pig.”

I dropped the bar of soap, my soapy hands clasping her breasts, rolling her hard nipples between my fingers and thumb. She inhaled deep.

“Daddy, don’t.”

“Why? I’m giving you exactly what you want, aren’t I?” I reached down, taking my long, fat shaft in my hand. “Spread your legs.”

“Daddy, no.”

“Spread them!” I snapped, loud and growling in her ear.

She widened her stance, putting her hands up against the wall. I angled my cock down, letting it slip between her legs. It came out the other side. She looked down at it.

“Touch it,” I said

“Why are you doing this?”

“I’m doing it because I don’t think you know what you want. I’m showing you your fantasy.”

“Maybe I like it.”

“Then let’s see how far you’re willing to go. Touch my cock.”

She reached down, taking the head of my cock in her fingers. She rubbed backwards.

“Grind your cunt against it.”


“Do it. Let me feel your slit sliding along the top of my cock.”

She held my cock in place as she slowly slid herself back and forth across it. I felt her labia separate, running along my shaft. Even with the water hitting both of us, pouring down our bodies, I could feel the slipperiness of her wet pussy. Lexi was panting, grinding her cunt against my cock, using the head to rub her clit.

“You’re a naughty girl,” I said in her ear. “You like this, don’t you?”

“No, you told me to do it. I just want to obey you so you don’t spank me anymore.”

“You like being spanked. I read it.”

She gave me a pouty look. “You invaded my privacy.”

“Pick up the soap.”


“Because you don’t want to be spanked again, do you? Obey me.”

“Yes, Daddy.”

She bent over, keeping her legs straight, and picked up the soap. I put my hand on the back of her neck, holding her down. With my other hand, I took the base of my shaft and swung it upward, spanking her cunt. She gasped.


“Count or it doesn’t count!”

I slapped her cunt again.

“Oh, my god,” she whispered.

“This is what you said you wanted last night. Still want it? Count Lexi, or I’ll stop.”

I spanked her pussy with my cock, her wet cunt making a delicious sounds.

“Oooh, one,” she said.

I hit her again, harder, my shaft separating her labia for a moment.

“Fuck, two,” she said, her bare feet slipping wider in the tub. I hit her cunt once more and she groaned from deep in her belly. “Mmm, three, ohh, yes…”

“I knew you liked it,” I said, slapping my cock hard and fast against her cunt.

“Mmm, five, six, seven, eight. I’ll count forever. Again.”

“You dirty slut,” I said, slapping her cunt.

“Fuck, Daddy, that feels so good. I think you’re going to make me cum.”

I grabbed her and turned her against the wall, her breasts and nipples pressed up against the cold tile. She whimpered. I took my cock and aimed it right for her slit. She opened her legs to me, bowing them wide, standing on her tiptoes. I began rubbing the head along the length of her pussy, her labia separating to welcome me.

“You want it inside your pussy, don’t you?” I asked in her ear.

She turned her head, biting her lip, but then she nodded. “Yes.”

“You really want your own father to fuck you?”

She nodded again. “I know it’s wrong.”

“It is wrong. It’s disgusting. You should be ashamed of yourself.”

“I am ashamed,” she whispered, “so ashamed. I know I have a gross fetish, but I’m so horny all the time around you, I don’t care. Please just fuck me, Daddy. Pretty please, fuck me.”

I growled at her. “Damn it, Lexi. Naughty girls don’t get fucked. They get punished.”

I pulled my cock away from her pussy, sliding it up along her ass crack. I grabbed her ass cheeks, spreading them apart.

“D-daddy?’ she said nervously.

“Bad fucking girl,” I said.

I shoved myself forward. My cock bent as the mushroom head spread her little asshole open, trying to force its way inside. Lexi screeched, reaching around, trying to push me away. I growled and grabbed her hair, clenching it into a fist, pulling it hard.

“Stay still!”

“Daddy, stop!”

“Shut up! Take your punishment!”

With my free hand, I pressed down on the shampoo pump. I smeared the soap across my cock and then wiped it along her ass crack.

“Daddy, please, no!” Lexi cried. “Spank me if I’ve been bad, but not that!”

“You like to be spanked. Let’s see if you like to be fucked in the ass.”

With the help of the shampoo, I rammed my cock forward. Her asshole had no choice but to open up for me. It swallowed up the head of my cock as a chorus of Lexi’s screams filled the bathroom. I kept her pinned there against the wall as I drove my shaft inside her.

“Fuck! Ow! Fuck, Daddy! Take it out! Please, oh god, it hurts so much! Ohhh fuck! Fuck, please!”

“Fucking naughty perverted little bitch,” I said, getting angrier as I looked down and saw my cock halfway buried in her ass. I growled and rammed into her, driving my shaft deep up her ass. She screamed and cried. She would have collapsed, but I held her up, reaching around her body, sliding my hand between the wall and her chest, clapping her breast in my hand. I squeezed tight against her nipple, crushing it in my fingers.

“Count! Remember, if you don’t count, it doesn’t count.” I pulled my cock all the way back, and then I rammed forward, burying myself in her.

She screamed again. “Fuckkk! I hate you! I hate you! One, One! Please, take it out! You’re killing me!”

“I’m not killing you. I’m fucking your ass because you’re behaving like a whore!”

She sobbed as I pulled my cock all the way back again. “Please, not again. It’s so big and it hurts so much.”

I rammed forward, all the way until I felt my balls slap her ass cheeks, her cries of agony ringing in my ears.

“Please, god, stop! You fucking bastard! Two! “

I withdrew again, and then I shoved myself forward, making her whine and whimper in pain.

“Motherfucker, three, three, please!”

I didn’t care about the counting anymore. I just needed to fuck. I pulled back and began pumping it into her ass, pulling out fast and hard, all while my daughter sniveled and cried.

“F-four, five, ow! Six, six. Sev-you’re not letting me count! Ow! Fuck, Daddy, it hurts! Please, slower, please, Daddy! Eight! I’ll be good. I’m sorry I said I hated—Ow! Nine! Please!”

I kept plowing her ass, finding a rhythm, my cock throbbing in pleasure as I violated her hole. I slid my hand away from her tits, down her stomach, reaching for her cunt. I grabbed her mound, her pussy filling my hand. Then I began to rub her clit. She held her breath for a moment, but lost it as I sank my cock back into her ass.

“Oow, god! Please, not so deep! It hurts everywhere!”

“Shh!” I said. “Just let Daddy fuck your ass, and keep reminding yourself you deserve it for coming on to me.”

“I’m sorry,” she whimpered. “I’m sorry. I won’t do it again. I’m so sorry.”

“I know you are, baby. Daddy knows.”

I massaged her clit in a circle, rubbing it hard up and down. Her cries of pain began to mix with pleasurable little moans as my cock drove in and out of her tight ass. She felt incredible. I’d could tell she’d never had anything up her ass before. My cock was strangled for every thrust I gave her.

“Fuck, baby, your ass feels good,” I whispered.

“I hate you.”

“This is what you wanted, Lexi,” I said, ramming hard into her ass, pushing her up against the wall. She yelped and whimpered and I chuckled. “Mmm, yes, this is what you wanted, to be fucked by your daddy. Your dreams have come true.”

“Please, Daddy, take it out of my ass. It’s so big. It hurts so much.”

I kept rubbing her pussy, slowing my thrusts into her ass for a moment to give her a little bit of pleasure.

“Fuck, your ass feels good.”

She moaned a whimper. “Is it almost over?”

“Yeah, baby, Daddy has to cum.”

“How much longer?” she whined.

“Ten minutes.”

“Ten?” she cried, and I pushed back in, my groaning drown out by her hiss of pain. “Ow, ow, ow. Please, I can’t last any longer. Please, Daddy, please, take it out.”

“Would you rather suck on it, Lexi? Do you want to suck on Daddy’s cock?”

She whimpered. “It’s dir—Ow! Dirty. Ow…”

“Shhh,” I said. I held her hips and then I slowly withdrew my cock. It made a slurping sound as I exited. Lexi whimpered in relief, looking over her shoulder, scared I was going to blow back into her. Instead, I put my hand on the top of her head. She shook her head as I began to push her down. I nodded and grinned.

“Suck Daddy’s cock like a good girl.”

She slipped to her knees, looking at it. “Please don’t make me. Not after it’s been inside my butt.”

“Suck it or it’s going back in your ass. I need to cum, now.”

“Ouch, not back in my butt. I’ll suck it. I’ll do good, Daddy. I’ll do good.”

She nervously took hold of my shaft, holding it like a baseball bat as she stroked it up and down. The water was hitting my chest, running down my cock, rinsing it. Lexi seemed to be trying to clean it as best she could.

“Fuck…” I mumbled. “In your mouth, now. Stop stalling.”


“And you’d better deepthroat it like last night,” I told her.

She looked up at me. “Ye-yes daddy.”

Her warm lips wrapped around the head of my cock and I groaned in pleasure. I felt her gag even though I was nowhere near her throat. I knew it was the taste and thought of where it had been. Then her tongue ran underneath, right at the point where the head met the shaft. Fuck, that was sensitive.

“Damn, baby.”

She looked up at me as she sucked, squinting as the shower water fell in her eyes. Then she went back to work, pushing her lips down my hard shaft, her tongue gliding along the bottom, tasting her ass. I felt the back of her throat and groaned in anticipation. Then she opened her mouth, stretching her neck, and I felt myself dip down her throat.

“Fuck, yes.”

She closed her mouth again, nice and tight, and sucked up and down, sliding my cock all the way over her tongue and down her throat before pulling back. She took a breath and then dove in for more, sliding it down her throat once again. She held the shaft tight, trying to pump the rest in her fist.

“You’re a natural, kiddo.”

She looked up in my eyes and then sucked hard, dragging her tongue back down to the head of my cock. I felt it gliding over the piss slit.


I had had enough. My cock jerked in her mouth, making her yip as cum erupted from my balls. I groaned loudly, grabbing and holding onto her head as my cock spasmed. Sperm leaked out of her mouth and she began coughing, but she quickly closed her mouth around my cock and sucked, her throat swallowing as she pushed the head of my cock down after it.

“Yes, swallow my cum, you little slut. Fuck.”

My head had fallen back as she kept sucking my cumming cock. As I finished, it grew sensitive. I looked down at her, watching her milk it, massaging the shaft.

“Ah, okay, kiddo, that’s enough.”

She pulled my cock out of her mouth and then gave it a nice long lick along the bottom. She looked up at me.


“Excuse me?” I said.

She stood up. “Don’t you ever do that again.”

“What? You’re pissed now? I read in your diary you wanted to be fucked.”

“Not in my ass!”

“That was punishment.”

“For what? For wanting to have sex with you?”

“Yes. It’s wrong.”

She scoffed. “You are sick. You don’t punish your daughter by fucking her in the ass!”

“Me, sick? You’re the pervert who wants to fuck her father. I’m just trying to wake you up from your sick little fantasies.”

“Oh, and fucking me in the ass like a whore was just my wake up call?”

“Yes. You’re welcome.”

Her eyes blazed. “You are such a bastard! I can’t believe I ever wanted to be with you! You just take, take, take whatever you want. You don’t even care that my ass is in so much fucking pain right now. You don’t give a shit at all, do you?”

I stepped out of the shower, looking back at her. “Lexi, it’s time to wake up from your little fantasies.”

I walked out of the bathroom, heading back to my room. I was feeling smug, and then I looked at myself in the mirror. I had to admit, my daughter was right. You don’t punish your little girl by fucking her in the ass. I had surrendered to my lust. I wanted sex, but I didn’t want to fuck her how she wanted to be fucked. And after all, I was just trying to fix her.

Wait. Was I really trying to justify what I had done? I had fucked my little girl in the ass. My own daughter. I had treated her like a cheap whore. She had begged me to stop and I had ignored her. Jesus Christ, how far had I sunk? And worse, why was I just realizing this now? Where the fuck was my conscience while I was nine inches in her ass?

“Oh, my god,” I said as the reality of it settled over me. “I’ve lost my mind.”

I dressed quickly and then left my room, hearing the shower still running. In the kitchen, I started breakfast. Maybe a nice omelet would smooth over the anal pounding I’d just given my daughter, but I doubted it. Still, I was generous with the bacon.

“Are you out of your fucking mind?” Lexi suddenly said.

I looked up as she stood in the archway, her hair a wet mess, wearing a tank top and a pair of blue jeans. I put the omelet on the plate.

“What do you mean?”

“I’m not eating with you,” she said.

“Lexi, can I say something?”

She folded her arms. “What?”

I took a deep breath. “I’m sorry.”

“Oh, are you? For what?”

“For…for what I did in there. I lost control. And I know plenty of father’s go off the deep end, smack their kids around, and apologize afterward, and I—”

“And this is no different,” she said. “You went off the deep end. But you didn’t smack me around. You fucked me in the ass.”

“I was trying to punish you, and I let the punishment escalate.”

“Why don’t you just say it how it is? You were horny, and you wanted to hurt me, so you fucked me in the ass. Just admit that much.”

“Hold on, I want you to see it from my side—”

“You know what, just save it. You’ve been apologizing to me my whole life, and you always disappoint me in the end. So forget it. That’s just what you are, Daddy, a disappointment.”

That hurt. I wasn’t going to let her get away with it. “Lexi, I’m trying to apologize. Don’t talk to me like that in my own home.”

She put her hands on her hips. “No problem, Daddy. I’ll never disrespect you in this house again, because I’m leaving.”

“Excuse me?”

“I’ll pack up and be gone by the time you get home from work.”

“Hold on, Lexi. Don’t do anything rash.”

“You mean like you did when you held me up against the wall and fucked me in the ass?”

“I was just trying to—”

“Oh, be quiet. You’re lucky I don’t want to be known as the girl who was fucked in the ass by her father, or I’d call the police and have you arrested. But I see you for what you are now. You’re a pathetic loser drunk, and I don’t need you bringing me down. So thanks for the wake-up call. I’m up now.”

She walked away from me, flipping her hair over her shoulder. Her bedroom door closed. It didn’t even slam. Just closed. I followed her, knocking. I dared not force my way inside

“Lexi, listen, I made a mistake. I was frustrated, and I did something very stupid. I don’t want you to move out. Can we talk about this? Please?”

No answer.

“Please?” I repeated. “I’m only asking for a chance to make this better. You’re my daughter. I don’t want to lose you.”




“Okay, I know you need some time. Just don’t run home to your mother, please. I’ll make this right if you give me a chance. I want you in my life. Let’s talk about this tonight before you leave for the weekend, okay? Can you give me half a day? Lexi? Okay?”

I waited.

The door opened. She was standing there in front of me. I smiled, and then she spit in my face. I was stunned, frozen there. She spit at me? Me? She didn’t even say anything. She just closed the door. I stared at it. What was my rebuttal to that?

I wiped my face and left the house, starting the car and driving to work. I turned off the radio; the DJ was laughing at me. I stopped at a red light and stared blankly at the traffic. I suddenly realized I couldn’t breathe. I had just lost my daughter. Really lost her. She’d never speak to me again. Never. Oh, my god.

“Fucking idiot! You couldn’t just leave her alone, could you? You could have given her her privacy, let her live in her little fantasy world. It was not as if she would have ever acted on it, but you had to push her, and then you fucked her in the ass, you dumb motherfucker! What the fuck were you thinking? I’m the biggest fucking moron in the world. Fuck!”

The car behind me honked their horn and I stepped on the pedal. How could I face work after all that had happened? I pulled over, calling my boss, telling him I was sick. And it was true. I felt sick to my stomach.

I sat in the car, grinding the wheel, my palms sweating. Fuck, I was shaking. I needed something to calm me down. Something. Something. It was only 7:45 a.m., but I knew a bar that served breakfast. I drove there, my breath heavy in my ears. When I pulled up, I went inside and sat down on a stool. The place was already filled with customers.

“What can I get you?” the lady at the counter asked.

I gulped. “Whiskey.”

She raised an eyebrow. “Can’t serve you until after 8:00, sweetie. How about some coffee?”

I nodded. “Coffee.”

“Anything to eat?”


She came back only a moment later, putting down my coffee and toast and taking my four dollars. I took out my phone. 7:55 a.m. I opened my contacts and called my sponsor.


“Jim, it’s me.”

“Mark? How are you, buddy? I’ve been meaning to call you. Your daughter moved in with you, right? How’s that going?”

“Jim, I’m at a bar, and they start serving at 8:00 a.m.”

“Good lord, Mark. Don’t throw away three years. Where are you?”

“I’m not telling.”

“You want to tell me. If you didn’t, you wouldn’t have called.”

“My daughter hates me. She’s going home. I fucked up bad.”

“Whatever happened, there’s always another chance.”

“Not this time.”

“Tell me about it then, face to face. Where are you?”

I told him. Jim was a good guy. He came out before I could make a mistake. We took a booth, and he tried to get the truth out of me over coffee. He had seen me at my lowest point, but this was different. Whatever respect he still had for me, I wasn’t going to flush it down the toilet by telling him I had just fucked my daughter in the ass, while sober. Shit. There’s one mistake I wish I could blame on the booze.

“Let me take you home.”

I shook my head. “She might be there.”

“Good. Then talk to her. Don’t let her leave until you make her understand why you did…whatever it was you did.”

I laughed. “Yeah, right.”

“It can’t be that bad, Mark. Kids can bounce back from a lot.”

I looked at my watch: 12:00 p.m. She had probably already left, but maybe she hadn’t. Maybe I could catch her.

“Okay,” I said, looking at Jim. “I have to try, right?”

“There you go. But no drinking, even if she tells you to go to hell. Deal?”

“Yeah, deal.”

I returned to my car and headed home. A smile split my face when I saw that Lexi’s car was still parked outside the house. I parked next to her, took a deep breath, and headed inside.

“Lexi?” I called. “Sweetie?” I headed down the hall. “Baby, I’m so sorry.” Her door was open. I stepped through. “Lexi?” Where was she? I looked around and then pulled open one of the drawers. Empty. Oh, no. Where did she go without a car? Unless her mother picked her up. “Lexi?” The bathroom door was open as well. I went back into the living room, checking the kitchen. “Lexi?” There was nowhere else to check, except my room. I hurried back to my room. “Lexi?”

I paused when I stepped inside. Lexi was not there, but she had left something for me on the bedside table, my dusty bottle of Jack Daniels, a shot glass next to it, already filled, a little note underneath. I sat heavily on the bed as I took the note and read it.

“Dear Daddy, I poured this for you. We both know you need it, because you’re a pathetic loser who can’t even function while he’s sober. So drink up while you think about what a shitty father you’ve been to your only daughter. Goodbye. Love, Lexi.”

I crunched up the note and dropped it on the floor. I took out my phone and then threw it at the wall. It shattered. I picked up the shot glass my daughter had poured for me. She knew I’d take it, because she was right about me. I threw it back, coughing.

“Fuck.” I shuddered. I poured another shot, taking it quicker. It went down much smoother. I didn’t bother with the shot glass for the next drink. I took the bottle and threw it back. Within a half hour, half the bottle was gone. My head was spinning. “I’ve become a lightweight.” I stood up from the bed and then lost my footing, stumbling back. I lied down. The whole room was spinning. “What the fuck?” I tried to sit up, but my muscles felt so weak. “What’s happening to me?”

“Gotcha, Daddy.”

I turned halfway around, my vision going blurry. Lexi was standing in the doorway.

“Le-Lexi? What the, the…did you…”

She laughed. “You came home early, but I still gotcha.”

“What the fuck did you…”

“Drugs are really easy to get at college, Daddy. They practically hand them out with your class schedule.”

I reached for her but then fell forward on the bed. The whole world was upside down. I could swear Lexi was standing on the ceiling. “Lexi?”

“Shh, Daddy. Go to sleep. Dream of what’s in store for you when you wake up.”

I closed my eyes and the weight of my body pulled me under, deep into darkness. My dreams were of little Lexi looking strangely evil, laughing in the shadows. How could my little girl drug me? Me, of all people? I didn’t think she was capable of hurting a fly.

Or maybe none of it had happened. Maybe I had drunk so much whiskey that I had blacked out and imagined the whole thing. Yes, that’s what happened. I was unconscious after a long night of drinking, just like the good old days. Now to wake up, throw up, and go out for more.

My eyes opened. The room was dark. The sun had gone down. A single light was on, a lamp on the other side of the room. I was half naked. The only thing on my body was my boxer shorts. Nothing else. I started to sit up but then immediately stopped. My wrists were tied to the headboard.

“What the…?” I pulled, but the wood barely bent. “What the fuck?” I struggled against the rope to no avail. “Lexi… Lexi!” I shouted. “Lexi, what the fuck are you doing? Lexi! You are in so much trouble!”

The door opened. My jaw dropped. My baby girl was standing there in a sheer baby blue baby doll that let her pink nipples shine through, complete with long stockings, a garter belt, high heels, and a smile.

“Finally awake, Daddy?”

“What the hell is this? Let me out this instant!”

“Hmm…nope,” she said, approaching me, walking awkwardly on heels. She stopped. “Hold on. No heels. I hate heels.”

She kicked them off, walking the rest of the way barefoot. She stood right over me, looking down.

“You’ve been a naughty daddy.”

“Okay, Lexi. You’ve had your laugh. Let me go.”

“Daddy, I haven’t even started laughing yet.”

“If you don’t let me out now, I swear when I do get out, I’m going to punish you.”

“Oh? What are you going to do to me? Spank my butt? Fuck my asshole? Pull my nipples? Daddy, you’re scaring me. Oooh.”

“Lexi, let me out!”

She grinned, sitting down on the side of the bed. “It was clever, wasn’t it? Drugging the drink. I knew you’d drink it if I left it for you. I hope you don’t turn into an alcoholic again over this. It’s just one drink though, right?”

“If you don’t let me out right now, Lexi—”

Lexi reached up and slapped me across the face.

“Ah! What the fuck?”

“Bad daddy. Don’t threaten me.”

“If you ever hit me like that again—”

She slapped me again, right across the face. I hissed. “I am going to spank your fucking ass blue!”

She slapped me harder, rocking my head to the side. “Bad daddy! Be nice to your little girl.”

I growled. “You are out of your fucking mind if you think I’m going to let you get away with this.” And once again, she slapped me hard, and I cringed. “Goddamn it!”

“Be nice, Daddy, or I’m going to keep slapping you. Remember, if you don’t count, it doesn’t count.”

She slapped my face again.

“Fucking bitch!” And again. My face was on fire.

“Count to one,” she said, hitting me again.

“I’m not fucking counting for you!”

“Bad, bad daddy won’t learn,” she said, hitting me as hard as she could.

“Ow, fuck, Lexi! Stop!”

She pulled her arm back once more.

“Wait, okay, one, one!”

She smirked. “Good daddy.”

“Fine, you’ve made your point. Let me go.”

She grinned. “Daddy, I’m still not laughing. The very first thing we’re going to do is get even.” She climbed on the bed on her knees, spreading them wide apart. Then she leaned over me on all fours. She reached back between her legs. I couldn’t see from my angle, but it looked like she was sliding her fingers into her panties. And then I saw it start to emerge, a long orange carrot, coming out of her pussy. She pulled it all the way out and held it up.

“Mmm, what’s up, doc?”

“What the fuck are you going to do with that?”

“I’m going to make you suck it, like you made me suck your cock.”

“You are not.”

“Yup. You’re going to lick my pussy juice off it.”


She ran the carrot tip across my lips, smearing her juice over my face.

“Lick it,” she said

“You’ve lost your mind.”

“Lick it, Daddy, or I’m going to shove it up your ass.”

I held my breath. “You wouldn’t dare.”

“Lick it.”

I opened my mouth and licked the carrot. Fuck, the taste of her pussy filled my mouth, sweetening in my jaw. I loved it. I couldn’t help but lick it again.

“Oooh, Daddy, did you like that?”

I growled. “When you let me out of this rope, I’m going to choke you with my cock.”

She giggled. “Daddy, after I’m done torturing you, I’m going to run straight home to Mom, where you won’t be able to touch me ever again.”

“You fucking bitch.”

“Open wide.”

I opened my mouth and she slid the carrot in. I didn’t mind sucking it, though I hated her dominating me like this. She was going to pay. Somehow, some way, I was going to get even. But right now, I enjoyed the carrot, running my tongue across it and savoring the taste of her cunt. Then she pulled it out.

“Mmm, good, obedient daddy.”

She held the carrot up, and then she dragged it down my chest, across my stomach, right to my boxers. She poked it inside, rubbing it against my shaft. I was starting to get erect after tasting her cunt.

“I think you like this. Your cock is getting hard.”

She put her hand right on top of my boxers, her fingers curving around my shaft.

“Mmm, so hard. Who’s the sick pervert now?”

“Keep mocking me, Lexi. I’ll remember it all.”

She moved her hand down farther, pushing my cock aside to cup my balls.

“Daddy, if you wanted me to give you something to remember, all you had to do is ask.”

And then she squeezed my balls, crushing them in her hand. I hollered, trying to roll away on my side, but she kept a firm grip on my nuts.

“Does it hurt, Daddy?”

“You fucking bitch! Oh, I am going to spank your cunt with my belt for that! Ow, fuck!”

I suddenly realized why she had rolled me over. The pointy end of the carrot rammed right into my asshole before I had a chance to fight back. She didn’t stop, shoving it deep inside.

“Ah! My fucking god, you fucking bitch!” I shouted, turning back and struggling. She climbed on top of me, straddling my waist, settling her weight down on my cock, driving the carrot into my ass while she was on top.

“Get the fuck off me! God, get this fucking carrot out of my ass!”

She laughed. “Doesn’t feel good when someone shoves something in your ass when you’re not expecting it, does it?”

“I am going to fuck you in the ass, Lexi! I don’t give a fuck if I have to come to your mother’s house. I swear to fucking Christ, I am going to fuck your ass for this!”

She bounced on me, crushing my cock under her pelvis and driving my ass down on the carrot. I hollered out.

“Fuck! Please, Lexi, take it out! Fucking bitch!”

“Daddy, you have to ask nicer than that.”

“Ow, fuck, please, take it out. Fuck!”

“You’ve never had anything in your ass, huh?

“No!” I shouted.

“Well neither had I, and your cock is twice as big as that carrot, so trust me, you’re getting off easy.”

“Take it out!”

“Not yet. You have to do something for me first.”

“Fuck, I’ll do anything! Just take it out!”

“Good. Then the first thing you’re gonna do is make me cum. You fucked my ass and came in my mouth, but I didn’t get anything. It’s my turn.”

“What?” I demanded.

“You’re gonna eat my pussy.”

“Jesus Christ, Lexi.”

“Eat my pussy and I’ll take the carrot out.”

“You little bitch.”

“Be nice to me, Daddy, or I’ll bounce on your cock and make that carrot go deeper inside your virgin asshole.”

“Fuck, ouch…”

Lexi climbed off my cock, crawling up my body, straddling my chest. Her legs were spread wide as she lifted up and bumped her pubic mound against my face, her blue panties soft and lacy against my skin.

“To tell you the truth, Daddy, I always fantasize about you eating my pussy.”

“I hope you also fantasize about having your pussy spanked, because that’s what you’ve earned yourself.”

“Well see,” she said.

Before I could argue, she ground her mound into my face, humping my nose and chin and lips, her panties already soaking wet with her juices, her smell having no where to go but up my nose.

“Mmm, can you feel how wet and soggy my panties are?” she asked. “I fucked myself with that carrot while I waited for you to wake up. I didn’t cum though. Nope. I saved that for you.”

“Damn you, Lexi.”

“Mmm, Daddy, don’t pretend you don’t wanna eat my pussy. I know you do.”

I actually did. Yes, the carrot was a fucking pain in the ass, literally, but after sucking her juices off it, I wanted more, but I refused to give her the satisfaction. “I’m going to give in to you only long enough to get free, and then I am going to make you pay.”

“Mmm-hmm.” She slapped me across the face.

“Ow, fuck!”

“Play nice, Daddy, and pretend like you want to eat my cunt.”

She rubbed her cunt forward again, grinding into my chin. I gave a lick between her legs, all along her panties.

“Mmm, ohhh. Do that again.”

“You’ve never had your cunt licked, have you?”

“No,” she said, shaking her head. “Lick it.”

I licked again, dragging my tongue up the length of her slit; I could feel the bump of her hard clit on my taste buds. I pressed my tongue into it, flicking, pinching with my lips. It made her moan and her head fell back.

“Oh, fuck, Daddy.”

“Take your panties off, baby,” I said a little softer.

She smiled down at me. “Yes, Daddy.”

She sat on my chest as she maneuvered the panties down her legs. I saw her cunt up close, a moist slit with two labia sticking out in invitation to fuck. She inched closer on her knees, bringing her pussy closer to my face. She lowered her mound to my mouth and I opened up, giving her cunt a nice long lick.

“Oh, holy fuck,” she whispered, reaching down and grabbing my hair. “Do that again.” I did it again, licking her slit, my tongue poking between her pussy lips. She whimpered in delight. “God, I can’t believe how good that feels. Lick my clit, Daddy.” I licked her clit, swirling my tongue around it. I felt her knees shudder. “Ooooh, fuck.”

She was done playing nice with me. She pushed her slit right up against my mouth, grinding down. I opened my mouth to let my tongue out, running it across her hole. And then I closed my mouth on her clit and began to suck. She groaned in pleasure, her eyes closing. My tongue stretched up to separate her pussy lips and slip inside her. She began grinding down on my tongue as if it were a cock, moaning in pleasure as my tongue fucked her.

“Ohh, fuck, Daddy. Yes, tongue-fuck me. Mmm. Okay, suck on my clit again. That felt incredible.”

I did, closing my mouth and pulling her clit between my teeth. I let them graze her flesh and she whimpered.

“Oooh, Daddy. Careful.”

I pressed my tongue up again and she responded by grinding down. It was hard to breathe, but I took in big breaths when she gave me time, holding it so I could stay in her pussy longer, my nose grinding into her clit as my tongue wiggled into her depths.

“Fuck, yes! Fuck me with your tongue, Daddy. Oh, my fucking god! Eat me!”

I ate her, sucking her pussy lips into my mouth. It made her scream in delight and pull my hair harder.

“Holy shit! Oh, god, Daddy! I’m trying not to cum, but I don’t know if I can last. Ahhh! Fuck, don’t bite my clit so hard. Oh, my fucking god, that feels amazing!”

I closed her clit in my mouth, using my tongue to push it against my teeth. I heard her scream in pleasure, and then I felt her squirt. My neck jerked as a blast of her juices hit my chin and went in my mouth. I’d never eaten a girl who squirted on me before. But squirt she did, screaming and moaning as I licked at her pussy and sucked on her labia.

Her legs were shaking as her orgasm slowed. She was having trouble staying upright, sinking her whole cunt down on my face, taking my air. I muffled a complaint and she slipped off, groaning in pleasure.

“Mmm, oh, fuck, Daddy, you’re good at that.”

I was breathing heavy. “Take that fucking carrot out of my ass.”

“Nuh-uhh. One more punishment.”


“You fucked my ass and made me lick your filthy cock clean with my tongue. Now you are going to lick my asshole.”


She smirked, and then she climbed up, turning around, straddling me. She bumped her ass against my face.

“Eat my asshole out, bad daddy.”

I bit her ass cheek and she squealed, pulling away. She frowned back at me. She reached down, grabbed my balls, and started to squeeze.

“Ah, fuck! No! Not so hard!’

She laughed, backing her ass up against my face. “Eat my ass, Daddy, or I’ll squeeze them even harder.” She reached for her ass cheek, spreading it open. I could see her tight little hole, puckered. It was also very red and chaffed from having been fucked earlier. “Eat it. I wanna feel your tongue in my asshole.”

“You sick fucking bitch.”

She crushed my nuts in the palm of her hand and I curled up, groaning in pain. She didn’t let go.

“Lick it!” she said.

I lifted my neck and rammed my tongue into her ass, anything so she would stop.

“Ooh!” she said in surprise. “Haha! Mmm, wow.” She let my balls go and used both of her hands to spread her ass cheeks open. I surrendered, licking at her ass with all effort, running my tongue up and down along her crack. “Mmm, Daddy. Like that? Put your tongue back in my ass. Don’t do a half-assed job.”

I wiggled my tongue into her ass, twisting it, closing my mouth to kiss her sore little asshole before feeding my tongue inside again.

“Mmm,” she mumbled. She released one of her cheeks, reaching down between her legs, rubbing her pussy, her fingers right below my face. Every time she slid her fingers in and out of her cunt, she bumped my chin. “Oh, Daddy, I didn’t think I’d like this, I just wanted to humiliate you, but it actually feels pretty good. Fuck. Mmm.”

I kept lapping at her ass crack, running my tongue up and down, dipping it inside her tight little hole. I was going to fuck this asshole again, hard. She’d pay for this. Oh, she’d pay.

“Your cock is soo hard right now, Daddy,” she said. “God, you’re nearly bursting out of your boxers.”

I knew she was telling the truth, even though all I could see was her plump ass in my face, the taste of her hole in my mouth, I could feel my cock throbbing, constrained by my boxers, desperate to get free and take this girl’s asshole.

“Fuck, I’m going to cum again, Daddy,” she breathed out. “Stick your tongue in as deep as you can.”

I obeyed her, driving my tongue in and out of her ass. Her hand was a blur on her pussy, driving two fingers in and out as fast as she could. I heard her moan loudly, and then I felt her juices squirt all over my chest again, dripping and running down my neck as my tongue wiggled inside her asshole.

“Fuck,” she said, pulling her ass away from my mouth. “Mmm, good job, Daddy.”

I took several deep breaths. “Now get that fucking carrot out of my ass.”

She sat up and looked at me. “Or what?”

“Or I’ll fuck your ass so hard, you’ll bleed!”

She grinned. “You know what? You talk too much.”

She grabbed her panties off the bed, balled them up, and then shoved them in my mouth. I muffled a complaint, but before I could spit them out, she ripped a piece of duct tape from the roll on the bedside table and put it over my mouth. I growled in fury, my eyes blazing, but she simply laughed at me.

“Aw, does Daddy wanna call me mean names? I don’t need your tongue anymore, so you can just keep your mouth shut.”

She climbed off my chest, crawling down the bed.


I turned. Finally, she removed the carrot and I sighed in relief. She smirked at me. “If I was really evil I’d shove this in your throat too, but…” She tossed it aside. “Now, are you ready for your next punishment?”

I grunted, “Huh?” I thought I was done. I was just planning on how I was going to hold her down and fuck her in the ass for this. After all, my cock was very hard, and I needed relief, and it was going to come by way of her ass. My daughter seemed to read my mind, because her hand had come to a rest on my long, fat cock. She petted it on top of my boxers.

“Mmm, daddy liked eating his little girl’s pussy and asshole, didn’t he?”

I mumbled behind the panties.

“You did very good, so let’s reward you and punish you at the same time.”

She brought her face down to my boxers and licked right across the fabric, her tongue following the outline of my shaft. I sighed behind my gag. That felt good.

“Oh, you like that, huh? Nod if you do.”

I nodded. I wanted more.

“Well, too bad,” she said. She grabbed the waist of my boxers and pulled them down, all the way off at my feet, my hard cock springing free and bouncing around before it settled back on my stomach. She crawled up between my legs. I opened them a little wider for her. I was really hoping she’d suck my cock. I didn’t know how that would make us even, but my dick was begging for attention. She rested her hand on the base of my shaft and it felt incredible.

“Oh, so hard, Daddy. I’m not the only pervert in the family, am I?”

I mumbled something, but it was soft. I didn’t want to fight with her, not right now. Now, I just needed some attention. Her hand ran across my shaft, just three fingers, as if she was petting it, being very careful not to hold it and stroke it.

“Mmm, such a big, thick, fat cock. Want me to lick it?”

I nodded.

“Beg me.”

Beg? Kind of hard to do behind a gag, but she had me now anyway. I mumbled, “Please?”

“What’s that? I can’t understand you. I guess you don’t want me to suck on your cock. Oh well. I would have taken it down my throat, Daddy.”

I mumbled again, shaking my head.

She grinned, lowering her face, she took in a deep breath through her nose, inhaling the scent of my cock near my balls. “Mmm, it smells so tasty too.” She let her tongue roll out of her mouth. “Maybe you do deserve a lick, just one, since you licked me so many times.”

I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling of her tongue running across my balls, all the way up my shaft, reaching the piss slit, but she didn’t stop. She ran her tongue over the head, bending my cock down so she could lick along the top, her tongue reaching my pubic mound.


My name is Bobbie. Would you like me to tell you how I became a Penitentiary Pussy-Butt-Boy?

Well, it all started with a robbery gone wrong. I wasn’t even in the bank when the guard got shot and I still got almost as much time as the others. So, not long after the trial I was sent to the state’s newest Maximum Security Prison. When I arrived I was stripped searched, given prison clothes and sent over to a desk where an inmate clerk was working. He told me what cell to go to and how to get there. At the time I had no idea why he and the other inmate worker were laughing and joking. I just thought it was because of the poorly fitting prison clothes or maybe some joke about my long dark hair.

When I got to the assigned cell there was nobody there but the bottom bunk was empty so I put my stuff on it and made it up neatly with the bed-roll I had been given. After a while as I was looking out the surprisingly large, very much shatter-proof window that faced the walkway of the main compound, the cell door clicked open and a moment later my new cell partner walked in. Leroy was a very large and very dark, Negro. He was easily 6’5″ and 250 pounds with heavy facial features and large pinkish lips. He was wearing the all-white clothes of a kitchen worker. He grabbed a bag hanging off the end of the bunk and told me he had to get a shower and would be back at lock-in time.

After about 90 minutes there was a lot of noise on the tier and over the P.A. system. All the doors on the wing opened and Leroy came back in the cell. It seemed he had just gotten out of the shower as he was wearing plastic shower shoes and a robe. The guard went by for count while Leroy was unpacking the bag and putting stuff on the small shelf. After the guard passed Leroy pulled a large jug of homemade wine out of the bag. “Got a little something to help ease ya’ first night in this fuckin’ place,” he said. He put two large cups on the sink and filled them up. He passed one to me and told me, “It ain’t the best tasting shit around, but it got a kick to it.” I tasted the wine and he was right it didn’t taste very good but the alcohol content was obvious.

After we finished the wine he pulled a stack of magazines from under his mattress. He handed them to me and said have a look at these. They were dirty mags and mostly seemed to feature older Negro men having sex with young white girls. While I flipped through the very graphic magazines he took a large bottle of lotion from the shelf and set it on the sink/toilet combination that was towards the front of the cell. “If I don’t gets this lotion on my legs while they still damp they gonna itch like crazy tomorrow.” He explained as he put his foot up on the rim of the toilet. When he leaned down to start rubbing the lotion into his ankle and lower leg the robe he was wearing rode up and I could tell he was naked underneath it. In fact I could see his sack and apparently long penis hanging below his thick leg. I had never seen one that hung down that far before. I turned my head quickly back to the magazine when I saw him look my way, maybe too quickly, and I was sure he could tell where I had been looking. He worked his way to his thigh and applied the lotion slowly there. I eventually noticed that while I could still see his large hanging sack I couldn’t see his penis any more.

This didn’t make sense until he switched legs and put the other foot up on the toilet. When he did his robe fell open and I could see his penis again. Now it was sticking almost straight out and was at least half the length of his thigh and as big around as my wrist. He seemed oblivious to the fact that his robe was open and bent down to rub lotion into his lower leg but this time moving quickly to his right thigh. As he now slowly rubbed the lotion into the dark skin of his thigh his wrist would occasionally brush his semi-stiff thing causing it to wag and wobble. I didn’t want to get caught staring, but his thing was so big, I had never ever seen one so large, it looked just like the ones in the magazines, and I had always though those were only so big through trick photography or something. With the effects of the wine really starting to hit me I was quickly losing my sense of discretion and kept sneaking peeks at it. He continued to rub lotion into his thigh and occasionally stroked it down the thick shaft of his thing too. He eventually capped the lotion bottle and stepped closer to me to put it on the shelf. However he didn’t remember to tie up his robe so it remained open and his stiff thing was now pointing slightly up and right at me. I couldn’t help but see it as it twitched a foot from my face.

“See anything you like”? Leroy asked his voice slightly tight.

I don’t know what came over me, partly the wine’s fault I guess, but I responded, “Yes, and the magazines are nice too.” This while looking right at his big thing.

“You like it, go ahead and play with it”, he suggested and took another half step closer. I reached up and stroked it lightly with just my fingertips causing it to throb and jerk upwards. “You ever play with one before?” he asked.

“Kind of.” And I told him a little about the time Coach Parker got in the shower with me after a swim meet when I was eleven.

“Coach ever teach you how to suck it?” Leroy asked.

“Yes, a couple of times.” I admitted.

“Why don’t you go ‘head and show me what you learned.” It was more of an instruction than a question and I put the magazines on the bunk, slid off the chair to my knees in front of him and wrapped my hand around the thick dark shaft I had been petting while we talked. It was so thick my fingers didn’t quite go all the way around. I stroked it slowly a few times then kissed the tip.

“Go ‘head now, get busy.” He told me.

I slid my hand almost all the way up the thick ten inch shaft and pulled the foreskin back revealing the plump pink head. I wet my tongue with saliva and applied it to the plump head, licking it around a few times to make sure it was all coated with spit the way Coach Parker had taught me. Then I slid my lips over it. At first I could only get the head into my mouth, but I soon relaxed my lips and jaw and began to slide my lips down the hard shaft of his huge Negro penis. I bobbed my head up and down a few times and took my mouth from it to look at it while I stroked its full length. As I stroked it a bit of thin fluid oozed from the tip. I licked the salty fluid off and took the head back into my mouth and began sliding my lips up and down his big hard thing. He was fully erect now and he placed his hand on the back of my head, pressing my mouth further down his enormous hard dick.

“Suck it harder”, he grunted and pushed his hips forward forcing almost two thirds of his big Negro dick into my inexperienced mouth. I gagged a bit when the head of his penis tried to enter my throat, but his strong hand kept my mouth in place and his dick buried in my mouth.

“Faster.” He whispered. “Suck it faster.” His hand directed the pace of my mouth on his hard dick and soon my lips were flying rapidly up and down the huge ebony shaft while the pink head popped into and out of my throat with each stroke. I gripped the base of the big black dick with my hand and felt his balls tighten as he placed his other hand on the back of my head. Leroy started pumping his hips in rhythm with my stroking mouth and hand.

“MMMMMMMM” he moaned and thrust his hips forward, “God Damn! Suck it! Suck that dick”, he commanded. He rose up on his toes trying it seemed to force the remaining few inches of his big penis into my mouth. His hips jerked and the huge ebony penis twitched in my mouth. A wet heat began filling my sucking mouth. With so much hard cock in my mouth there was nowhere for the thick goo to go and it poured out of my mouth all over his hard thing, down my stroking hand and onto his big tight balls. The flood of salty goo just kept pouring into my mouth running down making his penis slippery and sticky at the same time.

“Damnnnn, take the cum, take it.” He groaned. “Oh, fuck yeah. Suck that cum.” He moaned as his Negro dick twitched a few more times then slid wetly from my mouth. “Damn, Coach taught you good. You damn sure can suck a dick.” Leroy told me as he caught his breath after the full orgasm he just had. “You a messy ‘muther fucker though.” He stated, looking down at his sticky, gooey a dick and balls. “You just gonna have to lick it all clean.” He instructed and put his left foot up on the lower bunk. His cock and balls hung freely in front of me as I knelt before him. “Go on. Lick up the mess you made. Lick all that cum off my balls.” He demanded.

I leaned forward and slowly began to lick the man-goo from his hairy balls.

“You gonna have to lick ‘em harder than that to get the cum off of ‘em.” He told me.

I placed my hand behind his heavy dark sack to hold it still while I did as I was told. I licked his balls with my entire tongue wetting and cleaning them. After I had cleaned the white goo from his balls I began to clean his flaccid but still large penis. I licked the shaft with long slow wet licks again and again until I couldn’t taste his salty stuff on it any more, then I cleaned up the head, licking and sucking it until it was nice and clean. By the time I finished cleaning all the goo from his cock and balls he was getting partially stiff again. He stepped away from me and went to the cell door looking out the gap in the steel door towards the front of the long prison tier. When he turned back around I started to stand up and got a massive head rush. I was so dizzy I dropped straight back to my knees.

“What’s wrong? The wine hitting you that hard?” he asked.

“I guess so.”

“Ease up on the bunk and lay down.” He guided me. I started to get up on the bunk and was hit by another rush at least as strong as the first. I turned to lay on my back but Leroy told me. “Na’ don’t lay like that, roll over on your belly and the room won’t go spinning on you.” The small cell had seemed to want to start to spin so I tried it and he was right the spinning stopped. “Thas’ right just stretch out and relax, you’ll be better in a few minutes. ” He was still naked and his big thing was at least halfway hard again as he sat on the edge of the bunk and began to rub my back and shoulders. “Just relax, you fight that wine it’s only gonna get worse.”

I tried to relax and started feeling really woozy. I could’t believe how strong that homemade wine was. After a few minutes I must have passed out, tough I seemed to remember Leroy rubbing my arms, wrists, legs and ankles. When I woke back up a few minutes later I looked up to see Leroy standing by the bunk rubbing oil up and down the shaft of his fully erect penis. I tried to roll onto my side to ask him what he was doing that for but it seemed that while I was out my arms and legs had gotten tangled up in the sheets of the bunk. Leroy saw me moving and said, “You jus’ lie still now, If you fight it, it just gonna hurt more.”

That’s when I realized I wasn’t tangled up I was tied up. I also quickly discovered that my shorts and underwear were gone and I was on the prison bunk naked!

Leroy rubbed more oil onto his huge Negro penis and then climbed onto the narrow bunk behind me. “You gonna be Daddy’s girl tonight.” He told me as he lowered his weight on top of me and pressed his enormous dick between the cheeks of my naked butt. Even Coach Parker had never done that.

“You feel that big dick between them fine white cheeks?” he asked.

“Wait. What are you doing?” I asked helplessly. He lifted his weight off of me a bit and slipped one hand between us, taking his rock hard dick and rubbing its oily head around and around until he found my tight pink hinny-hole. He pressed it against my opening and started to push forward.

“NO! Leory don’t!” I begged as I realized he meant to push his giant dick into my hole. “It’s to big.” I protested. “It’ll never fit.” I tried to explain.

“Oh, it gonna fit.” He grumbled as he pressed harder. “You taking all this dick tonight!”

The huge pink head was stretching my hole open and with the oil lubricating it the massive dick was pushing past my clenched sphincter. Leroy pressed down again, this time even harder and the big head popped into my butt.


My wails only spurred him on and he pushed half of his huge hard Negro cock into me with a powerful thrust. “AAAIIIIIIIEEEEEE! ITS TOOOO BIG! YOUR DICK IS TOO BIG!”

“That’s right, Daddy like to hear his girl scream.” He whispered in my ear as he hunched on top of me and pressed even more hard dick into my aching hole.

“GOD IT HURTS IN MY BUTT, PLEASE TAKE IT OUT! I moaned through the pain of the massive black penis splitting my white bottom apart.” PLEASE STOP!”

Leroy eased up and withdrew his dick from my hole, and for just a moment I thought it was over. Then he drove the gigantic dick right back into me, burying its full length inside my butt, driving it into me until his hips pressed my body to the thin mattress of the prison bunk.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”, I wailed again as the pain of his huge penis penetrating my body rippled through my entire core. “PLEASE, IT HURTS!”

He pulled his hard ebony dick halfway out and drove it in again. “Beg for that dick, Bitch.” He ordered. “Beg for it or I just going to fuck you harder.” He warned. I didn’t know what to do. How could I beg for something that hurt so much.

“Beg Bitch!” he demanded again after a full deep stroke of his hard cock into my aching ass. “Say: ‘Fuck me Daddy.’”

Being tied up and much smaller than the huge black man that was raping me I thought my only hope was to play along, so I said quietly, “Fuck me, Daddy.”

Louder, Bitch. Say it like you said “No”, whore!” he ordered as he continued to ram his massive hard cock into my ass with increasing pace.

“Fuck me, Daddy” I said in a more or less normal voice. He seemed to like it and slowed the pace of his strokes for a moment.

“Say, ‘Make me, Daddy’”, he now whispered into my ear.

“Make me, Daddy.”

“Louder, bitch”, he demanded and pushed his cock into me to the hilt.

“MAKE ME, DADDY.” I screamed as the big Negro dick hit the bottom of my insides, sending a shiver up my spine.


“MAKE ME, DADDY!” I moaned loudly as the massive ebony cock filled and stretched my pink hole. Leroy settled into a solid pace, running his big Negro dick in and out of my now oil slicked hole. The tight ring of my butt-hole felt every bump and ridge of his massive penis as he slid it in and out of me again and again. He pumped away at my hole for at least ten minutes, ramming it all the way in and pulling it almost all the way back out. A few times it did pop out and he would stop for a second, reach down between us, find my hole again and ram all of his massive ebony dick right back into me. Slowly he picked up the pace of his humping, driving his cock into me faster and faster.

Leroy was fucking me good and hard by the time he said, “Say, ‘Cum Daddy.”

“CUM, DADDY!” I wailed loudly. “CUM IN ME, DADDY!” I added without prompting. The thought of his massive cock spewing man-goo into my butt like it had in my mouth suddenly excited me and I begged again, “CUM IN ME, DADDY! FUCK YOUR CUM IN ME!” I begged and realized I meant it! His huge dick still hurt, but I started to pump my hips back to him in time with his powerful thrusts. I wanted his cum! I desperately wanted the heat to pour from his black cock into my hole. “FUCK ME, DADDY. FUCK ME!” I screamed louder than I had protested the first painful penetration of his massive member. “PLEASE, FUCK ME, DADDY! MAKE ME TAKE IT, MAKE ME TAKE IT ALL!” I moaned as I writhed on the prison bunk beneath him.

“Yeah, Bitch, I knew you wanted this dick.” Leroy said as he slipped his arms under me to come up and grab my shoulders from below. He pulled me towards the bottom end of the bunk and drove his cock into my tight hole again and again.

“Yes, Daddy, Fuck me!” I pleaded, “Fuck me good.”

“Yeah. I knew you was gonna like this big dick.” He grunted in my ear. “You gonna be a fine girl for your Daddy.”

“God yes!” I moaned as I squirmed beneath him, meeting every powerful thrust of his massive penis with my pumping hips, God, how I wanted him to cum. FUCK MEEEEEE! FUCK ME, DADDY! His Negro cock was huge inside me, twitching as he began to cum deep inside my butt hole. “Do me Daddy, do me naughty. Please, make me be your naughty girl.”

“FUCK YES!” Leroy groaned as his big black balls tightened, his dick twitched, and he began to pump cum into me. “Take it you cum loving whore, take Daddy’s nut.” He pounded me hard and fast with his thick hard dick until his balls were empty and his penis grew soft and slid from my oily cum filled butt.

“CUM, DADDY. CUM IN ME, FUCK YOUR CUM IN ME!”, I begged as he pumped his man-goo deep into my pale hinny.

Leroy got off of me and sat on the edge of the bunk. He began rubbing my bare bottom with his big rough hand. “That was some damn good ass. I can’t wait to fuck it again.”

“Are you going to do it again? I asked, half afraid he would say yes and half hoping he would. His huge Negro penis had certainly hurt but somehow it felt good to be his girl for a few minutes and I realized I wanted to be this black man’s girl all the time!

“Naw, that’s about all the steam I got for tonight. He told me. “We aint gonna have any problems when I takes them ties of, are we?

“No.” I promised and added, “Daddy.”

As my new Big-Dick Prison Daddy untied me from the bunk he instructed to shave my legs and underarms the next day, and pretty much everything else. He wanted me hairless except for my long thick brown hair.

The next day Leroy went out to work and reminded me of what I had to do that day. He also said he would have a nice surprise for me if I did as I was told. So I…

My knees ache as I kneel on the floor at his feet waiting for him to look at me. The outfit he bought for me flows like liquid over my skin. It’s berry red, with a slight shimmer, the deep scoop neck doesn’t compare to the one in the back that ends right at the top of my pert round ass. I have had to be very careful all night since the skirt ends just 2 inches below my inner lips. We have just returned from a lavish dinner at La Cire, even finished with crème Brule and champagne, then out to The Drake to meet friends for dancing. I had so much fun, even if I was a little tipsy dancing with the girls as the guys watched and smiled at us from across the room as they talked business. When hands circled around my waist from behind, I thought they were Daddy’s. The moment I took a step back into him, I knew it was a mistake. Even before I could move, Daddy was there along with the rest of the group, shoving him away. Someone hit him, I am not sure who, as I was being dragged back to our booth and placed heavily there as Daddy went back to take care of my mess. The girls came back to the table and started collecting purses as the night was clearly over. As I reached for my purse, Daddy was back and so upset he didn’t even speak to me. We drove like that all the way home not a word said. When we got home he sat in his favorite chair, yet still saying nothing just looking at me with such disappointment that I immediately fell to my knees at his feet, head hanging low as the tears ran down my face. I know this is entirely my fault.

“How could you?” the voice above me is soft yet commanding. “You know you belong to me, that no other man is to touch you without my permission. Then you go and do this? Allow a total stranger to rub his pecker against your ass, MY ass? You know better baby! Now I have to figure out what to do with you and you know I don’t like to do this, but this is what you make me do. Punish you for your own good.” I nod as the tears of shame continue to flow. “Stand up Barbie!” I scramble to my feet and teeter in my heels before him, slightly shaking as I bite the inside of my lip, the slight pain holding me together.

“Strip.” The word is firm and strong as it comes from him, just the sound of his voice can make me tremble. I slide the dress from my shoulders and my bare breasts are freed from their light covering, a slight twist of the hips allows the dress to pool at my 4 inch heels. My shaking thumbs hook into my panties as I slide them down my long legs, stepping out of them I stand before him bare, nothing but my shame to hide behind. “Who do you belong to?”

“You, my Daddy.” My voice sounds so far away and meek, not like me at all, but this is what he does to me making me his shy little girl, clay in his hands to mold to his desire.

“What are you?”

My reply is again barely heard, “Your Barbie, Daddy. To play with as you want to, Daddy.”

“That is right, Barbie, good girl. And does Barbie get punished when she breaks her rules?”

I can hardly nod. To know what will come, to agree that I want it, need it is so humiliating and yet I also know it is about to get worse.

“Barbie, you have to do this, go ahead, baby girl.”

I swallow hard, trying to form the words in my head as I glance up at him, shuffling my feet. How does he do this? I am a grown woman. But, he makes me feel like such a naughty child. There was no way that I caused this man to grind against my ass, it was the dress that did it. That dress that screamed sex, that dress he bought for me, that dress that says I am everything a man wants in his bed. But, I belong to this man. This wonderful man that gives me everything, my home, my car, my allowance, my pain, my desires, and those orgasms that last for hours. I am his as much as he is mine. My lips part to speak, slightly louder, but not by much, “Daddy, Barbie is sorry she caused the man to want her so much he was forced to touch what is Yours. Barbie doll, thinks she should receive a punishment at Your hand so she will not forget these things in the future.” My face is bright red with embarrassment. To have to ask for a punishment is the worst. Now I wait for what seems forever for his reply.

He takes a deep cleansing breath then reaches out and takes my hand and pulls me over his lap. I hate this, the closeness, the mortification, the fact that he will feel instantly how wet my pussy is right now as I am forced over his legs, head down, feet apart, ass in the air, arms behind my back, with my breasts swinging free. His hand makes circles over my ass and I can’t help but close my eyes as the gentleness. “This,” he squeezes my right ass cheek hard, “belongs to me, Barbie. No one touches what is mine, unless I say so. Do you want me to leave you alone for the wolves out there, to let any and every man at that club take you in the back alley and have his way with you? Is that what you want?”

The whimper racks through me at the thought that both scares me and yet excites me and I shake my head no, as his fingers trail down my pussy lips parting them, exposing my wetness to the cool air, his rough fingers working my clit. “Seems baby likes the idea of being treated like a common whore, perhaps I shall set that up. I am sure the guys would enjoy using a slut like you.” Two fingers invade my pussy, causing me to arch my ass up to meet him. The response is instant, with his other hand spanking my left cheek, making me hold still. “Do you know that Donny asked me tonight, if he could use you at the party on Friday at Fetish Palace? He wants to string you up from the ceiling, spread eagle, in front of the whole club, and flog you, then cane you, cover your whole body with his marks. Then to have both he and I fuck you. Fuck my Barbie in front of the crowd. Show them how loved and owned you are. How beautiful you are. Should I let him Barbie? You would make every girl in the club jealous, as they would want to be you, and every Man will dream about having you on their leash. But only I can own a bitch as good as my Barbie.” The whole time he is talking the fingers work in and out of my pussy, slow, deep and hard, painfully slow, along with the spanking of my ass never letting up, and harder ones to make his points. I am flailing on his lap, the visions he describes filling my head. The disgrace and humiliation of it all, to be beat by another man? To be fucked so roughly in public? I want to scream “Yesssss!” at the top of my lungs but I know the choice is purely his and my wet pussy is speaking for me plenty right now.

Fingers swiftly are removed from my pussy leaving me empty and wanting but not for long as my ass hole is rubbed with lube, in and out he goes with his fingers, probing deep, inserting another finger, stretching me. I am moaning on his lap and pushing back against the pressure that is building inside of me, wanting to be fucked so badly. Then I feel the cold steel of the plug as it slowly worms its way into my ass. It is huge! He works it in and out, making my ass fit to it. Tears are stinging my eyes again, as my hands are trying to grip air. “Bare down doll, take it all the way in. Just like that. Good girl.” It sinks past my rim and fills me completely and solidly. The steel starts to warm inside me. It is heavy. Then I feel the, tail?? There is a tail attached to this thing? I struggle, trying to look, panic taking over. But he holds me down, I can’t move, I can’t breathe. “Shhhhh, calm yourself Barbie. Yes it is a tail. A horse hair tail. You act like a bitch, then I will treat you like one. Now breathe or this next part will be much worse for you.”

I close my eyes, trying to compose the flood of emotion inside me. It is just a tail, just a tail, nothing more, I can do this. Daddy’s hand is rubbing soft circles over my ass and thighs letting me adjust to the thoughts running marathons though my head. Just as I take one long deep breath, that same caring hand lifts and spanks my ass and freaking hard. I jump and cry out in a mixture of pain and shock. This is it, my real punishment is about to begin. He is harsh, almost brutal, as he rains his palm down on my ass cheeks and thighs. The pain makes me struggle as first, it is too much too fast, I can’t think of anything but the pain. I can’t do this, I have to make him stop, I can’t, no, no, need to stop, safe word, what is my safe word, I can’t, make it stop! That is when is hits me. When the wall before me breaks, when the pain takes over my body, and the bliss sets in, when I fly. He doesn’t stop or let up. Daddy knows how to play with his Barbie doll, how to make her whimpers and moans into a song made just for his ears. The bulge in his pants is crushing into my side, as my pussy is running my honey into his dress pants. My ass and thighs are screaming out in pain, and I know I will wear the bruises for a week.

All of a sudden, Daddy lifts me and I am thrown over the arm of the leather sofa, I can see us in the mirror of the fireplace. The tears are now flowing down my face, making a mess of my makeup, as I see him looking at his handy work while freeing his huge cock from his pants. He doesn’t take them off, knowing the roughness of them will make my ass chant with every thrust. Gawd this man is so good to me. I close my eyes when I see him pump his cock a few times and steps toward me. The moan cannot be contained as I feel him push hard and deep inside my cunt in one hard thrust. He stops for a moment, but just a moment, before he starts in. I feel it when he grabs the tail and lift it high, changing the pressure inside me and I scream out. It is like it is pushing on my G spot though my ass. How can that even happen? “That’s it doll, you know you need this. To be treated like the slut you are, and it is your own fault. Letting that prick touch what I own! How can I keep you safe if you go and do stupid things?”

He fucks me for what seems like hours, as I struggle under him. I watch in the mirror, it is viciously beautiful how much he loves me. How he has to possess me and take me. Make me understand his ways. My whimpers go ignored, as he takes. The need inside me to cum is so incredible, “Please Daddy please may Your baby girl cum for you??” I am thrashing under his pounding need, my clit rubbing on the leather arm.

“No.” is all he says. But the plug starts to move with him and I am crying out in pain and wonder. In the mirror I see his hand is wrapped around the plug and he is fucking me with the plug and his cock. I can’t breathe, I can’t watch this and I turn my head. OMG I need to cum! Holy Shit! “This what you want slut? To be fucked by two men? To be used as a common whore, a fuck toy? Huh? Huh? Answer me bitch!”

“YESSSSSSSS DADDY!” The screaming moan wracks from my throat as that is all I see in my head is Donny and Daddy fucking me at the club and holy hell I want it, and badly. My cunt is spraying out juices every time he pulls back, I can feel it running down my legs.

“Cum you bitch whore, CUM RIGHT NOW!”

I scream and come apart at the seams as I push up on my arms, arching high. My world shatters, bits of myself explode into the room. “Don’t you dare stop cumming whore! Cum again!” I don’t know if I cum again or get keep cumming. The world seems to spin around us as I feel Daddy fill me with cum, feel my own juices mixing with his, as the room takes on the scent of pure sex.

There is no way of knowing how much time has passed, but when I open my eyes I am in Daddy’s arms as we sit on the floor at the end of the sofa. He places soft kisses on my nose as he gently wipes the tears from my cheeks. “Hey baby girl.” The smile on his lips just melts me.

“Hey Daddy.” I return his smile.

“All better, pretty girl. It is all over, you did good. Daddy is so proud of you.” The words wrap around my heart, making me wonder what I would ever do without him. Kisses cover my face, until he makes his way to my mouth where they deepen, grow with passion and love. I shift to put my arms around him, wincing as I notice the tail is still there. Daddy’s lips curl up, those eyes of his start to twinkle. Oh no, this is not good. “Yes baby, well maybe not all over yet. To finish your punishment, the tail stays in till morning, to remind you who owns that ass.” I gasp, how am I supposed to sleep with a tail up my ass? But the look of satisfaction on his face is priceless, and makes me laugh. I love this man, I belong to him, and with him I can endure anything. Maybe even the club next weekend, a Barbie can only hope.

Note: This story is a sequel to Controlling Daughter.


I opened my eyes a little after eight the next morning. Susan had left over an hour before with Carla James to visit Carla’s mother in a town not far away. It would be an all day affair and I didn’t expect my wife to return home until late evening. I had the day to myself and I lay in the bed for a few lazy minutes planning my day when suddenly the events of the night before came back in vivid clarity.

My cock was instantly hard as I remembered my sexy daughter spanking my ass, teasing my hard cock and licking my asshole. In all of my years I had never experienced what many would call kinky sex. The images of her toes in my mouth, my tongue gliding between them and over the soft, pink soles of her sexy feet, the feel of her wet little cunt around my thick cock, brought a long, loud groan to my mouth.

I got up finally and hit the shower. While I stood under the hot spray of water the urge to jack off was overwhelming, yet I maintained some restraint. I could still hear Becky’s voice telling me that I was hers from now on and she intended to spend a lot of time fucking me. The last thing I wanted to do at that moment was waste any cum since I was looking forward to another hot time with my daughter that day. Susan would be gone all day and that made plenty of time for my little girl to once again take control of me.

I padded barefoot down the hall to Becky’s room to say good morning. The door was open and the room was empty. I checked the den and the patio, then the kitchen, without seeing a sign of my sexy little girl. I was disappointed. I was just finishing breakfast when I found a note attached to the refrigerator with a magnet.

Come down to your workshop, daddy, it read. I looked at the locked door and smiled. I knew what the cryptic note meant and I was instantly glad that I had worn nothing under my robe. I opened the door to the basement and hurried down the steep wooden stairs. As it had been last night, the lights in the immediate area of my shop were out, but a light filtered from the area where Becky and I had made love last night.

I came to a complete halt when I rounded the corner and saw Becky and her longtime friend Samantha. Then it came back to me, an important piece of the night before that I had forgotten. Becky had told me that Sam wanted to fuck me. Both girls sat on the old comfortable sofa, dressed in robes staring at me. It was obvious from the way they were dressed that both girls had something else in mind other than kicking back in the old man’s hideaway.

“Hi, daddy!” Becky chirped. “You sleep good last night?”

“I, uh, yeah, I slept ok,” I stammered. Then, looking at Sam, added, “Hi, Sam.”

“Hi, Mr. Bryant,” she said with a smile. Her voice held a rather sumptuous tone, one I’d never heard from her before.

“We’ve been talking about you, daddy.”


“Oh, yes,” she giggled, as she cast a look at Sam. “I, um, told her how sexy my daddy is.”

“Yeah, Mr. B.” Sam’s light gray eyes dropped briefly to the midsection of my robe.

“Take your robe off, daddy,” Becky said, her tone light but commanding.

I will admit I was a little uncomfortable with undressing in front of these two young, sexy girls. Had it just been Becky, there wouldn’t have been a problem considering what had happened the night before. And, even though my daughter told me that Sam wanted to fuck me, the idea of stripping down to nothing in front of them was a little awkward for me.

“You know the rules, daddy,” Becky said in that soft commanding voice I was beginning to get used to. “You belong to me now and you will obey me.”

“Take your robe off, Mr. B.,” Sam added with that delightfully sultry voice.

I sucked in a big breath of air and let it out as I slowly shrugged out of my robe. I stood in front of Becky and Sam, completely naked while they were still dressed. There is something wicked and naughty about being the only one naked, which probably makes me an exhibitionist.

“Oh, it’s gorgeous!” Sam exclaimed as she stared at my semi-hard cock.

“What did I tell you,” my daughter chuckled. “My daddy has a nice cock and it feels so nice in a girl’s cunt!”

“How big is your cock, Mr. B.?” Sam asked, her eyes wide and staring.

“Seven inches,” I said, my voice little more than a gasp.

“It’s so fat!” Sam’s voice clearly indicated her admiration.

“Are you ready to service us, daddy?”

At that moment I was ready to do anything my daughter asked me to do. Then, again, I didn’t really have much to say since she had already set the rules last night. I belonged to Becky and I was bound to her in such I way that I could not disobey her, and much of that was due to the fact that I wanted her to control me. I wanted to be submissive to Becky.

“Yes,” I managed to say.

“Take off your robe, Samantha,” Becky said with her lovely eyes on me. “Daddy is going to eat your delicious asshole.”

“Fuck, yeah!” Sam exclaimed.

Sam stood and slipped out of the terrycloth robe she wore and I groaned loudly when I say her naked body. She was short like Becky, her skin soft and pale with a light smattering of freckles on her pert nose, shoulders and slender thighs. Her pussy was shaved, the lips pink and glistening with her juices. Her small tits were cone shaped with fat pink nipples that were hard and ready to be sucked.

“You like my body, Mr. B.?”

“I love it, Sam!” I gasped.

“I’ve wanted to fuck you for a long time,” she said as she walked to where I stood. Sam touched the tip of one long finger to my chest and let it slowly make the journey down across my stomach to the thick patch of pubic hair. “Becky says you’re a nasty boy and I love nasty boys!”

I gasped loudly when she started caressing the underside of my cock with a fingernail. The action was a repeat of what my sexy daughter had done to me the night before and the feeling was exquisite. My legs began to tremble and I stood in front of this sexy young girl as she teased my hard cock until I thought I would scream with desire. I didn’t move or touch her because Becky hadn’t given me permission.. I still remembered the rules.

“You can touch her, daddy,” Becky said suddenly as if she had read my mind. “I want to watch my daddy fuck my best friend and lover.”

“That’s right,” Sam chuckled in that low, sexy voice as she read the surprised look on my face. “Becky and I have been lovers for a couple of years.”

“That is so hot!” My voice had become shaky with lust and I sucked in a big breath.

“Make love to me, baby,” Sam said, her face twisted into a wild look of lust and desire, her beautiful eyes locked onto mine. “Start with my shithole!”

Sam turned and bent over at the waist and placed her hands, palms down, on the coffee table. She spread her legs wide and I stared at her lovely pale ass for a moment before dropping to my knees behind her. Her cheeks were spread wide with the way she was positioned and I could easily see her sopping wet pussy. But it was Sam’s pink little asshole that drew my attention. Without waiting I pressed my face eagerly between her cheeks and began to lick her crack. My tongue traveled slowly up and down the sexy redhead’s ass crack, licking and savoring her sweet taste. She groaned her pleasure loud and long.

“Lick her nasty ass, daddy!” Becky hissed.

“Oh, fuck, yeah!” Sam cried out. She pressed her lovely ass hard against my eager face.

I stuck a middle finger into my mouth and got it wet, then pressed it against Sam’s tight, pink asshole that was already wet with saliva from my tongue. I pushed and watched through lust-glazed eyes as it sank into her ass. She squealed with delight and tiny whimpering sounds came from her mouth.

“Such a nice little-girl ass!” I said with a lust-filled voice.

“You like little girls, don’t you, daddy?” my daughter asked as she slipped from the sofa to the floor beside me.

“Oh, yes!”

“Rim her ass! Push your greedy tongue into her asshole!”

I groaned with unbridled ecstasy, removed my finger and began to probe Sam’s sexy asshole with my tongue. Sam began to grunt and writhe, as I loved her little asshole. When I slipped a finger deep into her pussy, Sam screamed. Her voice, so sexy and feminine and young, sent shivers of delight deep into my belly.

“Kiss me, Becky!” she cried out.

My daughter scooted around to the coffee table, planted her sexy ass on it and took her friend’s face into her hands. I watched in amazement as my daughter and her best friend kissed deeply and passionately. Their faces twisted side to side as their lips and tongues consumed each other.

“Your daddy is so hot, Becky!”

“Wait until he shoves his cock into your cunt!”

“Oh, fuck!”

It’s difficult to find an analogy that adequately describes how I felt watching my daughter and her best friend kiss deeply, their tongues clashing with hot, blistering passion. Their lips made smacking sounds as they kissed and both girls groaned with loud unbridled desire while their hands caressed and explored. My own desire continued to swell and pulsate with each second that I bathed Sam’s hot puckered hole with my greedy tongue.

Sam’s lips kissed my daughter’s face and neck; her tongue licked and tasted Becky’s soft skin, while my daughter’s pretty eyes locked onto mine. I could see the passion in her eyes and in the way her lips trembled with desire. When Sam began to lick the small, soft globes of Becky’s tits, the young raven haired beauty gasped loudly.

I turned around and rolled onto my back, then scooted under Sam until her wet, slippery cunny was just above my face. With a squeal of delight, she lowered her pussy and I began to eat the soft pink meat ravenously. I groaned forcefully. It was so damned intoxicating that I felt dizzy with the pleasure that flashed through my sex-numbed brain. I lay on the floor with a most desirable young girl’s wet pussy rubbing my greedy mouth in tiny, quick circular motions, my hands caressing her soft hips and thighs.

“Fuck, yes!” Sam cried out. “Eat my cunt, Mr. B.!”

“Such a nice little pussy!” I groaned. “So wet and hot!”

“MMMMM! My daddy likes little-girl cunts!”

“That’s it, Mr. B.!” Sam cried out. “Suck my clit!”

I squeezed her soft ass cheeks while I attacked her pussy with my tongue and lips. While Sam ate my daughter’s tits, I slipped a finger into her pussy, then a second and a third. Sam’s hips began to rock wildly as I pumped her wet fuck hole with three fat fingers. When my fingers were wet and slippery with the young redhead’s pussy juice I pulled them out and pressed the middle finger to her small, wrinkled asshole and pushed. She screamed her delight when I sank my finger deep into her ass and began pumping it hard and fast.

“Oh, Fuck! Yessssssssss! Finger-fuck my asshole”

Sam was hot. She dropped her head between Becky’s spread legs and began to devour my daughter’s pussy with her mouth. I head my daughter scream and heard the creaking of wood being jostled around forcefully as my daughter’s hips began to rock madly. Sam had slipped beyond the boundaries of sanity and reasoning as she suddenly began to convulse frantically with orgasm. I pumped her asshole with a fat middle finger and sucked on her clit while she screamed into Becky’s pussy.

I held onto Sam’s wildly gyrating hips as her pussy rubbed my mouth until the spasms subsided and she collapsed with her head between my daughter’s spread legs. She gasped for breath and I could feel the tremors that still shook her small body. I got onto my knees just behind her and began to plant small kisses on her soft back while I reached under her and began to caress her tits and tummy.

“That was so fucking good!” she exclaimed.

“What did I tell you?” Becky grinned as she cut her eyes toward me.

“Do you still want to have my baby, Sam?” I asked softly.

Sam looked over her shoulder and grinned at me. “Oh, fuck, yes! I’ve wanted you to breed me for so long now!”

“Yeah, daddy, fair is fair.” Becky had a knowing smile on her face and the cryptic words piqued my interest.

“What’s fair?” I asked playing along.

“Well…” And the two girls laughed as they traded a look. “I’m late, daddy. I should have had my period two weeks ago and I bought a tester at the drug store. I’m pregnant and the only man I’ve been fucking for the past two months is Mr. Tyler.”

I stared at my daughter for at least two full minutes without saying a word. Curiously, Becky’s admission that she’s been fucking Harold Tyler, a good friend and neighbor, over the past two months didn’t bother me. Of course, after what I had done with my daughter and what I was about to do to his, sort of leveled the playing field. What was incredible to me was that Becky was pregnant with Harry’s baby and that knowledge began to stoke the fire of my lust to a bright, white-hot flame.

“So, are you gonna make a baby in me, Mr. B.?” Sam’s voice was soft and hesitant and I could tell she was unsure – mostly because of the long pause as I digested the startling information.

“I’m going to shove my cock in your hot little cunt, Sam, and fuck you until I fill you up with my baby seed!”


“Fuck her, daddy! Make a baby in her!”

I touched the head of my cock to the delightful little redhead’s pussy and moved it up and down a few times between her wet, slippery lips. Then I positioned it at the entrance to her hot fuck hole and pushed hard, both of us gasping with pleasure when the head spread her lips and sank deep inside of her.


As I began to fuck Sam’s pussy with slow, hard thrusts, she quickly buried her face back between my daughter’s wide, spread legs. Becky’s eyes, which had been on mine, glazed over as her friend’s tongue began to once again devour her steamy wet pussy. I couldn’t believe that I was on my knees behind a sexy young girl, fucking her hot pussy that felt like wet satin to my hard, throbbing cock while she ate my daughter’s pussy. It was the most erotic experience of my life!

I caught Sam’s tits that were swinging madly and began to fondle them. She groaned her approval into Becky’s cunt while my fingers pulled, pinched and twisted her delicious hard nipples. The three of us were panting and gasping as we fucked, sucked and licked each other. Sam’s tight little cunt was like a velvet glove around the fat shaft of my raging hard cock.

“You like that, baby?” I gasped as I pounded her pussy. “You like my cock in your cunt?”

“Oh, fuck, yes! You feel so good!”

“It makes me so hot to watch you fuck my lover’s pussy, daddy!” Becky exclaimed breathlessly. “Now I want to see her tummy get big with your baby in her!”

“Make a baby in me, Mr. B.!” Sam whimpered into my daughter’s sopping wet gash.

“I think both of you should start calling me Jim,” I said. “Especially you, Sam, if you’re going to have my baby.”

“MMMMM! I like that!” Sam hissed.

My baby girl was beginning to grow more and more excited as Sam continued to consume her pussy. I could see her desire and the hot, steamy lust in her expression as she stared at me. She was leaning back a little with her hands, palms down, resting her weight on the table

“Does it make you hot to know I’m pregnant with Mr. Tyler’s baby, daddy?” Becky asked with a smile on her lust-filled face.

“Oh, yes, baby! I can’t wait to see how beautiful you’ll look with a baby in your tummy!”

“And now you’re going to make my best friend pregnant!”

“Oh, fuck!” I groaned. The idea of making the delightful little redhead pregnant nearly caused me to blow my seed into her cunt before I was ready. I was trying valiantly to make myself last the course. “Sam is so beautiful and I can’t believe she wants to have my baby!”

Sam groaned as she ate my daughter’s pussy and shoved her sweet ass back hard against me. I let go of her tits and began to fuck her harder and faster, shoving her pretty face harder against Becky’s steamy cunt, which caused my daughter to cry out with pleasure. Then, without a word, Becky raised her sexy feet and settled them gently on Sam’s back.

“Lick my feet, daddy!” Becky said breathlessly, her pretty eyes on me. “Suck my toes and lick my feet like you did last night.”

“Oh, baby…”

I grabbed both of my daughter’s feet and raised them to my mouth. I became an animal as harsh, guttural sounds issued strongly from my mouth. I sucked a big toe deep into my mouth and began to suck it as I would one of her fat nipples. She whimpered with delight. I began to swirl my tongue around her big toe, licking and sucking it as she roughly fondled her tits. I took all of her toes into my mouth and loved them until I saw the stirrings of Becky’s approaching orgasm. I licked the soft, pink soles, kissed them and pressed them hard against my face.

Becky began thrashing, bucking wildly as she suddenly exploded into orgasm. Seeing my little girl cumming from the attention of another girl’s mouth brought me to the edge and I erupted deep inside of Sam’s pussy. I dropped Becky’s feet and reached under Sam, found her clit and began to rub it furiously. The combination of my finger rubbing her clit and the sudden explosion of cum inside of her, brought the cute redhead to a mind-numbing orgasm.

* * * * *

Several long minutes later I lay on the floor on my back with Sam on one side and Becky on the other. I held both of the girls against me tightly as our bodies trembled. Two long, soft legs were entwined with mine as they lay close, their hands lightly caressing my chest and stomach. Looking down over my stomach I could see my limp cock glistening with Sam’s pussy juices and her cum.

“Thank you, daddy,” Becky said raising her head and looking into my eyes. “You are so hot!”

“I think I should be thanking both of you,” I chuckled lightly. “Last night and today has been the most incredible time of my life!”

“You are so sexy, Jim,” Sam murmured, raising up and looking at me. Then she lightly touched her lips to mine and kissed me softly. “I’ve wanted you so badly for so long.”

“And now you have each other,” Becky smiled.

“You know,” I said hesitantly, as a thought came to mind that I didn’t think either girl had considered. For that matter, it looked as though I hadn’t though of it. “Have either of you thought about your mothers? While Harry and I would love this arrangement, I doubt your mothers are going to be thrilled about us making you girls pregnant.”

“I think that’s a little late, daddy,” Becky laughed. “At least for me it is.”

“And it will be too late for me, Jim,” Sam said. “You and are going to make a baby today.”

“Besides, Sam and I have all of the bases covered,” my daughter put in. “We’ve already seduced her mom and she’s thrilled about our plan.”

“Wait a second,” I said quickly. “What plan?”

Becky looked at me with an exasperated look on her face. “After you make a baby in Sam, we’re gonna change places. I’m going to move in with Harry and Gina and Sam will move in with you and mom.”

“Well…” I started laughing. It was the craziest plan I had ever heard of, not to mention the most impractical. “You may have seduced Gina and she might be all for your plan but your mother is gonna go nuts. Trust me…I know your mother, baby.”

“Trust me, daddy,” Becky said with that knowing smile of hers. “This plan is going to work.”

Suddenly, I felt a small, soft hand on my cock and I looked down to see Sam’s fingers curling around the limp shaft. Then, without a word, Becky began to suck and nibble on my right nipple while Sam attacked the other. Together, in the small space of maybe fifteen seconds, they had my cock hard and throbbing again. I couldn’t believe it! I was hard again!

“We have a baby to make,” Sam said softly as she gently kissed my lips.

“Oh, Sam…”

“You know what I said last night about me owning you, daddy?” my daughter asked. When I nodded she said, “Now you belong to Sam. Whatever she says, you have to obey her.”

I was aroused awake by the soft, effeminate voice of me late-teen daughter Lacey calling “Daddy, I’m home, wake up, sleepy-head,” while her soft little hands were groping to massage my dick through my boxers. I was in one of those deep slumbers that it took a few moments just to realize who the fuck I was, but peeling open an eyelid I saw my clock reporting the time a little past 10 am, and Lacey’s grinning sexy face was leaning over me. The urgent fondling of my cock and balls through my thin cotton boxers made me roll onto my back, my disheveled sheets strewn away from me, so Lacey had complete access to my crotch.

She was in the same outfit I put on her last night when she left for her date — pink front-button blouse, super-tight to show off her b-cups and cut short to reveal her flat tanned tummy, with white Capri pants so tight they looked painted onto her thin thighs. Lacey’s long blonde hair, which was full of curls last night, was now droopy and dirty, even matted in places — definitely unclean, frizzy, mangled. But even with messy hair she looked so deliciously sexy me, although I suppose you’d expect her own father to say that.

Lacey had one knee on the bed next to me, her other foot on the floor, as she leaned over with both hands on my boxers. One hand was pulling open the hole of the boxers, while her other hand was reaching inside to fish out her daddy’s penis. I must have been soft when she found me sleeping, but now I was a good semi-hard and heading quickly to a full erection. As she exposed my cock her soft little hand expertly started to stroke it up and down, not too much pressure, just loving attention, until her daddy was becoming rigid and hot in her hand.

“Mmm I missed you last night, Daddy,” Lacey moaned just before she bent over and licked her tongue around the soft head of my penis. I groaned, my hands racing to stuff a pillow behind my neck and back so I could watch her work on my cock. I kept my thighs parted for her, my balls straining against my now-useless briefs, with my naked dick pointing up at the ceiling in her hand and against her tongue. The 19 year old swirled her lips and tongue in circles around the soft bulbous head, tasting her daddy’s precum, then a few moments later her lips closed on it sucking my cockhead, and only it, into her mouth, where she bathed it in warm, sticky saliva.

“Oh fuck honey,” groaned her now totally awake daddy. I gripped the bedsheets under me, wanting to just savagely fuck her hot mouth like I know she loves. But I remained still on the bed, allowing her to savor and suck my penis and cockhead as she wanted. Her hand around my base was not pumping but holding me firmly, pointing my dick into her mouth. With my cockhead in her mouth, she looked up at my face, laughing with her eyes, then she allowed my cock to drop out of her hand and mouth onto my abdomen. She lowered her head more, her messy golden locks falling to tickle my stomach, and with her tongue stuck out she began licking from the base of my cock to the soft round head, then back down the shaft to the base where my cock disappeared in my underwear.

My body on fire from the pleasure Lacey was giving me, as she always gave me, I forced out something comprehensible. “So — oh god that’s so good, ooh — so did you have a good time baby?”

She finished licking back to the head of my dick, then she paused to push her tangled hair over and behind her ear, which worked to keep just a few strands in place. Sitting upright on her butt next to me, Lacey had one hand out on my dick, which she softly held and began to pump in slow, luxurious strokes. I felt her thumb sticking up on her hand, rubbing my wet cockhead in circles as her palm and fingers ascended my shaft, only to descend back down then come up again. “Yeah I did, it was cool.” She had that know-it-all grin, her thin pink lips turned up with a big smile. She always played it calm and understated when she got home from her dates.

“So,” I asked slowly, furiously thinking if she told me last night who the lucky date was, “did um, did you tell me who it was, or did I forget?”

Lacey stuck her tongue out a quarter-inch and bit it in her teeth as she winced in a half-guilty pout. “Oh Daddy no I didn’t tell you, I thought you like surprises.” Her hand squeezed my cock harder for a second, making my pelvis jerk up, drawing another giggle from her. “He was a doctor, I met him on the Internet, he was here for a convention or something.”

From deep in my lust I exclaimed a low, pleasured grunt of satisfaction. Not having any more details, I knew I loved this story already. “Another guy from the internet huh — wow — how was he, how old, I guess you went to his hotel?”

“Mmm, Daddy,” Lacey sighed, holding my cock at its base so it stuck up at the sky, as she leaned over again. I watched my slutty daughter take my cockhead into her thin face, sucking it as her cheeks flexed inward from the vacuum she was creating, and she sucked a few inches of my erection into her wet young mouth. Placing both hands flat on my abdomen and shorts around my dick, she began working her mouth up and down my shaft, stuffing my cock deeper in her mouth and against her tongue with each thrust downward. Her eyes looked over at me, ensuring I was watching this, and indeed my gaze was riveted on the sight of my throbbing penis disappearing down her mouth and throat. Lacey is such a fucking expert cocksucker, and I swear she sucks cocks just to see a guy’s reaction. Since she started sucking and fucking me about a year ago, I must have had over one a day from her on average — you know, sometimes I try to get multiple BJs to make up for lost days.

She didn’t answer my question about her date, instead using her lips and tongue to make her daddy’s cock totally engorged, so I was completely lusting for her. Finally, after a couple of minutes of sucking and mouthfucking, she leaned up again. Her hand found my penis drooling in her saliva, squishy and gooey and sticky, and she began jerking it forcefully but slowly. The outer skin of my dick moved under her sticky hand, and her thumb kept rubbing my cockhead each time her hand was at the top of my shaft. “He was nice, Daddy,” Lacey finally informed me, her eyes watching my erection, “he’s really handsome, and works out good.”

My slender daughter was now sliding her body down the bed, crawling between my spread-open legs. Sitting on her ankles between my knees, she was working to stretch my boxers over my erection so she could strip me naked. I sucked in my gut and pulled my ass down so she could stretch the boxers, but you know, sometimes you just can’ t pull a hard dick out of the eyehole of underwear. She laughed after a couple of efforts, then finally with a little pain, my whole cock squeezed through the small hole. With a little cheer of “yea!” from the former head cheerleader, Lacey pulled my boxers down my hairy legs and tossed them away so her daddy was totally naked. Instantly she put her hands on my knees and spread me legs wide open, and falling forward she rubbed her slender exquisite face against my shaved balls and throbbing penis. Moaning with familiar delight, her tongue darted out licking my shaft as her cheeks and nose rubbed along my aching penis for a few moment.

When her face was nicely soiled in her own saliva and my precum, she moved up a few inches and took the head of my dick back inside her little lips; and moving her torso up more, she bent down her head to swallow half of my dick into her mouth. I felt my fat head against the back of her tight mouth, where her tongue’s base moved into her throat. Lacey gulped and pushed down more, and now my penis was stretching inside her throat. She was swallowing me, the little whore. She pushed down her mouth and lips until her lips were against the base of my cock, and daddy’s big hard dick was now stuffed up inside her throat and neck. Her little body shook at the depths of my cock, and she made little moaning noises, slightly discomforted by her deep-throating. Looking up at me for a few moments, she slammed down on my dick as hard as her face could, sticking my cockhead into her neck, stretching her throat, and she let daddy feel how tight her tube was around my fat pulsating penis.

At last, god twenty seconds or more, she pulled up, gasping for air with a big gulp, and as her mouth pulled off of me, a thick swarm of mucus was dripping down my cock, with a strand like a wet bridge from the tip of my dick to her lips. She smiled at my messy cock, and after swallowing a couple of times to regain her sensibilities, she leaned forward, opened her mouth, and began licking off the throat mucus from my penis. Her licking was loud, you could hear her tongue and lips sucking off the messy goo all over my erection.

I almost had to contain myself from laughing, I mean, watching my 19 year old blonde daughter licking off her messy gooey yellow-green mucus from my cock was almost too hot to believe, and it wasn’t every day she deep-throated me. “Whats the matta, baby,” I asked in a low surly voice, “you seem awful horny this morning, didn’t you get fucked?”

She laughed at the ridiculous comment, but keeping to her usual game plan of withholding information as long as she could, she just smiled up at me. “Why, can’t I please my Daddy?” And keeping her eyes on mine, she put her mouth over my balls and began licking my salty scrotum.

Fuck that felt good. I reached to my knees, pulling them way back, exposing my balls and asshole to her. “Awww Lacey fuck that’s nice,” my eyes rolled as I droned on, “ahhh yeah sweetie, mmm suck em.” But not forgetting what I wanted to know, I more pointedly demanded of her, “So tell me baby, was he a good fuck?”

“Uh huh,” her quiet reply came as her tongue and lips were busy sucking her daddy’s balls, “yeah he was.”

My cock throbbed a little hotter, knowing for sure she got laid last night. “So didn’t he fuck you this morning, is that why you’re so horny?”

Her eyes were smiling at me, as her nose and mouth were against my cock and balls. I saw her shrug, and she leaned up, her mouth dripping with saliva. “Mmm he did Daddy, when we woke up — and, uh, after our shower together.” She said it so matter-of-factly, but she was watching me, knowing how horny with lust her answer would make her daddy. Seeing that indeed I was stirring with more frenzy for her, she sat upright, her little ass on her thin ankles, and she reached two hands forward to my dick. Cupping my balls with one hand, her other hand began stroking me, my thick hard shaft lubricated from her saliva and mucus. “He gave it to me good this morning Daddy, he said he wanted to get fucked good before he had to go fly home to his ugly wife.”

I was chuckling from her self-confidence. Her hand felt so fucking good around my hard wet shaft, my pelvis was staring to gyrate, pumping my dick up and down in her fist. “You just don’t deep-throat me much, was wondering why you came home so horny.”

Her eyes looked down at my cock stuffed up between her little fingers and palm, then she smiled back at me. “‘Cause I sucked him off in his car too, and I was just like horny ya know.”

“Where in his car baby, at the airport or at the hotel something?”

“No, Daddy,” she grinned, taking her hand off my balls a moment to push her messy hair back over her ears and out of her eyes, “he dropped me off going to the airport.”

The logical conclusion of the details made my cock seem to get twice as hard in her hand. “So, you telling me, honey, that while your daddy was upstairs asleep, you were down in the driveway sucking off some other man’s big penis?”

Her thin sexy body with the perky b-cup tits shivered from the way I described it, but she didn’t stop jerking off my fat meat, and she looked at me with sincere trust. “Well of course Daddy, I had to say goodbye to him.”

“Ooh that’s a nice thought,” I responded with a grin. “Nothing like saying goodbye by letting a man squirt all over your face — or down your throat?”

“Mmm,” she moaned as her eyes rolled, and I saw her tongue lick her lips, “down my throat Daddy!”

The thought of another man squirting his semen into Lacey’s throat on my own fucking driveway, in some cheap rental car he was about to return to the airport, was about to make my cock squirt too. I was so full of lust I just wanted to unload my morning jism into Lacey’s mouth or all over her gorgeous fucking teenage face; and her sexy hands squeezing my cock was going to make it happen. So, not wanting to cum yet but totally hot for her morning antics, I leaned upright and put my hands under her armpits. I lifted her torso up too, so her hands moved away from my cock, as I brought her face towards mine. “God you’re so hot,” I moaned, just before my lips touched hers. Immediately she opened her mouth and offered me her tongue, which I sucked into my mouth and started squeezing and sucking it. Daddy and daughter intensely sucked face, tongues sliding over each other, her damp messy hands flat on my hairy chest, moaning from the pressure of our lips locked together.

Breaking our kiss, panting, I pushed her to stand on her knees between my thighs, and I lowered my face past her sexy teenage tits in her thin tight pink blouse. Pointing at her flat tanned tummy just under her short blouse, and putting my hand flat against it, I smiled up at her, moaning, “Mmm so this hot doctor’s cum is right here inside my babygirl?” Lacey giggled and arched her back, hands on her hips, making her flat tummy stick forward. I was already level with her tummy, just above her belly-button (an “innie,” if you’re asking), and I planted a wet, loving kiss on her soft bald tummy. My kiss turned into a couple of flicks of my tongue, making her giggle, leaving a little wet spot on her skin.

Pushing back from her, sliding my hands from her armpits to her hips, I let her watch me admire the mess in her hair. “Looks like this hot doctor also splattered himself all over your face and hair, baby.”

Lacey beamed proudly, brushing tufts of tangled messy hair over her shoulder and twirling a finger through some strands near her forehead that remained curled. “Yeah, once last night.”

“I see.” I couldn’t hide my grin, and it was making Lacey laugh. “And what else — did this hot doctor get to squirt his cum into my baby princess’s tight little pussy?”

She nodded as she giggled in delight. “Oh yeah, a few times Daddy.”

“Oh, a few times huh? My my, fucking like rabbits weren’t ya.” My smile showed I didn’t have an iota of objection. My hands were sliding to the button on her white Capris. “So let’s let Daddy see where he put all that cum.”

Her grin turned to a little pout, and her hands intercepted my wrists, holding me back. “Daddy, I’m so sore this morning.” I could see from her eyes that she wasn’t kidding. “We fucked so much, I hardly slept and don’t think I can again for a while.”

I was so horny, I wasn’t about to be stopped. “I didn’t say I wanted to fuck you too, baby, I just wanna see where he put it.” She allowed me to push her onto her back on my bed, and she dutifully put her knees together as I unfastened her Capris then peeled them off. Instantly I saw she wasn’t wearing her thong. “Where’s that lacy thong I put on you last night?”

Lacey pretended to think about it like she didn’t know, but then she offered, “I let him have it Daddy, a little present.”

“Oh, a present huh, maybe so he could give his wife?” I laughed, and she retorted, “Don’t think so!” and laughed with me. I was already pulling her pants off of her ankles, exposing her shaved bald cuntlips and her creamy tanned legs. Spreading open her knees, I gazed at the pussy that I had carefully shaved last night before she left on her date. Her pouty pink vaginal lips were glistening with beads of liquid, shimmering in the morning sunlight. God, I thought, staring at my daughter’s naked twat as she pulled her legs back for me, how fucking hot is that image. I looked at her spread-open pussy, picturing some stranger she just met in person yesterday night, stuffing his fat adult penis into that cunt right there, making her moan and scream, and shooting cum into her womb. (Ok, ok, she’s on Ortho, but still.) THAT pussy, right there, got fucked by some convention-attending doctor stud. It was making me so fucking hot to fuck her myself, although I knew I wouldn’t because she asked me not to.

She saw me admiring her cunt, and she undulated her hips a little for effect. If she was trying to get me to fuck her, it was working, so I just mumbled what a tease she was. Then a little louder I asked, “So tell me Lacey, what were the very first words out of your mouth after he saw your shaved pussy for the first time last night?”

“Hmm, my very first words,” she moaned, thinking to herself, watching me watch her gyrating pelvis and teenage cunt, “well I just sucked him off and he wanted to eat me, so I was like, ‘eat my cunt, eat it.’” Her nasty mouth in its high-pitch squeal is such a turn-on to me, and seeing and smelling her tasty pussy while hearing her talk like a hooker was making my naked penis throb even harder for an orgasm. And she knew the effect of those words on me, I taught her to talk like a cumloving slut. “And Daddy, he just buried his tongue so deep in me, oh god Daddy, it was so hot, he made me cum so hard in his mouth Daddy, he made me scream for him.”

“Did he now?” I was trying my best not to jump her, but she is so fucking hot. Since she ruled her pussy off-limits, I was now eyeing her tits. I crawls next to her writhing body, reaching out to unbutton her blouse. Her back was arching, those hard nipples sticking through the material of her blouse and bra. I exposed her bra then just pulled it up over her breasts, not bothering to unhook it. Her pale-white tits, with deep bronze tanlines forming a white triangle around her pink nipples, pointed at the ceiling. She sat up to pull off her blouse and the bra, and while I watched I asked more about her night. “So how long after you met him did you blow him?”

Lacey thought about her answer while she pulled off her bra and blouse. Lying flat on her back again, now totally naked, spreading her tanned thighs for her father, she answered me while reaching out for my penis. “It wasn’t right away,” she explained, “he took me to a fancy dinner with like some stupid old people dancing.”

“Oh a real date,” I giggled, comparing it to most of her recent hookups. I crawled forward on my knees, pushing my pelvis forward, as she grabbed my dick in her hand. I watched her stroke me hardness as I gazed down on her naked body. “Hope the food was good.”

My long-haired blonde daughter giggled. “It was ok, but it was funny.” Some memory was making her giddy. “He like was telling everyone I was like his daughter? And I was calling him Daddy, it was silly, but the waiter like, TOTALLY didn’t believe it.” Her hand was wrapped around my penis the whole time, it was very surreal hearing her talk about calling another man her father. When asked why the waiter “totally” didn’t believe she was the doc’s daughter, she gave me this guilty look. “Cuz um he caught us making out at the table.”

I had to laugh too at that. “You little slut, kissing your daddy at the dinner table.” But the idea was making me so fucking hard. “How about your REAL father takes you out to dinner tonight, but we pretend that you’re not my daughter, we pretend you’re my mistress, and we just totally are all over each other?”

“Mmm I like that Daddy,” Lacey groaned in pleasure, rolling up onto her elbow so she could get her mouth near my penis, “then you can take me home and fuck me like your little slut.” Her eyes locked onto mine, her mouth surrounded the head of my cock and she sucked it noisily, slurping it, drawing it into her mouth. I rocked my hips in a swirling fashion, slowly, pushing my throbbing erection into my slutty teenage daughter’s wet mouth, bit by bit, until my swollen cockhead was against the back of her mouth. Lacey’s tongue lathered the soft underside inside her mouth with warm saliva. Pulling back she closed her tongue and cheeks on my retreating penis, sucking it hard as if to keep it inside her mouth, until just my cockhead was left inside her puffy lips. Then pushing forward I again filled her mouth with cock, right until her eyes rolled from feeling dick at the deepest part of her mouth not yet her throat. Back and forth I went, stuffing my erection in my daughter’s wet inviting mouth then pulling it back out slowly, in and out. Lacey kept herself steady on the bed so I could fuck her mouth, and she made low growling, moaning sounds that added vibrations to the sensation of her fucking. She made it sound like she was in heaven, that’s for sure.

I guess it started when my wife died. That left me alone with my daughter, Misty. I tried my best to be strong for my daughter, but I was deeply, deeply depressed in reality.

That lasted for about a year. Then Misty moved out. She had turned eighteen and I think she needed to get away from my dark moods. I really fell apart then. Misty would come and visit me and she could see I had taken a huge turn for the worse. I think she must have felt guilty about moving out even though I didn’t want her to feel that way.

Sometimes she would do my dishes or laundry and clean up around me. She would always try to cheer me up. She would play happy music on the radio and tell me funny things that had happened to her, trying to get me to laugh. But, I couldn’t be helped. My heart wouldn’t budge. It wasn’t her fault. Sometimes she would get fed up and spend weeks away, but eventually, she always came back to check on me. She loved me even though I couldn’t seem to love her back at that point in my life.

One day she came over and she let herself in when I failed to get up and open the door for her. It was about four in the afternoon, but I was in bed, drifting in and out of sleep. I was in the blackest of moods. My depression was so severe I couldn’t move. I was paralyzed. I heard my daughter knocking, but I couldn’t respond mentally, emotionally or physically.

I was half asleep, dreaming of my dead wife again, but heard Misty walk down the hall. I was half in my dream and half in my waking reality. Somehow I knew I was dreaming and was aware of what I was hearing at the same time, but I couldn’t move. Misty’s steps were tentative, almost fearful. Maybe she was afraid she would find me dead, I don’t know. “Daddy?” came her soft girlish voice, trembling.

My back was to the open door, but I heard her steps reach the door and stop. She must have must have been watching me breathing. She didn’t say anything at first, and then she repeated, “Dad? Victor?” but softer this time as if she wasn’t expecting a reply.

I felt dead. I didn’t reply. I didn’t turn to look. I just lay there, unmoving. The dream of my wife was slipping away with the realization that it was just a dream and with that came the stark realization that she was dead, like I was experiencing her death all over again. There were no more thoughts of grief or anger or loss; there was only my black dead heart. I should have felt something for my daughter, but instead it was as if she wasn’t there at all.

It so happened, in that moment, my dick was hard. It was just one of those hard-ons you get on awakening even though you don’t remember any erotic dreams and you’re not really thinking about sex, but you’re hard anyway for no apparent reason. I should have been alarmed, but I wasn’t even thinking about it. In that moment, I had no thoughts for my daughter or what she might feel.

I still didn’t move when she climbed onto the bed behind me. She lay down on top of the blanket that was over me. I felt her slide up to my back, her abdomen, her soft little breasts, against my back, her knees against my thighs, spooning with me. She wrapped her arm around me with her hand against my stomach near my hard-on. “I love you Daddy,” she whispered in my ear. “I want you to be happy again.”

A decent man would have done something, but I didn’t. I wasn’t a decent man anymore. I was completely possessed by my self pity and self loathing. I ignored my daughter.

We lay there for I don’t know how long, the warmth of her lithe body against mine, a blanket in between us, feeling each others’ breathing.

“I would do anything to make you happy again,” she whispered after a time.

Still I did not move or respond. I knew there was nothing she could do to bring my wife back. Nothing else mattered to me at that point in my life.

Then, she shifted her hand and her fingers brushed against the protrusion in the blanket caused by my erection. She brushed her fingers against it a second time as if she wasn’t sure what she was feeling, then she felt it’s shape through the blanket by running her fingers along its length. She drew her hand back instantly. “Oh, Dad!” she exclaimed, startled.

I felt her body move back from mine, but she was still on the bed. “Dad? Is that . . . is that your . . . penis?” she inquired, the word “penis” came out of her mouth awkwardly like she was trying to pronounce a strange word from a foreign language. “What’s going on?” she asked with a hint of alarm, her voice stronger now, but still trembling with emotion.

“Dad?” she asked simply when I didn’t respond. I felt her sit up to get a better view of my front side. Maybe she wasn’t convinced it was really my penis because she reached around me again and flicked my hard dick with her finger. But still there must have been doubt against the obvious fact of it, because she wrapped her fingers around the blanket covering my penis feeling the shape of it. I felt my daughter’s hand squeeze around me then, feeling my hardness. My penis twitched involuntarily in her grasp. “Ew!” she jerked back like she’d touched a poison viper, “you’re hard!”

Finally, I was shocked out of my stupor. My dream was forgotten, replaced by shame and anger at myself for not stopping my daughter before she touched me. There was also fear, fear of what she would think of me. But undeniably, there was another feeling, maybe even stronger than my other feelings—the sexual shock of her touch. It had been such a long time since I had felt it, pleasure and excitement; no matter that it was my daughter’s hand on me.

After a pause, she tried, “Dad, are you awake?” She shook me gently at my shoulder. I rolled on my back and looked at my daughter through half open eyes. Now on my back, my erection stood straight up, obscenely tenting the blanket over me.

“Dad, are you okay? I was worried about you.” She was speaking to me, but I saw that her attention was on the tall tent pole under the blanket.

“I’m sorry Misty, I’ve just been so sad. I miss her so much.”

She looked up at me then. “Oh Dad!” sadness was in her eyes. She lay down next to me, her head on my shoulder and her arm across my chest, “I miss her too.”

“I’m so sorry I haven’t been there for you Misty.”

“Don’t be sorry Dad. I love you. I just want you to be happy again. I wish I could make you happy.”

“I wish I knew how to be happy again. I’m so sorry you had to see me like this.” I felt useless and helpless in that moment. There I was with the most obscene erection, but feeling too paralyzed with depression to do anything about it while my 18 year old daughter hugged me pityingly.

“It’s okay Dad, it’s not your fault. I shouldn’t have lay in bed with you. I should have known better, but I just wanted to hug you and make you feel good again. I didn’t think. I guess it’s been a long time since you’ve had a woman in bed with you. No wonder you’re hard as a rock. It’s my fault.”

I shook my head at her, but I couldn’t speak. I wanted to tell her it had nothing to do with her, that sometimes I just have an erection when I’m sleeping, but I didn’t know how to say it to my daughter. The sadness in her eyes, in her voice, moved me and I began to tear up.

Her arm around my chest tightened. “Don’t worry Daddy,” she whispered, “I won’t let anything come between us.”

I stroked her long hair with my hand, her head resting softly on my shoulder.



“Do I remind you of Mom?”

“Sometimes Honey.”

“I want to be Mom for you. Please let me do that for you.” There was both sadness and determination in her voice.

Guessing at what she meant, I shook my head, but it made no difference, her hand slipped under the blanket and down my abdomen until she found the base of my cock. Her soft fingers on my sex felt intensely pleasurable, like a first drink after a long sobriety. It also felt reassuring. It may be hard to understand, but my daughter reaching down of her own accord to touch my dick made feel whole again, loved and cared for. I know it was selfish, but I couldn’t muster the strength of will needed to stop her. It simply felt too good.

“I made you so hard, I had no idea you felt that way.” Her face was furrowed with tension. She was holding back revulsion, forcing herself to do something against her nature, just as one might expect from a woman stroking her father’s erection.

I wanted to explain that I wasn’t hard because of her, but now that she was touching me, she actually was arousing me, more and more. Her hand felt up my column slowly. It had been so long for me, the pleasure was intense.

Tears were flooding Misty’s eyes. Her hand began to jerk up and down my dick, moving robotically, forced.

I pulled the blanket off so I could watch my daughter’s hand on my dick, but this seemed to upset her more. She started making a whining noise in time with her strokes on my dick. Tears began to run down her cheeks.

“Sweetie, you’re hurting me, you’re grasping too tight. Loosen your grip a little,” I asked.

“Okay Daddy.” When she softened her grip, I noticed her hand was trembling. The whining continued as before.

“Sweetie, you’re hand is a little dry. Maybe you could rub your hand over the tip of my penis—to get it slippery?”

“Okay Daddy.” The tears were streaming down her face now. Her mouth was an inverted “U,” her lips trembling. I watched as she rubbed her palm around my head, wetting it with my precum.

“That’s good sweetie, now try stroking again.”

She obeyed with a whimper, her hand slipping wetly on my erection, but still trembling.

“Maybe just a little faster honey.”

Suddenly, Misty’s whimpering erupted into uncontrolled sobbing. In between long intakes of breath, she blurted, “I can’t Daddy . . . I can’t do this . . . Oh God . . . I’m sorry Daddy.” Tears streamed. Thin clear liquid ran from her nose into her mouth. I hadn’t seen her cry like that since she was a little girl. She stopped stroking me and her grip tightened around the base of my erection.

“Oh Sweetie,” I paused, trying to think of what to say to comfort her. I continued, rather lamely I think, “you were doing really good job. You were really making me feel good, Sweetie, really good. I am really lucky to have you for a daughter. I mean, how many daughters would do that for their dad?”

Her sobbing stopped. The corners of her mouth twitched upward, trying to smile. “You’re so depressed, Dad, it makes me feel really really sad. I just want you to be happy again.”

“You’re helping Misty, you really are. You almost made me cum, sweetie. I probably would have cum if you didn’t stop.”

“Oh, I’m sorry Dad.” She looked down at my dick contemplatively, where it throbbed hotly in her grip.


“Yes, sweetie?”

“Would you like it if I put your penis in my mouth?”

I almost had an orgasm on hearing her question, but I tried to dampen my response, “Uh, sure . . . yes, that would be nice Sweetie, but only if you want to, of course.”

“I want to Daddy. I want to do it for you, just like Mom used to.”

“Okay Sweetie, I would like that.” I chose not to tell her that her mother never liked to give me blow jobs. I didn’t want to spoil it for her—it seemed to mean so much to her to be able to do this for me.

I watched as my daughter bent over my erection and stuck her tongue out. She touched the tip of her tongue to the tip of my dick. Her breath felt hot on my wet dick. The look on her face was of repulsion, like she might have been eating a cockroach, but, in spite of this, she swirled her tongue in the precum on the head of my dick. Cautiously, her tongue licked lower and lower down my hard shaft.

The pleasure I felt in that moment shocked me and drew me out of myself. I had completely forgotten about my sorrow. There was something about that first moment of permitting my daughter to do it that added a level of erotic excitement that I had never experienced before. The wetness of my daughter’s tongue slipping around and around my dick was unexpectedly blissful to me.

She opened her mouth wide over my dick, ready to wrap her lips around me, but she didn’t. Instead, she hovered there, with her eyes tightly shut. She started making a whimpering sound again, as saliva dripped from her mouth onto my waiting member.

I guessed that she was experiencing some mixed feelings about the prospect of sucking on her father’s dick. At first, I thought maybe I should stop her and release her from the idea of it. But, I didn’t. Perhaps I couldn’t. I was already too taken by this new sexual thrill—the thrill of my own daughter pleasuring me with her mouth. It was so terribly wrong, but at the same time it was the most erotic thing imaginable. Instead of doing the responsible thing, I gave what I thought were words of encouragement, as if it were the fatherly thing to do. “You shouldn’t stop now, Misty, you were doing such a good job,” I told her.

That wasn’t enough though. She still whimpered with her mouth twitching over my dick like she was trying to close her lips around me, but some unseen force held her back.

So, I tried a different track. “Misty,” I said, “you are unbelievable. You are beautiful and you are turning me on like I’ve never been turned on before. Your mouth looks really sexy right now.”

I guess that was the wrong thing to say because she started sobbing again. Maybe daughters don’t want to hear how much their fathers are turned on by them, but I didn’t think of that until after the words came out of my mouth. Tears and saliva and snot ran from her face onto my dick as she took in gasps of air and let out long melodramatic sobs over me. All the time holding her mouth open, as if ready to accept my hard dick.

It was more than I could bear, not her crying, but my sexual anticipation. I felt horribly selfish, but it didn’t stop me from what I was about to do. I very slowly raised my hips so that the head of my dick rose to meet my daughter’s open mouth. I let out a sigh of pleasure when I felt the soft moist flesh of her mouth on me.

Misty gave out a long mournful whine, but it was muffled by my dick in her mouth. She didn’t pull away though; she held her mouth dutifully around my dick, her lips quivering, various liquids running from her face and mouth down my hard shaft.

Very gently, I moved up and down in her slack mouth, caressing her lips and tongue and teeth with my swollen member. She did nothing to stop me, but continued her muffled whining, her eyes squeezed shut.

I began to move faster, increasing my strokes a little further into her mouth. It was very wet and slippery. I tried to avoid her teeth. She kept her mouth opened for me, but otherwise did nothing to take part in it. The erotic pleasure of rubbing my dick in my daughter’s mouth was overwhelming. It was a very guilty sort of pleasure, of course, but that just made it all the more irresistible. I’m going to cum in my own daughter’s mouth, I kept thinking to myself, convincing myself that I wasn’t in a dream. At the same time, it touched me deeply that my daughter, against her every instinct, would willingly offer her mouth to me for my ultimate pleasure. I knew then how profoundly she loved me.

It was with this fusion of intense love and excitement that I started to thrust harder and faster into my daughter’s open mouth. My dick slipped wetly on her lips and tongue on a sheen of snot and saliva and precum. Her whimpering moans were interrupted by rhythmic gags as my cock began to jam into the back of her throat repeatedly. The whole while, she obediently held her head in place and her mouth open for me.

Her willingness excited me ever more and I realized that I was ramming my cock even harder, knocking her head back with every thrust as she gagged again and again. I felt like I was abusing her as I watched myself, but I couldn’t stop, and she held fast, courageously, I thought.

I fucked my daughter’s open mouth with a sexual fervor I had never experienced before, ramming into her inviting mouth over and over with uninhibited abandon until I finally, mercifully, came to climax. I thrust hard, one last time, shoving my cock into her throat and held it there as I had a massive orgasm, my cum spurting into her many times over while she gagged and gurgled trying to accommodate the sexual explosion in her throat.

I sighed with pleasure and relief, pulling my dick slowly out of my daughter’s mouth. A sticky syrup of cum, saliva, snot and tears flowed from her mouth, drooling down her chin and down my cock.

She opened her eyes wide, staring at me with a look that can only be described as horror. Tears continued to run. Her mouth was still open in the shape of an “O” like she was trying to scream, even though no sound emerged. A pool of cum still covered her tongue at the bottom of her mouth.

In an attempt to talk her out of her apparent shock and dismay, I told her in the cheeriest tone I could muster, “I don’t even know how to thank you Misty. That was wonderful. I can’t even describe how wonderful.”

She continued to stare pleadingly, for what, I don’t know, maybe reassurance. She closed her mouth slowly, grimacing. Instead of swallowing, she let my cum ooze out between her lips, running down her chin and neck. Her face tightened, contorted, trying to hold back more sobbing perhaps, the tears were running heavily.

“You know, it’s okay to swallow it if you want. It won’t hurt you. It’s just my sperm. I don’t have any diseases.”

Misty swallowed loudly. She shuddered and, with a sob, leaped off the bed, running to the bathroom. I heard her retching and spitting, followed by more sobbing. Then, there was the sound of her feet running toward the front door.

“Misty!” I called after her, but it was too late, the front door slammed.

My dick was still hard so I couldn’t very well run outside after her. I didn’t want to scare my neighbors after all. So, I stayed in bed, staring at the ceiling, trying to understand what had just happened, what I had just done to my daughter. I hoped she would be okay and get over it. For my part, I was in some kind of sexual nirvana having just experienced the most intense orgasm of my life with the person I would have least suspected of providing it.

Every time I have an even remotely sexual experience I want to reach out to you?…this inclination is annoying. But you are still the only person I can talk to. Notice I said “talk to” and not “talk with.” It’s a little difficult talking “with” someone who rarely carries their weight of the conversation…

Anyway. Tonight I had this guy over. He arrived at 1:50 am. He left around 2:45am. We hadn’t seen each other since we had sex 18 days ago. I really wanted someone to chill with and cuddle with me. It’s a female thing. (I hope you cuddle with your woman. If you don’t, she wants you to. And every time you don’t, she’s probably left disappointed. Just a warning…)

I told him two days ago if he came to see me then we couldn’t have sex. I was lying. I’ve turned into a liar. It’s not that we couldn’t have sex, it’s that I didn’t want to sleep with him. But, apparently, when you tell a guy you don’t want to sleep with him, he gets pissy and attitudinal (…learned that from that white guy in the city you told me to sleep with…)

I mostly didn’t want to have sex with him because he uses this brand of condoms that irritates the fuck out of me. And I really didn’t want to go through that again. That shit was painful and annoying. (I’m sensitive to latex. The only brand that doesn’t bother me too much is Trojan.)

So he gets here. I let him in (sneak him in). And we go straight to my room. I knew it was too much to hope that he would just lay down and hold me for a little while. He immediately starts rubbing my back. You know, in that manner most of you men seem to have when you want something. I’m tired and I have to be up in a handful of hours. I just wanted to be held. No such luck.

I figure, “fine, I’ll take care of him then maybe he will just lay the hell down.”

After the usual build up, he opens his pants and pushes them down to his ankles. Ta-da, approximately 6″ (I think I’m being generous on the measurement), and maybe an 1.5″ around, at the narrowest point, and 2″ at the widest. Very easy for me to swallow. And I did, over and over again, for about 12 minutes.

Twelve minutes of sucking, spitting, gagging, tonguing, and bobbing. Twelve minutes with my mouth full of dick and my ears full of,

“Yes…Oh, that is so hot…That’s it make it nice and wet…Good Girl…Swallow it all…Fuck…Spit on it…Yes!…”

“Oh God…that feels so good…Fuck me…Ahh…Ooh…Oh…that’s it…make it nasty…Fuck yes…Spit on it some more…Stuff it in your mouth…Stay right there…Hold it in your throat…”

…all the while, holding my breasts in his hands.

He comes. A healthy amount. All over his own stomach. He was holding my hair at various points, so when he was about to come he lifted my head off of him. I had to use my hand to finish him. He didn’t even let me taste his seed. All that hard work and I had to watch the sperm dribble over my fingers. (I told you I prefer it warm, straight from the source. No way was I going to taste it after it got all cold. Eww.)

I gave him a towel to clean up with, then he laid down with me for maybe 10 minutes. Then he left. What kind of shit is that? I think I earned at least a half hour’s worth of cuddling!

Then I laid there for fifteen minutes thinking about how much I wanted to talk to you.

So I said, “fuck it” and typed this up.

Have fun fantasizing about my mouth on some man’s dick and jerking off to your thoughts. I know that’s what you are going to do. This way at least two of us get some satisfaction out of this morning’s events; you and (obviously) him.

Does sending you this kind of email cross the line of friendship I am supposed to toe now? I don’t know. All I do know is, I want to tell you, I need to tell you. And not sharing these things with you makes me sad. I don’t want to be sad. At least the act of putting it in your inbox makes me feel better. Whether or not you read what I send? I have no fucking clue…

So, stay tuned to your regularly scheduled programming and be on the look out for my tale from last week!

‘Cause I might just feel like sharing that too…


This is a true story. It is the story of a young man who was sheltered, unsophisticated about the world and not sure of himself. He came to Memphis from the countryside of Arkansas with no real experiences. It is about me. Growing up, I knew no real want. My parents were gainfully employed and made good money. I was the middle of five kids and did not get much attention. So, I was always trying to figure out my true identity. I had gone to a small local college and remained fairly sheltered. No one talked about anything out of the ordinary. No taboo. So when I came to Memphis to go to graduate school, I was suddenly interested in the world around me. It was a strange new world. Sometimes it seemed hostile and dangerous and other times it seemed forgiving and open.

I had never had much experience with the opposite sex and none with the same sex. I had thought about other guys on occasion but never acted on it. It just seemed to me that you were supposed to do as was expected of you. Plain and simple. When I came to Memphis and moved into an apartment, there was suddenly a strange and new world before me. For the first few weeks, I spent a great deal of time just getting my bearings. I found a nice apartment in east Memphis, got started in school and just began to settle in. Back home, I was never bored. However, now that I had moved to this big city and gotten settled, I was suddenly bored and lonely. That usually how you get into trouble.

Anyway, graduate school was going too easy and was a breeze. I attended my classes, did my readings and studied for my tests. Usually, by early evening, I was finished and was very restless. I drove around the city just to acquaint myself with my new surroundings. It was interesting. I began to notice that Memphis had a fairly healthy and active sex industry. Being pretty inexperienced, I noticed the “dark alley” places more quickly than some.

The first place I noticed was an adult bookstore about four blocks from my apartment complex. I drove by it several times before I got up enough courage to walk in. Finally, I swallowed the lump in my throat and settled the butterflies in my stomach and walked in the door in the back of the building. As soon as I emerged into the store, I saw all kinds of things I had never seen before. There were toys of various types, magazines, DVDs and all kinds of things that young boys from the country don’t see everyday. I also noticed two dark hallways on each side of the store section but wasn’t sure about either one.

I should stop here to described myself in those days a few years ago. I was thin, white, weighed about 165 pounds, very smooth naturally and had sandy hair. I immediately began to feel uncomfortable in the ABS, as if I was being watched and lusted after. I know, even then it seemed egotistical. I looked around that first night and left quickly. I was too nervous to enjoy myself.

A few nights later, I summoned the courage to return. I spent some time looking at the DVDs and the sex toys. One of the clerks approached me and smiled. I was looking at some of the DVDs in the gay section. He very bluntly asked me, “Are you an experienced guy?” I was shocked and unsure of my response. I finally spoke up, “I’m not sure what you mean?”

He smiled and replied, “Are you a top or a bottom? Fem or dom? You know.”

In fact, I didn’t know. Finally, with nothing to lose, I replied, “Honestly, I’ve never been with another guy before, but if I was, I guess I’d want him to be in charge.”

The clerk laughed, “Well, if you’re going to ever do it, you’d better prepare yourself.” After he walked off, I thought about what he said and began looking for DVDs for young guys doing solos. I found one and purchased it.

I watched the DVD for the next couple of days. The handsome young man in the video demonstrated the use of a dildo, a vibrator, anal beads and lots of other little tricks. I noticed that he was preparing himself to take a bigger man with a bigger cock and was practicing some positions and techniques in order to prepare himself. I decided that if I ever wanted to take the plunge, I’d better prepare myself.

So I did. I purchased an 8.5 inch dildo and some other toys to play with. I found myself enjoying them way too much. I shaved my body completely smooth including my balls. I violated my anal virginity with my rubbery friend of 8.5 inches and practiced my still un-used blow job skills on the dildo. I was determined that when I started hunting, I could bag or be bagged if it happened.

The first night of looking around for some fun ended with no luck after cruising the ABS and coming up with nothing but old trolls. I wanted my first man to man to be memorable and enjoyable. So, I moved on to a local bar that advertised as a friendly place for guys interested in what I was interested in. The place was dark and there were a number of guys milling around. Some were at the bar, others at tables. I wore some tight jeans (with no underwear) and a t-shirt into the place, knowing I was advertising.

I sat down at the bar and ordered a beer and just waited. An older flabby guy walked up and offered to buy my drink. He was just trying to be nice but I was not interested. I thanked him and replied, “Anyway, I’m waiting on my date.” Of course, that was a lie. I had no date.

After a few minutes, I turned and scanned the tables. At one of the tables sat a muscled, well-built medium to light skinned black man. He was an ebony Adonis with a shaved head. He wore a leather coat, skin tight t-shirt, tight jeans and boots. I acted as if I had not seen him and wiggled my ass just right as I turned around to face the bartender. I could only hope.

In a moment, a shadow overtook me and I felt someone sit down next to me. I turned and he smiled. I uttered a feeble, “Hi.” He grinned a very sly grin and said “You can do better than that, son.” He looked around again before adding, “You were wanting me to sit down here anyway.”

I finally recovered my senses and introduced myself. I stuck out my hand and replied, “Hi, I’m Trent.” He took my hand and gave me a firm squeeze before replying, “Good to meet you, Trent. I’m Snake.”

He said it with a mischeivious smile. I laughed before I knew it and asked, “Should I ask why they call you Snake?”

He said nothing for a moment and turned his head away from me to reply, “Well, maybe you’ll learn how I got that name.”

I had a live one and did not want to lose the chance. “Well, Snake, I’ve got all night to learn. I’m just a few blocks away.” I saw a devious smile creep across Snake’s face. His brillantly white teeth shone in the glare of the lights and he leaned in toward me. His hot breath hit my ear.

“You want to play a little tonight?” he asked me in a breathy, sultry but masculine tone.

I weakly replied, “I do.” Afterall, I was beginning to realize what I was getting myself into.

We made our way out into the dark parking lot. I told Snake my address and to my surprise, he lived only a couple of blocks from me. We agreed to meet at my place. He said he wanted to stop at the corner drugstore near my apartment complex first to pick up some supplies. In less than thirty minutes, I would be doing things I had never done with another man.

I got home and quickly began to make the place inviting. I turned the lights down and dimmed them. I closed the shades and the living room and bedroom had a mysterious half-darkness about them. You could see but it was a perfect setting for a little sexual play. My stomach was almost beyond saving. I was nervous but determined.

After a few minutes, I heard a knock at my door and moved toward it. I saw Snake through the peephole and opened the door. He carried a small plastic bag in his hand. He grinned at me and stated, “I had to pick up some protection. The standard condoms are too small for me and I knew you’d need some some lube.”

I began to become nervous and swallowed hard. I looked at him and he began to laugh. He reassured me, “You’ll get used to it and you’ll love it.”

As we walked toward the couch, he pulled a bottle of spray out of the bag. He explained, “This is a spray to numb your throat so you don’t gag too badly. It needs to be fun for both of us and you can swallow ole’ Snake better if you can’t feel it.” Now I was terrified.

Snake was about forty. Now I could better judge his age. I like older men in good shape. Snake removed his boots and pulled his jacket off. I saw his ripped chest through his t-shirt. I walked up to him and removed my own t-shirt. He, being taller than me, reached down slightly and pinched my right nipple. I reached for his covered crotch and began to rub his well-concealed cock. He reached down and pulled my chin to his and forcefully french-kissed me on my mouth. I felt his firm strong tongue probe my mouth and my mouth began to water. He wrapped his large hand around the back of my neck and held my head in place as he tongued me and necked me. My free hand rubbed his chest and felt the immensity of his broad chest.

He began to rub my crotch and reached down to unbutton my fly. Soon he had my jeans around my ankles. My seven inch cut cock sprang free and Snake groped it in his strong hand. I was suddenly naked and at the mercy of a black sex god. Snake pushed me gently to the couch on my back and began to lick my nipples. I took his smooth head between my hands and guided him downward. He licked my smooth stomach and soon I felt a wetness on my cock. Snake had my young, thick cock in his wet, willing mouth. It was my first blowjob from a man, and my, what a man he was.

I had truly expected Snake to treat me just like a woman. But he was liberal in his attention to me. He slurped and sucked at my cock and teased me with his tongue. He sucked my balls and licked the underside of my cock. I reveled in the slurping sounds and the wet noises his blowjob made. I was afraid I would cum too soon, but Snake stopped fairly quickly and began to lick my asshole. I had never been rimmed before and the feeling was one of true ecstasy. He spread my cheeks out and licked my sphincter and occasionally probed my hole with a single slick finger.

Finally, he stood before me. He motioned for me to sit up on the couch. I moved toward him and began to unfasten his fly. I pulled his jeans down and he stepped from them. The throbbing, slightly moving bulge in his bikinis had me hypnotized. I moved my face toward his crotch and my mouth began to nibble at the covered cock. I stroked it through the material and tugged at it.

Finally, I pulled this amazing piece of man flesh free of its confinement. An enormous cock measuring at least five inches in diameter and ten inches long sprang free. I was amazed. Snake smiled down at me and began to guide my mouth toward his cock. I quickly licked the large mushroom head and struck at it with my tongue. I took the head into my mouth and began to run my tongue around it. I pulled off and took Snake’s cock into my hand and lifted it. It was heavier that one could imagine. I licked the underside of his cock and moved toward his large balls. I sucked one after the other into my mouth and saturated it with my spit.

I then returned to Snake’s cock. I took all of it I could for a while and worked on that: a good five inches. I sucked and spit. I lubed his dick with my spit and wanked it. Then Snake reached behind himself a little and picked up the numbing spray. He took my jaw in his firm hand and told me to hold my mouth wide open. I did as he commanded. He sprayed a liberal dose of the spray into the back and roof of my mouth. Suddenly, I could not really feel my mouth or throat. Then Snake placed his large beautiful cock into my mouth and began to slowly fuck my mouth as he held my head still.

Soon a large black snake of a cock was easily thrusting into and out of my throat with ease. I could feel the huge drops and ropes of my spit hitting my knees tucked under me somewhat. For some twenty or more minutes, my throat was invaded by this monster cock. Although I learned to breath through my nose, I would come up short for air and gagged on occasion. I simply wanted to swallow this large pulsating veiny cock.

Soon Snake pulled me to my feet and I led him to my bedroom. I shut the door behind us and I pushed him to the bed on his back. His massive member stood at attention. My mouth and my ass were wet and wanting, almost begging. I climbed atop of Snake in a 69 fashion. He gripped my ass cheeks and began to tongue my barren hole. I sucked his cock and forced the back of my throat on it minute after minute. Snake’s crotch was wet and slippery when I finished. I could feel his strong tongue probing my ass and on occasion a finger or two made its way into my inner most chamber.

Finally, Snake rolled me off of him and onto my back. He stood up and walked back into the living room and retrieved his lube and condoms. He put me on my knees with my stomach on pillows and my ass in the air. He moved back around in front of me and I engulfed his cock in my mouth again. As I sucked Snake’s cock, he began to rub lube into my sphincter and finger my hole. He rubbed his thumb and his palm against the outside of my ass and continued to probe my throat.

He sighed as I licked his cock and quietly stated, “I’m going to fuck you now, okay?” I nodded and spit a last glob of spit on his cock. Snake moved back around behind me and pulled a condom onto his large thick cock. He used a free hand to squirt lube onto his cock and used his covered cock head to rub it into my hole. Soon, I felt a strong hand on my right shoulder and felt the tightness and pressure of something on my sphincter.

I gasped at first and Snake responded quietly, “Breathe and push…trust me.” I breathed and pushed my sphincter outward and suddenly felt a new presence in my otherwise tight asshole. Soon I felt the invasion growing in length. I felt the stretching feeling one feels as a massive cock is invading your innermost private chamber.

Snake slowly worked his way into me. He would make quick little strides and then slow down. Soon a quick easy lubed stride was going. He grunted and spoke with easy command. “Oh, yeah, sugar. Let daddy fuck that ass!”

I did let daddy fuck that ass. I leaned into the pillows and cried a little but in a pleasurable sort of painful way. I moaned in utter ecstasy. I arched my back and Snake put both hands on my shoulders and drove deep inside of me. I found myself biting my pillows and thrashing my head back and forth as Snake worked my hole more loosely.

After several minutes of hard fucking, Snake withdrew and he put me on my back and placed my ankles in the air above me. He slowly lowered himself onto me and began to plunge his cock deep into me. My own cock had grown again and I began to jack myself.

After a few more minutes of this deep plunging, I leaned up and whispered into Snake’s ear, “I want to ride you, Cowboy!!!”

Snake pulled out and lay on his back. I turned and mounted Snake and faced him. I lowered myself onto his stiff thick cock and soon it was impaling me. I rode Snake’s cock up and down and then placed my knees firmly on the mattress. With my ass suspended in the hour, Snake began to fuck me from underneath and soon his cock was gliding into and out of my hole with ease.

I jacked myself while crying out with glee. I felt my own pressure building as Snake’s cockhead hit my prostate. I cried and shouted and my own cum shot forth and made a beautiful sight as it landed on Snake’s bare chiseled black chest.

This only intensified Snake’s desires. He lifted me off of him and put me back on my stomach and lifted my left leg above me and held it while he drove his cock into my wet willing hole. Snake slammed into me time after time as I reached behind me and gave his balls a squeeze. He reached down and licked my ear and cursed me. Finally I felt his already swollen cock swell further and Snake rose up and his grip on my waist began to hurt.

He growled to me, “Where do you want it? Where?” I managed in my weakened state to reply, “In my mouth, sweet daddy, in my mouth.”

Snake quickly withdrew from my ass and slipped the condom from his swollen cock. I moved down between his legs and took his cock into my mouth and wanked him. Quickly I felt the feel of his cock swelling further and the quick warm shot of his cum hit my throat and coat it completely. A second, third, fourth and fifth large rope of cum spewed forth and my mouth was filled completely. I could not hold it all and it streamed forth from the corners of my mouth and fell to the mattress.

Shortly, Snake pulled his cock from my mouth and slapped it across my cum covered cheeks a time or two. He then walked toward the bathroom. I lay there thinking about this magnificent experience. I knew more about myself in that moment than anytime recently. I knew what I wanted and I had gotten it. Black cock. I was liking Memphis better already.

John woke with the sun in his eyes. He looked down on the floor and saw Karrie sleeping naked in a ball on the rug below him like a pet. He yawned, got up to go to the bathroom stepping over Karrie, and checked the clock. 9:00 am. He checked his schedule… lesbo/gym day. He let Karrie keep sleeping on the floor and went down to the basement to check on the progress.

The large room on the left as he descended the stairs was walled off and he could hear the workers doing their thing. On the right, a brand new gym had been created with all new, state-of-the-art equipment, and the walls and ceilings were completely covered with mirrors. There was light coming from recessed lighting in the ceiling and the walls. There were two exercise bikes, an elliptical, a rowing machine, a large weight machine with a bench press, some of those huge rubber balls, four treadmills all facing one mirrored wall, and cameras throughout. There was a closet full of towels and stuff with a door that was completely made of a two way mirror that you could sit in undetected yet no one could see in. Everything was made exactly to his specs and he was extremely impressed with the workmanship. He knocked on the makeshift walls in the next room and Jack poked his sawdust covered head out of the room.

“Nice work, Jack!” John congratulated his builder. “Exactly what we talked about.”

“Thank you, Sir,” Jack replied. “Wait until you see this project. You’re going to love it. It’ll be done by tomorrow morning for sure. We’ve soundproofed everything, too.”

“Thanks a lot, Jack,” John shook his hand. “I had no idea you were here working so the soundproofing works well.”

“Well I think you’ll enjoy yourselves down here.” Jack turned around and went back to work with his crew.

Oh, no doubt about that, Jack, John thought.

John went back upstairs to check on Chelsey. She was fast asleep, completely nude laying on her bed. John sat on the bed next to her and ran his hand up and down her back, ass, and thighs. She didn’t stir. John smacked her ass hard and Chelsey woke up with a start. She looked very confused and then met John’s gaze and smiled.

“Breakfast isn’t going to make itself, Chels,” John looked her in the eye.

“Sorry John, I’m sorry, what time is it?”

“9:15, bitch. Get the hell up and make some fucking coffee and shit. Geez,” John looked very stern.

Chelsey hopped out of bed and ran down the stairs in the nude and started clanking around in the kitchen. John smiled and walked to Hayley’s room. The door was open a crack. Rick and Hayley were spooning and sleeping heavily. John yelled into the room.

“Rick, get to work.” He looked at the door and looked at Hayley and immediately reached under the covers and found his cock, sticking it between Hayley’s legs as she laid there. John thought he must have had morning wood because he started fucking Hayley immediately. She kept her eyes closed and took her father’s cock without reacting. Fuck overload, John thought.

John left Rick and Hayley’s room and went back to his room. He kicked Karrie’s tit and stepped on it until she was awake and she sat up with a start. “Lesbian day, Karrie. Sounds great, doesn’t it,” John said flatly. Karrie nodded and yawned.

“Wow, I could think of something to stick in there,” John took his chubb cock out of his boxer briefs and stood over Karrie, grabbing her hair and moving her head toward his dick. She took it in immediately and started to suck and lick it. “Wow, nice improvement, Karrie,” John congratulated his little sex servant. She tried to mumble a thank you but her mouth was otherwise engaged. “Chelsey is downstairs making breakfast for Rick, Hayley and I. Hayley’s getting boned by Rick, and it’s time for you to get up off your lazy ass and start cleaning up around here.”

John felt like he was going to cum and decided to give it to her as she wouldn’t be having breakfast, but then further decided to hold on as he smelled cinnamon rolls cooking downstairs. He grabbed Karrie’s hair and pulled her up to walk her downstairs. “You’ll need to come down and clean up after Chelsey, then get something on and go do some shopping. I am going to call in a prescription to the pharmacy where you’ll need to pick it up and tell them that Rick was in an accident and won’t be coming to work for awhile. Buy a lot of groceries so it lasts us awhile. Ask Chelsey, Hayley and Rick what they need to make meals, buy a lot of penis-sized fruit and vegetables, such as bananas, carrots, cucumbers, and those big foot-long pepperoni sticks, a big sausage, and some baguettes. Karrie was writing furiously once they got to the kitchen where Chelsey had pulled two pans of Pillsbury cinnamon rolls out of the oven.

“Ok, got it,” Karrie said. “Anything else?”

“Yes, a bunch of batteries of all different sizes so we don’t run out. Especially AAs and Ds. Lots of cans of whipped cream, a couple of flyswatters, and some KY jelly, all different kinds. Buy them out. Then get home, take off your clothes, put everything away where you’ll remember to get them when I want them, and do the laundry then clean the house. Put the KY by every bed and around the house where we might need it. Your cunts are getting a little dry.”

Chelsey gave her a list of things to buy, and Rick came downstairs without Hayley and gave her some more.

“Where’s Hayley?” Karrie asked.

“GO, Karrie,” John snapped. She quickly put on sweat pants and a sweatshirt without underwear, slipped on some shoes, grabbed her purse and her keys, and ran toward the garage door. “And take your phone, but call no one but the house if you need something and don’t answer any calls or texts.”

Chelsey was icing one pan of cinnamon rolls and started to ice the other. “Wait, Chels,” John said. He stepped over toward her, told her to get on her knees, hold one of the pans in one hand, and grab and suck his dick with the other hand and her big mouth. She sucked his dick until he was about to cum, and then John pulled out and came all over the pan of cinnamon rolls in her hand. He took the pan and put it on the table where Rick as sitting. “Eat,” he told Rick, who grabbed a cum-covered roll and stuck it in his mouth. Chelsey came over and ate one as well.

“Tastes good, doesn’t it?” John asked as Rick and Chelsey nodded with their mouths full. It’s lesbian day, Chelsey. As soon as Hayley gets down here and we finish eating, we’ll get started. Looks like rain today anyway, so probably a good day to stay in. I have a surprise for you in the basement.”

Hayley finally came down as John was drinking his coffee. She grabbed a cum roll from the table and took a bite. “Mmmmm, these are great! Chelsey did you make these?”

“Chelsey and Bob both contributed,” Rick said with his mouth full and cum on the corner of his mouth. Hayley leaned over and kissed it off. Rick smiled and gave her boobs and ass a grab and a pat, respectively.

“Where’s mommy?” Hayley asked, grabbing another roll. John was at the counter eating the ones that were iced with the sugary frosting.

“Shopping. If you need anything call her cell. Make sure we have everything you need for meals. I can always send her back, though.”

“Cool. She usually gets everything,” Hayley took a swig of coffee to wash down her breakfast.

“Ready for lesbian day?” Rick asked Hayley. Hayley looked at Chelsey and smiled.

“Take your time eating, Hay,” John said. We have plenty of time, and will need Karrie for some of the action.

“Well, it’s not completely lesbian day,” Hayley winked at her father. “If you didn’t knock me up last night and this morning, I’m not sure what will!” Chelsey and Rick both laughed and exchanged winks and smiles. Cute, John thought sarcastically, wanting to vomit.

John went back upstairs and called the pharmacy with the iPhone he had taken from Christy at Starbucks … when was that? Seems like forever ago… and ordered prescriptions for Viagra, sleeping pills, Xanax, Vicodin, Oxycontin, and a number of other barbiturates and medicines for pick up by Karrie Stevens. He said that there would be no charge on the medicines and the woman on the other end said that it would be no problem. He then jumped into the shower. He took an extra long time thinking about his plan for the day. He heard Rick, Chelsey and Hayley walking up the stairs about 20 minutes later, and go into the other bathroom. He turned off the water, grabbed a towel, and stepped out into the hallway. He saw Rick and Chelsey brushing their teeth at the counter and heard the water running in the shower.

“You can use the other shower,” John pointed to the master bedroom. Rick walked over and turned the water on. “You and Hayley should shower together,” he said to Chelsey. “Shave each other’s legs and bikini lines. Ask Hayley to shave your ass while you’re at it.” John smiled as he felt Chelsey’s hairy butt. “Italians…” he shook his head. “Everyone get dressed in the clothes I lay out on your beds,” he said loudly enough for all to hear.

“Hey sis,” he heard Hayley chirp as Chelsey stepped into the shower.

“John said you have to shave my ass,” Chelsey said, nonchalantly as Hayley giggled. John put Hayley’s green sweat suit out on her bed with a green thong and a push-up green bra. He laid Chelsey’s brown sweat suit on her grayish-blue bedspread, and laid a gray pair of sweats and an orange Syracuse t-shirt on the master bed. John grabbed some clothes of his own, got dressed, and walked downstairs for another cup of coffee. He flipped on the TV and watched the news.

Rick came down first. “Grab your phone, Rick. Start making calls about getting me your money. Karrie is getting you out of work. No other calls or texts,” John commanded. He said the same to Chelsey, who came down next, and then told Hayley to take care of her work issues and stuff. All three took care of the business efficiently and without emotion. John was happy to hear them work it all out.

After about an hour, John heard the garage door open. “Rick, Chelsey, go out and help your mother bring in the groceries. Hayley was sitting on the couch next to him. After Rick and Chelsey walked out, he looked at Hayley as she watched TV and sipped her coffee.

“So, Hayley, you don’t like me, do you,” John asked her. “Tell the truth.”

“Well, no, I liked you, but I was just, you know, jealous and stuff,” Hayley stammered.

“Yeah, I knew that,” John said. He reached over and felt her big, warm breast under her tight green sweat jacket. She put her coffee down and turned toward him. “I never liked you at all, and am having a lot of fun watching all of this go down,” John smiled as he unzipped her jacket and looked at her massive cleavage. He pulled one of her breasts out of the bra and touched her nipple until it hardened. “Damn, you’ve got awesome tits, Hayley,” John continued.

“Thank you,” Hayley said proudly, puffing her chest out a little bit. John leaned down and sucked her nipple, teasing it with his tongue. She giggled and rubbed John’s head as he sucked, pulling him closer. He bit her nipple lightly and she jumped and let out a slight gasp. Then he leaned back and grabbed Rick’s cell phone and took a photo of Hayley with her breast popping out of her bra. She smiled broadly and winked. He saved it as Rick’s wallpaper. Then he took the iPhone he ‘borrowed’ and took another photo.

“Ok, pack that fucker back up and help your mom put away the groceries. Take out any food that can be used as a dildo, plus the whipped cream cans and put them all in one big bowl here on the kitchen table,” John commanded. Hayley went into the kitchen and started unloading the bags with her parents. “Chelsey, take all of the meds and put them up in the master bathroom.” Chelsey walked upstairs with the large pharmacy bag. John followed her up with her mother’s cell phone.

“Hey Chelsey,” John said as she was unloading the pharmaceuticals into the medicine cabinet.

“Hi Honey,” Chelsey answered.

“Don’t ‘hi honey’ me, bitch,” John looked at her.

“I’m sorry,” Chelsey answered, deflated.

“Chelsey, I was going to break up with you this weekend, what do you think about that?” John looked her in the eye sternly.

“Oh, well, that would be sad,” Chelsey stuttered as she tried to answer, unsure of what to say and afraid of saying the wrong thing.

“I decided, instead, to keep you for awhile, and your family. Your mom is a great fuck, by the way. So’s your daddy,” John smiled. “How do you like your daddy’s cock?”

“I love it,” Chelsey said. “I am enjoying the opportunity to get to know him that way.”

“Oh, I bet you are. But you’re a little jealous of Hayley, aren’t you?” John pulled Rick’s phone out of his pocket. “Look.” He showed her the photo of Hayley and her big tit sticking out as his wallpaper.

“Oh wow,” Chelsey said, tearing up. “I guess you’re right. I know he likes her better. Everyone does.”

“Yes, well she’s prettier, flirtier, has bigger tits,” John enjoyed this.

“Yeah…” Chelsey was crying now.

“But, you know what?” John said. Chelsey looked up hopefully.

“Your mom seems to like you better, I think.”


“Yeah, in fact she asked me to get a picture of you for her phone. Why don’t you pose the same way Hayley did for your daddy?”

Chelsey smiled and unzipped her jacked down to her belly button and pulled a boob out of her bra. She squeezed her nipple to get it hard, and smiled as John took the photo.

“See, now you both have a fan club,” John said. “But I’m not in it. I like Hayley better too.” He grinned and walked out and heard her sob some more. “Come down when you get yourself together. It’s time to fuck your sister.”

John entered the kitchen and saw that everything was put away. Karrie was naked as she was told. Rick and Hayley were back in the family room. A bowl of bananas, carrots, cucumbers, a big zucchini, and some celery stalks were on the table with four large pepperoni sticks, a big salami, four cans of whipped cream, and some cherries next to it. Cherries… good one. John thought.

“Ok, everyone, we’re going to make a new movie called Sisterly Love starring Hayley and Chelsey!” Everyone clapped. They liked making movies, John noticed. “Just do what I tell you to do like last time, and it should be a great flick.”

Chelsey and Hayley looked at each other. Chelsey was not smiling, but Hayley had a huge, stupid grin on her face. They all moved into the family room. John told Karrie to put on some clothes and told Chelsey and Hayley to sit on the couch and turn on the TV. He gave Chelsey and magazine and Hayley a sketch pad and pencil. He told Rick to move upstairs until called.

“The premise is that Chelsey and Hayley are enjoying a day off and lounging in the family room watching some chick flick while Chelsey leafs through some magazines and Hayley sketches a picture of Chelsey. Then Mom comes in to say that she and Rick are going to head out of the house to run some errands. Then Rick will come down, you both will give Hayley and Chelsey kisses on the cheeks — the face, Karrie! — and you’ll leave out the garage door and stay in the garage until I tell you to come back. Got it?”

“Yes, got it,” Karrie answered.

“Good, go upstairs and tell Rick the plan. Then come down when I call you Karrie to tell them about you leaving, then you’ll call Rick to leave and you’ll exit like I said.” Karrie nodded and went upstairs.

“Hayley, draw a picture of Chelsey. Draw her head, and leave space for the body. After your parents leave, Chelsey will ask you what you’re drawing and you’ll show her. Tell her how pretty she is and how the drawing really brings out her attractiveness of her hair, eyelashes. Then Chelsey will talk about how she doesn’t feel pretty, not as pretty as you, talk about how she wishes she had big boobs like you, and start to cry. You’ll sit next to her, comfort her, put your arm around her and take it from there.” He told Hayley what to do and when, and what she was looking for next.

“Ok, ready!” Hayley answered enthusiastically.

“Ready, Chels?”


“Good, places then.” John turned on the hand held video and made sure the others were recording. He called for Karrie who came down and told them the plan. Then called for Rick. Rick came down and kissed them both goodbye and left out the garage. Then he turned the camera on Chelsey who looked up and asked Hayley about the picture. Hayley showed her the portrait. Once Chelsey was crying and Hayley was over on the couch.

“Chelsey, don’t cry. I love the way you look,” Hayley said, wiping the tears from her eyes.

Chelsey looked up and smiled. “You really think so?”

“Yes, I do. In fact, I want to draw you exactly the way you are. Why don’t you pose for me?”

“Um, sure, ok,” Chelsey looked confused. “What should I do?”

Hayley went over to get her sketch pad and pencil and sat on the couch. “Ok, I have your face and hair, which are gorgeous. Now I want to sketch your body. How about if you stand over by the chair I was in with the natural light coming in the window?”

Chelsey did as told and stood next to the chair.

“Ok, perfect. Now, take off your sweat suit jacket and your bra and I’ll sketch your upper body,” Hayley suggested.

“Hay! You’re doing a nude sketch?” Chelsey asked.

“Yes, like I said, I want to capture your true beauty, and you have a perfect body so you should be nude,” Hayley answered, squirming a bit on the couch as she felt herself getting wet.

Chelsey unzipped her sweat jacket and placed it carefully on the table next to the window. Then she reached back and unsnapped her bra and took it off, placing it on top of her jacket. She turned and stood looking at Hayley. “Like this?”

“Yes! Oh that’s great, Chelsey. Except put your hand on the chair or something less… rigid. More natural.”

Chelsey did as told and Hayley sketched her sister’s upper body. John filmed them from different angles and waited for Hayley to finish. Then Hayley told Chelsey to take off her pants and she would sketch her lower body. Chelsey put her pants on the table, neatly folded, and resumed her pose. Hayley then told her to remove her thong. Chelsey stood and felt Hayley’s eyes on her vagina and it made her feel nice to get such rapt attention from her little sister. She looked back at Hayley’s chest; her zipper was down half way showing off her huge tits. She sighed.

“What was that about?” Hayley asked. “Almost done.”

“No, no being impatient, I was just looking at my little chest compared to yours, Hay, and feeling bad about myself. Not really fair…” Chelsey trailed off, feeling silly for suggesting it although it was her true feeling.

“You want big tits, Chels?”


“You mean, like this?” Hayley walked over and showed Chelsey the picture. John followed Hayley and filmed Chelsey’s surprised look.

“Oh my GOD!” Chelsey shrieked. “Yes, Hayley, just like that!”

The picture was a perfect likeness of Chelsey except for that she had gigantic tits, bigger than Hayley’s, with large areolas and big, fat nipples. Chelsey grabbed the picture and looked closer. “You’re such a good artist, Hayley. I love this!”

“Well, it’s yours, beautiful,” Hayley smiled back at her naked older sister. She stepped back and took another look. “Although, you are MUCH prettier as you are…”

“Well thanks, Hayley. I appreciate it. You are the pretty one. If I could draw you I would.”

Hayley then walked closer to Chelsey and took the sketch and put it on the chair. Then she gave Chelsey a huge hug. She could feel Chelsey’s boobs pressed against her and it made her feel horny. She moved her hands down Chelsey’s back and to her newly shaved ass, and gave it a squeeze.

“Hay! What are you…?”

“Chelsey, I love you.”

“Hayley, I love you too…”

“No, I really love you a lot,” Hayley backed away and unzipped her jacket. She let it fall to the floor. Chelsey stared at her chest.

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