daddy dom

She’s just a normal 21 year old female, she goes to school and work just like everyone else, the only difference is she can never stop thinking about being used by an older man. When she was younger all she thought about was sex and how great it would feel. As she grew she started having darker fantasies and didn’t know how to control them. Every night she would masturbate while thinking about men using her; forcing her to do things for their pleasure. But now, just thinking about being used isn’t enough.

She didn’t know if she could really go through with finding a man and letting him do things to her but deep down she really knew this needed to happen. She decided to go online and make a profile on a well known BDSM site where she could look for an older Daddy Dom. She talked to quite a few men and met a couple of them but only got as far as giving them head in an empty parking lot. She loved the experience of giving a complete stranger a blow job out in public but she still needed more. After some time she finally found a man who she thought could be her Daddy, a 53 year old strong dominant man, and they decided to meet.

The day had finally come to meet her new Daddy, she was so excited and kept thinking about the things that he had told her to do when she got to their meeting place. They decided to meet in a cheap hourly rate motel, she had told him that it turned her on to think about going to a sleazy motel and getting fucked. She was to get there before him and get completely naked then put on nipple clamps that she had bought a couple days ago. She put the first clamp on her left nipple and felt the rush of pain and pleasure mixed together and then more pain as she put the other clamp on her right nipple. She pulled on the chain connecting the clamps and moaned, she then started rubbing her pussy lips and feeling how wet she was. She started to lick the juices off of her fingers and then there was a knock on the door.

Her Daddy had told her that she was to be completely naked when she answered the door. As she stood there in front of the door with her hand stretched towards the handle she wondered if it was actually him or someone else. She stood there for a second totally scared and then she heard a knock again and opened the door. There stood her Daddy, the man who would do whatever he wanted to her and she smiled at him. He walked into the room and closed the door then looked her up and down, “hello baby,” he said then held the back of her head and pulled her into himself. He kissed her like she had never been kissed, she felt chills through out her body and thought that she would buckle to the ground if he let go of her.

“Get on the bed and bend over,” he told her. She does just what he says and then she feels his hands run up and down her body, he rubs her butt and spreads her cheeks apart so he has a clear view of both her holes. He unzips his pants and pulls out his cock then says, “I’m pretty sure you know what to do with this right?”

“Yes Daddy,” she says.

She slides her tongue around the head of his cock and sucks on it then slides her tongue down his dick to the balls. She licks and sucks on his balls while she jerks his dick. He grabs his cock and slides it into her mouth then holds the back of her head. He slides his cock in and out of her mouth then shoves it all the way to the back of her throat making her choke.

He then gets behind her and rubs his hard cock up and down between her pussy lips and feels how soaked she is. He grabs onto her hips then slams his dick deep in her wet hole. She screams from being stretched open and starts to moan and grind up on his dick. He begins to slap her ass hard making it bright red, “oh yes, take my cock you fucking whore.” He slams in and out of her while she begs for more. He demands her to tell him what a whore she is. She moans and says, “I’m a cheap worthless whore Daddy, I love being your whore and taking your cock.”

He pulls his dick out of her pussy then pushes the head into her asshole. As he pushes the rest of his cock inside her he moans and says, “god dammit you are the tightest bitch I’ve ever had!” He begins to fuck her ass as he pulls her body up towards his and grabs her tits with the nipple clamps still attached. Her breasts are on fire and she wants him to let go but doesn’t say anything and continues to take his cock. Then he pulls out and asks her if she brought the butt plug like he asked and she says yes.

He slides the butt plug deep into her asshole then makes her get on her back. He spreads her legs apart and slaps her pussy hard, she doesn’t expect it and screams then he slaps it again. He shoves two fingers into her pussy hole and starts to slide them in and out, he pushes another finger in then another. He starts to fuck her with his four fingers while he pulls on the chain connected to the clamps. She moans and grinds on his fingers and then starts to rub her clit but then he slaps her hand hard, “did I tell you to do that? You don’t do anything unless I say you can! Every time I slap your clitoris you are to say you’re sorry.” He slaps her clit hard and she apologizes. He slaps her clit again, and again, and again, then one more time as hard as he can. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry Daddy,” she screams almost in tears.

He pushes her legs up and towards her head then slams his cock into her pussy and starts pounding her as hard as he can. She’s screaming and moaning, “fuck me Daddy, fuck your whore, please use my pussy.” His cock is sliding in and out of her while he rubs his thumb against her clit. “I’m going to cum inside your cunt whore and I know that you need to cum but you can’t until I say you can. Now beg me to cum inside you or I’ll just dump my jizz on your face and leave.” She grinds against him and says, “Oh Daddy, please cum in me, I need your cum inside me so badly. All I think about is being filled with your sperm. I was born to be your cum dumpster, please fill me up.” He fucks her harder as he gets ready to unload in her cunt. “You fucking nasty cum dump, you’re going to cum right after I fill you with my seed.” He slams inside her one last time and starts to cum in her, he cums so much it begins to pour out of her. She feels him ejaculate inside her and she starts to orgasm, she moans loud and feels shivers through out her entire body.

“Now thank me for cumming inside you and allowing you to orgasm then bend over and shove your head in the pillow and stay there.” She thanks him and does just as he says, she thinks that they’re done and doesn’t understand what’s going on now. Right then she hears knocking on the door and hears it open, her Daddy says hello to someone and then she hears another man’s voice, “so this is the cock hungry whore you were talking about huh?”

His car pulls up and the smile on my face is immeasurable, I have been excited to see my Daddy all week and I can’t wait to hear him call me Daddy’s dirty little girl again. Last week wasn’t enough, not by far. I couldn’t believe the shape I came home in, but couldn’t have been happier. Daddy worked my pussy over good, made it hurt and gave me something to remember after he dropped me off at home. Every time I moved and sat down I thought of his beautiful cock being shoved into every hole I had for him. Wantonly, needful. Every kiss, every touch, every thrust of his fingers or tongue or cock was made with the purpose to please me as well as him, and please me he did, tenfold.

I slip into the car and he grabs the back of my head with a fist full of my hair and pulls me in for a breath taking kiss. My God, that kiss! He hadn’t lied about his many talents, if he had been true about even half I would have been a delighted girl, but he hadn’t lied about any, not a one. His tongue is as skilled as any finger on his hand and twice as mind blowing. Any reservations I might have had the first time seeing him melted away with that first kiss, just as he said it would. Once his mouth took mine, I was his.

He ate at my mouth, feeding the need we have both felt since the last time we saw each other. The need to remind me I was, His. His baby girl. His, dirty little girl. He was gentle with me the first time, but I knew he wasn’t always going to be that way. I didn’t want it to be. The thought brought a bigger smile to my face even as he pulled away. I open my mouth to say something to him and he stops me.

“Shh. Don’t open that pretty little mouth. When you open it next it will be because my cock is going in, understand?”

His pretty blue eyes are bright and hungry. It sets me on fire when he looks at me this way. With the veil of promises to come hanging over his expression. Pressing my lips together and nod like a good girl and listen to my Daddy. A big grin creeps across his face and into his eyes and I know I have made him happy. “Good Girl.” He whispers and turns back in his seat to face forward. I blush and grin putting on my seat belt. I want to tell him how happy I am to see him, but I behave and keep my mouth closed, every now and then looking over to Daddy concentrating on the road.

He is moving quickly through traffic, with single minded purpose. Not even talking himself, he seems as driven as the car is to get us back to his place. A tingle takes over at that thought and the memory of the last time I was there. Biting my bottom lip I squeeze my legs together feeling the tingle I was feeling turn into a heated wetness in my panties. He looks over at me as I smile and my cheeks turn pink and I let out a little giggle to see the smile that has curved his sexy mouth.

“I wonder what you’re thinking. That look in your eyes again tells me it’s something dirty, isn’t it baby girl?”

His laugh fills my ears when I almost forget and open my mouth to say something before clasping my hands over my lips playfully. His hand slides over my leg, sliding up until his fingers are pressing against my needy sex making a moan escape my lips before I could stop it.

“That’s my good girl. I have thought about that pretty mouth all week, and the way it looked when you choked on my cock. It made me hard every time; do you know that Baby girl?”

Remembering his order not to talk I shook my head biting my lip. I’ve thought about it, too, sometimes, not being able to think of anything else. There were times that first night I had seen him, as I lay in bed having a glass of wine I couldn’t get the image of my lying between his legs as he pinned my hands down and fucked my face, out of my head. It had made me sigh and get wet every time I thought of it since then. He had been so patient and gentle, even wiping away my tears from my face afterwards. He had made me feel special; and beautiful just, as I had asked him to. Now I wanted to give him something back that would make him feel special. I squirm in my seat as his strong fingers press a little bit harder making a rush of pink cover my cheeks. His eyes never left the road, while I watched him. My eyes heavy lidded and my mouth slightly parted as my breathing picked up. He chuckled again with a sideways glance at me then taking his hand back to place on the wheel. I pouted but still, I said nothing. He knew what he did to me and he liked it. Liked knowing he had that power over me, and that I had given it to him freely. I smiled to myself watching him adjust how he was sitting, knowing that I knew he was just as hungry for me as I was for him. I was staring at him, watching his face as he drove when he looked at me and smiled. I wondered to myself if he knew how ruggedly handsome he was? Starting with his gorgeous blue eyes, framed by sexy glasses that made my pulse quicken to see him in; but more so when I saw him take them off, knowing what was coming next. He had a great smile that could melt my panties, and did, the first time he flashed it to me, though I could never tell him that.

That’s all it had taken, that wicked smile…every time he watched my mouth move he would quirk that wicked smile. I couldn’t tell if he had an oral fixation or if he just liked my mouth but every time he smiled the warmer I felt and the more I had wanted him to kiss me.

I found out later just how wicked those lips could be, only making harder to watch them now and not feel them on me. He pulled into his drive and turned the key shutting off the car.

“With me.”

He gave a quick nod with the snap of his fingers and opened the car door. Quick like a bunny, I hopped out of the car without a word and followed him into the house.

“Put your things down and take off your shoes and follow me.”

His words weren’t warm but they weren’t cold either. They were just directions to be followed, and following them gave me a thrill. I did as I was instructed and followed him up the stairs to his play room. As I step inside he is on me and I am pressed against the wall with his fists balled in my hair holding my head right where he wants me. I wouldn’t move anyway, not for anything. I was right where I wanted to be, with him pressed up against my body with an aching hard on that he pressed into me. I let out a whimper and reached up to grab at his back. When he breaks the kiss he leans in closer brushing his lips against my ear and growls in a quiet rumble,

“I want you to take off your clothes and bend over the couch, legs spread apart.”

I gasp at the need in his voice and the hard length pressed against me. I nod and he gives me another hard quick kiss before looking me in the eyes and smiling that wicked smile again.

“Good Girl.”

I quickly shed my clothes except for my black over the knee socks that Daddy likes. When I bend over and lay my palms flat on the back and spread my feet apart I look over and see Daddy naked and stroking his beautiful cock. God, I love to watch him do that, and know he is looking at me, thinking of me. A deep flush runs over my skin at that realization. I’m naked standing here bent over for his man unable to hide my flaws, cover my insecurities and yet with just the gentle touch of his fingers down my spine I feel at peace. He has made me feel comfortable and safe from the first moment and I know he will not change that now by hurting me or harming me. I hang my head down and relish the feeling of his fingers caressing my skin. I can’t help let out a sigh when his hand flattens and runs over the curve of my ass. This time it is him that lets of a tiny groan, and it makes my nipples hard to hear it.

“I’m going to spank you baby, ten whacks. I want you to count after each one, do you hear me?”

I could hear his voice but his fingers had dipped between my lips and were slowly twirling them around and around my clit making it hard to understand anything that he said. His hand withdrew and a quick rap came down on my behind to clear my head. I let out a little yelp but loved the feel of the quick sting that took over.

“Yes Daddy, count to ten.”

“That’s my good girl.”

He stroked my head and kissed my shoulder before stepping back and leaving me alone to wait for the feel of the first blow. He didn’t make me wait long.

Smack! “One.” It wasn’t so bad, but I knew he was just warming up.

“Do you know why you’re getting a spanking baby girl?”

Smack! “Two. No Daddy.”

I cried out a little but kept my head down to absorb the coming blows. His hand rubbed over the skin where I was sure it was pink.

Smack. “Three.”

It came out more of a yelp but I tried to stifle it.

“You made me wait to see you.”

Smack! “Four!”

They were getting harder, and that one was at the apex of my thighs giving my pussy a good feel of the sting of his hand as well.

“You were also insolent.” Smack!

Five came out a rush and cry as it was the hardest yet. I could feel the heat from my ass radiate from my skin as he rubbed his hand tenderly over the punished flesh making it feel better and smoothing me.

“You’re such a good girl, I’m so proud of you we’re half way there. They’re going to get a bit harder, do you think you can you take it?”

I sniffed and nodded my head.

“Yes Daddy.”

I felt his fingers dip back between the folds of my pussy and I know he can feel how wet he is making me. How much his correction meant to me.

“Oh my dirty girl likes her spanking, doesn’t she?”

I nodded my head just as number six and seven rained down in quick succession. I yelled them out while the feel of his hand still could be felt even after he took it away. Tears misted my eyes at the sting but I would never make him stop. I could, all I had to do was say ‘RED’ and he would stop, but he was right I wanted this. Needed this; from him. I felt my body tense while I waited for number eight, knowing he wasn’t going to hold back for the last of them. I felt his hand run down my spine and a soft sound filled the room.

“Shhh, it’s almost over. You’ve been so good for Daddy so far. The last of them are for not coming for Daddy last time I saw you. When Daddy wants you to come for him, you will, won’t you Baby? Because I want you to, because it will feel good and because you’re mine, aren’t you Baby girl? And you will do as your Daddy tells you.”

I nodded frantically humming my answer and arching my back against the tiny ministrations his was doing over the tender globes of my ass with his fingertips.

“I want you to close your eyes and just feel the last of them ok. I will count for you, ready?”

I nodded and dug my fingers into the fabric of the couch and took a deep breath waiting for him to finish. I felt him shift behind me and his one hand lie flat in the small of my back to hold me in place. With one more deep breath I felt the next come down.

Smack! “Eight.”

He said in a quiet voice and rubbing gently with his hand on my back.

Smack! The louder crack brought me up on my toes and a cry tumbled from my lips following the contact.

“Nine. Good girl, just one more.”

I just whimpered and concentrated on the feel of his hand rubbing back and forth on the small of my back. I clenched the couch and curled my toes into the floor while squeezing my eyes shut knowing the last would be the reminder not to disobey him again.

Smack! “Ten.”

The pain was hot and stung like the branding of a fire brand on the tender flesh of the apex of my thighs and pussy. I cried out and nearly buckled under the last of his assault but he was right there kissing it all better. I felt the warmth of his tongue on my battered cheeks of my ass first, hot and wet as he kissed his hand prints he had left behind.

“It’s so pretty, seeing your ass all lit up like this. You liked it too, didn’t you dirty girl?”

It wasn’t really a question; it was an assertion as he slid a finger slowly and tenderly inside my soaked pussy. I had loved it, like he knew I would, but it was a reminder that he wasn’t always going to be so nice. If I disobeyed him there would be consequences. He stood up behind me and brought me up with him wrapping his arms around me from behind at first then turning me around to face him while he put a gentle kiss on my lips and wipes a tear that had escaped off my cheek.

“Such a good girl, to take your all your punishment, now Daddy wants to give you something I know you want, on your knees baby girl.”

I step away and smile, giving him a look that holds his tongue for the moment. I backed up until I was flat against the wall and slid down until my knees made contact with the floor and heels touched the wall behind me. Tucking my arms behind me I looked up at my Daddy and gave him a smile as best I could through the jitters I was feeling. It was a silent act but he knew what it meant, and what it meant for me to give it to him freely. No ropes, no ties no blind fold, just me and my trust that he wouldn’t do anything he knew I couldn’t handle. I knew what Daddy wanted and I wanted it to. For days I have thought about the look in his beautiful eyes when he held my wrists down and forced his hard cock to the back of my throat causing me to choke and gag. His words were base but the look he gave me was reverent as he stared at me talk me down, reassuring me I was ok. When I shied away embarrassed, he took a fist full of my hair and tilted my head back,

“Look at Daddy.”

He ordered and through half closed eyes I had tried. The act of him taking control always caused my brain cells to fire too quickly making me light headed. Such a tiny act but it always did the trick.

“I’m going to have you kneel against the wall someday soon, and I am going to tie your arms to your legs and have you press your heels to the wall.”

His eyes had been dark and lustful while he had told me his plans, making my pulse rapid fire and my pupils dilate.

“I’m going to hold your head to the wall my baby girl and I am going fuck your face, making you gag and droll all over my cock. Then I am going to cum in your beautiful fucking mouth.”

My breathing hitched at the sound of the crass words as they came out of him mouth. Normally that would be a deal breaker, but hearing it come from him and knowing how madly it would please him….I hadn’t been able to think of anything else from the moment he had left me the last time.

I sat exactly as he had said he would have me and pressed the back of my head to the wall. Looking up to him I smiled.

“Just go slow Daddy, please.”

He could see the fear in my face, but I trusted him. He stepped forward, cock in hand, as he looked down at me. His eyes were lit up and his wicked lips were turned up into the biggest smile. He understood what I was offering, and it pleased him and I could see it all over his face.

“Oh my beautiful baby girl, I will. Now keep your hands behind your back and flat against the wall ok, or I will tie you up.”

He nodded down at me as I copied the movement with my head as he reached over and touched my chin with his fingers. The touch was light and fleeting, but it had down what it was meant to do, calm me. He took his cock back in his hand and stepped forward taking his place in front on me, planting his feet for good footing. My breathing quickened when he placed his palm down on my forehead and gently coaxed me back till the back of my head touched the wall. My hands were flat against the cool wall but I could feel the heat coming from my hands heated it.

“I’m gonna fuck you the way I wanted to last time, baby girl, hard and fast and in every one of your holes. That’s what you want isn’t it my dirty little girl?”

I didn’t have to answer him; my eyes did it for me as they often did. He knew just by looking at me that was what I wanted. Wanted it from the moment it had mentioned it. I hadn’t been able to stop thinking about it. Being on my knees for him, like this.

“Open your mouth.”

I didn’t look away as he slid one finger into the hot depths on my mouth and continued to stroke his cock just inches from my face.

“Suck. Suck it like you’re going to suck Daddy’s cock for him.”

Closing my mouth around his finger he drove it to the back of my throat until I gagged as he knew I would, and he kept pushing. I gripped the wall behind me and tears ran down my cheeks but Daddy just stroked his cock and looked down at me with the sweetest smile.

“That’s my good girl. Open your mouth again.”

I did as he bid me and he leaned forward this time slowly sliding the length of his cock in my mouth. When I went to close my lips around him he pulled away,

“Ah, just your tongue for now, and don’t forget to look at me. Always look at me, and I will take care of you. Do you trust me?”

He waited for an answer as he looked down at me. Sheepishly and nervously I nodded with a small gesture,


Daddy gripped the front of my hair and gave it a quick tug to illicit a response,

“Yes what?” His voice was firm but heavy.

“Yes Daddy, I trust you Daddy.”

The words tumbled out of my mouth in a rush and my eyes flew wide as I looked up at him and watched the smile creep back across his face.

“Good girl, now, open up Daddy wants to see your mouth around his cock.”

I opened my mouth again for him, shaking from anxiety and anticipation of what I knew he was going to do. What I wanted him to do. I stuck out my tongue like he had instructed before, remembering not to close my mouth. Daddy just slid his cock in and out of my open mouth, gliding it along the flat of my wet tongue, and letting out a hiss from between his teeth.

“I’m gonna fuck that mouth of yours today, Baby girl. I’m gonna fuck it and cum in your mouth.”

I tried to smile from around his width but it was difficult, but I could see in his face my eyes had said everything I was thinking, yet again.

“Fuck, look at that look in your eyes. I knew you wanted this. Are you going to fight me today, or are you going to give Daddy what he wants without having to tie you up?”

His hand still flat against my head held it firmly in place against the wall as I watched his hips shift and flex driving his cock in and out of my mouth. The look in his eyes, on his face was driven but controlled. He held pace while I watched the war inside him build. He wanted to let go and thrust animalistcally into my mouth, but knew he couldn’t push me that fast. I knew from before he was in control of himself and could stay that way; I knew he would take me where I needed to go, slowly.

“Close your mouth and suck, baby. You’ve missed it haven’t you? Missed Daddy’s cock in your mouth?”

My eyes did all the talking again, and he just smiled. I had, I had missed it. What I missed the most was him pushing me, taking control from me and taking what he wanted. He had pinned my hands down; and fucked my face, pinned one behind my back; so he could fuck my ass harder, verbally snapped direction at me to look at him, taken my hand away from stopping him, and pulled my hair to get my attention and keep it. All of it had been because I was defiant, and all of the defiance was for the discipline, the control he would exhort when I did defy him.

He leaned forward, pressing his forearm against the wall above my head and keeping his hand on my forehead with the other, his thrusts became deeper, but slower. I could feel panic grip me as I looked up and he just looked down and crooned at me to stay calm. He pushed deeper and held it a little and pulled out and repeated the act, every time pushing deeper and every time holding it there at the back of my throat while I gagged a little while longer. His jaw hung loose as he watched and I could feel the width of him increasing with every thrust, every retreat. I hummed my happiness around his cock as he picked up his pace. My breathing picked up as well and his eyes got darker. I could feel myself getting wetter the further he pushed me. My fingers dug into the wall behind me, and I squirmed trying to take everything he gave me. I choked and gagged but Daddy just talked me through it.

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