It was a heatwave type of day. Thirty-two degrees Celsius and sunny blue skies. I decided to head home.

No I didn’t have a valid reason, but I did have a “good” one. The kids were home with the babysitter and it was their nap time.

The babysitter, who my wife had hired mind you, was breathtaking to say the least. Long blonde hair, eighteen with a cute face – that’s a requirement for me. And she had a swimmer’s body as she was a qualified lifeguard.

In this heat, I figured she must be in something skimpy and I thought I’d pop home and enjoy some eye candy.

I had some free time in the afternoon at work. Maybe I’d have some imaginative time to myself in the men’s washroom.

I parked the car in the driveway and went through the front door so she wouldn’t hear the garage door opening.

Checked on the kids – yep they were asleep. No Krissy in sight though. I looked through the glass door leading out to the deck and pool and could just see through the railings that she was lying down on a beach towel catching some rays. She seemed to be wearing a yellow swimsuit with little material to it.

Sweet! I ran back upstairs to get a better view out the en suite bathroom window. I couldn’t believe it.

I’d hit the jackpot. Krissy was actually sunning topless. I was hard in an instant. Her breasts were gorgeous.

Firm, beautifully shaped with nice nipples that looked hard and ready to suck.

Her face was looking away from me so I was safe. I climbed up on the side of the jacuzzi, carefully positioned myself at the side of the window and pulled my pants down. One hand on my balls I started ever so gently to stroke my dick.

I wanted to enjoy this possibly once in a lifetime opportunity as much as possible, but I realized I wouldn’t be able to last for too long.

I decided to stop and to risk going downstairs for the binoculars. Racing back upstairs, blood was pounding throughout my body. Please let her still be there! Luck was still on my side. My beauty was still there as I raised the binoculars to my eyes. I had to sacrifice having one hand on my gonads but hey, everything comes with a price.

As she came into view, I got harder – I could see beads of sweat on her breasts and imagined their salty taste on my tongue. I scanned down the rest of her body and saw what I hadn’t been able to see at a distance. She’d been in the pool already. I could tell because her swimsuit bottoms were wet and as a result tantalizingly almost but not quite completely see through.

I started to stroke harder. The pressure was quickly building and just as I was about to come a brilliant idea came into my mind and I let the binoculars drop around my neck and grabbed my dick with both hands to prevent an orgasm.

I decided that looking through the window and binoculars was great and all – but a lot like watching the girls on those webcams while there was a living, breathing beauty right there in my yard.

I wanted, no needed to be next to her. If I was quiet enough I might get a really good close up view for a second or two.

I snuck downstairs, using any possible ninja skills I had. I silently made my way closer to where she was and for the first time was happy that my pool pump was fairly noisy. She had the kid monitor nearby but thankfully there was no noise coming from it.

I devoured her body with my eyes from about 5 feet away. I’m not sure why, but I decided to say, “Nice day, isn’t it?”

As expected, this gave her a start. She half sat up quickly which gave me another position to remember her breasts in for later. Perhaps thats why I did it. As expected she was a bit flustered as she looked around to see who it was. She caught my eyes and looked me up and down. What I didn’t expect was her calm answer. “Best day this summer.” I couldn’t believe it but she made no move to cover up her tits! Instead she motioned me to come have a seat nearby. I don’t remember the 1.3 seconds it took me to get there. I took off my socks, rolled up my pants and put my feet in the water. If I were by myself, I might have cared how nice it felt. My feet were not on my mind.

She said something, I must have answered something clever because she laughed. I don’t remember anything about the conversation. I just remember the bouncing of her breasts as she laughed. She reached into the pool and grabbed a hand full of water that she slowly poured on to her chest.

“It’s so hot,” she said.

I followed the droplets running over her nipples, past her belly button and down to the tiny triangle of her swimsuit.

“You must be boiling in that suit. Seems a bit silly.”

I started to get up, my mind in a fog and mumbled, “I’ll go change into my trunks.”


That simple word cut through my mind, racing around with the potential meaning. I was half-way between standing and sitting, looking like a fool I’m sure. I had sucked, fucked and cheated on my wife hundreds of times with babes galore – at least in my mind – but had never really considered acting out any of those fantasies. Now here was this demigoddess making some unbelievable innuendoes.

I didn’t so much make up my mind as much as turned my mind off. I stood up, took my jacket off, followed by my tie and my Oxford buttoned down shirt. Socks were next. Then, with only the briefest pause I unbuckled my belt and the pants were gone too. So I was down to my boxers which aren’t really designed to hide a hard on. I looked down and then to her and saw that she was looking there too. “Now that’s better, isn’t it?” she asked.

I sat back down. She got up and came and sat next to me – her leg against my leg. Her shoulder touching my arm. We just sat like that for a few minutes and the electricity going through our skins was real. I think we could have powered a light bulb or maybe a dildo.

I was chicken shit and was paralyzed. Thank god she was not. She reached over and started to ever so gently run her fingernails from the top of my knee to the bottom of my underwear. Up and down, slowly. “Don’t come, don’t come,” I started to repeat to myself.

This was it.

I reached across and cupped her left breast. I used my thumb to brush her nipple and then gently squeezed it. She let out a sigh. Now I was in action. I went to kneel next to her, pulled her head back and kissed her sumptuous lips. Our tongues met and swirled but I broke it off. I had another target and my lips closed around her right nipple. I started to suck. I heard her say a guttural “Ooh!”

I’m pretty good with my mouth if I do say so myself. I believe my wife and previous girl friends would agree. I switched to her left breast to give it some attention too. I fit as much of it as I could in my mouth and suction sucked. I twirled my tongue around and around her nipple.

I felt her finger nails now brushing my cock. I think she knew she had to be careful otherwise some things would end prematurely. She guided my cock through the pee-hole in the boxers and started to use her finger tips. Up and down. “Oh god!”

It was time to go for gold. I jumped in the pool which helped calm me down a bit, went in front of her, lifted her feet and then pushed her legs up by her thighs. She lifted her bum slightly to help me peel off her bottoms. A perfectly shaved pussy was what greeted me. I wasted no time and put my head between her legs, but I didn’t touch her. I just breathed heavily onto her clitoris. This didn’t last long because she pulled my head in to make contact and I traced my tongue from her anus, slowly all the way up to her clitoris. I stopped there and started to flick it with my tongue. I sucked and licked. Sucked and licked. I started to speed up and she started to quietly whimper. She leaned back on her arms and I took a mental snapshot that I would treasure for life. Venus if there ever was one. Her face was contorted but still beautiful. Her breasts started to tremble. Then her thighs and she began to buck. I held on to her ass pushed the tempo of my tongue a tiny bit higher. WIth a “Yes!” she came into my mouth and I hungrily swallowed everything I could.

As her panting slowed down, she told me to get out of the water. She ripped my boxers down and put my cock into her mouth. She knew what she was doing because she used one hand to cup and gently massage my balls while the other held my dick and it was her tongue’s turn to go around and around. She sucked my head and then started sucking up and down the whole shaft, all the while playing with my balls. I started to pump into her slowly while holding her head.

“Ugh” was all I could manage. She pumped me some more with her hands, sucked some more, squeezed my balls and I came in her mouth. My beauty swallowed every drop.

Spent, I kissed her on her lips and we tasted ourselves on each others lips.

Just then, sounds started coming out of the monitor.

She jumped up, quickly put on her swimsuit, gave me one more kiss on the lips and said, “This is going to be a great summer!”

I nodded drunkenly thinking, “Two more months to go. I’ve died and gone to heaven!”

“I can always just nap the afternoon away,” Dennis told his two sons as they headed out around noon, one to work, the other to have fun with the usual cohort of chums.

His older son had expressed concern that Dennis was down to his last unread book, and had suggested that Dennis go to the library. Dennis saw this as concern that he was becoming a bit of a hermit, but as always he laughed it off.

His house was the magnet for both sons’ friends, even though they were young adults. Someone always seemed to be fixing a car in the driveway; tossing a Frisbee; playing the latest video game, or something, right up to sleeping over. Dennis could have claimed a quiet afternoon was overdue, but everybody knew he loved the joyous noise, and was always up to grill up a mess of burgers for the gang.

The very thought made Dennis smile, mostly about how he always wore his apron loose so that his anatomical reaction to the bouncy eighteen to twenty-five year old hotties frolicking on his lawn was hidden. Yes, Dennis reflected, more than just the noise was joyous. Truth be told, he had woken up with morning wood more than once speculating about how a particular pair of barely legal tits might feel, or how another lass might taste. Often, he climaxed with imagined images of pony-tailed bikini babes dancing in his brain – on their knees, their delicate fingers caressing his shaft, their lips tentatively kissing the tip of his hard cock, and then the virginal image sliding aside, their wantonness exposed as they swallow his cock whole, milking his cum.

About two in the afternoon, those sort of thoughts were once again dancing through Dennis’ brain as he lazed on the couch, some cooking show unwatched on the TV, the book falling open on his belly. His last conscious thought was the recognition that his cock was getting turgid. “Not a bad chubby for an old guy,” he mumbled as he dozed off.

The next thing Dennis sensed was his sweatpants sliding down, his hips reacting by rising just enough to facilitate the movement, his fat cock lolling half hard on his thigh. He felt two, or maybe three fingers tentatively explore his meat, first just a touch, then a rubbing of the silky outer layer of skin along the inner hardness, and finally, tracing all along the length, up to the underside of his swollen helmet, startling him with a fingernail along the frenulum, that tiny flap linking head to shaft.

His body shivered, but he resisted opening his eyes, in case it was all a dream, or, even worse, it might be real, but he might frighten off a shy lass, who perhaps was acting out a dare thinking he was asleep. As the fingers grew more confident, hefting his rigid prick, encircling it and stroking, Dennis began to wonder which of his sons’ friends it might be. Quickly, he decided it really didn’t matter much whether it was the freckled eighteen year old red head, or the twenty something curvy blonde physics major- they were all of age, and one mouth was as good as another, when it came to cock sucking, though of course talent might vary.

A big question was where she had come from, how she had come to be in his living room. All of the girls had left with his son, he was sure. Unless the guys had miscounted, and left one passed out on the bed, behind the rec room couch, or in the shower, she must be just a figment of his imagination.

Still, his hand stopped to brush along the curve of his middle aged belly. If it was more than a dream, best not to interrupt. If it was just imagination, so far it was doing a good job.

Dennis felt ragged breathing bathing his flesh, as if the young woman was uncertain about this task, but still driven by curiosity, desire or both- excited and anxious all at once.

He felt the soft caress of loose hanging long hair across his thighs, brushing his ball sac.

Tender, moist lips came to rest above his stiff cock and then slid swiftly over and over the helmet of his dick. Dennis could almost hear the girl thinking that if she hesitated she would chicken out. He considered reaching to stroke her head, but realized that this would make it obvious that he was awake, possibly scaring her away.

He felt air around his mushroom again as she pulled her mouth off, but then her lips planted gentle kisses the tip of his cock. She began licking long slow strokes along its underside and around the head before taking Dennis back into her mouth.

This time, she did not hesitate. Her warm, wet mouth began frantically bobbing up and down the length of his shaft, her hand stroking his balls, and then her fingers encircling his root, stroking up his length in tempo with her sucking, so that her palm covered his shaft as soon as her lips released it, and then reversing the process.

Dennis heard a groan, which he thought came from the girl. As her lips quivered around his cock, she brought her tongue up to lick the slit on his tip meat and he thought he felt a piercing clicking against the tender underside of his helmet. His brain immediately trying to calculate which girls in his sons’ group had pierced tongues. This distraction was probably a good thing, because it slowed his otherwise imminent climax. It was a long time since Dennis had a blow job, and he wasn’t sure if he had ever had one this good.

He revelled in the sensation of those sweet moist lips bathing his cock as they pleasured him with slow, delicate strokes, the girl’s hungry mouth gently sucking on the head, and then sliding her tongue – now he could tell it definitely was studded – all around his shaft, paying extra attention to his swollen vein. The stimulation of the metal against the vein was new to Dennis, it made his lust burn hotter.

“Fuck, yes, just like that,” he wanted to scream out loud, but he caught the words before they left his mind, still afraid to spoil the dream, if that was all it was, or to frighten off the girl, although she now seemed to be fully committed to her task.

She pulled her lips off his cock, planting kisses inside his thighs as she stroked his pulsating organ in her fist. It seemed that she could not get enough of his cock. She flicked her tongue stud over the slit again.

Dennis felt his precum coating her lips as they settled over the tip of his organ. He felt his hips rise up off the couch, his meat slowly driving past her soft lips by moving his hips up and penetrating into her sweet wet mouth. She grunted as her lips opened, gasping for a breath when his shaft was about half buried inside her hungry throat. He did not stop thrusting, feeling his cock fully engulfed by her wetness. Her fingers wrapped around his scrotum, kneading his roiling balls.

‘How long since I’ve fucked anyone this hot?’ Dennis asked himself.

He could not remember the last time. It was a like fucking a juicy cunt as her muscles milked him from root to tip until he felt his balls tighten hard against his groin, a sure sign that he was about to burst. Surely, the girl must have felt it too, the way his cock was expanding even fatter inside her cheeks and throat. Dennis hoped that she liked the taste of gism, and wouldn’t gag or sputter, and, especially, that she would not pull her mouth off his cock until he had pumped his great gobs of goo into her throat.

She did not disappoint. No sooner had he thought this than she bobbed her mouth tight into the nest of his pubes, snaking a finger under his ass, pushing past his sphincter, and caressing his prostate, a sure fire trick which made him unloaded into her throat. She took it like a pro, locking her lips tight around his root as she swallowed the gism down into her belly, filling her up so full that Dennis could feel it as it coated her throat, tonsils and tongue. Despite his massive discharge the girl did not gag.

More quickly than he had dreamt was possible, Dennis had fired his final last shot into her mouth. She kept right on swallowing, her cheeks hollowing around his shaft as the thick, salty liquid exploded down her throat. He might have imagined that he felt a small trickle of his sperm leaking from the corner of her mouth into his pubic hair.

Dennis suddenly realized that as he climaxed, he had grabbed handfuls of the young woman’s hair, holding her face against his lap. He opened his eyes and released his grip, letting her mouth off of his cock.

Kneeling on the floor was Sophie, one of his younger son’s sweetest little friends – a tiny girl, all red hair and freckles, with a lithe athletic body. He recalled that she was about nineteen as she gasped for air before looking up at him, wide grin on her freckled face, her tongue scooping the last bit of his cum from her finger into her mouth.

[ALL CHARACTERS ARE OVER 18. All characters are fictional and any resemblance to real or other fictional characters is coincidence and unintentional.]


After successfully smashing yet another terrorist cell single-handedly, thus protecting America for another day Stan Smith was rewarded by leaving work early. As America’s Dad drove home towards Langley Falls he felt proud of himself. He felt an odd stirring in his loins.

“Maybe Francine will get some lovin’ tonite,” He thought to himself. “I know today’s not Tuesday, but she’ll just have to make the exception. I mean, ‘Come on its only 10 minutes work before I go to sleep’.” And so, America’s savior’s had tonight’s activities all planned out as he arrived home.

Opening the front door, our hero’s highly developed super-trained senses told him something was wrong; or maybe it was that creepy fish Klaus’ look of mortified horror, but whatever. Mr. Smith silently entered the living room and scanned it quickly for Al-Qaida. ‘None here’, his senses told him ‘they must be upstairs’; or maybe it was Klaus’ staring at the top of the stairs, but whatever.

America’s Dad crept up the stairs not making a sound, his trusted American made Colt automatic in his hand. Reaching the top of the stairs, he could hear the terrorists in his bedroom. ‘They must have Francine and are torturing her by tickling her and one of the terrorists is named Steve’ Stan thought, as he heard his wife giggle and moan, “Oh Steve.”

Moving silently down the hallway, he paused at the doorway to assess the situation. Stealthily looking in, the scene was more horrifying then he had imagined! Stumbling back in horror, Stan knew that his son was a momma’s boy but he never imagined Steve and his mom were thisclose!

Somehow finding the stairs to the attic, he fled up them. In the attic lives this strange looking, and even stranger alien Roger — who happens to run a tavern up there. Mr. Smith stumbled onto one of the bar stools. As Roger shuffled over to serve his lone customer he said, “Gee Stan you don’t look so…oh, you caught them, huh?”

Stan looked at Roger traumatized, “It was, it was, it was…they were, they were…” he stuttered.

Pouring the customer a double of whiskey, Roger said, “I know, isn’t it awful what people do these days? No respect for themselves or others.”

Steve’s father slugged down the whiskey and spit out, “You knew?” incredulous and angrily.

Refilling the empty glass, the bartender calmly explained, “Stan, I may live in this attic but I hear everything that happens in this house. Right now, Jeff is in the basement rolling a spliff…upmf, and now he lit it.”

With our hero’s mind was swirling, he drank down the second shot and asked, “How long has this been happening?”

“It’s been happening awhile. I didn’t tell ya because I didn’t wanna upset you,” Roger calmly told his friend and refilled his customer’s glass.

Stan drank the shot, pounding the empty glass on the bar. “Why?” he cried.

Roger, as the caring and attentive bartender, refilled his lone customer’s glass. In a calm, caring voice he told his woe-be-gotten patron, “He’s everything you’re not. He’s kind, caring, and considerate. He takes care of her needs, he makes sure she’s finished before announcing ‘Done!’ and rolling over to sleep, worse of all…you’ll need to drink that before I tell you this”

The customer hammered down the whiskey, and Roger continued “…he cuddles with her.”

Stan was on the verge of tears, “Roger, what am I gonna do?” he pleaded

Refilling the glass, the bartender wisely prophesied: ‘You’ll sit on this bar stool and drink until you crash your head on the floor, knocking yourself out but scrambling your brains enough to have a good idea. Hours later you’ll wake remembering this idea but not remembering to pay your tab.”

Therefore, that’s what Stan did.

Many hours later, he woke. Sitting up, his head spun for a moment. After his mind cleared, Stan announced, “I know what to do.”

Roger sitting in front of an old TV with a huge bowl of popcorn said, “Go my young Padawan.”

Standing by the door to leave the attic, America’s Dad yelled over, “What store do I most not belong?”

“the Candle Worx Factory,” the alien snapped back.

From his job, Stan Smith has travelled to 191 different countries. Yet upon arriving at the Candle Worx Factory, he was assaulted by sights and scents foreign to him. A saleswoman seeing the foreigner welcomed him to her country, “Hi, I’m Myra and welcome to the Candle Worx Factory. How can I help you?”

“I need to seduce my wife,” The lost foreigner told her.

‘Oh isn’t that sweet,” Myra coo’ed. “Come on, I know exactly what we need to do.”

After two hours, the patriot returned back to America and headed home. Getting there, he heard Francine in the kitchen and headed up to their bedroom, putting the bundle of packages on the bed. Heading into the bathroom, Stan looked around clueless about what he was supposed to do with all the crap he just bought. He softly whispered, “Roger get down here.”

Walking back into the bedroom, the strange looking alien was already going through the packages. “Oh my god, Stan this is incredible, oh the things I could with these.”

“That’s why I called you down here. Do whatever you have to do to make this and the bathroom look…you know.” Francine’s husband said. “How long will it take?”

“Give me 20 minutes and it’ll look like Paradise,” Roger told him.

“Make it ten and you can stay,” Francine’s husband challenged.

“Thank you, Stan, thank you,” Roger exclaimed.

Mr. Smith went downstairs and into the kitchen. Going through the door, he saw that Steve was at the kitchen table and Mrs. Smith was at the stove. As Steve’s father headed toward his wife, he noticed the dirty look Steve shot him.

‘Oh it’ll get worse’ Stan laughingly thought as he came up behind Francine and put his arms around her.

Startled she spun around and seeing her husband began, “Stan…” However, her husband didn’t wanna hear it, giving Francine his best kiss. She asked, “Stan?”

He answered with another kiss. As their lips remained together, his hand slipped down to Francine’s ass grabbing a handful. “Oh Stan…” Pulling her even tighter against him, she responded by grabbing Stan’s ass.

With Francine’s tongue in his mouth and her hand on his ass, America’s Dad heard his son clearing his throat: “…ummm…umm…there’s other people in here.”

Stan thought, ‘Tough luck kid, but dad’s now in change.’

Breaking their kiss, he told his wife: “Put dinner to the side, I got something for you upstairs.” Releasing Francine, she turned off the stove and hurried out the kitchen. Stan followed, but not before stopping to tell Steve, “Tough luck kid, but dad’s now in change.” Out the kitchen he went.

At the top of the stairs, Francine waited for her husband in front of their closed bedroom door. He gave her a quick kiss and asked “Ready?”

She bounced with eagerness. Her gentleman opened the door and they saw that her bedroom had been transformed into a feminine utopia. She ran in and saw lace, candles, and flowers exactly where she’d dreamed they should be. In awe, she smelled potpourri. She saw a glow coming from the bathroom, and ran in there.

“Oh Stan…Stan…” Francine called. He followed her into the bathroom and saw it contained more lace, candles, and flowers. The bathtub had a mountain of bubbles floating on it, and steam hovered along the ceiling. She turned and embracing him, kissed him. Deftly he unzipped her dress. ‘In here Stan?”

“No this is only for you,” he tenderly told her. Francine finished undressing and slipped into the steaming hot water. Stan sat on the stool that was next to the tub, and fought mightily not to start talking about himself. To help resist the urge he started looking through the bottles he had bought. He settled on the bottle of passion fruit shampoo, thinking that sounded like a good idea.

Telling his wife to dunk her head, he began washing her hair. Stan figured he was doing something right since all she did was “ooh” and “aah.” As he rinsed her hair, her husband saw he was on the mark. Francine’s nipples were rock-hard gumdrops.

Next, he grabbed a bottle that promised ‘deep hair root treatment’. Rubbing the goo into his wife’s hair, she coo’ed with delight. As Stan continued to massage her skull, he saw that Francine’s hands were between her legs. This excited him and he whispered into her ear, “I want you to play with yourself.”

“Oh Stan, really?…really?” His answer was to just keep massaging her head.

Francine started stroking her pussy with her whole hand, gently lapping up the warm water. She closed her eyes and leaned back her head. A soft sigh escaped from her mouth. With her eyes closed, Francine was able to just focus on all the wonderful sensations she was experiencing and think of nothing else. With her fingertips, she massaged her outer folds and loved the quivers they sent through her.

As she inhaled the aromas, she explored her own pussy as if discovering a new toy. With each quiver, her lust built. Unaware she cried, “oh that’s so…” as it merged with a sigh of ecstasy. Tenderly she inserted one finger into her pussy. Feeling her finger and the warm water it brought also brought such delight, her eyelids fluttered. Her feminine soul never felt more relaxed, and her finger sought deeper inside her womb. She could feel her nail touching, scratching, scraping. It was miraculous.

Unconscientiously, Francine slid her finger in and out of pussy. Her other hand began to stroke the top of her pussy lips and that tender spot above it. She moaned, “oh…oooooh…” She groaned in delight; she sighed in ecstasy. As she stroked herself, she felt a hard bump that every time she touched electrified her. Soon Francine began to focus on her clit and for her time stopped to exist.

Stan watched, for the first time ever, as his wife pleasured herself. He was enchanted and wondered why he’d never done this before. He kept massaging her head until she arched her head back and held it there. He dropped his hands to her shoulders and rubbed them, he heard his wife’s sighs increase in frequency.

Released from its body, the feminine spirit could feel her lust building to a climax, knowing it wouldn’t be long. She could perceive that release was right there, and sought it desperately. She vigorously rubbed her clit, as she furiously fingered herself. Stan could see his wife’s arms moving like a blur, her legs shook.

Suddenly her back arched and she thrust her chest skyward. The angel saw the light before her and she reached out to it. As she did, it crashed over her; it absorbed her; it purified her; it became her. She shouted to the heavens in delight. For a lifetime, she bathed in the light, and then allowed it to withdraw. She became she again yet the residue of the light resided in her.

Slowly opening her eyes and upon seeing her husband said, “Kiss me, my love.” Stan was rewarded with a kiss never more enriching. She removed her tongue from his mouth, and broke the kiss.

“Stan, I’m sorry, I love you.” The angel stood up and he handed her a towel. As she stepped out of the tub, her husband wrapped a robe around her. She wrapped the towel around hair, twisting it into a turban.

Having returned to this earthly Paradise, Mrs. Smith looked around in amazement. “Stan, you did this yourself?”

Stan admitted, “It was my idea, and I bought everything, it was Roger who made it is” waving his hand to include all. Hearing her husband’s honesty meant more to her then anything that had already happened.

“Come on, let’s goto bed. Now it’s your turn to pleasure me,” Francine told her love.

Stan scooped her up and carried her through the door. Reaching the bed, he playfully tossed her onto it. Francine’s robe flew open. She cared not a whim; instead, she asked, “Is this what you want?” Her husband just boyishly nodded his head.

“Then get naked and join me,” she ordered. Mr. Smith removed his black tie, his blue suit, and white shirt. So full of lust, he tossed it all on the floor.

“Stan, are you wearing boxers?” He had traded his trusty white superman’s for her. Now he wore boxers, white boxers polka-dotted with red hearts.

“Do you like?” he asked as he thrust out his hips. The angel let out a wolf whistle and said, “Indeed I do, now get them off and get over here.” Mr. Smith shucked the boxers and climbed on to the bed to join Mrs. Smith.

Stan climbed over Francine. She grabbed her brawny husband, pulling him to her. They began kissing each other, and exploring each other’s bodies with their hands. When he touched a delicate sensitive spot on Francine, she broke their kissing to release a sigh of delight. It was then she noticed a strange shaped shadow in the corner.

“Stan, Roger’s in here! He’s watching us,” Francine said concerned.

“So what? Let him…” Stan replied.

“Really?” Francine asked astonished by Stan’s willingness, “but,”

Knowing what his wife was saying, he called out, “Roger, you promise not to touch either of us.”

“I will.” The shadow replied.

With more force Stan growled, “Roger…”

Grudgingly the shadow conceited, “I promise.”

Francine whispered into Stan’s ear, “I’m surprised at your gen…”

He interrupted her by saying, “I know you’ve always wanted to let him.”

She laughed and playfully bit his ear. Releasing it, she joked, “Let’s give him a show then.”

With that, Francine reached between them and groped until she found her husband’s equipment. As she fondled him, she marveled (as she always did) at how that anvil sized chin was an indicator of how massive the rest of him was. Francine cupped just one of his testicles, as that was all that fit in her hand; then she shifted to the other. Having judged their weight, she knew how much love juice he would have for her.

Even as different as Stan was today, Francine still knew he wasn’t the most creative of lover she’d ever had. As she took hold of his elephant trunk and guided it into her eager pussy, she knew what to expect.

As always, as soon as Stan’s cocked entered her pussy it was like releasing him from the starting gate of a horse race. Instantly he was spiriting all out, racing for the finish line. His wife was used to and welcomed it; she took the pounding the stallion delivered to her pussy.

Like an enraged rhinoceros, Stan pummeled his ivory horn into her, who responded by wrapping her arms and legs onto him, holding on for dear life. Francine cried out in pleasure, she screamed out in pain, she howled to the gods in delight, she cursed at the gods; and still he continued to grind away with no sign of letting up.

Back and forth, Mr. Smith rode Mrs. Smith and she was able to catch Roger watching them. The look on his face excited her lust. Looking at the horror stricken, marveling, envious face of Stan’s strange little friend, Francine cheered Stan on. After a few minutes of his jackhammering into her pussy, she began to expect her husband to stiffen, call-out “Done” and deposit a bucket of cum within her.

She was amazed as her racehorse continued to pulverize her pussy with no end in sight. Francine’s mind swirled as she tried to gasp a breath, amazed at her racehorse’s stamina. Our hero ceaselessly pummeled his horsecock into her shaved clam. Francine marveled at how her thoroughbred had become a plow horse.

She laughed at the thought, ‘Stan can be a mule, but he knows how to plow my field.’

For the angel time ceased to have meaning, the only things she could comprehend was the wonderful throb her pussy emitted, Stan’s battering ram and the heat they were generating.

Francine felt as if she were liquefying, she felt her pussy juices running out of her, she could feel it puddle underneath her, she felt her ass splashing into it every time he drove her into it. She felt sweat dripping from her every pore; she felt her husband’s sweat flooding over her, threatening to drown her. She screamed in delight at such an idea.

After many lives later, Francine saw the candles had burnt down. She felt Stan stiffen. She prepared for the onslaught, knowing her lover was about to flood her with his cum. Still when Stan called out to the universe “DONE,” Francine was still shocked at the force of his cum exploding into her.

His cum shot into her and she wondered how it didn’t rip through her. His cum filled her, flooded her, overwhelmed her, drowned her, and still he came! His cum overflowed her pussy and ran down her ass-crack mixing with her own puddle beneath her. Finally, her hero groaned at the end of his release and the torrent of semen was over.

Stan collapsed upon her, and Francine loved his suffocating mass on her. As she struggled for air, she gasped: “Stan…that…was…incredible!”

Above her, she heard him proudly say: “Yeah, I was pretty good.” Rolling off her, she was startled to hear him admit, “You were pretty good yourself,” and Francine knew she loved her gov’t mule.

Mrs. Smith thought she couldn’t be surprised any more today. She was shocked speechless when instead of hearing Mr. Smith start snoring, he wrapped an arm around her and pulled her close to him. She snuggled up against her reformed Neanderthal draping on arm across his heaving chest.

His wife laid there with her legs open letting Roger watch Stan’s cum leak out her pussy. Devilishly, she inserted a finger into her drenched hole. Withdrawing her cum ladened finger, Francine sucked it into her mouth. She thought Roger may’ve fainted as she deliciously drew her finger out.

When time had returned back to seconds, minutes, and hours Stan said to Francine: “I’m hungry, how bout Chinese?” Realizing how famished she was, she agreed and prepared to get up to start cooking. Yet her hero held her tight and she was astonished when she realized he was on the phone ordering, yet was caught off-guard when he asked, “Francine, what do you want?”

“Can I get number 4?” she tentatively asked.

“For you, anything,” her love informed her.

Then she couldn’t believe it when Stan called out, “Roger?”

“Let me get number 7 and an extra shrimp roll…oh and an extra fortune cookie. I never like what the first one says,” Stan simply repeated the order. Looking at Francine, Stan mouthed “Diet Coke?” she shook her head no. “Diet Pepsi?” she nodded yes. Francine marveled as this stranger gave their address. She wondered, ‘Stan was paying extra for delivery? Do the miracles cease?!’

Hearing him hang up the phone, Mrs. Smith realized, “What about Steve?”

“Steve is gonna have to learn to fend for himself,” America’s Dad told her.

Francine realized she must’ve dozed off ’cause next, Stan was telling Roger to, “go answer the door and bring the food up here [forcibly] WITHOUT touching anything.”

Amused she watched Roger waddle out of the room grumbling. When the alien returned with the food, they all ate on the bed. Francine realized they were all nude. She also realized none of them cared.

Their lust and hunger sated, Mr. and Mrs. Smith went to sleep.

Upon waking up, America’s Dad smelled breakfast cooking. He headed downstairs in only his white polka-dotted with red hearts boxers and entered the kitchen. Seated at the table were an angry Steve and a merry Roger, with his bride cooking. “Oh you’re up finally…” Francine said “…how is my stud? Sit down I’ll get a plate ready for you.”

As he sat, his spouse laid out a plate filled with bacon, eggs and pancakes. Stan noticed Steve’s plate stacked with a load of bacon and a pile of pancakes. “Hungry this morning, huh, my boy?”

“Yeah well with mom not cooking dinner last night, I had to go hungry”, Steve snapped.

“Your mother and I were kinda busy last night.” America’s Dad informed his son.

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