[This story involves adult family members of age 18 years or more with straight and bisexual inclinations. To enhance your reading pleasure, it is suggested but not required that you read Part 1 through 8 of this series. Thanks to LarryInSeattle for his tremendous help with editing]


It has been a great Saturday for the Sullivan family. Son, Carter kicked off the day by shoving his cock into his mom, Cathy’s pussy from behind. This led to dad, John, and daughter, Carolyn joining the family play. After a small rest break, the family resumed their fuck games. The last session concluded with Carter filling his mom’s ass with his cum. This prompted dad and son dialog on exploring their bi side where they agreed to get some bi-action during the next play session.

The family enjoyed another warm evening. Cathy and Carolyn set up the dinner in the back yard. The family chatted, drank wine, and ate tasty home cooked food. It started getting dark and every one decided to go in for the evening family session.

The family gathered in Cathy and John’s bedroom. They had a king size bed with a big sofa in the bedroom, so there was a place for everyone to sit. Within minutes, clothes were off.

“Ready for something man-to-man, son?” John asked.

“I think I am,” Carter replied.

Carter had been fucked in the ass before. However, his dad’s thick cock was little bit concerning to him.

John applied some KY jelly and moved against Carter. He lined up his cock with Carter’s hole. The moment he slowly pushed his head into his ass, Carter felt slight pinching on the rim of his ass. It was true that all the cocks his ass had enjoyed before were nothing compared to his Dad’s. Carter tried to loosen up as much as he could in preparation. John continued to push his cock slowly into his asshole until it was half-way in. Suddenly, he thrusts his hips forward and pushed the rest of his cock deep into him. Carter gasped sharply, as he felt pain in his anus as his dad pushed forward until his whole cock was swallowed up. He wiggled his ass to accommodate the heated meat of his father. There were clear signs of him being a little uncomfortable.

John knew it was one way street from that point. So he started to thrust in and out of Carter’s ass. The initial pain quickly faded and turned into pleasure. Carter felt the walls of his rectum squeeze tight around his dad’s cock. He soon felt the first spurt of cum sprayed into his ass. John thrusts once more and some of cum started overflowing down his legs. John completely emptied himself into his son’s asshole and then slowly pulled out with a slight pop.

John guided Carter up as he knelt down and took his cock in his mouth. He moves his son’s cock around in his mouth. His nose pressed against Carter’s body as he deep-throated his cock.

“Oh fuck!” Carter blurted out.

His sister, Carolyn was great at giving head but that was a whole new experience for him. Very soon, Carter emptied his load into John’s throat. John sucked him dry and then licked his head, circling his tongue around it, prying into his slit, before taking the cock out of his mouth.

John lay down on the bed on his back. He spreads his legs wide open, giving a perfect view of his cock, balls, and asshole to Carter. Carter went in between his legs and propped his legs over his shoulders. He slid his cock into his father’s ass and began to fuck him.

Once they started their fucking rhythm, both the girls arrived. The scene of their men being self-sufficient probably made them jealous or insecure. Mom walked to dad and sat on his face, facing Carter. She rubbed her wet pussy across dad’s lips. John’s tongue stuck out and he began to lick mom’s pussy. She threw her head back as she felt dad’s tongue and groaned loudly, as Carter continued to fuck his dad’s ass.

Cathy and her son, Carter leaned in closer and they gave each other a deep, long kiss. Carter used a free hand to grab onto his dad’s cock and begin to stroke it in rhythm of their ass fucking, while continuing kissing his mom passionately. He grabbed and teased her tits with his free hand. It was a great sight where a marine son was “serving” both his parents.

Carolyn also joined them. This sight made her hot and she really felt like doing something sleazy. She went up behind Carter and pushed her tongue against his asshole. Carter stopped fucking Dad as she flattened her tongue and ran it up and down his crack, circling his asshole. Carter started thrusting into dad again as Carolyn continued to eat Carter’s ass.

They all began to moan as they reached climax. Cathy squirmed more and more, her son Carter stopped kissing her and focused more on his dad. He was thrusting into his dad’s ass harder and faster. At the same time, he stroked his dad’s cock faster and faster.

Carolyn pushed her tongue deeper into her brother’s asshole as he fucked their dad. Carter was the first to cum. He shot a lot of his warm cum inside his dad’s anus. The cum flooded down into his dad’s asshole. Not soon after getting his ass filled with some young cum, John let himself cum on his son’s hand. His cum shot through the air and hit Cathy in her face. A second burst from his cock hit her in the chin and dripped down onto her tits. Cathy let out several loud cries and grunted. Her whole body shook as she came very hard on John’s face.

Cathy got up.

“Well that was some real fun but I think I’m going to go get cleaned up and go to sleep now. You three have fun now.” she said as she walked out of the room.

Dad stayed on his back on the bed and Carter exhaustedly sat down next to him.

“What? Done already? You all got off more than I did!” Carolyn complained as she knelt next to her dad.

She quickly gobbled up dad’s cock and sucked it until he got hard again.

“Oh sweetie, I’m not sure I could cum again even if I wanted to.” John said.

Carolyn quickly crawled on top of John in reverse cowgirl position and shoved his cock into her ass. In one quick motion, she impaled herself fully onto the thick senior’s cock. She energetically bounced up and down on his cock while she masturbated.

Looking at his sister riding on the “family pole,” Carter’s cock started getting erect. He stood up and gave his cock to his sister’s moaning mouth. Carolyn was en expert worker on the cock. Carter had his cock hard again. He was only thinking of fucking some hole.

“Well what do I have to do to get two cocks inside of me?”

“My dear sister, your brother will be gladly help with that” Carter assured her. “But there is one condition,” he added.

“What’s the condition?”

“You have to move to my room for the time I am here.”

“Well that sounds more like reward than any punitive condition,” she smiled

“Sounds good.”

“Sounds good? Hey, fuck me good,” she demanded pointing towards her wet twat.

Carter moved down and lined up his cock up with Carolyn’s pussy lips. Carolyn and John paused their fucking long enough to allow Carter to slide his cock into Carolyn. Carolyn gave a loud moan once she completed depositing two cocks into her “vaults.” Carolyn started moving on her dad’s cock while Carter matched the pace and fucked her pussy. Carolyn could feel the two cocks rubbing against the thin membrane between her pussy and ass. This was Carolyn’s first experience with double penetration.

Carter could feel his and his dad’s ball sacking slap together as the boys pounded Carolyn’s two holes.

Cathy, not able to sleep with this action in the house, returned to the room with her camera. She took a few pictures that she was planning on sharing with her in-laws. She announced that she just received an e-mail from them. They will be visiting them on the following weekend. She was particularly excited about her own parents joining them as well.

They cheered to this great news flash by Cathy as they continued humping their meat into Carolyn.

Carolyn panted and moaned as the two cocks violently smashed deep into her body.

Carolyn gave out one last loud, long scream as she had her orgasm. John came next as he released his load into his daughter’s ass. And this time Carter was the last to come.

Carolyn had a weird sensation of both her holes leaking cum from the two generations. She thought of extending this to include her grandpa’s cum in the mouth and cover all the available generations in the family.

They all collapse on the bed, exhausted and but very satisfied and fulfilled.

The family has been working great in making the most of their weekend. They were looking forward to the Sunday, although none of them had a clue about what the plan was besides fucking each other. But everyone knew that fucking was a good plan as they prepared themselves for a good night’s sleep.

BIL had arranged the whole evening. He had instructed dad for my visit. As I entered the door I found BIL and dad had already begun. I was like a scene from a HD Gay porn DVD. They both were naked and BIL was standing while dad was on his knees giving BIL, an obviously expert Blowjob. Dad acknowledged my entry and said, “Hello dear son. Why don’t you get undress and join me and Son-in-Law” Saying that, he returned with his mouth on BIL’s dick.

That was enough to turn me on. I was longing for some cock too as for the last week or so; I had been with the ladies only. I hurriedly yanked my clothes off and joined them. I went straight to BIL and began to kiss him. Dad realized I was there so he greeted me by taking my dick into his mouth. O boy had he learn his craft. I was surprised how nicely he applied his mouth on my dick. His tongue was running on my shaft with naughty movements and he had no problem in taking me into his throat. I was beginning to enjoy the blowjob when BIL said, “Hey Pops, please finish me off first, I want you to make love to Sahil in detail.”

So dad resumed fellating BIL. It was only a couple of minutes later when BIL came and erupted his white lava into dad’s mouth. Dad did a good job of swallowing it too. BIL collapsed on the Bed. Dad stood up, smiled and placed his jizz-flavored lips on mine. I let his tongue enter my mouth and son we were kissing like two passionate lovers. I could feel dad’s dick pressing into my belly and mine returning the favor to his. I reached down with my hand and grabbed his penis. He did the same too. We were slowly stroking each other’s penises and vigorously kissing each other. I was one of the most intense gay sex sessions for sure for me.

Then I felt his other hand roam behind my back and with a sudden movement, he inserted his middle finger in my asshole and I was shocked and gasped. He playfully bit my lower lip with his teeth and then began to kiss me again. His finger was wiggling in my anus. I was trembling with pleasure. Then he suddenly withdrew his finger and began to suck it. It was so fucking sexy. I ploughed it out of his mouth and began to suck it. I could taste my, now familiar ass juice, on it. We resumed kissing after that and this time I was the one who found his asshole. I wiggled it a couple of times and then brought it to my mouth. It tasted stronger than my ass. I was, by now, in love with ass-flavor.

We alternated to suck each other’s ass-flavored fingers for a few turns. Then he told me to get on all fours. I immediately obliged. He spat on my asshole shoved his dick in my ass. I was shocked by the sudden shove but I adjusted quickly.

Soon he was moving in and out of his ass with great speed. I was moaning like a crazy bitch as my ass was going through maybe the best fuck of my life. Of course I made a mental note, not to mention that to BIL. After a few minutes of heavy fucking, dad stopped. He then went to the bed and sat on the edge, opening his legs slightly. I understood what he wanted, so I moved over to him and sat on his lap facing him. He adjusted and pushed his cock in my ass from the bottom and then started to kiss me at the same time. My own dick was fully erect and was sliding down his belly as we moved. It was so sexy and intense. I was genuinely feeling like a lover, not a random guy having his butt fucked. He came a few minutes later. I jumped up from his lap and began to suck his cock clean of his love juices and my anal fluids.

After munching on his flaccid cock to my heart’s content, I opened up his legs wider and pulled his ass off the edge of the bed. He encouraged me by holding his legs under his knees over his head. His ass was clearly bleached. I loved the pink little rose bud. I licked it and spat on it for some time. Then I gently placed my dick on it. I was still not sure that how much practice daddy’s ass has had so I could be hurting him. That is why I decided to be gentle. But soon I realized that he was practically begging for me to be harder. I increased my speed and felt that he was pushing his ass up to get it deeper. Soon I could feel my balls smacking on his buttocks as I pushed my lund completely in his asshole.

By then, BIL also decided to join in and he sat on dad’s face. Dad began to suck his dick which was already beginning to show signs of life. BIL was facing me so I reached over and began to kiss him. This caused me to reduce my speed a little but I was still ploughing dad’s ass. After a few minutes, BIL wanted to join in on the ass fun. I retreated back to offer dad’s asshole to him, but he had other plans. He laid down himself on the edge of the bed with his pole pointing the ceiling. Dad took the hint and he placed his ass on BIL’s dick while he faced me. BIL placed his arms under dad’s knees and pushed his dick all the way in. But instead of starting to move, BIL said, “come on Sahil, you put in too. I’ve been meaning to test the limits of you dad. I’m sure he can accommodate both of us.”

I was a bit surprised at that. I did not think that I’ll be able to insert my dick in his already occupied asshole. But I decided to oblige. To my surprise, after a few spits and a little push, I succeeded in entry.

I paused to see dad’s reaction. He was either putting a very good show. Or he was actually enjoying the sensation. I began to move in and out as much as I could with all of that resistance. I liked the sensation of my dick sliding over BIL’s cock. It took me only a few minutes to cum. After I was finished, I withdrew and let BIL increase his speed. BIL fucked dad for a few minutes and then he pulled out, I was waiting for his dick swallowed it. He erupted and emptied his balls in me. I drank the cum and then joined them on the bed. We lied silently with heaving breaths for a few minutes. Then I spoke.

Me: That was rather incredible and unexpected. Wow dad you’ve turned into a great gay lover.

Dad: Well son, after a first few times, I think my body began to adjust to a man’s touch. That and Prem here is a very good teacher.

He smiled and kissed BIL on the mouth. I was rather jealous. Because before that, even with all the women involved, I was the only man who could make love to Prem. But now, things had changed. Yet I was relieved. I told dad that if I can see him repeat the performance for a week more, he could move to mom’s room. I told them that they were doing a good job and I’ll see them later.

On my way back to my room, I was thinking about Pamela. Will the plan work? Will she be willing to accept us? When you thought about it, it seemed impossible. But then I thought, if mom could come by, anyone can.

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